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Codex Fyrica

Assorted writings about the world of Balefyre.


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The Old Gods

Ancient deities based on the natural world, often anthropomorphized by civilized humanoids.

Mera, Queen of the Deep - Chaotic Neutral
Mera is a sea goddess, mistress of the oceans and the creatures that dwell in the deeps. Sailors, fisherman, and those who live near large bodies of salt water have a healthy respect for Mera's awesome and sometimes capricious power.

Terra, Earth Mother - Chaotic Neutral
Goddess of nature and wild plant and animal life (non-aberrant). Patron of many druids and rangers.

Aero, Lord of the Sky - Chaotic Neutral
God of the skies, air, wind, precipitation, and storms.

Lús, Bringer of Light - Lawful Neutral
God of the sun, light, and fire.

Oscura, Mistress of the Dark - Chaotic Neutral
Goddess of the moon, darkness, and night.

Fortuna, Lady Luck - Chaotic Neutral
Minor goddess of chance, good fortune, and beating the odds; patron of gamblers.

Mortis, Bringer of Death - Chaotic Neutral
God of natural or accidental death. His worship is often perverted by eveil death cults.

The New Gods

Most civilized humanoids worship some form of the following deities, although often by different names.

Arma, the Warrior - Lawful Good
Arma is the patron goddess of chivalrous warfare. She is worshiped by good-aligned warriors- paladins, knights, and fighters. Some believe that Arma has an evil twin brother, Goro,  the Reaver, god of violence, destruction, and plunder. His followers are perpetually at odds with those of Arma.

Muti, the Mother - Lawful Good
Patron goddess of fertility, childbirth, motherhood, nursing, and nurture.

Biz, the Merchant - Lawful Neutral
God of business and commerce. Patron of merchants and shopkeepers.

M'c-Donál, the Farmer -Lawful Neutral
God of farming and animal husbandry. Patron of farmers, ranchers, and shepherds.


Gorlana -Chaotic Evil
Orc goddess of childbearing. Wounded in battle, she suckled her twin children (a male and a female) on her own blood, making them tough and fierce. Orcs often swear "by Gorlana's teats!".


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Tenets of the Armist Faith

Colour: Light Grey / White.
Arma's "official" colour is light grey
a.) It's the color of metal, ergo armor and weaponry.
b.) Arma's a good-aligned god but her adherents do spill blood, making violence a bit of a grey area, theologically speaking

Those lower within the hierarchy (e.g. Jenna) generally wear white rather than grey - one has to earn the right to wear grey by shedding blood for Arma (both the Cleric's own blood  and that of Arma's enemies).

Sigil: Upright sword over a grey shield

Greetings: Strength and Courage

Blessing: May Arma's shield protect you, Her sword clear evil from your path
Reply: May Her shield protect you also, may Her sword always be true

  • A Priest of Arma only uses force when peaceful methods
  • A Priest of Arma defends the weak and protects the innocent
  • A Priest of Arma fights until victory is achieved or he/she dies trying. Surrender is only permitted if it will save the lives of others
  • A Priest of Arma shows mercy to a defeated opponent (i.e. no summary executions)
  • A Priest of Arma who displays cowardice in the face of evil risks being excommunicated
  • A Priest of Arma is expected to devote his/herself fully to the Goddess (this is not an explicit vow of celibacy per se, more an expectation that a dutiful Priest will always focus on Arma before anything else)

Arma's Nemesis
  • Arma's Nemesis is known as the Reaver.
  • The Reaver seeks to corrupt those who serve the Goddess, offering them wealth, power, the pleasures of the flesh. Those who succumb to Him and turn from Arma to His Dark path, must be hunted down and slain where ever they may be found. (Turned Priests are the exception to the no summary execution policy)
  • Any Priest of Arma who speaks His true name aloud will be instantly rendered mute (this only applies to Priests of Arma - others may speak His name without consequence)

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