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the SHARDS of GOD (Shatter6)

Posted by roryb
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Thu 9 Nov 2023
at 06:39
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the SHARDS of GOD (Shatter6)

The last hope of creation lay within the breast of six gifted individuals. These brave godshards have the embers of power within to challenge the seven Word breakers. A minimalist indie game of Shatter6.

* * * * *

The broken world of Azzethulah was once a shining beacon among the heavens before the Diocide was committed by the thirteen breakers of the Word. This unleashed an apocalypse upon all of creation and drove out the hagioguard to the corners of nothingness never to return. Now, the Shattered City of Gaos amid the infinite tablelands was a decadent and abhorrent metropolis of stone, iron, and glass, rising seven miles from the desolation like a black talon. It was a place where the remnants of the true followers, the peddlers of relics, and other lowborn survivors eked out a meager existence alongside their cruel overlords and their twisted minions, who voraciously hoarded and consumed the last fragments of the divine corpus.

There was little hope for salvation from the great entropy that swallowed worlds…

…yet, a glimmer remained.

When the godheart was pierced, small but brilliant fragments of divine power burst forth to conceive a handful of souls. The Canticle of the Shattering spake of six shards of god that through the labor of their great deeds would destroy the entropic evil that threatened the shadow of creation and plagued the corpus. It was also said that these six beings would bring about the true heir of god. Only recently giving metamorphosis to their powers, these god shards are now aware of a growing knowingness from within. They are the true threats to seven houses that remain of the Word breakers. Knowing this, the seven houses have in their employ a cadre of black flame slayers with skills in tracking these for-now-faceless godshards.

Partially inspired by Kill Six Billion Demons, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, steampunk, Final Fantasy, and anime genres, this is a fast-paced game using The Trollish Delver’s minimalist Shatter6 system. I aspire to keep this as a fast-running game (2 or so posts per player per week), chock full of high-powered, impossibly cinematic action with a big budget for special effects. It features lots of action and combat, but can also feature some intrigue and problem-solving (depending on what players bring to the table). I strive to keep the cinematic action moving like a computer game with short "levels" capped by boss fights. As you can imagine, there will be seven "levels" for this game.

Hosted on Myth-Weavers, find the game advertisement here:
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