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SWADE fantasy game.

Posted by lightyear444
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Sun 23 Apr 2023
at 18:33
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SWADE fantasy game

The empire lost its colonies when the western continent was overrun with creatures of the dark planes. The leaders assumed it was a massive breakdown of reality as a result of the natives' unchecked arcane warfare, but nobody really knows.

It happened two generations ago, and the Emperor wishes to regain the flowing resources from that land. Three years ago the first forces left, and, surprisingly enough, they report back regularly every month. One or two ships has been lost, which is considered acceptable, but the forts seem to be solid and able to survive. They are regularly assaulted, of course, and one has been overrun, but the rest stands.

The empire is huge, and has various famed groups. One of these is the Typhoons comprised of wyvern riders, another is the Zephyrs comprised of amphibious sweet-water tritons. But you are among the prize of the legions, the handful of tritons who can also ride a wyvern. You are the elite shock troops and scouts, and according to the Emperor, it's time such a unit travelled west to start exploring the continent. Whether you volunteered or were commanded by your officer, you are now a member of that exploration unit.

The game starts when you arrive at the central fort and report for duty. Your job is exploration of land and water, and keeping communications up between the three active forts. Occasionally, you will also have to join the defense against aerial assaults, which are rare but regular problems.
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