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Early Days
The campaign began years ago in Rifts England.  Vrryl Ji Noch was a temporal wizard (and secretly a Chiang Ku dragon) without a permanent home.  Rifts England attracted him as it had others of his kind, various interesting goings-on, and an age-old enemy who dealt in subterfuge.  Settling at Sarum (by the Old Sarum Millenium Tree) came naturally as it was an established community and had no nearby representative of the Nog Henge.  Vrryl contributed to the good of the town and the tree on a regular basis, and established himself as a member of the community.  Later on, two traveling adventurers joined Vrryl in Sarum and the three started working together.  These adventurers were Sophes the Avenger, an Atlantean Undead Slayer who was traversing the Megaverse, and Michael Weber, a really intense Juicer from the New German Republic.

After a brief run-in with goblin bandits and a Petal-Thing in a cave that was supposed to hold Leprechaun treasure, they helped a wilderness scout fend off two Beast Dragons.  He was no ordinary wilderness scout, however – he was a super-powered, very strong and tough individual from the highlands of Scotland.  The four located and split the Beast Dragons’ treasure, and the Scotsman went on his way afterwards.

They next undertook an extended investigation of insectoid creatures in England and numerous attacks in the region.  First, local townsfolk were under attack by insect raiders, but blamed a nearby village of peaceful Mantaz Sectles (insectoid D-Bees) and went to attack them.  The group saved the peaceful Sectles from attack and proved their innocence.  The truth was much more sinister; an evil shifter was opening up Rifts letting large mutant insects through from Mars of all places!  Xiticix from North America were also coming through and causing trouble occasionally.  While investigating the tower which appeared to source the insectoid beings, Sophes and Michael were rifted to Mars where they stopped the Shifter.  Vrryl unfortunately got Rifted into a cell in the dungeon for the duration, but after defeating the Shifter the group cleared up most of the remaining insect mutants, making the countryside safer once more and earning the gratitude of a few towns and the Sectle Tribe nearby.

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