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18:01, 15th July 2024 (GMT+0)

PBF: make my Zatch Bell! AU forum a thing?

Posted by Guru and Zanzibar
Guru and Zanzibar
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Fri 24 Feb 2023
at 18:44
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PBF: make my Zatch Bell! AU forum a thing?

i've had almost no luck finding players, and would like to point out it's an rpg, you can level up, learn spells, acquire in game talents, pick a race(Or AKA a 'Clan")... even got a board up specifically for questions/critiques about the game. and what should be changed. you gotta register, post either a team or a single character, but i think it's fun enough and worth ago. so let's get some people together; want at least ten more members, but i'll always have room for more. pvp is a thing, we just gotta fix a bit of stuff up. you can even travel the world, and fight evil(or good if you're into that) and get items; become a rancher, even customizing books is allowed if you buy the base items!

i hope this thread doesn't get taken down, i'm still new to this site. so, send me questions here: PKFreezer#1780 or join here:

or if you're uncomfortable with that, reply here!
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