Chapter 2: Trouble in Yonder's Hole.   Posted by Raellus.Group: 0
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Sun 8 May 2016
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Chapter 2: Trouble in Yonder's Hole

In which the Five, posing as caravan guards, travel to Yonder's Hole on behalf of the Fire Watch, rescuing their charges from a pair of rampaging manticores along the way. They arrive at the mining camp to discover it besieged by a party of orcs, Krosh's Skullbusters, with whom they negotiate a deal: hunt down a troublesome pack of gnolls in exchange for safe passage for the surviving miners back to Balefyre. In completing this minor quest, the Five hear rumors of a mysterious entity known only as The Sleeper, believed to be somewhere beneath Yonder's Hole. The Five successfully complete their missions, and escort the evacuees back to the city.


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