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Party Purse


GP 1,792
SP 14


5,000 GP in mixed gems and antique coinage
1 promissory note from the Fire Council (1,000 GP "value")

1 smoky grey full plate mail (helmed horror) - Jenna
1 golden brooch ("") - Ulfgar
1 metallic ring (nothic) - Nicolai
1 jet-black ring, difficult to hold or see (otyugh) - Corros

Quest Items

1 unlabeled, simple map of the area between Balefyre and Yonder's Hole, taken from gnolls in the badlands near the mining camp.
1 possible Hand of Doom talisman, taken from the gnoll pack leader.
1 tribal totem of the Skullbusters (orc warband)
1 underground compass (courtesy of Svimn, the Deep Gnome)

Utility Items

1 Bag of Holding (c/o Ulfgar)
1 Potion of Minor Healing
1 Potion of Force Resistance
1 Potion of Darkvision (used by Nic before leaving the Svirfneblin village)

Real Estate

Bálint House (River Ward)
Vander Love Nest (Gate Ward)



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