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Horsemen of the Apocalypse 2 - IC Chat Logs
Session Start: Sat Feb 01 16:34:46 2003
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[18:06] <GM_Erik> Last time, the Gathering of Heroes managed to slay the Horseman of War.  This was a momentous occasion, as one of the three demons that needed to be defeated was now gone, and banished to its home dimension for thousands of years.  Unfortunately, this victory did not happen without some degree of loss.  Tibor was killed by War, and two others in the Gathering were eaten by the beast Carnage which accompanies War.
[18:08] <GM_Erik> Luckily, Wolvor, the Wolfen god of the Norse Pantheon in the Palladium world, who was disguised as the warrior Gar, brought Tibor back to represent him on Rifts Earth.
[18:10] <GM_Erik> The battle went well, with a well-executed plan.  The intervention of the tree-people, with millenium weapons, was a welcomed addition which sped along the defeat of the evil, destructice force.
[18:10] <GM_Erik> After the battle, Gar, now revealed as Wolvor was gone, and Tibor was back.
[18:11] <GM_Erik> Some of the pygmies arrived, and offered to take the group to the Father of the Congo, which turned out to be a large Millenium Tree in the Congo.
[18:12] <GM_Erik> As the group gets a chance to heal, relax, and replenish supplies, Sir_Arik and Tibor announce that they must take their leave for now.
[18:13] <GM_Erik> Tibor has more to do before he can rejoin the group, while Sir Arik is needed more elsewhere.
[18:15] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Don't forget to send us a postcard..."
[18:16] <GM_Erik> Sir Arik gives his goodbyes as only he can.  Tibor is characteristically brief.
[18:18] <Vrryl> :turns away from the departing friends, glancing at both Mika and Jessica. He sighs, sorrowfully, "They shall be missed, but we must carry on without them. Suggestions of finding the next of our targets?"
[18:19] <Mika_no_Krynn> "I was kinda happy when we defeated War, but we've just lost 3 teammates for 1 Horseman... we need to do better next time.  Time to move though indeed."
[18:19] <JessicaKnight> hmm.... not a clue here... north maybe?
[18:20] * JessicaKnight thinks for a minute
[18:20] <Mika_no_Krynn> "I could try doing an Oracle again... see if that turns up anything."
[18:20] <JessicaKnight> which way was War headed?
[18:21] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Towards Egypt... Northeast."
[18:21] <GM_Erik> Note: There will be a meeting tonight with thr group over which way might be good to go.
[18:21] <GM_Erik> Note: It is about midday
[18:22] <JessicaKnight> perhaps we could follow that path? If War was headed there, that's more than likely where the meeting point is
[18:23] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Yep, we should bring this up at the meeting tonight..."
[18:23] * Vrryl nods, "Sounds reasonable. We shall see what the rest of the warparty have to say this evening." He heads towards his tent, saying over his shoulder, "In the meantime, I need a nap."
[18:24] <GM_Erik> Note: It's been a couple days since the battle.
[18:24] <Mika_no_Krynn> "A nap?.. oookay..."
[18:24] * Vrryl was up very late last night doing what mages do in the wee hours.
[18:25] <JessicaKnight> alright.. we'll see you in a bit Vrryl.. don't be late for the meeting
[18:28] * Vrryl waves a hand in acknowledgment and slips inside his deep green tent.
[18:28] * Mika_no_Krynn stretches herself out in a bikini to tan under the African sun.
[18:30] * JessicaKnight wanders off in search of local, small animals to study
[18:30] <GM_Erik> Dusk creeps up upon the region, but does not have the same sense of danger as it has for the past few days.  The survivors from the battle quickly healed in the presence of the tree, and a general sense of well-being has permeated the group.
[18:31] <GM_Erik> Under the glow of magical lighting, the group gathers near the base of the giant tree in the evening.
[18:32] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Anyone bring the marshmellows?"
[18:33] <Vrryl> Among the cheerful sounds, the flap to one quiet green tent stirs, as the rested form of Vrryl steps out. He stretches wide, folds his arms, and looks about, smiling, before heading to the meeting hall.
[18:33] <JessicaKnight> I think Tibor had them....
[18:33] <GM_Erik> The roll call consists of Erin Tarn, Sir Winslow Thorpe, Katrina Sun, Victor Lazlo, Lo Fung, Fang Lo, Three Crocodilians (Creed, Sebek, and one other), 6 mercenaries.
[18:33] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Figures... well don't you look refreshed Vrryl?"
[18:34] <GM_Erik> An additional, captured Altaran Warrior Woman is off to the side of the group.
[18:35] * Vrryl arrives at the hall, stepping around a set of benches. As he sits down on one beside Mika, he smiles at her, "I had many things to do last night... rest was much needed."
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[18:35] <Mika_no_Krynn> "I bet... looks like Tibor made off with the marshmellows."
[18:36] * Vrryl frowns, stretching his neck to the center of the large tent, "And no one brought more?? Pssh, I was relying on at least Jessica to provice us our snacks for this."
[18:37] <GM_Erik> Note: group is under the sky (tree) in the warm African jungle.
[18:37] <JessicaKnight> umm... yeah.. well about that..... I sorta made Tibor carry all the snacks..... it's hard for 'lil 'ole me to be burdened with so much stuff ya know...
[18:38] * JessicaKnight smiles sweetly
[18:38] * Vrryl growls, "We should chase that pup down.. probably made off with them on purpose, I figure."
[18:38] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Of course... you can't expect a lady to carry all the supplies when there are such strapping young lads around... and you know Daniel won't volunteer..."
[18:38] <GM_Erik> The crocodilians arrive at the meeting.
[18:40] <GM_Erik> After everyone finishes arriving, Victor Lazlo stands up and clears his throat.
[18:41] <GM_Erik> Lazlo: Well..
[18:41] * Vrryl straightens, listening intently as Lazlo begins to speak...
[18:41] <GM_Erik> Lazlo: As you know, we've destroyed one of the fabled Horsemen of the Apocolypse.
[18:42] <GM_Erik> Lazlo: And, despite our losses, it was an overall success, both in strategy, firepower, and luck.
[18:42] <GM_Erik> Lazlo: So before we go on, I'd like to have a moment of silence for out fallen bretheren.
[18:43] <GM_Erik> *silence*
[18:43] * Vrryl bows his head, closing his eyes in rememberance.
[18:43] <GM_Erik> Lazlo: Ok then.
[18:43] * Mika_no_Krynn prays in silence that the souls of the fallen may receive much ale and honor in Valhalla.
[18:44] * JessicaKnight thinks about what kind of meat would be good on the next plate 'o' meat
[18:44] <GM_Erik> Lazlo: We stand on a very important decision right now.
[18:45] <GM_Erik> Lazlo: We are near the middle of one of the largest landmasses on the planet, and somewhere on the landmass, three other demons roam, causing death, torment, and other unspeakable horrors.
[18:46] <GM_Erik> Lazlo: Which way do we go?
[18:46] <GM_Erik> Lazlo points at a map of Africa.  We are here, in the Congo, which takes up the west central part of the continent.
[18:47] <GM_Erik> Lazlo: The outskirts of the Congo are less forested, and many are mountainous.
[18:48] <GM_Erik> Lazlo: to the south, past the forested regions, lies the Kalahari Desert, and to the south of that, what used to be known as South Africa.
[18:49] <GM_Erik> The eastern part of the continent has many lakes and riverways, providing for plenty of vegetation, though not as dense as here in the Congo.
[18:49] <GM_Erik> To the north of the Congo lies the Sahel, and the massive Sahara Desert.  North of that is the Mediterranean.
[18:50] <GM_Erik> The northeast of the continent is ruled by the evil Pharoah and the Phoeniz Empire, an empire of monsters, demons, and necromancers.
[18:50] <GM_Erik> As we know, the Pharoah summoned the Horsemen to Earth.
[18:51] <GM_Erik> We believe that Abkii, and his followers, left for the empire to take on the Pharoah's forces and any demons he may find there, but we cannot be sure.
[18:51] * Vrryl nudges Jessica, whispering, "What you think... we set you up with this Pharoah fellow? Probably be a killer first date."
[18:52] * JessicaKnight kicks Vrryl's leg, "Killer is right..... you'd have to chaperone tho..."
[18:53] <GM_Erik> Lazlo: So the question is, which way do we go?  The closer we get to the Phoenix Empire, the more likely we run into Rama-Set's (the Pharoah) Death Squads.  This will be more dangerous.  However, going to the south means that we risk preventing a demon from arriving in Egypt, where Rama-Set is.
[18:54] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Perhaps we send someone or a small team to back track War's path a little ways to see where it came from.  I think we can rule out the possibility that the other demons are in that direction."
[18:55] <JessicaKnight> You think War is a vanguard for the other ones to come along the same path?
[18:55] <GM_Erik> Lo Fung: Based on the amount of time since the demons arrived in our world, War appeared in the Congo, or near the coast to the west.
[18:56] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Wouldn't they want to join up as soon as possible?"
[18:56] <GM_Erik> Lo Fung: If two of the demons ran into eachother, or knew where the others were, they would not spilt up once having found eachother.
[18:57] * Vrryl nods, "And we must first ask ourselves, are the other demons on the continent yet... or have they yet to arrive?"
[18:57] <GM_Erik> Fang Lo: They are definitely here.
[18:57] <JessicaKnight> really I think that we have to hit them before they get to Egypt...
[18:57] <Vrryl> Then it is very possible they headed for the quickest place that all could meet up... the center?
[18:57] <JessicaKnight> if they Join up with Rama-Set's forces, we coudl be fighting on 2 fronts instead of one
[18:58] <GM_Erik> Erin Tarn: Of course, we don't know where they are, but luckily it seems that they don't either.
[18:58] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Agreed.  If we go East and find one then we could always swing South in short order to search there.  But if we go South first we will have to backtrack quite far to reach the others."
[19:00] <Vrryl> That sounds a reasonable direction...
[19:00] <JessicaKnight> very
[19:00] <JessicaKnight> how strong are Rama-Set's death squads? does anyone know?
[19:01] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Perhaps I should try another Oracle ritual though first... perhaps it will give us some more insight.  It would be silly to head East if we knew nothing was there."
[19:01] <GM_Erik> Creed: Many demons, supernatural creatures, and undead are part of the Empire.
[19:03] <JessicaKnight> hmmm so dealing with those on a regular basis would probably not be very beneficial in helping up gather our strength to fight the remaining horeseman
[19:05] * Vrryl frowns, "If we do travel, our groups would have to be small enough not to attract much attention, but able to keep eachother supported should something happen. We could move in tiny packets."
[19:06] <GM_Erik> Thorpe: But we need strength to fight against powerful foes.
[19:06] <Vrryl> True, but we need stealth to sneak past those foes who will only dwindle our numbers.
[19:06] <GM_Erik> Thorpe: There are only a score of us.
[19:07] <GM_Erik> Thorpe: We can travel like we were up until now, splitting up during the day with a lead reconassaince team, but staying without radio range.
[19:07] <Vrryl> If we do not need to fight something, then it is better to bypass it. And we must still choose a direction most viable to where the remaining Horemen will head.
[19:07] <GM_Erik> Thorpe: And stay together during the nights.
[19:08] <JessicaKnight> I agree... it's been workignfor us so far, so why change the strategy...
[19:08] <JessicaKnight> let's just pick a direction and go with it... I don't think debating anymore will help us decide...
[19:08] * Vrryl bows his head a touch, "Precisely as we have been, Sir Thorpe."
[19:09] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Yes... but we still need a direction.  I would vote for East.  To the North are the Death Squads and to the South are the Spluggies."
[19:09] <GM_Erik> Lazlo: THere are more SPlugorth to the west, if I recall.  We just left their base on this continent.
[19:10] <JessicaKnight> let's stay away from the Splugorth for now..... the last thing we need is to involve Splyn and his minions as well....
[19:11] <JessicaKnight> unless we can get them to kill one of the horseman for us...
[19:11] <GM_Erik> Thorpe: Speaking of minions, we do have one other issue to deal with.
[19:11] <Mika_no_Krynn> "That would be interesting... perhaps they will, so let's stay away from them."
[19:11] <Vrryl> Hmm... how do you suggest that, Jessica/
[19:11] * Vrryl looks to the group, "Hang on, let us hear this suggestion out..."
[19:12] <JessicaKnight> Vrryl... I don't know... I'm not sure how the Splugorth would react to one of the 4 hourseman showing up in their territory.... would the fight it? would they care?
[19:13] <JessicaKnight> would we even know about it?
[19:13] * JessicaKnight motions to the Blind Warrior Woman
[19:13] <JessicaKnight> she might be able to tell us something but until we can get her co-operation, we won't know
[19:14] <Vrryl> The Horsemen I doubt are in the business of making friends... it is possible they would see the Splugorth as a threat, and the Splugorth may equally be disinterested in sharing.
[19:16] <JessicaKnight> really I don't know how it can help us right now..... unfortuantely we can't just walk up to a slave barge and strike up a friendly conversation as to what's happening in splugie land
[19:16] <Vrryl> If we could force a confrontation, better Splugorth die in the creature's slaying, than us.
[19:16] <JessicaKnight> yeah.. at least use them to weaken it
[19:17] * Vrryl grins humordly, "No, I doubt very much they would be interested in conversations... with us, or certain malevolent beings storming across their lands."
[19:18] <GM_Erik> Thorpe: This doesn't answer what we should do with the Altaran.  We can't very well rag her across all of Africa.
[19:18] <Vrryl> I suppose we must still find the Horsemen though... and that is a challenge that we must confont first.
[19:19] * JessicaKnight fondles her rune sword
[19:19] <Mika_no_Krynn> "I guess we could let her go... if she wants to head out on her own fine, if she wants to stay with us fine.  Her choice."
[19:19] <JessicaKnight> I've already voice my opinion about what to do.. but I'm just one of many here
[19:20] <GM_Erik> Erin Tarn: Then should we ask her?
[19:20] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Sure... I'll do it, though she probably hates me."
[19:21] * Vrryl offers Mika an encouraging nod.
[19:23] * Mika_no_Krynn walks over to the Altaran and crouches down beside her, "Well here is a choice for you. I am sorry to have dragged you around for the last few weeks, but now we've decided to let you go. So if you want you can return to your Masters, head off on your own, or you can join up with us... the choice is yours."
[19:24] <GM_Erik> Altaran: I cannot go back now.
[19:24] <Mika_no_Krynn> "I suppose not... so do you want to strike off on your own, or come with us?"
[19:24] <GM_Erik> Altaran: They will probably kill me.
[19:24] <GM_Erik> Altaran: I think I should like to accompany your group.
[19:25] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Not the most understanding of people the Splugorth.  Really?  You would come with us?  Excuse my surprise... I am actually quite delighted."
[19:26] <GM_Erik> Altaran: Yes, I know that you have little reason to trust me, but I haven't tried anything since you captured me.
[19:27] <Mika_no_Krynn> "This is true, and I am thankful for that.  When this is all over you have an open invitation to come back with us to North America and Lazlo."
[19:27] <GM_Erik> Altaran: Thank you.
[19:28] <Mika_no_Krynn> "What do you need in terms of equipment?"
[19:29] <GM_Erik> Altaran: The items you took from me originally would be fine.  I am used to them.
[19:30] <Mika_no_Krynn> "No problem... here, let me take those binds off."
[19:30] * Mika_no_Krynn removes the binders from the Altaran and helps her up. She then leads her back to the group. "It would appear as though she will be joining us from here on in... may I introduce..."
[19:31] <GM_Erik> Altaran: My name is Zatarra
[19:33] <GM_Erik> Thorpe: You can keep an eye on her Mika no Krynn.
[19:33] <GM_Erik> Thorpe: Now, back to the other business at hand.  I agree that we should head to the east.
[19:34] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Yes, Sir Thorpe... I will do so.  She'll be needing her gear back."
[19:34] <Mika_no_Krynn> "East it is then?"
[19:35] <Vrryl> That's my vote.
[19:36] <JessicaKnight> i'm ok with that
[19:36] <Mika_no_Krynn> "East ok with you Zatarra?"
[19:36] <GM_Erik> others nod assent.
[19:36] <GM_Erik> Lazlo: It is decided then.  Once we have replenish our supplies, we head east.
[19:37] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Great... I wonder which one we'll meet next."
[19:38] <GM_Erik> Lo Fung: Remember, we are only trying to destroy Famine and Pestilence.  Without their power, Death will only have a fraction of power left, and should leave this world from weakness.
[19:39] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Exactly... I am intrigued as to what those two can do though.  War was a simple guess, but these two will definitely have some interesting tricks up their sleaves."
[19:39] <GM_Erik> Lo Fung: And they will not likely be as direct in thir actions either
[19:39] <JessicaKnight> lovely..
[19:40] <Mika_no_Krynn> "For sure... kinda scary when you think about what they could be capable of doing given their motifs."
[19:41] <JessicaKnight> well, let's get a good night's sleep then..
[19:41] <GM_Erik> Erin Tarn: Well, I for one am going to head in for the night.
[19:41] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Yeah... unless your the sleepy head who just woke up..."
[19:41] * Mika_no_Krynn glances at Vrryl.
[19:42] * Vrryl blinks innocently.
[19:42] * JessicaKnight yawns
[19:42] <JessicaKnight> i'm off to find a cozy corner to curl up in.. night everyone
[19:43] <GM_Erik> That night, everyone has a dream. You are taking part in a battle against a great evil.  The evil is familiar to the Horseman of War, but different, and nondistinct.  This demon also has allies, getting in your way, but throughout the dream there is always a sense of hope and success.
[19:43] <Vrryl> Goodnight, Jessica.
[19:43] * Mika_no_Krynn gives Zatarra back her gear, "If you want you can sleep in my tent... it is big enough for 8."
[19:44] <Vrryl> It's for all her make up, Zatarra... it may be a tight fit for you still
[19:44] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Shut up!"
[19:45] * Vrryl cackles, and departs the circle heading towards Lazlo.
[19:45] * JessicaKnight wanders off
[19:46] * Mika_no_Krynn wakes up the next morning with a sense of eagerness to resume their quest. Then begins her morning stretches.
[19:46] <GM_Erik> Lazlo: Yes?
[19:49] <Vrryl> I wish to hear more of your knowledge of this continent if you have time, please. I have travelled here a time ago, and perhaps we could better get a picture of what exists on this landmass putting both or our knowledge together.
[19:51] <GM_Erik> The night passes.
[20:04] <Vrryl> When dawn approaches, Vrryl emerges from his tent, after an active night. He digs through some of the supplies, and builds a large fire... preparing a hefty breakfast, in hopes of adding to the spirit of his companions. Besides, he's in need of a bit of practice.
[20:04] * Mika_no_Krynn steps out of her tent into the hot African morning and surveys the grand surroundings while munching on a granola bar.
[20:05] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Oooh... breakfast."
[20:06] * Vrryl glances over, his right hand balancing a sizzling pan... "Morning sunshine. Sleep well?" His tongue clicks as he measures out a touch of spices on golden eggs.
[20:07] * Mika_no_Krynn heads over to the fire, lead by the great smells of food, "Pretty darn well indeed, thank you. What's cooking?"
[20:09] <Vrryl> Hrm... good question. We managed to scrounge some stuff from the supplies, and from surrounding areas. Got some eggs... thin slivers of meat... whipped up some omlets for any who would want. Got juice... something called hashbrowns...
[20:10] * Vrryl sets down the pan, and frowns, "I tried to put some pancakes together, but flour supply too low."
[20:12] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Oh well... I wish I could help, but I can't make flour, nor can I really cook worth a damn."
[20:20] * Mika_no_Krynn casts Cleanse on herself as she waits for breakfast.
[20:21] * Vrryl wipes his hands on a dark apron, "Well, you could help if you wanted. Need to measure up the rest of the ingredients for last of my batches... if you're.. er.."
[20:21] * Vrryl spots Mika cleaning, "Ah... if you're wanting to."
[20:21] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Hm?  What?  Sorry... just cleaning up a little.  Sure whaddya need?"
[20:23] <Vrryl> Just help... here...
[20:23] * Vrryl points to a tattered book opened on a nearby log.
[20:23] * Mika_no_Krynn goes about helping Vrryl with making breakfast.
[20:23] <Vrryl> Measure out 4 times the ingredients they suggest there please... and hand them in turn...
[20:26] * Vrryl finishes up breakfast preparations with Mika's help, in time for the rest of the warparty to awaken.
[20:53] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Looks good."
[20:53] * JessicaKnight yawns, rolls over, stretches, scratches, and goes back to sleep
[20:55] * Mika_no_Krynn ponders casting Thunderclap to wake everyone up... but ultimately decides against it.
[21:13] <GM_Erik> A couple days later, once the group has decided it has done enough preparation, the Gathering of Heroes heads out once again.
[21:16] <GM_Erik> The Tree Person who first jumped into your campsite has agreed to help escort you the rest of the way through the Congo.
[21:25] <GM_Erik> Creed approaches the group and has a suggestion.
[21:26] <GM_Erik> Creed: since we are the only ones on foot, it may be best if we take our own way through the Congo and meet you near the pass.
[21:26] <Mika_no_Krynn> "You can make there quickly on your own?"
[21:27] <GM_Erik> Creed: We are a race of swimmers, so while the path itself may be longer, it will take us less time to swim upstream the major river that drains from the pass
[21:27] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Yeah, ok... sounds reasonable.  I take it you won't have any troubles finding us when you get there?"
[21:27] <GM_Erik> The river will also have less obstructions.
[21:28] <JessicaKnight> are you sure that's safe? seperating from the group?
[21:28] <GM_Erik> Creed: I think we should be able to find you.  We have some familiarity with this country.  When you reach the area where the river changes direction over the pass, wait for us.  If three days go by, leave without us.
[21:29] * Vrryl nods, "Sounds fair enough. If we spot anything that may be danger, we'll message it back."
[21:30] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Alright... take care then.  We'll see you at the rendevouz."
[21:30] <GM_Erik> Creed nods his large, reptilian head and scuttles off.
[21:31] * Vrryl pops up into the air overtop the jungle canopy...
[21:32] * Mika_no_Krynn casts Fly as the Eagle and follows after Vrryl.
[21:33] <JessicaKnight> hey wait up guys
[21:34] <GM_Erik> A week and a half go by.
[21:35] <GM_Erik> Despite encounters with some random supernatural beings, the trip goes relatively smoothly.
[21:36] <GM_Erik> The jungle seems to wear on as it thickens, and clears repeatedly along the way.  After a while, the tree-person even slows down enough for you to keep up with him and not lose sight of him.
[21:39] <GM_Erik> The trip begins to move uphill, as you start to enter higher country, and slow down a bit.
[21:43] <GM_Erik> From the air, Mika and Jessica see a great crashing in the trees up ahead.
[21:43] <Mika_no_Krynn> "What is that?"
[21:44] <GM_Erik> Mika realizes that whatever it is, it's pretty large.
[21:45] * Vrryl slows, looking somewhat dumfounded, "What's what?"
[21:45] <JessicaKnight> what the hell?
[21:45] * Mika_no_Krynn pointing to the large, crashing thing, "That."
[21:46] * Vrryl turns in the direction Mika is pointing.
[21:46] * Mika_no_Krynn radios the ground troops and informs them of the situation.
[21:47] <GM_Erik> Something large moves through the trees downhill.  The crashing isn't really intense, just that of a large object moving through the trees.
[21:47] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Guess we should go check it out."
[21:48] <JessicaKnight> roger dodger
[21:49] * JessicaKnight banks low and hides in the treetops while closing in
[21:49] * Vrryl coughs, "Ya.. sounds like a plan."
[21:49] * Mika_no_Krynn flies up and to the right of the approaching object.
[21:49] * Vrryl curves in from the right, heading down towards a sidelong angle.
[21:53] <GM_Erik> as Mika and Vrryl close in on the disturbance, they get within a 50 feet of it and suddenly, knocking down a tree, it becomes visible to them as the immediate area clears.
[21:58] <GM_Erik> They see something which looks absolutely horrible.  A creature, about 20 feet high, looms in the forest.
[21:58] <GM_Erik> This creature, is completely skeletal, looking like some supernatural monster raised from the dead.
[21:59] <GM_Erik> It is vaguely centaur like, with a huge lower body, but has 4 skeletal arms, a long, snaking tail, and two tentacle like arms on its back.
[22:00] <Mika_no_Krynn> "What in the name of Odin is that?!"
[22:00] <JessicaKnight> you see it? what is it?
[22:00] <GM_Erik> Its head has large horns protruding from it.  Additionally, bony spikes randomly protrude from its "body"
[22:01] * Vrryl slows, whistling through the commlink. "Now isn't that a pretty sight..."
[22:01] <GM_Erik> The creature roars into the air, a low menacing, dead-sounding rumble.
[22:01] <GM_Erik> Jessica clears the trees and sees the creature.
[22:01] <JessicaKnight> ok.. that did NOT sound pretty Vrryl..
[22:02] * Mika_no_Krynn stops and backs away from the creature. Then radios the ground forces to apprise them of the situation.
[22:02] <JessicaKnight> holy shit!
[22:03] <GM_Erik> The creature charges at Jessica
[22:03] * Vrryl shouts, "HEADS UP, JESS!"
[22:03] * JessicaKnight goes all google eyed
[22:04] <GM_Erik> The creature slams into Jessica with its head, knocking her backwards through the air.
[22:05] <GM_Erik> Jessica tumbles backwards, but manages to avoid any trees before stabilizing her armor.
[22:06] * JessicaKnight makes a desperate to turn around fly away from the group
[22:07] * Vrryl slips a hand behind his back, and tugs off his millenium throwing stick...
[22:13] <GM_Erik> Vrryl throws the stick at the monster, who bats the stick away with a free limb
[22:14] * Mika_no_Krynn activates her magic armor talisman, and then begins casting Spinning Blades.
[22:16] * Vrryl lifts his hands into the sky and rains a bolt of lightning down from the sky to smite the creature...
[22:18] <GM_Erik> The monster runs towards Jessica to flail her with a tentacle.
[22:19] <GM_Erik> Jessica flies out of the way of the tentacle.
[22:20] <GM_Erik> The monster tries to punch Jessica.
[22:21] <GM_Erik> Jessica dodges again.
[22:22] <GM_Erik> The monster continues its assault, and manages to land a blow.
[22:26] <GM_Erik> Vrryl lifts his hands into the sky and rains a bolt of lightning down from the sky to smite the creature...  The bolt appears to do more damage than it normally would, searing the bones of the creature.
[22:28] <GM_Erik> Mika sends a barrage of spinning blades into the creature's "head", causing it to roar.  The blades half-severed the creatures head, and now it leans to the side at a sickening angle.
[22:29] <GM_Erik> Again, the spell seemed to do more damage then it would otherwise.
[22:30] <GM_Erik> The monster pauses after the last strike.
[22:31] * Vrryl draws in a the focus needed for further casting, harnessing a new offensive spell. Tiny green flames dance around the mage, preparing to strike at the undear abomination...
[22:34] * Mika_no_Krynn musters her courage then draws her Scathatch Blade and her Psi-Sword, and moves in to attack the horror.
[22:35] <GM_Erik> The monster, being a very uncreative individual, roars and tries to attack Jessica again.
[22:39] <GM_Erik> Jessica maanges to move away from the creature's large whiplike tail.
[22:42] <GM_Erik> Mika slashes the monster with her Scathach blade, searing its withering flesh.
[22:49] <GM_Erik> Mika continues to slash the creature's head.
[22:49] <GM_Erik> Mika notices the blade from England burning the fowl-smelling monstrosity as it cuts.
[22:54] <GM_Erik> Brett fires bright life-energy at the monstrosity.
[22:54] <GM_Erik> The creature roars!
[22:54] <GM_Erik> The creature starts to back away from Mika and Jessica.
[22:56] <GM_Erik> Mika continues to slash pieces of the creature away.
[22:58] <GM_Erik> The creature acts confused and lost.
[22:59] <GM_Erik> Jessica fires a blast at the monster and it screams hideously at it falls to the ground with a crunch.
[22:59] <GM_Erik> Small fires burn around the blast mark.
[22:59] * Mika_no_Krynn breathes a sigh of relief.
[23:00] * Vrryl shuts off the energies to another spell, and takes a deep breath before getting on the comm, "Everyone ok?"
[23:00] * JessicaKnight mutters, "Server your right.. I just repaired this damn armor!"
[23:01] <Mika_no_Krynn> "What the hell was that thing?"
[23:01] * Vrryl flies down to take a closer look.
[23:01] <JessicaKnight> beats the hell outta me...
[23:02] <JessicaKnight> but it hurt..
[23:02] <JessicaKnight> i'm gonna feel that tomorrow
[23:02] * JessicaKnight whimpers
[23:04] <GM_Erik> Examination of the thing reveals distinct similarities to raised dead.  It is made up of bones and rotted body parts, apparantly from corpses, however, it doesn't look like any creature you've ever seen before.
[23:04] <GM_Erik> Also, it was much more powerful than any raised dead you have ever seen or heard of before.
[23:05] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Hmm... could be the work of that Necromancer Set, or perhaps even one of the Horsemen."
[23:06] * Vrryl frowns, kicking a piece of dead chunk to the side, "Could be we killed some freaks pet dog. Keep your eyes sharp."
[23:06] <GM_Erik> The body collapses into pieces.
[23:07] <Mika_no_Krynn> "I guess this means we are on the right path..."
[23:07] <GM_Erik> The radios crackle to life: Any update?
[23:07] <JessicaKnight> someone doesn't like us...
[23:08] * Mika_no_Krynn responds over the radio, "Yes, we're fine and the creature has been dispatched. Some sort of very powerful raised dead creature."
[23:10] <GM_Erik> Radio: Roger, report your location and we'll be there shortly
[23:10] * Mika_no_Krynn gives the others her present location.
[23:10] * Vrryl turns from the creature and lift up back into the air, "This place going to start reeking even worse soon, I say we keep heading east. No point hanging around here."
[23:11] <JessicaKnight> agreed... death only attracts more death.. let's wait for the rest of the parts then get the hell out of dodge
[23:11] <Mika_no_Krynn> "Might as well wait for the others, maybe one of them as some input as to what this thing is."
[23:11] <GM_Erik> Radio: Be there soon, out.
[23:12] <GM_Erik> Some minutes later, the rest of the groups arrive.
[23:12] <GM_Erik> The group looks over the creature, and with collective knowledge, determines that it is definitely made from body parts of different dead creatures.
[23:12] <GM_Erik> including humans.
[23:13] <GM_Erik> Noone has ever heard of a raised zombie made up of different beings before
[23:15] <Mika_no_Krynn> "It was really tough too, for a zombie that is.  Perhaps we should keep moving though, just incase there are more about."
[23:15] * Vrryl shakes his head, "There is magic that essentially grafts undead parts to human bodies... something necromancers have been know for. This may be a more significant form of that spell. Actaully animating the body parts into it's own entity."
[23:16] <GM_Erik> Thorpe: Agreed, we should keep moving.
Session Close: Sat Feb 01 23:21:16 2003