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Horsemen of the Apocalypse 2 - OOC Chat Logs
Session Start: Sat Mar 01 16:41:48 2003
[16:41] *** Now talking in #riftsooc
[16:41] <GM_Erik> hey dude
[16:44] <JessicaKnight> oi
[16:44] *** JessicaKnight sets mode: +o GM_Erik
[16:45] *** Retrieving #riftsooc info...
[16:54] <GM_Erik> I just called Brett, and he got hacked into or something last night and is currently reinstalling his system.
[16:54] <GM_Erik> So he's hoping to be ready in time.
[16:54] <GM_Erik> but wanted to let everyone know.
[16:54] <JessicaKnight> ahhh.. yeah I had to do that on friday.. windows cratered on me
[16:54] <GM_Erik> cratered, that sounds bad.
[16:55] <JessicaKnight> yeah system files corrupted themsleves
[16:55] <GM_Erik> damn windows.
[17:20] <GM_Erik> Hey Gabe, you know anything about the dalnet situation?
[17:20] *** Mika_no_Krynn has joined #riftsooc
[17:20] <JessicaKnight> not more that what's been officially logged
[17:20] <JessicaKnight> hey mike
[17:21] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yo.
[17:21] <Mika_no_Krynn> Man, did it ever rain yersterday... like for 24hours of straight down-pour.
[17:21] <JessicaKnight> did you get my msg about getting a ride from Kobe to Aida?
[17:21] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah, who is that with?
[17:21] <JessicaKnight> damn... well it is Japan after all.. at least it isn't snowing
[17:21] <GM_Erik> yo too
[17:21] <JessicaKnight> one of the guys from the Fresh Alloy list
[17:22] <Mika_no_Krynn> Ah.  Slight change of plans for our place of stay for that weekend.  My host-family is busy that weekend, so we will have to haul it back to Wakayama for Saturday and Sunday night.
[17:23] <JessicaKnight> that's koo
[17:23] <Mika_no_Krynn> If we got to Aida, I think Sunday would be better for us.  That way we don't have to haul around our baggage when we go.
[17:24] <Mika_no_Krynn> Did you ask that guy about the tickets for the event?
[17:24] <JessicaKnight> yeah.... agreed.... saturday is only qualifying and practive runs...
[17:24] <JessicaKnight> nopw
[17:24] <JessicaKnight> er nope
[17:25] <JessicaKnight> as far as I know you guy tickets at the gate
[17:25] <Mika_no_Krynn> Ok, if I can I will try to see if I can find out about them at the local convenience store... they have little machines like atms there that you order tickets from.
[17:26] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah, I think they will sell them at the door too, but you can also get tickets in adv.
[17:26] <Mika_no_Krynn> If nothing else I will try to find out how much they are... funny they didn't say.
[17:27] <Mika_no_Krynn> The ticket thing is the only thing of concern, in case they sell out, since there are about 40-50 million people within the same range to Aida as we are... lot of potential race fans.
[17:27] <JessicaKnight> koo.... yeah if you can, get the pit tickets.. it'd be all teh better if we can get into the pit and see the girls and cars
[17:28] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah, those are definitely gonna sell out I think.  I will see what I can do.
[17:29] <JessicaKnight> koo
[17:31] <GM_Erik> Hey Mike, Brett's working on joining us.  He's doing massive reinstall after a hack last night.
[17:31] <Mika_no_Krynn> Someone hacked him?
[17:31] <GM_Erik> that's what he thinks.
[17:32] <GM_Erik> So he's hoping to be ready in time.
[17:32] <GM_Erik> or soon.
[17:33] <Mika_no_Krynn> Why the hell would someone hack him?  Strange.  Well that gives me some extra time to hang out my laundry.
[17:33] <Mika_no_Krynn> Picked up the 3rd GITS:SAC dvd yesterday... haven't watched it yet though.
[17:33] <JessicaKnight> nice... i'm watching ep 10 right now
[17:34] *** GM_Erik sets mode: +o Mika_no_Krynn
[17:34] <Mika_no_Krynn> Hey, I meant to ask earlier, but can you put eps 1-5 up somewhere... I want to watched the subtitled versions to pick up the stuff I missed.
[17:34] <GM_Erik> that's funny.
[17:35] <GM_Erik> downloading subtitled versions from North America so you can watch them in Japan.
[17:35] <Mika_no_Krynn> I have the originals, but it is GITS and the Japanese they use is pretty intense... political and tactical language, a little beyond my abilities.
[17:36] <Mika_no_Krynn> I understand the basic plots and dialogues, but my vocab. just isn't good enough to pick up the fine details.
[17:38] <GM_Erik> guess I shouldn't ask you to translate a Japanese paleontology article then, huh?
[17:39] <Mika_no_Krynn> Nope... I don't understand English paleontology terminology anyways, so I would be of no help.
[17:39] <GM_Erik> I was going to mention this last week, but I wouldn't worry too much about seeing the Daredevil movie.
[17:40] <Mika_no_Krynn> Hey, is there a way to set you ICQ to send messages upon hitting the enter key/
[17:40] <GM_Erik> ctrl enter works
[17:41] <GM_Erik> at least on my older version it does
[17:43] <GM_Erik> the acting and characters were good in the movie, but it was poorly written.
[17:44] <GM_Erik> kind of like a bunch of pieces of movies put together with no thread linkning them.
[17:46] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah, I am in no rush to see it.  Schneider has the pirate files on his computer.
[17:48] <GM_Erik> oh, good news from the US, congress isn't supporting Bush's new budget, whcih means the republicans aren't just letting him do this massive military expenditure like Reagan did.
[17:48] <Mika_no_Krynn> Dude, who the fuck is this Wang guy that is showing up on the forum?
[17:48] <JessicaKnight> squritle probably
[17:49] <Mika_no_Krynn> That is good... Bush's budget was gonna run the US in the ground with deficits... that tax system is retarded.
[17:49] <GM_Erik> no shit, even the nobel laureate economic dudes were saying so.
[17:50] <GM_Erik> publically on television
[17:50] <JessicaKnight> he was only a few mondred trillion away from hitting his debt limit
[17:50] <Mika_no_Krynn> I have no idea what the fuck they were thinking.
[17:50] <GM_Erik> one guy said that they must have worked really hard to come up with a plan that was that bad.
[17:51] <Mika_no_Krynn> No kidding
[17:52] <Mika_no_Krynn> Does that wang dude ever have a single intelligent thing to say?
[17:53] <JessicaKnight> doesn't looi like it
[17:53] <JessicaKnight> fuck.. ep 9 and 10 are totally well done
[17:53] <Mika_no_Krynn> I nuked an earlier topic post he madea about words for dick... what the fuck is that shit?
[17:53] <Mika_no_Krynn> Kewl... Schneider was saying it just gets better and better.
[17:54] <JessicaKnight> what do you have subbed?
[17:54] <Mika_no_Krynn> 6-8.
[17:54] <JessicaKnight> hmm i'll burn you as much as I can get my hands on before I fly over there
[17:54] <Mika_no_Krynn> I can get 9 and 10 from Schneider's folder.
[17:55] <JessicaKnight> hmm alright
[17:56] <JessicaKnight> oh hey.. in GT3 i'm pulling a total Initial D... I was kicking R32's butts with a 86 this morning
[17:57] <Mika_no_Krynn> Nice... I ditched my 86 as soon as I could and got myself an Evolution.  Stayed with that one a long time... until I got a killer car.
[17:58] <JessicaKnight> nice.. yeah I might sell that S13 I got from clubman's cup when I win the FC from winning the 80's challenge...
[17:59] <GM_Erik> iI just called Brett, just a bit longer on installation.
[17:59] <Mika_no_Krynn> I think I have kept nearly every car I have won.  It is retarded, no garage in Japan could hold all the cars I have.
[17:59] <Mika_no_Krynn> Kewl.
[18:00] <JessicaKnight> heh
[18:00] <GM_Erik> so I'm guessing another 20 minutes, if you want to secure food or anything.
[18:00] <JessicaKnight> I already had lunch/dinner...
[18:00] <Mika_no_Krynn> Picked up a kewl CD yesterday, compilation... has the Andy Warhols, Asian Dub Foundation, Massive Attack, NERD, etc. on it.
[18:00] <JessicaKnight> funky....
[18:00] <Mika_no_Krynn> I think I will prepare some tuna fish for later.
[18:00] <JessicaKnight> good deal
[18:01] <Mika_no_Krynn> Or Sea Chicken as they call it in Japan.
[18:01] <JessicaKnight> heh
[18:01] <JessicaKnight> makes sense
[18:01] <GM_Erik> heh
[18:01] <Mika_no_Krynn> If you eat tuna as sushi or Japanese food it is called Maguro, but out of a can it is called sea chicken... weird.
[18:02] <Mika_no_Krynn> "That doesn't make sense to me, but you are VERY small... maybe you're right."
[18:02] <GM_Erik> haha
[18:04] <JessicaKnight> eheh i love guu
[18:04] <JessicaKnight> I gues sI Should dig out my rifts stuff and dice
[18:09] <JessicaKnight> *yawn*
[18:10] <GM_Erik> yeah
[18:11] <JessicaKnight> hahhaha
[18:11] <JessicaKnight> homework ate my brain
[18:11] <JessicaKnight> being tied up is not fun
[18:11] <JessicaKnight> hooray for beer-u
[18:11] <JessicaKnight> a cil haiku
[18:12] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah, that sounds like her.
[18:14] <JessicaKnight> br
[18:14] <JessicaKnight> b
[18:16] <GM_Erik> blah
[18:18] <GM_Erik> btw, I should be able to call Japan now if I want too.  Apparantly they set my account up wrong last time I tried.
[18:18] <Mika_no_Krynn> Wicked... I got the Batou ID card with my id.
[18:18] <Mika_no_Krynn> He is only 6'2"
[18:19] <Mika_no_Krynn> You mean, they set it up so you couldn't call over seas?
[18:20] <GM_Erik> They have to set up the international calling ability.  Its not automatic, but it is free.  And the first time I asked them to it seems the guy did it wrong.  But I called Mexico the other day, so Japan should work now too.
[18:21] <Mika_no_Krynn> Ah,yeah.... ok.
[18:23] <JessicaKnight> damn..... 5 prestige classes and formians in shadows of unretide
[18:24] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah... the formorians should be pretty tough... dmg resistance I would think.  The prestige classes seem to be targetted to those classes that no one plays, to balance things out a bit though.
[18:24] <Mika_no_Krynn> Any release date on that yet?
[18:24] <JessicaKnight> nope
[18:25] <Mika_no_Krynn> Shite.
[18:27] <JessicaKnight> schneider wants to know if you wanna play some nwn tonight
[18:27] <JessicaKnight> he was talking about it yesterday
[18:29] <Mika_no_Krynn> I could... we should finish up that adv. we were doing before.
[18:29] <JessicaKnight> didn't you guys start dreamcatchers?
[18:29] <Mika_no_Krynn> Either that, or do a high level one like The Citidel.
[18:30] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah, but we only went through the first part.
[18:30] <JessicaKnight> shh
[18:30] <JessicaKnight> aHH
[18:30] <Mika_no_Krynn> Part of the second too, but Schneider crashed and I hit this really annoying part.  Fuck that guy is a wicked mod makere though... unreal.
[18:31] <Mika_no_Krynn> There is an underwater part... fucking intense. He must have customized all the tiles himself.
[18:31] <JessicaKnight> funky
[18:32] <Mika_no_Krynn> You should be impressed when you watch one of the GITS dvds... quite the improvement over the digi. files.  The sound alone is worth it.
[18:33] <JessicaKnight> really?? damn.... looking forward to it
[18:33] <JessicaKnight> speaking of which.. gotta remember ot order yen next week
[18:34] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah... I just checked out the intro on one of the digi files... not much comparison to the dvds. I can show you the Beebop Movie too, on dvd.  You can rent it at the local vid store.
[18:34] <Mika_no_Krynn> Apparently you can get Macross Zero on vid there too, I am gonna check that out.
[18:34] <JessicaKnight> yeah the brebop movie is hitting limited relase theathers here
[18:34] <JessicaKnight> sweet I hear that's interesting
[18:35] *** Vrryl has joined #riftsooc
[18:35] <Mika_no_Krynn> I am looking forward to it.  But I am not holding my breath, it may not actually be there.
[18:35] <JessicaKnight> lo and behold.. he arrives
[18:35] <JessicaKnight> how's the comp?
[18:35] *** JessicaKnight sets mode: +o Vrryl
[18:36] <Vrryl> what a load of shit that was, god i hate having to reinstall everything
[18:36] <JessicaKnight> heheh
[18:37] <JessicaKnight> I feel for ya.. I had to do that on Friday cuz windows corrputed itself on me.. took me about 5 hrs
[18:37] <Mika_no_Krynn> You have it down to a science though.
[18:38] <JessicaKnight> true.. but this was a pain cuz I had to get windows back to a point so I can retrieve my data tho...
[18:38] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah, data is the bad part indeed.  Freaking Windows.  Haven't had any probs with xp yet though.
[18:39] <JessicaKnight> yeah XP is pretty stable
[18:39] <JessicaKnight> reminds me.. I gotta upgrade my linux server sometime this year...
[18:39] <Vrryl> ya, was thinking of finally breaking from 98se
[18:39] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yep, quite the improvement over the previous ones.  At least you are leaving yourself a large window to do that.
[18:39] <Vrryl> maybe xp, not sure
[18:40] <JessicaKnight> just don't mention XP to Schneider Brett.. you'll start him on one of his hour long diatribes
[18:40] <Mika_no_Krynn> XP takes some getting used to... its default mode is for retards, so you have to got back and change some settings so you can actually do stuff yourself.
[18:40] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah, I made that mistake a week ago or so.
[18:40] <JessicaKnight> heh
[18:40] <Vrryl> something i hadn't seen on my boot up screens i now have with my gaming comp... says emm386 not detected. That a bad thing?
[18:40] <JessicaKnight> O_O
[18:41] <Vrryl> bah, that's what i though =/
[18:41] <Mika_no_Krynn> That's fucked.
[18:41] <JessicaKnight> yeah.. funny how just 5 years ago I was having an argument with schneider how good linux is, and he was defending windows
[18:41] <JessicaKnight> and on the usability principle too..
[18:42] <Vrryl> i'm installing eq... going to test it's running before i wipe my comp again and try to reinstall. hopefully those wierdo errors aren't problematic
[18:42] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yep, he is too much a comp. sci geek now.  He wants to go back to command prompts.  He worries about the idiots too mcuh.
[18:43] <Mika_no_Krynn> The world needs idiots, otherwise who would we put down?
[18:43] <JessicaKnight> yeah... idoits keep me employed
[18:43] <Vrryl> nah, i like my userfriendly interface... going to command prompts would feel like a step backwards
[18:43] <Mika_no_Krynn> Exactly... I think so too.
[18:43] <Vrryl> i've had enough of dos to last me for a few reincarnations
[18:43] <JessicaKnight> hmm gotta agree it's a lot more convient for a normal everyday workstation.... however for a server I would prefer command prompts... much less overhead.. it's all about efficiency there
[18:44] <Mika_no_Krynn> Schneider wants both worlds though, that's his prob. He wants the apps but the command prompts.
[18:44] <Vrryl> ya, that's different tho
[18:44] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah, exatly.
[18:44] <JessicaKnight> true
[18:44] <Vrryl> we're talking general computer usage... command prompts are the suck
[18:45] <JessicaKnight> heheh schneider is a therotical computer scientist.... that's his problem... he wants the best of every world... however pratical ones tend to pick a side and wage war, but they know what's possible and not...
[18:45] <Mika_no_Krynn> I always said no one would care if Microsoft had a monopoly if they made good products, so maybe they are realizing this now, and trying to put out something good to avoid any more lawsuits.
[18:45] <Mika_no_Krynn> They just signed a deal with the Chinese gov't... like the one with NATO, giving them the source code for Windows.
[18:45] <JessicaKnight> yeah
[18:46] <Vrryl> wow
[18:46] <JessicaKnight> I read that.... Bill was in Beijing giving a speech.. met Zhang Jiemin as well
[18:46] <Mika_no_Krynn> So they should be able to ship windows to China fairly soon... or the Chinese will screw them over and make their own version of Windows.
[18:46] <JessicaKnight> I vote they steal the source code and produce Red Windows
[18:46] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah, that would be sooo fucking funny.
[18:46] <Vrryl> and ya, i agree with above statement... i'd be happy if the monopolies created good products. I only feel to rebel when their products continually give the user the shaft
[18:47] <Mika_no_Krynn> That would be a good slap to Bill's head... welcome to the real world Billy!  You're dealing with a communist gov't outside the reach of you money.
[18:47] <JessicaKnight> China would have all the geeks in the world supporting them then.. I mean what's Microsoft going to do to China??
[18:47] <Mika_no_Krynn> Exactly... even the US gov't won't touch China.
[18:48] <Vrryl> i should invade china
[18:48] <JessicaKnight> hehh you should? You should go teach english there man
[18:48] <Mika_no_Krynn> I will support you in that dude.  I will not veto it.
[18:49] <Mika_no_Krynn> Send in Connor first to gather intel... hehehe.
[18:49] <JessicaKnight> haHAHAH
[18:49] <GM_Erik> me too, I wanna see the flying squirrels in action!
[18:49] <Vrryl> walk right up tienmen (sp) square and bust down the doors... say "I'm taking over this ship. Get ye scurvy dogs outta my quarters"
[18:50] <JessicaKnight> watch you and Connor end up in a labour camp, and connor singing all the time
[18:50] <Vrryl> how far you think i'd get? Customs in Vancouver?
[18:50] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah... maybe.
[18:50] <GM_Erik> depends if you're trying to go through the US or not
[18:50] <JessicaKnight> I'd say customs in China
[18:50] <JessicaKnight> wait.. go through HK first.. you don't need a visa to enter hk
[18:51] <JessicaKnight> and then you can sneak accross the special economic zone into the mainland
[18:51] <Mika_no_Krynn> Covert.
[18:51] <Mika_no_Krynn> So we gonna storm this cave or what?!
[18:51] <Vrryl> woo, let's rock then!
[18:51] <Vrryl> HK it is!!
[18:51] <GM_Erik> I'm ready
[18:51] * Mika_no_Krynn dons her Storm Trooper uniform.
[18:51] <JessicaKnight> where did we leave off last time? I don't remember?
[18:52] * Vrryl sharpens his blades
[18:52] <JessicaKnight> bad boys bad boys.. whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do when they come for you?
[18:52] <Vrryl> um... we were planning flights to HK i think
[18:52] <Mika_no_Krynn> We were gonna rage something fierce come dawn... smoke whatever was in this cave.
[18:52] * Vrryl dons his ninja suit
[18:52] * Vrryl enters the crack
[18:52] <JessicaKnight> hmm where are we?
[18:52] <JessicaKnight> oh the crack
[18:53] <JessicaKnight> for those wankers
[18:53] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yep, the mountain men.
[18:53] <Vrryl> we should ask for payment or some shit
[18:53] * GM_Erik dons his Holocaust Cloak
[18:53] <Mika_no_Krynn> Should make something like that in NWN...
[18:53] <JessicaKnight> holocaust cloak?
[18:53] <Vrryl> totally
[18:54] <GM_Erik> an Adarok? or a cloak?
[18:54] <Mika_no_Krynn> From Princess Bride.
[18:54] <Mika_no_Krynn> Holcaust Cloak.
[18:54] <GM_Erik> An Adarok would be cool too, but probably a little powerful for the game.
[18:54] <Mika_no_Krynn> And the fact that a 3d model does not exist for it.
[18:55] <Mika_no_Krynn> They aren't more powerful than Drgaons and there are lots of Dragons in the game.
[18:55] <JessicaKnight> oih my god...
[18:55] <GM_Erik> they'd be pretty good though, they are tougher than young dragons in Rifts
[18:55] <GM_Erik> Gabe?
[18:55] <JessicaKnight> I did a search for "holocaust cloak" on google and came up with a tenchi fanfic... =P
[18:55] <GM_Erik> heh
[18:55] <Mika_no_Krynn> That's grim.
[18:56] <JessicaKnight> gonna be ill
[18:56] <GM_Erik> alright, so what are you guys going to do?
[18:56] <Vrryl> thought i'd start us off
[18:57] <Mika_no_Krynn> How many hours until dawn?
[18:58] <GM_Erik> uh, two
[18:59] <JessicaKnight> well damn.. I can't get a good night's sleep on 2 hrs =P
[19:00] <Mika_no_Krynn> Nope.
[19:00] <GM_Erik> no, that was just after Mike meditated.
[19:00] <Vrryl> here's a thought... my dimensional bags, would they keep my food fresh? like frozen in stasis?
[19:00] <GM_Erik> We left off and everyone went to bed.
[19:00] <JessicaKnight> ahh
[19:01] <GM_Erik> It says that dimensional bags/envelopes have time passing nomally.
[19:01] <Vrryl> k
[19:02] <GM_Erik> It'd probably suck to go into one if time was any different anyway.
[19:05] <Vrryl> we're in a jungle right?
[19:05] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yes... welcome to the jungle!
[19:05] <GM_Erik> highlands, so the trees are getting smaller, but still there.
[19:06] <Mika_no_Krynn> In the jungle, the mighty jungle... Jessica sleeps tonight.
[19:07] <GM_Erik> funny, and Vrryl is the one that can't be punctual.
[19:07] <Vrryl> i was already up
[19:07] <Vrryl> chances are if not for Mika being up, i'd sit there sipping on water and chowing ham all day
[19:08] <JessicaKnight> mmmm hog fat
[19:08] <Mika_no_Krynn> Life of a true adventurer.
[19:08] <GM_Erik> heh heh
[19:08] <GM_Erik> hmm
[19:08] <GM_Erik> make an ME roll Gabe
[19:09] <GM_Erik> d20 + bonus
[19:09] <JessicaKnight> 15
[19:09] <GM_Erik> Jessica manages to ignore the stick.
[19:09] <GM_Erik> if desired
[19:10] <Mika_no_Krynn> Summon your monster into the tent!
[19:10] <JessicaKnight> hahah
[19:11] * GM_Erik waits to see what will happen.
[19:11] <GM_Erik> uh oh
[19:12] <GM_Erik> you brought it on yourself Gabe.
[19:12] <JessicaKnight> heheh what can I say.. I like to sleep in
[19:13] <JessicaKnight> Brett are you really summoning your tree climber in my tent?
[19:13] <Vrryl> nah, i'm opening up a dimensional rift
[19:13] <JessicaKnight> or are you casting something different
[19:13] <JessicaKnight> ncie
[19:13] <Vrryl> figured that'll get your attention
[19:14] <GM_Erik> Brett, am I typing or are you?
[19:14] <Vrryl> i thought you were sorry
[19:14] <GM_Erik> nope, no worries, am now
[19:17] <GM_Erik> hmm, roll perception Gabe
[19:17] <JessicaKnight> 8
[19:17] <JessicaKnight> =P
[19:18] <JessicaKnight> cool, can I die of asphyixation?
[19:18] <GM_Erik> nah, not in this case.
[19:20] <GM_Erik> hmm.
[19:20] <GM_Erik> roll % Gabe
[19:20] <JessicaKnight> 99
[19:21] <GM_Erik> ouch
[19:21] <JessicaKnight> not kiddin either
[19:21] <GM_Erik> oh well, you're clueless
[19:21] <JessicaKnight> heheh i'm such a ditz
[19:21] <GM_Erik> must be that early morning daze
[19:22] <JessicaKnight> must be
[19:22] <GM_Erik> Brett, check your window
[19:27] <GM_Erik> you guys set?
[19:27] <Mika_no_Krynn> Anytime.
[19:28] <Mika_no_Krynn> Morkin calling Orson, Morkin calling Orson...
[19:29] <GM_Erik> heh heh
[19:29] <Vrryl> man, i can't believe you remembered that
[19:29] <GM_Erik> Nanoo Nanoo
[19:29] <Mika_no_Krynn> Loved that show.  Robin Williams was brilliant.
[19:30] <GM_Erik> and young
[19:30] <Mika_no_Krynn> yeah. very.
[19:33] <Mika_no_Krynn> BTW, who is with us?
[19:33] <GM_Erik> that's what I was wondering.
[19:33] <Mika_no_Krynn> EVERYONE... even Cosmo Knights.
[19:33] <GM_Erik> Basically, you guys decided to do this.  And it is a hole in the ground, so there's not much room.
[19:33] <Vrryl> want to just leave it with the core, or do we need the whole army with us for the adventure?
[19:34] <Mika_no_Krynn> Naw... a small team is better I think.
[19:34] <Vrryl> i say we leave it to the core... us 3 and Daniel
[19:34] <Vrryl> ?
[19:34] <Mika_no_Krynn> Ok... you want Zatarra with us too?  Could be pretty handy in the darkness.
[19:34] <Vrryl> sure
[19:34] <JessicaKnight> yeah that'd probably be a good idea
[19:35] <GM_Erik> you want her to watch your back?
[19:35] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah, that radar sense and all.
[19:35] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah, she can take up the rear position.
[19:35] <Vrryl> and so we go forth.... the Five Companions.
[19:35] <GM_Erik> No, I mean, technically, she's still a captured hostage.
[19:35] <JessicaKnight> well she said she'd join us...
[19:35] <GM_Erik> She's only told you that she'd help you.  She's never done anything.
[19:36] <Mika_no_Krynn> Well, if she shoots us we have to beat her up.
[19:36] <Vrryl> oh, katarra with the blind warrior?
[19:36] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah.
[19:36] <Vrryl> er, was
[19:36] <Vrryl> hm
[19:36] <Mika_no_Krynn> Well, then put her in the middle then.
[19:36] <Vrryl> i don't know then
[19:36] <Vrryl> maybe we should have a few more adventures with her before we go galavanting into dark caves with her
[19:36] <GM_Erik> Well, the rest of thr group aren't too keen on that.  And five's a lot for this hole.
[19:37] <Mika_no_Krynn> On what?
[19:37] <Mika_no_Krynn> You mean the rest of the group wants her to stay with them?
[19:37] <GM_Erik> yeah
[19:37] <Mika_no_Krynn> Ok, fine.
[19:38] <Vrryl> our army can wait out here for us...
[19:38] <Mika_no_Krynn> We can have Daniel take up the rear...with his ears and nose it may be helpful.
[19:38] <Vrryl> kill anything that comes out that isn't us
[19:38] <Vrryl> so four of us?
[19:38] <Mika_no_Krynn> Sure.
[19:38] <Vrryl> lets do it
[19:38] <JessicaKnight> koo
[19:38] <Mika_no_Krynn> Want me to go first?
[19:38] <Mika_no_Krynn> I can see in the dark for 300'.
[19:38] <GM_Erik> what are you wearing?
[19:39] <Mika_no_Krynn> Um... her mdc bikini, magic chain mail.
[19:39] <Vrryl> normal, haphazard gladiator suit
[19:40] <Mika_no_Krynn> I have escape artist, so I can contort pretty well.
[19:40] <GM_Erik> ok, body armors will restrict movements somewhat.
[19:41] <GM_Erik> so prowl penalties apply to physical skills too.
[19:41] <Mika_no_Krynn> Like how?
[19:41] <Mika_no_Krynn> Ah.
[19:41] <Mika_no_Krynn> Good thing my armor has no prowl penalty.
[19:41] <Vrryl> i think gladiator only has 5%... it's very light
[19:42] <GM_Erik> Brett, your'e not walking.
[19:42] <Vrryl> climbing down?
[19:42] <GM_Erik> yup, 60 degree descent.
[19:43] <GM_Erik> so roll climbing everybody.
[19:43] <Vrryl> it's cool... i can see in the dark to 90ft
[19:43] <Vrryl> plus i can see invis
[19:43] <Mika_no_Krynn> 09 of 98
[19:43] <JessicaKnight> can I just float down using fly as the eagle?
[19:44] <GM_Erik> climbing will control how well you move yourself to not run into things.  You can just float, but you'll run into stuff the whole way down.
[19:44] <Vrryl> well, since i don't have climb...
[19:44] <JessicaKnight> neither do I
[19:45] <GM_Erik> ok.
[19:46] <GM_Erik> hmm.
[19:47] <GM_Erik> may want to be a little bigger than a cat.  Slippery rocks don't do too well.
[19:47] <Mika_no_Krynn> How about a chameleon?
[19:47] <Mika_no_Krynn> Or a jackalope.
[19:47] <Vrryl> could i turn into a bat, and just kinda float down?
[19:48] <GM_Erik> heh
[19:48] <Vrryl> bats fly through tight caves after all /shrug
[19:48] <GM_Erik> just remember, cat is minimum size.
[19:48] <Mika_no_Krynn> Or a Kaola... then just hold on to Mika.
[19:48] <Vrryl> hm
[19:48] <Vrryl> a cat is small, light and dextrous... why would it fail this descent?
[19:49] <GM_Erik> nowhere to stand, just slippery rocks.  hands work best.
[19:49] <Mika_no_Krynn> A monkey... a howler monkey.
[19:51] <Mika_no_Krynn> so much for our dextrous, covert infiltration.
[19:51] <GM_Erik> heh heh
[19:51] <GM_Erik> Hey Brett, you have climbing.  It's on the character sheet I have.
[19:52] <Vrryl> oh ya, wtf... it's awesome too
[19:53] <GM_Erik> well, roll it then, answer our questions.
[19:53] <Vrryl> 51
[19:53] <GM_Erik> ok.
[19:53] <GM_Erik> you have nightvision Gabe, right?
[19:53] <GM_Erik> oh wait, you're using globe of daylight.
[19:55] <GM_Erik> hmm.
[19:55] <GM_Erik> roll perception.
[19:56] <Vrryl> 22
[19:57] <GM_Erik> anyone else?
[19:58] <GM_Erik> hmm, Gabe and Mike?
[19:58] <Mika_no_Krynn> 17... thought you just wanted Gabe.
[19:59] <JessicaKnight> afk
[19:59] <JessicaKnight> sorry
[19:59] <JessicaKnight> eyes of the wolf and globe of daylight
[19:59] <JessicaKnight> as needed
[19:59] <GM_Erik> ok.  And perception roll?
[20:00] <JessicaKnight> 7
[20:00] <JessicaKnight> =P
[20:02] <Vrryl> yes, monkeys have eyebrows =P
[20:02] <GM_Erik> oh, you checked did you?
[20:03] <GM_Erik> roll perception Brett
[20:03] <Vrryl> 17
[20:05] <Vrryl> that movement came from below me, or in one of the side cracks?
[20:05] <GM_Erik> both.
[20:06] <Vrryl> either of you have telepathy?
[20:07] <Mika_no_Krynn> I do of course.
[20:07] <GM_Erik> you can send thoughts if the other person doesn't have it.
[20:07] <Vrryl> i know, that's why i asked
[20:08] <GM_Erik> what do you do?
[20:08] <GM_Erik> oh, and roll initiative if you're going to do anything.
[20:09] <Vrryl> lol 5
[20:09] <Vrryl> i'm fucked
[20:09] <Mika_no_Krynn> 22
[20:09] <JessicaKnight> 1
[20:09] <JessicaKnight> =P
[20:09] <Vrryl> oh, 11 sorry
[20:09] <Vrryl> forgot about the bonus with sixth sense
[20:10] <GM_Erik> anyone going to do anything?
[20:10] <JessicaKnight> my char has no idea what's going on...
[20:10] <JessicaKnight> 1 per kinda nixes that
[20:10] <Mika_no_Krynn> Activate my magic talisman and wait.
[20:11] <GM_Erik> ok, you activate it.
[20:11] <GM_Erik> sorry Brett, no time for that.
[20:12] <Vrryl> wtf, i can brace myself and say something...
[20:12] <Vrryl> =(
[20:12] <Vrryl> i'm multitasker
[20:12] <GM_Erik> Vrryou going to react Brett?
[20:13] <GM_Erik> no, you'lll get attacked before you can talk. ::-)
[20:13] <Vrryl> ya, i braced myself
[20:13] <Vrryl> bah
[20:13] <Vrryl> lol
[20:13] <Vrryl> that's from below me, right?
[20:13] <GM_Erik> nope.
[20:14] <GM_Erik> your right hand takes 4 MD, your left takes 1
[20:14] <Vrryl> off from a crack below me i thought?
[20:14] <GM_Erik> nope, to your side now.
[20:14] <Vrryl> bah
[20:14] <GM_Erik> both sides.
[20:14] <GM_Erik> roll clibming Brett
[20:14] <Vrryl> 23
[20:15] <GM_Erik> ok
[20:15] <GM_Erik> you take 26 MD Mike
[20:15] <Mika_no_Krynn> wow.
[20:16] <JessicaKnight> brutal
[20:16] <Vrryl> emm386 not found, xms manager not installed. What's that mean?
[20:16] <GM_Erik> roll percentile Gabe
[20:16] <Mika_no_Krynn> bad new.
[20:16] <JessicaKnight> emm386 is a system file that allocates memory into the 640 - 1024 range and helps organize memory ablove 1024 as well...
[20:17] <JessicaKnight> if it's having issues.. yeah that isn't good
[20:17] <Vrryl> well why the fuck would i be having one of those?
[20:17] <Vrryl> =(
[20:18] <GM_Erik> roll percentile Gabe.
[20:18] <GM_Erik> oh, and Jessica takes 10MD to the head.
[20:18] <JessicaKnight> 27
[20:19] <GM_Erik> Brett, you can do something.
[20:20] <GM_Erik> Gabe and Brett can also try demon/monster lore if they take an action too.
[20:20] <GM_Erik> well, you can try it on the go, but it'll be harder.
[20:20] <GM_Erik> so you might as well roll it.
[20:20] <JessicaKnight> no way in hell.. 88
[20:21] <Vrryl> 78 of 90
[20:21] <Vrryl> but since i'm in time slip, i have 7 seconds to do what i want.
[20:21] <GM_Erik> checking spell.
[20:22] <GM_Erik> oh that's a normal spell?
[20:23] <Vrryl> yep
[20:23] <GM_Erik> what level?
[20:23] <GM_Erik> got it
[20:23] <GM_Erik> ok, what are you going to do for your seven seconds?
[20:25] <GM_Erik> window for Brett
[20:25] <GM_Erik> window for Brett
[20:26] <Vrryl> window for Erik
[20:26] <JessicaKnight> heh
[20:29] <GM_Erik> you have one action left Brett, what are you going to do?
[20:29] <GM_Erik> ah
[20:30] <GM_Erik> you know, I don't think I'm going to subtract attacks from people for time slip, I'll just give free ones to the caster.  Does that sound like its easier to deal with?
[20:30] <Mika_no_Krynn> yeah
[20:30] <JessicaKnight> k
[20:31] <Vrryl> you don't have to subtract, but rather make the time of my action count towards real time
[20:31] <GM_Erik> you just gave yourself extra time.
[20:32] <Vrryl> so if a spell cast takes me 15 seconds, after time slip happens, it only takes 8 seconds
[20:32] <GM_Erik> I got it worked out, you used a little of time slip looking around.
[20:32] <GM_Erik> but still saves you some time.
[20:32] <Vrryl> or if it takes me 2 melees to do something, now it takes me only one
[20:32] <GM_Erik> Gabe, your go.
[20:33] <JessicaKnight> activate my talisman
[20:33] <GM_Erik> ok
[20:33] <GM_Erik> Mike, do you have a Daniel character sheet?
[20:33] <GM_Erik> Mike, your turn.
[20:33] <Mika_no_Krynn> Can I cast a spell from my position?
[20:34] <GM_Erik> If you brace yourself a bit, yes.
[20:34] <Vrryl> in your heaad, in your heaad, zombie zombie...
[20:34] <Mika_no_Krynn> No I do not think I have Daniel's sheet...
[20:35] <GM_Erik> ok
[20:35] <GM_Erik> Mika's go.
[20:35] <GM_Erik> twice.
[20:35] <Vrryl> should my xms managment tool for emm386 get installed when i wipe and reinstall windows?
[20:36] <JessicaKnight> it should
[20:36] <Vrryl> hm, i wonder what happened then..
[20:36] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah, I am going to cast House of Glass.
[20:36] <GM_Erik> ok
[20:37] <GM_Erik> Gabe, your go.
[20:38] <JessicaKnight> i'm going to see if I can grab whatever is on my head
[20:38] <JessicaKnight> 17 to attack
[20:38] <GM_Erik> oh fuck, yeah, you hit.
[20:39] <GM_Erik> both hands?
[20:39] <JessicaKnight> we're still climbing right?
[20:39] <GM_Erik> yeah, but technically, you're still floating.
[20:39] <JessicaKnight> ok.. yeah both hands then
[20:40] <GM_Erik> ok
[20:41] <JessicaKnight> i'll take a look at it as I pull it away from me
[20:41] <GM_Erik> you take 3 damage to your field.
[20:43] <GM_Erik> Brett, spell goes off.
[20:44] <GM_Erik> yeah, that
[20:45] <GM_Erik> Mike, you take 18MD
[20:46] <GM_Erik> make a concentration roll (d20 +ME bonus)
[20:46] <Mika_no_Krynn> gotcha.
[20:46] <Mika_no_Krynn> 16
[20:46] <GM_Erik> Brett, what's you spell strength?
[20:47] <Vrryl> checking
[20:47] <Vrryl> +2
[20:47] <GM_Erik> just strong enough.
[20:49] <GM_Erik> (got a 13 save)
[20:49] <GM_Erik> Gabe, your go.
[20:50] <Vrryl> nice!
[20:50] <Mika_no_Krynn> Chromatic Protection?
[20:50] <JessicaKnight> gonna initiate supermuhan strength from my armor, hold on to it with one hand, take out my sword and start sawing away at this bastard
[20:51] <GM_Erik> ok...
[20:51] <JessicaKnight> can I do that in 1 action or will it take 2
[20:51] <GM_Erik> that'll take 2.
[20:51] <JessicaKnight> k
[20:51] <Vrryl> yep, chromatic protection
[20:52] <GM_Erik> they just got a bad save.
[20:52] <GM_Erik> ok, Mike, your spell activates this round.
[20:52] <Vrryl> sorry, i'm reinstalling my other comp... hopefuly without emm386 errors this time around
[20:53] <GM_Erik> Gabe, you have a supernatural PS of 30, and a supernatural PE of 24, and 30 SDC extra.
[20:53] <GM_Erik> Brett, does that mean you're going to leave us?
[20:53] <Vrryl> hehe, nope, just means i was a bit slow on answering mikes question
[20:53] <JessicaKnight> I don't think it's supernatural
[20:54] <GM_Erik> yeah, it is.
[20:54] <Mika_no_Krynn> Ok, I will try to continue climbing down then.
[20:54] <GM_Erik> Mike, you need a target to cast the spell on.
[20:55] <JessicaKnight> hmm interesting
[20:55] <GM_Erik> Gabe: They made some changes to spells in the new book, mostly for the better.
[20:55] <JessicaKnight> ahh
[20:55] <Mika_no_Krynn> Nevermind then.  Thought it was something else.
[20:55] <Mika_no_Krynn> Since I can't see anything I cannot target anything.
[20:56] <GM_Erik> Yeah, you cast on someone, then they take damage if they attack you.
[20:56] <GM_Erik> Want another spell for your efforts?
[20:56] <GM_Erik> (Sorry, should have checked it sooner)
[20:56] <Mika_no_Krynn> Naw... just climbing down.
[20:57] <GM_Erik> you sure?
[20:57] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah.
[20:57] <GM_Erik> k
[20:58] <GM_Erik> roll a d 20 Gabe, add 15
[20:58] <JessicaKnight> 18 =p
[20:58] <JessicaKnight> christ i'm rolling shitty tonight
[20:58] <GM_Erik> not good rolls today, eh?
[20:58] * JessicaKnight looks for his other d20
[20:58] <GM_Erik> Strong, aren't, they?
[21:00] <GM_Erik> Mike, 34 MD
[21:00] <Vrryl> it seems we've switched luck
[21:00] <GM_Erik> Gabe, your go.
[21:00] <JessicaKnight> how close is Mika to me?
[21:01] <GM_Erik> depends how many rocks she wants to get hit in the head with.  Farther gives more warning, closer means they don't hit as hard.
[21:01] *** Vrryl has quit IRC (Read error: Connection reset by peer )
[21:01] <JessicaKnight> and there goes brett..
[21:01] *** Vrryl has joined #riftsooc
[21:01] <JessicaKnight> probably a ways away then
[21:01] *** JessicaKnight sets mode: +o Vrryl
[21:01] <GM_Erik> or maybe not.
[21:02] <GM_Erik> you still with us Brett?
[21:02] <JessicaKnight> just gonna draw my sword and continue to float down, watching for more of these things
[21:02] <GM_Erik> ok, its still there.
[21:02] <GM_Erik> Mike, your go.
[21:03] <Mika_no_Krynn> Can I see the bottom of this thing?
[21:04] <GM_Erik> nope, the way is too sinuous.
[21:04] <Mika_no_Krynn> Cast Eyes of the Wolf.
[21:04] <GM_Erik> ok
[21:05] <GM_Erik> I'm going to give it to you from that last spell (ie giving actions back)
[21:05] <GM_Erik> you finish now.
[21:05] <Mika_no_Krynn> ok.
[21:06] <GM_Erik> roll Lore Mike
[21:06] <GM_Erik> Vrryl's go
[21:06] <Mika_no_Krynn> 11 of 89
[21:06] <GM_Erik> wow
[21:06] <GM_Erik> Is Brett still with us?  Or is he only there in name,
[21:07] <Vrryl> did you see my emote?
[21:07] <GM_Erik> true enough
[21:07] <GM_Erik> ok, Brett's go.
[21:07] <Vrryl> i started climbing down
[21:07] <GM_Erik> duh.
[21:08] <GM_Erik> Gabe, your go.
[21:08] <GM_Erik> Then Mike.
[21:08] <JessicaKnight> keep moving down
[21:09] <GM_Erik> Mike
[21:09] <Mika_no_Krynn> Recharge my amulet shield, then begin casting Repel Demons: Lesser.
[21:10] <Mika_no_Krynn> Sorry Expel Demons.
[21:10] <GM_Erik> level?
[21:10] <Mika_no_Krynn> 8
[21:11] <GM_Erik> Mike, you take 11 MD
[21:12] <GM_Erik> Gabe, you going to defend at all?
[21:12] <JessicaKnight> parry
[21:12] <GM_Erik> roll it, small penalty from closed quarters./
[21:12] <JessicaKnight> 11
[21:12] <JessicaKnight> *sigh*
[21:12] <GM_Erik> ok, you parry
[21:12] <JessicaKnight> wow...
[21:13] <GM_Erik> Gabe and Brett, go.
[21:13] <JessicaKnight> do I have enough room to stab at the thing with my sword?
[21:13] <GM_Erik> you can try
[21:13] <JessicaKnight> hmm....
[21:14] <JessicaKnight> or rather.. i'm going to grab it again with one hand and drop it down the shaft
[21:14] <GM_Erik> haha
[21:14] <GM_Erik> roll strike
[21:14] <JessicaKnight> 16
[21:14] <GM_Erik> you got it
[21:14] <Vrryl> looking at my spells atm..
[21:14] <GM_Erik> do the drop
[21:15] <JessicaKnight> 19
[21:15] <GM_Erik> you get it,
[21:17] <GM_Erik> (makes me think of mini-me, eeeeeee)
[21:17] <GM_Erik> any decision Brett?
[21:18] <Vrryl> think i'm just going to keep working my way down man.
[21:18] <GM_Erik> k
[21:18] <Vrryl> ok, wait
[21:18] <Vrryl> i just ralized
[21:18] <Vrryl> chromatic aura can be cast on others...
[21:19] <GM_Erik> yeah.
[21:19] <GM_Erik> by touch.
[21:19] <GM_Erik> Mike, you take 40 MD.
[21:19] <JessicaKnight> ow
[21:19] <Mika_no_Krynn> wow.
[21:20] <Mika_no_Krynn> These guys are seriously inconsistent.
[21:20] <GM_Erik> that's undefended damage (auto-crits, since you're not defending)
[21:20] <Mika_no_Krynn> Fuck... you mean you get auto-crits if the other guy is just standing there, casting or something?
[21:21] <GM_Erik> well, considering they're just holding on to you, putting all their energy into it, yeah.
[21:21] <GM_Erik> they're almost removed from normal combat, since they're not defending or anything.
[21:21] <GM_Erik> its the suprise attack thing, or when someone's incapacitated, you get a critical if you want to.
[21:22] <GM_Erik> Mike, your spell goes off.
[21:22] <Mika_no_Krynn> ok... what happens?
[21:23] <GM_Erik> wow, what rolls!
[21:23] <Mika_no_Krynn> nothing I take it... as usual.
[21:23] <GM_Erik> oh wait...
[21:23] <GM_Erik> spell strength +2 right?
[21:24] <Mika_no_Krynn> eyp
[21:24] <Mika_no_Krynn> yep
[21:24] <GM_Erik> so that makes their save a 20...
[21:24] <Mika_no_Krynn> for them yep.
[21:25] <GM_Erik> good job.
[21:25] <GM_Erik> I rolled really high.
[21:25] <Vrryl> upwards or downwards?
[21:25] <Mika_no_Krynn> now climb down as fast as possible.
[21:25] <GM_Erik> down
[21:26] <Mika_no_Krynn> down of course.
[21:26] <Vrryl> want to make sure we're not getting some new flying breed coming up from below
[21:27] <GM_Erik> Hey, this isn't Tremors.
[21:27] <GM_Erik> (or Tremors 2 or Tremors 3)
[21:27] <GM_Erik> although...
[21:27] <Mika_no_Krynn> My spell will last 8 minutes... anything within 80' of me that is a demon must save or run away.
[21:28] <GM_Erik> yup.
[21:28] <GM_Erik> Brett, roll save versus magic.
[21:28] <Vrryl> very nice!
[21:28] <JessicaKnight> sweet
[21:30] *** Disconnected
Session Close: Sat Mar 01 21:30:40 2003

Session Start: Sat Mar 01 21:30:47 2003
[21:30] *** Now talking in #riftsooc
[21:30] <Vrryl> guess i'll take my piss now
[21:30] *** JessicaKnight sets mode: +o GM_Erik
[21:31] <GM_Erik> that was weird.
[21:31] <GM_Erik> ok, so a save vs magic for Brett.
[21:32] <GM_Erik> I guess after a piss break.
[21:33] <Vrryl> back
[21:33] <Vrryl> um, save vs magic?
[21:33] <GM_Erik> yeah
[21:33] <GM_Erik> and a IC descirption too.
[21:34] <Vrryl> hello?
[21:34] <Mika_no_Krynn> yes.
[21:34] <Vrryl> is there anybody out there...
[21:34] <Vrryl> cool
[21:34] <GM_Erik> I said yeah
[21:34] <Vrryl> you want a save vs magic, Erk?
[21:34] <Vrryl> Erik?
[21:34] <GM_Erik> yes
[21:34] *** Disconnected
Session Close: Sat Mar 01 21:34:52 2003

Session Start: Sat Mar 01 21:35:51 2003
[21:35] *** Now talking in #riftsooc
[21:35] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah... WHO failed his save now?
[21:35] <GM_Erik_> wtf!
[21:35] <Vrryl> he's singing: should i stay or should i go now!!
[21:36] *** JessicaKnight sets mode: +o GM_Erik_
[21:36] <GM_Erik_> ok.
[21:36] <GM_Erik_> That's why Brett wasn't getting my answers... heh
[21:36] <GM_Erik_> so, about that save.
[21:36] <Vrryl> were you joking about the save, or want me to roll?
[21:36] <GM_Erik_> I want you to roll
[21:37] <GM_Erik_> seriously
[21:37] <Vrryl> 13 base magic, i have some bonuses against other kinds as well
[21:37] <Vrryl> 14, sorry
[21:37] <GM_Erik_> ok, you save.
[21:38] <Vrryl> Jesus saves
[21:38] <GM_Erik_> DId you get my message above before I got disconnected again?
[21:38] <GM_Erik_> so, what are you doing about the next part Brett?
[21:38] <Mika_no_Krynn> I don't think so.
[21:38] <GM_Erik_> ok
[21:38] <Vrryl> ya, didn't get a message here
[21:39] <GM_Erik_> got that?
[21:39] <GM_Erik_> (third time I've typed it)
[21:39] <Mika_no_Krynn> see that one.
[21:39] <GM_Erik_> whoo hoo!
[21:39] *** GM_Erik_ is now known as GM_Erik
[21:39] <Vrryl> now i got it hehe
[21:39] <GM_Erik> do what you do?
[21:41] <GM_Erik> roll climb
[21:41] <Vrryl> 21
[21:41] <GM_Erik> everyone else who's climbing might as well too.
[21:41] <Vrryl> of 95
[21:41] <Mika_no_Krynn> I was just gonna drop the 15 feet.
[21:41] <GM_Erik> ok
[21:44] <Mika_no_Krynn> What kind of marks?  Runes or something?
[21:45] <GM_Erik> something
[21:45] <Mika_no_Krynn> Could I do an Object Read on it?
[21:46] <GM_Erik> on the marks?
[21:46] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah.
[21:46] <Vrryl> are the markers visible without using see magic?
[21:46] <GM_Erik> yes
[21:46] <Mika_no_Krynn> To which uestion?
[21:46] <GM_Erik> just that Mika saw them first. the marks.
[21:47] <GM_Erik> yes to both actually.
[21:47] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yuki is a super hero... she isn't here.
[21:47] <GM_Erik> roll magic lore Brett.
[21:48] <Vrryl> 41 of 76\
[21:48] <GM_Erik> ok, you recognize them
[21:48] <GM_Erik> Mike, roll percentile three times.
[21:49] <Mika_no_Krynn> 81,68.64
[21:49] <GM_Erik> dude, you failed all three rols.
[21:49] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah, pretty shitty.
[21:49] <Mika_no_Krynn> Failed what?
[21:50] <GM_Erik> the % chances for success of the ability.
[21:50] <GM_Erik> there are three parts.
[21:50] <Mika_no_Krynn> Can I try again?
[21:50] <GM_Erik> nope
[21:50] <GM_Erik> Gabe, roll perception.
[21:51] <JessicaKnight> 21
[21:51] <GM_Erik> ok
[21:51] <GM_Erik> window
[21:52] <GM_Erik> Jessica also realizes that that smoke in her tent this morning was from the magic spell, Cloud of Smoke!
[21:53] <Vrryl> pffft... she's oblivious!!
[21:53] <JessicaKnight> mdc floor
[21:53] <GM_Erik> nah, there's no way she could go too long before recognizing the first level spell.
[21:53] <JessicaKnight> er mdc alloy floor
[21:55] <Mika_no_Krynn> Could I do an Object Read on the floor?
[21:56] <GM_Erik> hmm, ok
[21:56] <Mika_no_Krynn> 37, 02, 32.
[21:56] <JessicaKnight> 02 nice!
[21:57] <Mika_no_Krynn> Lot better than 81.
[21:59] <GM_Erik> so, what you doing now?
[22:00] <Mika_no_Krynn> Any other way out of this chamber?
[22:00] <GM_Erik> up or down
[22:01] <GM_Erik> (the book actually has them preferentally attacking the face or groin!, they're mean)
[22:01] <Vrryl> lol
[22:01] <Vrryl> bitches
[22:02] <Mika_no_Krynn> Go for the nads!
[22:02] <Mika_no_Krynn> Well, besides the way we came in from, is there any other way out?
[22:02] <GM_Erik> nope, just the way you came, and down htrough the crack in the MDC surface.
[22:03] <Vrryl> Go for the eyes Boo, go for the eyes BOO!!
[22:03] <Vrryl> ARRRR!!
[22:03] <GM_Erik> heh ]
[22:03] <Mika_no_Krynn> That was the funniest henchman ever.
[22:03] <Mika_no_Krynn> They should bring him back.
[22:05] <GM_Erik> you're going to jump in?
[22:05] <Vrryl> oh, the crack goes straight vertical?
[22:06] <GM_Erik> oops.
[22:06] <GM_Erik> yeah
[22:06] <Vrryl> hm, ok...
[22:06] <GM_Erik> goes down into another space.  You can jump it, it won't hurt you.
[22:06] <GM_Erik> just wondering, since it wasn't quite a step.
[22:06] <Mika_no_Krynn> Kewl... could I jump?
[22:06] <GM_Erik> yeah, but Vrryl's going first.
[22:06] <Mika_no_Krynn> Ok.
[22:07] <GM_Erik> its only about 12 feet down.
[22:07] <Vrryl> ya, i'll just jump
[22:07] <GM_Erik> ok
[22:07] <Vrryl> i
[22:07] <GM_Erik> heh
[22:07] <Vrryl> i'm mdc
[22:07] <Vrryl> lol
[22:07] <GM_Erik> wasn't expecting you to be tiny though
[22:07] <Vrryl> have to stop thinking like a squishy again
[22:08] <GM_Erik> everyone roll save versus magic.
[22:08] <Vrryl> HAHA
[22:08] <Vrryl> i love traps
[22:09] <Vrryl> 18 to save here
[22:09] <GM_Erik> good roll.
[22:09] <Vrryl> i rolled a 2, too
[22:09] <GM_Erik> a 2? oh yeah, the spell.
[22:10] <GM_Erik> hmm, hadn't thought of that.
[22:10] <GM_Erik> how about Mike and Gabe?
[22:10] <Mika_no_Krynn> jumping in asap.
[22:10] <JessicaKnight> 9
[22:10] <GM_Erik> what's your save Mike?
[22:11] <Mika_no_Krynn> 20
[22:11] <GM_Erik> ok, you save.
[22:12] <JessicaKnight> gah.. I think I just broke my paper shredder
[22:12] <GM_Erik> That;'s scary too.
[22:12] <Vrryl> wtf, you jumped in Mike!! Leaving Gabe...
[22:12] <Vrryl> oh shit..
[22:12] <Mika_no_Krynn> Daniel is there.
[22:12] <Vrryl> lol
[22:12] <Vrryl> ya, but what if Daniel is freakin too
[22:12] <Mika_no_Krynn> No worries...
[22:12] <Mika_no_Krynn> Daniel is cool... like Iceman.
[22:12] <Vrryl> uh huh
[22:13] <GM_Erik> What's Gabe doing?
[22:14] <JessicaKnight> freaking out ^_^
[22:15] <Mika_no_Krynn> does it smell in there?
[22:15] <GM_Erik> a little bit yeah.
[22:16] <Mika_no_Krynn> How fast am I sinking?
[22:16] <GM_Erik> you're not.
[22:16] <Mika_no_Krynn> Oh, ok.
[22:16] <Mika_no_Krynn> I thought so.
[22:17] <GM_Erik> I can't believe Brett shrunk to 6 inches tall.
[22:18] <Vrryl> i did that because i thought the crack was 2 ft high
[22:18] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah... figures.
[22:18] <Vrryl> And i didn't know it was vertical drop down
[22:18] <GM_Erik> yeah, 2 feet wide.
[22:18] <GM_Erik> and I had 6 inches of bat shit at the bottom.
[22:18] <Vrryl> i thought it was a cave like what we just came through... sort of semi vertical
[22:18] <Mika_no_Krynn> Is the bat crap all over the floor?
[22:18] <GM_Erik> that's ok, this was more funny.
[22:19] <Vrryl> hehe, ya, i agree =)
[22:19] <GM_Erik> yeah, it's over most of the floor.
[22:19] <Mika_no_Krynn> Shitty.
[22:20] <GM_Erik> haha, I even had that in my original flavor text.
[22:21] <JessicaKnight> heh
[22:21] <Mika_no_Krynn> cast levitate and go back up.
[22:22] <GM_Erik> ok
[22:24] <GM_Erik> I think I'll wait to describe thr room for you Brett until everyone else is there, is that ok?
[22:25] <Vrryl> no probs
[22:35] <Vrryl> did the handle move at all?
[22:35] <GM_Erik> sorry, missed that.
[22:35] <GM_Erik> yeah
[22:35] <Vrryl> is it the same one mike is now standing at pointing out the wards?
[22:37] <Vrryl> ya, i know... famous last words
[22:38] <GM_Erik> are you renewing that invulnerability spell?  It lasts 1 melee per level.
[22:38] <GM_Erik> just asking since you seemed to indicate you had magical defneses up.
[22:38] <Vrryl> ya, i'll renew it
[22:39] <GM_Erik> ok
[22:41] <Mika_no_Krynn> Way to go Hercules!
[22:41] <JessicaKnight> heh
[22:41] <GM_Erik> Hercules! Hercules! Hercules!
[22:42] <JessicaKnight> wheeee hey herc! herc! dedalus is coming!
[22:42] <Vrryl> lol
[22:42] <Vrryl> back off!
[22:42] <Vrryl> don't make me ball of annhilate you two =(
[22:43] <Mika_no_Krynn> Must have been a pretty intensely stuck door... considering you are supernatural.
[22:43] <GM_Erik> which shoulder Brett?
[22:43] <GM_Erik> well, I figure he didn't try very hard the first time, since he was trying to jump back after opening it.
[22:43] <Vrryl> um... right
[22:44] *** Disconnected
Session Close: Sat Mar 01 22:44:20 2003
GM Erik
 GM, 73 posts
Thu 22 Oct 2015
at 02:23
Horsemen of the Apocalypse 2 - OOC Chat Logs
Session Start: Sat Mar 01 22:51:05 2003
[22:51] *** Now talking in #RiftsOOC
[22:51] *** Mika_no_Krynn has joined #RiftsOOC
[22:51] *** GM_Erik sets mode: +o Mika_no_Krynn
[22:51] <GM_Erik> do me now in IC.
[22:51] *** Retrieving #RiftsOOC info...
[22:51] *** GM_Erik sets mode: +s
[22:54] <Mika_no_Krynn> Hey do you have the log files for our earlier games?  I only have todays and the one from the 9th of Feb.
[22:54] <GM_Erik> yeah, I got them all.
[22:54] <GM_Erik> I'm happy it puts logs between disconnections on the same file
[22:55] <GM_Erik> although since this is a new server, it might be different.
[22:55] <Mika_no_Krynn> Could you email the IC logs to me?
[22:55] <GM_Erik> yeah.  Let me get a chance to organize them and name them better.
[22:55] <Mika_no_Krynn> Do it by date if you can please.
[22:55] <GM_Erik> That was my plan.
[22:55] <GM_Erik> I'll probably do it tomorrow.
[22:56] *** Vrryl has joined #riftsooc
[22:56] <GM_Erik> hmm, what's keeping Gabe?
[22:57] *** GM_Erik sets mode: +o Vrryl
[22:57] <Mika_no_Krynn> Don't know.
[22:58] *** JessicaKnight has joined #riftsooc
[22:58] *** GM_Erik sets mode: +o JessicaKnight
[22:58] <GM_Erik> ok, we ready to continue?
[22:58] <JessicaKnight> there we go... must have been a laggy/split server
[22:58] *** JessicaKnight sets mode: +ntp
[22:58] <GM_Erik> (despite the f****** interuptions we keep having)
[22:59] <JessicaKnight> da
[22:59] <GM_Erik> ok, let's see, oh yeah.
[22:59] <GM_Erik> Vrryl heaved the door, right?
[22:59] <Vrryl> you mean fucking interuptions?
[22:59] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yes.
[22:59] <GM_Erik> I was lazy and just held the star key down
[22:59] <Vrryl> ya, i got a good grip, and heaved with my shoulder
[23:00] <Vrryl> my arm siezes up?
[23:01] <GM_Erik> yup
[23:01] <Vrryl> no saves?
[23:02] <GM_Erik> nope
[23:02] <Vrryl> well wtf...
[23:03] <JessicaKnight> still attached I hope?
[23:03] <GM_Erik> yes
[23:03] <GM_Erik> why, you want it?
[23:03] <Vrryl> man... i regenerate!!! How does a regenerating dragon, immune to like everything now, find himself with a limp arm???
[23:03] <Vrryl> i'm so confused... =(
[23:03] <Vrryl> i need a drink
[23:03] <GM_Erik> magic
[23:03] <JessicaKnight> yup.. it's be a nice wall trophy
[23:03] <Vrryl> i'm going to cry
[23:04] <Vrryl> magic??? pffft... i can roll 20's on a bad roll =(
[23:05] <GM_Erik> hee hee
[23:06] <Vrryl> bah lol
[23:06] <Vrryl> bastard gm!!
[23:06] <GM_Erik> Why, he's got another arm left!
[23:08] <GM_Erik> heh heh
[23:08] <Mika_no_Krynn> I will be looking out for more wards.
[23:11] <Mika_no_Krynn> Any writing on teh doors?
[23:12] <Vrryl> yay, no more emm386 errors
[23:12] <Vrryl> only took a complete reinstallation of everything =P
[23:12] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah... apparently no more GM responses either.
[23:13] <GM_Erik> ::-P
[23:13] <Vrryl> lol
[23:13] <JessicaKnight> and they call windows a bad product.. pfft
[23:13] <Mika_no_Krynn> Ok.
[23:14] <Vrryl> this is cool!
[23:14] <Vrryl> i'm getting aliens flashbacks
[23:14] <Mika_no_Krynn> Reminds me a little of Resident Evil.
[23:14] <Vrryl> ooo, maybe i should pop that flick on
[23:14] <Vrryl> ya, resident evil...totally!!
[23:14] <Vrryl> that flick rocked
[23:14] <Mika_no_Krynn> Where's the phone!? Where's the phone?!
[23:15] * GM_Erik disguises his voice and says, "I do!"
[23:15] <JessicaKnight> that guy getting cute up by the laster grid thing totally reminded me (and was probably stole from) of "The Cube"... god that was a totally freaky movie
[23:16] <Vrryl> the cube... name is familiar
[23:16] <JessicaKnight> it's a totally fucked up movie... a bunch of people are trapped in a giant cube made out of many many rooms.. some of the rooms are trapped and will kill whoever steps in it in very grusome ways...
[23:17] <JessicaKnight> one guys is cut into chunks with a wire mesh.. one guy has his head melted away by acid, another gets diced by monofillament wires
[23:17] <JessicaKnight> fire, shooting spikes.. it's a fucked movie
[23:18] <JessicaKnight> made by the same guy who did "Pi" a Canadaian guy...
[23:19] <Vrryl> huh... is it any good, or just a gimp way to show lots of gore?
[23:20] <JessicaKnight> no it's totally good..
[23:20] <Mika_no_Krynn> Seriously?  Skeletons eh?
[23:20] <JessicaKnight> it totally freaked me out tho
[23:20] <GM_Erik> roll initiative Mike (and anyone else in the room)
[23:20] <JessicaKnight> 9
[23:20] <Mika_no_Krynn> shitty 15
[23:21] <GM_Erik> oh, roll ve HF
[23:21] <Mika_no_Krynn> 14
[23:21] <JessicaKnight> 8 here
[23:22] <GM_Erik> ok, Jessica is not having a good day
[23:22] <JessicaKnight> definitely not
[23:22] <Vrryl> =(
[23:23] <GM_Erik> Well, Mike, your sixth sense goes off too.
[23:23] <GM_Erik> So you get to go first.
[23:23] <Mika_no_Krynn> Ok... then 17 init.
[23:23] <Mika_no_Krynn> Sorry... 21.
[23:23] <GM_Erik> yeah, your go.
[23:24] <Mika_no_Krynn> 21 to strike the first skeleton with the Scathach sword.
[23:24] <GM_Erik> you hit
[23:24] <Mika_no_Krynn> 32 dmg
[23:25] <GM_Erik> this is super evil, don't know if that makes a difference.
[23:25] <Mika_no_Krynn> Nope, thought they were.
[23:25] <GM_Erik> is that magical?
[23:25] <Mika_no_Krynn> I guess... it is a magical sword.
[23:26] <GM_Erik> Two on you Mike.
[23:26] <Mika_no_Krynn> 3some... ewww.
[23:26] <GM_Erik> Gabe, you take 16 MD
[23:26] <Mika_no_Krynn> I shall parry my attackers.
[23:27] <GM_Erik> Also, both of you roll monster lore.
[23:27] <JessicaKnight> gotcha
[23:27] <Mika_no_Krynn> 27 and 25 for parry.
[23:27] <JessicaKnight> 55/25
[23:27] <GM_Erik> damn.
[23:27] <Mika_no_Krynn> 46 or 89 for lore.
[23:28] <GM_Erik> How many swords out Mike? just the one?
[23:28] <Mika_no_Krynn> Just one today.
[23:28] <GM_Erik> you take 10MD
[23:28] <Mika_no_Krynn> Nasty.
[23:29] <GM_Erik> Mike, your go again.
[23:29] <Mika_no_Krynn> Continue my attack on the one skeleton.
[23:29] <GM_Erik> do it
[23:29] <JessicaKnight> can anyone turn undead? oops wrong game ^_^
[23:29] <Mika_no_Krynn> 31 to hit, 30 dmg.
[23:30] <Mika_no_Krynn> These things look pretty tough?
[23:31] <GM_Erik> you get my window?
[23:31] <GM_Erik> Guess its actually Mike's go again.
[23:32] <Mika_no_Krynn> Continue the hacking...  23 to hit, 30dmg.
[23:32] <Vrryl> oh shit...
[23:33] <GM_Erik> what...
[23:33] <Vrryl> that emm problem occured again the moment i installed my soundblaster files
[23:33] <Vrryl> it's back =/
[23:33] <JessicaKnight> =P
[23:33] <JessicaKnight> are you installing the newest drivers? or are you installing old ones?
[23:33] <Mika_no_Krynn> It is a soundblaster issue then... figures.  Have you downloaded the latest drivers?
[23:34] <Vrryl> going to do that now... at least i know from where the problem originated
[23:34] <Vrryl> i've never had that problem before... and i only installed my system about 3 weeks ago
[23:34] <JessicaKnight> yeah.. always download the newest drivers when rebuilding... you acn always revert to older versions, where some older versions won't let you upgrade without issues
[23:35] <Vrryl> i know about driver updating! i just installed the files and i got the error message. When never have i received it before.
[23:36] <GM_Erik> sucks dude.
[23:36] <GM_Erik> Well, Mike and Gabe, going to defend?
[23:36] <JessicaKnight> parry
[23:36] <Mika_no_Krynn> I used to have a similar problem with my soundblaster too... remember Gabe?
[23:36] <Mika_no_Krynn> Parry...
[23:36] <JessicaKnight> 23
[23:36] <JessicaKnight> did you?
[23:36] <Mika_no_Krynn> 32 and 27
[23:37] <GM_Erik> Mika takes 11 MD
[23:37] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah, when I first got my new system (HDD and motherboard)... had a hell of a time installing... then narrowed it down to the SB installation.
[23:37] <Vrryl> i checked for updates, and nothing came up... have to look harder i guess
[23:37] <JessicaKnight> hmm........
[23:37] <Mika_no_Krynn> Everytime I installed my SB files it would completely screw up.
[23:38] <JessicaKnight> I think I sorta remember that... didn't I work on that for ya over a weekend and narrow it down to something or other? or was that something else?
[23:38] <Vrryl> this is seriously the first time i've ever seen it happen
[23:38] <Mika_no_Krynn> I could be a conflict with your new vid card too.
[23:38] <JessicaKnight> that's true
[23:38] <JessicaKnight> could be a bus mastering issue
[23:38] <Vrryl> maybe, but i just did a clean format/reinstall a few weeks ago when i got the new vid card. didn't have problems then
[23:39] <Mika_no_Krynn> Ah... that does suck.
[23:39] <Vrryl> ya man.. i haven't the faintest clue
[23:39] <Vrryl> fucking hackers and fucking computers =/
[23:40] <JessicaKnight> heh if you're having serious probs man, bring it over tomorrow and I can give you a hand
[23:41] <Vrryl> thanks Gabe... i'll see what i can do, but i may have to. I think if the drivers aren't fixing it, it'll be something out of my level of computer knowledge =(
[23:41] <GM_Erik> Vrryl can do something any time he chooses to.
[23:41] <GM_Erik> Gabe, what are you going to do?
[23:43] <JessicaKnight> gonna hack at the skeleton with slithe
[23:44] <GM_Erik> ahhh
[23:44] <JessicaKnight> and I probably won't hit with 7
[23:44] <GM_Erik> ok
[23:44] <GM_Erik> nope
[23:44] <GM_Erik> Mike.
[23:45] <GM_Erik> Mike's go.
[23:45] <Mika_no_Krynn> How is this skeleton looking?
[23:45] <GM_Erik> you've hacked chunks out of its body in several places.
[23:46] <Vrryl> i'm casting lifeblast... level 5 spell btw
[23:46] <GM_Erik> ok, thanks Brett.,
[23:46] <Mika_no_Krynn> I will power-attack it.  28 to attack... 60dmg.
[23:46] <GM_Erik> wow
[23:47] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah... good dmg roll.
[23:47] <GM_Erik> it parries.
[23:47] <Mika_no_Krynn> fucking shite.
[23:47] <JessicaKnight> damn
[23:48] <Mika_no_Krynn> parry... 33 and 26.
[23:49] <GM_Erik> Gabe, you parrying?
[23:49] <JessicaKnight> 14
[23:50] <GM_Erik> 12 MD Gabe.
[23:50] <JessicaKnight> k
[23:50] <GM_Erik> but you can return an attack now.
[23:52] <GM_Erik> oh, Gabe, you can go.
[23:52] <JessicaKnight> 20
[23:52] <GM_Erik> ah
[23:52] <GM_Erik> you hit
[23:52] <JessicaKnight> 19 dmg
[23:53] <GM_Erik> ok
[23:53] <GM_Erik> Mike go
[23:53] <GM_Erik> Brett, your spell goes off.
[23:54] <GM_Erik> Gabe gets to go too.
[23:54] <Mika_no_Krynn> Hack... 27 hit, 22dmg
[23:54] <GM_Erik> hack hits
[23:55] <GM_Erik> Brett, which target?
[23:56] * GM_Erik thinks someone is installing stuff.
[23:57] <GM_Erik> ah
[23:57] <GM_Erik> roll 1d6x10 Brett
[23:57] <Vrryl> fucking eh!! 60
[23:58] <JessicaKnight> nice
[23:58] <JessicaKnight> damn.. I just found out my shaq rookie cards are worth about $40 USD each
[23:58] <GM_Erik> That's good, right?
[23:59] <GM_Erik> Gabe's turn.
[23:59] <Vrryl> how much you pay for them?
[23:59] <JessicaKnight> 15 to hit 11 dmg
[23:59] <GM_Erik> is it just a 3d6 sword?
Session Close: Sun Mar 02 00:00:00 2003
GM Erik
 GM, 74 posts
Thu 22 Oct 2015
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Horsemen of the Apocalypse 2 - OOC Chat Logs
Session Start: Sun Mar 02 00:00:00 2003
Session Time: Sun Mar 02 00:00:00 2003
[00:00] <JessicaKnight> about $4.00
[00:00] <JessicaKnight> 4d6
[00:00] <JessicaKnight> i rolled bad
[00:00] <GM_Erik> you hit, it is distracted temporarily.
[00:00] <GM_Erik> Mike's go.
[00:01] <Mika_no_Krynn> Ok, we'll try this again.  Mega hack, power attack.  Natural 20 to hit, 46dmg x2
[00:01] <GM_Erik> holy shitballs.
[00:01] <Mika_no_Krynn> She's mad now.
[00:01] <GM_Erik> well, I didn't roll a nat 20 for the parry this time, so you hit.
[00:03] <GM_Erik> Like Voltron!
[00:03] <Mika_no_Krynn> Nice.
[00:04] <GM_Erik> Gabe and Brett.
[00:04] <JessicaKnight> 15 to hit, 17  dmg
[00:06] <GM_Erik> ok Mike, you gave your sword to Daniel, what are you doing now?
[00:08] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yes, I am going to grapple the remaining Bone Fiend... so Daniel can hack it hardcore.
[00:08] <GM_Erik> ah, how sweet.
[00:08] <GM_Erik> roll strike
[00:08] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yes...26.
[00:09] <GM_Erik> you hit
[00:09] <GM_Erik> Gabe, your go
[00:10] <GM_Erik> MIke, its a 2d6 sword, right?
[00:10] <JessicaKnight> nat 20 to hit
[00:10] <GM_Erik> nice.
[00:11] <JessicaKnight> 30 dmg
[00:11] <GM_Erik> you're hitting with that.
[00:11] <Mika_no_Krynn> it is a +4d6 sword versus super-evil.
[00:12] <GM_Erik> ok
[00:12] <GM_Erik> well, new round.
[00:12] <GM_Erik> although, since the creature loses initiative, there's no point in rolling it.
[00:12] <Mika_no_Krynn> 26 for me... continue grappling it.
[00:13] <GM_Erik> Brett, your spell goes off.
[00:14] <GM_Erik> roll the damage, if you choose to use it.
[00:14] <Vrryl> which skellies are still 'alive'?
[00:15] <Mika_no_Krynn> just the grappled one.
[00:15] <GM_Erik> just the one Mika is holding that Daniel is chopping.
[00:19] <GM_Erik> what now?
[00:20] <Mika_no_Krynn> search the room.
[00:21] <Mika_no_Krynn> any books or writings?
[00:21] <GM_Erik> roll searching!
[00:22] <Mika_no_Krynn> Ok...
[00:22] <Mika_no_Krynn> Natural 20!
[00:22] <GM_Erik> really?
[00:22] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yep.
[00:22] <GM_Erik> ok
[00:23] <Vrryl> i think mikes cheating /nods
[00:23] <GM_Erik> jsut for that...
[00:24] <Mika_no_Krynn> Hey you wanted the roll.
[00:24] <Vrryl> LIES... BLASPHEMER...
[00:24] <Vrryl> PRAISE JESUS
[00:24] <Vrryl> PRAISE JESUS
[00:24] <Vrryl> And now... it's time... for us to give our love back to God.
[00:24] <GM_Erik> easy there reverend.
[00:26] <Mika_no_Krynn> I didn't pick it up.
[00:26] <Mika_no_Krynn> It is in the dresser.
[00:26] <JessicaKnight> ah ok
[00:26] <Mika_no_Krynn> Could be booby-trapped after all.
[00:29] <Vrryl> lol... now windows isn't even bothering to boot up
[00:29] <Mika_no_Krynn> You're fucked... nuke it again.
[00:30] <Vrryl> what's the command in Run line again that opens up config and autoexec shit?
[00:30] <JessicaKnight> hahah
[00:30] <JessicaKnight> edit
[00:31] <Mika_no_Krynn> I remember what was screwing up my machine with SB Live... it was all the LiveWare stuff.  Screwed something up hardcore.
[00:32] <Vrryl> i'll avoid that then... but what's the command again that opens up config/autoexec in the Run?
[00:32] <Mika_no_Krynn> edit autoexec.bat etc.
[00:32] <Mika_no_Krynn> "edit"
[00:32] <Vrryl> no, somethingelse
[00:32] <JessicaKnight> sysedit
[00:32] <Vrryl> that's the one!
[00:32] <Mika_no_Krynn> Ah.
[00:33] <Vrryl> ok, it says on boot up that there a corrupted or missiing file... C:\DOS\HIMEM.SYS  It says there's an error on teh first line of my Config.sys. And sure enough, DOS\HIMEM.SYS is the first line
[00:34] <JessicaKnight> why the hell is that in there?
[00:35] <Vrryl> this is a prerifts base... only makes sense
[00:35] <Mika_no_Krynn> HIMEM.SYS... I remember that from teh good old days... of DOS.
[00:35] <JessicaKnight> no no
[00:35] <JessicaKnight> i emant the c:\dos part
[00:35] <GM_Erik> he meant that
[00:35] <JessicaKnight> that shouldn't exist... ]
[00:35] <Vrryl> oh, i haven't a clue
[00:35] <JessicaKnight> if it's anywhere, it should be c:\windows\command
[00:35] <Vrryl> but it's corrupted or missing after i installed soundblaster
[00:35] <Mika_no_Krynn> Always a pain.  Yeah, there shouldn't be a DOS folder.
[00:35] <JessicaKnight> but you shouldn't even need that
[00:35] <JessicaKnight> ooohhhhh
[00:36] <JessicaKnight> I know why
[00:36] <JessicaKnight> you told it to install the dos drivers
[00:36] <Vrryl> hrm
[00:36] <Vrryl> i'll have to recheck... but that might totally be why
[00:36] <JessicaKnight> it automatically tries to load himem and emm386 to load the dos drivers into hi memory
[00:37] <Vrryl> that's messed up because the cd i'm using is for win 95/98/NT installation
[00:37] <JessicaKnight> yeah... double check.... look for somewhere that tells you to install the dos drivers and make sure it doesn't.. there's no reason you'll need to
[00:37] <GM_Erik> that sounds like a fixit from Gabe!
[00:38] <JessicaKnight> hmm odd...
[00:38] <Mika_no_Krynn> That's why he's the Techno-Wizard.
[00:38] <Mika_no_Krynn> With his elite-geek-tw-items.
[00:38] <Vrryl> ya, that's why i don't understand why it's installing for dos
[00:39] <Vrryl> and i've done the exact same installation before, without having this problem
[00:39] <JessicaKnight> heh.. i stil lahve to design uber 31337 items..
[00:39] <JessicaKnight> screwy./..
[00:39] <Vrryl> ya man, i think there's a ghost in my machine =(
[00:39] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah... gattling TW-PBC gun.
[00:39] <Vrryl> i've sat playing eq in front of it so long... it's stolen my soul
[00:40] <JessicaKnight> I still like the one hooked up to the bot...
[00:40] <JessicaKnight> unlimited payload ^_^
[00:40] <Mika_no_Krynn> Trade your sole for the game... new feature of Windows.  Money is not good enough, Billy wants your soul.
[00:40] <Vrryl> lol
[00:40] <JessicaKnight> heh
[00:40] <JessicaKnight> he is the anti-christ after all
[00:43] <GM_Erik> brb, keep talking if you want.
[00:44] <Mika_no_Krynn> Great set-up line there.... "Really, I thought there wasn't a shaft you couldn't go down on Mika..."
[00:45] <JessicaKnight> heh
[00:45] <GM_Erik> back
[00:45] <JessicaKnight> damn my server has been putting through a lot of data recently..
[00:45] <Vrryl> i've got my own issues than to be thinking of insulting mika atm... this arm thing is a mystery
[00:46] <Mika_no_Krynn> Probably because of me partially,  I have been downloading those eps of GITS from Schneider's folder.
[00:46] <GM_Erik> brett roll magic lore
[00:46] <Mika_no_Krynn> I am all done know though.
[00:46] <Vrryl> 22 of 75
[00:46] <GM_Erik> wow
[00:47] <JessicaKnight> actually everyone has...
[00:47] <JessicaKnight> each eop 8,9,10 has been downloaded 4 or 5 times each
[00:47] <Mika_no_Krynn> Blame it on the Bastard then.
[00:47] <JessicaKnight> yup
[00:48] <JessicaKnight> feb 22 I uyploaded 1.8 GB, feb 24 was 1.3 GB
[00:48] <Mika_no_Krynn> Holy shit... that is a lot.
[00:48] <JessicaKnight> total of 17 GB last month
[00:48] <JessicaKnight> average is about 11 - 13 GB
[00:49] <JessicaKnight> and yesterdays was 800 MB already
[00:50] <GM_Erik> what's you nightvision Mike?
[00:50] <Mika_no_Krynn> 300'
[00:53] <Mika_no_Krynn> Is there anything to tie a rope to?
[00:53] <GM_Erik> the elevator cables?
[00:54] <JessicaKnight> i can send a globe of daylight down the shaft if that'll help
[00:54] <Mika_no_Krynn> Ok... I will do that.  Tie about 100' of nylon cord to the elevator cables.
[00:55] <GM_Erik> Brett, window
[00:55] <GM_Erik> ok Mik
[01:03] <Mika_no_Krynn> Anything going on here?
[01:04] <JessicaKnight> guess not
[01:04] <GM_Erik> now it is.
[01:10] <JessicaKnight> is Daniel still upstairs?
[01:10] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah.
[01:12] <GM_Erik> Gabe, what are you doing?
[01:12] <GM_Erik> And Brett's spell should be about ready.
[01:17] <GM_Erik> ok
[01:17] <Vrryl> i don't know, thought i'd make it dramatic
[01:17] <GM_Erik> so what now?
[01:17] <Mika_no_Krynn> just let me know when everybody get's to the bottom and then I will head into the room.
[01:17] <Vrryl> i don't know, is my lame arm fixed?
[01:18] <GM_Erik> hmm.
[01:22] <Mika_no_Krynn> Is everyone down save Vrryl?
[01:22] <Vrryl> looks like it
[01:23] <GM_Erik> you guys want to cut it here?
[01:23] <GM_Erik> its getting pretty late.
[01:23] <JessicaKnight> yeah sure
[01:23] <GM_Erik> no, it is pretty late.
[01:23] <Mika_no_Krynn> Sure... we can do that.  Getting pretty late over there.
[01:23] <Mika_no_Krynn> Next week then?
[01:24] <JessicaKnight> koo
[01:24] <Vrryl> sounds good
[01:24] <GM_Erik> I don't know when I can do it Saturday night.
[01:24] <Mika_no_Krynn> Right... well you let us know.
[01:24] <GM_Erik> there's this soccer tournament, and I don't know when it ends (or when we'll be in it)
[01:24] <JessicaKnight> ahh ok
[01:25] <GM_Erik> Friday night could work ok for me though (at least from 6:30 on)
[01:25] <Mika_no_Krynn> I could probably do that... so far so good.
[01:25] <JessicaKnight> hmm maybe.. we'll see
[01:25] <GM_Erik> ok, we'll email it out this week sometime.
[01:25] <JessicaKnight> send out an e-mail in the middle of the week
[01:25] <Mika_no_Krynn> Any day is ok for me... just let me know when.
[01:26] <GM_Erik> man, logisitics sucked this time.
[01:26] <GM_Erik> we'll use this server next time.
[01:26] <Vrryl> i can't play... just remembered, i have an exercise i HAVE to go to =/
[01:26] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah.
[01:26] <JessicaKnight> yeah
[01:26] <JessicaKnight> damn army, getting in the way of our gaming =p
[01:26] <Mika_no_Krynn> Ok... well that answers that question.
[01:26] <JessicaKnight> j/k
[01:26] <Mika_no_Krynn> Guess 2 weeks from now.
[01:26] <GM_Erik> ok
[01:27] <Mika_no_Krynn> That will be the last game for a while as Gabe is coming to Japan after that.
[01:27] <Vrryl> no joke gabe, it is getting in the way of our gaming =(
[01:27] <GM_Erik> well, we'll be able to finish this next time (as long as we're all here)
[01:27] <JessicaKnight> yeah.. then another 3 weeks w/o gaming
[01:27] <Mika_no_Krynn> We'll be out of it for the next 3 weeks after that.
[01:27] <GM_Erik> dang, and then its April.
[01:28] <Mika_no_Krynn> Ok... well then we will shoot for the 15th of Feb. then?
[01:28] <JessicaKnight> mar you mean
[01:28] <Mika_no_Krynn> No, he means after you get back from Japan.
[01:28] <Mika_no_Krynn> Oh yeah... March.
[01:28] <GM_Erik> yeah, March 15, Saturday
[01:28] <Mika_no_Krynn> Kewl.
[01:28] <JessicaKnight> koo
[01:29] <JessicaKnight> nite everyone..
[01:29] <Mika_no_Krynn> g'night.
[01:29] *** JessicaKnight has quit IRC (Quit: Quit: Erection reset by queer )
[01:29] <GM_Erik> later
Session Close: Sun Mar 02 01:29:31 2003
GM Erik
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Horsemen of the Apocalypse 2 - OOC Chat Logs
Session Start: Sat Mar 15 17:41:08 2003
[17:41] *** Now talking in #RiftsOOC
Session Close: Sat Mar 15 17:41:28 2003
Session Start: Sat Mar 15 17:42:54 2003
[17:42] *** Now talking in #RiftsOOC
[17:45] *** Mika_no_Krynn has joined #RiftsOOC
[17:45] <GM_Erik> yo
[17:46] *** Retrieving #RiftsOOC info...
[17:47] *** GM_Erik sets mode: +o Mika_no_Krynn
[17:47] *** Vrryl has joined #riftsooc
[17:47] *** GM_Erik sets mode: +o Vrryl
[17:47] <GM_Erik> sorry I was late, had a thing up in the lab I had to finish and couldn't stop doing.
[17:48] <GM_Erik> any word on Gabe?
[17:48] <Mika_no_Krynn> He was home just a minute ago.
[17:49] <GM_Erik> ok
[17:50] <GM_Erik> probably afk in the delay
[17:52] <GM_Erik> whew, ok, I'm ready
[17:53] <Vrryl> =)
[17:54] <GM_Erik> you guys are so toast..
[17:55] <Vrryl> pfft... not in this lifetime
[17:56] <Mika_no_Krynn> Whatever... I feel like God-Trouncing today... rip some shit up!
[17:56] <Mika_no_Krynn> Gabe is not playing today.
[17:56] <GM_Erik> !
[17:56] <Vrryl> !
[17:57] <Mika_no_Krynn> He mentioned it last night, said he wasn't sure, I told him to tell you.
[17:57] <Vrryl> wtf =(
[17:57] <Mika_no_Krynn> No shit...
[17:57] <Mika_no_Krynn> Well there are 2 choices at this point...
[17:57] <Mika_no_Krynn> Either we play without him, or
[17:57] <GM_Erik> wait like a month, right?
[17:57] <Mika_no_Krynn> We don't play for about a month... as he is coming to Japan on Thursday.
[17:57] <Vrryl> =(
[17:57] <GM_Erik> right.
[17:58] <Vrryl> i was really hoping for a good Rifts stomping too =P
[17:58] <Mika_no_Krynn> Me too... odd since we scheduled this like 2 weeks before.
[17:58] <Vrryl> mind you, Jamie is having a big bbq tonight... fucking beautiful day. I even went outside it was so nice
[17:58] <GM_Erik> hmm..
[17:58] <Mika_no_Krynn> It seems Jamie has a BBQ every Sat...
[17:59] <Mika_no_Krynn> What pisses me off is that I woke my ass up at 8:30 on a freaking Sunday.
[17:59] <Vrryl> last one was about 4 weeks ago
[17:59] <Vrryl> lol
[17:59] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah... I guess it was.
[17:59] <Vrryl> ya, i was still hoping to kick some Rifts ass instead... he called me already
[17:59] <GM_Erik> If you guys want, we can still try to finish this.
[18:00] <GM_Erik> I don't really feel like leaving this side adventure sitting undone for a month.
[18:00] <Mika_no_Krynn> Plus I have nothing else to do today except play Rifts...
[18:00] <Mika_no_Krynn> Me neither.
[18:00] <Mika_no_Krynn> Let's do it... any word on your buddy Jeremy playing?
[18:00] <GM_Erik> He's been pretty occupied lately, and a few days ago I told him we were going to take like a month off after this weekend.
[18:01] <GM_Erik> He's interested, just needs to get a character together.
[18:02] <Mika_no_Krynn> Ah... gotcha.  After today I figure the next date I could play would be the 12th of April.
[18:02] <GM_Erik> ok, that's about the same with me actually.
[18:02] <GM_Erik> (I'm in Mexico on the 5th)
[18:03] <Mika_no_Krynn> Life must be rough for you eh?  It would be nice to have about 5 people in the party though... figure one person will always be missing for something.
[18:03] <GM_Erik> Yeah, I know.
[18:03] <Vrryl> totally
[18:03] <GM_Erik> Daniel can make up for Gabe's absence somewhat in this adventure, but you guys should make the calls on what he does.
[18:04] <GM_Erik> I wasn't originally expectying you guys to take him in, so he's an extra gun.
[18:04] <Vrryl> plus it allows for better rp
[18:05] <GM_Erik> so, you guys want to do this?
[18:05] <Vrryl> more interaction
[18:05] <Mika_no_Krynn> Daniel's a better shot too.
[18:06] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah.
[18:06] <GM_Erik> we can finish the area, and just do clean-up next time, since technically, you'll need Gabe's character to actually do the clean-up
[18:06] <Mika_no_Krynn> I've already watched the 12 episodes of Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex I have, so better rp.
[18:07] <GM_Erik> ok
[18:08] <Vrryl> let's rock!
[18:08] <Mika_no_Krynn> Ready whenever you are.  I believe I was about to enter a chamber from the elevator shaft.
[18:08] <GM_Erik> thjere
[18:09] <GM_Erik> roll perception Mike
[18:09] <Vrryl> and i was crawling my now very out of mana'd ass out the door... big browish black thunderclouds racketing the hallways
[18:11] <GM_Erik> hmm
[18:11] <Mika_no_Krynn> 16
[18:11] <GM_Erik> just enough
[18:11] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah, gotta hold back the big rolls for later.
[18:12] <GM_Erik> maybe they just fancy themselves an artist.
[18:13] <Vrryl> hehe
[18:14] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah, Mika would look real smart then... "No Mika, they're not ward... just pictures... duh!"
[18:15] <Mika_no_Krynn> Nice... she's not too blonde today.
[18:18] <GM_Erik> did you guys use a rope?
[18:18] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah.
[18:18] <GM_Erik> oh yeah, you did
[18:19] <GM_Erik> roll climb Brett
[18:19] <Vrryl> omg...
[18:19] <Vrryl> omfg
[18:19] <Vrryl> 99 =/
[18:20] <Mika_no_Krynn> In one of the GITS tv eps I watched yesterday, there was a great scene depicting some MD strength.  Some freakjob dude (half-cyber or drugged up or something) attacks these cops.  The dude was FREAKING HUGE, winds up and hits this copper in the head.  CRACK, sends the dude flying 5m meters to smack into a wall, blood everywhere... it was pretty cool.
[18:20] <GM_Erik> yay!
[18:20] <Vrryl> guess my arm still wasn't quite right
[18:20] <Mika_no_Krynn> Wow, someone actually failed a climb roll... whft... BAM... right on Mika.
[18:20] <GM_Erik> well, a rol lwill tell
[18:21] <GM_Erik> yup
[18:22] <GM_Erik> good thing you both regenerate.
[18:22] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yes... indeed.
[18:22] <Vrryl> and both mdc
[18:23] <GM_Erik> so 80 feet down...
[18:23] <GM_Erik> 22 SDC damage.
[18:23] <Mika_no_Krynn> Good thing you were in a bigger form too.
[18:23] <GM_Erik> wearing any SDC clothes?
[18:24] <Mika_no_Krynn> Maybe bits and pieces, under the mystic chainmail
[18:29] <Mika_no_Krynn> Would Negate Magic (8th level) work against wards?
[18:29] <GM_Erik> nope
[18:31] <Mika_no_Krynn> Shit. How about a magic door... like a dimensional door.  Since you wouldn't be crossing the wards, you would be traversing through another dimension to come up on the other side?
[18:32] <GM_Erik> hmm
[18:32] <Vrryl> maybe..
[18:32] <Mika_no_Krynn> Do we even have a spell like that?
[18:32] <Vrryl> erik, what do you mean similar to ones above... like the one that paralyzed my arm?
[18:33] <GM_Erik> just the artistry, looked drawn in the same substance, in a similar way.
[18:33] <Vrryl> can D-phase be cast on others Erik?
[18:34] <Vrryl> it's level 7 temporal spell
[18:34] <GM_Erik> I'll check.
[18:34] <GM_Erik> The spell Mike was talking about is mystic portal, leel 10
[18:35] <GM_Erik> D-phase is self only.
[18:35] <Mika_no_Krynn> 2 more levels and it's mine...
[18:35] <Vrryl> ya, one i'm talking about is level 7 temp spell... allows me to walk through walls
[18:36] <Vrryl> my notes don't say anything about casting on others
[18:37] <Mika_no_Krynn> read up, self only.
[18:37] <Vrryl> k
[18:38] <Mika_no_Krynn> How about negate magic barrier spell?  Probably not right?
[18:38] <GM_Erik> nope.
[18:38] <Mika_no_Krynn> This is one of those High Magus dudes would come in handy.
[18:39] <Vrryl> checking..
[18:40] <Vrryl> this place is metal or stone?
[18:40] <GM_Erik> the walls are generally advance MD alloys.
[18:42] <Mika_no_Krynn> There aren't any small animals around are there?
[18:42] <Vrryl> k, i have an idea.. but i want to meditate for a while first
[18:42] <Mika_no_Krynn> What's a while?
[18:42] <GM_Erik> no.. no small animals.
[18:43] <Mika_no_Krynn> I have about 145 PPE if you need it.
[18:44] <Vrryl> i'm completely dry dude
[18:44] <Vrryl> that anti magic cloud kicked my ass
[18:46] <Mika_no_Krynn> How big is this shaft?
[18:48] <GM_Erik> 80 feet down, large elevator sizre
[18:48] <GM_Erik> like, industrial size.
[18:48] <Mika_no_Krynn> Ok,just wanted to make sure it wasn't a tiny little thing.
[18:49] <GM_Erik> plenty of room for four people.
[18:49] <GM_Erik> If you like dirt, grime, and stuff
[18:49] <Mika_no_Krynn> Oh yeah... Mika just loves dirt and grime.
[18:50] <Vrryl> that's why you've been graced with the cleanse spell
[18:51] <GM_Erik> how long are you doing this for?
[18:52] <Vrryl> for a few hours
[18:53] <GM_Erik> what's a few?
[18:54] <Vrryl> i want to get full again =(
[18:54] <Mika_no_Krynn> That's like a day's worth no?
[18:54] <Vrryl> i recover 10/ hour medding.. so ya, more than a few =P
[18:54] <Vrryl> fuck it, lets break into my energy sphere
[18:55] <Vrryl> i'll rest for 4 hours for now, just so i hjave some base ppe
[18:56] <Mika_no_Krynn> ok...
[18:57] <Mika_no_Krynn> Then what?
[19:04] <Vrryl> we may not have rats... but i have something that might work
[19:06] <Mika_no_Krynn> You mean nothing happened to it?
[19:06] <GM_Erik> nope
[19:10] <GM_Erik> well, going to do anything?
[19:11] <Vrryl> or nothing that we know
[19:11] <Vrryl> besides, it might only go off with something that's 'living'
[19:14] <GM_Erik> drawing straws could be done by random roll
[19:14] <Mika_no_Krynn> Ok... D4...
[19:16] <Mika_no_Krynn> Let's say Jess=1, Daniel=2, Mika=3, Vrryl=4
[19:16] <GM_Erik> shall I roll?
[19:16] <Mika_no_Krynn> go for it.
[19:17] <GM_Erik> 3
[19:17] <GM_Erik> Jessica is still in the hallway up the shaft too.
[19:18] <Vrryl> rolling
[19:19] <Vrryl> ya
[19:20] <Vrryl> haha
[19:20] <GM_Erik> roll initiative Mike
[19:21] <Mika_no_Krynn> 22
[19:21] <GM_Erik> Brett might as well too.
[19:22] <GM_Erik> roll I mean
[19:22] <GM_Erik> roll vs HF Mike
[19:23] <Mika_no_Krynn> 16
[19:24] <GM_Erik> ok, you save.
[19:24] <GM_Erik> what do you do about the attack?
[19:24] <GM_Erik> Brett, any initiative?
[19:26] <GM_Erik> Mike, parry or dodge?
[19:26] <Mika_no_Krynn> Can I parry?
[19:27] <Vrryl> 12
[19:27] <GM_Erik> yes, you can parry
[19:27] <Mika_no_Krynn> I get 26 to parry if I can.
[19:27] <Vrryl> he wants your bones too
[19:28] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah, I bet.
[19:29] <GM_Erik> Mike, its your go, and toll perception.
[19:29] <Mika_no_Krynn> 12 on per
[19:30] <GM_Erik> ok, make your attack
[19:31] <Vrryl> i said... 12
[19:31] <Mika_no_Krynn> shit... 16
[19:31] <GM_Erik> yeah Brett, I got it.
[19:31] <GM_Erik> Mike hits
[19:31] <Mika_no_Krynn> 28dmg
[19:32] <GM_Erik> Mike, you defending yourself?
[19:33] <Mika_no_Krynn> Jeez... yeah... parry...
[19:33] <GM_Erik> roll it
[19:33] <Mika_no_Krynn> 29, 15 and 16... not so good.
[19:34] <GM_Erik> Brett, your move
[19:34] <Mika_no_Krynn> did I parry?
[19:35] <GM_Erik> you take 12MD
[19:36] <GM_Erik> Brett, any decisions?
[19:37] <GM_Erik> and Mike, what is Daniel going to do?
[19:38] <Vrryl> hehe, they all want a chance at your bones
[19:38] <Mika_no_Krynn> Open fire at the creatures with his rifle.
[19:39] <GM_Erik> ok, roll strike
[19:40] <Vrryl> nat 20 to hit
[19:40] <Vrryl> 50 base dmg
[19:40] <Vrryl> so 100dmg for the crit
[19:41] <Mika_no_Krynn> fucking A!
[19:41] <GM_Erik> which rifle is that?
[19:41] <Mika_no_Krynn> The Wilks 420?
[19:41] <GM_Erik> ah, burst damage, right?
[19:42] <Mika_no_Krynn> Do these things look like living creatures, or constructs?
[19:42] <GM_Erik> roll Monster Lore, both of you
[19:43] <Mika_no_Krynn> 56 of 89
[19:45] <Vrryl> 48/90
[19:46] <GM_Erik> ok, you both recognize these creatures as Maxpary Shamblers.
[19:47] <GM_Erik> They are undead guardians that form when a Maxpary (subterranean humanoid) dies.
[19:47] <Mika_no_Krynn> Wonderful... immunities?
[19:47] <GM_Erik> And, they are completely immune to non-magical attacks.,
[19:48] <Mika_no_Krynn> That includes psionics?
[19:48] <GM_Erik> yup
[19:48] <Mika_no_Krynn> Shit...
[19:49] <Mika_no_Krynn> Ok... new tactics.
[19:50] <Vrryl> ?
[19:50] <Mika_no_Krynn> Daniel will switch to using Mika's Scathach sword.
[19:51] <GM_Erik> well, you'll have to give it to him.
[19:51] <Vrryl> great
[19:51] <GM_Erik> They are also vulnerable to fire, as your roll would have told you.
[19:52] <Mika_no_Krynn> Use your throwing stick...
[19:55] <GM_Erik> well?
[19:55] <Vrryl> i was
[19:55] <Mika_no_Krynn> I gave him my sword upstairs when we were fighting those skeleton dudes.
[19:55] <Mika_no_Krynn> Whose turn is it?
[19:56] <GM_Erik> he would have gievn it back.
[19:56] <GM_Erik> Mika and Daniel both have a go now
[19:57] <Mika_no_Krynn> Guess Daniel will sit this one out then.  Mika will draw her Scathach sword and attack... 27 to hit 34 dmg
[19:58] <GM_Erik> brett, your yll can go too./
[20:00] <GM_Erik> Brett, any roll?
[20:02] <Mika_no_Krynn> Hello... Brett?
[20:03] <Mika_no_Krynn> Does plasma count as fire, if it is magical?
[20:03] <GM_Erik> yes
[20:03] <Mika_no_Krynn> ok
[20:03] <GM_Erik> so do you
[20:03] <GM_Erik> I mean, count as magic
[20:03] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah, I know...
[20:04] <GM_Erik> Brett, are you lagging at all?
[20:04] <Vrryl> 19 to hit
[20:05] <Vrryl> fuck, 9 dmg =P
[20:05] <Vrryl> with throwing stick
[20:05] <GM_Erik> is that a critical Brett?
[20:06] <GM_Erik> and... how about your Yll climber?
[20:06] <Vrryl> wtf, i pulled out my throwing stick and tossed it
[20:06] <Vrryl> we getting lagged here =(
[20:07] <Vrryl> don't think so... but i say stuff, and you guys are like, "hello" or "what you gonna do"
[20:08] <Vrryl> no, just the throw damg from stick
[20:08] <Vrryl> 19 was after bonuses
[20:08] <GM_Erik> ok
[20:09] <Vrryl> oops
[20:09] <GM_Erik> roll strike for the Yll climber Brett
[20:09] <Vrryl> fudge.. 14 to strike
[20:10] <GM_Erik> cool
[20:11] <GM_Erik> damage for the Climber.
[20:11] <GM_Erik> is Daniel going to do anything?>
[20:12] <Mika_no_Krynn> Not right now.
[20:12] <GM_Erik> OK, Mike, your go
[20:13] <Mika_no_Krynn> 20 to hit, 18dmg.
[20:13] <GM_Erik> hit
[20:13] <GM_Erik> with the blasters?
[20:14] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah, forearm plasma blasters.
[20:15] <GM_Erik> Brett's go.
[20:15] <GM_Erik> and 3 shamblers attack Mika and Daniel, 2 on Mika, 1 on Daniel.
[20:16] <Mika_no_Krynn> Natural 20 and normal 20 to parry.
[20:16] <Vrryl> i did... 14 for him to strike
[20:17] <Vrryl> he's pouncing on the dude on the ground
[20:17] <Vrryl> ya, that =)
[20:17] <GM_Erik> I'm suggesting to Brett to log off and on again, to try to eliminate this 2-3 minute lag he seems to be on.
[20:18] <GM_Erik> (via ICQ)
[20:19] <Vrryl> FUCK
[20:19] <Vrryl> crit fail on another stick toss =(
[20:19] <Vrryl> climber is going to start digging into the shambler he's on
[20:19] <GM_Erik> you get that Mike?
[20:20] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah... I think so.
[20:20] <GM_Erik> ok
[20:20] <Vrryl> he got 24 to strike
[20:23] <GM_Erik> are you responding quickly now Brett?
[20:23] <Vrryl> i'm just saving up my rolls for the REAL fight /nods
[20:24] <GM_Erik> ok, I need damage for the Yll tree climber for its last two attacks.
[20:26] <Vrryl> brb
[20:26] *** Vrryl has quit IRC (Quit:  )
[20:26] <GM_Erik> lets see if this helps.
[20:27] *** Vrryl has joined #riftsooc
[20:27] <Vrryl> k
[20:27] <Vrryl> hopefully this is better
[20:27] <GM_Erik> Brett respond, test, test
[20:28] <Mika_no_Krynn> yes... hopefully.
[20:29] <GM_Erik> I guess not
[20:29] <GM_Erik> any suggestions Mike?
[20:30] <Vrryl> respond as soon as you see this message please
[20:30] <Mika_no_Krynn> not really.  This is pretty strange.
[20:30] <GM_Erik> got it
[20:31] <GM_Erik> should we try another channel?>
[20:31] <Vrryl> 27 total dmg from Climber
[20:31] <GM_Erik> I mean another irc server?
[20:31] <Mika_no_Krynn> Let's do a quick test.
[20:32] <Mika_no_Krynn> Brett roll percentile...
[20:32] <Vrryl> k, that was about 5 mins =(
[20:33] <Mika_no_Krynn> Actually I only asked for it about 30 seconds ago.  What is your ping time?
[20:33] <GM_Erik> no, he means the one he sent before dude, his first message.
[20:34] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah... this is screwy.  Guess we could try a different server.
[20:34] *** GM_Erik sets mode: +o Vrryl
[20:35] <GM_Erik> hopw about the
[20:35] <GM_Erik> I'll try it first, then have Brett come over, and you sty here?
[20:35] <Mika_no_Krynn> sure....
[20:36] <Vrryl>  62
[20:36] <GM_Erik> see you Mike
[20:36] *** Disconnected
Session Close: Sat Mar 15 20:36:54 2003
GM Erik
 GM, 76 posts
Thu 22 Oct 2015
at 02:37
Horsemen of the Apocalypse 2 - OOC Chat Logs
Session Start: Sat Mar 15 20:37:10 2003
[20:37] *** Now talking in #RiftsOOC
[20:37] *** sets mode: +nt
[20:39] *** Vrryl has joined #RiftsOOC
[20:40] <Vrryl> testing
[20:40] <GM_Erik> responding to your test
[20:40] <Vrryl> cool
[20:40] <GM_Erik> so this is good now, right?
[20:40] <Vrryl> seems much better
[20:41] <GM_Erik> awesome.
[20:41] *** GM_Erik sets mode: +o Vrryl
[20:41] *** Retrieving #RiftsOOC info...
[20:41] *** GM_Erik sets mode: +ps
[20:41] <GM_Erik> ok, I got your damage for the climber finally, so we should be caught up.
[20:42] <Vrryl> k, cool
[20:42] *** Mika_no_Krynn has joined #RiftsOOC
[20:42] *** GM_Erik sets mode: +o Mika_no_Krynn
[20:43] <Mika_no_Krynn> Any better?
[20:43] <GM_Erik> OK, lets kill these things, eh?
[20:43] <Vrryl> ya, seems much better
[20:44] <GM_Erik> ok, Mike one of the last Shambler attacks hit you for 12 MD (in addition to the first one of the round)
[20:44] <Mika_no_Krynn> kewl.
[20:44] <Mika_no_Krynn> ok
[20:44] <GM_Erik> but, it is now your turn Mike.
[20:45] <Mika_no_Krynn> I will send another blast of plasma at the creature I hit before... 18hit, 20dmg
[20:46] <GM_Erik> Mike, your go again.
[20:47] <GM_Erik> then the bad guys, and Brett and Daniel
[20:47] <Mika_no_Krynn> Continue firing until it dies.
[20:47] <Mika_no_Krynn> again..
[20:49] <Mika_no_Krynn> 15 dmg only
[20:50] <GM_Erik> attacking Yll, Daniel, and Mika
[20:50] <GM_Erik> and the second two automatically miss.
[20:51] <GM_Erik> so, the Yll needs to do a defense roll (or not) and then Brett and Daniel can go.
[20:51] <Vrryl> k, can he parry?
[20:52] <GM_Erik> he can try
[20:52] <Vrryl> just meant, was it an attack he could parry... i rolled 24
[20:52] <GM_Erik> he parries.
[20:52] <GM_Erik> Brett, your go.
[20:53] <Vrryl> SWEET! crit...
[20:53] <Vrryl> 26dmg
[20:54] <GM_Erik> Mike, your attack, twice.
[20:54] <GM_Erik> Then Brett and Daniel, everybody decide now.
[20:55] <GM_Erik> I just resolved Daniel's attack.
[20:55] <Mika_no_Krynn> Double blast... 17 to hit, 15 to hit, 27 dmg and 20dmg
[20:56] <GM_Erik> to which creature Mike?
[20:57] <Mika_no_Krynn> The one Daniel is attacking... finish it off fast.
[20:58] <GM_Erik> Brett, your attack.
[20:59] <Vrryl> sigh... another damn 1 =P
[20:59] <Vrryl> 19 to strike for climber
[20:59] <GM_Erik> ok, roll that one Brett, just damage
[21:00] <GM_Erik> and, everyone roll initiative.
[21:00] <Mika_no_Krynn> 28
[21:01] <Vrryl> 19 dmg for climber
[21:02] <Vrryl> 17 for my 1
[21:02] <Vrryl> 10 for new init
[21:03] <GM_Erik> yeah, the '1' did't hit, sorry.
[21:03] <GM_Erik> ok, Mike, go
[21:03] <Mika_no_Krynn> 22 hit and 24 dmg... hit the same one as before.
[21:05] <GM_Erik> Brett's go.
[21:05] <Vrryl> another crit... 26dmg
[21:05] <GM_Erik> Mika and the Yll climber are being attacked.
[21:05] <Vrryl> 18 to str for climber
[21:06] <Mika_no_Krynn> parry... 21
[21:06] <Vrryl> yll parries with 25
[21:07] <GM_Erik> Mike, you take 16 damage.
[21:07] <Mika_no_Krynn> ok.
[21:08] <GM_Erik> Mike, your go.
[21:08] <Mika_no_Krynn> Blast it again.
[21:09] <Mika_no_Krynn> 22 to hit, 17dmg
[21:09] <GM_Erik> Brett, your climber manages to hit the SHambler again, although now both are on their feet.
[21:09] <Vrryl> k
[21:10] <GM_Erik> so you can roll damage for whatever he would od.
[21:11] <GM_Erik> and... Mike's go again.
[21:11] <GM_Erik> you know Mike? you have 3x their attacks, kindof sad really..
[21:12] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yes... too bad my weapon isn't better.
[21:13] <GM_Erik> how much damage this time?
[21:13] <Mika_no_Krynn> 19 str, 15 dmg
[21:14] <GM_Erik> and then.... Brett and Yll Climber can go.
[21:14] <Vrryl> have we killed any yet?
[21:14] <GM_Erik> yes, 3 of 4 are down.
[21:14] <Vrryl> 11 to parry for my climber
[21:15] <GM_Erik> I shouldn't say yes, just 3 of 4 are down.
[21:15] <GM_Erik> Yll takes 8 damage.
[21:15] <GM_Erik> Brett, your go too.
[21:16] <Vrryl> k..
[21:16] <Vrryl> so 3 are dead or just down?
[21:17] <GM_Erik> from you being in the middle of combat? they are down.
[21:19] <Vrryl> k, my yll climber will contineu to claw the scrambler he's with, and i'll go up to one on the ground and stab it with my stick
[21:19] <GM_Erik> roll strike  and damage for the climber
[21:20] <Vrryl> 21 to hit, 17 dmg
[21:21] <GM_Erik> Mike, you attack, you going to do anything?
[21:23] <Mika_no_Krynn> So one is still up?
[21:23] <Mika_no_Krynn> Blast it, 15 strike 15 dmg
[21:24] <GM_Erik> ok
[21:29] <GM_Erik> done with descirptors for now.
[21:29] <GM_Erik> which doors?
[21:30] <Mika_no_Krynn> small ones first.
[21:32] <Mika_no_Krynn> anything inside of note?
[21:33] <GM_Erik> not checking out the other small door?
[21:33] <Mika_no_Krynn> It has runes on it?
[21:33] <GM_Erik> yeah, more symbols.
[21:33] <Mika_no_Krynn> Then I'll leave it for now.
[21:38] <Mika_no_Krynn> Wow... tough doors.
[21:38] <GM_Erik> The door is also MD alloy, like the walls.
[21:39] <Mika_no_Krynn> My attack does 3D6+4 MD...
[21:39] <GM_Erik> They're a foot thick.
[21:39] <Mika_no_Krynn> JESUS!  Talk about reinforced.
[21:39] <Mika_no_Krynn> I thought you said the door was small.
[21:40] <Mika_no_Krynn> I was picturing like a broom-closet door, like the other.
[21:40] <GM_Erik> I never said they were small, you said they were small.
[21:40] <GM_Erik> They're human-size doors (except for the big double doors)
[21:40] <GM_Erik> they're just thick.
[21:41] <Vrryl> there a door handle on it?
[21:41] <GM_Erik> yup
[21:42] <Vrryl> i figure we keep to opening the doors... we're probably the two most likely to survive something
[21:42] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah, me too.
[21:45] <Vrryl> sigh... gonna get my damn pet to do this shit
[21:46] <GM_Erik> well, going to do anything?
[21:46] <GM_Erik> Mike, that is?
[21:47] <Mika_no_Krynn> checking
[21:47] <Vrryl> i have the worst luck with picking doors =P
[21:48] <Mika_no_Krynn> Would Negate Mechanics open the lock?
[21:48] <Mika_no_Krynn> 7th lvel
[21:49] <GM_Erik> you could try.
[21:49] <Mika_no_Krynn> I'll try it then.  Pg 142 Fed of Mag.
[21:50] <Vrryl> can i stand up yet, or am i still blind with fear?
[21:50] <GM_Erik> no, you're still in pain.
[21:50] <Vrryl> er, agony, not fear =P
[21:51] <GM_Erik> MIke will have to try to handle though, to see if the spell works.  within 15 second of casting.
[21:51] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah.
[21:51] <Mika_no_Krynn> I know.
[21:55] <GM_Erik> well, now what?
[21:56] <Vrryl> am i still in agony?
[21:57] <GM_Erik> yeah, 2 minutes have gone by.
[22:05] <Vrryl> d phased myself
[22:05] <GM_Erik> going to tell me the spell? ah ok
[22:07] <GM_Erik> meaning, you're still partially in solid matter in the room.
[22:10] <GM_Erik> better hurry up, you're using up your spell duration.
[22:13] <Vrryl> er, though
[22:14] <Mika_no_Krynn> Haaha..
[22:19] <Vrryl> i cast escape... opens any door
[22:19] <Mika_no_Krynn> The door is already open dude.
[22:20] <Mika_no_Krynn> Unless you mean the small one.
[22:20] <Mika_no_Krynn> I was thinking of using escape, but figured I had never tried Negate Mechanics.
[22:21] <Vrryl> don't know why i didn't try it first... didn't notice it till just now
[22:21] <Vrryl> and ya, i meant the small one
[22:22] <GM_Erik> I'm thinking.
[22:23] <Mika_no_Krynn> Good... we should all try that at some time.
[22:24] <Mika_no_Krynn> Just wondering, what does Negate Mechanics actually do?
[22:25] <GM_Erik> it targets one aspect a machine and temporarily pauses or inhibits it in some way.
[22:26] <GM_Erik> ir works on triggers, buttons, switches, locks, and pulleys.  Only one part of a machine doesn't work, and nothing larger than a basketball.
[22:26] <GM_Erik> How hard to you pull Brett?
[22:26] <Mika_no_Krynn> Man... high level spell for something so trivial.
[22:27] <Vrryl> i pull pretty hard man
[22:27] <Vrryl> as hard as i need
[22:27] <GM_Erik> Well, considering it works on things like gun triggers, computer cables, laser sights, etc... it can have a pretty large impact.  it's better to make things stop working.
[22:28] <Mika_no_Krynn> Guess it would be good to stop a Glitter Boy's Boomgun trigger from working... that would be kewl.
[22:28] <Vrryl> like if it was magnetically sealed, that would have opened it /shrug
[22:31] <Vrryl> so let me confirm... everything here is super reinforced mdc compound, except the cieling?
[22:32] <GM_Erik> The place is already heavily damaged, and many places are broken.  walls and ceilings are broken in different places.
[22:32] <GM_Erik> pulling on the sealed door too hard threatens to loosen things already damaged.
[22:34] <Vrryl> cheap!
[22:35] <GM_Erik> cheap?
[22:35] <GM_Erik> You just don't have a clue what's going on, that's all..
[22:36] <Vrryl> i like the sound of that
[22:36] <Mika_no_Krynn> What do the noises sound like?
[22:36] <GM_Erik> movements.
[22:36] <GM_Erik> and a fart.
[22:36] <GM_Erik> (just kidding about the last one)
[22:37] <Mika_no_Krynn> That's disturbing... ah, ok.
[22:39] <GM_Erik> ok, you're both waiting.
[22:41] <GM_Erik> how will it scout?  It can't talk to you, and you can't see through its eyes.
[22:41] <Vrryl> ya, but it can pull out anything it finds
[22:42] <Mika_no_Krynn> Well if it gets wasted we have a problem.
[22:47] <Vrryl> not going to let a shadow creep us out
[22:48] <GM_Erik> roll perception Brett.
[22:48] <Vrryl> 21
[22:52] <Vrryl> ...
[22:52] <Mika_no_Krynn> I didn't sense this before?
[22:55] <GM_Erik> Everyone's sixth sense activates.
[22:55] <Mika_no_Krynn> wonderful.
[22:57] <GM_Erik> First, roll HF
[22:57] <GM_Erik> second roll initiative.
[22:58] <Mika_no_Krynn> What about my Expel Demon spell?
[22:58] <Vrryl> cool!
[22:58] <GM_Erik> that is a stationary spell
[22:58] <Mika_no_Krynn> Stationary on me, no?
[22:58] <GM_Erik> just where you cast it
[22:59] <Vrryl> damn, n20 on initiative
[22:59] <Mika_no_Krynn> bogus... 26 HF and 23 init.
[23:00] <GM_Erik> ok, Brett then Mike
[23:01] <GM_Erik> Let's try to get through this before it gets too later.
[23:01] <GM_Erik> level Mike?
[23:02] <Mika_no_Krynn> 8
[23:02] <GM_Erik> ok
[23:03] <GM_Erik> what do you do?
[23:03] <GM_Erik> Are you casting Brett?
[23:04] <Vrryl> i was going to start, but if i'm being attacked i'll do something else
[23:04] <GM_Erik> ok, well what do you do then?
[23:04] <GM_Erik> And you Mike, do you do anything about them?
[23:04] <Mika_no_Krynn> parry... 28, 25 and 33
[23:04] <GM_Erik> are you cancelling your spell Mike?
[23:04] <Mika_no_Krynn> No... I'll keep casting instead then.
[23:05] <GM_Erik> Mike, your field takes 13MD
[23:05] <GM_Erik> What are you doing Brett?
[23:07] <GM_Erik> Roll, for your Yll Tree Climber then, they were attacking you, and it has to succesfully put itself in the way.
[23:08] <Vrryl> k, what do i need to roll for it? parry?
[23:08] <GM_Erik> the equivalent of a strike, so that they attack it instead.
[23:09] <Mika_no_Krynn> Does proximity to a Rift count for anything in terms of magical effect?
[23:09] <GM_Erik> no
[23:09] <Vrryl> 21
[23:09] <Mika_no_Krynn> bummer
[23:10] <GM_Erik> Brett, it takes 18 damage.
[23:10] <Vrryl> k
[23:10] <GM_Erik> Brett, your go.
[23:14] <GM_Erik> I hope you're not planning on blowing up the missile?
[23:14] <Vrryl> hehe, nope.. open up a chat window
[23:15] <Mika_no_Krynn> That would an awesome end to our characters... detonating a nuke at point blank range.
[23:15] <GM_Erik> no shit
[23:16] <GM_Erik> you take another 21 damage Mike.
[23:16] <Mika_no_Krynn> stay on target... stay on target.
[23:17] <Vrryl> haha, ya... i just do impervious to energy and dphase. I'll live
[23:17] <GM_Erik> Um, not against that.
[23:17] <Vrryl> the energy won't kill me, and there'll be no solid object that could hurt me /shrug
[23:18] <GM_Erik> Well.... your D=phase won't last long enough.
[23:18] <Vrryl> it'll last 2 mins
[23:18] <Vrryl> i have flight, and zoom straight vertical
[23:19] <GM_Erik> Brett, during the next two phases, your tree cli,ber takes 11 damage.
[23:19] <GM_Erik> And, it kills one of the Lasae.
[23:19] <Vrryl> k =)
[23:22] <Mika_no_Krynn> So...
[23:23] <GM_Erik> Mike, your spell goes first.
[23:23] <Mika_no_Krynn> Excellent.
[23:27] <Mika_no_Krynn> Nice.
[23:27] <Mika_no_Krynn> I'll tear into the remaining with my psi-sword.
[23:30] <GM_Erik>  Mike, roll save vs magic.
[23:31] <Mika_no_Krynn> 25
[23:31] <GM_Erik> ok
[23:32] <GM_Erik> Mike, what are you doing?
[23:32] <GM_Erik> Brett, you to?
[23:33] <GM_Erik> brb
[23:33] <Mika_no_Krynn> Cut Daniel out of the web.
[23:35] <Vrryl> i wish there was a spell that lowered a monsters chance to save against magic =P
[23:36] <GM_Erik> heh heh, there sure are spells that raise it though, aren't there
[23:38] <Vrryl> ya
[23:39] <GM_Erik> Mika takes 26MD
[23:39] <GM_Erik> next round.
[23:39] <GM_Erik> Brett's spell happens phase 1
[23:39] <GM_Erik> Mike, changing your action at all?
[23:40] <Mika_no_Krynn> No...
[23:41] <GM_Erik> ok
[23:41] <GM_Erik> By the way, each of you can roll monster/demon lore.
[23:42] <Mika_no_Krynn> 46 of 89
[23:42] <Vrryl> 86/90
[23:43] <GM_Erik> You both realize that it is a Death Weaver SPider Demon
[23:43] <Mika_no_Krynn> Good... any weaknesses?
[23:44] <GM_Erik> Death Weavers are demons with lots of magic knowledge.  They like to manipulate and use other demons to do work for them.  They aren't as naturally tough, but are formidable magic userrs.
[23:44] <Mika_no_Krynn> No kidding.
[23:46] <GM_Erik> Mika takes 32 MD
[23:46] <GM_Erik> Brett, what are you doing?
[23:46] <Vrryl> so the demon has vanished?
[23:47] <Vrryl> nm..
[23:47] <GM_Erik> not to you
[23:47] <Vrryl> is it undead?
[23:47] <GM_Erik> no
[23:48] <Mika_no_Krynn> It is a demon
[23:48] <Mika_no_Krynn> Is Daniel out yet?
[23:48] <Vrryl> could be an undead demon =P
[23:49] <GM_Erik> it take 2 full melees to cut someone out of magic net.
[23:49] <GM_Erik> it hasn't been one yet.
[23:49] <Mika_no_Krynn> Fuck that...
[23:50] <Mika_no_Krynn> He can get his own ass out.
[23:50] <GM_Erik> Mike, what are you doing?
[23:51] <GM_Erik> lightning arc heading your way again Mike.
[23:51] <Mika_no_Krynn> Dodge this time.
[23:52] <GM_Erik> roll it
[23:52] <Mika_no_Krynn> 27
[23:52] <Vrryl> casting mental shock.. 7th lvel spell
[23:53] <GM_Erik> ok Mike, what are you doing now?
[23:53] <GM_Erik> you're up there.
[23:54] <Mika_no_Krynn> Gonna hack the demon with my psi-sword.
[23:54] <GM_Erik> ok
[23:54] <GM_Erik> roll it
[23:55] <GM_Erik> Brett, supernatural creautres are immune to that spell.
[23:55] <Mika_no_Krynn> 39dmg and 28 to hit.
[23:56] <GM_Erik> you hit Mike, go again.
[23:56] <Vrryl> wtf =P
[23:57] <Mika_no_Krynn> 32 hit, 20dmg
[23:58] <Vrryl> are the walls and ceiling mdc metals as well?
[23:58] <GM_Erik> yeah
[23:58] <GM_Erik> Mike, go agian.
[23:59] <GM_Erik> Then Brett's spell goes off, so you may want to have another spell piocked out Brett.
[23:59] <Vrryl> ya, looking now
Session Close: Sun Mar 16 00:00:00 2003
GM Erik
 GM, 77 posts
Thu 22 Oct 2015
at 02:37
Horsemen of the Apocalypse 2 - OOC Chat Logs
Session Start: Sun Mar 16 00:00:00 2003
Session Time: Sun Mar 16 00:00:00 2003
[00:00] <GM_Erik> Brett's spell
[00:01] <Vrryl> k, casting barrage instead
[00:01] <Vrryl> level 6 spell
[00:03] <Vrryl> hello?
[00:03] <Vrryl> k, nm... just checking
[00:03] <GM_Erik> Mike, your go.
[00:05] <Mika_no_Krynn> just keep swinging.. 20 hit, 32dmg
[00:06] <GM_Erik> Mike, you take 17MD
[00:07] <GM_Erik> But you manage to hold your ground.
[00:08] <GM_Erik> Brett, your go, then Mike's (and then Mike's again)
[00:09] <Vrryl> 9 to hit
[00:09] <GM_Erik> you hit
[00:10] <Vrryl> 12dmg
[00:11] <GM_Erik> Mike, your go.
[00:11] <Mika_no_Krynn> swing againg 32dmg, 30 hit. then again... NATURAL 20 and 37dmgx2= 74dmg
[00:12] <Vrryl> man, that stick was probably my best purchase ever
[00:12] <Mika_no_Krynn> No kidding man... that stick rocks.
[00:12] <GM_Erik> (actually, the armor only had 7MD left)
[00:13] <Mika_no_Krynn> WICKED!
[00:13] <Vrryl> score =)
[00:13] <Mika_no_Krynn> Just like Aragorn against the orc dude.
[00:13] <GM_Erik> didn't expect it to go that quick, you got lucky with that critical strike.
[00:13] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah... I thought I would maybe bring down the shield with it at most.
[00:14] <GM_Erik> He was going to put up invincible armor that round for 200 MD
[00:14] <Mika_no_Krynn> Any PPE?
[00:14] <GM_Erik> but anyway, its dead now.
[00:14] <GM_Erik> Yeah, I guess you get some PPE...
[00:14] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah!
[00:14] <GM_Erik> more than you can absorb though.
[00:14] <GM_Erik> it had 393 PPE left.
[00:15] <Mika_no_Krynn> HOly shit!
[00:15] <GM_Erik> so...786?
[00:15] <GM_Erik> enough to make you bloated.
[00:15] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah... I'm stuffed.
[00:16] <GM_Erik> well, time for clean up, neh?
[00:16] <Mika_no_Krynn> yeah.
[00:17] <GM_Erik> by the way, temporal wizards don't lose 2 permanent PPE when closing a rift
[00:17] <Mika_no_Krynn> Nice...
[00:19] <GM_Erik> roll climb Brett.
[00:20] <Vrryl> 12/90
[00:20] <GM_Erik> better
[00:20] <Vrryl> er, 95
[00:26] <GM_Erik> sorry, I'm tired, that wasn't the best startlement statement from Daniel
[00:26] <GM_Erik> you going to do this as a ritual Brett? better chance of success
[00:27] <Mika_no_Krynn> Might as well dude, we don't want to do it twice.
[00:27] <Vrryl> ya
[00:27] <GM_Erik> ok, that'll take some time
[00:27] <GM_Erik> about an hour
[00:27] <Mika_no_Krynn> JUst let me know if I find anything up there... 22 for PER if you ask.
[00:28] <GM_Erik> heh
[00:29] <GM_Erik> Did I mention Death Weavers are good at circles and stuff like that?
[00:31] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah, I figured as much.
[00:31] <Mika_no_Krynn> I can just picture LOTR right now with all the echoing spells and shit.
[00:32] <GM_Erik> roll save versus magic.
[00:32] <GM_Erik> Mike
[00:32] <Vrryl> hehe, ya... trying to make it dramatic and stuff
[00:32] <Mika_no_Krynn> 20
[00:32] <GM_Erik> ok Mike, roll again
[00:32] <Mika_no_Krynn> 20 again
[00:33] <GM_Erik> and once more?
[00:33] <Mika_no_Krynn> 17
[00:33] <GM_Erik> and lastly, roll a d10
[00:33] <Mika_no_Krynn> 1
[00:33] <GM_Erik> ok
[00:34] <Mika_no_Krynn> Neat...
[00:35] <Mika_no_Krynn> Kewl.
[00:36] <GM_Erik> ok, what now Mike?
[00:36] <Mika_no_Krynn> Anything else around there?
[00:36] <GM_Erik> nope
[00:36] <Mika_no_Krynn> Ok, fly back down and let Vrryl complete the ritual.
[00:37] <Mika_no_Krynn> I'll inspect the items as he does.
[00:41] <Mika_no_Krynn> interesting.
[00:42] <Mika_no_Krynn> got it.
[00:42] <GM_Erik> I can tell you values later when it becomes important.
[00:43] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah... later.
[00:43] <GM_Erik> wouldn't you hate it if the Rift saved...
[00:43] <Vrryl> ya, whatever hehe. I'll just go through it again... maybe sacrifice Mika for a better success rate
[00:43] <GM_Erik> haha
[00:43] <GM_Erik> oh...
[00:44] <GM_Erik> rolled a 19
[00:45] <GM_Erik> how much PPE you got left?
[00:45] <Mika_no_Krynn> yeah... and we sit and eat pastries while he does.
[00:46] <Vrryl> enough ppe
[00:46] <Vrryl> only costs a couple hundred to cast
[00:46] <GM_Erik> no really, how much?
[00:46] <Vrryl> dude, wtf.. just say i succeeded. Let's not drag this out =P
[00:46] <GM_Erik> you have 600 more?
[00:46] <Vrryl> i have about 350 atm
[00:47] <Mika_no_Krynn> Why, what happens at  600?
[00:47] <GM_Erik> well... I saved two more times.
[00:47] <GM_Erik> All night rolling below 10, now have to roll high.
[00:47] <Mika_no_Krynn> To hell with it then, tell the guys we can't close it and leave.
[00:47] <Vrryl> no shit, man wtf
[00:48] <Vrryl> this is just being stupid
[00:49] <Mika_no_Krynn> But why do I feel exhausted?
[00:49] <GM_Erik> well, we can get to that, there's actually two reasons now...
[00:49] <Mika_no_Krynn> Oh, great...
[00:50] <Mika_no_Krynn> If I am mystically pregnant... you're toast.
[00:50] <Mika_no_Krynn> Oh shit.
[00:50] <Vrryl> haha, what??
[00:51] <Mika_no_Krynn> Just had to eat the freaking pastries... didn't I.
[00:51] <Vrryl> i hope it's something to do what that ward...
[00:52] <GM_Erik> Yeah, for some reason, Mika's really tired.
[00:52] <GM_Erik> she's got a fever, -2 initiative, -5% on all skills, and speed and endurance are -25%
[00:52] <Mika_no_Krynn> Not knowing is the worst of all... poor Daniel, at least he gets to be in charge this time.
[00:53] <Mika_no_Krynn> Sickness eh?
[00:54] <GM_Erik> Not quite sickness.
[00:54] <Mika_no_Krynn> Supernatural endurance is good... lets you have wild monkey sex while being magically ill.
[00:54] <Mika_no_Krynn> Cursed...
[00:54] <GM_Erik> Although, Mika doesn't really care about the tiredness too much at the moment.
[00:55] <GM_Erik> uh oh, better hope Mika doesn't see another prone male form in the room...
[00:56] <Mika_no_Krynn> Pretty powerful magic pastries!
[00:57] <GM_Erik> well, want to end there and worry about the remaining clean-up later?
[00:57] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah... lets do that.
[00:57] <Mika_no_Krynn> Clean-up... funny.
[00:57] <GM_Erik> I have a feeling more stuff might require some time, since the characters aren't at full strength (or alert to reality?)
[00:58] <GM_Erik> ha ha, you said it, I didn't
[00:58] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah, exactly.
[00:58] <Mika_no_Krynn> I wonder how long this thing lasts?
[00:58] <GM_Erik> which one?
[00:59] <Mika_no_Krynn> The pastry one
[00:59] <GM_Erik> oh, you won't like the answer.
[00:59] <GM_Erik> so I won't tell you.
[00:59] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah... save it for next time.
[01:00] <GM_Erik> the question I have is will your characters eat more of the food while incredibly drunk and giddy? hmm...
[01:00] <Mika_no_Krynn> Fucking faerie food... I never learn.
[01:00] <GM_Erik> you suprised me that time, wow!
[01:00] <Mika_no_Krynn> Anyways... end it?
[01:00] <GM_Erik> sure
[01:01] <GM_Erik> is brett really asleep?
[01:01] <Vrryl> no, i'm here
[01:01] <Mika_no_Krynn> So I think the 12th is the next good date.  But we can chat before then.
[01:01] <GM_Erik> oh, ok.
[01:01] <GM_Erik> yeah, keep me notified of what you guys want to do.
[01:01] <GM_Erik> I'll be busier than ten anthills until then.
[01:01] <Mika_no_Krynn> Just keep us informed on what is going on, or if anyone can't make it on that weekend.
[01:02] <Mika_no_Krynn> Later, Dudes.
[01:02] <GM_Erik> Later, sorry about the saves Brett.
[01:02] <GM_Erik> It was a toughy
[01:02] <GM_Erik> ok, Goodnight.
[01:02] *** Mika_no_Krynn has quit IRC
[01:03] <Vrryl> night
Session Close: Sun Mar 16 01:03:07 2003
GM Erik
 GM, 78 posts
Thu 22 Oct 2015
at 02:37
Horsemen of the Apocalypse 2 - OOC Chat Logs
Session Start: Sat Apr 19 17:55:59 2003
[17:55] *** Now talking in #riftsooc
[17:56] <GM_Erik> yo
[17:57] <JessicaKnight> j0
[17:57] *** JessicaKnight sets mode: +o GM_Erik
[17:57] <GM_Erik> is that the swedish yo?
[17:58] <GM_Erik> Jö
[17:58] <JessicaKnight> didn't intend to be
[17:59] <GM_Erik> It probably means something else in Swedish anyway, so if you went up to someone and said it they'd probably hit you.
[17:59] <Mika_no_Krynn> Or they'd hit you.
[17:59] <JessicaKnight> hmm probably.. if I remember i'll try it on some buxom sweedish chick
[18:00] <GM_Erik> so how are things?
[18:00] <JessicaKnight> ask me after I compare my lotto numbers
[18:00] <Mika_no_Krynn> Tired... got 3 hours of sleep, but otherwise cool
[18:00] *** Vrryl has joined #riftsooc
[18:01] *** JessicaKnight sets mode: +o Vrryl
[18:01] <Vrryl> word
[18:01] <JessicaKnight> sup f00?
[18:02] <GM_Erik> Jö
[18:05] <GM_Erik> hmm, there's more I need to look through than I thought...
[18:06] <GM_Erik> have to a be lots of lines of review from last time, since Gabe wasn't here.
[18:06] <Mika_no_Krynn> Oh, I editted all our previous logs from this year and would have posted them on the net, but I can't convert the word doc into a PDF.
[18:07] <Mika_no_Krynn> I tried to install Acrobat 5, a hacked version, but it just says it cannot find the distiller printer driver... so if anyone has Acrobat installed, maybe you can make the PDF for me.
[18:07] <Vrryl> :me isn't Acrobat enabled
[18:07] * Vrryl is
[18:08] <GM_Erik> I could do it.  I want to read them anyway.
[18:08] <Vrryl> there we go
[18:08] <GM_Erik> and right now they are still six separate files.
[18:08] <Mika_no_Krynn> I will email you the file then.  It is 67 pages long, this latest chapter.
[18:09] <GM_Erik> damn!
[18:09] <Vrryl> that's alot lol
[18:10] <JessicaKnight> fo-uck
[18:10] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah, well it is everything since we defeated War.  Plus the format means it is probably only about 35 pages normally.
[18:11] <GM_Erik> okie
[18:11] <GM_Erik> I'm going to start doing the last we left off speech, I'll let you know when I'm done.
[18:11] <Mika_no_Krynn> Hey, Brett.  Your Hotmail account is over its storage limit... so I can't send it to you.
[18:12] <Vrryl> i know man, there's been a wave of freaks lately sending me massive files
[18:12] <Vrryl> trying to catch up with it all
[18:12] <Mika_no_Krynn> Shitty.
[18:15] <GM_Erik> THat's how I got rid of your character Gabe. ::-)
[18:16] <Mika_no_Krynn> Wow... a 99 year old dude died of SARS in Toronto... scary :P  Or old age... you choose.
[18:17] <JessicaKnight> hahah koo
[18:17] <JessicaKnight> his number was probably up anyways..
[18:22] <GM_Erik> got your email Mike
[18:22] <Mika_no_Krynn> ok
[18:23] <GM_Erik> who should I send th pdf to?
[18:24] <Mika_no_Krynn> me.
[18:26] <GM_Erik> its on its way
[18:27] <Mika_no_Krynn> danke
[18:33] <GM_Erik> ok, that's where we left off, any questions?
[18:33] <JessicaKnight> nein
[18:34] <Vrryl> good to go here
[18:34] <Mika_no_Krynn> I am in a state of complete understanding myself.
[18:34] <GM_Erik> ok, I guess we'll pick back up with Mika, Daniel, and Vrryl first.
[18:34] <GM_Erik> Wow, complete understanding!
[18:35] <GM_Erik> Must be those Japanese foods.
[18:35] <GM_Erik> How long is Vrryl going to sleep for?
[18:35] <GM_Erik> 4 hours?
[18:35] <Vrryl> what time is it?
[18:36] <GM_Erik> lets see...  you guys went in in the morning, around 10 or so
[18:36] <GM_Erik> hmm...
[18:36] <GM_Erik> You went to sleep around 3 or 4
[18:36] <GM_Erik> in the afternoon.
[18:37] <Mika_no_Krynn> Wow... we made good time.
[18:37] <GM_Erik> Oh wait..
[18:37] <GM_Erik> forgot casting times...
[18:37] <GM_Erik> We'll say you went to sleep around 8pm.
[18:37] <GM_Erik> Since that close rift spell had to be done several times...
[18:38] <Vrryl> ok, i'll pass out for say 2 hours, then get up and recommend leaving this place
[18:38] <GM_Erik> ok, mark your PPE/ISP recovered Brett.
[18:40] <Mika_no_Krynn> She's not that much of an eyesore... ;P
[18:40] <GM_Erik> I think it was probably Daniel. ;;-)
[18:41] <GM_Erik> take three hours of recovery, all three of you.
[18:41] <GM_Erik> Gotta work in that time insanity Brett. heh
[18:41] <GM_Erik> make a perception roll Brett
[18:42] <Vrryl> 17
[18:43] <Vrryl> oh ya, hehe, forgot about that insanity
[18:43] <Mika_no_Krynn> Crikes dude... that is one big PDF file there.
[18:44] <GM_Erik> 208k
[18:45] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah, the others are only about 60k
[18:47] <Mika_no_Krynn> Sometimes the direct methods are best.
[18:50] <GM_Erik> Hmm, would a commlink work through all the reinforced MD concrete and metals you have spearating you guys?
[18:50] <Vrryl> depends on the power of the commlink
[18:50] <JessicaKnight> ands if there's anything else funny in between
[18:51] <Mika_no_Krynn> I should hope so... it would really have sucked in Pre-Rifts days if the soldiers couldn't talk to each other within their own base.
[18:52] <GM_Erik> Ok, I think at this point I need to do Gabe's stuff then.
[18:52] <GM_Erik> you ready Gabe?
[18:53] <JessicaKnight> koo
[18:53] <Mika_no_Krynn> Updated the webpage...
[18:54] <Mika_no_Krynn> BACK in time!
[18:55] <GM_Erik> gonna go... BACK in time!
[18:56] <Vrryl> The future... the future... the future... is OURS!
[18:58] <GM_Erik> What are you going to do?
[19:00] <GM_Erik> roll the skill...
[19:01] <JessicaKnight> 07/77
[19:01] <GM_Erik> yeah, locksmith, right?
[19:01] <JessicaKnight> yup
[19:02] <GM_Erik> you get a 5% bonus too, because of electrical engineering, and these are electrical locks.
[19:02] <JessicaKnight> koo
[19:02] <GM_Erik> but that was a damn good roll.
[19:02] <JessicaKnight> so that's 2/77 :)
[19:04] <GM_Erik> What are you going to do?
[19:08] <GM_Erik> you going to move on like that?
[19:08] <JessicaKnight> are teh dressers up against a wall? are they attached to anything?
[19:09] <GM_Erik> they're just up against the wall.
[19:09] <GM_Erik> To save time, I can tell you nothing is puposely hidden in any of these rooms (except the first when where you found the game box)
[19:10] <JessicaKnight> ahhh ok
[19:14] <GM_Erik> SHall I just give you the results from this search?
[19:14] <JessicaKnight> sure
[19:19] <JessicaKnight> koo....
[19:23] <GM_Erik> Sorry, meant it to imply that you unlocked the door, but that you can't get it open.
[19:24] <JessicaKnight> ahh ok
[19:27] <GM_Erik> you going to try anything?
[19:27] <JessicaKnight> so i'm sure i've unlocked the panel?
[19:27] <GM_Erik> yeah
[19:33] <JessicaKnight> what furniture is in the room?
[19:35] <GM_Erik> Same as before, two dressers, two beds (attached to the wall), two mirrors and a ceiling light fixture.
[19:35] <JessicaKnight> ahh ok I guess that the ceiling caving in isn't dropping too much on my head then
[19:36] <GM_Erik> well, it was, it just managed to miss you, barely.
[19:36] <JessicaKnight> heh lucky me..
[19:38] <GM_Erik> so lets pass the time then.
[19:43] <Vrryl> is daniel waking mika up?
[19:45] <GM_Erik> Mika still feels drunk and giddy.
[19:46] <GM_Erik> check that, Mika still feels extremely amorous and giddy, somewhat drunk-like
[19:52] <GM_Erik> well?
[19:56] <GM_Erik> gimp, eh?
[19:59] <Vrryl> ya, gimp
[20:03] <GM_Erik> THe spell won't detect magic which has already been spent.  Only current magic,.
[20:04] <JessicaKnight> hey Erik.. go here
[20:04] <JessicaKnight>
[20:05] <GM_Erik> awesome Gabe.
[20:05] <JessicaKnight> Yeah.... unfortuantely there's no crazy super gun toting juicers around.... you'd think if there was any place to have something that kool, it'd be a Juicer Bar in Japan
[20:06] <GM_Erik> maybe we just can't see the guns cause they're under the tables.
[20:06] <JessicaKnight> heh
[20:13] <GM_Erik> its the same stuff I already listed above in the IC window.
[20:19] <GM_Erik> well?
[20:19] <GM_Erik> anyone?
[20:21] <JessicaKnight> ?
[20:27] <GM_Erik> *shrug*
[20:27] <GM_Erik> roll monster lore Brett
[20:28] <Vrryl> 55/90
[20:31] <Vrryl> um... how is an undead shambler properly disposed of? incineration by flame?\
[20:31] <GM_Erik> with that roll, you remebered, and yes, by flame.
[20:33] <Vrryl> do they look hurt, or fully recovered?
[20:33] <Mika_no_Krynn> When it doubt... burn it.
[20:33] <JessicaKnight> just like trolls... fucking trolls
[20:33] <GM_Erik> ok, roll initiative.
[20:34] <Vrryl> do they look hurt, or fully recovered?
[20:34] <Vrryl> 11 to init
[20:34] <GM_Erik> they look fine
[20:34] <Mika_no_Krynn> Napalm!
[20:34] <GM_Erik> ok, what are you diong Brett?
[20:35] <Vrryl> ok, can you describe the area for me please... it's been a couple weeks, and i have a plan
[20:35] <Mika_no_Krynn> I take it Mika is too horned-up to do anything...
[20:35] <Vrryl> just want to figure out how i'm going to do it
[20:36] <GM_Erik> If Mika had to do something, she probably could.
[20:38] <GM_Erik> She's just amorous and giddy (oh yeah, and she's still a little tired and feverish), not stupid.
[20:39] <GM_Erik> Well Brett, what are you going to do?
[20:39] <Vrryl> um, i asked if you could describe the area for me... hallways, doors, which places were dead ends or had locks on them, that kind of thing. In other words, where are we?
[20:40] <Vrryl> times like this i wish we had maps =(
[20:40] <GM_Erik> Oh, you're in the large storage room.  THe place with bix boxes scattered about, turned over shelves, puddles of water and muishrooms.
[20:41] <GM_Erik> There is the elevator shaft at the other end, the locked door with the cabients you were interested in, and the smelly broom closet.
[20:41] <Vrryl> Am I between the shamblers and mika/daniel?
[20:41] <GM_Erik> yes.  MIka and Daniel are still in the missile silo.
[20:42] <Vrryl> ok, cool... give me a quick sec here
[20:42] <Mika_no_Krynn> Dragon fire breath would be handy here.
[20:43] <GM_Erik> Yeah Gabe, Mika and Daniel did consume magical foods last time.  With no prompting on my part!
[20:44] <Vrryl> there's a door from the storage room to the hallway i just came out of, yes?
[20:45] <GM_Erik> yeah
[20:45] <GM_Erik> you're pretty much standing in that doorway
[20:46] <Vrryl> is there a close button on the hallway side of the door?
[20:46] <Vrryl> and did this door work from earlier?
[20:46] <GM_Erik> no
[20:46] <GM_Erik> it is an opendouble doorway with smashed open doors.
[20:47] <Vrryl> k
[20:47] <Vrryl> how thick were the doors on the floor above us? Those doors to that bedroom we checked out?
[20:48] <GM_Erik> several inches of good MD material
[20:48] <Vrryl> and the door worked?
[20:49] <GM_Erik> one did.
[20:49] <Vrryl> good enough for me
[20:49] <GM_Erik> the others were all open when you got there.
[20:49] <GM_Erik> ok, I gotta ask you to make a decision now.
[20:49] <Vrryl> do shamblers look like they climb well?
[20:50] <GM_Erik> they look slow and sumbersome
[20:50] <GM_Erik> zombies
[20:50] <Vrryl> gotcha
[20:50] <Mika_no_Krynn> Brains... brains...
[20:51] <JessicaKnight> mmmm...
[20:51] <Mika_no_Krynn> If only Dhalsim from Street Fighter were here... then he could use Yoga Flame and wastem.
[20:51] <GM_Erik> ok
[20:51] <Vrryl> spells should have been talismans
[20:52] <JessicaKnight> yoga fire!
[20:55] <Vrryl> bleh.. trying to find something that'll make good fire in my inventory
[20:55] <Vrryl> OH YA!!
[20:57] <GM_Erik> uh ph
[20:57] <GM_Erik> oh
[20:58] <GM_Erik> so, how much damage do you think a O2 tank does normally when exploded?
[20:59] <Mika_no_Krynn> 10d6x100 MD
[20:59] <Vrryl> ...
[20:59] <GM_Erik> well, we don't have to exaggerate.
[20:59] <Mika_no_Krynn> Maybe it is Mega-oxygen...
[20:59] <GM_Erik> you think at least a hundred SDC? Since it probably kills people?
[21:00] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah... I won't be volunteering to stand next to one for sure.
[21:00] <Vrryl> i'm really more after the fire ball it would cause... and hopefully light up these buggers
[21:01] <GM_Erik> hahah
[21:01] <GM_Erik> well, I think you can imagine what happens since normal fire does MD to those guys...
[21:02] <GM_Erik> cross off your oxy tank
[21:02] <Vrryl> hehe, have to remember to grab another one of those babies later
[21:03] <GM_Erik> damn, that probably did a couple hundred MD to those dudes.
[21:03] <JessicaKnight> nice one man
[21:03] <GM_Erik> OK, so up the elevator shaft.
[21:04] <GM_Erik> and back into the hallway, and I won't even make you roll climb this time.
[21:04] <GM_Erik> So what do you do when you get to the hallway?
[21:06] <GM_Erik> roll perception Brett
[21:06] <Vrryl> woah, nat 20!! =D
[21:08] <Mika_no_Krynn> Man you are on fire today... blowing dudes up, nat. 20's... I am just having drunken sex. :(
[21:10] <GM_Erik> do you need to guess why?
[21:10] <GM_Erik> I mean the bone fiends, not the drunken sex.
[21:10] <GM_Erik> roll initiative Brett
[21:11] <Vrryl> 13
[21:11] <GM_Erik> Only one bone fiend can make it around the pile at a time.
[21:11] <GM_Erik> Your go
[21:12] <GM_Erik> Sorry, I thought maybe Vrryl would force Mika and Daniel to join him on this, instead of letting them enjoy themselves.
[21:13] <GM_Erik> Besides, these are technically monsters from before, so there's not much else I could do with them.
[21:13] <Mika_no_Krynn> At least I am getting some kind of action... didn't lock myself in a room.
[21:13] <JessicaKnight> =P
[21:14] <JessicaKnight> bite me
[21:14] <GM_Erik> Daniel would probably be happy to.
[21:16] <Mika_no_Krynn> I don't know... it can't be all that great being able to  bang some super-hottie elf chick :P
[21:16] <Mika_no_Krynn> Nice one... slim...
[21:17] <GM_Erik> you checking your list Brett?
[21:17] <Vrryl> bah, sec
[21:20] <GM_Erik> ok.
[21:22] <GM_Erik> roll denfse or not Brett.
[21:23] <Vrryl> window
[21:25] <GM_Erik> 14 MD to Vrryl
[21:27] <GM_Erik> we good?
[21:27] <Vrryl> rockin and rollin
[21:28] <GM_Erik> quick! plug the hole!
[21:34] <GM_Erik> check the little window Brett.
[21:37] <GM_Erik> Brett, there's a pile of furniture against the door outside.
[21:38] <Vrryl> can i see movement from the skeletons?
[21:38] <GM_Erik> there's no light source out there.
[21:38] <Vrryl> k
[21:46] <GM_Erik> Its not electronic dude, just the lock.
[21:49] <Vrryl> ahh, i get it... the furniture was what was blocking the handle from turning open?
[21:49] <GM_Erik> no, just too much for Jessica to move with her puny strength
[21:49] <Vrryl> gotcha
[21:50] <GM_Erik> tell you what, you guys took care of them last time with minimal difficulty, right?
[21:50] <GM_Erik> you want to do this?
[21:51] <JessicaKnight> doesn't matter
[21:52] <GM_Erik> you have enough MD protection and stuff? like charges and PPE to endure?
[21:53] <Vrryl> i've got lots of protection myself
[21:53] <JessicaKnight> I still ahve a few amulets, gun is fully recharged, but i'm down to about 84 PPE after recharging my rifle
[21:53] <Vrryl> my ppe is the shits right now... 12 ppe left.
[21:54] <GM_Erik> What kind of damage is your gun>
[21:54] <GM_Erik> ?
[21:54] <JessicaKnight> 6d6
[21:54] <JessicaKnight> TW plasma
[21:54] <GM_Erik> ah, that's good.
[21:54] <Vrryl> actually 18 ppe... i'm rockin!
[21:54] <JessicaKnight> haha..
[21:55] <GM_Erik> ok, roll init
[21:55] <Vrryl> 3
[21:55] <JessicaKnight> 10
[21:56] <JessicaKnight> parry 18
[21:57] <GM_Erik> with what?
[21:58] <JessicaKnight> rune sword
[21:58] <GM_Erik> ah, ok.
[21:58] <GM_Erik> you succeed
[21:58] <GM_Erik> what now guys?
[21:58] <GM_Erik> your go
[21:59] <JessicaKnight> attack, 21 hit 14 dmg
[21:59] <GM_Erik> with what?
[21:59] <GM_Erik> the gun or the sword?
[22:00] <Vrryl> 16 to strike. My millenium stick
[22:00] <GM_Erik> ok Brett.
[22:00] <GM_Erik> eh Gabe?
[22:00] <JessicaKnight> sword
[22:01] <GM_Erik> don't forget that these are undead.
[22:02] <JessicaKnight> I don't thave any extra dmg on undead
[22:02] <GM_Erik> what are undead vulnerable to?
[22:02] <Vrryl> are they considered animated dead?
[22:02] <GM_Erik> roll denfensively guys.
[22:02] <JessicaKnight> holy weapons....
[22:02] <JessicaKnight> er wrong game?
[22:03] <JessicaKnight> 24 to parry
[22:03] <Vrryl> 19 to parry
[22:04] <JessicaKnight> are undead vulnerable to all magic weaps?
[22:04] <GM_Erik> magic is magic, yup.
[22:04] <GM_Erik> your attacks.
[22:04] <Vrryl> ok, Erik, how long is this fight going to take with our weapons?
[22:04] <JessicaKnight> hmm.. I'm getting my games mixed up
[22:05] <Vrryl> and are these things considered Animated Dead?
[22:05] <GM_Erik> sorry Brett, I don't think so.
[22:05] <JessicaKnight> w00t... n20....17 dmg x3... 51....
[22:05] <GM_Erik> but it depends on the spell you want Brett.
[22:05] <GM_Erik> what weapon Gabe?
[22:05] <JessicaKnight> rune sword
[22:05] <GM_Erik> Well, that depends on the weapon you use.
[22:05] <Vrryl> k, i wanted to be damn sure, because the next spell is going to deplete my entire ppe reserve
[22:06] <JessicaKnight> slithe.. the evil rune sword from that freaking lizard mage....
[22:06] <JessicaKnight> i swear, I gotta build us some ppe batteries
[22:06] <GM_Erik> Actually Brett used hundreds last time.
[22:06] <JessicaKnight> i'll be using that rune sword until further notice
[22:07] <GM_Erik> roll demon lores
[22:07] <Vrryl> i've got a portable ppe battery with 800 in it... it got used up
[22:07] <JessicaKnight> 94/25
[22:07] <Vrryl> 11/90
[22:08] <GM_Erik> ok
[22:08] <GM_Erik> ok, Brett used a thousand last time.,
[22:08] <Vrryl> yep
[22:09] <GM_Erik> your go Brett
[22:09] <Vrryl> what did my lore do for me?
[22:09] <GM_Erik> check your window
[22:13] <GM_Erik> Your goes again.
[22:13] <JessicaKnight> hey got a question.. can my sword go and fight by itself while I do other stuff?
[22:13] <GM_Erik> nope
[22:13] <GM_Erik> not that good
[22:13] <JessicaKnight> or is that only greater rune weaps?
[22:13] <JessicaKnight> ahh ok..
[22:13] <GM_Erik> only certain greatest weapons.
[22:14] <GM_Erik> If it had magic, it could use that I think.
[22:14] <GM_Erik> but not fight.
[22:14] <GM_Erik> anyway, your goes.
[22:14] <GM_Erik> roll it up.
[22:15] <JessicaKnight> 17 to hit, 18 dmg..
[22:16] <Vrryl> un20 to hit
[22:16] <GM_Erik> you both hit
[22:16] <JessicaKnight> boy that was a shitty dmg roll
[22:16] <Vrryl> 13 dmg
[22:16] <GM_Erik> yeah, but it was point-blank.
[22:17] <GM_Erik> Phase 4, your go again Gabe.
[22:18] <JessicaKnight> FUCK...
[22:18] <JessicaKnight> 14 to hit... 6 dmg... alll 1's, can you believe that shit?
[22:18] <GM_Erik> jeezus.
[22:18] <GM_Erik> I've never seen that before...
[22:19] <GM_Erik> ok, roll defense again, then attacks.
[22:20] <JessicaKnight> fawk... n1 to parry...
[22:20] <GM_Erik> JEss takes 14 damage.
[22:20] <GM_Erik> your attacks guys.
[22:21] <Vrryl> another strike to the face... 21 to hit,
[22:21] <GM_Erik> you hit Brett
[22:21] <Vrryl> 18 dmg
[22:21] <GM_Erik> and Gabe?
[22:21] <JessicaKnight> 18 to hit, 22 dmg
[22:23] <GM_Erik> your turns
[22:23] <JessicaKnight> 14 to hit, 32 dmg
[22:24] <JessicaKnight> 3 x 6, 2 x 5, 1 x 4... sorta makes up for that 6 x 1 roll...
[22:24] <Vrryl> 15 hit
[22:24] <Vrryl> 20dmg
[22:25] <GM_Erik> don't discount weaponry at point-blank range
[22:25] <GM_Erik> I mean modern weaponry.
[22:26] <JessicaKnight> heh.. I guess so
[22:27] <GM_Erik> MIke, roll a straight PE save, just d20 + basic PE bonus.
[22:28] <GM_Erik> You there MIke?
[22:28] <GM_Erik> You can rejoin us!
[22:28] <Vrryl> lol
[22:29] <JessicaKnight> hehe
[22:29] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah... ok...
[22:30] <Mika_no_Krynn> 16
[22:30] <GM_Erik> OK, you're not hungry.
[22:30] <GM_Erik> check your window though.
[22:33] <Mika_no_Krynn> Take the missile...  that would rock!
[22:35] <GM_Erik> ok, there goes one of the bottles.
[22:35] <JessicaKnight> we could have the bot throw it like a javelin
[22:37] <Mika_no_Krynn> His last name isn't Funny I think.
[22:37] <Mika_no_Krynn> It is Aughton...
[22:38] <GM_Erik> heh heh
[22:38] <JessicaKnight> hehhe
[22:38] <GM_Erik> Its kind of weird, now Daniel is incredibly polite after drinking some Cordial.
[22:40] <JessicaKnight> hahah that's bad..
[22:42] <Mika_no_Krynn> I don't understand what Daniel just said...
[22:42] <GM_Erik> He offered Mika a massage and his company instead of Vrryl's.
[22:43] <Mika_no_Krynn> Ah... I see.
[22:44] <GM_Erik> Brett, roll percentile.
[22:44] <Vrryl> 22
[22:45] <GM_Erik> Vrryl would have recognized the other food items in the bag as faerie food, and knows that remove curse is the way to cure people under its effects.
[22:46] <Vrryl> too bad i have no remove curse spells
[22:46] <Vrryl> i do have a plan though
[22:46] <GM_Erik> I noticed.
[22:46] <GM_Erik> Neither does Mika.
[22:47] <Mika_no_Krynn> Have remove curse?  Or a plan?
[22:47] <Vrryl> a plan
[22:47] <GM_Erik> Mika doesn't have remove curse.
[22:52] <Vrryl> actually, nm... someone in our mini army must have the ability
[22:52] <Mika_no_Krynn> You would hope...
[22:53] <GM_Erik> roll perception BRett and Gabe.
[22:53] <Vrryl> 18
[22:55] <JessicaKnight> 9
[22:55] <GM_Erik> Jessica didn't notice.
[22:56] <Vrryl> what's the knights name again who protects Erin?
[22:56] <GM_Erik> Sir Thorpe
[22:56] <GM_Erik> btw, there is another spell caster in the party.
[22:57] <GM_Erik> Katrina Sun
[22:59] <Mika_no_Krynn> Funny shit.
[22:59] <Vrryl> er, *two
[23:06] <Mika_no_Krynn> No she was responding to Thorpe.
[23:06] <JessicaKnight> sorry... reading wrong line
[23:16] <GM_Erik> Its really too bad you guys got back, imagine what you could have done with the five days you were going to be cursed by those tarts?
[23:20] <GM_Erik> roll strike, I guess.
[23:20] <Mika_no_Krynn> 19
[23:21] <GM_Erik> hmm, I don't think he was expecting that...
[23:22] <GM_Erik> Mike, roll a d20
[23:23] <Mika_no_Krynn> 10
[23:23] <JessicaKnight> heh
[23:23] <GM_Erik> that's high enough
[23:29] <GM_Erik> so, anything more?
[23:30] <JessicaKnight> hayhah
[23:31] <GM_Erik> THey were just pastries.
[23:34] <GM_Erik> so, are you guys going to bed?
[23:35] <Vrryl> ya, i'm going to eventually crash... then i'm going to spend the next day hunting down a ley line, and the next week recharging
[23:35] <GM_Erik> ok.  You should get the opportunity soon.
[23:35] <JessicaKnight> yup.... sleep, replenish PPE
[23:36] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah... I am dry on PPE too.
[23:36] <GM_Erik> ok
[23:37] <Vrryl> score!
[23:38] <GM_Erik> Ok, that's the other stuff in there.
[23:38] <JessicaKnight> can anyone smell money? I can.. :)
[23:38] <GM_Erik> And MIke, you got the stuff from the demon stash written down, right? minus the pastries, and a bottle of alcohol.
[23:38] <JessicaKnight> if we can get this all home
[23:39] <Vrryl> i always smell money, what you talkin about??
[23:39] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah... what about my feeling drained, is that still there?  And I want to examine those gold balls.
[23:39] <GM_Erik> Nope, your drained feeling is also gone.
[23:39] <GM_Erik> the basketball-sized globes are worht about 16,000 credits each.
[23:40] <GM_Erik> Maxpary items.
[23:40] <Mika_no_Krynn> Oh, ok... not bad.
[23:40] <GM_Erik> after further investigation, the other items are the following:
[23:40] <GM_Erik> Pygmy talismans of climb and see the invisible, and Pygmy charms of impervious to poison and shrink (4 feet).  There are also two vibro-blades (2d6 MD).  The faerie food includes peanuts (3 servings), 24 ounces of cordial, candy almonds (3), candy walnuts (3), 24 ounces of bubbly wine, and 5 tarts (pastries).  This food is stored inside a sack that also contains 6000 credits worth of jewelry, gold coins, and other small portable valuables.
[23:40] <GM_Erik> The cordial and tarts are gone.
[23:41] <Vrryl> i'll take that bottle of wine
[23:41] <GM_Erik> Its faerie food.
[23:42] <JessicaKnight> any way to target and shoot that missle?
[23:42] <Vrryl> that's why i'm taking it
[23:42] <GM_Erik> Um, you could plant a bomb, but there's no way of telling what would happen to the surrounding countryside
[23:42] <JessicaKnight> damn... no launching it at either the spluggies or the necromancer kingdom
[23:43] <Vrryl> what do you guys want to do with those charms?
[23:43] <GM_Erik> Yeah, its old, and the launch doors are probably covered in centuries of dirt.
[23:43] <JessicaKnight> well, we can always lure death back here and blow everything to hell if we need to
[23:44] <Vrryl> totally could
[23:45] <GM_Erik> ok then.
[23:45] <GM_Erik> any more questions for me>?
[23:46] <GM_Erik> Maybe I'll leave you guys to finish the spoils, I'll br right back.
[23:46] <GM_Erik> and figure out what you're going to carry and leave (unless you can carry it all)
[23:46] <Mika_no_Krynn> You want the charms?  I wouldn't mind the see invis one.
[23:48] <Mika_no_Krynn> Who wants the climb charm?
[23:48] <Mika_no_Krynn> Never mind... I already have a see invis amulet.
[23:48] <JessicaKnight> go for it.. i'm gonna grab some gear
[23:49] <JessicaKnight> hmmm wonder if we can open a rift to Lazlo and just trow some of this stuff through and pick it up later
[23:49] <Vrryl> i'll grab the see invis amulet then, none of the others are really useful. Not like i have to worry about poisons =P
[23:50] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah... ok.
[23:50] <Mika_no_Krynn> I'll take the shrink charm... I don't need the poison one either.
[23:51] <GM_Erik> back
[23:51] <JessicaKnight> i'll take it if no one else needs it..... might come in handy for the sdc squishy
[23:51] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah... you might as well take the poison one and the climb one.
[23:52] <GM_Erik> OK, I can email you guys stats for the objects.
[23:52] <GM_Erik> So, shall we finish the rest next time?
[23:52] <Vrryl> so how many credits worth in total?
[23:53] <GM_Erik> Oh, I don't know, I didn't work out values for the guns or the magic items, just the cash and gold stuffs
[23:53] <Vrryl> doesn't much matter anyways... guess we'll call it a night then
[23:53] <GM_Erik> Or the pre-Rifts artifacts, those are more for haggling later. (and for looking up, those tables are hidden)
[23:54] <JessicaKnight> koo.. wanna grab some of that pre-rifts stuff.....
[23:54] <JessicaKnight> soe guns and clips and the gear repair
[23:54] <GM_Erik> Technically, Jessica's already got her hands on most of it.
[23:54] <JessicaKnight> sweet
[23:54] <GM_Erik> So, when for next time? Next weekend's not good for me. but first couple weekends in May are good
[23:54] <JessicaKnight> sounds ok for now
[23:55] <Mika_no_Krynn> Sure, whenever is good for me.  Most of my weekends will be spent playing FF Online now I think.  So just let me know when.
[23:55] <GM_Erik> ok
[23:55] <Mika_no_Krynn> So 2 weeks from now?
[23:55] <GM_Erik> sure
[23:55] <JessicaKnight> koo
[23:56] <JessicaKnight> anyone for NWN?
[23:56] <GM_Erik> ok, later!
[23:56] <Mika_no_Krynn> Sure... I could go for some.
Session Close: Sat Apr 19 23:56:15 2003
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Horsemen of the Apocalypse 2 - OOC Chat Logs
Session Start: Sat May 03 18:23:34 2003
[18:23] *** Now talking in #riftsooc
[18:23] *** JessicaKnight sets mode: +o GM_Erik
[18:24] <GM_Erik> yo
[18:24] <JessicaKnight> j0
[18:24] <JessicaKnight> no sign of brett at all
[18:25] <Mika_no_Krynn> And that isn't good considering he is always on ICQ usually.
[18:26] <JessicaKnight> yup
[18:26] <JessicaKnight> what's his # again?
[18:27] <JessicaKnight> n/m got it
[18:27] <Mika_no_Krynn> Kewl... I don't have it written down anywhere.
[18:27] <JessicaKnight> no answer leaving a msg
[18:28] <Mika_no_Krynn> Sleeping at this time would be a bit odd, even for Brett.  And if his computer isn't on and he is not answering the phone he could be out somewhere.
[18:29] <JessicaKnight> probably... it's snowing quite nicely outside tho.. and you know how brett hates the cold
[18:29] <Mika_no_Krynn> It is snowing again?!
[18:29] <JessicaKnight> yup.. 10 cm tomorrowe
[18:29] <Mika_no_Krynn> Dude... that is shite... there is a high of 27 here today.  Going out for a bbq later at a friend's place down by the ocean
[18:29] <JessicaKnight> fawk
[18:30] <GM_Erik> yeah, somone told me you guys had 20cm last weekend.
[18:30] <JessicaKnight> 20 cm? shit more like 60
[18:30] <GM_Erik> oh sorry, yeah, they said 60.
[18:30] <JessicaKnight> was snowed in last saturday
[18:30] <GM_Erik> brain fart
[18:30] <GM_Erik> Its just raining here
[18:30] <JessicaKnight> 20 inches maybe :)
[18:30] <GM_Erik> yeah, that's what I meant.
[18:31] <JessicaKnight> heh... damn us and their imperal units :)
[18:31] <GM_Erik> try calling him a couple times in a row, sometimes the extra rings help if he's there.
[18:31] <JessicaKnight> ok
[18:33] <GM_Erik> well, I went and saw "The Core" a week ago...
[18:33] <JessicaKnight> the core?
[18:33] <JessicaKnight> ok twice and still noa nswer
[18:33] <GM_Erik> Yeah, drilling down to the core to fix a problem the government caused?
[18:34] <GM_Erik> Really bad sci-fi movie.
[18:34] <GM_Erik> Went to it knowing it was bad, but had to see so that I could trash-talk it (I'm a geologist after all)
[18:34] <JessicaKnight> ok I get the term.. but haven't heard about the movie.. hehe ok that's probably why I haven't heard of it
[18:34] <GM_Erik> I laughed the whole fucking time, the science was so ridiculously wrong it was hard not too.
[18:35] <JessicaKnight> heh well it is a movie.. can't expect them to be too intelligent
[18:35] <GM_Erik> Imagine, a metal that can survive the mantle of the earth.... because it can change energy into strength.... and you can weld onto it!
[18:35] <GM_Erik> Yeah, but they said things like, the plate-tectonic boundary in Hawaii and crap like that.  Peopl walking around in paper-thin suits at 5000 degrees!
[18:37] <Mika_no_Krynn> Maybe it is the same material that anime-chicks use for their battle bikinis.
[18:38] <GM_Erik> If you guys want to wait we can wait.  We can probably also do stuff if you want.
[18:38] <JessicaKnight> heh.... doesn't matter whatever is effective..
[18:38] <Mika_no_Krynn> What kind of problem would require you to drill to the Earth's core?
[18:39] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah, well we can go ahead and do some stuff.
[18:39] <GM_Erik> well, apparantly the government created a super weapon that caused earthquakes, and that made the core stop spinning, which caused people to die randomly and giant electrical storms to start blowing up major cities.
[18:40] <GM_Erik> If that doesn't sound believable, what does?
[18:40] <JessicaKnight> suspension of disbelif is one thing but that's a little too far fetched
[18:40] <Mika_no_Krynn> Oh yeah, that sounds like a winner plot idea.  I am pretty ticked that Brett isn't here.  I could have used another couple hours of sleep if I knew we were not going to play.  I even sent out that email yesterday.
[18:41] <JessicaKnight> wonder if brett's on course this weekend?
[18:41] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah, I was wondering that too... you would have thought that he'd mention it though.
[18:41] <GM_Erik> yeah, sorry I hadn't sent one, its been crazy busy this week, had visitors from out of state and out-of-country here.
[18:41] <Mika_no_Krynn> No worries, that's why I sent it.  Was gonna send it earlier, but I forgot.
[18:42] <Mika_no_Krynn> If he went on course he probably left yesterday, and hence he would not have seen my email.
[18:42] <GM_Erik> Well, do you have any questions about the equipment from last time?
[18:42] <GM_Erik> like specifics about what they do?  and, how much repairs are these going to need?
[18:43] <JessicaKnight> what was the equip?
[18:43] <GM_Erik> all the stuff you found, magical and technological.
[18:43] <JessicaKnight> what did we find?
[18:44] <Mika_no_Krynn> You didn't write it down?
[18:44] <JessicaKnight> if I did I can't find it
[18:44] <GM_Erik> ok... let me see......
[18:45] <GM_Erik> some pre-Rifts artifacts: a couple mini-game systems (which are repairable), 1 paperback fiction, 2 hard cover fictions, and eleven music discs of various types. (And a larger game system hidden in a dresser that Mika found, a PS4 with two games).
[18:45] <JessicaKnight> ok i got thsoe
[18:46] <JessicaKnight> but did we picked up some pre-rifts rifles and some repair and engineering kits?
[18:46] <Mika_no_Krynn> I thought we did too.
[18:46] <GM_Erik> yeah, hadn't got there yet.
[18:47] <GM_Erik> boxes full of electrical, mechanical, and armor repair equipment.  These parts were fairly well-protected in the boxes, and can be used to repair weapons and body armor.
[18:48] <GM_Erik> you probably can't take all of the repair equipment, but you could use some of it before you go, and take some of it as well.
[18:48] <JessicaKnight> k
[18:48] <GM_Erik> The guns are plastic and ceramic laser rifles.  There are 10 of them, as well as 20 drained E-clips.  The guns need repair work in their electrical systems to function.  When repaired, they are higher damage, but lower range weapons, more suitable for use in tight areas.  They each do 4d6 MD, have a range of 800 feet, fire 20 shots per E-clip, and weigh 5 pounds.  These weapons aren't really anything special, but are pre-Rifts artifacts, so that would make them worth more.
[18:48] <GM_Erik> whoops, meant to shorten that.
[18:48] <GM_Erik> but, there's that info anyway, ::-)
[18:49] <GM_Erik> so, the repairs on these will probably need to be done in a workshop.
[18:49] <JessicaKnight> how many can we carry?
[18:50] <JessicaKnight> i winder if we can get Vrryl to stick these in a dimentional pocket for later retrival
[18:50] <GM_Erik> yeah, I figured those wouldn't be too hard to stick in a variety of dimensional pockets or something.
[18:51] <GM_Erik> lastly: three basketball-sized globes made of gold (worth about 16,000 credits each, left by the Maxparys).  Pygmy talismans of climb and see the invisible, and Pygmy charms of impervious to poison and shrink (4 feet).  There are also two vibro-blades (2d6 MD).  The faerie food includes peanuts (3 servings), candy almonds (3), candy walnuts (3), 24 ounces of bubbly wine, and a sack that also contains 6000 credits worth of jewelry, gold coins, and other small portable valuables
[18:51] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah, exactly.
[18:51] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah, we divied that stuff up already.
[18:51] <GM_Erik> I know you guys divied up most of those right?  I can give you stats on the magic items if you want.
[18:51] <Mika_no_Krynn> Sure.
[18:52] <GM_Erik> the ones you have anyway, Brett took the wine I remember.
[18:52] <GM_Erik> which ones you need info on?
[18:52] <Mika_no_Krynn> The only one I took was the Talisman of Shrink
[18:52] <Mika_no_Krynn> Charm of Shrink
[18:52] <GM_Erik> Ok, then you have two of those now, right?
[18:52] <Mika_no_Krynn> I do?  Didn't they take the other one back?
[18:53] <GM_Erik> I thought you managed to keep it.
[18:53] <Mika_no_Krynn> Ok, I have 2 then... just in case.
[18:53] <GM_Erik> yeah, I'm pretty sure you kept it.  Now you can share small size with someone.
[18:53] <GM_Erik> Gabe, which items did you take?
[18:54] <JessicaKnight> just he charm vs poison
[18:55] <GM_Erik> makes you impervious to poisons, venom, deadly toxins, pollution, and poison gases as long as you wear it.
[18:55] <JessicaKnight> koo..
[18:55] <JessicaKnight> koo i'll keep it on most of the time
[18:56] <GM_Erik> Brett took the see the invisible talisman
[18:56] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah,
[18:56] <GM_Erik> that leaves the climb talisman and all the faerie food.  Anyone write those down for posterity?
[18:57] <JessicaKnight> i'll make a note
[18:57] <GM_Erik> ok
[18:57] <GM_Erik> Heh heh, that means Jessica has all sorts of Faerie food under her control..
[18:58] <GM_Erik> note that the magic items are from the Pygmies, so that its easy to look up./
[18:58] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah.
[18:59] <GM_Erik> Brett had this amulet of turn dead last week in his inventory with no details.  It took me forever to find out what it did.
[18:59] <JessicaKnight> actually I noticed after I had one too... we got it from like Mexico or something
[18:59] <GM_Erik> Ah.  well, did you write down any details?
[19:00] <JessicaKnight> nope
[19:00] <GM_Erik> well then...
[19:00] <Mika_no_Krynn> When we had to fight those vampires?
[19:00] <GM_Erik> It prevents undead from physically touching you while you wear or hold it.
[19:00] <GM_Erik> also works like a cross againts vampires.
[19:01] <Mika_no_Krynn> Pretty heavy stuff.
[19:01] <GM_Erik> that would've saved you guys some trouble down in those caves, huh?
[19:01] <JessicaKnight> yup
[19:01] <JessicaKnight> heh
[19:02] <GM_Erik> and the climb talisman can cast the climb spell at 4th level twice per day.
[19:03] <GM_Erik> ok, I'll be back in a minute.
[19:03] <Mika_no_Krynn> I wonder when Rob is getting back from the Boz?
[19:04] <JessicaKnight> dunno... he left in like sept
[19:06] <GM_Erik> I think he should be back already.
[19:06] <JessicaKnight> should be
[19:06] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah, but is the tour 6months or 1 year?
[19:06] <JessicaKnight> dunno..
[19:06] <GM_Erik> yeah, the last email I got from him said he was coming back in April sometime.
[19:06] <Mika_no_Krynn> If it is 6months he should have just gotten back.
[19:06] <Mika_no_Krynn> Ah, I see.
[19:06] <JessicaKnight> koo
[19:06] <Mika_no_Krynn> Wonder what he is up to?
[19:07] <Mika_no_Krynn> We could use some more players... so we don't have to run into this situation as often as we do.
[19:07] <GM_Erik> I just emailed him.  See if he gets back to me.
[19:07] <Mika_no_Krynn> Kewl.
[19:07] <GM_Erik> so, you guys want to move ahead anyway, or would you rather not?
[19:08] <GM_Erik> Either is fine by me.
[19:08] <Mika_no_Krynn> Well I am up so I freaking want to do something.
[19:08] <JessicaKnight> doesn't matter.. we're just leaving camp right? no crazy boss fight yet
[19:08] <GM_Erik> So Gabe, you going to repair some stuff before you guys go?
[19:08] <Mika_no_Krynn> If there was we would be running into a guy in the jungle that sells the best shit on Rifts Earth...
[19:08] <GM_Erik> also, you guys going to rest up and recover (PPE, etc...)
[19:08] <Mika_no_Krynn> brb
[19:08] <JessicaKnight> heh
[19:09] <GM_Erik> heh
[19:09] <JessicaKnight> yeah i'll take some time and tend to everyone's armor and weapons
[19:09] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah... I want full PPE recovery so I need like a day to take it easy.
[19:09] <GM_Erik> ok
[19:09] <JessicaKnight> let people rest for a while.. i have ppe I need to regain as well
[19:09] <GM_Erik> you can even repair Lazlo's Ulti-Max.  Its down on armor.
[19:10] <JessicaKnight> koo
[19:10] <JessicaKnight> definitely can work on that, for sure
[19:12] <JessicaKnight> ca't repair any of the old laser rifles eh?
[19:12] <GM_Erik> they require better facilities then what you've got here.
[19:12] <GM_Erik> They need new electrical systems.
[19:13] <GM_Erik> so they have to be dismantled, etc...
[19:13] <Mika_no_Krynn> Plus, they aren't that useful to use now anyways.
[19:14] <GM_Erik> they're good defensive weaponry.
[19:14] <JessicaKnight> just in case.. oh well
[19:14] <GM_Erik> also for tight spaces and stuff, they were designed for jungle fighting.
[19:14] <GM_Erik> Who wants 2 mile ranges in a jungle, right?
[19:15] <Mika_no_Krynn> Me...
[19:15] <GM_Erik> heh heh
[19:15] <Mika_no_Krynn> I want 10 mile range weapons.  With 1 mile area effect.
[19:16] <GM_Erik> oh, you want the Macross Cannon, do you?
[19:17] <Mika_no_Krynn> It wouldn't hurt.
[19:17] <JessicaKnight> heh it'd be useful
[19:18] <GM_Erik> OK, so you want to get started?
[19:18] <JessicaKnight> koo
[19:19] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah... we're all about rooting out and eradicating evil...
[19:20] <Mika_no_Krynn> Like the Orkin-Man.
[19:20] <GM_Erik> Evil-Rooter, that's our name!
[19:21] <Mika_no_Krynn> And there was much rejoicing.
[19:21] <Mika_no_Krynn> yeah...
[19:21] <GM_Erik> times were hard, and they ate Vrryl's minstrels...
[19:21] <JessicaKnight> *sigh* times are tough
[19:23] <Mika_no_Krynn> And there was much rejoicing... yeah.
[19:25] <Mika_no_Krynn> I bet those guys are wondering what the hell is taking us so long...
[19:26] <JessicaKnight> heh
[19:27] <JessicaKnight> they'll probably all shitting that we got wiped out
[19:30] <Mika_no_Krynn> It is here right?
[19:31] <GM_Erik> yeah
[19:33] <GM_Erik> you guys had previously decided to head east and see what became of that, before deciding whether to go north or south.
[19:34] <Mika_no_Krynn> Are we east enough now to decide or what?
[19:34] <GM_Erik> Well, you're just now leaving the Congo.  You still haven't entered East Africa.
[19:35] <Mika_no_Krynn> Ah... more east then.
[19:35] <JessicaKnight> mmm
[19:36] <Mika_no_Krynn> Go EAST... that's where the monster are.  Go EAST... but not too far.
[19:36] <Mika_no_Krynn> A ninja army!
[19:36] <JessicaKnight> ninja monkeys!
[19:37] <GM_Erik> ninja monkey demons!
[19:37] <GM_Erik> that would have been good for L5R
[19:37] <Mika_no_Krynn> Scary!
[19:37] <JessicaKnight> cyborg ninja demon monkeys!
[19:37] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah!
[19:37] <JessicaKnight> call Buffy and the lesbian brigade!
[19:37] <GM_Erik> hahah
[19:37] <Mika_no_Krynn> That sounds like a wicked Feng Shui enemy.
[19:38] <JessicaKnight> heh.... yeah... masters of monkey style
[19:38] <GM_Erik> they should be armed with.... monofilament yoyos!
[19:39] <Mika_no_Krynn> That shoot out of their eyes.
[19:40] <GM_Erik> yeah!
[19:41] <JessicaKnight> go for the eyes boo!
[19:44] <JessicaKnight> how many people can't swim or fly in our party?
[19:45] <Mika_no_Krynn> There is no way anyone is swiming across this thing unless they are supernatural.  Not enough fliers either.
[19:45] <Mika_no_Krynn> Need to build some canoes or something.
[19:45] <GM_Erik> there's like 20 of you.
[19:45] <GM_Erik> some horses, and a power armor.
[19:45] <GM_Erik> and a few other vehicles.
[19:45] <Mika_no_Krynn> Ok... a barge.
[19:46] <GM_Erik> The crocodilians can swim.
[19:46] <Mika_no_Krynn> Vehicles can't though.
[19:46] <JessicaKnight> hmm...
[19:47] <Mika_no_Krynn> I assume there are some big trees around here?
[19:48] <GM_Erik> yup
[19:48] <GM_Erik> no real shortage of thoser.
[19:48] <GM_Erik> Of course, you have Create Wood as well, right>?
[19:48] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah... but that would be a lot of casting.
[19:58] <GM_Erik> the party's been replaced by zombies!
[19:59] <Mika_no_Krynn> Zombies?!  Let's fragg'em!
[20:00] <Mika_no_Krynn> What other heavy shit is there specifically?
[20:00] <Mika_no_Krynn> The Ultimax...
[20:00] <GM_Erik> horses, a few vehicles, the Ultimax
[20:02] <JessicaKnight> hmm
[20:02] <Mika_no_Krynn> We could run and jump off the end of the barge into flight... then it would be an aircraft carrier!
[20:03] <Mika_no_Krynn> We could keep one flier is reserver too... the Alert 5 Person.
[20:03] <GM_Erik> heh heh
[20:04] <GM_Erik> I'm imagining someone in armor running around on a boat making airplane noises, and then jumping off into flight.
[20:04] <Mika_no_Krynn> Hey and Zatarra has Radar we can stick her up top as a comms tower.
[20:06] <GM_Erik> heh heh
[20:06] <GM_Erik> *boop*  *boop*  *boop*
[20:08] <GM_Erik> Better roll carpentry Gabe
[20:09] <JessicaKnight> 51/97
[20:09] <Mika_no_Krynn> Wow... you're a pretty rippin' carpenter.
[20:10] <JessicaKnight> not bad eh?
[20:11] <Mika_no_Krynn> They have Boat Lore?
[20:12] <JessicaKnight> heh
[20:12] <GM_Erik> They've been around.  I figure its not too hard to make a floatable barge.
[20:12] <GM_Erik> How are you going to propel it?
[20:12] <Mika_no_Krynn> Jet engine
[20:13] <Mika_no_Krynn> We could rig up some kind of big oar system that the Ultimax can use.
[20:13] <Mika_no_Krynn> One big oar in the back of the barge... also acts as a rudde.r
[20:14] <GM_Erik> That'll be pretty slow, probably take two days to get across.
[20:14] <JessicaKnight> we need something powerful tho..
[20:14] <GM_Erik> its about 75km across.
[20:15] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah... the Ultimax is pretty strong.  The alternative is to make up some sort of muscle driven prop system.
[20:15] <GM_Erik> you have Swim as a Fish don't you?
[20:15] <GM_Erik> You could push it!
[20:15] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah.
[20:15] <Mika_no_Krynn> That would suck.
[20:16] <JessicaKnight> hmm i don't think I have any spells or tools that could help
[20:18] <GM_Erik> Actually that spell eliminiates fatigue while swimming, some supernaturally strong people could keep the boat moving at a good clip with that spell.
[20:18] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah... how many of those do we have?
[20:20] <GM_Erik> 3 Crocodilians, you, ok, just 4
[20:21] <Mika_no_Krynn> How strong are they?
[20:21] <GM_Erik> That should be enough though.
[20:21] <GM_Erik> um
[20:21] <GM_Erik> PS 30-36
[20:21] <GM_Erik> and its only moving a boat, not lifting it
[20:22] <GM_Erik> so with four of you, a cmobined supernatural PS of 120
[20:22] <Mika_no_Krynn> So between the 4 of us that is a carry of abound 6000lbs.
[20:22] <Mika_no_Krynn> What % of the 66spd could we move at?
[20:22] <Mika_no_Krynn> Considering the weight of the barge...
[20:23] <GM_Erik> well, you'd be able to go at a speed of about 20
[20:23] <GM_Erik> 10-20 anyway
[20:24] <GM_Erik> yeah, about 20
[20:24] <Mika_no_Krynn> So about 24-25 kph...
[20:24] <GM_Erik> that's 20?
[20:24] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah...
[20:25] <Mika_no_Krynn> 35 Spd is 26mph or 40kph
[20:26] <GM_Erik> Paddling would only let you go 8-10kph at most.
[20:26] <GM_Erik> And that's strong paddlers.
[20:27] <Mika_no_Krynn> Well I guess we will swim it then.
[20:27] <JessicaKnight> I'll keep watch from the air
[20:32] <GM_Erik> The Swim as a FIsh superior can be cast on two people per casting by the way.
[20:33] <GM_Erik> You could stick your head in the water and blow!
[20:34] <Mika_no_Krynn> :P
[20:35] <JessicaKnight> hweh
[20:37] <GM_Erik> Vrryl isn't technically supernatural
[20:37] <Mika_no_Krynn> But he's pretty tough.
[20:37] <JessicaKnight> doe she have any spells that could help?
[20:37] <Mika_no_Krynn> Who?
[20:37] <Mika_no_Krynn> Oh he...
[20:37] <JessicaKnight> er he... Vrryl
[20:38] <Mika_no_Krynn> Doubt it...
[20:38] <GM_Erik> It's not really a sailboat.
[20:38] <JessicaKnight> hmm
[20:38] <GM_Erik> He's probably meditating to get back PPE while all this is happening.
[20:38] <Mika_no_Krynn> We should have made a big catamaran.
[20:38] <JessicaKnight> wait
[20:39] <GM_Erik> wait?
[20:40] <JessicaKnight> could we construct 2 small paddlewheels and hook them up to the ultimax's servos? instant power
[20:40] <Mika_no_Krynn> That means actually making them and attaching them to the barge.
[20:41] <JessicaKnight> yeah...
[20:41] <JessicaKnight> too much work?
[20:41] <Mika_no_Krynn> Good idea... but seems like it would take a bit of work to get it done.
[20:41] <Mika_no_Krynn> They would have to be well attached too.
[20:41] <JessicaKnight> yeah... wondering how much
[20:44] <JessicaKnight> Mr. GM? comment on the timeline and feasibility of that one?
[20:45] <GM_Erik> hmm, its probably pretty tough hooking wooden parts up to metal ones.
[20:45] <Mika_no_Krynn> Wouldn't be surprised if Vrryl has the barber skill.
[20:45] <GM_Erik> Lots of things to do, make sure the wood is strong, properly fit, etc...
[20:45] <JessicaKnight> hmm yeah but we're not running the boat at 60 kph...
[20:46] <GM_Erik> FItting it would be the toughest part, you'd probably have to put metal parts in the wood to make sure it fits exactly, which would take time, and some machining.
[20:46] <Mika_no_Krynn> The supports would be tough... a lot of weight it has to push.  Remember we don't have nails either.
[20:46] <JessicaKnight> so it wouldn't have to be that sturdy... just ensure we start and overcome interita easily
[20:46] <GM_Erik> It'd probably be easier just to have the Ultimax paddle some large oars.
[20:46] <JessicaKnight> actually... no fitting.... carpet of adhestion!
[20:46] <JessicaKnight> er adhesion.
[20:46] <Mika_no_Krynn> I was thinking that too... but that spell doesn't last that long.
[20:47] <JessicaKnight> 90 meele rounds...
[20:47] <Mika_no_Krynn> So just over 20mins
[20:48] <JessicaKnight> hmmm can't pull that off... not enough PPE
[20:48] <Mika_no_Krynn> yeah...
[20:48] <JessicaKnight> need that adhesive gun from GITS
[20:48] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah... and tachicomas
[20:49] <GM_Erik> The Ultimax could probably paddle without full strength and not fall off.  That would let you go about 8kph or so.
[20:49] <Mika_no_Krynn> Too slow... swimmers are better.  Supernatural strength has its benefits.
[20:50] <Mika_no_Krynn> So can anyone cut hair?
[20:51] <JessicaKnight> I ahve a sword.. that cuts hair
[20:52] <Mika_no_Krynn> The qualifying clause is "... and make it look good."
[20:52] <JessicaKnight> hrhhr
[20:53] <GM_Erik> magic is always faster.
[20:54] <Mika_no_Krynn> You mean I can cut my hair with magic?
[20:54] <GM_Erik> If he wa apt to let you dismantle the ultimax, you could probably do something, but he probably won't let you dismantle it.
[20:54] <GM_Erik> no, I meant for crossing the water.
[20:54] <Mika_no_Krynn> Oh... ok.
[20:55] <JessicaKnight> why don;t you just tie it back
[20:55] <Mika_no_Krynn> Still long and a pain in the butt.  She's been meaning to cut it for a while anyways.
[20:56] <GM_Erik> Erin Tarn could probably help you cut it, she's an old lady, she should know how.
[20:56] <Mika_no_Krynn> I figured someone should know.  I don't think hair salons are big business in Rifts Earth so I figured most people get it cut in family or something.
[20:57] <GM_Erik> Oh there are hair salons in big cities.
[20:58] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah, but still... not like today.
[21:02] <GM_Erik> so what's the decision?
[21:02] <GM_Erik> You could probably still get across with paddling in a day, as long as Mika helps with that too.
[21:03] <Mika_no_Krynn> Swim... faster the better.
[21:03] <GM_Erik> ok
[21:08] <GM_Erik> So, are you guys going to provide any spells to help some of the non-magical people get across as well?
[21:09] <JessicaKnight> aren't they going on the barge?
[21:10] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah... I thought they would just ride on the barge.
[21:10] <GM_Erik> Well, you could save weight on the barge, or just have them ride it.
[21:10] <GM_Erik> I uess it doesn't matter a whole lot.
[21:10] <JessicaKnight> well there's only a few that can't fly or swim right?
[21:11] <Mika_no_Krynn> I assume no one is swimming but the 4 of us.
[21:11] <GM_Erik> Well, most can't fly, and hardly any can swim at the speeds and distances we're talking about.
[21:11] <Mika_no_Krynn> There is no way a normal people could swim that distance.
[21:12] <Mika_no_Krynn> Just have them ride on the barge... easier that way.
[21:14] <GM_Erik> jeez, you had to wear that.
[21:15] <Mika_no_Krynn> What else would one wear if swimming?
[21:15] <JessicaKnight> heh..
[21:15] <JessicaKnight> skinny dip
[21:15] <Mika_no_Krynn> Plus it is MD... provides protection... yeah, I'm sure that would go over well.
[21:16] <GM_Erik> the mercs are going to love this...
[21:16] <Mika_no_Krynn> Keep up morale... amongst other things :P
[21:28] <GM_Erik> the croc's don't need it dude
[21:29] <GM_Erik> They're natural swimmer.
[21:29] <GM_Erik> so only one casting needs
[21:29] <GM_Erik> needed
[21:29] <Mika_no_Krynn> They don't fatigue?
[21:29] <GM_Erik> They'll be going slowlw, normally they can swim at a speed of like 80
[21:30] <Mika_no_Krynn> Ok.
[21:35] <GM_Erik> I'll brbr
[21:35] <GM_Erik> I'm going to heat some food.
[21:35] <JessicaKnight> koo break time
[21:36] <Mika_no_Krynn> ok
[21:42] <Mika_no_Krynn> Hey, you remember that movie that came out last year about Dragons versus humans?  It is here in Japan and you know what the title is?
[21:42] <JessicaKnight> yeah it was "Ring of Fire" here
[21:43] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah, that one... here they call it SALAMANDA!
[21:43] <JessicaKnight> HAHHAHAHAAH
[21:43] <JessicaKnight> you're shitting me
[21:43] <Mika_no_Krynn> Awesome eh?  Just busted out laughing when I recognized it.
[21:43] <GM_Erik> did you see it Gabe?
[21:43] <Mika_no_Krynn> Did anyone see it?  I remember someone did...
[21:43] <JessicaKnight> hahahahah shieat... nope..
[21:44] <JessicaKnight> schneider wanted to
[21:44] <Mika_no_Krynn> Schneider said X-men 2 was pretty damn cool
[21:45] <GM_Erik> I saw it.
[21:45] <JessicaKnight> yeah he went this aft..
[21:45] <GM_Erik> THe Dragon movie, it was a cool idea, but poorly executed.
[21:45] <GM_Erik> Yeah, I can't wait to go see X-Men
[21:46] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah, that's what I heard... must have been from you.  I wanted to see X-men yesterday, but I didn't have time.
[21:46] <GM_Erik> btw, looks like I'll be in Calgary, maybe the second week of June
[21:47] <Mika_no_Krynn> I won't be.
[21:47] <JessicaKnight> heh I might be in Vancouver on business that week
[21:47] <JessicaKnight> depends on whata happens in the next few weeks
[21:47] <GM_Erik> that's funny, I'll be in Vancouver the last week of May
[21:47] <JessicaKnight> well i'll elt you know if my timeline gets moved up
[21:47] <JessicaKnight> can hang out in Van
[21:48] <GM_Erik> yeah, have beer.  Canadian beer.
[21:48] <JessicaKnight> yup
[21:48] <Mika_no_Krynn> The beer out here....
[21:48] <JessicaKnight> I like the beer out there
[21:48] <JessicaKnight> no shitty aftertaste
[21:48] <Mika_no_Krynn> Me too, but the beer out there is not here.
[21:49] <GM_Erik> Hey, I ever tell you guys about my trip to Mexico?
[21:49] <JessicaKnight> hmm I was referring to beer in Japan
[21:49] <JessicaKnight> nope
[21:49] <GM_Erik> it was pretty cool, went for a conference, I was in Puerto Vallarta for a week.  drank every day
[21:50] <JessicaKnight> niced
[21:50] <JessicaKnight> that's what Mexico is for
[21:50] <GM_Erik> beachfront hotel and everything.  it was sweet.
[21:50] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yep... good place for a conference.
[21:50] <GM_Erik> maybe before long someday, there'll be an international conference in Japan that I can go too.
[21:51] <GM_Erik> try their beer, since Mike likes it so much
[21:51] <GM_Erik> oh, and man, the girls there? bikinis galore...
[21:51] <Mika_no_Krynn> Lots of geological crap going on in this country, that's for sure.  They built the fastest supercomputer in the world here to study seismic activity.
[21:52] <GM_Erik> That's cool.
[21:52] <GM_Erik> You need one that fast for that.
[21:53] <GM_Erik> OK.  Well, I've got my leftover taco bell burritos, and can continue
[21:53] <Mika_no_Krynn> ok
[21:54] <JessicaKnight> koo
[21:54] <GM_Erik> ok
[21:55] <Mika_no_Krynn> This place is full of surprises.
[21:57] <JessicaKnight> lovely
[21:57] <GM_Erik> yes, millions
[21:57] <GM_Erik> Invisible Cyborg Ninja Monkeys!
[21:58] <GM_Erik> you know.... you could take a human-looking mutant monkey to japan, and become a cyborg ninja!
[21:58] <Mika_no_Krynn> Damn those ninja monkeys!
[21:58] <JessicaKnight> mmm koo!
[21:58] <Mika_no_Krynn> That would be wack... but damn funny.
[21:59] <JessicaKnight> or you can turn them into invisible oni juicer cyborg monkeys in Japan
[21:59] <GM_Erik> heh heh
[21:59] <JessicaKnight> you just need to take them to the juicer bar
[21:59] <GM_Erik> hahaha
[21:59] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah, get them suped up at the Juicer Bar.
[22:03] <Mika_no_Krynn> No lions?
[22:03] <GM_Erik> typing now.
[22:03] <Mika_no_Krynn> How about juicer cheetahs?
[22:03] <JessicaKnight> zebras?
[22:03] <GM_Erik> heh ::_)
[22:03] <JessicaKnight> heheh those would be crazy fast
[22:04] <Mika_no_Krynn> Juicer cheetahs... mach 1 kitties.
[22:04] <Mika_no_Krynn> They just run through their prey to kill them.
[22:04] <Mika_no_Krynn> Plus lions are cats, and therefore pretty lazy.  Especially when the sun is out.
[22:05] <Mika_no_Krynn> Nyaaan?
[22:05] <Mika_no_Krynn> Are they laughing hyenas?  Haahahahahaha
[22:06] <GM_Erik> he heh
[22:06] <GM_Erik> they're laughing at you, yeah.
[22:06] <JessicaKnight> oooh flammies.. let's kick them.
[22:06] <GM_Erik> Lions are generally nocturnal
[22:06] <Mika_no_Krynn> At least they're having a good time.
[22:06] <GM_Erik> Mika's a predator, I had to add her to the list.
[22:07] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah...
[22:07] <Mika_no_Krynn> Too bad Tibor isn't here now...
[22:07] <JessicaKnight> heh
[22:07] <GM_Erik> no klidding, wait for what I'm going to type.
[22:07] <Mika_no_Krynn> Why do flamingos make skis?
[22:08] <GM_Erik> They need to earn a living too you know.
[22:08] <Mika_no_Krynn> Hmmm... beeeeeffffff.
[22:08] <JessicaKnight> mmm plate 'o' meat
[22:08] <JessicaKnight> haven't had one of those in a while
[22:12] <GM_Erik> how much travel per day?
[22:12] <GM_Erik> flat terrain: 30, 40 miles?
[22:12] <Mika_no_Krynn> Travel in the morning... siesta around noon for a while, then travel until dark.
[22:12] <GM_Erik> so lets say 30 miles.
[22:12] <Mika_no_Krynn> Probably 30 miles I would say.
[22:13] <GM_Erik> easy to be conservative.
[22:13] <Mika_no_Krynn> I think at next level I get Water To Wine... solve the any alocohol problem we have from that point on.
[22:13] <JessicaKnight> heh
[22:13] <JessicaKnight> winos
[22:13] <GM_Erik> heh
[22:14] <GM_Erik> hmm, Gabe, roll a.... saving throw...
[22:15] <Mika_no_Krynn> versus death magic!
[22:15] <JessicaKnight> 1
[22:15] <JessicaKnight> j/k
[22:16] <JessicaKnight> vs what
[22:16] <GM_Erik> well, roll ,and then I'll tell you what for.
[22:16] <JessicaKnight> 17
[22:16] <Mika_no_Krynn> She shoots, she scores!
[22:16] <GM_Erik> ooh, good roll.
[22:16] <GM_Erik> It was vs disease.
[22:17] <JessicaKnight> ah...
[22:17] <GM_Erik> You were saving verses pox!
[22:17] <Mika_no_Krynn> The POX!?  NOOOOOO!... what's that?
[22:17] <JessicaKnight> biological warfare! don your NBC suits!
[22:17] <Mika_no_Krynn> NBC suits... like those worn by Tom Brockaw.
[22:18] <JessicaKnight> yup... and the toupee
[22:18] <GM_Erik> heh
[22:18] <Mika_no_Krynn> Where'd they get the pox?
[22:18] <JessicaKnight> or was that Sam Donaldson?
[22:20] <Mika_no_Krynn> I have the Cure Illness spell.
[22:20] <GM_Erik> well, it'll come in handy.
[22:20] <GM_Erik> all the mercenaries have illnesses.
[22:20] <Mika_no_Krynn> Now I am Dr. Mika, Medicine Woman.
[22:20] <JessicaKnight> hmm I only got 1st aid... no med or bio skills at all
[22:20] <GM_Erik> the 6 mercs.
[22:22] <GM_Erik> ever hear of the Tsetse fly?
[22:22] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah... bad-ass.
[22:23] <GM_Erik> yup.
[22:23] <GM_Erik> you're in its home now...
[22:23] <Mika_no_Krynn> I see.
[22:24] <GM_Erik> its like horseflies that carry disease, sucks huh?
[22:24] <GM_Erik> anyway...
[22:25] <GM_Erik> who re you asking?
[22:25] <Mika_no_Krynn> Anyone who's listening.
[22:27] <GM_Erik> roll perception.
[22:27] <GM_Erik> when you get a chance.
[22:28] <Mika_no_Krynn> 20
[22:29] <JessicaKnight> 13
[22:30] <GM_Erik> sorry, have to throw Vrryl quips in every once in awhile.
[22:32] <JessicaKnight> i'm guessing I can't
[22:33] <GM_Erik> you have telescpic vision right?
[22:33] <JessicaKnight> yup
[22:33] <GM_Erik> ok.
[22:33] <JessicaKnight> let me check the range
[22:35] <Mika_no_Krynn> I have IR distancing binoculars if you want...
[22:35] <JessicaKnight> 6000 ft
[22:35] <Mika_no_Krynn> I figure the zoom on those has to be pretty good.
[22:36] <GM_Erik> k
[22:39] <Mika_no_Krynn> How many people are just walking?
[22:40] <GM_Erik> um...
[22:40] <GM_Erik> 6-10
[22:40] <GM_Erik> roll a d20 Mike
[22:41] <Mika_no_Krynn> 13
[22:41] <JessicaKnight> how wide is the stampede?
[22:41] <GM_Erik> Wide.
[22:41] <JessicaKnight> frick...
[22:43] <GM_Erik> and straggles?
[22:43] <GM_Erik> stragglers? heh heh
[22:43] <JessicaKnight> er
[22:43] <JessicaKnight> heh yeah
[22:44] <Mika_no_Krynn> If things look tight I will cast wall of wind behind the group... buy us some more time.
[22:46] <GM_Erik> that'll definitely give you a lot more room.  Good idea.
[22:46] <GM_Erik> You probably should cast it.
[22:54] <GM_Erik> who's going with you?
[22:54] <Mika_no_Krynn> You mean, everyone isn't coming?
[22:54] <JessicaKnight> I figured eveyrone would go
[22:55] <GM_Erik> What if its really bad?
[22:55] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah... like one of the Horsemen.  If we all go isn't it better?
[22:55] <GM_Erik> Well, you can suggest it.
[22:55] <Mika_no_Krynn> What direction did the stampede come from?
[22:56] <GM_Erik> east
[22:57] <Mika_no_Krynn> We were heading east anyways... maybe some of us should go ahead as recon though.
[22:57] <JessicaKnight> koo.. the 3 of us then?
[22:57] <Mika_no_Krynn> Sure.
[22:57] <JessicaKnight> or 4 if we wanna include Vrryl
[22:57] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah, might as well ddrag him along too
[22:58] <GM_Erik> why not, he's not here to argue!
[22:59] <Mika_no_Krynn> What's Thorpe got for transporation?
[22:59] <GM_Erik> bionic horsey
[22:59] <Mika_no_Krynn> Ok, good.
[23:01] <GM_Erik> roll perception
[23:02] <Mika_no_Krynn> 22
[23:04] <GM_Erik> Gabe?
[23:04] <JessicaKnight> 16 sorry
[23:05] <GM_Erik> okie
[23:11] <GM_Erik> remember how fast it moved last time>
[23:11] <GM_Erik> ?
[23:11] <Mika_no_Krynn> no...
[23:11] <Mika_no_Krynn> more than 50mph?
[23:11] <GM_Erik> actually, no.
[23:12] <GM_Erik> about 25 or so.
[23:12] <Mika_no_Krynn> No worries then.  I just figure we can sit 1000' away and take pot shots while the main group approaches.
[23:13] <GM_Erik> ok, well decide what you're gonna do and do it.
[23:19] <Mika_no_Krynn> 14 hit, 50dmg
[23:19] <JessicaKnight> 5 to hit, not going to worry about the dmg
[23:20] <GM_Erik> ok
[23:21] <Mika_no_Krynn> Ok, I want to keep flying so that I stay about 1000' from them.  How many attacks can I do a round with that?  I fly at 50mph now.
[23:21] <Mika_no_Krynn> Ooh, this is neat.
[23:21] <GM_Erik> depends, you want to aim? or shoot wild?
[23:21] <GM_Erik> shooting wild, you don't have to worry about it.
[23:22] <Mika_no_Krynn> Aimed burst.
[23:22] <JessicaKnight> i'm gonna match their speed, fly backwards and aim and shoot
[23:22] <GM_Erik> That's shooting wild anyway, but you don't have a penalty to shoot.
[23:22] <GM_Erik> its just a straight roll
[23:22] <JessicaKnight> koo
[23:23] <JessicaKnight> gonna concentrate on one flier?
[23:23] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah.
[23:23] <JessicaKnight> koo
[23:23] <Mika_no_Krynn> Hopefully they are not as tough as teh big ones.
[23:24] <GM_Erik> the fliers only go about 50kph
[23:24] <Mika_no_Krynn> Koo
[23:25] <JessicaKnight> koo that's my max
[23:25] <Mika_no_Krynn> No your max is 50Mph
[23:25] <JessicaKnight> ahh sorry
[23:25] <JessicaKnight> thought you saig mph
[23:25] <JessicaKnight> er said
[23:26] <GM_Erik> sorry, was trying to be metric.
[23:28] <Mika_no_Krynn> Whoa... kewl.
[23:28] <GM_Erik> Hey, Brett's not here, I can have Vrryl use Annhilation whenever I want, right? heh heh
[23:29] <JessicaKnight> heh
[23:29] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yep....more power!
[23:29] <JessicaKnight> sweet
[23:29] <Mika_no_Krynn> Crikes... pulling out all the heavy hits in this fight.
[23:30] <GM_Erik> actually, meteor is onyl 12th level, 75 PPE. No biggy.  just a good combat spell that Katrina can use.
[23:30] <Mika_no_Krynn> It looks cool though.
[23:30] <JessicaKnight> damn
[23:30] <GM_Erik> 1d6x10 +2 per level to a 40 foot radius.
[23:30] <JessicaKnight> cutting these guys to chunks
[23:31] <GM_Erik> Well, I figured a good ambush on non-intelligent creatures with modern weaponry, and a little magic, is probably not too hard.
[23:31] <Mika_no_Krynn> True 'nuff
[23:31] <GM_Erik> especially with the long range visibility here.
[23:33] <JessicaKnight> cutting them to ribbons.. nice
[23:41] <GM_Erik> sorry, someone turned the lights off on me, again, I had to turn them back on.
[23:42] <GM_Erik> so, does these like a good place to call it a night?
[23:42] <GM_Erik> (or day?)
[23:42] <Mika_no_Krynn> If you want to end it here... that is alright.
[23:43] <GM_Erik> yeah, I think that might be best.
[23:43] <JessicaKnight> yeah that's koo
[23:43] <Mika_no_Krynn> Try for next week?
[23:43] <GM_Erik> SO, you made some good time on travelling.
[23:43] <GM_Erik> Yeah, we could try.
[23:44] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah... very good travel time this time.
[23:44] <JessicaKnight> hmm next week may not be good
[23:44] <JessicaKnight> schneider's b-day
[23:44] <GM_Erik> uh oh...
[23:44] <Mika_no_Krynn> On Sunday?
[23:44] <Mika_no_Krynn> Sorry... Saturday... duh.
[23:44] <GM_Erik> haha
[23:45] <GM_Erik> how old again?
[23:45] <GM_Erik> 25?
[23:45] <GM_Erik> 26?
[23:45] <Mika_no_Krynn> Well, let's play it by ear then...
[23:45] <JessicaKnight> k
[23:45] <JessicaKnight> 25
[23:45] <JessicaKnight> so yeah
[23:45] <JessicaKnight> remember to send schneider a big dark schneider this week for his b-day
[23:45] <GM_Erik> and give Brett hell.
[23:45] <Mika_no_Krynn> What's wrong with the 20th?
[23:45] <JessicaKnight> heh
[23:46] <JessicaKnight> 20th?
[23:46] <Mika_no_Krynn> never mind...
[23:46] <GM_Erik> 20th?
[23:46] <Mika_no_Krynn> misread the stuff.
[23:47] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah... so let's just play it by ear.  When you know Schneider's b-day plans just let us know Gabe.
[23:47] <JessicaKnight> koo
[23:47] <GM_Erik> yeah.
[23:47] <GM_Erik> alright, I'll catch you guys later then.
[23:47] <JessicaKnight> night guys
[23:47] <Mika_no_Krynn> And then we can all beat on Brett for not coming.
[23:47] <Mika_no_Krynn> l8r
Session Close: Sat May 03 23:47:44 2003
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Horsemen of the Apocalypse 2 - OOC Chat Logs
Session Start: Sat May 10 15:28:31 2003
[15:28] *** Now talking in #RiftsOOC
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Session Close: Sat May 10 16:23:43 2003
Session Start: Sat May 10 17:31:14 2003
[17:31] *** Now talking in #RiftsOOC
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[17:59] *** Mika_no_Krynn has joined #RiftsOOC
[17:59] <Mika_no_Krynn> That's crazy about the movie deal and all... I wonder how it will go?  They have all the FX stuff now to do it right... like juicers, glitterboys, magic, etc.
[18:00] <GM_Erik> yeah, I'm a little worried that it will become another D&D, but lets hope not, right?
[18:02] *** GM_Erik sets mode: +o Mika_no_Krynn
[18:02] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah... but those are some big companies they have on it.  My worry is with Disney, they had better not kid-ify it.
[18:02] <GM_Erik> yeah, exactly
[18:03] <GM_Erik> I saw X-Men 2 last night
[18:03] <GM_Erik> It was really good, totally rocked.
[18:03] <Mika_no_Krynn> It depends on when they are able to put it out... superhero flicks are going well now, as is the Matrix and stuff, so it has a good chance.
[18:03] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah?  Me too...
[18:03] <Mika_no_Krynn> Saw it in a big THX certified theatre too.
[18:03] <GM_Erik> You like it then?
[18:03] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah, it was good... almost thought it was too short, so much went on.
[18:04] <Mika_no_Krynn> I liked the fact that the X-men had to work with Magneto... I thought that was well done.
[18:04] <GM_Erik> true enough, but it was about 2hr15minutes
[18:04] <GM_Erik> Yeah, and the special effects were cool.
[18:04] <GM_Erik> I'm glad they kept nightcrawler's character the way he should have been
[18:06] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah, he was bad-ass in that.  His agility is close to that of Spiderman's though, so it makes sense.  He was pretty funny too, I like how he kept mentioning the circus.
[18:06] <GM_Erik> Yeah, that was funny
[18:07] <Mika_no_Krynn> In the Munich circus I was now as the... Can it.
[18:07] <Mika_no_Krynn> known
[18:07] <Mika_no_Krynn> That fight with Wolverine and Lady Deathstrike was fierce... totally brtual.  Just like some of the comics.
[18:07] <GM_Erik> Yeah, And Wolverine got to kill a whole bunch of people too, as it should be
[18:08] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah, I liked that too... it wasn't just injuring people and crap.
[18:08] <GM_Erik> yeah, quick and clean, like a professional
[18:08] <Mika_no_Krynn> Didn't Wolverine have a past with Yuriko though?
[18:08] <GM_Erik> In the comics he did, yeah, and she wasn't a mutant in the comics, but a cyborg.
[18:09] <GM_Erik> But I guess if they killed her anyway, it doesn't really matter much.
[18:09] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah, I guess so.  That was an interesting story too...oh well, they can't make as many movies as comics.
[18:09] <GM_Erik> Yeah, they're just picking the biggest polt elements and using those.
[18:10] <GM_Erik> The Introduction moive, then the first attack on the mansion
[18:10] <GM_Erik> Next looks like the Phoenix saga and the Evil Brotherhood of MUtants in the third movie.
[18:10] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah, that is a good way to do it... avoid Batman syndrome though... that is key.
[18:10] <GM_Erik> totally
[18:10] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yep, that would be wicked...
[18:11] <Mika_no_Krynn> Jean Grey was rocking in this one... the chicks were killer all around this time.
[18:11] <GM_Erik> I liked how Jean Grey's eyes were flaming when she used intense powers early on, all the people in the know said "ooh, Phoenix"
[18:11] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah, I was thinking the exact same thing... that was well done.
[18:12] <GM_Erik> really impressive, well done, great movie.
[18:12] <GM_Erik> it was showing in three theatres of the Ten-plex here in Missoula
[18:13] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah, it was in 3 theatres in the cinema I went to as well.  Saw another Matrix preview, along with T3... they also had posters for that Core movie... looks gay, like you said.
[18:15] <GM_Erik> Yeah, Going to go see Matrix next week sometime.
[18:16] <GM_Erik> I mean, in the few days after it comes out.
[18:16] <GM_Erik> Yeah, the Core was only funny for me, because I could laugh openly at all the fake science in it.
[18:17] <Mika_no_Krynn> I have to wait until June 7th to see it.  There is a special early preview showing on the 24th of May, but I don't think I will be able to make it.  Looks intense though.
[18:17] <GM_Erik> Totally.  I saw a new preview last night.
[18:18] <GM_Erik> The first bad guy is back in it, and he can clone himself apparantly, so Neo has to fight a crowd of Mr Jones.
[18:18] <GM_Erik> There's also these new pale bad guys that can phase through solids and stuff
[18:18] <Mika_no_Krynn> You mean Agent Smith?
[18:20] <GM_Erik> yeah, sorry Smith.  Jones, Smith, same thing... heh
[18:21] <Mika_no_Krynn> Mister Jones is a song by the Counting Crows.... :P
[18:21] <Mika_no_Krynn> I have been downloading Dr. Katz recently... had a hankering to watch it again... funny show.
[18:21] <GM_Erik> I ICQ'd Brett, don't know where he is, he sent me an email not two hours ago...
[18:22] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah, I know... I sent him and ICQ too.
[18:22] <GM_Erik> Cool, I haven't seen Dr. Katz for a long time, where can you get it?
[18:22] <Mika_no_Krynn> That was one huge freaking bear...
[18:22] <Mika_no_Krynn> I downloaded files with Kazaa Lite.
[18:25] <GM_Erik> Yeah no shit, I showed the pictures to my office-mate.
[18:26] <GM_Erik> THat half eatne dude was pretty graphic, but suprisingly clean, big bites..
[18:27] <Mika_no_Krynn> Guess it was hungry.
[18:27] <GM_Erik> gives good perspective for fighting large predators in RPG's, doesn't it?
[18:27] <Mika_no_Krynn> I guess that would qualify as a Dire Bear.
[18:27] <GM_Erik> yeah, no shit
[18:28] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yep... that's why Mika is supernatural.
[18:28] <Mika_no_Krynn> Oh, I saw a little preview trailer for the Hulk flick too yesterday, speaking of strong, big things.
[18:28] <GM_Erik> yeah, me too.  That looked pretty cool
[18:28] <Mika_no_Krynn> Looked pretty neat.  There was one seen where he picks up an M1 tank, and tosses it... that was kewl.
[18:31] <GM_Erik> yeah.  I liked how he got bigger when he got madder.
[18:32] <Mika_no_Krynn> Crazy amount of intense movies coming out this summer.
[18:34] <GM_Erik> I called Brett.
[18:34] <GM_Erik> There was a lot of swearing, and then he said that he's on.
[18:35] <GM_Erik> So, we can expect him shortly.
[18:35] <Mika_no_Krynn> Ok... he in the middle of some crazy fight on EQ?
[18:35] <GM_Erik> "Shit! 'k', Fuck! 'k', Shit, 'k'
[18:35] *** Vrryl has joined #RiftsOOC
[18:36] *** GM_Erik sets mode: +o Vrryl
[18:36] <Vrryl> i suck... it's official. My memory is that of a jellyfish
[18:36] <GM_Erik> yeah, that's pretty bad
[18:37] <Mika_no_Krynn> Indeed...
[18:39] <GM_Erik> Well, Rob is back in Edmonton.  He replied to my email
[18:39] <Mika_no_Krynn> Kewl... I was going to ask about that.
[18:40] <Vrryl> he going to be starting to play again?
[18:40] <GM_Erik> I just asked him, hopefully we'll hear back.
[18:40] <GM_Erik> Of course, now we're entering the time when I'm mostly occupied for a while.
[18:40] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah, having a 4th person would be nice.
[18:41] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah, what is your plan for the summer?
[18:41] <GM_Erik> ITs complicated.  I'm never away for more than two weeks, but I'm going to Alaska once, Vancouver once, Calgary once, and home twice.
[18:42] <Vrryl> my summer is pretty fubared... not a clue what i'm doing yet
[18:42] <GM_Erik> Most of it will be in the next two months.
[18:43] <Mika_no_Krynn> Ok... well, I'll be here, in Japan.  Except for August, when I have to return to Canada for a few weeks.
[18:44] <Vrryl> oh, speaking of which... had a fun night last night. My god, Steve can drink alot
[18:44] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah, he seemed pretty tanked...
[18:44] <Mika_no_Krynn> He said he is going to call me today... we'll see if he remembers what he said.
[18:45] <Vrryl> he had so much to drink, but still managed to stay vertical and communicative
[18:45] <GM_Erik> Sounds like you guys had fun.
[18:45] <Vrryl> ya, remembering might be something completely different
[18:45] <Mika_no_Krynn> That's good... he was in ultimate party mode.
[18:46] <GM_Erik> When are you going to be in Canada Mike?
[18:46] <Mika_no_Krynn> August... probably between the 7th and 28th or so.
[18:46] <Mika_no_Krynn> My sister is getting married.
[18:46] <GM_Erik> Ahh.
[18:46] <Mika_no_Krynn> So I am going around to see a bunch of people while I am back... probably a week in BC, a week in Calgary, then a week back home.
[18:47] <GM_Erik> cool.
[18:47] <Vrryl> Bah, you're coming back to Calgary??? pfft... we don't need your kind around here
[18:48] <GM_Erik> I'll probably be in Calgary in early June for a few days.  I was thinking about sometime in August, but I'm not sure if that'll work out.
[18:48] <GM_Erik> Espcially of Brett gives me the same reception.
[18:48] <Mika_no_Krynn> No where needs my kind... that's the fun of it.
[18:49] <GM_Erik> So, I'm occupied the next two Saturdays.  The first Saturday I'm available is the 31st.  That's the day I'm back from Vancouver.
[18:49] <Mika_no_Krynn> Ok... that means FFXI for me... leveling is good!
[18:51] <GM_Erik> Then, maybe a saturday in Early June, Calgary, San Jose, Alaska, San Jose, and back before July 26th.
[18:51] <GM_Erik> Does your guys' work schedules change at all now that summer is here?
[18:52] <Mika_no_Krynn> Craziness.  So maybe one more game after this for the summer?  No... summer doesn't mean shit here... the semester ends July 18th.
[18:52] <Mika_no_Krynn> Then after that I still go to the Board of Ed. on weekdays until noon, after which I endeavor to go to the beach.
[18:53] <Vrryl> not sure.. i don't even have a work schedule yet. that's why i'm kinda wierd right now
[18:53] <GM_Erik> the beach... hard life.
[18:53] <Mika_no_Krynn> You doing army stuff?
[18:53] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah... life's a beach in summer... but it is a bitch away from the beach, major humidity issue here.
[18:54] <Mika_no_Krynn> Love the beach, the temp is good, the ocean is there, hotties in bikinis... all good.
[18:55] <Vrryl> no, no army stuff planned.. . going to try civvy'ing it for a summer
[18:55] <Mika_no_Krynn> Whooa... that's wack.
[18:56] <Vrryl> ya.. i hate wainwright. going to avoid it if i can
[18:56] <Mika_no_Krynn> Understood, I agree.
[18:58] <Vrryl> only problem is... finding a real job =P
[18:58] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah, that generally sux... especially after doing a gov't job for so long.
[18:59] <Vrryl> ya, and i can't deny the money is awesome. Just too bad no taskings here in calgary
[18:59] <Mika_no_Krynn> That is brutal... sux.
[19:00] <GM_Erik> yeah
[19:01] <Vrryl> well, not brutal, but does suxxor
[19:01] <Mika_no_Krynn> True, could be a lot worse.  Though finding a job in Calgary is mega-lame.
[19:01] <Mika_no_Krynn> Especially for the summer.
[19:01] <Vrryl> ya, going to try hireastudent or something
[19:01] <Vrryl> pimp myself out
[19:02] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yep, the life of a student.
[19:02] <Vrryl> no kidding
[19:03] <Mika_no_Krynn> Wonder what Schneider is doing for work this summer...he said he wasn't sure earlier.
[19:03] <Vrryl> ya, i think he said TA'ing... he's going to start on his thesis to i think
[19:03] <Mika_no_Krynn> I see... must be doing a lot of TAing then.
[19:04] <Mika_no_Krynn> Shall we begin?..
[19:04] <Vrryl> as he says "it pays the bills"
[19:04] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah, and that's about it.
[19:05] <Mika_no_Krynn> That and allows him to continue buying DVDs
[19:06] <Vrryl> he buys alot i take it?
[19:06] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah, I would say so.  He probably has around 100 or so I think, at least more than 50.
[19:07] <Vrryl> ya, that's alot
[19:08] <Mika_no_Krynn> I have 10... yeah.  But only 6 if you count the LoTR special Ed. as one dvd.
[19:09] <GM_Erik> heh heh, I'm waiting for the super box set trilogy
[19:09] <Vrryl> well, my vast collection has a whole 0, so...
[19:10] <Mika_no_Krynn> That would be one freaking huge box... the one I have is already a box... the movie is 3 hours, and then there are up to 6 hours of extra crap you can watch about the making of it all.
[19:11] <Vrryl> using the little temporal wizards room...brb
[19:11] <Mika_no_Krynn> Should we start?
[19:12] <GM_Erik> Sure, as soon as Brett it back
[19:12] <Mika_no_Krynn> kewl
[19:13] <Vrryl> back
[19:14] <Vrryl> i'm tempted to order a pizza... i'm feeling in that knida mood
[19:14] <Mika_no_Krynn> I wish I had pizza... I made my own pizza a few weeks back.
[19:14] <Mika_no_Krynn> It was quite good too... used salsa.
[19:16] <Mika_no_Krynn> Shall we begin then?
[19:21] <Vrryl> what rumours we have of their origins?
[19:21] <Vrryl> rather, what got discussed?
[19:22] <Mika_no_Krynn> Just that it is probably Death that is creating them... or maybe Rama Set, cuz you need some serious necromantic powers to make shit like that.
[19:22] * Vrryl nods
[19:23] <Vrryl> so we're in central africa now, or more eastish now?
[19:24] <Mika_no_Krynn> I think we are east-central
[19:24] <Vrryl> ok
[19:24] <Mika_no_Krynn> Still a long ways to go east...
[19:24] <Vrryl> we're heading east?
[19:24] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yep.
[19:24] <Vrryl> what's the terrain been like?
[19:24] <Vrryl> nevermind
[19:24] <Mika_no_Krynn> We had to forge a river... made barges.  Mika had to help pull them via swimming.
[19:25] <Vrryl> you just said it
[19:25] <Vrryl> you swam??
[19:25] <Vrryl> like... actually got into a body of water???
[19:25] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah... used Swim as Fish: Superior... yeah, with my MD bikini.
[19:25] <GM_Erik> Yeah, you guys crossed Lake Tanganyika.
[19:25] <Mika_no_Krynn> Myself and the Crocodilians.
[19:26] <GM_Erik> The (unbeknownst to you) second deepest lake in the world
[19:26] <Mika_no_Krynn> How deep?
[19:26] <Mika_no_Krynn> What is the deepest one?
[19:26] <GM_Erik> Part of a Giant Rift Valley (as in plates coming apart)
[19:26] <GM_Erik> I think the deepest one is somewhere in Asia, another Rift Valley.
[19:26] <GM_Erik> I just sent you guys an image of Tanzania
[19:26] <GM_Erik> via email
[19:26] <Mika_no_Krynn> Kewl...lets go there.  Once they put out Rifts China.
[19:27] <Vrryl> tanzania?
[19:27] <Vrryl> lol
[19:27] <Vrryl> misread that... thought it said tasmania
[19:27] <GM_Erik> Yeah, the East African country., oh, heh heh
[19:27] <Mika_no_Krynn> Good thing we didn't have to go across Lake Victoria.
[19:28] <Vrryl> or LAke Acid
[19:28] <GM_Erik> you guys get the picture?
[19:28] <Mika_no_Krynn> yep
[19:29] <GM_Erik> since it shows the topography well, I thought I'd share.  I was using it last week.
[19:29] <Vrryl> oh ya, lake victoria wouuld have sucked
[19:29] <Mika_no_Krynn> Would have been a bloody long swim.
[19:29] <GM_Erik> I guess that means Brett got the picture
[19:30] <Vrryl> haha, i like that message on the bottom: Border representation not necessarily authoritative.
[19:30] <GM_Erik> heh
[19:30] <GM_Erik> So Lake Tanganyika is on the west side, you guys crossed in Zaire near Kalemie
[19:31] <GM_Erik> you have since travelled about 300 iles east
[19:31] <GM_Erik> which puts you about in the middle of the Singida territory
[19:32] <GM_Erik> where the monsters caused the stampede of one of the millions-of-animals herds that you avioded.
[19:32] <Mika_no_Krynn> Wow, we're right in the middle of everything, huh...
[19:33] <GM_Erik> give you better perspective? Now you know why it took a day to cross that lake.
[19:33] <Vrryl> best place to be... especially when it's a bunch of naked chicks /nods
[19:33] <Mika_no_Krynn> And not naked fat chicks.
[19:33] <Vrryl> ..
[19:33] <Mika_no_Krynn> We should head to Kilimanjaro... just cuz that would be kewl.
[19:34] <Vrryl> dude, that goes without saying
[19:34] <Vrryl> sure, it's the direction we seem to be heading anyays
[19:35] <GM_Erik> well, northeast, instead of east.
[19:36] <GM_Erik> Just remember, your characters don't have the exact topography of these areas where you haven't been
[19:36] <GM_Erik> You don't have this map, you just have general landforms and outlines
[19:36] <Mika_no_Krynn> Nope... just using common sense on the ocean thing.
[19:36] <GM_Erik> yeah]
[19:39] <GM_Erik> actually, you guys have talked about this before, many months ago in real life.
[19:39] <Mika_no_Krynn> Well, we're talking about it again.
[19:39] <GM_Erik> you don't have anything but a general map of the continent with major mountain ranges and regions.
[19:39] <Mika_no_Krynn> That's good... that's something... is Kilimanjaro marked on it?
[19:39] <Vrryl> do we know about key 2
[19:40] <GM_Erik> Nope, no Kilimanjaro.
[19:40] <GM_Erik> its a big mountain in a mountain range.
[19:40] <Vrryl> sounds reasonable
[19:41] <Vrryl> we resting very often?
[19:42] <Mika_no_Krynn> Probably about 10hours a day at least... given the heat and all
[19:42] <GM_Erik> YOu guys are travelling about 30 miles per day, across mostly savannah
[19:42] <Vrryl> ok
[19:42] <GM_Erik> you were taking mid-day breaks
[19:42] <Mika_no_Krynn> Watch out for lions...
[19:42] <GM_Erik> most people are also keeping fully clothed, to prevent the nasty disease problem from last time and the tsetse flies.
[19:43] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah, them too
[19:47] <GM_Erik> ITs an electronic map that Victor has
[19:48] <GM_Erik> but ok
[19:48] <Mika_no_Krynn> We made a printout
[19:48] <Vrryl> figured, but paper seemed to work lol
[19:48] <Vrryl> exactly
[19:48] <Vrryl> in case the batteries died
[19:48] <GM_Erik> Actually, I said they aren['t very big
[19:48] <GM_Erik> they're present, but not prominant, so relatively slight range.
[19:48] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah, and it is a pain to keep have Vic come out of the armor when we want to look at the map.
[19:49] <Mika_no_Krynn> Still could be  a pain, we don't know what is in there.
[19:50] <GM_Erik> Also, you guys have already gone through two, much larger mountain ranges.
[19:51] <GM_Erik> You're also surrounded my mountains in the distance in all directions, from last time.
[19:51] <GM_Erik> but when you get there, your characters will see.
[19:56] <Vrryl> ya, we were just rp'ing it out a little is all
[19:57] <Mika_no_Krynn> more humid here then?
[19:58] <Mika_no_Krynn> Less lions?
[19:58] <Mika_no_Krynn> How about cheetahs and panthers?
[19:59] <GM_Erik> nope, still lions.
[19:59] <Vrryl> tigers?
[19:59] <GM_Erik> less cheetahs though
[19:59] <Vrryl> bears =(
[19:59] <Vrryl> ?
[19:59] <Mika_no_Krynn> more panthers though, right?
[20:00] <GM_Erik> Here, from last time: Wildebeest, cape buffalo, gazelles, antelopes, zebras, and other grazers have huge heards, which are looked upon by lions, cheetahs,. leopards, jackals, hyenas,
[20:00] <GM_Erik> to name a few
[20:00] <Mika_no_Krynn> Juicer-cheetahs... scary-fast kitties.
[20:04] <GM_Erik> ok, how reccon?
[20:04] <Mika_no_Krynn> fly into the mountain range... weaving N-S to scout the terrain for a good route.
[20:05] <GM_Erik> ok, who's flying?
[20:05] <GM_Erik> oh, btw, Brett, you're at normal PPE levels right now.
[20:05] <Mika_no_Krynn> Myself...
[20:05] <Vrryl> yay =)
[20:05] <GM_Erik> meaning, you don't have any PPE balls at the moment.
[20:06] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah, you had to use up a Sphere of Annhiliation against those undead things.
[20:06] <Vrryl> ah well, at least my own reserve is full again
[20:07] <Mika_no_Krynn> You figure we have to run into a ley line at some point... recharge then.
[20:07] <Vrryl> hopefully
[20:10] <GM_Erik> yeah, East Africa doesn't have as many.  Part of the reason there are so fe monsters.
[20:10] <Mika_no_Krynn> I see.
[20:15] <Vrryl> who is lead scout at the time?
[20:15] <Vrryl> ok, mika take it?
[20:15] <Mika_no_Krynn> I was just commenting on his report.
[20:15] <Vrryl> gotcha
[20:16] <GM_Erik> Whoever you want to be the scout can be the scout, since your group normally does the scouting.
[20:16] <Mika_no_Krynn> Have Daniel do it... he's stealthy.
[20:17] <GM_Erik> sure
[20:25] <GM_Erik> he's working on it, giving updates as time goes by, it takes time to travel.
[20:26] <GM_Erik> you know, 10 miles away, sees a boat, 5 miles away, sees a person.
[20:26] <Mika_no_Krynn> he should move faster...
[20:26] <Vrryl> guess he's being cautious /shrug
[20:38] <Mika_no_Krynn> This is more ironic considering we are all sleeping on the floor anyways...
[20:39] <Vrryl> lol
[20:39] <Vrryl> no innuendo's ther eplease
[20:42] <Mika_no_Krynn> what is the time?
[20:42] <GM_Erik> um, 9pm
[20:42] <GM_Erik> its nighttime
[20:52] <GM_Erik> well, what are you going to do?
[20:56] <GM_Erik> how are you going to approach?
[20:56] <Mika_no_Krynn> just walk up
[20:58] <GM_Erik> just you?
[20:58] <Mika_no_Krynn> If others want to come that is fine...
[20:59] <GM_Erik> up to you
[20:59] <Mika_no_Krynn> fine. alone...easier.
[21:08] <Vrryl> ask him if from the north or the south they come
[21:08] <Vrryl> should give us a direction maybe /shrug
[21:08] <GM_Erik> lmost typed in the wrong window
[21:17] <Vrryl> groovy
[21:18] <GM_Erik> hmm?
[21:27] <GM_Erik> meow
[21:33] <GM_Erik> btw, you're past kilqsa on the map on the Wami river.
[21:34] <Mika_no_Krynn> Kewl... heading towards Zanzibar... just like Metal Gear.
[21:34] <Mika_no_Krynn> brb
[21:35] <Vrryl> woo, we're going to zanzibar!
[21:35] <GM_Erik> Well, Zanzibar isn't quite there anymore...
[21:38] <Mika_no_Krynn> b
[21:39] <Mika_no_Krynn> did we get fish?
[21:39] <GM_Erik> you have the skill?
[21:39] <Mika_no_Krynn> No... I figured I would just fake it.
[21:39] <Mika_no_Krynn> I have sniper.
[21:39] <GM_Erik> hmm, roll strike with a spear
[21:40] <Mika_no_Krynn> I don't have spear skill.
[21:40] <GM_Erik> well, then roll strike, hand to hand
[21:40] <Mika_no_Krynn> Nat 20
[21:40] <Vrryl> you suck
[21:40] <GM_Erik> ok, you spear a dozen fish
[21:41] <Mika_no_Krynn> waste of a crit, just to get some fish.
[21:46] <GM_Erik> Man, Vrryl's good...
[21:46] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah, he's got the knowledge skillz
[21:47] <GM_Erik> He's got a little window too.
[21:48] <Vrryl> trying something quick
[21:48] <Vrryl> didn't work.. nm
[21:50] <GM_Erik> sixth senses go off.
[21:51] <GM_Erik> roll verss HF
[21:51] <Mika_no_Krynn> 27]
[21:52] <GM_Erik> and initiative
[21:52] <Mika_no_Krynn> 18
[21:52] <GM_Erik> and intelligence (skilss)
[21:52] <Mika_no_Krynn> 29 of 75
[21:52] <Vrryl> 23
[21:53] <Vrryl> 24 or 60
[21:53] <Vrryl> er, of
[21:54] <GM_Erik> Well, You both can do something if you wish.  Brett first
[21:55] <Vrryl> how many of these creatures do we initially see, how big are they, and what exactly do they look like?
[21:55] <Mika_no_Krynn> Human sized...nasty looking, with wings.
[21:55] <Vrryl> ok. and about how many in the swarm?
[21:55] <Mika_no_Krynn> Humanoid, undead creatures.
[21:55] <GM_Erik> each one is different, some have blackened tentacles this time
[21:56] <Mika_no_Krynn> crazy.
[21:58] <GM_Erik> what do you do?
[21:59] <Mika_no_Krynn> guess I'll attack that one.
[21:59] <Vrryl> good choice
[21:59] <Mika_no_Krynn> I am doing a double strike.
[22:00] <GM_Erik> while it attacks you?
[22:00] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah, simultaneous...
[22:00] <Mika_no_Krynn> hardcore.
[22:00] <GM_Erik> ok, roll attacks
[22:01] <Mika_no_Krynn> 26 and 25 to hit... 36 and 35 dmg.  First one is the Scathach sword.
[22:01] <GM_Erik> ok, you take 15 damage.
[22:02] <Mika_no_Krynn> k
[22:03] <GM_Erik> roll perception Mike
[22:05] <Mika_no_Krynn> shitty 7
[22:05] <GM_Erik> ok
[22:05] <GM_Erik> oh yeah, and if you don't normally wear armor during dinner, you're not wearing armor.
[22:06] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yep, I am just in normal clothes
[22:06] <GM_Erik> ok Brett your spell goes off, and then Mika can go again.
[22:07] <Mika_no_Krynn> press my attack on this one. 23 attack and 25 dmg
[22:09] <GM_Erik> you going to type your spell Brett, or shall I?
[22:09] <Vrryl> i just messaged.. not sure what damage it would fall under
[22:13] <GM_Erik> you going to type your spell Brett, or shall I?
[22:14] <Vrryl> i have it made up, sec
[22:15] <GM_Erik> roll damage, 1d6
[22:16] <Vrryl> wtf, 1 =/
[22:16] <GM_Erik> no fear effect happens.
[22:17] <Mika_no_Krynn> We should make a lifeblast gun... TW one... would be pretty handy sometimes.
[22:17] <Vrryl> ya, have to talk to gabester
[22:17] <GM_Erik> which sword for the second hit Mike?
[22:18] <GM_Erik> (the 23 strike and 25 damage)
[22:18] <GM_Erik> Mike, roll perception too.
[22:19] <Mika_no_Krynn> 18
[22:20] <Mika_no_Krynn> Scathach
[22:20] <Mika_no_Krynn> I'll use my Scathach to hit.
[22:21] <Mika_no_Krynn> Figured as much... good ol'Scathach weapons.. bane o'evil.
[22:22] <Mika_no_Krynn> parry this one...32
[22:23] <GM_Erik> Brett, your go.
[22:24] <GM_Erik> than Mike
[22:25] <GM_Erik> man, our combat's are getting really slow..
[22:26] <Mika_no_Krynn> 26dmg and 15 to hit.
[22:26] <GM_Erik> ok
[22:26] <GM_Erik> going to roll prowl Brett, or not bother?
[22:26] <Vrryl> 17 to hit,
[22:26] <GM_Erik> ok
[22:26] <GM_Erik> roll damage too
[22:26] <Vrryl> 18 dmg
[22:27] <Mika_no_Krynn> Nice!  Great tune on the shoutcast just kicked in... perfect... One (Metallica)
[22:27] <Vrryl> all too human we know is code word for... i'm a fucking monster about to rip your heart out /nods
[22:28] <Mika_no_Krynn> You mean I killed it?
[22:28] <GM_Erik> yeah
[22:28] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah.
[22:30] <GM_Erik> roll.
[22:30] <Vrryl> 16
[22:31] <Vrryl> hm... won't hear of me fending off head often
[22:31] <GM_Erik> probably cause you never have to worry about it.
[22:31] <GM_Erik> oh!
[22:31] <Vrryl> what you getting at?
[22:32] <Mika_no_Krynn> dun dun!
[22:32] <GM_Erik> MIke, you go.
[22:32] <GM_Erik> twice
[22:32] <Vrryl> Mike... you're a goer
[22:32] <Mika_no_Krynn> 26 to hit, 30dmg first one.
[22:32] <GM_Erik> one with Vrryl, or another one?
[22:33] <Mika_no_Krynn> 29 hit with 29 dmg 2nd one.
[22:33] <Mika_no_Krynn> Both with Scathach.
[22:34] <GM_Erik> which monster you want to attack?
[22:34] <Mika_no_Krynn> Next closest one...
[22:34] <GM_Erik> ok.
[22:34] <Mika_no_Krynn> I'm a lean, mean elven-fightin' machine.
[22:35] <GM_Erik> you fight elves?
[22:35] <Mika_no_Krynn> If I had to.
[22:35] <Mika_no_Krynn> Mika fights with Daniel all the time.
[22:36] <GM_Erik> Both of you can go.
[22:36] <Vrryl> 19 to hit,
[22:36] <Vrryl> 14 dm
[22:37] <Mika_no_Krynn> 17 to hit, 34 dmg.
[22:37] <Vrryl> sweet!
[22:37] <Mika_no_Krynn> Whoa!  That's crazy!
[22:37] <Vrryl> man, best investment that thing... fuckin eh
[22:38] <Mika_no_Krynn> Damn! NOT MY TENT!
[22:38] <GM_Erik> yeah!
[22:38] <Vrryl> make it mika's tent /nds
[22:39] <GM_Erik> It is Mika's tent, I rolled it.
[22:40] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah, I'm sure you did.
[22:40] <Mika_no_Krynn> 1 in 10 it is someone's tent, 2 through 10 it is Mika's tent.
[22:41] <GM_Erik> nah, really high on a d20 was Mika's tent, got an 18.
[22:41] <Mika_no_Krynn> Too bad Tibor isn't here with that Holy Sword of his.
[22:45] <Vrryl> sorry, jamie just called
[22:46] <Mika_no_Krynn> Trying to recruit you into the army or something?
[22:47] <Vrryl> ya, what kinda shit is that eh? who'd wanna join the army... pfft. only losers do that shit
[22:48] <Mika_no_Krynn> Nuff said.
[22:49] <GM_Erik> gonna cast some healing spells?
[22:49] <Mika_no_Krynn> We could... what do people need.
[22:51] <Vrryl> 'hard for you at times... get it?
[22:52] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah... he's a clever one :P
[22:53] <GM_Erik> He's only giving back what he gets.
[22:53] <GM_Erik> After all, he is quite clever.
[22:54] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yep, well he has to pay something for what he has...
[22:55] <GM_Erik> What, an injury? or a tent...
[22:55] <Mika_no_Krynn> injury.
[23:03] <GM_Erik> a town means enough structures to call it a town.  More than a village, less than a city.
[23:04] <Mika_no_Krynn> technology?
[23:12] <Vrryl> how many people with us again?
[23:12] <Mika_no_Krynn> 19? or so?
[23:13] <GM_Erik> 19 after the death./
[23:13] <Vrryl> hm, just look funny for a dozen and a half people fully loaded walking into a small town...
[23:13] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah... would be pretty freaky.  That's why you send in the nice looking people first.
[23:14] <Vrryl> ya, so mika stays back... i go with a couple others /nods
[23:14] <Mika_no_Krynn> errr.
[23:16] <GM_Erik> just cause they're 20 feet long and not human you know..
[23:16] <Vrryl> ...
[23:18] <GM_Erik> So who's going and who's staying?
[23:18] <Vrryl> let's draw straws and for ease of rp, at least mika and i have pulled as going
[23:18] <Mika_no_Krynn> Thorpe should go, along with either Erin or Vic... they are normal and know a bunch of stuff.
[23:18] <Vrryl> ya
[23:18] <Mika_no_Krynn> Zatarra should probably stay out initially, incase they have had dealings with the Spluggies before.
[23:18] <Vrryl> us 5 then?
[23:19] <Mika_no_Krynn> Sure.
[23:19] <GM_Erik> which five?
[23:19] <GM_Erik> Mika, Vrryl, Erin, Thorpe, ?
[23:19] <Vrryl> thorpe, me, mike, erin and vic?
[23:19] <Mika_no_Krynn> Leave Vic... he's got the Ultimax armor.
[23:19] <GM_Erik> Victor will want to stay out of town, with the armor.
[23:19] <Mika_no_Krynn> He'd be good backup.
[23:19] <Vrryl> ahh forgot about the armour
[23:19] <Mika_no_Krynn> Bring Katrina.
[23:19] <Mika_no_Krynn> Extra magic.
[23:20] <Vrryl> nah
[23:20] <Vrryl> they may need it out here
[23:20] <Vrryl> we've got lots of magic going in
[23:20] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah, just thought of that too.
[23:20] <GM_Erik> true
[23:20] <Mika_no_Krynn> Daniel then?
[23:20] <Vrryl> ya
[23:20] <Vrryl> he's a streetwise chap
[23:21] <Mika_no_Krynn> Kewl... yeah.  That leaves us with a good backup force too... good firepower.
[23:21] <Vrryl> totally
[23:21] <Vrryl> let's hope we have to use it!!!!!! muwhahahah\
[23:21] <GM_Erik> yes... let's...
[23:21] * GM_Erik grins darkly
[23:22] <GM_Erik> we can cut it off now, or have you entr the town first.
[23:22] <Mika_no_Krynn> Doesn't matter to me.
[23:22] <GM_Erik> up to you, depends on whether you'd rather introduce the town this time, or next time, before anything else happens.
[23:22] <Vrryl> us approaching town is a good way to end
[23:23] <Vrryl> leave the town for next time
[23:23] <GM_Erik> ok, also allows for changes in case other people are here next time.
[23:23] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah, it is easy to remember, and we don't have to fill in Gabe on much if he is with us next time.
[23:23] <Vrryl> we may have to add gabe to our numbers to include him
[23:23] <GM_Erik> ok.
[23:23] <Mika_no_Krynn> When is the next time then?
[23:24] <GM_Erik> well, I guess the 31st is the next I can do.
[23:24] <Mika_no_Krynn> ok... I will aim for that date then.
[23:24] <Vrryl> sounds good
[23:25] <GM_Erik> ok
[23:25] <Vrryl> lol, smooth
[23:25] <Mika_no_Krynn> what?
[23:25] <Vrryl> the dramatic fade
[23:26] <Mika_no_Krynn> Ah... indeed.  I will try to edit the logs and post them on the website so we have something to refresh out memories too.
[23:26] <Vrryl> i have a picture for vrryl btw, just have to edit it a bit to send
[23:27] <GM_Erik> I just sent out an email.
[23:27] <Mika_no_Krynn> Kewl.  I'll also need his basic stats in relation to the webpage (check out the Heroes of the Crusade section for what I am talking about).
[23:27] <Mika_no_Krynn> kewl.
[23:27] <Vrryl> ya, i have those as well i think saved... i just never got them sent off
[23:28] <Mika_no_Krynn> kewl
[23:28] <Vrryl> probably send em off this week
[23:28] <GM_Erik> Yeah, I was thinking, I could probably supply the needed character information for some other characters Mike, since I have a lot of the info
[23:28] <GM_Erik> (when I get time that is)
[23:28] <Vrryl> that would rock
[23:28] <Vrryl> easy place to go to for quick reference on our main troop
[23:29] <Mika_no_Krynn> That would be good... as many as you can provide would be good.  That and pics would be kewl too.
[23:30] <Mika_no_Krynn> Also a timeline would be nice.  You know the years and stuff better than us, just to give us a reference of when all this is taking place.
[23:31] <GM_Erik> yeah, I know.
[23:31] <GM_Erik> I just've been really busy.
[23:31] <GM_Erik> I haven't forgotten.
[23:31] <GM_Erik> Alright, I'll catch you guys later then.
[23:31] <Mika_no_Krynn> later.
Session Close: Sat May 10 23:32:26 2003
GM Erik
 GM, 81 posts
Thu 22 Oct 2015
at 02:38
Horsemen of the Apocalypse 2 - OOC Chat Logs
Session Start: Sat May 31 16:12:31 2003
[16:12] *** Now talking in #RiftsOOC
[16:12] *** sets mode: +nt
[16:56] *** Vrryl has joined #RiftsOOC
[16:57] *** GM_Erik sets mode: +o Vrryl
[16:57] <GM_Erik> you're here early.  ::-)
[16:57] <Vrryl> ya, figured i'd log on and have it up before i blanked out
[16:58] <GM_Erik> good idea
[18:03] *** Mika_no_Krynn has joined #RiftsOOC
[18:04] <Vrryl> ugh... not you!
[18:05] <Mika_no_Krynn> yeah, me.  Barely... working on 3 hrs of sleep.
[18:05] <Vrryl> gaming all night?
[18:06] <Mika_no_Krynn> Nope... went out with some friends to a jazz bar, and just ended up staying out until 5am
[18:07] *** GM_Erik sets mode: +o Mika_no_Krynn
[18:08] <Vrryl> ya, went out to connors myself last night... had the whole gang over. I nearly passed out driving back from Jamie's this afternoon
[18:08] <Mika_no_Krynn> Harsh.
[18:14] <GM_Erik> I'm finally recovered today from the conference.  5 days in a row drinking every night seems to take it out of you.
[18:15] <Mika_no_Krynn> Sounds a lot better than the fucking gay conference I had to attend this past week.  9am to 6pm of straight, stupid workshops.
[18:15] <GM_Erik> the stupid part is the key word, right?
[18:15] <Mika_no_Krynn> very stupid... I would have rather gone to work.
[18:16] <Mika_no_Krynn> Plus I had to spend it in the company of other JET participants... bunch of whiney bastards.
[18:17] <GM_Erik> anyone hear from Gabe?
[18:18] <Vrryl> ya, JET people are fags
[18:19] <Mika_no_Krynn> Spoke with him yesterday.  I did remind him about today's game.  Apparently he had forgotten.
[18:19] <GM_Erik> sorry to hear that.  I'll jest brag about spending a week drinking in Vancouver some more.
[18:20] <GM_Erik> no Jet people there!
[18:20] <Mika_no_Krynn> Kobe was kewl though, and the hotel was wicked... 4 star as usual.  The company just sucked.
[18:21] <Mika_no_Krynn> Japan is pretty odd... hotels are expensive, but there isn't much price difference between the low grade and high grade hotels.  You could get a double at a 4 star hotel for about $200-250 US a night, or less perhaps.
[18:25] <Mika_no_Krynn> Not sure if Gabe is coming, he has been rather flakey in relation to the game as of late.
[18:25] <GM_Erik> that's like a high-grade 4star in the US I think.
[18:25] <GM_Erik> other 4 stars don't cost wuite that much.
[18:26] <Mika_no_Krynn> What $200 a night?  Are you kidding?  Hotels back in the States are much more expensive... like the Hilton or something.  The Banff Springs costs around $400 CAD a night.
[18:26] <GM_Erik> yeah, but Banff Springs is super hotel
[18:27] <GM_Erik> I've stayed in the Hilton for that.
[18:27] <Mika_no_Krynn> Was it part of some conference?
[18:27] <GM_Erik> well, yes, but it was for a double, and it was only discounted about 10%
[18:28] <Mika_no_Krynn> Also, where was this Hilton?
[18:28] <Mika_no_Krynn> City does make a difference.
[18:28] <GM_Erik> the sad thing is I can't remember.
[18:28] <Mika_no_Krynn> That is kinda sad.
[18:28] <GM_Erik> yeah, true enough, every hotel in every city is difference.
[18:28] <GM_Erik> different
[18:29] <GM_Erik> the official conference hotel this time was the Sheraton in Vancouver.  It's the biggest hotel in all of Vancouver (two skyscrapers) and the conference rate was $150 US a night.
[18:30] <GM_Erik> I actually saved money and went to a Best Western for $120 US a night instead.
[18:30] <Mika_no_Krynn> That is alright... about $200 a night.
[18:30] <Mika_no_Krynn> Damn!  $120 a night for Best Western?
[18:30] <GM_Erik> it was the Best Western Downtown.  12 stories.
[18:31] <GM_Erik> High end of Best Westerns
[18:31] <GM_Erik> normally I think I pay 100-110 US for a Best Western, this place was normally 140 US
[18:32] <Mika_no_Krynn> No kidding.  Hotels are crazy expensive when you think of it.  Luckily I didn't pay... by Board of Education paid for everything.
[18:32] <GM_Erik> heh, I think I was funded most of the way myself.
[18:32] <GM_Erik> anyone got Gabe's cell number?
[18:33] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah... give me a sec.
[18:35] <Mika_no_Krynn> 14036068334
[18:35] <GM_Erik> You want to call him BRett?
[18:35] <Vrryl> sure
[18:35] <Mika_no_Krynn> Freaked out there for a second... thought I was missing a digit, been in Japan too long.  Phone numbers here are 8digits.
[18:35] <Vrryl> um... what's his normal number?
[18:36] <Vrryl> ah, nm... calling
[18:36] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah, if he was at home he'd be on ICQ.
[18:37] <Vrryl> he's home... he had company over
[18:37] <GM_Erik> So Verizon called me and said that they could save me money on my cell phone by signing up for the exact same plan I have now, at the exact same price
[18:37] <GM_Erik> Well, unless they're his parents, or someone who's pants he wants to get into...
[18:38] <Mika_no_Krynn> Wow...
[18:38] *** JessicaKnight has joined #RiftsOOC
[18:38] <GM_Erik> damn, that was awfully callus of me.
[18:38] <JessicaKnight> re
[18:38] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yep
[18:38] <JessicaKnight> j0, sorry... .lost track of tiem
[18:38] <Mika_no_Krynn> No worries... that's why we have modern telecommunications networks
[18:39] <JessicaKnight> blewh... playing mahjong =P
[18:39] <JessicaKnight> or teaching some people how to play anyways
[18:39] <GM_Erik> ahh
[18:40] <JessicaKnight> anyways let's start.. I have to go pickup digi musume @ 9 here..
[18:40] <Mika_no_Krynn> Sorry to hear that
[18:40] <Mika_no_Krynn> Who doesn't know how to play mahjong there?  Schneider?
[18:41] <JessicaKnight> jeff dai surpisingly..
[18:41] <JessicaKnight> schneider sorta knows hwop
[18:41] <JessicaKnight> adam even sorta knows how
[18:42] <Mika_no_Krynn> That is odd... I would have thought Jeff could play
[18:42] <JessicaKnight> i would have figured too
[18:43] *** GM_Erik sets mode: +o JessicaKnight
[18:43] <GM_Erik> ok, well since Gabe's in a hurry...
[18:43] <GM_Erik> or I shoudll say, since Gabe has a deadline...
[18:44] <Mika_no_Krynn> yep, seems so
[18:44] <GM_Erik> I'm just going to say Jessica is entering the town as well, since her player is here this time. ::-)
[18:45] <JessicaKnight> umm what town?
[18:46] <Mika_no_Krynn> Don't know yet... that's why we're going in.
[18:46] <JessicaKnight> ahh
[18:47] <JessicaKnight> i totally don't remember what we did last time
[18:47] <Mika_no_Krynn> You weren't here on the last one...
[18:48] <Mika_no_Krynn> So don't worry about trying to remember
[18:48] <JessicaKnight> ah
[18:49] <GM_Erik> it was dusk right?
[18:49] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yes, I belive so.
[18:51] <GM_Erik> gof or it
[18:53] <GM_Erik> go for it.
[18:53] <JessicaKnight> i incinerate one of the natives with my plasma rifle and yell "GET SOME!!" :)
[18:54] <JessicaKnight> oops sorry.. was watching full metal jacket a few days ago :)
[18:54] <GM_Erik> that was way too close to Knights of the Dinner Table.
[18:54] <Vrryl> we were all in town now?
[18:54] <GM_Erik> yes
[18:54] <GM_Erik> at the edge of it, standing there.
[18:55] <Mika_no_Krynn> Just don't lead them as much...
[18:55] <GM_Erik> eh?
[18:56] <GM_Erik> in what language?
[18:56] <Mika_no_Krynn> First English, then Dragonese... then ancient Norse (that always works)
[18:57] <GM_Erik> heh
[18:57] <Vrryl> did we find an inn yet?
[18:58] <JessicaKnight> I can use my communication system to understand any language
[18:58] <JessicaKnight> unfortuantely I can't speak it
[18:59] <GM_Erik> Norse.
[18:59] <GM_Erik> Ga foot herahr!
[18:59] <JessicaKnight> hmmm what was that guy saying
[18:59] <GM_Erik> Jessica heard: Help! Scary Foreigners!
[19:01] <GM_Erik> Yeah, maybe you shold have left Vrryl behind.
[19:02] <JessicaKnight> hey Erik.. clarification..
[19:02] <Vrryl> i'm that off looking?
[19:03] <JessicaKnight> in the TW equipmen tin the basebook... COmmunication band... "A headband with several little metal or platic boxes and small circiut pannels.. etc.... THe band will instantly translate any spoken language, human and alien"
[19:03] <GM_Erik> yeah?
[19:03] <JessicaKnight> I'm guessing that's to me only, it won't translate outward to other people right?
[19:03] <GM_Erik> I'll look
[19:04] <Mika_no_Krynn> If it uses the spell Tongues you can should be able to speak to people.
[19:07] <GM_Erik> yeah Gabe, it can go both ways.
[19:07] <GM_Erik> It is just TW Toungues
[19:07] <Mika_no_Krynn> brb
[19:08] <GM_Erik> recharges with the Tonuges spell (12 PPE)
[19:08] <GM_Erik> or 24 ISP
[19:09] <GM_Erik> Erin Tarnese, everybody understands it, but noone can speak it
[19:12] <Vrryl> i speak dragonese, english, euro and fairie... they speaking any of these that i can tell?
[19:12] <Mika_no_Krynn> b
[19:12] <GM_Erik> no.
[19:12] <GM_Erik> to Brett's question.
[19:13] <Mika_no_Krynn> Good luck on getting a place to stay...
[19:13] <Vrryl> bah, i've got high charisma!
[19:14] <Mika_no_Krynn> True, maybe you can score with some chick and we can have the whole team crash at her pad.
[19:20] <Vrryl> what kind of clothing they wear?
[19:21] <GM_Erik> sec
[19:23] <GM_Erik> back
[19:27] <Vrryl> so they're not wearing cloths? =(
[19:27] <GM_Erik> oh sorry, was thinking about the stuff I misses.
[19:27] <Mika_no_Krynn> Maybe not...
[19:27] <GM_Erik> they are wearing africn clothes.
[19:27] <GM_Erik> I'd rather not be specific and wrong.
[19:28] <Vrryl> so complete opposite of what i'mwearing... bleh
[19:28] <GM_Erik> yeah, none of you would come close to their outfits.
[19:29] <GM_Erik> oh yeah, btw Gabe, you can have your helmet stuff, but you're not wearing your whole armor.
[19:29] <GM_Erik> They were trying to be discrete in the town.
[19:29] <Mika_no_Krynn> Oh yeah.
[19:29] <Mika_no_Krynn> Our fire-support team is outside of town
[19:29] <JessicaKnight> ahh ok ies
[19:29] * JessicaKnight hates being an sdc squishy
[19:31] <GM_Erik> I'm assuming the main group all is getting the info right now.
[19:31] <Vrryl> i was in a hidden area when i did this
[19:32] <GM_Erik> yup, got thart.
[19:32] <Mika_no_Krynn> Ask what kind of monsters came, and where from...
[19:33] <GM_Erik> you can ask directly if you want.
[19:33] <GM_Erik> we'll just assume everything's being translated there now.
[19:33] <Mika_no_Krynn> ok
[19:40] <Vrryl> i take it, the victims were dragged towards the ocean?
[19:40] <GM_Erik> you'd have to ask.
[19:41] <Mika_no_Krynn> Are they in a hut or something?
[19:42] <GM_Erik> yeah
[19:43] <GM_Erik> slow today, eh?
[19:44] <Mika_no_Krynn> You could say so, yes.
[19:46] <GM_Erik> Anything specific you want to do>
[19:47] <GM_Erik> ?
[19:47] <Mika_no_Krynn> Not really.  Just find some lodging and get the team all settle in.
[19:48] <Vrryl> just want to get a feel for how many people might be in this town, how it looks from above, and then i'll head a bit more eastwards to see if i can see the ocean from this height
[19:48] <GM_Erik> that's fine.
[19:48] <GM_Erik> And yes, at some height, you should be able to see the ocean far, far in the distance.
[19:49] <Vrryl> ok cool =)
[19:49] <Mika_no_Krynn> good enough
[19:50] <GM_Erik> ok...
[19:50] <GM_Erik> you going to make any specific plans?  The crocodilians will probably stay at the edge of town.
[19:52] <Mika_no_Krynn> Ah...well I think we should do shifts.  Makes us look good in the eyes of the locals, and cover our asses.
[19:52] <GM_Erik> ok, what are the shifts/
[19:52] <GM_Erik> ?
[19:52] <GM_Erik> quickie shifts.
[19:52] <Mika_no_Krynn> Groups of 4
[19:53] <Mika_no_Krynn> One of us will be in each shift... Jess can take the first one, then Mika, then Vrryl.
[19:53] <GM_Erik> ok
[19:54] <Vrryl> sounds good... make sure you wake me, chances are my alarm won't be 'working'
[19:54] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah, no worries
[19:55] <GM_Erik> hmm, roll perception Brett
[19:56] <Vrryl> 12
[19:57] <GM_Erik> ok
[20:03] <Mika_no_Krynn> Refugees... ;P
[20:03] <JessicaKnight> nuke em!
[20:05] <GM_Erik> Mike roll perception
[20:07] <Mika_no_Krynn> 11
[20:07] <GM_Erik> ok
[20:08] <GM_Erik> roll intelligence skill Brett (if you have it)
[20:08] <Vrryl> wow! 12 of 60
[20:08] <Mika_no_Krynn> guess I didn't notice... I like swords, I like swords, I like swords.
[20:09] <JessicaKnight> damn
[20:10] <GM_Erik> gabe roll perception too
[20:10] <Mika_no_Krynn> An exodus... of zombies!
[20:14] <GM_Erik> gabe, perception
[20:14] <GM_Erik> mike, you too, again
[20:14] <Mika_no_Krynn> 20
[20:14] <GM_Erik> ok
[20:15] <JessicaKnight> 19
[20:15] <GM_Erik> ok Gabe, you wake up.
[20:15] <GM_Erik> heh
[20:16] <Mika_no_Krynn> crap...
[20:16] <Mika_no_Krynn> what kind of pain?
[20:18] <GM_Erik> direction of town?
[20:18] <GM_Erik> you're in the town
[20:19] <Vrryl> bah.. nm
[20:19] <Vrryl> i thought we'd moved back outside of town for safety reasons
[20:20] <Mika_no_Krynn> Nope, we're in town.
[20:20] <JessicaKnight> can I see MIka from where I am?
[20:21] <GM_Erik> did you guys share a hut?
[20:21] <JessicaKnight> don't know
[20:22] <JessicaKnight> probably not
[20:22] <GM_Erik> probably not ther
[20:22] <GM_Erik> then
[20:23] <GM_Erik> so, anyone doing anything>
[20:23] <JessicaKnight> putting on my armor and then gonna peek out the door to see what's going on
[20:23] <GM_Erik> hmm, roll a d20
[20:23] <JessicaKnight> umm 1
[20:24] <JessicaKnight> *sigh*
[20:24] <JessicaKnight> I guess I run into the doorframe and knock myself out.. bleh
[20:25] <GM_Erik> roll monster lore Gabe.
[20:25] <JessicaKnight> w00t 19/25
[20:26] <GM_Erik> shit, wrong thing.
[20:26] <GM_Erik> not a zombie, animated dead.
[20:26] <JessicaKnight> mm
[20:27] <JessicaKnight> are the hut walls clar or straw or what?
[20:27] <JessicaKnight> er clay
[20:27] <GM_Erik> wood, thin wood
[20:28] <JessicaKnight> shit...
[20:28] <JessicaKnight> quick escape route... too bad I had to use a round...
[20:29] <Vrryl> do they appear organized, or just chaotically active?
[20:29] <GM_Erik> hard to say when there are hundreds in a small area.
[20:29] <GM_Erik> like a wave of death.
[20:30] <Mika_no_Krynn> I would vote on the chaotic side.
[20:33] <JessicaKnight> do I see any defensible position outside of town?
[20:34] <GM_Erik> well, there are the hills you came from, half a day away.
[20:36] <JessicaKnight> fawk...
[20:36] <Mika_no_Krynn> any 2 story huts?
[20:36] <GM_Erik> no.
[20:36] <Mika_no_Krynn> BTW, who is with Mika at the moment?
[20:37] <GM_Erik> I'm guessing Daniel
[20:37] <Mika_no_Krynn> anyone else?
[20:37] <JessicaKnight> hmm any well buyilt buildings?
[20:37] <GM_Erik> There is one, but against hundreds?
[20:37] <GM_Erik> probably not well built enough
[20:38] <Mika_no_Krynn> OK, any pre-rifts MDC bunkers?
[20:39] <JessicaKnight> missile silos?
[20:39] <Mika_no_Krynn> long, long ways away.
[20:39] <JessicaKnight> heh
[20:39] <JessicaKnight> fuk are we in a bad situation
[20:44] <Mika_no_Krynn> hello?
[20:45] <Mika_no_Krynn> Did I just drop out?
[20:45] <Mika_no_Krynn> Net split?
[20:45] <JessicaKnight> nope
[20:45] <Mika_no_Krynn> ok
[20:48] <GM_Erik> what are your plans?
[20:48] <JessicaKnight> kick some ass and chew some bubblegum
[20:48] <Mika_no_Krynn> And I looks like we're all outta gum
[20:48] <GM_Erik> more specifically?
[20:49] <Mika_no_Krynn> Move out of town, help those people out... hack anything that draws near that is in a state of decay.
[20:50] <GM_Erik> anoyone else?
[20:50] <Vrryl> from my vantage oint, what direction seems the best for the town to escape through?
[20:50] <Vrryl> *point
[20:50] <GM_Erik> probably south
[20:50] <GM_Erik> since they are entering form the north
[20:51] <GM_Erik> and they aren't undead.  They're just dead.
[20:52] <Mika_no_Krynn> Here's where supernatural endurance comes in handy.
[20:53] <JessicaKnight> any others of our party that need help?
[20:53] <GM_Erik> Hitting and incapacitating or killing them isn't hard for you guys.
[20:55] <Mika_no_Krynn> what is this south town position like?
[20:56] <GM_Erik> crappy.  some dead are making it through town to you rposition even now
[20:56] <Vrryl> lol... when you say that i keep thinking "It's not a tumor!"
[20:56] <JessicaKnight> hey I gotta step out for a bit just keep me vaporizing and fireballing zombies, and if I run out of ammo and ppe use my sowrd..
[20:57] <Mika_no_Krynn> hehe
[20:58] <GM_Erik> you coming back soon?
[20:58] <Mika_no_Krynn> what members are the team are assembled at the south point?
[20:59] <GM_Erik> yeah, lifeblast turns them into immobile corpses.
[21:01] <Vrryl> cool =)
[21:02] <GM_Erik> any types of plans?
[21:02] <GM_Erik> Jessica will be vaporzing people from the air
[21:03] <Vrryl> same pretty muchj... and drop adhesive carpets where there are clumps of anti-zombies
[21:04] <Mika_no_Krynn> I'll use my swords, search in huts for people.
[21:04] <Vrryl> i'll keep a report active of what's going on at the ground level to help guide those on the ground level
[21:04] <GM_Erik> ok
[21:05] <GM_Erik> everyone roll a d20.
[21:05] <GM_Erik> oh, guess that's two of you
[21:05] <GM_Erik> roll it
[21:06] <Vrryl> 3
[21:06] <GM_Erik> whoo!
[21:06] <Mika_no_Krynn> 13
[21:06] <Mika_no_Krynn> I still have that nasty feeling?
[21:07] <Mika_no_Krynn> Why do I have it?  Is it some sort of chick thing?  Elf chikc thing?
[21:08] <GM_Erik> 'cause you're a psi-slayer, you can sense the supernatural.
[21:09] <Mika_no_Krynn> Right... I knew that.
[21:09] <Vrryl> fire... we gotta use fire
[21:09] <Vrryl> Nuke the place from orbit... only way to be sure
[21:10] <GM_Erik> roll save versus HF Mike
[21:10] <Mika_no_Krynn> 20
[21:10] <GM_Erik> ooh, that was close.
[21:11] <Mika_no_Krynn> why 19?
[21:11] <Mika_no_Krynn> HF?
[21:11] <GM_Erik> *grin*
[21:14] <Mika_no_Krynn> How far from me?
[21:16] <GM_Erik> about 100 feet
[21:16] <GM_Erik> dude, what about the people you're with?
[21:18] <Mika_no_Krynn> Didn't know I had people with me.
[21:18] <GM_Erik> yeah, you just saved some more.
[21:25] <GM_Erik> Head to the hills!
[21:27] <Mika_no_Krynn> kids could ride on the Ultimax too.
[21:28] <Vrryl> i have a horse people can ride as well
[21:28] <GM_Erik> yeah, that helps too.
[21:29] <Mika_no_Krynn> I can't believe I don't have a fire wall spell...
[21:30] <Vrryl> i'd throw up a wall of wierd, but for the mana cost, not worth it
[21:30] <Mika_no_Krynn> Nope, plus they are dead... don't know if it would even affect them.
[21:33] <GM_Erik> it'll take an hour to get into the smallest hills.
[21:35] <Mika_no_Krynn> The malady is being carried by Creed?
[21:36] <GM_Erik> the elder is.
[21:37] <GM_Erik> eh?
[21:37] <GM_Erik> shift vision into astral?
[21:37] <Vrryl> see aura
[21:38] <GM_Erik> ah, that's different.  I didn't think you could see astrally.
[21:38] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah, I know the elder is being carried by Creed.  But you said the elder is suffering a malady and it sounded that the malady was the fact of being carried by Creed.
[21:40] <GM_Erik> ah.
[21:41] <Mika_no_Krynn> Plague?
[21:42] <GM_Erik> more like his flesh is decaying right on his body.
[21:42] <Vrryl> so do i notice others as well?
[21:43] <Mika_no_Krynn> holy shit... heavy.
[21:43] <Mika_no_Krynn> Where's the white mage?
[21:43] <GM_Erik> who's that?
[21:43] <GM_Erik> are you talking about Katrina?
[21:43] <Mika_no_Krynn> The cleric, the healer?
[21:43] <Mika_no_Krynn> We need one.
[21:44] <GM_Erik> yeah, kind of sucks, huh?
[21:44] <Mika_no_Krynn> Is she a healer type?
[21:44] <GM_Erik> She's  a mage.
[21:44] <GM_Erik> Sorry, no, she's a ley line walker.
[21:44] <Mika_no_Krynn> Bet she could make ya feel pretty good though ;p
[21:45] <GM_Erik> She's a really good ley line walker though.
[21:47] <GM_Erik> What now
[21:47] <GM_Erik> ?
[21:47] <Mika_no_Krynn> good question.
[21:47] <Mika_no_Krynn> time for a powwow
[21:47] <GM_Erik> I'll get the drums.
[21:52] <Vrryl> zatarra is the psychic one?
[21:52] <Vrryl> the healer type?
[21:52] <Mika_no_Krynn> Nope, blind warrior woman.
[21:52] <Mika_no_Krynn> Altaran
[21:52] <Vrryl> ahh right
[21:53] <Vrryl> what was the girls name who i'm think of?
[21:53] <Mika_no_Krynn> The psychic one?
[21:53] <Mika_no_Krynn> Don't know.
[21:54] <GM_Erik> me neither, there was no psychic character in this group.  (Well not as the OCC anyway)
[21:54] <Mika_no_Krynn> could I use Trace Mark (Psi-slayer ability) to find out where Zatarra is?
[21:57] <GM_Erik> how appropriate that the Psi-Slayer is on page 69.
[21:57] <GM_Erik> for Mika anyway...
[21:58] <Mika_no_Krynn> how appropriate indeed...
[21:58] <GM_Erik> to track her, you'd need something of hers (which you probably don't have anymore) and she'd have to be within range still (11 miles)
[21:58] <Mika_no_Krynn> I would assume that she would be within that range.
[22:00] <GM_Erik> You'd have to get clothing worn in the last 4 hours or some sort of personal fragment (hair, blood etc...)
[22:01] <Mika_no_Krynn> yeah... hmmm
[22:02] <Mika_no_Krynn> Could I use the spell Magic Pigeon and send her a message?
[22:02] <GM_Erik> level?
[22:03] <Mika_no_Krynn> 6
[22:03] <GM_Erik> you can try
[22:03] <Mika_no_Krynn> I will try.
[22:04] <Vrryl> ack!
[22:04] <Mika_no_Krynn> Send her a message to head south from the village, towards the hills... I will meet her there, if she can give me some sort of signal.
[22:04] <GM_Erik> Brett, you want to retype that?
[22:04] <Vrryl> ya
[22:05] <GM_Erik> that's good, it got kindof dab near mfhg we
[22:05] <GM_Erik> the hills were to the west, you guys went southwest.
[22:06] <Vrryl> lol
[22:06] <GM_Erik> you still mispelled two words, and left out a verb!  (but I can understand it now)
[22:06] <Vrryl> dammit!
[22:07] <Vrryl> ya, at least the last two words make some sense now
[22:07] <Mika_no_Krynn> yeah frantc is kinda difficult.
[22:07] <Vrryl> whats the magic girls name in our group... the powerful healer or something. I asked about her psychicness earlier, got mixed up
[22:07] <GM_Erik> Katrina?
[22:08] <GM_Erik> The lay line walker?
[22:08] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah.... lay.
[22:08] <GM_Erik> doh!
[22:09] <GM_Erik> Brett, Katrina said a ahile ago that she is trying to help him, she is currently working on him.
[22:10] <GM_Erik> She's the one who told you that the dmeon touched him.
[22:10] <Vrryl> bah, alright. I misread
[22:15] <Mika_no_Krynn> Just going to circle around the area... stay as low to the ground as I can to pick out fleeing people.
[22:16] <Vrryl> they=that
[22:16] * Vrryl can't type for shit today
[22:20] <GM_Erik> roll versus HF Mike
[22:20] <Mika_no_Krynn> 21
[22:21] <Mika_no_Krynn> yeah
[22:23] <GM_Erik> you take 64 MD Mike
[22:23] <Mika_no_Krynn> Damn!  That's a heavy hit.
[22:26] <Vrryl> don't you be getting demontouched too
[22:26] <Mika_no_Krynn> Not planning to.
[22:27] <Mika_no_Krynn> What do I see around me?
[22:27] <GM_Erik> You see nothing.
[22:27] <GM_Erik> Other than landscape.
[22:28] <Mika_no_Krynn> trees around?
[22:30] <GM_Erik> there are some yes.
[22:33] <Mika_no_Krynn> after a little while I will take to the air again.  Search around a bit to see if I find anyone.
[22:33] <GM_Erik> which way do you run?
[22:34] <Mika_no_Krynn> right so I guess that would be east.
[22:34] <GM_Erik> towards town?
[22:36] <Mika_no_Krynn> basically I want to circle around the town, in a perimeter fashion and look for people.  Stay a mile away from the town or so.
[22:37] <GM_Erik> you're sloer than that right now, you're can't see town right now.
[22:37] <GM_Erik> um, closer than that.
[22:38] <Mika_no_Krynn> ah, ok... well I will keep my distance then
[22:39] <Mika_no_Krynn> upon completion of the perimeter sweep I will head back in the direction of the group.
[22:40] <GM_Erik> ok
[22:42] <Mika_no_Krynn> didn't find anyone or anything?
[22:42] <GM_Erik> nope
[22:42] <GM_Erik> other than a lot of corpses.
[22:43] <GM_Erik> you think hundreds of monsters would manage to miss any survivors from a town of a few hundred people?
[22:43] <Mika_no_Krynn> Hey, they are dead... can't be all that bright.
[22:44] <GM_Erik> well now what?
[22:44] <GM_Erik> going to catch up with the rest of the group?
[22:58] <Vrryl> how many days out were we from the western neighbours we saw during our travels?
[22:59] <GM_Erik> 3
[23:00] <Mika_no_Krynn> that would have been funnier without the correction
[23:00] <Vrryl> lol, yep
[23:04] <Mika_no_Krynn> Is Sir Thorpe with us, or is he escorting the townsfolk?
[23:05] <GM_Erik> He's with the townspeople.
[23:06] <GM_Erik> And I think those things are things to talk about next time.
[23:06] <GM_Erik> I think this is a good place to stop.
[23:06] <Mika_no_Krynn> ok
[23:06] <Vrryl> k
[23:06] <GM_Erik> I think before we play again, we need more players.
[23:07] <Mika_no_Krynn> yep
[23:07] <Mika_no_Krynn> You hear back from Rob?
[23:07] <GM_Erik> Yeah, didn't I email you?
[23:07] <GM_Erik> He won't be playing anymore.
[23:07] <GM_Erik> anything.
[23:07] <Mika_no_Krynn> No?  Why not?  Too busy?
[23:08] <GM_Erik> He's decided to devote his life to God.
[23:08] <Vrryl> ...
[23:08] <Mika_no_Krynn> What?!
[23:08] <Vrryl> what a lame excuse
[23:08] <GM_Erik> I don't know why he can't have fun doing other things too, but that's what he told me.
[23:08] <Mika_no_Krynn> The Boz must have been pretty harsh.
[23:09] <Mika_no_Krynn> Well tell him he can mail back my L5R stuff then (Tomb of Iuchiban)
[23:09] <Vrryl> ya, that stuff could constitute domonism and satanic discourse
[23:09] <Mika_no_Krynn> Man that is screwed up... worse than Jay in Debbie's rolemaster game, quitting cuz his wife is a bitch.
[23:10] <GM_Erik> He's never thought RPG's were bad or anything, I just think its that old story that he can't seem to do more than one thing at a time.  I don't know, I've tried to not think about it.
[23:10] <Vrryl> =(
[23:10] <Mika_no_Krynn> Hundreds of thousands of gamers in the world and we can't get a couple... even though we all live in different places around the world and are still playing.
[23:11] <GM_Erik> He still wants to not lose his friends, he just won't be playing anymore.
[23:11] <Mika_no_Krynn> Guess that's why he hasn't contacted anyone either eh?
[23:11] <Mika_no_Krynn> Not understanding....
[23:11] <Mika_no_Krynn> He isn't even playing video games anymore?
[23:12] <GM_Erik> I guess not.
[23:12] <Vrryl> ah well, whatever
[23:12] <Mika_no_Krynn> That is messed... what the hell does he do all day?
[23:12] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah, anyways...
[23:12] <GM_Erik> Hey Buddy!  I am writing to inform you that I won't be playing Rifts anymore.  This has nothing
[23:12] <GM_Erik> to do with you or any of the other guys, but a personal decision to dedicate all of my time to God
[23:12] <GM_Erik> and his persuits.  I hope that you will still keep in contact with me, but I understand if you are a
[23:12] <GM_Erik> little thrown off.  I will try to write as often as I can so that we can keep in touch.
[23:12] <GM_Erik> There's the email.
[23:13] <GM_Erik> anyway, I think I'm going to go home now.
[23:13] <Mika_no_Krynn> Short... I like that "thrown off" bit.
[23:13] * Vrryl shrugs
[23:13] <Mika_no_Krynn> When are we playing next?  FAll?
[23:13] <GM_Erik> I can contact you in late July about it.
[23:13] * Vrryl starts singing Another One Bites The Dust.
[23:13] <Mika_no_Krynn> ok... lots of FFXI time then.
[23:13] <GM_Erik> I have too much to do, and will be traveling a LOT over the next month and a half.
[23:13] <Mika_no_Krynn> No worries.
[23:14] <GM_Erik> Think I should kick Gabe before I go just to an ass?
[23:14] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah, I would... just so the channel closes too.
[23:14] <GM_Erik> ok
[23:14] <Vrryl> ok, thanks for the game guys
[23:15] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah... see ya on the flip side.
[23:15] *** JessicaKnight was kicked by GM_Erik (JessicaKnight )
[23:15] <GM_Erik> ok,. later guys.
[23:15] <Vrryl> BOOT TO THE HEAD!
Session Close: Sat May 31 23:15:32 2003
GM Erik
 GM, 82 posts
Thu 22 Oct 2015
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Horsemen of the Apocalypse 2 - OOC Chat Logs
Session Start: Sat Oct 18 16:26:45 2003
[16:26] *** Now talking in #RiftsOOC
[17:47] *** Mika_no_Krynn has joined #RiftsOOC
[17:47] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yo.
[17:48] <GM_Erik> hey dude
[17:48] <Mika_no_Krynn> Did you ever hear back from Debbie?
[17:48] <GM_Erik> sorry, just got back.  I forgot my dice and had to ride home and get them.
[17:48] <Mika_no_Krynn> Bummer
[17:48] <Mika_no_Krynn> I just got here though
[17:48] <GM_Erik> Yeah, Debbie, her rabbit died and she isn't gonig to play this week.
[17:48] <GM_Erik> I've been working on her character though.
[17:49] <Mika_no_Krynn> Ah... I see.
[17:49] <GM_Erik> her computer died again too.
[17:49] <GM_Erik> I think its working now though
[17:50] <GM_Erik> She'll have Natural Combat Ability, Karmic Power, and minor powers for physical attributes.
[17:50] <Mika_no_Krynn> I don't know why she just doesn't buy a new computer?  It would save a lot of trouble and they are pretty cheap now.
[17:50] <GM_Erik> yeah, don't know.
[17:51] *** GM_Erik sets mode: +o Mika_no_Krynn
[17:52] <Mika_no_Krynn> How's your thesis coming along?
[17:53] <GM_Erik> I'm writing these days.  Which means I sit at my computer every day and just type or work on figures.
[17:53] <GM_Erik> Its coming along though, and the thesis itself will be done this semester.
[17:54] <Mika_no_Krynn> Score... that's nice.
[17:54] <Mika_no_Krynn> You gonna take some  time off before your PhD?
[17:55] <GM_Erik> My supervisor it still a butthead.  Hopefully it won't get in the way of me finishing this term though.
[17:55] <GM_Erik> Yeah, I'm gonig to take half a year off before starting my PhD
[17:56] <GM_Erik> Calgary is still my top choice for PhD these days.
[17:56] <Mika_no_Krynn> No kidding?
[17:56] <Mika_no_Krynn> Guess it isn't much different from Montana
[17:57] <GM_Erik> No, it's not, but the city is way bigger, which is nice.
[17:57] <GM_Erik> I just had a really good thing going with my old supervisor.  Working with him would be really good.
[17:58] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yep, no sense working with someone you can't stand.
[17:58] <GM_Erik> No kidding, I've learned that lesson.
[17:58] <GM_Erik> Hows Japan these days?
[18:00] <Mika_no_Krynn> Alright... we're into fall now so the weather is pretty sweet.  Did a presentation on Friday at one of my schools about junior high life Canada, all in Japanese.
[18:00] <Mika_no_Krynn> Went to the international beer summit last weekend... that was awesome as usual.
[18:01] <GM_Erik> cool.  I'm recovering from the, uh, beer summit I went to last night at someone's house...
[18:01] <GM_Erik> You get my message about Jan Schuman?
[18:02] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yep, I am going to try and hook up with him next month in Tokyo... he lives near there.
[18:02] <Mika_no_Krynn> Talk about a small world
[18:03] <GM_Erik> Yeah, that's cool.
[18:05] <GM_Erik> Hmm... what to do today...
[18:07] <GM_Erik> I'm running behind a little, but I guess with our normal late start it might work out.
[18:07] *** Vrryl has joined #RiftsOOC
[18:08] *** GM_Erik sets mode: +o Vrryl
[18:08] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah, Gabe isn't here yet either
[18:09] <Vrryl> k, it was the server name i got screwed up with
[18:09] <Vrryl> and hey guys =)
[18:10] <GM_Erik> hey brett
[18:10] <GM_Erik> i was glad to notice the dalnet servers are functioning again.
[18:12] <GM_Erik> how's Brett?
[18:13] <Vrryl>  brett's ok... had to work today. easy $100
[18:14] <Mika_no_Krynn> The army?
[18:14] <Vrryl> ya
[18:14] <Vrryl> oh, i had an operation on tuesday... got the metal post drilled into the bone
[18:14] <Vrryl> for my tooth implant
[18:15] <Mika_no_Krynn> Fuck... that sounds painful
[18:15] <GM_Erik> oh, that's nice...
[18:15] <GM_Erik> but that means you have a semipermanent implant now?
[18:16] <Vrryl> it would have been painful, except they put me under for it... was out for like 2 hours. wierdest experience...just like going to sleep
[18:16] <GM_Erik> yeah, how about waking up?  and you're all woozy..
[18:17] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah, waking up from anesthetic is cool
[18:18] <Mika_no_Krynn> Gabe is stuck in Traffic, but will be here soon.
[18:19] <GM_Erik> Gabe just got home... yeah what Mike said
[18:21] <Vrryl> ya, waking up.. i was all fucked up. woozy as shit. took em about 10 mins for me to actually have the urge to move
[18:22] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yep
[18:25] <Vrryl> i was on tylenol3, antiinflamatories and antibiotics since then... spent my week in a state of grog
[18:25] <Vrryl> didn't go to classes or school or anything
[18:26] <Vrryl> today was first day i've driven
[18:26] <GM_Erik> wow.. how you feeling now?
[18:27] <Mika_no_Krynn> T3 is pretty intense
[18:27] <Vrryl> fine.. i stopped taking the T3 yesterday morning, it was causing alot of drowsiness. seriously would take me like 2 or 3 hours to fully wakeup
[18:29] *** JessicaKnight has joined #riftsooc
[18:29] <JessicaKnight> re
[18:29] <JessicaKnight> hey sorry, traffic was a bitch
[18:30] <Mika_no_Krynn> No worries.
[18:30] <Vrryl> heya Gabester
[18:30] <JessicaKnight> pickup your phone brett :)
[18:30] <Vrryl> kk
[18:30] <Vrryl> =)
[18:31] *** GM_Erik sets mode: +o JessicaKnight
[18:31] <JessicaKnight> tried to call you earlier but no answer
[18:31] <Vrryl> i was at work today
[18:31] <JessicaKnight> ah
[18:31] <Mika_no_Krynn> Picked up another 500mb of RAM yesterday, but... I am a fucking idiot.
[18:31] <JessicaKnight> no stain and co?
[18:31] <JessicaKnight> wha?
[18:31] <JessicaKnight> let me guess
[18:32] <JessicaKnight> you got 1 513 mb stick instead of 2 256?
[18:32] <Mika_no_Krynn> Nope... not  that big of an idiot.
[18:32] <Mika_no_Krynn> I thought I had a 400mhz FBUS system, when it turns out that I have 533mhz BUS system
[18:32] <GM_Erik> ohh...
[18:32] <Mika_no_Krynn> So I got the 800mhz RDRAM instead of the 1066mhz RDRAM
[18:32] <JessicaKnight> whoops
[18:32] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah.
[18:33] <Vrryl> refund!
[18:33] <Mika_no_Krynn> Hopefully I will be able to exchange it.
[18:33] <Mika_no_Krynn> I'll call the shop this afternoon.
[18:33] <Mika_no_Krynn> Picked up the new GITS:SAC volume and the new Shirow 2004 calendar though
[18:33] <JessicaKnight> sweet good?
[18:34] <Mika_no_Krynn> Fucking wicked... it is called Japanesque...
[18:34] <Vrryl> that's kind of a lame name
[18:35] <Mika_no_Krynn> This week Volume 11 of SAC comes out, a Special SAC DVD box (making of and notes there on) comes out, and a SAC CD called Being Human comes out too.
[18:35] <Vrryl> although i don't doubt the rest of it makes up for it ;)
[18:35] <Mika_no_Krynn> Actually he wanted to call it something else I read, but the publisher decided on Japanesque.
[18:36] <GM_Erik> damn publishers
[18:36] <Mika_no_Krynn> I don't think the SAC CD is an OST though, cuz it said it was only 2000yen rather than the usual 3000 for and OST... I'll see.
[18:38] <JessicaKnight> mm
[18:38] <JessicaKnight> so where's stan and debbie?
[18:38] <JessicaKnight> \they not playing in this one?
[18:39] <Mika_no_Krynn> Stan isn't playing anymore remember?
[18:39] <Mika_no_Krynn> Debbie is sitting this one out too... this time
[18:39] <JessicaKnight> isn't he?
[18:39] <Mika_no_Krynn> Always says he has no time.
[18:39] *** Vrryl has left #RiftsOOC
[18:40] <Mika_no_Krynn> Wrong channel dude.
[18:40] <GM_Erik> Stan has been busy
[18:40] *** Vrryl has joined #RiftsOOC
[18:40] *** GM_Erik sets mode: +o Vrryl
[18:40] <Mika_no_Krynn> What about Jeremy?
[18:40] <GM_Erik> He's still trying to figure out what's going on.
[18:41] <GM_Erik> Stan's been playing Debbie's game as his RP experience these days, I guess they're still going in that campaign
[18:41] <JessicaKnight> ah
[18:43] <Mika_no_Krynn> Well with the speed at which they work they'll be playing for the next 100years
[18:44] <GM_Erik> heh, I can't remember, but now the world is falling apart or something.  I think they're in the third generation
[18:45] <Mika_no_Krynn> Wow... they finally made it to the 3rd gen.
[18:46] <Vrryl> going on a while..
[18:48] <GM_Erik> just about ready...
[18:50] <JessicaKnight> hey Mike.. you know how I was bitching about the lack of calpis here?
[18:50] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yea... they got it now?
[18:50] <JessicaKnight> yeah... 3.50 a bottle
[18:51] <Mika_no_Krynn> Holy fuck!  That is expensive.
[18:51] <Mika_no_Krynn> How big a bottle?
[18:51] <Vrryl> calpis?
[18:51] <Vrryl> oh... cow piss?
[18:51] <JessicaKnight> the normal ones.. like 500 ml
[18:51] <GM_Erik> ditto brett.
[18:51] <Mika_no_Krynn> Like Cow Piss but it is beverage
[18:51] <Vrryl> nice
[18:51] <Mika_no_Krynn> JEZUS KRIKES!
[18:51] <GM_Erik> ?
[18:51] <JessicaKnight> stupid eh?
[18:51] <Mika_no_Krynn> Those things cost $1.80 here in Japan
[18:52] <Mika_no_Krynn> That's 100% profit baby!
[18:52] <JessicaKnight> yup... crazy shit
[18:54] <GM_Erik> well, are we ready?
[18:54] <GM_Erik> sorry about that, I got behind when I had to go home for my dice
[18:54] <Mika_no_Krynn> I am
[18:54] <GM_Erik> I know it was a capital sin, leaving them at home...
[18:55] <JessicaKnight> let's go
[18:56] <Mika_no_Krynn> At least we weren't in Zanzabar
[18:57] <Mika_no_Krynn> That would have been a wicked seen in the movie... cuz as Death is entering the town ripping shit up Brett's Death song would be wailing in the background.
[18:58] <Mika_no_Krynn> Go WEST~ Life is peaceful there, Go west...
[18:58] <JessicaKnight> hahhaa
[18:59] <Mika_no_Krynn> It was a tactical withdrawal
[19:00] * Vrryl nods
[19:03] <GM_Erik> ok.
[19:03] <Mika_no_Krynn> Hordes of fucking walking dead I bet
[19:03] <GM_Erik> everyone remember?
[19:03] <JessicaKnight> probably
[19:03] <Vrryl> army of darkness!
[19:03] <JessicaKnight> who has the boomstick?
[19:04] <Mika_no_Krynn> We need a GB
[19:04] <Vrryl> i have the boomstick... in the form of anhilation ;)
[19:05] <Mika_no_Krynn> If only you could rip off 6 of those per melee.
[19:05] <JessicaKnight> haha
[19:05] <GM_Erik> so what now?
[19:06] <JessicaKnight> maybe i'll make you a machine gun of annhilation
[19:06] <Vrryl> that be sweet!
[19:07] <Mika_no_Krynn> Funny, most machineguns cause anhilation of some sort.
[19:07] <GM_Erik> That would be one big machine gun
[19:08] <JessicaKnight> mount it on our bot
[19:08] <Mika_no_Krynn> So we have a few dozen people in our group and a few thousand refugees... great
[19:09] <JessicaKnight> lovely
[19:10] <Mika_no_Krynn> At least we won't be short  on food ;P
[19:11] <GM_Erik> That note is something I found in the book, so consider it a magical boost of resources.
[19:11] <GM_Erik> a change in reality, as it were.
[19:11] <Mika_no_Krynn> Are they Knights of the Round Table?
[19:11] <GM_Erik> uh..
[19:12] <Mika_no_Krynn> We're Knights of the Round Table, we dance whenever we're able...
[19:12] <GM_Erik> they are official knigths of Camelot.
[19:12] <GM_Erik> so, yeah, sort of.
[19:12] <Mika_no_Krynn> On second thought, let's not go to Camelot... tis a silly place.
[19:12] <Vrryl> aye, tis silly indeed
[19:13] <Mika_no_Krynn> They didn't happen to bring any Druids with them did they?
[19:13] <Vrryl> or like, gods?
[19:14] <GM_Erik> nope, they didn't bring any druids.
[19:14] <Mika_no_Krynn> Gods?
[19:14] <GM_Erik> you want some druids?
[19:14] <GM_Erik> They didn't bring any gods with them either.
[19:14] <Mika_no_Krynn> The good-guy kind would be nice
[19:14] <Mika_no_Krynn> Well, what good are they? ;P
[19:15] <Mika_no_Krynn> How about Vikings?  Did they bring any Vikings?
[19:16] <GM_Erik> nope, no vikings
[19:16] <Mika_no_Krynn> I wonder if they will make Rifts: Scandanavia... Transdimensional Vikings.
[19:17] <GM_Erik> I'd like that one.  And Africa 2.
[19:17] <GM_Erik> They're finally talking about getting China put out.
[19:17] <Mika_no_Krynn> Isn't Africa 2 scheduled?
[19:17] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah, I read that.
[19:17] <Mika_no_Krynn> Should be killer
[19:17] <Mika_no_Krynn> Did you pick up Chaos Earth?  How is it?
[19:17] <GM_Erik> yeah, africa 2 is rescheduled
[19:18] <GM_Erik> and I didn't get Chaos Earth.
[19:18] <GM_Erik> I've been limiting by RP book purchases to games I'm currently playing.
[19:19] <Mika_no_Krynn> I see.
[19:21] <GM_Erik> GM Reminder: you had decided once before to go south after you went east.
[19:21] <Mika_no_Krynn> Is this the night of the attack?
[19:22] <GM_Erik> yes
[19:22] <GM_Erik> oh wait, right now is still the night of the attack.
[19:22] <GM_Erik> you characters decided like a week or two ago in game time to go south after east.
[19:23] <Vrryl> ya, let's pretend this Death thing changed a few things, so had to reconsider
[19:23] <GM_Erik> I just wanted to remind you of past events, not influence your next choices. ::-)
[19:30] <GM_Erik> you could probably safely assume that if a town of people live here, that the Splugorth aren't around here very much
[19:30] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah, but Death is.
[19:32] <Mika_no_Krynn> So we've had them all this time?
[19:33] <Mika_no_Krynn> I see.
[19:36] <Vrryl> were we at the town before? one we're moving to?
[19:37] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah, briefly
[19:37] <GM_Erik> you spent a couple days there
[19:38] <Vrryl> how far away is it?
[19:38] <Vrryl> and how long will it take us at the pace we're moving to arrive?
[19:38] <GM_Erik> 2 and a half days
[19:39] <Vrryl> k
[19:39] <GM_Erik> it will take that long if you really push the people.
[19:39] <GM_Erik> a little longer if you aren't so mean.
[19:40] <Mika_no_Krynn> No pain no gain.
[19:45] <GM_Erik> Anything you want to do specific in town?
[19:45] <Vrryl> um... did we have time to make preparations?
[19:45] <Vrryl> like, are the people ok with this large mob incoming?
[19:45] <Mika_no_Krynn> Guess they don't have much choice.
[19:45] <Vrryl> can we get some shelter and food/stuff organized?
[19:46] <Vrryl> still would rather prepare everyone
[19:46] <Vrryl> makes things smoother
[19:46] <GM_Erik> you can send a forward scout.
[19:47] <GM_Erik> sorry, accidently hit enter on the previous line, so I went with it.
[19:50] <GM_Erik> anything?  like, where do you plan to go next?
[19:50] <Mika_no_Krynn> South I suppose.
[19:50] <Mika_no_Krynn> We aren't that far from the coast... so maybe little SW
[19:51] <GM_Erik> ok
[19:53] <JessicaKnight> ioioh 7 [ppl have a death wish
[19:53] <Vrryl> ioioh?
[19:53] <JessicaKnight> ioioh
[19:54] <Vrryl> ooh.. ioioh
[19:55] <Mika_no_Krynn> Are there marshmellows?
[19:55] <GM_Erik> no.
[19:55] <Mika_no_Krynn> Shite... beer?
[19:55] <GM_Erik> yes
[19:55] <Mika_no_Krynn> At least that's something.
[19:56] <Mika_no_Krynn> Pretzels?
[20:00] <Mika_no_Krynn> Score... magical bonus
[20:03] <Mika_no_Krynn> That means us?
[20:03] <GM_Erik> yeah
[20:03] <Mika_no_Krynn> Just checking
[20:04] <Mika_no_Krynn> Crikes... now I have to look at my char sheet.
[20:04] <JessicaKnight> shit normal weap?
[20:04] <JessicaKnight> what's that? ;)(
[20:04] <Mika_no_Krynn> None MD
[20:04] <Mika_no_Krynn> Doe a MP-10 Caseless pistol count?
[20:04] <GM_Erik> nope, sorry.
[20:04] <Mika_no_Krynn> Didn't think so... would have been wicked though.
[20:07] <GM_Erik> anyone else?
[20:07] <Vrryl> millenium throwing stick?
[20:07] <GM_Erik> nope
[20:08] <JessicaKnight> sorry... the words "normal weapon" shouldn't be in a TW's vocab ;)
[20:08] <GM_Erik> you don't have even a knife?
[20:08] <Mika_no_Krynn> About time Daniel got a decent weapon
[20:08] <Mika_no_Krynn> That guy is such a slacker sometimes...
[20:08] <Vrryl> pfft, i should pull out that rusted dagger i've had since my characters very first rp session ever
[20:08] <Mika_no_Krynn> Totally
[20:08] <GM_Erik> you should, that'd be cool.
[20:08] <Vrryl> lol
[20:08] <JessicaKnight> hahah
[20:09] <Vrryl> only non-md weapon i have i think
[20:09] <JessicaKnight> I'll find something Erik :)
[20:09] <Vrryl> oooh, or an O2 tank! i'm good with those =)
[20:10] <GM_Erik> hey gabe, you have that wooden mallet.
[20:10] <GM_Erik> heh
[20:10] <JessicaKnight> heh yeah, i was thinking about the flare gun too :)
[20:12] <GM_Erik> dude, gabe, you don't have many wp's do you?
[20:12] <GM_Erik> That invisible sword you have should be ok, it's a normal SDC weapon, just with a minor ability.
[20:13] <GM_Erik> someone in town might give you a war club, staff, throwing stick, or spear though.
[20:13] <JessicaKnight> just wp sowrds and wp rifle
[20:13] <JessicaKnight> nah.. i'm gonna give him my flare gun :)
[20:13] <GM_Erik> flare gun won't do anything, sorry.
[20:14] <JessicaKnight> blah
[20:15] <JessicaKnight> well i guess it' the wooden mallet  then ;)
[20:15] <Mika_no_Krynn> How can you not even have silver knives?
[20:15] <Mika_no_Krynn> What if we run into more werewolves?
[20:15] <GM_Erik> The invisible sword would work too.  You still have that, right?
[20:15] <Mika_no_Krynn> Damn, that thing must be hard to use
[20:15] <JessicaKnight> hehe nop, no silver knives.. i have that lesser rune sword
[20:15] <JessicaKnight> yeah I doo
[20:16] <Mika_no_Krynn> Rune swords definitely exceed the 'normal' category.
[20:17] <GM_Erik> well?
[20:17] <JessicaKnight> yeah I have that sword
[20:18] <JessicaKnight> hold on
[20:19] <GM_Erik> Hmm, that one: for the next 16 days.... you are all +1 vs witchcraft, +2 vs poisons and diseases, and +1 on initiative
[20:20] <GM_Erik> for the next 16 days, animals and insets won't bother anyone, and travel time will be 20% faster than anticipated.
[20:21] <Mika_no_Krynn> Rocking... so now I have a Dwarven Lightsabre?
[20:21] <GM_Erik> not yet.
[20:21] <GM_Erik> those were the small spells, only 500 PPE have been used so far...
[20:21] <JessicaKnight> O-o
[20:23] <Mika_no_Krynn> And the Crowd's goin' wild!
[20:24] <GM_Erik> hmm, everyone roll a d6
[20:24] <Mika_no_Krynn> If only we had some vikings... this would be perfect.  And marshmellows
[20:25] <Vrryl> 2
[20:25] <JessicaKnight> 1
[20:25] <Vrryl> ya, marshmellows
[20:25] <Mika_no_Krynn> 1
[20:25] <Mika_no_Krynn> shit...
[20:26] <Mika_no_Krynn> Same signal as the others?
[20:26] <GM_Erik> Yup, don't worry, it'll be worht it, I promise you.
[20:26] <GM_Erik> this spell takes 890 PPE
[20:26] <GM_Erik> And the guys going to cast it twice.
[20:27] <Mika_no_Krynn> That's a good spell
[20:27] <Mika_no_Krynn> Vrryl should learn this one... we could have a pow-wow at our merc base every Friday night and do this.
[20:28] <Vrryl> fuck, let's have pow wows anyways!!  i'll just pretend it's doing something funky when really i'm just recording it for funniest home video's entry
[20:28] <JessicaKnight> sure.. we'll need to make a fire pit tho.... how about a plasma forge instead?
[20:28] <Mika_no_Krynn> That works.
[20:28] <Vrryl> ya, our marshmellows be like... insta-cooked
[20:29] <Mika_no_Krynn> they'd be plamamellows
[20:29] <Mika_no_Krynn> So what happens when I pick up the sword?
[20:29] <GM_Erik> that's what.
[20:30] <GM_Erik> do you dance?
[20:30] <Mika_no_Krynn> Not professionally.
[20:31] <Vrryl> i can sing
[20:31] <Mika_no_Krynn> Dispite what those smart as kids down the street say.
[20:31] <Vrryl> you can dance if you want to!
[20:31] <GM_Erik> everybody's out of control!
[20:31] <Mika_no_Krynn> You can leave your friends behind...
[20:31] <JessicaKnight> we're gonn aparty like it 2999!
[20:31] <Mika_no_Krynn> 3 different songs at once here.
[20:31] <Vrryl> cause if you don't dance and your friends don't dance
[20:32] <GM_Erik> anyone giong to say no?
[20:32] <Mika_no_Krynn> Someone should be a rebel and say no
[20:32] <Mika_no_Krynn> They'd be the kewl kid in the group
[20:32] <Vrryl> it's EVIL!!
[20:32] <Vrryl> FIGHT THA POWAH!
[20:33] <Mika_no_Krynn> Our weapons are now infused with the Dark Side of the Force.
[20:34] <GM_Erik> OK... so...
[20:35] <GM_Erik> Brett's dagger: It is now completely clean, shiny, sharp, and oiled.
[20:35] <Mika_no_Krynn> Bummer
[20:35] <Mika_no_Krynn> Someone should have picked up a sharp stick
[20:35] <JessicaKnight> maybe a rock?
[20:36] <GM_Erik> there's more.
[20:36] <GM_Erik> how much damage does a dagger do?
[20:36] <GM_Erik> is it 1d4?
[20:36] <GM_Erik> I think so.
[20:36] <Mika_no_Krynn> Probably
[20:36] <Mika_no_Krynn> You're the GM
[20:36] <Mika_no_Krynn> I only play here
[20:37] <GM_Erik> ok, now the weapon does 1d4+2 damage, SDC against SDC creatures, MD against MD creatures.
[20:37] <GM_Erik> it does double damage to witches
[20:37] <Mika_no_Krynn> Fuck witches... burn'em!
[20:37] <GM_Erik> it never dulls, and is +2 to strike when thrown.
[20:37] <GM_Erik> ok, the swords.
[20:37] <Mika_no_Krynn> Dude... you are now the proud owner of the most kick-ass kitchen knife ever!
[20:37] <JessicaKnight> ginsu 2000
[20:38] <GM_Erik> Oh yeah, all those powers?  they only work in your hand.
[20:38] <GM_Erik> not for anyone else, the weapon is bonded to you.
[20:38] <Mika_no_Krynn> Score... smart-daggers
[20:38] <GM_Erik> The swords are similar.  Each sword now does double damage.
[20:38] <Mika_no_Krynn> Wicked...
[20:38] <Mika_no_Krynn> How does PS play into that?
[20:38] <GM_Erik> that damage is SDC or MD depending on the opponent.
[20:39] <GM_Erik> it does double damage to witches.
[20:39] <Mika_no_Krynn> So if I use this sword it does 2D8+8+PS bonus?
[20:39] <Vrryl> i want my money
[20:39] <Vrryl> back
[20:39] <GM_Erik> SDC
[20:39] <GM_Erik> MD attacks add to your supernatural strength damage.
[20:39] <Mika_no_Krynn> Kewl
[20:39] <Mika_no_Krynn> Any strike bonus for swords?
[20:40] <GM_Erik> nope.
[20:40] <GM_Erik> and the same thing goes for the weapons only working for you.
[20:41] <GM_Erik> so basically, the SDC weapons were turned into MD weapons.
[20:41] <GM_Erik> and this is permanent.
[20:41] <Mika_no_Krynn> Fucking A...
[20:41] <Mika_no_Krynn> And they are safe to use on squishes.
[20:41] <Vrryl> i was hoping they'd like... turn into minor rune weapons. that have been cooler
[20:42] <GM_Erik> sorry, these guys aren't that good.  That requires a lot more.
[20:42] <Mika_no_Krynn> You think some guy in some tribe in Africa could make rune weapons with just a spell?
[20:42] <Mika_no_Krynn> I'll take this... we didn't even have to pay.  Plus it saves me from having to summon up my psi-sword.
[20:42] <JessicaKnight> hmm...
[20:42] <GM_Erik> This is pretty good though, think about it, any village with a priest and a few hundred people can have mega damage weapons for everyone.
[20:43] <Mika_no_Krynn> Plus you can easily make MD meat dishes now Brett.
[20:43] <GM_Erik> what's you sword's damage now Gabe/
[20:43] <Vrryl> very true... Gabe had a good point. GINSU 2000!!
[20:43] <GM_Erik> heh heh
[20:44] <Mika_no_Krynn> Now Daniel and I can have really killer sword fights too.
[20:44] <GM_Erik> Daniel had a longsword.
[20:44] <GM_Erik> by the way...
[20:44] <Mika_no_Krynn> And so do I.
[20:45] <Vrryl> bah, should have made em rapiers, called yourselves pirates
[20:45] <Mika_no_Krynn> A Conan sword would have rocked... 6D6
[20:45] <Mika_no_Krynn> Maybe Mika should change her style... become a pirate girl.
[20:45] <GM_Erik> Gabe, did you have a damage rating on your sword?
[20:45] <Vrryl> conan sword actually doesn't do anything... conan simply has an 'insta win' power he uses in every fight
[20:46] <Mika_no_Krynn> We can teach Jessica paired weapons now...
[20:46] <Mika_no_Krynn> Conan-chop!
[20:46] <Vrryl> we should totally become pirates
[20:47] <Vrryl> steal one of those nigh impervious splug slave barges
[20:48] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah... we'll be pirate pirates.
[20:48] <JessicaKnight> hah
[20:48] <GM_Erik> that's it for the night.
[20:48] <Mika_no_Krynn> Get a cyber-parrot and everything.
[20:48] <JessicaKnight> interdimentional pirates :)
[20:49] <Mika_no_Krynn> You mean we're done?
[20:49] <GM_Erik> no, the night in the game.
[20:49] <Mika_no_Krynn> Ah, ok...
[20:51] <Vrryl> tests out her empowered sword... revelry dies down... see the connection?
[20:51] <Mika_no_Krynn> Very funny...ha... ha... ha
[20:51] <JessicaKnight> it's orig 3d6
[20:51] <Mika_no_Krynn> HOly fuck... that's a good sword.
[20:52] <GM_Erik> wow, so now its a 6d6 sword.
[20:52] <Mika_no_Krynn> INTENSE!
[20:52] <JessicaKnight> yeah.. better than my rune sword
[20:53] <GM_Erik> how much does your rune sword do?
[20:53] <Mika_no_Krynn> 4D6
[20:53] <JessicaKnight> yah
[20:53] <GM_Erik> but it also burns people of the wrong alignment, right?
[20:54] <JessicaKnight> yup
[20:54] <GM_Erik> So, did you guys get all those bonuses and stuff?
[20:55] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yep
[20:55] <JessicaKnight> yup
[20:56] <GM_Erik> so what is the plan on travelling now?
[20:57] <Mika_no_Krynn> Same as before... one recon unit up ahead.  The rest of the group moving together a few klicks behind.
[20:57] <GM_Erik> and the recon team is... you three and daniel?
[20:58] <Mika_no_Krynn> Why not
[20:58] <GM_Erik> ok
[20:58] <Vrryl> rear and side guards necessary as well
[20:58] <Mika_no_Krynn> We're like the A-Team
[20:58] <JessicaKnight> yuo
[20:58] <JessicaKnight> cue theme music
[20:58] <Vrryl> a team, yo
[20:58] <GM_Erik> I watch that a lot these days on TNT
[20:58] <Mika_no_Krynn> Fuck, I wish...
[20:58] <GM_Erik> its on every morning at 9
[20:58] <Mika_no_Krynn> I gave my TV to my co-worker cuz hers was broken.
[20:58] <GM_Erik> that was nice of you.
[20:58] <Vrryl> reminds me, i have winamp off, dammit
[20:59] <Mika_no_Krynn> Not that I used it before anyways... Japan has some of the worst TV in the world I think.
[20:59] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah, I expect it back after she gets a new one though.
[20:59] <Mika_no_Krynn> That way my replacement will have a TV.
[21:00] <JessicaKnight> hmm.... not like you watch tv at all mike
[21:00] <Mika_no_Krynn> Exactly... but if the A-Team was on here I would watch it.
[21:00] <Mika_no_Krynn> Hell I would record it and use it in class.
[21:01] <Mika_no_Krynn> Teach the kids that this is how America really is.
[21:01] <JessicaKnight> haha
[21:01] <JessicaKnight> \that'd be cool....
[21:02] <Vrryl> relatively minor... regular stuff... alien intelligences... demons... white bunnies with sharp teeth... usual junk
[21:02] <GM_Erik> whos in front on the ground in the next recon?
[21:03] <Mika_no_Krynn> Me
[21:04] <Mika_no_Krynn> I have detect ambush.
[21:04] <Mika_no_Krynn> I should take painting as a skill... that way Escape Artist would make more sense.
[21:04] <GM_Erik> blah...
[21:04] <JessicaKnight> i'm prob in the air
[21:05] <Vrryl> a small rock... Mike falls dead. Reroll =(
[21:05] <Mika_no_Krynn> I was just going to say.
[21:05] <GM_Erik> Remember the Lasae demons?  The little guys from the cave?
[21:06] <Mika_no_Krynn> Let me this an ambush?
[21:06] <Mika_no_Krynn> Little guys that like to gouge out your nutz
[21:06] <JessicaKnight> thnk god my char doesn't have any
[21:06] <Mika_no_Krynn> I should just pull out an boom-gun and blast'em... like Indiana Jones
[21:06] <Mika_no_Krynn> Me neither...
[21:07] <Mika_no_Krynn> Maybe you should transform Brett
[21:08] <Vrryl> go ahead, run after it mika... ambushes are a thing of the past!
[21:08] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah, no one uses those anymore.
[21:08] <GM_Erik> roll strike
[21:09] <Mika_no_Krynn> 22 to hit 25 dmg
[21:11] <GM_Erik> Mike, roll perception.  Anyone else with see invisible do the same.
[21:11] <Mika_no_Krynn> They'Re coming out of the goddamn walls man!
[21:11] <Mika_no_Krynn> 19
[21:12] <JessicaKnight> 19
[21:13] <GM_Erik> brett?
[21:14] <GM_Erik> or do you not have see invis
[21:14] <GM_Erik> yup, you do
[21:15] <GM_Erik> hmm...
[21:15] <GM_Erik> Brett? everyone else still there?
[21:15] <JessicaKnight> yeah
[21:16] <Vrryl> yep
[21:16] <Vrryl> oh, crap... forgot, i had see invis charm, sec
[21:16] <GM_Erik> actually, you can see invisible atomatically.
[21:17] <Mika_no_Krynn> yep
[21:17] <Vrryl> oh ya lol
[21:17] <Vrryl> i love dragons
[21:17] <Vrryl> bleh, perc = 14
[21:19] <GM_Erik> what now?
[21:23] <GM_Erik> everyone goign?
[21:25] <Mika_no_Krynn> Daniel is too I suppose.
[21:25] <GM_Erik> yeah
[21:28] <GM_Erik> what now?
[21:29] <Vrryl> would that have been heard by me flying above?
[21:29] <GM_Erik> yup, it was loud enough.
[21:29] <Mika_no_Krynn> It's evil Voltron!
[21:30] <GM_Erik> roll perception.
[21:30] <JessicaKnight> 14
[21:30] <Mika_no_Krynn> hmm...
[21:30] <Mika_no_Krynn> 16
[21:32] <JessicaKnight> greeat
[21:33] <GM_Erik> Brett?
[21:34] <Mika_no_Krynn> He run pretty fast.
[21:37] <Vrryl> 12perc
[21:38] *** Retrieving #RiftsOOC info...
[21:39] <GM_Erik> roll demon/monster lore
[21:40] <Mika_no_Krynn> 48 of 89
[21:40] <GM_Erik> sixth sense goes off
[21:40] <JessicaKnight> 43 of 25
[21:41] <Vrryl> 56 of 90
[21:42] <GM_Erik> Vrryl and Mika both recognize the various creatures.
[21:42] <Mika_no_Krynn> They being?
[21:43] <Vrryl> think he's getting to that part... shhhh...
[21:44] <GM_Erik> So, for those who made their roll.... werewolves, Tautons (big crocodile guys with scorpion tails you fought before), Lasae, and Alu Demon Hounds.
[21:44] <Vrryl> holy christ, must be full moon tonight
[21:44] <JessicaKnight> jesus
[21:44] <GM_Erik> The Alu are lesser demons like the Lasae.
[21:44] <Mika_no_Krynn> This sux
[21:44] <GM_Erik> roll initiative.
[21:45] <Mika_no_Krynn> 36
[21:45] <Vrryl> either that or they early for holloween
[21:45] <Vrryl> wow, winner rolls tonight... 13
[21:45] <GM_Erik> 36??
[21:46] <Mika_no_Krynn> yep... rolled 18
[21:46] <Mika_no_Krynn> +18 (12 normal +6 for Sixth Sense)
[21:46] <GM_Erik> damn...
[21:47] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah... she's a quick one.
[21:47] <GM_Erik> gabe?
[21:47] <JessicaKnight> 15
[21:47] <Mika_no_Krynn> Sixth Sense is a mega-bonus though.
[21:47] <GM_Erik> ok
[21:47] <GM_Erik> Well Mike, what do you do?
[21:48] <Mika_no_Krynn> Think we definitely need to radio back to the group for reinforcements.  Who is leading?
[21:48] <GM_Erik> who is leading what?
[21:48] <Mika_no_Krynn> The enemy charge?
[21:49] <GM_Erik> ah.. the werewolves.
[21:49] <Mika_no_Krynn> I'll go for one of them then.
[21:50] <GM_Erik> ok, with what weapons in your hands?
[21:50] <GM_Erik> ok
[21:50] <GM_Erik> roll it.
[21:51] <GM_Erik> It seems like we're ot of practice at rolling, huh?
[21:51] <GM_Erik> heh.
[21:51] * Vrryl blinks innocently
[21:52] <Mika_no_Krynn> Double strike 24 and 21... 27 and 35 dmg
[21:52] <Mika_no_Krynn> first is Scathatch, then Longsword.
[21:53] <Mika_no_Krynn> kewl... she lives to be drenched in blood
[21:54] <Mika_no_Krynn> not really...
[21:54] <Vrryl> know what's funny... i do have a see invis amulet in my inventory. what the frick i have one when i can see invis anyways is beyond me. Good for props i guess /shrug
[21:54] <GM_Erik> you took it because you guys got it I think.
[21:54] <Mika_no_Krynn> Just incase someone else needs one.
[21:55] <Mika_no_Krynn> Can make a simul attack on this incoming one?
[21:55] <Mika_no_Krynn> If not I will take the blow
[21:55] <Mika_no_Krynn> I will take the blwo
[21:55] <GM_Erik> you take 18MD.
[21:56] <GM_Erik> and you lose your other attack this round.
[21:56] <Mika_no_Krynn> bitch
[21:56] <GM_Erik> next?
[21:56] <Vrryl> so what's the territory around like please? the environment.. rockky, wooded, jungled, hilly...?
[21:56] <GM_Erik> woody
[21:57] <GM_Erik> Gabe, your go.
[21:57] <Vrryl> trees close together or spaced out? and are the trees very busy, or kinda skimpy?
[21:57] <Vrryl> er, bushy
[21:57] <Mika_no_Krynn> The trees are busy getting blownup
[21:57] <Mika_no_Krynn> I figure they'd be bushy...
[21:57] <Vrryl> nah, guns haven't started rocketting their projectiles yet
[21:58] <JessicaKnight> i'm gonna go after one of the Tautons... swoop down at one of them....
[21:58] <Mika_no_Krynn> Watch out... they're really tough.
[21:58] <JessicaKnight> 13
[21:59] <JessicaKnight> it's worth a yoink :)
[21:59] <GM_Erik> Brett?
[22:03] <Vrryl> sec, emoting
[22:03] <GM_Erik> figured
[22:05] <GM_Erik> ok
[22:05] <Mika_no_Krynn> What's his problem?
[22:06] <Vrryl> no shit... what a baby. seriously, you need to do something about this husband of yours
[22:07] <Mika_no_Krynn> Holy fuck... it thought it was just an illusion.
[22:07] <Vrryl> these creature supernatural?
[22:07] <Mika_no_Krynn> Maybe his attempt to disbelieve didn't work.
[22:08] <GM_Erik> yes
[22:09] <GM_Erik> what do you guys do?
[22:10] <Mika_no_Krynn> I am going to attempt a Neural Strike on the WW on me.
[22:11] <GM_Erik> ok, I'm waiting for Brett and Gabe's defensive manuevers
[22:11] <JessicaKnight> 16 to parry
[22:12] <Vrryl> casting a level 11 spell... can't remember how many actions it takes
[22:12] <GM_Erik> a whole melee
[22:13] <GM_Erik> Gabe, 28MD
[22:13] <JessicaKnight> ow
[22:13] <Vrryl> k, so i wait for a melee before spell goes off? or did we change it that i simply didn't have an action for a melee round after?
[22:14] <GM_Erik> you wait for the spell to go off.
[22:14] <Vrryl> k
[22:14] <Vrryl> what defensive maneuvers can i do in the meantime to keep my spell going?
[22:15] <GM_Erik> nothing.
[22:16] <Vrryl> fuck, should have called forth my yll tree climber first... i'm so out of practice
[22:16] <GM_Erik> that's ok
[22:16] <GM_Erik> you take 44 damage total
[22:16] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah... fuck, it has been a while... and it's showing.
[22:16] <GM_Erik> ok Mike, do your thing.
[22:17] <GM_Erik> roll damage, I rolled a 1
[22:18] <GM_Erik> or are you pralzing
[22:18] <Mika_no_Krynn> Damage?  Isn't it just paralysis?
[22:18] <GM_Erik> it can do one or the other.
[22:18] <Mika_no_Krynn> Paralyze... 2D6 isn't going to do much
[22:18] <GM_Erik> ok.
[22:19] <Mika_no_Krynn> score
[22:19] <GM_Erik> Gabe, your go.
[22:19] <JessicaKnight> 23 to hi
[22:19] <GM_Erik> its good
[22:20] <JessicaKnight> 24 dmg
[22:20] <GM_Erik> ok
[22:22] <GM_Erik> Gabe, parry?
[22:22] <GM_Erik> brett, still taking damage?
[22:23] <JessicaKnight> 23
[22:23] <GM_Erik> Brett, 44 damage.
[22:23] <Vrryl> ya man, want to try to get this spell off ifi can
[22:23] <GM_Erik> Brett, roll save vs psionics.
[22:24] <Vrryl> like mind control... or..?
[22:24] <GM_Erik> nope, not mind control.
[22:24] <GM_Erik> bio-manipulation.
[22:24] <Vrryl> k
[22:24] <GM_Erik> Mike, take 4 MD
[22:25] <JessicaKnight> oooh kick her while she's doewn
[22:25] <Mika_no_Krynn> fuck, they're next.
[22:25] <Vrryl> 17
[22:25] <GM_Erik> they're mean, huh.
[22:25] <GM_Erik> ok Brett, thanks.
[22:25] <Mika_no_Krynn> cheap bastards.
[22:26] <GM_Erik> next round.
[22:26] <GM_Erik> Mike, save vs magic.
[22:26] <Mika_no_Krynn> 14
[22:27] <GM_Erik> ok.  Mike, your go.
[22:27] <GM_Erik> and roll 2d6.
[22:27] <Mika_no_Krynn> 9
[22:28] <GM_Erik> What do you do Mike?
[22:28] <GM_Erik> do you try to get up?
[22:28] <Mika_no_Krynn> yeah.
[22:28] <Mika_no_Krynn> Like above
[22:29] <Vrryl> these things all gonna be dead by time my fraggin spell goes off =P
[22:29] <GM_Erik> It'll take you 9 rounds to pull yourself free.
[22:29] <JessicaKnight> carpet :)
[22:29] <Mika_no_Krynn> Fucking wanker carpet of adhesion!
[22:29] <Mika_no_Krynn> Cheap move.
[22:29] <Mika_no_Krynn> Did I impale the werewolf?
[22:30] <Vrryl> ya, we'd never do something like that!
[22:30] <Mika_no_Krynn> Not us.
[22:30] <GM_Erik> a little bit, yeah.
[22:30] <GM_Erik> you can roll damage for one sword
[22:30] <Mika_no_Krynn> 32
[22:30] <GM_Erik> okie
[22:30] <GM_Erik> Gabe, your go.
[22:31] <Mika_no_Krynn> These guys have good tactics.
[22:31] <JessicaKnight> 21 to hit
[22:31] <GM_Erik> you hit
[22:32] <JessicaKnight> 25 dmg
[22:32] <GM_Erik> ok
[22:32] <Vrryl> ya, Death laughing... that alone is ubah tactic number 1. I should start laughing at all our encounters.. up our crit chances
[22:32] <GM_Erik> Mike, 18 MD
[22:32] <GM_Erik> its only his laughter that works though
[22:33] <GM_Erik> Brett, roll bersus psionics.
[22:34] <Mika_no_Krynn> can I cast spells still?
[22:34] <GM_Erik> you can try.
[22:34] <Vrryl> 22
[22:34] <Mika_no_Krynn> ok
[22:34] <GM_Erik> thanks Brett.
[22:35] <Mika_no_Krynn> This scene kinda reminds of Army of Darkness... thank god there aren't a bunch of little Mika's running around though
[22:35] <GM_Erik> Mike, what are you gonig to do?
[22:35] <GM_Erik> Brett?
[22:35] <Vrryl> oh man, speaking of which.. i brought that movie up in raidchat where there was like 15 peeps, not one person made a comment. Only thing i got: "what's that? sounds like a game"
[22:36] <Vrryl> i was like, wtf, you don't know army of darkness?
[22:36] <GM_Erik> young people..
[22:36] <Mika_no_Krynn> WTF!  WTF!
[22:36] * Vrryl was disappointed =(
[22:36] <GM_Erik> ok, Brett, you take 48MD
[22:36] <Mika_no_Krynn> That's bullshit... there should be a raid against all of them.
[22:36] <Vrryl> so i'm like... "dude, take a few hours off of EQ, grab some friends, grab some beer, and watch that movie!!"
[22:36] <JessicaKnight> man
[22:36] <Mika_no_Krynn> No shit.
[22:37] <GM_Erik> Gabe?
[22:37] <Vrryl> k erik. how much longer in this melee ?
[22:37] <Vrryl> we halfway through yet at least?
[22:37] <JessicaKnight> hmm?
[22:37] <Mika_no_Krynn> This spell better rock.
[22:37] <JessicaKnight> 15 to hi
[22:38] <Vrryl> it doesn't even really rock... just any spell worth casting takes for freakin every
[22:38] <Vrryl> ever
[22:38] <GM_Erik> you hit Gabe
[22:38] <Mika_no_Krynn> I know what you mean.
[22:38] <Vrryl> trust me.. these mobs'll get there's when it goes off though
[22:38] <Vrryl> their's
[22:38] <Vrryl> i've a couple suprises
[22:39] <Mika_no_Krynn> Ok Han Solo...
[22:39] <JessicaKnight> 29
[22:40] <Vrryl> it's not my fault!
[22:41] <Mika_no_Krynn> That's it... they're fucking toast.
[22:41] <GM_Erik> Brett, save vs psionics again.
[22:41] <GM_Erik> what do you do Gabe?
[22:42] <JessicaKnight> dodge
[22:42] <GM_Erik> roll it
[22:42] <JessicaKnight> fawk
[22:42] <Vrryl> 17 again
[22:42] <JessicaKnight> 13
[22:42] <Mika_no_Krynn> Would they be able to shove grass in my mouth through the magical talisman shield?
[22:43] <GM_Erik> how much MD does the shield have left?
[22:43] <Mika_no_Krynn> 60
[22:44] <Vrryl> lol mike
[22:44] <GM_Erik> Gabe, you take 18MD (and 6 SDC)
[22:44] <GM_Erik> hmm, I guess not..
[22:45] <GM_Erik> your shield takes 12 damage Mike.
[22:46] <Mika_no_Krynn> He's bluffing... though I don't know why he would.
[22:47] <GM_Erik> This guy just feels bad to you.
[22:47] <GM_Erik> well, what do you do?
[22:47] <Mika_no_Krynn> What are the monsters doing?
[22:48] <GM_Erik> They pause.
[22:48] <GM_Erik> Though the Lasae still torment Mika with faces.
[22:48] <Mika_no_Krynn> Well, I can handle that... I'll pause.
[22:49] <GM_Erik> Gabe's lost an attack, so he's paused anyway, do you stay there?
[22:49] <GM_Erik> and Brett, what do you do?
[22:49] <JessicaKnight> yeah
[22:50] <Vrryl> i want to get this damn spell finished!
[22:51] <JessicaKnight> hha
[22:51] <GM_Erik> well, that might have consequences now wouldn't it?
[22:52] <Vrryl> it would take him four seconds just to say his little speach
[22:52] <JessicaKnight> we gonn abe playing for much longer?
[22:52] <Vrryl> that's enough to get this stupid thing finished
[22:52] <GM_Erik> sorry brett, but no.
[22:53] <GM_Erik> ok, you have 10 seconds to decide.
[22:53] <GM_Erik> 10
[22:53] <GM_Erik> 9
[22:53] <GM_Erik> 8
[22:53] <GM_Erik> 7
[22:53] <GM_Erik> 6
[22:53] <GM_Erik> 5
[22:54] <GM_Erik> 4
[22:54] <GM_Erik> 3
[22:54] <GM_Erik> 2
[22:54] <GM_Erik> 1
[22:54] <JessicaKnight> great.. carpet
[22:54] <GM_Erik> you serious brett?
[22:54] <Mika_no_Krynn> hahaha
[22:54] <Vrryl> i sat a whole fight trying to get one fraggin spell off... least i could do is finish it. ya, i'm serious
[22:54] <Mika_no_Krynn> Weren't expecting that were ya?
[22:55] <Vrryl> fuck 15 secs for one stinnkin spell... that's like the last hour i just spent real time doing nothing
[22:55] <Vrryl> i want the dang spell
[22:55] <GM_Erik> I will invoke an alignment drop on you if Daniel dies.
[22:56] <GM_Erik> I know it sucks, but that's what bad guys do.
[22:56] <Mika_no_Krynn> that's why it doesn't pay to be goodguys.
[22:57] <JessicaKnight> yup..... your true good/principled character will get you in more trouble than a chaoitc evil/diabolical char ever will...
[22:57] <Vrryl> ah well, i want this stupid thing to finish
[22:58] <GM_Erik> ok
[22:59] <GM_Erik> dramatic liscence with time.
[22:59] <GM_Erik> you stop talking/  or are you typing a thing right now?
[23:00] <Vrryl> er.. i said, i was trying to finish the dang spell
[23:00] <GM_Erik> I wasn't kidding about the alignment.
[23:00] <Vrryl> this next siloloquay MUST have been the 15 secs
[23:01] <GM_Erik> dramatic lisence with time, I'm trying to give you a better chance to pull out of this thing.
[23:01] <GM_Erik> The guy holding Daniel chopped his 150MD armor in half like butter, you think you have a chance with him?  Even after a spell?
[23:01] <GM_Erik> On your own?
[23:02] <Mika_no_Krynn> Dude that sucks... that armor was pretty hard to get.
[23:02] <Vrryl> Erik... it is one pissant spell.. it doesnt even have a dirrect effect... i've sat here for an hour watching people fight, getting beat on, what have you... i want this one spell to at least be completed
[23:02] <Vrryl> if i lose allignment, so be it
[23:02] <Vrryl> i've said, i wanted this spell cast.. so i'm going to cast it.
[23:02] <GM_Erik> Ok, your spell goes off.
[23:03] <GM_Erik> what is the spell?
[23:03] <Vrryl> little force
[23:04] <GM_Erik> ok
[23:04] <GM_Erik> on who?
[23:04] <Vrryl> er.. myself
[23:05] <Vrryl> it's a defensive temporal spell
[23:05] <GM_Erik> ok
[23:07] <Mika_no_Krynn> What kind of sword?  Psi-sword I mean?
[23:07] <GM_Erik> Psi-sword.
[23:07] <Vrryl> what a tosser
[23:07] <Mika_no_Krynn> What shape?
[23:08] <Vrryl> this game is wierd
[23:08] <Vrryl> er, guy
[23:08] <GM_Erik> 8 feet long.
[23:08] <Mika_no_Krynn> Pretty big
[23:08] <GM_Erik> nasty looking.
[23:08] <Mika_no_Krynn> I don't quite get him either.
[23:09] <Mika_no_Krynn> It must be an illusion... it just doesn't make sense.
[23:10] <GM_Erik> i think we'll call it here.  Gabe's gotta go.
[23:10] <Mika_no_Krynn> When is the next game?
[23:11] <GM_Erik> next week? or two weeks?
[23:11] <Mika_no_Krynn> I can do next week
[23:11] <JessicaKnight> either one
[23:11] <Vrryl> i'm good for next week
[23:11] <Mika_no_Krynn> Same time?
[23:11] <GM_Erik> next week is fine.  it'll be good to continue this fresh.  6pm on Saturday?
[23:11] <JessicaKnight> next week is ok.... I'll make sure I can play for later next week
[23:12] <Vrryl> 6pm it is =)
[23:12] <Mika_no_Krynn> Kewl... next week at 6:00 then
[23:12] <JessicaKnight> koo
[23:12] <JessicaKnight> later all
[23:12] *** JessicaKnight has quit IRC (Quit:  )
[23:12] <Mika_no_Krynn> later
[23:13] <GM_Erik> ok, I think I'll go too.
[23:13] <Mika_no_Krynn> You think Debbie will play next week?  Or is her computer situation totally screwed?
[23:13] <GM_Erik> I don't know, I'll tell her when it is.
[23:13] <Mika_no_Krynn> Kewl.
[23:14] <GM_Erik> She's been real slow on email correspondence, so it been hard to get her character finished.
[23:14] <Vrryl> thanks for the game guys... was fun to get back into it
[23:14] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yep.  Kewl.
[23:14] <Vrryl> oil the rusty hinges of our rifts skills
[23:14] <Mika_no_Krynn> Very rusty at this point.
[23:14] * Vrryl nods.
[23:14] <Mika_no_Krynn> Early enough for me to do stuff now too...
[23:14] <Mika_no_Krynn> Like FFXI
[23:15] <GM_Erik> heh
[23:15] <GM_Erik> later guys
[23:15] <Mika_no_Krynn> later
[23:15] <Vrryl> adios
[23:15] <Mika_no_Krynn> ciao
[23:15] *** Vrryl has quit IRC (Quit:  )
Session Close: Sat Oct 18 23:15:33 2003
GM Erik
 GM, 83 posts
Thu 22 Oct 2015
at 02:39
Horsemen of the Apocalypse 2 - OOC Chat Logs
Session Start: Sat Oct 25 17:32:28 2003
[17:32] *** Now talking in #RiftsOOC
[17:32] *** Retrieving #RiftsOOC info...
[17:35] *** JessicaKnight has joined #riftsooc
[17:35] <JessicaKnight> oi
[17:37] <GM_Erik> yo
[17:37] *** GM_Erik sets mode: +o JessicaKnight
[17:38] <GM_Erik> sorry about last week when you wanted to go.  I had to make sure I was notifying Brett of possible consequences.
[17:38] <GM_Erik> hope you weren't too late. ::-)
[17:40] <JessicaKnight> yeah no prob
[17:40] <JessicaKnight> it was fine.. got an earfull but she always bitches at me
[17:40] <JessicaKnight> no biggie
[17:41] <JessicaKnight> hey I ended up buying that rift book of magic.... pretty sweet haven't had time to read all of it tho
[17:41] <GM_Erik> got a lot of stuff, eh?
[17:41] <JessicaKnight> yeah..... too much
[17:42] <JessicaKnight> don't know where to start even
[17:42] <GM_Erik> look through spells you already have.  They updated a lot of them.
[17:43] <JessicaKnight> hmm ok I'll probably sit down one day and go through all of it
[17:45] <GM_Erik> Superhuman strength is a lot better now as a spell.
[17:45] *** Vrryl has joined #RiftsOOC
[17:45] <Vrryl> woo
[17:45] <JessicaKnight> j0
[17:45] *** GM_Erik sets mode: +o Vrryl
[17:48] <JessicaKnight> eheh tw chainsaw
[17:48] <JessicaKnight> go fight some undead with it :)
[17:49] <GM_Erik> you could make an 'Ash' character.  heh heh, carry a TW shotgun too.
[17:50] <JessicaKnight> that's be koo..... then i could wade into egypt
[17:52] <JessicaKnight> mike's awake
[17:52] <GM_Erik> oh good.
[17:52] <JessicaKnight> he's just browsing the forum
[17:55] <JessicaKnight> ooh i should get my dice..
[18:00] <GM_Erik> I should find my brain.
[18:01] <JessicaKnight> mm pizza
[18:02] *** Mika_no_Krynn has joined #RiftsOOC
[18:02] <Vrryl> oh not you
[18:03] <Mika_no_Krynn> That took long enough.
[18:03] <JessicaKnight> oi
[18:03] <Mika_no_Krynn> I think I got the last 2 sticks of the RAM I need in all of Osaka... up to 1GB now baby.
[18:03] <Vrryl> nice
[18:04] <JessicaKnight> sweet
[18:04] <JessicaKnight> now you're playin with power
[18:05] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yep... doesn't improve my graphics performance much... zero in the FFXI bench, but multitasking baby.
[18:05] *** GM_Erik sets mode: +o Mika_no_Krynn
[18:06] <GM_Erik> cool, you made it.
[18:08] <JessicaKnight> koo let's go kick death's butt :)
[18:08] <GM_Erik> can't find my irc logs
[18:09] <Mika_no_Krynn> Maybe you burnt them.
[18:09] <JessicaKnight> dog ate them?
[18:09] <GM_Erik> I think so...
[18:09] <Mika_no_Krynn> Or maybe a worm!
[18:09] <GM_Erik> Actually, I think I forgot to change the folder it stores them in when I set up my computer anew.
[18:09] <Mika_no_Krynn> I've done that a couple of times.
[18:11] <GM_Erik> ah hah!
[18:12] <Mika_no_Krynn> Take on me!
[18:12] <Vrryl> take it on me
[18:12] <GM_Erik> a little recap above...
[18:13] <GM_Erik> I assume everyone remembers what happened.
[18:13] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yep.
[18:14] <JessicaKnight> da
[18:15] <GM_Erik> ok
[18:15] <GM_Erik> well then.
[18:15] <Vrryl> ya
[18:16] <GM_Erik> that wasn't a recap.
[18:17] <GM_Erik> btw, I hadn't heard from Debbie, and her character is still not done, so I'm guessing she's not playing yet.  I tried calling here today to no avail.
[18:18] <JessicaKnight> explosives
[18:18] <Mika_no_Krynn> ok
[18:19] <Mika_no_Krynn> It was weird yesterday I went to Osaka and to a Subway to get a sub, but they said they couldn't sell me a sub because of an accident in the real subway... I assume it was the real subway.
[18:19] <Mika_no_Krynn> I do not see the relation... that's what pissed me off.
[18:19] <JessicaKnight> WTF?
[18:19] <Vrryl> ...
[18:19] <Mika_no_Krynn> I should have read the signs all over the place... problem with Japan... too many stupid signs, you just ignore them.
[18:20] <Mika_no_Krynn> Pretty weird eh?
[18:20] <JessicaKnight> that's absolutely bizzare
[18:20] <GM_Erik> maybe their ingredients didn't come.
[18:20] <Mika_no_Krynn> I was going to ask about why, but then I just said fuck it and went somewhere else.
[18:20] <JessicaKnight> so rhey wew like what? not selling in respect of the people who were hurt?
[18:21] <GM_Erik> rhey wew?
[18:21] <JessicaKnight> er they were
[18:21] <JessicaKnight> sorry.. can't type with pizza sauced fingers
[18:21] <Mika_no_Krynn> I don't know man, I couldn't figure it out.  There were people in the place sitting around... but I guess they weren't eating sandwiches.
[18:23] <JessicaKnight> hmmm
[18:23] <JessicaKnight> a medium pizza in 20 min.. not bad
[18:27] <GM_Erik> Mika and Jessica are still stuck to thr ground though.
[18:27] <GM_Erik> What are they doing?
[18:28] <Vrryl> daniel bleeding on the ground?
[18:28] <GM_Erik> one sec, I want to see what Mika and Jessica are doing.
[18:28] <GM_Erik> since they can't see Daniel.
[18:29] <Mika_no_Krynn> Laying, stuck to the ground.
[18:29] <GM_Erik> that's it?
[18:29] <JessicaKnight> it's carpet of adhesion right?
[18:29] <Mika_no_Krynn> Well I would get up and move around, but seeing as how I can't...
[18:29] <GM_Erik> yeah
[18:30] <GM_Erik> Since you're probably a little rusty on this, I could remind you how to get out of Carpet of Adhesion.
[18:30] <JessicaKnight> anti magic cloud?
[18:30] <GM_Erik> Escape?
[18:30] <Vrryl> break the ground?
[18:31] <Mika_no_Krynn> Well seeing as it will wearoff in a minute or so I might as well conserve the PPE
[18:31] <JessicaKnight> hld on
[18:31] <JessicaKnight> can i reach my pack?
[18:31] <GM_Erik> Hmm, roll a d20 Gabe
[18:31] <JessicaKnight> probably not i'm guessing
[18:32] <JessicaKnight> 2
[18:32] <JessicaKnight> =P
[18:32] <GM_Erik> that's a no.
[18:32] <GM_Erik> ok Mike.
[18:32] <JessicaKnight> bah.. that's where my gloves of escape are
[18:32] <GM_Erik> Teach you to be unprepared.
[18:34] <JessicaKnight> i thought escape only worked on locks or restraints?
[18:34] <GM_Erik> Works on Carpet too.
[18:34] <GM_Erik> and on magic net
[18:34] <JessicaKnight> hmm intersting
[18:35] <GM_Erik> check it out in our brand new magic book!
[18:36] <GM_Erik> sorry, YOUR brand new magic book
[18:36] <JessicaKnight> ywah it only mentiosn stuff liek rope, cufgs, locks, bars...
[18:36] <JessicaKnight> blah can't type
[18:36] <Mika_no_Krynn> No kidding.
[18:37] <GM_Erik> magically escape any bonds. (1 bond per casting)
[18:37] <GM_Erik> or 1 set of bonds per casting.
[18:38] <JessicaKnight> well I'm not going to argue if you're giving the chance
[18:38] <GM_Erik> too bad you can't reach your gloves!
[18:38] <JessicaKnight> yup
[18:38] <JessicaKnight> blah
[18:39] <Mika_no_Krynn> Does the spell seal the wound?
[18:41] <GM_Erik> but while laying on the ground, Jessica gets an idea for fixing the laser guns they found in that Pre-Rifts facility.
[18:42] <Vrryl> sorry gabe, i'd help you with the carpet... but like, priorities =(
[18:43] <GM_Erik> not kidding about that Gabe, just to let you know.
[18:43] <JessicaKnight> no prob
[18:43] <JessicaKnight> understandable
[18:43] <JessicaKnight> nice
[18:43] <JessicaKnight> whhe I can train the village guys to use the rifles :)
[18:44] <GM_Erik> but you're not sure how many you can fix with the parts you have.
[18:45] <Mika_no_Krynn> Just go buy some from the local jungle store.
[18:45] <JessicaKnight> elbow grease and headlight fluid
[18:45] <Vrryl> should pull out my spatial duck tape
[18:46] <GM_Erik> is it 3d duck tape?
[18:46] <JessicaKnight> unfotuantely there's no waterfowl around to bind together...
[18:47] <JessicaKnight> unless you have the summon duck spell
[18:47] <Mika_no_Krynn> I could transform into waterfowl.
[18:47] <JessicaKnight> koo
[18:48] * JessicaKnight pops in demolition man into the VCR
[18:48] <Mika_no_Krynn> They mention that movie in the SAC Offical Log.
[18:48] <JessicaKnight> really?
[18:48] <Mika_no_Krynn> Guess it was inspiration for one part or something... didn't read it.
[18:49] <JessicaKnight> kool
[18:56] <GM_Erik> Loki has luck?
[18:56] <Mika_no_Krynn> Hell yeah dude.
[18:57] <Mika_no_Krynn> He'd be toast by now if he didn't.
[18:57] <GM_Erik> all bad...
[19:00] <GM_Erik> Well, Vrryl is now "Anarchist with leanings toward Unprincipled"
[19:02] <GM_Erik> Damn, I never expected to get an alignment drop, but i guess it had to happen sometime.
[19:03] <Mika_no_Krynn> In Brett's defense he did the right thing... not finishing the spell would just have been dumb.
[19:04] <GM_Erik> well, we talked about it.  He was trying to call a bluff on the guy.  Would the guy kill Daniel or not.
[19:04] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah.
[19:04] <GM_Erik> The guy wouldn't have killed Daniel if Vrryl had stopped casting the spell.
[19:04] <Mika_no_Krynn> What a dumbass... I would have killed him anyways.
[19:05] <Mika_no_Krynn> One less opponent, and then the group would have been without the spell Brett was casting.
[19:05] <Mika_no_Krynn> too.
[19:06] <Vrryl> that was my reasoning
[19:06] <GM_Erik> It reminds me of the time we were surrounded by archers in Mike's D&D game, and he reminded us that it was dumb to try anything.  You guys were outnumbered by lesser demons, each one of which had more MDC than any of you.
[19:06] <GM_Erik> Well, except the little ant-demons
[19:07] <GM_Erik> I don't think he did anything wrong, its more of self-perception.  If a bad guy's got a hostage, and the hostage dies because you try something, that's pretty bad.
[19:08] <Mika_no_Krynn> I have more than a Lassae I think
[19:08] <GM_Erik> Well, except the little ant-demons
[19:08] <Mika_no_Krynn> Shoot the hostage!
[19:08] <GM_Erik> Because Vrryl was able to bring him back to life, it will be easier for him to go back up in alignment if he works for it. ::-)
[19:08] <GM_Erik> Although, Daniel's going to be messed for a while, and permantly weaker.
[19:09] <Mika_no_Krynn> Well better alive than dead.
[19:12] <Vrryl> phone
[19:13] <GM_Erik> Daniel has 10 HP right now.
[19:14] <GM_Erik> ok, roll Mike.
[19:14] <Vrryl> mika can work Daniel back up
[19:14] <Vrryl> she's good at that /cackle
[19:14] <Mika_no_Krynn> NOt in his condition... he would  break
[19:15] <GM_Erik> Do you have a tracking skill Gabe?
[19:15] <Mika_no_Krynn> 26 HP 50 SDC
[19:16] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah, right... why would Jessica have Tracking?
[19:16] <JessicaKnight> only for human or animal
[19:16] <JessicaKnight> won't work for anything else
[19:16] <GM_Erik> he's still down 85 SDC and 68 HP
[19:16] <Mika_no_Krynn> Metallica...Four Horsemen!
[19:17] <Mika_no_Krynn> Fuck he has a lot of HP
[19:17] <Mika_no_Krynn> Ok, I will do it 3 more times.
[19:17] <GM_Erik> Tracking skills still overlap into supernatural creatures too
[19:17] <JessicaKnight> all i have is the one for eyes of the wolf.....
[19:18] <GM_Erik> that's always on right?
[19:18] <JessicaKnight> yup
[19:18] <Mika_no_Krynn> 70HP and 180HP
[19:19] <GM_Erik> you mean 180 SDC?
[19:19] <Mika_no_Krynn> yep
[19:20] <GM_Erik> ok Gabe, the result is the same, you're just really sure they didn't leave anything.
[19:20] <JessicaKnight> no prob
[19:33] <Mika_no_Krynn> Just had to throw that in there.
[19:35] <Vrryl> it was a good one
[19:36] <Mika_no_Krynn> Daniel has a horse or something no?
[19:36] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah... army.
[19:36] <GM_Erik> bionic horse
[19:36] <Mika_no_Krynn> Kewl
[19:36] <GM_Erik> full bionic
[19:36] <GM_Erik> or something like that.
[19:36] <Mika_no_Krynn> Does it have lasers in its eyes?
[19:37] <GM_Erik> hmm...
[19:37] <GM_Erik> no
[19:41] <GM_Erik> well, what now?
[19:41] <Mika_no_Krynn> good question
[19:41] <JessicaKnight> whhheee
[19:42] <Mika_no_Krynn> Guess we keep going south.
[19:42] <GM_Erik> going to keep going today? or continue tomorrow?
[19:42] <Mika_no_Krynn> MIght as well rest for the rest of the day, continue on tomorrow.
[19:43] <Mika_no_Krynn> Can we find somewhere near a river/stream?
[19:44] <GM_Erik> hmm..
[19:44] <GM_Erik> roll land navigation
[19:44] <JessicaKnight> heheheh
[19:44] <Mika_no_Krynn> 62 of 73
[19:45] <GM_Erik> sure, you made sure you weren't too far from water.
[19:45] <Mika_no_Krynn> ok
[19:45] <GM_Erik> a few miles away
[19:45] <Mika_no_Krynn> Let's camp near there  then.
[19:47] <Vrryl> slacker daniel... not holding up his share of the patrol duties, wtf!
[19:47] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah, just cuz he died he thinks he can slack off the rest of the mission.
[19:48] <GM_Erik> He'll be too weak to do alot for a couple weeks.
[19:49] <GM_Erik> anything specific anyone wants to do?
[19:49] <Mika_no_Krynn> Nope, gotta meditate to recover PPE
[19:50] <GM_Erik> ok
[19:52] <Vrryl> ya, recover some ppe kinda stuff
[19:52] <Vrryl> brainstorm a little about possibilities
[19:53] <GM_Erik> What are the normal routines?
[19:53] <JessicaKnight> i'm gonna fix as many rifles as I can
[19:53] <Mika_no_Krynn> Does Daylight Savings end this weekend?
[19:53] <JessicaKnight> and start training some of the locals in using them
[19:53] <JessicaKnight> yes it does...
[19:53] <JessicaKnight> settiung clocks back one hour in 6 hrs
[19:53] <Mika_no_Krynn> Not much, just patrol, hunt for PPE.
[19:53] <Mika_no_Krynn> OK.  So next week I can sleep in a little... yeah.
[19:53] <JessicaKnight> how many can I fix and train?
[19:54] <GM_Erik> make a roll with the appropriate skill, weapons engineer
[19:55] <JessicaKnight> O_o
[19:55] <JessicaKnight> 02/87
[19:55] <GM_Erik> a good 2 this time.
[19:56] <JessicaKnight> yup
[19:56] <GM_Erik> you figure out a way to jury rig, hmm, 4 rifles with some of your spare parts.
[19:56] <JessicaKnight> nice
[19:56] <GM_Erik> how many rifles were there total?
[19:56] <JessicaKnight> 6
[19:57] <GM_Erik> ok, wow
[19:57] <GM_Erik> hold on to that thought.
[19:58] <GM_Erik> Hmm, I want to have a conversation with each person.  I think I can do individual windows for each of you, so noone has to get bored.  Want to do that?
[19:58] <JessicaKnight> koo
[19:58] <Vrryl> ok
[20:03] <GM_Erik> pardon any pauses, three conversation you know
[20:03] <Mika_no_Krynn> Forget that shit... I'm outta here then.
[20:03] <GM_Erik> oh yeah? screw you!
[20:04] <Vrryl> your mom!
[20:07] <GM_Erik> and when we're done, We can throw the whole thing into the IC log if you guys want.
[20:21] <GM_Erik> Boy, Brett's really thinking hard!
[20:24] <Mika_no_Krynn> Don't give yourself an aneurism.
[20:44] <GM_Erik> Well, Brett's done, two more to finish up.
[20:46] <GM_Erik> Anything else Mike?
[20:47] <Mika_no_Krynn> Everyone else done?
[20:47] <Mika_no_Krynn> I am done
[20:49] <JessicaKnight> nope still going
[20:51] <GM_Erik> you want any more information than that Gabe?
[20:51] <GM_Erik> For that psionic?
[20:52] <JessicaKnight> nope, that's the extent of it
[20:52] <GM_Erik> ok
[20:57] <GM_Erik> Ok Gabe, which one?
[20:57] <GM_Erik> or I should say, which one first?
[20:57] <JessicaKnight> Vrryl
[20:57] <GM_Erik> ok.  but I'm a bastard you know.
[20:57] <JessicaKnight> ha sure
[20:58] <GM_Erik> I think we'll pause there a second, Mike's trying to guide Debbie online so she can watch a bit.
[20:58] <JessicaKnight> koo
[20:58] <GM_Erik> hows it going Mike?
[20:58] <GM_Erik> oh yeah, and Gabe's done.
[20:58] <Mika_no_Krynn> Actually she is making dinner now...
[20:58] <GM_Erik> oh, ok.
[20:58] <Mika_no_Krynn> So I will tell her how afterwards.
[20:58] <GM_Erik> ok then, on with the game.
[20:59] <GM_Erik> Grover says: Mike, you going near? or far?
[21:00] <Mika_no_Krynn> Probably far.
[21:00] <GM_Erik> Gabe, you'll find Vrryl in his tent.
[21:00] * JessicaKnight walks to Vrryl's tent and shakes it a bit, "Hey, Vrryl you in there?"
[21:00] <GM_Erik> wrong window dude
[21:01] <JessicaKnight> blah
[21:01] * GM_Erik smiles
[21:02] <GM_Erik> You still there Brett?
[21:02] <JessicaKnight> guess he isn't in his tent ;)
[21:03] <GM_Erik> heh heh, or he's asleep in it.
[21:04] <JessicaKnight> haha ok better talk to Mika first
[21:05] <GM_Erik> no, he's actually there...
[21:06] <GM_Erik> cause Mika won't actually be there...
[21:06] <JessicaKnight> whee I find... no one!
[21:07] <GM_Erik> I bet Brett went to make food.
[21:07] <GM_Erik> Too bad we can't make mIRC make noise, huh?
[21:07] <JessicaKnight> you can
[21:07] <JessicaKnight> if they have the defaults turned on
[21:08] <Vrryl> ya, sorry... was also doing laundry
[21:08] <JessicaKnight> haha did that ding for ya Brett?
[21:08] <Vrryl> ding?
[21:08] <JessicaKnight> beep, ding, make a sound..
[21:09] <GM_Erik> ding
[21:09] <Vrryl> nah lol... i'd actually completely forgotten my laundry. was like sudden panic as i was trying to wash up some dishes to eat on
[21:09] <JessicaKnight> hhahah
[21:09] <GM_Erik> anyway, Vrryl can come out of his tent or make a noise for Jessica as she's walking away.
[21:10] <Vrryl> k sec
[21:12] <GM_Erik> yay!
[21:13] <GM_Erik> Mike, make a tracking roll of some sort, maybe animal tracking
[21:13] <Mika_no_Krynn> I only have people tracking.
[21:13] <Mika_no_Krynn> 57 of 84
[21:13] <GM_Erik> ok, roll that then.
[21:13] <GM_Erik> hmm..
[21:14] <GM_Erik> after a while you don't find anything.
[21:14] <Mika_no_Krynn> In the middle of a jungle, and I can't find anything... must be that time of the month.
[21:14] <Mika_no_Krynn> The animals can sense it.
[21:15] <GM_Erik> want to keep looking?
[21:15] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yep...
[21:15] <GM_Erik> ok, roll again.
[21:15] <Mika_no_Krynn> 29 of 84
[21:17] <GM_Erik> you find a big grey animal, thrice as big as any cow, with large horns on its forehead
[21:17] <Mika_no_Krynn> Nice... that'll do.
[21:17] <GM_Erik> poor rhino
[21:17] <JessicaKnight> haha you eating well tonight?
[21:18] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yep. Oh well, I don't think they are on the verge of extinction in Rifts.
[21:18] <GM_Erik> I don't think I'd give you the oppurtunity to kill one if they were.  That would be unethical.
[21:19] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah...
[21:20] <GM_Erik> it might even be against IRC guidelines!
[21:21] <Mika_no_Krynn> Killing internet rhinos... indeed.
[21:22] <Mika_no_Krynn> There is probably a channel called that.
[21:24] <GM_Erik> probably...
[21:24] <GM_Erik> that'll take you a couple hours Mike.
[21:24] <GM_Erik> Do you want PPE amounts?
[21:24] <Mika_no_Krynn> ok
[21:24] <Mika_no_Krynn> Nah.
[21:24] <Mika_no_Krynn> It was just to vent more than anything.
[21:25] <JessicaKnight> nothing on google about "killing internet rhinos"
[21:25] <Mika_no_Krynn> That's strange
[21:27] <GM_Erik> I made sure to copy all the logs onto a word file, since the program doesn't log the minor windows.
[21:27] <Mika_no_Krynn> Ah... good call dude.
[21:28] <Mika_no_Krynn> And the Fellowship is breaking...
[21:28] <GM_Erik> mwa ha ha
[21:29] <JessicaKnight> whhhheeee
[21:29] <Mika_no_Krynn> Only a month and a half... or 10000years for me.
[21:30] <GM_Erik> ?
[21:30] <Mika_no_Krynn> Return of the King.
[21:30] <GM_Erik> oh yeah.
[21:30] <GM_Erik> I can't wait!!
[21:30] <Vrryl> whos' katrina again?
[21:31] <GM_Erik> She's the really poweful ley line walker, remember?
[21:31] <JessicaKnight> the good looking super mage chick
[21:31] <GM_Erik> 15th level, knows lots of spells.
[21:31] <GM_Erik> yeah, really good looking.
[21:31] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah.
[21:32] <GM_Erik> we're going to have a super widescreen surround sound extended version movie night when Two Towers extended comes out.
[21:32] <Mika_no_Krynn> You know she must be hot, cuz when people describe her it starts with "The really good looking..." rather than the "15th level.."
[21:32] <JessicaKnight> haha
[21:32] <GM_Erik> Her PB is 27
[21:32] <Mika_no_Krynn> I need to order that from back home...
[21:32] <JessicaKnight> want me to send you a copy?
[21:32] <Mika_no_Krynn> That'd be kewl... the Special Edition, like last time.
[21:33] <GM_Erik> One of the grad students has a really big widescreen TV, one of those 4 foot long ones
[21:33] <JessicaKnight> alright i'll make a not of it
[21:33] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yep... I bet she can wiggle those fingers pretty well...
[21:33] <GM_Erik> oooh...
[21:34] <JessicaKnight> heh
[21:36] <Mika_no_Krynn> She's an imposter... burn her!
[21:37] <Mika_no_Krynn> Burn her anyways.
[21:37] <JessicaKnight> that's the problem with principled characters... ;)
[21:37] <JessicaKnight> they always start shit
[21:37] <Mika_no_Krynn> Well we'll just have to give her a spanking... spank her ass down to scrupulous
[21:38] <JessicaKnight> heh
[21:38] <GM_Erik> oooh...
[21:39] <GM_Erik> I bet that's wat Gabe wanted to do when she took Jessica out into the woods.
[21:39] <Mika_no_Krynn> Jessica is English... they have that spanking fetish...
[21:39] <JessicaKnight> hahah
[21:39] <JessicaKnight> lesbian spanking sex
[21:39] <JessicaKnight> me and Katrina
[21:40] <Mika_no_Krynn> That's how we fund part of the merc company... porno-vids
[21:41] <JessicaKnight> chicks with big guns...
[21:41] <JessicaKnight> and big swrods
[21:41] <GM_Erik> sounds like Shirow's art
[21:42] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah... that's why Shirow is kewl.
[21:44] <GM_Erik> that's it.
[21:44] <Mika_no_Krynn> Fire in the hole!
[21:45] <JessicaKnight> fusion block into the tent, and run
[21:45] <GM_Erik> a large one? 4d6x10?
[21:45] <Mika_no_Krynn> those Rifts characters and their pesky jokes.
[21:45] <JessicaKnight> a plasma grenade would work too
[21:45] <Mika_no_Krynn> Thermal Detonator
[21:46] <GM_Erik> not as much damage though
[21:46] <Mika_no_Krynn> More contained though
[21:46] <GM_Erik> the plasma grenade, not the thermal detonator
[21:47] <GM_Erik> I smell brains smoking again.
[21:47] <Mika_no_Krynn> Bust in there... and rip shit up.
[21:51] <Mika_no_Krynn> Naruhodo
[21:51] <Mika_no_Krynn> yappari na
[21:51] <GM_Erik> nani?
[21:51] <Mika_no_Krynn> Indeed... as expected.
[21:52] <Mika_no_Krynn> Dude, you totally should have tried for the lesbian spanking thing... that would have been kewl.  Would have revealed the real situation.
[21:52] <JessicaKnight> haha
[21:53] <GM_Erik> Would it?
[21:53] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yes, logically it follows; lesbian spanking is good, and good is good, hence it would be all good.
[21:54] <Mika_no_Krynn> Dude... she likes your guns!
[21:54] <Mika_no_Krynn> You're there!
[21:55] <JessicaKnight> nice.... time to lez out!
[21:55] <JessicaKnight> I climb into her tent and kiss her
[21:55] <GM_Erik> wrong window again ;;-)
[21:55] <Mika_no_Krynn> And all is right with the world again.
[21:55] <JessicaKnight> aw damn
[21:55] <JessicaKnight> I keep doing that
[21:55] <JessicaKnight> ;)
[21:56] <Mika_no_Krynn> Hidden dragon and crouching Jessica.
[21:57] <JessicaKnight> heh
[21:57] <Mika_no_Krynn> This conversation is really bizarre.
[21:57] <JessicaKnight> rather
[21:58] <Mika_no_Krynn> It is like something out of The Matrix
[21:58] <Mika_no_Krynn> What is it?  It's it.  What is it?
[22:00] <Mika_no_Krynn> Debbie just emailed you the stuff... I will try to get her online asap
[22:00] <GM_Erik> yup, got it.
[22:05] <Mika_no_Krynn> Some strange voodoo here Batman
[22:05] <JessicaKnight> wow this chicks wants me out something bad ;)
[22:05] <Vrryl> well, someone say something
[22:06] <Mika_no_Krynn> I'm not even there.
[22:06] <GM_Erik> sorry
[22:06] <Vrryl> say something anyways mike lol
[22:06] <GM_Erik> oh wait, nothing for me to say yet.
[22:07] <Mika_no_Krynn> If Mika was here...
[22:07] <GM_Erik> spanking?
[22:07] <Mika_no_Krynn> Just a little.
[22:13] <Vrryl> shit, thought i had thunder clap
[22:14] <GM_Erik> i thought you did too.
[22:14] <Vrryl> i thought i'd used it before... but cant find it
[22:15] <GM_Erik> You dd use it before, as a prank on Jessica.
[22:16] *** Zando has joined #RiftsOOC
[22:17] <GM_Erik> so, what are you going to do?
[22:17] <JessicaKnight> hey deb
[22:17] <GM_Erik> Hey
[22:17] <JessicaKnight> depends on what Brett is doing
[22:17] <Vrryl> not a clue.. trying to find a spell atm that would be mega loud
[22:19] <JessicaKnight> why don't you jsut yell?
[22:19] <GM_Erik> that's one way to do it Brett.
[22:21] <GM_Erik> Oh that's just great.
[22:21] <Vrryl> lol
[22:22] *** Mika_no_Krynn sets mode: +o Zando
[22:23] <Mika_no_Krynn> That's funny.
[22:23] <Mika_no_Krynn> Big ass flail... not that kind of problem, yet dude.
[22:24] <GM_Erik> Its his Rune Flail
[22:24] <Vrryl> haha
[22:24] <Mika_no_Krynn> Damn... I want one.
[22:26] <Zando> hi everybody
[22:27] <Vrryl> aloha
[22:28] <Mika_no_Krynn> It's gonna be comprimised in yo head foo! If you keep talking to me like that...
[22:28] <GM_Erik> don't worry Deb, I'm still working on it.  But it'll take a little time.
[22:29] <Zando> okay
[22:30] <Mika_no_Krynn> That was easy.
[22:32] <GM_Erik> roll perception Mike
[22:33] <Mika_no_Krynn> 18
[22:34] <GM_Erik> Yeah Gabe, I wonder that too. ::-)
[22:35] * Zando like this Mike?
[22:35] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yep
[22:36] * GM_Erik like this Mike too
[22:36] <Zando> what other things are there
[22:36] <GM_Erik> with your character?
[22:38] <GM_Erik> Is Jessica doing anything?
[22:38] <Mika_no_Krynn> This is just like the movie "The Thing"
[22:39] <Mika_no_Krynn> I say we burn everyone, and the person that runs away is a witch
[22:39] <GM_Erik> hah
[22:41] <GM_Erik> Deb, did you want to know what was left for your character?
[22:42] <Zando> who is katrina? no I was wondering if there were other commands like the /me thing
[22:42] <Mika_no_Krynn> Katrina is a NPC
[22:42] <Mika_no_Krynn> As stated earlier she is the really hot mage chick
[22:43] <Mika_no_Krynn> That has a thing for Jessica's guns.
[22:43] <GM_Erik> (she doesn't really have a thing for Jessica's guns, Mike is joking)
[22:44] <GM_Erik> In the IC window, I have to be all the NPC's too.
[22:44] <Mika_no_Krynn> Maybe she does, she just isn't telling us.
[22:46] <Mika_no_Krynn> Nice... kiss butt.
[22:46] <Mika_no_Krynn> Walking Ley Lines does not make one great.
[22:47] <JessicaKnight> hey did anyone go after thorpe
[22:47] <Zando> what is a ley line
[22:47] <Mika_no_Krynn> Good question... both times.
[22:47] <Mika_no_Krynn> No on the first.
[22:47] <Vrryl> i'd say it makes someone pretty great... great at walking ley lines!
[22:47] <Mika_no_Krynn> Second, an energy line of manifested magical energy.
[22:48] <Mika_no_Krynn> You can walk through them and stuff... they are like electrical fields, but of magical energy.
[22:49] <Mika_no_Krynn> If you use magic, they are important.
[22:50] <GM_Erik> When billions of people died in the cataclysm, their inividual energies were released into the world, flooding it with psychic, or magic, energy.  This resulted in rivers of magical energy erupted over the entire planet.
[22:52] <Mika_no_Krynn> Nice desc.
[22:56] <JessicaKnight> *yawn*
[22:57] <Mika_no_Krynn> Do we see him around?
[22:57] <Zando> who?
[22:57] <Mika_no_Krynn> Question to GM
[22:58] <GM_Erik> thorpe?
[22:58] <GM_Erik> no.
[23:02] <GM_Erik> any talking?
[23:05] <GM_Erik> mwa haha
[23:05] <Zando> who is erin tarn?
[23:06] <Mika_no_Krynn> A really famous historian/anthropologist in Rifts Earth
[23:07] <GM_Erik> She is a writer who has books on all sorts of subjects.  She is famous in North America and Europe (probably the only author who is)
[23:08] <Mika_no_Krynn> She is wanted by the Coalition (kinda like the Nazis, but in North America, and instead of hating Jews they hate anything non-human or magical)
[23:10] <Vrryl> ok... i left that way open for smart ass comments, let's hear em!
[23:11] <Mika_no_Krynn> hehe
[23:11] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah, they were coming, but I decided to hold my tongue
[23:11] <GM_Erik> yeah, she's an old lady
[23:17] <Mika_no_Krynn> The Japanese really have the instant ramen thing down man... they make some tasty shit!
[23:18] <Vrryl> you eat shit?
[23:18] <Mika_no_Krynn> They do, as long as it comes out of the ocean ;P
[23:18] <JessicaKnight> heh
[23:21] <GM_Erik> nah, Thorpe will jst be extra paranoid like you guys
[23:22] <Mika_no_Krynn> Just because we're paranoid does not mean they're not after us.
[23:23] <GM_Erik> So, do you guys want to see the logs from your individual conversations?  Will you talk about them amongst yourselves?
[23:24] <Mika_no_Krynn> Nah.
[23:25] <Mika_no_Krynn> What time is it in game?
[23:26] <GM_Erik> Hey Deb, I just emailed your character to you.  Its got some complications that might take explaining, but I tried to make it as easy to understand as possible.
[23:26] <GM_Erik> I sent a copy to Mike too.
[23:26] <GM_Erik> Anything else your characters want to do tonight?
[23:26] <Mika_no_Krynn> Nice... your character comes with built-in Issues.
[23:26] <Mika_no_Krynn> make-up with Daniel.
[23:26] <GM_Erik> We also need to work on a background a little bit Deb.
[23:26] <Mika_no_Krynn> Already killed soemthing.
[23:27] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah!!
[23:27] <GM_Erik> What if its not Daniel?
[23:27] <Mika_no_Krynn> As long as it looks like him ;P
[23:27] <GM_Erik> how shallow are you?
[23:27] <Mika_no_Krynn> Very
[23:27] <Mika_no_Krynn> It beats having to do it yourself.
[23:28] <Mika_no_Krynn> Plus, it is another way to figure out if he is an imposter or not.
[23:28] <Mika_no_Krynn> Hit them in the mind... and the nuts.
[23:29] <GM_Erik> I honestly don't think there's anything else to do in this session then.
[23:30] <Mika_no_Krynn> That was quick
[23:30] <GM_Erik> 5 and a half hours
[23:30] <GM_Erik> we didn't een start late today
[23:31] <Mika_no_Krynn> True, true
[23:31] <GM_Erik> I think it seemed fast since there was no combat.  Combat slows things down a lot
[23:31] <Mika_no_Krynn> That it does,
[23:31] <Mika_no_Krynn> When is the next session then?
[23:31] <GM_Erik> Well, next week I'm in Seattle.
[23:31] <JessicaKnight> I'm no good for the 14-16
[23:31] <GM_Erik> We could tentatively say the 8th of Nov (sat)
[23:32] <JessicaKnight> I'll be in edmonton
[23:32] <GM_Erik> Then if we play the 8th, we could introduce Deb's character
[23:32] <GM_Erik> I'll have her kick everyone's ass, and then become friends.
[23:32] <Mika_no_Krynn> Ok then the 8th?
[23:33] <GM_Erik> Is Deb paying attention right now?
[23:33] <GM_Erik> (she might be examining her character)
[23:34] <JessicaKnight> whheee
[23:34] <Mika_no_Krynn> She is
[23:34] <GM_Erik> How was tonight anyway?
[23:34] <JessicaKnight> ok.. that's good.. gives me a chance to work on FFXI next weekend
[23:35] <GM_Erik> Was it a good follow-up to last week?
[23:36] <Mika_no_Krynn> Things are getting a lot more interesting... not just us beating shit up.
[23:36] <JessicaKnight> weird one today.. don't know what to make of it
[23:36] <Mika_no_Krynn> Though I would still like a Rune Flail
[23:36] <JessicaKnight> a lot more char dev this time around :)
[23:37] <GM_Erik> so... two weeks from today?
[23:37] <GM_Erik> 6pm?
[23:38] <GM_Erik> different time for Mike?
[23:38] <Mika_no_Krynn> Sounds good. 10am for me
[23:38] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah!
[23:39] <GM_Erik> I'm not sure about after that.  I defend my thesis in... 5 weeks.
[23:39] <JessicaKnight> crunch time
[23:39] <GM_Erik> I have a lot of work to do, wrote 5 pages today.
[23:39] <GM_Erik> ok, any other questions?
[23:39] <Mika_no_Krynn> Good.  You are finishing it up this semester, eh?
[23:39] <GM_Erik> I better.
[23:40] <Mika_no_Krynn> Not from me.
[23:40] <JessicaKnight> nyet
[23:40] <JessicaKnight> well good luck man
[23:41] <GM_Erik> ok, we should email to confirm in a week and a bit.
[23:41] <GM_Erik> Later everyone.
[23:41] <JessicaKnight> later man
[23:42] <Mika_no_Krynn> later
[23:42] *** JessicaKnight has quit IRC (Quit:  )
[23:45] *** Mika_no_Krynn has quit IRC (Quit:  )
Session Close: Sat Oct 25 23:45:45 2003
GM Erik
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Thu 22 Oct 2015
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Horsemen of the Apocalypse 2 - OOC Chat Logs
Session Start: Sat Dec 13 16:54:48 2003
[16:54] *** Now talking in #RiftsOOC
[16:55] <GM_Erik> ro:
[16:55] *** JessicaKnight sets mode: +o GM_Erik
[16:55] <JessicaKnight> yo
[17:05] <GM_Erik> ok, I think I got most of Deb's equipment taken care of.
[17:16] *** Vrryl has joined #riftsooc
[17:16] <Vrryl> aloha
[17:17] <JessicaKnight> j0
[17:18] <JessicaKnight> mm i should probably go get my rifts stuff and dice together... bbl
[17:22] <GM_Erik> ya
[17:22] *** GM_Erik sets mode: +o Vrryl
[17:22] *** JessicaKnight sets mode: +ntps
[17:33] *** Mika_no_Krynn has joined #RiftsOOC
[17:33] <JessicaKnight> j0
[17:33] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yo
[17:33] <Mika_no_Krynn> The Jade NEt dudes have blocked my IP... couldn't connect through that one
[17:33] <JessicaKnight> weird
[17:34] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah... maybe they don't like Japanese people^^
[17:34] <JessicaKnight> heh
[17:34] *** GM_Erik sets mode: +o Mika_no_Krynn
[17:34] *** Lucky_Zando has joined #RiftsOOC
[17:34] <JessicaKnight> j0
[17:35] <Mika_no_Krynn> Evening
[17:35] *** GM_Erik sets mode: +o Lucky_Zando
[17:36] <Vrryl> hey
[17:36] <JessicaKnight> hey Mike, was there anything else you wanted me to send? I'm going to ship off your package tomorrow or Monday
[17:37] <Mika_no_Krynn> Did you put Chilli mix in there?
[17:38] <JessicaKnight> nope
[17:38] <JessicaKnight> I will go get that tomorrow
[17:38] <JessicaKnight> your dvd's and toothpaste
[17:39] <Mika_no_Krynn> Kewl, danke... alright, sweet
[17:39] <JessicaKnight> np
[17:39] <Mika_no_Krynn> I am heading to Osaka next weekend, so I will pick up the Be Human OST then
[17:39] <JessicaKnight> sweet thanks
[17:39] <Mika_no_Krynn> Anything else from Japan you need?
[17:41] <JessicaKnight> let me think for a while
[17:42] <JessicaKnight> there probably is, just can't remember at the moment
[17:42] <Lucky_Zando> hi everybody!
[17:42] <JessicaKnight> sup deb?
[17:42] <Lucky_Zando> Sup? what does that mean?
[17:43] <JessicaKnight> what's up?
[17:43] <Vrryl> hi
[17:44] <Lucky_Zando> oh, not much, getting ready to leave for New Brunswick on Monday...will be gone until the week of Jan 12, 2004
[17:44] <Mika_no_Krynn> You going to join the IC channel?
[17:44] <JessicaKnight> nice long vacation
[17:44] <Mika_no_Krynn> Wow.. super long holiday
[17:52] <Mika_no_Krynn> We ready to play or what?
[17:52] <Vrryl> i am
[17:55] <GM_Erik> hmm.
[17:55] <GM_Erik> have to do a couple things with Debbie
[17:56] <Mika_no_Krynn> Ah ok... we shall banter then.
[17:56] <Mika_no_Krynn> Just let us know where we are...
[18:00] <GM_Erik> where's the bantering?
[18:00] <JessicaKnight> we're using our telepathic abilities..
[18:00] <Mika_no_Krynn> You did not say where we are...
[18:00] * Vrryl banters
[18:04] <JessicaKnight> guuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
[18:04] <Mika_no_Krynn> Hey Gabe what do you make with those Yagudo bead necklaces?
[18:05] <JessicaKnight> capes right now
[18:05] <GM_Erik> Ok, I just sent you your character Debbie (via email)
[18:05] <JessicaKnight> can also make glove and gaiters
[18:05] <GM_Erik> updated that it.
[18:05] <Mika_no_Krynn> How do you make them?
[18:05] <GM_Erik> What do you mean where you are? oh in the game..
[18:05] <GM_Erik> Before we start, I thought I'd give a level update.
[18:05] <JessicaKnight> beads + wind ---> 3x grass thread + earth --> 1x grass cloth
[18:06] <GM_Erik> Vrryl is 15,000 away from next level
[18:06] <Vrryl> i think mike wishes us to banter in game, with a given set environment
[18:06] <Mika_no_Krynn> Score!  I got a level?
[18:06] <Vrryl> SWEET!!!! almost there... ((stay on target))
[18:06] <GM_Erik> Mika is 9,000 away from next level
[18:06] <JessicaKnight> 2x grass cloth + 1x grass thread + earth ---> cape
[18:06] <GM_Erik> jessica is 10,000 away from next level
[18:06] <GM_Erik> all those are approximates
[18:06] <JessicaKnight> koo
[18:07] <Mika_no_Krynn> Damn... that's far
[18:07] <GM_Erik> Dunno, The last three sessions you each got about 2700 xp
[18:07] <GM_Erik> total
[18:08] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah... and that has been over how many months?
[18:08] <GM_Erik> too many.
[18:13] <GM_Erik> Remember when Brett used that rusty dagger for the blessing?
[18:13] <GM_Erik> [20:11] * Vrryl steps through the crowds, up to the fire. He pats down his cloths, frowning each time his fingers brush yet another conventioanl weapon. At last he finds something. Long since forgetten about, a flitting memory from what seems an age ago.
[18:13] <GM_Erik>  [20:13] * Vrryl pulls off a belt pouch, reaches into it's dimensional depths, and fingers around. Ah! They brush a small, metal object. Grasping on to it, he pulls forth a small, rusted dagger. No more or less rusted than it had been when first he'd aquired it a number of years ago. Perfect!
[18:14] <JessicaKnight> so if we anticipate 1 day travel accross the continent we can get it done in 6 hours right? \
[18:14] <GM_Erik> what kind of math is that??
[18:15] <Vrryl> lol
[18:15] <GM_Erik> ok.... :;-)
[18:16] <JessicaKnight> hehe
[18:16] <Vrryl> figured the dagger would come in handy one day /nods
[18:18] <GM_Erik> there, that second one is better.
[18:26] <GM_Erik> talking to Debbie right now.. you can banter if you want. ::-)
[18:26] <Mika_no_Krynn> I will assume it is morning for the sake of argument.
[18:27] <Vrryl> how many days after the incident, or is it like the very next day, morning?
[18:27] <Mika_no_Krynn> Don't know... just going on the assumption that it is some morning
[18:27] <Mika_no_Krynn> Probably the day after I would assume
[18:28] <Mika_no_Krynn> Ok, maybe not
[18:28] <GM_Erik> anything you wanted to do the next day?
[18:29] <Mika_no_Krynn> NOt particularly
[18:30] <GM_Erik> anything you want to do now?
[18:30] <JessicaKnight> explode
[18:30] <Mika_no_Krynn> Not that I can think of, besides travelling
[18:31] <GM_Erik> Vrryl let the fire go out???!!!
[18:31] <GM_Erik> that's -2000 points
[18:32] <Vrryl> wtf!!!
[18:32] <Vrryl> =(
[18:32] <JessicaKnight> haha
[18:32] <JessicaKnight> what is he carrying? the olympic torch or something?
[18:33] <GM_Erik> have you guys changed any operations lately?
[18:34] <Mika_no_Krynn> I don't think so... just have everyone on guard for any more weird encounters
[18:46] <Vrryl> did we discuss in character yet whether that was the read Death or not?
[18:46] <JessicaKnight> i don't think so
[18:46] <GM_Erik> pestilence
[18:46] <GM_Erik> not plague
[18:46] <Mika_no_Krynn> Whatever... it is all the same shit anyways
[18:47] <Mika_no_Krynn> Just another wanker we have to take out.
[18:52] <Mika_no_Krynn> We should us the right of Parlay more to get us out of shit
[18:52] <GM_Erik> parlay... someone's been reading KODT
[18:52] <Vrryl> totazlly dude
[18:52] <Vrryl> oh... get this, you know Knights of the Dinner Table is actually a kids book?
[18:52] <JessicaKnight> haha
[18:54] <Vrryl> i found it while poking through some books in the library for my grade 5's... it's in a series of easy readers. There it was, KODT, the book. Not the cartoons or same characters, but it's about roleplaying and kids adventuring
[18:54] <Mika_no_Krynn> No, I've been watching PIrates of the CArribean
[18:54] <Mika_no_Krynn> Wicked!
[18:54] <GM_Erik> he is a hard head.
[18:54] <JessicaKnight> such a good show
[18:59] <Vrryl> hm, said that wrong.. ah well
[18:59] <Mika_no_Krynn> Death is such a galvanting type guy
[19:01] <GM_Erik> imagine Death.... skipping along through the hills! hand in hand in zombies!
[19:01] <JessicaKnight> and a basket of flowers on his way to Grandma's house
[19:17] <GM_Erik> enemy of my enemy is an even better enemy... That'll take a while to sort out.
[19:17] <Mika_no_Krynn> haha, yeah
[19:21] <GM_Erik> ok, one moment..
[19:24] <JessicaKnight> haha and no I did not shoot you :)
[19:25] <Mika_no_Krynn> Always when we're about to do something
[19:25] <Vrryl> haha
[19:25] <Vrryl> Gabe
[19:25] <Mika_no_Krynn> If he did, you would probably have heard an exclamation of joy
[19:25] <Mika_no_Krynn> "It works!"
[19:25] <JessicaKnight> heh probably
[19:26] <Vrryl> would have been pretty funny
[19:26] <GM_Erik> how does Gabe know it wasn't him?
[19:26] <Mika_no_Krynn> Maybe the rifle she set down actually does work... on delay
[19:26] <JessicaKnight> heh maybe
[19:28] <GM_Erik> OK, brett roll Initiative, Debbie roll initiative (d20+bonuses)
[19:29] <Lucky_Zando> 19
[19:30] <Vrryl> my sixth sense go off at all?
[19:30] <GM_Erik> Debbie, you get to use the Martial Arts column
[19:30] <GM_Erik> Well, you had the danger announced to you openly.
[19:30] <Mika_no_Krynn> That's like 2nd Sense
[19:31] <GM_Erik> heh heh
[19:31] <GM_Erik> maybe some third sense too
[19:31] <Mika_no_Krynn> So who/what do I see when I look?
[19:31] <Vrryl> ok... sec
[19:32] <Vrryl> rolled 18.. so 20
[19:33] <Lucky_Zando> plus I look really pissed off
[19:34] <GM_Erik> Did you add your bonus to the roll Debbie?
[19:34] <Lucky_Zando> yes
[19:34] <GM_Erik> ok.
[19:34] <Lucky_Zando> i believe he beat me
[19:34] <GM_Erik> well, Brett, what are you going to do?
[19:34] <Mika_no_Krynn> Stare on on utter confusion?
[19:35] <Lucky_Zando> oh wait I only added +4 in the martail column it says +6 which one do I use?
[19:35] <JessicaKnight> check if that was some bad crack in the pipe you were smokin?
[19:35] <GM_Erik> ok, roll strike Debbie. and add in the right bonus in the martial arts column.
[19:35] <GM_Erik> thats a d20 again
[19:35] <GM_Erik> what is Vrryl doing?
[19:36] <Mika_no_Krynn> Attempt to disbelieve!
[19:36] <Lucky_Zando> 30
[19:36] <GM_Erik> you use the +6
[19:36] <JessicaKnight> hehehhe
[19:36] <GM_Erik> from initative you had +6, but its ok.
[19:36] <Lucky_Zando> okay then my initative was 2 higher, sorry I'm still getting used to this
[19:37] <GM_Erik> oh yeah, if you get a 19 or 20 without bonuses Debbie, you should say that too.
[19:37] <Vrryl> do i even get to do anything before she strikes?
[19:37] <Mika_no_Krynn> Crit strike.
[19:37] <GM_Erik> nope, but you can try to defend.
[19:37] <GM_Erik> or a short parlay
[19:37] <GM_Erik> ;;-)
[19:37] <JessicaKnight> get behind him, use deathblow ;)
[19:38] <Mika_no_Krynn> Invoke Parlay she has to stop then!
[19:38] <Mika_no_Krynn> ... if she is a pirate.
[19:38] <JessicaKnight> hah
[19:38] <JessicaKnight> and even then, it's just a ":guideline"
[19:38] <Vrryl> arr, matey!
[19:38] <Lucky_Zando> okay? did i hit?
[19:38] <Mika_no_Krynn> Maybe she's an Elfy-pirate
[19:38] <GM_Erik> Brett?
[19:38] <Lucky_Zando> aargg
[19:39] <Vrryl> may as well try to parry
[19:39] <GM_Erik> ok, roll it, but you don't get any bonuses.
[19:39] <Vrryl> holy shiT!!
[19:39] <Vrryl> n20
[19:39] <Mika_no_Krynn> Nice!
[19:39] <JessicaKnight> nice :)
[19:39] <Vrryl> fuck
[19:39] <Vrryl> what a fucking waste
[19:40] <Lucky_Zando> did i get him?
[19:40] <Vrryl> oh noooo... i can't pull this shit off when like mr uber demon about to lay in a death shot on my ass, but sure, i'll roll em all against someone called Lucky *grumbles*
[19:40] <Mika_no_Krynn> Miraculously no
[19:40] <JessicaKnight> hahah
[19:41] <GM_Erik> So, Brett rolled the only thing that would allow him to parry your blow Debbie, he got a critical roll (natural 20
[19:41] <GM_Erik> 's always win
[19:41] <Lucky_Zando> well then I head butt him
[19:41] <GM_Erik> ok, Brett, what are you gonig to do?
[19:41] <Mika_no_Krynn> If the fancy shit doesn't work resort to headbutting
[19:41] <GM_Erik> before Debbie attacks again, you get a turn.
[19:42] <GM_Erik> is that all you do Brett?
[19:42] <Vrryl> nah, i got a plan
[19:43] <GM_Erik> well?
[19:43] <JessicaKnight> I"m going to walk over and slub the elf chick in the back of the head with the butt of the rifle
[19:43] <JessicaKnight> er club
[19:43] <Mika_no_Krynn> Complex plan
[19:44] <GM_Erik> ok, Debbie, roll strike
[19:44] <Lucky_Zando>  20 + 12
[19:44] <Mika_no_Krynn> That's gonna hurt
[19:44] <JessicaKnight> ow ow ow ow
[19:44] <GM_Erik> ok, since Vrryl probably didn't expect that much.... and its a critical...
[19:45] <GM_Erik> roll damage Debbie.
[19:45] <Lucky_Zando> how does that work?
[19:45] <GM_Erik> your headbutt is 5d6
[19:45] <Mika_no_Krynn> You roll dice and add them ;P
[19:45] <JessicaKnight> nice headbutt
[19:45] <JessicaKnight> I hope that's not MDC
[19:45] <Lucky_Zando> 13
[19:45] <Mika_no_Krynn> I think it is
[19:46] <GM_Erik> Brett, roll a d20 for me.
[19:46] <Vrryl> 18
[19:47] <GM_Erik> ok, that's double damage as a critical... So Brett, you take 26 damage to your face.
[19:47] <JessicaKnight> oohhh...
[19:47] <GM_Erik> Brett, roll a d6
[19:47] <Mika_no_Krynn> Ouch... luckily Vrryl's face isn't much to look at anyways ;P
[19:47] <Vrryl> pffft
[19:48] <Vrryl> i should shapeshift to you... then see how well that comment sits
[19:48] <Vrryl> 2
[19:48] <JessicaKnight> heh
[19:48] <GM_Erik> that's how many melee rounds you're stunned for.
[19:48] <Lucky_Zando> did I knock him out?
[19:48] <Vrryl> i got my carpt off though
[19:48] <GM_Erik> yup.
[19:48] <Lucky_Zando> what carpet?
[19:48] <JessicaKnight> heheh
[19:48] <GM_Erik> Debbie, your feet are stuck to the ground.
[19:49] <Lucky_Zando> Well if he's a witch I pull out my spear
[19:49] <GM_Erik> nice, it's really long too.
[19:49] <JessicaKnight> so I can do my thing now?
[19:49] <Mika_no_Krynn> Spear of Witch kIlling?  +10 vs Witches/
[19:49] <JessicaKnight> heh
[19:49] <GM_Erik> ok, Debbie, roll a d20
[19:49] <GM_Erik> Gabe, roll prowl
[19:50] <Lucky_Zando> 17 do I add anything
[19:50] <GM_Erik> no
[19:50] <GM_Erik> oh yeah, Debbie, roll 2d6
[19:50] <Lucky_Zando> 6
[19:51] <JessicaKnight> don't have prowl
[19:51] <GM_Erik> that's how many rounds it takes you to pull free.
[19:51] <Mika_no_Krynn> No ninja powers for you then
[19:51] <Lucky_Zando> son of a b....can I use my super strength or anything?
[19:51] <JessicaKnight> nope.. not ninjistic
[19:51] <GM_Erik> it's magic.
[19:51] <Mika_no_Krynn> hehehe
[19:52] <GM_Erik> well Gabe, you can try to hit her, roll strike.
[19:52] <Mika_no_Krynn> A very simple, but VERY powerful magic in terms of effect
[19:52] <JessicaKnight> 19
[19:52] <GM_Erik> Debbie, what do you do?
[19:53] <Lucky_Zando> atuododge?
[19:53] <GM_Erik> sure.
[19:53] <Lucky_Zando> how?
[19:53] <GM_Erik> you're at -5 because you're stuck
[19:53] <GM_Erik> roll a d20, add bonuses, subtract 5
[19:53] <GM_Erik> all combat rolls are with a d20 except for damage
[19:53] <Lucky_Zando> I rolled a 20 + 14 - 5
[19:54] <Mika_no_Krynn> Christs... what's up with your dice?
[19:54] <JessicaKnight> n20 again?
[19:54] <GM_Erik> Roll your strike Debbie.
[19:54] <Lucky_Zando> yes I swithc between my blue oragne and silver one
[19:55] <GM_Erik> What are you wearing Gabe?
[19:55] <JessicaKnight> nothing
[19:55] <JessicaKnight> except my clothes
[19:55] <GM_Erik> whoo! oh..
[19:55] <JessicaKnight> no knickers tho :)
[19:55] <Lucky_Zando> damn I guess I should have changed dice I rolled a 2 what do I add to it?
[19:55] <JessicaKnight> yeah i'm not gonna be sitting around in my armor working on rifles... =P
[19:55] <GM_Erik> weapon strike bonus.  And what do you do Gabe?
[19:55] <JessicaKnight> dodge
[19:55] <GM_Erik> oh yeah, use the expert column
[19:56] <JessicaKnight> 19
[19:56] <GM_Erik> What is it without bonuses Gabe?
[19:56] <Lucky_Zando> so I guess 18 total then
[19:56] <JessicaKnight> 13
[19:57] <GM_Erik> roll damage Debbie, the SDC one.
[19:57] <Lucky_Zando> 11
[19:57] <Lucky_Zando> is it another witch?
[19:57] <GM_Erik> that's not right.
[19:58] <GM_Erik> your roll should be 2d6+47
[19:58] <JessicaKnight> O_o
[19:58] <Mika_no_Krynn> Jesus CHRIST!
[19:58] <JessicaKnight> do you WANT to kill me?
[19:58] <GM_Erik> heh heh
[19:59] <GM_Erik> Debbie, how about a roll for the damage.
[19:59] <Lucky_Zando> oh I used 2d6 +2 so I guess another 45?
[19:59] <Vrryl> least she only head butted me lol
[19:59] <JessicaKnight> hehe
[19:59] <GM_Erik> yeah., so that's 56 SDC to Gabe
[19:59] <JessicaKnight> jesus
[20:00] <JessicaKnight> 41 leftt
[20:00] <Lucky_Zando> holy okay I change my mind, i like the spear
[20:00] <GM_Erik> Well, what is everyone doing?
[20:00] <Mika_no_Krynn> Empathic Transmission... peacefulness
[20:00] <GM_Erik> ok, Debbie, roll a save ve psionics.
[20:01] <GM_Erik> d20 with the bonus from the top of your sheet
[20:01] <GM_Erik> at least she's honest, right?
[20:02] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yep
[20:02] <GM_Erik> I wish Brett had rolled low and just got knocked out, that would've been funny.
[20:02] <Mika_no_Krynn> Or maybe she is secretly in love with Vrryl and this whole "I'm going to kill you thing" is just an act... ;P
[20:02] <Vrryl> !
[20:02] <JessicaKnight> playing hard to get?
[20:03] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah... always have to look on the bright side.
[20:03] <Vrryl> remind me to kill you both after /nods
[20:03] <Lucky_Zando> 10
[20:03] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah... I knew that would come in handy someday...
[20:04] <Lucky_Zando> Lucky still wants to drag the mage back to town
[20:04] <GM_Erik> Debbie, your character isn't docile, she just feels a little at peace.
[20:05] <GM_Erik> Just to let you know.
[20:05] <Vrryl> poor tools =(
[20:05] <Lucky_Zando> am I still stuck?
[20:05] <GM_Erik> yes.
[20:05] <GM_Erik> and Mika was talking to you.
[20:06] <Lucky_Zando> I head butt the damn mage again
[20:06] <GM_Erik> he's out of reach for your head butt
[20:06] <Lucky_Zando> can I sweep him with my spear>?
[20:06] <GM_Erik> yes.
[20:07] <GM_Erik> uh oh, Jessica's pissed...
[20:07] <GM_Erik> Jessica takes 2 more points of SDC damage
[20:07] <Vrryl> how much longer am i stunned?
[20:07] <Lucky_Zando> I pull out the picture of the murderer I got from the town and give it to chatty cathy
[20:07] <Mika_no_Krynn> Well she was almost disembowled.
[20:07] <GM_Erik> ok, type it in the IC window.
[20:07] <GM_Erik> Brett: another round or less.
[20:08] <Lucky_Zando> then I sweep the mage
[20:08] <GM_Erik> ok, roll strike
[20:08] <JessicaKnight> when I get the chance I"m gonna shoot her in the head
[20:08] <Lucky_Zando> 15 + which one again?
[20:08] <GM_Erik> martial arts.
[20:08] <GM_Erik> strike melee weapon
[20:08] <GM_Erik> and the weapon's bonus
[20:08] <Lucky_Zando> 29 then
[20:09] <Lucky_Zando> oh 31
[20:09] <GM_Erik> You just trying to knock him down?
[20:09] <Lucky_Zando> yes and knock him out if I can
[20:10] <JessicaKnight> let me know at what point can I chamer a round off Erik
[20:11] <GM_Erik> anyone else? Mike, do you take the picture?
[20:11] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yes
[20:11] <GM_Erik> Mike, roll perception.
[20:11] <Lucky_Zando> did I knock him out?
[20:12] <JessicaKnight> fawk.... what kind of bonuses do you have?
[20:12] <Mika_no_Krynn> 21
[20:12] <GM_Erik> hold on, you'll have no bonk his head to knock him out, and Mike's character might try to stop you.
[20:12] <GM_Erik> Mike, you see Jessica about to shoot the lady.
[20:12] <Mika_no_Krynn> I just might..
[20:13] <GM_Erik> Gabe, do you shoot?
[20:13] <GM_Erik> if so, roll it.
[20:13] <JessicaKnight> I fire a shot right next to Lucky's head
[20:13] <GM_Erik> roll strike
[20:13] <Mika_no_Krynn> Don't miss.
[20:14] <JessicaKnight> 21
[20:14] <GM_Erik> good enough
[20:15] <Lucky_Zando> uh erik what was the elder's name again?
[20:16] <Mika_no_Krynn> Ah... it's not even your dad!  I see... too bad Mika doesn't.
[20:16] <GM_Erik> Kafue
[20:17] <Lucky_Zando> how long ago erik?
[20:17] <GM_Erik> 2 days ago.
[20:17] <GM_Erik> Brett, you're there.
[20:18] <Lucky_Zando> If the mage looks like he's casting a spell I want to trip him again
[20:19] <GM_Erik> Actually, you guys did travel through some towns during that time.
[20:19] <GM_Erik> get that Mike?
[20:19] <Mika_no_Krynn> YOu didn't say that.
[20:19] <JessicaKnight> sphere of annhilation!
[20:19] <GM_Erik> yes I did, at the beginning.
[20:19] <GM_Erik> in the ten lines of flavor text
[20:19] <GM_Erik> ::-)
[20:20] <Mika_no_Krynn> Oh well... maybe on that day we didn't.
[20:21] <GM_Erik> Jessica loses 2 more SDC
[20:22] <Lucky_Zando> erik do I know anything about shapeshifters?
[20:22] <GM_Erik> Lucky knows it was the real guy.  She buried him after all.
[20:23] <GM_Erik> Lucky does know that shapeshifters exist, with her monster lore skill.
[20:23] <Vrryl> just openned up another window for you erik
[20:24] <GM_Erik> got it Brett
[20:24] <GM_Erik> Debbie, roll strike if you try to hit Vrryl
[20:24] <Lucky_Zando> 20 again woohoo!
[20:24] <JessicaKnight> how the hell?
[20:24] <Lucky_Zando> I just want to trip him not kill him!
[20:24] <JessicaKnight> damn lucky tonight :)
[20:25] <Vrryl> er... i said i was backed away.  i'm out of reach
[20:25] <GM_Erik> you did at that.  Debbie, did you want to hit him as he's farther away?
[20:25] * Vrryl glares
[20:25] * Vrryl doesn't want his ass kiked =(
[20:25] <Lucky_Zando> only if he tries to cast a spell! then yes
[20:26] <GM_Erik> that's what I thought.
[20:26] <GM_Erik> roll damage Debbie.  the second column under the spear
[20:27] <Lucky_Zando> huh?
[20:27] <Lucky_Zando> what do I roll?
[20:28] <GM_Erik> the MD damage for the spear.
[20:28] <Lucky_Zando> 23
[20:29] <GM_Erik> ok, so that's 46 MD to Vrryl.
[20:30] <Vrryl> sigh... nothing a few minutes of regen can't cure =/
[20:31] <GM_Erik> what attack Mike?
[20:32] <JessicaKnight> the one situation where a non-leathal weapon would be useful
[20:32] <Mika_no_Krynn> Paralzye
[20:32] <GM_Erik> Debbie, roll a save versus psionics.
[20:32] <Lucky_Zando> 12+6
[20:32] <Mika_no_Krynn> shit
[20:33] <Lucky_Zando> am I still stuck?
[20:33] <GM_Erik> ooh, she just barely saved.
[20:34] <Lucky_Zando> do I have anything else to throw at the mage, he must be responsible for it
[20:34] <GM_Erik> yeah, you're still stuck, you haven't really been trying to get out.
[20:34] <Lucky_Zando> oh well I try then
[20:35] <GM_Erik> you don't have any weapons you think would be effective, expect your guns
[20:35] <Lucky_Zando> okay if i feel anything else I'm going to shoot the mage
[20:35] <GM_Erik> ha hah ha
[20:35] <JessicaKnight> hehhe
[20:36] <Mika_no_Krynn> Bye bye spear
[20:36] <Mika_no_Krynn> Why not?
[20:36] <GM_Erik> some sort of force keeps it out.
[20:36] <Mika_no_Krynn> Shite... DM Magic
[20:36] <GM_Erik> DM?
[20:36] <Mika_no_Krynn> GM Magic... whatever
[20:36] <GM_Erik> ahh
[20:37] <Vrryl> in other words... GM is intervening in my action... wtf! =(
[20:37] <Mika_no_Krynn> The hand of god is a powerful thing indeed...
[20:38] <GM_Erik> No, its just attuned and you can't use it.
[20:38] <Vrryl> i'm not trying to use it.. simply put it away so it's not suddenly used against me again =/
[20:39] <Vrryl> hmm... /cackle
[20:39] <GM_Erik> I know, I'm counting magically affecting it with something like that.  It goes for your weapons that are attuned to, OK?
[20:39] <Mika_no_Krynn> Which ones are those?
[20:39] <Mika_no_Krynn> The blessed one?
[20:39] <GM_Erik> well, those are attuned.  but Brett also has magic along those lines.
[20:41] <Lucky_Zando> erik I try to get my spear back
[20:41] <Mika_no_Krynn> When the hell did Mika become some kinda Ghandi-Yoda-pacificist?
[20:41] <JessicaKnight> you tell me...
[20:42] <GM_Erik> calm down you must, mind clouded is.
[20:42] <Mika_no_Krynn> Clouded your mind is.
[20:42] <JessicaKnight> i'm ready to vaporize her head  and leave a cauterized stump at any time
[20:42] <Mika_no_Krynn> I feel the love in this room
[20:42] <GM_Erik> heh heh
[20:42] <JessicaKnight> I haven't heard a shot fired in anger for days.. i'm getting ansy :)
[20:43] <Vrryl> oooh, this gonna hurt =(
[20:44] <GM_Erik> Brett, roll, initiative
[20:44] <Vrryl> 7
[20:44] <JessicaKnight> I wanna shoot that whip out of her hands
[20:45] <GM_Erik> roll initiative Jessica.
[20:45] <GM_Erik> its to see if you react in time or not.
[20:45] <JessicaKnight> 19
[20:45] <GM_Erik> and Debbie roll initiative too
[20:45] <Lucky_Zando> 13 + ? 4, 6, 5?
[20:46] <GM_Erik> +6 Debbie.
[20:46] <GM_Erik> so 19.
[20:46] <GM_Erik> hmm...
[20:46] <Lucky_Zando> okay 19
[20:46] <GM_Erik> roll strike Gabe, ths will be tough.  no bonuses
[20:46] <JessicaKnight> 17
[20:46] <GM_Erik> wow.
[20:47] <GM_Erik> roll damage Gabe
[20:47] <GM_Erik> that's going to hurt.
[20:47] <Lucky_Zando> I pull out the other one then
[20:47] <GM_Erik> (not a whole lot)
[20:47] <JessicaKnight> 21
[20:47] <GM_Erik> OK Debbie, you take 21 Mega damage.
[20:48] <GM_Erik> And... Debbie roll save versus psionics.
[20:48] <Lucky_Zando> I assume I get to add the extra +30 right?
[20:48] <Mika_no_Krynn> Nice shooting
[20:48] <GM_Erik> yeah, it's on ight now.
[20:48] <Lucky_Zando> 19+6
[20:49] <Mika_no_Krynn> I will continue until she fails
[20:49] <Lucky_Zando> I try the other whip
[20:49] <JessicaKnight> I shoot that out of her hand as well
[20:49] <GM_Erik> ok.. hmm.. first, roll another save Debbie.
[20:49] <Lucky_Zando> 18 + 6 psioncis again?
[20:49] <GM_Erik> oh yeah, Gabe, you take another +10 SDC from all this time.
[20:50] <JessicaKnight> ok
[20:50] <GM_Erik> yeah Debbie.
[20:50] <GM_Erik> ok, roll initiative Gabe and Debbie.
[20:50] <Lucky_Zando> 10+6
[20:50] <JessicaKnight> 17
[20:50] <Lucky_Zando> crap
[20:50] <GM_Erik> roll strike again Gabe
[20:50] <GM_Erik> no bonuses
[20:50] <JessicaKnight> 18
[20:51] <GM_Erik> dang, there's some hot rolling tonight
[20:51] <GM_Erik> Gabe, roll damage again.
[20:51] <JessicaKnight> haha except i'm using all my luck now instead of fighinting the boss
[20:51] <JessicaKnight> 19
[20:51] <Lucky_Zando> Can't I doge or anything, its not like I'm surprised anymore
[20:52] <GM_Erik> she's standing behind you, so you can't see her (because you can't turn around)
[20:52] <GM_Erik> you have to be looking at Vrryl when you try also.
[20:52] <GM_Erik> is that plasma Gabe?
[20:53] <JessicaKnight> yes
[20:54] <GM_Erik> debbie, roll a save vs psionics again
[20:54] <Lucky_Zando> 3
[20:54] <Lucky_Zando> +6
[20:55] <GM_Erik> Jessica takes 2 more SDC damage
[20:55] <GM_Erik> bleed bleed bleed
[20:55] <JessicaKnight> whhheee
[20:55] <GM_Erik> bio regeneration must itch.
[20:56] <Lucky_Zando> I try to start moving again
[20:56] <GM_Erik> Debbie, you are -6 to all combat actions, and you take 1 MD damage
[20:59] <Lucky_Zando> i still try to brak free
[20:59] <GM_Erik> ok
[20:59] <Mika_no_Krynn> You should try to breakdance instead...
[21:00] <Lucky_Zando> break dance?
[21:00] <Mika_no_Krynn> That's the secret way how to get out of Carpet of Adhesion...
[21:00] <Mika_no_Krynn> Hehe
[21:01] <Lucky_Zando> yeah its about time, where is that damn mage
[21:02] <JessicaKnight> do I see her coming towards us?
[21:02] <GM_Erik> she hasn't moved yet.
[21:03] <GM_Erik> he's behind you, helping Jessica.
[21:03] <JessicaKnight> I thought he was in front of me.. since i'm leaned up against a tree
[21:04] * JessicaKnight throws a fusion block over in Lucky's direction
[21:04] <GM_Erik> you have to set it first Gabe, but telemechanics works to do that.
[21:05] <JessicaKnight> safer that way
[21:05] <JessicaKnight> :)
[21:05] <Mika_no_Krynn> What the heck are the other fools in our group doing?
[21:09] <JessicaKnight> brb
[21:11] <Mika_no_Krynn> Ever notice that when someone new shows up we end up fighting (either them or something else)?  We never meet people in a tavern over beers
[21:11] <GM_Erik> that's not true.  You met Kelson's and Stan's characters without a fight.
[21:11] <GM_Erik> Granted, Vrryl freed Mika from slavery when they first met (and Jan's dragon too)
[21:12] <Lucky_Zando> hey i was told you killed the old man
[21:12] <Mika_no_Krynn> And Rob's Asgardian dude... we were fighting
[21:12] <GM_Erik> that's because you guys wanted to argue with eachother, that wasn't my fault.
[21:12] <Mika_no_Krynn> It's not you Debbie... you didn't make the story... it's the GMs fault
[21:12] <GM_Erik> just because your fathers hate eachother.
[21:12] <Vrryl> you're always at fault, Erik =(
[21:12] <Vrryl> part of being Gm /nods=(
[21:13] <Mika_no_Krynn> Heck, Mika hates her father too.
[21:13] <GM_Erik> So she should have liked Rob's character, although he was probably th more antagonistic one.
[21:14] <GM_Erik> oh yeah, Debbie's character did bring a picture of Vrryl causing mayhem and throwing around magic energy.
[21:17] <JessicaKnight> back
[21:19] <Lucky_Zando> what is the name of the village eric
[21:19] <GM_Erik> hmm... Mbala
[21:20] <GM_Erik> its about a day north
[21:20] <GM_Erik> (for a single person on a hovercycle anyway)
[21:22] <Vrryl> one sec Deb... confirming something
[21:23] <Vrryl> new window mike
[21:23] <GM_Erik> Did Brett give you SDC numbers for the healing Gabe?
[21:23] <JessicaKnight> no
[21:24] <Vrryl> 20
[21:24] <Vrryl> hps
[21:24] <Vrryl> er, sdc
[21:24] <JessicaKnight> ok kool thanks
[21:25] <Vrryl> did you take hps damage as well?
[21:25] <GM_Erik> You do remember passing through a village of that name.
[21:27] <JessicaKnight> nope
[21:27] <JessicaKnight> sended up with 72 sdc dmg
[21:27] <JessicaKnight> I can heal the rest naturally :)
[21:27] <JessicaKnight> as long as the bleeding is stopped
[21:34] <Mika_no_Krynn> Did we?  Probably did... we tell everyone that.
[21:35] <Mika_no_Krynn> Then everyone goes, "You're crazy"
[21:35] <GM_Erik> not in Africa.  Any psychic knows something bad is here.
[21:35] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah, but we're crazy for going after them... not that they exist
[21:35] <GM_Erik> is the pain over yet?
[21:36] <Mika_no_Krynn> I will drop that too.
[21:41] <GM_Erik> not so much destroyed, more damaged.
[21:42] <Mika_no_Krynn> Nice euphemism
[21:42] <Mika_no_Krynn> Just like Alderan was not so much destroyed as damaged...permanently
[21:43] <Lucky_Zando> potatoe potatoe
[21:43] <GM_Erik> its not that bad, it'll be back to normal in a month.
[21:43] <Vrryl> month of what year?
[21:43] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah...hehe
[21:43] <JessicaKnight> heh
[21:44] * GM_Erik baps everyone on the head with the hardcover main book
[21:44] <Lucky_Zando> hey I just got here
[21:45] <JessicaKnight> damaged good :)
[21:45] <JessicaKnight> goods :)
[21:45] <Vrryl> lolol
[21:46] <GM_Erik> wise? or just looney?
[21:46] <Mika_no_Krynn> It is a fine line between the two
[21:46] <GM_Erik> uh oh.. the spear..
[21:49] <GM_Erik> ::-)
[21:49] <Lucky_Zando> who is daniel?
[21:50] <Mika_no_Krynn> Ask in IC...
[21:50] <GM_Erik> I think its time for a period of introductions, and character descriptions too
[21:51] <GM_Erik> oh yeah, I didn't work it ouy before, but everybody just ended up talking in English.
[21:51] <Mika_no_Krynn> Nice
[21:51] <GM_Erik> I should have had some attempts first at different languages, but oh well.
[21:52] <GM_Erik> I think its a good time for a break.
[21:53] <Lucky_Zando> are we stopping for tonight?
[21:53] <GM_Erik> no, just a break.
[21:53] <Mika_no_Krynn> Like so I can make lunch... food.
[21:53] <Lucky_Zando> for how long?
[21:54] * GM_Erik shrugs
[21:54] <GM_Erik> 10, 15 minutes or so?
[21:54] <Mika_no_Krynn> Sounds good for me.
[21:54] <Lucky_Zando> Okay I'm going to run to mickie d's so I should be back by then...
[21:55] <Mika_no_Krynn> Ok...
[21:55] <Mika_no_Krynn> Just let us know when you return
[21:55] <Lucky_Zando> okay
[21:56] <JessicaKnight> mm going to make some edamame
[21:56] <Mika_no_Krynn> Kewl...
[21:56] <Mika_no_Krynn> I am going to eat yakitori
[21:57] <Mika_no_Krynn> And listen to Flower of Carnage
[21:58] <GM_Erik> that went pretty well, better than I hoped.
[22:00] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah, I thought it went pretty well... would make for a good scene in the show
[22:01] <JessicaKnight> interesting event :)
[22:02] <GM_Erik> Don't worry Gabe, I knew you had higher SDC than one blow.
[22:02] <JessicaKnight> hehe yeah.. i could have taken 2...
[22:02] <JessicaKnight> or around there :)
[22:03] <Vrryl> bah, mike... wanted to make use of holistic medicine skill!!
[22:03] <Mika_no_Krynn> Should have done it earlier!
[22:03] <Vrryl> i was busy trying to keep myself from being kung fu'd, thank you very much!
[22:04] <GM_Erik> hey guys, hold off a bit on the IC, Debbie's gone for the moment.
[22:04] <Mika_no_Krynn> You could do both at the same time.
[22:04] <Vrryl> i did =P
[22:07] <JessicaKnight> aw fuck
[22:08] <Mika_no_Krynn> what?
[22:08] <JessicaKnight> one of the car club guys just schmucked his car into a pole.....
[22:08] <Mika_no_Krynn> Oh shit!  There snow in Calgary?
[22:08] <JessicaKnight> nope... just black ice
[22:08] <Mika_no_Krynn> Stupid question I know
[22:09] <Mika_no_Krynn> Figures... they should outlaw that shit
[22:09] <JessicaKnight> bleh
[22:09] <JessicaKnight> i might have to go pick his ass up... told him to try finding someone else
[22:09] <Mika_no_Krynn> What's he doing about the car?
[22:10] <JessicaKnight> dunno.. probably towed to the dealership
[22:10] <JessicaKnight> either that or to the tow lot
[22:10] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah...
[22:15] <Lucky_Zando> hi
[22:15] <JessicaKnight> oi
[22:16] <Mika_no_Krynn> How McD's?
[22:16] <GM_Erik> lala
[22:16] <Lucky_Zando> changed my mind
[22:16] <Mika_no_Krynn> You mean Layla?
[22:17] <Mika_no_Krynn> What did you get instead?
[22:17] <Lucky_Zando> nothing
[22:17] <Mika_no_Krynn> Oh... that's not so exciting
[22:17] <Lucky_Zando> hey can someone heal my character?
[22:17] <Mika_no_Krynn> You mean you don't bio-regen...;P
[22:18] <GM_Erik> did you give Gabe his SDC amounts Mike?
[22:18] <Mika_no_Krynn> Nope...60SDC
[22:19] <Lucky_Zando> what is bio regen?
[22:19] <JessicaKnight> sweet thanks.... all healed now
[22:19] <Lucky_Zando> erik do I bio regen?
[22:19] <GM_Erik> nope
[22:20] <Mika_no_Krynn> HOw much damage did you take?
[22:20] <GM_Erik> 41 I think
[22:20] <GM_Erik> or thereabouts
[22:20] <Mika_no_Krynn> OK..
[22:21] <Mika_no_Krynn> Does Heal work on MDC?
[22:22] <GM_Erik> level?
[22:22] <Mika_no_Krynn> 5
[22:22] <Mika_no_Krynn> Heal Wound
[22:23] <GM_Erik> hmm
[22:23] <Vrryl> 3d6 sdc and 1d6 hps
[22:23] <GM_Erik> nope
[22:24] <GM_Erik> Katrina has the super-healing spell
[22:24] <Mika_no_Krynn> Well I am afraid I cannot heal you...your skin is too tough
[22:24] <Mika_no_Krynn> Well then she can cast it.
[22:24] <GM_Erik> you'll have to ask her.
[22:25] <Mika_no_Krynn> Nothing has been asked in IC so far
[22:27] <GM_Erik> well, are we ready to go?
[22:27] <JessicaKnight> yup
[22:27] <Vrryl> ready\
[22:27] <Mika_no_Krynn> yep
[22:27] <Lucky_Zando> sorry, back now, I took 41 points of damage, who do I ask?
[22:27] <GM_Erik> up to you. ;;-)
[22:27] <Mika_no_Krynn> In general...
[22:30] <GM_Erik> ?
[22:31] <GM_Erik> Kat? jeez
[22:31] <Lucky_Zando> erik do I get hit points back at all? like resting or something?
[22:32] <GM_Erik> sec
[22:32] <Mika_no_Krynn> You recover some through resting normally... just like natural healing.
[22:33] <GM_Erik> yeah, you can heal 10 per day with medical attention.
[22:33] <GM_Erik> 4 without, and medical attention includes first aid
[22:33] <Lucky_Zando> I don't know how this works, as long as my cause is just I can't be killed or criticaled right erik so does that still mean I'm beyond their healing? I thought my hands didn't blow off because of my special powers not becasue my skin is super tough?
[22:33] <GM_Erik> by someone that really knows how.
[22:33] <GM_Erik> no, you're just really tough.
[22:34] <GM_Erik> you can be killed though.  Its just death-techniques don't work.
[22:34] <Mika_no_Krynn> There are two types of beings squishies and non-squishies... non-squishies are so tough that normal healing magic doesn't work.  You are a non-squishy since you have MDC.
[22:35] <JessicaKnight> OK i gotta go pick my buddy up..
[22:35] <JessicaKnight> fawk
[22:35] <JessicaKnight> hopefully there isn't too much shit with the cops and he's taken care of it already.. i'll be back asap
[22:36] <GM_Erik> ok
[22:36] <GM_Erik> I think we should have someone introduce Lucky to the camp.
[22:37] <Vrryl> i think she was pretty much introduced... the scene we caused probably drew out the whole camp
[22:37] <GM_Erik> no, I mean for Debbie's benefit, she doesn't even know what your characters look like.
[22:37] <GM_Erik> Names, what people do, etc...
[22:38] <Mika_no_Krynn> You want us to IC descriptions now?
[22:39] <GM_Erik> why not, its a good thing to do while Gabe's out.
[22:39] <Mika_no_Krynn> Ok...
[22:39] <GM_Erik> unless you really don't want to.  We could go over the NPC's, so she doesn't have to ask about them as much. nothing more than basic thoug
[22:40] <Mika_no_Krynn> You can do them and we can do up our descriptions.
[22:40] <GM_Erik> besides, some people in the camp probably want to talk to her too.  Like Thorpe.
[22:40] <Mika_no_Krynn> I am sure the NPCs are capable of introducing themselves
[22:40] <GM_Erik> oh, what a cop out
[22:40] <Mika_no_Krynn> That Thorpe is a jabberbox ;P
[22:41] <Mika_no_Krynn> Well what are we going to say?  "Ok Lucky this is Sir Thorpe, he is a human CyberKnight, 6'2", muscular build..."
[22:41] <Mika_no_Krynn> We could do names, but not descriptions.
[22:42] <GM_Erik> sure, but you don't have to talk about physique, unless your character's been paying attention to that... heh
[22:43] <GM_Erik> Ley Line Walkers are mages Debbie.
[22:43] <GM_Erik> Ley Lines are the big lines of magic on the planet, and they are proficient in travelling them and casting magic.
[22:44] <Mika_no_Krynn> Is is Fung Lo and Lo Feng?
[22:45] <GM_Erik> Lo Fung and Fang Lo.
[22:45] <Vrryl> hrm, my description is going to spam the channel, just a warning
[22:46] <GM_Erik> Debbie, you've actually heard of Erin Tarn, and you've actually read some of her books.
[22:47] <GM_Erik> Her book "Traversing the modern World" is famous.
[22:47] <GM_Erik> (Its the only world famous book in existence)
[22:47] <Lucky_Zando> victor Lazlo from Casablanca
[22:47] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yep... him ;P
[22:47] <Mika_no_Krynn> Different guy, same name... maybe
[22:48] <GM_Erik> Victor Lazlo is a paranormal investigator from the Time before the Rifts.  He is actually from th 20th century.
[22:48] <Mika_no_Krynn> Making him very old really...
[22:48] <GM_Erik> yeah, like 300 years?
[22:48] <Mika_no_Krynn> What century is Rifts Earth in... 23rd?
[22:48] <Lucky_Zando> I thought he was a french anti-german freedom fighter last seen heading to New York?
[22:48] <Lucky_Zando> with Ilsa
[22:49] <GM_Erik> yeah, I believe so.
[22:49] <GM_Erik> no, wait..
[22:49] <Mika_no_Krynn> He got caught in a time warp on the way
[22:51] <GM_Erik> I can never remember where the year is, oh well, doesn't realy matter.
[22:53] <GM_Erik> Crocodilians, Lucky would know, are not often very trustworthy.
[22:53] <Mika_no_Krynn> Damn those dudes are huge!
[22:54] <GM_Erik> Her past experiences with them are not very positive.
[22:54] <GM_Erik> yeah, well that includes the tail.
[22:54] <GM_Erik> so they're like large saltwater crocodiles.
[22:55] <Lucky_Zando> 1941
[22:55] <GM_Erik> ?
[22:55] <Lucky_Zando> the year casablanca came out
[22:55] <Mika_no_Krynn> I think he meant what year it is in Rifts...
[22:57] <GM_Erik> yeah.  The dark ages weer around 200 years or so, and then its been another 100 years, and the Rifts came in maybe the 22nd century?  So, its like the 25th century perhaps.
[22:57] <Mika_no_Krynn> Am I pale?
[22:57] <GM_Erik> most likely, you're norse
[22:57] <Mika_no_Krynn> But have I gotten a tan yet?
[22:57] <Mika_no_Krynn> Or am i perma-white?
[22:57] <GM_Erik> I think its hard for you to tan, being fire resistant and all
[22:58] <Mika_no_Krynn> Shit... forgot about that... and here I was trying to get a tan.
[22:58] <GM_Erik> Victor Lazlo is a name from Casablanca, a modern purfume designer, a modern songwriter, and others too.
[22:58] <GM_Erik> but this guy isn't any of those.
[23:00] <Mika_no_Krynn> So how tallis Lucky?
[23:00] <GM_Erik> The scary thing is other than the crocodiles and Vrryl, most everyone is really really good looking.
[23:01] <GM_Erik> although, Lucky does have the PB of 30.
[23:01] <Mika_no_Krynn> We're a modeling super team... Like Zoolander!
[23:01] <Vrryl> wtf... i have pb of 18 =(
[23:01] <GM_Erik> Katrina only has 27, but she draws attention in a stunning way.
[23:01] <Mika_no_Krynn> Mine is only 27 too ;;
[23:01] <GM_Erik> really? oh, I was looking at your sheet Brett, sorry.
[23:01] <Vrryl> you ugly
[23:02] <Mika_no_Krynn> But I make up for in charm and class..
[23:02] <GM_Erik> Daniel's got 26.
[23:02] <Vrryl> lol ya, my appearance can change... i think we said, i can have pb of 18, i just don't get the bonuses from it. Just appearance sake
[23:03] <GM_Erik> ah, yes, right.
[23:03] <Mika_no_Krynn> Does she wear the sunglasses even when she sleeps?
[23:03] <GM_Erik> heh heh
[23:03] <Lucky_Zando> yes....hee hee
[23:03] <Mika_no_Krynn> Wow.. that's intense, like Matrix
[23:04] <Lucky_Zando> well like I said she's albino like so she has to wear the sunglasses
[23:04] <Mika_no_Krynn> To each his own
[23:05] <GM_Erik> We''l let Gabe do Jessica later.
[23:05] <Mika_no_Krynn> YOu think smoking hurts supernatural creatures?
[23:06] <GM_Erik> well, I told Debbie that she would be quite resistant to it with a +14 vs toxins and a super PE of 30.
[23:06] <Mika_no_Krynn> Just in general... I was wondering
[23:06] <GM_Erik> it can cause problems, but supernatural creatures are accordingly tougher.
[23:06] <Mika_no_Krynn> YOu would have to smoke Dragon Cigarettes right?
[23:06] <GM_Erik> exactly.
[23:07] <GM_Erik> the magically enhanced stuff
[23:07] <Lucky_Zando> cool where can I get some?
[23:07] <Vrryl> hm... that leads to Dragon Breath..
[23:07] <Mika_no_Krynn> And lip caner
[23:07] <Mika_no_Krynn> cancer
[23:07] <GM_Erik> actually, you could probably just soak the normal cogarettes in pure nicotine or something.  Then supernatural creatures without bioregen can get cancer too!
[23:08] <GM_Erik> you' need magic ones for dragons.
[23:08] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah, we can all share in the fun...
[23:09] <Mika_no_Krynn> Oh, Deb, we have a webpage for the game where in theory I put everyones' character data online... so if you want to send me your char I can put it online.
[23:10] <Mika_no_Krynn> Also if you find a picture of your char send me that too
[23:10] <GM_Erik> He puts in general stats, instead of specifics.
[23:10] <Mika_no_Krynn> And background info
[23:10] <GM_Erik> But we'll skip that meeting in RP, because it'll be boring.
[23:10] <Vrryl> hey erik, the day that her village was attacked... that was after we'd gone through it, right?
[23:11] <GM_Erik> yeah.  But that's the story.  People came through and left, and then some came back and did bad things.
[23:11] <Mika_no_Krynn> I wish I could skip over meetings in real life like that...
[23:11] <GM_Erik> no shit
[23:12] <Mika_no_Krynn> Also if you find a picture of your spear I will put that up there too along with the weapon's data.  I have a weapon section on the page too
[23:12] <GM_Erik> Next to 'lil Tibor
[23:13] <Mika_no_Krynn> Actually I don't have Lil Tibor on there...
[23:13] <GM_Erik> Lucky also knows the African geography better than the other people around.
[23:13] <GM_Erik> Which might help you guys out
[23:14] *** Retrieving #RiftsOOC info...
[23:14] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yes, indeed.
[23:14] <GM_Erik> What? no 'lil Tibor? Oh no!
[23:14] <Vrryl> is there a link to the Rifts website from
[23:14] <Mika_no_Krynn> I never got any data on it... so didn't put it up
[23:14] <Mika_no_Krynn> Don't think so.
[23:14] <GM_Erik> ah, was there a picture though?
[23:14] <Mika_no_Krynn>
[23:14] <Mika_no_Krynn> Nope..
[23:15] <GM_Erik> I'll have to give you stats then/
[23:15] <Mika_no_Krynn> That's cool that the horses have that.
[23:16] <GM_Erik> I think Brett just thought it up, but I think it makes sense, especially for someone like Vrryl.
[23:16] * Vrryl whistles innocently.
[23:16] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yep
[23:17] <Vrryl> k, typing up my character mike for the website
[23:17] <Mika_no_Krynn> Kewl, danke
[23:17] <Mika_no_Krynn> If you find  a pic send it my way too
[23:18] <Mika_no_Krynn> As long as it isn't Zanzabar
[23:18] <Vrryl> i think i had some, but they seem to have been wiped from my computer... along witha shitload of other pics =/
[23:18] <GM_Erik> what's wrong with Zanzibar?
[23:18] <Mika_no_Krynn> That's where Metal Gear 1 is...
[23:20] <Vrryl> erik, how long in game years has it been since we started way back when?
[23:20] <GM_Erik> um, 4 years?
[23:20] <GM_Erik> maybe 5.
[23:20] <GM_Erik> I could check.
[23:20] <GM_Erik> 4-5 anyway
[23:21] <Vrryl> 5 years works
[23:21] <Vrryl> what's the current year? did we establish that?
[23:21] <Mika_no_Krynn> 103 PA I think, no?
[23:21] <GM_Erik> yeah, its 103 PA
[23:22] <Vrryl> k cool
[23:23] <GM_Erik> I'd have to check the old paper records for the year we started, because that was before I typd everything on the computer.
[23:24] <Vrryl> i never imagined the game would have lasted this long, so never really recorded anything except my age the very time we started
[23:24] <Vrryl> so had to do a bit of math for my DoB
[23:24] <Mika_no_Krynn> No worries...
[23:25] <GM_Erik> Crryl
[23:25] <GM_Erik> Vrry's an old fart.
[23:25] <Vrryl> bah!
[23:26] <Vrryl> still a looooong ways to go before i reach adulthood
[23:27] <GM_Erik> stalk?
[23:27] <Mika_no_Krynn> oops..
[23:27] <Mika_no_Krynn> stock
[23:27] <Mika_no_Krynn> I live in Japan... give me a break
[23:28] <GM_Erik> that's no excuse, you teach English.
[23:28] <GM_Erik> ok, where are you going to get supplies? etc...
[23:28] <Mika_no_Krynn> Exactly... makes it even more difficult cuz you have to deal with all the messed up English they use
[23:28] <Mika_no_Krynn> The woods... I can cast Create Water too... 36 litres per cast
[23:28] <Mika_no_Krynn> 32 sorry
[23:29] <GM_Erik> so, you have, what 30 people, so you'll need 120L per day minimum.
[23:29] <GM_Erik> well, minimum to be happy, 60 per day do live.
[23:29] <GM_Erik> (asuming everyone is mortal anyway)
[23:29] <Vrryl> and if food becomes too big a deal, i could always take time to teleport back to England for supplies /shrug
[23:30] <Mika_no_Krynn> 45ppe per day then... 15 ppe per casting
[23:30] <Mika_no_Krynn> I don't need food really, so that is good... or water
[23:30] <Vrryl> ya, but others might is my concern
[23:30] <Mika_no_Krynn> There are things living in the desert right?  That I can kill?
[23:31] <GM_Erik> you don't know.
[23:31] <Mika_no_Krynn> We should stock up on dried foods/plants if we can... lighter...
[23:31] <Mika_no_Krynn> Make sure all of our containers are full of water if we can... and then head out.
[23:31] <GM_Erik> Debbie, roll demon and monster lore
[23:32] <Mika_no_Krynn> Well I guess demons and monsters live there... not entirely a good sign
[23:34] <Lucky_Zando> is this an important skill
[23:34] <GM_Erik> yup
[23:34] <Lucky_Zando> okay I got 15 out of 60
[23:34] <GM_Erik> ok
[23:35] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah, Demon and Monster lore is used daily for people like us who have to fight demons and monsters
[23:39] <GM_Erik> heh, Mike only eats bigger game.
[23:39] <Lucky_Zando> no I get an extra +10% on important skills that's why I was asking
[23:40] <GM_Erik> oh, yes.
[23:40] <Mika_no_Krynn> I'm not sure if it is important in that sense then.
[23:40] <GM_Erik> that's more when life-threatening type of importance, or pressure situations and such.
[23:40] <Mika_no_Krynn> It is more important than say... knitting for our line of work.
[23:41] <Lucky_Zando> well not knowing there are manticores here could be life threatening
[23:41] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yes...
[23:41] <GM_Erik> it'll take 2 or 3 days to gather up extra food and prepare it.
[23:42] <Mika_no_Krynn> Gone are the happy days of Lions, Tigers, and Bears... now it is Manticores, Worms of Taut, and Harpies... oh my.
[23:42] <Mika_no_Krynn> We'll take the time.
[23:43] <Mika_no_Krynn> We should have stilsuits like Dune
[23:44] <Vrryl> those rock
[23:44] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yep... we could be a Fremen commando unit
[23:44] <Vrryl> i'll bring the soundtrack, you bring the beer.... we'll have a fremen party!!
[23:44] <Mika_no_Krynn> We should have dune buggies too... just to be cool.  We can pick up chicks in dune buggies... and go sand surfing
[23:44] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah!
[23:45] <Vrryl> what do you mean level of expertise? like... what would constitute High and Medium?
[23:46] <Mika_no_Krynn> Well low would be untrained guys, medium would be regular soldiers and high would be elite soldiers
[23:46] <Mika_no_Krynn> So if you are level 8 and have martial arts and WP's and stuff... you are probably high
[23:46] <GM_Erik> yup
[23:46] <Vrryl> too easy
[23:51] <GM_Erik> its even worse that you're there in the summer.  At least the southern hemisphere's summer.
[23:52] <Mika_no_Krynn> Crap
[23:55] <Lucky_Zando> Hey guys I have to get going soon
[23:56] <GM_Erik> no answer on Gabe's phone.
[23:57] <GM_Erik> hey, one thing before we go.  Rob said he wants to try to play again.  I wanted to ask you guys about it.
[23:57] <Mika_no_Krynn> Seriously?
[23:57] <Mika_no_Krynn> Kewl
[23:58] <Vrryl> wow
[23:58] <Vrryl> that would be sweet
[23:58] <Mika_no_Krynn> For sure
[23:58] <GM_Erik> ok, cool.  I'll let him know.  We'll work on something.
[23:58] <Vrryl> guess he's going through his 'maybe rp books aren't work of the devil' phase
[23:58] <Mika_no_Krynn> Maybe... won't be until Jan right?
[23:59] <GM_Erik> Yeah, I don't think he made them bad before, I think it was more the 'I can't have fun when I'm trying to be serious' phase, just like in school.
[23:59] <GM_Erik> ok, I think that's a good place to stop then.  We can have desert fun next time..
[23:59] <Mika_no_Krynn> Ah yeah... I remember that.
[23:59] <Vrryl> man, i should summon myself a camel
[23:59] <Mika_no_Krynn> Oh yeah...desert fun... sounds good.
[23:59] <Mika_no_Krynn> So when is a tentative time for the next game... like when abouts in January?
Session Close: Sun Dec 14 00:00:00 2003
GM Erik
 GM, 85 posts
Thu 22 Oct 2015
at 02:40
Horsemen of the Apocalypse 2 - OOC Chat Logs
Session Start: Sun Dec 14 00:00:00 2003
Session Time: Sun Dec 14 00:00:00 2003
[00:00] <GM_Erik> when are people around again?  I'm back on Jan 2
[00:00] <Lucky_Zando> I get back the week of the 12th
[00:00] <Mika_no_Krynn> I am always going to be here it seems... so whenever... I guess after the 12th then...
[00:00] <GM_Erik> 17th?
[00:00] <Mika_no_Krynn> Sure... sounds good.
[00:01] <Mika_no_Krynn> same time?
[00:01] <GM_Erik> I think I've got enough stuff roughly prepared for a bit yet.
[00:01] <GM_Erik> yeah, we'll say same time for now.
[00:02] <Mika_no_Krynn> How's the thesis going?
[00:02] <Vrryl> i'm here full time pretty much, and i'm quitting the army, so i'll have saturdays always again
[00:03] <GM_Erik> its going.  I'm giong to finish a draft for next week, which will basically be a final draft.  (my supervisor will probably want to do like 10 more, but he's crazy, so screw him)
[00:03] <GM_Erik> cool, that'll help Brett.
[00:03] <Mika_no_Krynn> Wow... done with the army?  When are you doing that?
[00:03] <GM_Erik> i plan for defending in early February, which means I'll be kindof busy around then, but then I have a semester. heh heh
[00:04] <Vrryl> cool stuff =)
[00:04] <Mika_no_Krynn> Nice... so we can get a game or two in Jan and then see how it goes from there.
[00:05] <GM_Erik> If we do this regularly enough, I think we could finish this story line in the spring maybe.  Although, that doesn't account for the difficulty of defeating more Apocolypse demons.
[00:05] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah... that's cool
[00:05] <Mika_no_Krynn> Then what?
[00:06] <GM_Erik> well, that's asking a little too much, isn't it?
[00:06] <Vrryl> lol
[00:06] <Mika_no_Krynn> Then we take over the world... and someone has to stop us!
[00:06] <GM_Erik> I'm not really omniscient, I just pretend to be
[00:06] <Vrryl> start the next chapter of our story...
[00:07] <Mika_no_Krynn> When we open up a chain of burger shops across the NA continent
[00:07] <GM_Erik> I think it could be cool to have new characters that work in your company doing events inNorth America for the time that you guys are in Africa.
[00:07] <GM_Erik> Because stuff is starting to happen back in North America.
[00:07] <Mika_no_Krynn> That would be kinda fun... playing newbs again.
[00:07] <Mika_no_Krynn> I am going to play an Oni-Ninja Demigod next...
[00:07] <GM_Erik> and Kathy would be everybody's boss, heh heh
[00:08] <Mika_no_Krynn> That would be funny... Kathy is our boss.
[00:08] <GM_Erik> (Stan's character's wife, the secretary)
[00:08] <Vrryl> lol ya...
[00:08] <GM_Erik> alright then, I'm going home and going to bed.
[00:09] <Mika_no_Krynn> Alrighty... speak with ya later.
[00:09] <GM_Erik> have good holidays guys.
[00:09] <Mika_no_Krynn> You too man... don't get the flu
[00:09] <GM_Erik> haven't yet
[00:10] <Vrryl> ya, have a great xmas bud
[00:10] <GM_Erik> you too guys.  talk to you in the future... ture... ture...
[00:10] *** Lucky_Zando has left #RiftsOOC
[00:10] <GM_Erik> someone kick Gabe, I did it last time.
[00:10] <Mika_no_Krynn> I'll do it.
[00:11] *** JessicaKnight was kicked by Mika_no_Krynn (Mika_no_Krynn )
Session Close: Sun Dec 14 00:11:30 2003
GM Erik
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Thu 22 Oct 2015
at 02:40
Horsemen of the Apocalypse 2 - OOC Chat Logs
Session Start: Sat Jan 17 16:22:25 2004
[16:22] *** Now talking in #RiftsOOC
[16:32] *** JessicaKnight has joined #riftsooc
[16:32] <JessicaKnight> you're here early
[16:38] *** Vrryl has joined #RiftsOOC
[16:39] <JessicaKnight> yo
[16:40] <JessicaKnight> sup?
[16:58] <GM_Erik> yo
[16:58] *** GM_Erik sets mode: +oo JessicaKnight Vrryl
[16:59] <GM_Erik> yeah, when I know what channel I'm going to use I try to log on earlier rather than later.
[17:09] <JessicaKnight> what time are we playing anyways?
[17:11] <GM_Erik> 6pm
[17:30] *** JessicaKnight sets mode: +ntps
[17:35] <GM_Erik> I
[17:36] <GM_Erik> I'm guessing we might start a little late.  Rob will probably go online at 6pm to try to get everything set up.
[17:36] <GM_Erik> I sent him an email with the ICQ info so e could get that up and contact us.
[17:37] <JessicaKnight> which icq number did you giv ehim
[17:37] <JessicaKnight> i'm not on my other one right now.. that coputer is logged into FFXI
[17:39] <GM_Erik> I just got an ICQ request from a Baron_Fel, did you Brett?
[17:40] <GM_Erik> I gave him your Tux one Gabe.  Yeah, I noticed you're on Tux_Mobile.
[17:40] <JessicaKnight> yeah
[17:40] <JessicaKnight> 62432056
[17:41] <GM_Erik> I wish people wold type a better message on their auth request.
[17:41] <Vrryl> ya, i just authorized him and added to my own
[17:41] <GM_Erik> cool
[17:41] <JessicaKnight> hey Brett.. you missed a good quest last night
[17:44] *** Vrryl has quit IRC (Ping timeout )
[17:45] <GM_Erik> oops
[17:46] <GM_Erik> I gave Rob your other name and number
[17:47] <GM_Erik> well, everyone's up and online.  THat's a good sign anyway.
[17:48] <GM_Erik> ok, Brett disappeared, that's a bad sign.
[17:51] <JessicaKnight> he's not on icq either.. must have cut out on him
[17:51] <GM_Erik> yeah, I'm guessing a computer reboot
[17:52] <GM_Erik> hey gabe, the command is /server right?
[17:52] <GM_Erik> ok, Rob just mistyped, never mind
[17:52] <JessicaKnight> yes
[17:53] *** Sophes has joined #RiftsOOC
[17:53] <Sophes> cool I am here
[17:53] <JessicaKnight> yo
[17:53] *** JessicaKnight sets mode: +o Sophes
[17:53] <GM_Erik> alright
[17:54] <GM_Erik> ok, now we're just waiting for Mike to finish waking up, for Deb to finish connecting, and for Brett to come back from the limbo he went off to
[17:54] <Sophes> Ok I will be a mom or 2.... haven't printed off Sophes yet.
[17:55] <GM_Erik> Hey Rob, you remember how all this works? the mIRC RPing I mean
[17:55] <JessicaKnight> mike will be on shortly
[17:57] *** Lucky_Zando has joined #riftsooc
[17:57] <JessicaKnight> oi
[17:57] *** JessicaKnight sets mode: +o Lucky_Zando
[17:58] <GM_Erik> hey
[18:00] *** Vrryl has joined #RiftsOOC
[18:00] <JessicaKnight> wb
[18:00] *** JessicaKnight sets mode: +o Vrryl
[18:00] <Lucky_Zando> hi
[18:01] <JessicaKnight> mike is having problems getting on
[18:01] <Sophes> heh sorry bout that.... had to run upstairs and get my dice
[18:02] <Sophes> I think that I remember all the rp stuff, but give me a quick refresher
[18:02] <Vrryl> oi
[18:03] <GM_Erik> OOC window is for asking the GM questions, making dice rolls, talking OOC
[18:04] <GM_Erik> And when you make a dice roll, like an attack, if you can roll the damage at the same time you roll the attack it saves time by typing them both together
[18:04] <GM_Erik> IC window is for describing what you do and say in character, except for secret stuff where you can open a little window with me.  ::-)
[18:05] *** Mika_no_Krynn has joined #RiftsOOC
[18:05] *** GM_Erik sets mode: +o Mika_no_Krynn
[18:05] <GM_Erik> alright, that's everyone, but I think there are some introductions that need to be made.
[18:05] *** Mika_no_Krynn has quit IRC (Quit:  )
[18:05] <GM_Erik> ::-P
[18:09] <Sophes> give me a minute or 2, my printer started having fits
[18:09] <Vrryl> guess he didn't want to be part of the introductions
[18:10] <Sophes> sorry have to restart
[18:10] *** Sophes has quit IRC (Quit:  )
[18:10] *** Mika_no_Krynn has joined #RiftsOOC
[18:10] <JessicaKnight> oi
[18:10] <GM_Erik> I guess my earlier prediction about needing some set up time was right, eh?
[18:10] *** JessicaKnight sets mode: +o Mika_no_Krynn
[18:11] <Mika_no_Krynn> Stupid crap IRC
[18:11] <JessicaKnight> yeah
[18:11] <JessicaKnight> it's a security measure to back check ident
[18:11] <JessicaKnight> used to be only a few DAL servers were doing it
[18:11] <JessicaKnight> and since you have PPPoE that is on a private network.. the NAT server for your ISP isn't passing through port 113 ident requests
[18:12] <JessicaKnight> they haven't set it up for that.. so you get timed out when it tried to verify your client for ident
[18:13] <JessicaKnight> hey Mike... does Myth need lighting crystals?
[18:13] <Mika_no_Krynn> Ah... no.
[18:13] <JessicaKnight> ok... smote some more elemtals on my way back to bastok... got a few clusters
[18:13] <Mika_no_Krynn> Confused me for a second... I am thinking Does Mika need lightning crystals?
[18:14] <JessicaKnight> hhaha
[18:14] <Lucky_Zando> who is sophes?
[18:14] *** Sophes has joined #RiftsOOC
[18:14] <Mika_no_Krynn> He's the avenger...
[18:14] <GM_Erik> heh heh
[18:14] <JessicaKnight> bad ass d00d :)
[18:14] *** JessicaKnight sets mode: +o Sophes
[18:14] <Lucky_Zando> who is sophes?
[18:14] <Mika_no_Krynn> Our friend Rob in Edmonton
[18:15] <Sophes> ok I am back and the stupid printer did its job
[18:15] <JessicaKnight> how was THe Boz man?
[18:15] <JessicaKnight> haven't talked to you since you got back
[18:15] <Sophes> ok, got to work out alot
[18:16] <Mika_no_Krynn> And that's what it's all about^^
[18:16] <JessicaKnight> heh
[18:16] <Mika_no_Krynn> I watched 28 Days Later last night...
[18:16] <GM_Erik> How was it Mike?
[18:16] <Mika_no_Krynn> Good flick,  nice twist on a zombie movie
[18:16] <Sophes> no not completely, but we didn't have as much area to work with this time
[18:16] <JessicaKnight> oh.. is that the space horron one?
[18:16] <JessicaKnight> not as nice as the first time aroun eh Rob?
[18:17] <Sophes> nah, it was pretty anti-climatic
[18:17] <Mika_no_Krynn> No it is about this virus that spreads over the UK (and the world?) that makes people go homicidial-psycho
[18:17] <Sophes> I am hoping to go on the next tour to Afghanistan
[18:17] <JessicaKnight> you want to go to Afganistan?
[18:17] <Sophes> I didn't want to see that movie, it looked pretty lame
[18:17] <Mika_no_Krynn> This dude wakes up from a coma in a hospital to find the whole of the UK has been wiped out pretty much by this virus
[18:17] <Sophes> yep, good coin and a new place to visit
[18:18] <JessicaKnight> mm i guess
[18:18] <Sophes> sorry for the person who doesn't know me, I was roommates with Erik, Mike and Brett
[18:18] <GM_Erik> Ok, well, it sounds like everyone is here to stay this time, so introductions are now in order I guess.
[18:18] <Sophes> and they completely corrupted me
[18:18] <JessicaKnight> hah
[18:19] <Sophes> I was a saint till I knew them
[18:19] <Lucky_Zando> hi
[18:19] <GM_Erik> Rob was our roommate when you lived in Olympus with Sherri, Deb
[18:19] *** Mika_no_Krynn has quit IRC (Read error: Connection reset by peer )
[18:19] <Vrryl> ...
[18:19] <JessicaKnight> ok that's not good
[18:19] <JessicaKnight> we might hav eto move the game
[18:20] <Sophes> I was the dude with the big truck and the bad attitude
[18:20] <Sophes> plus the equally bad marks in school
[18:20] <Lucky_Zando> well I met erik when he was in one of my classes....(he looked exactly like this dude I knew from high school named Skippie)
[18:21] <Sophes> does this mean were moving?
[18:21] <GM_Erik> No more skippie.
[18:21] <Lucky_Zando> lol
[18:21] <Sophes> heh
[18:21] <GM_Erik> any suggestions on a new server Gabe?
[18:21] <Lucky_Zando> is Mike coming back?
[18:21] <Sophes> did you include the increases to my mdc and ppe Erik?
[18:21] <GM_Erik> yes I did Rob, though I forgot to increase your age by 3 years
[18:22] <GM_Erik> so you're 33 now.
[18:22] <JessicaKnight> try
[18:22] <Sophes> plus you put down Manticore as a tattoo I thought that was out
[18:22] <JessicaKnight> please type
[18:22] *** JessicaKnight has quit IRC (Quit:  )
[18:22] *** JessicaKnight has joined #riftsooc
[18:22] <JessicaKnight> oops
[18:22] <JessicaKnight> ./server
[18:22] <GM_Erik> ok, so Rob and Deb, you have to exit out, and then type /server
[18:23] <GM_Erik> instead of /server
[18:23] *** Vrryl has quit IRC (Quit:  )
[18:23] *** Sophes has left #RiftsOOC
[18:23] <JessicaKnight> same chans
[18:23] <Lucky_Zando> oh crap it takes me forever to get into these things
[18:23] *** Lucky_Zando has quit IRC (Quit:  )
Session Close: Sat Jan 17 18:23:44 2004
GM Erik
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Thu 22 Oct 2015
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Horsemen of the Apocalypse 2 - OOC Chat Logs
Session Start: Sat Jan 17 18:24:40 2004
[18:24] *** Now talking in #RiftsOOC
[18:24] *** Sophes has joined #RiftsOOC
[18:25] *** Lucky_Zando has joined #riftsooc
[18:25] *** Mika_no_Krynn has joined #RiftsOOC
[18:26] <Mika_no_Krynn> Alright, hopefully this works
[18:26] <Vrryl> how do you make mod?
[18:26] <Sophes> mod?
[18:26] *** JessicaKnight has joined #riftsooc
[18:26] <Vrryl> moderator
[18:26] <JessicaKnight> hey vrryl... op please
[18:26] <GM_Erik> right click on the name and select op
[18:26] <GM_Erik> under control
[18:27] *** GM_Erik: you're not channel operator
[18:27] *** Vrryl sets mode: +o GM_Erik
[18:27] *** Vrryl sets mode: +o JessicaKnight
[18:27] *** GM_Erik sets mode: +ooo Vrryl Lucky_Zando Mika_no_Krynn
[18:27] *** Vrryl sets mode: +o Lucky_Zando
[18:27] *** GM_Erik sets mode: +o Sophes
[18:27] <Sophes> ok kewl
[18:27] *** Retrieving #RiftsOOC info...
[18:27] *** GM_Erik sets mode: +ntps
[18:27] <Sophes> what is that for?
[18:28] <GM_Erik> to keep us safe....
[18:28] <Sophes> from what?
[18:28] <GM_Erik> from..... the BOGEYMAN!
[18:28] <Mika_no_Krynn> Not to mention the boogerman
[18:28] <Sophes> eww
[18:29] <Sophes> hate those guys
[18:29] <Mika_no_Krynn> Exactly
[18:29] <GM_Erik> Other than that, it gives everyone control over the channel so that they can do things if everyone else leaves.  like kick people off.
[18:29] <Sophes> ahhh
[18:29] <Lucky_Zando> heh I right clicked on a name...what does slap do?
[18:29] * JessicaKnight slaps Lucky_Zando around a bit with a large trout
[18:30] <Lucky_Zando> okay jessica i just slapped you...what happened?
[18:30] <JessicaKnight> nothing ^^
[18:30] * Sophes slaps GM_Erik around a bit with a large trout
[18:30] <Sophes> heh take that
[18:30] <Lucky_Zando> well what is it there for?
[18:31] * GM_Erik slaps Sophes around with a Blue Whale
[18:31] <Mika_no_Krynn> To wake people up
[18:31] <JessicaKnight> nothing ^^
[18:31] <Sophes> how do you do emotes again?
[18:31] <Lucky_Zando> well someone slap me I want to see what happens
[18:31] <GM_Erik> OK, Rob, do you know everyone's real identity now? after that whale of a slap?
[18:31] * GM_Erik slaps Lucky_Zando around a bit with a large trout
[18:32] <Vrryl> type /me for emotes
[18:32] * GM_Erik types /me to do things instead of saying them.
[18:32] * Sophes bows to Vrryl in thanks for the information
[18:33] <GM_Erik> Hey, Rob, do you know everyone's real identity now? after that whale of a slap?
[18:33] <Sophes> yep
[18:33] * JessicaKnight takes a giant, runny, princess leia 3 coiler spoiler dump in the middle of the channel
[18:33] <JessicaKnight> whhheee
[18:33] <Sophes> hmmmm
[18:33] <GM_Erik> eww
[18:34] * Sophes looks disaprovingly at Jessica for her display of the untasteful
[18:34] * Lucky_Zando slaps Vrryl around a bit with a large trout
[18:34] <Lucky_Zando> cool
[18:34] <GM_Erik> ok, enough slapping.  We can think of more creative things anyway.
[18:34] <GM_Erik> Are we good on introductions?
[18:34] <Sophes> I believe so
[18:35] <Sophes> or do you need more info on me Lucky?
[18:35] * GM_Erik whispers Lucky is Deb
[18:35] <Sophes> yeah, I know that, just wondering if she wanted any more info on me
[18:35] <Lucky_Zando> hi rob
[18:36] * Lucky_Zando slaps Sophes around a bit with a large trout
[18:36] <Sophes> hmmm
[18:36] <Sophes> I think we need to move from the waters edge
[18:36] <Sophes> everyone is wasting the food supply
[18:36] * GM_Erik uses his total control over the environment to temporarily bring trouts to extinction
[18:37] <Vrryl> there's always salmon
[18:37] <Mika_no_Krynn> And halibut
[18:37] <Mika_no_Krynn> And herrings
[18:37] <Vrryl> tuna...
[18:38] <JessicaKnight> carp
[18:38] <JessicaKnight> pike
[18:38] <Vrryl> goldfish
[18:38] <JessicaKnight> haddock
[18:38] <Lucky_Zando> hey I just learned how to slap people don't stop me now...
[18:39] <Sophes> well.... I figure we use midgets.... no one misses them anyway
[18:39] <Vrryl> feed midgets to the fish?
[18:40] <JessicaKnight> yeah but then we wouldn't have such great cinematic productions such as midget porn!
[18:40] <Sophes> ack!
[18:41] <Sophes> I am feeling more disgusting just by hearing that
[18:41] * Lucky_Zando slaps JessicaKnight around a bit with a large trout
[18:41] <JessicaKnight> hahah
[18:41] <Vrryl> midgets have sexual needs to ya know
[18:42] <GM_Erik> want to hear a funny story?  We wre playing this game where one person draws a picture blindfolded and another has to guess what it is.  (at a party with drinking, dirty pictionary)  And I just drew a normal stick figure and a small stick figure and my partner yelled out Sex with a Midget!
[18:42] <GM_Erik> (the scary thing was he was right)
[18:43] <Mika_no_Krynn> such is the power of the Force
[18:43] * Vrryl nods.
[18:44] <GM_Erik> ok, why don't we get this show on the road.
[18:44] <GM_Erik> A reminder also, try to pay close attention to the windows, if I remember right, 6 people can make the scrolling go by pretty fast.
[18:51] <GM_Erik> So, what kind of travelling set up are you guys going to emply in the desert?
[18:51] <Vrryl> we should just nuke the desert and turn it all to glass... end of problem!
[18:51] <Mika_no_Krynn> Good call
[18:51] <GM_Erik> emply = employ
[18:52] <Vrryl> caravan... rest during the afternoon, travel mostly in morning and evening
[18:52] <GM_Erik> and are you doing scouting parties like before?
[18:52] <JessicaKnight> yes
[18:53] <Mika_no_Krynn> Guess we should here more than anywhere
[18:53] <GM_Erik> ok, that'll take more water usage with more exercise back and forth
[18:53] <Mika_no_Krynn> We should ride the giant sand worms... Shihalud!
[18:53] <Mika_no_Krynn> I don't need much water
[18:53] <GM_Erik> Yeah, but that;s just you, not everyone else.
[18:53] <Vrryl> your no child of dune Mika.. you'd get eaten
[18:54] <Mika_no_Krynn> Well if everyone was more like me it would be better
[18:54] <Mika_no_Krynn> And if we were all terminators it would be even better
[18:54] <Vrryl> if we were all alien intelligences be even better
[18:54] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah...
[18:55] <GM_Erik> oh, right, big blobs of pus, yeah...
[18:55] <Sophes> what about the flying monkeys
[18:55] <Vrryl> or spacial mages... those guys rock too
[18:55] <Sophes> can't forget them
[18:55] <GM_Erik> ok, so how many scouting parties?
[18:55] <Mika_no_Krynn> 63
[18:55] <Vrryl> 2 parties of 2
[18:55] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah.  That sounds good
[18:56] <Mika_no_Krynn> Travelling at night should assist with the use of thermoptics too
[18:56] <GM_Erik> ok, that's less than before.  You used to have three parties of a few people each.
[18:56] <Vrryl> 1 party to keep directly in travel path, while the second party swings along the flanks, and checks minor stuff out
[18:57] <Vrryl> we had a rear party as well i thought.. not really a scouting party though
[18:57] <GM_Erik> you had four total groups.  One forward, two sides, and the large slow one.
[18:58] <GM_Erik> If you have one party doing both flanks that will reduce travel speed by a lot more, to about 1/4 instead of 1/2
[18:58] <Vrryl> well, if that's what we had, may as well stick to it.. didn't realize we had made a plan a while back
[18:58] <Vrryl> it wouldn't actually, because the flank party would also be the quickest moving
[18:58] <Mika_no_Krynn> The most mobile group members can scout the flanks
[18:58] <Mika_no_Krynn> Like flyers
[18:58] <GM_Erik> You had one for the woodlands and savannah, I wanted to ask if you were gonig to modify it for the desert, since visibility and radio are reduced.
[18:59] <Vrryl> the lead party would be travelling at speed of rest of main body, which would be slow going
[18:59] <GM_Erik> sorry, radio is only reduced in big wind storms.
[18:59] <Vrryl> how is visibility reduced? we don't have huge trees and bushes in our way?
[18:59] <GM_Erik> Read the IC window.
[19:00] <Mika_no_Krynn> Sand storms
[19:00] <Vrryl> sand blows all the time?
[19:00] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah
[19:00] <GM_Erik> A lot of the time.
[19:00] <GM_Erik> So, then what are the parties and who's in 'em.
[19:00] <Mika_no_Krynn> The answer my friend is blowing in the sand, the answer is blowing in the sand...
[19:01] <Vrryl> ok.. only suggestion really is the hour we travel, and keep our scouting parties a bit tighter
[19:01] <Sophes> just remember to put the lids on your food containers tightly, nobody likes grit in thier food
[19:01] <Vrryl> i like grit...
[19:01] <Mika_no_Krynn> Except Jessica
[19:01] <JessicaKnight> chicken and grits ^^
[19:01] <Sophes> heh
[19:01] <JessicaKnight> good ole southern cooking
[19:02] <Sophes> with the cornbread
[19:02] <JessicaKnight> and the biscuts and gravy
[19:02] <Sophes> can't forget the cornbread
[19:02] <Mika_no_Krynn> They even brought it into space in Aliens
[19:03] <Vrryl> i'll be in lead patrol... going to keep feet on the ground for the desert
[19:03] <Sophes> see, evryone likes cornbread
[19:03] <Mika_no_Krynn> Make sure everyone keeps their full enviro armor all buckled up
[19:03] <Mika_no_Krynn> Save on moisture
[19:03] <Vrryl> Ripley didn't like the cornbread =(
[19:03] <Mika_no_Krynn> Like a stillsuit
[19:03] <Mika_no_Krynn> Nope
[19:04] <GM_Erik> So.... how about the parties?
[19:04] <JessicaKnight> I'll just stick to my ring of sustain
[19:04] <Mika_no_Krynn> How about a retro-2200's party
[19:04] <Vrryl> i'm on horse in lead
[19:04] <Vrryl> party
[19:04] <Mika_no_Krynn> I'll go on the flank party
[19:04] <JessicaKnight> i'll be oin flank party in the air
[19:04] <Vrryl> oin?
[19:05] <Vrryl> oi!
[19:05] <JessicaKnight> oin
[19:05] <JessicaKnight> yeah..
[19:05] <Mika_no_Krynn> OIN!
[19:05] <GM_Erik> And I guess that leaves Lucky in the lead party with Vrryl?
[19:05] <JessicaKnight> it's like... i'm on top of it.. but i'm really in it... it's like.. cool eh?
[19:05] <Mika_no_Krynn> Brit-talk
[19:05] <Vrryl> great... she's not gonna spear me again is she?? =(
[19:06] <Mika_no_Krynn> That's her way of saying hello...
[19:06] <GM_Erik> we can only hope.
[19:06] <Lucky_Zando> stop whining
[19:06] <Vrryl> i'm a cop you idiot!!
[19:06] <Vrryl> i'm detective john kimbell
[19:06] <Vrryl> who is your daddy, and what does he do
[19:07] <Vrryl> pfft... arnold schwarzenegger lines from kindergarten cop... anyone?
[19:07] <Mika_no_Krynn> I am going to make myself a special Afrika-corp style outfit for our journey
[19:07] <GM_Erik> Deb, are you just walking alongside Brett or do you wnt to borrow someone's horse?
[19:07] <Lucky_Zando> did you seriously just ask me who my daddy is?
[19:08] <Mika_no_Krynn> It is a TUMOUR!
[19:08] <JessicaKnight> yeah I know Vrryl
[19:08] <Lucky_Zando> no I have a hover bike
[19:08] <JessicaKnight> figured you were playing with a sound board or something
[19:08] <JessicaKnight> :)
[19:08] <Vrryl> stop whining was a quote in the movie... i just continued the theme...
[19:09] <GM_Erik> oh, ok, that works.
[19:13] <Mika_no_Krynn> Hey dude, any idea when Rifts China comes out?
[19:14] <GM_Erik> supposedly this month.
[19:14] <Mika_no_Krynn> I bet it is a Splug trap... the old ball in the desert ploy
[19:15] <Vrryl> couldn't count the number of times i've fallen for this one!
[19:15] <JessicaKnight> ooh cool
[19:15] <Lucky_Zando> I rolled a 21 on my monster lore skill thing do I know what that thing is?
[19:15] <GM_Erik> I just checked, it should be shipping out next Friday.
[19:15] <GM_Erik> To Deb: Nope, you're not really sure from a distance.
[19:16] <Mika_no_Krynn> Kewl... then everyone will be Kung-fu Fighting!
[19:16] <Mika_no_Krynn> Watched Revolutions last night too... lame story
[19:16] <GM_Erik> Well, that's only the first book.  China is two books.  Book on is bad guys, Book two is good guys
[19:17] <Sophes> yeah the movie sucked pretty hard
[19:17] <Mika_no_Krynn> A grenade launcher?
[19:17] <Lucky_Zando> what is it?
[19:18] <Mika_no_Krynn> hehehe... you guys fell for it...
[19:18] <Mika_no_Krynn> Use your monster lore to determine what made it....^^
[19:18] <JessicaKnight> maybe s hit monser will suddely pop out of it
[19:19] <JessicaKnight> er shit monster
[19:19] <Mika_no_Krynn> It's a poo-galore...
[19:19] <Lucky_Zando> no I don't think I got it I rolled 1 erik do you roll down in this game?
[19:19] <GM_Erik> nope.  1 is really good.
[19:19] <Lucky_Zando> oh
[19:19] <Mika_no_Krynn> This is  not rolemaster
[19:19] <GM_Erik> for skills. % right?
[19:19] <Lucky_Zando> yes I rolled 01
[19:19] <Mika_no_Krynn> Percentile rolls go from 1 to 100
[19:19] <JessicaKnight> wow
[19:19] <JessicaKnight> nie roll!
[19:20] <GM_Erik> ok.  Well, then.  You know a lot about this particular piece of crap.
[19:20] <Lucky_Zando> nice
[19:20] <Mika_no_Krynn> For good or for bad...
[19:20] <GM_Erik> It came from a Blow Worm, a huge worm which is about 170 feet long on average.  And apparantly, you found a pellet.
[19:20] <Mika_no_Krynn> Must have did a adv seminar in demon fecal studies...
[19:20] <Mika_no_Krynn> must have done
[19:21] <Mika_no_Krynn> Blow worms blow man
[19:21] <Lucky_Zando> yeah that's my specialty fecal crap
[19:21] <Sophes> hmmm fewmets?
[19:21] <Mika_no_Krynn> Well time to watch out for worms  now
[19:22] <Mika_no_Krynn> Do the rest of us know these?
[19:22] <Vrryl> nice going mike... jinxed us with your dune analogy
[19:22] <Mika_no_Krynn> It sounded like a good idea at the time...
[19:22] <Sophes> heh, you know we need some of them crystal knives
[19:22] <GM_Erik> Hmm, Vrryl roll yor horsemanship skill, and Deb, roll your hover piloting skill
[19:22] <GM_Erik> Mike and Gabe, roll your monster lore
[19:22] <GM_Erik> Brett can too.
[19:23] <GM_Erik> Rob, you can too. ::-)
[19:23] <JessicaKnight> 91/25
[19:23] <Vrryl> 57/78
[19:23] <Mika_no_Krynn> 46 of 89
[19:23] <JessicaKnight> no freaking clue
[19:23] <GM_Erik> ouch Gabe, you're lost.  Vrryl and Mika know though.
[19:23] <Lucky_Zando> 67
[19:23] <Sophes> you want me to roll what?
[19:23] <Vrryl> oh, that was my horsemanship roll Erik
[19:24] <GM_Erik> oh, ok.  And Deb, what's your total skill?  you rolled 67, and what's it out of?
[19:24] <Vrryl> 51/90 is my lore roll =P
[19:24] <GM_Erik> ok, Deb, you have 60%, so you failed.
[19:25] <Sophes> 49/78 for monster lore
[19:25] <Mika_no_Krynn> You fail your pilot and crash into a building!
[19:25] <Lucky_Zando> does that mean I fall off my bike or something?
[19:25] <Vrryl> poor building =(
[19:25] <GM_Erik> hold on a moment guys
[19:25] <Sophes> building? in the desert?
[19:26] <Mika_no_Krynn> Made by the sandpeople
[19:26] <Vrryl> ya, we made one out of sticks and sand, just so we could crash into it with failed piloting checks
[19:26] <Mika_no_Krynn> They'll be back... and in greater numbers
[19:26] <Sophes> poor sand people
[19:26] <GM_Erik> can you not send files through ICQ anymore?
[19:26] <GM_Erik> Rob, roll your demon and monster lore
[19:26] <Mika_no_Krynn> Not to me, you cannot
[19:26] <Vrryl> nor i
[19:26] <Sophes> 49/78
[19:27] <Lucky_Zando> don't worry erik I found an older version of Lucky..I can use until I get the new one
[19:27] <GM_Erik> Did that get throgh Deb?
[19:28] <GM_Erik> OK, Everyone but Jessica knows what Blow Worms are.
[19:28] <Lucky_Zando> no my virus checker thingy quarantined it
[19:28] <GM_Erik> Huge Worms of Taut.
[19:28] <Sophes> heh Jess doesn't want to know
[19:29] <Mika_no_Krynn> Wicked... worms of DOOM!
[19:29] <Sophes> worms and chicks don't mix well
[19:29] <Mika_no_Krynn> Nope, sure don'tr
[19:29] <Mika_no_Krynn> If I ever get to name a desert it will be the Desert of Doom!
[19:30] <Vrryl> spell it Dhoom though, just to be new age
[19:30] <Mika_no_Krynn> Or Dhume
[19:31] <Vrryl> Duhme
[19:31] <Sophes> wha? and ruin the beauty of the original word?
[19:31] <Lucky_Zando> it could be the gangster of deserts
[19:31] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah
[19:31] <Vrryl> word
[19:31] <Mika_no_Krynn> The OG Desert
[19:32] <Mika_no_Krynn> We would traverse it in stumpy leg camels
[19:32] <Sophes> with hydraulic shocks
[19:32] <Vrryl> oh, mike... JET letters came in
[19:32] <Lucky_Zando> its hot in herre
[19:32] <Mika_no_Krynn> Ah, yeah... about that time
[19:33] <Sophes> JET letters?
[19:33] <Vrryl> jamie got an interview... connor got an interview... told me thanks for coming out, but no thanks
[19:33] <Mika_no_Krynn> Shitty... probably cuz you are a teacher
[19:33] <JessicaKnight> weird
[19:34] <Mika_no_Krynn> They often don't want teachers on the program cuz they might change how kids are taught
[19:34] <Vrryl> ya, heaven forbid they hire someone qualified to teach as a teacher
[19:34] <Mika_no_Krynn> Us westerners with our wacky ideas of educating students
[19:34] <Vrryl> go figure eh
[19:35] <Mika_no_Krynn> I wonder how the other people I know fared...
[19:35] <Sophes> you planning on teaching english to ppl Brett?
[19:35] <Vrryl> ya, doing an education degree atm... elementary though, not esl
[19:35] <Sophes> cool
[19:36] <Vrryl> about to finish it, so was looking to do something... like travel
[19:36] <Sophes> you planning on going abroad with it?
[19:36] <Vrryl> ya
[19:36] <Vrryl> figured i'd work on my esl teaching skills... use that to get paid to travel
[19:38] <Mika_no_Krynn> I had heard that only 3% of JETs are actual teachers...
[19:38] <Vrryl> could be. just wasn't expecting to get rejected with a teaching degree is all... but whatever. their loss really
[19:39] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah... I think it is a pretty random chance thing anyways.  I mean what kind of selection criterion would rule out a teacher?
[19:39] <Mika_no_Krynn> If you can speak Japanese you could be a mass murderer and still get on, after that it is random...
[19:41] <Vrryl> only reason i liked the JET was out of all the other job offers in japan, it offered the best salary
[19:41] <Vrryl> and flights were paid for
[19:41] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah, that's true... the money is why I am here
[19:41] <GM_Erik> Well they better be paid for with an acronym like that.
[19:42] <Mika_no_Krynn> Alteratively you often get roped into doing a bunch of crap cuz you are public employees
[19:42] <Vrryl> i've found a couple others that are close to it, but still not up to it
[19:42] <Vrryl> ya, it's ture
[19:42] <Vrryl> true
[19:42] <Mika_no_Krynn> And you have to deal with Japanese students... Aibo the robot dog has more personality than most of them
[19:43] <GM_Erik> me says OK then, back to it!
[19:43] <GM_Erik> me says OK then, back to it!
[19:43] * GM_Erik says OK then, back to it!
[19:43] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah, we're waiting for you GM
[19:43] <GM_Erik> stupid slash button
[19:43] <Vrryl> we can play and chat... /nods
[19:45] <GM_Erik> So, what do the two of you do?
[19:45] <Mika_no_Krynn> We see this occur?
[19:45] <GM_Erik> no, you guys are miles away.
[19:45] <Mika_no_Krynn> Sounds like a song...
[19:45] <GM_Erik> about 5, since that's the limit of your radio I believe.
[19:46] <GM_Erik> between 4 and 5 normally.
[19:46] <GM_Erik> ok, well roll initiative Brett and Deb
[19:46] <Lucky_Zando> if the worm looks like it is going to attack the mage I'll smack it
[19:46] <Lucky_Zando> which column do I use?
[19:47] <GM_Erik> Expert
[19:47] <Lucky_Zando> 15
[19:47] <Vrryl> 13
[19:47] <Mika_no_Krynn> Good thing Worms can't use Kung-fu
[19:47] <GM_Erik> OK Deb, the WOrm is facing Vrryl, and you go first.
[19:48] <Lucky_Zando> okay I hit it....26 (10 + 14 + 2)
[19:49] <Lucky_Zando> with the spear
[19:49] <GM_Erik> crap, Wor dcrashed.
[19:49] <Mika_no_Krynn> Word
[19:49] <Vrryl> to
[19:49] <Vrryl> yo
[19:49] <Vrryl> motha
[19:49] <Mika_no_Krynn> to yo MOTHRA!
[19:50] <GM_Erik> ok
[19:50] <Lucky_Zando> can I do a power strike?
[19:50] <GM_Erik> ok, you hit, roll damage.
[19:50] <GM_Erik> well, you need to declare a power strke before your roll
[19:50] <Lucky_Zando> oh sorry I just saw it on my character
[19:51] <Mika_no_Krynn> Power strikes take up 2 attacks too
[19:51] <GM_Erik> Go for it next time.
[19:51] <Lucky_Zando> I know
[19:51] <Lucky_Zando> okay
[19:52] <JessicaKnight> swee!@
[19:52] <JessicaKnight> just ran into a Taru named "Fuchikoma"
[19:52] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah, I have seen him around
[19:53] <Lucky_Zando> 33
[19:54] <Lucky_Zando> ignores me?
[19:55] <Mika_no_Krynn> Aren't you lucky
[19:55] <Lucky_Zando> I'm insulted!
[19:55] <JessicaKnight> heh
[19:55] <GM_Erik> Brett, what do you do?
[19:56] <GM_Erik> Brett, are you typing somethign really long?
[19:57] <Vrryl> sec..
[19:57] <Mika_no_Krynn> If nothing else works... just scream at it really loud
[19:57] <Mika_no_Krynn> Like Mr. Furious
[19:57] <GM_Erik> heh heh
[19:57] <GM_Erik> I like the bowling ball chick
[19:59] <GM_Erik> ok, roll dodge Brett.
[19:59] <GM_Erik> (Poor horse)
[19:59] <Vrryl> 14.. the horse can dodge too =P
[19:59] <Vrryl> it's not stupid
[20:00] <GM_Erik> nope, just didn't make the throw.
[20:00] <GM_Erik> and neither did you.
[20:01] <Sophes> eeew.... big wad of goo coming at ya Brett
[20:01] <JessicaKnight> ew
[20:02] <GM_Erik> Brett, you are at 1/2 melee actions and 1/3 speed.
[20:03] <Vrryl> no worries, just say when i have an action again... gots me a plan
[20:03] <GM_Erik> ok.
[20:04] <Lucky_Zando> can I slap it again?
[20:04] <GM_Erik> How fast do Mika and Jessica travel?
[20:04] <JessicaKnight> 50 mph
[20:04] <GM_Erik> And yes, you can go there Deb.
[20:04] <Mika_no_Krynn> Mach 3
[20:04] <Mika_no_Krynn> 116mph
[20:04] <GM_Erik> ?
[20:05] <Lucky_Zando> n20
[20:05] <Lucky_Zando> so 20 + 14 +2
[20:05] <JessicaKnight> nicer
[20:05] <Lucky_Zando> +powerstrike
[20:05] <GM_Erik> well, you hit then.
[20:05] <Mika_no_Krynn> Don't worry about totals when you roll natural 20...
[20:05] <GM_Erik> so that is double the power strike damage.
[20:05] <GM_Erik> ouch.
[20:05] <Lucky_Zando> for 53 damage so I guess 106
[20:06] <Mika_no_Krynn> That's a bingo!
[20:07] <Mika_no_Krynn> Maybe it will deflate like a baloon now
[20:07] <Mika_no_Krynn> Deflater worm
[20:07] <Lucky_Zando> a little bit....???
[20:07] <Sophes> the deflated worm of doom!
[20:07] <Mika_no_Krynn> It is 200 feet long... d
[20:07] <GM_Erik> Hey, its about 200 feet long!
[20:07] <GM_Erik> It only weighs about 4 tons.
[20:07] <Mika_no_Krynn> You spear probably makes a 2 inch puncture
[20:07] <GM_Erik> (the book says 1d4 tons) heh heh
[20:08] <Lucky_Zando> sigh and now theere are two of them...
[20:08] <Mika_no_Krynn> Kinda light for 200 feet
[20:08] <Lucky_Zando> do I have a comlink thing too?
[20:08] <Mika_no_Krynn> More carnage to cause!
[20:08] <Sophes> hmmm I would think that a 200 foot monster would weigh more than 4 tons
[20:08] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah
[20:08] <GM_Erik> does she have a commlink?
[20:08] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yes
[20:08] <Mika_no_Krynn> Maybe they are made of space-age materials
[20:08] <Mika_no_Krynn> Strong but light
[20:08] <Sophes> heh
[20:09] <Mika_no_Krynn> This is when having an SDF1 around is handy... orbital bombardment!
[20:10] <GM_Erik> ok, Deb again
[20:10] <Lucky_Zando> attack again?
[20:10] <GM_Erik> yes.
[20:10] <Mika_no_Krynn> Go for the puncture hole...
[20:11] <Mika_no_Krynn> Put a fusion block in there!
[20:11] <Lucky_Zando> can I do a leap attack with my spear?
[20:11] <GM_Erik> And Brett, you have an action coming up.
[20:11] <GM_Erik> you can do a leap attack but...
[20:12] <GM_Erik> you can only do those at the start of the melee round.
[20:12] <Lucky_Zando> okay well I got 12 + 14 +2
[20:12] <Lucky_Zando> oh okay
[20:12] <Lucky_Zando> then I just hit it I guess
[20:12] <GM_Erik> and they use up all your offensive attacks, leaving you to defend the rest of the round.
[20:12] <GM_Erik> ok, roll damage.
[20:13] <JessicaKnight> hmm hey Erik.. do e-clips explode when shot?
[20:13] <GM_Erik> um... I don't know..
[20:13] <GM_Erik> hmm...
[20:13] <GM_Erik> wait...
[20:13] <GM_Erik> I know where to check.
[20:13] <GM_Erik> Deb, roll your damage.
[20:13] <Lucky_Zando> 31
[20:13] <Mika_no_Krynn> I doubt it... that would be pretty shit for military use
[20:14] <JessicaKnight> mm goo dpoint
[20:14] <Mika_no_Krynn> Have your whole team wiped out cuz someone had their gun shot
[20:14] <GM_Erik> well, E-clips do have MDC protection.
[20:14] <Mika_no_Krynn> I think the e-clips are just like kick-ass batteries.
[20:14] <GM_Erik> and they're a REALLY small target.
[20:15] <JessicaKnight> nice.. I still know what I need to do...
[20:16] <JessicaKnight> just heard from kai
[20:16] <JessicaKnight> netierh Kai nor Adam got interviews,  but Jeff did
[20:16] <GM_Erik> So Deb, what are you going to do?
[20:16] <Lucky_Zando> autododge?
[20:16] <GM_Erik> ok, roll it
[20:17] <Lucky_Zando> 17+14
[20:17] <Mika_no_Krynn> Why?  Cuz he speaks Japanese...
[20:17] <JessicaKnight> dunno
[20:17] <GM_Erik> Brett. your go.
[20:18] <Mika_no_Krynn> The whole program is just a PR thing for the Japanese gov't anyways... easier on them if they get people that speak JP
[20:18] <GM_Erik> Can I guess what you do?
[20:18] <Vrryl> i growled from beneath the blanket of snot, and used a charge from my escape ring...
[20:18] <Vrryl> already emoted
[20:20] <GM_Erik> OK, Brett, what now?
[20:20] <Vrryl> is he about to swallow my horse???
[20:21] <GM_Erik> and you.
[20:21] <GM_Erik> its mouth is moving towards you.
[20:21] <Vrryl> hm, so either way, my horse is about to get eaten
[20:21] <GM_Erik> well, depends on what you do.
[20:21] <Vrryl> of course
[20:21] <JessicaKnight> hey erik... can I fly and cast a spell at the same time?
[20:22] <GM_Erik> yeah, especially when you're not in combat.
[20:22] <JessicaKnight> koo
[20:23] <GM_Erik> Brett?
[20:23] <GM_Erik> and then Deb gets to go.
[20:23] <Vrryl> do these things have teeth, or just big maws?
[20:23] <GM_Erik> big, gaping maws
[20:24] <Lucky_Zando> 11+14+2
[20:25] <GM_Erik> ok then.  That was interesting.
[20:25] <GM_Erik> I think that calls for Deb to make a save versus Horror Factor.
[20:25] <GM_Erik> roll d20, add your +2 bonus.
[20:26] <Lucky_Zando> 13
[20:26] <Lucky_Zando> did i hit the worm?
[20:27] <Lucky_Zando> why am I making a horror role I knew from the beginning that boy aint normal
[20:27] <GM_Erik> Yeah, but he just flew into the maw of a giant worm.
[20:28] <GM_Erik> Deb, you get to go again.
[20:28] <Lucky_Zando> did I miss it?
[20:29] <GM_Erik> No, you hit it, I need damage, and you get to go again.
[20:29] <Lucky_Zando> oh okay
[20:30] <Lucky_Zando> 38 damage and ...15+14+2
[20:30] <GM_Erik> you hit it agai.
[20:30] <Lucky_Zando> 32 damage
[20:32] <GM_Erik> What do you do?
[20:33] <Lucky_Zando> stabbed it with my spear?
[20:33] <GM_Erik> Its trying to crush you, what do you do?
[20:33] <Lucky_Zando> autododge again 17+14
[20:33] <GM_Erik> alright, natural 20, the lony way I'd ever hit her with this creature.
[20:33] <Lucky_Zando> eeeep!
[20:34] <JessicaKnight> ow
[20:34] <GM_Erik> You take 100 MDC.
[20:34] <JessicaKnight> ow ow ow
[20:34] <Sophes> youch
[20:34] <Lucky_Zando> whew I thought it was going to hurt
[20:35] <GM_Erik> Ok, I'm saying one more melee for Mike and 2 more for Jessica.
[20:35] <Mika_no_Krynn> Guess Lucky isn't moving for a while...
[20:36] <Lucky_Zando> what happens to me erik, that's not even 1/2 my hits?
[20:36] <GM_Erik> Ok, roll initiative Brett and Deb.
[20:37] <GM_Erik> Well Deb, you're underneath a really really huge worm.  and it did hurt some.
[20:37] <Lucky_Zando> 20
[20:37] <Lucky_Zando> can I squirm out of it?
[20:37] <GM_Erik> you can try
[20:38] <GM_Erik> how are you gonig to try to get out?
[20:40] <Lucky_Zando> I try to lift it off me?
[20:41] <GM_Erik> ok, roll your escape artist skill to see how easily you can position yourself.
[20:42] <Lucky_Zando> 11
[20:42] <Lucky_Zando> 11/50
[20:43] <GM_Erik> ok, you manage to squeeze your body into a position where it can try to lift the creature off
[20:43] <Lucky_Zando> what do I have to roll for that?
[20:44] <GM_Erik> nothing, you just lift.
[20:44] <Lucky_Zando> okay I lift it then (I'll try to use the spear for leverage I guess) then roll away when I have an opening?
[20:45] <GM_Erik> ok
[20:47] <GM_Erik> just waiting on Brett and then...
[20:50] <GM_Erik> So, what now guys?
[20:51] <Mika_no_Krynn> God damnit!  I wasted so much PPE!
[20:51] <Vrryl> ya you suck
[20:51] <Mika_no_Krynn> What do I do  now?  Need to smite something.
[20:51] <GM_Erik> Get the flying guy!
[20:52] <Lucky_Zando> am I out from under this thing now?
[20:52] <Mika_no_Krynn> Flying guy chopped the head off the worm in a single blow...
[20:53] <GM_Erik> (Well, actually it was several, but noone was there to watch)
[20:53] <Mika_no_Krynn> Ah... ok
[20:53] <Lucky_Zando> yeah well it probably only had a few hits left after I was smacking it around
[20:54] <Lucky_Zando> wearing nothing but a cloak? pervert
[20:55] <Sophes> heh and some pants
[20:55] <GM_Erik> Um, Mike, roll perception.
[20:55] <GM_Erik> You too Rob.
[20:55] <Mika_no_Krynn> Nat. 20
[20:56] <GM_Erik> d20+1 for Rob
[20:56] <Mika_no_Krynn> Sophes the Avenging Flasher
[20:56] <Sophes> heh
[20:56] <Sophes> rolled 19+1
[20:56] <GM_Erik> wow.. good rollers for perception, eh?
[20:57] <Mika_no_Krynn> I saved vs. blondness today...
[20:58] <GM_Erik> actually, Mika and Sophes are the same height.
[20:58] <GM_Erik> although the widths are quite different.
[20:58] <Mika_no_Krynn> What?  Why is he 6inches?
[20:58] <Lucky_Zando> ugg I got rescued by a gnome
[20:58] <Mika_no_Krynn> I cast Reduce Self on myself earlier...
[20:58] <GM_Erik> oh, yeah, i forgot.. right you're really iny.
[20:58] <GM_Erik> he heh
[20:58] <GM_Erik> everyone else is ued to you eign short, just not me.
[20:59] <Mika_no_Krynn> English next time plz
[20:59] <Mika_no_Krynn> My German is rusty
[20:59] <GM_Erik> everyone else is used to you being short, just not me.
[21:00] <GM_Erik> Sorry, I'm typing without looking these days and is doesn't always go well.  Especially ince my keyboard here isn't too great.
[21:00] <GM_Erik> oh, roll perception Gabe
[21:00] <GM_Erik> (save vs blondness)
[21:01] <JessicaKnight> ummm 4.. including mu ME bonus...
[21:01] <GM_Erik> so that's 7, no, you're clueless
[21:01] <JessicaKnight> no no
[21:01] <JessicaKnight> 4./ including it... rolled 1
[21:01] <GM_Erik> oh, ouch.
[21:02] <GM_Erik> dur, what are you>
[21:02] <Mika_no_Krynn> You should dye your hair today
[21:02] <JessicaKnight> yeah... total blonde valley girl moment
[21:02] <JessicaKnight> heh yeah
[21:02] <Mika_no_Krynn> Nice... I am going to add Vaunted Company to my resume for Mika
[21:02] <JessicaKnight> hah
[21:04] <GM_Erik> THe ground starts shaking again... heh heh
[21:05] <GM_Erik> aggh, too much laughing today..
[21:06] <Mika_no_Krynn> Of bunnies and kitties
[21:06] <Mika_no_Krynn> Cute tattoos
[21:06] <GM_Erik> other people see those too, just you other guys knew they were there anyway.
[21:07] <Vrryl> er, didn't the ground start rumbling again, or were you joking Erik?
[21:07] <GM_Erik> joking.
[21:07] <JessicaKnight> heh
[21:07] <GM_Erik> orange with purple dots..  hahahaha...
[21:07] <GM_Erik> Hey Deb, you aren't scared are you??
[21:07] <GM_Erik> heh heh
[21:08] <Lucky_Zando> scared?
[21:08] <Mika_no_Krynn> Sophes is wearing shorts though... right... more than JUST a cloak...
[21:08] <Sophes> yes I am wearing pants and boots as well
[21:08] <GM_Erik> Mike's character really was orange with purple dots, big cauliflower ears, and three feet tall, for a few months.
[21:08] <GM_Erik> But it was her fault.
[21:08] <Sophes> he he he
[21:09] <Sophes> I also have a big sword and a backpack
[21:09] <GM_Erik> yeah.. pants and boots..
[21:09] <Mika_no_Krynn> STupid fairies... I hate them.
[21:09] <JessicaKnight> hehe.. I still ahve fairy food in my pack :)
[21:10] <GM_Erik> you should cook one night.
[21:10] <Vrryl> it's a partial converted cyber horse... had it for ages... should be used to this shit by now =/
[21:10] <JessicaKnight> heh that would be amusing
[21:10] <GM_Erik> yeah, well, it was suffocating to death, and its only a horse.  THe corpses are still scaring it.
[21:10] <GM_Erik> no Mike, he wasn't there.
[21:11] <GM_Erik> That was later.
[21:11] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah he was...
[21:11] <GM_Erik> He ever met Daniel.
[21:11] <GM_Erik> He never met Daniel.
[21:11] <Mika_no_Krynn> It was a one shot when Rob came back down to Calgary...
[21:11] <GM_Erik> He wasn't in Avalon.
[21:11] <Mika_no_Krynn> He played Sophes...
[21:11] <GM_Erik> Really?
[21:11] <Mika_no_Krynn> This was after Daniel was in our Rifts Earth
[21:11] <GM_Erik> I was wondering but couldn't find that adventure.
[21:11] <GM_Erik> I thought Rob played the mutant from space?
[21:12] <Mika_no_Krynn> And Daniel was in teh stable taking care of something... and for some reason he got a natural 20  and flipped Sophes
[21:12] <GM_Erik> Hmm....
[21:12] <Mika_no_Krynn> Different time than the mutants from space one
[21:12] <GM_Erik> could be..  My records back then aren't the greatest.
[21:12] <Mika_no_Krynn> Then I told Daniel not to do that anymore cuz Sophes was REALLY tough
[21:13] <Mika_no_Krynn> Not important anyways
[21:13] <GM_Erik> Ok.  I'll look some more, its probably a hand-written adventure I did, and isn't typed up.  We'll say it happened though, I'm sure you remember right.
[21:13] <GM_Erik> I've been on drugs this week anyway, makes it harder to remember.
[21:14] <Sophes> heh I have a scetchy memory of that time, but I am sure it did happen
[21:14] <Vrryl> what time of day is it?
[21:14] <GM_Erik> Hmm, lets say its nearing midday
[21:15] <GM_Erik> Funny thing was that I forgot how strong Lucky was, and that she could lift the darn thing.
[21:15] <GM_Erik> She only had to reposition herself.
[21:15] <Mika_no_Krynn> That's crazy strong
[21:15] <GM_Erik> (Its that superpower strength)
[21:16] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah... mega
[21:16] <GM_Erik> Different in lifting from supernatural strength
[21:17] <Lucky_Zando> which character was the cleric person again? Is she with us?
[21:17] <GM_Erik> No Clerics.
[21:17] <GM_Erik> Katrina Sun is a Ley Line Walker.
[21:17] <Lucky_Zando> well the chick that healed me last time?
[21:17] <GM_Erik> A spell-caster.
[21:18] <Lucky_Zando> is she around?
[21:18] <GM_Erik> back with the main party.
[21:18] <Sophes> you need healing?
[21:18] <Lucky_Zando> aren't we the main party?
[21:18] <Sophes> nope, I can heal though
[21:18] <Lucky_Zando> yeah damn thing fell on me
[21:19] <Lucky_Zando> can you heal 100 points of damage?
[21:19] <Sophes> yep, but I will be almost drained after that
[21:20] <GM_Erik> Mika should know, she was a fairy for awhile.
[21:20] <Mika_no_Krynn> Mika has been a lot of things... kinda disturbing
[21:21] <Sophes> you are healed 100 mds
[21:21] <Sophes> mdc
[21:21] <Lucky_Zando> thanks
[21:21] <Lucky_Zando> are you like a paladin or something?
[21:21] <Mika_no_Krynn> He's an Undead Slayer
[21:22] <GM_Erik> Don't feel bad Mike, everyone's used a lot of PPE today.
[21:22] <Mika_no_Krynn> Slayer of Undead, dead, and other evil things
[21:22] <Mika_no_Krynn> Could I suck up any PPE from those things when they died?
[21:22] <GM_Erik> mmm, no
[21:22] <Mika_no_Krynn> Didn't think so
[21:22] <GM_Erik> You have to be the one to cut them.
[21:22] <GM_Erik> They don't really have any anyway.
[21:23] <Mika_no_Krynn> Bummer...
[21:23] <Lucky_Zando> I have 22 you can have mine....
[21:23] <Mika_no_Krynn> They should have PPE soda or something
[21:23] <GM_Erik> Be careful what you offer there Deb.
[21:23] <Sophes> heh I have used 214 ppe already
[21:23] <Lucky_Zando> why? what is it?
[21:24] <GM_Erik> Mike's character eats PPE by cutting you open in combat or when you're scared.
[21:24] <GM_Erik> That's what he wanted.
[21:25] <Lucky_Zando> oh....well turn into a chicken then I'd be scared
[21:25] <Lucky_Zando> hate them, always moving their heads in creepy jerky motions
[21:25] <Mika_no_Krynn> So I can get Daniel's PPE often?  Cuz I figure I scare him a lot
[21:25] <GM_Erik> he he he
[21:25] <GM_Erik> Unless you guys want to do do any more talking on the way back, we can asuume you make it back safely.
[21:25] <Mika_no_Krynn> Done
[21:26] <Sophes> done
[21:27] <Vrryl> what you say, another 5 kms on, then break for afternoon?
[21:27] <JessicaKnight> koo
[21:27] <Mika_no_Krynn> Sure
[21:27] <Sophes> yeah, I need some ppe back... that healing spell is crazy in the ppe drain
[21:27] <Mika_no_Krynn> Stiltents?
[21:27] <Lucky_Zando> sorry but thanks
[21:27] <GM_Erik> I think now could be a good time for a OOC break too. For snacks and stuff
[21:28] <Mika_no_Krynn> Ok... making instant ramen myself...
[21:28] <GM_Erik> Stiltents?
[21:28] <Mika_no_Krynn> from Dune
[21:28] <GM_Erik> ah....
[21:28] <GM_Erik> no.
[21:28] <Mika_no_Krynn> Fremen design
[21:28] <Mika_no_Krynn> It would rock to run into some Fremen here... get them on our side
[21:28] <GM_Erik> feel free to do some IC introductions, get over descriptions, and things like that.
[21:30] <Sophes> how close are we to a ley line?
[21:30] <Mika_no_Krynn> How long is this siesta?
[21:30] <Sophes> 21/55 for sense ley line upto 60 miles radius
[21:30] <Vrryl> just till mid-latish afternoon... 3 and a half hours or so
[21:31] <Mika_no_Krynn> Ok... so med for 2.5...
[21:31] <Sophes> Erik? any chance of a ley line near by?
[21:33] <Mika_no_Krynn> I don't think there is man
[21:33] <Vrryl> ya, ley lines are pretty sparse
[21:34] <Sophes> phhht... why we here again?
[21:34] <Vrryl> i don't know... something about saving the world. again /shrug
[21:34] <Mika_no_Krynn> And getting famous
[21:34] <Vrryl> and rich!
[21:35] <Sophes> hmmm ok I guess, but still feeling ripped off with so few ley lines
[21:36] <Mika_no_Krynn> Though I don't think we have made much coin so far
[21:36] <GM_Erik> I'll check o the ley lies, hold o
[21:36] <GM_Erik> dam n's
[21:36] <Vrryl> many different forms of wealth
[21:37] <Sophes> aha.... the ley lies.... they are the worst
[21:37] <Sophes> ok so that was lame
[21:37] <Vrryl> lol
[21:37] <Vrryl> erik speaking swahili again
[21:38] <GM_Erik> Sorry, some of the lower keys periodically die on this keyboard, including n, b, slash, shift, and the lower arrow keys.. grr..
[21:38] <GM_Erik> I had it fixed a couple months ago, but I'll have to take it apart again.
[21:38] <Mika_no_Krynn> Why not just get a new one?
[21:38] <GM_Erik> been busy
[21:39] <Mika_no_Krynn> Um... Lucky, where did you find this mystical bath/shower thing?
[21:39] <GM_Erik> and I just had to spend a lot of money, so I'm trying to save a little bit (I have backups anyway)
[21:40] <GM_Erik> The school doesn't give any form of dental, and I had to get my wisdom teeth pulled this week (one started to do bad things)
[21:40] <Mika_no_Krynn> OUch...
[21:40] <Mika_no_Krynn> Glad I had mine out in high school
[21:41] <GM_Erik> I didn't have any in high school.  THey didn't even fully form until I was like 18 or so.
[21:41] <GM_Erik> Heck, the first one erupted when I went to Rob's house for Thanksgiving that one time.
[21:43] <Sophes> I had all mine pulled just before joining the army
[21:43] <Mika_no_Krynn> Can drink PPE from a Ley Line?
[21:43] <Sophes> I thought it would double the recovery of ppe? yes/no?
[21:45] <Mika_no_Krynn> So any word on where the shower came from?
[21:45] <JessicaKnight> sand shower
[21:45] <Mika_no_Krynn> Very cleansing those are...
[21:46] <Vrryl> good for the skin... recommended by The Body Shop
[21:50] <Sophes> come on Jessica, Can't you make a magical shower facility?
[21:50] <Mika_no_Krynn> I could just cast Cleanse... but no one asked.... 20credits a shot
[21:52] <Sophes> so what is the recovery factor of meditating in a ley line? any bonus?
[21:52] <Lucky_Zando> we don't have any water or something?
[21:52] <Mika_no_Krynn> We're in a desert...
[21:53] <Mika_no_Krynn> The only water we have is for drinking... and we barely have enough of that...
[21:53] <Lucky_Zando> well can you cast that cleanse thing then? I'm covered in worm guts
[21:53] <Mika_no_Krynn> I could do that... 2nd level spell
[21:53] <Lucky_Zando> thanks
[21:53] <Mika_no_Krynn> Cleans your clothes and everything too
[21:53] <Lucky_Zando> cool
[21:53] <Mika_no_Krynn> Like magical drycleaning
[21:54] <GM_Erik> OK, being on a ley line increases PPE recovery.  But Mike, you cannot feed from a ley line.
[21:54] <Mika_no_Krynn> ARgghhh...
[21:54] <GM_Erik> It tastes gross and doesn't work very well.
[21:54] <Sophes> ok... so what is the increase?
[21:54] <Mika_no_Krynn> 100ppe/min?
[21:57] <GM_Erik> sorry, was afk.   Ley Lines: PPE recovers at 10 per half-hour without meditation.  And, you can draw on 10 PPE per level once every 12 hours.
[21:58] <Sophes> what is the bonus with meditating?
[21:58] <GM_Erik> that just adds to whatever you nonrmally get.
[21:58] <Mika_no_Krynn> Wicked.
[21:58] <GM_Erik> so, scarily enough... you're probably full again.
[21:59] <Mika_no_Krynn> Full tank
[21:59] <Sophes> only 14 down
[22:00] <Mika_no_Krynn> Power on1
[22:00] <Lucky_Zando> lucky hates the desert and wishes she was at a resort
[22:00] <GM_Erik>   Sophes is sticky too.
[22:00] <GM_Erik> And Brett's horse is really sticky.. and smelly.
[22:00] <Sophes> hmmm
[22:00] <GM_Erik> the stuff just does't come off.
[22:01] <GM_Erik> ok, Mike that was only Sophes, Vrryl, Horsey, and Lucky.
[22:01] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yep
[22:01] <GM_Erik> not in that order.
[22:01] <Mika_no_Krynn> 2 casts.
[22:01] <Mika_no_Krynn> Can do 2 people per cast
[22:02] <Vrryl> i figured i'd have cleansed my horse... was why i was down with it after the fight ended
[22:03] <GM_Erik> It would take you several mitues to get the horse free, but about five hours to clean all the stuff off, ad that was clean if you had water.
[22:04] <Mika_no_Krynn> Cleanse works better
[22:09] <GM_Erik> Ironic that Rob missed fightig War, isn't it
[22:09] <Sophes> I was there, but with Arik not Sophes
[22:09] <Mika_no_Krynn> Indeed
[22:09] <Sophes> Arik kicked ass
[22:10] <Mika_no_Krynn> Hardcore dude
[22:10] <Sophes> had like 60 supernatural str
[22:10] <GM_Erik> true enough
[22:10] <Lucky_Zando> i'm jealous
[22:10] <GM_Erik> well, 55.
[22:10] <Mika_no_Krynn> Definitely someone not to arm wrestle
[22:10] <Sophes> heh well he was incredibly strong.
[22:11] <Sophes> that is what happens when you deal with a demi-god
[22:20] <Mika_no_Krynn> So what now?
[22:25] <GM_Erik> eyo.
[22:25] <Sophes> eyo?
[22:25] <GM_Erik> JerryLewisese
[22:26] <GM_Erik> Well, you guys can move on.  You could also rest at the ley line for a day and restock smoe supplies (ones that can be made with magic anyway)
[22:27] <Mika_no_Krynn> I take it the ley line doesn't follow in the direction we are heading?
[22:28] <Vrryl> it might... if it does, even if it veers off a bit, still not bad to follow it along and camp at tongiht
[22:28] <Mika_no_Krynn> the faster we are out of this desert the better I figure though
[22:28] <Vrryl> exactly
[22:28] <GM_Erik> unforunately, it runs east-west
[22:28] <Sophes> yeah, and I will get back most of my ppe in sleeping anyway
[22:29] <Mika_no_Krynn> Well lets continue pressing south then anyways...
[22:29] <GM_Erik> and its smallt, so it doesn't go very far
[22:30] <GM_Erik> Ok, Mike will have to continue casting Create Water each day with Katrina.
[22:30] <Mika_no_Krynn> Good enough...
[22:30] <Mika_no_Krynn> Water girls
[22:31] <Sophes> heh... with the outfits too huh?
[22:31] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah...
[22:31] <Vrryl> we should hire employees like that
[22:31] <Mika_no_Krynn> As soon as we save the world and get back... for sure
[22:31] <Vrryl> their job is to walk around in skimpy clothing, and water us
[22:31] <GM_Erik> Could be your next characters.
[22:31] <Vrryl> ...
[22:32] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah....
[22:32] <Mika_no_Krynn> Rifts: Watergirls
[22:32] <Mika_no_Krynn> Juicer Watergirl, Crazy Watergirl, Cyber-Watergirl, etc
[22:32] <GM_Erik> You think that would be a subset of the Vagabond OCC?
[22:32] <GM_Erik> Ahh, enhanced ones.
[22:32] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah man, we're elite
[22:33] <Mika_no_Krynn> They can dual as vampire killers too
[22:33] <Vrryl> like Buffy
[22:33] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah
[22:34] <Mika_no_Krynn> Buffy is kinda like a Sea Inquisitor anyways, she'd fit right in
[22:34] <Vrryl> they take magical tattoos to new level.. they naked, except for full body tattooage
[22:34] <Mika_no_Krynn> Kewl...
[22:34] <Mika_no_Krynn> This plan gets better the more we talk about it...
[22:34] <Vrryl> totally
[22:35] <Mika_no_Krynn> Damn... this desert shit is harsh
[22:35] <Vrryl> the tattoos magically form their bodies to be any desired shape, hair or eye color, etc
[22:35] <Mika_no_Krynn> tattoo-morphs
[22:35] <Mika_no_Krynn> The super-elite slayer force of the megaverse...
[22:36] <Vrryl> The Three Galaxies: Waterword
[22:36] <Vrryl> Waterworld
[22:36] <GM_Erik> there is that human mutant that changes shapes by ingesting DNA.
[22:36] <Vrryl> Neo-Watergirls
[22:37] <Mika_no_Krynn> Neo-uber-watergirls
[22:41] <Mika_no_Krynn> geat!
[22:41] <JessicaKnight> heh
[22:41] <JessicaKnight> yup
[22:41] <JessicaKnight> geat!
[22:41] <Mika_no_Krynn> It's freegin' geat!
[22:41] <Vrryl> piece of junk anyways
[22:42] <GM_Erik> Yeah, who needs the giant robot
[22:44] <GM_Erik> well, what now?
[22:46] <JessicaKnight> mm do I need to make an engin roll?
[22:47] <GM_Erik> You can make electrical rolls.
[22:47] <JessicaKnight> how many?
[22:47] <GM_Erik> um, 4.
[22:48] <JessicaKnight> 18/82
[22:48] <JessicaKnight> 14/82
[22:48] <JessicaKnight> 11/82
[22:48] <JessicaKnight> 23/82
[22:48] <GM_Erik> damn sude.
[22:48] <GM_Erik> dude.
[22:48] <Vrryl> dang..
[22:48] <JessicaKnight> not bad....
[22:49] <GM_Erik> Sorry man.
[22:50] <GM_Erik> You don't really understand why you didn't get them fixed, it should have only taken about an hour total.
[22:50] <JessicaKnight> damn
[22:51] <GM_Erik> So, what now?
[22:52] <Vrryl> if we can't take it, we can't take it
[22:53] <GM_Erik> Well, its not just that, without the armors,  the normal people can't even survive the desert really.
[22:53] <Mika_no_Krynn> I guess we stop until they are fixed then
[22:53] <GM_Erik> ok.  Gabe, what are you going to do?
[22:54] <JessicaKnight> keep going
[22:54] <JessicaKnight> try to figure out why I can't fix them and how I can rig them
[22:54] <JessicaKnight> are they not sealing properly?
[22:55] <GM_Erik> You're having problems doing the fine work with your hands.  You keep slipping and messing up.
[22:55] <JessicaKnight> ahhh shitty
[22:55] <Mika_no_Krynn> Get some help
[22:55] <Sophes> do I notice any of this Erik?
[22:56] <GM_Erik> depends on what Jessica does.
[22:56] <GM_Erik> Does she jump up and down gnashing teeth and swearing like a possessed cat?
[22:56] <GM_Erik> or not?
[22:58] <Sophes> no the fact her hands aren't working like they should or something to that effect
[22:58] <JessicaKnight> heh
[22:58] <GM_Erik> ANyone else going to do anything in particular?
[23:07] <GM_Erik> Deb's gotta go, so is that a good time to end it?
[23:07] <GM_Erik> Or maybe right after this?  (It would take a magic lore spell to determine)
[23:07] <Mika_no_Krynn> I guess
[23:08] <GM_Erik> I mean skill, not spell.
[23:08] <Sophes> dang don't have it
[23:08] <GM_Erik> And you guys would have to call someone over and tell them.
[23:08] <GM_Erik> since I'm assuming this conversation isn't broadcast over AM radio.
[23:08] <Sophes> you are correct, I don't even have a headset yet
[23:09] <GM_Erik> Well, when do we play next?
[23:09] <GM_Erik> Saturday's are fine by me,
[23:09] <Vrryl> weren't they uplinking it via satelite all over the world?
[23:09] <Mika_no_Krynn> Fine with me too
[23:09] <Sophes> what?  I am good for next Saturday as well
[23:09] <GM_Erik> No, remember? No satellites can be launched or contacted on Rifts Earth, doesn't work.
[23:09] <Vrryl> sats are good for me
[23:09] <GM_Erik> next saturday???
[23:10] <Mika_no_Krynn> Sounds good
[23:10] <GM_Erik> anyone no?
[23:10] <Sophes> or any Saturday
[23:10] <JessicaKnight> should be ok I don't think i'm going home for new years
[23:10] <Sophes> heh, I am the guy who puts the pressure on it would seem
[23:10] <Sophes> hmmm
[23:10] <GM_Erik> Deb?? Saturday next ok?
[23:10] <Sophes> you ending it here Erik?
[23:10] <GM_Erik> yeah, seems best, she said she had to go.
[23:11] <Sophes> ok, we can save the saving of Jessica till next week if we have to
[23:11] <Lucky_Zando> yeah saturday is good
[23:11] <GM_Erik> ok cool. Next week, same Rifts time, same Rifts channel(s)
[23:12] <JessicaKnight> koo
[23:12] <Sophes> cool
[23:12] <GM_Erik> Does Vrryl wake up? is he sleeping the sleep of a thousand sands?
[23:12] <Mika_no_Krynn> gud nuff
[23:12] <Sophes> I am glad to be back with Sophes
[23:12] <Sophes> he really kicks it with you guys
[23:12] <Vrryl> ya, sophes rocks
[23:12] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah, nice refresh.. like bringing back a cool old char from a series
[23:13] <Mika_no_Krynn> Back by popular demand...
[23:13] <Sophes> Arik was good, but I am more versatile with Sophes
[23:13] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah, Undead Slayers are sweet
[23:13] <Sophes> I can resurrect the dead with this dude
[23:13] <JessicaKnight> helps a lot that we're here fighting undead too
[23:13] <Mika_no_Krynn> They aren't undead... just dead
[23:14] <GM_Erik> yeah
[23:14] <Vrryl> dum - dum - dum
[23:14] <JessicaKnight> heh
[23:14] <GM_Erik> later Deb.
[23:14] <Lucky_Zando> okay well I'll talk to you guys next week then
[23:14] <Vrryl> take care Deb  =)
[23:14] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yep, for sure
[23:14] <Sophes> bye Deb see you next week
[23:14] <JessicaKnight> later all
[23:14] <Lucky_Zando> bye
[23:14] <Sophes> bye Jessica
[23:14] *** Lucky_Zando has left #riftsooc
[23:14] <Vrryl> laters guys, thanks for the game =)
[23:15] <JessicaKnight> later all
[23:15] <JessicaKnight> take care
[23:15] <Sophes> bye Brett
[23:15] <GM_Erik> yupper, later...
[23:15] <JessicaKnight> you FFXI guys logging on?
[23:15] <Mika_no_Krynn> Don't know...
[23:15] <Sophes> heh... FFXI you guys are funny
[23:15] <Vrryl> think i'm going to bed actually... starting to pass out
[23:15] <JessicaKnight> ok night then
[23:15] <Mika_no_Krynn> Leveling has become such a bore lately... may take today off.
[23:15] <GM_Erik> OK, I'm going to go before it snows any more. Later.
[23:15] <JessicaKnight> koo
GM Erik
 GM, 88 posts
Thu 22 Oct 2015
at 02:41
Horsemen of the Apocalypse 2 - OOC Chat Logs
[23:16] <Mika_no_Krynn> Watch my 2 Towers special ed. finally
[23:16] <JessicaKnight> alright.. later all
[23:16] <Mika_no_Krynn> Later...
[23:16] <Sophes> bye Erik, give me a call this week
[23:16] *** JessicaKnight has quit IRC (Quit:  )
[23:16] <GM_Erik> Well, email is better Rob.  ITs not easy for me to talk right now.
[23:16] <Sophes> what happened?
[23:16] <GM_Erik> Had all my wisdom teeth removed.
[23:16] <Mika_no_Krynn> Wisdom teeth... rmembmer
[23:16] <Sophes> sorry... heh, thought you said walk
[23:16] <Mika_no_Krynn> hehe
[23:16] *** Vrryl has quit IRC (Quit:  )
[23:17] *** Sophes has quit IRC (Quit:  )
[23:17] <GM_Erik> eh heh.  This has been the most talking I've done in a week.  mIRC is cool.  heck, if you wanted to talk we could use ICQ or mIRC too.
[23:17] <GM_Erik> oh
[23:17] <GM_Erik> Later Mike
[23:17] <Mika_no_Krynn> later guys....
Session Close: Sat Jan 17 23:17:37 2004
GM Erik
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Thu 22 Oct 2015
at 02:41
Horsemen of the Apocalypse 2 - OOC Chat Logs
Session Start: Sat Jan 31 16:49:50 2004
[16:49] *** Now talking in #RiftsOOC
[16:52] *** JessicaKnight has joined #riftsooc
[16:52] <JessicaKnight> re
[16:57] *** GM_Erik sets mode: +o JessicaKnight
[16:57] *** Retrieving #RiftsOOC info...
[16:57] *** GM_Erik sets mode: +ntps
[17:02] <GM_Erik> hey gabe, I'll be back.  Word just crashed so I gotta restart my computer.
Session Close: Sat Jan 31 17:02:10 2004
Session Start: Sat Jan 31 17:07:17 2004
[17:07] *** Now talking in #RiftsOOC
[17:09] <GM_Erik> Ok, that's better
[17:09] *** JessicaKnight sets mode: +o GM_Erik
[17:37] *** Vrryl has joined #RiftsOOC
[17:39] <JessicaKnight> yo
[17:39] *** JessicaKnight sets mode: +o Vrryl
[17:39] <GM_Erik> hey
[17:42] <Vrryl> oi
[17:47] *** Mika_no_Krynn has joined #RiftsOOC
[17:48] <Mika_no_Krynn> Hey, what server are you guys on?
[17:48] <JessicaKnight> new zealand
[17:49] *** JessicaKnight sets mode: +o Mika_no_Krynn
[17:49] <Vrryl> server?
[17:49] <GM_Erik> oh,
[17:50] <Vrryl> ya, that's one i'm on
[17:51] <JessicaKnight>
[17:54] <Mika_no_Krynn> Have you guys seen the new Appleseed movie trailer?  Besides Tux?
[17:55] <Vrryl> not i
[17:55] <Mika_no_Krynn>
[17:55] <Mika_no_Krynn> You can get it from there...
[17:56] <Mika_no_Krynn> There are 3 trailers up for GITS: Innocence too at their website
[17:56] <JessicaKnight> hmm need to see the other 2
[17:57] <Mika_no_Krynn> 2nd one is the best I think
[17:57] <JessicaKnight> maybe i'll check it out when i log off ffxi
[17:58] <Mika_no_Krynn> It's gonna be a wicked couple of months for sure...
[17:58] <JessicaKnight> heh
[17:58] <JessicaKnight> you're all set for it :)
[17:58] <Vrryl> holy shit, that appleseed is fucking intense!!!
[17:58] <JessicaKnight> heh
[17:59] <JessicaKnight> look good eh?
[17:59] <Mika_no_Krynn> Totally eh?
[17:59] <Mika_no_Krynn> Now that's how Appleseed should have been done in the first place...
[18:00] <Mika_no_Krynn> Uses Shirow's new Deunan model too... with the short hair and such
[18:00] <Vrryl> no kidding... damn, anime just getting better and better
[18:00] *** Lucky_Zando has joined #riftsooc
[18:00] <Mika_no_Krynn> The soundtrack is 2cds... one has all the artists' tracks like Paul Oakenfold and Ryuichi Sakamoto... the other is score music
[18:01] <JessicaKnight> damn
[18:01] <Lucky_Zando> hi everybody!
[18:01] <Mika_no_Krynn> Hi Dr. Nick
[18:01] <JessicaKnight> yo
[18:01] *** JessicaKnight sets mode: +o Lucky_Zando
[18:02] <Lucky_Zando> who is dr nick?
[18:02] <Vrryl> hello
[18:02] <Mika_no_Krynn> From the Simpsonss!
[18:02] <Vrryl> konichwa
[18:02] <Vrryl> salut\
[18:02] <Vrryl> guten dach
[18:02] <Vrryl> as-salaam
[18:03] <JessicaKnight> shalom ^^
[18:03] <Mika_no_Krynn> So where's the army?
[18:04] <JessicaKnight> 3800 for sleep?!?!?!
[18:04] <GM_Erik> ?
[18:04] <GM_Erik> oh, FF 1million?
[18:04] <Mika_no_Krynn> Easier to kill stuff and get it.
[18:05] <Vrryl> looks like 5k for my protectra2 spell
[18:05] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah, that is a very useful spell
[18:05] <Vrryl> ya, you'd think people would sell it for cheaper, since they're ones getting hit =P
[18:05] <Mika_no_Krynn> I spent 25K on BlizzardII
[18:06] <Mika_no_Krynn> That is cheap...5K
[18:06] <GM_Erik> by the way, Rifts China One was released on Wednesday, haven't got my copy yet.
[18:06] <Vrryl> ya, fairly
[18:06] <Mika_no_Krynn> Try looking at the price of Black Magic spells of the same level
[18:06] <JessicaKnight> nice!
[18:06] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah, I was looking at Palladium's page...looks wicked.
[18:06] <Mika_no_Krynn> We have to go there
[18:06] <GM_Erik> that's a baaaaad place.
[18:07] <Mika_no_Krynn> Also Africa: Legacy of the Horsemen is coming out this year...ironic
[18:07] <GM_Erik> Yeah, I kept hoping they would publish the other Africa book before we finished to give me some more source material, but they never got to it.
[18:07] <JessicaKnight> hahha
[18:07] <JessicaKnight> well.. some legacy...
[18:08] <Mika_no_Krynn> I wonder if they have Chow Yun Fat in Rifts China... rifted from modern times...
[18:08] <GM_Erik> heh heh
[18:08] <Mika_no_Krynn> He could have a squad of bad-ass gun toting dudes
[18:08] <Mika_no_Krynn> Special gun powers.
[18:08] <JessicaKnight> that'd be awsome!
[18:08] <JessicaKnight> i'd switch my character for that :)
[18:09] <Mika_no_Krynn> Stuff like +10 to strike while smoking
[18:10] <JessicaKnight> and Cool Sunglasse for PE+6, PP+11, PS+4, and PB+14
[18:10] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah... he'd have a monastery full of crazy gun-monks
[18:11] <GM_Erik> you know, I learned something about action movies recently.  The reason why gun guys almost always wear shades is because the actors blink when the guns discharge.
[18:11] <Mika_no_Krynn> Ah... makes sense
[18:11] <JessicaKnight> hmm interesting ^^
[18:12] <Mika_no_Krynn> But don't they blink normally anyways?
[18:13] <Vrryl> guess they don't look as cool all blinking and squint eyed
[18:13] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah...
[18:13] <GM_Erik> apparently a few really good ones don't blink.
[18:14] <Mika_no_Krynn> I wonder if they'll have Chun Li in China too...
[18:14] <GM_Erik> Like in that Underworld movie, the lead actress never wore shades and they made a big deal in the special footage about how she wouldn't blink and how cool it was.
[18:14] <Mika_no_Krynn> That's on the DVD version?
[18:15] <Vrryl> i remember reading about that too
[18:15] <Mika_no_Krynn> Kate Beckinsale... kewlness
[18:16] <Mika_no_Krynn> Too bad the movie sucked though
[18:16] <Vrryl> ya, blew major chunks
[18:16] <Mika_no_Krynn> They'd have been better off getting a plot from that Real Ultimate Power website
[18:16] <Vrryl> seriously, it's nigh impossible to screw u a werewolf vs vampire movie... but somehow, they did it
[18:17] <Mika_no_Krynn> Or just paying Whitewolf their couple grand, and use one of their plots
[18:17] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah, like screwing up Aliens vs. Preds...
[18:17] <JessicaKnight> heh
[18:17] <Mika_no_Krynn> They had better not screw that one up
[18:17] <Vrryl> speaking of which, that'll be coming out sometime
[18:17] <Vrryl> this summer?
[18:18] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah... think so
[18:18] <Mika_no_Krynn> Too bad Arnie is gov. now... then it could have been Aliens vs. Predator vs. Arnold
[18:18] <Vrryl> but then you know who wins
[18:18] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah, true
[18:18] <JessicaKnight> now i'd definitely pay for that
[18:19] <Vrryl> it'd have to be like.. aliens/pred vs arnold to make it fair match
[18:19] <Mika_no_Krynn> Like a whole planet full of Aliens and Preds... and one Arnold
[18:19] <JessicaKnight> yeah but you gotta go just for the lines :)
[18:19] <Vrryl> exactly
[18:19] <GM_Erik> ok, apparantly Rob isn't online.
[18:19] <GM_Erik> his younger brother is using his account.
[18:19] <Vrryl> what a slacker
[18:19] <Mika_no_Krynn> What?
[18:20] <Mika_no_Krynn> He lives at home?
[18:20] <GM_Erik> here's the message I got:" this is terry. leave me alone. bye"
[18:20] <JessicaKnight> no undead slayer today... ; ;
[18:20] <GM_Erik> yeah, he moved back home recently.
[18:20] <Vrryl> ...
[18:20] <GM_Erik> pretty rude from his brother there.
[18:20] <GM_Erik> I'm going to try caling him.
[18:20] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah...
[18:21] <GM_Erik> not his twin, just his younger.
[18:21] <JessicaKnight> adk going for food and drink
[18:23] <GM_Erik> Rob's out and can't be here tonight.  He wants to know if we're going to play next week.
[18:23] <GM_Erik> i still plan on playing tonight though
[18:24] <JessicaKnight> yup i'm game since they won't be striking
[18:24] <JessicaKnight> speaking on which.. how does your vacation time look this year Mike? ^^
[18:24] <JessicaKnight> want to see if I can make it around to tht part of the world again :)
[18:27] <Vrryl> .
[18:27] <Mika_no_Krynn> NO strike?  Kewl
[18:27] <Mika_no_Krynn> Well I have 22 days of leave available now
[18:27] <JessicaKnight> yeah... they accepted our offer for binding arbitration
[18:28] <Mika_no_Krynn> For In Auguest I get 24 more
[18:28] <JessicaKnight> mind if I hang around again?
[18:28] <Mika_no_Krynn> Nope... come on over
[18:28] <JessicaKnight> slick
[18:28] <Mika_no_Krynn> When are you thinking?
[18:28] <JessicaKnight> don't kno
[18:29] <JessicaKnight> I have to finish my masters certif and my profesionaly certification by june
[18:29] <JessicaKnight> so my time is a bit restircted
[18:29] <Mika_no_Krynn> July then?
[18:29] <GM_Erik> Hey guys, how about next week?
[18:29] <Mika_no_Krynn> I don't think GAbe can make to Japan by next week
[18:29] <JessicaKnight> mm I can try
[18:29] <Mika_no_Krynn> But as for Rifts... sure
[18:29] <JessicaKnight> yeay next week is cool for me
[18:30] <Mika_no_Krynn> Seeing RotK next Saturday^^  About freaking time
[18:30] <Vrryl> fine for me as well
[18:30] <Vrryl> sweet!! kick ass movie =)
[18:30] <JessicaKnight> i still haven't seen it :(
[18:30] <Mika_no_Krynn> Got together with some friends and watched Fellowship on Friday... next Friday we'll do 2 Towers
[18:31] <Vrryl> man, you missed it best... on big screen. Do yourself a favour, and go see
[18:31] <Vrryl> are movies subbed or dubbed?
[18:31] <GM_Erik> yeah, it was simply amazing on big screen.
[18:31] <Mika_no_Krynn> Both
[18:31] <Mika_no_Krynn> Mostly subbed  though
[18:31] <GM_Erik> ok, Rob said he's really really sorry, but he;ll be here next week.
[18:31] <Vrryl> cool
[18:32] <Mika_no_Krynn> They'll have 2 or 3 subbed and 1 dubbed  probably
[18:32] <JessicaKnight> alright... tell him he's a slacker and we'll see him next week :)
[18:33] <GM_Erik> done
[18:33] <GM_Erik> so then, are you guys ready to get going?
[18:34] <Mika_no_Krynn> Well at least we know who's taking point
[18:34] <Vrryl> let's rock!
[18:34] <JessicaKnight> yeah
[18:34] <GM_Erik> heh heh.
[18:34] <GM_Erik> you there too Debbie?
[18:34] <JessicaKnight> he can test the waters against Death.. :)
[18:34] <JessicaKnight> just to see how strong he really is :)
[18:34] <Mika_no_Krynn> Probe for weaknesses
[18:35] <Vrryl> soften him up a bit
[18:36] <Lucky_Zando> okay I'm back, sorry I'm ready now
[18:38] <GM_Erik> okay, and..... off we go!
[18:39] <GM_Erik> (I also told Rob to give his brother a cuff for being rude, heh heh)
[18:39] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah... or a suplex
[18:40] <Vrryl> wedgie
[18:41] <Lucky_Zando> slap him with a trout
[18:42] <JessicaKnight> he's dead... let's burn the body and burt the remains :)
[18:43] <GM_Erik> well?
[18:44] <Vrryl> nice... real nice
[18:45] <GM_Erik> Vrryl will probably put up defenses next time, huh? ::-)
[18:46] <Vrryl> ya, should have my yll tree climber on guard
[18:49] <Vrryl> still on for 2-3 dragon?
[18:50] <GM_Erik> eh?
[18:50] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah... after the game
[18:50] <JessicaKnight> you guys need help?
[18:50] <Mika_no_Krynn> This is our code language GM... just ignore it...
[18:51] <GM_Erik> sure, whatever.
[18:51] <Vrryl> ya, if you want to join
[18:51] <Vrryl> love help
[18:51] <JessicaKnight> i'll have to see if my chain and scythe is gone yet.. otherwise i have no armor or weap
[18:51] <Vrryl> heading back to Bastok... have to do the mines part still. Can't solo it, ended up getting mowed last time
[19:04] <Vrryl> QUICK! what movie.. "Good... bad... I'm the guy with the gun."
[19:05] <Mika_no_Krynn> Army of Darkness
[19:05] <GM_Erik> that's just pillow talk baby
[19:05] <Vrryl> bingo =)
[19:09] <Vrryl> i told her not to look into it!
[19:10] <JessicaKnight> =P
[19:14] <Mika_no_Krynn> Who's mirror?
[19:14] <GM_Erik> yours
[19:15] <GM_Erik> Mika's, because it was closer.
[19:15] <GM_Erik> see, Katrina was doing Lucky a favor.
[19:15] <GM_Erik> :;-)
[19:15] <GM_Erik> anyone have Magic Lore?  you can roll it
[19:16] <GM_Erik> and daniel spontaneously explodes, since all of Mika's possessions are beign destroyed.
[19:16] <JessicaKnight> ahaha
[19:16] <Vrryl> 44/76
[19:16] <Vrryl> haha!!
[19:17] <GM_Erik> Brett, was that the first number of the three?
[19:17] <GM_Erik> (there are three categories under the skll)
[19:17] <GM_Erik> anyone else?
[19:18] <Mika_no_Krynn> nothing here... still waiting to see what is going on
[19:18] <Vrryl> er... i have Lore:MAgic... and rolled that
[19:19] <GM_Erik> ok, we'll have to update your skill, you probably only have the first number written down there are three skills in that skill, but that's ok, you still suceed becaues the third is only 15% less than the first.
[19:22] <Mika_no_Krynn> Better than the Curse of Break Dancing I suppose
[19:22] <Mika_no_Krynn> Though that would be more humourous
[19:22] <Vrryl> or Curse of Braking
[19:22] <GM_Erik> heh heh
[19:23] <JessicaKnight> heh
[19:23] <GM_Erik> Curse of Break Dancing, a pysical form of Turet's
[19:23] <Mika_no_Krynn> Got a thing from NTT yesterday, asking if I want their new 40mbs ADSL service...
[19:24] <JessicaKnight> O_o
[19:24] <JessicaKnight> didnt you just upgrade to 12?
[19:24] <Mika_no_Krynn> 24
[19:24] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah, a couple months back
[19:24] <JessicaKnight> sheat
[19:24] <JessicaKnight> what is you upload speed?
[19:24] <Mika_no_Krynn> Japan's on a roll now... like CPU speeds, they just keep upgrading.
[19:25] <Mika_no_Krynn> Don't know, haven't tested it yet
[19:25] <Mika_no_Krynn> Though for some odd reason I seem to have trouble listening to 128kps streams from Shoutcast
[19:28] <Mika_no_Krynn> Hey GM, is at least 20% of my mirror still one piece?
[19:28] <GM_Erik> roll a d20
[19:29] <Mika_no_Krynn> 14
[19:29] <GM_Erik> Hmm, once piece, and only one piece, remained thatbig.
[19:30] <Mika_no_Krynn> Ok, I will use the spell Mend the Broken on my mirror then...
[19:30] <GM_Erik> ok
[19:30] <GM_Erik> Gabe, roll percentile dice.
[19:31] <JessicaKnight> 74
[19:31] <GM_Erik> oh that's pretty good.
[19:31] <GM_Erik> Ok, you remember that you weren't having an easy time getting the wiring done on that gun you were making.  You kept having problems, but it slipped your mind since it was solong ago, and you left for Africa shortly thereafter.
[19:33] <GM_Erik> ah, such a noble use of magic. ;;-)
[19:33] <GM_Erik> fixing your vanity plate.
[19:33] <Mika_no_Krynn> It is... never used that spell before... do I get xp for that?
[19:35] <GM_Erik> Bet you never thought it went back that far, huh?
[19:36] <Mika_no_Krynn> That's a LONG freaking time...
[19:36] <Mika_no_Krynn> In real life too
[19:36] <JessicaKnight> yeah
[19:36] <JessicaKnight> freakin..
[19:36] <Mika_no_Krynn> Longer in real life than in teh game
[19:36] <GM_Erik> I'd reserve judgment on that.
[19:37] <Mika_no_Krynn> Well if it started back in England...yeah... but only cuz we skipped 3 years or so.
[19:41] <GM_Erik> Hmm.
[19:41] <JessicaKnight> haha i've been cursed since England !!!
[19:42] <GM_Erik> How about everyone make a perception roll.
[19:42] <Vrryl> lolol
[19:42] <JessicaKnight> delayed effect curse!
[19:42] <GM_Erik> it will have a different dificulty for everyone.
[19:42] <JessicaKnight> did you want me to roll?
[19:42] <Vrryl> 15 perc
[19:42] <GM_Erik> (Debbie, roll a d20)
[19:42] <JessicaKnight> cuz if you did.. this is gonna be weird
[19:42] <GM_Erik> well, maybe not Gabe then.
[19:43] <JessicaKnight> ok... cuz I got n20 :)
[19:43] <Lucky_Zando> 18
[19:43] <GM_Erik> oh, well, a natural 20 might be good too.
[19:43] <GM_Erik> natural 20's represent amazing insight on perception rolls ;;-)
[19:43] <JessicaKnight> eiher way i'm probably not examining my own gear anyways
[19:44] <Mika_no_Krynn> 16 for me
[19:45] <GM_Erik> hmm, good rolls.
[19:45] <GM_Erik> dang, I didn't think everyone would get it...
[19:46] <Vrryl> we're leet adventuring crew
[19:49] <Vrryl> nice Jess... real nice... she finds Satans sword, and decides to swipe it!
[19:49] <GM_Erik> hah hah
[19:51] <JessicaKnight> heh yup.. just to piss of satan I stole his sword :)
[19:51] <Vrryl> and i thought my enemies were bad
[19:55] <GM_Erik> you all know (well, except Lucky) that it is a Rune weapon.  that was determined before.
[19:56] <GM_Erik> haha
[19:59] <JessicaKnight> hah
[19:59] <GM_Erik> heh heh
[19:59] <GM_Erik> a good sophes question.
[20:01] <GM_Erik> I could break it.
[20:01] <GM_Erik> with just my ring finger.
[20:02] <Vrryl> ya, drop it into the center of mt doom... that always solves the problem
[20:03] <GM_Erik> no, not.. my precious...
[20:03] <Vrryl> i don't think she's pulled out THAT toy, Lucky
[20:03] <Lucky_Zando> haha
[20:04] <GM_Erik> heh
[20:04] <JessicaKnight> hah
[20:05] <Mika_no_Krynn> Those lines are so bad if taken out of context
[20:05] <JessicaKnight> heheh
[20:05] <Vrryl> lol
[20:08] <Mika_no_Krynn> Oh yeah, they have a new GITS game coming out for PS2 next month...
[20:08] <GM_Erik> you take 12 MD debbie.
[20:08] <Mika_no_Krynn>
[20:08] <Lucky_Zando> okay can I still try to break it?
[20:08] <GM_Erik> sure
[20:09] <Lucky_Zando> what do I roll?
[20:09] <GM_Erik> roll a d20
[20:09] <GM_Erik> a strength roll
[20:09] <Lucky_Zando> 19
[20:10] <Lucky_Zando> I didn't add anything to it, not sure what I do
[20:11] <GM_Erik> you'd add your strength bonus (+45)
[20:11] <GM_Erik> and you take another 13 MD from the energy burns
[20:11] <GM_Erik> you also take 5MD from slamming it into your leg so hard.
[20:11] <Lucky_Zando> wow and that still didn't kill it? can I use my karma thing to help or anything?
[20:11] <GM_Erik> so that's 30 total.
[20:12] <GM_Erik> actually, roll a d20 and add your PE bonus to it (which is _8 for you)
[20:12] <GM_Erik> sorry, that was a +8
[20:12] <Lucky_Zando> n20
[20:12] <GM_Erik> ok, you manage to continue holding the blade without dropping it.
[20:12] <Lucky_Zando> so 28
[20:12] <GM_Erik> But it hurts.
[20:12] <Lucky_Zando> can I try again?
[20:13] <GM_Erik> you may ifyou want to.
[20:13] <GM_Erik> you take another 14 MD from the burns, that's 44 total.
[20:13] <Mika_no_Krynn> You sure Lucky isn't a Dwarf?
[20:13] <GM_Erik> heh heh
[20:14] <Mika_no_Krynn> This is like the Council of Elrond
[20:14] <GM_Erik> roll another d20 Debbie.
[20:14] <Vrryl> ya, i was getting lotr flashbacks there
[20:14] <Vrryl> i'm just waiting for a moment to go "Is it hidden? Is it safe??"
[20:14] <Lucky_Zando> 15 this time so even less
[20:15] <GM_Erik> You take another 14 MD from the burning, and your leg takes 6 MD from the hit.  so that's 64 total damage so far.
[20:15] <GM_Erik> roll a d20 versus pain agian.
[20:15] <GM_Erik> oh, never mind then.
[20:15] <GM_Erik> so you took a total of 64 damage.  ouch.
[20:16] <Mika_no_Krynn> What does reaspberrys mean?
[20:16] <Lucky_Zando> I suck up to sophes for some more healing
[20:16] <GM_Erik> you know... pppptthhhh
[20:16] <Mika_no_Krynn> Maybe I am out of the lingo since I live in JP
[20:17] <GM_Erik> oh wait, its just the lip noise, no tongue.
[20:17] <GM_Erik> bbbbbbb
[20:17] <Mika_no_Krynn> hehe
[20:22] <GM_Erik> hey, good memory.
[20:29] <GM_Erik> do you?
[20:37] <Vrryl> guess the sowrd isn't talking...
[20:37] <Mika_no_Krynn> Hey Gabe, I just sent you an email by mistake...
[20:37] <GM_Erik> Yeah, the sword was talkin.
[20:37] <JessicaKnight> ok... i'll just turf it
[20:37] <Mika_no_Krynn> I guess I must have added you email address when sending it...
[20:37] <Mika_no_Krynn> It was a reply to my mom's email.
[20:37] <JessicaKnight> ok
[20:37] <JessicaKnight> will turf it
[20:38] <GM_Erik> I
[20:38] <GM_Erik> I'll be back, gotta use facilities.
[20:40] <GM_Erik> back
[20:52] <Mika_no_Krynn> cross the streams
[20:53] <Mika_no_Krynn> Are there scrolls of D-teleport?
[20:53] <Mika_no_Krynn> You can't put living things into D-bags right?  May not work...
[20:54] <Vrryl> i'm sure i've got one or two in a bag held for a rainy day
[20:54] <Vrryl> i know, but worth a try
[20:54] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yep
[20:54] <Mika_no_Krynn> Takes almost no effort
[20:55] <Mika_no_Krynn> So what happens?
[20:56] <Mika_no_Krynn> Save vs. Vrryl
[20:58] <GM_Erik> Brett, 14 damage
[20:58] <Vrryl> kk
[21:00] <GM_Erik> oh wait.
[21:00] <GM_Erik> Brett, you took 28 damage, sorry.
[21:00] <Vrryl> no worries
[21:01] <GM_Erik> and as the sword resists, you take another 26 damage.
[21:02] *** Retrieving #RiftsOOC info...
[21:11] <Vrryl> ok my mistake, i thought the sword was determined to have been the cause for the curse /shrug
[21:12] <GM_Erik> you guys didn't really do anything to test for the presence of a curse.
[21:13] <Mika_no_Krynn> How does one do that?
[21:13] <GM_Erik> Well, you mentioned trying an Object Read, that might work.
[21:13] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah, ok... but we can't read Jess right?
[21:14] <Mika_no_Krynn> What other likely objects are there?  Stuff that stands out...
[21:14] <Lucky_Zando> Erik I give Mika good Karma
[21:15] <GM_Erik> what Kind?
[21:15] <Mika_no_Krynn> Start with the Rune Sword... try to read if it did anything to Jess.  Then move to other stuff.
[21:16] <GM_Erik> Deb, what kind of good Karma?  you have to pick up to three of the bonuses listed there.
[21:16] <Lucky_Zando> bonuses to her RR and whatever else you think is appropriate
[21:16] <GM_Erik> RR?
[21:16] <Mika_no_Krynn> Saving Throw?
[21:17] <Lucky_Zando> yeah vs. Possession, magic, psionics, etc
[21:17] <GM_Erik> ok.  there is a magic one and a psionic one. that's two.  Mike, you have an extra +3 vs psionics/possession and +2 vs magic.
[21:18] <Lucky_Zando> is +3 roll a +3 on her rolls or +3 to her rolling?
[21:18] <GM_Erik> that's the rolling with impact, reducing damage
[21:18] <Mika_no_Krynn> Ok
[21:19] <Mika_no_Krynn> How about +10 to LCF?
[21:19] <GM_Erik> LCF?
[21:19] <Vrryl> lol
[21:19] <Mika_no_Krynn> Looking Cool Factor
[21:19] <GM_Erik> ahh.
[21:19] <GM_Erik> heh heh
[21:19] <GM_Erik> well, there is a +10 vs coma and death bonus.
[21:19] <GM_Erik> if she give it to ya. ;;-0
[21:19] <Mika_no_Krynn> That's good.
[21:20] <GM_Erik> ok, go for it Mike, and you'll need to give me 3 percentage rolls.
[21:20] <GM_Erik> that is, if you're going for the full gambit, which costs 10 ISP instead of 6
[21:20] <Mika_no_Krynn> 31% 13% and 62%
[21:20] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah... full load
[21:21] <GM_Erik> ok, go for the touch then.
[21:21] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah... touching it.
[21:21] <GM_Erik> First, you take 12 damage
[21:21] <Mika_no_Krynn> ok
[21:22] <GM_Erik> roll versus psionics.
[21:23] <Mika_no_Krynn> 15
[21:23] <Lucky_Zando> don't forget your good karma
[21:23] <Mika_no_Krynn> 18 then
[21:23] <GM_Erik> pretty good.
[21:26] <GM_Erik> Too bad Gabe doesn't have Object Read, I actually thought Jessica did.
[21:26] <JessicaKnight> nope
[21:27] <GM_Erik> oh yeah, from that whole ordeal, you took 35 more damage.
[21:27] <GM_Erik> so 47 total.
[21:27] <Mika_no_Krynn> ok
[21:27] <GM_Erik> do you let go>?
[21:27] <Mika_no_Krynn> yea
[21:36] <Mika_no_Krynn> We are at a Ley Line now?
[21:36] <GM_Erik> um, no
[21:36] <GM_Erik> but one isn't too far away.
[21:36] <GM_Erik> at the edge of your senses.
[21:36] <Mika_no_Krynn> Oh... that was before I guess.  How about a nexus?
[21:37] <Mika_no_Krynn> NM
[21:37] <GM_Erik> to the west.
[21:37] <Mika_no_Krynn> Wonder if there is a nexus we could get to...
[21:38] <GM_Erik> does anyone need a break?
[21:38] <Mika_no_Krynn> From my boring job yes...
[21:39] <Mika_no_Krynn> But I have KitKats so I am always prepared for breaks...
[21:40] <GM_Erik> ok
[21:40] <Vrryl> you pulled a steve
[21:40] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah...
[21:40] <Mika_no_Krynn> I really do have Kitkats though
[21:44] * Vrryl wishes he had kitkats
[21:45] <GM_Erik> ok, what now?
[21:46] <Mika_no_Krynn> Is there a God of Messengers or something in Asgard?
[21:46] <Mika_no_Krynn> Someone I can prey to to pass a message to the Elves?
[21:47] <GM_Erik> You can try praying to anybody if you want to.
[21:47] <GM_Erik> Gods can hear prayers, if they choose to.
[21:47] <Mika_no_Krynn> Kewl... they have a Goddess of Virgins...
[21:47] <GM_Erik> but you're not one.
[21:47] <Mika_no_Krynn> They thought of everything...
[21:47] <Mika_no_Krynn> I used to be...
[21:48] <Mika_no_Krynn> What time is it in game?
[21:48] <GM_Erik> hmm...
[21:48] <GM_Erik> it was afternoon when you tried fixing it.
[21:49] <GM_Erik> It is later in the evening by now.
[21:49] <GM_Erik> fixing the Ulti-Max
[21:49] <Vrryl> k jessica will remain away from this ultimax
[21:49] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah... get someonen else... she can just provide advice.
[21:50] <Mika_no_Krynn> Tutor people
[21:50] <Vrryl> totally
[21:50] <Vrryl> start working up some new techies for our mercenary company
[21:50] <Mika_no_Krynn> Guess we can't go anywhere until that thing is fixed... so just rest up.
[21:52] <Mika_no_Krynn> What?
[21:53] <Lucky_Zando> what happened?
[21:53] <JessicaKnight> I'm standing on deack of the ship and a FUCKING SEA HORROR spawns right next to me
[21:53] <Mika_no_Krynn> Whoa... nasty
[21:53] <Mika_no_Krynn> Did you die?
[21:53] <JessicaKnight> yes :(
[21:53] <Lucky_Zando> what? I thought we were in the desert?
[21:54] <GM_Erik> Gabe's playing another game at the same time.
[21:54] <Mika_no_Krynn> He is playing FFXI at the same time...
[21:54] <Lucky_Zando> oh
[21:56] <JessicaKnight> great.. I have no buffer now.. :(
[21:57] <Mika_no_Krynn> I would avoid sitting on the deck of the ship at night until you are at least 40th... too much bad shit shows up there
[21:59] <GM_Erik> Who are you praying to Mike? you need to be specific.
[22:00] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah... trying to think...
[22:01] <Vrryl> afk a min... mages room
[22:02] <Mika_no_Krynn> How about Freyr and Freya...
[22:03] <Mika_no_Krynn> Freyr was supposed to be king of Alfheim in the old mythology...
[22:03] <GM_Erik> really? interesting.
[22:03] <Vrryl> back
[22:03] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah... and he was brother of maybe they would have an inside track to the place...
[22:07] * GM_Erik reads up on Freyr
[22:08] <GM_Erik> ok, Mike, roll % twice.
[22:09] <Mika_no_Krynn> 71 and 4
[22:11] <GM_Erik> Mike, roll a d20
[22:11] <Mika_no_Krynn> 12
[22:12] <Vrryl> nice mike... way ta go!
[22:12] <Mika_no_Krynn> shit!
[22:12] <JessicaKnight> ow]
[22:13] <Mika_no_Krynn> Wasn't expecting that...
[22:14] <Lucky_Zando> Can I hear her scream or fall or anything?
[22:14] <GM_Erik> roll perception.
[22:14] <GM_Erik> don't read into that too much, its actually not related to what
[22:14] <GM_Erik> s going on
[22:14] <Vrryl> who's rolling perc?
[22:14] <Lucky_Zando> 14
[22:15] <GM_Erik> nope, you don't notice
[22:15] <Lucky_Zando> I continue playing cards then
[22:15] <Mika_no_Krynn> Guess I won't be getting any help from her...
[22:16] <GM_Erik> you'll wake up after a little bit, its OK.
[22:16] <Mika_no_Krynn> ok
[22:17] <GM_Erik> well, what next, you're ready to travel again.
[22:18] <Mika_no_Krynn> Keep moving south... get out of the desert
[22:18] <Vrryl> sounds good
[22:20] <Lucky_Zando> does mika tell anyone she passed out?
[22:20] <Mika_no_Krynn> Nope...
[22:20] <Mika_no_Krynn> That would be embarassing
[22:25] <GM_Erik> visiting GM's room...
[22:31] <JessicaKnight> hey Mike.. we should be in wind and prepped for the dragon  when we're done with rifts
[22:31] <Mika_no_Krynn> Ok... I am in Wind myself
[22:31] <GM_Erik> back
[22:31] <Mika_no_Krynn> You using DRK?
[22:31] <JessicaKnight> yeah
[22:31] <Mika_no_Krynn> WB
[22:32] <Mika_no_Krynn> Ok... we'll need another war type too
[22:32] <JessicaKnight> still ahve chain and the lvl 20 NM scythe
[22:34] <Mika_no_Krynn> What kidn of people?
[22:35] <Mika_no_Krynn> Shiny happy people?
[22:35] <GM_Erik> holding hands too.
[22:36] <GM_Erik> African people.
[22:36] <Mika_no_Krynn> ok
[22:37] <GM_Erik> you might want to wait for Lucky.
[22:38] <Lucky_Zando> sorry I was using the card room..
[22:38] <GM_Erik> you know, the person that knows cultures and languages and things?
[22:40] <Vrryl> we're transdimensional force of freedom fighters... who needs culture???
[22:41] <GM_Erik> la la la.
[22:41] <GM_Erik> The group is catching up.
[22:42] <Mika_no_Krynn> So what happens as we approach?
[22:42] <GM_Erik> oh, you're approaching?
[22:43] <Vrryl> ya
[22:47] <Mika_no_Krynn> Ja
[22:52] <Mika_no_Krynn> What a great response... but few outsiders woudl want to see him...
[22:52] <Mika_no_Krynn> Hail to the king baby
[22:53] <GM_Erik> ok, careful, two conversations with the same person could get confusing.
[22:54] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah, this guy probably doesn't have a multi-tasking cyberbrain
[22:54] <Vrryl> pfft... what a lamer then. just shoot him now, get it over with
[22:55] <Mika_no_Krynn> Answers aren't that important
[22:56] <GM_Erik> Is everyone on another game or something?
[22:58] <Mika_no_Krynn> What?
[22:58] <Mika_no_Krynn> I don't speak Swahili, so I am just going with the flow...
[22:58] <Mika_no_Krynn> Figured these two can handle it.
[22:58] <Vrryl> lol reason enough
[22:58] <GM_Erik> ::-P ok
[22:58] <GM_Erik> palaver?  hmm.
[22:59] <GM_Erik> wow, its a real word, Brett must really be a teacher now.
[22:59] <GM_Erik> Have you been reading African history or something?
[23:00] <Mika_no_Krynn> What's it mean?
[23:00] <Vrryl> meets a meeting sort of, a way to fuss about issues
[23:00] <Vrryl> er, means
[23:00] <Mika_no_Krynn> kewl
[23:00] <GM_Erik> it means conference, but historically refers to discussions between Africans and other natives or traders.
[23:00] <Mika_no_Krynn> palaver
[23:00] <Vrryl> ya
[23:00] <Vrryl> it's an archaic word, but sounds cool
[23:01] <Mika_no_Krynn> learn something everyday...
[23:01] <GM_Erik> and its African
[23:01] <JessicaKnight> fuky
[23:01] <Mika_no_Krynn> Also learned that the word Treasure comes from the daughter of Freya... who was so beautiful, that anything of value was named after her...
[23:01] <GM_Erik> really Gabe>
[23:01] <Vrryl> lol
[23:02] <GM_Erik> that Turet's weighing you down Gabe?
[23:02] <Mika_no_Krynn> What an educational day...
[23:02] <JessicaKnight> yes ; ;
[23:04] <Vrryl> unfortunately, eh Mika?
[23:04] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah...
[23:05] <Vrryl> you know they're all african vampires from the badlands, prepping to drain us of our life force... may as well just start the shooting now
[23:05] <Vrryl> avoid allthe preliminary innocence
[23:06] <Mika_no_Krynn> Can I make out what they are farming in the fields?
[23:06] <GM_Erik> You recognize some of the crops.
[23:06] <Mika_no_Krynn> ok
[23:06] <GM_Erik> corn, wheat, citrus trees, coconuts, palms, other things too.
[23:07] <GM_Erik> Watermelon definitely.
[23:07] <GM_Erik> since its an African melon
[23:09] <Vrryl> did this dude not introduce himself/
[23:09] <Vrryl> ?
[23:09] <Vrryl> or these dudes
[23:09] <Mika_no_Krynn> Call him Bob
[23:11] <Mika_no_Krynn> Anyone going to answer... or just continuing ignoring Mika as usual?
[23:11] <GM_Erik> nice, I just found an online list with over 500 Bantu names,
[23:11] <Vrryl> wow
[23:11] <GM_Erik> His name is Mombasa
[23:11] <Vrryl> i was going to ask in swahili
[23:11] <Vrryl> but needed a name first to finish my emote
[23:11] <Mika_no_Krynn> The internet is so great...
[23:12] <GM_Erik> best thing for RPing, I typed in Bantu Names on Altavista and the first site was a language name database from Berkeley.
[23:12] <Vrryl> ya, i've done that for alot of our rpg names
[23:13] <GM_Erik> we';re waiting fro Brett's typing, right?
[23:13] <GM_Erik> it even tells you what language root its from.  and Mombasa is Swahili, how appropriate!
[23:15] <Mika_no_Krynn> This ruler dude must be something...
[23:17] <Vrryl> correction...
[23:19] <Vrryl> the former could have been interpretted a number of ways... wanted to clear it up a bit
[23:19] <GM_Erik> that's fine
[23:21] <GM_Erik> That's iulus, capital i, little 'l'
[23:21] <GM_Erik> damn arial font
[23:24] <GM_Erik> I want a Big Bright Green Pleasure Machine
[23:24] <Mika_no_Krynn> Whatever turns your crank...
[23:24] <Vrryl> no shit
[23:25] <GM_Erik> It's a Simon and Garfunkel song, The Big Bright Green Pleasure Machine
[23:25] <Mika_no_Krynn> I'm a little rusty on my S&G...
[23:25] <Vrryl> i'm a rock... i'm an island..
[23:27] <GM_Erik> heh heh
[23:37] <GM_Erik> you can roll a History: Africa skill Debbie
[23:38] <Lucky_Zando> 15/55 (65 if it is an important skill)
[23:39] <GM_Erik> you succeed!
[23:41] <Mika_no_Krynn> It would take a thousand RAin Makers with more power that I've ever seen...
[23:42] <GM_Erik> considering the extent of the power you've seen is probably some crazy guy wearing broccili on his head.
[23:42] <Mika_no_Krynn> Maybe he is the Rain Man...
[23:43] <Vrryl> when he sings rain rain go away, he's actually listened to
[23:44] <GM_Erik> Well, is there anything in particular you want to do?  It may be a goodplace to call it a night.
[23:44] <Mika_no_Krynn> Nothing in particular...
[23:44] <Vrryl> not from me
[23:44] <JessicaKnight> nyet
[23:44] <Mika_no_Krynn> Nice... more Russian.
[23:45] <Mika_no_Krynn> So next week then?
[23:46] <Vrryl> works for me
[23:46] <JessicaKnight> yeah i'm down with next week
[23:46] <GM_Erik> yes, no changes from me. ;;-)
[23:46] <Lucky_Zando> sure
[23:46] <Mika_no_Krynn> Then we'll have Undead Slayer firepower too...
[23:46] <GM_Erik> by the way, I got all my stuff in for my Calgary application.
[23:46] <Mika_no_Krynn> For what?
[23:46] <Vrryl> ?
[23:46] <Mika_no_Krynn> Becoming Calgary?
[23:46] <GM_Erik> for my PhD
[23:46] <Vrryl> sweet
[23:46] <Mika_no_Krynn> Wow... that was fast.
[23:46] <JessicaKnight> wow.. going all the way eh?
[23:46] <Lucky_Zando> you're coming back to calgary?
[23:47] <GM_Erik> It was basically due yesterday
[23:47] <Mika_no_Krynn> ARe you nuts?
[23:47] <Mika_no_Krynn> Ah, you're going straight for it... thought you were going to take some time off...
[23:47] <Vrryl> ya, it's cold as hell isn't here...
[23:47] <GM_Erik> well, if I had finished in December, I would have had a whole semester off.
[23:47] <Mika_no_Krynn> Right...
[23:48] <GM_Erik> Hopefully I'll be defending in a month, or maybe a little longer, so I'll stull have some time off.
[23:48] <Mika_no_Krynn> That's kewl
[23:48] <JessicaKnight> nice
[23:48] <GM_Erik> Of course, I'm getting into research with a number f people now, so I'll just be doing a variety of things.
[23:48] <Vrryl> very sweet
[23:48] <GM_Erik> Yeah, my supervisor I had before is way cool, so it should work out well.
[23:49] <JessicaKnight> nice!
[23:49] <GM_Erik> Its funny, I might be TAing Geology 201 in the fall. ::-)
[23:49] <GM_Erik> exactly 10 years after taking it myself (with Brett).
[23:49] <Mika_no_Krynn> Learned anything since then?
[23:49] <Vrryl> lol
[23:49] <Vrryl> that's funky =)
[23:49] <JessicaKnight> haha
[23:49] <Mika_no_Krynn> Like a 10 year university reunion
[23:50] <GM_Erik> That's how Brett and I met really, recognized each other from that class.
[23:50] <GM_Erik> two long haired freaks.
[23:50] <Vrryl> i remember that =)
[23:51] <Vrryl> that was a pretty easy class.. enjoyed it though
[23:51] <GM_Erik> cool.
[23:51] <JessicaKnight> brett, with long hair?
[23:51] <JessicaKnight> wow..
[23:51] <GM_Erik> You never saw him with long hair?
[23:51] <JessicaKnight> nope
[23:51] <GM_Erik> wow.  you saw me right?
[23:52] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah... Brett joined the army before I was in the DOA remember?
[23:52] <Vrryl> haha, ya, i guess you met me after i'd joined the army
[23:52] <JessicaKnight> yeah :)
[23:52] <Mika_no_Krynn> I was really long too...
[23:52] <Mika_no_Krynn> It was
[23:52] <GM_Erik> alright, I'm goign to head home now.
[23:53] <GM_Erik> I guess we'll have to have a combat next week, eh?
[23:53] <Vrryl> k thanks for game all =)
[23:53] <JessicaKnight> ok night man.. take it easy
[23:53] <Mika_no_Krynn> Right... cya next week
[23:53] <Mika_no_Krynn> Damn right we willl
[23:53] <JessicaKnight> sweet
[23:53] <JessicaKnight> beat shit up
[23:53] <Lucky_Zando> see everybody next week!
[23:53] <JessicaKnight> later all :)
[23:53] <GM_Erik> later
[23:53] <Vrryl> don't forget the puntang... every fight has to end in the mage getting some pretty puntank /nods
[23:53] *** JessicaKnight has quit IRC (Quit:  )
[23:53] <Mika_no_Krynn> see you online shortly.
[23:53] <Vrryl> ya
Session Close: Sat Jan 31 23:53:55 2004
GM Erik
 GM, 90 posts
Thu 22 Oct 2015
at 02:41
Horsemen of the Apocalypse 2 - OOC Chat Logs
Session Start: Sat Feb 07 17:41:31 2004
[17:41] *** Now talking in #RiftsOOC
[17:42] <Mika_no_Krynn> Hey
[17:42] <GM_Erik> crap.  hey
[17:42] <GM_Erik> wrong screen.
[17:42] <Mika_no_Krynn> Indeed
[17:42] <JessicaKnight> yo
[17:42] *** JessicaKnight sets mode: +oo GM_Erik Mika_no_Krynn
[17:43] <JessicaKnight> only here for an hour and a bit
[17:43] <Mika_no_Krynn> Ah, so you didn't do that thing already
[17:43] <JessicaKnight> no... got pushed back to 8
[17:43] <Mika_no_Krynn> I see
[17:43] <JessicaKnight> stupid people changing meeting times
[17:43] <GM_Erik> hey, what FF game server are you guys on?
[17:43] <JessicaKnight> pandemonium
[17:44] <GM_Erik> ah, just wondering.  my friend Jeremy's on a different one.
[17:44] <Mika_no_Krynn> Stupid people will do that
[17:44] <Mika_no_Krynn> Got 5 of 6 ninjutsu quests done yesterday... finally ninjutsu equipped!
[17:44] <JessicaKnight> hehe except I can tell stupid to his face, unless I want to get fired
[17:44] <Mika_no_Krynn> My fame is Norg is VERY high  ow
[17:44] <JessicaKnight> sweet man ^^ congrats
[17:45] <JessicaKnight> Tenchi, Bebi , and some people were talking about finishing the SAM quest later
[17:45] <Mika_no_Krynn> Man, you have a work meeting on Sat night?
[17:45] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah, I would like to finish it today...
[17:45] <Mika_no_Krynn> Just to get rid of those items
[17:46] <JessicaKnight> yeah.. stupid VP flew into town on Thurs and wanted to meet with the senior project team tonight to determine strategy before the exec VP meeting on monday
[17:46] <Mika_no_Krynn> That is stupid
[17:46] <JessicaKnight> we do get a nice dinner out of it tho
[17:46] <Mika_no_Krynn> I was going to say.. .you get dinner or something right...
[17:47] <JessicaKnight> yeah.. probably some booze too.. this VP likes to drink
[17:49] <JessicaKnight> whheee.e... look at those files compress!
[17:50] <GM_Erik> sounds like you already started.
[17:50] <Mika_no_Krynn> New Innocence trailer up.
[17:51] <JessicaKnight> nope.. :)
[17:51] <JessicaKnight> I do have beer in the fridge tho
[17:51] <JessicaKnight> tar.gz about 7 GB worth in data to transfre to the new machine.. ugh.
[17:51] <JessicaKnight> horrible..
[17:53] <Mika_no_Krynn> Ah...for server upgrade
[17:54] <JessicaKnight> yeah
[17:54] <JessicaKnight> rocking upgrade tho
[17:54] <Mika_no_Krynn> Kewl...
[17:54] <JessicaKnight> moving from PII-400's to P4-2.0 Ghz.. 1 GB ram.. redundant 120 GB drives...
[17:54] <JessicaKnight> should last me another 4 years or so
[17:54] <Mika_no_Krynn> SWEET
[17:57] <JessicaKnight> yeah... looking foward to it.. some good power.. I should also be able to setup a private IRC server just for our RPG use
[17:57] <GM_Erik> dude, that would be so sweet.
[17:58] *** Lucky_Zando has joined #riftsooc
[17:58] <JessicaKnight> except those things are usually pretty dangerous to run on an ongoing basis.. lots of exploits.. so I'll have to figure out some way of doing it securely just for us
[17:58] <JessicaKnight> oi!
[17:58] *** JessicaKnight sets mode: +o Lucky_Zando
[17:58] <Lucky_Zando> hi
[17:58] <GM_Erik> can you just crank up all the security features and use invites and things like that? (since it wouldn't be continuous use)
[17:59] <JessicaKnight> i'm more worried about people connecting to it in general
[17:59] <JessicaKnight> people regularly scan the box for ircd
[18:04] <JessicaKnight> FUCK
[18:05] <GM_Erik> what now?
[18:05] <GM_Erik> hi Deb. ::-)
[18:05] <JessicaKnight> I overwrote the password file for my current server... ; ;
[18:05] <Mika_no_Krynn> shit
[18:06] <JessicaKnight> big tiem fuck up
[18:07] <Mika_no_Krynn> Had everyone's pw in it?
[18:07] <JessicaKnight> yup master password list
[18:07] <Mika_no_Krynn> Not good at all
[18:07] <GM_Erik> ..
[18:08] <JessicaKnight> whew... fixed.. good thing to have backup pointer files....
[18:08] <Mika_no_Krynn> Lucky^^
[18:08] <JessicaKnight> yeah totally
[18:12] <GM_Erik> ok, where's brett.  He was up earlier.
[18:15] <Mika_no_Krynn> And Rob?
[18:23] <Mika_no_Krynn> So did you pick up China One yet?
[18:27] <GM_Erik> I haven't picked it up, it was supposed to arrive yesterday.
[18:27] <GM_Erik> Rob called me this morning and said he got pulled into work this weekend. (hey, sounds familiar, eh Gabe?)
[18:28] <Mika_no_Krynn> Man... this game is going nowhere... fast
[18:28] <Mika_no_Krynn> The more people we get the more people have stuff to do on the weekends... makes no sense
[18:28] <GM_Erik> Brett thinks Shaw is down.
[18:28] <Mika_no_Krynn> Wonderful
[18:28] <GM_Erik> Jamie's is down too.
[18:29] <Mika_no_Krynn> He must be going crazy
[18:29] <GM_Erik> he sounds pretty bummed
[18:29] <JessicaKnight> bleh
[18:30] <GM_Erik> what do you guys think?
[18:30] <Mika_no_Krynn> Well we can't really play with 2 people can we
[18:30] <GM_Erik> do you want to wait until 7 to see if Brett gets online?
[18:31] <Mika_no_Krynn> Sure... only another 25mins anyways
[18:31] <Mika_no_Krynn> Hey, is our Lazlo merc company still unknown?
[18:31] <GM_Erik> Connor's is down too.
[18:31] <GM_Erik> so that's why he thinks its Shaw.
[18:31] <Mika_no_Krynn> Must be a big screwup
[18:32] <Lucky_Zando> so are we still going to play then?
[18:32] <Mika_no_Krynn> They all live in different parts of the city too
[18:32] <Mika_no_Krynn> WE're waiting until 7pm to see if the situation improves
[18:33] <GM_Erik> Yeah, your company is still unknown, but remember that's the normal reputation, there are negative ones too.
[18:33] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah... just checking.
[18:33] <Lucky_Zando> are there more new people in the game now? who is connor?
[18:33] <Mika_no_Krynn> No... they are friends of Brett.
[18:34] <Mika_no_Krynn> But none of them can connect to the internet either.
[18:34] <Lucky_Zando> oh so we're just waiting for Brett and Robin?
[18:34] <GM_Erik> Hey Debbie, are you on Shaw?
[18:34] <Mika_no_Krynn> So it is a big problem with Shaw.
[18:34] <Lucky_Zando> no
[18:34] <Mika_no_Krynn> Robin is not coming... army called him into work
[18:34] <Mika_no_Krynn> Just waiting for Brett
[18:36] <Lucky_Zando> yeah I just tried to look at Shaw's web page and it said it was currently unavailable
[18:36] <Mika_no_Krynn> Wonderful
[18:37] <Lucky_Zando> so if he can't get on are we still playing?
[18:37] <GM_Erik> So.. we'll wait to 7 to see if Brett can get online.
[18:37] <GM_Erik> problem is Gabe has to go from 7:30 to at least 10 for work and Rob isn't here.
[18:37] <GM_Erik> So if Brett can't make it than its just 2 people: mike and Debbie
[18:38] <GM_Erik> dang.  higher forces are against us tonight.
[18:39] <Mika_no_Krynn> No kidding.
[18:40] <GM_Erik> I'm not sure if I mentioned before, but you know the Rifts China books?  Erick Wujcik is one of the authors on the first one and is charge of the second one.
[18:40] <GM_Erik> That means the martial arts stuff is going to kick ass.
[18:43] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah, should be killer...
[18:45] <GM_Erik> well, on the bright side, if we don't play tonight, next time should be a fun adventure.
[18:46] <Mika_no_Krynn> Why's that?
[18:47] <GM_Erik> Well, I made a neat one for tonight, but I wasn't going to be able to do it without a strong team.
[18:47] <GM_Erik> Has a big battle, I know you guys wanted a big battle.
[18:48] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah, that's why I don't want to do it without at least 4 people really
[18:49] <GM_Erik> Well, I was going to do a different one for a smaller group tonight, but without Brett, well not much of a point
[18:50] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah...
[18:52] <GM_Erik> Well, other than tonight, when are people next available?
[18:52] <Mika_no_Krynn> Next week is good for me
[18:52] <JessicaKnight> next week is ok
[18:53] <GM_Erik> Hey Deb, are you available next week?
[18:54] <Lucky_Zando> not next Saturday, but I could on the sunday
[18:54] <GM_Erik> hmm. Mike can't do Sunday.
[18:54] <Lucky_Zando> sorry I have plans on saturday (Valentines day)
[18:54] <GM_Erik> Ahh, that day. yes.
[18:54] <JessicaKnight> is it?
[18:55] <JessicaKnight> ahh shit
[18:55] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah, Your sunday is my Monday
[18:55] <GM_Erik> Better go buy stuff Gabe.
[18:55] <Lucky_Zando> I can the following Saturday, however
[18:55] <GM_Erik> Well then, I guess the following Saturday?
[18:55] <JessicaKnight> eh fuck it... going to dump her soon anyways... gives me a better excuse
[18:55] <Mika_no_Krynn> I can't come on the 28th of February... having an Indiana Jones marathon
[18:56] <Mika_no_Krynn> hehehe
[18:56] <Lucky_Zando> how about the 21st then?
[18:56] <GM_Erik> but how about the 21st.  that's two weeks.
[18:56] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah, ok
[18:56] <GM_Erik> harsh Gabe.
[18:56] <JessicaKnight> koo
[18:56] <Mika_no_Krynn> Still think we'll be able to finish the Horsemen off by spring?
[18:57] <GM_Erik> I hope so.
[18:57] <JessicaKnight> I may not be around for 28/29.. I may be in Vancouver
[18:57] <GM_Erik> I think I'll speed up certain things a bit.
[18:57] <Lucky_Zando> okay well I'm going to take off then, just want to make sure that we are not playing tonight but are playing on Feb 21st usual time?
[18:57] <JessicaKnight> my uncle is going in for open hear surgery next week fo I gotta find time to see him
[18:57] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yes
[18:57] <GM_Erik> well, let's give Brett 3 more minuet
[18:58] <Mika_no_Krynn> I don't think 3 mins is going to help...
[18:58] <Lucky_Zando> I'll open ICQ if you guys change your mind about tonight let me know....I'll be around all night
[18:58] <GM_Erik> brett says the 21st should be good.
[18:59] <Mika_no_Krynn> ok
[18:59] <GM_Erik> ok, so no game tonight.  but you all get 200 points for showing. ::-)
[18:59] <GM_Erik> Deb should go up next time.
[18:59] <JessicaKnight> hah...
[18:59] <GM_Erik> to level 4
[18:59] <Lucky_Zando> cool
[18:59] <JessicaKnight> Hey Mike... Ten and the guys were talking about finish SAM tonight
[18:59] <JessicaKnight> hopefully I can get back soon enough to come with you guys... want to get it done so I can sub it for DRK
[19:00] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah... I want to finish it too
[19:00] *** Lucky_Zando has quit IRC (Quit: )
[19:00] <Mika_no_Krynn> I asked them last night about it.
[19:00] <JessicaKnight> yeah.. I think they were waiting for you
[19:00] <Mika_no_Krynn> I want to get those items out of my inventory
[19:00] <JessicaKnight> they wanted to finish Ewee's RSe first today or something
[19:00] <GM_Erik> well, Mike and Gabe, you're both less than 7000 away from a level.
[19:00] <Mika_no_Krynn> Ok...
[19:00] <JessicaKnight> sweet ^^
[19:00] <JessicaKnight> lvl 10.. :)
[19:00] *** Lucky_Zando has joined #riftsooc
[19:00] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah^^
[19:01] <Lucky_Zando> oops....forgot to say bye! See you guys in 2 weeks
[19:01] <JessicaKnight> later ^^
[19:01] <GM_Erik> bye deb
[19:01] <Mika_no_Krynn> later
[19:01] *** Lucky_Zando has left #riftsooc
[19:01] <JessicaKnight> alright so i'll see you guys around.. ^^
[19:01] <GM_Erik> So, I'll try to make an anti-Horseman plan that wraps up in a shorter time than I may have originally intended.  That'll ensure finishing in Spring.
[19:02] <GM_Erik> Catch you guys later.
[19:02] <JessicaKnight> hopefully no more bs pops up and I can get down to some serious late night RP and finish this
[19:02] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeha... maybe a good idea... later
[19:02] <JessicaKnight> take care Erik.. i'll catch you on FFXI later Mike
[19:02] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yep...
[19:02] *** Mika_no_Krynn has left #RiftsOOC
[19:02] *** JessicaKnight has quit IRC (Quit: )
Session Close: Sat Feb 07 19:02:57 2004
GM Erik
 GM, 91 posts
Thu 22 Oct 2015
at 02:41
Horsemen of the Apocalypse 2 - OOC Chat Logs
Session Start: Sat Feb 21 17:32:33 2004
[17:32] *** Now talking in #RiftsOOC
[17:33] <GM_Erik> yo
[17:35] <JessicaKnight> yo
[17:35] *** Vrryl has joined #RiftsOOC
[17:35] <GM_Erik> crap, crashed word.  I'll be back
[17:35] *** Disconnected
Session Close: Sat Feb 21 17:35:25 2004
Session Start: Sat Feb 21 17:42:17 2004
[17:42] *** Now talking in #RiftsOOC
[17:42] <GM_Erik> ok, back. ::-)
[17:42] <Vrryl> heyhey
[17:42] *** JessicaKnight sets mode: +o GM_Erik
[17:44] <GM_Erik> hey Brett, pick any spells or tattoo?
[17:46] <Vrryl> i think i'll go with the time capsule and ... hrm, sec
[17:47] <Vrryl> sphere of negation i guess
[17:48] <GM_Erik> ok, let me get the exacts on those.
[17:56] *** Lucky_Zando has joined #riftsooc
[17:58] *** Lucky_Zando has left #riftsooc
[18:00] *** Mika_no_Krynn has joined #RiftsOOC
[18:00] *** JessicaKnight sets mode: +o Mika_no_Krynn
[18:00] <Mika_no_Krynn> Man IRC servers are bitchy
[18:01] <Vrryl> it's just you mike
[18:01] <JessicaKnight> heh
[18:02] *** Lucky_Zando has joined #riftsooc
[18:03] <Lucky_Zando> hi
[18:03] <Mika_no_Krynn> Hey
[18:04] <GM_Erik> ok.
[18:04] *** JessicaKnight sets mode: +o Lucky_Zando
[18:04] <JessicaKnight> yo
[18:04] <GM_Erik> Hey Deb.
[18:04] <Vrryl> evening Deb
[18:05] <GM_Erik> Ok, minor bad news.  Rob decided he's just taken on too much, so he won't be joining us.  So, we won't be expecting him again, no time.
[18:05] <GM_Erik> He's got more wedding stuff this weekend (apparently Devon's getting married, for those of you who remember his friend)
[18:05] <Vrryl> what a wanker
[18:07] <Mika_no_Krynn> For sure
[18:07] <Mika_no_Krynn> I could see it coming though
[18:08] <Mika_no_Krynn> Guess we can start then...
[18:08] <GM_Erik> yup.  And Deb's got to go early too, but I think it'll turn out ok.
[18:08] <GM_Erik> So i'll save talk about Rifts China until after the game...
[18:09] <GM_Erik> We'll keep playing until the normal time tonight.
[18:09] <Vrryl> rifts china?
[18:09] <Mika_no_Krynn> Kewl... can I play Rifts: Chun Li?
[18:10] <GM_Erik> that's Rifts China 2.  The first book is just the bad guys.
[18:10] <GM_Erik> and a few good guy NPC's
[18:10] <Mika_no_Krynn> I figure her kick should do 2D6x100 MD
[18:11] <Vrryl> ...
[18:11] <JessicaKnight> kickass ^^
[18:11] <GM_Erik> Yeah, Sophes will still be around, to do with as you please.
[18:12] <Vrryl> i'll be like, the wandering drunk guy... my breath attack alone will do the equivalent
[18:12] <JessicaKnight> heh
[18:12] <Vrryl> sweet!! guess who gets the late night sentry duties
[18:12] <Mika_no_Krynn> No kidding... we found our point man too
[18:12] <GM_Erik> let's put it this way, they have 22nd level dragons who know like 20 different martial arts at levels above 10.
[18:13] <Mika_no_Krynn> Kewl...
[18:13] <Mika_no_Krynn> Are they on our side?
[18:13] <GM_Erik> that one is.
[18:13] <JessicaKnight> badass
[18:13] <Mika_no_Krynn> Nice... I want him as a teacher
[18:13] <GM_Erik> her
[18:14] <Vrryl> no shit!
[18:14] <Vrryl> i should take vrryl over and woo her
[18:15] <Lucky_Zando> Hey he can be my healing dude
[18:15] <Vrryl> healing lackies... wicked idea
[18:15] <GM_Erik> careful, he's not just going to give that out all the time.  That uses most of his energy in a given day.
[18:17] <Lucky_Zando> yes but I'm really really cute
[18:17] <GM_Erik> Unfortunately, he's a bit of a prude, heh heh
[18:18] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yep
[18:18] <Lucky_Zando> and by prude you mean gay?
[18:18] <Mika_no_Krynn> Could be...
[18:18] <JessicaKnight> you could also be prude AND gay
[18:18] <Vrryl> true
[18:19] <Lucky_Zando> but but but I'm cute
[18:19] <Vrryl> doesn't matter if he's gay =(
[18:19] <Mika_no_Krynn> Just like Magneto said, "Never trust a beautiful woman, especially one that seems interested in you."
[18:20] <Vrryl> ya, magneto seems like such a player too
[18:20] <GM_Erik> that was for you Gabe.
[18:20] <JessicaKnight> heh I guessed.. :)
[18:20] <Mika_no_Krynn> Flying goats?
[18:21] <JessicaKnight> BBQ'ed splugorth for breakfast?
[18:21] <Lucky_Zando> he likes goats?
[18:21] <Mika_no_Krynn> Everyone is walking like an Egyptian?
[18:21] <GM_Erik> Note: a small amount of energy from each person, but thousands of people.
[18:22] <GM_Erik> Gabe likes sleep.
[18:22] <JessicaKnight> yes :)
[18:22] <Lucky_Zando> I doubt Lucky would notice magic energy
[18:22] <Mika_no_Krynn> Nope... probably not
[18:23] <Mika_no_Krynn> What did he look like?
[18:23] <Lucky_Zando> So I guess I just keep playing cards
[18:24] <Vrryl> so who witnessed it, and who was off in their own little world?
[18:25] <JessicaKnight> zzzZZZZzzz
[18:25] <GM_Erik> I put all the information in there, because if you decided to ask, everyone would tell you.
[18:25] <GM_Erik> Also, its probably the talk of the camp.
[18:25] <Vrryl> kk
[18:26] <Mika_no_Krynn> We live such exciting lives
[18:26] <GM_Erik> Truthfully, Lucky is actually quite aware of ceremonies like that, since they are typical in Africa.  So are the tribesmen that joined you.  But the western yokels are not as wise to such magics.
[18:26] <Vrryl> it's good to be the king
[18:27] <Lucky_Zando> So this is not an odd thing then?
[18:27] <GM_Erik> nope.
[18:28] <Vrryl> he's probably just a warlock of water
[18:28] <Vrryl> well... not 'just', but you know what i mean
[18:28] <Mika_no_Krynn> We should take him out... he is disrupting the natural environment of the desert^^
[18:29] <JessicaKnight> yeah and it's "just" death we're fighting... ;)
[18:29] <Lucky_Zando> no he's a rainmaker
[18:29] <Mika_no_Krynn> If he was the Rainman I would be scared
[18:29] <Vrryl> he'll drool us to death =(
[18:30] <JessicaKnight> either that or make us watch old pre-rifts wapner re-runs
[18:30] <Lucky_Zando> Well I wouldn't mess with him while its raining out, that's for sure
[18:31] <GM_Erik> anything specific you guys going to do while its raining? (which by the way, feels kindof nice)
[18:31] <Vrryl> are we sleeping in a camp? or in a hut in the village?
[18:31] <JessicaKnight> collect fresh water... run around next to naked and try to have a shower
[18:31] <GM_Erik> you're in a camp
[18:31] <Vrryl> with our army?
[18:31] <Lucky_Zando> yes, lets all shower
[18:32] <GM_Erik> yes, you're all in a camp.
[18:32] <GM_Erik> but I don't know if you're all naked.
[18:32] <Vrryl> i'll pass on the naked thing
[18:33] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah, we don't need to see that much of Vrryl
[18:33] <Mika_no_Krynn> Ratings would dive
[18:33] <GM_Erik> are people watching?
[18:33] <Vrryl> nope... probably cause instand divorce rate among our females
[18:33] <Vrryl> *instant
[18:34] <GM_Erik> by the way, I have other news.  I found out this week that I did get accepted to Calgary for the PhD program in geology.  I haven't received the letter yet, they just said it was in the mail.
[18:34] <Vrryl> sweet man!! congrats =)
[18:34] <GM_Erik> I hope its a good offer. ;;-)
[18:34] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah, like my cheque... they just told you that so that you would stop bugging them^^
[18:34] <Mika_no_Krynn> Congrats
[18:37] <Vrryl> bah, was just typing up an emote about what we plan to do
[18:37] <Lucky_Zando> Do you know when you will be coming back?
[18:37] <Mika_no_Krynn> ON a Monday I bet
[18:37] <GM_Erik> I'm thinking of going up in August to secure a place of dwelling.
[18:37] <GM_Erik> (dang talking like a GM)
[18:38] <GM_Erik> But I don't know how much of August I'll be there, so many things to do.
[18:39] <Mika_no_Krynn> Enough to secure a place of dwelling I suppose
[18:39] <GM_Erik> yeah
[18:39] <GM_Erik> So, you guys have a couple days, is there anything you want to do during that time?
[18:39] <GM_Erik> ah, Mike already typed something.
[18:41] <Lucky_Zando> I am going to spend some time bathing
[18:41] <GM_Erik> ok, type it upstairs ::-)
[18:42] <GM_Erik> I tend to rely on the IC window for rleplaying points when I go over it later. ::-)
[18:43] <Mika_no_Krynn> Ok..
[18:43] <GM_Erik> ok?
[18:45] <Mika_no_Krynn> ok]
[18:47] <GM_Erik> Do Jessica or Lucky have any input on that?
[18:48] <Mika_no_Krynn> They are having a lesbian shower scene... rating booster
[18:48] <Vrryl> sweet!
[18:48] <GM_Erik> Like in the Undercover Brother movie.
[18:48] <Mika_no_Krynn> It would just be in the background when Vrryl and Mika are talking
[18:48] <GM_Erik> bad...
[18:49] <Vrryl> lol
[18:49] <Mika_no_Krynn> Distract the viewer from an otherwise bland conversation^^
[18:49] <Lucky_Zando> what??
[18:49] <GM_Erik> by the way Deb, did you see Angel this week?
[18:50] <Mika_no_Krynn> Last one is it?
[18:50] <GM_Erik> eh? no.
[18:50] <Mika_no_Krynn> When is the last one... they are killing off the show
[18:50] <Lucky_Zando> yes, and I guess they are cancelling the show...
[18:51] <GM_Erik> its too bad, they've had really good episodes lately.
[18:51] <GM_Erik> It was awesome watching puppets fight.
[18:51] <Lucky_Zando> yeah, well I guess there is still a chance, maybe UPN will grab it or something
[18:51] <Mika_no_Krynn> Oops... should have emoted that last part
[18:52] <GM_Erik> yeah, hopefully someone will.
[18:52] <Lucky_Zando> btw I am not having a lesbian shower scene with the cursed chick
[18:53] <Mika_no_Krynn> Cursed Lesbian Scene... sounds like horror movie material
[18:53] <Vrryl> but you would with a non-cursed chick? nice!
[18:53] <Vrryl> ya, B-rated for sure
[18:54] <GM_Erik> don't forget, he also protects them.
[18:54] <Mika_no_Krynn> From themselves...
[18:54] <Mika_no_Krynn> So maybe the normal people are the problem...
[18:54] <Vrryl> ya, nazi's were just protecting their country from jews, nothing wrong with that
[18:55] <GM_Erik> so...
[18:55] <Vrryl> are you able to go into astral, mike?
[18:55] <Mika_no_Krynn> I don't think so... let me check
[18:56] <Vrryl> might be a magic spell
[18:56] <GM_Erik> yes, as a spell.
[18:56] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah I can... neat
[18:56] <Lucky_Zando> Doesn't this king guy have administrators?
[18:56] <Mika_no_Krynn> 4th level spell
[18:57] <GM_Erik> noone asked.
[18:57] <Mika_no_Krynn> Someone should
[18:59] * Lucky_Zando gis back
[18:59] <Mika_no_Krynn> brb...
[19:00] <GM_Erik> so, what do you do/ask?
[19:00] <GM_Erik> we'll start with Lucky/Jessica since Mike is bb
[19:01] <JessicaKnight> i'm going to go talk with the shop owners, merchants, notable people of the town and ask about it's surroundings, trade routes, landmarks, anything I should watch for and be careful of
[19:02] <Lucky_Zando> I'm going to go over to the kings dwelling
[19:04] <Lucky_Zando> is there anyone around the tower?
[19:04] <Vrryl> wow, i don't remember you mentioning a ley line... nice!
[19:05] <GM_Erik> yeah, I mentioned that last time, the ley line you guys sensed to the west was in the town.
[19:05] <Vrryl> ah, ok
[19:05] <GM_Erik> Gabe, roll a Land Navigation skill
[19:05] <Mika_no_Krynn> b
[19:08] <JessicaKnight> 34/81
[19:08] <Vrryl> lol
[19:08] <GM_Erik> why does anyone with a measure of self control suddenly become gay?
[19:08] <GM_Erik> he rolled a natural 20
[19:08] <JessicaKnight> hahaha
[19:09] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah, I was wondering the same thing GM...
[19:10] <Mika_no_Krynn> Plus maybe he thinks blonds are ugly
[19:10] <Lucky_Zando> Hey now you're just being mean
[19:10] <Mika_no_Krynn> Why?  My character is blond
[19:10] <GM_Erik> Just have Mika keep telling herself that, Mike, she'll be ok in the end.
[19:11] <Vrryl> ya, you don't really see me staring at her like an oaf... my characters not gay. mind you, she did impale me with a spear... probably has something to do with it
[19:11] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah, may be
[19:11] <GM_Erik> I think you were only really scratched, not impaled.
[19:11] <GM_Erik> Jessica, she was impaled.
[19:11] <Mika_no_Krynn> Impaling someone is generally a turn off
[19:11] <Vrryl> well, she attacked me at any rate.. and called me a murderer
[19:12] <Mika_no_Krynn> And it wasn't in the nice kind of murder way either
[19:13] <Vrryl> exactly
[19:13] <Mika_no_Krynn> You should ask that guy some questions why he is distracted...
[19:13] <Lucky_Zando> sorry can't stop laughing
[19:15] <Vrryl> administatwhore
[19:15] <Mika_no_Krynn> Indeed
[19:16] <Mika_no_Krynn> I kinda funny with the whole 'shakes his head' thing... you mind elaborating?
[19:16] <Vrryl> Indeed
[19:16] <Vrryl> actually.. i take that back. i don't want to know
[19:16] <Mika_no_Krynn> bleh... bad
[19:17] <GM_Erik> bad!
[19:17] <Mika_no_Krynn> Be a damn funny scene though
[19:17] <Mika_no_Krynn> She standing there asking questions, one guy is super serious, and the other is swing it in the breeze...
[19:17] <Vrryl> very monty pythonish
[19:18] <Mika_no_Krynn> Ehem, em is there code signal for kill this person I bet
[19:18] <Vrryl> or the "you mind taking over for a little while, i'm about to get busy"
[19:18] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah^^
[19:19] <GM_Erik> What are Mika and Vrryl doing?
[19:19] <Mika_no_Krynn> Watching the show via IR Disatancing Binoculars^^
[19:20] <GM_Erik> I thought they were going to do something else?
[19:20] <Mika_no_Krynn> Mostly
[19:20] <Vrryl> think i'll slip into the astral, go take a peak around
[19:20] <Mika_no_Krynn> And I shall follow suit
[19:21] <GM_Erik> ok, you're astral.  What you gonna do?
[19:21] <Mika_no_Krynn> Examine the tower
[19:22] <Mika_no_Krynn> From the outside... what does it look like astrally?
[19:25] <Mika_no_Krynn> Guess it is time to move in...
[19:25] <Mika_no_Krynn> Whoa... bolts of lightning?  Wacky
[19:25] <GM_Erik> you try to enter the tower?
[19:25] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yes
[19:26] <Vrryl> may want to take a close look at the tower itself before entering
[19:26] <Mika_no_Krynn> Thought I did that...
[19:27] <Mika_no_Krynn> Examine the tower and all
[19:27] *** Retrieving #RiftsOOC info...
[19:27] <Vrryl> ah ok, thought we were simply seeing it from our camp still
[19:27] <GM_Erik> Your camp is a mile away
[19:28] <Mika_no_Krynn> Actually wouldn't we put it 1.5 km away
[19:28] <Mika_no_Krynn> ^^
[19:28] <GM_Erik> and your special senses only have ranges in 10's or 100's of feet, right?
[19:29] <Mika_no_Krynn> He's got a harem
[19:29] <Mika_no_Krynn> Of demonesses
[19:29] <JessicaKnight> nice.. way to go old maN!
[19:30] <JessicaKnight> succubus
[19:30] <Mika_no_Krynn> And they sure do suc^^v
[19:30] <JessicaKnight> generously provided by Rama set
[19:30] <JessicaKnight> and his House 'o' demonic and undead whores
[19:30] <Mika_no_Krynn> That's the next sequal to House of the Dead
[19:31] <JessicaKnight> bordello of blood
[19:31] <Vrryl> figured the bottom... can work our way up
[19:32] <Mika_no_Krynn> ok
[19:32] <GM_Erik> um, what lower openings?
[19:33] <Mika_no_Krynn> The door
[19:33] <GM_Erik> and how are you looking for traps?
[19:33] <Vrryl> er... the door at the bottom
[19:33] <Mika_no_Krynn> Well, tripwires,  pit traps, punji sticks
[19:33] <Lucky_Zando> there must be a secret opening or something, if this is the only door, and no one ever uses it...
[19:34] <GM_Erik> they said most visitors don't use it.
[19:34] <Mika_no_Krynn> He may open a portal for people to come in
[19:34] <Vrryl> portal circles that send trespassers to nether worlds of demons...
[19:34] <Mika_no_Krynn> hahaha!
[19:35] <Mika_no_Krynn> Trespassers will be thus cast into the darkest pits of hell!
[19:35] <Vrryl> if there's anything of magical appearing nature pretty much, that might suggest badness for myself and mika
[19:35] <Vrryl> whence never to escape!
[19:35] <GM_Erik> The entire thing glows with magic.
[19:35] <Mika_no_Krynn> And not the good kind of badness
[19:35] <Vrryl> nah, that would be most suckage
[19:36] <Mika_no_Krynn> The righteous guard... and his partner the Bitchin' Dude
[19:37] <Mika_no_Krynn> The door is closed?
[19:37] <GM_Erik> yes
[19:37] <Mika_no_Krynn> Is it locked? Warded? Painted odd colors?
[19:38] <GM_Erik> it is a thick looking wooden door that is closed.
[19:38] <Mika_no_Krynn> If it says keep out... I will be wary
[19:38] <GM_Erik> and it is entirely magical appearing just like the rest of the tower
[19:39] <Vrryl> can magic spells be cast in astral?
[19:40] <Mika_no_Krynn> How about psionic powers?
[19:41] <GM_Erik> you can't affect the phyiscal world with magic, but you can with psionics (only to a very minor extent)
[19:41] <GM_Erik> I think only telepathy and empathy.
[19:41] <Vrryl> ok, i have an idea then
[19:41] <Mika_no_Krynn> Kewl.... oh... I thought I could make things fly through the air^^
[19:41] <Mika_no_Krynn> Could I do an object read on the door in the astral plane?
[19:42] <GM_Erik> no
[19:43] <Mika_no_Krynn> Real brain child here...
[19:45] <Mika_no_Krynn> I can see the two guards there by the door right?
[19:45] <GM_Erik> brett, that won't work.
[19:46] <GM_Erik> Your spells can only affect things in the astral plane.
[19:46] <Vrryl> the spell only effects me though
[19:46] <Vrryl> i'm affecting myself with the spell
[19:47] <GM_Erik> right, but you would only be able to dimensionally phase through objects in the astral plane.
[19:47] <Vrryl> ahh, ok, i see what you meant
[19:47] <GM_Erik> ones that might be blocking you.
[19:47] <GM_Erik> if they happened to exist.
[19:48] <Mika_no_Krynn> How about those guards?
[19:48] <GM_Erik> what about those guards?
[19:48] <Mika_no_Krynn> Can I see them?
[19:48] <GM_Erik> yup
[19:49] <Mika_no_Krynn> ok
[19:49] <Vrryl> well, i try anyways, in case the barrier itself is designed from teh astral plane.  if so, then it would affect the wall,
[19:51] <GM_Erik> roll magic lore
[19:51] <Mika_no_Krynn> hehe
[19:51] <Mika_no_Krynn> who?
[19:52] <GM_Erik> brett, or Mike if you have it
[19:52] <Mika_no_Krynn> NOpe...
[19:52] <Mika_no_Krynn> If the door opens I try to go through
[19:52] <GM_Erik> roll the second skill number Brett
[19:53] <Vrryl> ugh.. not good, 85/66
[19:53] <GM_Erik> ok, you're clueless
[19:55] <GM_Erik> anyone?
[19:56] <Mika_no_Krynn> Waiting for the door...
[19:56] <GM_Erik> which one is the cool one? the whiny one? or the steadfast one?
[19:56] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah...
[19:56] <Vrryl> wonder if the guard gonna get lucky tonight...
[19:57] <Mika_no_Krynn> hehehe
[19:57] <Lucky_Zando> the non gay one
[19:57] <GM_Erik> he'l probably get yelled at by his wife.
[19:57] <Lucky_Zando> ha ha
[19:57] <Mika_no_Krynn> Ah, cool as in he is a cool dude, not a cool customer
[19:57] <Mika_no_Krynn> gnarly type of cool
[19:58] <Vrryl> is there any glow of magic on the guards? like from  a talisman or something?
[19:59] <Mika_no_Krynn> Tell the guard, "He'll see me or he'll pay for such insolence with his life!"  Then laugh maniacally
[19:59] <GM_Erik> nope, they don't look magical
[19:59] <GM_Erik> or have anything magical
[20:01] <Vrryl> and the nongay dude wad never seen again
[20:02] <Vrryl> keep this up Lucky, turn the village into a town of fags
[20:02] <Vrryl> they be only ones left
[20:03] <Mika_no_Krynn> They could call it gayville... happiest town on Earth^^
[20:06] <Vrryl> nice going... keep this up and he'll have no more guards!! will be open for attack!!!
[20:06] <Mika_no_Krynn> loser bot
[20:06] <GM_Erik> well Deb, anything else?
[20:07] <Mika_no_Krynn> NO!  You said it wrong
[20:07] <Mika_no_Krynn> I'll be back...
[20:07] <Vrryl> hah
[20:07] <Mika_no_Krynn> Then drive a truck into them
[20:08] <Mika_no_Krynn> The Luckinator!
[20:08] <Lucky_Zando> No i just leave..and try to find a truck  ha ha
[20:08] <GM_Erik> her English skill is better than Arnold's
[20:08] <GM_Erik> Mika finds that someone tampered with her body, but left abolutely no signs of it.
[20:08] <GM_Erik> oops, wrong window ;;-)
[20:09] <Mika_no_Krynn> How is that possible?
[20:11] <Vrryl> ya, a baby in her belly be a very definite sign
[20:11] <GM_Erik> not if it was invisible.
[20:11] <Mika_no_Krynn> Invisible babies?
[20:12] <GM_Erik> They could be popping out all over the place without anyone knowing it.
[20:12] <Mika_no_Krynn> Be a lot harder to eat them then too
[20:12] <Vrryl> lets start slaughtering the villagers... that'll get a meeting I'm sure
[20:13] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yep... do the whole fuckin' village
[20:13] <Vrryl> nuke it from orbit...
[20:13] <Mika_no_Krynn> Only way to be sure
[20:14] <GM_Erik> Right, try to find out if the guy protecting the villagers is bad by killing the villagers.
[20:14] <Mika_no_Krynn> It is a deviant form of logic for sure, but it could work
[20:14] <GM_Erik> but at what cost?  AT WHAT COST?!!
[20:15] <Mika_no_Krynn> $19.95!
[20:15] <Vrryl> er... a few clips of ammo?
[20:15] <GM_Erik> does Lucky go back to camp?
[20:16] <Lucky_Zando> yeah
[20:18] <GM_Erik> What does jessica do?
[20:18] <JessicaKnight> that's it.... just get that info then head back
[20:18] <GM_Erik> ok, what do you guys do when you get back?
[20:19] <Vrryl> i rested for a bit... get ppe back
[20:19] <Mika_no_Krynn> At least he didn't wander into the Field of Dreams
[20:20] <GM_Erik> Vrryl comes back with a strange wooden stick, a blue and white cotton outfit, and a mouth full of tobacco.
[20:20] <JessicaKnight> heh
[20:20] <Mika_no_Krynn> Funky
[20:20] <JessicaKnight> how stylish
[20:21] <Vrryl> i know kung fu
[20:21] <GM_Erik> How about Jessica and Lucky?
[20:21] <JessicaKnight> goinv to go mingle with the locals and ask about recent events
[20:22] <Mika_no_Krynn> There are locals in camp?
[20:22] <JessicaKnight> well going back out
[20:22] <GM_Erik> going to give anyone the information from your findings?
[20:22] <JessicaKnight> if I run into anyone yes
[20:23] <Mika_no_Krynn> Even Ensen Johnson?
[20:23] <GM_Erik> Ok, other than that sort of stuff, what are you guys going to do next?
[20:23] <JessicaKnight> yup... anyone.. I will stand on a street corner and blurt it out in a forigen language
[20:23] <Vrryl> lol
[20:24] <Vrryl> i'm going to wander the fields, speak with the villagers, help where i can... get to know them, get buddy buddy
[20:24] <Mika_no_Krynn> And then strike them when they are least suspecting it
[20:24] <Vrryl> goes without saying!
[20:25] <JessicaKnight> mass genocide.. rain down fire and brinstone
[20:25] <GM_Erik> roll demon/monster lore everyone.
[20:25] <Mika_no_Krynn> Well there's something you don't see everyday
[20:25] <JessicaKnight> nice!
[20:25] <Mika_no_Krynn> 48 or 89
[20:25] <Mika_no_Krynn> of
[20:25] <Lucky_Zando> 43/50
[20:25] <Vrryl> We must rescue Toto and Dorothy!!
[20:25] <JessicaKnight> 88/25
[20:26] <GM_Erik> hey gabe, add your IQ to the skill
[20:26] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yes, we must... watch for winged monkeys next...
[20:26] <Vrryl> oh-ee-oh... ooh-oh
[20:26] <GM_Erik> brett, quit being a monkey and roll
[20:26] <Mika_no_Krynn> Monkey-busters to the rescue
[20:27] <JessicaKnight> oops
[20:27] <Vrryl> 24m90
[20:27] <Vrryl> er, 24/90
[20:27] <JessicaKnight> still doesn't help much.. 88/32
[20:27] <JessicaKnight> :)
[20:28] <Lucky_Zando> hey guys I have to go now....
[20:28] <Mika_no_Krynn> The appearance of such a beast can only mean one  thing...
[20:28] <JessicaKnight> ok.. later :)
[20:28] <Mika_no_Krynn> ok later
[20:28] <GM_Erik> later Deb
[20:28] <Lucky_Zando> bye
[20:28] *** Lucky_Zando has left #riftsooc
[20:28] <Vrryl> it plans to kill again?
[20:28] <Mika_no_Krynn> No, that there is a sphinx in the tower
[20:29] <GM_Erik> the peanut gallery claps its retarded hands like mad
[20:29] <Vrryl> pfft.. i knew that
[20:29] <JessicaKnight> :)
[20:29] <Mika_no_Krynn> Sometimes the deepest wisdom is the most obvious... and obvious things are often stupid
[20:30] <GM_Erik> anything else?
[20:30] <Mika_no_Krynn> So does the peanut gallery just have retarded hands, or is the rest of there bodies retarded too?
[20:30] <Vrryl> ya, kinda like Mika... obviously good looking, but no brains
[20:30] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah...
[20:30] <Mika_no_Krynn> Brains just weigh her down
[20:31] <GM_Erik> oh, I thought they were counterblancers
[20:31] <GM_Erik> counterbalancers
[20:31] <Vrryl> counterbouncers?
[20:31] <GM_Erik> ok, anything else you guys plan to do?
[20:31] <GM_Erik> other than talk to villagers.
[20:31] <Mika_no_Krynn> not at the moment.
[20:31] <Vrryl> nothing really to do
[20:31] <GM_Erik> The villagers don't know a whole lot.
[20:31] <JessicaKnight> not relalty
[20:31] <JessicaKnight> really
[20:32] <JessicaKnight> can't think of anything
[20:32] <Mika_no_Krynn> Bloody peasants!
[20:32] <Mika_no_Krynn> In the desert, the lonely desert, the Sphinx sleeps tonight...
[20:32] <Vrryl> dirty peasants
[20:33] <Vrryl> a-aeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee... dae-dumdum da dee
[20:33] <Mika_no_Krynn> Oh... here comes the money scene
[20:33] <JessicaKnight> he's a doppleganger trying to kill me!!
[20:33] <Mika_no_Krynn> Vic the Assassin
[20:33] * JessicaKnight stabs her rune sword through his chest
[20:34] <Vrryl> o..kay... maybe i was wrong about the whole sword curse thing not being a high priority
[20:34] <Mika_no_Krynn> hehe
[20:34] <JessicaKnight> heeh
[20:35] <Mika_no_Krynn> Vic's got some jewels for ya!
[20:35] <GM_Erik> two pearls
[20:35] <GM_Erik> bet you guys didn't know it had a forcefield.
[20:35] <Mika_no_Krynn> I did
[20:35] <JessicaKnight> hah
[20:36] <Mika_no_Krynn> It is in the Triax book... Mika carries a copy wherever she goes
[20:36] <Mika_no_Krynn> I could try to fix it... I have the Electronics: Non-existent skill
[20:37] <Mika_no_Krynn> 98% too
[20:37] <GM_Erik> that sounded really bad what Victor just said.
[20:37] <Vrryl> sweet!! maytbe roll a 100 and actually fix it
[20:37] <Mika_no_Krynn> And notices her feet are missing
[20:37] <GM_Erik> duh, I don't know how to do things..
[20:37] <Mika_no_Krynn> hehe
[20:37] <Vrryl> ya, made him out like a retard
[20:38] <Mika_no_Krynn> Like chew food and tie his shoes
[20:38] <Mika_no_Krynn> Why did we bring him along... can't do anything... and we gave him a multimillion dollar robot
[20:38] <JessicaKnight> what a gimp
[20:38] <Mika_no_Krynn> Maybe one of Lando's people can help
[20:39] <Mika_no_Krynn> Is there a Lando in town?
[20:39] <GM_Erik> just because the town has black people
[20:39] <GM_Erik> doesn't mean...
[20:39] <Mika_no_Krynn> there's a Lando?
[20:39] <JessicaKnight> haha
[20:40] <Mika_no_Krynn> I will take that under note...
[20:40] <GM_Erik> Gabe, roll vs Horror Factor
[20:41] <JessicaKnight> ummm 9
[20:41] <GM_Erik> are you wearing your armor?
[20:41] <Mika_no_Krynn> Whoa... tigers in africa... wack
[20:41] <Mika_no_Krynn> Maybe it is a magic tiger
[20:42] <GM_Erik> gabe, you wearing your armor?
[20:42] <JessicaKnight> not for walking around town nope
[20:42] <JessicaKnight> a little too intimidating
[20:42] <GM_Erik> ok, you're scared then
[20:42] <GM_Erik> but at least you didn't soil your armor
[20:43] <JessicaKnight> :(
[20:44] <JessicaKnight> hmm can I reach anything to smack this tiger with?
[20:44] <GM_Erik> you lost an attack.
[20:44] <JessicaKnight> lovely
[20:44] <Mika_no_Krynn> blast it!
[20:44] <GM_Erik> You do see a random tool though, I'm sure they're all over your tent.
[20:45] <Mika_no_Krynn> thermal detonator
[20:45] <Mika_no_Krynn> messy girl
[20:45] <JessicaKnight> hmm if I can wiggle free I'm going to grab it then smack the tiger in the eye
[20:45] <Mika_no_Krynn> Pass me the Random Tool 47... thanks
[20:46] <Mika_no_Krynn> Oh yeah... no clothes...
[20:46] <JessicaKnight> hah
[20:46] <Vrryl> ...
[20:46] <GM_Erik> this is better than the lesbian shower scene.
[20:46] <JessicaKnight> can I smack her anyways?
[20:46] <GM_Erik> with the tool?
[20:47] <GM_Erik> or you lips? or another tool?
[20:47] <Mika_no_Krynn> yeah...
[20:47] <JessicaKnight> hahah
[20:47] <Mika_no_Krynn> queue porn music...
[20:47] <GM_Erik> roll strike if you want Gabe
[20:47] <JessicaKnight> nah
[20:47] <JessicaKnight> it would have been funnier before she said anything
[20:48] <JessicaKnight> :)
[20:48] <Mika_no_Krynn> Guess she has found the tools...
[20:48] <GM_Erik> might have had a chance with a better HF roll
[20:49] <GM_Erik> Mika's never heard of the sam hell dimension
[20:49] <Mika_no_Krynn> Is sam hell the brother of Hel?
[20:50] <JessicaKnight> distant 2nd cousin
[20:50] <JessicaKnight> he was the reject of the Mr. Hell competition
[20:50] <Mika_no_Krynn> hehe
[20:50] <GM_Erik> ok...
[20:51] <GM_Erik> daniel's still  gimp
[20:51] <JessicaKnight> has that stopped her before?
[20:52] <Vrryl> daniel's gimp?
[20:52] <GM_Erik> Still recovering from dying
[20:52] <Vrryl> ah
[20:53] <Vrryl> he should just get over it
[20:53] <Vrryl> move on
[20:53] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah, he is just pouting on this death thing now... move on with your life Daniel!
[20:54] <Vrryl> exactly
[20:58] <GM_Erik> So, what now?
[20:59] <Mika_no_Krynn> Are Sphinx's generally good or bad?
[20:59] <Mika_no_Krynn> Or neither?
[21:00] <GM_Erik> whatever they want to be.
[21:00] <Mika_no_Krynn> Good
[21:01] <GM_Erik> After thinking all day, Vrryl will realize that very powerful magic is required to keep out astral travellers.  Powerful runes and circles and stuff.
[21:01] <Vrryl> ya, figured
[21:01] <Mika_no_Krynn> Sharp sticks don't hurt either
[21:01] <Vrryl> i dont know, i think my foot my be infected from that last pungi stick...
[21:03] <JessicaKnight> yeah considering someone crapped and pissed all over them ^^
[21:06] <Mika_no_Krynn> That's old age setting in for ya
[21:07] <Vrryl> lolo
[21:07] <Vrryl> that's why he walked out when he saw you two
[21:09] <GM_Erik> he only looks to be in his forties
[21:13] <GM_Erik> you can sense that Brett.
[21:13] <GM_Erik> 4 miles
[21:14] <Vrryl> k
[21:15] <Mika_no_Krynn> So it is a 4mile long leyline?
[21:15] <GM_Erik> yup
[21:16] <GM_Erik> well, what you guys know from last time is that he is a rainmaker, and that he must be really powerful in order to maintain the oasis here, since this oasis isn't natural and Lucky had ever heard of a rainmaker this powerful before.
[21:20] <GM_Erik> dum dum dum
[21:20] <GM_Erik> (musical notes)
[21:26] <Mika_no_Krynn> smite them with holy fire
[21:26] <GM_Erik> *chir......
[21:26] <Vrryl> where is alfheim?
[21:26] <Mika_no_Krynn> It is the dimensional home of the High Elves
[21:27] <GM_Erik> its a subdimension of Asgard.
[21:27] <Vrryl> oh, sure, wtf... i'm sure i have a d port scroll kicking around for a rainy day\
[21:27] <GM_Erik> or a realm in Asgard
[21:27] <Mika_no_Krynn> Asgard is neat... they have FREAKING HUGE bunnies!
[21:34] <GM_Erik> but she's not here anyway
[21:34] <GM_Erik> what rest do you mean, other than Jessica?
[21:34] <Vrryl> is is just us 3 here?
[21:35] <GM_Erik> well, there are other people nearby.
[21:35] <Vrryl> or 4, whatever
[21:35] <Vrryl> ok, didn't know if people like victor or whatever were here as well
[21:35] <GM_Erik> do you want to ask a few specific people?  its easier for me to answer you if that's the case.
[21:35] <Vrryl> i think consulting them of our intent would be a good idea
[21:36] <Mika_no_Krynn> Vic, Erin, Sir Thorpe
[21:36] <Vrryl> ep
[21:36] <Vrryl> yep
[21:37] <GM_Erik> Oh, sure Mike, talk about another thing that Jessica can't easily fix right now.
[21:37] <GM_Erik> have you no decency?
[21:38] <Mika_no_Krynn> Nope, not much
[21:38] <Mika_no_Krynn> I did jump on her as a tiger after all
[21:38] <JessicaKnight> heh
[21:39] <GM_Erik> owowow
[21:40] <GM_Erik> I just chocked a little on some Pad Thai noodle, and got a little Hot-sauce soaked noodle in my nose. owoowowow
[21:40] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah, that sounds kinda painful
[21:41] <JessicaKnight> oww
[21:41] <Mika_no_Krynn> Remember food goes in your mouth, not nose^^
[21:42] <GM_Erik> ok.  cooling down now.
[21:42] <GM_Erik> the nice Vietnamese place in town (only one) makes it spicy if I ask them too.
[21:43] <GM_Erik> actually Brett, if its on a scroll, you just read the scroll
[21:44] <GM_Erik> no ritual needed otherwise.
[21:44] <GM_Erik> only the first time
[21:44] <Vrryl> works for me
[21:44] <GM_Erik> what are you taking?  or, if easier, what are you leaving?
[21:45] <JessicaKnight> i don't supposed we'll do any fighting?
[21:45] <Mika_no_Krynn> Never know... bring some weapons
[21:45] <GM_Erik> asgard isn't always safe, right Mike?
[21:45] <Mika_no_Krynn> Packing light... swords, armor, forearm plasma blasters.
[21:45] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah, can be dangerous... big giants there
[21:46] <JessicaKnight> yeah my usual gear.. leave my toold and other stuff..
[21:46] <JessicaKnight> swords, armor, gadget.. psi helmet
[21:46] <JessicaKnight> communication band
[21:46] <JessicaKnight> my rifle
[21:46] <GM_Erik> hey Gabe, have you looked up the new spell descriptions for your armor yet?
[21:47] <JessicaKnight> some of them
[21:47] <GM_Erik> have you looked up superhuman strength?
[21:47] <JessicaKnight> yeah
[21:47] <JessicaKnight> it is supernatural
[21:48] <GM_Erik> ok.  did I give you the damages for that before? I might have.
[21:48] <GM_Erik> they add to physical weapon damge.
[21:48] <JessicaKnight> yeah add 3d6 to sword damage
[21:49] <GM_Erik> ok cool.  I should remember for next time.  dur.
[21:50] <GM_Erik> I think Vrryl spends an extra 10% of PPE on all spells to look cooler while he does them. ;;-)
[21:50] <JessicaKnight> heheh
[21:51] <JessicaKnight> showoff
[21:51] <Vrryl> hah
[21:54] <JessicaKnight> nice.. the rainbow bridge
[21:58] <JessicaKnight> where are we from again? Lazlo?
[21:58] <GM_Erik> currently
[21:58] <JessicaKnight> it's been so long I forget :)
[21:58] <GM_Erik> formerly of BitchSlap England.
[21:58] <JessicaKnight> yup
[21:59] <JessicaKnight> hell in a handbasket
[22:00] <GM_Erik> and then he gives you the ultimate wedgie
[22:00] <Vrryl> just not jessica's day
[22:02] <JessicaKnight> heheh
[22:02] <JessicaKnight> damn
[22:02] <JessicaKnight> those were new panties too!!
[22:02] <JessicaKnight> now they're all deformed.. ; ;
[22:02] <Mika_no_Krynn> Get some new elvish panties...
[22:02] <GM_Erik> who wears panties in the desert?
[22:02] <JessicaKnight> and go commando?
[22:03] <GM_Erik> Vrryl walks out like a gangster.
[22:04] <GM_Erik> hee hee
[22:06] <Vrryl> GM fnids the spelling
[22:06] <Vrryl> GM finds the spelling
[22:11] <GM_Erik> But boy oh boy, he has to wait for his woman.
[22:11] <GM_Erik> budum tink!
[22:11] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yep
[22:13] <Mika_no_Krynn> Jess needs help?
[22:14] <GM_Erik> Jessica uses her pixie dust and thinks happy thoughts.
[22:15] <JessicaKnight> carry me!!
[22:15] <Vrryl> slacker
[22:18] <GM_Erik> So, here is probably the coolest line from Rifts China:
[22:18] <GM_Erik> Rifts China is not Hell on earth.  It is eight hells on earth.
[22:18] <JessicaKnight> hahah
[22:18] <JessicaKnight> slick
[22:18] <Mika_no_Krynn> Realms of the Yama Kings...
[22:19] <GM_Erik> The Yama Kings managed to bring their hells to the physical plane (and they'd be in deep shit with heaven if they ever got caught)
[22:19] <Vrryl> lol
[22:19] <Mika_no_Krynn> hehe
[22:20] <Mika_no_Krynn> Sounds like it is time to blast some Feng Shui justice into their heads!
[22:20] <GM_Erik> Imagine a Yama King in Rifts if you will...
[22:20] <JessicaKnight> totally...
[22:20] <GM_Erik> besides the 8000-10000 MDC, some have all normal magic, all spells of legend, all necromancy, and all temporal magic.
[22:20] <Mika_no_Krynn> That's just a bit of magic
[22:21] <JessicaKnight> wtf?
[22:21] <Vrryl> all gods and deities have every magic spell though.. gets old
[22:21] <Mika_no_Krynn> Like they impaled themselves on the World Tree
[22:21] <GM_Erik> Actually very few god have that much.
[22:21] <Mika_no_Krynn> I thought they would have more MDC though... 10 000... that is do-able
[22:21] <GM_Erik> and very few gods have all of the spells of legend.
[22:21] <GM_Erik> Well, they have other abilities.
[22:21] <GM_Erik> like taking half damage from almost everything.
[22:22] <Vrryl> i don't see why they'd have them
[22:22] <Mika_no_Krynn> Nor do I.
[22:22] <GM_Erik> and they have a specail metamorphisis ability which lets them transform into ANYTHING and gain all its special abilities.
[22:22] <Mika_no_Krynn> Why don'T they give them 20 000 MDC instead of giving 10 000 and saying half damage from everything?
[22:22] <JessicaKnight> jesus
[22:23] <GM_Erik> its not everything, just a lot of stuff.  That's more asian you know, a different flavor.  they have specific weaknesses
[22:23] <JessicaKnight> talk about power campaign
[22:23] <Mika_no_Krynn> Young school girls for example
[22:23] <GM_Erik> THey are basically gods.
[22:23] <Mika_no_Krynn> Can'T resist those
[22:23] <GM_Erik> except that they're trying to do bad things on Rifts Earth directly.
[22:24] <Vrryl> we could take them
[22:24] <GM_Erik> The way they work is that they were granted their powers by the Celestial Emporer.
[22:24] <GM_Erik> The interesting thing is they also gain more power than other gods because they have been continually worshipped on Earth for millenia without interuption.
[22:25] <Mika_no_Krynn> Just have to divert the dragon lines so things go in our favour
[22:25] <GM_Erik> Oh yeah, they can also control and change dragon lines.  They can make new ones and create nexuses and stuff..
[22:26] <GM_Erik> of course, in their specific realms, they have control over lots of stuff.
[22:26] <Mika_no_Krynn> Wouldn't it follow suit then that the good guys are just as powerful?
[22:26] <Vrryl> pfft... just get my old master with the country boots and cowboy hat on their asses, they be screaming to get sent back to whence they came
[22:26] <GM_Erik> some of them are, but the Yama Kings have armies of millions (yes millions) of demons that came with them since they brought entire dimensions into co-existence.
[22:26] <GM_Erik> THey also have millions of people still worshipping them.
[22:27] <Mika_no_Krynn> Millions... big deal... everyone has an army of millions these days
[22:27] <Mika_no_Krynn> He just says why?
[22:27] <GM_Erik> yeah, I missed the second ""
[22:28] <GM_Erik> Because they mostly only hurt the dead people in the region, not the living, and they came right after the coming of the Rifts, people in China don't see them as total bad guys, more like dictatorial protectors with mean streaks.
[22:28] <Mika_no_Krynn> Nice way to put it..
[22:28] <GM_Erik> The freaky part is that if you're Chinese, when you die you don't go away, you become a wandering dead.  With hell on earth, you stay on earth and go to hell!
[22:29] <Mika_no_Krynn> I'll be Korean or Japanese then
[22:29] <Mika_no_Krynn> What if you are Chinese-American?
[22:29] <GM_Erik> and, the evil emporer that made the Terracotta warriors is back and using them to conquer lands too.
[22:29] <GM_Erik> Chinese-American counts too.
[22:30] <GM_Erik> it was a pretty cool book.
[22:30] <Mika_no_Krynn> Chinese Canadian too?  Sucks to be you Gabe
[22:30] <GM_Erik> if you're in China though.
[22:30] <JessicaKnight> damn
[22:30] <JessicaKnight> sweet
[22:30] <GM_Erik> or worship Chinese custom I guess.
[22:30] <Mika_no_Krynn> Oh... so you have to be in China...
[22:30] <Mika_no_Krynn> Ok
[22:30] <JessicaKnight> I get to terrorize people forever
[22:30] <GM_Erik> they weren't too clear on it.
[22:30] <Mika_no_Krynn> Guess you're off the hook gabe
[22:30] <GM_Erik> I mean, its not like you get to keep playing the same character.
[22:32] <GM_Erik> you basically become a zombie when you die, and demons tortue you.  Unless you're in the hell where the guy makes you into a army to fight and conquer lands.
[22:34] <GM_Erik> and so the Yama Kings don't get into trouble with the Celestial Emporer, they made a huge shroud of fog that hides all of China from all detection magical, physical, etc...
[22:36] <GM_Erik> I can't wait for the second book.  They have OCC's like the Mystical Martial Artist.  I think those guys can learn different types of martial arts.
[22:37] <Mika_no_Krynn> Do they have Shaolin Monks?
[22:37] <GM_Erik> They've also talked about new, oriental martial arts, and magical tattoos (no Brett, you don't know the new Asian Chaing-Ku tattoos)
[22:37] <Mika_no_Krynn> All the more reason to go there
[22:37] <Vrryl> bah, whatever!
[22:37] <GM_Erik> Yeah, the Shaolin Monks they hinted at are really powerful, and they bad dudes just leave them alone.
[22:38] <JessicaKnight> nie
[22:38] <Mika_no_Krynn> Kewl
[22:38] <GM_Erik> they are in the original shaolin monastery.
[22:38] <Mika_no_Krynn> Does Choy Yun Fat have his own army of smoking, sunglass wearing, gun totting dudes?
[22:42] <GM_Erik> I know, why, why, why, everybody wants to know your business.
[22:42] <GM_Erik> well, they're nosy!
[22:42] <Mika_no_Krynn> I am getting really tired of answering this question
[22:43] <JessicaKnight> should jsut makde a pamphlet.. or a sign
[22:43] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah
[22:43] <GM_Erik> talk to the sign.
[22:43] <Mika_no_Krynn> RUNE CURSE: PLZ HELP
[22:43] <Mika_no_Krynn> foreseen... that's bad
[22:44] <GM_Erik> You forgot to reverse the 'R' to make it more pathetic.
[22:53] <GM_Erik> *jeopardy song starts to play*
[22:55] <GM_Erik> gotta love the leading hypothetical question.
[22:58] <GM_Erik> ok, figure out your travel methods.  Gotta use the big GM's room.
[22:58] <Mika_no_Krynn> Flight I takeit?
[22:58] <Vrryl> hell ya
[22:58] <JessicaKnight> yup the easiest
[23:01] <GM_Erik> back
[23:01] <GM_Erik> ok, flying, go!
[23:01] <Vrryl> so mike, after over 3 hours of hunting leaches in Dangruf Wadi, Tenchi tells me the carbuncle ruby doesn't even drop there =/
[23:01] <Mika_no_Krynn> hehehe
[23:02] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah, I could have told you that
[23:02] <JessicaKnight> heh
[23:02] <JessicaKnight> I didn't know either
[23:02] <Mika_no_Krynn> Kororoka is a good place to hunt for it
[23:02] <GM_Erik> Vrryl dies in a horrible flaming expolsion.  Elven east is actually north
[23:02] <Mika_no_Krynn> Stupdi elves
[23:02] <GM_Erik> He flew into the sun, oh no!
[23:02] <Vrryl> i tried ordelles, but got lost and had to warp out after aggro'ing a bunch of crap
[23:03] <Mika_no_Krynn> I think he will find us...
[23:03] <Vrryl> maybe we should land then
[23:03] <Mika_no_Krynn> yes
[23:03] <JessicaKnight> pics a nice spot
[23:03] <GM_Erik> there are several mountain peaks.
[23:03] <JessicaKnight> er pick
[23:04] <Vrryl> let's try the first peak
[23:04] <JessicaKnight> might as well go through it systematically
[23:04] <Mika_no_Krynn>  should have said ledge, not plateau
[23:04] <GM_Erik> s'ok
[23:06] <GM_Erik> everybody roll perception
[23:06] <Mika_no_Krynn> 21
[23:06] <JessicaKnight> 5
[23:06] <GM_Erik> screw you.
[23:06] <GM_Erik> heh heh
[23:07] <Vrryl> 9
[23:07] <GM_Erik> Gabe and Brett fail!
[23:07] <Vrryl> no shit
[23:08] <JessicaKnight> really?
[23:08] <GM_Erik> heh heh, nice one Gabe
[23:08] <JessicaKnight> :)]
[23:10] <GM_Erik> just metaphor, not shadow beasts.
[23:10] <Vrryl> i cast magic missile at the darkness!
[23:11] <Mika_no_Krynn> hehe
[23:14] <GM_Erik> should he talk like Yoda too?
[23:14] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah, what the hell
[23:14] <GM_Erik> well, he is tall you know.
[23:14] <JessicaKnight> hehe
[23:14] <GM_Erik> like 7 and a half feet tall
[23:15] <Mika_no_Krynn> Wow... tall
[23:15] <GM_Erik> where's Jessica?
[23:16] <JessicaKnight> dying
[23:16] <GM_Erik> uh oh
[23:16] <JessicaKnight> anti air missles
[23:16] <JessicaKnight> guerilla warfare
[23:16] <GM_Erik> dang, I thought the elf deactivated those.
[23:16] <Vrryl> ya, that whole being born thing... kinda born dying
[23:22] <GM_Erik> You may skip it and present it as told if you wish, instead of going thorough the whole thing.  Unless there is something about it you wish to hold back.
[23:23] <GM_Erik> Unless you want to tell it. too.
[23:24] <JessicaKnight> nah.. see no reason to modify it
[23:24] <Vrryl> ya, i see some need to modify it
[23:24] <Vrryl> i'd rather him not know about me
[23:24] <GM_Erik> ok, done.
[23:25] <JessicaKnight> ok well i'll leave out that fact that you're you...
[23:32] <Mika_no_Krynn> Thanks for the sacrifice Vrryl
[23:32] <JessicaKnight> lucky us...
[23:38] <Vrryl> ya, uh huh
[23:43] <GM_Erik> you guys up for finishing this tonight?
[23:44] <Mika_no_Krynn> Don't matter to me... 3:44pm here
[23:44] <JessicaKnight> just before midnight
[23:44] <JessicaKnight> i'm good until 3 AM or so
[23:44] <GM_Erik> you want to finish before midnight?
[23:44] <GM_Erik> oh, ok.
[23:44] <GM_Erik> Brett?
[23:45] <Mika_no_Krynn> The last time we did a Dragon fight around midnight we were up until 5am^^
[23:45] <GM_Erik> It won't go to 3, or 2, or 1 (I hope not 1)
[23:45] <GM_Erik> When was the last time you fought a dragon?
[23:45] <Mika_no_Krynn> The Lizard Mage event
[23:45] <GM_Erik> and stayed up like that?
[23:45] <GM_Erik> oh that, yeah, but this should be different.
[23:46] <JessicaKnight> hmm alright
[23:46] <Vrryl> i'm up for whatever
[23:47] <GM_Erik> ok, lets go.
[23:47] <JessicaKnight> let's pwoer through this :)
[23:47] <GM_Erik> yah
[23:48] <GM_Erik> how do you find the dragon lair?
[23:48] <Vrryl> i've got that covered
[23:48] <JessicaKnight> fly around going, "here Draggiw, Draggie, draggie *whistle* here boy!
[23:49] <Mika_no_Krynn> Just stand on a mountain top and shout out taunts and insults
[23:49] <JessicaKnight> too bnad connor wasn't here
[23:49] <JessicaKnight> he'd have that thing out in a second
[23:49] <GM_Erik> heh
[23:49] <GM_Erik> so, what do you do?  you're flying at night north of some mountains.
[23:49] <Mika_no_Krynn> We shall sing songs of slaying you
[23:50] <GM_Erik> no, not me...
[23:55] <JessicaKnight> hahahahahahahahahahha
[23:55] <JessicaKnight> OMG.... did you guys see that vid that bryan just posted?
[23:55] <GM_Erik> preps?
[23:55] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah... freaking wicke
[23:55] <Vrryl> lol not yet
[23:55] <Vrryl> hell ya, getting the preps on
[23:55] <JessicaKnight> check the forum... shopping channel
[23:56] <Mika_no_Krynn>
[23:56] <JessicaKnight> it's in teh cool links section
[23:56] <Mika_no_Krynn> Ok...preps...
[23:56] <GM_Erik> tell me...
[23:57] <JessicaKnight> hmm
[23:58] <GM_Erik> btw, invuln gives 50 MDC, not 35 like in the old book.
[23:59] <Mika_no_Krynn> ok
Session Close: Sun Feb 22 00:00:00 2004
GM Erik
 GM, 92 posts
Thu 22 Oct 2015
at 02:42
Horsemen of the Apocalypse 2 - OOC Chat Logs
Session Start: Sun Feb 22 00:00:00 2004
Session Time: Sun Feb 22 00:00:00 2004
[00:01] <GM_Erik> gabe, how long do you gauntlets last?  what level were they programmed at?
[00:01] <GM_Erik> (1 melee per level)
[00:01] <Mika_no_Krynn> 8th I believe
[00:01] <Mika_no_Krynn> We did all our TW stuff at 8th level I think
[00:01] <Vrryl> invulnerability tattoo, invulnerability spell, little force, alter aura (appear as weak as possible), empathy, mind block, see aura
[00:02] <JessicaKnight> I made them at lvl 7
[00:02] <JessicaKnight> I think
[00:03] <JessicaKnight> so 7 deflect/targeted deflect action after activation
[00:04] <GM_Erik> ok, got it all.
[00:04] <GM_Erik> I think you'll lose a melee of duration, because you probably won't get there right away.
[00:06] <Vrryl> that's cool, cast the longest lasting ones first
[00:06] <GM_Erik> I figured
[00:06] <GM_Erik> How are you going about entering the place? what strategy?
[00:08] <GM_Erik> charging? sneaking? yelling? TPing?
[00:08] <JessicaKnight> sneak in as far as we can go.. spread out, aurround it then sneak attack.. that's my input
[00:09] <Vrryl> this things in a cave?
[00:09] <JessicaKnight> is it?
[00:09] <GM_Erik> oh, yeah. didn't say
[00:10] <Mika_no_Krynn> Well sneak in anyways...
[00:10] <Mika_no_Krynn> Once we are inside we can make a proper plan of attack
[00:10] <GM_Erik> ok, mike, your armor makes you -15% on physical skills
[00:10] <Mika_no_Krynn> We don't know the terrain until we are in
[00:10] <Mika_no_Krynn> My magic chain mail?
[00:11] <GM_Erik> the invincible armor
[00:11] <Mika_no_Krynn> You said it was 0% when we got it...
[00:11] <Mika_no_Krynn> Oh.. ok
[00:11] <Vrryl> ya, sneak until we know what's going on... chances are, this dude has defenses of a magic nature up. but guess we'll see
[00:11] <GM_Erik> ok, roll your sneaky skills
[00:12] <JessicaKnight> none....
[00:13] <Mika_no_Krynn> 54 of 89 or 65 of 89 with the penalty
[00:13] <Mika_no_Krynn> I mean 69
[00:13] <Mika_no_Krynn> One of Mika's favorite numbers^^v
[00:13] <GM_Erik> you mean 74?
[00:13] <GM_Erik> yeah, ok.
[00:14] <GM_Erik> oh, I see, nevermind
[00:19] <Mika_no_Krynn> hydra?
[00:20] <GM_Erik> Each of you, roll demon/moster lore
[00:20] <GM_Erik> each of you, roll perception
[00:20] <Mika_no_Krynn> 71 of 89
[00:20] <Vrryl> 36
[00:20] <Mika_no_Krynn> 23 on per
[00:20] <Vrryl> of 90
[00:20] <GM_Erik> come on Gabe, make this one!
[00:20] <JessicaKnight> 19 per, 86/37 DML
[00:20] <GM_Erik> that's a yes, is it?
[00:21] <GM_Erik> oh, I get it.
[00:21] <Vrryl> un20 for per
[00:21] <GM_Erik> oh well.
[00:21] <JessicaKnight> I never make DML.......... I just got it this lvl.. :(
[00:22] <GM_Erik> well, everyone roll initiative.
[00:22] <Mika_no_Krynn> 27
[00:23] <GM_Erik> btw, what places in the room are each of you in.
[00:23] <Vrryl> 15 ini
[00:23] <GM_Erik> Say the entrance is north.
[00:23] <Mika_no_Krynn> Slightly behind Jessica
[00:23] <Mika_no_Krynn> Just off the side of the entrance way
[00:23] <JessicaKnight> at entrance way..
[00:23] <GM_Erik> right or left?
[00:23] <JessicaKnight> init... 6
[00:23] <Mika_no_Krynn> right
[00:23] <Vrryl> i'm against the wall, was melding along on the left
[00:23] <JessicaKnight> right
[00:23] <GM_Erik> Oh right, roll vs HF
[00:24] <Mika_no_Krynn> 18
[00:24] <JessicaKnight> 21
[00:24] <GM_Erik> good job, you needed a 17, he's frickin scary
[00:25] <GM_Erik> Mike, go
[00:25] <Mika_no_Krynn> HOlding my action...
[00:26] <JessicaKnight> dodge
[00:26] <GM_Erik> roll it
[00:26] <Vrryl> wow, his 'heads' are spewing... fucking x rating just got slapped on the box
[00:27] <GM_Erik> fine breathing
[00:27] <JessicaKnight> 22 what is it spewing? fire?
[00:27] <GM_Erik> A huge wave of fire is being thrown at Jessica.
[00:27] <Mika_no_Krynn> dodging...22
[00:27] <JessicaKnight> ooh I can take that
[00:27] <GM_Erik> are you immune to fire?
[00:28] *** Lucky_Zando has joined #riftsooc
[00:28] <JessicaKnight> let me check the new rules to see ifit includes breath weaps
[00:28] <GM_Erik> its 6 feet wide
[00:28] <Lucky_Zando> hi again
[00:28] <Vrryl> heyhey
[00:28] <JessicaKnight> normal, magical, and MD fires... no dmg
[00:29] <Vrryl> gabe, is that tool on the FAQs about RSE on MST?
[00:30] <JessicaKnight> the tool is a bit off time wise
[00:30] <GM_Erik> Mike, you take 25 MD of cold.
[00:30] <GM_Erik> brett
[00:30] <Vrryl> ?
[00:30] <JessicaKnight> it should be MST.....
[00:31] <JessicaKnight> but I can't remember if it
[00:31] <JessicaKnight> 1h fast or 1h slow
[00:31] <GM_Erik> your turn Brett
[00:31] <Vrryl> oh, check out your window
[00:31] <GM_Erik> then Gabe
[00:31] <Mika_no_Krynn> Your RSE quest should start around 4:30 today
[00:31] <GM_Erik> ok, sorry brett, didn't see that part before.
[00:32] <GM_Erik> how long will that take?
[00:32] <Vrryl> no worries =)
[00:32] <GM_Erik> Gabe, go.
[00:32] <JessicaKnight> 16:38
[00:32] <Vrryl> probably the melee
[00:32] <JessicaKnight> ok
[00:32] <GM_Erik> ok Brett.
[00:32] <Vrryl> 16:38 for hume male?
[00:32] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yes
[00:32] <Vrryl> ordelle?
[00:32] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yes
[00:33] <GM_Erik> ok, I think if we want to fnish this, we should probably do the fight.
[00:33] <Vrryl> sweet... can work on smn stone while key/chest hunting
[00:33] <GM_Erik> so, roll your attacks.
[00:33] <JessicaKnight> ok.. flying in, taking it head on...
[00:33] <JessicaKnight> shit I should activate supernatural strength sa well
[00:34] <JessicaKnight> oh well.. didn't say it so I'll do it later
[00:34] <JessicaKnight> 19 to strike
[00:34] <JessicaKnight> going for the fire head
[00:34] <GM_Erik> you hit Gabe
[00:34] <Mika_no_Krynn> 23 and 27 to strike the head...
[00:35] <JessicaKnight> 15 dmg to the head
[00:35] <Mika_no_Krynn> 31 and 25 dmg respectively
[00:35] <GM_Erik> super evil accounted for Mike?
[00:35] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yes
[00:37] <GM_Erik> Mike, again
[00:37] <GM_Erik> after you're attacked!
[00:38] <Mika_no_Krynn> More of the same... natural 20 33dmg, and 25 for 31dmg
[00:38] <Mika_no_Krynn> 33 base dmg on the crit
[00:38] <GM_Erik> you going to defend?
[00:38] <GM_Erik> you can't parry though
[00:38] <Mika_no_Krynn> No
[00:38] <Lucky_Zando> okay guys I'll see you later...
[00:38] <Mika_no_Krynn> I'll take it
[00:39] <Mika_no_Krynn> See you
[00:39] <GM_Erik> later
[00:39] *** Lucky_Zando has left #riftsooc
[00:39] <GM_Erik> Mike, you take 21 MD
[00:39] <Mika_no_Krynn> Why am I getting clawed?
[00:39] <Mika_no_Krynn> I am not even there?
[00:39] <GM_Erik> ::-P
[00:39] <Mika_no_Krynn> I am in Japan
[00:39] <JessicaKnight> heh
[00:40] <GM_Erik> ok, get ready Mike.
[00:40] <Mika_no_Krynn> ready
[00:40] <Mika_no_Krynn> can I dodge this one?  Or no actions left?
[00:40] <GM_Erik> you can dodge, not parry though.  do you attack first.
[00:41] <Mika_no_Krynn> ok
[00:41] <GM_Erik> and then Gabe be ready to attack
[00:41] <JessicaKnight> ok i'll roll now
[00:42] <Mika_no_Krynn> slashing at the same head... 25 for 32dmg and 19 for 30dmg
[00:42] <JessicaKnight> ooh this going to be good
[00:42] <GM_Erik> Mike, are you dodging the attack?
[00:42] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yes... 26 for dodge
[00:43] <GM_Erik> ooh, you dodge.
[00:43] <Mika_no_Krynn> what kind of breath was it?
[00:43] <GM_Erik> purple mist.
[00:43] <Mika_no_Krynn> nasty
[00:44] <Mika_no_Krynn> wonderful
[00:44] <Mika_no_Krynn> dmg?
[00:44] <GM_Erik> you take 80MD and hit the wall from the blow.
[00:44] <Mika_no_Krynn> whoa!
[00:44] <Mika_no_Krynn> nice hit.
[00:45] <GM_Erik> yeah, no kidding
[00:45] <GM_Erik> gabe
[00:45] <JessicaKnight> n20 / 80 dmg total
[00:45] <GM_Erik> nice.
[00:47] <GM_Erik> Mike, what you gonna do?
[00:47] <GM_Erik> Gabe, your go again
[00:47] <JessicaKnight> i'll take it and continue attacking
[00:47] <JessicaKnight> the breath I mean
[00:47] <Mika_no_Krynn> CAn I parry it?
[00:47] <GM_Erik> you can try.
[00:47] <Mika_no_Krynn> ok...34 to parry
[00:47] <JessicaKnight> 21 to hit / 10 dmg
[00:48] <GM_Erik> that bites
[00:48] <GM_Erik> crazy parry lady...
[00:48] <Mika_no_Krynn> She likes swords
[00:48] <Mika_no_Krynn> Training with Daniel all the time you know...
[00:48] <GM_Erik> phase 4, go Mike.
[00:48] <Mika_no_Krynn> payback...
[00:49] <Mika_no_Krynn> So the wall is behind me?
[00:49] <GM_Erik> yup
[00:49] <GM_Erik> be ready gabe
[00:50] <JessicaKnight> k
[00:50] <Mika_no_Krynn> I want to cast Carpet of Adhesion on the wall right behind me
[00:50] <GM_Erik> ok.
[00:50] <GM_Erik> you are casting.
[00:50] <GM_Erik> roll save vs psionics Mike
[00:50] <JessicaKnight> dodge, since I probalby can't parry...
[00:51] <GM_Erik> ok
[00:51] <JessicaKnight> 13
[00:51] <GM_Erik> 25MD Gabe
[00:51] <JessicaKnight> ok
[00:51] <Mika_no_Krynn> 15 only
[00:52] <GM_Erik> yuo save.
[00:52] <GM_Erik> dang.
[00:52] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah^^
[00:52] <Mika_no_Krynn> She is a master psionic after all
[00:52] <Mika_no_Krynn> And a woman...
[00:52] <Mika_no_Krynn> That must be a change for Jess... the head bites her for once...
[00:52] <JessicaKnight> =P
[00:53] <JessicaKnight> i'll take the breath attack.. since I seem to be ok
[00:53] <GM_Erik> gabe, you can go too.
[00:53] <JessicaKnight> 8 to hit / 50 dmg
[00:53] <Mika_no_Krynn> Take the breath weapon and parry the tail... need to continue casting
[00:53] <GM_Erik> I don't think you can parry while casting
[00:53] <Mika_no_Krynn> Well what can I do while casting?
[00:54] <GM_Erik> move slowly? 1/4 speed I think.
[00:54] <Mika_no_Krynn> That sucks...
[00:54] <Mika_no_Krynn> Just get hit then
[00:54] <GM_Erik> roll save vs magic Mike
[00:55] <GM_Erik> you take 15MD from the tail Mike
[00:55] <Mika_no_Krynn> 12... crap
[00:55] <GM_Erik> you take 21 MD to your personal MDC Mike
[00:55] <Mika_no_Krynn> neat
[00:56] <JessicaKnight> ow
[00:56] <GM_Erik> Mike, your spell finishes
[00:56] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah^^
[00:57] <GM_Erik> and Gabe goes
[00:57] <GM_Erik> ooh, tough Dodge Mike, roll it
[00:57] <Mika_no_Krynn> 29 to dodge
[00:57] <Mika_no_Krynn> 17 on the dice baby
[00:57] <GM_Erik> dang, crappy strike roll, regardless of any penalties I apply to you.
[00:58] <JessicaKnight> 16 to hit / 50 dmg
[00:58] <GM_Erik> ok, roll initiative
[00:58] <Mika_no_Krynn> 30
[00:59] <JessicaKnight> fucking 3.....
[00:59] <GM_Erik> need Brett's init
[01:00] <Vrryl> 14
[01:01] <Mika_no_Krynn> Crap
[01:02] <JessicaKnight> great..
[01:02] <GM_Erik> 27 MD to Mika
[01:02] <GM_Erik> frost
[01:03] <JessicaKnight> AsoBit City is closing???
[01:03] <JessicaKnight> crap.. ; ;
[01:03] * Vrryl pulls out his ear defenders
[01:03] <GM_Erik> Brett go
[01:03] <GM_Erik> gabe go
[01:03] <GM_Erik> then Mike
[01:03] <Mika_no_Krynn> ok
[01:03] <GM_Erik> (since mike used up first action dodging last turn)
[01:03] <JessicaKnight> 22 to hit..... / 60 dmg
[01:05] <GM_Erik> Mike
[01:06] <Mika_no_Krynn> Attack that frost head again...
[01:06] <Mika_no_Krynn> 22 strike 27dmg, 27strike...30dmg
[01:07] <GM_Erik> ok
[01:08] <Mika_no_Krynn> How does it look?
[01:08] <GM_Erik> lots of cuts on two heads
[01:08] <GM_Erik> Mike, go
[01:09] <Mika_no_Krynn> Continue... 28 strike 35dmg, 24strike 33dmg
[01:09] <GM_Erik> got it
[01:09] <Mika_no_Krynn> dead? the head?
[01:10] <Mika_no_Krynn> DEAD HEAD!
[01:10] <GM_Erik> no, you hit
[01:10] <Mika_no_Krynn> bummer
[01:10] <JessicaKnight> rock out!!
[01:10] <Mika_no_Krynn> This thing can take some serious beats
[01:11] <GM_Erik> gabe go
[01:11] <JessicaKnight> 3 to hit.. 40 dmg
[01:11] <JessicaKnight> :(
[01:11] <Mika_no_Krynn> 25
[01:13] <GM_Erik> Mike
[01:14] <Mika_no_Krynn> 17 to hit 22dmg, and 31 to hit for 37dmg
[01:14] <GM_Erik> it parries the first.
[01:14] <GM_Erik> not the second
[01:14] <Mika_no_Krynn> yeah, that was just a feint anyways^^
[01:15] <Vrryl> sweet!
[01:16] <JessicaKnight> 24 to dodge
[01:16] <GM_Erik> success
[01:16] <Mika_no_Krynn> So two heads are trying to bite me at the same time?
[01:16] <GM_Erik> no, just one
[01:17] <Mika_no_Krynn> Oh, ok... dodge again... like before
[01:17] <Mika_no_Krynn> crap 15...
[01:17] <GM_Erik> nope
[01:17] <GM_Erik> 9MD to Mike, what a roll, 4 1's
[01:17] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah..
[01:17] <JessicaKnight> ok I just saw the stupidest personal ad...
[01:18] <GM_Erik> Mike, go.
[01:18] <JessicaKnight> looking for 18-20 yr old asian woman that like to draw or play video games.. i'm moron. looking for christian girl who doesn't drink or smoke... I'll tell you about my church.. pelase e-mail me.. i'm lonley...
[01:18] <Mika_no_Krynn> 16 to hit 30dmg, and 33 hit for 32dmg
[01:19] <JessicaKnight> this is on Mainichi... wtf? ; ;
[01:19] <Mika_no_Krynn> Once bitten, twice shy as they say
[01:19] <Mika_no_Krynn> who knows man
[01:21] <Mika_no_Krynn> well?
[01:22] <GM_Erik> Mike, get ready.
[01:22] <Mika_no_Krynn> yeah
[01:22] <GM_Erik> hold on
[01:24] <GM_Erik> waiting on Brett. ::-)
[01:26] <GM_Erik> Mike, go
[01:26] <GM_Erik> save vs psi Mike
[01:27] <Mika_no_Krynn> 15
[01:27] <GM_Erik> ok
[01:28] <GM_Erik> Brett and Gabe
[01:28] <GM_Erik> then Mike
[01:28] <JessicaKnight> head stuck on wall... to hit 19 / 20 dmg
[01:28] <GM_Erik> no two swords
[01:28] <GM_Erik> ?
[01:29] <GM_Erik> you get autocritical
[01:29] <GM_Erik> Gabe?
[01:29] <JessicaKnight> ?
[01:29] <GM_Erik> your go
[01:29] <JessicaKnight> two?
[01:29] <JessicaKnight> again?
[01:29] <Mika_no_Krynn> double attack on the stuck head... 29dmg and 31dmg
[01:29] <GM_Erik> yeah
[01:30] <GM_Erik> oh, sorry.
[01:30] <GM_Erik> thougt mike typed the first one.
[01:30] <JessicaKnight> ok :)
[01:30] <GM_Erik> your fire head is still there you know Gabe
[01:31] <GM_Erik> but, okie.
[01:31] <GM_Erik> you both hit the stuck head.
[01:31] <GM_Erik> all crits
[01:32] <GM_Erik> ok, Mike's again
[01:33] <GM_Erik> roll it up
[01:33] <Mika_no_Krynn> 38dmg and 32dmg x2 for crit
[01:35] <GM_Erik> Gabe, go for it.
[01:35] <JessicaKnight> koo i'll turn my attention back to the fire head...
[01:35] <JessicaKnight> 22 to hit / 60 dmg
[01:36] <Mika_no_Krynn> whoa... nice hit
[01:37] <JessicaKnight> just lucky ^^
[01:37] <Mika_no_Krynn> like butta
[01:38] <GM_Erik> Mike, go.. twice
[01:39] <Mika_no_Krynn> 22, 24 31 and 37
[01:39] <Mika_no_Krynn> dmg
[01:39] <GM_Erik> just do the first two first.
[01:39] <Mika_no_Krynn> 22 and 31 then
[01:40] <Mika_no_Krynn> what does that mean?
[01:40] <GM_Erik> hope you're not shaking it Brett.
[01:40] <GM_Erik> it means in two pieces dude.
[01:40] <Mika_no_Krynn> Some kind of proposition for MIka?
[01:40] <Mika_no_Krynn> No, what does Attack my head mean?
[01:40] <GM_Erik> ask it yourswelf.
[01:41] <GM_Erik> Its grappling one of the heads on the floor.
[01:41] <GM_Erik> Gabe, go.
[01:42] <Mika_no_Krynn> So 24 and 37 dmg on these ones
[01:42] <GM_Erik> go ahead an do it Mike.
[01:42] <GM_Erik> ok
[01:42] <JessicaKnight> 18 to hit / 60 dmg
[01:42] <GM_Erik> wow Gabe.
[01:42] <Vrryl> crazy!
[01:42] <GM_Erik> that's too much instant damage.
[01:42] <Mika_no_Krynn> It explodes in a ball of bloody gore!
[01:43] <JessicaKnight> actually that should be 62.. forgot to add teh +2 damage in a dive attack
[01:43] <JessicaKnight> how many heads left?
[01:43] <Mika_no_Krynn> that's 4 heads?
[01:43] <Mika_no_Krynn> down...
[01:44] <GM_Erik> ok, new melee
[01:44] <Mika_no_Krynn> 26
[01:44] <Mika_no_Krynn> init
[01:44] <GM_Erik> ok Mike, go
[01:44] <GM_Erik> and your guys rolls?
[01:45] <JessicaKnight> 12 in it
[01:45] <Vrryl> 19
[01:45] <GM_Erik> ok, everyone won this time. everybody go
[01:45] <JessicaKnight> 10 to hit/40 dmg
[01:45] <JessicaKnight> going for the green cloud head
[01:45] <GM_Erik> k
[01:45] <GM_Erik> it parries
[01:46] <Mika_no_Krynn> 25 to hit, 26 to hit... 32 and 30dmg respectively.
[01:46] <GM_Erik> on...
[01:46] <Mika_no_Krynn> Against the green cloud head like Jess
[01:46] <GM_Erik> you hit
[01:46] <Vrryl> er... another n20 =P
[01:47] <GM_Erik> ok, you grapple a differnet one (not enough room for all on green head0
[01:47] <Vrryl> that's fine... how many were left then?
[01:47] <GM_Erik> 4
[01:47] <Mika_no_Krynn> I thought 3 were left
[01:47] <Mika_no_Krynn> 7 heads or 8?
[01:47] <Mika_no_Krynn> or 9?
[01:48] <GM_Erik> hah hah, this is a mutant Hydra.
[01:48] <GM_Erik> 8 intead of 7
[01:48] <Vrryl> oop
[01:48] <Mika_no_Krynn> Ok... whatever
[01:48] <JessicaKnight> hehe
[01:48] <Mika_no_Krynn> Just more slaughter
[01:48] <Vrryl> exactly
[01:48] <GM_Erik> Vrryl's head breathes on him.
[01:48] <GM_Erik> roll vs magic Brett
[01:49] <Vrryl> 21
[01:49] <GM_Erik> ok
[01:49] <GM_Erik> Mike deal with it, then attack.
[01:49] <Mika_no_Krynn> Again.. .Mike is in JAPAN
[01:49] <GM_Erik> sorry, I've been up for 22 hours.
[01:49] <JessicaKnight> heh
[01:50] <GM_Erik> or 20 hours, I don't know.
[01:50] <Mika_no_Krynn> parry for 32
[01:50] <GM_Erik> done
[01:50] <GM_Erik> strike
[01:50] <Mika_no_Krynn> hit for 29, 39dmg
[01:51] <GM_Erik> Mike again.
[01:51] <GM_Erik> everyone else too.
[01:51] <Mika_no_Krynn> 30 to hit... 35dmg
[01:51] <GM_Erik> on.. green head?
[01:51] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah
[01:51] <JessicaKnight> 18 to hit/30 dmg
[01:51] <GM_Erik> same?
[01:51] <JessicaKnight> green.. same as before
[01:52] <Vrryl> can i remain grappled on this head, and use another head to snap at the body for dmg?
[01:52] <Vrryl> er.. if that made any sense
[01:52] <GM_Erik> um, yeah
[01:52] <Vrryl> 13 str... 2 dmg
[01:52] <Vrryl> 2dmg is the modified
[01:53] <GM_Erik> Mike
[01:53] <GM_Erik> and everyone
[01:53] <Mika_no_Krynn> back to double attacks...
[01:54] <Mika_no_Krynn> 24 strike and 22 strike...36dmg and 28dmg
[01:54] <GM_Erik> Gabe?
[01:55] <GM_Erik> Mike hits
[01:55] <JessicaKnight> 10 to hit... 40 dmg
[01:55] <GM_Erik> hit
[01:55] <GM_Erik> kill
[01:55] <GM_Erik> head
[01:55] <JessicaKnight> sweet :)
[01:56] <GM_Erik> Brett?
[01:56] <GM_Erik> you need to fight a strnegth test to hold on.
[01:56] <Vrryl> 15 strike... 1 dmg
[01:56] <Vrryl> ok
[01:56] <GM_Erik> you can do a strike though
[01:56] <Vrryl> how does the str test work?
[01:57] <GM_Erik> you hit
[01:57] <GM_Erik> roll a d20 for strength, add ps bonus (+3 for you)
[01:57] <GM_Erik> it got a 47.
[01:57] <Vrryl> lol
[01:57] <Vrryl> HAHA
[01:57] <Vrryl> lol
[01:58] <GM_Erik> mike, brett, gabe
[01:58] <Mika_no_Krynn> run over and attack the formerly  pinned head...29 and 26 to hit, 26 and 32dmg
[01:58] <GM_Erik> oh wait, mike, mike brett gabe, yeah
[01:58] <JessicaKnight> activate superman strength on my armor for the next 12 meelee rounds
[01:58] <GM_Erik> done Gabe
[01:59] <GM_Erik> mike, go again, ad brett go
[01:59] <Mika_no_Krynn> 20 to hit, 24 to hit, 40dmg, and 34dmg
[01:59] <GM_Erik> dang Mike, good rolls
[01:59] <JessicaKnight> 17 to hit, 53 dmg
[01:59] <Mika_no_Krynn> yeah, that 40 was killer... 3 6s and 3 5s
[02:00] <Vrryl> i'll try leaping against the head again
[02:00] <Vrryl> 11 strike, 2 dmg
[02:00] <JessicaKnight> nice :)
[02:00] <GM_Erik> Mike, what about the cloud?
[02:00] <Mika_no_Krynn> 14 to save versus magic... if it is that sameone
[02:01] <GM_Erik> so you're taking it?
[02:01] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yes
[02:01] <GM_Erik> your armors take 60 damage Mike
[02:01] <Mika_no_Krynn> ouch
[02:01] <GM_Erik> nto each, just once.
[02:02] <Mika_no_Krynn> yeah
[02:02] <GM_Erik> ok, everyone go again
[02:02] <GM_Erik> (It's amazing how so many attacks it once had came from its heads)
[02:02] <JessicaKnight> 14 to hit.... 75 dmg
[02:02] <JessicaKnight> next head over
[02:02] <GM_Erik> nice.
[02:03] <GM_Erik> smash
[02:03] <Mika_no_Krynn> 15 hit and 27 hit, 22dmg and 33dmg
[02:03] <GM_Erik> hits
[02:03] <Vrryl> going for an entangle attack
[02:03] <GM_Erik> with.?
[02:04] <Vrryl> my 8 heads, 4 legs and tail
[02:04] <GM_Erik> ok, roll it.
[02:04] <Vrryl> 14 str... 3dmg (modified)
[02:04] <GM_Erik> you roll strike first.
[02:05] <GM_Erik> oh, sorry.
[02:05] <Vrryl> ya, 14 to strike
[02:05] <GM_Erik> you hit
[02:05] <Vrryl> sorry
[02:05] <GM_Erik> ok, Mike.
[02:05] <GM_Erik> and then Mike.
[02:05] <Vrryl> how does the entangle work then?
[02:05] <Mika_no_Krynn> 26 and 27 hit, 28dmg and 33dmg
[02:05] <Vrryl> or how is it working in this case?
[02:06] <Mika_no_Krynn> 18 and 27 hit, 22 and 28 dmg
[02:06] <GM_Erik> gabe, go.
[02:06] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah
[02:07] <GM_Erik> Brett, roll vs psionics.
[02:07] <GM_Erik> and take your action (unless you continue entangling)
[02:07] <JessicaKnight> 18 to hit... 49 DMG
[02:07] <Vrryl> over 20
[02:08] <Vrryl> i'll continue entangling
[02:08] <GM_Erik> new melee
[02:08] <Vrryl> 17 ini
[02:08] <Mika_no_Krynn> 31
[02:09] <JessicaKnight> 17
[02:09] <GM_Erik> mike
[02:09] <Mika_no_Krynn> natural 20 with 33dmg, 29 hit with 33dmg
[02:10] <GM_Erik> is that first 33 pre doubling then?
[02:10] <Mika_no_Krynn> pre
[02:10] <Mika_no_Krynn> always pre
[02:10] <GM_Erik> ouch, that was a 165 hit.
[02:10] <Mika_no_Krynn> Nice!
[02:10] <Vrryl> ouch
[02:10] <JessicaKnight> nice
[02:11] <Mika_no_Krynn> Bloodrage... BERZERKER!
[02:11] <GM_Erik> Brett, you take 60MD
[02:11] <Mika_no_Krynn> It is the dreaded shite breath!
[02:11] <GM_Erik> Corrosive
[02:11] <JessicaKnight> only 1 left right?
[02:11] <JessicaKnight> haha
[02:11] <GM_Erik> gabe go
[02:11] <GM_Erik> nope, 2 heads.
[02:12] <Mika_no_Krynn> more annoying than 1^^
[02:12] <JessicaKnight> 13 ot hit.. 48 dmg
[02:12] <GM_Erik> brett, continuing to hold?
[02:12] <Vrryl> yes
[02:12] <GM_Erik> ok
[02:13] <Vrryl> sweetness!
[02:13] <GM_Erik> mikes go, twice.
[02:13] <GM_Erik> I think that head is probably gone...
[02:13] <Mika_no_Krynn> 17 hti and 28 hit, 26 dmg and 34 dmg
[02:14] <Mika_no_Krynn> 26 hit and 21 hit, 26dmg and 28dmg
[02:15] <Mika_no_Krynn> PPE?
[02:15] <GM_Erik> its not fully dead yet.
[02:15] <Mika_no_Krynn> It doesn't have a head...
[02:15] <GM_Erik> yeah, it can regrow those.  mean huh?
[02:15] <Mika_no_Krynn> Like Monty Python...
[02:16] <JessicaKnight> burn it
[02:16] <Mika_no_Krynn> I'm not quite dead
[02:16] <Vrryl> lol
[02:16] <Mika_no_Krynn> Oh shut up, you're not fooling anyone...
[02:18] <GM_Erik> we'll deal with clean-up next time.
[02:18] <Mika_no_Krynn> Next week?
[02:18] <Vrryl> works for me
[02:19] <GM_Erik> next week good for me, and for Deb
[02:19] <Vrryl> i love phat lewtz!
[02:19] <Mika_no_Krynn> I may be a little late... we're having an Indiana Jones marathon on Saturday night at a friends place...
[02:19] <Mika_no_Krynn> So I will catch the train back as soon as I can...
[02:19] <Vrryl> sweet... i just did one of those a couple weeks back
[02:19] <JessicaKnight> nexzt week should be ok.. I won't be out of town
[02:19] <Mika_no_Krynn> Should be able to make it
[02:20] <GM_Erik> damn.  I had that adventure planned since you first found that weapon.
[02:20] <GM_Erik> about bloody time.
[02:20] <JessicaKnight> hah
[02:20] <Vrryl> lol
[02:20] <Mika_no_Krynn> Damn that is a couple of years dude
[02:20] <Vrryl> couple? man... that's like... four years
[02:20] <GM_Erik> yeah, that was Calgary
[02:20] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah, guess it would be about 3 years or so
[02:21] <Mika_no_Krynn> Just before I went to Japan the first time... 2000
[02:21] <Vrryl> april 2000 must have been
[02:21] <Mika_no_Krynn> May 2000 I think
[02:21] <GM_Erik> ok then.  Jessica got her curse problem solved, and got a Greater Rune weapon in the process.
[02:21] <Vrryl> ya, was just before i went off for Bosnia work up training
[02:21] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yep
[02:21] <GM_Erik> you guys have hoards to deal with, we'll do it qwuick next time and get you back to Africa to continue on.
[02:22] <Mika_no_Krynn> ok
[02:22] <GM_Erik> alright, I'm gonig home.
[02:22] <GM_Erik> laer guys. ::-)
[02:22] <Vrryl> later Erik
[02:22] <JessicaKnight> ok night guys
[02:22] <JessicaKnight> take are
[02:22] <JessicaKnight> care
[02:22] *** Disconnected
Session Close: Sun Feb 22 02:22:47 2004
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Horsemen of the Apocalypse 2 - OOC Chat Logs
Session Start: Sat Feb 28 15:23:05 2004
[15:23] *** Now talking in #RiftsOOC
[17:14] *** JessicaKnight has joined #riftsooc
[17:14] <JessicaKnight> re
[17:15] *** GM_Erik sets mode: +o JessicaKnight
[17:15] <GM_Erik> yo
[17:15] *** JessicaKnight sets mode: +ntps
[17:15] <JessicaKnight> yo
[17:15] <GM_Erik> anyway, you get my email?
[17:16] <JessicaKnight> nope
[17:17] <JessicaKnight> haven't checked e-mail since this morning
[17:34] *** Vrryl has joined #RiftsOOC
[17:35] <JessicaKnight> hey vrryl
[17:37] <GM_Erik> yo dude
[17:37] *** GM_Erik sets mode: +o Vrryl
[17:38] <Vrryl> hey guys
[17:39] <JessicaKnight> sup?
[17:41] <Vrryl> saw that passion for christ movie last night.. should have rented it
[17:42] <JessicaKnight> that bad?
[17:43] <Vrryl> actually it was fine, nothing great. average movie really, which is why it was a 5 dollar movie about 5, rather than a 65 dollar movie among 5
[17:43] <Vrryl> er, 5 dollar movie among 5
[17:43] <GM_Erik> 65 dollar?
[17:43] <Vrryl> ya, 5 times 13
[17:44] <Vrryl> in other words, 5 people should have just rented it for 5 bucks total, rather than 5 of us seeing it for 65 bucks
[17:44] <GM_Erik> ahh.. it costs 13 dollars there now??
[17:44] <Vrryl> ya
[17:44] <GM_Erik> damn...
[17:45] <Vrryl> ya
[17:45] <GM_Erik> that's crazy!
[17:45] <Vrryl> ya
[17:45] <JessicaKnight> it's stupid the prices
[17:45] <Vrryl> and you think, people are supposed to somehow afford 5 dollar pop and 8 dollar bag of popcorn... whatever
[17:46] <GM_Erik> the prices here and at home haven't gone up nearly that much.
[17:46] <Vrryl> how much?
[17:48] <GM_Erik> well, here its 7.25 after 6pm and 5.00 before 6pm for adults.  5 for all kids
[17:48] <GM_Erik> at home I think its like 8.50
[17:48] <GM_Erik> for the non-matinee, 6 bucks for matinee at home.
[17:49] <Vrryl> that's reasonable
[17:49] <Vrryl> it's about US$6 here as well matinee times and tuesday nights
[17:49] <Vrryl> it's just the rest of the week that's fubared
[17:51] <GM_Erik> sorry, at home its 9.25 normal, 7.50 student, and 6.25 matinee.  But that's for stadium style with rocking, super comfy chairs.  still cheaper
[17:51] <GM_Erik> I mean, income in Canada is somewhat proportional to US income, so 6 bucks costs the same to many people as 6 bucks in the US.
[17:54] <GM_Erik> Guess I'll remember to stick to Tuesdays and early shows when I get back. heh
[17:55] <JessicaKnight> or cheapo theater
[17:55] <GM_Erik> yeah.
[17:58] <Vrryl> the best part of the movie though, is it was subtitled. They actually went back and used the lanuages of the time, ancient hebrew, aramaic(sp?), and latin
[18:00] <GM_Erik> that's cool.
[18:00] <GM_Erik> I was sort of avoiding it, since the only advertisements in town were sponsered by a local church.
[18:00] <Vrryl> hearing these dead languages spoken so well was really cool. they must have done some intense language training for it
[18:01] <Vrryl> hah, go figure
[18:01] <GM_Erik> Yeah, almost nobody speaks arameic these days
[18:01] <Vrryl> it wasn't actually in your face christian propaganda. they did a pretty decent job, other than the end
[18:01] <GM_Erik> also, Mel Gibson seemed to be kind of wacky in his interviews
[18:01] <Vrryl> ya, he does
[18:01] <Vrryl> a little too fanatical sounding
[18:01] <GM_Erik> totally.  you heard what he said about his wife, right?
[18:02] <Vrryl> no
[18:02] <GM_Erik> he said she was going to hell because she wasn't Catholic.
[18:02] <JessicaKnight> ...
[18:02] <Vrryl> nice
[18:02] <GM_Erik> She is Christian, and he said she was a better person than he was, but that she was still going to hell just because of that.
[18:02] <GM_Erik> that kind of lew my mind.
[18:03] <GM_Erik> blew
[18:03] <Vrryl> what a fruitcake
[18:03] <Vrryl> worst part of it, is that asshole is going to make a shitload of coin from this movie from morons like myself who went to see it only because of it's supposed 'controversial' nature
[18:03] <GM_Erik> heh heh
[18:04] <GM_Erik> well, we can ask you then... was it hard on Jews?
[18:04] <Vrryl> i wasn't going to see it, but fucking jamie and his honey were going, and invited me along. Been a couple weeks since we'd hung out so.. /shrug
[18:05] * /me: insufficient parameters
[18:05] <Vrryl> hrm, sort of, but not really... they really catered to a PC crowd. They showed good and bad people on all sides of the coin... Jews, Romans, Jesus
[18:05] <Vrryl> Jesus' lackies
[18:05] <Vrryl> every faction had their ups and downs in it
[18:05] <GM_Erik> ok.  Well, now I know the controversial bit and don't have to worry about it.
[18:06] <Vrryl> ya, if you're not really religiocentric, there isn't really anything controversial about the whole thing. just another movie about some dead guy who made an impact on history
[18:07] <JessicaKnight> that's a good way of looking at it
[18:07] <GM_Erik> ya
[18:07] *** Lucky_Zando has joined #riftsooc
[18:07] <GM_Erik> hey debbie
[18:07] <JessicaKnight> yo
[18:08] <Vrryl> ahoy
[18:08] <GM_Erik> I was starting to wonder where our others are.
[18:08] <JessicaKnight> Mike will be late
[18:08] <Lucky_Zando> hi
[18:08] <JessicaKnight> Indiana Jones marathon remember?
[18:08] <GM_Erik> Oh yeah, that's right.
[18:08] <GM_Erik> Mike said he would try to be earlier, but by 7 at the latest, right?
[18:08] *** GM_Erik sets mode: +o Lucky_Zando
[18:09] <Vrryl> think so
[18:09] <GM_Erik> ok
[18:09] <GM_Erik> Well, I can think of a couple things we can do before he gets here.
[18:10] <GM_Erik> one, is we can do the "clean-up" from last time where Vrryl, Mika, and Jessica went to Alfheim
[18:10] <Vrryl> mm, ya
[18:10] <GM_Erik> the other is we can cover what Lucky did while the boys were away.
[18:11] <Lucky_Zando> okay
[18:11] <GM_Erik> Mike won't mine if you guys decide to spilt up the stuff without him, right?
[18:11] <GM_Erik> mind
[18:11] <Vrryl> nah, he trusts us
[18:12] <JessicaKnight> jsut got an e-mail from MIke.. he'll be a bit late
[18:12] <JessicaKnight> he'll be home before 11 tho
[18:12] <GM_Erik> 11 is... what time MST?
[18:13] <Vrryl> 7pm
[18:14] <GM_Erik> ok.
[18:16] <GM_Erik> I'll give you guys the item info on your individual windows, and do some basic stuff with Deb in the IC window.
[18:17] <GM_Erik> even better, lets just make a new Chat window to do it, so all three can talk about it simultaneously.
[18:18] <GM_Erik> Gabe and Brett, check out channel RiftsBLAH
Session Start: Sat Feb 28 18:17:34 2004
[18:17] *** Now talking in #RiftsBLAH
[18:18] *** Retrieving #RiftsBLAH info...
[18:18] *** JessicaKnight has joined #riftsblah
[18:18] *** GM_Erik sets mode: +ntps
[18:18] *** GM_Erik sets mode: +o JessicaKnight
[18:18] *** Vrryl has joined #RiftsBLAH
[18:18] *** GM_Erik sets mode: +o Vrryl
[18:19] <GM_Erik> Hydra treasure:
[18:19] <GM_Erik> 1.5 million credits in precious gems and metals
[18:19] <GM_Erik> 3 books on the history of the region, in Elven (probably from recently razed towns)
[18:19] <GM_Erik> 1 book - thick tome about magic in Elven
[18:19] <GM_Erik> Magical chain mail with 140 MDC remaining of 150 MDC
[18:19] <GM_Erik> Scroll: Thunderclap spell (Level 1) at 4th level proficiency
[18:19] <GM_Erik> Scroll: Sense Evil spell (Level 1) at 4th level proficiency
[18:19] <GM_Erik> Scroll: Ironwood spell (Level 12) at 6th level proficiency
[18:19] <GM_Erik> 3 potions in a small 6"x4" case
[18:19] <GM_Erik> 2 pound bag of peanuts
[18:19] <GM_Erik> 1 black potion in a small jar
[18:19] <GM_Erik> small bag of powder
[18:19] <GM_Erik> 2 pound bag with various mixed nuts
[18:19] <GM_Erik> Millenium Bark Shield: Medium Sized, 6 lbs, 90 MDC, can parry melee attacks and breath weapons (not guns)
[18:19] <GM_Erik> 3" square box with a four leaf clover
[18:19] <GM_Erik> ..
[18:19] <GM_Erik> ..
[18:19] <GM_Erik> There, fight it out.
[18:20] * GM_Erik grins
[18:20] <JessicaKnight> I want the gems and metals
[18:20] <JessicaKnight> that should make the sword happy
[18:20] <Vrryl> take 500,000
[18:21] <JessicaKnight> 1 mil
[18:21] <Vrryl> actually wait
[18:21] <JessicaKnight> i don't care about the rest
[18:21] <Vrryl> i have a better use of 1.5million
[18:22] <Vrryl> this was taken from the surrounding villages, right?
[18:22] <Vrryl> what if we used it to help rebuild those villages
[18:22] <JessicaKnight> screw that
[18:22] <Vrryl> wait.. hear me
[18:22] <Vrryl> by helping to rebuild the surrounding countryside, a couple things will happen
[18:23] <Vrryl> first... they'll be indebted to us for helping them get a jump start on recovery
[18:23] <JessicaKnight> but how is that going to help get the curse off me?
[18:23] <Vrryl> second... we could sort of... set up a local Ion Storm branch, giving us new markets for business
[18:24] <Vrryl> what better way to market ourselves and promote well being for our presence, than to give something back to the community
[18:24] <Vrryl> that old dude didn't say that you necessarily needed to actively have all the treasure for the curse to break
[18:24] <GM_Erik> Mika would point out, that since you're in a subrealm of Asgard, the gods wouldn't be very happy about you setting up business.
[18:24] <Vrryl> only that you needed to fight dragons for their treasure
[18:25] <JessicaKnight> actually yes
[18:25] <Vrryl> wtf... we're helping to rebuild the villages
[18:25] <GM_Erik> Actually, he did say that she needed treasure.
[18:25] <JessicaKnight> I do need the treasure for it not to cure se again
[18:25] <Vrryl> ya, but money/precious gems isn't the only thing counted as 'treasure'
[18:25] <JessicaKnight> that's the only thing it wants
[18:25] <JessicaKnight> tried that reasoning already
[18:26] <GM_Erik> Actually, he pointed out the sword wants gold and gems.
[18:26] <GM_Erik> and the Gods wouldn't mind any rebuilding, just the indebting part and setting up business without asking part.
[18:26] <Vrryl> fine.. fuck it, was trying to think of more long term benefits to the money/precious gems. we split the 1.5million evenly between 3
[18:27] <JessicaKnight> i'll forgo the rest for a larger share
[18:30] <Vrryl> how about this... take the 1 million. 25% of this must go back into the company though in the form of your techno research. That leaves 750,000 directly for halting the curse of the sword for a good long while. that work?
[18:34] <GM_Erik> ok Gabe, go make dinner, but how about an answer? ;;-)
[18:40] <Vrryl> guess he's off making dinner lol
[18:44] <GM_Erik> brett, if you have any specific questions about individual items, you may ask.
[18:46] <Vrryl> k
[18:47] <Vrryl> ironwood... what does that spell do?
[18:47] <GM_Erik> It turns normal wood into MD materialm, permanently.
[18:47] <Vrryl> wow, sweet!
[18:48] <Vrryl> those nuts, do they radiate any kind of magical ingredient? And this box, it has a four leaf clover inside of it? or theres a four leaf clover carved into it?
[18:48] <JessicaKnight> ok 1 million.. done
[18:49] <GM_Erik> Hmm, ok, if Mike was here, Mika can see magic easily.
[18:49] <Vrryl> 250000 of it to go back into the company for your research. I figured you'd spend most of it on research and tweaking anyways, but.. ;)
[18:49] <GM_Erik> the nuts do radiate magic.
[18:49] <JessicaKnight> yeah probalby :)
[18:49] <GM_Erik> the box has a clover inside it (an actual clover).  it too radiates magic.
[18:52] <Vrryl> ok, i'll take the 250,000... the books, thunderclap and ironwood scroll
[18:52] <Vrryl> ok, i'll take the 250,000... the books, thunderclap and ironwood scroll
[18:52] <Vrryl> ok, i'll take the 250,000... the books, thunderclap and ironwood scroll
[18:52] <Vrryl> fe
[18:53] <Vrryl> efefefe
[18:53] <Vrryl> ack!
[18:53] <Vrryl> lol
[18:53] <Vrryl> i had the scroll thingie up, so when i hit enter after typing out my first sentence, nothing happened. Couldn't figure it out at first
[19:12] <GM_Erik> you guys done deciding what you want?
[19:13] <JessicaKnight> I just wanted the 1 mil
[19:13] <JessicaKnight> i'm happy with that..... vrryl said what he wanted and MIka can have the rest
[19:14] <Vrryl> some of it is worth more than the books and scrolls i took... but i want mike here to discuss a couple decissions. mainly, who can use what. some might be upgrades for daniel, for example
[19:15] <Vrryl> plus it would be nice to work out the details of these peanuts and clover leaf, before deciding what to do with them
[19:15] <GM_Erik> well, you haven't looked through the books have you?
[19:15] <Vrryl> no, that's why i took them... so that i could
[19:16] <GM_Erik> Well, that magic tome could easily sell for a few hundred thousand outright.
[19:16] <GM_Erik> regardless of what's in it.
[19:21] *** Mika_no_Krynn has joined #RiftsBLAH
[19:21] <Mika_no_Krynn> Neat
[19:21] *** GM_Erik sets mode: +o Mika_no_Krynn
[19:22] <Mika_no_Krynn> Are there any Vorpal Swords +10?
[19:22] <Vrryl> mike, you get 250,000 in gems/precious metals
[19:22] <GM_Erik> I'll send mIke the items in a little window.  you guys can tell him the decisions.
[19:22] <Vrryl> same with me
[19:23] <Mika_no_Krynn> Nice coin
[19:23] <Vrryl> I did a deal with Gabe... he walked away with 1million, but 25% of it goes directly to our company research, and he's foregone any other loot
[19:23] <Mika_no_Krynn> kewl
[19:23] <Vrryl> i took the books, and 2 of the scrolls... thunderclap and ironwood
[19:24] <JessicaKnight> hoepfully it'll keep the sword happy
[19:24] <Mika_no_Krynn> Sounds like 2 porn star names
[19:24] * Vrryl nods.
[19:24] <Vrryl> wouldn't that be Thunderback and Ironwood!!
[19:25] <Vrryl> the peanuts and four leaf clover things are magical
[19:25] <Vrryl> hopefully erik has sent the loot list
[19:25] <Vrryl> or that won't make a whole lotta sense
[19:25] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah, I got it
[19:25] <GM_Erik> Yeah, I updated his list for what you found out.
[19:26] <GM_Erik> actually, all of the "items" are magical.
[19:26] <Mika_no_Krynn> Even the money?
[19:27] <JessicaKnight> amgic money? nice
[19:27] <JessicaKnight> do it self-replicate?
[19:27] <Vrryl> totally!
[19:27] <Vrryl> be sweet
[19:27] <GM_Erik> The money is not an "item" ::-P
[19:27] <JessicaKnight> hah
[19:28] <Mika_no_Krynn> So I am left with?
[19:28] <JessicaKnight> potions, poweders, fairy food, and a millenium bark shield
[19:28] <Mika_no_Krynn> Great... I love Fairy Food
[19:29] <JessicaKnight> I know.. hence why we thought you would love it
[19:29] <JessicaKnight> actually we don't know if it's fairy food or not.. I"m just guessing
[19:29] <GM_Erik> and the chainmail and the cover box?
[19:29] <Mika_no_Krynn> I bet it is
[19:29] <GM_Erik> clover box
[19:29] <JessicaKnight> oh yes the magic elvan chainmail
[19:29] <JessicaKnight> wait not elvan just magic
[19:31] <Mika_no_Krynn> Well I have Asgardian Chain mail...
[19:31] <JessicaKnight> give it to daniel
[19:31] <GM_Erik> Daniel already has some.
[19:31] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah, he needs more protection than I do
[19:32] <GM_Erik> He has a set already, and a Splugorth Armor amulet.
[19:32] <GM_Erik> and that lifeward spell ou cast on him.
[19:32] <Vrryl> should send it back to our office... load up one of our flunkies with it
[19:32] <JessicaKnight> who's our head of security?
[19:32] <GM_Erik> That used to be Tibor.
[19:32] * Vrryl shrugs.
[19:33] <Vrryl> oh ya
[19:33] <GM_Erik> although, you don't know what he's doing right now.
[19:33] <Vrryl> hopefully not running our company into the ground =/
[19:33] <JessicaKnight> haha
[19:33] <Vrryl> we have a competent head secretary though, she'll keep things under tight wraps
[19:33] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah, we'll just pack it around... might need it before this is all over
[19:34] <JessicaKnight> yeah
[19:34] <GM_Erik> Yeah, his wife.
[19:34] <Mika_no_Krynn> I'll take the clover though... looks cool
[19:34] <JessicaKnight> haha right
[19:34] <Mika_no_Krynn> You uses a shield?
[19:34] <Mika_no_Krynn> We can give it to Sir Thorpe
[19:35] <Mika_no_Krynn> Maybe the magic nuts make you nuts
[19:35] <Vrryl> nah, keep for our company. we could always use upgrades of one kind or another
[19:35] <Vrryl> even if only to sell to pay for another bathroom or something
[19:35] <Mika_no_Krynn> We have to beat the horsemen first
[19:35] <Vrryl> ya, that's part of our marketting scheme
[19:36] <Vrryl> already worked into our financial budget for the year
[19:37] <Mika_no_Krynn> So the nuts, powder, potion, shield and armor are going to our company?
[19:37] <Vrryl> we have a Sense MAgic scroll as well
[19:37] <Vrryl> any of those are yours if you want em
[19:38] <Vrryl> don't forget the clover box
[19:38] <Mika_no_Krynn> NICE... sense magic is badass...
[19:38] <Mika_no_Krynn> We can easily take a horsemen out with that
[19:38] <Mika_no_Krynn> I claim the clover box...
[19:38] <Vrryl> i know! that's why we saved it for you
[19:38] <Mika_no_Krynn> Wicked, thanx man
[19:38] <Vrryl> give you a chance to solo Death for max xp
[19:39] <Mika_no_Krynn> Totally... jump to 20th no prob
[19:39] <JessicaKnight> haha
[19:39] <JessicaKnight> we'ree be on the next continent cheering you on
[19:39] <JessicaKnight> :)
[19:39] <Mika_no_Krynn> Cast Sense Magic on his dumb ass... and blam blam... A winner is ME!
[19:39] <GM_Erik> in the meantime, who';s taking the items?
[19:39] <Vrryl> exactly... it's game over man. Game over!
[19:39] <GM_Erik> also, how do you plan on carrying all that wealth?
[19:39] <Mika_no_Krynn> I take the clover box
[19:39] <GM_Erik> got it Mike
[19:39] <Mika_no_Krynn> The Shield, Armor, Potion, Powder and Nuts are going into a company box...
[19:40] <Mika_no_Krynn> Vrryl can keep them in one of his bags
[19:40] <GM_Erik> yeah, but someone's going to carry them around until you get back.
[19:40] <JessicaKnight> I ask the sword if it knows any easy why to get it all home
[19:40] <GM_Erik> and the sense evil scroll?
[19:41] <Mika_no_Krynn> Company
[19:42] <GM_Erik> Slithe isn't really aware of stuff like that.
[19:42] <GM_Erik> Lots of it is small, just the armor and wealth are heavier.
[19:43] <GM_Erik> There are a few trunks in the cave.
[19:44] <Vrryl> well, i know what i'm doing with my 250,000, and i'm going to wait until dawn to sort that shit out. in meantime... i need to rest
[19:45] <GM_Erik> right, now seems like a time to go back to the real window.
[19:56] *** Mika_no_Krynn has left #RiftsBLAH
Session Close: Sat Feb 28 20:02:46 2004
[18:23] <GM_Erik> what are you giong to do Deb?
[18:23] <GM_Erik> after they leave.
[18:24] <Lucky_Zando> erik the last thing I remember was not being able to get in a door...and some guy got fired...
[18:25] <GM_Erik> Yeah, you tried to smooze your way in the King's tower, you couldn't, and the guy who bothered the king got fired.
[18:25] <Lucky_Zando> so what happened after that?
[18:26] <GM_Erik> you walked off.
[18:26] <Lucky_Zando> and....
[18:28] <GM_Erik> that was it really... you went back to camp.
[18:28] <Lucky_Zando> I assume I knew the other guys left for this other dimension then?
[18:28] <GM_Erik> yeah, it was discussed in the camp.
[18:29] <GM_Erik> they had to "ask permission" before cavorting around on their own.
[18:29] <Lucky_Zando> okay, well I still think something weird is going on here, and I want to talk with the king...does anyone else have any idea how to accomplish that?
[18:29] <Lucky_Zando> ask permission?
[18:30] <GM_Erik> yeah, it'd be kindof rude just to take off from your travelling party without informing anyone.
[18:31] <Lucky_Zando> is there anyone left with me or am I all alone?
[18:31] <GM_Erik> well, everyone else in the travelling party is still there.  All the NPC's, Rob's former character.
[18:31] <GM_Erik> what you know of the King:
[18:31] <Lucky_Zando> cool, can I have healer boy come with me as I try to break into the tower?
[18:32] <GM_Erik> The King: you know is a Rain Maker.  When supplied with ample energy, they have incredible powers over the weather.
[18:32] <GM_Erik> You know he has ample magic energy.  That and the presence of this oasis in the middle of the desert means he is quite powerful.
[18:33] <GM_Erik> You also know he is a recluse, and that he fired the guard who bothered him when he was ordered not to be bothered.
[18:34] <GM_Erik> Rob's character (Sophes the Undead Slayer) won't be interested in breaking into the tower.
[18:34] <JessicaKnight> brb..... going to make some dinner
[18:34] <GM_Erik> He's a goody two shoes.
[18:35] <Lucky_Zando> well maybe breaking in was not the correct term....we'll be making a creative entrance
[18:35] <GM_Erik> you'd have to be specific then.
[18:36] <Lucky_Zando> Alright, this king dude and his administers need another guard right? well I'll apply for the job....I'd be surprised if they would have anyone as strong as me...
[18:36] <GM_Erik> heh heh
[18:37] <GM_Erik> ok.  we can resolve that in the IC window.
[18:43] <GM_Erik> you trying to intimidate him>
[18:43] <GM_Erik> ?
[18:45] <Lucky_Zando> no just asking a question....though if he's inclined to help me out..that'd be cool
[18:49] <Lucky_Zando> Erik does this tower have a window?
[18:50] <GM_Erik> It has several windows around the top regions.
[18:50] <GM_Erik> it also has a large balconies on two sides.
[18:50] <Lucky_Zando> how far can I throw a wagon?
[18:50] <GM_Erik> it has two stories of windows.
[18:50] <GM_Erik> um..
[18:52] <GM_Erik> you can throw it...
[18:54] <GM_Erik> 40 feet
[18:54] <GM_Erik> but, I would have to inform you that the wagon isn't your property.
[18:55] <Lucky_Zando> Okay I want to play catch with the cart, I throw it up, catch it then throw it up again, until either the whole town has come out to gawk or I get invited into the tower
[18:55] <GM_Erik> Um, you wouldn't be able to catch the cart.  you can lift and throw it, but the impact of hitting you would smash the cart into little bits.
[18:55] <GM_Erik> the cart wouldn't withstand the landing.
[18:56] <Lucky_Zando> sigh, is there anything I could throw that is big and wouldn't smash into bits when I catch it?
[18:57] <GM_Erik> mmm, it would have to be strong and sturdy.  A really big rock would work, but there aren't any you can see.  Victor Lazlo's power armor might work, but he wouldn't appreciate it.
[18:57] <Lucky_Zando> I'll give it back to him....
[18:58] <GM_Erik> you'd have to ask him, but I can give you a hint that he'll probably say no (he's had a hard time keeping it operational as it is)
[18:58] <Lucky_Zando> screw it, I climb up to the windows
[18:58] <GM_Erik> heh heh
[18:58] <GM_Erik> ok, roll climb.
[18:59] <GM_Erik> your skill
[18:59] <Lucky_Zando> 50/98
[19:00] <GM_Erik> well, that's good enough with penalties for the rain.
[19:01] <GM_Erik> where are you climbing to?
[19:01] <Lucky_Zando> the balconey
[19:01] <GM_Erik> roll perception Deb
[19:02] <Lucky_Zando> 17
[19:05] <GM_Erik> there isn't a door.
[19:05] <GM_Erik> its just empty spae.
[19:05] <GM_Erik> space.
[19:05] <Lucky_Zando> okay frame or whatever
[19:07] <GM_Erik> its innagaddadavida ::-)
[19:07] <Lucky_Zando> no its not
[19:08] <GM_Erik> yup, its a drunk rendition of in the garden of eden
[19:08] <Lucky_Zando> ;0p well I hum it loudly
[19:12] <GM_Erik> roll perception again Debbie
[19:12] <GM_Erik> Mike's running a little late eh?
[19:12] <Lucky_Zando> 17 again
[19:13] <GM_Erik> you see a slight glow of blue energy around the King, it is barely noticeable.
[19:14] <Lucky_Zando> mental note-don't touch the king
[19:19] *** Mika_no_Krynn has joined #RiftsOOC
[19:19] <GM_Erik> ah hah! Mike is here.
[19:19] *** GM_Erik sets mode: +o Mika_no_Krynn
[19:19] <JessicaKnight> yo yo
[19:19] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yes... train took longer than expected
[19:19] <JessicaKnight> ish good we're jsut working out prelims anyways
[19:19] <Vrryl> demi-gods... i hate those guys! *shakes fist*
[19:19] <Mika_no_Krynn> What did I do to you?
[19:20] <GM_Erik> in the IC window, we're doing Deb's stuff while you guys were gone in Alfheim.
[19:20] <Mika_no_Krynn> Man what kind of loot did we get?
[19:20] <Mika_no_Krynn> Ah, ok... kewl
[19:20] <Vrryl> join RiftsBLAH
[19:20] <Mika_no_Krynn> I thought you guys had done a lot already... and were talking to the king...
[19:20] <Vrryl> we're sorting out loot shit in there
[19:28] <GM_Erik> Debbie, roll a save versus magic.
[19:28] <Lucky_Zando> is that a D20?
[19:28] <GM_Erik> yeah
[19:28] <Lucky_Zando> 27
[19:28] <GM_Erik> ok
[19:33] <GM_Erik> roll another save versus magic Debbie
[19:34] <Lucky_Zando> 20
[19:34] <GM_Erik> ok.
[19:40] <GM_Erik> roll climning again.
[19:40] <GM_Erik> climbing again
[19:40] <Lucky_Zando> 03/98
[19:41] <GM_Erik> ok, you make it.
[19:42] <GM_Erik> what do you do now?
[19:43] <GM_Erik> his name is Sophes, and he's not a healer.
[19:43] <GM_Erik> if that's who you're referring to, there are several peeople in the party who are better at healing than him.
[19:44] <Lucky_Zando> well so far him and the female are the only ones I know of
[19:44] <GM_Erik> yeah, there aren't any healers in the group.
[19:44] <GM_Erik> they just happen to have some healing magic, like some of the others.
[19:45] <Vrryl> 'some' healing magic? i resurrected a dude.. i think that falls under a category somewhat higher than 'some' /nods
[19:45] <GM_Erik> (I was referring to Sophes and Katrina, Brett)
[19:46] <Vrryl> ya, i know.. was making a characteristically arrogant commment for a lvl 8 temporal mage
[19:47] <GM_Erik> ok. ::-)
[19:47] *** Retrieving #RiftsOOC info...
[19:48] <GM_Erik> how are you guys going to come back?
[19:48] <Mika_no_Krynn> jump
[19:48] <GM_Erik> or, what else are you going to do before you come back?
[19:48] <JessicaKnight> get a BLM17 to cast warp on us?
[19:49] <GM_Erik> BLM?
[19:49] <Vrryl> lol
[19:49] <JessicaKnight> nevermind :)
[19:49] <Mika_no_Krynn> It would require a 40 blm dude
[19:49] <Mika_no_Krynn> WarpII
[19:49] <GM_Erik> Beaurea of Land Management?
[19:49] <Vrryl> Escape!
[19:49] <JessicaKnight> would it? awww shit
[19:49] <Mika_no_Krynn> Something like that
[19:49] <Mika_no_Krynn> Thinking...
[19:50] <Vrryl> ok, i want to do a little research
[19:50] <JessicaKnight> any portals?
[19:50] <Mika_no_Krynn> I am just going to catch up on current Asgardian events while the others rest.
[19:50] <Mika_no_Krynn> How much PPE did I get from that hydra?
[19:51] <GM_Erik> you're not hungry anymore.  It had 700 PP
[19:51] <Mika_no_Krynn> SCORE!
[19:51] <Mika_no_Krynn> Stuffed
[19:51] <GM_Erik> you could barely handle it.
[19:51] <JessicaKnight> damn.... Mika' s a fat asss now.. ate so much
[19:51] <GM_Erik> most of the energy dissipated.
[19:52] <GM_Erik> what, are you going back to Asgard?
[19:52] <Mika_no_Krynn> PPE OD
[19:52] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah
[19:57] <Mika_no_Krynn> So, anything happening?
[19:57] <GM_Erik> so Mike, wants to go back to Asgard.
[19:57] <GM_Erik> now remember, Mika was the reason you got to use that one portal.
[19:57] <Mika_no_Krynn> I can wait then...
[19:58] <Mika_no_Krynn> I was just passing time... I can sit here and talk with the Elves instead
[19:59] <Mika_no_Krynn> Doesn't matter... nothing of import I want to do
[19:59] <GM_Erik> How about Jessica?
[19:59] <GM_Erik> Vrryls working on what he wants to do.
[20:02] <JessicaKnight> just rest
[20:04] <GM_Erik> ok then, we'll say you guys got 6 hours or so that night? (you were up late)
[20:04] <JessicaKnight> ok
[20:04] <Mika_no_Krynn> no worries
[20:06] <GM_Erik> ok, vrryl has hings he wants to do.
[20:06] <GM_Erik> things
[20:14] <Vrryl> could it all be fit into bags? the stuff that's not in chests, that is?
[20:14] <GM_Erik> nothing is in chests.
[20:15] <GM_Erik> Mikes' and Vrryls could fit in a large sack.
[20:15] <Mika_no_Krynn> ^^
[20:15] <GM_Erik> have to be a good sack.
[20:16] <Mika_no_Krynn> Elven sacks
[20:17] <Vrryl> ya, elves are sacks alright...
[20:17] <GM_Erik> you guys can carry the weight yourselves.
[20:18] <Mika_no_Krynn> Even the 1 million  for Jessica?
[20:18] <GM_Erik> the trunks were just empty and sitting at the edge of the cave.
[20:18] <GM_Erik> yeah, gems don't weigh much for value.
[20:18] <Mika_no_Krynn> Ahh... ok
[20:19] <Mika_no_Krynn> So what kind of total weight are we talking here?
[20:20] <GM_Erik> not in the thousands, more in the hundreds.
[20:20] <GM_Erik> high hundres.
[20:20] <GM_Erik> hundreds,
[20:21] <GM_Erik> and the dimensional bags won't hold enough, too much weight for those.
[20:21] <GM_Erik> just normal large sacsk would work.
[20:22] <Mika_no_Krynn> How long does it take to fly back to the Elf village?
[20:22] <GM_Erik> Um, 4 hours?
[20:23] <Mika_no_Krynn> Ok...I can use the spell Featherlight...
[20:23] <Mika_no_Krynn> Casting it 3 times should be sufficient to get us back to the village.  Can do 1600lbs with each casting
[20:24] <Vrryl> nice
[20:26] <GM_Erik> ok, casting it three times will get you back to the village, eh?
[20:26] <GM_Erik> You guys gonig back to elf village?
[20:26] <Mika_no_Krynn> I am going back to burn down the elf village... they always teased me as a kid.
[20:27] <Mika_no_Krynn> I'll show them
[20:28] <Mika_no_Krynn> Always tying me up to those big trees and hitting me with Elven stick
[20:29] <GM_Erik> Mika's trying to pschologically justify her odd behavior.
[20:29] <Mika_no_Krynn> And very well I say
[20:29] <GM_Erik> how are you going to catch up with them Brett?
[20:30] <Mika_no_Krynn> It was such a normal childhood expect for those beatings and all the other wack stuff resulting from living with Gods
[20:30] <JessicaKnight> hheh
[20:30] <GM_Erik> They only let Mika through the portals and areas.
[20:30] <Vrryl> well, they get ahead of me... and then i go really fast to be where they are at
[20:30] <GM_Erik> The elves were pretty clear they only let you through because of Mika.
[20:31] <Mika_no_Krynn> Cuz she's so cute and elvy
[20:32] <GM_Erik> Don't forget guys, you said you'd be back in two days to Africa.
[20:32] <GM_Erik> (plus or minus)
[20:32] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah...
[20:35] <Vrryl> hey, Gabe... you know what you should invent? A multidimensional Timepiece... one that keeps the time of various worlds in different dimensions accurate.
[20:35] <JessicaKnight> that's a funky idea
[20:35] <JessicaKnight> there's like 8 million thing I need to invent
[20:36] <Vrryl> no doubt
[20:36] <Mika_no_Krynn> freaking shitty weather his week... highs of 10 and lows of 0... bloody warmer in February
[20:36] <JessicaKnight> wow
[20:36] <JessicaKnight> it is feb.// still..
[20:36] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah, but this week (starting tomorrow) is March
[20:36] <Vrryl> weather here has been pretty awesome
[20:37] <JessicaKnight> oh.. right... 29 days in feb
[20:37] <Vrryl> only drops below zero at night
[20:37] <GM_Erik> Ok, what noe.
[20:37] <GM_Erik> now?
[20:38] <GM_Erik> and, how do you plan to return to Earth from Asgard?
[20:38] <JessicaKnight> and get all this loot back?
[20:39] <Mika_no_Krynn> Ask for a portal home
[20:40] <Mika_no_Krynn> Or find a nexus and Vrry can cast D-port
[20:41] <Vrryl> ya, i could just Dport us back, although... sec
[20:42] <GM_Erik> Do you have enough PPE right now?
[20:42] <JessicaKnight> maybe port us back to lazlo ad get pluto to port us to africa again? :)
[20:42] <Vrryl> pfft... i ported your asses to Africa
[20:43] <JessicaKnight> did you? I thought it was pluto?
[20:43] <JessicaKnight> or plato
[20:43] <JessicaKnight> or whoever that dragon guy is
[20:43] <GM_Erik> Plato.
[20:44] <Vrryl> nah, remember, i ported you and then buggered off, leaving you with no idea wtf. that's why you guys wanted to kick me around a few deserts
[20:45] <GM_Erik> Plato helped.
[20:45] <GM_Erik> with PPE
[20:46] <JessicaKnight> ohhh
[20:46] <GM_Erik> and he provided a pyramind with increased magical strength which helped too.
[20:46] <Vrryl> that's one OCC i want to take up next... stone master
[20:47] <Vrryl> for Vrryl
[20:47] <GM_Erik> sure, someday.
[20:47] <Vrryl> build a giant pyramid for our base... be freakin cool
[20:49] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah, totally
[20:52] <GM_Erik> Vrryl will be needing all your energy too guys.
[20:52] <GM_Erik> or at least most of it.
[20:52] <Vrryl> ya, so surrender up your lives in sacrifice!
[20:52] <JessicaKnight> hha hhow a bout just my PPE?
[20:52] <Vrryl> but i get so much more when i sacrifice you =(
[20:53] <Vrryl> double even!! =D
[20:53] <JessicaKnight> sure as long as I get to come back as a super powerful demon mage for my next character
[20:53] <Mika_no_Krynn> Kewl... works for me... As long as we get back^^
[20:54] <Vrryl> I want my... I want my.. I want my P.P.E...
[20:54] <JessicaKnight> hah
[20:58] <GM_Erik> ok, well, how much PPE did you give each?
[20:58] <JessicaKnight> as much as he needs
[20:58] <GM_Erik> all of it?
[20:58] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah...
[20:58] <JessicaKnight> yeah
[20:58] <GM_Erik> he needed a thousand total, and was getting help from the village.
[20:58] <Mika_no_Krynn> How much from teh village?
[21:02] <GM_Erik> they're not all mages, so they can't choose as easily.
[21:02] <GM_Erik> it has to be drawn.
[21:02] <GM_Erik> if you guys give it your all, it'll be easy.
[21:03] <Mika_no_Krynn> Sure, whatever
[21:33] <GM_Erik> it wasn't a total waste of time.  He did try to cast mind control spells on you (not that you know that) ::-)
[21:33] <Vrryl> changed the you to we
[21:38] <JessicaKnight> sounds like this dood has one helluva crush on you lucky :)
[21:39] <Lucky_Zando> oh goody, geriatric dude likes me
[21:39] <JessicaKnight> haha at least he's rich
[21:39] <JessicaKnight> you can be like the rifts anna nicole smith !!
[21:40] <GM_Erik> He's only 40
[21:40] <Lucky_Zando> thats 40 years too old
[21:41] <JessicaKnight> let's turn this guy into paste... throw a fusion block into his bed :)
[21:42] <Mika_no_Krynn> And then what about all the people in the village?
[21:42] <JessicaKnight> waht about them?
[21:42] <JessicaKnight> :)
[21:43] <GM_Erik> you tried to warn him about dopplegangers that night.
[21:51] <GM_Erik> Hey, you offered it to him.
[21:51] <Lucky_Zando> No I offered to help him with a quest or something, maybe be his bodyguard not a slave
[21:53] <GM_Erik> You offered him your services.
[21:53] <GM_Erik> ::-)
[21:53] <Lucky_Zando> and as a righter of wrongs that doesn't mean I want to be his slave
[21:53] <Vrryl> how far away is the ley line?
[21:53] <GM_Erik> a couple miles.
[21:53] <Vrryl> so his tower is a couple miles away as well then?
[21:54] <GM_Erik> yeah
[21:55] <Vrryl> do you get double the ppe back being near ley line?
[21:56] <GM_Erik> not at two miles.
[21:57] <GM_Erik> that only increases range and duration of spells by 50%
[21:57] <Vrryl> have to be in the ley line?
[21:58] <GM_Erik> that gives you 10 per half-hour, and a draw of 10PPE per level once every 12 hours.
[22:02] <JessicaKnight> hey erik... is there anything i can constuct lightning rods with?
[22:02] <JessicaKnight> i'm assuming that he's a warlock and isn't using magical lightning
[22:04] <GM_Erik> hmm.
[22:05] <GM_Erik> you have metals from the stash you just got.  It'l take time to make one though.
[22:05] <GM_Erik> need to forge and weld and stuff
[22:05] <GM_Erik> and spend about 150 PPE
[22:05] <JessicaKnight> crap.. can't relaly do that here either
[22:10] <Mika_no_Krynn> 92 MD back Lucky
[22:10] <Mika_no_Krynn> Used 5 charges for hte day
[22:10] <Mika_no_Krynn> co ver?
[22:11] <Mika_no_Krynn> Like co-vert operation?
[22:11] <GM_Erik> yeah, sure. co ver
[22:12] <Mika_no_Krynn> Why is it that the bad guys can't think of a better term than Little Man?
[22:13] <GM_Erik> well, some have called him other things.  I don't think I've used little man too muc
[22:13] <GM_Erik> much
[22:13] <Mika_no_Krynn> Always little something...
[22:13] <Mika_no_Krynn> If I was this dude, I'd say, "Take a number mage-boy... you're about to get SERVED!"
[22:13] <GM_Erik> Brett, you take 2 MD
[22:13] <Vrryl> kk
[22:14] <GM_Erik> well, he wasn't raised in the ghetto like you.
[22:14] <Mika_no_Krynn> Then ride by on my Sphinx and put a cap in his ass!
[22:14] <GM_Erik> He's probably saying something worse, but it gets lost in translation
[22:14] <Mika_no_Krynn> A low-rider Sphinx... with ground effects
[22:15] <JessicaKnight> and glowing neion paws
[22:15] <GM_Erik> dude, Vrryl's pushing it.
[22:15] <JessicaKnight> how far is he away?
[22:15] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah, he is... too bad I am no where near him to suggest something.
[22:15] <Vrryl> yes, but vrryl has a point
[22:15] <GM_Erik> mm, about a mile.
[22:18] <GM_Erik> not exactly, her clothes complemented his.
[22:19] <Lucky_Zando> yeah but still how gay is that
[22:21] <GM_Erik> lots of people do it.
[22:21] <GM_Erik> just means they were wearing the same colors.
[22:21] <Mika_no_Krynn> Just cuz lots of people do it, doesn't mean it isn't lame
[22:21] <GM_Erik> not a similar design o anything.
[22:22] <Mika_no_Krynn> Couple that dress alike look lame
[22:22] <GM_Erik> he had robes on, she had a dress.
[22:22] <Mika_no_Krynn> Well that is totally not EXACTLY the same then ...
[22:22] <GM_Erik> he had red and gold robes, she had a red dress with a few gold highlights.
[22:22] <GM_Erik> I never said exactly, I just said complementory.
[22:22] <Mika_no_Krynn> Well Mika was told Exactly
[22:23] <GM_Erik> well brett, what talisman?
[22:24] <GM_Erik> eh? speak up.
[22:24] <Vrryl> lol impervious to energy
[22:24] <GM_Erik> ok, you still take 100 MDC damage.
[22:24] <Vrryl> from what?
[22:24] <GM_Erik> impact.
[22:24] <GM_Erik> This isn't the call lightning spell.
[22:25] <Mika_no_Krynn> No shit
[22:25] <JessicaKnight> damn
[22:25] <Vrryl> ok, so we're making up spells now... cool
[22:25] <GM_Erik> nope, no making up, you never investigated the African Rain Maker.
[22:25] <Lucky_Zando> hey don't feel bad I took 300
[22:26] <Vrryl> hm, wonder how he'd feel about a sphere of anhilation to the face
[22:26] <JessicaKnight> i'm guess we saw this friggin huge bolt of lightning
[22:27] <GM_Erik> sure did.
[22:38] <JessicaKnight> frixck
[22:38] <JessicaKnight> 1700 xp from 45 and the PT had to break
[22:39] <GM_Erik> is that a new cereal gabe?
[22:39] <GM_Erik> oh
[22:39] <Mika_no_Krynn> Sounds like it
[22:39] <JessicaKnight> that'd be a coll name
[22:39] <JessicaKnight> er cool
[22:51] <GM_Erik> am I waiting on Brett?
[22:51] <Mika_no_Krynn> I guess... I don't think the voice was actually speaking to Mika
[22:52] <GM_Erik> yeah, the voice just always talks loud.
[22:53] <GM_Erik> can anyone here hear normal speech from 3/4 mile away in the rain?
[22:54] <JessicaKnight> probably not
[22:54] <GM_Erik> Vrryl comes back to camp: Man, I totally sold you guys out.  Later!
[22:56] <Vrryl> muahaha.. suckers!!
[23:01] <GM_Erik> at least you can assume you're not the tribute right?
[23:02] <Mika_no_Krynn> Not entirely
[23:02] <JessicaKnight> knowing vrryl.. we can safely say, "Something is afoot at the circle K"
[23:02] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah... for sure
[23:23] <GM_Erik> anyone want to do anything before you go?
[23:23] <GM_Erik> say anything?
[23:23] <GM_Erik> whack Vrryl?
[23:23] <GM_Erik> whack Lucky?
[23:23] <Mika_no_Krynn> Nope, don't think so
[23:23] <JessicaKnight> I think I just want to haul my stuff and get the hell out of here
[23:24] <JessicaKnight> if i'm scouting get someone in the main party to haul my trunks for me in the mean time
[23:25] <GM_Erik> I think that can be arranged Gabe.
[23:25] <GM_Erik> so, is anyone looking forward to more desert travel?
[23:25] <Vrryl> weather still going crazy?
[23:26] <JessicaKnight> i'll see if I can quickly fix up sone envir systems while we wait for everyone
[23:26] <Mika_no_Krynn> Desert travel beats being hit by lightning
[23:27] <JessicaKnight> sweet :)
[23:27] <GM_Erik> noone's giong to smack anyone?
[23:27] <GM_Erik> dang.
[23:27] <Mika_no_Krynn> Nope... all good
[23:29] <Lucky_Zando> well I want to smack something...will someone tell me what the heck is going on
[23:29] <Mika_no_Krynn> We're leaving... back on the trail of the Horsemen
[23:29] <Lucky_Zando> yeah and what deal did we make with lightening bolt guy?
[23:30] <Mika_no_Krynn> Who knows, who cares... it is done.
[23:30] <GM_Erik> well, if brett doesn't tell, I'm gonna.
[23:30] <GM_Erik> anyone want to talk about anything in the desert?
[23:31] <Mika_no_Krynn> The humidity...
[23:31] <Lucky_Zando> what the heck just happened
[23:32] <GM_Erik> what do you mean
[23:32] <GM_Erik> oh, wait, sorry, you want to talk about what the heck yjust happened, right.
[23:32] <GM_Erik> Well, talk about iy. ::-)
[23:33] <GM_Erik> use physical force or mental persuasion if you think its necessary.
[23:37] <GM_Erik> heh heh, good one Mike.
[23:37] <Mika_no_Krynn> That's why I'm here
[23:39] <GM_Erik> damn, that's arrogant.
[23:45] <GM_Erik> Lucky's pretty mad.
[23:48] * Vrryl feels his spidey senses suddenly start to tingle...
[23:49] *** Lucky_Zando has left #riftsooc
[23:50] <GM_Erik> so you guys are out of the desert, is that a good place to stop?
[23:50] <Mika_no_Krynn> sure
[23:50] <JessicaKnight> alright
[23:51] <Vrryl> er... did Deb just quit out because i wouldn't answer?
[23:51] <GM_Erik> Deb was getting annoyed at not finding out what happened, ya.
[23:52] <Mika_no_Krynn> Lame
[23:52] <JessicaKnight> *sigh*
[23:52] <Vrryl> bloody hell
[23:52] <Mika_no_Krynn> If Vrryl doesn't want to tell, that is his perogative as a character for crying out loud
[23:52] <JessicaKnight> no kidding...
[23:52] <GM_Erik> yeah, I know.
[23:52] <JessicaKnight> and cinsidering Vrryl's history regarding backroom deals and secrets
[23:52] <JessicaKnight> er considering
[23:53] <JessicaKnight> it's not anything suprising
[23:53] <GM_Erik> she was hoping that someone might say OOC too.
[23:53] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah, surprised he even told us his name... if he really did...
[23:53] <Vrryl> ...
[23:53] <JessicaKnight> he must have been really bad ass tho
[23:54] <Vrryl> i wasn't trying to piss her off... i didn't even think she was taking it personally. it really is how Vrryl is in character though =(
[23:54] <JessicaKnight> takes 450 MP to do one of those storms for those rain maker guys
[23:54] <GM_Erik> Although, she doesn't know that Vrryl is normally like that.  I told her just now about his psycho secret keeping, but I think she was already annoyed, so it didn't matter.
[23:54] <JessicaKnight> er PPE
[23:54] <GM_Erik> anyway, she said she'd come back to play next time.
[23:54] <JessicaKnight> yeah see we know that but she didn't
[23:54] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah, so about next time... I can&'t make next week
[23:54] <JessicaKnight> since she doesn't know the history of our chars
[23:55] <Mika_no_Krynn> Going to see the new Ghost in the Shell movie on Saturday, then meeting up with a friend in Osaka on Sunday
[23:55] <GM_Erik> right, and Gabe's busy next week too probably/
[23:55] <JessicaKnight> damn, Innocence is next week?
[23:55] <JessicaKnight> yeah more than likely out of town
[23:56] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yep... the 6th...should be getting the OSTs around then too
[23:56] <JessicaKnight> sweet
[23:56] <GM_Erik> btw, since Gabe asked: the guy was 15th level.
[23:56] <JessicaKnight> damn
[23:56] <GM_Erik> and you guys watched him gather thousands of PPE from the town.
[23:57] <JessicaKnight> kinda figured
[23:57] <Mika_no_Krynn> Why the hell would he want 400K though?
[23:57] <Mika_no_Krynn> What the heck would he do with creds out in the desert?
[23:57] <JessicaKnight> for fun?
[23:57] <GM_Erik> and the magic book doesn't have it, but rain makers have a special ability to bring down real lightning twice per round. at 20MD per level.
[23:57] <GM_Erik> when its raining.
[23:57] <JessicaKnight> yeah it just says twice per lvl... nothing about dmg
[23:58] <GM_Erik> yeah, that's just the rain dance.  the lightning was his special ability, not part of the spell.
[23:58] <JessicaKnight> ohhh
[23:58] <GM_Erik> and, they have full selection of normal magic spells.
[23:58] <JessicaKnight> either way pretty bad ass
[23:58] <GM_Erik> he travels away from the town and buys stuff in various places, he's not a total recluse.
[23:58] <Vrryl> no shit
Session Close: Sun Feb 29 00:00:00 2004
Session Start: Sun Feb 29 00:00:00 2004
Session Time: Sun Feb 29 00:00:00 2004
[00:00] <Vrryl> ok, so no rifts next week... innocence should rock
[00:00] <Mika_no_Krynn> I don't see why the lightning would do more than energy damage though... it is just electricity no?
[00:00] <JessicaKnight> koo looking at week after then
[00:00] <Mika_no_Krynn> 13th of March?
[00:01] <JessicaKnight> i'll drop you guys a note if i'm still out of town
[00:01] <Mika_no_Krynn> As of the 13th?
[00:01] <JessicaKnight> but hopefully I'll be in a hotel with net access so I can log on
[00:01] <JessicaKnight> yeah
[00:02] <JessicaKnight> if I don't leave for next weekend
[00:02] <JessicaKnight> then maybe the weekend after.. could be out there for up to 2 weeks
[00:02] <GM_Erik> well, a 300MD lightning bolt is like super lightning.  No way real, normal lightning does that much.
[00:02] <GM_Erik> I mean, you can vaporize power armors with that.
[00:02] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah, I know... else dudes would not be living through it
[00:03] <JessicaKnight> good thin I wasn't hit...
[00:03] <JessicaKnight> would be charred...
[00:03] <GM_Erik> 13th is fine for me.
[00:03] <GM_Erik> oh, btw.  Vrryl gets to be unprincipled again.
[00:04] <Mika_no_Krynn> Oh yeah, he slipped to the darkside for a bit^^
[00:04] <JessicaKnight> oooh
[00:04] <JessicaKnight> come to the dark side.. :)
[00:04] <GM_Erik> ok, the 13th it is.
[00:05] <GM_Erik> you're out of the desert, you have a hint on which way to go.
[00:05] <JessicaKnight> we're on our way
[00:05] <JessicaKnight>  :)
[00:05] <GM_Erik> alright, I'll catch you guys next time.
[00:05] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yep, time for a little horsemeat^^
[00:06] <Mika_no_Krynn> later
[00:06] <JessicaKnight> take care man
Session Close: Sun Feb 29 00:06:19 2004
GM Erik
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Thu 22 Oct 2015
at 02:42
Horsemen of the Apocalypse 2 - OOC Chat Logs
Session Start: Sat Mar 13 16:27:21 2004
[16:27] *** Now talking in #RiftsOOC
[17:05] *** JessicaKnight has joined #riftsooc
[17:05] <JessicaKnight> re
[17:31] *** GM_Erik sets mode: -o JessicaKnight
[17:31] *** GM_Erik sets mode: +o JessicaKnight
[17:32] <GM_Erik> hey
[17:32] <GM_Erik> i'll be back
[17:34] <GM_Erik> back
[17:42] <JessicaKnight> hey
[17:42] <JessicaKnight> i'm just eating
[17:43] <GM_Erik> coo
[17:58] <GM_Erik> looks like it'll be a late trickle in tonight
[17:58] <JessicaKnight> hmm ok
[18:00] <GM_Erik> just a guess based on the fact that noone's here yet.
[18:03] *** Mika_no_Krynn has joined #RiftsOOC
[18:03] *** GM_Erik sets mode: +o Mika_no_Krynn
[18:04] <GM_Erik> yo
[18:05] <Mika_no_Krynn> Hoi
[18:06] <JessicaKnight> oi
[18:06] <JessicaKnight> 3 down, 2 to go
[18:10] *** Retrieving #RiftsOOC info...
[18:10] *** Vrryl has joined #RiftsOOC
[18:10] <JessicaKnight> yo
[18:10] *** GM_Erik sets mode: +o Vrryl
[18:11] *** GM_Erik sets mode: +ntps
[18:11] <Mika_no_Krynn> 1 left
[18:11] <Vrryl> ahoy
[18:11] <GM_Erik> chips
[18:13] <JessicaKnight> goddamn weather... never happens when you want it to
[18:15] <GM_Erik> which weather is that?
[18:15] <Vrryl> man, i just had a nap... fucked me right up
[18:15] <JessicaKnight> any of them... grrr
[18:16] <JessicaKnight> how does a nap fuck you up?
[18:16] <GM_Erik> when its evil.
[18:17] <JessicaKnight> makes sense...
[18:22] <GM_Erik> so, what time will we start if she's not here yet?
[18:23] <Mika_no_Krynn> whenever
[18:23] <Mika_no_Krynn> Guess they finally made a film for I, Robot
[18:23] <JessicaKnight> i'm good whenever
[18:23] <JessicaKnight> yeah saw that on /.
[18:23] <Vrryl> same... just on the phone with Doug atm
[18:23] <GM_Erik> they did?
[18:23] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yep... Will Smith is the lead
[18:23] <Mika_no_Krynn> Wack loads of CG... all the robots
[18:23] <JessicaKnight> you saw the trailer?
[18:23] <GM_Erik> That doesn't sound right.
[18:24] <GM_Erik> the lead character in the screenplay was a woman.
[18:24] <Mika_no_Krynn> Same director as Dark City and The Crow
[18:24] <Mika_no_Krynn> Looks like Hollywood spiced it up
[18:24] <Mika_no_Krynn> Downloaded the trailer from Quicktime
[18:24] <GM_Erik> what's the address?
[18:24] <Mika_no_Krynn>
[18:24] <Mika_no_Krynn> Then go to movie trailers...
[18:24] <Mika_no_Krynn> Should be under the new ones
[18:25] <Mika_no_Krynn> Toook a little while for me to download it, so just wait a bit and it will start
[18:27] *** Lucky_Zando has joined #riftsooc
[18:28] <JessicaKnight> oi
[18:28] <Vrryl> hey
[18:28] <Lucky_Zando> hey, sorry I'm late I lost track of time
[18:29] <Vrryl> off the phone
[18:30] <GM_Erik> hey
[18:30] <JessicaKnight> moving laptop upstairs
[18:30] <GM_Erik> man, fox must have somehow bought the rights from the Asimov family or bypassed them or something.
[18:30] <Mika_no_Krynn> Probably bought the whole lot
[18:31] <GM_Erik> I wonder
[18:31] <Mika_no_Krynn> I doubt it could be that expensive... it was just a short story
[18:31] <GM_Erik> Because that movie is nothing like the book or screenplay.  Maybe its so different that they didn't have to.
[18:31] <Mika_no_Krynn> Plus it is Fox, they have the money...
[18:31] <GM_Erik> yeah.
[18:31] <Mika_no_Krynn> But they couldn't use the name then, too many similarities
[18:32] <GM_Erik> well, I robot is a name from a book older than Asimov's.
[18:32] <JessicaKnight> public domain?
[18:32] <GM_Erik> maybe.
[18:32] <GM_Erik> the three laws are part of tons of stuff now.  if they used different character names, they probably didn't have to worry about it.
[18:33] <GM_Erik> I think Isaac is rolling over in his grave.
[18:34] <GM_Erik> anyway
[18:34] <Mika_no_Krynn> Ok, apparently according to their synopsis the story was Suggested by Asimov
[18:34] <Mika_no_Krynn> 's story
[18:34] <Mika_no_Krynn> What the hell does suggested by mean?
[18:34] <GM_Erik> probably a step less than based on
[18:35] <Mika_no_Krynn> Meaning, we needed a name everyone knew... so we used this one, though the story is totally different
[18:35] <JessicaKnight> heh
[18:35] <Vrryl> it's perfectly Hollywood
[18:35] <JessicaKnight> marketing and legal departments at their best ;)
[18:36] <Vrryl> right up there with making movies about dead messiahs
[18:36] <JessicaKnight> sorta reminda me of th animatrix stuff
[18:37] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah....
[18:37] *** GM_Erik sets mode: +o Lucky_Zando
[18:37] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah, Schneider was saying it was a pretty dull flick, the Passion one
[18:37] <Vrryl> ya, it was
[18:37] <Mika_no_Krynn> Not good or bad... just was
[18:37] <Vrryl> rental
[18:38] <JessicaKnight> heh
[18:38] <Mika_no_Krynn> I opted for Once UPon a Time in Mexico myself... that was good
[18:38] <Mika_no_Krynn> Cheesy good and funny
[18:39] <Vrryl> totally
[18:39] <Vrryl> not many people liked it, but i was laughing the whole way through
[18:40] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah, I thought it was damn funny... went with 4 friends... we were the only people laughing in the theatre though, as usual
[18:40] <Mika_no_Krynn> Depp rocked, as usual... wicked character
[18:40] <Vrryl> when the scene turns to the bull fight, and Depps wearing a "I'm with the CIA"... good stuff
[18:40] <Vrryl> er, t-shirt
[18:40] <Mika_no_Krynn> Totally, his outfits were killer
[18:40] <Mika_no_Krynn> Or the 'I'm with stupid' shirt and the arrow is pointing down
[18:40] <Vrryl> yep
[18:41] <GM_Erik> so, you guys ready?
[18:41] <Vrryl> his characters are always so good
[18:41] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yes
[18:41] <Vrryl> ya
[18:41] <Vrryl> although i'm really not so sure about his next one coming up... Secret Window. Looks really lame from the trailers
[18:42] <Mika_no_Krynn> Apparently the writer for Gladiator will be working on the Rifts movie script... according to Bruckheimer
[18:42] <Vrryl> wow, so rifts movie is still a go... nice
[18:42] <GM_Erik> yeah, its forward moving all the time, just slowly.
[18:43] <GM_Erik> (hollywood)
[18:43] <Mika_no_Krynn> At least there will be lots of explosions with Bruckheimer being producer
[18:43] <Vrryl> coalition vs fed of magic...
[18:43] <Vrryl> lots of story there
[18:44] <Mika_no_Krynn> Nazi's versus the Cult
[18:44] <Vrryl> not to mention material
[18:44] <GM_Erik> hopefully the good guys will be from Lazlo.
[18:44] <Mika_no_Krynn> I hope they are from Japan... so that there are ninjas in the movie
[18:44] <Vrryl> Vader vs Hitler... kinda like a retake of Freddy vs Jason
[18:44] <Mika_no_Krynn> Or even Oni ninja
[18:45] <Mika_no_Krynn> My money is on Vader
[18:45] <Vrryl> hitler might talk him to death though
[18:45] <Vrryl> and he's got the secret nazi-chop mastered
[18:45] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah, true.. special technique
[18:46] <Mika_no_Krynn> Looks like a regular Sieg Heil, but then it comes down and smacks yo ass
[18:46] <Vrryl> what a fag
[18:48] <Mika_no_Krynn> So we have to go through the mountains?
[18:48] <GM_Erik> The kalahari is like a big valley surrounded by hills and mountains.
[18:49] <Mika_no_Krynn> Great place for an ambush... and we walked right into it
[18:49] <Mika_no_Krynn> The mountains are probably lined with guys waiting to blow us awa
[18:49] <Mika_no_Krynn> y
[18:49] <Vrryl> How do I get outta this chickenshit outfit?
[18:49] <GM_Erik> have I made you that paranoid?
[18:50] <Mika_no_Krynn> Trying to keep Tibor's spirit alive
[18:50] <GM_Erik> ahh
[18:50] <JessicaKnight> heh
[18:51] <GM_Erik> debbie, roll your africa history skill
[18:54] <Vrryl> how wide does this mountain range look? like.. how deep is it to cross through?
[18:55] <GM_Erik> are you going to go into outer space?
[18:55] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yes
[18:55] <GM_Erik> debbie?
[18:56] <Vrryl> it's not possible to just fly up a few kms and see?
[18:57] <GM_Erik> I don't think you can fly up that high.
[18:57] <GM_Erik> but you may not have to.
[18:57] <Vrryl> i just looked, only have 4,000 ft vertical on my spell
[18:57] <Mika_no_Krynn> Not very high
[18:57] <GM_Erik> Debbie? are you there?
[18:57] <Vrryl> not very high at all
[18:58] <Mika_no_Krynn> Maybe if you climb on of the mountains, then fly from the top of it
[18:58] <Vrryl> that would be like... a lame height even to skydive from. Waste of money
[18:58] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah, base jump
[18:58] <Lucky_Zando> sorry I was talking to my landlady...33/60
[18:58] <Vrryl> ya, flew to the top of a mountain, then 4k ft about the top
[18:58] <Vrryl> above the top
[18:59] <Mika_no_Krynn> Even Mt. Fuji is over 10K feet high, and it isn't tall
[18:59] <Vrryl> well, i may not be able to fly high, but i fly pretty damn fast
[19:00] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yes, more important for us
[19:01] <Mika_no_Krynn> If we had a YF-19 Valkyrie we could get to space no prob....
[19:01] <Vrryl> totally... JEssica should get on it
[19:01] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah, build us a squadron of those
[19:06] <JessicaKnight> sure just find me some more pre-rifts bases :)
[19:08] <GM_Erik> you guys decided?
[19:08] <GM_Erik> easy?
[19:09] <Mika_no_Krynn> No east
[19:09] <Mika_no_Krynn> east in an easy fashion though
[19:09] <Vrryl> ya, it was an easy decision
[19:15] <Vrryl> wonder if we'll find Crom
[19:16] <Mika_no_Krynn> And the riddle of steal... that'd be tops
[19:16] <Mika_no_Krynn> steel
[19:17] <Mika_no_Krynn> Though the riddle of steal would be neat too
[19:18] <Vrryl> ya... hopefully not riddled with steal though... that would suck
[19:18] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah, cuz so many nice things live in the water in Riftgs
[19:19] <GM_Erik> who said anything about in the water, hmm?
[19:21] <JessicaKnight> ok.. wat do I notice about the cloud?
[19:21] <Mika_no_Krynn> It is made up of thousands of tiny tenticle monsters
[19:21] <GM_Erik> what are you wearing, your suit?
[19:21] <GM_Erik> your armor I mean?
[19:21] <Mika_no_Krynn> No, tuxedo
[19:21] <JessicaKnight> lingrie
[19:22] <GM_Erik> no, really.
[19:22] <JessicaKnight> ye
[19:22] <JessicaKnight> yeah
[19:22] <JessicaKnight> my normal rmor suit
[19:22] <JessicaKnight> psionic helmet
[19:22] <JessicaKnight> comm back.. the usual stuff
[19:22] <GM_Erik> what kind of things in the helmet again?
[19:22] <Mika_no_Krynn> usually a head
[19:22] <Vrryl> just a head
[19:22] <JessicaKnight> impervious too all psionic attacks
[19:22] <Vrryl> floating about
[19:23] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah, helmet's get head all the time...
[19:23] <Vrryl> lucky helmets
[19:24] <GM_Erik> roll perception Gabe.
[19:24] <JessicaKnight> so do I notice anything specifica bout this cloud?
[19:24] <JessicaKnight> 9
[19:25] <Mika_no_Krynn> Tenticle monster for sure
[19:26] <GM_Erik> well?
[19:27] <GM_Erik> what's top speed?
[19:27] <JessicaKnight> 50 mph
[19:28] <GM_Erik> what now?
[19:29] <GM_Erik> be quick
[19:29] <Mika_no_Krynn> hold your horses...
[19:30] <Mika_no_Krynn> lots of freaking spells to look through here
[19:30] <Mika_no_Krynn> HOw big is the cloud?
[19:31] <GM_Erik> thounsands of bugs.
[19:31] <GM_Erik> at least a hundred feet in size.
[19:31] <Mika_no_Krynn> That is a big cloud
[19:31] <JessicaKnight> jesus
[19:32] <JessicaKnight> i wish i had a flamethrower
[19:32] <Mika_no_Krynn> It is called fireball
[19:32] <Lucky_Zando> hey which horseman did you guys kill before? was is pestilence?
[19:32] <JessicaKnight> war
[19:33] <Lucky_Zando> Oh cause I think Pestilence had bugs didn't he?
[19:33] <Mika_no_Krynn> OH probably
[19:34] <JessicaKnight> more than likely
[19:34] <GM_Erik> well, I need to know what you guys are donig.
[19:34] <Mika_no_Krynn> I just said.
[19:35] <GM_Erik> that's one.
[19:35] <JessicaKnight> what kind of bugs are they?
[19:35] <JessicaKnight> can i tell?
[19:35] <Mika_no_Krynn> flying scorpions
[19:36] <GM_Erik> from a glance you weren't sure.  If you want to take some time to try and figure it out you can.
[19:36] <JessicaKnight> nah that's ok
[19:37] <Lucky_Zando> maybe we shouldn't hang around here...I vote for running like hell
[19:37] <GM_Erik> ok, you have a few seconds to let me know what you're each doing before it gets to you.
[19:37] <Mika_no_Krynn> Well lets make sure whether or not they are just bugs first
[19:37] <Vrryl> chromatic protection
[19:38] <GM_Erik> That's two.
[19:38] <JessicaKnight> i'm just continuing to fly back past Vrrly and Mika
[19:38] <GM_Erik> ok.
[19:38] <GM_Erik> Debbie?
[19:39] <Lucky_Zando> how fast does my hover bike go?
[19:39] <Mika_no_Krynn> damn fast
[19:39] <Mika_no_Krynn> like over 200mph
[19:40] <GM_Erik> on your character sheet, up to like what Mike said, 220 I think.
[19:40] <Lucky_Zando> okay I want to take off but try to come around full circle behind the bugs
[19:41] <GM_Erik> roll damage Mike,.
[19:42] <Mika_no_Krynn> 25
[19:42] <GM_Erik> ok
[19:43] <Mika_no_Krynn> Next spell...
[19:44] <Mika_no_Krynn> Fuck.. I hate mosquitos
[19:44] <Lucky_Zando> eww...
[19:44] <Mika_no_Krynn> CAn I still cast?
[19:45] <GM_Erik> visibility is only 40 feet in the cloud.
[19:45] <Mika_no_Krynn> SOB!
[19:45] <Mika_no_Krynn> I'll eat them
[19:45] <Mika_no_Krynn> Can I still cast though?
[19:45] <GM_Erik> Mika needs to save vs HF first.
[19:45] <Mika_no_Krynn> 23
[19:46] <GM_Erik> that's fine.
[19:46] <Mika_no_Krynn> kewl
[19:46] <Mika_no_Krynn> casting Shockwave
[19:46] <GM_Erik> and, those in the cloud are at -2 actions, have reduced hearing, are at half initiative and combat bonuses, and your speed is reduced.
[19:46] <GM_Erik> ok Mike, yo'll have to roll a concentration roll.
[19:47] <Mika_no_Krynn> how do I do that?
[19:47] <GM_Erik> d20 +ME bonuses.
[19:47] <Mika_no_Krynn> 23 again
[19:47] <GM_Erik> that's +5 bonus for you.
[19:48] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah, thought so... 23
[19:48] <GM_Erik> ok.
[19:48] <Mika_no_Krynn> rolled 18
[19:48] <GM_Erik> what is everyone doing?
[19:49] <GM_Erik> is lucky still circling around?
[19:49] <Lucky_Zando> yes, am I close to where we first saw the cloud emerge?
[19:50] <GM_Erik> getting there.
[19:50] <GM_Erik> Mike, you know there are normal people around you.
[19:50] <GM_Erik> Vrryl has to roll a concentration roll as well.
[19:51] <GM_Erik> and Jessica?
[19:51] <Vrryl> 16
[19:51] <Lucky_Zando> On the way I'm going to see if I can spot anything out of the ordinary (other than a swarm of bugs) like a lone indivdual(s) etc
[19:52] <Mika_no_Krynn> Actually I was unware of that... they had better move then
[19:52] <GM_Erik> actually, they're on the ground taking damage.
[19:52] <GM_Erik> they can't do much.
[19:52] <Mika_no_Krynn> ARe they wearing armor?
[19:52] <GM_Erik> there are people without armor.
[19:53] <Mika_no_Krynn> Well they deserve to get pasted for being stupid then...
[19:53] <Mika_no_Krynn> Why the hell isn't everyone in armor, it isn't like we strolling through the park here...
[19:53] <GM_Erik> about half the people in the group don't even own environmental armor.
[19:53] <Mika_no_Krynn> They're fired
[19:53] <GM_Erik> Its not like they make it in Africa.
[19:54] <GM_Erik> Erin Tarn uses Leaf armor most of the time.
[19:54] <Mika_no_Krynn> So if you aren't in full enviro shockwave will turn you into paste?
[19:54] <GM_Erik> the spell says that all SDC objects are shattered.
[19:54] <Vrryl> lol
[19:54] <Mika_no_Krynn> Score... good to know for the future then
[19:55] <GM_Erik> what abuot Jessica?
[19:56] <JessicaKnight> haha i'm still funning
[19:56] <JessicaKnight> er running
[19:56] <JessicaKnight> away
[19:57] <GM_Erik> You gonig to change the spell Mike?
[19:57] <Vrryl> still funning, eh Jess?
[19:57] <JessicaKnight> yup
[19:58] <Mika_no_Krynn> ARe the newbs in a group or are they spread out?
[19:58] <JessicaKnight> jusr because it's so enjoyable
[19:58] <GM_Erik> they're scattered now from running around.
[19:58] <GM_Erik> trying to get rid of the insects crawling over their eyeballs and in their nostrils.
[19:58] <Mika_no_Krynn> If they can run around why do they run away?
[19:59] <GM_Erik> because they can't see?
[19:59] <Mika_no_Krynn> don'
[19:59] <Mika_no_Krynn> Just run straight
[19:59] <GM_Erik> Mika even has bugs in her mouth and ears.
[19:59] <GM_Erik> ever tried running straight while blind for over a hundred feet on uneven terrain?
[20:00] <GM_Erik> all the while being bitten continuously?
[20:00] <Mika_no_Krynn> Anyone in 20 feet of me?
[20:01] <GM_Erik> just Vrryl.
[20:01] <Mika_no_Krynn> You said vision in the cloud was reduced to 40 feet... I took that to mean people can see
[20:01] <GM_Erik> that's what it is for you.
[20:01] <GM_Erik> because you're MD
[20:01] <GM_Erik> SDC people are getting bitten.
[20:01] <Mika_no_Krynn> OK, casting sonic blast
[20:02] <GM_Erik> Ok, what's Vrryl's spell?
[20:02] <JessicaKnight> sdc people are going to be turned into mush.. :)
[20:02] <GM_Erik> Then Mika's goes off.
[20:02] <Vrryl> cloud of smoke
[20:02] <Vrryl> right smack on top of me
[20:03] <GM_Erik> hmm, level 1 spell huh?
[20:04] <Vrryl> yup... pulling out the big hitters
[20:05] <Mika_no_Krynn> Just like Guile
[20:05] <GM_Erik> Mike, roll 4d6
[20:06] <Mika_no_Krynn> 14
[20:06] <GM_Erik> Brett, you take 14 MD.
[20:07] <Mika_no_Krynn> Does Repel Animals work against insects?
[20:07] <Vrryl> Mike, you jerk!
[20:07] <Vrryl> i think there's a repel insect spell actually
[20:07] <Mika_no_Krynn> What?  You're still standing...
[20:07] <Mika_no_Krynn> Figures
[20:08] <Vrryl> man, it was 14 pathetic md... like i'm going to fall over. MAybe if you dropped a 100 md lightning bolt on my head, i might feel it
[20:08] <GM_Erik> ok, so Vrryl is -2 attacks, -8 initiative, -3 parry, -3 dodge, -25% skills for 6 minutes.
[20:08] <Mika_no_Krynn> Time to get out... I guess
[20:09] <Vrryl> fucking great... remind me to poison mika's food tonight
[20:09] <GM_Erik> Also, Mike and Vrryl can't see more than 3 feet and are at an additional -5 on all combat actions from the smoke.
[20:09] <Mika_no_Krynn> Great
[20:09] <Vrryl> take that
[20:10] <Lucky_Zando> do I see anything around here that seems out of the ordinary?
[20:10] <GM_Erik> it would have been funnier if Mika was within 10 feet of Vrryl, that would have been within range of his chromatic protection.
[20:10] <Mika_no_Krynn> Couple of geniuses
[20:11] <Mika_no_Krynn> Sonic Blast is pretty kewl though... I should use it more often
[20:11] <GM_Erik> What is Lucky doing?
[20:11] <Lucky_Zando> I see anything around here that seems out of the ordinary?....
[20:12] <Lucky_Zando> anything weird about the water?
[20:13] <GM_Erik> doesn't look too weird.
[20:13] <JessicaKnight> bah. didn't bring n of my water cannons
[20:16] <GM_Erik> well, what's up?
[20:18] <Mika_no_Krynn> Going to rescue the newbs still in the cloud
[20:18] <GM_Erik> Mike asked about Repel animals.
[20:18] <GM_Erik> I'd say it would probably work.
[20:18] <GM_Erik> but it won't be able to affect too many at once.
[20:19] <GM_Erik> it normally only works on up to six animals at once.
[20:19] <Mika_no_Krynn> Is there a repel insect spell?
[20:19] <GM_Erik> do'[t think so.
[20:19] <Mika_no_Krynn> That's dumb
[20:20] <GM_Erik> you could make one.
[20:20] <GM_Erik> research your own spell
[20:20] <GM_Erik> but most people dno't find too much need.
[20:20] <GM_Erik> What are other people doing? and how is Mika helping people?
[20:20] <Mika_no_Krynn> Ok, I'll do it then
[20:20] <Mika_no_Krynn> Flying down, grabbing one or two and then fly out
[20:27] <GM_Erik> anyone? hello?
[20:28] <Mika_no_Krynn> guess everyone is dead
[20:28] <Vrryl> such is life
[20:28] <JessicaKnight> too bad
[20:29] <Mika_no_Krynn> Anyone going to answer Mika?
[20:29] <Mika_no_Krynn> That was in response to Jess... not Lucky
[20:30] <Mika_no_Krynn> I don't see anyone else in the cloud?
[20:31] <GM_Erik> you can find some more people, about 5 left.
[20:31] <JessicaKnight> do we have a really big board or piece of soemthing around?
[20:32] <GM_Erik> not sure what you mean.
[20:32] <Mika_no_Krynn> LIke of wood?
[20:32] <JessicaKnight> yeah.. doesn't have to be wood tho.. I want to make some fly paper
[20:32] <Mika_no_Krynn> Riight... gotcha
[20:33] <Mika_no_Krynn> There has to be a tarp or something in the group
[20:33] <JessicaKnight> good idea
[20:34] <GM_Erik> there would be a tarp.
[20:40] <Mika_no_Krynn> The cloud is still huge right?
[20:40] <GM_Erik> its still of good size.
[20:40] <GM_Erik> roll percetion everyone (except Brett)
[20:40] <Lucky_Zando> 15
[20:40] <Mika_no_Krynn> 9
[20:41] <GM_Erik> and Gabe?
[20:42] <JessicaKnight> 16
[20:45] <Mika_no_Krynn> This is like the attack on the deathstar or something... Red Leader... we picked up a new group of signals, enemy bugs headed your way
[20:46] <Vrryl> This is Gold Leader... I'm going in
[20:46] <GM_Erik> Mike, roll a strike roll
[20:47] <Mika_no_Krynn> Rolled a 18... what strike bonus?
[20:47] <Mika_no_Krynn> Be 26 with my hth bonus
[20:49] <GM_Erik> that's a high roll, that' sfine
[20:49] <Vrryl> where have they moved on to?
[20:49] <GM_Erik> towards the rest of the group.
[20:49] <GM_Erik> you were't there anymore.
[20:50] <Vrryl> so they're sweeping in on where mika is?
[20:50] <Vrryl> nm
[20:50] <Vrryl> mika is sweeping in on where they are
[20:51] <GM_Erik> bot.
[20:51] <GM_Erik> both
[20:51] <GM_Erik> anyone else doing anything?
[20:51] <Vrryl> is it just a big fat cloud, or like a long worm swarming about?
[20:52] <JessicaKnight> going to try to lead the main group away from the area with the bugs
[20:52] <Mika_no_Krynn> gonna cut across the axis and try to draw their fire...
[20:53] <GM_Erik> ok, go for it.
[20:53] <Mika_no_Krynn> Rolled a 16 this time for the strafe
[20:55] <Mika_no_Krynn> How is my tarp looking?  Pretty full?
[20:55] <GM_Erik> yup
[20:55] <GM_Erik> kind of a fat cloud always.
[20:55] <Mika_no_Krynn> So if I fly at 116mph, would the mosquitos die upon impact with the tarp?
[20:56] <GM_Erik> the tarp probably wold't hold up at those speeds.
[20:56] <GM_Erik> but yes.
[20:56] <Mika_no_Krynn> Ok, gotcha
[20:56] <JessicaKnight> please don't.. I would like to still ahve something to sleep in tonight :)
[20:57] <JessicaKnight> only if we had like create blood spell or something
[20:57] <JessicaKnight> or be like a Rifts jesus and turn the river into blood..
[20:59] <Mika_no_Krynn> If only we had a warlock... summon a tornado or something
[20:59] <Mika_no_Krynn> What?
[20:59] <Mika_no_Krynn> become...
[20:59] <Mika_no_Krynn> gotcha
[21:00] <Mika_no_Krynn> Wall of Adhesion?
[21:00] <GM_Erik> Wall of Defense.
[21:00] <Mika_no_Krynn> Kewl
[21:03] <Mika_no_Krynn> This is like an anime... save the big weapon for last...
[21:03] <JessicaKnight> heh
[21:03] <Mika_no_Krynn> Why didn't she do  that from the start?
[21:04] <GM_Erik> she was protecting other people.
[21:04] <GM_Erik> she cast a couple forcefields.
[21:04] <Mika_no_Krynn> A likely story
[21:04] <GM_Erik> Energy Field.
[21:04] <Mika_no_Krynn> She just wanted to make us look stupid.
[21:04] <GM_Erik> a spell some of you have, I believe, so she succeeded.
[21:04] <Mika_no_Krynn> I don't for sure
[21:04] <GM_Erik> But that's ok, she's like 15th level, right? its her job.
[21:04] <GM_Erik> Mike, it s like a 5th level spell.
[21:05] <GM_Erik> sorry, 4th.
[21:05] <Mika_no_Krynn> Not on my list it isn't
[21:05] <Mika_no_Krynn> I don't have it down anywhere
[21:06] <GM_Erik> I see it on your Mikacomplete character sheet.
[21:06] <JessicaKnight> I have it... but it's a bitch for me to cast high lvl magic, much less magic that's not using a TW device
[21:06] <Mika_no_Krynn> How many bugs are there?
[21:07] <GM_Erik> Energy Field? 4th level, 10 PPE.
[21:07] <Mika_no_Krynn> NO!  Wall of Defense
[21:08] <Mika_no_Krynn> Everyone has Energy Field
[21:08] <GM_Erik> oh, that.  yeah, that's a high spell.
[21:08] <Mika_no_Krynn> jeez
[21:08] <GM_Erik> sorry, I was talking about energy field which she cast on other people.
[21:08] <JessicaKnight> ohh
[21:08] <Mika_no_Krynn> No shit.. serious insect bites...
[21:09] <JessicaKnight> super poison
[21:09] <Lucky_Zando> oh yeah Mosquitoes give people malaria in africa
[21:10] <Mika_no_Krynn> Any improvement?
[21:12] <GM_Erik> what are other people doing?
[21:13] <Lucky_Zando> heading back to the group
[21:14] <JessicaKnight> i don't think I can do anyting except make the sick people comfortable
[21:15] <JessicaKnight> there's still mosquittos areound tho right?
[21:15] <JessicaKnight> some?
[21:15] <GM_Erik> small amounts, yeah
[21:18] <Mika_no_Krynn> How many people do I have to cast Cure Illness on?
[21:18] <GM_Erik> 5
[21:18] <GM_Erik> no, 6
[21:18] <Mika_no_Krynn> ouch... big ppe drain...
[21:19] <Mika_no_Krynn> How far are we from the river now?
[21:19] <GM_Erik> mmm, few hundred feet
[21:19] <Mika_no_Krynn> Are there lots of mosquitos there?
[21:19] <GM_Erik> not really
[21:23] <Vrryl> what time of the day is it?
[21:23] <GM_Erik> its early evening
[21:24] <Mika_no_Krynn> Nice, now we can mash up all those mosquitoes from the tarp and make a protein drink with them
[21:25] <GM_Erik> mmm
[21:25] <Mika_no_Krynn> breakfast of champions
[21:25] * JessicaKnight films Mika so she can sell it in the underground porn industry in Lazlo
[21:26] <Mika_no_Krynn> I get a cut
[21:26] <GM_Erik> i'm assuming you guys are probably going to want to talk about want happened, decide what to do, etc..
[21:26] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yep...
[21:28] <JessicaKnight> yeah
[21:28] <JessicaKnight> sure.... you get 40%
[21:28] <Mika_no_Krynn> Works for me
[21:30] <Mika_no_Krynn> We can make a series... each one involves a little more bending over and rubbing and stuff... just to hook them more and more, then they'll become addicts
[21:30] <Mika_no_Krynn> And the money just flows in from there
[21:31] <JessicaKnight> sweet
[21:32] <Mika_no_Krynn> At volume 5 we'll add another girl... mo'money, mo'money, Mo'MONEY!
[21:34] <JessicaKnight> we'll be rolling in it...... we can hae it as a subsidary company of Ion Storm... we can call it... "Golden Globes" ;)
[21:35] <Mika_no_Krynn> hehe... yeah
[21:35] <GM_Erik> ...
[21:35] <Mika_no_Krynn> Man, our company is going to become a Mega-Mercenary-Corporation
[21:35] <JessicaKnight> sweet
[21:36] <JessicaKnight> and we can continue to diversify by holding all these little sub companies.... we will never have to worry about money again :)
[21:36] <Mika_no_Krynn> We could use the videos to sell our patented TW stuff too.. have like a promo-video.. hot girls and TW gear
[21:37] <Mika_no_Krynn> be like a Mercenary chain...
[21:38] <JessicaKnight> yeah..... informercials!
[21:38] <JessicaKnight> Chicks with big Guns!!
[21:39] <Mika_no_Krynn> Once Rifts Earth is ours we can move onto Phase World
[21:40] <JessicaKnight> yup.. expand into inter-species porn
[21:40] <GM_Erik> ...
[21:41] <JessicaKnight> and have our signature "phase-bunnies", chicks with sexy bunny outfits modeling our customized phase weapons and new line of interdimentional veichles
[21:41] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah!
[21:46] <JessicaKnight> bleh
[21:53] <Mika_no_Krynn> 37ppe btw
[21:53] <Mika_no_Krynn> is all I have left
[21:56] <Mika_no_Krynn> Kewl we can doodle on her when she is Astral
[21:57] <JessicaKnight> heheh
[21:57] <JessicaKnight> or get her naked and get more footage for later porn movies
[21:57] <Vrryl> i'll tattoo her up
[21:58] <Mika_no_Krynn> Good call... tatoo her and then film her naked
[21:59] <JessicaKnight> she can be one of our special bonus releases
[21:59] <JessicaKnight> can charge double for that one
[21:59] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah.
[22:01] <JessicaKnight> hmm
[22:02] <GM_Erik> so what are people doing?
[22:02] <Mika_no_Krynn> We could call Katrina's special edition... "Kat got you tongue?"
[22:02] <JessicaKnight> I'm going to see if there is a way to quickly modify one of those old rifles to shoot sticky carpet of adhesion goo
[22:02] <JessicaKnight> hahah
[22:02] <JessicaKnight> that's a good one ;)
[22:02] <Mika_no_Krynn> I am meditating as much as I can...
[22:02] <Mika_no_Krynn> Lucky's could be called "Feeling Lucky?"
[22:02] <JessicaKnight> if we can shoot big gobs of goo.. that might work
[22:03] <Lucky_Zando> nobody feels Lucky
[22:03] <Mika_no_Krynn> That's why we use digital video^^
[22:03] <Mika_no_Krynn> Rifle of Adhesion?
[22:03] <JessicaKnight> hehe
[22:04] <JessicaKnight> yeah...
[22:04] <JessicaKnight> but it needs to shoot goo so it can entangle whatever is in the way
[22:04] <Mika_no_Krynn> Really useful for running away too
[22:04] <JessicaKnight> sorta like... magic net + carpet of adhesion
[22:06] <JessicaKnight> thatway we can eliminate large groups of bugs immediately
[22:07] <JessicaKnight> we don't have any magic net guns from teh splugs around do we?
[22:07] <Mika_no_Krynn> Not on me
[22:08] <Mika_no_Krynn> I think we have some back in Lazlo though
[22:08] <JessicaKnight> hmm.. damn
[22:09] <Mika_no_Krynn> how many hours?
[22:09] <GM_Erik> you can meditate for 8 if you want.
[22:09] <GM_Erik> or 9 or 10
[22:10] <Mika_no_Krynn> ok
[22:11] <Mika_no_Krynn> 10
[22:12] <Mika_no_Krynn> So that's what Jessica calls them... her weapons...
[22:12] <JessicaKnight> haha yes... :)
[22:12] <JessicaKnight> that's why all my weapons ar emodular ;)
[22:12] <Mika_no_Krynn> sweet
[22:13] <GM_Erik> Gabe, you won't be able to make a gun like that very easily.
[22:14] <GM_Erik> but you were able to almost get one of the rifles working (TW converted).
[22:14] <JessicaKnight> hmm ok
[22:19] <GM_Erik> you had to scavange parts from many of the others to make it.
[22:19] <JessicaKnight> yeah I figured i'd have to take some other things apart
[22:19] <GM_Erik> parts you hadn't previously broken of course, when you weer butterfingers.
[22:25] <GM_Erik> so, what now?
[22:25] <Mika_no_Krynn> move out
[22:26] <JessicaKnight> yeah
[22:26] <JessicaKnight> send small scouting parties all around
[22:28] <GM_Erik> Do you guys have any plan for travelling or finding your objective?
[22:28] <Vrryl> east... always to the east
[22:29] <Mika_no_Krynn> follow the river... east
[22:29] <GM_Erik> I was more wondering if you were going to something besides random searching?
[22:29] <GM_Erik> well, guided random searching
[22:30] <Mika_no_Krynn> Since we don't have the locate Horsemen spell... not really
[22:31] <Mika_no_Krynn> Just get through the mountains as quickly as possible... bad area to fight in
[22:31] <Mika_no_Krynn> If anyone finds any large patches of vermin let us know...
[22:32] <Lucky_Zando> Hey erik being that we think it may be pestilence we're dealing with, have I ever heard of any place around here that may be a breeding ground for diseases and a no man's land or someplace rumoured to be haunted or some urban legend about a place no one ever goes?
[22:33] <GM_Erik> not around here.  but if you're thinking about what a Horseman might have done, its important to remember that they haven't been around for a few months, so there's been relatively little settling time.
[22:38] <JessicaKnight> whhhee done my CV modifications :)
[22:38] <GM_Erik> what do you guys think about calling it soon tonight?
[22:38] <Mika_no_Krynn> If you want
[22:39] <GM_Erik> that reminds me, when is the next time we can play?
[22:39] <JessicaKnight> up to you guys
[22:39] <Mika_no_Krynn> Next weekend is good for me I think
[22:40] <GM_Erik> Next weekend is good for me.  The two after that I can't do.
[22:40] <JessicaKnight> i'm good next weekend I think
[22:40] <Lucky_Zando> Next weekend is good for me too
[22:40] <GM_Erik> well, lets do that then.
[22:41] <Mika_no_Krynn> Same time as usual?
[22:41] <GM_Erik> yeah.  le's try to get started right away. ::-)
[22:41] <GM_Erik> I promise combat. ::-)
[22:41] <JessicaKnight> koo
[22:41] <Mika_no_Krynn> with more than bugs...
[22:41] <GM_Erik> if we get started quickly enough, we could get through a couple combats perhaps.
[22:42] <JessicaKnight> sweet
[22:42] <GM_Erik> why would you want more than bugs?
[22:42] <JessicaKnight> i'm good to go most of the night next week
[22:42] <Mika_no_Krynn> For variety
[22:42] <GM_Erik> but there are spiders, and scorpions, and flies, and worms...
[22:42] <GM_Erik> isn't that variety?
[22:43] <Mika_no_Krynn> as long as there are spiders and scorpions ok
[22:43] <GM_Erik> cool
[22:43] <Mika_no_Krynn> spiders are an RPG staple
[22:43] <JessicaKnight> yes
[22:43] <JessicaKnight> as long as they put fangs in someone's eyes
[22:43] <GM_Erik> you were kept pretty busy by a swarm of mosquitos, that was kinda funny.
[22:43] <Vrryl> i'm ok for next weekas well
[22:43] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah
[22:44] <Mika_no_Krynn> Bloody big mass of mosquitos though
[22:44] <GM_Erik> ok good, same rifts time, same rifts channels.
[22:44] <JessicaKnight> koo
[22:45] <Lucky_Zando> see you guys next week!
[22:45] <JessicaKnight> later all
[22:45] <Mika_no_Krynn> later
[22:45] <GM_Erik> well, we're done then, later.
[22:45] <GM_Erik> I'm going to try to get some sleep tonight.  only got about 5 hours last night.
[22:46] <Lucky_Zando> bye
[22:46] <JessicaKnight> ok.. good luck.. sleep well
[22:46] <GM_Erik> (after getting home at 5am this morning, heh)
[22:46] *** Lucky_Zando has left #riftsooc
[22:46] <Mika_no_Krynn> bitchin
[22:46] <GM_Erik> there was someone's birthday yesterday, so people were out for that.
[22:47] <Vrryl> ok, laters guys... thanks for the game =)
[22:47] <GM_Erik> and, I had a 'movie night' at someone else's house, which turned out to be a suprise party for my birthday this coming week.  needless to say, drank a lot.
[22:47] <Mika_no_Krynn> later all
[22:47] <JessicaKnight> later all
[22:47] *** JessicaKnight has quit IRC (Quit:  )
[22:47] <GM_Erik> later
[22:47] <Mika_no_Krynn> kewl
[22:48] <GM_Erik> anyway, have fun playing FF or whatever ;;-)
[22:48] <Vrryl> btw erik, how is the phd thing shaping up?
[22:48] <GM_Erik> oh, yeah, got accepted and all that.
[22:48] <Vrryl> you coming back to calgary for sure then?
[22:48] <GM_Erik> so, going to Calgary in August.
[22:48] <GM_Erik> figure I better call Rob soon and start getting my previews orders in for the summer.
[22:49] <Vrryl> no doubt
[22:49] <GM_Erik> Yup, I'll be hanging around Calgary another 4 years. ::-)
[22:49] <Mika_no_Krynn> What time in August?  I should be there for most of August
[22:49] <Vrryl> i'm hoping to be gone by May, so won't get a chance to catch up =/
[22:49] <GM_Erik> I'm thinking I want to move in to an apartment in August, so I'm aiming for the start of August.  maybe a little earlier to find a place before students are runing around.
[22:49] <GM_Erik> and to get a place without a crazy lady like last time.
[22:50] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah... for sure
[22:50] <Mika_no_Krynn> Where you going Brett?
[22:50] <Vrryl> japan, hopefully
[22:50] <GM_Erik> hmm... there's irony in there somewhere.
[22:50] <Mika_no_Krynn> kewl... have that interview yet?
[22:50] <Vrryl> doing interviews atm with geos
[22:50] <Vrryl> got nova next friday
[22:51] <Vrryl> geos is 3 days worth... started yesterday
[22:51] <GM_Erik> dang, that's a lot
[22:51] <Mika_no_Krynn> holy shit
[22:51] <Mika_no_Krynn> Way more than the 20min JET interview... go figure though so many retards on JET
[22:52] <Vrryl> ya, exactly... i'm really liking geos actualy, they seem a very solid company
[22:53] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah, I heard they are the best private English company
[22:53] <Vrryl> best part is, we're actually tthe teachers... so my teaching skills will improve big time
[22:54] <Mika_no_Krynn> Exactly... unlike my BS job of being a 3.6million yen/year CD player
[22:54] <Vrryl> i'll know by monday if they'll offer me a contract or not
[22:54] <Vrryl> they send it tuesday... and i'll have one week to sign it and return it with an answer
[22:55] <Mika_no_Krynn> kewl
[22:55] <Vrryl> sounds like i can leave by may, which is perfect... start bringing in coin rather than giving it all away
[22:55] <Mika_no_Krynn> I hear that
[22:56] <Vrryl> just know i'm going to get sent to like fucking sapporo or some shit on the north tip
[22:56] <Mika_no_Krynn> Hehe... at least they have heating up north
[22:56] <Mika_no_Krynn> Being sent out to Hokkaido or Okinawa is harsh though...
[22:57] <Vrryl> they supply furnished apartments too
[22:57] <Vrryl> why?
[22:57] <Vrryl> okinawa would like.. rock, wouldn't it?
[22:57] <Mika_no_Krynn> Okinawa is a tropical island, but you are out there and surrounded by US troops
[22:57] <Vrryl> ah, ya
[22:57] <Mika_no_Krynn> I mean the only way off the island is by boat or plane...
[22:57] <Mika_no_Krynn> You won't be seeing too much of Japan
[22:57] <Mika_no_Krynn> It is kewl to visit though
[22:57] <Mika_no_Krynn> I want to go there next year, maybe in winter
[22:58] <Vrryl> i wouldn't be going there anyways... they only have a few schools down there, and the list for teaching there is long
[22:58] <GM_Erik> yeah, without road transportation, its hard to do as much
[22:58] <Mika_no_Krynn> If you get on the main island... train baby trains
[22:58] <Mika_no_Krynn> Bullet train all over
[22:58] <GM_Erik> zoom
[22:58] <Mika_no_Krynn> And with private schools you get to meet all kinds of young chicks...
[22:59] <Mika_no_Krynn> Very nice... usually all the Japanese teachers and stuff are 20-something girls
[22:59] <Vrryl> score
[22:59] <Mika_no_Krynn> Unlike me who is surrounded by 13-15 year olds and 40+ teachers
[22:59] <GM_Erik> that would be nice
[22:59] <Vrryl> do you actually teach much, or just assist?
[23:00] <Vrryl> plus private schools teach all ages from all walks of life, so great diversity in students
[23:00] <Vrryl> from like 4 year old kiddies, to 80 year old grannies
[23:00] <Mika_no_Krynn> It is illegal for me to teach by myself, though I have done it sometimes, since I do not have a license
[23:00] <GM_Erik> like in the school animes right?
[23:01] <Mika_no_Krynn> Even the teachers do not teach much... it is all memorization and grammar crap still, the reason why no one can speak English after 6 years of it
[23:01] <GM_Erik> like french in Alberta?
[23:01] <Mika_no_Krynn> I have a lot of kids who can read out loud better than most Junior High kids back home I bet, but they can't answer How Are YOu?
[23:01] <Vrryl> that's what the dude was saying... japs know a frickload of grammar and spelling, but can't do anything with it
[23:02] <Mika_no_Krynn> French in Alberta is way better
[23:02] <Mika_no_Krynn> than English here
[23:02] <GM_Erik> woah, that's scary.
[23:02] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah... it is bad, but it is the whole system that is busted... not just English
[23:02] <Mika_no_Krynn> Everything is exam centered... can't learn to speak when they only teach you how to answer exam questions
[23:03] <Vrryl> go figure
[23:03] <GM_Erik> true
[23:03] <Mika_no_Krynn> Like I have friends back home that speak French, having studied in Alberta, damn amazing considering there is no French there
[23:03] <GM_Erik> yeah
[23:03] <Mika_no_Krynn> There is English all over here, but still nothing... no respect for it as a language... it is just something, like math, that shows up on tests
[23:04] <Mika_no_Krynn> Or that weird foreign people, like me, speak
[23:04] <Mika_no_Krynn> Very little international understanding here... hell they are just now pushing elementaries and stuff to teach about other cultures
[23:04] <Vrryl> least that's something going for ya mike ;)
[23:04] <GM_Erik> for the AP tests in the US, there is always an oral portion.  You have to speak in spanish, or whatever, and answer questions on a tape.  Its like a third of the test it actual conversation.
[23:05] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah... exactly.  Here if you put more than 25% of the test as listening (not even oral) the kids freak, cuz they can't do it.
[23:05] <Mika_no_Krynn> Japanese people don't listen well in general though... even in Japanese.
[23:05] <GM_Erik> heh heh
[23:06] <Mika_no_Krynn> They kind of just make up what they think you are saying... works most of the time since everyone says the same shit.  A lot of scripted social interactions here
[23:06] <Mika_no_Krynn> Once you go out of the script though you run into troubles, even it you are still using perfect Japanese.
[23:06] <GM_Erik> hm
[23:07] <Vrryl> much of japanese i've heard is done in single word conversations... or maybe like, only a few words
[23:07] <GM_Erik> well, that's too bad you won't be there when I get back Brett.  You're even leaving pretty early.  I'm not even out of school till May.
[23:07] <Mika_no_Krynn> I may be a bit critical, but these are the little things you pick up after living here a while
[23:07] <Vrryl> like saying: Hot, rather than: It is freakin' hot today
[23:08] <GM_Erik> I'll let you guys know whats giong on when I figure it out.  But I should be in Calgary for all of August.  and until next week, I will bid you adieu
[23:08] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah, like if I walk into class and say "Hey, what's happen'in?" instead of Hello... they'll be floored
[23:08] <Vrryl> ya, i need to leave earlier to keep ahead of my funds. No part time job will pay as well as this will
[23:08] <Vrryl> laters Erik
[23:08] <GM_Erik> And I can see you saying Hey, what's happen'in.
[23:08] <GM_Erik> ::-)
[23:08] <GM_Erik> later guys.
[23:08] <Mika_no_Krynn> later
Session Close: Sat Mar 13 23:09:13 2004
GM Erik
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Thu 22 Oct 2015
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Horsemen of the Apocalypse 2 - OOC Chat Logs
Session Start: Sat Mar 20 17:16:39 2004
[17:16] *** Now talking in #RiftsOOC
[17:55] *** JessicaKnight has joined #riftsooc
[17:55] <JessicaKnight> re
[17:57] *** Mika_no_Krynn has joined #RiftsOOC
[17:57] <JessicaKnight> yo
[17:57] <Mika_no_Krynn> yo
[18:02] <JessicaKnight> looks like erik's away
[18:04] <Mika_no_Krynn> Is he ever really here?
[18:04] <GM_Erik> shut up jackass
[18:04] <JessicaKnight> maye only in body
[18:04] <GM_Erik> hey ::-)
[18:04] *** GM_Erik sets mode: +o JessicaKnight
[18:04] *** GM_Erik sets mode: +o Mika_no_Krynn
[18:05] <GM_Erik> so brett's not going to be here.
[18:05] <Mika_no_Krynn> Finished Undrentide last night... the last part was damn easy.  Had way more trouble earlier in the game
[18:05] <GM_Erik> and deb emailed me last night saying she's gonig to be late..
[18:05] <Mika_no_Krynn> At the end they really load you up on the super powerful magic items... got a wack of stuff
[18:05] <Mika_no_Krynn> Red Dragon Armor, Squires Defense, Bastard Sword of Dragon Slaying, etc...
[18:06] <Mika_no_Krynn> Chainmail of Speed
[18:06] <JessicaKnight> wow
[18:07] <JessicaKnight> yeah I got pissed off right at the begining because there was some stupidly hard shit in it
[18:07] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah, Bioware created some really dumb shit... if you were a certain class it would be way easier...
[18:07] <Mika_no_Krynn> Like I was an Arcane Archer... so against all those skeletons I sucked.
[18:07] <Mika_no_Krynn> The henchmen were lame too
[18:08] <Mika_no_Krynn> The original adventure was much better balanced
[18:08] <JessicaKnight> agreed
[18:08] <GM_Erik> so what do you guys want to do?
[18:08] <Mika_no_Krynn> They put a lot of kewl stuff into it though, like the secret doors.. very kewl
[18:09] <GM_Erik> do you want to get started? or wait for Deb? (not knowing when she'll be here)
[18:09] <Mika_no_Krynn> Whatever, what do you want to do?
[18:09] <JessicaKnight> slaughter a village of innocent civillans :)
[18:10] <JessicaKnight> i'm coo with whatever
[18:10] <Mika_no_Krynn> Let me check my laundry first
[18:11] <GM_Erik> ok
[18:15] <Mika_no_Krynn> ok,  back
[18:15] *** JessicaKnight sets mode: +ntps
[18:15] <GM_Erik> well, if you wanted, we could start on what you would do first, to get some progression
[18:16] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah, good call
[18:16] <JessicaKnight> koo
[18:19] <GM_Erik> anything specific you want to do?
[18:20] <Mika_no_Krynn> NOpe
[18:20] <JessicaKnight> hmmm.... nothing much I can do at the moment... sleep in and service everyone's armor and machines
[18:20] <GM_Erik> once camp is broken, where do you go?
[18:21] <Mika_no_Krynn> Continue east
[18:21] <Mika_no_Krynn> Have to clear the mountains...
[18:22] <GM_Erik> alright.
[18:22] <Mika_no_Krynn> Tell all scouts to be on the lookout for large numbers or unusual vermin
[18:23] <JessicaKnight> rouss
[18:23] <Mika_no_Krynn> ?
[18:23] <JessicaKnight> Rodents of Unusual Size
[18:23] <JessicaKnight> er can the last S
[18:23] <GM_Erik> rous's
[18:23] <Mika_no_Krynn> Right
[18:24] <GM_Erik> right?
[18:24] <JessicaKnight> yea
[18:24] <Mika_no_Krynn> What about ROAS = Rodents of Actual Size?
[18:24] <Mika_no_Krynn> But they seem much bigger to me
[18:24] <Mika_no_Krynn> Ode to TMBG
[18:25] <GM_Erik> heh heh ::-)
[18:25] <JessicaKnight> :)
[18:25] <Mika_no_Krynn> ARe these called the Mountains of Doom?
[18:25] <Mika_no_Krynn> Isn't there are J in fording... like fjording^^
[18:26] <GM_Erik> only to Mika, both questions.
[18:26] <GM_Erik> so what now?
[18:27] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah, guess so... she is the Nordic girl
[18:27] *** Lucky_Zando has joined #riftsooc
[18:27] <JessicaKnight> yo
[18:27] <GM_Erik> hey
[18:28] *** JessicaKnight sets mode: +o Lucky_Zando
[18:28] <Mika_no_Krynn> Guten Tag^^v
[18:28] <Lucky_Zando> hi everybody!
[18:28] <Mika_no_Krynn> Hi Dr. Nick
[18:28] <JessicaKnight> just waiting for you to whip out that chain gun Mika
[18:29] <Mika_no_Krynn> No one will ever forget the original Wolfenstein
[18:29] <Lucky_Zando> chain gun? wow did I miss a lot?
[18:29] <GM_Erik> no
[18:30] <GM_Erik> only 6 lines in the window.  I'll just copy them to your character window.
[18:30] <GM_Erik> they just travelled up the watershed
[18:30] <Mika_no_Krynn> Through the Mountains of Doom
[18:31] <JessicaKnight> into the valley where the oni screams
[18:31] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah^^vlolo
[18:32] <GM_Erik> oops, just went to a cia webpage.  I'm probably on a list somewhere now.
[18:32] <Mika_no_Krynn> What kind of highlands are these?
[18:32] <GM_Erik> i'm trying to find a better map.
[18:32] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah, kiss your butt goodbye...
[18:33] <GM_Erik> the whole area east of the desert is a lot of mountainous valleys.  kindof like SE BC, lots of mountain valleys pointing different directions.
[18:33] <Mika_no_Krynn> ok
[18:36] <JessicaKnight> any wild pot plants?
[18:36] <Mika_no_Krynn> What kind of vegetation is around?
[18:36] <JessicaKnight> maybe I can contruct a TW bong and get us all right stoned
[18:37] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah, for sure... can sell them too
[18:37] <GM_Erik> its been a lot harder finding a good map of the area darnit.
[18:37] <GM_Erik> too much of a tourist spot, too many crappy maps.
[18:39] <GM_Erik> anyway
[18:40] <GM_Erik> the real question is, how will you find out which way to go?
[18:41] <JessicaKnight> when in doubt... go left!
[18:41] <GM_Erik> that's a circular argumnet
[18:41] <Mika_no_Krynn> Always follow your nose
[18:41] <Mika_no_Krynn> bad...
[18:42] <JessicaKnight> :) hen
[18:42] <JessicaKnight> heh
[18:42] <Mika_no_Krynn> hen is right
[18:42] <Mika_no_Krynn> hen means strange/weird in Japanese
[18:42] <JessicaKnight> as in strange?
[18:42] <JessicaKnight> er.. n/m
[18:44] <Mika_no_Krynn> Is Death's theme the Death song Brett made?
[18:44] <GM_Erik> no
[18:44] <Mika_no_Krynn> Didn7t he say east?
[18:44] <GM_Erik> he said to go east once you reached the edge of the desert.
[18:44] <JessicaKnight> i don't rememmber... that's why i'm asking :)
[18:44] <GM_Erik> he didn't say anything about after that.
[18:46] <GM_Erik> what I asking before is whether you are going to use any tools to refine your search?
[18:47] <Mika_no_Krynn> Tools?  Like a screwdriver of demon detection?
[18:49] <JessicaKnight> i don't have anything that can help track
[18:49] <Mika_no_Krynn> I could use Oracle again
[18:51] <Mika_no_Krynn> Focus on the demon
[18:52] <GM_Erik> ok
[18:52] <GM_Erik> what demon?
[18:52] <Mika_no_Krynn> Pestilence
[18:52] <GM_Erik> do you know what it looks like?
[18:53] <Mika_no_Krynn> A bunch of pests...
[18:53] <GM_Erik> ( I'm a pain, I know)
[18:53] <GM_Erik> ok, roll percentile Mike.
[18:54] <Mika_no_Krynn> 05
[18:54] <GM_Erik> that's pretty good.
[18:54] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah
[18:54] <GM_Erik> want me to just broadcast it in IC?
[18:54] <Mika_no_Krynn> Sure
[18:56] <Mika_no_Krynn> cast magic missile
[18:56] <Mika_no_Krynn> Shit!
[18:57] <JessicaKnight> see what magic missle gets you...
[18:57] <Mika_no_Krynn> I need the magic missile of dooom
[18:57] <Mika_no_Krynn> Great... spiders too
[18:58] <Mika_no_Krynn> If only we had some tactical nukes
[18:58] <GM_Erik> typing still. ::-)
[18:59] <Mika_no_Krynn> Or if the Orkin Man was in our company
[19:01] <JessicaKnight> you know who we need?
[19:01] <JessicaKnight> Rico's Roughnecks!!
[19:01] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah!
[19:01] <Mika_no_Krynn> They kick bug-ass
[19:06] *** Retrieving #RiftsOOC info...
[19:06] <GM_Erik> that was just everyone, just to let you know
[19:08] <JessicaKnight> hey Erik
[19:08] <JessicaKnight> how are e-clips constructed?
[19:08] <JessicaKnight> like what holds the charge?
[19:09] <JessicaKnight> some type of capacatence gel?
[19:09] <GM_Erik> I think you're trying to be smarter than the game designers.
[19:09] <JessicaKnight> probably...
[19:09] <Mika_no_Krynn> That would be a good bet... it would have to be very stable
[19:09] <GM_Erik> I don't know myself.
[19:09] <JessicaKnight> hmm.... just thinking of a way I can light myself on fire
[19:10] <Mika_no_Krynn> You're a wizard... use a spell
[19:10] <GM_Erik> Well, I think that taking apart an E-clip to do it wouldn't be very wise.
[19:10] <JessicaKnight> well a spent e-clip
[19:10] <GM_Erik> anything else going on IC?
[19:11] <JessicaKnight> i'm sleeping IC
[19:11] <GM_Erik> lazy
[19:11] <Mika_no_Krynn> I am done unless someone does something
[19:11] <JessicaKnight> heh yes
[19:12] <GM_Erik> hey Mike, check your email.
[19:12] <GM_Erik> and turn off NA on ICQ so I can send a file.
[19:13] <GM_Erik> unless you already got the file via email
[19:15] <GM_Erik> is Mike still there?
[19:15] <Mika_no_Krynn> I can't get files via IcQ
[19:15] <GM_Erik> ok.
[19:15] <Mika_no_Krynn> nothing in my mail box yet
[19:17] <GM_Erik> 'm trying to send a file through mIRC mike, you get anything?
[19:17] <Mika_no_Krynn> No
[19:17] <GM_Erik> not even a little window for it?
[19:18] <Mika_no_Krynn> nope
[19:21] <GM_Erik> you need that armor from south america where the person is covered in pasma flame
[19:21] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah... or a bunch of bursters
[19:21] <Mika_no_Krynn> Or Plasma-man
[19:25] <GM_Erik> just what we need, a bunch of flaming PC's
[19:25] <GM_Erik> or NPC's
[19:25] <JessicaKnight> yeah
[19:25] <JessicaKnight> or an army of people with flamethrowers
[19:30] <Mika_no_Krynn> Copius amounts of napalm would be nice
[19:30] <Mika_no_Krynn> Or nerve gas
[19:30] <JessicaKnight> yes... just need some gasoline and some sunlight :)
[19:30] <Mika_no_Krynn> My recommendation is just to take off and nuke it from orbit... only way to be sure.
[19:32] <GM_Erik> too bad nobody sees fit to carry big MD weapons like flamethrowers, huh?
[19:33] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah, yeah... from here on standard issue. Especially on our bot... gatling-flamethrower
[19:38] <Mika_no_Krynn> What brand of cigarettes does Lucky smoke?  Lucky Strike?
[19:40] <Lucky_Zando> I don't know...and they are cigarillos not cigarettes
[19:40] <GM_Erik> she rolls them herself, so they are Lucky Roll brand
[19:41] <Mika_no_Krynn> ok
[19:41] <GM_Erik> ready to start travelling aagin?
[19:41] <Mika_no_Krynn> yes
[19:41] <Lucky_Zando> I roll my own cigars?
[19:41] <JessicaKnight> yuo
[19:41] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah, it is a percentile roll
[19:42] <GM_Erik> probably.  you could buy some rolled from tribes sporadically, but often you probably buy the stuff and the paper to put it in.
[19:42] <GM_Erik> there isn't a whole lot of manufacturing in Africa.
[19:42] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah... not like there are tobacco companies around.
[19:42] <Mika_no_Krynn> Maybe we'll meet Shaka Zulu!
[19:44] <Mika_no_Krynn> When I use animal metamorph spell do I gain the abilities of that animal?
[19:44] <GM_Erik> yes
[19:44] <GM_Erik> to a degree
[19:44] <Mika_no_Krynn> Score so if I transformed into a cheetah I could run crazy fast?
[19:44] <GM_Erik> yup, for short spurts
[19:45] <Mika_no_Krynn> Wicked... go, go hyper kitty
[19:46] <GM_Erik> yeah, I'm sure the scout appreciated that.
[19:46] <Mika_no_Krynn> hehe
[19:49] <Mika_no_Krynn> We need to teach our scouts to report things properly...
[19:49] <GM_Erik> they didn't know until the retch
[19:49] <Mika_no_Krynn> Oh
[19:50] <Lucky_Zando> probably a ton of dead people....
[19:50] <Mika_no_Krynn> Literally
[19:50] <GM_Erik> so why did Brett give me such a bad time about the gasmask his character got to start with?
[19:51] <Mika_no_Krynn> Cuz... it is kinda a strange thing to have
[19:51] <Lucky_Zando> where is brett?
[19:51] <Mika_no_Krynn> Especially when you have full enviro armor
[19:51] <Mika_no_Krynn> Somewhere... had something to do
[19:51] <GM_Erik> brett sent out an email, you didn't get it?  he had to cancel.
[19:52] <GM_Erik> well, mages especially don't normally wear full armor.  normal stuff interferes with casting
[19:52] <Mika_no_Krynn> I don't see how a gasmask would make it any easier
[19:52] <JessicaKnight> invoked breath without air
[19:52] <GM_Erik> ok
[19:53] <GM_Erik> even though I don't always do it, there are a lot of bad environment places on Rifts earth.
[19:53] <GM_Erik> think about what happens after a big robot battle if several nuclear power sources blow up.  localized fallout is bad to breathe/
[19:53] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah, you would think so.
[19:56] <GM_Erik> sorry Gabe, I think your sense of smell still works with Breathe w/o Air.
[19:56] <Mika_no_Krynn> Me too
[19:59] <Mika_no_Krynn> fucking bullshit rain... serious rain tomorrow... we were supposed to go to the beach and fly kites.  With my school... looks like that isn't happening
[19:59] <GM_Erik> sounds like a rigorous teaching job.
[19:59] <Mika_no_Krynn> It is... on Tuesday I have no classes, and on Wednesday I only have the end of the school year ceremony
[20:00] <Mika_no_Krynn> Very stressful
[20:00] <JessicaKnight> ok
[20:00] <JessicaKnight> bleh
[20:00] <GM_Erik> that's what she said (meaing Jessica when she smelled it)
[20:00] <JessicaKnight> this time last year I was flying over korea...
[20:01] <GM_Erik> is anyone not going?
[20:01] <JessicaKnight> ; ;
[20:01] <Lucky_Zando> I'm going
[20:02] <GM_Erik> is Jessica going?
[20:02] <JessicaKnight> nope
[20:02] <JessicaKnight> no way of not heaving ;)
[20:02] <GM_Erik> you have an air filter you know.
[20:03] <GM_Erik> all general adventurers do.
[20:03] <JessicaKnight> well sonofabitch.. i do.. didn't even notice it on myeq list
[20:03] <GM_Erik> all classes that is.
[20:03] <Mika_no_Krynn> Even barmaid?
[20:03] <GM_Erik> they don't really spend much time adventuring.
[20:03] <GM_Erik> I meant adventurer in the physical sense.
[20:03] <JessicaKnight> harlot?
[20:03] <GM_Erik> they do, yeah
[20:04] <Mika_no_Krynn> Hehe
[20:04] <Mika_no_Krynn> I would say they do a lot of physical adventuring myself
[20:04] <JessicaKnight> yup
[20:06] <GM_Erik> too bad noone in the PC's has a 'K' name
[20:06] <Lucky_Zando> huh?
[20:06] <JessicaKnight> why?
[20:06] <GM_Erik> J, _, L, M
[20:06] <GM_Erik> bad alphabet joke
[20:06] <GM_Erik> anyone not wearing a mask?
[20:07] <JessicaKnight> I rip off lucky's mask...
[20:07] <JessicaKnight> just kidding ;)
[20:07] <Mika_no_Krynn> What seems to be the cause of death?
[20:08] <GM_Erik> first... anyone not wearing a mask?
[20:08] <Mika_no_Krynn> Wearing mine
[20:08] <GM_Erik> or maybe I should say, are Lucky and Mika wearing masks?
[20:08] <JessicaKnight> I've got one
[20:09] <Lucky_Zando> I guess if it standard issue then I'll wear mine
[20:09] <GM_Erik> ok.
[20:10] <Mika_no_Krynn> Maybe our merc company should manufacture gas masks on the side, seems like a garaunteed market
[20:10] <GM_Erik> I think Northern Gun makes a lot in North America
[20:11] <Mika_no_Krynn> We could make TW ones... with Breath without air and stuff in them
[20:11] <JessicaKnight> yeah... :)
[20:12] <GM_Erik> going to investigate further?
[20:12] <Mika_no_Krynn> yes
[20:12] <GM_Erik> hmm, roll perception.
[20:12] <Lucky_Zando> did you say large white? they have been dead for over 72 hours
[20:12] <Mika_no_Krynn> Natural 20
[20:13] <JessicaKnight> 5
[20:13] <GM_Erik> Jessica's not able to conentrate enough?
[20:13] <Lucky_Zando> ick 1
[20:13] <Mika_no_Krynn> You go blind!
[20:13] <JessicaKnight> being grossed out
[20:14] <GM_Erik> apparantly Lucky's not very happy either.
[20:14] <Mika_no_Krynn> Only Mika has the balls to continue^^v
[20:14] <JessicaKnight> I hope I don't puke inside my mask.. that would be really gross
[20:14] <GM_Erik> no, you're just emotionally uncomfortable.
[20:15] <Lucky_Zando> lepers...gross
[20:16] <GM_Erik> and the leper-cow says MWaAAA!
[20:17] <JessicaKnight> O-o
[20:25] <Mika_no_Krynn> Would object read work on a corpse?
[20:25] <GM_Erik> umm.
[20:25] <GM_Erik> no
[20:25] <GM_Erik> not on the person
[20:25] <Mika_no_Krynn> figures
[20:26] <Mika_no_Krynn> I take it no one has forensic science here?
[20:26] <Lucky_Zando> I told you they have been dead for more than 72 hours
[20:26] <Mika_no_Krynn> How do you know?
[20:27] <Lucky_Zando> look at all the maggots
[20:27] <GM_Erik> actually, fly larvae in Africa are a lot different than North America.
[20:27] <Mika_no_Krynn> And last time I checked modern science didn't include the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse in it's hypotheses
[20:28] <Lucky_Zando> Erik a bug is a bug and they do what they matter where in the world that is
[20:28] <Mika_no_Krynn> But rates of maturity vary.
[20:28] <GM_Erik> but there are completely different species in Africa.
[20:28] <GM_Erik> but none of the PC's know it anyway.
[20:29] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah, I was asking in character anyways
[20:29] <GM_Erik> they might suspect, but have no definite knowledge.
[20:29] <Mika_no_Krynn> Doesn't matter what the heck we as players know
[20:29] <Mika_no_Krynn> If that were the case we would own this game... since some of us have read so many of the books^^
[20:30] <Mika_no_Krynn> Time isn't as important as cause though
[20:30] <Mika_no_Krynn> I think it is safe to assume they have been dead for more than a day or two though... but what exactlyl killed them
[20:31] <Mika_no_Krynn> What does the surrounding vegetation and buildings look like?
[20:31] <GM_Erik> grassland and shrubland
[20:31] <Mika_no_Krynn> But not damaged?
[20:32] <GM_Erik> not much
[20:35] <GM_Erik> what now?
[20:37] <JessicaKnight> can we determine from the way the villager's body are laid out approximately where the threat came from?
[20:37] <GM_Erik> everyone roll perception
[20:37] <Lucky_Zando> 14
[20:37] <JessicaKnight> 17
[20:37] <GM_Erik> I think the intelligence skill would apply to the question you just asked Gabe
[20:37] <Mika_no_Krynn> 11
[20:38] <JessicaKnight> don't have it
[20:38] <Mika_no_Krynn> 53 of 75 for intelligence
[20:39] <GM_Erik> you could roll that too Debbie
[20:40] <Lucky_Zando> 17/54
[20:40] <JessicaKnight> react
[20:46] <GM_Erik> hmm, roll initiative
[20:46] <Lucky_Zando> which table?
[20:47] <GM_Erik> sorry, expert
[20:47] <Lucky_Zando> 26
[20:47] <Mika_no_Krynn> Do I notice this occurance?
[20:47] <GM_Erik> roll perception
[20:48] <GM_Erik> probvably
[20:48] <Mika_no_Krynn> 20
[20:48] <GM_Erik> gabe, you too on initiative
[20:48] <JessicaKnight> 9
[20:48] <GM_Erik> ok, roll strike Deb for the 'batting'
[20:49] <Lucky_Zando> 14+14+2
[20:49] <Lucky_Zando> 30
[20:49] <GM_Erik> you hit, damage
[20:50] <Lucky_Zando> is it md or sdc?
[20:50] <GM_Erik> MD
[20:50] <Mika_no_Krynn> Be too easy if it was SD
[20:50] <GM_Erik> You can assume most things are MD, I'll tell if they're not.
[20:50] <JessicaKnight> hey Mike.... what's a safe level to make tit through Rangemount pass?
[20:51] <Lucky_Zando> 29
[20:51] <Mika_no_Krynn> Let me check
[20:51] <Mika_no_Krynn> Probably upper 40's...
[20:51] <GM_Erik> Gabe, what're you doing
[20:51] <GM_Erik> ?
[20:52] <Mika_no_Krynn> Highest monster is 40
[20:52] <JessicaKnight> ok....  thanks
[20:52] <GM_Erik> in Rifst
[20:52] <JessicaKnight> I am going to pull out my rifle and attempt to shoot it
[20:52] <JessicaKnight> 19
[20:52] <GM_Erik> ok, its hard to see, but you can try.
[20:52] <JessicaKnight> koo thanks mike
[20:52] <GM_Erik> roll damage, then.
[20:52] <GM_Erik> Mike, how about you?
[20:53] <JessicaKnight> 15
[20:53] <Mika_no_Krynn> Initiative?
[20:54] <GM_Erik> Deb, go ahead again.
[20:54] <GM_Erik> what do you do?
[20:55] <Lucky_Zando> 15 + 14 + 2=31
[20:55] <Lucky_Zando> oh I smack it again...
[20:55] <GM_Erik> ok, you go into the hut?
[20:55] <Lucky_Zando> do I need to roll again?
[20:55] <Lucky_Zando> yes
[20:57] <GM_Erik> ok, you can roll daamge Debbie
[20:57] <GM_Erik> but you take 17MD yourself.
[20:57] <Mika_no_Krynn> hehehe
[20:57] <Mika_no_Krynn> That just sounds funny
[20:57] <Mika_no_Krynn> Bites her head with large mandibles... as you stab it.
[20:58] <Lucky_Zando> can I power strike it?
[20:58] <GM_Erik> on your next turn you can try, yes.
[20:58] <Lucky_Zando> 30
[20:59] <GM_Erik> Mike, I should have you roll initiative.
[20:59] <Mika_no_Krynn> 22
[20:59] <GM_Erik> Ok, its your turn now Debbie.
[20:59] <GM_Erik> THen Mike, then Gabe
[21:00] <Lucky_Zando> Do I have to find him again? or is he there (and I want to powerstrike him)
[21:00] <GM_Erik> it's sort of biting your face right now.
[21:00] <Mika_no_Krynn> You probably see that
[21:00] <Lucky_Zando> 19
[21:00] <Mika_no_Krynn> You need to do a battle cry for power strike...
[21:00] <Mika_no_Krynn> Like some kind of power move cry
[21:00] <Lucky_Zando> oops 19 + 14+ 2
[21:01] <GM_Erik> you rolled a natural 19?
[21:01] <Mika_no_Krynn> Critical?
[21:01] <Lucky_Zando> yeah...I thought it only meant something on a 20
[21:01] <Mika_no_Krynn> At certain levels you gain a wider critical range...
[21:02] <Mika_no_Krynn> Like for martial arts it goes to 18-20 or something I think
[21:02] <GM_Erik> ok, you don't have a critical on a 19 yet, but you do have a knockout/stun on 19-20, which applies more to blunt attacks.
[21:02] <GM_Erik> well, you hit it.
[21:02] <GM_Erik> roll damage.
[21:03] <Lucky_Zando> 78
[21:03] <GM_Erik> what are you doing Mike?
[21:04] <Mika_no_Krynn> Attacking it... try to get it off Lucky
[21:04] <GM_Erik> ok, do it.
[21:05] <Mika_no_Krynn> Natural 20... 35
[21:05] <Mika_no_Krynn> dmg
[21:05] <Mika_no_Krynn> so 70dmg
[21:05] <GM_Erik> with what?
[21:05] <Mika_no_Krynn> Enchanted Long Sword
[21:06] <JessicaKnight> hehe this could be a funny scene
[21:07] <GM_Erik> and it was dead already, so that is a double critical for 105 damage. ::-)
[21:07] <Mika_no_Krynn> Nice
[21:07] <Mika_no_Krynn> Quibs
[21:08] <JessicaKnight> chunky
[21:08] <Mika_no_Krynn> salsa
[21:10] <Mika_no_Krynn> Funny thing about Rifts... people might still say stuff like Jesus, but they would have no idea what it means probably.
[21:10] <JessicaKnight> yup :)
[21:11] <JessicaKnight> old holdovers :)
[21:11] <Mika_no_Krynn> Kinda like A Bat out of Hell... why the heck would you say that?  But we do...
[21:13] <Mika_no_Krynn> BTDs... bug transmitted diseases... eww
[21:14] <GM_Erik> lovely..
[21:14] <JessicaKnight> wtf?
[21:14] <Mika_no_Krynn> WHAT?!  Tell me they are the crocadilians
[21:15] <JessicaKnight> are these the croc people?
[21:15] <Lucky_Zando> ooh I want to try my bowling for bad guys I have been practising!!!!
[21:15] <Mika_no_Krynn> Like Bowling for Burgers
[21:16] <GM_Erik> Well, you attacked the beetle so quickly last time, I thought I'd check your responses.
[21:16] <Lucky_Zando> damn...
[21:16] <JessicaKnight> heh
[21:17] <Mika_no_Krynn> TW Plasma Rifle... today only... $19.95!
[21:19] <GM_Erik> well, what now?
[21:21] <GM_Erik> going to roll first aid?
[21:21] <Mika_no_Krynn> So no one has see this bug?
[21:21] <Mika_no_Krynn> Like I have First Aid...
[21:22] <GM_Erik> this five foot beetle? nope.
[21:22] <JessicaKnight> i do
[21:22] <JessicaKnight> 15/67
[21:23] <GM_Erik> ok, it doesn't look too bad.
[21:23] <GM_Erik> not much damage
[21:23] <GM_Erik> (relatively)
[21:25] <Lucky_Zando> ahh its good to be an albino superhero
[21:27] <GM_Erik> you sound like Bush there Mike.  "It may have been responsible, but we can't confirm that."
[21:27] <Mika_no_Krynn> Ivan Meets GI Joe!
[21:28] <GM_Erik> "Village termination program related activities."
[21:28] <Mika_no_Krynn> So we just killed it anyways^^v
[21:28] <GM_Erik> you guys going back to the group?
[21:28] <Mika_no_Krynn> Captain Kirk diplomacy...
[21:28] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah
[21:29] <Lucky_Zando> hey if you fly at my head, shpaed like a bug expect to get smacked
[21:30] <Lucky_Zando> is there anything in the hut the bug came out of?
[21:30] <GM_Erik> why don';t you take a loo
[21:30] <GM_Erik> k
[21:31] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah, same goes for me... if you fly at my head shaped like a bug you're toast^^
[21:31] <Mika_no_Krynn> Shaped like a comely lady, and you're ok^^
[21:32] <GM_Erik> i meant in character
[21:32] <Mika_no_Krynn> I don7t know where it came from
[21:36] <GM_Erik> going to do anything?  Hope I didn't offend anyone.
[21:37] <GM_Erik> hello?
[21:38] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah...
[21:39] <Mika_no_Krynn> So there was a battle?
[21:40] <GM_Erik> some have weapons in their hands.  most don't
[21:40] <Mika_no_Krynn> Hm... weird
[21:40] <GM_Erik> the weapons are all spears and sticks.
[21:41] <GM_Erik> nothing fancy
[21:48] <GM_Erik> any other discussion on the matter?
[21:48] <Mika_no_Krynn> nope
[21:49] <GM_Erik> ok
[21:49] <GM_Erik> what now?
[21:50] <Mika_no_Krynn> Continue on to Swaziland
[21:55] <Mika_no_Krynn> Not good...
[21:56] <GM_Erik> lucky is all healed up by then too.
[21:57] <GM_Erik> what now?
[21:58] <GM_Erik> you're "in the area"
[21:58] <JessicaKnight> blaaahh
[21:59] <GM_Erik> what's that?
[22:00] <GM_Erik> what are you looking for?
[22:01] <GM_Erik> ahh... I see, how fast do you fly?
[22:01] <Mika_no_Krynn> Anything out of the ordinary... big bug swarms, demons, villages
[22:01] <Mika_no_Krynn> 116mph
[22:01] <GM_Erik> how far away?
[22:01] <Mika_no_Krynn> I will fly out about 20miles
[22:02] <JessicaKnight> how to essentally counter creeping doom...
[22:02] <JessicaKnight> hmm
[22:02] <JessicaKnight> it's funny when you do it to someone else.. not so cool to be on the recieving end
[22:03] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah
[22:03] <Mika_no_Krynn> Creeping doom sucks
[22:03] <Mika_no_Krynn> If we had a couple of warlocks it would be good... could make tornados and stuff... or a tsunami
[22:03] <Mika_no_Krynn> AH SHIT
[22:03] <JessicaKnight> yeah
[22:04] <JessicaKnight> ding ding ding
[22:04] <JessicaKnight> you've just won the grand prize
[22:04] <Mika_no_Krynn> A free, all expense paid trip to hell^^
[22:04] <GM_Erik> what do you do?
[22:05] <GM_Erik> roll perception Mike
[22:05] <Mika_no_Krynn> 12
[22:05] <Mika_no_Krynn> continue searching more diligently
[22:06] <GM_Erik> are you sure?
[22:06] <Mika_no_Krynn> I got fancy binoculars... I think I can keep a safe distance
[22:06] * GM_Erik reishes the fact that noone can see his face when he asks questions like that.
[22:08] <JessicaKnight> hey erik.. do you remember if I said I was taking any vampire TW stuff wwith me when we started out? I don't think I did
[22:09] <GM_Erik> I don't, sorry.
[22:09] <GM_Erik> I'd have to check old logs.
[22:09] <JessicaKnight> ok... let's assume I didn't... don't think I would have
[22:09] <GM_Erik> I'd just go through and search for the word vampire in each one.
[22:09] <GM_Erik> that should go (somewhat) quickly
[22:10] <GM_Erik> what now?
[22:10] <GM_Erik> you guys know you're close.
[22:13] <GM_Erik> well, you have the time right now, I'd suggest starting.
[22:13] <JessicaKnight> hmm.. still trying to thnk of a strategy to prevent from being swarmed
[22:14] <Mika_no_Krynn> me too
[22:14] <JessicaKnight> I wondering if I can make a giant bug zapper
[22:15] <GM_Erik> well, the things that were discussed (openly) were enlisting bats or other insect eaters to help, using worm poo as a distrcation, and lighting one's self on fire.
[22:17] <Mika_no_Krynn> Any ley lines around here?
[22:18] <JessicaKnight> somethin like shockwave would have to be our best bet..
[22:18] <GM_Erik> not within sensing range
[22:19] <Mika_no_Krynn> Are we in a grass land like area?
[22:19] <GM_Erik> somwhat, but its getting greener as you move towards the coast.
[22:20] <Mika_no_Krynn> ok
[22:20] <Mika_no_Krynn> What does Sheltering Force spell do again exactly?  Level 6
[22:21] <GM_Erik> anyone going to try to instigate any of their previous plans?
[22:21] <JessicaKnight> i am probably going to set myself on fire since I have imperv to fire on my armor
[22:21] <Mika_no_Krynn> Well the worms are way back in the desert...s o that is out
[22:21] <JessicaKnight> just have to find something to smear on me and burn
[22:21] <GM_Erik> debbie would inform you worms are still found.
[22:22] <GM_Erik> regarding sheltering force...
[22:22] <Mika_no_Krynn> Hey does the Ultimax have loud speakers?
[22:22] <GM_Erik> yup
[22:22] <Mika_no_Krynn> Could Jessica hook up an Ultrasonic bug repeller unit to them?
[22:23] <JessicaKnight> does that even work?
[22:23] <Mika_no_Krynn> Why not... says in the base book they work pretty damn well
[22:23] <JessicaKnight> really?
[22:23] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah, man... it is just a standard piece of gear in Rifts
[22:23] <JessicaKnight> kool
[22:23] <JessicaKnight> that's worth a shot
[22:23] <Mika_no_Krynn> Normally doesn't matter cuz bugs are not that big of a problem
[22:24] <GM_Erik> Slow down.. Sheltering Force holds 2-6 people (up to 8 cramped), resembles a semi-opaque tent, maintains a nicer temperature, blocks rain and insects, but larger creatures come and go as they please, stops 1d6 damage per attack, people are -3 to shoot through the field.
[22:25] <JessicaKnight> you want to IC that idea Mika?
[22:26] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah, need to confirm it htough
[22:26] <Mika_no_Krynn> Can it move?
[22:26] <Mika_no_Krynn> Sheltering Force?
[22:26] <GM_Erik> Sorry, sheltering Force is a tent, its stationary
[22:27] <Mika_no_Krynn> Still not bad if we can get within gun range...
[22:27] <Mika_no_Krynn> Get six gun dudes in there
[22:27] <GM_Erik> Katrina's summoning could get 600 small animals, 120 medium animals, 90 large animals.
[22:27] <Lucky_Zando> are bats small animals?
[22:27] <GM_Erik> y.
[22:27] <GM_Erik> yup.
[22:27] <GM_Erik> unless you're getting flying foxes, they're big bats, so they qualify as medium.
[22:28] <GM_Erik> they're around 4-5 feet in size, and I can't remember if they're in Africa.   I think they area.
[22:28] <Mika_no_Krynn> That's a fair amount of bats
[22:28] <GM_Erik> from one casting
[22:28] <Mika_no_Krynn> We could lend some PPE to that for a few castings.
[22:29] <Mika_no_Krynn> Are bugs susceptible to HF?
[22:29] <GM_Erik> ok, flying foxes are from austrailia.
[22:29] <GM_Erik> so only smaller bats in Afriac
[22:29] <GM_Erik> no, insects do not suffer horror factor.
[22:30] <Mika_no_Krynn> Bastards
[22:30] <JessicaKnight> heh
[22:30] <GM_Erik> not in the normal way anyway.  I mean a normal bug that doesn't want anything from yuo will run from you automatically, right?
[22:31] <Mika_no_Krynn> What about Fireglobe spell level 8, what is that?
[22:31] <Mika_no_Krynn> Specifically, I know what it does for damage and stuff... but what is it?
[22:31] <GM_Erik> fireglobe is a globe that holds fire that lasts until you use it (at 1 week per level)
[22:32] <Mika_no_Krynn> Ah, ok
[22:32] <GM_Erik> more for starting fires.
[22:33] <GM_Erik> meaning, it costs about 200 PPE to summon rain.
[22:33] <JessicaKnight> yikes.. I reallyshoul have brought my stormflares
[22:36] <GM_Erik> sorry, gabe, the log file doesn't say anything specific about TW itmes.
[22:36] <GM_Erik> But, you never really said what you were taking anyway, except leaving behind horses and your robot.
[22:36] <JessicaKnight> yeah i'm parsing them too
[22:36] <GM_Erik> I would assume anything lightweight wouldn't have been a concern, since the worry was weight when you came to Africa.
[22:37] <GM_Erik> You guys really didn't like those mosquitos, eh?
[22:38] <JessicaKnight> hmmm ok since they're generally light can we condier I have those, but not the rest of the vampire TW weapons?
[22:38] <GM_Erik> sure.
[22:38] <JessicaKnight> the rest are pretty heavy duty
[22:38] <JessicaKnight> koo thanks
[22:41] <JessicaKnight> it's in the vamp book..
[22:42] <GM_Erik> I'm looking.  its in the magic book too, but its hard to find, near the back.
[22:42] <JessicaKnight> is it?
[22:43] <JessicaKnight> ok fournd it
[22:43] <GM_Erik> you did? what page?
[22:43] <JessicaKnight> 330
[22:44] <JessicaKnight> says to look in grenades ares
[22:44] <GM_Erik> oh, thee it is, nope, on page 328.
[22:44] <GM_Erik> it lasts 1d6 minutes.
[22:44] <JessicaKnight> 1d6 min
[22:44] <Mika_no_Krynn> Not that long...
[22:44] <JessicaKnight> nope
[22:44] <GM_Erik> over a hunderd foot circle.
[22:45] <GM_Erik> the summoning is over 15 miles for 15 hours.
[22:45] <Mika_no_Krynn> Well it will be good for a last ditch defense for sure.
[22:45] <GM_Erik> but costs lots of energy
[22:45] <Mika_no_Krynn> Lets go with teh summoning...
[22:45] <JessicaKnight> yeah
[22:45] <JessicaKnight> agreed
[22:46] <JessicaKnight> hey Erik.. shouldn't be too hard to hook up the repellant to the ultimax's speakers?
[22:46] <JessicaKnight> going to see if I can boost the output as well to get a larger coverage range
[22:47] <GM_Erik> I think you might be able to.
[22:47] <GM_Erik> I'll have to get books for exact specifics that I don't have here.
[22:49] <Mika_no_Krynn> How many people are in our company anyways?
[22:49] <GM_Erik> umm, around 30?
[22:50] <GM_Erik> 30 to 40. is that good enough for now?
[22:50] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah...
[22:50] <GM_Erik> ::-|)
[22:51] <JessicaKnight> hmm
[22:51] <GM_Erik> the  crazy thing is that Katrina can control the animals for like 3 days.
[22:51] <JessicaKnight> is there any flammable gel or liquid that the grou pis carrying?
[22:52] <GM_Erik> probably not, other than some gasoline.
[22:52] <GM_Erik> well, any other plans?
[22:54] <GM_Erik> since we won't be playing next week, you can spend some thinking about it if you wish.
[22:54] <Mika_no_Krynn> Kewl
[22:54] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah, I can't play next week either
[22:54] <JessicaKnight> do we have 1 or 2 weeks off?
[22:54] <Lucky_Zando> aren't we going to fight him now?
[22:54] <Mika_no_Krynn> Hell no... it takes hours
[22:54] <JessicaKnight> we'll be here till 4 am
[22:55] <GM_Erik> the last fight, we started the session at the fight, and it took 5 hours I thnk.
[22:55] <Mika_no_Krynn> And a PC died... Stan's character
[22:55] <JessicaKnight> oh right..
[22:55] <Mika_no_Krynn> But it was resurrected by a god...
[22:56] <GM_Erik> oh yeah, flying foxes do occur in Africa, but not South Africa (like it matters)
[22:56] <GM_Erik> And then Stan's character left.
[22:56] <JessicaKnight> yup
[22:57] <GM_Erik> I'll let you guys think abuot strategy.  Since you employed a lot last time, I want you to think about it (especially since the fights have been somewhat sloppy lately)
[22:57] <GM_Erik> What are schedules like in April?
[22:57] <Lucky_Zando> sloppy?
[22:58] <GM_Erik> THe next two weekends, I'll be in Death Valley.
[22:58] <JessicaKnight> ok so far
[22:58] <Mika_no_Krynn> I am fine except for next weekend
[22:58] <Mika_no_Krynn> Death Valley... hehe
[22:58] <JessicaKnight> next weekend is out for me too
[22:58] <JessicaKnight> gotta go over to Digi Musume's
[22:58] <Mika_no_Krynn> So 2nd weekend of April?
[22:58] <JessicaKnight> 10th
[22:58] <GM_Erik> and the weekend after that might not be so good since I am defending my thesis on that Friday.  I could GM, but I don't think I'll be all there.
[22:59] <JessicaKnight> yeah you might want to get some beer and sleep
[22:59] <GM_Erik> I defend on the 9th, probably hungover on the 10th...
[22:59] <Mika_no_Krynn> So 3rd weekend?
[22:59] <GM_Erik> we can tentatively say the 17th.
[22:59] <JessicaKnight> 17th is ok
[22:59] <Mika_no_Krynn> Big break...
[22:59] <JessicaKnight> yeah
[22:59] <JessicaKnight> lots of time to think about strategy
[23:00] <Mika_no_Krynn> We can talk about it over email
[23:01] <GM_Erik> why don't you guys do that.  I'll send out an email with the strategies you discusses.
[23:01] <Mika_no_Krynn> Ok
[23:01] <JessicaKnight> koo
[23:01] <JessicaKnight> that's very Vrryl like.. :)
[23:02] <Mika_no_Krynn> Meditating for PPE
[23:02] <Lucky_Zando> does everybody have my email? I missed the one with Brett not coming....
[23:02] <Mika_no_Krynn> I know I do
[23:03] <JessicaKnight> yeah I have it somewhere
[23:03] <GM_Erik> I'll make sure it's on the first email I send.
[23:03] <GM_Erik> the telus one right?
[23:04] <Lucky_Zando> yes ...Oh Mike guess what? Both Rynn and Wolfgang will be making a cameo in the 3rd gen
[23:05] <GM_Erik> What about Olaf? (heh heh)
[23:05] <Mika_no_Krynn> Score!
[23:05] <Mika_no_Krynn> I thought Wolfgang would have bit the bullet for sure... wasn't he bleeding 18 per round or something against Bracknar?
[23:05] <Lucky_Zando> Olaf was a ghost in the 2nd gen....the pcs freed him from torment..
[23:05] <Lucky_Zando> yeah he lived and has like 4 daughters now
[23:06] <Mika_no_Krynn> Wicked... are they like ninjas?
[23:06] <GM_Erik> he was in torment?  *sniff
[23:06] <Mika_no_Krynn> Can't believe Wolfgang lived... he was such an arrogant bastard.
[23:07] <Lucky_Zando> well he had to relive the last day of his life over and over again for 20 years
[23:07] <Mika_no_Krynn> Rynn, sure... no one wants to kill a girl that pretty.  But Wolfgang, he's a dink.
[23:07] <Mika_no_Krynn> Well that kinda sucks I guess.
[23:07] <Mika_no_Krynn> Like Groundhog Dday
[23:08] <Mika_no_Krynn> What about Rynn... she peachy?
[23:08] <Mika_no_Krynn> Or crazy?
[23:08] <Lucky_Zando> not wolfgang...Olaf....Rynn looks exactly the same....she's an elf
[23:08] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah... but how's she doing, she isn't crazy or anything?
[23:10] <Mika_no_Krynn> You guys just started the 3rd gen?
[23:10] <Lucky_Zando> no she runs the red guard now....and she got her son back....she's the only one left from 1st gen....Adathar got killed by Tsuno Zando at the beginning of the 2nd gen
[23:10] <Lucky_Zando> we're starting this week
[23:10] <Mika_no_Krynn> I was there...
[23:10] <Mika_no_Krynn> Wow... the weakest one is the last survivor... go figure
[23:10] <GM_Erik> heh
[23:11] <Lucky_Zando> weakest? Rynn? I don't think so...
[23:11] <Mika_no_Krynn> The nympho-girl is a survivor... eye of the tiger
[23:11] <Mika_no_Krynn> Well physically I meant... she couldn't take a hit
[23:11] <Mika_no_Krynn> Except for Adathar after he got aged a million years... he was weak
[23:12] <Lucky_Zando> yeah but she could dish one out, even without the killer spells
[23:12] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah, I bet she would have some killer spells now
[23:12] <Lucky_Zando> yeah she became an enchanter shortly after she retired from adventuring
[23:13] <Mika_no_Krynn> Who is playing now?
[23:13] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah, retired from 'adventuring' hehe
[23:13] <Mika_no_Krynn> Do the elves still hate her?
[23:14] <Lucky_Zando> Stan is playing a Rogue, Larry is playing a cleric, Ken (I think you met him) is playing a Shadow Mage and Devin (you don't know him) is playing a warrior monk
[23:14] <Mika_no_Krynn> Funky... shadow mage
[23:14] <GM_Erik> oh, by the way, what are people's schedules like this summer?
[23:14] <Lucky_Zando> no elves don't hate her Symbaala trust her
[23:14] <Mika_no_Krynn> Score...
[23:14] <GM_Erik> I mean, you'll probbaly take care of one bad guy this April, but...
[23:15] <Mika_no_Krynn> This summer is pretty wack in July and August
[23:15] <Mika_no_Krynn> Gabe may be coming here in July, and then in August I am in Canada
[23:15] <Mika_no_Krynn> Until July though I am cool
[23:15] <GM_Erik> for me, I only have those last two saturdays in April and the last two in May.
[23:15] <Mika_no_Krynn> Brett is moving to Japan in May though
[23:15] <GM_Erik> doesn't seem good.
[23:16] <GM_Erik> ok, we can discuss this later, or maybe I could leave it up in the air? heh heh
[23:16] <Mika_no_Krynn> So May is probably no good for him
[23:16] <Lucky_Zando> how long will you be in canada mike?
[23:16] <Mika_no_Krynn> 4 weeks
[23:16] <Mika_no_Krynn> Here and there...
[23:16] <GM_Erik> nice.  I talked to Rob yesterday and told him you were coming in August.
[23:16] <Mika_no_Krynn> Mostly in Calgary I thiink though
[23:16] <GM_Erik> I also got ready to start ordering through Words and Pictures again.
[23:16] <Mika_no_Krynn> From W&P?
[23:16] <GM_Erik> yeah
[23:17] <GM_Erik> we had a long talk, it was cool.
[23:17] <Mika_no_Krynn> Well looks like we're never gonna finish these freaking horsemen off...
[23:18] <JessicaKnight> heh
[23:18] <GM_Erik> well, after pestilence there's only one more.
[23:18] <GM_Erik> if you can find it quick, you could finish it.
[23:18] <JessicaKnight> famine
[23:18] <Mika_no_Krynn> Even if June is a possibility it would require Brett to get internet access here... easy, if you know what is going on.
[23:18] <Mika_no_Krynn> Famine... wonder what that will be like
[23:18] <Mika_no_Krynn> And his work schedule may screw it all up...
[23:19] <Mika_no_Krynn> Usual new people have to work on weekends
[23:19] <JessicaKnight> crappy
[23:19] <GM_Erik> Vrryl's easy to play in those combats.  All he does is cast spell that take two melee rounds to get off.
[23:19] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yep... hehe
[23:19] <JessicaKnight> heh pretty much
[23:19] <GM_Erik> most of the action was with Stan's, Mike's and Gabe's characters last time.
[23:19] <GM_Erik> and Rob's
[23:19] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yep... Brett opened up with Sphere of Anhilitation
[23:20] <GM_Erik> I'm going to aim for going to Calgary in Late July.
[23:20] <JessicaKnight> yeah.. he's gotta do that again... will be cool :)
[23:20] <Mika_no_Krynn> Always kewl...
[23:20] <JessicaKnight> sweet
[23:20] <GM_Erik> then I can try to find a place.
[23:20] <Mika_no_Krynn> You can just imagine gods rip that off all the time to punish people... like Vader
[23:21] <Mika_no_Krynn> You have failed me for the last time... aaaahhhh
[23:21] <GM_Erik> gods have worse spells than that.
[23:21] <Mika_no_Krynn> But are they as kewl and flashy?
[23:21] <JessicaKnight> heh
[23:21] <GM_Erik> more
[23:21] <GM_Erik> they can self-destruct in a huge blast.
[23:22] <GM_Erik> but then they have to be resurrected.
[23:22] <GM_Erik> but it does 10's of thousands I think;
[23:22] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah, and no one is going to do that...
[23:22] <Mika_no_Krynn> That's what we need... to convince a god to self-destruct on Death....
[23:22] <Lucky_Zando> so are we playing on the 17th then?
[23:22] <Mika_no_Krynn> Maybe...
[23:22] <JessicaKnight> hopefully
[23:22] <GM_Erik> yeah, unless something interferes.
[23:22] <Mika_no_Krynn> Aim for then, unless otherwise notified...
[23:22] <JessicaKnight> would be nice to nuke another one
[23:22] <Mika_no_Krynn> That is Brett's birthday though
[23:23] <GM_Erik> And Mike's
[23:23] <JessicaKnight> and yours
[23:23] <Mika_no_Krynn> Mine is the 18th...
[23:23] <JessicaKnight> well close enough
[23:23] <GM_Erik> yeah
[23:23] <Mika_no_Krynn> It will be the 18th here when we play
[23:23] <JessicaKnight> 17th here.. 18th over ther
[23:23] <GM_Erik> exactly
[23:23] <Mika_no_Krynn> If I do anything though it will be the night before... so no worries
[23:23] <Mika_no_Krynn> Going to watch the Appleseed movie in Osaka that Saturday for sure.
[23:23] <JessicaKnight> it's out the 17th?
[23:23] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yep
[23:24] <Mika_no_Krynn> Totally stoked... should rock for sure
[23:24] <JessicaKnight> koo I checked the other trailers.. looks fucking intense
[23:24] <Mika_no_Krynn> Totally
[23:24] <GM_Erik> ok, I think I'm goign to head out then.
[23:24] <JessicaKnight> looking forward to the soundtrack too
[23:24] <Mika_no_Krynn> Right-o
[23:24] <Mika_no_Krynn> Me too
[23:24] <JessicaKnight> koo.. later, thanks Erik
[23:24] <GM_Erik> later guys.
[23:24] <Mika_no_Krynn> later
[23:24] <Mika_no_Krynn> Looks like I can play my campaign then until July...
Session Close: Sat Mar 20 23:24:52 2004
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