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Horsemen of the Apocalypse 1 - IC Chat logs
Session Start: Sun Dec 09 11:38:18 2001
[11:38] *** Now talking in #RIFTSIC1
[11:46] *** Tibor has joined #RIFTSIC1
[12:13] <GM_Erik> Last time we left our heroes on a remote planet in the three galaxies.
[12:13] <GM_Erik> They had just sent a Lizard Mage running, mainly due to the intercedence of Odin's giant head.
[12:14] <GM_Erik> Everyone is in a large circular chamber, there are cages around the rim filled with dragons in captivity.
[12:14] <GM_Erik> There is a smaller room to the side, which had a sword in it that the mage left.
[12:15] <GM_Erik> There is also the corridor from wihch everyone came.
[12:15] <GM_Erik> Vrryl stands there back in human form with his two parents, also in human form.
[12:16] <GM_Erik> Jessica laid claim to the sword that noone else could pick up, the rune sword.
[12:17] <Tibor> bloody hell
[12:17] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Well let's not do that again any time soon.  I can just imagine what they'll say next time I go to Asgard."  (Sigh).
[12:19] * JessicaKnight scratches her head and sits down
[12:19] <GM_Erik> Some of the dragons look like they want to be freed.
[12:20] <Tibor> how do we free these dudes, or do we?
[12:20] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Good question... both times?
[12:20] <GM_Erik> The cages rest at varying levels around the room with scores of different dragons and dragon-like creatures.
[12:20] * JessicaKnight looks up at the cages
[12:21] <Tibor> can Vrrl's parents vouch for these dragons that we don't get incinerated?
[12:21] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Yeah Vrryl, we're no shape to even run away at present... got any ideas?"
[12:22] * JessicaKnight flys up and checks out the locks on these cages
[12:22] <GM_Erik> A large dragon booms out, we will not harm you, enough of us here will keep our word, and the others I think are more willing to leave than fight..
[12:23] <Mika_no_Krynn> "OK... onto problem 2... how the hell do we get them all out?"
[12:23] <GM_Erik> Vrryl walks over to the antechamber and you hear a loud click.
[12:23] <GM_Erik> All the cages open.
[12:24] <JessicaKnight> oh hey, that was easy...
[12:24] <Tibor> "I'm out of ideas...i'm just the squishy meat shield..."
[12:24] <Tibor> " we die..."
[12:24] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Figures... he knew the answer the whole time."
[12:25] <GM_Erik> Many of the dragons disappear instantly.
[12:25] <GM_Erik> The rest being discussing pooling PPE to make a D-portal
[12:26] <JessicaKnight> hey
[12:26] <JessicaKnight> didn't we have a ship parked outside?
[12:27] <Mika_no_Krynn> "They'd better still be there..."
[12:27] <Tibor> "handy, how about we get scarce, before these dragons decide to go looting"
[12:27] <Mika_no_Krynn> "I think we're too small change for them to bother with."
[12:28] -> *+jessicaknight* The weapon says do they have treasure?
[12:29] <GM_Erik> Some want to just go to Phase World, because then they can go anywhere.
[12:29] -> *JessicaKnight* Slither says "Do they have treasure?"
[12:30] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Well I think our work here is done, more or less, those friendly New Midgard folks are waiting top-side for us... might as well join them."
[12:30] <GM_Erik> A smaller, blue dragon saunters over to you guys.
[12:30] <Tibor> "ok, time to take off i guess..."
[12:30] <GM_Erik> Hi, can I come with you?
[12:31] <Tibor> "who are you?"
[12:31] <GM_Erik> I'm Bill.
[12:31] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Seriously?"
[12:31] <Tibor> "Bill?"
[12:32] <GM_Erik> Bill is an Ice Dragon Hatchling.  He is impressed by you, and wants to hang out with you guys.
[12:32] <JessicaKnight> hi Bill
[12:33] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Bill... that's an odd name Bill... where are you from, originally?"
[12:33] <Tibor> "Vryyl, you parents know this guy at all?"
[12:33] <GM_Erik> Vrryl shrugs
[12:34] <JessicaKnight> well... Bill... I don't have any quams with it.. doesn't hurt to have another dragon hanging around with us...
[12:34] <GM_Erik> Bill says "You have another dragon with you guys?"
[12:34] <GM_Erik> Vrryl shakes his head at you from behind Bill.
[12:34] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Well, I don't see why not Bill... you might have to change into a more appropriate size to get in our ship though."
[12:34] <Tibor> "as long as the two dragons "play nice" with each other"
[12:35] * JessicaKnight points to Vryll and Co.
[12:35] <GM_Erik> Vryll looks over his shoulder and says, huh?
[12:35] <Mika_no_Krynn> "No, but we used to have a dragon hatchling with us."
[12:35] <JessicaKnight> heheh nothing
[12:35] * JessicaKnight waves at Vryll
[12:36] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Oh well, times a wasting... let's blow this joint."
[12:36] <GM_Erik> So, a couple portals are opened to let everyone who wants to get the heck away from the rock you're on.
[12:36] <JessicaKnight> lazlo?
[12:36] <JessicaKnight> damn
[12:36] <Tibor> "yeah, i'm sure there's another suicide mission waiting for us...or is that another game..."
[12:36] <GM_Erik> THe rest of you return to your ship and fly back to New Midgard.
[12:36] * JessicaKnight sighs
[12:37] <GM_Erik> Vrryl decides to stay with his parents for awhile and the rest of you get back to Lazlo through a dimensional portal (after some revelry of course)
[12:38] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Home sweet home."
[12:38] <GM_Erik> Bill accompanies you back to Lazlo too!
[12:38] <JessicaKnight> ahh!
[12:38] <Tibor> "swell"
[12:38] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Can you we call you Buckaroo Bill?"
[12:38] <GM_Erik> Bill wants to know what Buckaroo means.
[12:38] * JessicaKnight runs around the shop making sure the assistants didnt blow anything important up while she was gone
[12:39] <GM_Erik> Jessica, in her haste, accidentally breaks a couple fragile things herself.
[12:39] * Tibor gets a plate o' meat from the fridge
[12:39] <JessicaKnight> AHH
[12:40] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Guess everything's returned to normal... as normal as that ever was."
[12:41] * JessicaKnight falls down and whines, "AHHHH that was my favourite crystal bikini waxer!!!!"
[12:41] <GM_Erik> You guys kindof get back to your lives a bit.
[12:43] <GM_Erik> Jessica breaks her mirrors when she falls down.
[12:44] <GM_Erik> Time passes.
[12:44] <Tibor> i tell bill he's free to go wander the city and explore
[12:44] * JessicaKnight wanders off to stow her crap and work on some more stuff
[12:45] * Tibor eats a lot o' plate o' meat
[12:45] <GM_Erik> Mika gets a letter one day in Lazo letterhead.
[12:45] <GM_Erik> Lazlo.
[12:45] <JessicaKnight> hey Tibor, at least save a cow or two for the rest of us!
[12:45] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Tibor, I hope you're hunting for all that meat!... OOOH, A letter for me, sweet!"
[12:46] <Tibor> "kill your own meat..."
[12:46] <JessicaKnight> oh thanks....
[12:47] <GM_Erik> the letter is from Plato, the dragon who is one of the main leaders of Lazlo.
[12:47] <Tibor> "its good for ya, builds character, where do ya think meat comes from, the market?"
[12:47] <GM_Erik> He wishes a personal audience with Mika no Krynn, Jessica Knight, Tibor, and Vrryl.
[12:47] <Tibor> "oh great, what evil did we unleash this time?"
[12:47] <Mika_no_Krynn> "What the hell did you guys do now?"
[12:48] <JessicaKnight> bleh
[12:48] <GM_Erik> (Daniel Aughton was listed on there too)
[12:48] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Oh well, let's see when they require our presence..."
[12:49] <GM_Erik> Its an open invitation.
[12:49] <GM_Erik> It is currently in the afternoon
[12:49] <JessicaKnight> hm... I vote we go after we restock the meat cooler that Tibor just decimated
[12:50] <Mika_no_Krynn> "If we go now we can be back in time for dinner... then we can hit the clubs."
[12:50] <Tibor> "i agree, i feel like killing something anyway"
[12:51] <Mika_no_Krynn> "We could always send someone to get meat for us... we have a company full of soldiers after all."
[12:51] <Tibor> "you hit with clubs Mika , not the other way around" :)
[12:51] * JessicaKnight laughs
[12:52] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Smartass... watch it or you be the first of the new
[12:52] <Mika_no_Krynn> 'hairless wolfen' breed.
[12:52] <Tibor> "you don't want to see me hairless"..."trust me"
[12:53] <Mika_no_Krynn> "If you want meat that badly lets just run outside the city and get something quick then."
[12:53] <GM_Erik> Meat is obtained within a few hours.
[12:53] <Tibor> "hey, i'm full" *belch!"
[12:54] <JessicaKnight> alright, give me a sec, let me change
[12:54] * JessicaKnight goes in and changes into some nicer clothes
[12:55] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Alright, clean yourselves up... this meeting could net us some more coin, and coin equals meat, and meat is good."
[12:55] <Tibor> hrmph...don't need money to hunt...
[12:55] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Nope, but you need money for ammo."
[12:55] <JessicaKnight> need money to make cool shit like this tho
[12:56] * JessicaKnight pulls out the prototype sniper rifle, points it a Tibor and powers it up
[12:56] <JessicaKnight> see?
[12:56] <GM_Erik> Suddenly, it sputters wildly, and sparks go flying everywhere.
[12:56] <JessicaKnight> AHHHH
[12:56] <GM_Erik> a small explosion pops out some wires.
[12:57] * JessicaKnight sighs
[12:57] <JessicaKnight> dammit, that's the 78th time now!
[12:57] <Tibor> can't hunt game with that thing...though could prob vaporize it...
[12:57] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Well let's get going, before anything else explodes."
[12:57] * JessicaKnight tosses it to one of her lackies, "here put it on the bench"
[12:58] <GM_Erik> Another explosion occurs.
[12:58] <JessicaKnight> ACK
[12:58] <JessicaKnight> *sigh*
[12:58] <Tibor> "so what's the dress code?"
[12:58] <Mika_no_Krynn> "No loincloths I think."
[12:59] <Tibor> "loincloths chafe my nuts anyway"
[12:59] * JessicaKnight talks to her tech.. "umm... yeah, just claim that under your health plan..."
[12:59] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Just where your company uniform, should be fine."
[12:59] <Tibor> in other words....enchanted chain mail it is
[12:59] * JessicaKnight grabs her sword, talisman, and sidearm on her way out
[13:00] * Tibor doesn't go anywhere without "L'il Tibor"
[13:00] * Mika_no_Krynn Dons her company fatigues and a beret, with knee high black leather boots before setting out.
[13:00] <GM_Erik> You guys make your way to the Pyramid.
[13:01] <GM_Erik> The pyramid is large and fancy.  (Sorry, I'
[13:01] <GM_Erik> (I'm not very creative roght now)
[13:01] <GM_Erik> YOu're shown to a large chamber which has an enormous dragon sitting in it.
[13:02] * Mika_no_Krynn strides forward and introduces herself.
[13:02] * JessicaKnight bows
[13:03] <GM_Erik> The dragon turns, shrinks down to human form, and bows as well.
[13:03] * Tibor follows suit
[13:03] <GM_Erik> Plato: Thank you so much for coming my friends.  We have not met before today, but I am Plato.
[13:04] <Mika_no_Krynn> "A pleasure indeed, your reputation precedes you.  How may we be of assistance?"
[13:04] <GM_Erik> I wish we could meet under better circumstances, but I have a concern of grave importance.
[13:04] <GM_Erik> I recently received a letter from a good friend of mine.
[13:04] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Do not trouble yourself with it, we're used to such things... its our lot in life. Hehehe"
[13:05] <GM_Erik> Her name is Erin Tarn, and she has informed me of something...
[13:05] <GM_Erik> He sighs and turns to pick up a letter off the table.
[13:05] * Mika_no_Krynn whisper "oh the famous scholar."
[13:06] * JessicaKnight whispers, "THE Erin Tarn?!?!?"
[13:06] <GM_Erik> Are you familiar with my proclamation earlier about the Four Dangers?
[13:06] * JessicaKnight shakes her head
[13:06] <Tibor> "Not precisely"
[13:06] <Mika_no_Krynn> "I've heard something of it."
[13:07] <GM_Erik> Well, many psychics have forseen great dangers threatening Earth.  We have studied all of the visions, myself included.
[13:07] <GM_Erik> It seems that several dangers will endanger the planet.  YOu have already assisted against one of these dangers.
[13:07] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Ah yes, I remember that."
[13:08] * Tibor whispers "which one was that?"
[13:08] <GM_Erik> The Mechanoids have been called the devouring swarm, and I am to understand that you were very successful against them.
[13:08] * JessicaKnight pokes Tibor, the big cannon on the 'bot
[13:08] <JessicaKnight> remember?
[13:08] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Fairly, they are so technologically based that magic worked quite well against them."
[13:08] <JessicaKnight> yes, and it's even quite fun to use their own technology against them
[13:09] <GM_Erik> You don't have to be so modest, you brought in more than any other group.
[13:09] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Really?!  Kewl."
[13:09] <Mika_no_Krynn> "What is the situation with them now?"
[13:09] <GM_Erik> It seems that Erin has found another of the dangers, and even though we are still fighting the Mechanoids, this one may be even more dangerous.
[13:09] <Tibor> "we're just crazy thats all, everyone else had more sense..."
[13:10] * JessicaKnight prods Tibor
[13:10] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Oh, that doesn't sound good."
[13:11] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Oh by the way, the Coalition may now be engaged with the Mechanoids too, as one of their bases was destroyed by them... but you probably already knew that."
[13:11] <Tibor> "sucks to be them"
[13:11] <GM_Erik> He continues: To quote Erin, "There are four demons of unimaginable power, known as the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.
[13:11] <Mika_no_Krynn> "They sound like nice chaps... right? he"
[13:11] <GM_Erik> There is a gathering of heroes commencing in Africa, the place of their summoning.
[13:12] <GM_Erik> It is necessary to destroy them before they rejoin eachother and gain incredible power.
[13:12] <Mika_no_Krynn> "You would like us to go?"
[13:12] <JessicaKnight> hmmm Africa...
[13:12] <GM_Erik> I am asking you to consider going to assist this gathering.  I am not your leader, merely a concerned elder.
[13:13] <JessicaKnight> I hear that's quite a nasty place
[13:13] <GM_Erik> You do not have to go if you do not want to, but hearing of your deeds, I thought it would be good to ask you.
[13:13] <Tibor> "what do we know about these four horsemen?"
[13:13] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Well I've never been to Africa before... could have some neat stuff there."
[13:14] <GM_Erik> We know that they are powerful, and have been summoned by an evil necromancer.  But, many great people are coming together to battle these foes.
[13:15] <GM_Erik> You may go home to consider this request, if you have any more questions feel free to ask me.
[13:15] <Mika_no_Krynn> "A necromancer?  Sounds interesting... I hate undead.  Will there be vampires too?"
[13:15] <JessicaKnight> do you have any more details about this necromancer?
[13:15] <GM_Erik> No, I am not personally aquainted with him.
[13:15] <JessicaKnight> oh, I see
[13:16] <GM_Erik> He is powerful though, he rules the region what used to be known as Eqypt and neighboring areas.
[13:17] <GM_Erik> I only hope that you will decide to go, but please, go home and think about it first.
[13:17] <JessicaKnight> so where is this meeting place exactally?
[13:17] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Ok, this definitely requires some though.  Thanx for the information though."
[13:20] * Mika_no_Krynn bows goodbye, turns on her heals and leaves.
[13:20] * Tibor bows as well and follows
[13:24] <GM_Erik> You return to your HQ
[13:25] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Well what do we know about undead and necromancers?"
[13:25] <Tibor> "so what are we going to do here?"
[13:25] <JessicaKnight> they're not cool?
[13:25] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Nope, they're just cold.  Terrible sense of humor too."
[13:26] <Mika_no_Krynn> "What are they're weaknesses?"
[13:26] <Tibor> My L'il Tibor can turn undead, might be useful
[13:26] <JessicaKnight> yeah, just like you Mika
[13:27] * Mika_no_Krynn sticks out her tongue at Jessica.
[13:30] <Mika_no_Krynn> "This is some heavy shit to think about, and we can't think with empty stomachs and clear minds... so let eat and go drinking.  And then start anew tomorrow."
[13:30] <JessicaKnight> ok, i'm in agreenace with that!
[13:30] <GM_Erik> You guys eat and party and meet again the next day.
[13:33] <GM_Erik> The next morning you guys are eating breakfast, and someone walks in the room.
[13:34] <GM_Erik> Its Vrryl.
[13:34] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Gouten morgen... long time no see."
[13:34] <Tibor> dude, how's the family, you kill each other yet?
[13:34] <GM_Erik> Vrryl chuckles and says, no, not yet.
[13:35] <Tibor> wow, close family for dragons...
[13:35] * JessicaKnight pops some painkillers and drinks her coffee
[13:35] <GM_Erik> Vrryl shoots Tibor a look.
[13:35] * Tibor gets up to get more bacon...
[13:35] <GM_Erik> After some catching up, Vrryl admits that he's not really back, he's here about something else.
[13:35] <Mika_no_Krynn> "How would you like to fight the 4 Horsemen of the appocalypse?
[13:35] * JessicaKnight throws a knife at Tibor, "Quit hogging the bacon"
[13:36] <GM_Erik> Vrryl looks stunned for a short moment and says "how did you guess?"
[13:36] <Mika_no_Krynn> "I'm that good."
[13:37] <Tibor> "that good when Plato gives us intel"
[13:37] <GM_Erik> Vrryl looks puzzled and says "Ah.."
[13:37] <Mika_no_Krynn> "I figure there isn't enough excitement in our lives so why not go fight some near-godlike beings?"
[13:37] <JessicaKnight> *yawn*
[13:38] <Mika_no_Krynn> "You wanted to go Vrryl?
[13:38] <JessicaKnight> Yeah, these braniacs didn't think we were close enough to death last time, so they signed us up for another near-extinction enounter
[13:38] <GM_Erik> Vrryl: Well, I was coming to see if you were interested, and possibly help you get there.
[13:38] <Tibor> "wa-hoo...who wants to die old anyway?"
[13:38] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Just think of it as a vacation, just without the relaxation.  You thinking of teleporting us?"
[13:39] <JessicaKnight> working vacation... well, at least we get to kill stuff
[13:39] <GM_Erik> Vrryl: Well, yes.  Boy you are a smart little thing.
[13:39] <GM_Erik> He rubs Mika on the head.
[13:39] * JessicaKnight giggles
[13:39] * Mika_no_Krynn giggles sarcastically.
[13:39] * Tibor rolls his eyes
[13:40] <GM_Erik> Vrryl: When will you be ready guys?  And who'
[13:40] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Speaking of killing stuff, I'm gonna hafta go kill something soon myself... gettin hungry. So lets decide on a course of action quick."
[13:40] <GM_Erik> oops: who's going?
[13:40] <JessicaKnight> Hey, where's Bill
[13:40] <JessicaKnight> ?
[13:40] <GM_Erik> Vrryl: Bill?
[13:40] <JessicaKnight> I haven't seen him around for a while
[13:41] <GM_Erik> Vrryl: Got a new boyfriend Jessica?
[13:41] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Buckaroo Bill... a Blue Dragon hatchling..."
[13:41] * JessicaKnight blushes
[13:41] <JessicaKnight> no!
[13:41] <Tibor> I told him to go explore the city, haven't seen him since"
[13:41] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Idiot... you told that to a dragon... who knows where he is now..."
[13:41] <GM_Erik> Note: Ice Dragon
[13:41] <JessicaKnight> way to go Tibor
[13:42] <Tibor> his life...better that than have him "explore Jessica's shop"
[13:42] <JessicaKnight> heh.. ok i'll give you that one
[13:42] <JessicaKnight> well I guess i'll have to go and look for him
[13:42] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Well, we've got bigger fish to fry.  I guess we're going then, when shall we leave, tomorrow?"
[13:42] <Tibor> not the mention the armory...
[13:43] * JessicaKnight gets up, grabs a bagel with mandala, jumps on her wing board and goes out
[13:44] <JessicaKnight> Bill!! *laff* where are you??/
[13:44] <JessicaKnight> *snicker* Bill, what a silly name
[13:49] <GM_Erik> Tibor goes to the arms market to look for guns.
[13:49] <GM_Erik> Jessica flys around town on her wing board.
[14:12] <GM_Erik> You guys get stuff ready.
[14:36] <GM_Erik> You prepare to depart, taking care of last minute things.
[14:39] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Time to rock and roll..."
[14:40] <GM_Erik> Vrryl leads you over to the Prymaid in Lazlo and explains that he got Plato's permission to use it for the nexus energies.
[14:41] <GM_Erik> He should be able to teleport everyone to Africa.
[14:41] <Tibor> "handy having access to a nexus power reactor"
[14:41] <JessicaKnight> quite
[14:41] * JessicaKnight still wonders where Bill is
[14:43] <GM_Erik> The long ritual begins, and you are teleported to a strange landscape...
[14:44] <Tibor> joy...
[14:44] <GM_Erik> You look around and see extensive grassland in all directions.
[14:45] <GM_Erik> Odd creatures, ones which you have never seen before, wander the land.
[14:45] <Mika_no_Krynn> "We're not in Kansas anymore... whatever that means."
[14:45] <GM_Erik> Ones you know the names of, such as zebras, and giraffes, and others which look like large hairy cows, which you do not know the names of.
[14:45] <Tibor> ooo! could those be food?
[14:46] <GM_Erik> Vrryl says, ah good, it worked.
[14:46] * Tibor licks his chops
[14:46] <JessicaKnight> looks like meat Tibor
[14:46] <GM_Erik> Vrryl: Well, the gathering is somewhere to the southeast of here I belive.
[14:46] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Watch out Tibor, where there is meat there may be badass shoppers... big kitties."
[14:46] <GM_Erik> Good luck, and if you find Erin Tarn, tell her that Vrryl sent you.
[14:47] <Tibor> pussies...
[14:47] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Do you know how far to the southeast?"
[14:47] <GM_Erik> Vrryl shakes his head and says "no, not exactly"
[14:47] <GM_Erik> Vrryl wishes you luck, and vanishes.
[14:47] <JessicaKnight> great
[14:47] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Thanx a lot... for nothing.  Geez that guy."
[14:47] <JessicaKnight> we're screwed
[14:48] <Mika_no_Krynn> "At least we're not in an iceland."
[14:48] <JessicaKnight> heh true enough
[14:48] <JessicaKnight> well let's get going
[14:49] <Tibor> to the SE then...
[14:49] * Mika_no_Krynn sets off to the southeast after casting Fly as an Eagle spell, flying swiftly through the air and taking in her surroundings.
[14:50] <GM_Erik> You start to head to the SouthEast.
[14:50] * JessicaKnight fies up in the air and glides along
[14:51] <GM_Erik> confidently, and exactly, that is.
[14:52] * Mika_no_Krynn scans the horizon while flying attempting to locate signs of a large gathering of folk, and on the lookout for possible predators or ambushes.
[14:52] <GM_Erik> After a while of wandering, during which you get to see Lions stalk prey, and Hyenas fight over kills, you come across what appears to be a herd of goats.
[14:53] <JessicaKnight> Hey Tibor, meat up ahead!
[14:54] <Tibor> goats? what the hell? in this place the goat herder better be one nasty sob
[14:55] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Good point, we shall endeavor not to piss-off any goat herders here."
[14:56] <Tibor> avoid the damn goats then?
[14:56] <JessicaKnight> yeah sure, just go around them
[14:58] <GM_Erik> As they fly around the goat herd, Jessica notices a man sitting under a tree in the shade.
[14:59] <GM_Erik> Its hot in the African sun, Mika doesn't mind, but Tibor and Jessica may not have air conditioning in their armors.
[15:01] * JessicaKnight clicks on the radio, "Hey Tibor, watch the guy under the tree as you go around... something's not right about him"
[15:01] <Mika_no_Krynn> "This sun is kinda nice, totaly opposite of England... maybe I can get a tan here."
[15:02] <Tibor> "ok will keep my distance"...
[15:02] * Tibor keeps an eye on the goat herder...
[15:03] * JessicaKnight glides over to Mika and slaps her ass and points out the goat herder
[15:03] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Hey!  What?!  Oh?  A local, let's check'em out."
[15:04] * Mika_no_Krynn glides down to the tree and approaches the man.
[15:04] * JessicaKnight shrugs and descends
[15:04] * Tibor approaches, cautiously on the horse
[15:04] * JessicaKnight makes she she turns her communications band on
[15:04] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Hello."  Mika says in Dragonese.
[15:05] <GM_Erik> The dark-skinned man stands up upon noticing you, and holds his gun up.
[15:05] <GM_Erik> He says something in a toungue you don't understand and points to the goats.
[15:05] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Woa, no worries... just wanted to ask something."  Mika states, raising her hands in a friendly gesture.
[15:06] * JessicaKnight pokes Mika, "he said they're his goats"
[15:06] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Oh, thanx.... maybe I should use Tongues."  Mika then casts Tongues.
[15:07] <GM_Erik> Man: They're my goats, you can't have them.
[15:07] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Oh we don't want your goats sir, just to ask some questions.  We're not from around here."
[15:07] <JessicaKnight> nice goats tho
[15:08] <GM_Erik> He looks at you, and "says that much is obvious, but he looks hungry" and points at the Wolfen.
[15:08] <GM_Erik> Tibor, of course, isn't catching this.
[15:08] * JessicaKnight chuckles
[15:08] <JessicaKnight> don't worry my friend, he's a good guy
[15:08] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Would you by chance know of a large gathering of strange folk, probably from many far away lands?  Sorry about our friend he has fetish for meat."
[15:08] * Tibor ignores the goats looking at the herder
[15:09] <GM_Erik> The man shakes his head and says "none strange like you."
[15:09] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Oh, not to the Southeast?"
[15:10] <Mika_no_Krynn> "How about a large gathering of folk in general... warriors, wizards, shamans, and the like... towards the southeast?"
[15:10] <GM_Erik> He shakes his head.
[15:11] <GM_Erik> <Man: I don't go to the south, I think its bad.
[15:11] <JessicaKnight> oh? why is it bad?
[15:12] <GM_Erik> Raiders come from the South, they take people, and goats, and anything they want.
[15:12] <Mika_no_Krynn> "What do these raider looks like?"
[15:13] <GM_Erik> Man: Oh, some are ugly horrible beings, others beautiful ladies, some big suits or armor lke that one" and points to Jessica.
[15:13] <Mika_no_Krynn> "What would these beautiful ladies be wearing?"
[15:14] <JessicaKnight> *comment to group* weird
[15:14] <GM_Erik> Man: I don't know.  Never seen myself.
[15:14] * Mika_no_Krynn whispers to Tibor and Jessica, "Sounds like Splugorth"
[15:14] * Tibor slowly approaches mika and jess
[15:15] <GM_Erik> Man: Too much bad medicene, I try to stay away.
[15:15] <GM_Erik> Man: I watch goats.
[15:15] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Well, alright.  Thankyou for your time, stay safe."
[15:15] <GM_Erik> The man nods.
[15:15] * Mika_no_Krynn turns to Jess and Tibor, "well let's book"
[15:15] <Tibor> in dragonese: "what's the story?"
[15:15] <JessicaKnight> da
[15:16] * JessicaKnight heads upwards to have a quick look to the south
[15:16] <Tibor> k
[15:16] <Mika_no_Krynn> "This dude watches goats... says there are nasties in the south, by his description I would guess Splugorth slavers."
[15:16] * Tibor heads south with party
[15:16] <Tibor> "lovely"
[15:16] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Shouldn't we go Southeast?"
[15:17] <JessicaKnight> southeast
[15:17] * Mika_no_Krynn flys offs in a southeasterly direction once again.
[15:17] <Tibor> check...
[15:17] <GM_Erik> The travels continue..
[15:17] * JessicaKnight peers south once in a while
[15:17] <GM_Erik> It gets to dusk.
[15:18] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Enough of this!  Let's camp and get some rest already."
[15:18] <JessicaKnight> alrigh, alright
[15:18] <GM_Erik> You pick a nice copse of trees to spend the night.
[15:19] * Tibor keeps his sword he can tell if the color changes...
[15:19] * JessicaKnight stands his TW cross in the center of teh camp
[15:20] <GM_Erik> You get a nights rest, with loud roars in the distance from lions.
[15:21] * Mika_no_Krynn freshens up in the morning with a Cleanse spell, packs her stuff and gets ready to set out again.
[15:22] * Tibor takes a long morning piss..
[15:30] *** Tibor has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving )
[15:31] *** Tibor has joined #riftsic1
[15:34] <GM_Erik> The group continues on for a time.  At some point later in the day, you see a group of buildings up ahead.
[15:34] <GM_Erik> And to the left.
[15:34] <Tibor> "that a city?" :over radio
[15:35] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Maybe this is it... not sure though, I'll go ahead and check it out."
[15:35] * Mika_no_Krynn flys ahead toward the building.
[15:36] <GM_Erik> Some people look up from the group of buildings, pointing and yelling excitedly.
[15:38] <GM_Erik> A few people walk out with spears in their hands and yell at you.
[15:38] <GM_Erik> Another, older, man with a staff stands behind them.
[15:38] * Mika_no_Krynn lands about 50' away from the people and casts tongues once again.
[15:39] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Wait, I mean you no harm... I am just a traveller."
[15:39] * Tibor approaches the town, slowly and cautiously
[15:39] * JessicaKnight hovers in behind Tibor
[15:40] <GM_Erik> The older man steps forward and says "you come by flight, that is an odd method of travel.
[15:40] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Well it beats walking... I can't walk to keep up with my friends horse."
[15:41] <GM_Erik> The man looks at you and says "What do you wish here?
[15:41] <Mika_no_Krynn> "You wouldn't by chance be able to tell me where this is, would you?  We're looking for some people actually, an assembly of warriors and such."
[15:42] <GM_Erik> This is Tuluk village.
[15:42] <GM_Erik> Old man: May I examine you?
[15:42] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Hmm... excuse me?"
[15:43] <Mika_no_Krynn> "What type of examination?"
[15:43] <GM_Erik> I wish to examine your words and actions.
[15:44] <Mika_no_Krynn> "And how would you go about doing that?"
[15:44] <GM_Erik> Relax while I approach you.
[15:45] <GM_Erik> He walks towards you and points his staff at your face.
[15:45] * Mika_no_Krynn nervously awaits what happens.
[15:46] <GM_Erik> He touches your forehead with his staff
[15:46] <GM_Erik> Old man: You are more than you appear to be, but you have no bad medicene, you may stay if you wish
[15:47] <Mika_no_Krynn> "OK... but you haven't seen any other strange fellows pass through in the last little while have you?"
[15:47] <GM_Erik> Thankfully no.
[15:48] * Mika_no_Krynn whispers "Some great assembly of heroes this is turning out to be."
[15:48] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Have you heard of any strange stories of great evil beings roaming the land?"
[15:49] <GM_Erik> Yes, there are many beings of bad medicene roaming the land.  Some are much worse than others.
[15:49] <GM_Erik> The spirits say there are some who wish to destroy the world.
[15:50] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Well I mean REALLY bad, like a god... bringing back the dead to life to destroy the world."
[15:50] <GM_Erik> There are many who bring the dead to life, and yes, some may be what you call 'god'
[15:51] <GM_Erik> A couple women shriek when they notice Tibor.
[15:51] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Oh!  Do not worry they are with me... my travelling companions."
[15:51] <JessicaKnight> heh Tibor.. looks like you're still a ladykiller
[15:52] <Tibor> "aquitted.."
[15:53] <GM_Erik> The man looks at him carefully and says "Keep him away from the cows"
[15:53] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Yes, yes... I know, he looks hungry."
[15:53] <GM_Erik> No, He just smells bad;
[15:54] <Mika_no_Krynn> "True, true... the heat here doesn't suit well with his fur."
[15:54] <GM_Erik> We are but a small village.  Is there anything you want?
[15:54] <GM_Erik> You may stay for a time if you wish.
[15:54] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Just a place to sleep for the evening would be fine, thank you.  Is there anything you need in return?"
[15:55] <GM_Erik> If you help with chores, that would be more than worthwhile
[15:55] <Mika_no_Krynn> "What chores?"
[15:56] <GM_Erik> YOu can help with pounding grain into flour, the women over there can show you.
[15:57] <GM_Erik> Your friends may approach if they wish
[15:57] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Ok, that shouldn't be too tough."  Mika waves for Tibor and Jessica to approach.
[15:58] * Tibor approaches the village and dismounts the borg-horse
[15:58] * JessicaKnight glides over and lands
[15:58] <GM_Erik> So you guys help out a bit in the village.
[15:59] <GM_Erik> The Old man points out another visitor who has been staying with them.
[15:59] * Mika_no_Krynn looks over at the stranger.
[15:59] * JessicaKnight looks over at where the old man is pointing
[16:00] <GM_Erik> He has been a help to us, but may be moving on soon.
[16:00] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Where's he from?"
[16:00] <GM_Erik> The Old man shrugs and says "we do not question strangers"
[16:00] * JessicaKnight looks at the guy
[16:01] <GM_Erik> He is lightly tanned, somewhat caucasian looking.
[16:02] <GM_Erik> Wearing clothes a bit more normal than the sparse coverings of the tribesmen
[16:03] <GM_Erik> He looks human
[16:03] <GM_Erik> He smiles and waves while going back to the work of cleaning a spear.
[16:03] <Mika_no_Krynn> "I think we should introduce ourselves... maybe he knows more about this hero assembly thing."
[16:04] <JessicaKnight> perhaps
[16:04] <Tibor> anything is better than what we got
[16:04] <JessicaKnight> considering this "assembly" seems to mean the three of us
[16:04] * Mika_no_Krynn walks towards the man and his spear.
[16:05] <GM_Erik> The man looks up and smiles
[16:05] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Hello, my name is Mika." states in Dragonese.
[16:06] <GM_Erik> He looks at you and says something in Swahili
[16:07] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Ah, you speak only the native dialects... sorry about that.  If you don't mind me asking, where are you from?"
[16:08] <GM_Erik> Tanned guy: Hello there young lady, my name is Fran.  That's sort of an odd question to ask a complete stranger isn't it?
[16:11] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Perhaps, depends where you're from I guess."
[16:12] <Mika_no_Krynn> "It's just that you don't seem to be from around here... appearances and all.
[16:12] <GM_Erik> I'm a wanderer, how about yourself?
[16:13] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Well professionally I'm a mercenary, but I prefer heroine for hire... but we're here on a freelance type job... save the world and all."
[16:13] <GM_Erik> Sounds very big and important.
[16:13] <Mika_no_Krynn> "How about you?"
[16:14] <GM_Erik> I travel a lot, I've been as far as Europe, and through many places in Africa.
[16:15] <Mika_no_Krynn> "You speak Euro then?"
[16:15] <GM_Erik> Oh why yes, I do.
[16:15] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Hey guys... he speaks Euro!"
[16:15] <GM_Erik> In Euro: That might be easier than Swahili for me.
[16:15] <JessicaKnight> <euro> oh wow, really?
[16:16] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Much easier than having to use magic for us."
[16:16] <JessicaKnight> <euro> Nice to meet you.. Mr... umm.....
[16:16] <GM_Erik> My name is Fran.\
[16:16] <JessicaKnight> Mr. Fran
[16:16] <Mika_no_Krynn> "So besides being an explorer, what do you do?... kind of a dangerous profession on this world."
[16:16] <JessicaKnight> <euro> My name is Jessica
[16:17] <GM_Erik> I just try to get by, that's all, pretty simple.
[16:18] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Well seems like you've had quite an interesting life so far, how about showing us around, kind of like a guide... we're new to this part of the world?"
[16:18] <GM_Erik> Well, if you'll excuse me, I should probably get back to my work, we can talk more over dinner perhaps? and smiles
[16:18] <GM_Erik> Oh, show you around?
[16:19] <GM_Erik> Well, OK, I could do that perhaps, who needs showing around?
[16:19] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Yes, we're looking for something.. or some people really, and a guide who know the territory would probably help."
[16:19] <GM_Erik> Well, I'm not a very good guide, but I do know some things.
[16:20] <Mika_no_Krynn> "That's what we need... for you definitely know more than we do at this moment."
[16:20] <GM_Erik> I'd be happy to help out.
[16:21] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Great, we can speak about it over dinner then."
[16:21] <GM_Erik> So you guys get on with the rest of the day and get together for dinner.
[16:23] <Tibor> "food would be good" <euro>
[16:23] <Mika_no_Krynn> "What's for dinner?"
[16:23] <GM_Erik> Some food, bread and meat.
[16:23] <JessicaKnight> see tibor.. meat
[16:24] * Tibor wonders if he's had this kind of meat before
[16:25] <GM_Erik> Tibor has not
[16:25] * Mika_no_Krynn turning to Fran "Are there any monster type creatures outside the village?"
[16:25] <GM_Erik> Fran: hopefully not many, we wouldn't want the village to be in danger.
[16:25] <Tibor> "let me tastes like chicken?"
[16:26] <GM_Erik> Why, do you want to go for a walk outside the village?
[16:26] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Hmm, might as well try my luck anyways after dinner... umm, yes you could say I would like to take walk outside the village."
[16:27] <GM_Erik> Well, why don't we go now?
[16:28] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Well I'm in no rush really..."
[16:28] <GM_Erik> Fran: well whenever you're ready.
[16:28] <Mika_no_Krynn> "OK, after the meal is finished is fine."
[16:29] <GM_Erik> OK, well he takes you out on a walk.
[16:29] <GM_Erik> He points out some of the animals in the distance.
[16:33] <GM_Erik> Mika notices Tibor as he suddenly falls to the ground.  His arms and legs are convulsing slightly.
[16:34] <Mika_no_Krynn> "What the hell!?"
[16:34] * Mika_no_Krynn looks around for the source of the attack.
[16:36] <GM_Erik> Mika feels stunned as her ISP is drained from her.
[16:37] <GM_Erik> Mika is aware that someone attacked her mentally.
[16:38] <GM_Erik> Mika raises a Mind Block.
[16:39] * Mika_no_Krynn turns on Fran with a furious expression and reaches for him.
[16:40] <GM_Erik> Mika grabs Fran by the shoulders.
[16:41] <GM_Erik> And lifts him off the ground
[16:41] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Cut out this shit now or I'll rip you in two!"
[16:42] <GM_Erik> Fran looks shocked by Mika's lifting power and says OK!, Sorry!
[16:42] <GM_Erik> Mika realizes that she's holding a Mind Bleeder, and instantly takes a dislike to him.
[16:43] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Ok, Sorry?! That's it?" still angry.
[16:45] <GM_Erik> A fire ball shoots out of his mouth and at Mika's head.
[16:47] <GM_Erik> Mika drops Fran and jumps out of the way.
[16:48] <GM_Erik> A big wall of flame leaps up between Fran and the others.
[16:49] <GM_Erik> Tibor tries to lunge with his sword, and is still paralyzed.
[16:49] <GM_Erik> Mika leaps through the flame after Fran, who is running away.
[16:51] <GM_Erik> She then catches up to him and tackles him
[16:55] <GM_Erik> Mika punches him in the throat in her anger, and squishes it.
[16:55] <GM_Erik> He dies quickly without any neck to speak of.
[16:56] <Mika_no_Krynn> "What the hell is with this place?!"
[16:57] <GM_Erik> His forehead, which you notice was full of pulsating veins, is now stopping.
[16:58] <GM_Erik> Some Hyenas are laughing off to the side.
[16:58] <GM_Erik> And stalking Tibor
[16:58] <GM_Erik> Tibor realizes he is no longer paralyzed.
[16:58] <GM_Erik> The Hyenas start to sniff him.
[16:58] * Tibor gets up
[16:58] <GM_Erik> They back off a bit and growl.
[16:59] * Tibor growls louder
[17:00] * Mika_no_Krynn comes walking back, "Well he's toast... great place we're in, might as well go back to the village Tibor. Oh, leave the silly animals alone, they don't look very good anyways."
[17:00] <Tibor> not interested in food...
[17:01] <GM_Erik> They run off in abject fear!
[17:02] <GM_Erik> You guys return to the village.
[17:02] <JessicaKnight> hey guys, how was hunting?
[17:02] <JessicaKnight> where's umm.. Mr. umm... Fran
[17:02] <JessicaKnight> ?
[17:03] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Killed Fran... bad story, turned out the guy was some kind of freaky mind bleeder asshole.  I'm going out to look for something better."
[17:03] <JessicaKnight> O_o
[17:03] <JessicaKnight> umm..... ok.....
[17:04] * JessicaKnight looks surpised and puzzled
[17:04] <JessicaKnight> I wonder how we're going to explain this to the villageers
[17:04] <JessicaKnight> =P
[17:05] * Mika_no_Krynn stalks off into the darkness, "I'll be back soon... just tell them he got attacked."
[17:06] <JessicaKnight> umm sure...
[17:07] * JessicaKnight ponders how and if he is going to tell the village elder
[17:07] <GM_Erik> Mika finds a Wildebeest
[17:08] * Mika_no_Krynn slays the Wildebeest with a mighty slash from her enchanted sword!
[17:12] * Mika_no_Krynn upon defeating such a powerful opponennt and feasting on its PPE returns to the sanctuary of the village.
[17:12] * JessicaKnight wanders off to go and find the village elder
[17:12] <GM_Erik> Jessica finds the medicene man
[17:13] * JessicaKnight activates his communications band
[17:13] <JessicaKnight> er her
[17:13] <JessicaKnight> heh
[17:13] <JessicaKnight> Excurse me, sir?
[17:13] <GM_Erik> Man: yes?
[17:14] <JessicaKnight> Apparently, the other stranger, Fran, was out earlier and got attacked
[17:14] * JessicaKnight pkes Tibor, what happened?
[17:14] <JessicaKnight> er or what exactally do you want me to tell him?
[17:14] * Tibor snorts
[17:14] <Tibor> he didn't get attacked....he attacked me and mika with his mind...
[17:15] <GM_Erik> Man: Oh?  That's interesting.
[17:15] <Tibor> he then tried to incinerate mika with a fireball of some sort
[17:15] <JessicaKnight> <common> that's want you wamt me to tell them?
[17:15] <GM_Erik> Man: And what did you do?
[17:15] <Tibor> mika in defending herself, killed him
[17:15] <Tibor> i was her mind
[17:15] <JessicaKnight> um ok.
[17:15] <JessicaKnight> Umm sorry.. I kind of had the story mixed up since I wasn't there...
[17:16] <JessicaKnight> Apparently he attacked my friends...
[17:16] <GM_Erik> Man: I see.
[17:16] <GM_Erik> Man: Well, I think we should go see this person to confirm the story.
[17:16] <JessicaKnight> apparently the man paralyzed Tibor here, and attempted to burn Mika, the other girl, with a fireball
[17:17] <Tibor> she back yet? went to find a wildebeast
[17:18] <JessicaKnight> She went out again, she'll be back soon tho
[17:18] <JessicaKnight> Tibor can you show them where this happened?
[17:19] <Tibor> ok
[17:19] <JessicaKnight> Alright, Tibor here can show us where this happened....
[17:19] <GM_Erik> You show him the body, he does a little thing with his hands, and says he believes you.
[17:19] <JessicaKnight> give me one second to gather my things and I will accompany you
[17:19] <GM_Erik> Even though the body was ravaged by Hyenas
[17:20] <JessicaKnight> thank you
[17:20] <Tibor> how did you miss not noticing his "bad medicine"?
[17:20] <Tibor> ask him jess...
[17:20] * JessicaKnight translates for Tibor
[17:20] <GM_Erik> I am not all-powerful good sir.
[17:21] <Tibor> neither are we...
[17:23] *** JessicaKnight is now known as TuxedoMsk
[17:23] *** TuxedoMsk has left #riftsic1
[17:24] *** Tibor has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving )
[17:25] *** Mika_no_Krynn has quit IRC (Quit:  )
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Horsemen of the Apocalypse 1 - IC Chat logs
Session Start: Sun Dec 16 13:00:11 2001
[13:00] *** Now talking in #RIFTSIC1
[13:02] *** Mika_no_Krynn has joined #RIFTSIC1
[13:02] *** JessicaKnight sets mode: +ooo GM_Erik Mika_no_Krynn Tibor-S
[13:47] <GM_Erik> The group was still staying at the African village.
[13:47] <GM_Erik> They recently took care of a Mind Bleeder which wanted to feed off them
[13:47] <GM_Erik> Morning arrives.
[13:48] <GM_Erik> They are still anxious to find the Gathering of Heroes.
[13:49] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Well we lost our supposed guide, guess we can continue SE..."
[13:49] * JessicaKnight preps her gear
[13:49] * Tibor-S preps my gear as well...
[13:49] <Tibor-S> "I assume the plan is still to head SE?"
[13:50] <JessicaKnight> why not?
[13:50] * Mika_no_Krynn thanks the village for their hospitality, preps her equipment, and then heads off in a Southeasterly direction once again. Casting Fly as an Eagle once again.
[13:50] <JessicaKnight> we're stuck in this sauna with no where else to go
[13:50] * JessicaKnight zooms up and surverys the village and surrounding area before setting off
[13:51] * Tibor-S get's on 'ol betsy!
[13:51] <GM_Erik> they head off, at the average speed of 50mph
[13:55] <GM_Erik> After travelling through most of the day.. (including a break for lunch)
[13:57] <GM_Erik> Blasts of energy fire shoot out from somewhere in front of you.
[13:58] <GM_Erik> Mika gets hit and...
[13:58] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Hmm, there is a leyline or more in the southeast... AH!"
[13:58] <GM_Erik> Jessica moves too late and still gets hit.
[13:59] <Tibor-S> do i roll dodge?
[14:01] <GM_Erik> Plasma and laser fire erupts from a patch of oasis to the south at the group.
[14:02] <GM_Erik> Its about 2000 feet away.
[14:02] * JessicaKnight shouders her blaster rifle
[14:03] * Mika_no_Krynn activates her armor talisman and Invincible Armor on her mystic chainmail. Then scans the area for her attackers.
[14:04] * Tibor-S activates forcefield (amulet)
[14:05] <GM_Erik> Jessica and Mika get hit for 12 and 14 MD
[14:05] * Tibor-S kicks betsy into high-gear, going for wide flanking
[14:06] <GM_Erik> Tibor gets hit for 40 damage
[14:06] <GM_Erik> and gets knocked off his horse.
[14:07] * Mika_no_Krynn curses, "This continent is really starting to piss me off!" She then flies forward searching for someone to smite.
[14:07] * Tibor-S grunts as he falls
[14:09] <GM_Erik> Mika notices something else off to the north in the corner of her eye.
[14:09] <GM_Erik> Apart from the volleys of plasma and laser fire coming from the south,
[14:10] <GM_Erik> Tibor manages to hoist himself back to his horse.
[14:10] <Tibor-S> cool
[14:10] <GM_Erik> Mika figures at least 6 shooters to the south.
[14:11] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Let's retreat to the North and regroup!"
[14:11] * Tibor-S awknowledges
[14:11] <JessicaKnight> ok!
[14:11] * Tibor-S kicks horse into high speed...
[14:12] * JessicaKnight retreats doing evasive manuvers
[14:14] <GM_Erik> Jessica gets hit by 20 more damage in the air, Mika dodges out of the way
[14:18] <GM_Erik> Tibor manages to ride his horse around the gunfire.
[14:18] <GM_Erik> Mika notices something about the obejcts to the north that are headed south.
[14:19] <GM_Erik> Mika sees a Splugorth Slaver Barge!
[14:19] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Splugorth... I hate those guys.  Um, let's take on these southerners dudes!"
[14:20] * Mika_no_Krynn dives low to the ground and speeds towards the attackers from the South.
[14:20] <Tibor-S> splugorth sucks...
[14:21] <JessicaKnight> oh sonofabitch!
[14:21] <Tibor-S> "we retreating , attacking, what's the story?"
[14:21] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Well we're sandwiched, so let's take on these gun totting wankers... easier than dealing with the Spluggies."
[14:22] <Tibor-S> ok, well lets hope so....
[14:23] * JessicaKnight contines swearing as she turn south again
[14:24] * JessicaKnight activates her talisman
[14:24] <GM_Erik> Mika and Tibor realize that this seems way too coincidental to not be an ambush.
[14:24] * Mika_no_Krynn draws her Wilk's 457 pulse rifle and prepares to launch burning retribution at the fools who dared ambush them.
[14:25] <Tibor-S> "We're ambushed people...we going for oasis dudes?"
[14:25] <JessicaKnight> lock and load, burn the place
[14:26] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Don't waste time, frag these gunner punks and let's get out of here."
[14:26] * Tibor-S turns horse around towards oasis...going wide for flanking
[14:26] <GM_Erik> Tibor's horse cranks up the speed.
[14:27] * JessicaKnight goes low and speeds towards the oasis
[14:27] <JessicaKnight> 25, 18
[14:28] <GM_Erik> for a full melee round, the group goes at top speeds towards the southern oasis, dodgin every blast coming their way.
[14:29] <GM_Erik> Jessica and Mika close the distance to 1000 feet.
[14:29] <GM_Erik> Tibor rides wide, and is only a few hundred feet away.
[14:31] <GM_Erik> Mika sees a faint glow of magic in use over the oasis.
[14:31] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Watch for magic boys!"
[14:32] <JessicaKnight> ah shit
[14:32] <GM_Erik> Noone sees anything else in the oasis, other than the flashes of gunfire coming from the trees.
[14:33] <GM_Erik> Stan notices IR traces though.
[14:33] <GM_Erik> Er, Tibor.
[14:33] <Tibor-S> "see something on IR!"
[14:34] <Mika_no_Krynn> "How many?  Don't get too close to the oasis, got a bad feeling."
[14:35] * Tibor-S decides to keep distance away from oasis, but will make a firing pass on the horse (part recce, not expecting to get good hits)
[14:35] <GM_Erik> Mika sees some IR traces as well.
[14:38] <GM_Erik> Jessica shoots a crazy spray into the trees, Stan makes passing shots on his horse, and Mika shoots something in the oasis.
[14:38] <GM_Erik> Stan makes out the figures a bit better on riding by.
[14:39] <GM_Erik> Er, Tibor, again.
[14:39] <GM_Erik> A mental connection springs to life in Tibor's mind, and he realizes one of the IR signatures looks just like the large barge shape they saw to the north.
[14:40] <GM_Erik> Like another Slaver.
[14:40] <Tibor-S> "see faint slug barge ship on IR, by the oasis!"
[14:41] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Shit!  This isn't our day."
[14:41] * JessicaKnight starts swearing a whole lot more
[14:42] <GM_Erik> Mika takes 19 damage, Jessica manages to dodge towards the ground and uses another action (for three so far)
[14:42] <GM_Erik> Tibor gets hit twice.
[14:42] <GM_Erik> for 45 damage total.
[14:46] * Mika_no_Krynn activates her bracers of deflect/reflect as she closes in on the attackers.
[14:46] * Tibor-S activates target deflect (isp) and won't dodge anymore
[14:47] * JessicaKnight recharges her rifle and sets up to supress the attackers for another roung
[14:51] <GM_Erik> Mika manages to deflect back to two attackers.
[14:52] <GM_Erik> Tibor deflects one back, but gets hit by another.
[14:52] <GM_Erik> for 24 damage.
[14:53] <GM_Erik> Jessica gets hit by another blast while firing for 14 damage
[14:53] * Mika_no_Krynn holsters her Wilk's 457 and draws her Scathatch sword.
[14:55] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Let's cut-off the head of this operation.  Like the last time."
[14:56] <Tibor-S> "payback's a bitch....named Mika!" *laughs on radio 'net*
[14:57] <JessicaKnight> hahahah
[14:57] <GM_Erik> Mika reflects one blast, and the other misses her.
[14:57] <GM_Erik> Two blasts miss Tibor.
[14:58] <GM_Erik> Tibor is on top of the oasis, but can ony see things in IR.
[14:58] <GM_Erik> Jessica takes 19 more damage.
[15:01] <Mika_no_Krynn> "No invisible tangos yet."
[15:08] <GM_Erik> Tibor notices one of his shots hit home as a spray of blood and a feminine screech erupt in the trees.
[15:09] <GM_Erik> He sees an Altaran warrior woman dead near his feet.
[15:09] <Tibor-S> "warrior bitches"
[15:09] <GM_Erik> Suddenly, Tibor gets struck by lightning.
[15:10] <GM_Erik> for 36 damage
[15:10] <Tibor-S> ouch...
[15:12] <GM_Erik> Mika reflects another blast
[15:15] <GM_Erik> jessica continues to light trees on fire.
[15:15] <GM_Erik> Jessica gets hit by a big plasma blast.
[15:16] <GM_Erik> And gets knocked topsy-turvy.
[15:16] <GM_Erik> (54 damage)
[15:18] <GM_Erik> Tibor manages to hit another IR shape in the trees.
[15:20] <GM_Erik> Tibor's sword is definitely black now.
[15:22] * Tibor-S pulls out the sword, slings rifle "something supernatural and evil is close to me!"
[15:22] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Yeah, I would think Spluggies fall under that category."
[15:23] <Tibor-S> didn't think chicks were
[15:23] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Concentrate fire on the Slaver if you can, the Warrior women are just pawns, the Slaver is the real threat."
[15:24] * Tibor-S tries to identify the closest threat to him
[15:24] <GM_Erik> Jessica tries to regain her balance.
[15:25] <GM_Erik> It seems that people firing are going to focus on the closest threat, as blasts stop flying towards Mika.
[15:28] * Tibor-S is on horse
[15:29] <GM_Erik> Pathetic Blasts hit the ground around Tibor'
[15:29] <GM_Erik> 's horses feet
[15:30] <Tibor-S> 44 made it
[15:37] <GM_Erik> Tibor takes one of four hits for 38 damage.
[15:37] <GM_Erik> and reflects back two of them.
[15:38] <GM_Erik> Jessica pulls off another random shot and hits someone.
[15:41] * Tibor-S closes with horse for a hack
[15:42] <GM_Erik> 9 blades start whizzing around in front of Mika.
[15:43] * Mika_no_Krynn searches for the Slaver's barge and moves in.
[15:44] * JessicaKnight slings his rifle, and draws his sword, searching for the target
[15:44] <JessicaKnight> er her
[15:51] <GM_Erik> Mika starts flying down with her blades and suddenly realizes that she's not flying anymore.
[15:52] <GM_Erik> Mika takes 5 damage as she hits the ground.
[15:53] <GM_Erik> Mika notices (as she sits on the ground) that there is a large IR thing right next to her, and probably pointing a gun right at her.
[15:56] <GM_Erik> TIbor takes 18 damage.
[15:57] <GM_Erik> Jessica nimbly dodges
[16:00] <GM_Erik> Tibor hacks into another one of the women (or so he thinks with the IR)
[16:00] <GM_Erik> And a head appears into normal vision and goes flying.
[16:00] <GM_Erik> The body appear shortly thereafter
[16:01] <GM_Erik> Mika uses her intuition and dodges out of the way just as a net flies down to the ground where he was.
[16:01] <GM_Erik> she
[16:02] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Whoa-eh."
[16:03] <GM_Erik> Mika still gets shot for 17 damage from behind, though.
[16:05] * Tibor-S heads for the barge
[16:08] * Tibor-S going to bring rifle out and attack the barge
[16:08] * Mika_no_Krynn rolls up onto her feet hastily, ignoring the urge to rub the ache in her butt.
[16:10] <GM_Erik> Mika's spinning blades smash into the barge.
[16:11] <GM_Erik> A shield flies into the blades and takes a great deal of damage from them.
[16:11] <GM_Erik> and the blades disappear.
[16:11] <GM_Erik> Jessica hits her target
[16:14] <GM_Erik> Tibor shoots, and hits air
[16:17] <GM_Erik> Mika jumps onto the barge.
[16:19] <GM_Erik> Mika takes a total of 39 damage (from blasts in front and behind)
[16:20] <GM_Erik> Jessica nails the chick again.
[16:20] <GM_Erik> for 11 damage
[16:20] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Cheap assholes... you'll pay for that!"
[16:22] <GM_Erik> Tibor scores another huge hit, knocking down the forcefield over the Slaver.
[16:25] * Tibor-S tibor lets mika deal with slaver, looks for another chick
[16:26] <GM_Erik> Mika reacts quickly and thrusts her weapon through the Slaver's body, doing it in.
[16:27] <GM_Erik> Mika shudders in pleasure from her first supernatural meal in some time.
[16:28] * Mika_no_Krynn after savouring the magical energy of the Slaver for just a moment she looks for a new target.
[16:29] <GM_Erik> Jessica's blow is parried.
[16:30] <GM_Erik> Tibor blows away another chick.
[16:30] <GM_Erik> The last chick starts to run away suddenly.
[16:31] * JessicaKnight starts to go around collecting amulets
[16:31] <JessicaKnight> "Hey Tibor, catch!"
[16:31] * JessicaKnight throws Tibor a few
[16:32] <Tibor-S> "what the hell are these??"
[16:32] <JessicaKnight> MDC.. looks like you could use some
[16:32] <JessicaKnight> or you could put on some bikinis if you want...
[16:33] * Tibor-S looks for the last chick
[16:33] <GM_Erik> Mika goes chasing after the remaining Altaran Warrior
[16:33] * JessicaKnight collects weapons as well, then goes to the edge of the oasis and looks for the incomming slaver to the north
[16:35] <GM_Erik> Jessica spots the Slaver from the north only about 800 feet away, but also sees another one with more women from the south!
[16:35] * Tibor-S also looks to the north
[16:35] * JessicaKnight points south
[16:35] <JessicaKnight> AH SHIT!
[16:36] <GM_Erik> That one is also about 800 feet away, and closing fast.
[16:36] <GM_Erik> Mika hears Jessica's curse.
[16:36] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Shit!  Let's get the hell outta here!  EAST!  FAST!"
[16:37] <Tibor-S> "i'm all for that!"
[16:37] <JessicaKnight> Tibor, get on and ride east, i'm headed up
[16:37] <GM_Erik> More plasma fire hails towards Mika from the south.
[16:37] <JessicaKnight> i'll cover you if need be
[16:37] <Tibor-S> "get on what?"
[16:38] <JessicaKnight> your horse... or would you prefer to ask Mika for a life?
[16:38] <JessicaKnight> er lift
[16:38] <Tibor-S> nah..
[16:38] <GM_Erik> (Life works)
[16:39] * Tibor-S mounts horse and takes off east
[16:39] * JessicaKnight grabs the largest gun in the pile and takes off up and east
[16:40] <GM_Erik> Mika gets nailed by two blasts for 80 damage total (plasma)
[16:41] <GM_Erik> She gets hit so hard, so drops the warrior woman, and hits the ground (with the wings still activated)
[16:42] * Tibor-S checks on comrade's status (visually)
[16:44] <GM_Erik> Suddenly, a large hail of gunfire erupts from the south, and cuts through the Minions to the south.
[16:44] <Tibor-S> huh?
[16:44] * JessicaKnight looks south
[16:45] <GM_Erik> Jessica can'
[16:45] <GM_Erik> can't make out anything new.
[16:46] * Mika_no_Krynn activates Impervious to Energy on her armor, and frantically looks around for the fallen Altaran.
[16:46] <GM_Erik> Mika finds the fallen Altaran
[16:46] <GM_Erik> Altaran: you bitch! Leave me or die!
[16:47] <GM_Erik> Jessica sees a glowing doorway on the ground ahead of them to the east with a lady beckoning frantically towards it.
[16:47] <GM_Erik> Mika sees this too, as she lifts the Altaran.
[16:47] <JessicaKnight> *click radio* Head east... look for the portal...
[16:48] * JessicaKnight flys down and towards the portal
[16:48] <GM_Erik> Tibor rides on ahead at full tilt.
[16:48] * Tibor-S heads east, looking for portal...
[16:48] <GM_Erik> Tibor finds the portal behind him!
[16:48] * Mika_no_Krynn "I have no time to teach you a manners lesson young lady, we have to go." Mika replies to the Altaran and flies towards the door.
[16:50] <GM_Erik> As you approach the door, there is an incredibly beautiful blond-haried woman standing in front of it saying "go through!"
[16:50] * Tibor-S turns backward for the door!
[16:50] * JessicaKnight lands and covers everyone as they go through..
[16:51] <GM_Erik> You all head through the portal, and reappear somewhere else on the savanna.
[16:52] <JessicaKnight> goddamn that sucked
[16:52] <GM_Erik> Mika notices an incredible amount of magical energy in the human woman as she passes by her.
[16:52] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Whoa... that was close!"
[16:52] * JessicaKnight slings her rifle
[16:52] <GM_Erik> You are all now behind some of the Slavers, and there are others nearby firing at them.
[16:52] * Tibor-S dismounts
[16:52] <Tibor-S> ok..i didn't see that!
[16:53] * JessicaKnight looks around
[16:53] <GM_Erik> There is a number of different people around you.
[16:53] <GM_Erik> An old man, Chinese in fact, walks up to you and says "do not worry, you are safe now"
[16:54] <JessicaKnight> umm thanks... need a hand with those slavers?
[16:54] <Tibor-S> "who's taking care of the splugorth?"
[16:54] <GM_Erik> A dark-skinned man with long black braids shouts out, "a hand would be nice, after this set, there's still another barge coming.
[16:55] * JessicaKnight walks up to somewhere near the front of the group
[16:55] * JessicaKnight starts casting call lightning
[16:55] * Mika_no_Krynn "Thank you." says to the man. She then checks over the Altaran to make sure she isn't badly injured.
[16:55] <GM_Erik> After some more blasts, the southern group is dispatched and the rest go back the way they came.
[16:56] <GM_Erik> The group gives a collective sigh of relief.
[16:57] * JessicaKnight stis down, "ahhhh that was not fun... sooo tired..."
[16:58] <GM_Erik> The Chinese man says "we heard sounds of battle, and came to help you out"
[16:58] <GM_Erik> The dark-skinned man says "and it looks like it was good that we did, you fell right into an ambush"
[16:58] <JessicaKnight> hehe yeah... well we're not used to this place.... kind of caught us off guard
[16:59] <GM_Erik> An older lady walks up and says "now, now, boys.  They don't need that right now."
[16:59] * Mika_no_Krynn "You guys appear to be the ones we're looking for, lucky us," Mika replies as she looks at the Altaran.
[16:59] <GM_Erik> (Conversation so far has been in American)
[17:00] <JessicaKnight> hmm... hey, wait, they're speaking english!
[17:00] <GM_Erik> The lady perks up one eyebrow and says "looking for us? You haven't even asked our names yet?"
[17:00] <JessicaKnight> not swhaili!!!
[17:00] <JessicaKnight> damn that's such music to my ears
[17:01] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Well you fit the bill of the group we're looking for... a bunch of hero types looking to stop the Horsemen of the Appocalypse."
[17:02] <GM_Erik> Jessica remembers that the lady looks really familiar and then realizes that she looks just like a fake Erin Tarn they met in England once.
[17:02] <JessicaKnight> hmm....
[17:02] <GM_Erik> The Chinese man says "ah, good, you have found us!"
[17:02] <JessicaKnight> say.. you wouldn't happen to be... Erin Tarn?
[17:02] <JessicaKnight> like THE Erin Tarn?
[17:02] <GM_Erik> Chinese Man: "My name is Lo Fung, and yes, this is Erin Tarn."
[17:03] <GM_Erik> Erin Tarn blushes.
[17:03] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Yes, it looks like we have found you, or you've found us.  We're from Lazlo, sent by Plato."
[17:03] <JessicaKnight> wow
[17:03] <Tibor-S> Wow...high powered company
[17:03] * JessicaKnight walk up to Erin Tarn..
[17:03] <GM_Erik> Erin Tarn: Yes my dears, I am.  And Plato sent you?  That was so good of him.
[17:03] <JessicaKnight> if you'd excuse me for a second
[17:03] * JessicaKnight pokes Erin Tarn
[17:03] <JessicaKnight> see seems real this time!
[17:04] <GM_Erik> The braided haired man steps up to Jessica and says "excuse me." with acute disdain in his voice.
[17:04] <JessicaKnight> sorry... we ran into a fake Erin Tarn in England... can't be too careful you know...
[17:05] <GM_Erik> Erin Tarn: " a fake me? oh my, What was that like?"
[17:05] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Especially in this place it seems... mind bleeders, Splugorth, and we've been here only 2 days."
[17:05] <GM_Erik> Braided man, "Erin, we must be going, the Splugorth may be sending reinforcements.
[17:05] <JessicaKnight> umm... very.... shall we say.... unpleasant
[17:06] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Yes, getting out of here seems like a marvelous idea."
[17:06] <JessicaKnight> do you mind if we accomany you?
[17:06] *** Tibor-S has quit IRC (Read error: Connection reset by peer )
[17:06] <JessicaKnight> seems like there's saftey in numbers here...
[17:10] *** Tibor-S has joined #riftsic1
[17:13] <GM_Erik> The group heads off and walks for a while.
[17:14] <GM_Erik> During the journey, there is more surveillance and scouting donw than talked, but the PC's can talk to someone if they wish.
[17:17] * Mika_no_Krynn speaks with Erin, the Chinese guy, and the dark skinned guy (especiall to find out the names of the latter two), to see what they've been up to here? Also speaks with the Altaran.
[17:17] <GM_Erik> There is Lo Fung, the old Chinese man, Erin Tarn (obvious), the braided hair, dark-skinned man, another man in his 40's looking very sharp witted, the good-looking lady who looks like a ley-line walker.
[17:19] <GM_Erik> There are also some crocodilians, a young woman, and this outgoing, loud guy with lots of weapons.
[17:19] <GM_Erik> That is among a few others as well.
[17:20] <GM_Erik> Mika talks to the blonde, and learns that her name is Katrina Sun.  She is a high level ley-line walker.  She still seems to sense lots of magic in her.
[17:22] <GM_Erik> Tibor hangs out with the croc guys.  They're pretty friendly.  They're just going along to save the world at the orders of their leader.
[17:22] * Tibor-S asks who is their leader?
[17:23] <GM_Erik> The dark-braids guy, Jessica learns, is named Sir Winslow Thorpe, Cyber Knight, and protector of Erin Tarn.  He will talk, but is busy keeping an eye out for trouble.
[17:23] <GM_Erik> The crocodilians tell Tibor that their leader is a powerful visionary, but they cannot speak his name.
[17:24] <GM_Erik> The Altaran acts like a limp noodle.
[17:24] <Tibor-S> ok...i guess i'll take it at that...what land are they from?
[17:24] <GM_Erik> They are from Africa.
[17:24] <Tibor-S> ah, good!  what can they tell me about the threats in this land?
[17:24] <GM_Erik> The grey-haired man talks to Erin the entire time.  She looks like she is in awe.
[17:25] <GM_Erik> Katrina thinks she is from Europe, but she can't exactly remember.
[17:25] <JessicaKnight> Sir Thorpe, who exactally are these four horsemen?
[17:26] <GM_Erik> Thorpe: They are horrible demons, summoned from some netherrealm.  They are War, Famine, Pestilence, and Death.
[17:26] <Mika_no_Krynn> "So you don't remember where you're from Katrina?  Amnesia of sorts?"
[17:27] <GM_Erik> Katrina: a little perhaps, I don't wish to discuss it though (she says shyly)
[17:27] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Nuff said... a girl has to have secrets, I totally understand."
[17:28] <GM_Erik> So, you all finally arrive somewhere where you decide to stay for the night.
[17:29] <GM_Erik> Crocs tell Tibor they're pretty sure there's a lot of undead, there always is in Africa.
[17:29] <GM_Erik> OK, introductions go around...
[17:29] <Tibor-S> lovely...*grunts*
[17:30] <GM_Erik> There's Katrina Sun, Erin Tarn, Sir Winslow Thorpe, Lo Fung.
[17:30] <GM_Erik> Also, the loud man is introduced as Abkii the Defiant
[17:30] <GM_Erik> (he's a party animal who just goes around beating up supernatural baddies)
[17:30] <GM_Erik> The lady is Fang-Lo, she looks slightly asian as well.
[17:32] <GM_Erik> Lastly, the fortiesh guy is introduced as Victor Lazlo.
[17:34] <Mika_no_Krynn> "So Victor, this may seem like a weird question, but are you the same person who supposedly lived on Earth before the time of the Rifts?"
[17:35] <Mika_no_Krynn> "People say you were a mage before the Rifts, but I'm not sure, I'm not from this planet."
[17:36] <GM_Erik> Victor: well, I'm not anything special like a mage, just someone who likes to study paranormal abilities.
[17:36] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Guess you came to the right place... to bad most paranormal things have a serious dislike of everything."
[17:36] <GM_Erik> Victor: it does seem that I am from your past, though...
[17:37] <JessicaKnight> intresting..
[17:37] <GM_Erik> Lo Fung (interupting) : So, do you know why we are here?
[17:38] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Weird... did you arrive in a funky looking car?  I saw a Pre-Rifts vid that had these people going through time in a car.  Also there was another one with a Phone Booth?"
[17:38] <JessicaKnight> supposedly to stop the four horsemen, as far as I know
[17:39] <GM_Erik> Lo Fung: Do you know what the four horsemen are? Or are you just here to help 'fight the good fight'?
[17:39] <JessicaKnight> not exactally.... Plato mentioned that this was one of four great evils threatening the world..
[17:40] <GM_Erik> Lo Fung explains (with occasional interjection by others)...
[17:40] <GM_Erik> The Four Horsemen were summoned to earth by the Pharoah Rama Set, a powerful Necromancer who rules the Phoenix Empire in Egypt, and most of the surrounding lands in Northeast Africa.
[17:41] <GM_Erik> Their sole purpose is absolute destruction and chaos, unless stopped they will destroy this entire planet, and then spread to the rest of the Megaverse.
[17:42] <Mika_no_Krynn> "I take it this Pharoh fellow is not entirely of a sane mind?"
[17:42] <GM_Erik> No, he is utterly mand.  War, Pestilence, Famine, and Death, all represent their names to the fullest.  They are super-powerful demons.  Their sole weakness is that they have arrived separately on this planet.
[17:42] <JessicaKnight> they are not yet together?
[17:43] <GM_Erik> They are all in different portions of Africa, but they are trying to reach eachother, for if they do, they will merge into a being of the Apocalypse which has the powers of all the merged beings.
[17:43] <Mika_no_Krynn> "What are the Splugorth doing about it, if anything?  They seem to have quite the force on this continent..."
[17:44] <GM_Erik> Thorpe: We are not concerning ourselves with what the Splugorth are doing, we have to move now, and not worry whether they plan to help destory these beings or not.
[17:44] <GM_Erik> Thorpe: Our goal is to destory each demon before it can find another one of its partners in mayhem.
[17:45] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Yes, agreed.  Plus the Splugorth, save maybe Splynncryth, wouldn't care much about what happened to this planet or solar system probably."
[17:45] <GM_Erik> Lo Fung: Possibly true, but not worth fretting over.
[17:46] <GM_Erik> Lo Fung: We believe that if we destroy the lesser three demons first, that it will weaken Death, their leader, and force him to leave our planet.
[17:46] <Mika_no_Krynn> "So you guys have a base of operations or you just wander around looking for evil to destroy?"
[17:46] <GM_Erik> Erin: We only arrived in Africa a couple weeks ago, and are still looking for signs of one of these monsters.
[17:47] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Probably laying low until they summon up some power, get their confidence up, then march out and start destroying stuff."
[17:47] <Tibor-S> "the villagers mentioned lots of baddies to the south"
[17:48] <GM_Erik> Crocodilian: Yeah, the Spluggies have a base of operations south of here where they capture slaves from to bring back to Atlantis.
[17:48] <Mika_no_Krynn> "That would explain a lot."
[17:48] <GM_Erik> Erin Tarn: We must be cautious, for we must succeed, and not alert the demons of our plans.
[17:49] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Any ideas on how we go about destroying one of these things?"
[17:49] <GM_Erik> Abkii: Bah, I still think we should split up, Me and a few of my boys can take one of those guys on, while the rest of you find the others!
[17:49] <Tibor-S> "so we by-pass the spluggies?"
[17:49] <GM_Erik> Abkii: That way it'll go faster!
[17:50] <JessicaKnight> well let's stay of of their way.... we don't need any more run in with them
[17:50] <Mika_no_Krynn> "You're either incredibly brave, or plain crazy... no offense."
[17:50] <GM_Erik> Abkii: No offense to you toots, but you don't look like the type to do this at all.
[17:50] <JessicaKnight> you're right... we're just crazies for coming here...
[17:51] <Mika_no_Krynn> "I get that a lot, and sometimes I wish I was back home sewing and shopping, but that gets boring real quick, so I'm here."
[17:51] <GM_Erik> Several of the others laugh at that remark.
[17:51] <JessicaKnight> hey Erin, do you know a Vryll?
[17:52] <GM_Erik> Erin: Vrryl, Vrryl, oh yes, I once knew a young man by that name in North America, some years ago.
[17:52] <GM_Erik> Erin: Why, do you know him?
[17:52] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Yeah, well he says hello, he's the one that sent us here.  Old friend of ours too."
[17:53] <GM_Erik> Erin: he sent you here? Well, he must be quite some way along in his magical training, I remember he said he was an apprentice when we last met.
[17:54] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Oh yeah... he's coming quite a long way in the last 6 years or so."
[17:54] <JessicaKnight> yes.. but he must work on a few other traits.. like telling us there's a lizard mage behind the door....
[17:55] <GM_Erik> Several remarks of confusion towards that last remark.
[17:55] <JessicaKnight> umm... never mind....
[17:55] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Totally!"
[17:55] * Tibor-S actually chuckles....
[17:56] <Mika_no_Krynn> "I'm still gonna have to pay that back some how... that will suck."
[17:57] <GM_Erik> Lo Fung: Any other questions on the demons?  I have to admit, we don't know everything about them, just scattered information from visions.
[17:57] <JessicaKnight> visions?
[17:58] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Is there a single entity or will they have numerous minions too?"
[17:58] <GM_Erik> Well, it may be that various dark forces will conspire to help them.
[17:59] <GM_Erik> But they are so evil, they will likely destroy anyone in their path.
[17:59] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Evil always eats itself"
[18:00] <Tibor-S> "but will they eat us first?"
[18:00] <JessicaKnight> hmm so maybe the slugorth could be helping these things then?
[18:01] <Mika_no_Krynn> "They're just as much a threat to the Splugorth as anyone else, plus they will be killing off the Spluggies slave population."
[18:05] *** Tibor-S has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving )
[18:19] *** Mika_no_Krynn has left #RIFTSIC1
Session Close: Sun Dec 16 18:19:20 2001
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Horsemen of the Apocalypse 1 - IC Chat logs
Session Start: Wed Jan 23 16:07:04 2002
[16:07] *** Now talking in #RiftsIC3
[16:14] <GM_Erik> test
[16:24] <GM_Erik> test
[16:29] <GM_Erik> test
[16:37] *** Retrieving #RiftsIC3 info...
[16:53] <GM_Erik> test
[17:14] <GM_Erik> test
[17:47] <GM_Erik> testy
[17:52] *** Tibor has joined #riftsic3
[17:53] <GM_Erik> yay
[17:57] *** Mika_no_Krynn has joined #RiftsIC3
[18:09] *** Tibor has quit IRC ( )
[18:15] *** Tibor has joined #RiftsIC3
[18:18] * Auto-join on invite ON
[18:25] *** Sir_Arik has joined #RiftsIC3
[18:29] *** JessicaKnight has joined #riftsic3
[18:29] <JessicaKnight> re
[18:46] <GM_Erik> Last time, the players joined forces with the Gathering of Heroes.
[18:47] <GM_Erik> The real question is where to go now.
[18:48] <GM_Erik> Fang-Lo and other pyschic sensitives feel that the nearest demon is somewhere to the south.
[18:48] <GM_Erik> Everyone is sitting around the campfire one evening, and discussing what to do next.
[18:48] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Oh that sounds fantastic.  Isn't that where the sluggies are?"
[18:49] <GM_Erik> Abkii: No, they're to the west now, we've circumvented their territory.
[18:49] <JessicaKnight> oh, do we know what;s to the south of here?
[18:50] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Excellent.  So how big is this continent we're on?"
[18:50] <GM_Erik> Erin Tarn: It's bigger than North America.
[18:51] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Wow, I guess that's pretty big... gonna take us a while to find them I suppose."
[18:51] <GM_Erik> Crocodilian guy: Well, the Congo isn't too far to the south now, another few days.
[18:51] <Mika_no_Krynn> "What's a Congo?"
[18:51] <JessicaKnight> the congo?
[18:51] * JessicaKnight look puzzled
[18:52] * Tibor grunts
[18:52] <GM_Erik> some sighs come from around the camp
[18:52] <GM_Erik> Erin Tarn says happily: The Congo is a large jungle region of central Africa.
[18:52] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Hey I've been from one side of this megaverse to the other... and I've never heard of anything like "The Congo" before... cut me some slack, I'm blond."
[18:53] * Tibor coughs out something nasty
[18:53] <JessicaKnight> Oh... ugh... so there's like lions and tigers and stuff?
[18:53] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Oh my!"
[18:54] * JessicaKnight chooses another seat away from Tibor
[18:54] <GM_Erik> Sir Thorpe: Unfortunately we don't know which demon is the closest.
[18:55] <JessicaKnight> so you just sense a demon to the south?
[18:55] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Well the closest one may not be the best one to take out first, plus we should go to the one we can find easiest, no?"
[18:55] <GM_Erik> Fang-Lo: well, my clairvoyance didn't quite ive me that amount of detail.
[18:57] <GM_Erik> Sir Thorpe: Um, right.  We don't want to fight Death first, because he is the most powerful.  But, he loses power when the others are destroyed.
[18:57] <JessicaKnight> well how can we track these things down if we don't even know where they are?
[18:57] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Well on the bright side, South eliminates 75% of the choices in direction... so we're not that bad off."
[18:58] <Mika_no_Krynn> "If we head off in a direction, the closer we get, the easier it should be to find... just from its aura alone."
[18:58] <Tibor> "Just another suicide mission, my favorite!"
[18:59] * Mika_no_Krynn whispers to Katrina "Are all Wolfen as pessimistic as Tibor?"
[18:59] <GM_Erik> Lo Fung: We should also be able to find it from the path of destruction it leaves.
[18:59] <GM_Erik> Katrina smiles at Mika and shrugs.
[19:00] <Tibor> "and the huge numbers of minions between us and them?"
[19:00] <JessicaKnight> so we're just supposed to wander around looking for a swath of dead things... great tactic
[19:00] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Well let's crash tonight and head south in the morning, there must be a river in this Congo area, we could use it to get around faster if need be."
[19:01] <GM_Erik> Erin Tarn: The Congo is rather large my dear.
[19:01] <Mika_no_Krynn> "So there must be a river right?"
[19:03] <GM_Erik> Erin Tarn: probably several
[19:03] * Mika_no_Krynn starts pondering about the design for a new set of safari clothes for herself. "Excellent, then we have nothing to lose by moving south."
[19:03] <GM_Erik> Abkii: Why don't we just split up into groups and try to take on various demons all at once to prevent any of them getting together.
[19:04] * JessicaKnight mutters, "except our asses"
[19:04] <Tibor> we seem to be a sweet target in one group like this...
[19:04] <GM_Erik> Abkii: I'm sure me and my boys could take one out.
[19:04] <JessicaKnight> well how powerful are these things, really?
[19:04] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Much like the demons, we're a lot weaker when we split up... we'd just be limiting ourselves.  How many guys you got?"
[19:05] <GM_Erik> (He has like 5 or 6 guys with him)
[19:05] <Tibor> i'm sure one at a time will be enough about split the group into a recce group to go forward, till contact, then call the cavalry?
[19:05] * Tibor IQ = 11 = Point target to kill
[19:05] <GM_Erik> THorpe: That sounds like a good idea.
[19:06] <Tibor> does the group have means of hiding? through magic perhaps?
[19:07] <GM_Erik> Thorpe: We should send forward teams to look for signs of the demon.  THey can move ahead of the rest of the group and report back when they find something.
[19:08] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Yep, and that keeps the main group fexible, able to respond to any threat report.  We may even disover where two are and be able to take them out in short order, relatively."
[19:09] <Tibor> "Who knows this land the best?"
[19:09] <GM_Erik> Thorpe: Do you think you three (pointing at Mika, Tibor, and Jessica) could be a forward team?  Since you have experience working together?
[19:09] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Us?"
[19:09] * JessicaKnight chokes on her drink
[19:10] <Tibor> "We need someone who knows the land..."
[19:10] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Well we could, but some help would be nice."
[19:10] <JessicaKnight> *cough*cough*hack*sputter*
[19:11] <JessicaKnight> so let me get this straight...
[19:11] <JessicaKnight> you want us to be demon twinkies so you can rush in there and toast it while it's munching on us?
[19:12] * JessicaKnight thinks
[19:12] <GM_Erik> a few people chuckle
[19:12] <JessicaKnight> sounds like fun... hey Tibor.. you're gonna be my bodyguard ok?
[19:12] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Well I think the idea would be to run away before being eatten."
[19:12] <GM_Erik> Thorpe: No, you won't engage, you will look for signs of the demon and report back before finding it.
[19:12] * Tibor grunts
[19:12] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Hopefully these things don't move too fast."
[19:12] <JessicaKnight> you big strong wolfen man you... you can hold it off while I run for help
[19:13] * Tibor gives jessica an evil look
[19:13] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Well how will we report back to the main group?"
[19:13] * JessicaKnight laughs
[19:14] <GM_Erik> Thorpe sighs: You can move fairly quickly as a group, am I right?
[19:14] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Well, about 50mph is our top as a group."
[19:14] <GM_Erik> Thorpe: You can return to the group, or just radio in anything you find by moving into range.
[19:14] <Mika_no_Krynn> "So how far are we moving ahead of the main group?"
[19:14] <JessicaKnight> roger dodger, I don't see that being an issue
[19:14] <Tibor> "Radio might be a bad idea in indian country..."
[19:15] * Mika_no_Krynn looks strangely at Tibor, "Why?"
[19:15] <GM_Erik> Thorpe: Just far enough to scout out more ground quickly.  There could be square miles of destruction...
[19:15] <Mika_no_Krynn> "So about 50 to 100 miles ahead should be sufficient?"
[19:15] <GM_Erik> Thorpe: Sure.
[19:16] <Tibor> "none of us know how to scramble radio could be traced"
[19:16] <Tibor> esp by splugorth, should they wish to make our lives more difficult"
[19:16] <GM_Erik> Thorpe: A chance we'll have to take.
[19:17] <Mika_no_Krynn> "We're talking about Demons and Spluggies... they'll just track our magic signatures or life signs with magic... but point taken, cut radio chatter to a minimum."
[19:18] <GM_Erik> Erin Tarn stands up and stretches. "Well, I think I'll go to bed and leave the tactics to you younger folk."
[19:18] * Tibor looks skeptical
[19:19] <Tibor> is there not a way to contact magically? that only the one sending and the one receiveing the message know?
[19:19] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Yeah, I have something I can use... no worries."
[19:20] <GM_Erik> Katrina: I can manage messages too.
[19:20] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Guess we're all set up then, let's get some shut eye."
[19:21] <GM_Erik> People start getting up and hitting their respective 'sacks'
[19:22] <GM_Erik> Over the next few days, the group has been sending out recon teams from the base group to scout more ground.
[19:23] <GM_Erik> Different teams are sent on alternating days to allow others to rest some, and to maximize use of the faster vehicles.
[19:23] <GM_Erik> Four days later, you're in the Congo, and you guys are on patrol.
[19:26] <GM_Erik> Its warm, but not too warm, its October, so its Springtime.
[19:26] <Tibor> ok
[19:29] <GM_Erik> Tibor feels that something seems wrong..
[19:29] <Tibor> "Hold up people!"
[19:31] * JessicaKnight looks around
[19:31] * Mika_no_Krynn stops humming to herself and looks around.
[19:31] * Tibor feels the fur on back of his neck standing on end
[19:31] <GM_Erik> Two large snakes suddenly metamorphose into 11 foot guys in front of Tibor and attack!
[19:32] <GM_Erik> Mika, amazingly, notices two large winged guys appear out of nowhere and charge her.
[19:32] <GM_Erik> They are 11 feet tall as well, and are lined with magical auras.
[19:32] * Tibor hates snakes, they taste awful...
[19:34] <GM_Erik> Tibor is clueless as to what the large reptilian guys are.
[19:36] * Mika_no_Krynn activates her amulate of protection and draws her swords (Psi-sword and Scathatch).
[19:36] * Tibor tibor wants to activate his amulet thingy
[19:37] <GM_Erik> Mika gets shot twice for 52 damage
[19:37] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Owie!"
[19:37] <GM_Erik> After she manages to bring up her amulet.
[19:38] <GM_Erik> Tibor gets attacked by two swordsmen.
[19:40] <GM_Erik> But parries deftly.
[19:41] <Tibor> Attacks with his sword (does it glow black?)
[19:41] <GM_Erik> Tibors sword is glowing black, but he didn't notice before.
[19:43] <GM_Erik> Tibor hits one of the creatures with his sword.
[19:43] <Tibor> "someone going to radio this in??? i'm a little busy!"
[19:47] *** JessicaKnight has quit IRC (Ping timeout )
[19:48] *** Mika_no_Krynn has quit IRC (Ping timeout )
[19:48] *** JessicaKnight has joined #riftsic3
[19:52] *** Mika_no_Krynn has joined #RiftsIC3
[19:53] <Tibor> "someone going to radio this in??? i'm a little busy!"
[19:55] <JessicaKnight> Mika!
[19:56] * Mika_no_Krynn charges towards her assailants, with both swords posed to strike for blood.
[20:00] <GM_Erik> Jessica fires a shot into the trees.
[20:01] <GM_Erik> Mika attacks, one of her twin blows is parried, but the other hits for 35 damage.
[20:02] <GM_Erik> Tibor's blow is parried as well.
[20:02] <GM_Erik> Mika is attacked back by both of them, one sword blow, one rifle shot.
[20:03] <GM_Erik> One also swings its Tail at her
[20:03] <GM_Erik> Tibor is attacked by his assailants.
[20:04] <GM_Erik> Tibor parries.
[20:07] <GM_Erik> Mika gets hit for a total of 37 damage (from three blows)
[20:08] <GM_Erik> Tibor activates his Talisman
[20:11] <GM_Erik> Mika's assault continues and she takes 24 from sword and 18 from ion rifle.
[20:13] <GM_Erik> bad guy parries one from Mika and taked 30 damage from the other.
[20:15] <GM_Erik> Jessica shoots again for 23
[20:16] <GM_Erik> and hits
[20:16] <GM_Erik> Mika parries and gets off a big hit for 70 damage!
[20:17] <GM_Erik> That hit actually got through some sort of mystical protection and hit his armor!
[20:18] <GM_Erik> Jessica notices her blasts being dissipated somewhat by magical protection
[20:19] <GM_Erik> Tibor hits for 22 damage.
[20:21] <GM_Erik> Mika takes 19/2 from gun and 16 from sword
[20:24] <GM_Erik> Tibor takes 48 damage from two sword blows, but hits back for 24 damage
[20:24] * Tibor grunts
[20:27] <GM_Erik> Mika hits for 20 damage and gets slashed for 31 damage and shot for 36 damge (without reduction)
[20:28] <GM_Erik> Mika gets hit hard enough to knock her into the trees.
[20:28] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Fuck!"
[20:28] <Tibor> "someone call the damn calvary!?"
[20:28] <GM_Erik> Tibor has his blow parried
[20:29] <GM_Erik> Suddenly, two more appear on the ground at the same instant as Mika gets struck by two lightning bolts that knok her to the ground.
[20:29] * Tibor cues his mike...
[20:29] <GM_Erik> For 29 damage (electrical)
[20:29] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Owwieeeee!"
[20:30] <Tibor> "We're under fire from ground and air, need assistance asap!"
[20:32] <GM_Erik> Tibor scores a good hit for 52 damage.
[20:32] <GM_Erik> Jessica zaps a guy for 18!
[20:33] <GM_Erik> Suddenly a huge flash of light causes everyone to close their eyes moentarily.
[20:33] <GM_Erik> When they open their eyes again, some others have joined the scene.
[20:34] <Tibor> more targets...lovely!
[20:34] <GM_Erik> A large man in armor on horseback appears between Mika and her two recent assailants.
[20:34] * Sir_Arik shakes his head slightly before taking in his surroundings
[20:34] <GM_Erik> Another WOlven in chainmail stands next to Tibor, and someone else appears next to Mika to help her up.
[20:35] <GM_Erik> The man on horseback has two blazing, fiery swords, one in each hand.
[20:35] * Sir_Arik spots the winged assailants and points a flaming sword at them
[20:35] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Ah... thanx."
[20:36] <GM_Erik> Daniel: no problem my dear.
[20:36] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Daniel!? What the hell are you doing here!?  What about Kith?"
[20:36] <Sir_Arik> "I ask you once and only once, give up your weapons and surrender.
[20:37] <Tibor> "WTF is that guy???"
[20:38] <GM_Erik> The creatures look shocked, but not in surrender mode.
[20:39] <Mika_no_Krynn> To Daniel "You're in big trouble Mister, but we have things to take care of first."
[20:41] <GM_Erik> Daniel (somehow during combat intersession): DOn't worry, Kith is in Asgard.
[20:41] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Even worse!  Ahhhh!"
[20:42] <Sir_Arik> I gave you a chance demonspawn..... Now taste my righteous fury!!
[20:42] <GM_Erik> Sir Arik smashes an opponent to the ground with a 94 damage strike.
[20:43] <GM_Erik> The blow cut right throw the armor to the skin.
[20:44] * Mika_no_Krynn leaps up and advances towards the gun weilding creature.
[20:46] <GM_Erik> She entangles his gun, and he tried to pull free, but fails.
[20:47] <GM_Erik> She strikes him for 37 damage.
[20:49] <GM_Erik> Jessica draws her sword.
[20:49] <GM_Erik> Tibor gets attacked once, and the new Wolfen draws the other attacker.
[20:49] <GM_Erik> Tibor takes 20 damage.
[20:52] <GM_Erik> Tibor cuts to the armor with 42 damage.
[20:52] <GM_Erik> And knocks the guy on his ass!
[20:53] <GM_Erik> He then follows that strike up with another big one for 60 damage.
[20:55] <GM_Erik> Daniel engages one of the noncombatant (as of yet) bad guys.
[20:56] <GM_Erik> Arik deals out even more damage...
[20:56] * Sir_Arik mightily swings both his flaming blades onto the demonspawn!
[20:58] <GM_Erik> Mika hits her foe as he drops his gun and pulls out a vibro-sword.
[20:59] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Oh man, you know vibrators are a girls best friend," Mika smirks.
[20:59] <GM_Erik> Arik hits for 55 damage.
[20:59] * Sir_Arik looks taken back by Mika's comments.
[20:59] <GM_Erik> Arik's foe has lost a fair bit of blood, which covers him and his horse.
[21:00] * Tibor grunts
[21:00] <GM_Erik> And Jessica plows into the guy for 26 damage.
[21:01] <GM_Erik> knocking down the fellow Tibor was fighting as he tries to stand up!
[21:02] * Tibor growls "Get your own foe!"
[21:04] <GM_Erik> Mika parries a sword, anbd a tail
[21:05] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Good try old boy, but I think I have the better piece of tail!"
[21:05] <GM_Erik> Arik parries.
[21:08] <GM_Erik> Arik's foe parries the head shot
[21:08] <GM_Erik> One of them that was off to the side a bit runs over, touches Arik's opponent, and they both disappear.
[21:09] <Sir_Arik> You may stay my hand for a moment, but inevitably Evil is always vanqueshed!
[21:09] * Tibor chuckles...yes i said chuckle
[21:10] <GM_Erik> Mika slashes at the head of her opponent, but hits energy shielding, and very little of it gets through.
[21:12] <GM_Erik> Mika's opponent flies away quickly.
[21:13] * Mika_no_Krynn shouts a string of curses in Old Norse at the fleeing coward, then looks around for Daniel.
[21:13] <GM_Erik> Daniel is fighting another one of the creatures.
[21:14] * Tibor steps on his chest and points a sword at his throat
[21:14] * Mika_no_Krynn ,upon spotting her hubbie, strides over to assist him.
[21:14] <Tibor> "Get up and die, resistance is futile!"
[21:17] <GM_Erik> Jessica swoops down and slashes for 17 damage.
[21:20] <GM_Erik> ANd does it again, hitting magical force.
[21:22] * Sir_Arik eyes glow briefly, and he scans the area where his opponent dissappeared
[21:22] <GM_Erik> Neither Sir Arik nor tibor spot the missing opponents.
[21:23] <Tibor> "where did those vermin go??"
[21:25] * Sir_Arik looks at the armored wolfen and nods.
[21:25] <Sir_Arik> "I too would like to know where such large demonspawn could have disappeared"
[21:28] <GM_Erik> Jessica hits the WOlfen's opponent for 18 damage.
[21:29] <GM_Erik> Arik moves in on Daniel's opponent and cuts through what remained of his armor as well with 89 MD
[21:29] <GM_Erik> Daniel: hey!
[21:30] <Sir_Arik> "Odin did not send me to see you die in this first battle young one!"
[21:30] * Tibor looks into the vermin's eyes
[21:31] <Mika_no_Krynn> "WHAT?! WHAT did you just say?! #@*!*%*!"
[21:31] <Tibor> "Looks like your friends have fallen or have deserted you, who are you?" (in elven)
[21:31] * Sir_Arik turns and looks at Mika harshly.
[21:31] <GM_Erik> Tibor's Foe curses at him.
[21:32] <Sir_Arik> "I said that Odin has sent me.  Does this anger you?"
[21:33] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Wahhhh... why me?"
[21:33] <GM_Erik> Tibor jumps away as his opponent attempts to lift him up and throw him to a tree.
[21:34] <Sir_Arik> smiles "I see that Odin did not tell you of our coming, no worries all will be revealed in time"
[21:36] <GM_Erik> Jessica knocks the other guy off guard with 19 damage, just before Arik cuts his head off.
[21:37] <GM_Erik> Tibor's opponent parries.
[21:38] <GM_Erik> Mike blasts the guy with 58 damage.
[21:39] * Sir_Arik laughs bitterly
[21:39] <Sir_Arik> "a fitting end for so evil a foe"
[21:40] <GM_Erik> The remaining two guys turn invisible suddenly.
[21:41] <GM_Erik> Arik and Tibor continue to see them as they start to flee.
[21:41] <GM_Erik> Arik sees large snakes on both of the newly invisible opponents.
[21:42] <Sir_Arik> shouts, "Watch out! New foes enter the fray!"
[21:43] <Tibor> "These scum turn invisible!"
[21:43] * JessicaKnight sctivates see as the wolf
[21:46] <GM_Erik> Jessica sees two invisible guysrunning away.
[21:46] <GM_Erik> Tibor's shot misses.
[21:47] * Tibor curses, and mounts his borg-horse
[21:47] <GM_Erik> Arik is closing the distance on one of the guys (they split up)
[21:47] * Sir_Arik reaches behind his saddle to grab his NG-IP7 Ion Pulse rifle as his horse shoots forward like a bullet.
[21:48] <Sir_Arik> "Quickly! We must strike them down before they flee back to their master!"
[21:48] <GM_Erik> LIghtning strikes ne of them.
[21:49] <GM_Erik> Tibor quickly overtakes one of them.
[21:51] <GM_Erik> Arik misses as he dodges out of the way.
[21:51] <GM_Erik> but still gets struck by lightning.
[21:51] <GM_Erik> Mika fires a bolt of energy which is barely dodged, but still mamnges to take out a bunch of trees.
[21:51] <GM_Erik> Tree litter starts to rain down over the entire area.
[21:52] <Sir_Arik> smiles, yelling out "Good shot! Keep them coming!"
[21:52] <GM_Erik> Tibor's opponent dodges out of the way.
[21:52] <GM_Erik> They both sprout magical wings of their own and being to fly.
[21:52] * Tibor curses
[21:53] * Tibor pulls out his rifle again, slowing the horse
[21:53] <Tibor> (will use sniping...)
[21:53] * Sir_Arik frowns at the armored Wolfens' use of language.
[21:54] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Aim for those snakes!"
[21:55] <GM_Erik> The Creatures (looking bizarre as large crocodiles on two legs with scorpion tails and big wings) manage to pull away from Mika in the air as they are a bit faster.
[21:56] <GM_Erik> They manage to dodge the gunfire shot at them.
[21:56] * Tibor keeps trying to hit with single shots as long as he can
[21:57] <GM_Erik> Mika blasts a snake for 25 damage
[21:58] <GM_Erik> Arik hits for 10
[21:58] <GM_Erik> Jessica shoots many rounds into the air
[21:59] <GM_Erik> TIbor happens to miss as well.
[21:59] <GM_Erik> They continue to pull away, the shots not seeming to phase them much.
[22:00] * Tibor curses loudly in wolfen
[22:00] <Tibor> "These foul things are going to get away..."
[22:00] * Mika_no_Krynn incinerates a copse of trees in disgust, curses, and flies back to the group.
[22:00] <GM_Erik> The other Wolfen just watches Tibor curse and pats him on the back.
[22:00] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Forget it, there are out of our league for now."
[22:01] * JessicaKnight continues to empty her clip into the forest out of frustration
[22:01] <Sir_Arik> nods at Tibor's comment, "They may get away now, but justice will be done to them."
[22:01] <Tibor> "Save your ammo, these things seem to require a lot of it"
[22:01] <JessicaKnight> bleh.. it's easy for me to recharge these things... don't worry
[22:01] * JessicaKnight funnels PPE into the rifle and recharges it
[22:02] * Sir_Arik pulls up his horse and looks around taking in the destruction and carange of the small battle.
[22:02] * Tibor looks at Sir_Arik
[22:02] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Did we even kill one of them?"
[22:02] <Tibor> "I don't remember seeing you with the others"
[22:02] * Sir_Arik smiles at Tibor
[22:03] <Sir_Arik> "Forgive me, I have forgotten to introduce myself."
[22:03] <GM_Erik> One headless one lies on the ground (the smallest)
[22:03] <Sir_Arik> I am known as Sir Arik, and I have come on a crusade to fight the 4 horseman with you."
[22:03] <Mika_no_Krynn> "And you come from Asgard?"
[22:04] * Sir_Arik chuckles good naturedly
[22:04] <Sir_Arik> "no, I am originally from what was known as Calgary"
[22:04] <Tibor> I am Tibor, and by chance a fellow 'Warriar of Valhalla'"
[22:05] * Sir_Arik bows slightly from the waist to Tibor
[22:05] <GM_Erik> The wolfen nods and says I am Gar.  Warrior for Asgard.
[22:05] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Ah, then why did my Grandfather send you?... where is the husband of mine?"
[22:05] <GM_Erik> Daniel: uh oh.
[22:05] <Sir_Arik> "Well met noble warrior, the Wolfen with me is a Warrior of Valhalla as well."
[22:05] * Tibor nods to Gar
[22:06] * Mika_no_Krynn strides over to Daniel, and lifts him off the ground by the front of his armor.
[22:06] <Mika_no_Krynn> "What the hell is going on Dear?"
[22:06] * Tibor cues his radio mic
[22:06] <GM_Erik> Daniel: hey there, the Old Man thought should be fighting with you instead of watching the child.
[22:06] <Sir_Arik> "Calgary was once my home, but now I travel the lands fighting for justice."
[22:06] <GM_Erik> Daniel: now put me down sweety, you know there's nothing I could have done now don't you.
[22:07] <Tibor> "Two foul demonspawn escaped by air, the headed _____"
[22:07] <GM_Erik> Daniel says convincingly.
[22:07] <Sir_Arik> "My father asked me to speak with Odin on an important matter, and so I am here now."
[22:07] * Mika_no_Krynn letting Daniel go and shaking her fist at the sky "This is NOT funny!"
[22:07] <GM_Erik> Daniel hugs Mika and says don't worry, I'm sure Kith will be fine in Asgard, aren't your relatives capable?
[22:08] * Sir_Arik smiles at Mika and Daniel
[22:08] <Sir_Arik> "I was told about you by my father and by Odin, you do fight like a hellion indeed."
[22:08] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Capable of being gods... look how I turned out." Kissing Daniel.
[22:09] <Mika_no_Krynn> "What?  They said that?  Who's your father?"
[22:09] <GM_Erik> Gar decides to talk to Tibor.
[22:09] <Sir_Arik> "Plus they put to rest any fears I might have had about your lineage, and so far your actions do their words justice."
[22:09] * Tibor talks to Gar in Wolfen
[22:10] <GM_Erik> Gar says quietly, in Wolfen: lets let those guys argue this out.
[22:10] <Mika_no_Krynn> "How much did they tell you?  It's nice to know my family goes around spilling my secrets to everyone." mubbles in annoyance.
[22:10] <Tibor> "Where do you originally hail from?, I was from what is known as England"
[22:10] <Sir_Arik> smiles "I am a son to one you might know as Balder."
[22:11] <GM_Erik> (GM cue: Balder, the 'invulnerable' guy Loki once caused the death of)
[22:11] <Sir_Arik> chuckles "And secrets I believe they did not divulge, just what was important to know."
[22:11] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Of course, of course.  Greetings Sir Arik, I am Mythalia Lyuorn, but you can call me Mika... I don't use my real name much."
[22:12] * JessicaKnight walks over to the slain guy and starts searching it for any cool stuff
[22:12] * Sir_Arik smiles warmly
[22:12] <Sir_Arik> "I understand, in some circles your name might incite open hostility"
[22:13] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Oh yes, I'd say in 90% of the circles of the megaverse... not exactly the type of father figure one can be proud of."
[22:13] <GM_Erik> Gar to Tibor: I am from a world known as Palladium.
[22:13] * Sir_Arik grins
[22:13] * JessicaKnight picks up a vibroblade and stows it away
[22:14] <Sir_Arik> "Aye, that is understood.  I am lucky to have had such a father as I have"
[22:14] <Mika_no_Krynn> "So what else did they tell you about me Sir Arik?  You have a last name?"
[22:14] * Tibor to Gar "Ah! The original homeland of my people! I have met very few who remember the homeland"
[22:15] <Sir_Arik> "Last name? I am sorry, but I took the name Arik when I took my knighthood.  No other name was needed."
[22:15] * JessicaKnight takes some other stuff off the body and puts it away
[22:15] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Was your mother a mortal, or another god?  If you don't mind me asking?"
[22:16] * Sir_Arik smiles warmly as his thoughts drift to his mother.
[22:16] <Sir_Arik> "Ah my mother.  A true saint she was."
[22:16] <GM_Erik> Gar: Ah, you have heard of it then.  It is a nice land, very different from this one.
[22:17] * JessicaKnight walks away mumbling seemingly to herself, "Heh that was good, well no, I guess we could have cleaved some guys head off. Yeah, I'll try harder next time... NO! I'm not going to use you like that no matter how much...."
[22:17] <Sir_Arik> "I have a mortal mother, who passed away only a short time ago."
[22:17] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Ah, I'm sorry to hear that... my sympathies.  Have you been outside of Asgard much?"
[22:20] * Tibor grunts his agreement to Gar
[22:22] <Sir_Arik> "Actually I have spent very little time in Asgard, mostly my father would meet me in the wilderness of North America"
[22:23] <Mika_no_Krynn> "You're sure to find Earth quite different from all the old tales we were told.  Hmm... well no sense sticking around here... didn't even get to eat anything today.  With the Tautons here I'd say we're heading in the right direction.  Set has a vested interest in making sure we don't stop the Horseman."
[22:23] <Sir_Arik> "Only in times of need have I been called to my anscestral home."
[22:25] <Sir_Arik> "I agree, this carrion is bound to draw more like itself"
[22:26] <Tibor> "We should talk to the others, see if anyone was able to stop those Tautons who escaped"
[22:26] * Sir_Arik looks at Tibor quizzically.
[22:26] <GM_Erik> Daniel: Tautons?
[22:27] <Sir_Arik> "Others? What others do you talk of noble Tibor?"
[22:27] <Mika_no_Krynn> "That's what those lizard things are called Honey."
[22:29] * Tibor looks to the north..
[22:29] <Mika_no_Krynn> "They are minions of an evil death God called Set, who apparently has a strong following on this continent."
[22:29] <Tibor> "The rest should be joining us shortly..."
[22:30] * Sir_Arik spits on the ground at the mention of the evil god Set
[22:30] <JessicaKnight> Set?
[22:31] <JessicaKnight> what can you tell us of this Set?
[22:31] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Yep... another pantheon of Gods... he's as bad as they come really.  Quite insane too, like most Death Gods."
[22:32] <Sir_Arik> "Nothing good. His ways are steeped in evil, and his appetite for destruction knows no bounds."
[22:32] <JessicaKnight> greeeaaaattt
[22:32] <Mika_no_Krynn> "We don't have to worry about Set really, we won't encounter him and if we did, well, it wouldn't matter anymore."
[22:33] <Tibor> "Yes we will have enough fun dealing with these accursed horseman"
[22:33] <JessicaKnight> well I really hope we don't have any trouble with this chap, we have enough to worry about with those 4 loonies running about this place
[22:33] * Sir_Arik chuckles light-heartedly
[22:34] <GM_Erik> (5 looines)
[22:34] <Mika_no_Krynn> "It's partially because of Set that the 4 Loonies of the Appocalypse are here... like I said, he's a real dink."
[22:34] <GM_Erik> (oh, those four, yes four)
[22:35] * Sir_Arik scowls at Mika for her poor language.
[22:35] * Mika_no_Krynn sticks out her tongue and giggles.
[22:36] <Tibor> "As you can see, Mika is the final test of any Knight's sense of chivalry!"
[22:36] * Tibor chuckles
[22:36] * Sir_Arik shakes his head, wondering when some people will grow up
[22:36] * JessicaKnight laughs
[22:36] <GM_Erik> Daniel laughs too... and quickly back flips out of the way..
[22:36] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Chivalry?  Ask Daniel about his chivalry?... hehehe"
[22:37] <Sir_Arik> "Daniel is here is he not? Proof enough of his chivalry."
[22:37] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Plus how many ladies of Asgard are stuck on this hole of a planet?.. and let me assure you I am no Valkyrie... though those gals are mighty cool!"
[22:38] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Oh I'm not talking about his public decorum..." Mika implies with a sly smile.
[22:38] * Sir_Arik blushes slightly
[22:39] <GM_Erik> The recon group rides back towards the rest of the troupe.
[22:39] <GM_Erik> Taking account of damage and spent E-clips.
[22:42] <Mika_no_Krynn> "So Sir Arik what do you do?  Do you have magic and stuff, or are you thoroughly trained as a Knight?"
[22:44] <Sir_Arik> "Although I am aware of magic, I have spent my life dedicated to the study of Knighthood."
[22:44] <Mika_no_Krynn> "You have some psionic abilities though, correct?"
[22:44] <Sir_Arik> "Yes, minor abilities though"
[22:45] <Tibor> "You seem to be very much like these 'Cyber-Knights' that I have heard about in NA, though have yet to have seen one in combat"
[22:45] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Well one thing is for sure, you're pretty deadly with those swords of yours... where did you get them?"
[22:45] * Sir_Arik smiles slightly
[22:46] <Sir_Arik> "To answer Tibor, you now have seen a cyber-knight in combat.  For I am one of the fellowship."
[22:47] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Ooh... I've always wondered why you call yourselves Cyber-knights, do you have cybernetics?"  Looking over Sir Arik curiously.
[22:47] <Sir_Arik> "My swords on the other hand can be made by our comrade Jessica."
[22:48] <JessicaKnight> Although I've never seen Flame Swords used so effectively...
[22:48] <Mika_no_Krynn> "You mean they're just regular TW Swords?" Looking amazed "You must be as strong as you look.  You wrestle with Thor much?"
[22:48] <Sir_Arik> smiles "I do not have any cybernetics in me, my partial divinity restricts my use of any technology in that way."
[22:49] * Sir_Arik raises one eyebrow
[22:49] <Sir_Arik> "Thor?"
[22:49] <Mika_no_Krynn> "You know... Uncle Thor, big guy with a big Hammer... has a REALLY strong son."
[22:50] <Sir_Arik> "No, I do not waste my time with pointless contests of strength."
[22:50] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Hey, they are good ways to practice your combat skills.  Plus people like us have a hard time finding combatants to practice with.  We should have a match or two sometime."
[22:51] <Tibor> lol!
[22:51] * Sir_Arik grins mischeviously
[22:51] <GM_Erik> Erin approaches the group and says: oh my! are you alright?
[22:52] <GM_Erik> (To Arik, and older lady who looks really familiar)
[22:52] <GM_Erik> Erin: and who are your companions?
[22:52] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Yeah... except for a little bruise on our pride.  We picked up some new friends though."
[22:52] * Sir_Arik looks closer at the older lady
[22:52] <Mika_no_Krynn> "This is my... husband Daniel.  He was so worried about me he decided to travel across the world to protect me." Mika smiles.
[22:53] <GM_Erik> Daniel chuckles.
[22:54] * Mika_no_Krynn kisses Daniel on the cheek.
[22:54] <Mika_no_Krynn> "I'll let the others introduce themselves."
[22:54] <GM_Erik> Daniel bows to [Erin] and kisses her hand.
[22:54] <GM_Erik> Daniel: and who are you my lady?
[22:55] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Oops...sorry.  Forgot you're not from this planet either Daniel.  This is Erin Tarn, the famous historian."
[22:55] * Sir_Arik Grins broadly
[22:56] <GM_Erik> Daniel: ah, nice to meet you.
[22:56] * Sir_Arik dismounts from his horse and comes before Miss Tarn
[22:56] <GM_Erik> A tall, dark-skinned human (Thorpe) walks toward Erin.
[22:56] <Sir_Arik> "So this is the famous Erin Tarn!  A true pleasure it is to meet you"
[22:56] <GM_Erik> [Arik figures who this must be]
[22:57] * Sir_Arik turns to look at the newcomer
[22:57] * Sir_Arik breaks into a grin and goes to give Sir Thorpe an embrace of brotherhood
[22:58] <Sir_Arik> "Well met Sir Thorpe! I see the years have been good to you!"
[22:58] <GM_Erik> Thorpe steps back a bit in suprise at the embrace and, for the first time, seems a bit embarrased.
[22:59] <GM_Erik> Thorpe: uh, yes, you as well.
[22:59] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Ooh, and check this out Daniel there is a guy here by the name of Victor Lazlo, the guy our city is named after.  He's from the time before the Rifts. Neat heh?"
[22:59] <GM_Erik> Thorpe: Sir Arik, is it?
[22:59] <GM_Erik> Daniel: Is he really that old?
[23:00] <Sir_Arik> "I apologize, once again in the heat of the moment I forgot to make an introduction."
[23:00] <Mika_no_Krynn> "No silly, he got Rifted to our time... time travel of sorts.  Ripped out of his time and dumped into ours.  He's in his 50's I think"
[23:00] <Sir_Arik> " Yes I am Sir Arik, Lord Coake has spoken very well of you Sir Thorpe.  I can see that Erin Tarn could not be in better hands."
[23:00] <Tibor> "Don't forget Gar here another Warrior of Valhalla and orignally from Palladium"
[23:01] <GM_Erik> Gar waves hello and smiles a big toothy smile.
[23:01] * Sir_Arik smiles at Gar
[23:02] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Hey Gar, I never bothered to ask, but how did you become a Warrior of Valhalla?  Is our pantheon strong on your world?"
[23:02] <GM_Erik> Gar: Well my lady, you seem to not know enough about the Pantheon of youe blood, for yes, it is known as the Northern Pantheon.
[23:03] <GM_Erik> Gar: The gods are somewhat different to the people there than on this world, but it is the same people.
[23:03] <GM_Erik> Odin there is known as Od.
[23:04] <GM_Erik> And your father is Locknar.
[23:04] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Ah, I see... I'm not very familiar with your world, though I have heard of it.  My father kept me running errands of less than pleasant nature.  I take it you know the reputation of my father?"
[23:05] <GM_Erik> Yes, the god of mischeif and deceipt
[23:05] <Mika_no_Krynn> "That's not the half of it.  Pray you never meet him is all I have to say."
[23:06] <GM_Erik> Gar: um, yes.
[23:06] <Sir_Arik> "Worry not, his meddling is not as secret as he might like to think it is."
[23:07] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Sure works on me though, I never have the upper hand with him... maybe cuz I'm his daughter..."
[23:09] <Sir_Arik> "This is true, he is a god and not to be taken lightly, but gods like my father and Odin keep tabs on him."
[23:10] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Yep, Grampa Odin is great... he was always so nice to me.  Looks like he's still watching over me... "
[23:14] *** JessicaKnight has quit IRC (Quit: Quit: Erection reset by queer )
[23:15] <Sir_Arik> "He felt a little upset though."
[23:16] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Speaking of which, Daniel, who is taking care of Kith?"
[23:16] <GM_Erik> Daniel: Um.
[23:16] <Sir_Arik> "He would have been more of a help if you had alerted him sooner of this."
[23:17] <GM_Erik> Daniel: Odin's wife.  I believe her name is Epim?
[23:18] *** Mika_no_Krynn has quit IRC (Read error: Connection reset by peer )
[23:20] *** Mika_no_Krynn has joined #RiftsIC3
[23:23] <GM_Erik> Daniel: Odin's wife.  I believe her name is Epim?
[23:24] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Well I guess that's ok, definitely a better environment than I had growing up. Hope they don't spoil him."
[23:24] <GM_Erik> Daniel: she actually seems like a nice lady.
[23:25] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Of course, but you know grandparents, especially great grandparents... I'm a case in point again."
[23:26] <GM_Erik> Daniel: Yeah, I hope that they don't sissify him.
[23:26] * Sir_Arik raises an eyebrow to Daniel
[23:26] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Indeed."
[23:27] <Sir_Arik> "Sissify? You do know that you speak of Norse Gods, don't you?"
[23:27] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Last thing we need is a little girly son, he's gotta be tough... and I don't want my father to get anywhere near him."
[23:27] <GM_Erik> Daniel: Well, yeah.  He's a tough kid already.  He's going to be a great fighter someday.
[23:28] * Sir_Arik smiles
[23:28] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Yes Sir Arik, but you know grandparents and little kids.  He'd better be a great fighter some day, and I want him to develop his psionic powers too."
[23:28] <Sir_Arik> "I am sure with parents such as you two that he will indeed be a force to be reckoned with."
[23:28] <Mika_no_Krynn> "At least he can practice some Old Norse while he's there, then he and I can talk behind your back Dear."
[23:29] <Tibor> lol!
[23:29] <GM_Erik> Daniel: Oh, you better not.
[23:29] * Sir_Arik chuckles to himself
[23:29] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Oh, and just what would you do if we did BIG MAN?"
[23:30] * Tibor shakes his head he's heard this a 100000 times...
[23:30] <GM_Erik> Daniel: Hmm, I'd teach him how to raise giant spiders like I used to.
[23:30] <GM_Erik> Daniel: and then we'll leave them in your bed.
[23:30] <GM_Erik> Daniel laughs
[23:30] * Sir_Arik laughs out loud
[23:30] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Ok, OK... you got me there... no insect husbandry please."
[23:31] <Mika_no_Krynn> "But if I ever find spiders in my bed, they won't be the only thing I'll be kicking out Sweetie."
[23:31] <GM_Erik> Daniel elbows Arik in the ribs and says "you just need to know how to talk to them"
[23:31] <GM_Erik> Daniel: Oh you wouldn't
[23:32] * Sir_Arik quizzically looks down at Daniel
[23:32] * Tibor grunts "she would"
[23:32] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Oh sure I would, I am the master of my domain."
[23:32] <Sir_Arik> "I do know how to talke to women."
[23:32] <Sir_Arik> "With respect and decency."
[23:33] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Don't be like Daniel Sir Arik, he's a smart-ass, and usually that doesn't get too far... I'm different though."
[23:33] <GM_Erik> Daniel: Now Honey, you know I can tell if you're lying or not.  and he sniffs the air.
[23:34] <Sir_Arik> "Hmmmmm, different eh?"
[23:34] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Please... do I ever lie?" as she bursts out laughing.
[23:34] <Sir_Arik> "You 2 act as peas in a pod."
[23:34] <GM_Erik> Gar to Tibor: Do they always act this way?
[23:35] <Tibor> Far too often Gar...
[23:35] * Tibor leaves for some shuteye...
[23:35] *** Tibor has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving )
[23:36] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Hey Sir Arik, how old are you?"
[23:36] * Sir_Arik looks strangely at Mika
[23:37] <Sir_Arik> "I don't see why you would want to know?"
[23:37] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Well it's strange we never ran into each other before... Asgard is a big place, but still..."
[23:37] <Mika_no_Krynn> "I left Asgard about 6 or 7 years ago."
[23:38] <Sir_Arik> smiles, "Ahhh, well I have not spent a great deal of time in Asgard.  Mostly I have spent my time in North America helping those around me as best I could."
[23:39] <Sir_Arik> "As to my age I have seen 5 decades of the world pass before me."
[23:39] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Oh, I see... from Kalgary you say? We're pretty close to the same age then."
[23:40] <GM_Erik> Daniel: You're that old!?
[23:40] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Well how old did you think I was silly?"
[23:41] <Sir_Arik> "Yes, my father Balder was in the area chasing a rather nasty demon."
[23:41] <GM_Erik> Daniel: younger than me.
[23:41] <GM_Erik> [As he is about 25]
[23:42] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Well guess what Hun, as an Elf you're going to live a very long time.  I had heard that the Kalgary area was particularly nastry for Demons."
[23:42] * Sir_Arik smiles sadly
[23:43] <Mika_no_Krynn> "And if you call me Old Bag or anything of the sort... I swear you'll be sorry for a very long time.  Sorry Sir Arik."
[23:43] <Sir_Arik> "It wasn't always so.  Pre-rifts time heralded a mighty and beautiful city in the area."
[23:43] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Is there really a cyber-knight academy on Earth now?"
[23:44] <Sir_Arik> "Academy? No, more of an order that was started by a man from your home world Daniel."
[23:45] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Um... well... you see Sir Arik Daniel's not from the world you think he is.  It is a long story."
[23:45] <GM_Erik> Daniel chuckles.
[23:46] <Mika_no_Krynn> "I take it you mean the Palladium world?"
[23:46] <Sir_Arik> "Yes I do."
[23:47] <Mika_no_Krynn> "I see, it always intrigued me what the relationship between the Elves of that world and those of Asgard is?"
[23:48] * Sir_Arik shrugs slightly
[23:48] <Mika_no_Krynn> "And yes Dear there is more than one type of Elf.  Technically you and I are not the same species, we're two different types of Elves.""
[23:48] <GM_Erik> Daniel: I figured that.  YOu can get shot, I can't.  Simple.
[23:48] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Sir Arik, just how much did they tell you about me?"
[23:49] <Sir_Arik> "I am not well versed in the differences of elves of Palladium or Asgard."
[23:49] * Sir_Arik grins at Mika
[23:49] <Mika_no_Krynn> "We all of pointy ears... hehehe, that's all most people need to know."
[23:49] <Sir_Arik> "Nothing terrible, mostly just of your heritage and what it is that you do."
[23:49] * Mika_no_Krynn holds up here ears.
[23:50] <Mika_no_Krynn> "How about my powers?"
[23:53] <Sir_Arik> "Nothing really, I mostly figured that you would be something like your father."
[23:53] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Ahh... well, I guess, kinda, sorta, but not really..."
[23:54] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Well you know I cast magic, like almost everyone in Asgard.  It is instinctual for me, I just do it."
[23:54] * Sir_Arik grins wistfully
[23:54] <Sir_Arik> "I myself was never born with that gift. I inherited my fathers strength of spirit and of arms."
[23:55] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Yes you did indeed!  As for me of greater import is my psionic abilities though.  You saw my psi-sword I take it, so you know I am on the upper scale of psionics.  But specifically I'm what they call a psi-slayer."
[23:55] <Sir_Arik> "At first I just thought it was my dedication to truth and justice that allowed me to do some pretty unnatural things."
[23:56] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Dedication is what allows people to accomplish things, super strength and toughness are just perks, for without dedication they are useless."
[23:58] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Have you ever heard of a Psi-slayer? How about a psi-stalker?"
Session Close: Thu Jan 24 00:00:00 2002
GM Erik
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Horsemen of the Apocalypse 1 - IC Chat logs
Session Start: Thu Jan 24 00:00:00 2002
Session Time: Thu Jan 24 00:00:00 2002
[00:01] <Sir_Arik> "Yes both are known to me"
[00:01] <Mika_no_Krynn> "What it really boils down to is that I'm a vampire, a vampire of magical energies.  I don't know how or why I am, no doubt it is my father's doing, but I'm an instinctual hunter.  I kill my prey and feed upon their magical energies.  I know this type of thing doesn't sit well with those in Asgard or Knights in general, but I thought you should know."
[00:08] <Mika_no_Krynn> "So if I seem over the top sometimes, and perhaps excessively violent, it is because of these instincts.  It is a hunger within me."
[00:12] <Sir_Arik> "I understand that violence can be almost like a drug.  Plus I have heard of these Psi-Stalkers, and I have heard a great many gruesome things of them."
[00:13] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Yes, Psi-stalkers are slightly different breed from a Psi-slayer... they are better equipped for detecting magic creatures, while Psi-slayers are better equiped to track them down."
[00:14] <Mika_no_Krynn> "I try not to let all this doom and gloom get to me though, I'm am an Asgardian after all, and not really bound to the rules of most mortals."
[00:16] <Mika_no_Krynn> "I'm not even as heartless as I may have made it seem.  There is a soft spot in my heart for the oppressed, like the Altarans.  Have you ever seen one of the Blind Warrior women of the Splugorth?  I captured one a few days back, hoping to turn her away from slave mentality and give up the Splugorth."
[00:25] <Mika_no_Krynn> "The Altarans are quite something, very profficient warriors and some of them are strangely loyal to the Splugorth despite their slave status.  Kinda like the Kittani in a way I suppose."
[00:26] <Sir_Arik> "Yes, I have met some on the field of combat.  Very ruthless and efficient."
[00:27] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Our little group seems to run into them regularly, that's why we all have the talismans," states Mika pointing to the magical talisman around her chest.
[00:29] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Oh, Daniel, if you're here and we're all here, then who is running the company?"
[00:30] <GM_Erik> Daniel: Cathy is.
[00:31] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Ah, OK.  At least someone is back there, hope it's not too much for her.  Dealing with our band of happy mercenaries and all."
[00:32] <GM_Erik> Daniel: I think she can handle it.
[00:34] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Let me introduce you to some of the others around here Daniel, starting with... oh, you'll like this... Katrina Sun."
[00:43] <GM_Erik> Oh Daniel turns on the charm to her.  Big bow and everything.
[00:44] * Mika_no_Krynn just stands silently smiling, and lets him do his work.
[00:45] <GM_Erik> [Mika's weird]
[00:45] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Well I'll let you two get acquainted, I'm going to go change into something more confortable." and Mika leaves to change into her safari gear.
[00:48] <Sir_Arik> "Well with all the excitement of the day, I regret to say that I am turning in for the night."
[00:48] * Sir_Arik waves to the group
[00:48] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Oh, good night Sir Arik, sleep well." Mika shouts from the bushes where she is changing.
[00:49] *** Sir_Arik has quit IRC (Quit:  )
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Horsemen of the Apocalypse 1 - IC Chat logs
Session Start: Sat Jan 26 13:25:59 2002
[13:25] *** Now talking in #RiftsIC4
[14:01] <GM_Erik> oi
[14:02] *** Retrieving #RiftsIC4 info...
[14:16] *** JessicaKnight has joined #riftsic4
[14:23] *** Mika_no_Krynn has joined #RiftsIC4
[14:36] *** Mika_no_Krynn has quit IRC ( )
[14:37] *** Mika_no_Krynn has joined #RiftsIC4
[14:37] *** JessicaKnight has quit IRC (Quit: Quit: Erection reset by queer )
[14:37] *** Mika_no_Krynn has quit IRC (Quit:  )
[14:37] *** JessicaKnight has joined #riftsic4
[14:38] *** Mika_no_Krynn has joined #RiftsIC4
[15:32] <GM_Erik> The group returned to camp after a run-in with some Tautons.
[15:33] <GM_Erik> Large bipedal crocodile-like creatures with long scorpion-like tails.
[15:33] <GM_Erik> THey returned to camp.
[15:35] <GM_Erik> Before you get any rest...
[15:36] <GM_Erik> People want to know what you ran into out in the Jungle.
[15:36] <GM_Erik> Specifically, you get asked about it by those that are around when you get back.
[15:37] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Well it was pretty simple... Tautons, servants of Set.  Apparently Set doesn't want us messing with the Demons."
[15:37] <GM_Erik> Erin: What did they do?  Where did they come from?
[15:37] <JessicaKnight> bloody bastards came at us outta nowhere
[15:38] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Yep, outta nowhere.  They had some advanced magicks with them."
[15:38] <GM_Erik> Fo-Lung: hmm.
[15:39] <GM_Erik> One of the crocodilians comes forward.
[15:39] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Some were using the Winged Flight spell, and others would vanish or teleport suddenly.  They had little snakes with them too, they seemed kinda odd."
[15:39] <GM_Erik> Creed the Crocodilian: Well, I can tell you they're not related to us in any way.
[15:40] <GM_Erik> Creed: Also, they don't work for Set any more, they haven't for a long time
[15:41] <Mika_no_Krynn> "I know that... these guys were tough before, but with magic and armor they are a lot tougher.  Didn't know about the split with Set though."
[15:41] <JessicaKnight> who do then work for then?
[15:41] <GM_Erik> Creed shrugs
[15:41] <GM_Erik> Creed: How big were the snakes?
[15:41] <Mika_no_Krynn> "They were quite large actually, like a constrictor... around 8 feet or so."
[15:42] <JessicaKnight> pretty damn big
[15:42] <GM_Erik> Creed: Well, those were probably the ones you thought vanished.
[15:42] <GM_Erik> Creed: They can turn into large snakes.
[15:42] <GM_Erik> Creed: and they are known to be able to cast magic.
[15:43] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Thought there was something to them. But they all ran off before we could discover too much."
[15:44] <GM_Erik> Daniel: They ran into more than they expected, hah.
[15:44] <JessicaKnight> well they were laying down a pretty good askicking on us......
[15:44] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Guess so, but they were beating on us pretty good... only took out one of them."
[15:45] <GM_Erik> Daniel: Well I'm going to go rest.
[15:46] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Jeez, your such a wuss sometimes Dear, a little action and you get all tuckered out."
[15:47] <GM_Erik> Daniel whispers I didn't mean that kind...
[15:48] <JessicaKnight> rest is good... *yawn*
[15:48] <JessicaKnight> who's up for watches tonight?
[15:48] * Mika_no_Krynn whispers back, "As naughty as ever, but I really need something to eat first Hun."
[15:48] <GM_Erik> Mika goes out and manages to secure a basic amount of PPE.
[15:49] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Well time to get some 'rest' I suppose."
[15:49] <GM_Erik> And everyone gets a full night of rest, or whatever.
[15:50] <JessicaKnight> yay!
[15:50] <JessicaKnight> I feel much better...
[15:50] <JessicaKnight> *yawn*
[15:50] * JessicaKnight wakes up for 2 minutes in the morming, then falls back asleep
[15:53] <GM_Erik> Jessica notices in the morning that her pocket flashlight has its glass broken.
[15:53] <JessicaKnight> ???
[15:53] <JessicaKnight> eh.. must have rolled on top if it while I was sleeping...
[15:54] <GM_Erik> Daniel to Mika: Someone was going through our things last night.
[15:54] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Why didn't you stop them?"
[15:54] <GM_Erik> Daniel: I just noticed!
[15:54] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Anything missing?
[15:55] <JessicaKnight> eh? what did you say Dan?
[15:55] <GM_Erik> Mika notices one of her necklaces is missing.
[15:56] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Damn it! I can't believe there are theives about around here.  Of all the places..."
[15:57] <GM_Erik> Jessica hears a commotion from Mika and wakes up
[15:57] <JessicaKnight> *snort*
[15:57] <JessicaKnight> ugh..
[15:57] <JessicaKnight> just 5 more minutes......
[15:58] * JessicaKnight rolls over
[15:58] <JessicaKnight> ahh! too bright...
[15:59] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Perhaps I have to start employing magical means to guard us while we sleep.  And who would steal a necklace when they could take a pulse rifle?"
[15:59] * JessicaKnight sits up and rubs her eyes
[16:03] <GM_Erik> Later that night...
[16:03] <GM_Erik> Shortly after dinner, when most people are still around and talking around fires.
[16:04] <GM_Erik> There is general talk about how noone has really found anything yet.
[16:04] <GM_Erik> Lots of wonder as to which demon they might find first.
[16:07] <JessicaKnight> well I hope it's not Death... but with our luck...
[16:07] <GM_Erik> Thorpe: If its death, we will avoid him and look for another one.
[16:07] *** SeRiAl_H has joined #RiftsIC4
[16:08] *** SeRiAl_H has left #RiftsIC4
[16:09] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Well it doesn't really matter which one we find first, we just have to find one.  And they are probably keeping a low profile until they gain more strength, so we'll probably have a hard time."
[16:09] *** GM_Erik sets mode: +o JessicaKnight
[16:09] *** GM_Erik sets mode: +o Mika_no_Krynn
[16:10] *** JessicaKnight sets mode: +ntps
[16:10] <GM_Erik> Lo Fung: Remember, Death is the most powerful by far, but he loses power when the others are destroyed in our dimension.
[16:10] <JessicaKnight> hence, why I really hope we don't run into Death first
[16:11] <Mika_no_Krynn> "But Death is here right, somewhere?"
[16:11] <GM_Erik> Abkii: somewhere..
[16:12] <Mika_no_Krynn> "There has to be an easier way to find these guys.  I mean with evil that large it is hard to hide."
[16:12] <JessicaKnight> someone mentioned we can track by aura?
[16:13] <GM_Erik> Mika just remembers that she has a spell which simulates the effects of Clairvoyance.
[16:14] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Let's see if my Oracle spell will give us any insights..."
[16:14] * Mika_no_Krynn casts the spell 'Oracle'.
[16:15] *** Tibor has joined #riftsic4
[16:16] *** Tibor has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving )
[16:17] *** Tibor has joined #riftsic4
[16:17] *** GM_Erik sets mode: +o Tibor
[16:17] * Tibor slept in
[16:17] <Tibor> "Must be those damn fairies..."
[16:19] <JessicaKnight> so how do we figure out who's the closest, weakest, etc?
[16:21] *** Sir_Arik has joined #RiftsIC4
[16:27] <GM_Erik> Mika tries to consult the possible future with the Oracle spell.
[16:27] <GM_Erik> She gets a huge overload of information when trying to think about the Four Horsemen and falls over from the spell.
[16:28] <GM_Erik> Daniel helps her sit back up
[16:28] * JessicaKnight leans over and pokes Mika's ass, "Umm.. Mika.. are you.... ok?"
[16:28] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Ara are, ara???"
[16:29] * Mika_no_Krynn attempts to collect her thoughts.
[16:29] * Sir_Arik looks at Mika with some concern.
[16:29] <Sir_Arik> "Are you going to be ok Mika?"
[16:30] <Mika_no_Krynn> "I'll be fine, just need to get myself together."
[16:30] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Some really bad vibes coming from these dudes."
[16:31] <Sir_Arik> "Even for someone so close to immortality magic is not something to be taken lightly."
[16:31] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Just wasn't ready for the onslaught of information..." rubbing her temples gently.
[16:32] * Mika_no_Krynn "Let's give it one more shot," states Mika as she begins weaving the magic energies once more for Oracle.
[16:32] * Tibor yawns...
[16:32] <Tibor> "I know its far too early for me to think..."
[16:32] <GM_Erik> Tibor realizes that its actually nightfall
[16:33] <Tibor> "Still too damn early..."
[16:33] <Sir_Arik> "Just promise me you will be more careful Mika, remember you do have Daniel and a child to think of."
[16:33] <JessicaKnight> heh... gotta start going to bed earlier Tibor
[16:33] <GM_Erik> MIka is getting some visions...
[16:34] * Tibor needs to lay off the magic booze liquors....
[16:34] <GM_Erik> She sees thick jungle, very familiar territory as of late...
[16:34] * Sir_Arik raises an eyebrow quizzically to Tibor.
[16:35] <GM_Erik> In the middle of that jungle, she comes across a swath of destruction.
[16:35] <GM_Erik> Not just an absence of trees, but it looks like there was physical destruction which destroyed these trees, including a lot of fire.
[16:36] <GM_Erik> She moves on and realizes that this area is miles in width, and continues on for a large distance.
[16:36] <GM_Erik> She follows the path of destruction then..
[16:36] <GM_Erik> And comes to a long, long river, running through desert.
[16:37] <GM_Erik> And sees large stone pyramids, then there's a large flash,
[16:37] <GM_Erik> and its over.
[16:37] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Wow... that was intense."
[16:38] * Sir_Arik looks to be in deep concentration.
[16:38] <Tibor> "But not intense like your typical Mika dream..."
[16:38] <Sir_Arik> "If I might be so bold as to ask? Has anyone been on this continent before?"
[16:38] * Mika_no_Krynn sticks her tongue out at Tibor.
[16:39] <Tibor> "I asked that question before, got nothing answered..."
[16:39] <JessicaKnight> great... pyraminds.......
[16:39] <GM_Erik> The Crocodilians are native to the area, and Abkii (the Defiant) is also a regular of the region.
[16:39] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Yeah, there can't be too many places like that."
[16:39] <Mika_no_Krynn> "So where is this big river that meanders through a desert to finally meet up with some pyramids?"
[16:40] <GM_Erik> Erin: Well, that sounds to me like the famed Nile river.
[16:40] * Tibor looks around to see if this rings any bells with the others
[16:40] <GM_Erik> Erin: But isn't that in the heart of the Phoenix Empire?
[16:40] <GM_Erik> Abkii: Yes, it is.
[16:40] * Sir_Arik looks at Tibor and shrugs in ignorance.
[16:41] <JessicaKnight> phoenix empire?
[16:41] <Mika_no_Krynn> "That's where the Pharoh Rama Set is no?"
[16:41] <GM_Erik> Lo Fung: Yes.
[16:41] <Tibor> ally or threat?
[16:41] <GM_Erik> Lo Fung: he founded that empire and rules it with his legions of minions
[16:41] <Sir_Arik> "Who is the Pharoh character?"
[16:41] <JessicaKnight> set? this isn't the same god of death, i'll tun you into a stinkin zombie Set is it?
[16:42] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Big THREAT Tibor."
[16:42] <GM_Erik> Lo Fung: He summoned the Four Horsemen, and no, he is not the God Set.
[16:42] <Tibor> "Swell"
[16:42] <GM_Erik> Lo FUng: But he is a powerful necromancer.
[16:42] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Are the Tautons now working for him?"
[16:42] <JessicaKnight> oh lovely'\
[16:42] <Sir_Arik> "Hmmmm..... is it possible that if we destroy him the 4 will return to there own plane of existance?"
[16:43] <GM_Erik> Lo Fung: I don't think he is that powerful, but destroying him may be dificult in its own right.
[16:43] * Sir_Arik sighs in frustration.
[16:43] <Sir_Arik> "Nothing can ever be easy can it?"
[16:43] <GM_Erik> Thorpe: Yes, he does rule a third of the continent after all.
[16:44] <Mika_no_Krynn> "If he rules an Empire that would mean he has extensive defensives, that'll be hard to over come."
[16:44] <Tibor> "Diffucult to take out the leader of a powerful empire?? yeah that's an understatement..."
[16:44] * Sir_Arik looks over the gathered group
[16:44] <Mika_no_Krynn> "If we had a fleet of battle cruisers, that would be one thing... but we don't."
[16:44] <GM_Erik> Fang-Lo: Um, about the vision.
[16:44] <JessicaKnight> *sigh*
[16:45] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Yes, why did I see that?"
[16:45] <Sir_Arik> "With some of the most powerful people I have ever met being in one place, I think we could do it."
[16:45] * Tibor grunts
[16:45] <Tibor> "Only if we are very, very careful"
[16:45] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Perhaps the Pheonix Empire is the gathering place for the Horsemen, all paths lead there including the one Demon's path we saw."
[16:45] <GM_Erik> Abkii: I agree.
[16:46] <Sir_Arik> "This is true."
[16:46] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Judging by all the firery destruction could it be War?"
[16:46] <Tibor> "Whatever we chose is likely a suicide mission, to what degree is up to us"
[16:46] <Tibor> "or death?"
[16:46] <GM_Erik> Abkii: They must use an incredible amount of magical energy to join together, and the most magical place on the continent is in Egypt.
[16:46] <GM_Erik> Abkii: I say we go there right now, and just wait for them to come to us.
[16:46] <Mika_no_Krynn> "I think Death would have a different style, knowing a few Gods of War they like HUGE explosions and fire."
[16:47] <Sir_Arik> "I would have to agree with it being War, I would imagine a vision of Death wouldn't have shown any vegetation in a vision."
[16:47] <Sir_Arik> "Set up a defensive position?"
[16:47] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Oddly enough I find myself in agreement with Abkii, but there are many paths to Egypt.  Perhaps we should split up to mask our movements from the eyes of the enemy, then meet up again as we near the target zone."
[16:48] <GM_Erik> Lo Fung: I disagree.
[16:48] <Mika_no_Krynn> "On what point?"
[16:48] <GM_Erik> Lo Fung: Rama Set has 10's ofmillions of minions under hs control
[16:48] <Sir_Arik> "Are you thinking it is to risky to spread ourselves to thin?"
[16:49] <GM_Erik> Lo Fung: He will probably try to send them against us to prevent anyone interfering with the horsemen.
[16:49] <JessicaKnight> TENS of MILLIONS?
[16:49] <GM_Erik> Lo Fung: And that's just the living legions, I'm not counting his undead armies.
[16:49] <Tibor> "Yeah, BIG understatement..."
[16:50] <Sir_Arik> "How is it that it has been kept secret for so long?"
[16:50] <JessicaKnight> *sigh*
[16:50] <Mika_no_Krynn> "That's why stealth is essential.  If we know the Horsemen are coming towards Egypt we can sit far out on the periphery and await their approach, using long range scouts to detect them.  Them we can move quickly and strike them far from Egypt."
[16:50] <GM_Erik> Lo Fung: He took over the region shortly after the Coming of the Rifts.  They are spread out, but the region is not as safe for smaller groups.
[16:51] * Sir_Arik chuckles
[16:51] <GM_Erik> Erin: What is it my large friend?
[16:51] <Mika_no_Krynn> "If anything we should at least go to the big river in the vision no?"
[16:51] <Tibor> "And here I left my cloak of Superior Invisibility at home...silly me"
[16:51] <Sir_Arik> "If we had the resources for true scouting parties that would work, but with only 30 of us Egypt is too big."
[16:52] <GM_Erik> Thorpe: Good point Arik.
[16:52] * Sir_Arik nods towards Mika
[16:52] <Sir_Arik> "I think we need to go to this river and scout it out."
[16:52] <Sir_Arik> "If nothing else we can rule it out as a problem."
[16:53] <GM_Erik> Fang Lo: But the river is to the east, and we know the closest demon is to the south.
[16:53] <Sir_Arik> "How far is the river?"
[16:54] <GM_Erik> Fang Lo: RIght now we're on the west side of Africa.
[16:54] <GM_Erik> Fang LO: About in the middle North-South wise.
[16:54] <JessicaKnight> perhaps the vision is the path the demon will take to the river
[16:54] <JessicaKnight> maybe we can get ahead of it and cut it off
[16:54] <GM_Erik> Fang Lo: The headwaters of the Nile originate directly east, but on the opposite side of the continent.
[16:54] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Yes right through this Congo jungle area."
[16:54] <Tibor> "If all the demons wish to head to these areas of magic...would it not be prudent to go there instead of chasing our tails on rumored demon sightings?"
[16:54] <Sir_Arik> "Is there any way we could cut off the demon?"
[16:55] <GM_Erik> Fang Lo: And beyond, yes.
[16:55] <GM_Erik> Thorpe: We could, but maybe we should try to find him first.
[16:55] <Sir_Arik> "If we know that the demon is to the South, I figure we should pincer it."
[16:55] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Katrina, can you sense any powerful magical areas around?"
[16:56] <GM_Erik> Katrina: There are Ley Lines in the Congo, why?
[16:56] * Sir_Arik nods to Sir Thorpe.
[16:56] <Sir_Arik> "Hmmm..... are there any major Nexuses there?"
[16:56] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Well these Demons need magical energy, and I bet they would like to travel through areas of higher intensity to gain more strength."
[16:57] <JessicaKnight> if they get stronger, so do we
[16:57] * Sir_Arik smiles at Jessica.
[16:57] <Mika_no_Krynn> "So if I were a Demon," casting a silencing eye towards Daniel, "I would go through the Congo on my way up to Egypt to pick up on the Ley Line energies."
[16:57] <Sir_Arik> "That is the spirit."
[16:58] <JessicaKnight> hey, my spirit says I should be back in Lazlo working on my bot
[16:58] * Tibor whets his steel, sharpening his sdc blade...
[16:58] * Sir_Arik chuckles under his breath.
[16:58] <JessicaKnight> not out here looking to get turned into some zombie... but since i'm here I can't do anything about it
[16:59] <GM_Erik> Thorpe: So, we have a plan then.
[16:59] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Move further into the Congo towards the Ley lines?"
[16:59] <GM_Erik> Thorpe nods.
[16:59] <Sir_Arik> "Sounds good to me."
[17:00] <GM_Erik> Abkii: I still don't think so.
[17:00] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Nothing like a hot and sweaty jungle," says Mika sighing.
[17:00] <Tibor> "and hope we run into a powerful demon...excellent!"
[17:00] <JessicaKnight> great!
[17:00] <Sir_Arik> "On what point do you not agree Abkii?"
[17:00] <GM_Erik> Abkii: We should go to the Empire, and take out whatever demon arrives there first.
[17:00] <Tibor> "If the plan had a sense of sanity to it, I'd instantly think something was amiss!"
[17:01] <GM_Erik> Abkii gives a glaring look towards Tibor.
[17:01] * Sir_Arik grins at Tibor.
[17:01] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Have you ever seen an army of millions charging down your position Abkii?"
[17:01] <GM_Erik> Abkii: I have been in the Empire many times.
[17:01] <Sir_Arik> "I think that going to the Empire and the kind of magic we would be throwing around would draw to much attention to ourselves in a really hostile land."
[17:02] <GM_Erik> Thorpe looks on intently.
[17:02] <GM_Erik> Erin: Please Abkii, we must be in this together.
[17:02] <Mika_no_Krynn> "And now they are on alert, the time of their apocalypse draws near... they'd be waiting for some people like us to show up."
[17:02] <Sir_Arik> "Weaken the extremity of a really powerful enemy, then go in for the kill."
[17:03] * Sir_Arik nods in agreement with Mika.
[17:03] <Mika_no_Krynn> "We've danced through Coalition and Federation of Magic territories, but they were never specifically looking for us, be a big difference if they were."
[17:03] <Tibor> "will be one less baddy to worry about at the pyramids..."
[17:04] <Mika_no_Krynn> "And I do not cherish the thought of having to battle anywhere near those pyramids, for those that control the pyramids are nigh-invulnerable."
[17:05] <JessicaKnight> agreed
[17:05] <GM_Erik> Thorpe nods: So, we think the nearest demon is War.
[17:05] * Sir_Arik nods.
[17:05] <Mika_no_Krynn> "I think so, but unfortunately it'll probably be the easiest of the 4 to find... due to the swaths of destruction it is bound to make."
[17:06] <Sir_Arik> "With him I would imagine we could probably entice him into a really good trap, because he will think he can destroy us easily."
[17:06] <GM_Erik> Gar: Especially in this jungle region.
[17:06] <Mika_no_Krynn> "He probably could... we must avoid a direct frontal assault for sure."
[17:06] <Tibor> "Lets hope he uses up some of his energy laying waste to the landscape..."
[17:07] <GM_Erik> Thorpe: It is doubtful he will have to worry about using up energy.
[17:07] <JessicaKnight> he
[17:07] <JessicaKnight> heh
[17:07] <Mika_no_Krynn> "We need to think of some potential weaknesses... but what are the weaknesses of war?"
[17:07] <JessicaKnight> peace?
[17:08] <Tibor> "Afro-wearing, bell-bottomed peacniks?"
[17:08] <Mika_no_Krynn> "That's the end of war, not a weakness."
[17:08] <GM_Erik> Erin is the only one who gets Tibor's joke.
[17:08] * Sir_Arik laughs out in joy.
[17:08] <GM_Erik> Victor Lazlo is thinking hard.
[17:09] <GM_Erik> Victor: It seems to me war would be easy to draw into combat.
[17:09] <JessicaKnight> so we can set a trap?
[17:09] <Tibor> "my thoughts exactly..."
[17:09] <Sir_Arik> "We could set a challenge to the monster."
[17:09] <Mika_no_Krynn> "All War gods are hot-heads for sure."
[17:10] <Tibor> "And fighting a demon of war thru combat might not be such a bright idea..."
[17:10] <Tibor> "Is there another way to "fight" the demon without using direct violence?"
[17:10] <JessicaKnight> heh.. so what are we gonna do, lure it into a pit trap?
[17:10] <Mika_no_Krynn> "That's how certain other gods get around their brute strength, draw them into a fight where they are expending energy uselessly, then hit them from behind or afar."
[17:10] <Sir_Arik> "In its arrogance it would probably blindly attack the challenger, and we could catch it off guard."
[17:11] <GM_Erik> Lo Fung points out: Its justified arrogance.
[17:11] <Sir_Arik> "This is true."
[17:12] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Justified or not arrogance is still arrogance, and can be easily used to one's advantage."
[17:12] <Tibor> "So who would have the power to challenge a demon of war?  anyone know any bored, ancient dragons?"
[17:12] * Mika_no_Krynn mumbles to herself, "Just ask my father."
[17:12] <GM_Erik> Erin chuckles.
[17:13] <GM_Erik> Abkii gets up and goes to his tent.
[17:13] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Well perhaps two of us should present the challenge?"
[17:14] <Sir_Arik> "If no one else could myself and Mika could draw him out."
[17:14] <GM_Erik> Erin: isn't that dangerous my dear?
[17:14] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Thanks for volunteering me... but I guess I could."
[17:14] * Sir_Arik nods
[17:14] <Sir_Arik> "Yes it is dangerous, but it is more dangerous to let War roam free."
[17:14] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Danger is pissing off a god."
[17:15] <GM_Erik> Erin: There must be another way.  No one of us should have to take it on alone.
[17:15] <GM_Erik> Erin: Or two.
[17:15] * Sir_Arik looks at Sir Thorpe.
[17:15] <JessicaKnight> really, is there any way to trap or immobilze a demon?
[17:15] <Mika_no_Krynn> "That's just it, we won't be taking it on alone, we'll just be distracting it..."
[17:15] <Sir_Arik> "What would you suggest Sir Thorpe?"
[17:16] <GM_Erik> Thorpe looks back at Arik.
[17:16] <Tibor> "Any way we could engage it through its mind?  Perhaps it concentrates more on physical combat than the ethereal plane"
[17:16] <GM_Erik> Thorpe: I would have to think about it Sir Arik.
[17:17] <GM_Erik> Thorpe: I know not of your capabilites since last we met.
[17:17] * Sir_Arik smiles at Sir Thorpe
[17:18] <Sir_Arik> "I am still the same knight you knew before, just a little more experienced and refined."
[17:18] <GM_Erik> Thorpe: Nor do I know of this young lady's skill.  She seems experienced, but hardly looks strong enough to give a distraction.
[17:18] <GM_Erik> Thorpe: If anyone does this, I should be part of the combat.
[17:18] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Hehehe... that's so sweet."
[17:19] * Sir_Arik nods entusiatically.
[17:19] <JessicaKnight> so does anyone even have an idea of what this demon looks like?
[17:19] <Sir_Arik> "I concur, your skills and experience would be most beneficial."
[17:19] <Tibor> "Other than someone you just don't want to mess with?"
[17:19] <JessicaKnight> yeah
[17:19] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Probably looks like whatever it wants, but probably pretty nasty... a form that maximizes it's lethality rating."
[17:20] <GM_Erik> Fang Lo: In one of my visions, they are riding large creatures like horses.  And they do seem to dwarf normal beings.
[17:21] * Sir_Arik chuckles
[17:21] <JessicaKnight> lovely
[17:21] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Large is better, easier to see and to hit."
[17:21] <Sir_Arik> "Of course.... that is why they are called horseman."
[17:24] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Does any of us have the knowledge to create magic circles or wards?"
[17:25] * Sir_Arik shakes his head ruefully.
[17:25] <Sir_Arik> "Not I."
[17:25] <GM_Erik> Noone gives an affirmative to that request.
[17:26] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Hmmm... well perhaps are heads will be clearer in the morning.  We know where we are going at least."
[17:27] <GM_Erik> At that moment..
[17:27] <Sir_Arik> "To true Mika, myself I need some rest and time to reflect on what might be needed."
[17:29] *** Mika_no_Krynn has quit IRC (Read error: Connection reset by peer )
[17:29] *** Mika_no_Krynn has joined #RiftsIC4
[17:31] <GM_Erik> There is a rustling in the trees above, and something drops to the ground right next to the campfire.
[17:31] <GM_Erik> It walks up to Tibor.
[17:31] <Tibor> "Is it lunch?"
[17:32] <GM_Erik> Its a small, 3 foot tall creature, looking a lot like a bush-baby, but with longer limbs and flaps under its arms.
[17:32] * Sir_Arik leaps to his feet and looks at the creature.
[17:32] <GM_Erik> (Like a really cute monkey with great big eyes)
[17:32] <Tibor> "Ok..."
[17:32] <GM_Erik> It looks at Tibor intently.
[17:33] <Tibor> "and who are you?"
[17:33] <Mika_no_Krynn> "I must have spent too much energy on those spells... what the hell is that?"
[17:34] <GM_Erik> Creature: What is that? pointing at the whetstone.
[17:34] <JessicaKnight> AHHHH it talked!
[17:34] <Tibor> "a grinding stone...used to sharpen a blade...and in a sense sharpen my spirit"
[17:34] <GM_Erik> It jumps straight up into the tree at the shout.
[17:35] * Sir_Arik smiles warmly at the small creature.
[17:35] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Oh wait... I've seen these before, they're slave stock of the Splugorth..."
[17:35] * Sir_Arik nods at Mika
[17:35] <Sir_Arik> "I too have seen them in my travels."
[17:35] <GM_Erik> Mika notices that its wearing something around its neck, something familiar
[17:36] <GM_Erik> It hops back down on the ground.
[17:36] * Tibor keeps sharening his blade
[17:36] <GM_Erik> And walks back up to Tibot, looking around nervously.
[17:36] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Hey, that's my necklace from New Midgard!" Pointing towards the object around the creature's neck.
[17:37] * Sir_Arik raises his eyebrow quizzically.
[17:37] <GM_Erik> It looks up at Mika suddenly and says "Mine!"
[17:37] <Sir_Arik> "Hmmmm....."
[17:37] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Oh yeah, says who little thief?"
[17:37] * Tibor grunts
[17:38] <Sir_Arik> "Calm down Mika, we don't need to excite it into running away."
[17:38] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Do you have any idea of what we went through during that foray in the Three Galaxies?"
[17:38] * Sir_Arik gives the creature his winningest smile
[17:38] <GM_Erik> It hops up onto Tibor's head and looks at Arik.
[17:39] <Sir_Arik> "Hello little one."
[17:39] <Sir_Arik> "What is your name?"
[17:39] * Tibor gently lifts the creature off of my head
[17:39] <GM_Erik> Before Tibor can pick it up it jumps up into a backflip and lands on his head again.
[17:39] <GM_Erik> It looks at Arik and says: You're not normal.
[17:40] * Tibor grunts in pain
[17:40] <Mika_no_Krynn> "That's for sure... " smiles Mika.
[17:40] <Sir_Arik> Smiles at the creature, "No I am not"
[17:40] <GM_Erik> It looks at Mika and says: And she's definitely not.
[17:40] <Tibor> "but i am, and what you did hurt little one
[17:41] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Am as normal as the next dimension-hopping elven mercenary girl."
[17:41] <Sir_Arik> "Why do you say that I am not normal though?"
[17:41] <GM_Erik> Creature: I can see... (all in broken english btw)
[17:42] <GM_Erik> It goes back to looking at the whetstone and hops back on the ground.
[17:42] <Sir_Arik> "What can you see little one?"
[17:42] * Sir_Arik stoops down so as not to look so menacing.
[17:43] * Tibor keeps sharpening his steel
[17:44] <GM_Erik> It goes up and looks Arik in the eyes.
[17:45] <GM_Erik> And pokes him in the nose.
[17:45] * Tibor grins
[17:45] <Mika_no_Krynn> "hahaha."
[17:45] * Sir_Arik smiles at the small creature.
[17:45] <GM_Erik> It smiles back.
[17:46] *** JessicaKnight sets mode: +oo Mika_no_Krynn Sir_Arik
[17:46] <Sir_Arik> "Where are you from little one?"
[17:46] <GM_Erik> It says: Here, in our land.
[17:47] <Sir_Arik> "Your land? How far is it from this campfire?"
[17:47] <GM_Erik> It says: mmmm, all around.  This is all our land, our jungle.
[17:47] <GM_Erik> It says: Want to trade?
[17:47] * Tibor wonders if we could lure the splugorth into combat with the war demon...(thinks only)
[17:48] <Sir_Arik> "What would you like to trade?"
[17:49] <GM_Erik> It says (in its high-pitch voice): mmmm, you have any pretty things?
[17:49] * Tibor makes pretty sparks with the whetstone...
[17:49] <Sir_Arik> "I might, what would you trade in return? That necklace?"
[17:50] <GM_Erik> It says: mmm, yes, for that big, shiny knife.
[17:50] * Tibor grins...this one?
[17:50] <GM_Erik> It nods.
[17:50] * Sir_Arik looks to where the creature is pointing
[17:51] <Sir_Arik> "I am sure if you ask Tibor nicely, he would be happy to trade."
[17:51] <GM_Erik> It looks at you quizzically.
[17:51] * Tibor Tibor likes his shiny knife....
[17:51] * Sir_Arik smiles at the creature
[17:51] * Sir_Arik pulls out a knife similar to Tibor's
[17:51] <Tibor> "Want to trade little one?"
[17:52] <GM_Erik> The sound of gunfire erupts from somewhere else in the camp.
[17:52] * Sir_Arik looks up quickly in the direction of the gunfire.
[17:53] * Tibor sheaths the knife....
[17:53] <GM_Erik> More gunfire blasts through the distance.
[17:53] <GM_Erik> Thorpe and some others start running towards the noise, drawing their weapons.
[17:53] <Tibor> "Later little one...we may be busy soon"
[17:54] <Sir_Arik> "Stay here and hide little one, we will return when it is safe."
[17:54] * Sir_Arik follows where the others have gone.
[17:54] <GM_Erik> It looks at Arik quizzically.
[17:54] <GM_Erik> And bounds along behind him.
[17:56] <Mika_no_Krynn> "What the hell now!?"
[17:56] * Sir_Arik as he is moving he brings 2 glowin white/blue swords into being.
[17:56] * Mika_no_Krynn stays in this location and begins surveying the area for any other disturbances.
[17:57] <GM_Erik> Arik arrives at the scene of the disturbance and sees the others shouting.
[17:57] * JessicaKnight grabs her rifle and dives on the ground
[17:57] * Tibor pulls out Li'l Tibor
[17:58] * Sir_Arik scans the area to see what the disturbance is all about.
[17:58] <GM_Erik> Arik sees several more of the small creatures dashing away through the trees at high speed.
[17:58] <GM_Erik> Thorpe: They wre playing with some of the weapons apparantly.
[17:58] <Sir_Arik> "What is all the shouting about?"
[17:59] <Sir_Arik> "hmmmm..."
[17:59] * Tibor looks to the disturbance
[17:59] <Sir_Arik> "Did they make off with any of the weapons?"
[17:59] <GM_Erik> Thorpe: I don't think so...
[18:00] <GM_Erik> One of the guys: There's one right behind you! and points his gun towards Arik.
[18:00] * Sir_Arik spins to see what is behind him
[18:00] <GM_Erik> And sees the one with the necklace.
[18:00] <GM_Erik> It jumps up atop a tent.
[18:00] * Sir_Arik spins back quickly
[18:00] <GM_Erik> (In one bound)
[18:01] <Sir_Arik> "Don't fire at it!"
[18:01] * Tibor moves inbetween the rifles and the little one
[18:01] * Sir_Arik lets go of the psionic energy powering his swords.
[18:02] <JessicaKnight> what the hell is going on?!?!?!?
[18:02] * Sir_Arik turning to the small creature, Sir Arik calls out
[18:02] <Sir_Arik> "Come back little one, we mean no harm!"
[18:02] <GM_Erik> It jumps down and looks around.
[18:02] <GM_Erik> And walks back towards the campfire.
[18:02] * Sir_Arik turns to Jessica
[18:03] * Tibor sheaths L'il Tibor
[18:03] <Sir_Arik> "It seems our small guests are a little to curious for there own good."
[18:04] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Hmmm, I got a bad feeling about this whole thing."
[18:04] * Sir_Arik follows the small creature back to the campfire.
[18:04] <Tibor> "Does this mean that the splugies are nearby?"
[18:04] * Tibor follows back to the campfire
[18:05] <Mika_no_Krynn> "No, they're slave stock, not minions... the Splugorth must capture them from here."
[18:05] * Sir_Arik nods to Mika
[18:05] <JessicaKnight> so that means... they could be by at any time to get more...
[18:05] <Sir_Arik> "True, these creatures are probably kept as pets by the tyrants."
[18:06] <GM_Erik> Creature: No, not pets, never pets.  Want trade?
[18:06] * Sir_Arik kneels down in front of the small creature.
[18:06] * Tibor gives my sdc knife to Sir Arik
[18:06] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Well even if a slaver barge shows up, they'd retreat real fast when they saw us I think."
[18:07] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Besides, we can just send in Daniel to take care of them," says Mika with a smile.
[18:07] <GM_Erik> Daniel laughs.
[18:08] * Sir_Arik offers the knife to the small creature in exchange for the necklace.
[18:09] <Sir_Arik> "I would be happy to trade small one"
[18:09] <GM_Erik> It takes the knife and jumps straight up into the trees.
[18:09] <GM_Erik> The necklace falls down towards Arik from the trees.
[18:09] <GM_Erik> Scarcely a sound is heard as the creature zips off through the treetops.
[18:12] * Sir_Arik smiles at the small creature as it hops off
[18:12] * Sir_Arik standing takes the necklace and offers it to Mika.
[18:13] <Sir_Arik> "There you go Mika, I hope nothing is amiss with it."
[18:13] * Mika_no_Krynn "Thank you, Sir Arik," replies Mika, hopping up to kiss the Knight on the cheek in gratitude.
[18:13] * Sir_Arik blushes deeply
[18:14] <Sir_Arik> stammering "Your very welcome Mika"
[18:14] * Mika_no_Krynn giggles as she puts the necklace back on.
[18:15] <GM_Erik> Erin: Well, after that excitement I'm going to turn in.
[18:15] * Sir_Arik nods in agreement
[18:15] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Well I think that's enough excitement for one night, those spells really did me in tonight.  Good night everyone."
[18:16] <Sir_Arik> "I too will turn in for quiet reflection and some rest."
[18:17] <GM_Erik> The next morning...
[18:18] <GM_Erik> It is discovered that Abkii and five others, including one crocodilian, left in the night.
[18:19] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Damn, I knew he was going to do something stupid... he's the last type of guy to turn in early for the night."
[18:19] <JessicaKnight> oh great...... 5 less people to go and right with
[18:20] <GM_Erik> six
[18:20] * Sir_Arik shakes his head in sadness
[18:21] <Mika_no_Krynn> "They could be quite a distance from us know, and if Abkii knows the lands as well as he says he does, it'll be hard to find them."
[18:21] <Tibor> "Sure the Knight gets a kiss but the one who loses his favorite knife gets nothing.."
[18:21] <Sir_Arik> "To often I have seen men like him, I hope for his sake that he comes to his senses and realizes what we are up against."
[18:21] <JessicaKnight> I doubt it, he seemed like kind of an arrogat bastard to me
[18:22] * Sir_Arik pats Tibor on the back, offering a knife hilt first to the wolfen.
[18:22] <GM_Erik> Lo Fung (happening to walk by) says he knows exactly what we are up against, I just hope we see him again, and he walks off
[18:22] <Sir_Arik> "Here take mine, I hope it can replace your favorite one"
[18:22] <Tibor> "Why was did he disagree with our plan so?  I suspect there is something else..."
[18:22] <Tibor> "Keep the knife Sir Arik, i was only joking"
[18:23] * Sir_Arik smiles at Tibor
[18:23] <Mika_no_Krynn> "He's a hotshot, and if he's from where I think he's from, then I wouldn't expect anything else from him."
[18:23] <Sir_Arik> "I know, but I hate to see someone lose a favored item."
[18:23] * Mika_no_Krynn pokes Tibor and whispers... "I didn't think you were into Elves that much."
[18:24] * Sir_Arik nods with Mika's assesment
[18:24] <Tibor> "I'm not, but everyone else seems to be...when in Rome..."
[18:24] * Tibor laughs
[18:25] * Mika_no_Krynn joins in the laughter.
[18:26] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Well we might as well set off.  Time is a wasting, the apocalypse waits for no one."
[18:26] <Sir_Arik> " I hope for Abkii's sake that if we meet again it won't be as enemies, he seems the type that might hold a grudge against us."
[18:26] <GM_Erik> You continue on your journey.  At the end of that day, however...
[18:26] <Mika_no_Krynn> "He's just a boy that needs a good spanking... I do hope that it doesn't kill him though."
[18:27] <GM_Erik> The scout group, the one under Katrina Sun's control, hasn't returned even though its 2 hours past their due time.
[18:28] <Mika_no_Krynn> "This isn't looking good, our scouts should have reported back a long time ago."
[18:28] <JessicaKnight> hmmm...
[18:28] <Tibor> "What area where they patroling?"
[18:29] <GM_Erik> Thorpe: They were patrolling to the east.
[18:29] <JessicaKnight> anything special to the east?
[18:30] * Sir_Arik looks at Erin Tarn and Victor Lazlo
[18:30] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Eventually the Nile, perhaps the Demon is moving faster than we thought."
[18:30] <Sir_Arik> "How far is this river from here?"
[18:30] <Tibor> "Capturing our patrol would be an excellent way to lure us into an ambush"
[18:30] <GM_Erik> (thousands of miles guys_)
[18:30] * Sir_Arik nods in agreement
[18:31] <JessicaKnight> well I guess we'd better be prepared
[18:31] <Sir_Arik> "Perhaps we should go and investigate, they may have run into trouble and need us."
[18:31] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Indeed, but perhaps I can get a better fix on their location..."
[18:32] <Sir_Arik> "Then please try Mika."
[18:34] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Let us check to see if she left us anything I can use to get a better fix on her first."
[18:34] * Mika_no_Krynn begins searching for Katrina's personals.
[18:35] <GM_Erik> Arik and Mika find some hair in some of her things.
[18:35] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Ah, this'll do."
[18:35] * Sir_Arik helps out with the search, buts stays away from the really personal womanly things.
[18:35] * Mika_no_Krynn begins the ritual of the 'Locate' spell.
[18:36] * JessicaKnight doesn't want to crowd the tent so she just goes to the endge of the camp and scans the horizon with ther magic optics system
[18:37] <GM_Erik> the ritual takes 45 minutes.
[18:37] <GM_Erik> Mika gets a flash of general location about 80 miles away to the east
[18:37] * Sir_Arik during the ritual, stands near Jessica to keep guard on her.
[18:38] <GM_Erik> Jessica notices the little guy in the trees on the edge of camp.
[18:38] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Alright, I got a general location, let's move.  When we get closer I can get a more specific location, but I'll need something of hers."
[18:39] <JessicaKnight> take something from her tent
[18:39] <JessicaKnight> and let
[18:39] * Sir_Arik nods
[18:39] <JessicaKnight> let's go.. tell the rest of the people in camp to watch  those little buggers in the trees, they're still around
[18:39] <Tibor> "Let's go...but if we don't return, the rest should go on without us, no need to risk everyone"
[18:44] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Well it is pretty dark, if we fly we can get there faster and it'll give us a better viewing perspective."
[18:45] <Sir_Arik> "You do understand that I don't fly at all don't you?"
[18:45] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Well yes Sir Arik, that's why you would piggy-back on one of us."
[18:46] * Tibor grunts...i'm a little heavier than either of you
[18:46] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Not too heavy though Wolfie..."
[18:47] <Sir_Arik> "As am I.  Although I do know that Mika will have a great deal of strength from her Asgardian heritage."
[18:47] <GM_Erik> Gar grunts affirmation of weight.
[18:47] <Mika_no_Krynn> "I have a little bit of strength to be sure..."
[18:48] <Mika_no_Krynn> "So let's move... Don't be bashful, we got serious work here to do."
[18:49] * Sir_Arik nods
[18:49] <Sir_Arik> "Ok where do you want me Mika?"
[18:49] * Tibor grunts back a laugh
[18:49] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Now how many times have I been asked that???"
[18:50] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Well I guess if you ride on my back it'll be easiest.  I'll be using Fly as an Eagle, so should be no problem."
[18:50] <Sir_Arik> "Ok, just let me know when you want me to clamber up on your back."
[18:53] * Mika_no_Krynn casts Fly as Eagle on Tibor, then again on herself. While floating in the air she asks Sir Arik "Well time to climb on for a ride..."
[18:53] * JessicaKnight straps on her psionic helmet, and her magic optics system and lifts off the ground
[18:53] <Tibor> "Now how does this flight thing work....?"
[18:54] * Sir_Arik sheepishly tries to climb onto Mika's back without touching anything he shouldn't.
[18:54] * JessicaKnight giggles, "Pork her Sir Arik!!"
[18:54] <Sir_Arik> "Errr.... I hope I am not making you uncomfortable."
[18:55] * Sir_Arik glowers at Jessica for her comment.
[18:55] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Nope, no problem... just make yourself Comfortable."
[18:56] <Mika_no_Krynn> "If you sit on my rump it'll probably be an easier ride..."
[18:56] <Tibor> lol!
[18:56] * Sir_Arik mutters impotently while blushing, but moves down to sit on Mika's rump.
[18:57] <Tibor> "come on daniel, you coming with your crazy woman or what??"
[18:57] * JessicaKnight glides over to gar, picks him up and thris him on her back, "C'mon slowpoke, i'm not getting any younger or prettier"
[18:58] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Right on super friends... lets go save the princess!"
[18:58] <Tibor> "We should make a future rendezvous with the others, in case we get delayed..."
[18:59] <GM_Erik> Gar looks at Jessica, and hoists up.
[18:59] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Let them head southeast in the morning, and we'll meet up with them then."
[18:59] <GM_Erik> Daniel's ready whenever.
[18:59] <JessicaKnight> hey Gar, hold on tight!
[18:59] * JessicaKnight zooms off doing barrel rolls and steep dives and climbs
[19:00] * Tibor "come on Daniel...hang on"
[19:00] * Mika_no_Krynn takes off with swift acceleration in an easterly direction.
[19:00] * Tibor takes off tentatively at first...
[19:00] <Tibor> "Wolfen were not meant to fly..."
[19:01] <GM_Erik> k
[19:02] <JessicaKnight> Hey Gar, don't be goin' and puking in my hair cuz of airsickness now, you know, that's the second most hated thing you can do to a girl!
[19:03] <GM_Erik> Gar: The second?
[19:03] <GM_Erik> Gar: You, are very strange.
[19:03] <JessicaKnight> haha yeah.. and i'm not going to tell you the first, it's a se-cr-et
[19:05] <Sir_Arik> Yells over the roaring wind "How far now?"
[19:05] * Tibor flys low, less than 40', trying to spot a trail...
[19:06] * Tibor flys low when he can do so without flying into stuff
[19:07] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Really soon, almost there."
[19:07] <GM_Erik> Tibor flies at a height of about 150 feet, just above the trees.
[19:08] * Sir_Arik nods to Mika before realizing she cannot see him do so.
[19:08] <GM_Erik> Mika slows as she nears her desired destination
[19:09] * Tibor slows down as well...
[19:09] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Should be right around here..."
[19:10] * Sir_Arik powers up the goggles Jessica lent him.
[19:10] *** Mika_no_Krynn has quit IRC (Read error: Connection reset by peer )
[19:10] *** Mika_no_Krynn has joined #RiftsIC4
[19:10] * Tibor tries to see with MOH ....looking for tracks
[19:11] * Sir_Arik scans the area with Tibor, hoping to see some sign of what happened.
[19:12] * Mika_no_Krynn surveys the scene with her keen Elven senses.
[19:12] <GM_Erik> Tibor and Arik are sure they don't see any tracks.
[19:13] <Tibor> "I see no tracks at all..."
[19:13] <GM_Erik> The fourth time Mika tries to activate her Locate and Track ability, she senses something.
[19:13] <Sir_Arik> "I too notice nothing in the area."
[19:14] <Mika_no_Krynn> "I got something here boys..."
[19:14] <GM_Erik> About 5 miles away.
[19:14] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Lock and Load... this could get heavy... we'll be in the shit in about 10 minutes..."
[19:15] <Tibor> "Get ready Daniel..."
[19:15] * Mika_no_Krynn takes off in the direction her psionic intuition pulls.
[19:15] <JessicaKnight> hey Gar, when we get close, i'm going to drop you off, literally... be ready
[19:16] <Tibor> "Be ready Daniel, I may have to drop you off"
[19:17] <Sir_Arik> "I will tumble from your back once in position Mika."
[19:17] <Mika_no_Krynn> "OK, don't hurt yourself..."
[19:17] * Sir_Arik smiles at Mika once again before realizing she cannot see him.
[19:18] <GM_Erik> Mika flies until she senses she is near her target.
[19:18] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Let's rock, stay sharp."
[19:18] <Sir_Arik> "Err.... don't worry I am made of pretty sturn stuff."
[19:18] * JessicaKnight readies her plasma rifle
[19:18] * Tibor readies his laser rifle...
[19:19] * Sir_Arik readies his ion pulse rifle...
[19:20] * Mika_no_Krynn activates Invincible Armor and the Talisman of Protection.
[19:21] * JessicaKnight activates her talisman and readies her turn undead amulet, just incase
[19:21] * Tibor activates talisman
[19:21] * Sir_Arik wishes he had cool toys to activate
[19:21] <Tibor> lol!
[19:21] <GM_Erik> About 600 feet away, Mika sees a clearing 300 feet in front of her.
[19:23] <Mika_no_Krynn> "There, that clearning... get ready guys."
[19:24] <Tibor> "Hot LZ here we come..."
[19:24] * Sir_Arik tenses as he gets ready to leap from Mika's back.
[19:26] * Mika_no_Krynn activates her See Invisible Amulet.
[19:27] *** GM_Erik sets mode: +o Mika_no_Krynn
[19:27] * Mika_no_Krynn flies towards the clearing, ready for anything.
[19:27] <GM_Erik> You're at the edge of the clearing.
[19:27] * Tibor follows Mika, expecting the worst...
GM Erik
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Horsemen of the Apocalypse 1 - IC Chat logs
[19:27] * Mika_no_Krynn lands on the ground of the clearing.
[19:28] * JessicaKnight hovers just on the edge of the clearing
[19:28] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Alright, keep sharp they should be close."
[19:28] <GM_Erik> You see a small village in the clearing.
[19:28] <GM_Erik> Two men run up to you shouting.
[19:28] * Tibor looks with thermo, to see how many people are in the village...
[19:29] <GM_Erik> They are dark-skinned men, with spears.
[19:29] <GM_Erik> They are shouting something incoherent, and are pointing the spears at you.
[19:29] <Mika_no_Krynn> "You can get off if you like now Sir Arik, or you can stay on if you wish..."
[19:30] <Sir_Arik> "I will get off now... eh thanks for the ride I guess."
[19:30] <GM_Erik> Jessica hears things like: Hey, get out here, evil, flying demons, alert!
[19:30] * Sir_Arik leaps off of Mika's back and lands below her.
[19:30] <GM_Erik> Several other people run out of some huts towards you with guns.
[19:30] <JessicaKnight> hey they think we're some evil flying demon things
[19:30] * Tibor lets Daniel off as well
[19:32] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Well tell them we're not, that we're just looking for some friends who are near here."
[19:32] <GM_Erik> They continue shouting and pointing weapons.
[19:32] * Sir_Arik puts his ion rifle away on his back, and holds out his hands to show he is holding no weapon.
[19:32] * Tibor pulls out L'il Tibor just enough to look at the blade...
[19:32] <JessicaKnight> *greetings, we come in peace, we mean you no harm. We are only looking for some lost friends of ours*
[19:32] <GM_Erik> Lights turn on in the village.
[19:33] <GM_Erik> One says to Jessica: Why do you fly here unannounced, in the middle of the night.
[19:33] <GM_Erik> How can we trust you.
[19:33] <JessicaKnight> *like I said, we are looking for friends of our, they had not returned in quite a while so we figured they may be in trouble*
[19:33] <GM_Erik> You should go, come back during the day, when daylight frightens bad medicene.  We have no one here.
[19:34] <JessicaKnight> hey guys, they say they have no one here, they want us to come back during the day when there is no "bad medicine" wandering around
[19:34] <JessicaKnight> *what is this "bad medicine" you speak of?*
[19:34] <Sir_Arik> "Bad medicine?"
[19:35] <Tibor> "undead, evil creatures..etc."
[19:35] <GM_Erik> *Bad Medicene, evil, magic, things causing problems to us*
[19:35] <JessicaKnight> evil magical things
[19:35] <JessicaKnight> basically... is what they said
[19:35] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Tell them we know our friend is here, about 150' feet that way," pointing in the direction of the village.
[19:36] <Sir_Arik> "It is best that we step lightly here, these people might have been duped into believing we are evil."
[19:36] <JessicaKnight> *we can sense that our friend is about 150' in that direction. Please would you let us go and retrieve her? All we want is to get her and then leave*
[19:36] <GM_Erik> *There is noone here that you want, only bad medicene now*
[19:37] <JessicaKnight> well they say no one is here
[19:37] <JessicaKnight> just more "bad medicine"
[19:37] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Ok, let's try another method... retreat back into the forest."
[19:37] <Tibor> "offer that one of us go with them to check the village for our friend"
[19:37] * Sir_Arik nods
[19:37] <JessicaKnight> retreat?
[19:38] <Sir_Arik> "I am sure that we could give them a token to let us in to see if Katrina is here."
[19:38] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Well, leave into the forest."
[19:39] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Ask them if they will let one of us go in the village, unarmed to search for our friend..."
[19:39] <JessicaKnight> *will you permit one of us to come in unarmed to look for our friend?"
[19:39] <GM_Erik> *There is noone here that you want to find, but if you will go away, fine*
[19:39] <GM_Erik> *The rest have to stay here* waving his hand at everybody
[19:40] <JessicaKnight> they agree Mika...
[19:40] <JessicaKnight> might as well get naked and go
[19:40] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Well I can go, no worries as I know exactly where she is..."
[19:40] <Mika_no_Krynn> "I can also cast a spell so one of you can see through my eyes."
[19:40] * Sir_Arik nods
[19:40] <JessicaKnight> alright
[19:41] <JessicaKnight> Arik, would you do the honors?
[19:41] <GM_Erik> Gar: I do not trust them.
[19:41] <JessicaKnight> I don't either Gar.. so be ready to rush if anything happens
[19:41] <Sir_Arik> "I would be honored with such a task."
[19:41] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Neither do I that's why we're doing it this way... if anything happens to me you'll see it."
[19:41] <Tibor> "me neither, but we don't want to harm them unessisarily..."
[19:41] <JessicaKnight> personally, i'd just say slaughter them all, but it gets messy after that
[19:41] <Sir_Arik> "And Mika is smaller thus less threatening."
[19:42] * Mika_no_Krynn discretely casts Second Sight on Sir Arik. Then sheds all of her obvious weaponry.
[19:42] * Sir_Arik looks taken aback by Jessica's suggestion.
[19:42] * Sir_Arik reals for a moment with the new found perception.
[19:43] <JessicaKnight> heh... efficiency and prudency before chivarly and courtsey my friend.. that's what gets things done in this world...
[19:43] * Tibor grunts
[19:43] * Sir_Arik shakes his head sadly at Jessica
[19:43] <JessicaKnight> *alright, we are sending one person, she is unarmed. the rest of us will stay right here*
[19:43] <JessicaKnight> *she is coming over to you now*
[19:44] <JessicaKnight> take care Mika
[19:44] * Mika_no_Krynn steps forward and walks calmly towards the village.
[19:44] <Sir_Arik> "Unfortunately that is the problem with the world today. Care must always be given those who don't know better than what they do."
[19:44] <GM_Erik> Men stand on both sides of Mika and walk her into the village.
[19:44] * Mika_no_Krynn puts up Mind Block just in case.
[19:45] <GM_Erik> At some point, about midway in the village, Mika is sure she is close.
[19:45] * Sir_Arik stands still and stares vacantly out into space looking at what Mika is seeing.
[19:45] * Tibor takes in the surroundings...
[19:45] <JessicaKnight> eh, if they don't know better, they will die, simple as that, but now is not the time to debate ethics my friend.. perhaps later
[19:45] <GM_Erik> There are three buildings which are within the area.
[19:45] * Mika_no_Krynn moves in the direction of her instincts.
[19:45] <GM_Erik> Two normal-seeming huts, and a fancier building, with various posts, designs, and trinkets all around it.
[19:45] * Tibor looks for tracks around the or otherwise...
[19:46] <GM_Erik> Tibor sees many tracks in the dirt.
[19:46] <GM_Erik> They are all human(oid) footprints
[19:46] * Mika_no_Krynn moves towards the hut on the left.
[19:47] <GM_Erik> The men move in front of her and say something.
[19:47] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Shit..."
[19:47] <Sir_Arik> "hmmmm.... something is going wrong."
[19:47] * Mika_no_Krynn casts Tongues.
[19:47] <JessicaKnight> oh?
[19:48] <Sir_Arik> "Mika cannot understand what the people are saying."
[19:48] <GM_Erik> Man to Mika: .....belongs to sleeping family"
[19:48] <JessicaKnight> she has tounges...
[19:48] <JessicaKnight> she can cast it
[19:48] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Well then let me try the one on the right first."
[19:48] <Sir_Arik> "I pray she does so quickly, so that nothing will go wrong."
[19:48] <Tibor> "What's going on Sir Arik?"
[19:49] <GM_Erik> They allow her to look in the right hut.
[19:49] <Sir_Arik> "She has come across 2 huts, seemingly she cannot tell which one holds Katrina."
[19:49] <JessicaKnight> and they won't let her in them?
[19:49] <Sir_Arik> "For some reason they will only let her in the right one."
[19:49] <GM_Erik> It is filled with various large baskets and pots.
[19:50] <Sir_Arik> "She has gone in the right one, various containers are inside the hut."
[19:50] <GM_Erik> After a brief search, a man says "please, there is noone here, as you can plainly see"
[19:51] <GM_Erik> Mika sees nothing in the rightmost hut
[19:51] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Indeed, then I will look through the one adjacent to here.  My friend is in one of these two huts, and it obviously is not this one... so it must be the other."
[19:52] <Sir_Arik> "Mika is trying to get into the other hut."
[19:53] <JessicaKnight> alright
[19:53] <GM_Erik> Man: Fine, but you leave when you see your friend is not there.
[19:53] <Sir_Arik> "One of the 2 other huts (oops thought it was just 2)"
[19:53] <GM_Erik> He leads you to the left-most hut and opens the door quietly.
[19:53] <GM_Erik> There are three people sleeping inside.
[19:54] <GM_Erik> One of them stirs and sits up.  He is a black man.
[19:54] <Sir_Arik> "She has entered a hut left of the previous one, there are 3 people inside."
[19:54] <GM_Erik> He raises his arms in query.
[19:54] <Sir_Arik> "A black male is moving inside."
[19:54] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Excuse me sir, terribly sorry to have disturbed you, but I am looking for someone and I think she may be in your hut."
[19:55] <GM_Erik> He shakes his head, and waves his hand at you angrily.
[19:56] <Sir_Arik> "It would seem that the male is angry at Mika for something."
[19:56] <GM_Erik> He raises another sheet and reveals a sleeping black woman.
[19:56] <GM_Erik> He points and her and waves for you to go.
[19:57] * Mika_no_Krynn points toward the 3rd sleeping form.
[19:58] <Sir_Arik> "The black male has pulled a sheet up next to him and has showed Mika a sleeping black female."
[19:58] <JessicaKnight> well unless they pained her black...
[19:58] <GM_Erik> The man stands up angrily and one of the escorts calms him with a wave.
[19:58] <GM_Erik> he goes over to the other mat, raises the sheet, and reveals a little girl.
[19:58] * Mika_no_Krynn casts See Aura quickly.
[19:58] <GM_Erik> he then covers her up again, goes back to his mat, and lays down.
[19:59] <Sir_Arik> "The third sleeping form is a young black girl."
[19:59] <GM_Erik> He motions for them to leave and lays down again.
[19:59] <GM_Erik> Mika sees normal humans in a hut.
[19:59] * Mika_no_Krynn bows and leaves the hut for the next one on the left.
[20:00] <GM_Erik> All four men stand in Mika's way.
[20:00] <Sir_Arik> "Mika has left the hut and is trying to get into another one."
[20:00] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Now what?"
[20:01] <GM_Erik> Mika's see aura is on, and she notices that two of the men with her are not human.
[20:05] <Mika_no_Krynn> "I wish to go into the center hut please, it must be the one."
[20:05] <GM_Erik> You do not want to go there.  It is Taboo.
[20:05] <Sir_Arik> "Mika is asking to be let in the middle hut right now."
[20:05] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Why?"
[20:05] <JessicaKnight> ok
[20:05] <GM_Erik> Because it is so.  Bad things will happen to you if you do.
[20:05] * Mika_no_Krynn telepathically communicates to Sir Arik that two of the men in front of her are not human.
[20:06] <GM_Erik> Bad Medicene will be upon you.
[20:06] <Sir_Arik> "This is not good.... 2 of the men with Mika are not human she says."
[20:06] <JessicaKnight> ah bugger
[20:06] <Mika_no_Krynn> "I think I will take my chances, my friend is very dear to me."
[20:06] * Tibor looks through his optics...telescopic optics of rifle...
[20:07] <Sir_Arik> "She is meeting some resistance from the 4 men.... they do not wish her to proceed into the central hut."
[20:07] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Hmm... must be some type of magical ward or something..."
[20:08] <Sir_Arik> "Mika is mummbling something about a magical ward."
[20:11] <GM_Erik> Four men stand in front of Mika, barring her passage.
[20:11] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Let me pass... please."
[20:11] <GM_Erik> two have energy rifles, two have spears.
[20:11] <Sir_Arik> "The men are now barring Mika from entering the hut."
[20:11] <GM_Erik> "No, we cannot let you bring bad medicene upon the village"
[20:12] <GM_Erik> "It is Taboo, bad things will happen to you, and us"
[20:12] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Whatever bad thing will happen we'll just destroy it, then you and your village will be fine, and we will leave."
[20:13] <GM_Erik> "No, it will not.  You do not understand.  You must go now."
[20:13] <GM_Erik> They point their weapons at you.
[20:13] <Sir_Arik> "Mika is mentioning something about a bad thing being in the hut, and the men are pointing weapons at her."
[20:13] <Mika_no_Krynn> "I will not go, I must find my friend and she must be in that hut."
[20:14] <GM_Erik> One pushes Mika with his spear point and says you must go, NOW.
[20:14] <GM_Erik> A human is the one saying this.
[20:14] * Mika_no_Krynn using Hypnotic Suggestion on the apparent leader, "The sooner I get in that hut the sooner we will be out of here, and that is better for everyone."
[20:14] <Sir_Arik> "Mika has said that she will not leave, the men in reply are trying to force her away with a spear point."
[20:15] <JessicaKnight> get ready to lock and load boys and girls... we may get to have some fun after all
[20:15] * Tibor gets ready to move in if need be...but sublely ...
[20:15] <GM_Erik> He says no, the sooner you go in there, the sooner you curse us all.
[20:16] <Sir_Arik> "Despite Mika offering to help the village, the men seem to think we will bring only evil."
[20:16] <JessicaKnight> heh... we will only bring death if they keep doing that...
[20:16] * Mika_no_Krynn telepathically communicates to Sir Arik "This will get really intense in a second, so be ready."
[20:17] <Sir_Arik> "We are to be ready for immediate action."
[20:17] * Sir_Arik summons 2 blue/white glowing swords into existance.
[20:17] * JessicaKnight walks over and start to gather Mika's things she left behind
[20:17] <GM_Erik> One guy (a non-human) staggers for a second and shakes his head.
[20:17] * JessicaKnight casts shadowmeld
[20:17] * Tibor peers thru his scope for mika's guards
[20:22] *** JessicaKnight has quit IRC (Quit: Quit: Erection reset by queer )
Session Close: Sat Jan 26 20:22:36 2002
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Horsemen of the Apocalypse 1 - IC Chat logs
Session Start: Sat Feb 02 12:40:35 2002
[12:40] *** Now talking in #RiftsIC5
[12:53] <GM_Erik> tes
[13:03] <GM_Erik> test
[13:37] <GM_Erik> test
[13:44] *** Tibor has joined #riftsic5
[13:44] *** Tibor has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving )
[13:45] *** Retrieving #RiftsIC5 info...
[14:02] *** Mika_no_Krynn has joined #RiftsIC5
[14:03] *** GM_Erik sets mode: +o Mika_no_Krynn
[14:16] *** Tibor has joined #riftsic5
[14:16] *** GM_Erik sets mode: +o Tibor
[14:16] *** Sir_Arik has joined #RiftsIC5
[14:23] *** Sir_Arik has left #RiftsIC5
[14:24] *** Mika_no_Krynn has quit IRC (Quit:  )
[14:24] *** Mika_no_Krynn has joined #RiftsIC5
[14:25] *** GM_Erik sets mode: +o Mika_no_Krynn
[14:25] *** Sir_Arik has joined #RiftsIC5
[14:25] *** GM_Erik sets mode: +o Sir_Arik
[14:33] <GM_Erik> Last we left off, Mika was in a stand-off against four men of the village.  She wanted to enter the building which she was sure contained Katrina Sun, and possibly other missing adventurers.
[14:33] <GM_Erik> She had discovered through an Aura check that two of the villagers, the ones with guns, were not actually human.
[14:34] <GM_Erik> The other two, armed only with spears, stood side-by-side with them to block the route into the house, claiming that bad medicine would befall them all if anyone were to enter that building.
[14:36] <GM_Erik> The others, learning what Mika was seeing through the Second Sight spell cast on Arik, just had that spell wear off.
[14:37] <GM_Erik> The village area was very tense, and one of the four cries out in alarm.
[14:37] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Now I'm just going to say this once.  If someone is threatening you to hold our friend we can protect you from them, there are many of us.  But we want our friend back, so please let me in this hut." states in a firm voice.
[14:38] <GM_Erik> Other people start to come out of their huts, but noone comes out of the larger building.
[14:39] <GM_Erik> The ones in front of the building stand firm.
[14:39] * Sir_Arik looks over at Tibor
[14:39] <Sir_Arik> "I wonder what is happening with Mika?"
[14:40] <Tibor> "I don't know...i doubt its anything good"
[14:40] * Mika_no_Krynn telepathically "Move to my position ASAP" to Sir Arik. She then proceeds to attempt a disarm on the gun wielding man on her right.
[14:41] <Sir_Arik> "Quickly! We must move to the center of the village, Mika needs us!"
[14:41] * Tibor gets up to run forward...
[14:41] * Sir_Arik moves quickly in the direction of the hut he saw through Mika's eyes.
[14:42] <GM_Erik> Jessica follows them.
[14:43] <GM_Erik> Daniel and Gar run along too.
[14:53] <GM_Erik> Mika acts, and disarms the right-most gunman.
[14:53] <GM_Erik> The other gunman backs off a bit and shoots at her, at the other two attempt to spear her.
[14:56] <GM_Erik> Mika gets shot for 21 damage
[14:56] <GM_Erik> The spears bounce harmlessly off of Mika's MDC protection.
[14:58] <GM_Erik> The disarmed guy goes to get his gun, which was knocked away a bit.
[15:00] <GM_Erik> Mika hits the other gunman for 16 MD
[15:00] <GM_Erik> His partial armor shows a slight dent
[15:02] <GM_Erik> Everyone notices that villagers are running from their homes towards the conflict.
[15:02] <GM_Erik> Many of them are gathered near the building
[15:02] <GM_Erik> The armed gunman shoots at Mika at close range
[15:05] <GM_Erik> He manages to miss Mika in the confusion.
[15:05] <Mika_no_Krynn> "You're in for it now boyo."
[15:07] <GM_Erik> Mika attacks his gun and chops it in half with her psi-sword.
[15:08] * Sir_Arik notes all the innocent villagers crowding in, and turns to them
[15:09] <GM_Erik> The villagers back away towards the larger building.
[15:09] <Sir_Arik> "Please good people turn back and return to your homes."
[15:09] <GM_Erik> Jessica and Gar cover the party's rear.
[15:10] <Sir_Arik> "This is dangerous and you may be injured or killed in the fighting."
[15:10] * Sir_Arik looks around at the curious and scared villagers.
[15:10] <GM_Erik> The disarmed gunman attacks Mika with his bare hands
[15:11] <GM_Erik> The other gunman has picked up his gun and shoots Mika from behind.
[15:14] <GM_Erik> Mika parries her opponnt
[15:14] <GM_Erik> Arik deftly parries the energy blast with a psi-sword
[15:15] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Thanx."
[15:15] <Sir_Arik> "Filthy Cur! That you would attack an opponent from behind is dispicable!"
[15:15] * Sir_Arik looks menacingly at the gunman.
[15:16] <GM_Erik> Tibor works to keep villagers at bay with his menacing appearance.  They seem to have no interest in fighting.
[15:16] <GM_Erik> Mika punches her opponent in the head and it flies off without any resistance.
[15:17] <GM_Erik> The other gunman backs away into the crowd.
[15:17] <GM_Erik> Everyone is staring at the strangers in the village.
[15:19] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Daniel, Tibor cover this enterance... I'm going into this hut."
[15:19] * Sir_Arik moves into the crowd gently moving villagers out of the way to cut off his escape.
[15:19] <GM_Erik> The villagers stand in front of the building and let noone into their midst.
[15:20] <GM_Erik> men, women, and even children have locked arms in front of the building.
[15:23] <GM_Erik> Arik notices the other gunman in the back of the crowd
[15:24] <GM_Erik> One of the men shouts out 'You cannot enter here, you will bring bad medicine onto yourself and all of us!'
[15:24] * Sir_Arik moves to the front of the crowd, letting go of the energies that have formed the psi-swords
[15:25] * Sir_Arik looks over the crowd
[15:25] <Sir_Arik> "Good people, I am a man of honor."
[15:25] <Sir_Arik> "I have no wish to bring pain or suffering amongst you, but there is a problem here that must be solved."
[15:26] <Sir_Arik> "I propose that we stop this fighting and discuss how this can be handled."
[15:27] <GM_Erik> the Man shouts 'then go! and stop fighting us, and you can solve one of our problems!'
[15:28] * Sir_Arik smiles at the man
[15:28] <GM_Erik> The man frowns at Arik
[15:28] <Sir_Arik> "I wish it were that simple, unfortunately we need to get a friend."
[15:28] <Sir_Arik> "And through all of our methods we have deduced that she is to be found in that hut."
[15:29] <Sir_Arik> "I understand that you don't want us to go in, so I ask can she come out?"
[15:29] <GM_Erik> Man: 'This building is Taboo.  You disturb us in the middle of the night, attack our people, and ignore our wishes.  THere is noone here that you should be interested in.'
[15:30] <Sir_Arik> "Might I ask why this building is Taboo?"
[15:30] <GM_Erik> Man: 'Because it is so.  It is not my place or yours to wonder why.'
[15:31] * Sir_Arik smiles warmly at the man
[15:31] <GM_Erik> The man scowls even deeper.
[15:31] <Sir_Arik> "Yes good man, it is our place to wonder why.  This is the reason the gods gave us choice and free will."
[15:33] <Sir_Arik> "As to attacking you, we only defended ourselves when you attacked my friend Mika."
[15:33] * Sir_Arik points in the direction of Mika
[15:33] <GM_Erik> Man: 'The powers have set this Taboo, and she attacked first'
[15:33] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Why do you live here if this place is taboo?"
[15:34] <Sir_Arik> "And how long has this place been taboo?"
[15:34] <GM_Erik> Man: 'Because it is our home, and only this building is Taboo.  We know to warn people to stay away from it, those that don't pay the price'
[15:34] * Sir_Arik looks at the hut with concern
[15:34] <Mika_no_Krynn> "What price?"
[15:35] <Sir_Arik> "Did anyone else come by your village recently?"
[15:35] <GM_Erik> Man gets very frustrated and says 'Why don't you leave when we ask?!'  This is our village and we demand you leave now!
[15:35] <Mika_no_Krynn> "I've said this a dozen times already, we will not leave without our friend, and we KNOW she is here."
[15:35] * Sir_Arik moves his posture in a way to placate the man.
[15:35] <GM_Erik> Man: We will do everything in our power to make you leave!
[15:36] <Sir_Arik> "Wait! We don't want to harm the village."
[15:36] <Sir_Arik> "I ask again, has anyone else been here recently?"
[15:36] <GM_Erik> A little boy, around 10, runs out and starts hitting Arik in the stomach.
[15:36] * Sir_Arik smiles sadly at the child
[15:36] <GM_Erik> He shouts at you to go.
[15:37] <Sir_Arik> "Violence will not solve your needs little one, but I get the message."
[15:37] * Sir_Arik looks at the surrounding villagers
[15:37] <GM_Erik> A woman comes out and grabs the boy, pulling him back.
[15:38] <GM_Erik> THe villagers look at you with trepidation on their faces.
[15:38] <Mika_no_Krynn> "May I approach the hut?  I assure you I will not enter, I simply want to ascertain the nature of the building and that may aid us in our mission."
[15:38] <Sir_Arik> "I will leave, but mark my words: If I have to return for my friend I will not be forgiving."
[15:39] * Sir_Arik turns and walks back to where they landed outside the village
[15:39] <GM_Erik> The villagers hold their ground.
[15:40] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Well?"
[15:40] <GM_Erik> They don't look like they're entertaining the thought.
[15:41] * Mika_no_Krynn storms off after Sir Arik in disgust.
[15:42] <Mika_no_Krynn> [Dragonese] "There is more than one way to skin a cat."
[15:42] <GM_Erik> The others follow out of the village.
[15:43] <GM_Erik> Daniel to Mika: don't worry too much about it, its hard to take on this kind of thing.
[15:44] <Mika_no_Krynn> "It's not that hard if you don't have a conscience... guess the front door is out of the question though."
[15:47] <Mika_no_Krynn> "If we back off and bide our time I think we can get in to investigate."
[15:47] <Mika_no_Krynn> "I need to recover some energy before we do anything intense again."
[15:48] <Sir_Arik> "I think that we should wait until morning to return to the village.  In the meantime we should contact the main group."
[15:49] * Tibor has looked confused for sometime, starting to come to his senses
[15:50] <Sir_Arik> "Do we have a means to contact Sir Thorpe and the rest?"
[15:50] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Radio I suppose... I can do it magically too, but I need some energy first."
[15:50] * Sir_Arik nods at Mika
[15:51] <Sir_Arik> "I see.... so until we can reach the group we are just staying here?"
[15:51] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Why not?"
[15:52] <Tibor> "They were going to head out if we didn't contact them within a certain time, no?"
[15:52] * Sir_Arik looks at Mika
[15:53] <Sir_Arik> "I to am concerned for Katrina, but these people will not cooperate without bloodshed."
[15:53] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Well just radio the camp and tell them we're sitting still for a bit... and that the situation is not resolved."
[15:54] <Tibor> "Perhaps somene has the means to be more subtle in reaching Katrina...perhaps psionically?"
[15:55] <Mika_no_Krynn> "I was having trouble locking on to her with my Locate Mark ability... she must be shielded in some way."
[15:55] * Sir_Arik nods in agreement with Tibor
[15:55] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Those charms and such on the hut could probably do that shielding."
[15:55] <Sir_Arik> "This may be true.... infact, the demon we search for may have Katrina."
[15:55] * Tibor grunts awknowlegdement
[15:56] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Hmmm... let's get the group to come to us in the morning.  In the meantime I think we should rest up, and when I get back enough energy I could probably sneak into the village and check out the nature of that hut."
[15:56] * Sir_Arik frowns in thought
[15:57] * Tibor looks skeptical
[15:57] <Sir_Arik> "Is there any way you could dispell the magics from around the hut?"
[15:57] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Not sure, I could try, but I don't have anything powerful... if Vryll was here it'd be a different story."
[15:58] * Sir_Arik nods to himself while in thought
[15:58] <Mika_no_Krynn> "I just want to check the exterior first... I think we should perhaps wait until everyone is here before attempting to enter again."
[15:58] <Sir_Arik> "I agree with Mika's observation,"
[15:58] <Tibor> "I agree..."
[15:59] <Sir_Arik> "Tonight we wait and once the group can meet up with us we may better be able to understand the situation."
[15:59] <GM_Erik> (It is currently around midnight)
[15:59] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Well let's set up a watch then... I'll need a good 3 hours rest at least."
[15:59] <Sir_Arik> "Plus if she wishes to scout the area I think it is a good idea. If she can make sure not to disturb the villagers."
[15:59] * Sir_Arik nods towards Mika
[16:00] <Sir_Arik> "Ok I can keep watch while you 2 sleep
[16:00] <Tibor> "I'm not one for stealth...that is more Mika's domain"
[16:01] <GM_Erik> Daniel gets ready to radio the main group and wonders what to tell them.
[16:01] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Just give them directions on how to get here, and then ask them to come in the morning."
[16:02] <GM_Erik> Daniel radios the main camp and gives them a general update, leaving out the combat part.
[16:03] * Mika_no_Krynn settles down and begins to meditate to revive the magical energies within her.
[16:04] * Sir_Arik moves into a position where he can keep an eye on the group and remain unseen.
[16:05] <GM_Erik> Three hours go by as some of the party meditates and Arik and Gar stand watch.
[16:10] <GM_Erik> Arik hid himself well to watch over the party.
[16:12] <GM_Erik> Right around three hours later, Arik notices something coming towards the camp off in the distance.
[16:12] <GM_Erik> In fact, he sees something coming from both of opposite directions.
[16:19] * Sir_Arik leaps into the path the intruders are taking
[16:19] <Sir_Arik> shouts "Awake my companions! Something comes!"
[16:19] <GM_Erik> Sixth sense goes off for anyone who has it.
[16:20] * Mika_no_Krynn rolls up and surveys the scene.
[16:20] <GM_Erik> People jump up in time to see several creatures arriving near the camp
[16:20] * Tibor wakes and surveys with his optic helmet...
[16:21] * Tibor readies his rifle...
[16:21] <GM_Erik> They are four legged animals and they lunge towards the camp.
[16:23] * Mika_no_Krynn assessing the danger summons forth her psi-sword and moves to draw her Scathach blade.
[16:25] * Sir_Arik has 2 glowing psi-swords leap into being in his hands as he awaits the rush of the creatures.
[16:25] <GM_Erik> Creatures attack Tibor, Arik, Daniel, and Mika
[16:27] <GM_Erik> One bites Mika's arm for 2MD and Arik parries his foe
[16:28] <GM_Erik> Another bites onto Tibor's leg for 8MD as Tibor shoots it.
[16:29] <GM_Erik> Tibor's incredible close-range blast knocks it back into the jungle
[16:29] <GM_Erik> THe creatures fighting you, you notice, look like wolves.
[16:29] * Tibor pulls out sword
[16:30] <GM_Erik> Jessica shoots one, and it doesn't seem to do much.
[16:32] <GM_Erik> Mika nails a wolf in the head and knocks it down to the ground.
[16:35] <GM_Erik> Arik smacks a wolf in the head with a psi-sword, and then is stunned as it shrugs it off.
[16:37] <GM_Erik> The wolf fighting Arik grows into a larger humanoid form and attacks him again.
[16:38] <GM_Erik> THe one blasted into the woods come running back, and Mika'
[16:38] <Sir_Arik> "I don't know how you survived that demon-spawn, but you will fall before my righteous fury!"
[16:38] <GM_Erik> Mika's opponent stands back up.
[16:40] <GM_Erik> Tibor finishes pulling out his sword.
[16:40] <GM_Erik> Arik pulls out a flaming sword
[16:40] * Mika_no_Krynn tosses her sword to Daniel, shouting, "Daniel! Use this!"
[16:42] * Mika_no_Krynn then draws a pair of silver daggers.
[16:42] <GM_Erik> The wolves continue their attack.
[16:44] <GM_Erik> But everyone manages to fend off the sharp teeth of their attackers.
[16:46] <GM_Erik> Mika does a scissor motion with her two silver daggers and cuts the werewolf's head off.
[16:47] <GM_Erik> Arik's opponent manages to defend himself.
[16:48] <GM_Erik> Tibor's opponent manages to as well.
[16:49] * Sir_Arik snarls in anger at the werewolf
[16:49] <GM_Erik> Daniel can't seem to get in a good cut.
[16:49] * Mika_no_Krynn looks surprised at the effectiveness of her cuts.
[16:49] <GM_Erik> The wolves continue their assault by pouncing .
[16:50] * Tibor growls at his opponent..
[16:52] <GM_Erik> Tibor cuts his opponent down with a massive blow as he is knocked to the ground.
[16:52] <GM_Erik> TIbor takes 1 MD
[16:52] <GM_Erik> Mika tries to move out of the way, but gets knocked down by her foe for 7MD
[16:53] <GM_Erik> Arik's foe jumps into him for 3MD, but doesn't manage to knock him down.
[16:56] <GM_Erik> Arik's foe still manages to not get hit by the deadly sword.
[16:56] * Sir_Arik growls
[16:57] <Sir_Arik> "Fall evil beast!"
[16:57] <GM_Erik> Mika's new opponent tries to bite her throat.
[16:57] <GM_Erik> Arik's opponent tries to bite him.
[16:58] <GM_Erik> Arik defends himself
[17:00] <GM_Erik> Mika manages to protect herself.
[17:01] <GM_Erik> Daniel and Gar hack on Mika's foe and force him off of her.
[17:03] <GM_Erik> Arik decapitates the enemy with a single blow.
[17:03] <GM_Erik> The final wolf runs off into the jungle.
[17:03] <Sir_Arik> shouts in joy, "Ha! Remember Evil will always fall to righteousness and good!"
[17:04] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Ah... that was fun," says Mika, admiring her shredded, blood stained clothing."
[17:04] <Tibor> "and Holy Swords make short work of unnatural beasts!"
[17:05] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Strange for werewolves to be here... why wouldn't they be here though?  All manner of terrible things already are..."
[17:06] * Sir_Arik frowns in thought
[17:06] <Sir_Arik> "Mayhaps this is the bad medicine the villagers spoke of?"
[17:06] <Tibor> "It is likely that this group was with an even larger group?"
[17:06] * Sir_Arik looks at the bodieds of the fallen beasts.
[17:07] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Maybe, who knows. I'm sure they won't be back for us though, there must be easier prey out there for them."
[17:08] * Sir_Arik he then studies their tracks seeing to where they came from.
[17:09] * Tibor also looks at their tracks...
[17:10] <Mika_no_Krynn> [to Daniel] "Thanx for keeping my sword warm Dear..."
[17:11] <GM_Erik> Arik and Tibor can make out tracks leading off into the jungle darkness
[17:12] <Tibor> "Do we want to give chase? or wait for the others?"
[17:12] <GM_Erik> Tibor and Daniel also catch the scent on the air
[17:12] <Sir_Arik> "I think it prudent that we find where these tracks lead.  The creatures were making straight for our camp.  This was not a happenstance encounter."
[17:12] * Sir_Arik looks towards Mika and Tibor
[17:13] * Mika_no_Krynn resheaths her sword after getting it back from Daniel. She then proceeds to strip away the shreds of clothing hanging on her, revealing the MDC bikini beneath.
[17:13] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Um... yeah, it is a bit too coincidental I think."
[17:13] * Sir_Arik blushes and quickly averts his gaze
[17:13] <Tibor> "it's agreed then?"
[17:13] <Sir_Arik> "err.... I believe we should touch base with the group and let them know what we plan to do then move out."
[17:14] <Mika_no_Krynn> "How much time do we have left until morning?"
[17:14] <Sir_Arik> "Perhaps 3 hours."
[17:14] <GM_Erik> (approx 3am)
[17:15] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Well I guess that is enough time, for if we don't find anything by then I don't think we will."
[17:15] <Sir_Arik> "Till dawn, who knows how much longer we will have to wait for the group."
[17:15] * Sir_Arik nods in agreement
[17:15] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Let's set off then, and if it looks like we can't make it back in time we'll just radio the group."
[17:15] <Sir_Arik> "I will take the lead, since I have taken the least amount of abuse."
[17:16] * Tibor takes point, looking at the tracks and sniffing for a scent...
[17:16] * Sir_Arik notices Tibor taking the lead and falls in behind him
[17:17] <Mika_no_Krynn> "The jungle at night... how romantic... except for the freaking werewolves."
[17:17] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Hehehe... you look so cute when you do that sniffing thing Dear."
[17:18] * Tibor grunts
[17:19] * Sir_Arik looks up from the ground and shakes his head in exasperation at Mika
[17:20] * Tibor can smell them but lost sight of the tracks
[17:20] <Mika_no_Krynn> "These bikini things may be a bit revealing, but they sure are comfortable and they keep you cool in the heat too."
[17:22] <Sir_Arik> clears his throat, "I understand, but women as good looking as you should have greater care how they dress."
[17:22] <GM_Erik> After lengthy tracking, a half an hour later they arrive in the proximity of the village.
[17:23] * Sir_Arik shakes his head in sadness
[17:23] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Oh? How so?  I think it suits me quite well, and we are in the middle of a jungle.  I want to save my armor for dire situations."
[17:23] <Mika_no_Krynn> "I knew it..."
[17:23] <Sir_Arik> "I have to say that this is very heart breaking for me."
[17:24] <Mika_no_Krynn> "It is a bit puzzlingly though, that these people would have werewolves in their employ..."
[17:24] * Sir_Arik raises an eyebrow at Mika's comment
[17:24] <Tibor> "I doubt that most know..."
[17:24] <Sir_Arik> "Employ?"
[17:25] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Well I think we can assume someone sent the Werewolves after us.  Werewolves are not nice creatures though... and if they did come from here..."
[17:25] <Sir_Arik> "I believe that these people have probably been beset by a curse.  And this is why they try to keep others away from the area."
[17:25] <Sir_Arik> "Regardless.  We now have to enter the village and find out what resides in that hut."
[17:25] <Mika_no_Krynn> "I think the key is that bloody hut... now I reallly want to check it out."
[17:26] <Mika_no_Krynn> "I can make myself invisible and go to scout it out, then come back and relay the info..."
[17:26] <Sir_Arik> "And I think you should go, but please be careful.  We don't need a bunch of the locals noticing you and getting themselves killed trying to stop you."
[17:27] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Indeed... but if they notice me they definitely have some interesting tricks up their sleves."
[17:27] <Sir_Arik> "Plus call if you need back-up, Tibor, Daniel and the rest will come to your aid."
[17:27] <Sir_Arik> "Including me."
[17:28] * Tibor grunts
[17:28] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Indeed... I know where to find you.  Shouldn't be too long though."
[17:29] <Mika_no_Krynn> "See you soon."
[17:29] * Sir_Arik nods at Mika
[17:29] * Mika_no_Krynn weaves the magicks for Invisibility: Superior, then sets off towards the village.
[17:33] * Sir_Arik sets himself into a position where he can keep an eye on what is happening in the village without being spotted
[17:33] * Mika_no_Krynn moves into the village and sneaks up to the mysterious hut. Moving to the side wall she attempts to read the history of the structure.
[17:33] * Tibor keeps an eye out for another ambush...
[17:35] <GM_Erik> Mika spends some minutes reading the side of the building.
[17:36] <GM_Erik> Mika gets impressions of an evil owner, strong magic forces and enchantment
[17:37] <GM_Erik> She see images of a somewhat attractive woman, how the building is used as a personal sanctuary and place to torment people.
[17:38] <GM_Erik> Mika also gets the sense that the owner is inside right now along with a number of others.
[17:38] * Sir_Arik sighs softly
[17:39] * Mika_no_Krynn telepathically communicates her sensations with rest of the group.
[17:39] <Sir_Arik> "I hope that Katrina is ok."
[17:39] * Tibor growls softly...
[17:39] <Mika_no_Krynn> [telepathically] "Well team... this is bad, you want to move or wait until everyone arrives?"
[17:40] <Tibor> "Kartina may be in dire straits...time is prob of the essence"
[17:41] <Mika_no_Krynn> "My sentiments exactly... I'm coming out, I'll meet up with you guys in a minute."
[17:41] <Sir_Arik> "I agree we must move quickly."
[17:42] * Mika_no_Krynn moves out of the village and joins back up with the group. But she stays invisible just long enough to attempt to surprise Daniel.
[17:43] <GM_Erik> Unforunately, Daniel could smell her coming, and wasn't suprised in the least.
[17:43] <GM_Erik> He also heard her coming.
[17:43] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Well it was worth a try Dear... anyways before we do this I was wondering if I could get some magical energy from you guys?"
[17:44] * Sir_Arik nods
[17:44] <Sir_Arik> "I will give what I can spare."
[17:44] <Mika_no_Krynn> "I'm not expecting a lot, but at this stage any would be helpful."
[17:45] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Oh, Jessica, give Sir Arik one of the Talismans of Protection we have..."
[17:45] <GM_Erik> Jessica asks if she has to.
[17:45] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Well do you want to live through this or not?"
[17:46] <Sir_Arik> "What talisman do you speak of?"
[17:46] <Mika_no_Krynn> "It's our hobby to beat up Splugorth Slavers and take their stuff... like their forcefield talismans."
[17:46] <Mika_no_Krynn> "They are quite effective, usable 3 times per day."
[17:47] <Sir_Arik> "Hobby/"
[17:47] * Sir_Arik raises one eyebrow quizzically
[17:47] <Sir_Arik> "How does it work?"
[17:47] * Mika_no_Krynn places her hands on Sir Arik and Tibor in turn, and begins to draw out their magical energies as she speaks with them.
[17:47] <Tibor> "We have no love of the splugorth"
[17:48] <GM_Erik> Jessica hands an armor Talisman to Sir Arik
[17:48] <Mika_no_Krynn> "You simply will it to activate and it provides you with a forcefield."
[17:48] <Sir_Arik> "Neither do I, but I have never had anyone call hunting Splugorth a hobby before."
[17:48] * Sir_Arik nods his thanks to Jessica
[17:48] <Sir_Arik> "Ok, works for me."
[17:49] * Mika_no_Krynn then moves to Daniel to get a little more energy, "You don't mind do you Honey?"
[17:50] <GM_Erik> Daniel shakes his head.
[17:50] * Mika_no_Krynn kisses him on the cheek in thanx.
[17:51] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Well looks like I'm ready to move... not in the best of shape, but that can't be helped?  So what's the plan?"
[17:52] <Mika_no_Krynn> If we rush in there we may be able to set up a defensive perimeter around the entrance, then we can test to see if we can enter.  If we can't I have a spell I may try."
[17:52] * Sir_Arik nods his agreement
[17:52] * Tibor grunts ok
[17:52] <Sir_Arik> "I think we should still use stealth if possible."
[17:53] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Yes, run quietly..."
[17:54] <Mika_no_Krynn> "And remember there are a number of potential hostiles in there so watch your backs."
[17:55] * Sir_Arik grins
[17:57] * Mika_no_Krynn sneaks into the village, towards the hut once again.
[17:57] <GM_Erik> The group quietly sneaks towards their goal.  THey manage to get within sight of it without being spotted.
[17:57] <GM_Erik> The notice that more people are patrolling now.
[17:58] <Sir_Arik> whispers, "I think we should wait here until you figure out what is going on exactly Mika."
[17:59] <Mika_no_Krynn> "ME???? What do you mean?  There is bad stuff going on in there, and these people are being made to protect it.  I say we rush'em"
[17:59] * Sir_Arik shakes his head
[17:59] <Sir_Arik> "No, they will attack and innocents will die."
[18:00] <Tibor> "Subtlety has not worked so far..."
[18:00] <Sir_Arik> "YOU can get in and determine exaclty if we can get in more quietly than a group of us."
[18:00] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Innocents are already dying, probably everyday because of what is in that hut.  I we can sneak past those patrols great."
[18:01] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Fine I'll try to go in, give me a moment."
[18:01] <Sir_Arik> "My thanks.  Trust me, this will be for the better."
[18:01] * Mika_no_Krynn casts Invisibility: Simple and moves stealthily towards the hut.
[18:02] <GM_Erik> Mika moves up to the entrance of the hut without the four men in front of it seeing her.
[18:03] <GM_Erik> Mika sees magic energy across the entire entrance.
[18:03] <GM_Erik> ANd also notices the woman from her vision standing there inside.
[18:03] <GM_Erik> The woman looks at her and smiles.
[18:03] * Mika_no_Krynn returns the greeting with a smile of her own.
[18:03] <GM_Erik> Woman: You shouldn't be here you know, you don't have my permission to.
[18:04] * Mika_no_Krynn telepathically communicates to the group "The gig is up, move now!"
[18:04] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Oh, well, you see we want our friend back."
[18:04] * Sir_Arik quickly moves toward the hut drawing out his flaming sword but not powering it up."
[18:05] <GM_Erik> Woman: I wouldn't recommend it.
[18:05] * Tibor moves to the hut, pulling his sword out, trying to prowl...
[18:05] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Why not? I like Katrina, and I want her back."
[18:06] <GM_Erik> Woman: Katrina? who's that?
[18:06] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Our friend who is in your hut."
[18:06] <GM_Erik> Woman: Whatever.
[18:07] <GM_Erik> SHe turns her back and walks further into the building saying 'remember, you're not invited'
[18:07] <Mika_no_Krynn> "What the hell does that mean?  Are you going to return our friend or not?"
[18:07] <GM_Erik> No response as she goes around a corner.
[18:08] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Damn... I don't like this."
[18:08] * Mika_no_Krynn attempts to enter the hut.
[18:09] <GM_Erik> Mika crosses the threshold into the building, and realizes as she passes into the magical area, that she can no longer see.
[18:10] <GM_Erik> Everyone else notices Mika stumbling a bit in the doorway of the building.
[18:11] * Mika_no_Krynn telepathically communicates to the group "Watch out there are powerful magicks on this hut... I can't see a thing."
[18:11] * Sir_Arik moves towards the hut stealthily trying not to be spotted by the guards.
[18:12] * Tibor moves towards the hut as well
[18:12] <GM_Erik> THe others get fairly close to the building and the guards when the guards finally spot them.
[18:17] <GM_Erik> Mika slowly feels her way into the building
[18:20] <GM_Erik> The others manage to quickly disarm the four guards.
[18:21] <GM_Erik> Mika tries to communicate with Katrina telepathically, but it doesn't work.
[18:22] <Mika_no_Krynn> "OK guys... I don't think we should all come in as we may need some of us to get us out of here.  This blindness thing is bad."
[18:23] <Sir_Arik> "I concur some should remain behind to keep the guards under control."
[18:24] <GM_Erik> The guards attack all the same.
[18:24] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Well one of you should try coming through, and if you go blind everyone else stay outside."
[18:27] * Mika_no_Krynn moves further into the hut in search of Katrina.
[18:29] <GM_Erik> Arik grabs his foe
[18:30] * Mika_no_Krynn activates her Talisman of Protection.
[18:31] <GM_Erik> Tibor parries his attacker
[18:35] * Mika_no_Krynn draws her Scathach sword and summons forth her Psi-sword.
[18:40] <GM_Erik> Arik hits his attacker for no damage.
[18:40] <GM_Erik> TIbor tries to trip up his assailant but gets blocked.
[18:40] <GM_Erik> Tibor gets parried.
[18:43] <GM_Erik> Tibor notices his sword glowing
[18:44] * Tibor grins menacingly....
[18:45] * Sir_Arik swings a mighty punch at his opponent.
[18:45] <GM_Erik> Arik punches one in the face and crushes his nose, knocking him to the ground.
[18:47] <GM_Erik> Tibor gets punched for 7MD
[18:47] <GM_Erik> Arik's opponent is not moving
[18:47] * Sir_Arik shakes his head sadly
[18:50] <GM_Erik> Tibor knocks his opponent unconscious with a blow from the blunt ened of his sword
[18:55] <GM_Erik> Tibor cuts his opponent's armor
[18:55] <GM_Erik> Arik walks up to the front of the building
[18:55] <GM_Erik> And goes through the doorway
[18:55] <GM_Erik> He suddenly doesn't see anything.
[18:57] <GM_Erik> Arik activates one of his psionic senses and feels evil all around him.
[18:57] <GM_Erik> Daniel maanges to behead one of the guards.
[18:59] <GM_Erik> Tibor dispatches the remaining guard.
[18:59] <GM_Erik> Mika has reached a doorway
[19:00] <GM_Erik> She hears the woman's voice: I told you you weren't invited
[19:00] <GM_Erik> And she feels that Katrina is very close
[19:00] <Mika_no_Krynn> "I'm sorry I'm hard of hearing... and somewhat short-sighted too it would seem."
[19:02] <GM_Erik> Arik manages to stumble back out of the house.
[19:03] * Sir_Arik blinks at the return of any light.
[19:05] <GM_Erik> Arik still cannot see
[19:05] <GM_Erik> Mika walks into a room and feels more magic hit her.
[19:05] * Sir_Arik thought he should blink.... now he is really worried.
[19:05] * Mika_no_Krynn growls in defiance.
[19:06] <GM_Erik> She hears Katrina's voice: Mika?
[19:06] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Katrina?"
[19:06] <GM_Erik> Someone attacks Mika
[19:07] * Sir_Arik tries clawing at his eyes to rid them of a blinding obstacle.
[19:07] <GM_Erik> After Arik removes his helmet he finds no such obstacle.
[19:08] <GM_Erik> Daniel points at Arik's face, making Tibor aware.
[19:08] * Tibor looks for any threats to Arik since he can't see
[19:08] * Sir_Arik growls in frustration
[19:08] <GM_Erik> Mika feels that she is bitten by something.
[19:09] <GM_Erik> Something goes squish under her sword as she strikes back
[19:10] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Katrina, what's going on?"
[19:10] <GM_Erik> Woman's Voice: Nothing you should have worried yourself with.
[19:10] * Sir_Arik sits on the doorstep and begins to meditate, trying to remove worry and fear from his heart.
[19:11] <GM_Erik> Woman: Now you Will join your friends.
[19:13] <GM_Erik> Tibor notices that Arik's eyes are completely whitened.
[19:13] <GM_Erik> Mika walks into the room more.
[19:13] <Tibor> "Your eyes have gone completely white Arik..."
[19:13] * Sir_Arik sighs sadly
[19:14] <Tibor> "I'm sure it is temporary"
[19:14] <Sir_Arik> "I was hoping otherwise....
[19:14] <Sir_Arik> "I to hope that it is only temporary, but we will have to move in there soon to help out."
[19:15] <GM_Erik> Mika crosses the room to Katrina, despite being attacked, she nimbly moves out of the way of all obstacles (with the help of Intuitive combat)
[19:16] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Katrina we gotta get out of here, are you ok?  Where are the others?  Can you see?"
[19:16] <GM_Erik> Katrina: I'm tied down, watch out!
[19:16] <GM_Erik> Katrina: I can see fine, the others are here too, they're out.
[19:17] <GM_Erik> After being denied her blind quarry, the woman says 'Fine, then we'll do it this way!'
[19:18] <GM_Erik> Mika lashes out and strikes the woman.
[19:18] <GM_Erik> The woman gets knocked into the wall.
[19:18] <GM_Erik> Mika hears her running away
[19:19] * Mika_no_Krynn telepathically to the others, "Watch out guys she's may be coming out!"
[19:19] <GM_Erik> Arik and Tibor (and Daniel) hear something coming out the door.
[19:19] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Katrina, may I use your eyes?  I need to cast a spell though so I can see what you do."
[19:20] * Sir_Arik twitches and tries to face in the direction of the sound.
[19:20] <GM_Erik> (Only Tibor and Daniel see it)
[19:20] <Tibor> "Be ready!"
[19:21] * Sir_Arik tenses for action
[19:21] <GM_Erik> A dog walks out the door
[19:21] <GM_Erik> It barks at you
[19:21] <Sir_Arik> "Tell me where to strike Tibor!"
[19:22] <GM_Erik> THe dog bounds off into the night.
[19:22] <Tibor> "there's a dog on your _____ !"
[19:22] * Sir_Arik swings in the direction Tibor shouts out.
[19:23] * Mika_no_Krynn casts Second Sight so she can see through Katrina's eyes.
[19:23] <GM_Erik> Suddenly Mika can see again.
[19:24] <GM_Erik> Mika notices through Katrina's eyes that Mika's eyes are completely white
[19:24] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Ah!  What the heck is this?  Well let's hurry and get everyone out of here, right Katrina?"
[19:25] <GM_Erik> Katrina: Untie me, and we'll get everyone out of here.
[19:25] * Mika_no_Krynn helps untie Katrina and help her up. Gives her a hug, and sets off to find the others.
[19:25] <GM_Erik> Katrina: There's a man under the floor in the other room too, we must help him
[19:25] <Sir_Arik> "Tibor? Did the foe flee us?"
[19:25] <GM_Erik> A commotion arises in the village.
[19:25] <Mika_no_Krynn> "OK, just look where we need to go and hurry, the time is limited."
[19:26] <Tibor> "the dog ran into the woods, yes...but we must guard the entrance for mika"
[19:26] <GM_Erik> People start to walk up to the building.
[19:26] * Sir_Arik nods towards where he hears Tibor's voice coming from
[19:26] <Sir_Arik> "Stand where you are! Come no closer."
[19:27] <GM_Erik> The approaching villagers don't look or sound violent.
[19:27] <Sir_Arik> "Tibor, what is going on?"
[19:28] * Sir_Arik moves his head side to side simulating like he is looking around."
[19:28] <Tibor> "some villagers approaching, but they don't look too rowdy"
[19:28] <GM_Erik> Mika helps Katrina untie the others of her scouting party.  Katrina points out that the woman fed off of a couple of them.  THey look pale.
[19:28] * Tibor guards the entrance not letting anyone enter
[19:28] <Mika_no_Krynn> "How did she feed?  What was she?"
[19:28] <GM_Erik> Katrina: I don't know, it was like she sucked out some of their life force
[19:29] <Mika_no_Krynn> "What bit me earlier?"
[19:29] <GM_Erik> Katrina: A snake, it was hers, it vanished when you killed it.
[19:30] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Hmm... well let's get out of here.  We can bring everyone back to the group and tend to them properly."
[19:30] <GM_Erik> What about the man under the floor?
[19:30] * Mika_no_Krynn helps release the man under the floor.
[19:30] <GM_Erik> Katrina opens a trap door and an older man lays there tied up.
[19:30] <GM_Erik> He looks very pale and sickly.
[19:30] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Wow, I guess I do have quite a cute behind... hehe... "
[19:31] * Mika_no_Krynn smiles at the man and offers him a hand out.
[19:31] <GM_Erik> The man looks at you with his tied hands and legs.
[19:31] * Mika_no_Krynn breaks the bindings.
[19:31] * Sir_Arik stumbles back to his feet trying to keep his balance.
[19:32] <GM_Erik> Old Man: Thank you, my name is Jacol.
[19:32] <GM_Erik> Jacol: We must leave this building.
[19:32] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Not a worry good sir.  Yes, let us go."
[19:32] <Mika_no_Krynn> "That everyone?"
[19:32] <GM_Erik> Katrina says yes.
[19:33] * Mika_no_Krynn manoevers her way out of the hut.
[19:33] <GM_Erik> The villagers continue staring and murmuring.
[19:33] * Sir_Arik smiles towards where he thinks the gathering crowd is
[19:34] <Sir_Arik> "Worry not good people, we are neither evil or going to curse you."
[19:34] * Tibor scans the crowd, trying not to took too intimidating...
[19:35] <GM_Erik> Mika spalshes water from her canteen in her eyes.
[19:35] <GM_Erik> And notes no improvement
[19:35] <GM_Erik> Katrina helps the old man out of the building.
[19:35] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Oh well, worth a try."
[19:35] <GM_Erik> The villagers begin to mumble louder.
[19:36] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Hey guys what's going on?"
[19:36] <Tibor> "Both you and Arik have white eyes...the villagers have gotten curious though non-violent"
[19:37] <Tibor> "and a dog escaped the hut and ran into the woods"
[19:37] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Perhaps that creature kept them all in a state on enslavement... hey didn't you guys see anything come out?"
[19:37] <Mika_no_Krynn> "And you didn't kill it?!  I told you to watch out."
[19:37] <GM_Erik> Old Man (Jacol) says loudly 'Rita is gone' to everyone and coughs.
[19:37] <Tibor> "Took off before we got a chance to"
[19:38] <GM_Erik> THe villagers begin cheering.
[19:38] <Sir_Arik> "I tried to strike it, but in my condition.... I probably missed it by a mile."
[19:38] <Mika_no_Krynn> "That must of been the witch... damn."
[19:38] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Well I'm sure I don't look any better than you... I sure hope this wears off."
[19:39] * Sir_Arik grins at where Mika's voice is coming from
[19:39] <Mika_no_Krynn> "How long until dawn?"
[19:39] <Tibor> "Who's the other guest of this "Witch"?
[19:39] <Mika_no_Krynn> "You mean Jacol?... actually I'm not really sure."
[19:39] <GM_Erik> (It's around 4:30am)
[19:40] <Sir_Arik> "Was he a prisoner of this evil woman?"
[19:40] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Yes... trapped under the floor of all places."
[19:40] <Sir_Arik> "Plus, who exactly was this woman Rita?"
[19:40] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Why did she take you Katrina?"
[19:41] <GM_Erik> Katrina approches with Jacol and says:I don't know, she just seems to like to torment others and use the life force.
[19:41] <Tibor> "And where's the rest of your patrol?"
[19:41] <GM_Erik> Katrina beckons at them as they walk away from the house.
[19:42] <GM_Erik> Jacol: Rit
[19:42] <GM_Erik> Jacol: Rita is the name of the one who had us captured here (in ENglish)
[19:43] * Sir_Arik scratches his chin
[19:43] <GM_Erik> Jacol is an old (around 60) black man looking worse for the wear.
[19:43] <Mika_no_Krynn> "She enslaved your village?"
[19:43] <Sir_Arik> "Nothing else is known of her?"
[19:43] <GM_Erik> Jacol: Yes, I am the Medicine Man of this village, but she used her allies to capture me and keep me imprisoned.
[19:44] <Mika_no_Krynn> "I see... perhaps she feed off of magical energy too... that's why she would want you Katrina.  Did she do anything to you?"
[19:44] <GM_Erik> Jacol: She would come and tell me of the things she did while tormenting the people here.
[19:44] <GM_Erik> Jacol: And she took some of my life force as well *cough*
[19:45] * Sir_Arik shakes his head sadly at hearing of this Rita person
[19:45] <GM_Erik> Jacol: But you rescued us, but as I see, not without a price.
[19:45] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Perhaps some kind of emotional vampire as well.  Is there anything we could do to help you sir?  We have some magicks..."
[19:45] <GM_Erik> Jacol: No, she is merely a witch.
[19:45] <Sir_Arik> "I hope that now that she is gone, your lives can return to normal."
[19:46] <GM_Erik> Jacol: It seems to me that you are the one in need of magic.
[19:46] <GM_Erik> Jacol: It is never wise to violate a Taboo.
[19:46] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Well this blindness is a real annoyance for sure, but if there is anyone suffering from normal wounds I can help a little."
[19:47] <Mika_no_Krynn> "I'm afraid we had no choice... violate a taboo or let our friends die..."
[19:47] <GM_Erik> Jacol: The only way to repair the wounds that she has done is to bring her back here and kill her.
[19:47] <Tibor> "Now he tells us..."
[19:47] <Mika_no_Krynn> "You're kidding..."
[19:47] <GM_Erik> Jacol: But, killing her will not fix your affliction.
[19:47] <GM_Erik> Jacol: In fact, it will make it worse.
[19:47] <Mika_no_Krynn> "I told you guys to kill whatever came out!"
[19:47] <Sir_Arik> "I would think that this would be very difficult though."
[19:47] * Tibor looks for tracks left by the dog...
[19:48] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Oh, so what do we do?"
[19:48] <Sir_Arik> "Everyone just calm down."
[19:48] <GM_Erik> Jacol looks sad.
[19:48] <Sir_Arik> "I propose we find someone who can remove curses or is powerful enough to help us in some other way."
[19:49] <GM_Erik> Jacol: You must atone for your transgressions.  I can help with that, once I get stronger again.  But once you atone, you must do a nightly prayer to try to remove the Taboo curse.
[19:49] * Sir_Arik raises an eyebrow
[19:49] <Tibor> "What transgressions are you referring to?"
[19:49] <GM_Erik> Jacol: Returning her here would be a great help ...
[19:49] <Sir_Arik> "Yes good sir, what are you referring to."
[19:49] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Hey no problem... I have no trouble praying or believing in Gods."
[19:49] <GM_Erik> Jacol: Why, violating the Taboo of course.
[19:50] * Sir_Arik smiles
[19:50] <Sir_Arik> "The taboo of entering the hut?"
[19:50] <GM_Erik> Jacol: Once the Taboo is set in motion, it cannot be broken without Bad Medicine falling upon you.
[19:50] <GM_Erik> Jacol: That was a condition of the Taboo, yes.
[19:50] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Story of our lives..."
[19:51] <Sir_Arik> "Was the taboo set before Rita came?"
[19:51] <GM_Erik> Jacol: Unforunately, I am not the only one who can make a Taboo.  She could as well, and placed it upon the building she chose to stay in.
[19:51] <GM_Erik> Jacol shakes his head sadly.
[19:52] <GM_Erik> Jacol has a coughing fit.
[19:52] <Sir_Arik> "I understand. Well, tell us what we can do to help you Jacol."
[19:52] <Tibor> "Perhaps we should radio the others to meet us here?"
[19:52] * Sir_Arik nods in the direction of Tibor's voice
[19:52] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Are you sure you do not need any help sir?  Perhaps you should rest now... we can speak on this once you recover some."
[19:52] <Tibor> "Daniel! Let the others knowof our position..."
[19:52] <GM_Erik> To help me, she must be killed.  To help you, she must be brought back here.
[19:53] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Well let's get going now!"
[19:53] <Sir_Arik> "Ok, we will do our best to return her here quickly."
[19:53] <GM_Erik> Jacol: I can help you.. once I've rested.
[19:54] <Sir_Arik> "Mika, can you do that thing you did to find Katrina?"
[19:54] <Mika_no_Krynn> "It'll be hard, but I can try."
[19:54] * Tibor sniffs around looking for the scent of the dog/rita
[19:54] <Sir_Arik> "Well any little bit will definitely help out."
[20:15] *** Tibor has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving )
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Horsemen of the Apocalypse 1 - IC Chat logs
Session Start: Sun Feb 17 12:52:25 2002
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[14:03] <GM_Erik> Last the group left off:
[14:03] <GM_Erik> The heroes managed to assault the evil forces manipulating a village through fear and torture.
[14:04] <GM_Erik> THey managed to rescue the missing members of their party, but not without a price.
[14:05] <GM_Erik> Mika and Arik were blinded due to their violation of Taboo, and the leader of the evil forces, an African Witch, ran off into the jungle in the form of a dog.
[14:06] <GM_Erik> The Medicine Man, Jacol, explained to them that in order to cure their ailment, they need to capture the witch and bring her back to him.
[14:06] <GM_Erik> Killing her would make their curse permanent.  This was also necessary in order to restore the life force that she has stolen from several people.
[14:08] <GM_Erik> Jacol is ill from the witch's torture, and it is about 5am.  Many people are tired, or used up, and the group was considering their options.
[14:08] * Sir_Arik sighs deeply
[14:08] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Well we're not in the best of shape, but the sooner we set off after her the easier it'll be for us."
[14:09] <Sir_Arik> "I agree.  She already has quite a lead on us."
[14:09] * Tibor looks to the forest where the witch ran into the forest
[14:10] <GM_Erik> Note: Tibor, Jessica (especially so), Daniel, and Gar are feeling mildly fatigued from not sleeping yet this night.
[14:10] <Sir_Arik> "The question now is how we will go about being able to chase her."
[14:10] <Mika_no_Krynn> "I could use some energy though... Katrina, you wouldn't perchance have any magical energies to spare would you?"
[14:11] * JessicaKnight decides to activate her ring of sustain so she doesn't feel so crappy
[14:12] <GM_Erik> Katrina thinks for a moment.
[14:12] * Tibor is going to gut it out
[14:12] <GM_Erik> Katrina sits down and begins a spell.
[14:13] <GM_Erik> Katrina finishes her spell and stands up again.
[14:13] <Sir_Arik> "Does anyone happen to know where this witch hides in the jungle?"
[14:13] <GM_Erik> Katrina: I think we've had enough excitement for one night.  I think we should rest, I'm pretty tired anyway.
[14:14] <GM_Erik> Katrina: I don't she'll get very far.
[14:14] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Well seeing as I can't see a thing I can't really argue..."
[14:14] <Tibor> "I don't like giving her the opportunity to find more help"
[14:14] * Sir_Arik nods in the direction of Katrina's voice
[14:15] <Sir_Arik> "Yes a few hours of rest will do everyone some good I imagine."
[14:15] <GM_Erik> Katrina nods.  "It is still dark out, she will be easier to find during the day anyway.
[14:15] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Well let's think about this... it was late and she was on foot so I'm not sure how far she could possibly get.  Surely no more than 100 miles."
[14:16] <Tibor> "provided she didn't have magic left to allow her to move fast..."
[14:16] <Sir_Arik> "True, but anything farther than say 20 to 30 miles is going to be a multi day task."
[14:17] <Mika_no_Krynn> "That can't be helped.  Shall we retire for a few hours then?  We could wait until the others get here."
[14:17] * Sir_Arik nods in agreement
[14:17] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Sir Arik... how long did it take to get here?  Magic is a wonderful thing, makes travel so much easier."
[14:17] * Sir_Arik smiles
[14:18] * Tibor grunts
[14:18] <Sir_Arik> "The problem is we can travel quickly, but we have 2 hamstrung individuals.  So all travel that quickly will be useless."
[14:18] <Sir_Arik> "Mostly because we will miss things and will probably miss the witch."
[14:19] * Tibor grunts disapproval
[14:19] <Tibor> "You haven't seen me track something thats pissed me off"
[14:19] * Sir_Arik chuckles
[14:19] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Not if we make ourselves travel-sized, and I may be able to track her through special means.  I guess it's decided, we'll set off in the morning, first thing.  Now could someone help me to my bed?"
[14:19] * JessicaKnight wanders off during all of this and starts checking around the village
[14:20] * Sir_Arik gets to his feet trying to make sure he doesn't fall over.
[14:21] <Sir_Arik> "I too will retire for the night if someone would be good enough to lead me to where we might slumber."
[14:21] * Tibor picks a spot where he can keep watch...
[14:22] <GM_Erik> A couple villagers can help those who desire it find a place to sleep for a few hours.
[14:22] * JessicaKnight wanders the perimeter of the village all night to keep guard
[14:22] * Sir_Arik thanks the villagers who help him.
[14:22] * Mika_no_Krynn sets herself down for some deep meditation in a tranquil location.
[14:22] * Tibor will sleep lightly, trade shifts with Katrina
[14:23] <GM_Erik> Gar stays up with Tibor to allow Katrina to sleep.
[14:23] * Sir_Arik positions himself for a few hours of meditation.
[14:26] <GM_Erik> Four hours go by.
[14:27] <GM_Erik> The rest of the travelling group manages to catch up to the village.
[14:29] <GM_Erik> Members of the Gathering of Heroes are anxious to learn what happened.
[14:29] <GM_Erik> Sir Thorpe doesn't look very happy.
[14:29] * Mika_no_Krynn dons her pair of tinted goggles.
[14:30] * Tibor doesn't look very happy either...
[14:31] <GM_Erik> (Everyone is up)   Thorpe: So what happened?
[14:31] * Mika_no_Krynn "Hello, you guys look well this morning," giggles Mika.
[14:32] * Sir_Arik looks towards Sir Thorpe's voice
[14:32] <Sir_Arik> "I am afraid that is a story unto itself Sir Thorpe."
[14:32] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Well we rescued Katrina and this village from the maniacal clutches of an evil witch... but myself and Sir Arik had to trade our sight for the deal."
[14:32] <GM_Erik> Thorpe shakes his head and says, "This is why we don't act rashly"
[14:32] <Mika_no_Krynn> "They have ointments for rashes..."
[14:33] <GM_Erik> Thorpe glares at Mika, but unfortunately she is oblivious.
[14:33] <JessicaKnight> heh
[14:33] <Mika_no_Krynn> "So now for the climax of the whole escapade we have to go and hunt down the witch and bring her back here so her evil can be undone."
[14:33] <Tibor> "We couldn't abandon Katrina...and we didn't know how much time we had"
[14:34] <GM_Erik> Thorpe: yes, but did we sacrifice two people for one then?
[14:34] <Mika_no_Krynn> "How so?  Who died?"
[14:34] <GM_Erik> Erin Tarn walks up and put her hand on Sir Thorpe's shoulder.
[14:35] <GM_Erik> Erin: Please old friend, they were trying to do good, and nobody died, right?
[14:35] <Mika_no_Krynn> "You mean the blindness?  Oh that can be undone.  Beside's I'd gladly trade my sight for the life of Katrina and the others..."
[14:36] * Mika_no_Krynn thinks of how cool and noble she must have sounded there.
[14:36] * Tibor sniffs a faint smell of bullshit...
[14:36] <GM_Erik> Katrina: Thank you Mika.  And I promise we will find her.
[14:37] <GM_Erik> Katrina: If we could quickly get a small group ready to go, I know where the witch is.
[14:37] <JessicaKnight> how do you know?
[14:37] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Wow, you're so kewl Katrina..."
[14:37] <GM_Erik> Katrina smiles at Jessica.  "You forget, I know some magic myself"
[14:38] * Tibor grins
[14:38] * Sir_Arik smiles towards where he thinks Katrina is
[14:38] <GM_Erik> Katrina: It's somehow appropriate that the way you find me will be the same way we find her.
[14:38] <GM_Erik> Sir Arik misses the mark.
[14:38] <Sir_Arik> "Excellent!  If I won't be too much of a burden I would love to volunteer to find her."
[14:38] <JessicaKnight> hmm....
[14:39] <Mika_no_Krynn> "My thoughts exactly... but I think you're more adept than me at that spell... once we get close I can use psionics to pin point her though."
[14:39] <Mika_no_Krynn> "I have an idea Sir Arik, just so we don't get in the way I can make us 6" tall! Then we could fit in a pocket, neat huh?"
[14:39] <Tibor> "I have her scent...get me close and me and Gar could find her"
[14:40] * Sir_Arik raises an eyebrow.
[14:40] <Sir_Arik> "Well it will definitely be interesting."
[14:40] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Just kidding... that spell only works on the caster."
[14:41] <Sir_Arik> looking relieved, "Well that is too bad."
[14:41] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Oh well, shall we set off?"
[14:42] * Tibor checks weapon, readies his steed...he's ready
[14:42] <GM_Erik> Katrina: so who is going?  We want to move quickly I imagine.
[14:43] <Sir_Arik> "I am ready.... the sooner we go the sooner we return and regain our sight."
[14:43] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Indeed, we don't all need to go, just enough to be a force.  And people who can move quickly."
[14:43] * JessicaKnight clicks off the saftey to her rifle
[14:43] * Sir_Arik chuckles
[14:43] <JessicaKnight> I might as well go, someone has to babysit the invalids
[14:43] * JessicaKnight frowns
[14:43] <Sir_Arik> "Well it sounds like I am out of the running."
[14:44] <GM_Erik> Katrina casts a spell and begins to fly.
[14:45] <GM_Erik> Katrina then casts a spell on Tibor and Arik, enabling them to fly.
[14:45] * Tibor looks a little uncomfortable
[14:45] * Mika_no_Krynn strips off her armor and puts it in her pack, then casts Reduce Self.
[14:45] * Sir_Arik flaps his arms around after being caught by surprise before realising what is going on.
[14:45] <Sir_Arik> "You could have given me some warning Katrina."
[14:46] * JessicaKnight leaps up and hovers in the air, "*yawn* Let's go, daylight's a wastin'"
[14:46] * Sir_Arik looks a little lost
[14:46] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Hey Daniel, pick me up!"
[14:46] <GM_Erik> Katrina casts the spell on Daniel and Gar as well.
[14:47] <Sir_Arik> "Ok just tell me where I have to go."
[14:47] <GM_Erik> Daniel picks up Mika and puts her in his pocket.
[14:47] <GM_Erik> Katrina concentrates on another spell...
[14:47] * Mika_no_Krynn says "Thanks Hun," then casts Fly as the Eagle on Daniel.
[14:48] <GM_Erik> Strike last line from record. (heh)
[14:49] <GM_Erik> Katrina: She's this way, about 50 miles away, boy she moves quick.
[14:49] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Tally-ho!"
[14:49] <JessicaKnight> no time to waste...
[14:49] * Tibor grins
[14:49] * Sir_Arik looks around wondering where Katrina is pointing.
[14:50] <GM_Erik> Katrina starts to fly off.
[14:52] * JessicaKnight zooms off in the same direction
[14:52] * Tibor follows
[14:53] * Sir_Arik hovers in mid air wondering where everyone is flying too.
[14:53] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Daniel, remember to keep your eyes on the road! hehehe"
[14:53] <Sir_Arik> "Hey guys! Where are we going?"
[14:53] <JessicaKnight> *sigh*
[14:53] <GM_Erik> Daniel pulls out a rope and ties it to Arik's waist.
[14:53] <GM_Erik> Daniel gives the rope to Jessica.
[14:54] <JessicaKnight> probably would have been better to tie it around his neck, but this will do
[14:54] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Daniel I can't see... don't you have any windows in this pocket?"
[14:54] * JessicaKnight zooms off again, dragging Arik behind her
[14:54] <Sir_Arik> "My neck?"
[14:54] <Sir_Arik> "AACK!
[14:55] <Tibor> "Jess and her bedside manner..."
[14:55] * Sir_Arik looks kinda wierd being dragged by the smaller woman through the air before he figures the flying thing out.
[14:55] <GM_Erik> Daniel laughs at Mika's humor.  "Sorry, if I make a hole you might fall out and get eaten by something.
[14:55] * JessicaKnight decides to flow low, right abover the treetops, "Hey Arik, watch for trees! *chuckle*"
[14:55] <Mika_no_Krynn> "I may be small, but I'm spunky!"
[14:56] * Sir_Arik starts to answer but chokes off what he is about to say when he smashes through a tree.
[14:56] <JessicaKnight> *giggle*
[14:56] <Sir_Arik> "Damnit woman! Keep yourself on the road!"
[14:57] * Tibor looks at Jess...shakes his head glad he has his sight
[14:58] * JessicaKnight suddenly climbs and gains altitude, then dive for the treetops again
[14:58] <JessicaKnight> whhhheeeeeeee
[14:58] <JessicaKnight> isn't this fun Ark?
[14:59] <GM_Erik> A large vulture flies towards the vicinity of the group.  It starts to fly above the group.
[14:59] * Tibor looks at the vulture suspiciously
[15:00] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Hey Daniel where are we now?.. How about now?.. Now?"
[15:00] <Sir_Arik> "Fun? Woman your sense of fun is severly warped! I could be seriously hurt and you laugh!"
[15:00] * JessicaKnight ties Arik to herself, raises the rifle and takes aim at the vulture
[15:00] <Sir_Arik> "What is going on Jessica? You aren't giggling anymore."
[15:01] <JessicaKnight> aww buck up chum! you're one friggin huge guy! don't let silly little things like trees stop ya!
[15:01] <JessicaKnight> I think I just spotted dinner...
[15:01] <GM_Erik> Vulture: "What a sorry sight of adventurers you appear. Tsk tsk
[15:01] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Hey Daniel... who was that?"
[15:01] <JessicaKnight> woah.. it talked..
[15:02] <Sir_Arik> "What talked? Our supper?"
[15:02] <Tibor> "talking vulture??"
[15:02] <JessicaKnight> yeah...
[15:02] <Sir_Arik> "Vulture?  It could be the witch! Remember we have to bring her back alive!"
[15:02] <JessicaKnight> shit...
[15:02] <GM_Erik> THe vulture continues flying overhead.  Katrins looks at it oddly and it turns into a person!
[15:03] <Vrryl> I'm no witch, although I've been called worse...
[15:03] * Tibor grins
[15:03] <Mika_no_Krynn> "That voice sounds familiar."
[15:03] <Tibor> "About time you showed up...Mika really stepped in it this time..."
[15:03] <Sir_Arik> "What is going on? Who are we talking to?"
[15:03] <Vrryl> So i've heard...pretty typical, I suppose.
[15:04] <GM_Erik> Katrina stops and says coldly, "We don't have time, what do you want?"
[15:04] <JessicaKnight> jesus christ
[15:04] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Hey shut-up..." Mika says in her diminutive voice.
[15:04] * Sir_Arik looks puzzled as he tries to get a picture of who they are talking to
[15:04] <Tibor> "He's an old friend...Katrina...our odds just got a little better"
[15:05] * Vrryl sigh, "Well, we should indeed hurry. Entangling yourself in curses is hardly the way we can combat the Four Horsemen, now is it?"
[15:05] <JessicaKnight> don't worry Arik, it's just "Mr. Oops I forgot there was a lizard mage behind the door"
[15:05] <Sir_Arik> "Old friend? You guys have a vulture for a friend?"
[15:05] * Sir_Arik looks even more puzzled
[15:06] * JessicaKnight grumbles
[15:06] <Sir_Arik> "I am beginning to realize why Odin sent me."
[15:06] <Mika_no_Krynn> "How in the world did you find us so quickly Vrryl?" Mika says from Daniel's pocket.
[15:06] <Vrryl> And about the lizard mage thing...well, I figured the extra challenge was necessary. *blinks innocently*
[15:06] * Tibor grunts
[15:06] * Tibor smells more bullshit
[15:06] <Sir_Arik> "A vulture named Vrryl? Actually the name fits the bird."
[15:07] <Vrryl> Easily enough, I just followed the chatter.
[15:07] <JessicaKnight> lovely... either way, it's good to see you again... considering the predicament we're in
[15:07] <Tibor> "Shape shifter Arik, Vrryl was never what he seemed..."
[15:07] <JessicaKnight> Arik, he's not really a vulture..
[15:07] * Sir_Arik looks quizzically in the direction he thinks Tibor is in
[15:07] <Vrryl> Good being back. Sorry took me so long...had MANY things to take care of first before I could join you.
[15:08] <Sir_Arik> "You would be right of course, normal vultures cannot talk. Perhaps a mage then."
[15:08] <JessicaKnight> good guess
[15:08] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Yeah, thanks a lot for dropping us off in the middle of nowhere."
[15:08] <JessicaKnight> an old friend of ours
[15:08] * Sir_Arik grins
[15:09] <GM_Erik> Katrina: Well, it is nice to meet you Vrryl, but we can catch up later.  We're in the middle of going somewhere, please, join us.
[15:09] * Vrryl shrugs
[15:09] <Sir_Arik> "How fortunate that we have stumbled across him then."
[15:09] * Tibor keeps his eyes peeled for the witch
[15:09] <Vrryl> Well, if I'd known you were going to be silly enough to walk yourselves into a witches home unprotected, I would have reconsidered JUST dropping you off. But alll things said and done, right?
[15:10] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Well lets get going... the sooner I get my sight back the sooner I can kick him in the shin."
[15:10] * JessicaKnight chuckles
[15:11] <Vrryl> Indeed. I suppose introductions are in order though...
[15:11] <GM_Erik> Gar: Yes, we should be going, we can talk on the way.
[15:11] <JessicaKnight> Katrina, are we closing in on the bitch.. I mean witch?
[15:12] <GM_Erik> Katrina nods.  I need to redetermine her location when we get closer./
[15:12] <Vrryl> ...but lets do it on the fly, shall we?
[15:13] * Tibor keeps his eyes peeled and a nose to the air...
[15:13] <JessicaKnight> agreed, let's move
[15:13] <GM_Erik> The group continues travelling.
[15:13] * Sir_Arik still looks a little lost
[15:14] * JessicaKnight explains the basics to Arik as they fly
[15:15] <Vrryl> My name as has been stated is Vrryl...I take it you're the wonderous Katrina I've heard much about, and you *looks to Sir Arik* are the brave knight Sir Arik come to join us on this quest. A priveledge to meet you both.
[15:15] * Sir_Arik smiles in the direction he believes Vrryl to be.
[15:15] <Mika_no_Krynn> "And what about me?  Don't I get a nice descriptor?"
[15:16] * Vrryl looks towards Mika's voice.
[15:16] <Sir_Arik> "Unfortunately you have the upper hand on me, I have no prior knowledge of you good mage."
[15:16] <Tibor> "Mika needs not introduction..."
[15:17] <GM_Erik> Katrina stops after a while and starts to cast something.
[15:17] <Vrryl> Mika, I've run out of positive descriptor for you. You have heard them all, and I am incapable and too simple to design any more befitting you. That work?
[15:17] * Vrryl turns back to Sir Arik
[15:18] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Yeah, sure Great Mysterious Mage of the Cosmos."
[15:18] <Vrryl> I am a companion of these three here, having travelled and endured much with them. Mika and I go back an especially long way.
[15:18] * Sir_Arik nods
[15:19] <GM_Erik> Katrina: we're close.  I think she's over that ridge up ahead.
[15:19] * Vrryl looks over to Katrina, then to where she is pointing.
[15:19] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Awww sweet... payback time."
[15:19] * JessicaKnight puts away her rifle, and prepares to cast a spell
[15:20] * Vrryl thinks he could live with the title bestowed upon him by Mika.
[15:20] * Tibor prepares himself
[15:20] <Sir_Arik> "Remember everyone, she is very clever and we need her alive."
[15:21] * Sir_Arik prepares himself as best he can in the circumstances.
[15:21] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Don't let her cast any magic."
[15:21] <GM_Erik> The area is covered in fairly dense jungle.
[15:21] * Sir_Arik looks to where he believes Jessica to be.
[15:22] * JessicaKnight reels Arik in until he's almost on her back....
[15:22] <Vrryl> She is in the ridge? You are sure?
[15:22] <GM_Erik> Clearings pop out to you vision here and there.
[15:22] <Sir_Arik> "Let me know when we are going to land Jessica, that way there won't be any major problems."
[15:22] <GM_Erik> Katrina: Just over it, in that general vicinity.
[15:22] <JessicaKnight> heh land? you gotta be kidding me....
[15:22] * Tibor sniffs the air...
[15:23] * Sir_Arik raises an eyebrow quizzically
[15:23] <Sir_Arik> "We aren't going to land?"
[15:23] <JessicaKnight> one we dive... grab me and don't let go.. we're going to do some hot dogging, and I wouldn't want you to hit a tree now.. ^_^
[15:24] <Sir_Arik> looks aprreciatively towards Jessica's voice, "My thanks for the warning."
[15:24] <Vrryl> Might I suggest landing before coming over the ridge? I'd hate to see one of you drop from the air suddenly..
[15:24] <GM_Erik> The group is near the crest of the ridge.
[15:25] <Tibor> "I like that idea...i feel like a target drone..."
[15:25] <JessicaKnight> any pinpoint as to her location Katrina?
[15:26] * Mika_no_Krynn casts Invincible Armor on Daniel.
[15:26] * Vrryl swoops down to near the edge of the ridge, and lands. Walking briskly over, he peaks over.
[15:26] * JessicaKnight activates her talisman
[15:27] * Sir_Arik activates his talisman
[15:28] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Thought you may need some extra protection Dear."
[15:30] <GM_Erik> Katrina: she's somewhere around here.
[15:32] <JessicaKnight> alright... well let's spread out and search.. raise eachother on the radios if you see anything....
[15:32] * Vrryl , having peaked over the edge of the ridge and seen nothing, steps back and activates several magical defenses.
[15:32] * Tibor finally decides to activate talisman
[15:32] <JessicaKnight> hey Arik baby, you'd better hang on tight cuz it's going to become one wild ride!
[15:33] * JessicaKnight drops into the jungle and starts slowly (20 kph) flying around the jungle floor looking for signs of life
[15:34] * Sir_Arik holds onto Jessica hoping that he doesn't get knocked off by hitting a tree.
[15:34] <Sir_Arik> "I pray that you will not be too suicidal in this endeavor."
[15:36] * Tibor still smells bullshit...overpowering everything...
[15:37] * Sir_Arik concentrates briefly while bringing a psionic power on line.
[15:39] <GM_Erik> You walk through the jungle.  A tree full of large vultures looms ahead.
[15:39] <GM_Erik> THe birds stare at you menacingly.
[15:39] * Vrryl brings up his Yll Tree Climber to track, following on foot while it sniffs around.
[15:40] * Vrryl glances up at the vultures...hmm...
[15:41] <GM_Erik> (Sir Arik feels some evil around him)
[15:41] * Tibor feels uneasy...
[15:44] <Sir_Arik> "Jessica? I am sensing a group of evil in the area. What is going on around us?"
[15:46] * JessicaKnight slows down
[15:46] <JessicaKnight> well there's a tree with a whole bunch of vultures on it
[15:46] <Sir_Arik> "Like Vrryl?"
[15:46] * Mika_no_Krynn whispers to Daniel "When we find her try to get close to it so I can jump onto it. Ok Dear?"
[15:46] <JessicaKnight> well.. sorta...... not that he's actually a vulture
[15:48] * Vrryl frowns at the vulture community glaring at him menacingly, and draws forth some energy. Energy flicker at the edge of his fingers, and he slams his hands together, causing a tremendous Thunderclap to burst forth from the center of the bird congregation.
[15:48] * Tibor almost forgot how nasty Vrryl can be
[15:48] * Sir_Arik is startled by the spell
[15:48] <Sir_Arik> "What was that??"
[15:49] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Surprise... we're here."
[15:49] <GM_Erik> THe birds squawk and flap their wings before settling back down on their respective branches.
[15:49] <GM_Erik> They continue staring down at you.
[15:49] * Vrryl frowns.
[15:49] * Vrryl pulls out a plasma caster.
[15:49] <JessicaKnight> Just Vrryl casting a spell
[15:49] * Vrryl opens up on the bird community.
[15:50] * Tibor holds his fire looking for an effect
[15:51] <GM_Erik> Several of the vultures squawk and fly into the air.  They circle overhead.
[15:52] <Mika_no_Krynn> "We're in combat already?"
[15:52] * Vrryl stops firing, his pride satisfied, and looks down at his Yll Tree Climber staring at him. "What?" It blinks. "Bah, track you fool." It sniffs and carries on.
[15:52] <Tibor> "Smile you're on candid camera.."
[15:55] <Sir_Arik> "What is going on? Spells and gunfire? Are we under attack?"
[15:56] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Watch it boys someone, probably her, is casting magic."
[15:56] <Vrryl> Got it.
[15:56] * Tibor would like a nicer target
[15:57] * JessicaKnight looks around
[15:57] <Sir_Arik> "Jessica can you fly me any closer to the Vultures? I need to know if the evil is eminating from them and perhaps which one."
[15:58] <JessicaKnight> hmm... alright.. hang on...
[15:58] <Tibor> "But are vulture's our target?"
[15:59] * Mika_no_Krynn "What is going on?" asks Mika in confusion.
[15:59] * JessicaKnight flies straight up through the middle of the circle the birds are flying around in
[15:59] <GM_Erik> Jessica flies closer to the flying vultures, and Arik feels a stronger sense of evil.
[16:00] <Sir_Arik> "I think she is hiding in amongst the vultures!  Watch yourselves."
[16:00] * Tibor wanders near the tree, sniffing for the witch and looking for dog tracks...
[16:02] * JessicaKnight veers off and starts casting a spell
[16:02] <GM_Erik> The vultures fly away.
[16:02] <GM_Erik> TIbor definitely smells something close.
[16:03] <GM_Erik> Mika senses magic in use again (and so does Vrryl)
[16:03] <Tibor> I smell the witch, can't tell where
[16:04] * JessicaKnight activates her magic optics system and starts scanning the area for highly magical yet evil creatures
[16:04] <GM_Erik> Jessica notices the vultures are all supernatural evil.
[16:07] * JessicaKnight starts to draw on her armor to cast a spell
[16:07] * Tibor wishes he had an MD shotgun of birdshot...
[16:07] <Sir_Arik> "What is happening Jessica?"
[16:08] * JessicaKnight ignores Arik until her spells is off
[16:08] <GM_Erik> The vultures continue to fly away.
[16:08] <GM_Erik> Daniel climbs up into the tree whch the vultures used to occupy.
[16:09] <GM_Erik> The vulture shrieks as lightning singes it badly.
[16:09] * Mika_no_Krynn casts the spell Detect Concealment from the confines of Daniel's pocket upon the vacinity of the horrid tree.
[16:09] <GM_Erik> It continues to fly away.
[16:09] <GM_Erik> Mika finds nothing concealed in the tree
[16:09] * Vrryl watches the light show, "Damn, tough bird."
[16:10] * JessicaKnight pulls out her rifle and click the saftey off while starting off after the vultures, "We're going bird hunting luv, gonna get us some dinner"
[16:10] * Tibor continues examining the tree looking for a clue to where the witch is...
[16:10] * JessicaKnight raises her rifle and starts shooting at the birds
[16:10] * Vrryl looks back over to Yll, "You sense anything yet, or are you going to disappoint me with another blank look?"
[16:11] * Sir_Arik looks distressed at the sound of a weapon being used.
[16:11] <GM_Erik> Yll looks at Vrryl with a blank look.
[16:11] <Sir_Arik> "What is happening Jessica? Are we under attack?"
[16:12] <JessicaKnight> not really.. those vultures are just flying away... I saw their auras, the're low leve but high PPE.... so i'm gonna smoke them anyways
[16:12] <GM_Erik> Daniel doesn't find anything in the tree.
[16:13] <Sir_Arik> "Remember to be careful Jessica, we need the witch back in one piece."
[16:13] <Vrryl> Dangit, you're useless. I'm taking away your kibbles N bits priveledge. Follow me, fool, we're going after the birds for now it would appear.
[16:13] <JessicaKnight> probably isn't the witch... she has to be pretty high level to put that taboo thingy.. these are all low leve creatures..
[16:14] <GM_Erik> Tibor finally catchs a good whiff of something about 40 feet away.
[16:14] <Tibor> "Vrryl! I have a scent over here!"
[16:15] * Tibor pulls out L'il Tibor...
[16:15] * Vrryl stops just short of taking off after the birds, and glances over at Tibor. "I'm on it!!" He takes off in the direction Tibor is pointing.
[16:16] * Sir_Arik turns his head in the direction of Tibor's voice
[16:16] <GM_Erik> Arik's sixth sense goes off.
[16:17] <GM_Erik> THe vultures turn and all attack Jessica and Arik.
[16:17] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Daniel you see anything over there?  Use the See Invisible amulet."
[16:17] <Sir_Arik> "Watch out! We are under attack!"
[16:18] <GM_Erik> Tibor's head starts to pound with a sudden, piercing headache.
[16:18] * Tibor groans in pain...
[16:18] <Tibor> "My head..."
[16:19] * Vrryl throws up See Invisibility spell to assist him against hidden creatures.
[16:19] * Sir_Arik 2 glowing blue/white broadswords appear in his hands
[16:19] <JessicaKnight> hey! watch where you stick those things hunnie,
[16:20] * Vrryl says over the comm link, "Careful of which one's you shoot, Jess...don't want to take down our prize by accident."
[16:20] <Sir_Arik> "Don't worry Jessica, I will be sure only to hit our foes."
[16:21] <JessicaKnight> *click* I don't think she's among the vultures, they all have the same aura
[16:21] <Tibor> "Damn witch...she's done something to on guard people..*groan*"
[16:22] * Tibor continues to search for the witch with tracking abilities
[16:23] <GM_Erik> The birds swoop in and out towards Jessica and Arik, pecking them all the meanwhile.
[16:23] <GM_Erik> They maintain a close distance for continued attacks.
[16:28] * Tibor activates psi-sight band see invis, see aura, detect concealment
[16:31] <Tibor> "The witch seemed to be from this tree here...but thats not going to help now..."
[16:31] * Sir_Arik realizes that he cannot fight with Jessica in such close quarters, so he releases his hold on her and hovers in mid air.
[16:31] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Daniel can you find her?"
[16:34] * JessicaKnight floats out a bit and continues to blast the ugly, oversized turkeys
[16:34] <GM_Erik> Vrryl sees two figures behind a tree.
[16:35] * Tibor activates psi-sight band see invis, see aura, detect concealment
[16:35] <Tibor> was done earlier...but a reminder to GM
[16:35] <Vrryl> I've got two figures on visual, engaging now!
[16:35] <GM_Erik> Tibor sees the figures as well, they're just standing there.
[16:35] <GM_Erik> One of them jumps onto Tibor.
[16:36] * Tibor dodges?
[16:36] * Vrryl sends in Yll to engage Hand to Hand, while he begins casting a spell.
[16:38] <GM_Erik> Arik manages to hack one of the birds, and Jessica disintigrates another.
[16:39] <GM_Erik> Vrryl begins casting a spell, and Tibor got caught by suprise, the man on him turns into a wolf.
[16:39] <Sir_Arik> "Creatures of evil! No quarter will be given you!"
[16:39] * Mika_no_Krynn says "I got an idea Honey, you go on and try to find her." as she climbs out of his pocket and lands on the ground.
[16:39] <GM_Erik> Mika starts to cast a spell.
[16:39] * Mika_no_Krynn begins casting the spell Life Source to convert her life essence into magical energy.
[16:42] <GM_Erik> The Yll Tree Climber knocks the wolf off of Tibor.
[16:42] * Mika_no_Krynn is wracked with pain as her life essence is transformed into magical energy.
[16:42] * Tibor stands with L'il Tibor drawn...
[16:43] <GM_Erik> THe vultures fly away from their fierce opponents.
[16:43] <GM_Erik> THe Yll Tree Climber attacks the wolf, but it seemingly does nothing.
[16:44] * Mika_no_Krynn strips off her clothing and gear, and begins casting Metamorph: Animal as the magic energies well up inside her. Slowly she transforms into a bat and flies up to look for prey.
[16:47] * Tibor see's a (black?) Tibor swing at a wolf...
[16:47] * Vrryl builds the energy for a Mental assault spell against one of the figures, but was thwarted.
[16:47] * Sir_Arik takes up a defensive stance in case the vultures return
[16:48] <GM_Erik> Tibor's sword cuts through the wolf like butter, leaving two pieces on the ground.
[16:49] <GM_Erik> The other figure starts to run into the jungle, and trips over a branch.
[16:49] <Tibor> "Gee...hope that wasn't the witch.."
[16:49] * Tibor turns to the other figure
[16:50] * Vrryl builds the energies for a second spell...
[16:50] <GM_Erik> Jessica takes out the other vultures as they fly away.
[16:50] * Tibor will pursue the other figure...
[16:50] * Mika_no_Krynn the bat takes off after the fleeing figure, using her newly acquired Sonar sense.
[16:51] <GM_Erik> Mika attempts psionic recourse.
[16:51] <GM_Erik> The figure on the ground isn't moving.
[16:51] <Sir_Arik> "Jessica, what is going on?"
[16:51] <JessicaKnight> not much.... just finishing off roasting some birds
[16:52] <JessicaKnight> seems like there's some commotion on the ground... let's go check it out
[16:52] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Over here guys!"
[16:53] * Sir_Arik nods towards where he thinks Jessica is
[16:53] <Sir_Arik> "I will be right behind you."
[16:53] * Vrryl walks up to where his captive is captive.
[16:54] * Sir_Arik lets go of the psionic energies powering his swords and then grabs ahold of the rope.
[16:54] <GM_Erik> A lady is lying there on the ground.
[16:55] * Vrryl lifts slightly off the ground and approaches above her. "Do not move. Do not speak. Do not act. Until we say you can. If you understand this, nod your head."
[16:55] <Tibor> "Resistance if Futile" i say to the witch
[16:55] <GM_Erik> Tibor does recognize the scent as the dog from the noght before.
[16:55] <GM_Erik> THe lady doesn't move.
[16:55] <Tibor> its the witch...or at least this scent matches the dog that escaped last night
[16:56] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Sorry guys I paralyzed her... she can't move."
[16:56] <Sir_Arik> "Excellent! Lets get her back to that poor village so she can undo the evil she created."
[16:56] * Mika_no_Krynn hovering in flight, "Well let's bind and gag her and take her back to the village ASAP."
[16:57] * Vrryl glances over at Mika, and frowns. "Now I feel a right tool." Looking back at the woman, he releases his adhesive carpet and places manacles around the woman's wrists.
[16:58] <Mika_no_Krynn> "i think I'll stay as a bat until we get back... this sonar stuff is kewl."
[16:58] * Tibor wonder's if the wolf was the witch's "familiar"
[16:58] <GM_Erik> You manage to quickly travel back to the village.  Everyone is still able to fly, and now Mika is too, as she is a small hairy flying mammal.  Daniel gathers up and carries her things.
[16:58] <Vrryl> Is this the witch who cursed you guys?
[16:58] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Yep."
[16:59] <Sir_Arik> "So I am told. I never did get a good look at her."
[16:59] * Sir_Arik grins
[16:59] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Actually she wasn't too bad looking... just a real witch."
[16:59] <GM_Erik> Katrina will testify to her identity.
[17:00] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Well let us get Jacol and start this ritual to heal us."
[17:00] * Vrryl nods, "Good, we'll question her further once we get to the village. Good work there, all."
[17:00] <GM_Erik> Upon your return to the village, Jacol is resting.
[17:01] * Mika_no_Krynn flies up to Jacol and reports, "Jacol we have the witch!"
[17:02] <GM_Erik> Someone is watching over Jacol.
[17:02] <GM_Erik> They say "please, wait, he must rest."
[17:02] <Mika_no_Krynn> "For how long?"
[17:03] <GM_Erik> THey shrug, "He was near death before"
[17:03] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Is there anything we can do to help heal him?"
[17:04] <GM_Erik> "As he told you before, he must rest, for the witch stole his life force.
[17:04] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Ok, I just do not treasure the idea of keeping the witch around the village."
[17:05] <Sir_Arik> "We will wait, come and inform us when he wakes."
[17:05] * Sir_Arik smiles in the direction he believes the villagers to be
[17:06] * Mika_no_Krynn Mika leaves the hut and flies back to where the party is.
[17:06] <Vrryl> What's the word?
[17:06] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Guess we wait until Jacol gets better."
[17:06] <GM_Erik> A couple days later...
[17:06] * Mika_no_Krynn Mika transforms in a discrete location back to herself and dons her gear.
[17:08] <GM_Erik> Jacol finally feels well enough to deal with the witch.
[17:08] * Mika_no_Krynn transforms back to human form in front of everyone, revealing her stunningly sexy body and once again dons her gear.
[17:09] * Sir_Arik wonders what the hooting is about
[17:09] <Mika_no_Krynn> "We thank you ever so much in helping us in this endeavor to be rid of the witch's curse Jacol."
[17:10] <GM_Erik> Jacol gathers Mika, Arik, and others together who have been affected by the witch.
[17:10] <GM_Erik> He also asks Vrryl and Katrina to be there for magical energy if need be.
[17:11] <Mika_no_Krynn> "So what do we have to do?"
[17:11] * Vrryl has much magical energy to offer if it is indeed needed.
[17:11] <GM_Erik> Jacol: just follow my lead miss.
[17:11] <Mika_no_Krynn> "But I'm blind..."
[17:11] <GM_Erik> Jacol takes the witch inside a building and has her tied to the wall.
[17:12] <GM_Erik> Jacol has Arik and Mika led up in front of the woman.
[17:12] <GM_Erik> Jacol asks someone to knock out the withc.
[17:13] * Vrryl volunteers Tibor.
[17:13] * Tibor rubs his knuckles....
[17:13] * Tibor goes for the knockout...
[17:13] <Tibor> winds up.....
[17:14] <GM_Erik> Jacol stops Tibor
[17:14] <GM_Erik> Jacol: Please, with something less violent.
[17:14] * Tibor looks disappointed
[17:14] <GM_Erik> Jacol: You could kill her.
[17:14] * Tibor groans...
[17:14] <Tibor> someone else got a subtle method?
[17:15] <Mika_no_Krynn> "I can make a sleeping potion..."
[17:15] <GM_Erik> Katrina casts a sleep spell, and the witch falls unconcsious
[17:16] <GM_Erik> Jacol thanks her and takes a really big knife.
[17:16] <GM_Erik> He leads Arik's and Mika's hands to her stomach.
[17:16] * Tibor looks at Jacol...
[17:16] * Sir_Arik quirks his face wondering what is going on
[17:16] <GM_Erik> He then slits her throat and lets the blood pour out over their hands.
[17:17] <Tibor> oh that won't hurt her a bit!
[17:17] * Sir_Arik tenses when he feels the warm blood hit his hand.
[17:17] * Vrryl 's eyebrow rises...less violent?
[17:17] <Mika_no_Krynn> "An odd sensation... wonder what that fluid is... kinda warm."
[17:17] <GM_Erik> Jacol: please, the others who were will, take my hands.
[17:18] <GM_Erik> Mika and Arik suddenly see their hands in front of them, covered in blood.
[17:18] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Ah, just blood... I CAN SEE!"
[17:18] <Sir_Arik> "I CAN SEE!"
[17:18] <Vrryl> Well what you think would happen?
[17:19] * Sir_Arik laughs out in sheer JOY of being able to see again
[17:19] * Mika_no_Krynn says, "Shuddap! Yeah!" and turns to hug Sir Arik in Joy.
[17:19] * Tibor feels like taking a swing at the witch anyway...
[17:20] * Vrryl pulls out a keg of beer, "Well then, shall we celebrate?"
[17:20] * Tibor but thinks better of it...
[17:20] <GM_Erik> The others who had the essence drained begin to look healthier once again, the color returns to their cheeks.
[17:20] * Mika_no_Krynn then spins and hugs Vrryl and gives him a light kick to the shin.
[17:20] <Sir_Arik> "I could not believe what it was like to be deprived of my sight, now I know that I never want to be blind."
[17:20] <GM_Erik> (Mika doesn't seem to mind covering everyone in blood)
[17:20] * Sir_Arik picks up Jessica and Vrryl in a bear hug
[17:21] <JessicaKnight> OW! HEY HEY HEY!!
[17:21] * Vrryl scowls at Mika, "Ouch...some thanks I get. Sheesh."
[17:21] <JessicaKnight> you're getting blood all over me armor ya wanker
[17:21] * Tibor makes a happy grunt
[17:21] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Just my way of saying thanx... let's get pissed."
[17:21] <Sir_Arik> "My thanks everyone for the effort put forward for our benefit!"
[17:21] * Vrryl smiles at Sir Arik's embrace, "Woah, there big guy. Good to see you're healthy again."
[17:22] * Sir_Arik gently puts down Vrryl and Jessica
[17:23] <Tibor> To Jakol:  You gonna mount her head on a pike or what?
[17:23] <Vrryl> Any time, knight. Now, take a swig of'll rinse away that tangy curse after taste.
[17:23] <GM_Erik> Jacol: No, I will dispose of the bad medicine.
[17:23] * Sir_Arik grins at Vrryl
[17:23] <Tibor> ok Jacol...
[17:23] <Sir_Arik> "What is it?"
[17:24] <GM_Erik> The village decides to throw a big party.
[17:25] * Sir_Arik shrugs and swigs the drink Vrryl is offering
[17:25] * Vrryl smiles, "Some home brewed ale...a bit of a bite, but tasty none the less."
[17:25] * Mika_no_Krynn Mika drinks like there's no tomorrow.
[17:26] <Tibor> might as well drink if we're facing the 4
[17:27] * Vrryl drinks like there will be a tomorrow, but he'll introduce himself to it in a very drunken stooper. After all, he's had a rough last couple weeks and needs a good break.
[17:27] * Mika_no_Krynn whispers to Daniel "Be careful tonight ok? Don't need anymore unplanned kids... not at this time."
[17:27] * Tibor joins in the merry drinking
[17:28] * Tibor downs a pint in a quarter second...
[17:28] * Sir_Arik drinks as only an asgardian demi-god can
[17:28] * Tibor lets out a good minute long belch
[17:29] * JessicaKnight yawns and tried to find a quiet corner to crash
[17:29] * Mika_no_Krynn conjures up a saucy party dress before the real festivities begin.
[17:30] * Vrryl spends time chatting with Sir Arik, Katrina, Erin Tarn, and's been some time since last he saw of them after all.
[17:31] <Sir_Arik> "So Vrryl, where do you come from? I know of the others but you seem much different than them."
[17:33] * Vrryl nods to Sir Arik, "I'msha bit different...I hail ferm North American continent originally. Then made my way around here and there. Got apprenished to a master, and learned magic. Now thatsh what I do!! And you, good knight?"
[17:34] * Sir_Arik smiles at the mage
[17:34] <GM_Erik> Erin Tarn and Lo Fung join the circle.
[17:34] <GM_Erik> Erin: Well, it is good to see you again Vrryl.
[17:34] * Mika_no_Krynn slaps both Sir Arik and Vrryl on the back, "He's ferm my home... kinda... have anohter drink."
[17:34] <GM_Erik> Erin: Though you look older when last we met.
[17:34] <Sir_Arik> "I come from the area known as Calgary, in the southern area of the province formerly known as Alberta in Canada."
[17:34] * Mika_no_Krynn the new dress copiously showing off her cleavage.
[17:35] * Sir_Arik blushes and averts his eyes from Mika's cleavage.
[17:35] * Mika_no_Krynn after pouring another drink for her compatriots spins away to find another victim... Tibor.
[17:35] * Vrryl smiles as Erin approaches, and makes room. "And you Erin. Glad to see you're still causing trouble with the Coalition. They're as annoyed as ever at your work."
[17:36] <GM_Erik> Erin frowns, "well that's not exactly my goal you know..."
[17:36] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Tibor!  You and me... drinking contest."
[17:36] <GM_Erik> Erin "But maybe I'll leave you be, not all of us can live life this way anymore you know."
[17:36] * Vrryl chuckles, "Just a mere effect...the result is the same. And it's much appreciated from the circles who understand what you do."
[17:37] <Vrryl> Old Calgary! I've heard of that...have yet to travel there. How is the area these days? I've heard many rumours...
[17:37] * Sir_Arik snorts in disgust
[17:37] <Sir_Arik> "Now?  It is a haven of demons and other supernatural evils."
[17:38] <GM_Erik> Erin and Lo Fung leave the revellers to their drunkeness, but Lo Fung whispers something to Vrryl as he walks by.
[17:38] * Vrryl shakes his head Erin's way, "The world needs people like you Erin...MORE people like you. You still hold the torch, and no one yet lives who can do nearly as good a job as you do."
[17:39] <Sir_Arik> "Once though it was a lovely area of ranchers and farmers."
[17:40] * Vrryl nods sadly to Sir Arik.
[17:40] <Vrryl> It will be again, Sir Arik.
[17:41] <Sir_Arik> "One can only hope Vrryl, one can only hope."
[17:41] <GM_Erik> Well, the night goes on, and you guys have fun, although you tend to party up a bit more than anyone else in the group.
[17:42] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Ahhh... that was a good time, just like old times.  Save the day, kick some ass, and party it up."
[17:43] * Sir_Arik raises an eyebrow at Mika
[17:43] <Sir_Arik> "I assume you do this an aweful lot?"
[17:43] * Vrryl nods to Sir Arik.
[17:43] <Vrryl> It's true.
[17:44] <Mika_no_Krynn> "As much as possible."
[17:44] <Vrryl> We kick ALOT of ass
[17:44] * Sir_Arik chuckles
[17:44] <Tibor> And drink even more afterward...
[17:44] * Mika_no_Krynn cast Cleanse on herself to freshen up.
[17:44] <Sir_Arik> "I am sure you do, otherwise you wouldn't be here."
[17:44] <GM_Erik> You guys are part of the main travelling group today.  Everyone is pretty much refreshed up (unless there wasn't enough time to get your used magic back)
[17:44] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Speaking of ass to be kicked..."
[17:44] <GM_Erik> And... you're a little hung over.
[17:45] *** Retrieving #RiftsIC info...
[17:47] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Hey Victor, how long have you been on this Earth?"
[17:48] * Vrryl rides along, delving deep into several volumes of books he'd brought along with him. Oddly, these books appear to take up more space than the bag he removes them from would suggest.
[17:48] <GM_Erik> Mika spends some time talking with Victor Lazlo.
[17:50] <GM_Erik> Gar and Tibor talk a fair amount.
[17:50] <GM_Erik> Arik discusses the horsemen with Fo Lung.
[17:52] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Hey Victor, have you ever done it with an Elf?"
[17:52] <GM_Erik> Victor: I don't think talking about that sort of thing is appropriate Mika, besides, Daniel's right over there.
[17:53] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Well I know Daniel has..."
[17:53] <Sir_Arik> "So Lo Fung, how long has this Pharoh Ramma Set exsisted?  And why are we just now learning of this dangerous man?"
[17:54] <GM_Erik> Lo Fung: Well, he has been around for some time now, building his empire, and I have known about him for some time as well.
[17:54] <GM_Erik> As for you? I am not sure exactly why you do not know.
[17:54] <GM_Erik> After all, is he not one of many powerful evils on this earth?  (with a sly grin)
[17:55] * Sir_Arik smiles at Lo Fung
[17:55] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Hey Victor, how many people lived on Earth in your time?  Any other races?  Monsters?"
[17:55] <Sir_Arik> "Well I am from North America and have not spent alot of time away from my native soil.  Right now the Cyber-Knights are more worried of the tensions between Tolkeen and the Coalition."
[17:56] * Vrryl 's ears perk up a bit at Mika's question, although he continues to stare into his book diligently.
[17:57] <GM_Erik> Victor continues to answer Mika's barrage of questions.
[17:59] <GM_Erik> A bit later,
GM Erik
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Sun 11 Oct 2015
at 17:37
Horsemen of the Apocalypse 1 - IC Chat logs
[18:00] <GM_Erik> A call on the radio comes from one of the advance squads informing them that there is something they must come and see.
[18:00] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Ooh, this sounds interesting..."
[18:01] <GM_Erik> You travel on for some hours to catch up with the rest of the group.
[18:01] <Tibor> "let's go!"
[18:02] <Mika_no_Krynn> "So what's so important?"
[18:02] <GM_Erik> It becomes abundantly clear what is important when you arrive on the scene.
[18:03] * Sir_Arik strains to see what is happening
[18:03] <GM_Erik> A large section of jungle is missing, or not missing as much as burnt to chars and cinders on the ground.
[18:03] <Tibor> "ok...this doesn't look natural does it?"
[18:03] <GM_Erik> For a mile around, nothing but bare scorched earth remains, and the pattern continues off into the distance.
[18:03] * Vrryl lifts his eyes from yet another tome once the party arrives in the area of question. His jaw drops at the sight...
[18:04] <Vrryl> Oh my...
[18:04] <Sir_Arik> "This is remenisant of the vision you had Mika."
[18:04] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Looks like we found our boy... just like my vision."
[18:04] <Tibor> "No weapon did this?"
[18:04] * Vrryl glances over at Mika, "What vision was this?"
[18:05] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Definitely not he most subtle of demons is he.  I used the Oracle spell to divine where the Demons were and I saw a vision just like this."
[18:05] * Sir_Arik shakes his head sadly at all the destruction
[18:05] * JessicaKnight mutters, "great.... just great"
[18:05] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Chances are this is the Horseman of War.
[18:07] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Maybe we should press on for a little bit more then stop to camp for the night."
[18:07] * Vrryl looks around at the destruction, "Could be. Did you happen to divine any other visions?
[18:07] <Sir_Arik> "I believe we shall encounter our first horseman quite soon."
[18:07] <GM_Erik> Anyone with psychic sensitive powers feels something very wrong and evil in the surrounding area.
[18:07] <Tibor> "Gee i wonder where he went?"
[18:07] <GM_Erik> It seems to permeate everything.
[18:07] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Bad vibes around this place..."
[18:07] * Vrryl feels his spine shiver
[18:08] <Vrryl> Mika, you happen to view any other visions?
[18:08] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Nothing more significant than this really."
[18:08] * Vrryl nods
[18:08] <Sir_Arik> "This should lead us to War quite easily."
[18:09] * Tibor doesn't feel the need to use tracking...
[18:09] <Vrryl> Be prepared for any of the may be War, but be prepared if it is another.
[18:09] * Sir_Arik looks at Vrryl
[18:09] <Sir_Arik> "That is wise, but the portents and the evidence points to War."
[18:10] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Either way, let us rest and prepare a strategy of engagement."
[18:10] * Vrryl returns the tome he was reading to a sac, and looks out. "So it does, but be ready for any of them."
[18:10] <Tibor> "How the hell does one prepare for ANY of the horseman?"
[18:11] * Sir_Arik chuckles under his breath
[18:11] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Skill, talent, luck, and determination..."
[18:11] <Sir_Arik> "Just by doing what we have been doing up to now."
[18:11] * Vrryl smiles over at Tibor, "Easily my furry friend, each has a method of combat. Each has a weakness. Be ready to exploit those weaknesses."
[18:11] <JessicaKnight> luck... heavy on the luck
[18:12] <JessicaKnight> sheat
[18:12] <GM_Erik> When everyone looks around and contemplates the situation, they notice some fresher, thicker smoke, rising off in the distance.
[18:13] * Vrryl looks out, eyes narrowing.
[18:14] <GM_Erik> it's about a mile away.
[18:15] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Damn... that smoke over there is mighty close.  We had better investigate it."
[18:15] * Sir_Arik nods to Mika
[18:15] * Vrryl glances Mika's way and nods, "It does look quite close. Dangerous if the threat of a Horseman is near our camp."
[18:15] <Sir_Arik> "I think that stealth might serve us the best in this situation though."
[18:15] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Agreed."
[18:15] <Tibor> "Damn that sounds crazy...lets do it"
[18:17] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Let's take the low road then and move through the jungle.
[18:17] * Vrryl dismounts his horse, and walks the beast over to a patch of grass near the edge of the destroyed clearing. He leaves the beast there with the main camp, and looks to his party members. "Well, shall we?"
[18:17] * Sir_Arik follows Vrryl's lead and tethers his horse near some grass.
[18:18] <Sir_Arik> "I am game."
[18:18] <Tibor> "It's a good day to die..."
[18:18] <Vrryl> Yes, and better if it's our enemies, don't you say?
[18:18] <Tibor> "But of course..."
[18:18] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Let's move..."
[18:18] * Vrryl claps Tibor on the back, "We'll be fine."
[18:19] * Mika_no_Krynn sets off at a jog into the shadows of the jungle.
[18:19] * Vrryl engages flight and lifts lightly off the ground.
[18:19] * Sir_Arik follows closely on Mika's heels.
[18:19] * Vrryl slips wide to the left, and parallel's Mika's course, engaging several stealth spells while he moves.
[18:20] <GM_Erik> You travel down the line for a while.
[18:21] * Mika_no_Krynn slows down her pace and begins to move more stealthily.
[18:22] <GM_Erik> As you approach part of the destroyed swath, you see one area which has more structure than the rest.
[18:22] * Sir_Arik moves up beside Mika and starts to move stealthily as well.
[18:22] <GM_Erik> It actually appears that buildings may have been there.
[18:22] * Tibor tries to move stealthily
[18:22] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Someone should go check it out, the rest provide cover."
[18:23] * Sir_Arik looks at the others
[18:23] <Sir_Arik> "I can go forward."
[18:23] * Vrryl says over the radio, "Moving in to check it out. Cover me."
[18:23] <Mika_no_Krynn> "We have a volunteer."
[18:23] * Sir_Arik starts to move forward but stops once he sees Vrryl moving.
[18:23] * Mika_no_Krynn raises her Wilk's pulse rifle and covers the area.
[18:24] * Tibor raises his rifle to cover
[18:24] * Sir_Arik grabs his ion pulse rifle and prepares for any trouble.
[18:24] * JessicaKnight follow behind everyone, kind of in a daze..
[18:25] <Vrryl> Look sharp people.
[18:26] <GM_Erik> Vrryl moves towards the area with what may have been buildings.
[18:27] * Vrryl engages several visual enhancements.
[18:27] <GM_Erik> Vrryl sees some short people standing near a fire.
[18:28] * Tibor tries to get a better angle...
[18:29] <GM_Erik> A small monkey is standing on one of their shoulders, turns, and starts hopping up and down.
[18:29] <GM_Erik> Its cries alert the people, and they run for other side of the swath, away from (unseen?) Vrryl.
[18:30] * Vrryl frowns.
[18:30] * Mika_no_Krynn sets off through the bush hoping to intercept the fleeing figures.
[18:31] * Sir_Arik moves quickly and quietly to where he can keep an eye out for trouble.
[18:32] * Tibor picks out a positon where he can keep an eye on Vrryl
[18:32] <GM_Erik> The short people make some noises and reach the other side of the jungle just ahead of Mika.
[18:32] * Vrryl reforms to human form, and removes his invisibility. He raises his hands to show them empty, "Please...I'm here to help. I will not hurt you."
[18:33] * Vrryl says over commlink, "Careful..they're unarmed. Do not startle them."
[18:33] * Sir_Arik moves up to where Verryl reappears
[18:33] <GM_Erik> Mika runs around the people, and they stop, waving their weapons towards Mika.
[18:33] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Ok... I'll try my best."
[18:34] * Sir_Arik ensures that his weapons are put away before coming into the clearin
[18:34] <GM_Erik> They attack Mika.
[18:34] * Vrryl moves towards the fire slowly, and sits down calmly.
[18:34] * Mika_no_Krynn raises her arms in a friendly gesture and puts on her most endearing of faces, "Please stop, we're here to help. We mean you no harm."
[18:35] * Mika_no_Krynn activates her talisman of protection and prepares to receive their blows.
[18:35] <GM_Erik> They hit Mika a few times, but seeing that she is not reacting, they turn and run into the jungle once more.
[18:35] * Mika_no_Krynn spins around and gives chase.
[18:36] * Mika_no_Krynn casts Tongues as she moves.
[18:37] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Please stop, we mean you no harm... we just want to help."
[18:37] * Sir_Arik moves upto Vrryl, "What is going on?"
[18:37] <Vrryl> Mika's giving chase.
[18:37] <GM_Erik> They ignore Mika's cries.
[18:37] * Tibor Joins Arik...
[18:38] <GM_Erik> Mika grabs one by the arm.
[18:38] <GM_Erik> The others stop and point their weapons towards her once again.
[18:39] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Please... we just want to talk... to find out what happened here."
[18:39] <GM_Erik> One of the others quaffs something from a leaf.
[18:40] <GM_Erik> He walks over the Mika and the guy shes holding.
[18:40] * Mika_no_Krynn holds steady, but passive.
[18:41] <GM_Erik> He reaches out and grabs Mika's arm, attmempting to wrench her from the small man she's holding.
[18:43] <GM_Erik> He doesn't manage to wrest her grip free, but she can tell that he's almost as strong as she is.
[18:43] <GM_Erik> It hurts Mika's wrist.
[18:43] <Mika_no_Krynn> "We just want to talk..."
[18:43] * Mika_no_Krynn uses Empathic Tranmission to instill trust in her attacker.
[18:45] <GM_Erik> It has no apparent effect, and he tries to get her grip loose again, but this time the other two help him.
[18:45] * Mika_no_Krynn lets go of the small man as the others grab her.
[18:47] <GM_Erik> The strong little man finally speaks: you, you big person, leave us be!  You are not human! YOu are evil!  We will come back to destroy you for helpig him!
[18:48] * Mika_no_Krynn rolls with the man's push, avoiding falling on her back.
[18:48] <Mika_no_Krynn> "I'm not evil, but nor am I human... I'm an elf.  I didn't help that creature, we are hunting it, to destroy it."
[18:49] <Mika_no_Krynn> "If I were truly evil would I not have killed you already?"
[18:49] <GM_Erik> Little Man: AH! you know the creature!  how do you know who I talk about unless you help him!?
[18:49] <GM_Erik> Evil comes in many forms!
[18:49] <GM_Erik> Mostly Big Forms!
[18:50] <Mika_no_Krynn> "A creature of such immense evil is well known throughout the world... heroes from across the planet have assembled to destroy it."
[18:50] <GM_Erik> (note, now that you stand next to them, you notice they are all about 4 1/2 feet tall)
[18:50] * Mika_no_Krynn kneels down to there level to speak with them.
[18:51] <Mika_no_Krynn> "I speak the truth, what can I do to prove it to you?"
[18:51] <GM_Erik> They look at eachother.
[18:51] <GM_Erik> They look at Mika.
[18:52] <GM_Erik> Little Man: Stay there, I can test you.
[18:52] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Ok... test away."
[18:53] <GM_Erik> The Little Man pulls out a piece of sharpened wood.
[18:53] <GM_Erik> The man indicates he would like to see your arm.
[18:54] * Mika_no_Krynn exposes her arm for the man.
[18:54] <GM_Erik> He takes the wood and presses the sharp point into Mika's arm in one swift motion.
[18:55] <GM_Erik> Suprisingly, Mika feels nothing,.
[18:55] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Ah..."
[18:55] <GM_Erik> The man shrugs and pulls out the pointed stick.
[18:55] <Mika_no_Krynn> "So?"
[18:55] <GM_Erik> Little Man: She is not evil.
[18:55] <GM_Erik> Other man: But she is not human, and she is big.
[18:56] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Yeah!  I told you I'm an Elf... from another plane of existence.... I'm not so big as you are short."
[18:56] <GM_Erik> Little Man: Then we take and teach?
[18:56] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Take?  Teach?  What?"
[18:56] <GM_Erik> Other man: No, you are more than human.  We cannot teach.
[18:56] <GM_Erik> Little Man: I say we teach.
[18:57] <GM_Erik> The man that seems to be their leader offers you a necklace.
[18:57] <Mika_no_Krynn> "There are others in my party that are human, just normal blokes... can you... oh, thank you.  Do I have anything for you.."
[18:57] <GM_Erik> Mika notices magic in the necklace.
[18:57] * Mika_no_Krynn takes the necklace and begins searching for something to give in return.
[18:57] <GM_Erik> THe man indicates for you to wear it.
[18:57] * Mika_no_Krynn puts on the necklace.
[18:58] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Ah this is too much, why are you giving it to me?"
[18:58] <GM_Erik> Mika notices that the men are now the same height as her.
[18:58] <GM_Erik> Little Man: There, now we can teach you, you are not big.
[18:58] * Mika_no_Krynn looks around to survery her new vantage point.
[18:58] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Ah... is this permanent?"
[18:59] <GM_Erik> Little Man: Come, call your companions, we must show you.
[18:59] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Ok..."
[18:59] <GM_Erik> Little Man: We will test them, then we can go.
[18:59] <Mika_no_Krynn> me telepathically calls for the others to come to her.
[19:00] * Mika_no_Krynn telepathically calls for the other to come to her.
[19:00] <GM_Erik> Mika notices her clothes are enormous now.
[19:01] * Tibor looks for Mika...
[19:01] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Ah... my clothes!"
[19:01] * Sir_Arik starts moving the direction that Mika indicated
[19:01] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Look at the size of my sword!"
[19:01] * Vrryl comes back on the radio, "Have them return to the fire, if they wish. We are there now."
[19:02] * Mika_no_Krynn over the radio "They have something to show you guys... they are pretty skittish, won't you come... trust me you'll get a laugh out of it I garauntee."
[19:02] <Tibor> "Ok.."
[19:02] <Tibor> "Better warn them about my appearance"
[19:03] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Right."
[19:03] * Tibor moves towards Mika's position
[19:03] <Vrryl> Fine, on my way.
[19:03] <GM_Erik> A small monkey-like creature jumps from the tree next to one of the little men.
[19:03] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Um... most of my companions are big fellows and some are really not human, but I assure you they are all good."
[19:03] * Vrryl follows behind Sir Arik towards the location given.
[19:04] <GM_Erik> a little man says to the monkey to tell the others to prepare, and the little tree person (yes, like before) jumps off into the trees and disappears.
[19:05] * Sir_Arik moves into the jungle up beside the now deminutive Mika
[19:05] * Mika_no_Krynn begins to slip out of her over sized clothing and to think of a new outfit.
[19:05] * Sir_Arik blushes when he sees what Mika is doing
[19:05] * Tibor hardly recognizes Mika...
[19:05] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Ah!  Sir Arik... didn't see you there..."
[19:06] <Sir_Arik> "Ahh I would think you would want some privacy for that sort of thing."
[19:06] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Just give me a sec..."
[19:06] * Mika_no_Krynn casts Create Clothing and makes a set of small camo fatigues for herself.
[19:07] * Vrryl walks passed Mika towards the gathering of little men, not overly concerned with Mika's lack of attire.
[19:07] * Mika_no_Krynn , after putting on some clothes and stuff her other stuff into her large pack, "So these are my friends."
[19:08] <GM_Erik> Little Man: please show me your arms.
[19:08] * Vrryl looks carefully at each of the small people, and smiles, "Greetings, I am known as Vrryl. Friend to goodly folk, and enemy to those who delve in destruction."
[19:08] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Don't worry guys... it's a standard good/bad test... it doesn't hurt."
[19:08] * Sir_Arik squats down and bares his right forearm
[19:08] * Vrryl nods, "Of course..." and offers the Little Man his hand.
[19:08] <Tibor> "Show us your arms? ok..."
[19:09] <GM_Erik> They administer the same test to Arik and Vrryl.  With that they seem satisfied.
[19:09] * Tibor bares a furry bicep
[19:09] <GM_Erik> Little man: You should come with us so we can show you.
[19:09] * Vrryl takes back his hand, waiting.
[19:10] <GM_Erik> The radio system starts to beep then.
[19:10] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Oh shoot, the others... better let them know what is going on."
[19:10] * Sir_Arik stands back up pulling his chainmail sleeve back down
[19:10] <GM_Erik> Thorpe is on the other end, making sure that you won't go off hot-dogging again.
[19:11] * Tibor calls the main group
[19:11] <Tibor> letting them know what we've found what appear to be freindlies
[19:11] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Sorry Sir Thorpe, we've encountered some natives.  They seem to know some stuff about the Demon, we're going with them so they can teach us some stuff.  We'll stay in touch."
[19:12] <GM_Erik> Thorpe over radio: Negative, come back to camp.  It isn't same to split up overnight, we need everyone together when we're this close.
[19:12] <GM_Erik> Thorpe over radio: we can talk to them tomorrow.
[19:12] * Sir_Arik looks at Mika
[19:12] <Sir_Arik> "What is being said?"
[19:12] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Well perhaps you can come to us... they are very skittish these folks.  Seems like a village of theirs got destroyed."
[19:13] <Mika_no_Krynn> to others: "They want us to come back to camp for the night."
[19:13] <GM_Erik> Thorpe: We shouldn't travel now, its dark and not as safe.  If anything, your recent escapades should reveal that.
[19:14] * Sir_Arik nods
[19:14] <GM_Erik> Thorpe: They can come to our camp if they wish, but we shouldn't split up at night, anything can happen.
[19:14] <Mika_no_Krynn> "I really think we can trust these folk, plus there is only a few of us gone.  Remember those little forest guys we encountered before, they are on good terms with them."
[19:14] <Mika_no_Krynn> to little man: "Um excuse me Sir, but could you guys come to our camp as our companions are worried about us."
[19:15] <Sir_Arik> "I think it would be best, the demon is close and we need to bring all of us to bear against it.  It is not a good idea to split the group."
[19:15] <Vrryl> I do not approve of his word, escapades.
[19:15] <Tibor> "Thorpe is one bitter dude"
[19:16] <Mika_no_Krynn> "He's just a cautious fellow... he's human after all."
[19:16] * Sir_Arik frowns
[19:16] * Vrryl frowns, "Human has nothing to do with it. If anything they tend to be the opposite of cautious...look at Jessica here." He smiles innocently in her direction.
[19:17] <Sir_Arik> "He understands that there is more than our small group at stake here.  If something should happen to us that would drastically reduce the other groups effectiveness."
[19:17] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Then why does everyone keep saying it's human to make mistakes?"
[19:18] <Vrryl> Bah, whatever. Let's just get on with it." Looks to the little men, and speaks. "We have a large, very strong, very safe party nearby who can help protect you from this evil. We are seeking it out to destroy it, and anything you can provide to assist us in this honorable quest would help significantly."
[19:18] <JessicaKnight> ?!?
[19:19] <Mika_no_Krynn> "So what do you say sir?"
[19:20] <GM_Erik> Little Man: We will stay with our own tonight.
[19:20] <GM_Erik> Little Man: We can teach you later, if you wish.
[19:20] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Can we meet you tomorrow then?.."
[19:20] <Sir_Arik> "Worry not we will return with the mornings light."
[19:20] <GM_Erik> Little Man: We will find you at first light.
[19:20] * Vrryl nods, "That would be fantastic. Please, be careful, and should anything threaten you, we re only a mile in that direction..." points towards the camp.
[19:20] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Ok, we will be near here then."
[19:21] <GM_Erik> Little Man: You must promise to stick with the lesson you have already started.
[19:21] <Mika_no_Krynn> "What would those be?"
[19:22] <GM_Erik> Little Man points at Mika and says we have already started to teach you.  You are learning as a pygmy now, and must continue to, or we will cease the lessons.
[19:23] <Mika_no_Krynn> "I'm not sure I understand you... I'm just smaller now..."
[19:23] * Sir_Arik nods in comprehension
[19:23] <Sir_Arik> "I do believe that is what he means."
[19:23] <GM_Erik> THe Little Man nods and starts to walk off into the jungle with the others.
[19:23] <Mika_no_Krynn> "I guess... look at the world from new perspectives."
[19:24] <Mika_no_Krynn> "I've been here before though... luckily though I'm not purple and covered in spots... bloody fairies."
[19:24] * Vrryl turns to the group, and regrows to normal size, "Let's get back. I'm starved, and have some reading to continue."
[19:24] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Ok, let's go... how am I going to explain this to Daniel?"
[19:25] <Tibor> "Maybe he's always wanted to have a never know Mika..."
[19:25] <Sir_Arik> "I am sure he will understand."
[19:25] * Mika_no_Krynn sets off into the night back towards camp... "Well it'll sure get him over any size complex he may have... heheh"
[19:26] <GM_Erik> *Return to Camp*
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Horsemen of the Apocalypse 1 - IC Chat logs
Session Start: Sun Feb 24 15:26:00 2002
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[16:45] <GM_Erik> Last time, the players' characters had returned to camp in order to stay with their group for the night.
[16:46] <GM_Erik> The pygmies had said they would return in the morning, leaving you to your own devices for the night.
[16:46] <GM_Erik> Mika promised she would continue learning the 'lesson' she already started.
[16:47] *** JessicaKnight sets mode: -p
[16:49] <GM_Erik> The evening and night go by, and morning is greeted by a nice quiet swath of destruction in which the players are camped./
[16:50] * Vrryl turns to Mika, "Not THOSE kind of lessons, Mika."
[16:50] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Oh, shuddap!"
[16:50] <Mika_no_Krynn> "It was a learning experience, that's all."
[16:51] * Vrryl offers the demi-goddess a few quips to start the morning off right, before packing up the few things he has.
[16:51] * Mika_no_Krynn takes the quips with an short air of indignancy.
[16:52] <GM_Erik> A voice is heard from the edge of camp, Thorpe is shouting Mika's name.
[16:52] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Yes?..."
[16:53] * Vrryl looks up from his pack, and glances to where Mika is.
[16:53] * Mika_no_Krynn Mika begins to walk over to the source of the shouting.
[16:53] <GM_Erik> It becomes obvious that it is a call for her to go to him.
[16:53] * GM_Erik erases the last line
[16:54] <GM_Erik> Mika approaches Thorpe and sees that he has several pygmies standing in front of him.
[16:54] * Mika_no_Krynn waves a hello to the newly arrived guests.
[16:54] <GM_Erik> Thorpe: They said they are here looking for you.  Are these the people you met last night?
[16:54] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Why yes they are indeed..."
[16:55] * Mika_no_Krynn motions to Thorpe to examine her reduced stature.
[16:55] <GM_Erik> Thorpe: why don't we go discuss this at the fire, bring them there, and I'll go and get the others
[16:56] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Oh yeah... a big pow-wow..."
[16:56] * Mika_no_Krynn approaches the pygmies.
[16:56] * Vrryl finishes up his minor packing, and tosses his pack over his shoulders. He heads into the direction where Mika and our 'friends' stand, using his ring to cast a spell reducing his size by half
[16:56] <Mika_no_Krynn> "I guess my friends want to discuss the situation around the fire, won't you join us?"
[16:57] <GM_Erik> One of the pygmies nods, obviously they have one of their number now that speaks English.
[16:58] <GM_Erik> The pgymies follow Mika to the fire.
[16:58] * Sir_Arik joins the group by the fire, his belongings packed into saddlebags
[16:59] * Vrryl steps casually over to the fire, and takes a seat, keeping a watchful gaze on the guests.
[16:59] <GM_Erik> Thorpe arrives with Erin and Lo Fung.
[17:00] * Mika_no_Krynn ponders some more outfits for her dimunitive stature while people arrive.
[17:00] * Sir_Arik nods a greeting to Thorpe
[17:03] <GM_Erik> Erin starts the conversation by stating, "We just wanted to talk about what you would be doing with our friends here" to the pygmies.
[17:03] * Sir_Arik crouches down on his haunches so as to make the pygmies feel more at ease.
[17:03] <Mika_no_Krynn> "That is a good question... what are these lessons to be learned?"
[17:04] <GM_Erik> A pygmy looks around and says, "We plan to teach them, they must know what it is like here in the Congo"
[17:04] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Why is that?"
[17:04] <GM_Erik> The pygmy speaking English looks at Mika and says, "Because, there are many things you do not know"
[17:05] <GM_Erik> Pygmy: One cannot work and live in the Congo without understanding the Congo
[17:05] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Well of course there are, but now I am interested in knowing how to defeat the Horsemen... is this something that can help?"
[17:05] <GM_Erik> Pygmy: All things are connected.
[17:05] <Sir_Arik> "How so?"
[17:06] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Is there a particular reason why I'm the only one that has to learn these leasons from this reduced height?"
[17:06] <GM_Erik> Pygmy: You started first, have you learned anything?
[17:07] <Mika_no_Krynn> "I've learned it is pretty harsh to be small... the amount of wise cracks I've received alone..."
[17:07] <GM_Erik> Pygmy: All will be revealed over the course of the day.
[17:07] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Excellent... one day."
[17:07] * Vrryl turns an sympathetic eye on Mika, "I can't believe that?!? Hmm...unacceptable."
[17:08] <Sir_Arik> "Will the rest of us be expected to follow Mika's example?"
[17:08] <GM_Erik> Pygmy: The leaves of a tree do not where wher they go until they fall from it.
[17:09] * Sir_Arik raises an eyebrow quizzically
[17:09] <Vrryl> I am already 'small', and must's a far more unforgiving world when you must view it from a height no greater than a brokavian fir plant.
[17:09] <GM_Erik> Lo Fung glares at Vrryl
[17:10] <Mika_no_Krynn> "So shall we get one with it?.. time is a wasting."
[17:10] * Sir_Arik nods
[17:11] * Vrryl ignores that glare, and plows on, "But I, too, am interested in these lessons. The Congo is a beautiful place, and I'd like to understand as much as possible."
[17:11] <GM_Erik> Erin: These men seem trustworthy, I say it is a good idea.  Perhaps we will learn something valuable.
[17:11] <Sir_Arik> "I too believe that time is of the essence.  War will not be in this area long before the need for destruction will overwhelm him."
[17:11] <GM_Erik> Pygmy: Gather the people you wish to accompany us, but only of the ones we met yesterday.
[17:12] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Well I'm here... all 1.2 meters of me."
[17:13] <Sir_Arik> "I too will accompany you, this is an experience I wish not to miss."
[17:13] * Vrryl nods at Mika's comment, "Same. All 3 meters of it." With that he stands, and prepares for departation.
[17:13] <Vrryl> Correction: 3 feet that should say
[17:17] <GM_Erik> So four people decide to accompany the pygmies.
[17:18] <GM_Erik> As you start to walk away from the fire, the pygmies point to you and say, "there is no need for any weapons or equipment"
[17:18] <GM_Erik> Pygmy: You should leave it here.
[17:18] <Mika_no_Krynn> "I am a weapon..."
[17:18] <JessicaKnight> what are you guys nuts?
[17:19] * Sir_Arik frowns briefly
[17:19] * Mika_no_Krynn leaves all of her over-sized gear with Daniel.
[17:19] <JessicaKnight> there bad as s shit out there@!
[17:19] * Sir_Arik then shrugs and removes his pack and other gear not needed.
[17:19] <GM_Erik> THe pygmy looks at Jessica, and looks at himself.
[17:19] <GM_Erik> He holds up his stuff (a knife, spear, and canteen) and grins.
[17:20] <GM_Erik> Pygmy: Don't worry, we will give you weapons when we get to our camp;
[17:20] * Sir_Arik pats Jessica on the back
[17:20] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Sharp sticks... nothing better."
[17:20] <Sir_Arik> "Plus myself and Mika will be near, and we can look out for the rest of you."
[17:21] <JessicaKnight> I still think this  is suicide
[17:21] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Well, at least you'll be... hehe."
[17:21] <Mika_no_Krynn> "You're starting to sound more and more like Tibor every day Jessica."
[17:22] * Sir_Arik chuckles
[17:22] <Sir_Arik> "I am sure he would disagree vehemently with you Mika."
[17:23] <Mika_no_Krynn> "You don't know Tibor like we do... the world is out to get him apparently."
[17:23] <JessicaKnight> I go quish real easy. unlike you guys.. I have to be a little more prudent...
[17:23] <GM_Erik> Luckily, Tibor is off on another scouting mission with Gar, and is not present for the discussion.
[17:24] <GM_Erik> The Pygmy looks at Jessica and says, "Do not worry, we all go quish like bugs under larger feet?"
[17:24] <JessicaKnight> oh great... this sounds real promising....
[17:25] * JessicaKnight sheds her armor and starts putting her stuff in a pile
[17:25] <JessicaKnight> why oh why did I ever come out here........
[17:26] <JessicaKnight> no weapons?
[17:26] <GM_Erik> The pygmies shake their heads
[17:26] <JessicaKnight> *sigh*
[17:26] * JessicaKnight turns to everyone else...
[17:27] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Let's get moving."
[17:27] <JessicaKnight> if I don't come back, ah hell i'll be dead anyways... do waht you want with this stuff
[17:27] <Mika_no_Krynn> "That was the plan."
[17:28] * JessicaKnight hangs her head....
[17:28] <JessicaKnight> great, great
[17:29] <GM_Erik> The pygmies make sure eveyone has left behind any excessive equipment, and start to lead you off.
[17:30] <GM_Erik> After about an hours of fast-paced travel...
[17:30] <GM_Erik> (one hour)
[17:30] <GM_Erik> Everyone arrives at a small camp located discretely in the jungle.
[17:30] <GM_Erik> It blends in so well, noone noticed it until you came upon it.
[17:31] <Mika_no_Krynn> "They sure know how to picks the spots, don't they?"
[17:31] <GM_Erik> Pygmy: THis is our temporary camp, after the demon destroyed our village.
[17:32] <GM_Erik> An older man approaches the group.
[17:32] <GM_Erik> The Pygmy Elder asks each person to bend over.
[17:33] <GM_Erik> (except Mika and Vrryl)
[17:33] * Sir_Arik crouches down and bends his head
[17:34] <GM_Erik> The Pygmy Elder puts a charm on the head of anyone over 4 feet tall.
[17:34] <GM_Erik> Arik and Jessica quickly shrink to four feet in height.
[17:34] * Mika_no_Krynn glances at Sir Arik and smirks... "I'm not the only fool now."
[17:34] <JessicaKnight> ACK
[17:35] <GM_Erik> English speaking Pygmy: Since your current clothing will not help you experience life in the Congo, life like ours, their are changes of clothes in that hut.
[17:36] <Mika_no_Krynn> "I knew this was coming..."
[17:36] * Vrryl fights back a comment, and instead focuses his attention on the wee ones'c
[17:36] <JessicaKnight> great'
[17:36] <JessicaKnight> just great
[17:36] <GM_Erik> Pygmy points over towards a hut.
[17:36] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Yet another group of fashion victims is born..."
[17:36] * Mika_no_Krynn strides over to the designated hut and enters.
[17:38] * Sir_Arik follows Mika into the hut
[17:38] * JessicaKnight walks over and starts to pick out new clothes
[17:38] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Always wanted to see me change, huh?"
[17:39] <Sir_Arik> "If I am to be a pygmy I cannot let my culture cloud theirs."
[17:39] * Mika_no_Krynn pats Sir Arik on the butt as they enter.
[17:39] * Sir_Arik jumps in surprise
[17:40] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Loincloths?!  Guess I've seen worse, let's see what we can do with these..."
[17:40] * Sir_Arik blushes at Mika's forwardness
[17:40] * Vrryl 's eyebrow rises at the strip of cloth that is to be his latest fashion statement. "Er...I think not. I prefer the clothing I am currently wearing, but thank you."
[17:41] * Mika_no_Krynn begins to remove her fatigues and ponders how best to wear the loincloths.
[17:41] <Sir_Arik> "Well the village doesn't seem to have the latest North American fashions that is for sure, but I am sure they have a reason for all of this."
[17:42] * Sir_Arik moves to a corner and starts removing his clothes and folding them into a neat pile.
[17:42] <JessicaKnight> AHHHh
[17:42] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Whoa... nice buns their Sir Arik!"
[17:43] * JessicaKnight gets all embarassed and looks away
[17:43] * Mika_no_Krynn ties the loincloths into a bikini fashion outfit.
[17:43] * Sir_Arik ties the loincloth into place and tries to hide the blush at Mika's comment.
[17:43] <GM_Erik> Pygmy looks at Vrryl and says, "You have more modesty than your friend there I see.
[17:44] <Sir_Arik> "Well, the orders training regimen forces us to be in the best shape we can be."
[17:44] <Mika_no_Krynn> "And it shows... umhmm."
[17:45] <Sir_Arik> calls out to Vrryl, "Come on Vrryl, I would have expected a great megaverse explorer to think this is just another walk in the park."
[17:45] <GM_Erik> The Pygmy looks at Vrryl and says: Are you going to get ready?
[17:46] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Well these things sure are comfortable if nothing else..."
[17:46] * JessicaKnight gingerly changes into a loincloth, top, and ties the pouch around her
[17:46] * Vrryl frowns at the pygmy, "Modesty has nothing to do with it. I simply feel more comfortable in my current that is how I shall stay. You must accept this, as two people of a different culture trying to understand one anothers similarities. And differences."
[17:47] <GM_Erik> The pygmy frowns in thought.
[17:47] <Vrryl> Sir Arik, I have teleported from one side of this galaxy to the other...seen alot of strange things. But nothing has ever made the necessity of the loin cloth necessary.
[17:48] * Mika_no_Krynn prances over to the pygmy elder, activating Tongues, asks, "Excuse me sir, but your staff did you perchance get it from a large, ancient, powerful tree?"
[17:48] * Sir_Arik ensures that the loincloth is tied in place and then exits the hut.
[17:48] <Sir_Arik> "Mika is right, these things are pretty comfortable."
[17:49] <GM_Erik> Pygmy: This is not about comfort, this is about learning, and teaching of, the Congo.
[17:49] * Sir_Arik looks at Vrryl, "That might have been then, but I would expect that those instances aren't this instance."
[17:49] <GM_Erik> Pygmy Elder looks at Mika and says, "My, aren't you precocious young on" and pats her on the head.
[17:49] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Yeah, I've been told that... it is just that I haven't seen one in a while."
[17:50] <Vrryl> Do not presume to know me, Knight. Nor the instances with which I refer. Comfort has everything to do with it, and there is only so far my trust extends. I am a being of learning, but so must I expect this of our current hosts.
[17:51] <GM_Erik> Arik feels a tug at his cloth, which suddenly flies off and onto the ground before he can react.
[17:52] <Sir_Arik> "I apologize if I have offended you Vrryl.  I had assumed something as small as this to be of little signifigance to you."
[17:54] * Vrryl turns to face the Knight, and looks down, frowning. "Indeed."
[17:55] <Mika_no_Krynn> "You shouldn't be so modest Sir Arik... hahahah!"
[17:56] * Sir_Arik blushes almost pure crimson and quickly grabs the loincloth
[17:57] * Sir_Arik quickly ties the loincloth back into place and ensures that it won't fall off again.
[17:58] * Vrryl leaves Sir Arik to his 'little' situation, and turns back to the pygmy. "As it stands I respect what you are trying to do. But please allow certain freedoms of us. I have my reasons."
[17:58] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Besides Sir do you really want to see that much of him?... Sorry Vrryl I'm just trying to help."
[17:59] <GM_Erik> The Pygmy Elder approaches Vrryl and indicates that he wants to whisper something to him.
[17:59] * Vrryl ignores the demi-goddess for the moment, intent on the pygmy in front of him.
[17:59] * Mika_no_Krynn executes a series of back flips and tumbling moves in her new outfit.
[17:59] * Vrryl nods, and steps over to the Pygmy Elder.
[17:59] * Sir_Arik shakes his head at Mika
[18:00] <Sir_Arik> "I am not interested in seeing anymore of anyone than is necessary, but I feel that doing what the pygmies want is important."
[18:01] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Hey, that hurt... you mean you think I'm ugly?"
[18:01] * Sir_Arik shakes his head at the way everyone seems to be defensive all of a sudden.
[18:01] * Vrryl 's face twists in thought, and he leans over to whisper back into the Elder's ear.
[18:03] <Sir_Arik> "No, I did not say that.  You are a very attractive woman, but I am only doing this myself for the mission."
[18:04] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Really?  You think I'm 'very attractive'?  You're not just saying that for my feelings are you?"
[18:04] <GM_Erik> The Elder continues his whispers with Vrryl and leads him off a bit from the banter.
[18:05] * Sir_Arik sighs
[18:05] <Sir_Arik> "I have no idea why this has to be brought up now, but yes I do think you are attractive.  Just as I would say of anyone as good looking as you."
[18:05] * Mika_no_Krynn smiles, "Hehehe."
[18:06] * Vrryl frowns, and continues whispering.
[18:06] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Leave it up to Vrryl to through a wrench in the works though, what's his problem anyways?"
[18:07] * Sir_Arik shrugs in Mika's direction
[18:07] <Sir_Arik> "I don't have a clue, but obviously this really has him on edge."
[18:08] <Mika_no_Krynn> "We all have our issues I guess."
[18:08] * Sir_Arik nods his agreement
[18:09] * Vrryl considers something for a long moment, sighs deeply, and whispers back once again.
[18:09] <GM_Erik> (psst psst psst psst)
[18:11] * Vrryl nods.
[18:13] <GM_Erik> The elder calls to another pygmy and says something to him.  The pygmy runs off.
[18:13] * Vrryl bows his head to the Elder, and heads into the hut. Returning a short time later in a loin cloth, all his articles tucked underneath his arm.
[18:13] <GM_Erik> The pygmy returns with a large sack.
[18:14] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Well looks like that was resolved..."
[18:14] * Vrryl drops his bundle into the sack, and places the sac on his back. "Shall we?"
[18:14] * Mika_no_Krynn nods her head in agreement.
[18:14] * Sir_Arik nods in agreement
[18:15] * JessicaKnight yawns
[18:15] <GM_Erik> A pygmy arrives with four spears, and gives one to each newcomer.
[18:16] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Kewl, pointed sticks... how do we use them?"
[18:16] * Vrryl takes the offered spear, and examines it.
[18:16] <JessicaKnight> I think we're supposed to just prod people
[18:16] <GM_Erik> Each person is also given a metal knife.
[18:17] * Sir_Arik accepts the proffered spear, and runs through some weapon drills.
[18:17] * JessicaKnight demonstrates by prodding Arik with the dull end
[18:17] * Sir_Arik frowns at Jessica
[18:17] <Sir_Arik> "I don't think that is what the spear is to be used for."
[18:17] <JessicaKnight> hey, just be happy i didn't use the other end
[18:17] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Alright, a knife and a pointed stick... we're moving up... next'll be plasma launchers."
[18:18] * Vrryl accepts the metal knife in the other hand.
[18:18] <JessicaKnight> yeah....
[18:18] <JessicaKnight> plasma cannons, now we're talking power
[18:18] * Sir_Arik accepts the knife while shaking his head at Jessica
[18:18] * JessicaKnight examine the knife
[18:18] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Ok, well we've got our gear... now what?"
[18:18] <GM_Erik> Three pygmies stand next to you and one says, "Now, you come with us"
[18:19] * Sir_Arik nods his head to the pygmy
[18:19] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Rock on..."
[18:19] <Sir_Arik> "Lead the way."
[18:19] * JessicaKnight is very suspicious
[18:19] * Vrryl looks up from his examination, glances around the area, and prepares to move out.
[18:20] <GM_Erik> The pygmies head out into the jungle.
[18:20] * Mika_no_Krynn hums "Welcome to the Jungle"
[18:21] * JessicaKnight me looks for someone to impale with the spear... so far she marks out 3 likely canadates
[18:21] <GM_Erik> After some walking the leading Pygmy says, "We're just going to catch some food for the camp, we're looking for Cape Buffalo.
[18:21] <Mika_no_Krynn> "What do they look like?"
[18:22] <JessicaKnight> so we're hunting?
[18:22] <GM_Erik> Pygmy: Feel free to help look for tracks, they're large and hooved.
[18:22] * Sir_Arik nods and starts to look for the tracks
[18:22] * Mika_no_Krynn begins searching for tracks, "And none of our sniffers are hear either... bummer."
[18:23] * Vrryl looks up at the tree canopy far above, scanning for any possible threats, before letting his eyes settle to the jungle floor.
[18:23] <GM_Erik> Arik and Mika spot a track at the same time.
[18:24] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Hey... look at these."
[18:25] * Mika_no_Krynn motions to the group to where she found the tracks.
[18:25] <Sir_Arik> "I would assume these are the tracks we are looking for."
[18:25] <GM_Erik> Pygmy comes over and says, ah yes, there is one.  We will follow these.
[18:25] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Sweet, aren't we lucky."
[18:26] <GM_Erik> The Pygmy looks at everyone else at waits for someone to take the lead.
[18:26] * Mika_no_Krynn steps forward to continue the search.
[18:26] * Sir_Arik falls in behind Mika to follow the tracks
[18:30] <GM_Erik> Mika and Arik start to walk off one way, and a pygmy makes a grunt, and points another way.
[18:30] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Ah sorry, got a bit distracted."
[18:30] <GM_Erik> THe pygmy points to a  lump on the ground, and says, "we are close"
[18:31] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Indeed... so how big are these things?"
[18:31] <GM_Erik> Pygmy: Much bigger than we.
[18:31] * Sir_Arik moves up to see what the pygmy is pointing at
[18:32] <Sir_Arik> "I hope we can catch it off guard then."
[18:35] <GM_Erik> A loud noise starts towards Vrryl.
[18:35] * Mika_no_Krynn spins to look in that direction.
[18:36] * Sir_Arik moves to see what it is
[18:36] * Vrryl suddenly stops, and crouches low...his eyes glare through the trees.
[18:36] * JessicaKnight duks behind a tree and looks in the direction of the noise
[18:37] * Vrryl , upon hearing the noise coming his way, digs the butt end of the spear into the ground and holds it with his foot. The pointy end sticking towards the oncoming noise.
[18:38] <GM_Erik> A large Cape Buffalo (you presume) comes running right out of the jungle at Vrryl.  It measures over 8 feet long and is 5 feet at the shoulder.
[18:39] * Vrryl tightens his grip on the spear and prepares to insert pointy end into soft flesh of beast.
[18:40] <GM_Erik> The Buffalo tramples into the spear, lodging it in its shoulder and crashes into Vrryl with its head.
[18:43] * Mika_no_Krynn leaps over with spear in hand to get the creature off Vrryl.
[18:43] <GM_Erik> Vrryl gets knocked down by the animal towards a tree.
[18:44] * Vrryl grunts, and starts trying to disentangle himself from the ground, beast and foliage.
[18:45] <GM_Erik> Mika tries to spear the animal, but it knocks the spear away with its large horns.
[18:46] * Sir_Arik leaps into the fray to aid Mika
[18:47] <GM_Erik> Arik stabs the buffalo in the side, and his spear breaks off in its side.
[18:47] <GM_Erik> The animal groans loudly.
[18:47] <GM_Erik> At that moment, a rock comes flying and hits the buffalo in the head.
[18:47] <GM_Erik> A Pygmy is goading him on and the buffalo charges towards the pygmy in a rage.
[18:48] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Gutsy little guy..."
[18:48] <GM_Erik> Before it reaches the pygmy, the two others jump out from behind other trees and stab in it the neck.
[18:49] <GM_Erik> It falls to the ground before reaching the goading pygmy.
[18:49] * Sir_Arik runs upto the fallen beast and checks to see if it is truly dead.
[18:49] <Mika_no_Krynn> "That was easy."
[18:50] * JessicaKnight stops her spell
[18:50] <JessicaKnight> well, no point in wasting my PPE now is there?
[18:50] * Sir_Arik pulls the broken remnants of his spear from the corpse
[18:50] <GM_Erik> Pygmy: That is how we must deal with something this large.
[18:51] * Vrryl picks himself up, and pats the dust off. He looks up to find the beast dead, and the others examining it. Hm.
[18:51] <GM_Erik> Pygmy: Now we shall cut it up and carry it back to the camp.
[18:53] <GM_Erik> They start to butcher the corpse quickly and efficiently.
[18:53] * Vrryl steps over to the corpse and assists where he can.
[18:53] <Sir_Arik> "These guys definitely know how to hunt cape buffalo."
[18:54] <Mika_no_Krynn> "I wonder how they taste?"
[18:54] <GM_Erik> After cutting up the animal, everyone is given a large portion of this heavy creature, and starts the long trek back to the camp
[18:54] * Sir_Arik shrugs
[18:54] <Mika_no_Krynn> "These spears don't stand up to too much do they?"
[18:55] * Sir_Arik frowns
[18:55] <Mika_no_Krynn> "I'd let you have mine, but I like long shafts insted of short ones... hehehe"
[18:56] * Vrryl takes his peice, with great effort, and follows the party back to camp.
[18:56] * Sir_Arik shakes his head at Mika's poor taste in jokes
[18:56] <Sir_Arik> "I forget though that my strength might overcome the structual integrity of such weapons."
[18:56] <GM_Erik> On the way back to the camp, the pygmies point out various plants and animals in the jungle.
[18:57] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Are all of these edible?"
[18:57] <GM_Erik> Most of the plants are medicinal.  They also explain that since the cape buffalo are so large and aggrssive , but not very bright, that they use strategies such as that to hunt them fairly effectively.
[18:58] <GM_Erik> Pygmy: Teamwork and effective use of our size.  the pygmy laughs.
[18:58] <Vrryl> Is Cape Buffalo your main meat staple, then?
[18:58] <GM_Erik> Pygmy: We hunt several large animals, boar, Wildebeest, but not the predators or the elephant.
[18:59] <Mika_no_Krynn> "What type of predators are there around here?"
[18:59] <GM_Erik> Pygmy: many large cats, and many supernatural dangers.
[19:00] <GM_Erik> The pygmies stop and look up into a tree.
[19:00] * Vrryl follows the pygmies gaze.
[19:01] * Mika_no_Krynn follows suit.
[19:01] <GM_Erik> A pygmy points up into the tall (20 foot) tree.
[19:02] <GM_Erik> The tree's trunk is 20 feet of smooth material that goes straight up into its branches, which seem to extend even farther up thr tree.
[19:02] <GM_Erik> Pygmy: This tree bears good fruit, the best in the Congo, but it can be hard to get to.
[19:02] <Vrryl> Because of the climb to reach the top?
[19:03] <GM_Erik> Pygmy: Yes, why don't you try doing it our way, without any special powers.
[19:04] <GM_Erik> The tree's trunk is 6 feet in diameter
[19:04] * Vrryl looks around for vines and hanging branches from nearby folliege.
[19:05] <GM_Erik> Vrryl finds that under this tree is nothing but empty clearing, but he does find such things away from the tree
[19:05] <Sir_Arik> "And how do you pygmy's do it?"
[19:06] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Shoot down the fruit with stones?"
[19:06] <GM_Erik> Pygmy: That would be telling.
[19:06] * Sir_Arik scratches his chin and moves to the base of the tree
[19:06] * Vrryl follows the trail of the vines and branches up, and considers how closely they touch deep in the canopy.
[19:07] * Sir_Arik snaps his fingers
[19:07] * Sir_Arik moves to a vine and cuts about an 8 foot length
[19:07] <GM_Erik> There is a gap of about 5-10 feet betwen this tree and all of its neighbors.
[19:07] * JessicaKnight leans against another tree, "Hrump, what's the point of doing it if it kills you in the end..."
[19:08] * Sir_Arik then moves back to the tree and throws the vine around the tree
[19:09] * Vrryl turns to the pygmy, "What do these fruit look like, and how well are they connected to the tree?"
[19:10] <GM_Erik> Arik tries to start shimmying up the tree, and gets up a few feet before sliding back down.  A Pygmy says: Unfortunately, this tree has a slippery covering which prevents any good purcahse around the trunk.
[19:10] <GM_Erik> Pygmy: That makes the fruit even better.
[19:11] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Try shaking the tree..."
[19:12] <Sir_Arik> "We could always try climbing over each other...."
[19:12] * Mika_no_Krynn follows her own suggestion and attempts to shake the tree a bit to test the sturdiness of the fruit.
[19:13] <JessicaKnight> why don't you guys just chop the tree down?
[19:13] <JessicaKnight> then you can get at whatever's up top
[19:14] * Sir_Arik quirks an eyebrow at Jessica's suggestion
[19:14] <Sir_Arik> "But then we could never get fruit from the tree ever again."
[19:14] <GM_Erik> Pygmy, taking this seriously says, "But then we can't get any more from this tree.
[19:14] <JessicaKnight> at least you'll have the fruit
[19:15] <GM_Erik> Mika shakes the tree.
[19:15] <GM_Erik> THe Pygmy answers Vrryl now: No, THe fruit won't come loose, they have to be cut down.
[19:16] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Could have told me that before I shook the tree..."
[19:16] * Sir_Arik examines the tree for any clues to the current situation
[19:17] * Mika_no_Krynn walks over to a neighbouring tree and begins to climb it.
[19:17] * Vrryl nods to the Pygmy, and steps over to a tree with many thin vines on it. He begins climbing the tree with the intention of reaching a high enough point where he can slice two very long but sturdy vines off.
[19:19] * Mika_no_Krynn attempts to climb the tree herself, using the bare patches of the tree surface to get a hand hold, and continuing to remove patches as she goes up.
[19:20] <Mika_no_Krynn> Strike the neighbouring tree climb from record.
[19:20] <GM_Erik> Mika's attempts at the base of the tree start to make small holes where her feet are, the surface gives way and she falls back to the ground.
[19:21] * Sir_Arik gently removes some of the bark
[19:21] <GM_Erik> Vrryl gets two sturdy vines in a neighboring tree.
[19:21] * Mika_no_Krynn will use her knife as a hand anchor to pull herself up, and her spear in the other hand.
[19:21] * JessicaKnight sits down under a tree and relaxes for a bit, taking in the show
[19:22] * Vrryl ties one of the vines to the center of his spear shaft, and, holding onto the end, tosses the spear over to the fruit tree, attempting to catch the spear in the branches.
[19:24] * JessicaKnight prods one of the pygmys, "So how far up is the fruit?"
[19:25] <GM_Erik> Pygmy: It's high, you don't like fruit?
[19:26] <JessicaKnight> oh, fruit is just fine
[19:27] <GM_Erik> Vrryl manages to catch his spear in the branches.
[19:27] <GM_Erik> Arik starts climbing into the tree
[19:27] * Mika_no_Krynn gives up her attempt and sits down by another tree to watch Sir Arik climb.
[19:28] * Vrryl gives the rope a solid tug to explore the sturdiness of his anker.
[19:29] <GM_Erik> Vrryl feels he can support his weight, he hopes.
[19:29] <GM_Erik> Arik disappears into the hole.
[19:29] <GM_Erik> Pygmy: That's the hole we made before, the tree heals over, but it remains weak on the outside.
[19:30] * Vrryl takes his second vine, and ties the end to the tree he is in. He then shimmies back to the bottom, and begins climbing his rope with the spear on it, with the end of the second vine tied around his waste.
[19:32] <GM_Erik> Jessica and Mika see something rustling around in the branches.
[19:33] * Vrryl reaches the branches of the fruit tree, and takes the end of his second rope, and ties it off, connecting the two trees. He takes back his spear, and second rope, and begins to search for this fruit to cut down.
[19:34] * JessicaKnight points up, "Hey, what's that?"
[19:34] * Mika_no_Krynn observes the rustling with curiosity.
[19:34] <Vrryl> correction: He takes back his spear and FIRST rope
[19:35] <GM_Erik> Pygmy: You know, I thought you would just make a human ladder.
[19:36] <JessicaKnight> hahaha....
[19:36] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Some of us are kinda squeemish about climbing on others."
[19:37] <GM_Erik> Arik waves to Vrryl
[19:37] <JessicaKnight> but why do that when you can fly?
[19:37] <GM_Erik> Pygmy: Why waste energy on flight, when you can climb.
[19:37] * Vrryl is too busy hunting this fruit to notice anyone waving
[19:37] <JessicaKnight> its' easier to fly than climb
[19:38] <Mika_no_Krynn> "You could even just levitate... use even less energy."
[19:38] * Sir_Arik cuts off a couple pieces of fruit
[19:38] <JessicaKnight> heh.. if only I had that spell
[19:38] <GM_Erik> Vrryl is indeed right next to Arik
[19:38] <GM_Erik> Pygmy: But sometimes magic does not work.
[19:39] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Then you use psionics."
[19:39] <GM_Erik> Pygmy: But not everyone has such abilities.
[19:39] <GM_Erik> Vrryl notices some stuff right next to Arik.
[19:39] <JessicaKnight> or better yet, just stick with meat
[19:40] <GM_Erik> A pymgy shouts: get a lot!
[19:40] <JessicaKnight> exactally.. if you got it, use it, if you don't, tough
[19:40] <Mika_no_Krynn> "But some do... you must know your abilities to maximize your own potential."
[19:40] * Sir_Arik gives the thumbs up to the pygmy
[19:40] <GM_Erik> Pygmy: But sometimes you need aid from your allies who might not be able to do what you can.
[19:40] * Vrryl slices off a fruit for each person, places them in his bag, then attaches the first rope to a large branch. He climbs back down and presents the fruit to the others.
[19:40] <Mika_no_Krynn> "I'm not following you now..."
[19:42] * Sir_Arik cuts as much as he can carry, and then climbs back down inside the tree.
[19:42] <GM_Erik> (and Arik can carry a lot)
[19:43] <GM_Erik> Pygmy: Well, if we are to help you in an endeavor, and each one of us must accomplish the same task, how does it help me if I cannot do what you can?
[19:43] <GM_Erik> The pygmy takes a fruit and a knife and cuts it open, revealing its juicy insides.
[19:44] <GM_Erik> Pygmy: We shall eat this on the way back, since you did figure out how to get it down.
[19:44] * Sir_Arik smiles at the group
[19:44] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Who said a person can't help another?"
[19:44] <JessicaKnight> it doesn't help you... you end up failing
[19:44] <Sir_Arik> "Vrryl and I have enough for all!"
[19:44] <GM_Erik> The pygmy looks at Vrryl and says, "even if it was a bit complicated" and smiles.
[19:44] <JessicaKnight> but I end up succeeding, and that's all that counts
[19:45] * Vrryl shrugs, "Well, now you need less people to gain access to the fruit, as there is a rope leading up into the branches."
[19:45] <GM_Erik> The fruit is some of the BEST you have ever tasted, even in the long lives of some of the people present.
[19:46] <GM_Erik> Pygmy: Well, it may remain for a few days, before it rots.
[19:46] * Sir_Arik smiles at the wonderful taste
[19:46] <Sir_Arik> "I am impressed, the fruit was definitely worth the endeavor."
[19:47] * Vrryl humms in delite.
[19:47] <JessicaKnight> the endavour? yeah, but that much work?
[19:47] * Sir_Arik shrugs at Jessica's comment
[19:47] <Sir_Arik> "You work hard to make your techno-wizard items, no?  How is this different?"
[19:48] <JessicaKnight> heeh I do it so I don't have to do things the hard way....
[19:49] <JessicaKnight> a day of two of hard work, versus the multiple time that I can save the hard work by doing it the easy way
[19:50] <GM_Erik> So, the bantering continues and the pygmies lead everyone back to the camp yb midday
[19:51] * Vrryl turns to Jessica, wiping juice from his lower lip, "Yes yes's easier to fly. But why not enjoy a simple challenge every while and a once? Who knows, you may learn something."
[19:52] <JessicaKnight> bah... challenges are overrated
[19:52] <Vrryl> Uh-huh
[19:52] <JessicaKnight> keep everything nice and simple when you can
[19:52] <Vrryl> How's that Sniper rifle coming along, by the way?
[19:53] <JessicaKnight> pretty good.... now if I can only keep Mika's hair from.... er... I mean...... umm....
[19:53] * Mika_no_Krynn raises an eye in Jessica's direction.
[19:53] <Vrryl> So your Sniper rifle is not yet completed?
[19:54] <JessicaKnight> hahaha..... I mean keep the targeting system from going wack.. yeah.. that's it
[19:54] <JessicaKnight> nah.. i'll get one of my techs to tweak a few things
[19:54] <Vrryl> Sounds tough...
[19:54] <JessicaKnight> nope, not when you can get someone to do it for you!
[19:54] * JessicaKnight giggles
[19:55] * Sir_Arik shakes his head
[19:55] * Vrryl grins, "And if they can't?
[19:55] <Sir_Arik> "One day you will have only yourself to count on.  Then what will you do Jessica?"
[19:55] <Mika_no_Krynn> "You men always over think things... you give them shit!"
[19:55] <JessicaKnight> then they suck, i'll just find someone better
[19:56] <JessicaKnight> heh.. we'll see if and when that day comes
[19:56] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Just get married..."
[19:56] <GM_Erik> As the conversation continues over lunch, the pygmies indicate that there is one more thing to do today.
[19:57] <Sir_Arik> "It is always better to be prepared.  Infact there was a pre-rifts group called the scouts that had a motto stating be prepared."
[19:57] <Mika_no_Krynn> "One last thing before I can grow up?"
[19:57] <Mika_no_Krynn> "And where are they Sir Arik?"
[19:57] * Sir_Arik shrugs
[19:58] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Toast."
[19:58] <Sir_Arik> "I don't know, but I do know that even my organization uses much the same ideals."
[19:59] <Mika_no_Krynn> "You can hit me upside the head anytime here Sir Arik... I'm just being a cynical bitch..."
[19:59] * Sir_Arik smiles briefly
[20:00] <Sir_Arik> "No, I understand where you are coming from.  Still it is always important to be able to count solely on yourself."
[20:00] <Mika_no_Krynn> "That's why I strive to be multi-talented... you know I'm quite good at sewing too."
[20:01] <GM_Erik> The pygmies indicate that it is time to go.
[20:01] <Sir_Arik> "Yes, so I have noted by your different outfits everyday."
[20:02] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Yeah, it's fun... Wow you guys live busy lives here... "
[20:02] <Sir_Arik> "Lead on good people, I want to learn more."
[20:03] <GM_Erik> The pygmies begin to lead you on another trek through the jungle
[20:03] <Mika_no_Krynn> "So what's the goal now?"
[20:03] <GM_Erik> Pygmy: We go to meet the elder.
[20:03] * Vrryl finishes up the last of his fruit, and prepares to move out.
[20:04] <Mika_no_Krynn> "He doesn't live at the village?"
[20:04] <Sir_Arik> "This should be interesting."
[20:05] <GM_Erik> After a long walk (again), the pygmies stop and shush the group.
[20:06] * Mika_no_Krynn looks around to survey her surroundings.
[20:06] <GM_Erik> Some noises are coming from the jungle nearby, loud roars.
[20:07] * Sir_Arik peers in the direction the sound comes from
[20:07] * Mika_no_Krynn whispers, "Ooh, what are those?"
[20:07] <GM_Erik> The pygmy shushes Mika again.
[20:08] <GM_Erik> The roars seem to occur in pairs.
[20:09] *** Vrryl has quit IRC ( )
[20:10] *** Vrryl has joined #RiftsIC
[20:10] * Mika_no_Krynn gestures an appology.
[20:12] <GM_Erik> Two of the three pygmies gesture for everyone to move under a large dead log.
[20:12] * Vrryl moves under a large dead log.
[20:12] <GM_Erik> THe third stands there in the clearing and jumps up and down a couple times.
[20:12] * Sir_Arik moves under the log after Vrryl.
[20:12] * Mika_no_Krynn climbs under the log after Jessica.
[20:13] <GM_Erik> two pygmies join them under the rotting log
[20:13] <GM_Erik> Everyone under the log has a slightly obstructed view of the clearing, and they see two large creatures walk into it.
[20:14] * Mika_no_Krynn looks on in anticipation.
[20:14] <GM_Erik> The large creatures are Chimeras, 4 feet tall, and 14 feet long, with a lion head and body, goat legs, and dragon tail!
[20:14] <GM_Erik> They roar at the standing pygmy charge toward him.
[20:15] <GM_Erik> He begins a sprint into the jungle, and is quickly out of sight, followed by huge gouts of flame coming from their mouths.
[20:15] <GM_Erik> They run off after him.
[20:16] <GM_Erik> The other pygmies wait a second and say, "Ok lets go."
[20:16] * Sir_Arik cranes his neck to see where they went
[20:16] <Sir_Arik> "Where?"
[20:16] <GM_Erik> Pygmy: On to meet the elder
[20:17] <Mika_no_Krynn> "What was that?"
[20:17] <Sir_Arik> "What about the poor man back there?"
[20:17] <GM_Erik> Pygmy: Well, he's our best runner, so I think he'll be fine.
[20:17] * Sir_Arik frowns in displeasure
[20:18] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Is this part of the normal trip to meet the Elder?"
[20:18] * Vrryl scratches his chin, and crawls out from under the log.
[20:18] <GM_Erik> The pygmy shakes his head.
[20:18] <Sir_Arik> "I hope we have not doomed him."
[20:18] * Mika_no_Krynn brushes the dirt and mud from he loincloth and skin as she moves out from under the log.
[20:18] <GM_Erik> Pygmy: We do not have much choice normally, such things are common here, and we avoid them, or run from them.  They would have found us if he had not distracted them.
[20:18] * Sir_Arik follows after Mika, and dusts himself off
[20:19] <GM_Erik> Pygmy: But hiding can be very fruitfull, as with the buffalo.
[20:20] <GM_Erik> The pygmies continue on.
[20:20] * Vrryl follows the pygmy, taking a last glance back where the chimera's disappeared
[20:21] <GM_Erik> Eventually, you come out of the jungle, and come across a spectacular scene.
[20:21] * JessicaKnight follows everyone, somewhat bedazzled at the turn of events.
[20:21] <GM_Erik> A huge cliff leads over into a large gorge, with waterfalls, and birds evrywhere.
[20:21] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Wah!  This is so cool!  The Elder guy has great taste in homes."
[20:22] <GM_Erik> The Elder walks out from behind a tree and says, "No, I just wanted to meet here because it looked nice"
[20:22] * Sir_Arik smiles at the beautiful sight
[20:23] * Sir_Arik chuckles
[20:23] * Vrryl steps towards the edge of the cliff and looks out, down and all around, absorbing the beautiful scene before him.
[20:23] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Well, hats off to you... if I had one."
[20:23] <GM_Erik> Elder: I wanted to show you that not everything around here is dangerous or scary, but beautiful.
[20:23] <Mika_no_Krynn> "But even beauty has its own danger..."
[20:23] * Mika_no_Krynn breathes in the moist warm air.
[20:23] <GM_Erik> Elder: Are you talking about you or the cliff?
[20:24] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Just a general statement..."
[20:24] * Vrryl listens to the conversation, but says nothing for the moment. Merely listening and enjoying the view.
[20:25] <GM_Erik> After everyone stands for a while at the view, the elder sits down near the cliff edge and says, "We often take young ones here to talk about the land we live in, and they ways we live by.  This isn't much different."
[20:25] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Indeed... we're hardly ones to be called 'old' "
[20:26] <GM_Erik> The Elder begins to discuss the things they wished to impart upon you today.
[20:27] * Sir_Arik sits near to the Elder to better hear what is being said.
[20:27] <GM_Erik> Primarily about how the Congo is a living entity, and that all of its denizens are important.
[20:28] <GM_Erik> He talks about how small size isn't always a disadvantage, and how using it to hide, sneak, or fit into smaller places can be quite useful.
[20:28] <GM_Erik> Also, how several small entities can combine into one, larger entity.  That is how the pygmies survive.
[20:30] <GM_Erik> Elder: I think that you should be able to use this to help you discover what you need to do, but most importantly remember this from what you have seen today: The Father's littlest children often get his best gifts.
[20:30] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Who is the Father?"
[20:31] <GM_Erik> The Ancient Father is the Congo, the Congo comes from the Ancient Father.  We here all come from the Father.
[20:31] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Ah, I see..."
[20:33] <Vrryl> You mean, you as the pygmy race?
[20:33] <GM_Erik> Elder: Us, and many other races in this land.
[20:33] * Vrryl nods.
[20:33] <Vrryl> For how long have you been part of this land?
[20:35] <GM_Erik> Elder: Since long before any of us remember.  Before the Great Cataclysm that returned magic and monsters to our world, since before the white man came, since before the magic and monsters left this world.
[20:35] <GM_Erik> Elder: And there are older races still.
[20:35] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Who's the White Man?"
[20:35] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Is that another powerful being?"
[20:36] <Vrryl> Who ever he is, he's bringing us down.
[20:36] <JessicaKnight> damn the man
[20:36] <GM_Erik> Elder: Those of pale skin.  Originally, most of the people in this land had dark skin like us, there were none pale like you.
[20:37] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Ah... skin tone, gotcha."
[20:37] <GM_Erik> Elder: Ah, I see the third has returned.
[20:38] <GM_Erik> THe Chimera distractor walks back up to the group.
[20:38] * Vrryl turns at mention of the third.
[20:38] * Sir_Arik looks over at the returning pygmy and smiles
[20:38] <Mika_no_Krynn> "He MUST be a fast runner..."
[20:38] <GM_Erik> Elder: Well, are there any more questions?  If not, we can head back to the camp.
[20:39] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Umm, I'm good whenever you are."
[20:40] <Sir_Arik> "I am ready to go."
[20:40] <GM_Erik> The Elder grunts as he stands, propped up by his staff, and says well, then we return.
[20:40] * Vrryl stands, "So am I, but first..."
[20:40] <GM_Erik> The Elder looks at Vrryl
[20:41] * Vrryl grins mischievously, and steps over to the edge of the great waterfall.
[20:41] * Sir_Arik follows suit and stands with the elder
[20:42] <GM_Erik> The pygmies looks at Vrryl nonchalantly
[20:43] * Vrryl turns back to the group, still smiling broadly. Shutting his eyes, he opens his arms wide, and leans back off the cliff...
[20:45] <GM_Erik> THe pygmies start walking back to the village, not impressed by the spectacle.
[20:46] * Mika_no_Krynn walks over to look over the cliff edge.
[20:46] <GM_Erik> The pygmies are starting to leave sight.
[20:47] *** Sir_Arik has left #RiftsIC
[20:47] * Vrryl is but a mere speck at the bottom of the waterfall, floating on his back, and staring up at the sky and water. Still smiling.
[20:47] * Mika_no_Krynn applaudes Vrryl's show and moves back into the jungle.
[20:48] <GM_Erik> The group (sans Vrryl) begins their trek back to the pygmy camp.
[20:50] <GM_Erik> The pygmies lead everyone back to their camp, and return their clothes to them.
[20:51] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Can we keep the loincloths?"
[20:51] <GM_Erik> They then lead them back to their own campsite in the early hours of dusk.
[20:51] <GM_Erik> Pygmy: Well, it was my wifes...
[20:52] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Ah, ok, sorry... here you go."
[20:52] <GM_Erik> Pygmy: I'm kidding, yes, you can keep it.
[20:52] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Oh, ok... thanx."
[20:54] <GM_Erik> They lead you back to your camp and remind you that The Father's littlest children often get his best gifts before walking off into the evening jungle.
[20:54] <GM_Erik> You see them heading back towards the trees where many of the tree people await them, then they vanish into the growth.
[20:56] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Well that was weird... first time in a while we didn't have to fight some terrible supernatural threat."
[20:57] <Vrryl> I'm not sure...that tree proved quite the challenge.
[20:57] <GM_Erik> You now stand at the edge of what looks to be a very large campsite, and several people you know are staring at you oddly.
[20:58] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Still not a supernatural beasty."
[20:58] <Mika_no_Krynn> "What is your guys's problem... never seen a girl in loincloth before?"
[20:59] * Vrryl defintely ensured he was dressed BEFORE entering camp.
[20:59] <GM_Erik> Daniel: I have, but I never thought I' have to share it with others.
[21:00] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Ah come on... I brought it back just for you Dear."
[21:00] * JessicaKnight runs into her tent, changes, and come back out with her plasma rifle
[21:00] * JessicaKnight grins
[21:00] <JessicaKnight> it's time to show them how we do things now....
[21:01] * JessicaKnight pulls off the saftey to her rifle *CLICK*
[21:03] <GM_Erik> Apparantly... things are bcak to normal... except for the characters.
[21:03] * JessicaKnight scans the treeline for targets, "Damn can't see any. Those guys move pretty fast"
[21:03] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Maybe you should try to take off that necklace before using that thing..."
[21:04] <JessicaKnight> the best things come in little packages, isn't that what they said?
[21:04] * JessicaKnight grins
[21:04] <Mika_no_Krynn> "That plasma rifle don't look too small anymore..."
[21:05] <JessicaKnight> small enough to be a good thing
[21:05] * JessicaKnight yawns
[21:05] <JessicaKnight> anyways, that was tiring. I think i'm going to take a nap
[21:05] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Heh... that's what Daniel always says...hahaha"
[21:05] <JessicaKnight> hahahah
[21:05] <GM_Erik> Daniel picks Mika up in a quick swoop and carries her off with his hand over her mouth.
[21:06] <GM_Erik> The next day....
[21:07] <GM_Erik> Thr group has specific travel plans, since some scouting narrowed down the way in which the demon must have headed.
[21:09] <GM_Erik> The group plans to head east and follow the 'swath' towards the demon at a quick pace, for if they can find it from a distance then they can plan on what they want to do.
[21:12] <GM_Erik> After some travel as a large group, Mika suddenly feels horribly ill and collapses to the ground.
[21:14] <GM_Erik> Mika realizes that she is overwhelmed by some sensation that she can't quite pinpoint.
[21:16] <Mika_no_Krynn> "I... sense the... demon.  It is... near."
[21:16] * Mika_no_Krynn focuses and concentrates on the intense sensation.
[21:16] <Mika_no_Krynn> "To the... East."
[21:16] * Vrryl takes Mika to the nearest rehabilitation clinic and checks her in.
[21:17] * Vrryl thinks you should edit that last thingie out...for roleplay continuity.
[21:18] * Mika_no_Krynn trys to block out some of the sensation to regain some composure.
[21:18] * GM_Erik agrees.
[21:21] *** Vrryl has quit IRC (Quit:  )
[21:21] *** Mika_no_Krynn has quit IRC (Quit:  )
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Horsemen of the Apocalypse 1 - IC Chat logs
Session Start: Sun Mar 03 14:52:58 2002
[14:52] *** Now talking in #RiftsIC
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[15:06] <JessicaKnight> re
[15:14] *** GM_Erik sets mode: +o JessicaKnight
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[15:39] *** GM_Erik sets mode: +o Tibor
[15:50] <GM_Erik> Last we left off, the group had decided it was time to approach the final confrontation in this area
[15:52] * Vrryl looks aroung, "I feel the final confrontation approaches.
[15:53] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Tell that to my head... Owww"
[15:53] <GM_Erik> The next day comes... and the group starts to set up down the path of destruction.
[15:54] <GM_Erik> : set off
[15:56] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Our friend is pretty close... time to get geared up for the battle."
[15:56] * Vrryl suggests we send scouts ahead to follow the creature and report back, while we set up the ambush
[15:57] * Vrryl volunteers to be that scout. "I may be a mage, but I'm not stupid."
[15:57] <Mika_no_Krynn> "It's your perogative."
[16:00] <Mika_no_Krynn> "You want a wingman?"
[16:00] <GM_Erik> Gar and Tibor actually went to see what the demon War looked like last time.
[16:01] * Vrryl nods, "Sure...may as well be the one that'll be defending me while i cast."
[16:01] <GM_Erik> They confirmed that it is indeed War.
[16:02] * Sir_Arik walks towards Vrryl
[16:02] <GM_Erik> They observed a large, demonic armored 'man'.  12 feet tall, and wielding a large, flaming mace.
[16:02] <Sir_Arik> "I will volunteer to be your guardian during your spell casting if you want me."
[16:03] <GM_Erik> War was riding a 30 foot long demonic beast, also armored, with weapons and bones sticking out all over.
[16:05] <Mika_no_Krynn> "We need an ambush area that is in the open so we can blast it with a full barrage, and we should try to force it off the mount too."
[16:06] * Sir_Arik frowns in thought
[16:06] <Sir_Arik> "Does anyone have a spell or ability that will affect just his mount?"
[16:07] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Probably nothing that'll affect it's mount..."
[16:07] * Vrryl grins, "Have him running full charge, and throw an adhesive carpet on his front hoof."
[16:08] * Sir_Arik nods in agreement
[16:08] <Sir_Arik> "That might work."
[16:08] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Yep, I was thinking something similar... we could couple of mages ready to throw that at'em."
[16:08] <Mika_no_Krynn> "So we'll send a decoy team of two to get the bastard's attention and lead it to an ambush site."
[16:09] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Then at the ambush site we'll scatter skirmish teams of 2 to 3 members around the area, concealed."
[16:09] <Tibor> "What if he detects the ambush?"
[16:09] <Tibor> "Do we have a backup plan?"
[16:09] <Mika_no_Krynn> Once the decoy team leads the Demon slightly passed the ambush zone the skirmish teams will all open up in a simul. volley to hit it full force."
[16:10] <Sir_Arik> "I think we can use magic and other such forces to mask our location from it Tibor."
[16:10] <Vrryl> We're relying on this War to be arrogant and over confident. If he smells an ambush, it'll be my job to make him more interested in chasing me, than turning away.
[16:10] <Mika_no_Krynn> "It's the Decoy team's job to insure that War is too pissed off to look for ambushes."
[16:11] * Sir_Arik nods
[16:11] <Tibor> ok
[16:12] <Mika_no_Krynn> "The skirmish teams have to be spread out and well concealed."
[16:12] <Mika_no_Krynn> "After the initial volley it'll try to attack the skirmish teams probably, but hopefully it will not be able to attack them all.  So those being attacked should go full defensive, while those who aren't attacked can open up full offensive."
[16:13] * Sir_Arik nods in agreement with Mika
[16:13] <Tibor> "Maybe you aren't just looks afterall, Mika"
[16:14] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Don't worry, I'm still more looks than brains..."
[16:15] <Vrryl> Must not have much in the way of brains then.
[16:15] * Vrryl ducks behind Tibor.
[16:16] * Sir_Arik chuckles good naturedly
[16:17] <Sir_Arik> "She is Asgardian, and a child of Loki.  Being devious is second nature to her."
[16:17] * Mika_no_Krynn glares at Vrryl.
[16:17] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Someone tell me again... who are my targets?"
[16:17] <Vrryl> The big guy on a hellspawn
[16:18] * Sir_Arik smiles
[16:18] <Sir_Arik> "And try to keep the shots on only him."
[16:18] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Indeed..."
[16:19] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Well before anything else, I'm not taking a chance with this smallness bit..."
[16:19] <Tibor> "This one isn't going to be easy..."
[16:19] * Mika_no_Krynn removes the magical necklace.
[16:19] <Sir_Arik> "Fighting against the magical incarnation of War will truly test a warriors mettle."
[16:20] * Mika_no_Krynn realizes she should have probably taken off the loincloth bikini and changed into something better before doing so.
[16:20] <Sir_Arik> "I think that our group is more than prepared for it."
[16:20] <GM_Erik> After a minute goes by, Mika suddenly grows to full size, with all the associated fun.
[16:21] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Freaking stupid delayed magic... what are you looking at?!  Never seen a naked elf before?"
[16:21] * Tibor just shrugs
[16:21] * Mika_no_Krynn changes into one of her MD bikinis and dons her mystic Asgardian chainmail.
[16:21] * Sir_Arik blushes and looks away, "Errr.... I would have thought twice before coming if I had known all this flesh was going to be thrown around."
[16:22] <Mika_no_Krynn> "I still find it hard to believe you've never seen a naked Elf before Sir Arik..."
[16:23] <Sir_Arik> "In your company Mika I have seen it, but before that I have never have."
[16:23] <Vrryl> You haven't seen flesh thrown around yet...wait till you start making crack comments during her time of the month
[16:23] * Sir_Arik shakes his head at Vrryl's comment
[16:24] <Mika_no_Krynn> "You're kinda strange Sir Arik... in a good way I guess... What?!"
[16:25] * Vrryl looks for a place to hide, realizing this is a good enough time as any to start the recon mission...\
[16:25] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Well if you guys are finished making cracks about me... perhaps we could get on with this... or would you like another peak... could be your last?"
[16:26] <Mika_no_Krynn> "So Vrryl, how you getting to our lovable chum?"
[16:27] * Vrryl looks back, "Well, I'll throw up cameleon...superior invis...micro myself. Then sneak up along the bush line. Follow along, send back intel, then when we ready i fly up and unleash hell.
[16:27] <Mika_no_Krynn> "So you don't want a defender person?"
[16:27] * Sir_Arik shrugs
[16:28] <Vrryl> I do...they can be nearby ready to fly up and defend me while i cast
[16:28] <Sir_Arik> "Well that counts me out, I cannot fly."
[16:29] <Mika_no_Krynn> "If you're that hidden don't you think they'll give you away?"
[16:29] <Vrryl> Mobility is my greatest ally, so want to maintain flight throughout the skirmish.
[16:30] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Well I can go I guess... I have Invis: Superior and those other spells too.
[16:32] <Tibor> "And you're more durable than some of us..."
[16:32] <Mika_no_Krynn> "If he starts letting loose though Vrryl stay right on my ass, don't need you getting hit with a stray, deflected blast."
[16:33] <Vrryl> ...
[16:33] * Vrryl coughs, "Stay right on your ass. Got it."
[16:33] * Sir_Arik nods
[16:33] <Sir_Arik> "Excellent, it is decided."
[16:33] * Mika_no_Krynn motions to Vrryl to 'kiss her ass' and sticks her tongue out.
[16:34] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Now all we need is an ambush site."
[16:41] <Mika_no_Krynn> "The nearest leyline is too far away to be of any use... and a clearing we can lead it into would be the best."
[16:41] * Sir_Arik nods his agreement
[16:42] <Vrryl> Indeed. Doesn't seem to be a shortage of that
[16:42] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Remember people to stay low until we've lured it by you then rip-up it's backside."
[16:44] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Spread yourselves out so that we have a wide path to lead it through, then we can flank it as well... don't set yourselves up in a crossfire position though."
[16:44] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Well need a couple of mages to be ready with a couple of Carpets of Adhesion too, to hit it's mount, try to incapacitate it for a while."
[16:44] <Sir_Arik> "While you are gone Mika, myself and Sir Thorpe will ensure that everyone is in place."
[16:45] * Vrryl nods to Sir Arik.
[16:45] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Thanx Sir Arik... I'm starting to sound like someone's mother here..."
[16:46] <Vrryl> That might be because you are...
[16:46] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Yeah.. that's true... but still."
[16:46] * Sir_Arik grins widely
[16:47] <Sir_Arik> "Worry not, you are leaving the group in good hands."
[16:57] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Yeah... just keep your eyes off the naked elves... we need you frosty and alert."
[16:57] * Sir_Arik looks sternly at Mika
[16:57] <Sir_Arik> "I am sure I will have better things to do."
[16:57] * Mika_no_Krynn smiles back blondly.
[16:58] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Better things to do than look at me?  Do such things exist? hehehe"
[16:58] * Tibor groans
[16:59] <Mika_no_Krynn> "What was that Kibbles?"
[17:00] <Vrryl> Well, we have the battle plans drawn...shall we get started? Delaying the inevitable will only be to the creatures advantage.
[17:00] <Tibor> "must be something nasty i ate..."
[17:00] <Mika_no_Krynn> "After you m'lord."
[17:02] * Mika_no_Krynn prepares herself for the combat, casting Multiple Image and Chromatic Protection, and activating Impervious to NRG, Winged Flight, Invincible Armor, Deflect and Targetted Deflect on her mystic armor."
[17:02] * Mika_no_Krynn Then to top it all off she activates her Talisman of Protection and draws her Scathatch Sword, and summons forth a psi-sword.
[17:03] * Vrryl nods to Mika, and heads in the direction that the creature was reported. He pauses, engaging invisibility, shrink, talisman, and waits up for the demi-goddess to finish up.
[17:03] * JessicaKnight activates superhuman strength, drags Gar and Tibor off to some place in the woods and starts to set up their ambush
[17:04] * Sir_Arik turns to Fang Lo
[17:05] <Sir_Arik> "Miss please let me know when you see Vrryl and Mika returning, I am going into a trance to enhance my combat abilities."
[17:05] * Sir_Arik moves Fang Lo and himself into position for the ambush, afterwards he kneels in meditation for the coming combat.
[17:06] * Tibor moves into postion with Gar and Jess
[17:06] * Mika_no_Krynn flies up into the air on her magical wings, "Well be back soon folks, keep the fires burning... think we'll be bringing home a guest."
[17:07] * JessicaKnight starts to activate multiple image, chamelion, amulet, psionic helmet, and magic ops syste,
[17:08] * Vrryl begins tracking through the woods, keeping low and using mist to move swiftly. He stops every minute to give Mika an update on his position. "See anything yet?"
[17:09] * Mika_no_Krynn flies towards the source of the evil emanations... alert for the Demon.
[17:11] <GM_Erik> Mika finds that the demon seems to be gaining significantly on them.
[17:11] * Vrryl figures travelling in physical form till we near the beast is better, hugging the treetops. Then mist form will prove more effective to close the distance.
[17:14] * Tibor activates see invisible, see aura, detect concealment...and waits before activating combat defenses
[17:14] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Well, perhaps today is a good day to speak once more with the Valkyrie..."
[17:18] <GM_Erik> Mika and Vrryl fly closer, taking less than a minute to fly the less than 1/2 mile to the Demon.
[17:18] * Mika_no_Krynn brings her swords up in a defensive position.
[17:19] <Vrryl> We should keep back until ambush party in position...
[17:19] <Vrryl> Want to hop and pop in and out of the trees?
[17:19] <Mika_no_Krynn> radio: "You guys almost ready?"
[17:20] *** WAR has joined #RiftsIC

Session Start: Sun Mar 03 17:20:12 2002
[17:20] *** Now talking in #RiftsIC
[17:20] * JessicaKnight radios back, "Ready to rock and Roll"
[17:20] * WAR turns on his mount and looks up at the many Mikas in the sky.
[17:20] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Let's do it."
[17:20] *** WAR is now known as WAR_
[17:21] * WAR_ growls at Mika telepathically.
[17:21] * Vrryl flies up behind Mika, and begins to draw the ppe necessary for his openning introduction...
[17:21] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Please big boy..."
[17:21] * Tibor activates Impervious to energy and talisman
[17:27] *** WAR_ is now known as Guest83632
[17:28] *** Guest83632 is now known as Horseman_of_War
[17:31] * Mika_no_Krynn awaits War's first move.
[17:32] * Horseman_of_War swirls his mace and flings it in Mika's direction.
[17:32] <GM_Erik> The mace keeps extending in an instant and flies right at Mika.
[17:34] <GM_Erik> Mika parries the blow as he tries it again.
[17:37] <GM_Erik> Mika parries again
[17:39] * Horseman_of_War uses its mace against Mika again, angrily.
[17:40] * Horseman_of_War doesn't hit MIka with its large, flaming mace, but instead entagles her in its coils and pulls her to the ground.
[17:40] * Vrryl continues his mystical chanting, fingers beginning to blaze with energy forming from the held scroll.
[17:41] * Horseman_of_War slams Mika to the ground in the coils of his mace.
[17:45] <GM_Erik> Somewhere else: A small tree person jumps down in front of Arik.
[17:46] <GM_Erik> Mika struggles against the mace, but can't seem to force it open.
[17:46] * Horseman_of_War drags Mika towards him with the mace.
[17:47] * Mika_no_Krynn begins casting the spell Escape.
[17:47] * Sir_Arik jumps in startlement, and gives Fang Lo a dirty look.
[17:48] <Sir_Arik> "I thought I told you to get my attention if anyone came."
[17:48] <GM_Erik> Fang Lo shrugs at Arik.  "He just appeared"
[17:48] <GM_Erik> Tree Person: What are you doing?>
[17:48] * Sir_Arik turns to the Tree Person
[17:48] * Horseman_of_War sends teletaphic signals of inquiry and hate towards Mika.
[17:48] <Sir_Arik> "I am meditating on the coming fight little one."
[17:49] * Horseman_of_War looks at Mika carefully.
[17:50] * Horseman_of_War slaps Mika hard.
[17:51] <GM_Erik> Tree Person: What fight? against the Big Evil?
[17:52] * Horseman_of_War grunts approvingly.
[17:52] * Sir_Arik nods solemnly to the Tree Person
[17:52] <Sir_Arik> "Yes, we await our comrades return with the evil entity now."
[17:52] <GM_Erik> Tree Person: You need help?
[17:53] <Sir_Arik> "Help?"
[17:53] * Horseman_of_War throws Mika to the ground in front of his Mount.
[17:53] <Sir_Arik> "You wish to aid us in our struggle little one?"
[17:54] <GM_Erik> Tree Person: If you have anything else nice, I can help.
[17:54] <Sir_Arik> "How can you help us little one?"
[17:55] <GM_Erik> Tree Person: I have weapons, sticks and things, and friends.  You were nice, have any more pretty things?
[17:56] * Mika_no_Krynn rolls up and backs away from the Horseman defensively.
[17:56] * Horseman_of_War charges its mount at Mika
[17:56] * Sir_Arik reaches into his pack and pulls out his silver cross.
[17:57] <Sir_Arik> "How about this little one? Will this entice you to aid us?"
[17:57] * Vrryl continues casting the spell, looking at his watch every now and again.
[17:57] <GM_Erik> Mika dodges to the side as the mount charges by.
[17:58] <GM_Erik> Tree Person: Oh yes! Pretty.
[17:58] <GM_Erik> The Tree Person jumps up into the trees.
[17:58] <GM_Erik> with the cross
[17:59] * Horseman_of_War 's mount swings its tail at Mika.
[17:59] <GM_Erik> Mika parries the blow of the tail.
[18:00] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Not getting too far with this guy..."
[18:02] * Horseman_of_War snarls at Mika.
[18:02] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Sure slap around a girl half your size... just like a stupid, pathetic War god."
[18:02] * Vrryl with the reading complete, the scroll flashes away in a burning light. The energy is released, and the mages eyes burn with fury. Direction the swirling ball of energy, Vrryl looks down at the creature, "Dodge this." And fires!!
[18:04] * Horseman_of_War looks up from Mika but doesn't have enough time to move away from the spell as it engulfs him.
[18:06] <GM_Erik> The blast makes an immense noise as the explosion clears many things within its radius
[18:06] * Horseman_of_War sends out a telepathic roar that EVERYONE hears.
[18:08] * Mika_no_Krynn jumps up and attempts to fly away to meet up with Vrryl.
[18:08] <GM_Erik> Mika manages to clear the eplosion.
[18:09] <GM_Erik> The Tree Person jumps down next to Tibor. "What was that?"
[18:09] <Tibor> "we have attacked the great does not sound happy"
[18:10] * Vrryl glances over to Mika, grinning wildly, "Let's move!"
[18:10] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Don't have to tell me twice."
[18:11] * Mika_no_Krynn communicates with the others over the radio "We got it, and it is PISSED OFF! This dude packs one hell of a punch so watch out."
[18:11] * Horseman_of_War looks up at Mika and the now visible Vrryl and fires the cannons on either side of its mount.
[18:14] <GM_Erik> Mike puts herself in between the cannons and Vrryl.
[18:18] <GM_Erik> Mika deflects the blasts back towards the demon, one of them misses completely and War parries the other.
[18:19] * Horseman_of_War fires the cannons again
[18:22] <GM_Erik> Tree Person to Tibor, Jessica, and Gar: He sounded very mad.  That hurt my head.
[18:22] * Vrryl grabs Mika, and starts flying at max speed towards the ambush.
[18:22] <JessicaKnight> that's why you make one of these...
[18:23] * JessicaKnight taps her psionic helmet
[18:23] <Tibor> "Yes, his power and anger are great...You must excuse me, we have to is coming"
[18:23] <GM_Erik> Tree Person: OK, you still want help?
[18:23] <JessicaKnight> any help would be nice
[18:24] <GM_Erik> Mika reflects the two blasts again, one of which misses, and the other is parried by War.
[18:24] <Tibor> "any help would be appreciated, little one, but beware the Evil one's power"
[18:24] <GM_Erik> Tree Person: OK, I will help.  He is hurting our home.
[18:24] <GM_Erik> Tree Person jumps away swiftly.
[18:25] <GM_Erik> Vrryl and Mika turn and fly away quickly.
[18:26] * Horseman_of_War charges forwards on his mount and continues firing the cannons.
[18:27] <GM_Erik> The blasts roar through the air past Mika as she dodges.
[18:28] * Horseman_of_War fires his cannons once again and nails Mika.
[18:29] <GM_Erik> Mika goes flying off at increased speed towards the remainder of her party.
[18:30] * Horseman_of_War fires at Vrryl.
[18:32] <GM_Erik> and hits.
[18:33] * Sir_Arik activates his armor talisman once the Tree Person leaves, and activates see invisible.
[18:34] * Vrryl growls as he's hit by the cannon, clenches his teeth, and chases after Mika...
[18:35] * Horseman_of_War fires his cannons again.
[18:35] <GM_Erik> at Vrryl.
[18:37] * Vrryl looks back, and tries to dodge the cannon a second time.
[18:37] <GM_Erik> Vrryl gets hit by the dual blasts a second time.
[18:38] * Vrryl shouts, "Son of a..." as he goes tumbling forward, still in direction of the ambush.
[18:40] <GM_Erik> A large whirling sound is apparant as Vrryl sees a disc of some sort flying his way from War.
[18:40] <Vrryl> For crying out...
[18:42] <GM_Erik> The Crossbones hit Vrryl and fall down to earth.
[18:43] <GM_Erik> Mika recovers from her knockback, and continues flying back towards the ambush site as Vrryl passes her at higher speeds.
[18:44] <GM_Erik> Mika hears a loud whirling noise approaching her from behind, yup, another set of crossbones.
[18:44] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Hey, wait up!"
[18:45] * Vrryl groans in pain as the crossbones dig into him. He picks up his pace, flying over top Mika.
[18:45] <Vrryl> HURRY!!
[18:45] <GM_Erik> Another set up crossbones smack Mika.
[18:46] <GM_Erik> Those crossbones also fall downwards after hitting Mika.
[18:49] * Horseman_of_War crouches down and picks up the pace on his mount to try and close the distance to his attackers.
[18:56] *** Tibor is now known as Tibor-
[18:59] * Sir_Arik fires a 3 round burst into the demon
[18:59] * Mika_no_Krynn spins around in flight and moves to strike the Demon at last.
[19:01] * Vrryl flies past the ambush, and looks back, looking to see what happens before slowing.
[19:04] * Horseman_of_War swings its mace at Mika as it gets within range.
[19:05] * Horseman_of_War sends out mind-numbing telepathic roars.
[19:05] <GM_Erik> The Plasma rounds embed themselves deeply into the creatures armor.
[19:06] * Horseman_of_War hits Mika with its Mace.
[19:07] <GM_Erik> Vrryl looks back at the happenings as he is about 500 feet away from War.
[19:09] <GM_Erik> Vrryl sees War fighting Mika.
[19:10] * Vrryl slows, swings around, and begins to conjure the energy for a new spell.
[19:12] * Horseman_of_War parries Mika's attack.
[19:14] * Horseman_of_War attacks Mika with his mace again.
[19:15] * Sir_Arik charges down towards the demon shouting a battle cry in ancient norse!
[19:15] <GM_Erik> Mika parries the blow.
[19:18] * Mika_no_Krynn presses the attack.
[19:20] * Horseman_of_War parries and flings his Mace at the now in close combat Mika.
[19:21] <GM_Erik> as Arik jumps up to try and get on the large mount, the mount mule kicks Arik in the chest.
[19:23] <GM_Erik> Arik manages to land on his feet.
[19:26] <GM_Erik> Mika parries the blow as the Mace tries to wrap around her.
[19:28] * Horseman_of_War attacks Mika again with the mace.
[19:30] * Mika_no_Krynn attempts to parry the incoming swing and slip in her second blade beneath the Demon's defenses.
[19:32] <GM_Erik> Mika manages to hit the demon as he attacked her, but gets entangled by the weapon once again.
[19:36] * Sir_Arik has 2 bright glowing blue/white broadswords appear in his hands.
[19:36] * Horseman_of_War throws the mace far away (1000 feet)
[19:37] <GM_Erik> Before Mika frees herself.
[19:40] * Vrryl continues to mummble, feeling the energy congeal and congregate around him.
[19:40] * Horseman_of_War jumps off its Mount and looks at Sir Arik.
[19:41] * Horseman_of_War 's mount charges off towards the third group, that of the Crocodilians.
[19:42] * Horseman_of_War charges Arik with a large set of chain in his hands.
[19:46] <GM_Erik> Arik throws a massive power attack with both his swords at the demon.
[19:46] * Horseman_of_War parries one blow, but gets hit by the other!
[19:47] <Horseman_of_War> The demon throws the chain at Arik.
[19:49] * Horseman_of_War tangles Arik up quite well in the large set up chains.
[19:52] <GM_Erik> Arik miraculously manages to stay on his feet, despite being completely tangled up.
[19:54] * Horseman_of_War winds up to punch Arik hard!
[19:58] * Horseman_of_War slams its fist into Arik, with a resounding, echoing, thud rolling across the countryside.
[19:59] <GM_Erik> Arik falls backwards onto the ground (but is still conscious)
[19:59] * Horseman_of_War turns at looks in the direction of Gar, Tibor, and Jessica all firing at him.
[20:02] <GM_Erik> Mika manages to struggle free of her bonds.
[20:02] * Mika_no_Krynn upon freeing herself from the evil weapon reinitiates her TW Invincible Armor and begins to cast Power Weapon upon her Scathach weapon.
[20:03] * Horseman_of_War starts to run in the direction of the tree aforementioned heroes, and his mace reappears in his hand!
[20:06] * Horseman_of_War swings his mace at Tibor from 50 feet away!
[20:07] <GM_Erik> Tibor parries the blow.
[20:07] * Horseman_of_War swings his mace again.
[20:09] <GM_Erik> and hits Tibor with a glancing blow.
[20:09] * Tibor- growls
[20:16] <GM_Erik> Tibor nails War with a massive blow.
[20:19] * Tibor- growls firecely
[20:21] * Horseman_of_War swings his mace at Tibor.
[20:23] * Vrryl is nearing the end of his spell, and will one day successfully manage to fire it off...should WAR still be standing then.
[20:23] * Horseman_of_War hits and entangles Tibor within his mace.
[20:27] <GM_Erik> Tibor hacks fruitlessly at the mace with 'lil Tibor, and makes large sparks between the weapons of good and evil.
[20:27] * Horseman_of_War throws Tibor at Jessica with the Mace.
[20:29] <GM_Erik> Jessica dodges out of the way as the mace containing Tibor flies by.
[20:31] <GM_Erik> Gar takes up the slack and attacks War hand to hand.
[20:34] <GM_Erik> Vrryl's recasting of Annhialation nails War once more, sending blasts into people nearby.
[20:34] <GM_Erik> Gar gets hit for extra damage and his armor falls off completely.
[20:34] <JessicaKnight> ow
[20:35] <GM_Erik> Gar continues fighting the demon, seemingly unphased by the attack.
[20:37] * Mika_no_Krynn , once more ready to fight on, flies back into the fray.
[20:37] * Vrryl wipes the sweat from his brow, and glances around.
[20:39] <GM_Erik> Arik manages to cut half-way through part of the chain.
[20:40] * JessicaKnight feverously starts chanting and motioning, trying to get a spell off as quickly as she can
[20:41] * Vrryl sees Gar in some serious trouble and drops down to assist. Over the commlink, "We should NOT be engaging this thing hand to hand. If you can, retreat your asses away, and hit it from a distance. How're you making out Lazlo?!?"
[20:42] * Horseman_of_War starts to get bigger, over 15 feet now.
[20:42] <GM_Erik> *Lazo: The beast knocked down the Ulti-Max, trying to get up.
[20:45] <GM_Erik> Tibor has never seen his sword so black before.
[20:45] <GM_Erik> Tibor struggles against the mace with his sword, but to no avail.
[20:46] * Mika_no_Krynn over the radio: "Hey Katrina could you try using Carpet of Adhesion or Blinding on this guy when you get a chance?"
[20:46] <GM_Erik> Vrryl closes the distance to War and Gar.
[20:47] <GM_Erik> Gar continues assaulting War with his Sword.
[20:47] * Horseman_of_War continues to grow larger
[20:49] <GM_Erik> Arik cuts himself free of the magical chains.
[20:51] * Sir_Arik leaps to his feet and looks to see where War has gone.
[20:52] <GM_Erik> Vrryl tries to swoop down to get Gar, but misses in the combat.
[20:52] <GM_Erik> Tibor struggles some more.
[20:53] * Horseman_of_War is now around 24 feet tall
[20:54] <GM_Erik> A meteor falls out of the sky and hits War!
[20:54] <GM_Erik> *Katrina on the radio: is that good enough Mika?
[20:54] * Vrryl shouts a warning over the commlink, "Watch youselves, spell from WAR is incoming!!!"
[20:54] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Thanx Kat... perfect timing too!"
[20:55] <GM_Erik> The Meteor blasts Gar backwards from the giant demon.
[20:57] * Sir_Arik spots the great demon, and charges in! He lets a mighty swing of his sword hew into his foe!
[20:57] * Mika_no_Krynn flies in from behind to deal a double strike.
[20:58] <GM_Erik> Tibor gets angrier as he fails to get free from the rune mace.
[21:01] <GM_Erik> Mika's cuts dig into the Demon, especially the scathach sword.
[21:01] * Horseman_of_War stops talking, and a large see-thorugh brown-grey cloud starts to fill the air.
[21:04] <GM_Erik> All magic within 1000 feet of the demon stops working instantly.  (Except for Vrryl's, which is at half strength)
[21:04] <GM_Erik> Mika falls to the earth in a sudden movement.
[21:05] <GM_Erik> Note: Magic Weapons (not TW) and Rune Items still function.
[21:05] * Vrryl shouts over the commlink, "Retreat from out of the hampers our magic. And right now, that's our strongest alley."
[21:05] <Vrryl> ally
[21:06] * Vrryl pulls back on begins flying out of the cloud.
[21:07] * Horseman_of_War suddenly has his mace reappear in his hand, but bigger looking to match his size!
[21:07] <GM_Erik> Tibor is now freed!
[21:08] * Mika_no_Krynn continues to attack WAR, from the ground, to bide time for the others to retreat out of the anti-magic cloud.
[21:08] * Tibor- tries to get his bearings
[21:08] <GM_Erik> Arik hits War with both of his weapons.
[21:09] <GM_Erik> Mika manages to hit him as well, wearing him down some more.
[21:09] <Sir_Arik> "By Odin I will not let you walk from this battlefield alive!"
[21:11] <Vrryl> Then you will by me, I want everyone fighting that thing OUTSIDE of the cloud. It's a tactical withrdawal, nothing more. We fight on.
[21:12] * Horseman_of_War attacks Tibor with his mace some more.
[21:14] * Horseman_of_War flings his Mace towards Tibor once more!
[21:15] * Mika_no_Krynn brings up her Psychic Body Field for protection.
[21:15] * Horseman_of_War hits Tibor with the Mace
[21:18] * Horseman_of_War parries both of Arik's blows.
[21:21] * Mika_no_Krynn Mika retreats 100' and awaits Sir Arik to follow, presenting a defensive obstacle for WAR.
[21:21] * JessicaKnight fears for her life, and sprints towards the closest edge of the anti-magic cloud
[21:21] * Horseman_of_War chases after Tibor
[21:21] * Vrryl retreats from the greenish cloud, and pulls out his rifle. He aims at begins taking shots at the demon.
[21:22] * Horseman_of_War attacks Tibor with his mace.
[21:23] * Horseman_of_War hits Tibor with a massive blow
[21:24] <GM_Erik> Tibor goes flying sideways from the blow and smacks through a tree
[21:28] * Horseman_of_War hits Gar (who was running back with Tibor) and knocks him aside with another large blow.
[21:29] * Tibor- stuggles to his feet...
[21:29] * Tibor- feeling even worse than a night drinking with Mika...
[21:31] <GM_Erik> Thorpe radios in: Look out, the beast is injured, but is headed your way!
[21:31] * Mika_no_Krynn spins on her heals and runs in the direction of the fleeing party, "Don't play with him too long Sir Arik!"
[21:31] * JessicaKnight yells over to Tibor, "Come on, get up, this way!!!"
[21:32] * Tibor- struggles to follow jessica
[21:34] <GM_Erik> Arik runs to the demon, and manages to just about catch up to it.
[21:34] <Vrryl> We're doing great all, let's keep the heat on the bastard!
[21:34] * JessicaKnight runs over to Tibor, helps him up, and starts helps him run off to the closest group
[21:34] * Vrryl fires a few more shots.
[21:35] <GM_Erik> The Large Beast attacks Arik!
[21:35] <Mika_no_Krynn> radio:  "Send some cover fire for the others when you get out of the cloud guys!"
[21:35] <JessicaKnight> Man Tibor, you've gained weight haven't ya? You should go on a diet! No more plates 'o' meat for you when we get home
[21:36] <Tibor-> "War hits for keeps, damn chest hurts..."
[21:36] <GM_Erik> Vrryl and Arik notice a figure clutching to the beasts back, stabbing into it with glowing blue swords.
[21:37] <JessicaKnight> ah suck it up ya big baby, you just gotta quit eating the grizzle from thos 1/2 cows. That's what's KILLING ya...
[21:37] * JessicaKnight giggles
[21:38] <GM_Erik> Arik dodges out from under the beasts large clawed feet.
[21:38] * Tibor- hurts too much for a comeback
[21:39] * Horseman_of_War knocks Gar down again with his mace
[21:39] <GM_Erik> Tibor spent this round getting up with Jessica's help
[21:43] * Horseman_of_War flings his mace towards Jessica and Tibor.
[21:45] <JessicaKnight> Tibor DUCK!
[21:45] <GM_Erik> Arik jumps up and intercepts the mace with his sword.
[21:45] <GM_Erik> Jessica and Tibor duck down in time to see the mace get stopped!
[21:45] * Vrryl eyes widen, "Nice block, Red 2!"
[21:46] * JessicaKnight yells, "Thanks Arik, I owe ya a beer when we get back to town!"
[21:46] <Tibor-> "I owe more than mere beer...and that's something!"
[21:46] * Sir_Arik looks up at War, "I think you have met your match today evil one! Even the simpering Loki is a bigger challenge than you!"
[21:46] * JessicaKnight gets up and continues to run
[21:47] * Horseman_of_War looks at Arik and focuses on him.
[21:47] <Mika_no_Krynn> "I heard that!"
[21:47] <Vrryl> You tell 'im, Arik!
[21:47] * Vrryl fires a few more rounds.
[21:48] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Don't even get me started on a my dad versus your dad arguement."
[21:48] <GM_Erik> Arik starts to float upwards into the air.
[21:48] <Sir_Arik> "Now is not the time Mika!  We can discuss this later."
[21:49] <GM_Erik> Note: There is still gunfire EVERYWHERE over the area, as heroes take shots at War.
[21:51] * Horseman_of_War turns his back on Arik and continues heading where he was heading.
[21:51] <GM_Erik> The Mount jumps up and plucks Arik out of the air with his teeth.
[21:53] * Horseman_of_War will strike at Tibor and Jessica again.
[21:54] * Mika_no_Krynn exits the cloud's area and opens fire at WAR with you Wilk's laser pulse rifle.
[21:54] <JessicaKnight> SHIT, NOT AGAIN!!!!
[21:55] <GM_Erik> The Mount Roars and spits Arik out.
[21:55] <JessicaKnight> Tibor, down boy, DOWN!!
[21:56] <GM_Erik> Tibor parries the mace for him and Jessica
[21:56] <Tibor-> "Some divine intervention at this time would be nice..."
[21:57] <JessicaKnight> whew... I owe you a free imperv to energy if I get outta this Tibor....
[21:57] * Tibor- gets up and hauls furry butt
[21:58] <GM_Erik> Vrryl notices someone next to him all of a sudden.
[21:59] <GM_Erik> Arik gets good hits on the creature's head, taking out an eye.
[22:00] <GM_Erik> Vrryl looks over and sees a short little Tree Person standing next to him.
[22:00] * Horseman_of_War continues to attack Tibor and Jessica
[22:00] * Tibor- tries to parry...
[22:01] * Vrryl raises an eyebrow, "Greetings, little one."
[22:01] <GM_Erik> Tree Person to Vrryl: would you like our help?
[22:02] <GM_Erik> TIbor parries another blow from the demon of War.
[22:02] * Vrryl takes another potshot, "Sure, would love it." He stops and points, "See my two friends down there (Jessica and Tibor), they in BAD shape. If you could help em out, that would rock."
[22:02] * Vrryl takes another potshot.
[22:02] <GM_Erik> Mika hears something coming up behind her.
[22:03] * Mika_no_Krynn opens fire at WAR again, then spins to see what is approaching her.
[22:03] <GM_Erik> Mika turns to see some of the Tree People walking up carefully through the demolished jungle.
[22:04] * Horseman_of_War throws the mace at Jessica and Tibor AGAIN!
[22:04] * Tibor- tries to parry
[22:06] <GM_Erik> Tibor gets smashed hard with themace, taking the brunt while trying to parry.
[22:06] <GM_Erik> Suddenly, little objects start to fly from everywhere among the lazer blasts, hitting the demon.
[22:07] <GM_Erik> To those who are particularly keen, they look like little sticks.
[22:08] * Horseman_of_War telepathically cries out in pain!
[22:09] <GM_Erik> Some notice a lot of short 'Tree People' on the battlefied throwing these sticks.
[22:09] * Vrryl shouts out, "GET SOME!! YEAH!!" And fires off a few more shots.
[22:10] <GM_Erik> Gar screams a yell that seems to echo across the continent as he approaches War.
[22:10] <GM_Erik> Thorpe throws a finishing blow to the Mounts head with his psi-sword.
[22:11] * Mika_no_Krynn continues to assault WAR with her rifle, hoping to draw its attention.
[22:11] <GM_Erik> Suddenly, the 24 foot giant is joined on the battlefield by another one of the same size.
[22:11] * Sir_Arik screams in grief and charges War.
[22:12] <GM_Erik> War crushes some of the Tree People with his Mace.
[22:14] <GM_Erik> War ignores Arik'
[22:14] <GM_Erik> War ignores Arik's blows as he grapples with the 30 foot tall Wolfen!
[22:16] <GM_Erik> Gar wrestles with the War God.
[22:17] * Mika_no_Krynn takes advantage of the situation to rip another burst off at WAR's head.
[22:18] * Sir_Arik slashes War with both his swords in anger!
[22:19] <GM_Erik> Thorpe joins Arik by the War Demon.
[22:20] * Mika_no_Krynn sends unrelenting laser fire at the Demon's head.
[22:21] * Horseman_of_War screams in pain telepathically for the second time during this conflict.
[22:25] * Sir_Arik swings like a wildman, "I will cleave you piece by piece back to Hel demon!"
[22:26] <GM_Erik> The combined damage weighs heavily on the War Demon and it collapses to its knees, before its head is knocked off by several blows...
[22:27] * Horseman_of_War disappears into thin air...
Session Close: Sun Mar 03 22:27:25 2002

[22:27] *** Horseman_of_War has left #RiftsIC
[22:27] * Vrryl holsters his rifle, and flies down under the now disipitating cloud.
[22:27] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Wow... thought it would be tougher than that..."
[22:28] <GM_Erik> Gar disappears
[22:28] * Sir_Arik releases the psionic energies of his swords and drops to his knees weeping at the death of Tibor.
[22:28] * JessicaKnight picks up Tibor's body and gear and brings it back to the main group
[22:29] * Vrryl approaches where the War demon fell, and lands. Taking in the scene of carnage, he notices Sir Arik and a body lying at his feet. He moves towards them.
[22:29] <Mika_no_Krynn> radio: "Everyone check in, call it by the numbers."
[22:29] <Vrryl> Vrryl here
[22:29] <GM_Erik> Jessica is stopped by Gar before she can return and he takes the body from her.
[22:29] <GM_Erik> Jessica is somehow awed by his presence and is unable to do anything.
[22:29] <JessicaKnight> uhhh...
[22:30] * Vrryl comes to a halt near where Jessica holds Tibor's limp form. He sighs deeply, shaking his head...
[22:31] * Sir_Arik looks to the sky with tears on his face, "Lord Odin, I pray he finds happiness in Valhalla!"
[22:31] <GM_Erik> Vrryl notices that Jessica no longer has the body.
[22:32] * Vrryl points to the GM, "WHat he said."
[22:32] <GM_Erik> Everyone notices that the Mount is also gone.
[22:33] <GM_Erik> The Gathering starts to center near Arik and Thorpe, where the Demon was beaten down.
[22:33] * Vrryl moves towards Gar, "Hold up, friend. That comrad is a fallen friend of ours. Where do you plan to take his body?"
[22:33] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Why so glum Sir Arik?"
[22:33] <GM_Erik> Vrryl notices that Gar is nowhere to be found.
[22:34] * Sir_Arik shakes his head in sadness, and says in Old Norse. "Even though I am of Asgard, I do not always follow the tenants of that pantheon."
[22:34] <GM_Erik> The Tree People stand around, and others notice that there are actually hundreds of them standing around.
[22:34] <Mika_no_Krynn> [old Norse]"That's what makes you so unique... your true human side."
[22:34] * JessicaKnight wonders, "Damn, now that Tibor is gone, who am I going to torment now?"
[22:35] <GM_Erik> A blast of light shoots down from the sky to where the demon was.  It is so bright, that noone can see through it, or look directly at it.
[22:35] * Vrryl turns to Sir Arik, "Who is your friend, and what has he done with my friends body? Answer now, please."
[22:36] <Sir_Arik> [Old Norse] "I just cannot be happy at the glorious death of a fellow warrior."
[22:36] <GM_Erik> It starts to dim away, and someone is left standing there.
[22:36] * Sir_Arik turns to look at the newcomer, wondering who it is.
[22:36] <Mika_no_Krynn> "That's why you should be happy, one cannot receive a better death than Tibor... songs of praise will be sung in the halls of Valhalla for him."
[22:36] <Tibor-> "I need a the worst way"
[22:37] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Or we could just sing them here..."
[22:37] * Tibor- turns looking for Gar...
[22:37] * JessicaKnight wonders, "What the hell is going on?!??!"
[22:37] * Sir_Arik leaps to his feet, and rushes towards Tibor
[22:37] <GM_Erik> Tibor cannot find Gar anywhere.
[22:37] * Vrryl turns from Sir Arik, and covers his eyes from the blinding light. He slowly lowers them to see what results...
[22:37] <Sir_Arik> "You are alive!"
[22:37] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Who asked for a little divine intervention again?"
[22:37] <Tibor-> "In a sense..."
[22:38] <GM_Erik> The Tree People shout a big YIPPEE!
[22:38] * JessicaKnight looks at Tibor
[22:38] * Sir_Arik gingerly reaches out to see if Tibor is real or an illusion.
[22:38] * JessicaKnight smiles
[22:38] <JessicaKnight> awww crap, now I REALLY DO have to make him that imperv to energy item!!
[22:38] <Tibor-> "I am now Gar's represenative on this world...he is Wolvor..."
[22:39] <Mika_no_Krynn> "You know what this means Tibor?.. We're getting royally pissed tonight!"
[22:39] <Tibor-> "God of Wolfen in the fabled Palladium world..."
[22:39] * Vrryl raises an eyebrow.
[22:39] * Sir_Arik pulls his hand back at the mention of Gar
[22:39] <Tibor-> "My reaction excactly vrryl...I did not know he existed either"
[22:40] * Vrryl shakes his head, "I'm beginning to dread keeping the current company. It seems everyone has some form of deific family. Next thing Jessica will tell me she's an Old One's reincarnated soul."
[22:40] <Sir_Arik> "So where has Gar.... I mean Wolvor gone?"
[22:41] * JessicaKnight looks at Vrryl, "A wha??"
[22:41] <Tibor-> "I do not know, perhaps he cannot spend much time on this plane..."
[22:41] <Tibor-> "But it was he, that allowed the defeat of War?"
[22:41] <GM_Erik> Mika and Rob both seem to remember times when some large wolf-like man would be seen in private chambers with Odin, but it was kept a tight secret, and noone thought much of it.
[22:41] * Vrryl looks at Jess and sighs, "Nevermind. Let's rest up. We have three more to kill." With that he begins walking in the direction of camp.
[22:42] * Sir_Arik shrugs, "Alot of the little Tree People showed up with Millenium Tree sticks.... I think they may have helped turn the tide."
[22:42] * Tibor- examines his body...trying to find if anything has changed...
[22:42] <GM_Erik> Tree Person (who you know from before): These are good! they work good against bad things like him.
[22:42] <Mika_no_Krynn> "I need a bath... Daniel how're you doing?"
[22:43] * Tibor- imagining getting crushed by that mace...feels ribcage to see if its intact
[22:43] * Sir_Arik pats Tibor on the back and moves towards Mika.
[22:43] <GM_Erik> Tibor notices that nothing seems wrong at all, infact he hasn't felt this well in weeks.
[22:43] <Sir_Arik> "Mika!  If I might have a word with you?"
[22:44] * Tibor- examines his gear...before heading out
[22:44] * Mika_no_Krynn startled, replies, "Ah, yeah... sure..."
[22:45] <Sir_Arik> "I have heard you can repair armor, is this true?"
[22:45] * Tibor- overhears this conversation...
[22:46] <Mika_no_Krynn> "And here I thought it was something all secretive and important... yeah, but it's a real drain."
[22:46] <Tibor-> "My armour is in tatters as well...though perhaps beyond repair..."
[22:46] * Sir_Arik nods to Mika in understanding
[22:46] <GM_Erik> Tibor realizes that his armor is as new!
[22:47] <Mika_no_Krynn> "It takes about an eigth of my power to heal even a little of such armor."
[22:47] <Sir_Arik> "I am willing to let you drain me of my innate magical energies to help.  Will this be enough? Or will you need more help?"
[22:47] <Tibor-> "That can't be...!"
[22:49] <GM_Erik> The group gathers up its belongings, and takes a well-deserved rest that night, after some well-deserved merry-making.  The next day, some pygmies show up.
[22:50] <GM_Erik> The pygmies are pleased with what you were able to do, and glad that you had the assistance of the Father's littlest children.
[22:50] * JessicaKnight is agitated, on edge, and feels the urge to put a plasma blast through one of these guys so she stays away from them
[22:50] <GM_Erik> The pygmies offer to lead everyone to a place where they could be safe, and heal completely their injuries.
[22:51] * Vrryl has taken a trip to a nearby ley line. He has mana needing replenished, and scrolls needing to be written. Sigh, a Chian Ku's work is never done...
[22:51] <GM_Erik> The pygmies offer to take you to the Father.
[22:52] * Sir_Arik thanks them for their offer
[22:52] <Tibor-> "the "Father"?
[22:52] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Rockin' let's go see this dude..."
[22:52] <JessicaKnight> hmmm.. this will be intresting...
[22:53] <GM_Erik> The pygmies lead the group for some time, but the trip seems somewhat shorter with such a great task completed.
[22:54] <GM_Erik> At one point, the group crests a large, tree-covered hill, and they realize that the entire hill is covered by an enormous Tree, much lower to the ground than ones they had seen before in England, but huge nontheless.
[22:55] * Sir_Arik is awed at the sight of the tree, having never seen one before.
[22:55] <GM_Erik> The group gets a good chance to rest under the Ancient Father, a large Millenium Tree.
[22:55] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Nice... I love trees like these!"
[22:58] *** Tibor- has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving )
[23:06] *** Sir_Arik has quit IRC (Quit:  )
[23:07] *** Vrryl has quit IRC (Quit:  )
[23:11] *** JessicaKnight has quit IRC (Quit: Quit: Erection reset by queer )
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