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11:11, 24th May 2024 (GMT+0)

Homebrew Classes Solo D&D 5e.

Posted by lightyear444
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Fri 28 Apr 2023
at 08:13
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Homebrew Classes Solo D&D 5e

I've recently found KibblesTasty's five free homebrew classes, and was instantly fascinated by them. I really hope someone reciprocates the favor and I can try playing one, but I'm happy to GM nonetheless. I've never been in an isekai game, so this would be one.

Visit Kibbles' site, you can find the free classes almost at the bottom.

The character is a video game player (MMO or single player, makes no difference), and gets stuck in the game world, which becomes impossibly realistic after an in-game rest.

The character will lose 5% of current Xp when they die, and will respawn at a location known to the character, chosen by the player. I think 5% Xp stings, but not tragic, and this will strongly encourage the player to play smart. This also means I will NOT hold back, because the character won't really die.

Since no system is exactly the best for solo play, unless it is specifically designed for that, I'm planning to use the method of one such game: contacts.
If you need a skill or ability you don't have, you'll have to find a contact, and invite / hire them to do the job, which might involve accompanying you at least temporarily. Finding a contact will be easy in this game, exactly for this purpose. Experts like this will be in abundance, so it's going to be character/player choice to pick the one based on the price (material or favor-based).

It will be up to the player to roleplay/control such companions or leave that to the GM.

Another solution is to have more than one PCs, which is fine with me; this also makes the Warlord a usable class here.
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