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Adventurers' Journal

Notes collected during the campaign.


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Completed Quests

In Chronological Order:

The Five have been invited to dinner at the Vander estate in the West Ward by a young former galley slave they freed from the pirate galley, Jet Spear.

The Five have been instructed by Sergeant D'Kort to report to Fire Watch Keep, the headquarters of Balefyre's city watch, there to meet Commander Overmark, its leader.

The Five struck a deal with Krŏsh (leader of an Orc warband known as the Skull Busters)- if the Five will eliminate a troublesome pack of Gnolls, Krŏsh will allow the adventurers to enter the besieged Yonder's Hole mining settlement with the intention of negotiating an end to the digging.

Upon the Five's successful return, Krŏsh modified the terms of the deal-  the Five must effect the evacuation of the mining camp before the next dawn. Nicolai convinced the orc chieftain that it would be in his best interest to allow the Five more time in which to investigate the possibility that someone inside the camp was working with the gnolls.

The Five successfully evacuated the survivors of the Yonder's Hole mining camp and returned most of them safely to Balefyre.

Councilman Vander has asked the Five to lead an expedition, funded directly by the Merchants' League, against the pirates currently plaguing Balefyre's seaborne commerce. He seems certain of the Pirate's whereabouts but does not reveal the source of this intelligence.

At the behest of local merchant and antiquities collector, Lovad Padin, the Five explored the ancient ruined city northwest of Balefyre, recovering several artifacts from a massive tunnel loop complex beneath the ruins.

Shim, the Drowned Rat cutpurse caught and released earlier by Ulfgar, Corros, and Jenna, contacts the Five as they leave their meeting with Lovad Padin and asks for their help in finding his missing partner, Tagger, and two other Drowned Rats gone missing in the sewers beneath the Harbor War. The Five descend into the sewers and, after defeating two carrion crawlers, find a secret door under Warehouse Row where they encounter a testy Spectator who denies involvement in the disappearances.

After returning to Balefyre from the City of the Forgotten Ones, the Five reentered the sewers in a second attempt to locate Shim's missing Drowned Rat friends. During this foray, the Five encountered and vanquished a swarm of rats, a giant albino crocodile, and a gelatinous cube before reentering the secret hallway. There, they battled and defeated several monstrous creatures and magical constructs, finally encountering Thumek, apparently a powerful spellcaster, who confirmed that the subterranean complex is an extension of Lovad Padin's apartments under Warehouse 8. The Five found no sign of the missing Drowned Rats, save for a single, nondescript boot. As a result of their efforts, however, Shim has agreed to help the Five infiltrate and/or escape Fire Watch Keep through the city sewer system, in exchange for 100 gold pieces.

Disguised as Redcloak mercenaries, the party infiltrated Fire Watch Keep and freed Commandant Overmark and Councilman Breakwater from captivity, escaping through the city sewers by way of a privy shaft. They have agreed to assist the Four in ejecting the Bloodforged from Balefyre.

The Four ambushed a coach on its way from the Mermaid's Tale to Fire Watch Keep and kidnapped its VIP passenger (the Varimori emissary), eventually compelling the Bloodforged to evacuate the city.


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Active Quests

In Chronological Order:

Although Jenna lost her purse, the party (minus Nic and Gronk) caught and released a successful young pickpocket's accomplice before he could escape into the city sewers, possibly gaining an ally as a result.

The Five have been recruited by the commander of the Balefyre city watch and offered three intelligence gathering missions- locate a suspected pirate base, investigate incidents of people going missing in the city and reports of walking dead in the necropolis, and determine why there's been no word from Yonder's Hole in nearly a fortnight. The Five have successfully completed the first and last missions (see Completed Quests for details).

Old Klem, a caravan wagon driver, suggested starting a way-station (an inn and corral) midway between Balefyre and Yonder's Hole. He's invited the Five to join the venture as investors. He intended to call the new settlement 'Pace', after his deceased assistant, killed by manticores near the very spot. Construction on Pace has begun.

Lovad Padin, a wealthy merchant and avid collector of antiquities, has offered to pay the Five for any interesting artifacts they might recover during their investigation of the afore-mentioned ruins.

The Five investigated the ruins on the road to Yonder's Hole, coined the City of the Forgotten Ones by their mysterious patron, Lovad Padin, finding a massive underground loop containing evidence that experiments to produce a powerful device/creature called "The Weapon" were conducted there. Is it possible that "The Sleeper" and "The Weapon" are one-in-the-same? More investigation is required.

When the party returned to Balefyre, they discovered that they'd been subjected to some kind of temporal distortion, most likely during their investigation of the subterranean loop under the City of the Forgotten ones. What they perceived as a four-day expedition turns out to have lasted just over four weeks.

Several months after forcing the Bloodforged to evacuate the city, the party learned that Yonder's Hole is again under siege, this time, by various monstrosities that emerged from an exploratory mineshaft. These creatures killed several miners, all of which came back as undead. The Council asked the Four to investigate. In the badlands, on the way to the mining camp, the party- accompanied by the half-elf ranger Zima and a dwarf miner named Kerek- was ambushed by a Yeti, and its horses scattered. They overcame the beast, but a Kerek was carried away by his panicked mounts. While looking for the dwarf, the party encountered a party of gnoll slavers. After a fierce, running battle, the companions vanquished the gnolls, overran their camp, and freed a high elf monk named Amaldaris. Zima and Kerek were sent to collect the missing horses, but failed to arrive at the rendezvous.

The party, including Amaldaris but sans Zima and Kerek, completed the journey to Yonder's Hole where they were briefed by Sergeant Jaff and Mayor Deepdelver. With the latter in tow, the adventurers descended underground via a mine shaft, finding another massive tunnel similar to those under the City of the Forgotten Onces where encountering a stone golem sentry. Using an amulet they found, the party circumvented the construct and descended deeper in an elevator. In a sprawling cave complex, the Five encountered a Duergar slaver party and freed its captives, one of which, a Deep Gnome named Svimn, took them to his village where they rested. Svimn told them that Drow and Duergar, neither native to this particular corner of the Underdark, have recently arrived and begun digging (using slave labor whenever possible). He believes they are searching for something.

After a very brief encounter with a fleeing minotaur, the adventurers destroyed a small party of Drow slavers; Amaldaris began to interrogate badly wounded survivor, but dispatched him abruptly. The High Elf reported that the Drow accused him of seeking something called "The Dark Heart". The adventurers continued deeper into the earth, arriving a large cavern occupied by another, bigger group of Drow. The Dark Elves' slaves were in the process of excavating some sort of huge structure. The party attacked and vanquished the Drow, freeing their slaves. Unfortunately, the slaves weren't able to tell the adventurers what the structure was. A long rest was interrupted by the appearance of a Mindflayer and its thralls. The party abruptly terminated the parley and killed the monsters with ease. Examinations by the party's various experts (Arcane, Religious, and Natural) were unable to determine the exact nature of the huge, obviously ancient structure, but their best guess is that it is the remains of some huge creature, probably a Tarrasque.


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Creature Codex


Notes on creatures that you've encountered on your adventures, including strengths, weaknesses, vulnerabilities, etc.

Carrion Crawler
Galeb Duhr
Rust Monster
Helmed Horror
Giant Crocodile
Gelatinous Cube
Animated armor
Flesh golem
[Bloodforged] Veteran
[Bloodgorged Recruit] Thug
Umber Hulk
Stone Golem (did not fight)


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