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Sun 29 May 2022
at 19:12
Looking for one-on-one game master
What I'm looking for: a one-on-one GM
Intro: salutations friends, I'm looking for a one-on-one style game master, for a solo game (that's where there's one player and one game master) if you are wondering why I want such an odd request, it's because I'm shy and I also prefer that format I think it allows tighter storytelling, & it's easier for me also to care and bond with the game master. & I find it so games tend to be more narrative-based & theater the mind which I also prefer, if I sound interesting to you as a player or you want to get to know me more message me or feel free to fill out my Google application I made for both of our conveniences. I hope whoever I meet, I hope we have fun and memories to cherish!
System: anything
Times Available (Include Timezone): any day except Sunday EST
Ideal Player Range: one
Voice Or Text: voice
GM applications:  https://forms.gle/8q9H5BwcunuAKgP68
Experience Level: intermediate
Additional Player Information:  just a little bit more information about me, my name is Chase and I'm 22. Sadly I have cerebral palsy which makes it a struggle to type & manage character Sheets, but I'm a heavy role-player who plays up their character's flaws, for the sake of the narrative in the story. If I sound interesting to you please consider me as a player, may we have many happy experiences and memories together!

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