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TTS Warlord Saga of the Storm RPG
I'll be GMing a custom adaptation of Warlords on TTS. If you'd like to play a home brew system based largely on stat streamlined D&D, add me as a friend on Steam. My user name is Cros Cros. If you do, please Rmail me that you've sent a friend request so I know not to ignore it.

The game takes place in a custom campaign setting with very location rich content. Exloring the whole world will take RL years, and most of the first two acts of the game will take place in the far West.

The two major nations are the fatherlands, a dwarven nation with minority of human population. The country to the south and East is divided by the Karsus Forest, the Myrthwood and the Wall of Doljinaar. Doljinaar is the flattest place on the world (that westerns know of). The gate to Doljinaar is Stallway Vale. The weakest point but still never before breached. The entire country of Doljinaar is surrounded by a wall, that interfaces with Stallwayvale.

The Fatherlands have a much more rustic gate, of dwarven engineering that is minimalist and take advantage of the sgeer cliffs to the ocean to the west, and the vermin infested Karsus Forest to the East. Kurn, the gate from Doljinaar to Fatherlands, past a neutral section of about 120 miles, is no more than lumberman that hold a 20 ton lumber gate, and require a toll, or to pass a riddle contest. Stallway Vale on the other hand opened two years ago.

The two nations had been at war with each other. However, the fatherlands lacked the verdant crops that Doljinaar levied a trade block on.

While Doljinaar was secretly at the verge of civil war, and military collapse. Only after the Fatherlands sought peace treaty, did they find the former lord, the standing King, had been assassinated ten years prior, only five years into the war. A standing of the noble houses, which take generational turns to rule the throne, act to appoint a new royal scion. Still, those loyal to the assassinated King, Erebus, seek to find who killed him, and even suspect he may not actually be dead; following plots of usurpation a rumor is that he simply fled, and will return to take the throne. The suspect of the assassination is the Erebus's Champion. A stellar combatant, and one that none who knew the champion would ever claim any doubt of loyalty, none.

The most recent threat, however, is the omen that Legion; the collective of the Abyss, a demonic lord of all the abyssals, is to be summoned to Sylvane, the world itself.

Between Western war, the civil war of Doljinaar, and the Abyssal threat; the west is filled with mercenaries, blackguards and paladins looking to push the conclusion in their favor.

Characters start as Warlords, and will gain magic items like most D&D characters. Each player's deck will simulate their daily spells, maneuvers or allies. Play will resemble a normal gvame of Warlord, but card in play will remain there until a "deck reset" when a story or chapter is finished. Encounters will play out with the TCG cards. Outside combat each character will have three homebrew power, three talents, and three perks. These have some combat bearing, but are largely to influence the world and the people in it favorably. Some will be crafting, some social influence, so thievery, and some luxury magic. As the characters level, they will have access to paragon tier powers, then Epic powers, and finally Mythic powers at the very end of the game.

I plan to run a second up to an eighth campaign in the series if this goes well.

Microphone is encouraged, but I will admit that I have Tourettes and Misophonia, and that will create a communication barrier.

Please add me if you like, but definitely Rmail me.