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Horsemen of the Apocalypse 2 - OOC Chat Logs
Session Start: Sat Feb 01 16:34:57 2003
[16:34] *** Now talking in #RiftsOOC
[16:34] *** sets mode: +nt
[17:19] *** JessicaKnight has joined #RiftsOOC
[17:20] <JessicaKnight> re
[17:20] <GM_Erik> hey dude
[17:20] *** GM_Erik sets mode: +o JessicaKnight
[17:20] <GM_Erik> what server you get on?  Brett might be having trouble
[17:20] <JessicaKnight> yeah i'm talking to brett right now
[17:20] <GM_Erik> coo
[17:21] <GM_Erik> so, hear you've been busy these days
[17:21] <JessicaKnight> yeah it's been stupid busy
[17:21] <GM_Erik> that sucks, stupid busy is never fun
[17:23] *** Richard_Grimlock has joined #RiftsOOC
[17:23] <Richard_Grimlock> lol, whoops, gotta change my name
[17:23] <GM_Erik> darn straight
[17:23] *** Richard_Grimlock is now known as Vrryl
[17:24] *** GM_Erik sets mode: +o Vrryl
[17:25] <JessicaKnight> hey.. check this out
[17:25] <GM_Erik> what dat?
[17:25] <JessicaKnight>
[17:29] <JessicaKnight> brb
[17:29] <GM_Erik> hmm, what plug-in do I need to play wmv files?
[17:31] <Vrryl> that was kinda wacked
[17:31] <Vrryl> i have it played on my winamp, Erik
[17:33] <JessicaKnight> it should be a video file you can play in windows media player
[17:34] <JessicaKnight> ahyone know where mike is?
[17:34] <GM_Erik> hopefully not still sleeping (possibly still sleeping?)
[17:36] <Vrryl> i had 4 hours of sleep before work last night... may need a call or 2 before the night is through
[17:36] <GM_Erik> heh heh
[17:36] <Vrryl> not the i'd EVER fall asleep mind you
[17:36] <Vrryl> i dont' do that kinda thing
[17:37] <GM_Erik> Hey Gabe, you know how I can call Japan from my cell phone?  I haven't been able to get it to work, and Verizon (well, the help line) wasn't able to tell me.
[17:37] <JessicaKnight> well let's give mike a few more before one of us calls him
[17:37] <JessicaKnight> you can't from a cel phone unless you have intl dialing available on it
[17:37] <JessicaKnight> oh there he is
[17:38] <GM_E
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ere good!
[17:52] <Mika_no_Krynn> You couldn't even buy sleep if you wanted to.
[17:52] <Vrryl> Oh no... no money to buy sleep
[17:52] <Vrryl> my parents had to work 25 hours a day
[17:52] <Vrryl> yes, an extra hour was invented in the day just for my family
[17:52] <Vrryl> wouldn't want to have time to sleep, after all
[17:53] <GM_Erik> Right, you could always invent the hour yourself to sleep, so someone had to beat you to the punch
[17:53] <Vrryl> but did we complain? HELL NO!!! I lived in a shoe box in the middle of a lake... and my childhood was perfect
[17:54] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yep... just make up times I say to yourself you slept during those hours that don't exist.
[17:54] <GM_Erik> ?
[17:54] <JessicaKnight> ok back
[17:54] <JessicaKnight> sorry was pigging out on sushi my parents brought back from T&T
[17:54] <GM_Erik> tch tch
[17:54] <Vrryl> aye... it made us feel better and refreshed to know that we pretended we'd slept. It worked for us
[17:54] <Mika_no_Krynn> Jeez I wish I could have sushi...
[17:55] <JessicaKnight> =P
[17:55] <Vrryl> ...
[17:55] <JessicaKnight> says the guy in Japan
[17:55] <Mika_no_Krynn> Damn hard to find around here.
[17:55] <Vrryl> what a jackass
[17:55] <JessicaKnight> serious?
[17:55] <Vrryl> erik, boot this clown
[17:55] <Mika_no_Krynn> No...
[17:55] <JessicaKnight> my ass
[17:55] * GM_Erik imagines Sushi....
[17:55] <Vrryl> So is this the crew, or we have others incoming?
[17:55] * GM_Erik thinks of the Chinese restaurant he went to last night that was about the same as the place in the UC food court...
[17:55] <Mika_no_Krynn> This is the CREW...
[17:56] <Vrryl> We're TOO LIVE
[17:56] <Mika_no_Krynn> YEAH... home boy!
[17:56] <Vrryl> BASE, how low can you go..
[17:56] * GM_Erik thinks about the ethinic food in his area... hamburgers...
[17:56] <Vrryl> speaking of which, i may order pizza tonight
[17:56] <Vrryl> cupboards looking a tad thin
[17:56] <Mika_no_Krynn> I had wicked food the last 2 nights...
[17:57] <Mika_no_Krynn> Went out to this Italian place... sea food on Friday.  Last night went over to this family's house and had a bunch of great stuff.
[17:57] <GM_Erik> hey, I'm pinin' here!
[17:57] <Mika_no_Krynn> I also met this super-hot Japanese chick... she has a boyfriend though... Australian dude.
[17:57] <JessicaKnight> mmmm
[17:58] <JessicaKnight> food
[17:58] <Vrryl> pinin' ?
[17:58] <GM_Erik> short for pining..
[17:58] <GM_Erik> as in pining for the Fiords
[17:58] <Vrryl> pining for the fyords =(
[17:58] <Vrryl> i watched the original skit over xmas... my brother had it on his comp. fuck is it funny
[17:59] <JessicaKnight> bleh
[17:59] <JessicaKnight> whhheee
[17:59] <JessicaKnight> fnord
[17:59] <GM_Erik> yeah.  I've got them all on DVD now, heh.
[17:59] <Mika_no_Krynn> I need to get that song again...
[17:59] <GM_Erik> present from my Dad with a DVD player... I didn't complain.,
[17:59] <JessicaKnight> heh
[18:00] <Vrryl> eeeww... that's just wrong =(
[18:00] <Mika_no_Krynn> Shall we get started?
[18:00] <GM_Erik> ok...
[18:00] <Vrryl> popsicles and tampons... marching side-by-side!
[18:00] <GM_Erik> um...
[18:01] <Vrryl> both cherry red with flava flave
[18:01] <JessicaKnight> deadly
[18:01] <GM_Erik> OK!
[18:01] <Mika_no_Krynn> Now somebody roll percentile!
[18:01] <JessicaKnight> 98
[18:01] <GM_Erik> oooh
[18:01] <Mika_no_Krynn> Nice!  That's how many Rune Swords we find!
[18:01] <JessicaKnight> sweet
[18:02] <Vrryl> score!
[18:02] <GM_Erik> Too bad they can only be used by humanoid bacteria!
[18:02] <Vrryl> That'll give us a healthy retirement
[18:02] <Mika_no_Krynn> I have a spell that can change me into humanoid bacteria.
[18:02] <GM_Erik> By the way, by the logs, the last time we played Rifts was 363 days ago.
[18:02] <JessicaKnight> I use transmutate
[18:02] <JessicaKnight> damn
[18:02] <Vrryl> ouch
[18:02] <JessicaKnight> 2 more and we could have had a year
[18:02] <Mika_no_Krynn> No...
[18:02] <Vrryl> lol
[18:02] <Mika_no_Krynn> We played back in March...
[18:03] <Vrryl> 3 more and call it a leapyear
[18:03] <GM_Erik> oh wait, that's right... I thought it was March
[18:03] <Mika_no_Krynn> Good one...
[18:03] <GM_Erik> Sorry, 335 days ago.
[18:03] <Mika_no_Krynn> Wondering why the weather was still shit?
[18:03] <JessicaKnight> hehe has it warmed up for ya mike?
[18:04] <Mika_no_Krynn> A little... it is not as shitty.  It won't start to get decent again until March though.  This is the coldest month.
[18:04] <Vrryl> ii'm really thinking pizza..
[18:04] <Mika_no_Krynn> High of 8 or so today I think.
[18:04] <JessicaKnight> that how warm it was here today
[18:04] <Vrryl> pizza sushi
[18:04] <Mika_no_Krynn> Why don't you use those super magical powers of yours and conjure up a pizza?
[18:04] <GM_Erik> eww, raw pizza
[18:04] <Vrryl> ya, today rocked
[18:05] <Vrryl> didn't even need a jacket by noon
[18:05] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yep, that would freak the shit out of Japanese people...
[18:05] <Mika_no_Krynn> They think it is freezing now...
[18:05] <Vrryl> lol
[18:05] <Vrryl> it's all relative i guess
[18:06] <Mika_no_Krynn> Nope... they just don't have much temp tolerance.  It is always too cold or too hot for them... pretty funny.
[18:06] <Vrryl> that is hehe
[18:06] <Mika_no_Krynn> It is annoying though when they repeat that it is cold over and over... like saying that will make it get warmer somehow.
[18:07] <JessicaKnight> heheh
[18:07] <JessicaKnight> tibor died?
[18:07] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah... we put a cap in his ass!
[18:07] <Mika_no_Krynn> He came back to life though.
[18:07] <JessicaKnight> damn.... i'm gonna miss stealing his plate o meat
[18:07] <JessicaKnight> oh yeah.. some god did something or something..
[18:07] <Vrryl> oh ya, plate o' meat
[18:08] <Vrryl> not i HAVE to order pizza... in his honor. meat lovers
[18:08] <JessicaKnight> mmmm
[18:08] <JessicaKnight> get stuffed crust too
[18:08] <Vr
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[18:23] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah... kinda hard to miss even in Japan.
[18:23] <GM_Erik> I blame the government's policies over the last decade.  Stupid conservative businessmen
[18:24] <JessicaKnight> heh.. the damn thins is over 20 years old... it's a brick with wings..
[18:24] <GM_Erik> Well, true, but a brick that's had every part replaced many times over.
[18:25] <Mika_no_Krynn> Still though... complicated brick.  One mistake and the whole brick falls apart.
[18:26] <Mika_no_Krynn> Conjuring up pictures of succubi ...
[18:27] <GM_Erik> anything anyone wants to do before da meeting?
[18:27] <Mika_no_Krynn> Don't think so... I am good to go.
[18:27] <Mika_no_Krynn> Get a tan.
[18:27] <JessicaKnight> torment little jungle animals
[18:28] <GM_Erik> okie
[18:28] <Mika_no_Krynn> Manda...
[18:28] <GM_Erik> manda?
[18:28] <JessicaKnight> lucky!
[18:28] <Mika_no_Krynn> and Hokutes.
[18:28] <JessicaKnight> heheh
[18:28] <GM_Erik> under the tree Mike?
[18:29] <JessicaKnight> I was just going to type "/me goes off in seach of Hokutes"
[18:30] <Vrryl> Hokutes?
[18:30] <JessicaKnight> i'll show you guu next time you're over Brett
[18:30] <Mika_no_Krynn> Um... I guess I could go high up into the tree or away from the tree.
[18:30] <Vrryl> lol, ok
[18:32] <GM_Erik> one more line to type.
[18:34] <Mika_no_Krynn> Does Creed play in a rock band?
[18:34] <Mika_no_Krynn> Nice!
[18:34] <JessicaKnight> oh yeah I forgot about her
[18:34] <GM_Erik> forgot about that, huh
[18:34] <Mika_no_Krynn> We'll break her yet... I feel the conflict within her... she must let go of her hate!
[18:35] <Vrryl> Mika... I am your father
[18:35] <JessicaKnight> heh
[18:35] <GM_Erik> careful, you know Mika's relationship with her father...
[18:36] <Mika_no_Krynn> Kinda works though... No!  NO!  THAT IMPOSSIBLE!
[18:36] <Vrryl> provide
[18:37] <Mika_no_Krynn> We're all one loving disfunctional divine family in Asgard...
[18:37] <Vrryl> Ya, you're right... i have nothing to back it up Mika
[18:37] <Mika_no_Krynn> Watch out for spy satelites.
[18:37] <Vrryl> we have any cover at all? like a canopy of trees or something?
[18:37] <Vrryl> or tent *cough*
[18:38] <GM_Erik> Yeah, a giant Millenium Tree the size of a large hill.
[18:38] <GM_Erik> It blends in with the surrounding forest perfectly, just looking like a hill.
[18:39] <Mika_no_Krynn> Nice a Stealth Tree...
[18:39] <JessicaKnight> cam-optics
[18:39] <JessicaKnight> on a tree... ^_^
[18:40] <GM_Erik> It looks like one of those African trees with a big horizontal spread, instead of an English-style Oak.
[18:40] <Vrryl> Mika, i dare you to turn into a bird and stand in one of the croc's mouths
[18:40] <Mika_no_Krynn> Hey... what's that?  Looks like a tree...
[18:40] <Mika_no_Krynn> Ok... I can do that.
[18:40] <Vrryl> and pick teh food out from it's teeth
[18:40] <Mika_no_Krynn> Ok... now  you're pushing it.
[18:40] <Mika_no_Krynn> :P
[18:40] <Mika_no_Krynn> Big Vic!
[18:41] <GM_Erik> that's what he wantedyou to do from the start.
[18:41] <Mika_no_Krynn> HELOOOO THERE...
[18:42] <Mika_no_Krynn> YEAH... we showed his punk ass who's Sheriff in this town.
[18:43] <Vrryl> we da daddy, and he was the smack down
[18:43] <Vrryl> 'lo there do I see my Father
[18:44] <GM_Erik> 'lo there do I see by Brothers
[18:44] <GM_Erik> oops, i bave a bold
[18:44] <Vrryl> bah, you messed up already!!  at least you know from what I quote of... coolest war preps out there
[18:46] <GM_Erik> he's got more to say
[18:46] <GM_Erik> sorry... I didn't scan the maps...
[18:47] <Vrryl> slacker =(
[18:48] <Vrryl> hello AFrica, tell me how you doing
[18:50] <Mika_no_Krynn> I shall sing songs of slaying them.
[18:53] <GM_Erik> ok, enough explanation.
[18:56] <Mika_no_Krynn> They'd be the A-POK-O-LIP-TIC CREW!
[18:57] <Mika_no_Krynn> We got horseman!  We got Horseman!  We got Horseman!
[18:58] <Vrryl> Punch 'em out the box, Mika, punch 'em out the box
[18:59] <JessicaKnight> oh god
[18:59] <Mika_no_Krynn> This is the filler comedy episode in the series...
[19:01] <Vrryl> did there seem to be a direction War was heading in before we dropped his ass?
[19:01] <GM_Erik> brb
[19:01] <Mika_no_Krynn> Heading toward Egypt... via the Nile I think.
[19:01] <Mika_no_Krynn> I love Undead... cuz when I'm done with'em they're just plain DEAD!  Yeah!
[19:03] <Vrryl> Would that make them Unundead?
[19:03] <Vrryl> Un-undead
[19:03] <JessicaKnight> so you're like raid.. stops undead dead
[19:03] <Vrryl> haha
[19:03] <GM_Erik> back
[19:04] <GM_Erik> War was heading towards Egypt, but not along the Nile.
[19:04] <GM_Erik> Egypt is also the most magical place on the continent.
[19:05] <GM_Erik> Mike: I don't think Oracle will help you make a decision like this.
[19:08] <Mika_no_Krynn> Well will it help me in determining what type of new outfit Mika should make?
[19:09] <GM_Erik> ?
[19:09] <JessicaKnight> heheh the Oracles says, "Something that looks good in a coffin"
[19:09] <Mika_no_Krynn> Black... something black... Ninja suits with white ties...
[19:14] <Mika_no_Krynn> brb... gotta put out my laundry. Give me 3mins
[19:14] <JessicaKnight> k
[19:15] <GM_Erik> ok
[19:17] <Mika_no_Krynn> back...
[19:25] <Vrryl> woo, score 1 for the good guys!
[19:26] <JessicaKnight> aww damn I was looking forward to running her through..... damn those voices in my head... muhahah
[19:26] <Mika_no_Krynn> The voices in my head... the voices in my head... They are the voices in my head.
[19:27] <Mika_no_Krynn> This is a happy day!  We finally got one of these chicks to come with us!
[19:27] <JessicaKnight> haha
[19:28] <Vrryl> fuckin eh... I want to do her =(
[19:29] <Mika_no_Krynn> We can be like Charlie's Angels now... Katrina, Mika, and the Altaran...
[19:29] <GM_Erik> What about Jessica?
[19:29] <JessicaKnight> nah....
[19:29] <Mika_no_Krynn> She's the equipment chick... like Q
[19:29] <JessicaKnight> my pb is only 12.. not good enough ^_^
[19:30] <Vrryl> 12 is still above average
[19:30] <JessicaKnight> yeah but what do they have? like 20+
[19:31] <GM_Erik> true
[19:31] <Vrryl> this is
[removed bad ascii text]
[19:55] <GM_Erik> If Brett has spare time from his magical things in the wee hours
[19:55] <Mika_no_Krynn> What is the level max on Talisman spells?  I was thinking of making some talismans of Lifeward... help  those SDC teammates.
[19:55] <Vrryl> ya, was going to be up late doing wacky magic stuff
[19:55] <Vrryl> studying... reading... experimenting...
[19:56] <Vrryl> i'm a dragon... i don't require a whole hell of a lot of sleep
[19:56] <GM_Erik> um
[19:56] <JessicaKnight> mike, iu'llg et it for ya later.. something is either fucked with the CD< the drive, or windows.. i'll vote for windows right nwo
[19:56] <Mika_no_Krynn> Ok... no rush on that one.
[19:56] <GM_Erik> Brett: scrolls take awhile if you're making new ones.
[19:57] <Mika_no_Krynn> Talismans... easier to use for the laymen.
[19:57] <Mika_no_Krynn> Lifeward is an 8th level spell.
[19:57] <GM_Erik> Spells one through eight, excluding illusions for Talismans.
[19:57] <Vrryl> nah, not making anything specific bud... just doing stuff
[19:57] <Mika_no_Krynn> Wicked!
[19:57] <GM_Erik> levels 1-8
[19:57] <Vrryl> maybe recharge a talisman here or there, generic stuff that mages do
[19:58] <Mika_no_Krynn> I'll cast the Lifeward into if you prepare the talisman Brett.
[19:58] <Vrryl> this is after i speak with lazlo for a time if he wishes it, of course
[19:58] <Mika_no_Krynn> One for Daniel, Jessica, Erin, Vic, Zatarra, Thorpe (if he wants one)... should be good from there.
[19:59] <GM_Erik> whoah!
[19:59] <Mika_no_Krynn> Oh, Katrina too if she is SDC.  I figure we'll do this over a few days...
[20:00] <GM_Erik> Only the person with the Talisman spell can put spells into it, onces they know.  Besides, each one is like 500PPE
[20:00] <Vrryl> talismans aren't cheap on the mana btw... going to take me a long while to build up the mana
[20:00] <Mika_no_Krynn> FUCK!
[20:00] <Mika_no_Krynn> I thought they were cheap.
[20:00] <Vrryl> once they are created, it's easy to keep them going... just the creation takes serious time
[20:01] <Mika_no_Krynn> To hell with that... I'll just cast the spell on each person... it lasts until it is activated anyways.
[20:01] <GM_Erik> ok
[20:01] <Mika_no_Krynn> Oh, how fast to I replenish PPE and ISP normally?
[20:02] <GM_Erik> um
[20:02] <GM_Erik> you don't have it down?
[20:03] <Mika_no_Krynn> Nope... Leyline walker rates and psi-slayer. I figure it would be the same as any master psionic.
[20:03] <GM_Erik> 5/sleep hour and 10/meditation
[20:03] <Mika_no_Krynn> PPE?
[20:03] <GM_Erik> yeah
[20:03] <Mika_no_Krynn> ok.
[20:03] <GM_Erik> ISP is...
[20:07] * Vrryl sent his pet out to scrounge up some foodstuffs during the night
[20:08] <JessicaKnight> hey can we break for dinner for a bit?
[20:08] <JessicaKnight> and it
[20:08] <GM_Erik> um
[20:08] <GM_Erik> if you want, strill working on ISP
[20:08] <JessicaKnight> k
[20:08] <JessicaKnight> 'brb
[20:10] <Mika_no_Krynn> sharp sticks...
[20:10] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yes...  break for dinner after we get the group going...
[20:10] <Mika_no_Krynn> I need to cook up something... omlette sounds good.
[20:10] <GM_Erik> ok
[20:10] <Mika_no_Krynn> I only need like 15-20mins.
[20:11] <Mika_no_Krynn> Mika needs food badly.
[20:12] <GM_Erik> ok
[20:12] <GM_Erik> you mean Mike?
[20:12] <GM_Erik> ISP recovery is:
[20:12] <Mika_no_Krynn> Either way.
[20:12] <GM_Erik> 2 per hour activity, 12 per hour rest sleep
[20:12] <Mika_no_Krynn> Med?
[20:12] <GM_Erik> 12 meditation too, or rest
[20:13] <GM_Erik> sorry, not rest.
[20:13] <GM_Erik> just med/sleep,
[20:13] <Mika_no_Krynn> ok
[20:13] <GM_Erik> THat's for Master Psionics.
[20:13] <Mika_no_Krynn> ok...
[20:14] <Vrryl> ordering pizza....
[20:14] <GM_Erik> eating leftover Taco Bell
[20:15] <Mika_no_Krynn> I'd kill for some Mexican food...
[20:15] <GM_Erik> so would I
[20:15] <GM_Erik> ::-)
[20:15] <Mika_no_Krynn> That is the one type of food that is nigh impossible to find here.
[20:15] <GM_Erik> same here
[20:16] <GM_Erik> not counting Taco Bell, or bad, inland restaurants.
[20:16] <Mika_no_Krynn> At least you can get a decent hamburger though.
[20:16] <GM_Erik> true
[20:16] <GM_Erik> mm beef
[20:16] <Mika_no_Krynn> Beef here generally sux.
[20:17] <GM_Erik> THose Japanese cows, huh?
[20:17] <Mika_no_Krynn> I try to avoid eatting it in most situations.  I can work with the hamburger and the stew meat, but steak here is not great.  They import the beef from the US and Australia, but it is the low grade stuff... very fatty.
[20:18] <GM_Erik> ash
[20:18] <GM_Erik> ah
[20:18] <Mika_no_Krynn> Japanese seem to like fatty beef... or maybe they just don't know about lean beef.
[20:18] <Vrryl> woo, pizzas on order
[20:18] <Mika_no_Krynn> I'd kill for a good pizza too.
[20:18] <Vrryl> ya, ordered from A Perfect Pizza... love their pizzas
[20:18] <GM_Erik> cheap.
[20:19] <Mika_no_Krynn> And they don't put corn or egg on it.
[20:19] <Vrryl> $23 for 2 large, 4 toppings each, 2l bottle of coke, and 4 chocolate bars
[20:19] <GM_Erik> I live 4 blocks from a Little Ceaser's, not as good, but cheap, and really close.
[20:19] <Vrryl> er, 4litre
[20:19] <GM_Erik> Not that I eat Pizza much...
[20:19] <Mika_no_Krynn> Fuck!  That's awesome.
[20:19] <Vrryl> hehe, no shit eh? and it tastes great
[20:19] <GM_Erik> Problem is, they close by 8pm.
[20:19] <GM_Erik> towns suck for that.
[20:19] <Vrryl> =(
[20:20] <GM_Erik> or small cities, I should say.
[20:20] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yep... indeed.
[20:22] <GM_Erik> At least the grocery store near my house is open in the early morning, its the only place to go for late-night food.
[20:22] <Mika_no_Krynn> That's alright.
[20:24] <Mika_no_Krynn> Nice, Mika has basic Math... she can multiply things by 4.
[20:24] <GM_Erik> heh
[20:24] <GM_Erik> make a roll!
[20:24] <Vrryl> lol
[20:24] <Mika_no_Krynn> close 83 of 98.
[20:25] <GM_Erik> uh oh! there was a penalty of -15 because you don't have cooking!  You just multiplied by 5!
[20:25] <GM_Erik> Boom!
[20:25] <GM_Erik> Sorry, just thinking of Knights of the Dinner Table... heh
[20:26] <Mika_no_Krynn> you wann
[removed bad ascii text]
caKnight> koo.. i'll actually be gone for end of March/beining of April myself
[20:54] <GM_Erik> ah.  I've got all sorts of stuff going on, and I'm trying to be there when my old supervisor is too, so its up in the air right now.  you know, MExico in April, Vancouver in May, keeps me pretty busy.
[20:54] <GM_Erik> heh heh
[20:55] <JessicaKnight> heh..
[20:56] <GM_Erik> ok
[20:56] <GM_Erik> ready?
[20:56] <Mika_no_Krynn> yeah... let's go.
[20:56] <JessicaKnight> koo
[20:57] <GM_Erik> The question is: which way east do you want to take?
[20:57] <JessicaKnight> due east?
[20:57] <GM_Erik> Overall, Eastern Africa is highlands
[20:57] <Mika_no_Krynn> helicopter.
[20:57] <GM_Erik> ?? heh
[20:58] <GM_Erik> directly east, you have to cross a mountain range when leaving the Congo
[20:58] <Mika_no_Krynn> that's how I want to go... kewl, let's do the mountain range... it'll be like LOTR.
[20:58] <GM_Erik> a little bit north, or south (by 30 degree angle) allows you to go around the mountain range.
[20:58] <JessicaKnight> what's north and southeast?
[20:58] <Vrryl> i say THROUGH the mountain... the mines of moria
[20:59] <GM_Erik> the north end of the range skirts the edges of the Phoenix Empire
[20:59] <JessicaKnight> the south may contain splugies
[20:59] <JessicaKnight> ok.. through isn't bad
[21:00] <Mika_no_Krynn> Well it is either straight east or angle south I would say.
[21:01] <Vrryl> how bad are these mountains?
[21:01] <GM_Erik> you don't really know.
[21:01] <JessicaKnight> well what's in the mountains?
[21:01] <GM_Erik> you don't really know.
[21:01] <Mika_no_Krynn> Good... zero intel.
[21:01] <JessicaKnight> lovely
[21:01] <Vrryl> ok, we move direct east and judge once we see then
[21:01] <Mika_no_Krynn> How high are these mountains?
[21:01] <Vrryl> them
[21:02] <JessicaKnight> deal with an enemy we know.. or one we don't
[21:02] <Mika_no_Krynn> sounds like a plan.
[21:02] <Mika_no_Krynn> Straight east then...
[21:03] <GM_Erik> high
[21:03] <GM_Erik> sorry, haven't got that kind of exact details.
[21:03] <GM_Erik> they natives in the Congo will tell you they are generally unpassable.  The real passes are around them to the north and south
[21:04] <GM_Erik> just past the mountains is the Great Rift
[21:04] <Mika_no_Krynn> oH...ok...kewl!
[21:04] <JessicaKnight> uh oh
[21:04] <GM_Erik> not a magical rift
[21:04] <Mika_no_Krynn> I say we take the south pass then.  Avoid the undead armies as long as we can.
[21:04] <Vrryl> wow...
[21:04] <Vrryl> i like rifts
[21:04] <GM_Erik> a earth Rift, with a few volcanoes and stuff
[21:05] <JessicaKnight> oh..
[21:05] <JessicaKnight> I agree... better to kill a few splugies than demon hordes
[21:05] <Mika_no_Krynn> I like rifts, I like rifts... wooo eeee I like rifts!
[21:05] <GM_Erik> *real life aside: a place where the plates started to pull apart, but then stopped, a big crack.
[21:05] <Mika_no_Krynn> The ass end of the world...
[21:06] <Vrryl> btw, driver just called... my pizza coming anymoment
[21:06] <JessicaKnight> mmmm pizza
[21:06] <Mika_no_Krynn> ok... I will be on the lookout for it.
[21:06] <Mika_no_Krynn> My sixth sense should help.
[21:06] <GM_Erik> lookout for... pizza? or rift?
[21:06] <Mika_no_Krynn> Both...
[21:07] <JessicaKnight> heh
[21:07] <GM_Erik> well, you guys have about a thousand miles before the mountains anyway...
[21:07] <Mika_no_Krynn> So we are angling south then to take that pass.
[21:07] <Mika_no_Krynn> I could do that in 10hours.
[21:08] <JessicaKnight> I can only get 1/2 that distance in 1
[21:08] <JessicaKnight> day
[21:09] <GM_Erik> other people are on foot too.
[21:09] <Mika_no_Krynn> And most people are walking so it'll be a while.
[21:09] <Mika_no_Krynn> If we all jog it'll go faster...
[21:09] <Mika_no_Krynn> Just like Final Fantasy... we can run everywhere.
[21:09] <GM_Erik> right.
[21:10] <GM_Erik> Erin Tarn's only in her mid-60's
[21:10] <Mika_no_Krynn> Hey, I have supernatural PE... I can do it ALL NIGHT LONG!
[21:10] <JessicaKnight> heh
[21:10] <GM_Erik> that's what he said.
[21:10] <Mika_no_Krynn> If your young in the mind you are young in the flesh... yeah, right.
[21:11] <Mika_no_Krynn> Anyways, shall we head out?]
[21:12] <JessicaKnight> koo
[21:13] <Mika_no_Krynn> We're the GoH! GO!
[21:14] <GM_Erik> checking something
[21:14] <Vrryl> k, back.. sorry, had some probs with him and credit card bs
[21:14] <Mika_no_Krynn> No worries... we're just starting to head out.
[21:15] <GM_Erik> ok
[21:16] <Vrryl> yay
[21:16] <Mika_no_Krynn> gu-rate.
[21:16] <GM_Erik> gu-rate-tu?
[21:16] <GM_Erik> gu-ra-tu?
[21:17] <JessicaKnight> ta ta's
[21:17] <Mika_no_Krynn> great
[21:17] <GM_Erik> gu-re-tu?
[21:17] <GM_Erik> ok.
[21:17] <Mika_no_Krynn> gu-re-to
[21:17] <Vrryl> who was recce group again?
[21:18] <JessicaKnight> nos-fer-at-tu
[21:18] <Mika_no_Krynn> Us.  We were one team... then there were some others.
[21:18] <GM_Erik> I am gong to assume that travelling through the jungle, it is relatively easy to get food.  Especially with a guide.
[21:18] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah... even for me.
[21:18] <GM_Erik> No you can't eat the guide!
[21:18] <Vrryl> can i?
[21:18] <GM_Erik> No!
[21:19] <Mika_no_Krynn> In the jungle...the mighty jungle... the lion sleeps tonight.
[21:19] <GM_Erik> I am also going to assume that you guys are trying to conserve non-replenishable supplies, is that correct?
[21:19] <JessicaKnight> yup
[21:19] <Vrryl> sounds good
[21:19] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yes.
[21:19] <Mika_no_Krynn> Like oil.
[21:19] <GM_Erik> then, for now... time passes...
[21:20] <Mika_no_Krynn> And times are tough.
[21:20] <GM_Erik> hmm, how many miles per day you think, 20?
[21:20] <GM_Erik> 40
[21:20] <JessicaKnight> how are people travelling?
[21:20] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah, probably 40 at least... but we are in jungle.
[21:21] <GM_Erik> Daniel's on a horse, Lazlo in Ulti-Max...
[21:21] <GM_Erik> oh right, Erin and Thorpe on horses too.
[21:21] <Vrryl> flight will be important for mika and myself
[21:21] <Mika_no_Krynn> Why does Daniel get a horse?
[21:21] <JessicaKnigh
[removed bad ascii text]
you need something better
[21:35] <Mika_no_Krynn> Wow... we're lucky... no encounters.
[21:35] <Mika_no_Krynn> Oh...
[21:35] <JessicaKnight> hwhwh
[21:35] <Mika_no_Krynn> I kill them for PPE.
[21:35] <JessicaKnight> sure.. you wanna give me something better Vrryl?
[21:35] <GM_Erik> Just, they aren't worth spending too much time on.
[21:35] <Vrryl> ya, let me skin the tattoo off my arm
[21:35] <GM_Erik> oh no, another werewolf
[21:35] <Vrryl> i'll graft it to you
[21:35] <JessicaKnight> hahah great
[21:36] <Mika_no_Krynn> ok.  Wicked kill  the werewolf.
[21:36] <Mika_no_Krynn> Das Ich Von Der Armut!
[21:37] <GM_Erik> He goes uber fast in trees.
[21:37] <Vrryl> =P
[21:37] <Vrryl> apparently
[21:37] <Vrryl> I BLAME JESSICA!!
[21:38] <GM_Erik> like 160mph fast.
[21:38] <GM_Erik> uber fast
[21:38] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah... upgrade that armor... put in jet engine or something.
[21:38] <JessicaKnight> =P
[21:39] <JessicaKnight> ok i've selecte dmy new test subject for my sniper rifle now
[21:39] <Vrryl> ...
[21:39] <Vrryl> I don't get it
[21:39] <GM_Erik> you mean the one you broke before you went to Africa?
[21:39] <JessicaKnight> yup
[21:39] <Mika_no_Krynn> Good... I was getting tired of being shot by that thing.
[21:40] <GM_Erik> um
[21:41] <GM_Erik> ok, you guys roll perception
[21:41] <Mika_no_Krynn> 23
[21:41] <GM_Erik> pppppppp
[21:41] <JessicaKnight> 21
[21:42] <GM_Erik> ppppppp
[21:42] <GM_Erik> ok
[21:42] <Vrryl> well... off to a good start. 1
[21:43] <GM_Erik> hah!
[21:43] <Mika_no_Krynn> Well at least you got it out of the way early.
[21:43] <GM_Erik> too bad it was a spell where if you fail to notice it you die!
[21:44] <GM_Erik> roll intelligence
[21:44] <GM_Erik> the skill
[21:44] <GM_Erik> if you have it
[21:44] <Mika_no_Krynn> 33 or 75
[21:44] <Mika_no_Krynn> of
[21:44] <JessicaKnight> nope
[21:44] <Vrryl> bah, 82
[21:44] <Vrryl> dammit
[21:45] <Mika_no_Krynn> Wow... I'm a genius.  Real Sherlock Holmes.
[21:45] <GM_Erik> you mean Shirley?
[21:45] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah...
[21:47] <Vrryl> we have ground troops?
[21:47] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah... the guys on horses.
[21:47] <GM_Erik> behind you guys, you are the flight recon team.  Not many other people have flight.
[21:47] <GM_Erik> I think about a mile away?
[21:47] <Vrryl> ok, thought the peeps were with crocadilions
[21:48] <GM_Erik> nope.  the crocodilians are with the crocodilians.
[21:48] <Mika_no_Krynn> Lock S-foils in attack position.
[21:49] <GM_Erik> in the trees or not Mike?
[21:49] <Vrryl> Stay on target
[21:49] <Mika_no_Krynn> Not.
[21:49] <GM_Erik> same to Brett.
[21:50] <GM_Erik> question that is.
[21:51] <Vrryl> i'm above canopy
[21:51] <Vrryl> too hard to see in trees
[21:51] <Vrryl> i want to come in high
[21:51] <GM_Erik> ok
[21:52] <GM_Erik> you taking the left the Gabe>
[21:52] <GM_Erik> ?
[21:52] <JessicaKnight> ok
[21:52] <JessicaKnight> yup
[21:52] <GM_Erik> ok
[21:53] <GM_Erik> Mike, roll versus HF
[21:54] <GM_Erik> (Vrryl still has amulet thingy, right?)
[21:55] <Mika_no_Krynn> shitty 13... I have Supress Fear though, so I will activate that if I fail.
[21:55] <GM_Erik> Brett?
[21:55] <Vrryl> 16
[21:55] <Vrryl> yep
[21:55] <Vrryl> nm. hehe
[21:55] <Vrryl> always on me.... love that thing. thanks for reminding me, had to check sheet
[21:56] <GM_Erik> MIke, you need to either activate the power first or not.
[21:56] <Mika_no_Krynn> nevermind then...
[21:56] <GM_Erik> going with the roll?
[21:57] <Mika_no_Krynn> yeah
[21:57] <GM_Erik> ok
[21:59] <Vrryl> deadites!!
[21:59] <Mika_no_Krynn> !!!
[21:59] <JessicaKnight> =P
[21:59] <JessicaKnight> famine?
[21:59] <Vrryl> wouldn't that be too convenient =(
[21:59] <Mika_no_Krynn> Lucky day if we found it that quickly.
[22:00] <JessicaKnight> ugh
[22:01] <GM_Erik> Mika failed the HF roll by the way.
[22:01] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yep, I figured.
[22:01] <GM_Erik> roll versus HF Gabe
[22:02] <JessicaKnight> 11.. failed
[22:02] <Vrryl> you guys suck
[22:02] <Vrryl> like my perception
[22:02] <GM_Erik> wow, the creature actually saw you Gabe
[22:03] <JessicaKnight> lovely
[22:04] <GM_Erik> ouch
[22:04] <GM_Erik> you take 40 damage
[22:04] <JessicaKnight> ow
[22:04] <Mika_no_Krynn> That's gonna leave a mark.
[22:04] <GM_Erik> make a pilot roll
[22:05] <JessicaKnight> 72/90
[22:05] <GM_Erik> ok
[22:06] <Vrryl> nice
[22:06] <GM_Erik> you lose another attack in that Gabe
[22:06] <JessicaKnight> k
[22:06] <Mika_no_Krynn> time to get serious...
[22:06] <GM_Erik> roll initiative Brett
[22:07] <Vrryl> 15
[22:07] <GM_Erik> Ok, What do you want to do Brett?
[22:07] <Vrryl> going to take a toss at it
[22:08] <GM_Erik> ok, 5 attacks, right brett?
[22:08] <Vrryl> checking...
[22:08] <GM_Erik> 6 Gabe?
[22:08] <GM_Erik> 9 Mike?
[22:08] <Vrryl> 4
[22:08] <JessicaKnight> 6
[22:09] <JessicaKnight> -2
[22:09] <Mika_no_Krynn> yeah.
[22:09] <GM_Erik> you have to have more than 4 Brett
[22:09] <GM_Erik> you get 4 at first level.
[22:09] <GM_Erik> if you have a hand to hand
[22:09] <Vrryl> says 4 on my sheet...
[22:09] <JessicaKnight> especially with the new rules we have
[22:09] <Vrryl> h2h... 4 attacks
[22:10] <GM_Erik> martial arts?
[22:10] <Vrryl> yep
[22:10] <GM_Erik> 8th level?
[22:10] <Vrryl> yep
[22:10] <GM_Erik> yup
[22:10] <GM_Erik> you have 5 attacks
[22:11] <GM_Erik> boxing?
[22:11] <Vrryl> u...
[22:11] <Vrryl> i can't take boxing
[22:11] <GM_Erik> ok
[22:11] <GM_Erik> 5 attacks
[22:11] <GM_Erik> you get another at next level
[22:12] <GM_Erik> ok, roll strike and damage then
[22:12] <Vrryl> 15
[22:13] <Vrryl> 15 dmg
[22:13] <Vrryl> 15 strike
[22:13] <GM_Erik> oh, ok, same affect.
[22:14] <GM_Erik> Mike, go ahead
[22:14] <GM_Erik> all tpyed and ready, huh?
[22:14] <Mika_no_Krynn> yep
[22:15] <GM_Erik> ok
[22:15] <GM_Erik> Brett
[22:16] <GM_Erik> go
[22:16] <GM_Erik> pbth
[22:16] <GM_Erik> spell?
[22:16] <Vrryl> call lighting
[22:17] <Vrryl> lightning
[22:17] <GM_Erik> so, need to cast the spell, right?
[22:17] <Vrryl> yes
[22:18] <GM_Erik> ok
[22:18] <Mika_no_Krynn> tentacle mo
[removed bad ascii text]
 st trying to play along with the confusion
[22:33] <GM_Erik> i'm joking.
[22:34] <GM_Erik> Mike?
[22:34] <Vrryl> hehe, i know... Mike seems the only slow one. must be all the shonchu
[22:34] <Vrryl> shochu
[22:34] <Vrryl> whatever
[22:34] <JessicaKnight> heh
[22:35] <Mika_no_Krynn> Beer.
[22:35] <GM_Erik> ok, round 6....
[22:36] <GM_Erik> Gabe?
[22:36] <GM_Erik> you have 1 attack left this round, and it is round 6
[22:36] <JessicaKnight> I activate my talisman
[22:36] <JessicaKnight> need the MDC
[22:37] <GM_Erik> ok, dodge?
[22:37] <Vrryl> quick leakage...brb
[22:37] <GM_Erik> I'll say you can dodge and activate at the same time.
[22:37] <GM_Erik> oh no, Brett's toilet is leaking again?
[22:38] <GM_Erik> oh, you going to dodge Gabe?
[22:38] <GM_Erik> or parry?
[22:38] <JessicaKnight> ok yup
[22:39] <JessicaKnight> dodge
[22:39] <JessicaKnight> I have nothing to parry with right now
[22:39] <JessicaKnight> 11
[22:39] <JessicaKnight> sorry 13
[22:39] <Vrryl> back
[22:39] <GM_Erik> Mike!
[22:39] <Mika_no_Krynn> yes...
[22:40] <GM_Erik> your go
[22:40] <Mika_no_Krynn> Attack the monster.
[22:40] <GM_Erik> roll it all up
[22:41] <Mika_no_Krynn> 29 to hit and 32dmg with Scathach sword.
[22:41] <GM_Erik> you doing simultaneous attack or just one blade?
[22:41] <Mika_no_Krynn> One blade for now.
[22:42] <GM_Erik> ok
[22:42] <GM_Erik> you hit
[22:43] <GM_Erik> ok, roll initiative everyone.
[22:43] <Mika_no_Krynn> Smiting Evil for Goodness!
[22:43] <Mika_no_Krynn> 27
[22:43] <JessicaKnight> 15
[22:44] <GM_Erik> leakage man?
[22:45] <Mika_no_Krynn> Must be one hell of a piss.
[22:45] <JessicaKnight> damn
[22:45] <GM_Erik> he said he was back
[22:45] <Mika_no_Krynn> He lied.
[22:45] <JessicaKnight> liar liar pants on fire
[22:46] <GM_Erik> I saw this cool computer game when I was home called Alice.
[22:46] <Vrryl> 13... damn pizza got cold too quickly
[22:46] <Vrryl> I played it... American McGee's: Alice?
[22:46] <JessicaKnight> tha's quite an old game
[22:46] <GM_Erik> Yeah, that one, insane Wonderland and everything.
[22:46] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yep... few years old.
[22:47] <Vrryl> ya man, that game is amazing... i was so impressed
[22:47] <GM_Erik> Still, really cool game, loved the story elements as well as the way they did it.
[22:47] <GM_Erik> nice and dark, but in a good way.
[22:47] <GM_Erik> anyway, Mike's go.
[22:47] <Vrryl> totally.. alot of thought went into it. A very twisted version of Alice in Wonderland, but a well done one
[22:47] <Vrryl> i would like to play it again with my new comp... get all the graphics pumped up
[22:48] <Mika_no_Krynn> Double strike at the creature's head.  24 and 30 to strike... 31 and 37 damage respectively.  First psi then scat.
[22:50] <Mika_no_Krynn> Burn baby burn!  Undead inferno!
[22:50] <GM_Erik> Gabe!@
[22:50] <GM_Erik> You get to go!
[22:50] <JessicaKnight> whee I draw my rifle
[22:50] <Mika_no_Krynn> Rifle of Smiting
[22:51] <GM_Erik> ok
[22:52] <GM_Erik> what rifle do you have again?
[22:52] <Mika_no_Krynn> RoS-2000TX...
[22:52] <JessicaKnight> TW Plasma Blasster
[22:52] <GM_Erik> ah, ok
[22:52] <GM_Erik> Brett, your spell goes off.
[22:53] <GM_Erik> I'll make some rolls..
[22:53] <Vrryl> k, ya had no idea what you were going to do with it
[22:55] <GM_Erik> Mike, go
[22:55] <GM_Erik> then Mike
[22:55] <GM_Erik> then Gabe
[22:56] <Mika_no_Krynn> Press the attack... double strike again. 27 and 27 to hit, 29 and 38dmg... first psi then scat.
[22:56] <GM_Erik> ok, again Mike, then Gabe
[22:56] <Mika_no_Krynn> again...
[22:57] <Mika_no_Krynn> 24 and 28 to hit, 34 and 28 dmg.  psi and scat.
[22:57] <GM_Erik> Gabe
[22:57] <JessicaKnight> 17 to hit
[22:57] <GM_Erik> you hit
[22:58] <JessicaKnight> 19 DMG
[23:00] <GM_Erik> Gabe got the kill, noone else gets exp today
[23:00] <JessicaKnight> yay!
[23:00] <Vrryl> gay
[23:00] <Mika_no_Krynn> ness
[23:00] <Vrryl> I kill Gabe
[23:01] <Vrryl> do i get the xp from the monster back to me?
[23:01] <Mika_no_Krynn> comp geek Freudian slip there?
[23:01] <GM_Erik> no
[23:01] <JessicaKnight> hehe yeah
[23:01] <GM_Erik> yeah, that's what I thought server man
[23:01] * JessicaKnight turns into chunky salsa
[23:01] <GM_Erik> ok, what njow?
[23:01] <GM_Erik> everyone, roll demon and monster lore?
[23:02] <Mika_no_Krynn> 16 of 89
[23:02] <Vrryl> 66... the number of 2/3rds the beast!
[23:02] <JessicaKnight> 45/25
[23:02] <Mika_no_Krynn> The beast's little bro.
[23:02] <Vrryl> oh, of 90
[23:03] <GM_Erik> oh yeah, Gabe, you took 4 SDC damage from that first blow.
[23:03] <Mika_no_Krynn> There's that mark...
[23:03] <JessicaKnight> k\
[23:04] <Vrryl> haha
[23:05] <GM_Erik> Set is an evil Egyptian God
[23:05] <Mika_no_Krynn> The Pharaoh guy
[23:06] <GM_Erik> Rama-Set
[23:06] <Mika_no_Krynn> Set to his friends and enemies.
[23:06] <GM_Erik> It means that he serves Set
[23:08] <GM_Erik> its not me! (the not liking)
[23:08] <Mika_no_Krynn> We're all fine here.... how are you?
[23:08] <Vrryl> who is this? what's your operating number?
[23:09] <Mika_no_Krynn> Boring conversation anyways... Jessica/Vrryl we're gonna have company!
[23:11] <Vrryl> Aren't you a little short to be a dragon?
[23:12] <Mika_no_Krynn> Oh, the uniform...
[23:13] <Mika_no_Krynn> Wow... made up of dead things... never would have guessed that.
[23:13] <Mika_no_Krynn> I'm glad you're here to tell these things... Chewy take the professor into the back and plug'em into the TW-Generator.
[23:14] <GM_Erik> ok, you guys going to do anything else in particular?
[23:15] <GM_Erik> (had about 600 MDC actually)
[23:15] <Mika_no_Krynn> Zombies are easily startled, but they'll be back and in greater numbers.
[23:16] <Mika_no_Krynn> Rollin' Rollin' Rollin!
[23:16] <GM_Erik> got to keep on Rollin'!
[23:17] <GM_Erik> Cho Linn!
[23:17] <GM_Erik> ok, how's this for a place to stop?
[23:17] <Mika_no_Krynn> works for me.
[23:17] <JessicaKnight> koo
[23:17] <Mika_no_Krynn> Did I go up a level?
[23:17] <GM_Erik> No.
[23:17] <Vrryl> All wings report..
[23:17] <Mika_no_Krynn> Oh :(
[23:18] <GM_Erik> It
[removed bad ascii text]
[Session Ended]
GM Erik
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Horsemen of the Apocalypse 2 - OOC Chat Logs
Session Start: Sat Feb 08 16:36:40 2003
[16:36] *** Now talking in #RiftsOOC
[16:36] *** sets mode: +nt
[17:14] *** Vrryl has joined #RiftsOOC
[17:19] <GM_Erik> yo
[17:20] *** JessicaKnight has joined #RiftsOOC
[17:20] <JessicaKnight> re
[17:20] *** GM_Erik sets mode: +oo JessicaKnight Vrryl
[17:20] <GM_Erik> yo
[17:20] <JessicaKnight> so why did we switch servers again?
[17:22] <Vrryl> yo yo
[17:22] <Vrryl> yo
[17:23] <JessicaKnight> j0
[17:23] *** Mika_no_Krynn has joined #RiftsOOC
[17:23] <GM_Erik> I'm just getting on whichever one I can get on.
[17:24] <GM_Erik> The servers aren't as easy to connect to.
[17:24] <JessicaKnight> this is a private server..
[17:24] *** GM_Erik sets mode: +o Mika_no_Krynn
[17:24] <Mika_no_Krynn> why don't we go back to geekserver?
[17:24] <GM_Erik> oh, does that mean we shouldn't be usig it?
[17:25] <GM_Erik> I just set it to random action server, how do you tell when its private?
[17:25] <JessicaKnight> well there's a total of 6 people and 2 chans on this server
[17:26] <GM_Erik> sorry, Action-IRC random server.
[17:27] <GM_Erik> its the same group that the geekserver is under, should we change servers?
[17:27] <JessicaKnight> I don't think we have to
[17:28] <Vrryl> i have to afk for a short bit... i'll change servers if you leave
[17:28] <GM_Erik> ok
[17:28] <JessicaKnight> but I don't know as to the stability of this one
[17:30] <Mika_no_Krynn> let's just change and be done with it.
[17:30] <GM_Erik> I'm guessing the geekserver won't be much better, but we have used it befoe reliably.
[17:31] <Mika_no_Krynn> To change?
[17:31] <Mika_no_Krynn> So change?
[17:32] <JessicaKnight> 142 users on geekserver
[17:32] <GM_Erik> sure
[17:32] <Mika_no_Krynn> Let's do it...
[17:32] <JessicaKnight> 5 servers interconnected
[17:32] *** Mika_no_Krynn has quit IRC
Session Close: Sat Feb 08 17:32:39 2003
Session Start: Sat Feb 08 17:37:30 2003
[17:37] *** Now talking in #riftsooc
[17:37] *** JessicaKnight sets mode: +o GM_Erik
[17:37] <GM_Erik> sorry, was on .net instead of .org
[17:38] <Mika_no_Krynn> Ah...
[17:38] <Mika_no_Krynn> I am going to hang my laundry... brb.
[17:42] <GM_Erik> doo dee doo
[17:43] <Mika_no_Krynn> ok
[17:44] <GM_Erik> still waiting for Bret
[17:44] <GM_Erik> t
[17:44] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yep, he didn't say how long he would  be away.
[17:44] <GM_Erik> question for you guys.
[17:45] <GM_Erik> You know how they changed it so that later people got +2 attacks before hand to hand and stuff?
[17:45] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yes... that's why I have 9.
[17:45] <JessicaKnight> yeah... you were talking about the updated rules in heros.. so we were using those
[17:45] <GM_Erik> well, in re-releasing the conversion books (monster stats and stuff) they didn't give them any additional attacks from the first books.
[17:46] <Mika_no_Krynn> They probably just didn't want to go through and update them all.
[17:46] <GM_Erik> I've been adding two to monsters from the older books, so that they weren't lame by comparison, since having 4 or 5 attacks seems sort of lame for major demons.
[17:46] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah...
[17:46] <JessicaKnight> yup... we'd kick their ass..
[17:47] <Mika_no_Krynn> The only ones that would need changes are the guys with like 8 attacks or so usually.
[17:47] <Mika_no_Krynn> wouldn't...
[17:47] <Mika_no_Krynn> bleh.
[17:48] <GM_Erik> ok, I'll jsut make modifications as I think are needed.
[17:48] <JessicaKnight> brett's on his way
[17:48] <GM_Erik> War for example?
[17:48] <Mika_no_Krynn> How many attacks did he have?
[17:48] <GM_Erik> he had 10 attacks in the first book, but it IS the representative demon of fighting and stuff, so I made it 12.
[17:48] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah, he is a special case.
[17:48] <GM_Erik> Besides, having only 1 more attack than Mike seemed a little wimpy
[17:49] <Mika_no_Krynn> Plus no one ever fights him alone.  Nice Mike has 9 attacks per round!
[17:49] <Mika_no_Krynn> I rock!
[17:49] <GM_Erik> zip!
[17:50] <Mika_no_Krynn> How many do those Altaran's have?  6 normally?
[17:50] <GM_Erik> um, yeah I think so
[17:50] <GM_Erik> yes
[17:50] <Mika_no_Krynn> That would also mean that juicers begin with 6 attacks, plus one from boxing if  they want.
[17:50] <Mika_no_Krynn> Makes sense.
[17:51] <GM_Erik> Altaran's only ever get six, and they have martial arts, boxing, and radar sense.
[17:51] <GM_Erik> that means a first level one should have 6, but they never get better.
[17:52] <GM_Erik> juicers get lots better.
[17:54] <GM_Erik> although, if most demons only have 4-6, it sort of validates the concept of power armor a little more
[17:54] <GM_Erik> and robots
[17:54] *** Vrryl has joined #riftsooc
[17:55] <Vrryl> woo, alright
[17:55] *** GM_Erik sets mode: +o Vrryl
[17:56] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah... power armor needs a lot of attacks.
[17:57] <GM_Erik> well, I'll fiddle a little and see what works out.
[17:57] <GM_Erik> besides, a little extra challenge never hurts, right?
[17:59] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah, unless it is a lizard mage behind a door.
[17:59] <JessicaKnight> heh
[17:59] <Vrryl> i don't get it
[17:59] <GM_Erik> luckily I don't have to worry about the number of magic attacks
[18:00] <Mika_no_Krynn> Just 1000's of MDC>
[18:00] <GM_Erik> oh, we're just talking about numbers of attacks, how people got +2 later in the Rifts world, but they didn't update any of the mosters in the new conversion books to reflet that.
[18:01] <Mika_no_Krynn> Shall we begin?
[18:02] <Vrryl> ready here
[18:02] <GM_Erik> gimmie some minutes, someone was talking to me earlier, and I didn't get everything ready that I wanted.
[18:03] <JessicaKnight> damn it's gonna snow here again
[18:03] <Vrryl> ya, it's looking nasty outside
[18:04] <Mika_no_Krynn> Sux 2 b u... I think it'll rain here today... again.
[18:04] <GM_Erik> ha ha, its been snowing or raining here for weeks
[18:04] <GM_Erik> oh wait, that sucks.
[18:05] <GM_Erik> so I actually watched a house of commons meeting from Canada last week!
[18:05] <GM_Erik> well, some of itl
[18:06] <Mika_no_Krynn> Why?
[removed bad ascii text]
[18:23] <Mika_no_Krynn> That would be a great game... everytime you rolled really bad you character died from something stupid... and of course there would be random roll chart of stupid shit to die from.
[18:23] <JessicaKnight> heh
[18:24] <JessicaKnight> 100% "While flying in mid air, you see a demon and shit your pants and suddenly exceed your maximum wieght limit, and plunge towards to earth to your death"
[18:24] <GM_Erik> hahhah
[18:24] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yep... that would be one.
[18:24] <Vrryl> HAHA
[18:25] <Mika_no_Krynn> Or... your wizard flies up into the air, and becomes the first victim of magic vs. technology in a mid-air collision as a 747 sucks you into an engine.
[18:25] <GM_Erik> hahhahaha
[18:25] <JessicaKnight> hahah
[18:25] <GM_Erik> SCHOOOP!
[18:27] <Vrryl> is it trampling towards our main party?
[18:27] <GM_Erik> yup
[18:28] <Mika_no_Krynn> KING KONG!
[18:28] <GM_Erik> at a good pace, too
[18:28] <Mika_no_Krynn> The main party must really hate when we say that.
[18:28] <JessicaKnight> heh
[18:29] <GM_Erik> oh, no, towards you, not the people behind you.
[18:29] <GM_Erik> I thought you meant you versus Mika
[18:30] <Mika_no_Krynn> She was gonna say that she shaves regularly... and hence there is no carpet... but it would sound a bit strange I think.
[18:30] <GM_Erik> eww
[18:30] <Vrryl> ...
[18:30] <Mika_no_Krynn> Lino all the way!
[18:31] <Vrryl> I said drop A carpet, not YOUR carpet =(
[18:31] <JessicaKnight> hahahah
[18:31] <JessicaKnight> just make sure  you keep it clean or it changes into tile!
[18:31] <Mika_no_Krynn> Doesn't someone have a TW net gun.
[18:31] <Mika_no_Krynn> kewl!
[18:32] <JessicaKnight> I can cast magic net instantaneously
[18:32] <Mika_no_Krynn> Ah... ok.
[18:33] <GM_Erik> Brett, its not heading towards anyone else but you guys.
[18:33] <GM_Erik> you're a mile away from the rest of the party.
[18:35] <Vrryl> bah, that's why i asked... is it directing itself towards our footbound friends. And you said yet
[18:35] <Vrryl> yes
[18:36] <Mika_no_Krynn> He thought you meant me...
[18:36] <GM_Erik> you asked if it was heading towards the main party, and I said yes, but corrected that saying the main party was you and Gabe etc...
[18:36] <JessicaKnight> i'm taking a look around the area from the top of the hill...
[18:36] <Vrryl> bleh, gotcha... ah well
[18:36] <Vrryl> ouch =(
[18:36] <JessicaKnight> woah.. hardcore
[18:37] <JessicaKnight> hey Erik.. what do I see?
[18:38] <GM_Erik> roll perception Gabe
[18:38] <JessicaKnight> 21
[18:39] <GM_Erik> what's your telescopic range Gabe>
[18:40] <JessicaKnight> let me look it up
[18:40] <JessicaKnight> 480 m/1600 ft
[18:41] <GM_Erik> ok
[18:41] <GM_Erik> window
[18:42] <GM_Erik> roll monster lore Gabe
[18:43] <JessicaKnight> 87/25
[18:44] <GM_Erik> you're having a rough time with that.
[18:44] <GM_Erik> you're not sure what they are
[18:44] <JessicaKnight> well my skill is so shitt.. I think I just bought it as my lvl 9 skill
[18:44] <GM_Erik> yeah, I think so
[18:48] <Mika_no_Krynn> I'll cast enough Heal Wounds until the gorilla is fairly functional again GM.
[18:49] <GM_Erik> ok
[18:49] <Mika_no_Krynn> Actually, I'll cast 2... let me know what the status is after that.
[18:49] <GM_Erik> Brett, roll monster lore
[18:50] <Vrryl> 30
[18:50] <Vrryl> of 90
[18:50] <GM_Erik> ok
[18:50] <GM_Erik> Mike, Heal Wounds doesn't work on bones.
[18:52] <Mika_no_Krynn> How about Greater Healing?
[18:52] <GM_Erik> it does
[18:53] <Mika_no_Krynn> I'll use that instead then.
[18:53] <GM_Erik> coo
[18:53] <Vrryl> sec... phone
[18:54] <GM_Erik> Brett and Gabe roll perception.
[18:54] <GM_Erik> ok
[18:54] <JessicaKnight> 19
[18:55] <Vrryl> what's bonus on perception for iq again?
[18:56] <GM_Erik> you have +5
[18:56] <Vrryl> 15
[18:56] <GM_Erik> ok
[18:57] <GM_Erik> so, what do Jessica and Vrryl do right now?
[18:57] <Vrryl> off phone
[18:57] <JessicaKnight> after radioing Mika, I aim my rifle at the nearest werewolf
[18:58] <Vrryl> i'm kinda stumped what to do... are werewolves evil?
[18:58] <Mika_no_Krynn> They're werewolves... conventional weapons are useless.
[18:58] <Mika_no_Krynn> You need silver or magic.
[18:58] <GM_Erik> JEssica doesn't know that at the moment.
[18:58] <JessicaKnight> nope.. no clue...
[18:58] <JessicaKnight> beside I'm using my TW rifle anyways..
[18:58] <GM_Erik> Yeah, werewolves are the most evil werebeast
[18:58] <Vrryl> k
[18:59] <GM_Erik> roll initiative Brett and Gabe as well
[18:59] <JessicaKnight> 10
[19:00] <Mika_no_Krynn> Chain Lightning!
[19:00] <Vrryl> wow, the almighty fucking 1. so, 3 on init
[19:00] <Mika_no_Krynn> Rock on!  Who needs initiative anyways?
[19:00] <Vrryl> totally!! As long as i roll well for hits and dmg, i'm happy
[19:01] <GM_Erik> roll HF Gabe
[19:01] <JessicaKnight> 16
[19:02] <GM_Erik> NP
[19:02] <GM_Erik> Go ahead Gabe.
[19:02] <Mika_no_Krynn> Just let me know when I can get to the action.
[19:02] <GM_Erik> will do Mike
[19:03] <JessicaKnight> i'll use call lightning from my armor
[19:03] <GM_Erik> ok, roll damage I guess
[19:03] <JessicaKnight> 22
[19:04] <GM_Erik> ok
[19:04] <GM_Erik> pick a nbumber 1-3
[19:04] <JessicaKnight> 3
[19:04] <GM_Erik> ok
[19:07] <GM_Erik> now....
[19:07] <GM_Erik> Brett, Vrryl's sixth sense goes off.
[19:08] <Vrryl> try and dodge
[19:08] <GM_Erik> roll
[19:09] <Vrryl> lol, nat 20
[19:09] <Vrryl> bloody extremes for me
[19:09] <JessicaKnight> heh
[19:11] <GM_Erik> ok, go Gabe
[19:12] <JessicaKnight> i'm gonna magic net one of these fuckers
[19:12] <JessicaKnight> #1 this time
[19:12] <GM_Erik> ok
[19:12] <JessicaKnight> spell also from my armor
[19:13] <JessicaKnight> which reminds me... I have to make something that does carpet of adhesion...
[19:14] <GM_Erik> Gabe...
[19:14] <GM_Erik> roll save versus magic
[19:14] <JessicaKnight> 19
[19:14] <GM_Erik> ok!
[19:16] <GM_Erik> what do you do?
[19:17] <Vrryl> let it hit
[19:17] <JessicaKnight> try to dodge
[19:18] <Mika_no_Krynn> wow... these guys are serious.
[19:18] <GM_Erik> roll dodge
[removed bad ascii text]
a time.
[19:35] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah... it's a MAGIC net... it does magic things, like make you fall to the ground.
[19:36] <JessicaKnight> heh.... well you know what I mean... keep dodging for the time being.... do I see Brett get hit by the magic net?
[19:36] <Vrryl> no probs
[19:36] <GM_Erik> Yeah, you see him get hit.
[19:36] <GM_Erik> that's a cheap way to get out!
[19:37] <GM_Erik> you're supposed to hack and slash!
[19:37] <Mika_no_Krynn> But effective.
[19:37] <GM_Erik> yeah..
[19:37] <Vrryl> i'm a mage...
[19:37] <JessicaKnight> heh
[19:37] <GM_Erik> roll Gabe
[19:37] <Mika_no_Krynn> Eatting peanuts and playing Rifts... just like old days.
[19:37] <JessicaKnight> 14
[19:38] <GM_Erik> 22 damage.
[19:38] <JessicaKnight> gah
[19:39] <GM_Erik> roll save versus magic Gabe.
[19:39] <JessicaKnight> fuck
[19:39] <JessicaKnight> 1
[19:39] <JessicaKnight> that's teh 2nd 1 i've rolled tonight
[19:40] <Mika_no_Krynn> That's ok... I played NWN last night for about 2hrs and must have rolled about 50 1's.
[19:40] <JessicaKnight> heh
[19:40] <GM_Erik> nwn?
[19:40] <Mika_no_Krynn> Neverwinter Nights.
[19:40] <GM_Erik> ahh..
[19:41] <Mika_no_Krynn> The random die rollers are kinda screwy.  I also rolled 3 crits in a row at one time.
[19:41] <GM_Erik> heh
[19:42] <GM_Erik> hey Gabe, you're unable to do anything at the moment, except feel pain.
[19:42] <JessicaKnight> ugh
[19:43] <Mika_no_Krynn> No pain, no gain.
[19:43] <GM_Erik> you take 2 SDC damage from the fall
[19:43] <Vrryl> no flight, no fight
[19:43] <GM_Erik> (nice roll, huh?)
[19:44] <GM_Erik> ok, new round about to start.
[19:44] <Mika_no_Krynn> Must have landed on a mattress.
[19:44] <JessicaKnight> or my fat ass =P
[19:45] <Mika_no_Krynn> And then Vrryl nails'em with a sphere of annhilation!
[19:45] <Vrryl> if only it was instacast =(
[19:45] <GM_Erik> ok, roll initiative Brett
[19:45] <Mika_no_Krynn> Power Gaming 101!
[19:45] <Vrryl> 19
[19:46] <GM_Erik> and Mike
[19:46] <Mika_no_Krynn> 22
[19:46] <JessicaKnight> hmmm... mabuye I can make a cannon that shoots spheres of annhilation? or a gattling gun?
[19:46] <JessicaKnight> wouldn't that be fun?
[19:46] <GM_Erik> that's be a huge fricking gun
[19:47] <JessicaKnight> maybe we can mount it on our 'bot ^_^
[19:47] <GM_Erik> hey, the latest Rifter actually provided some TW creation rules.
[19:47] <Mika_no_Krynn> It'd be like the Macross Cannon of Rifts.
[19:47] <GM_Erik> (including PPE costs for various stages)
[19:47] <GM_Erik> I haven['t read it all yet, but it could be useful.
[19:47] <JessicaKnight> koo.. i'll have a looka t the latest one when i'm at rob's next
[19:48] <GM_Erik> Mike, your go!
[19:48] <Mika_no_Krynn> Wicked!
[19:48] <GM_Erik> oh yeah, Brett and Mike roll save versus magic.
[19:48] <Vrryl> i save
[19:48] <Mika_no_Krynn> I am gonna go help Vrryl...24
[19:48] <GM_Erik> what'd you roll? nat 20?
[19:49] <GM_Erik> Ok, do it Mike.
[19:49] <Vrryl> 19
[19:49] <GM_Erik> ok brett
[19:50] <GM_Erik> roll stuff Mike
[19:50] <GM_Erik> oh yeah, forgot this...
[19:50] <Mika_no_Krynn> 17 and 25, 23 and 23 damage.
[19:51] <GM_Erik> roll to save versus HF Mike.
[19:51] <Mika_no_Krynn> Oh FANTASTIC... nice of you to forget.
[19:51] <Mika_no_Krynn> 25
[19:51] <GM_Erik> well, you save.
[19:51] <GM_Erik> now you can roll monster/demon lore.  Brett can too.
[19:52] <Vrryl> 87/90
[19:52] <Mika_no_Krynn> 11 of 89.
[19:53] <GM_Erik> window for Mike
[19:53] <GM_Erik> I'm assuming this occurrence doesn't change Mika's attack strategy.
[19:54] <Mika_no_Krynn> no
[19:55] <GM_Erik> do you get a damage bonud for super evil Mike?
[19:55] <Mika_no_Krynn> I do?
[19:55] <Mika_no_Krynn> I was just using silver knives...
[19:55] <GM_Erik> oh, ok
[19:56] <GM_Erik> so, you know they do double damage, right? 1d6 to 2d6, then add PS bonus
[19:56] <Mika_no_Krynn> ok, then it is 25 and 29
[19:57] <GM_Erik> jeez
[19:57] <Mika_no_Krynn> wicked.
[19:58] <GM_Erik> Brett?
[19:58] <Vrryl> sec..
[19:59] <GM_Erik> hope its good.
[19:59] <Vrryl> hehe, not big... but i was considering wat to do
[19:59] <Mika_no_Krynn> Oh, did I get any PPE from that werewolf?
[19:59] <GM_Erik> its not dead.
[20:00] <Mika_no_Krynn> ok
[20:02] <GM_Erik> Mike?
[20:02] <Mika_no_Krynn> targeted deflect... 27
[20:02] <GM_Erik> dang
[20:02] <GM_Erik> where's it going?>
[20:02] <Mika_no_Krynn> Right back at him.
[20:03] <Mika_no_Krynn> Don't be a Vader-Hader!
[20:03] <GM_Erik> roll versus magic Mike.
[20:04] <Mika_no_Krynn> shitty...14
[20:04] <GM_Erik> uh oh
[20:05] <GM_Erik> Agony spell
[20:05] <Mika_no_Krynn> he really likes that one eh?
[20:05] <Mika_no_Krynn> let me know when it is over.
[20:06] <GM_Erik> ok
[20:06] <GM_Erik> I think that's one of the few tiems I got you with a spell
[20:07] <Mika_no_Krynn> This guy has powerful magic...
[20:07] <GM_Erik> Agony is -2 to save
[20:07] <Mika_no_Krynn> Still more powerful than the standard 12 to save.
[20:07] <GM_Erik> oh wait, no its not, you know what?
[20:07] <GM_Erik> you save.
[20:07] <GM_Erik> I was thinking of the other spell.....
[20:07] <Mika_no_Krynn> yeah!
[20:07] <Mika_no_Krynn> Cramps.
[20:08] <JessicaKnight> heheh that time of the month eh?
[20:08] <Mika_no_Krynn> must be
[20:08] <Mika_no_Krynn> Man, when someone 60 tall yells loudly, I'm sure that's pretty damn loud.
[20:09] <Mika_no_Krynn> I take it that werewolf is out of the picture.
[20:09] <GM_Erik> Adarok aren't magical.
[20:09] <GM_Erik> sorry, they're not magical creatures.
[20:09] <Mika_no_Krynn> No but they're freaking huge!
[20:09] <Mika_no_Krynn> I don't see the werewolf being able to move it's foot.
[20:10] <GM_Erik> no, probably not.
[20:11] <Mika_no_Krynn> You were thinking of that Mental Shock spell earlier.. the -2 to save... that's an awesome spell.
[20:12] <Mika_no_Krynn> Nope... sorry.  Mistake.
[20:12] <GM_Erik> actually I was thinking of another spell, but you guys saved earlier, o it didn't matter.
[20:12] <GM_Erik> Mike, you can go.
[20:12] <Mika_no_Krynn> Is there still a werewolf standing?
[20:12] <GM_Erik> yup.
[removed bad ascii text]
power going...
[20:29] <GM_Erik> magic net!
[20:29] <Vrryl> big net
[20:29] <Mika_no_Krynn> Against us?
[20:30] <GM_Erik> yup.
[20:30] <GM_Erik> what you do?
[20:30] <Mika_no_Krynn> Dodge.
[20:30] <GM_Erik> roll
[20:30] <Mika_no_Krynn> 30
[20:30] <GM_Erik> ack! spit
[20:31] <GM_Erik> brett?
[20:31] <Vrryl> dodge
[20:31] <Vrryl> bah, 7
[20:31] <Vrryl> OH,but he attacked me =(
[20:31] <GM_Erik> yup.
[20:32] <Vrryl> so nm... i'll just stand there and take the net
[20:32] <Vrryl> duh
[20:32] <Mika_no_Krynn> thought about dodging, but then reconsidered... too much effort.
[20:33] <Mika_no_Krynn> bummer...waste of a good roll.
[20:33] <Vrryl> ya
[20:33] <GM_Erik> hehhhe
[20:33] <GM_Erik> so what now?
[20:34] <GM_Erik> make a roll Mike
[20:34] <GM_Erik> for whatever, you quickly overtake.
[20:34] <Mika_no_Krynn> Natural 20 to tackle him.
[20:35] <GM_Erik> roll damage, punch damag
[20:35] <Mika_no_Krynn> Then I'll hit'em with Bio-Manip... paralyze.
[20:35] <GM_Erik> doubled.
[20:35] <Mika_no_Krynn> 28md
[20:36] <Mika_no_Krynn> nice... he's mdc... good.
[20:36] <Vrryl> ya, means we get to beat on him more
[20:37] <GM_Erik> hmm, to save against Mike's psi is 15
[20:37] <GM_Erik> oh wait, no, 14
[20:37] <Mika_no_Krynn> Well if he was SDC I would have just squished our prisoner into goo.
[20:37] <GM_Erik> hmm, he got 13...
[20:37] <Mika_no_Krynn> no... 15 like everything...
[20:37] <Mika_no_Krynn> Unless you are psi.
[20:38] <GM_Erik> remember, I'm using psi-strength raises at levels 4, 7, 11
[20:38] <GM_Erik> allows one psionic to be better than another.
[20:38] <Mika_no_Krynn> Ah... I see.  so I have a psi strength of 17?
[20:38] <Mika_no_Krynn> Kewl!
[20:38] <GM_Erik> against non-psi people, yeah.
[20:38] <Mika_no_Krynn> Wicked...
[20:38] <GM_Erik> what's paralze again?
[20:38] <GM_Erik> Gabe, you still there, you'll be back shortly.
[20:39] <JessicaKnight> yup.... just waiting for them to bash his brains in..
[20:39] <Mika_no_Krynn> It is a state where you can't move.
[20:39] <GM_Erik> whole body or half?
[20:39] <GM_Erik> ok, arms and legs.
[20:39] <GM_Erik> body
[20:40] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah.
[20:40] <Mika_no_Krynn> Now let's poke him with sticks!
[20:40] <GM_Erik> ok, save versus magic Mike
[20:40] <Mika_no_Krynn> 14
[20:41] <GM_Erik> dang
[20:41] <GM_Erik> you save
[20:41] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah!
[20:41] <GM_Erik> what do you do now?
[20:41] <Mika_no_Krynn> Drag him back to the group.
[20:41] <GM_Erik> ok
[20:41] <GM_Erik> roll save versus magic
[20:41] <Mika_no_Krynn> Then I will cast Force Bonds on him.
[20:41] <JessicaKnight> knock the fucker out
[20:41] <Mika_no_Krynn> 17
[20:41] <GM_Erik> ok
[20:42] <Mika_no_Krynn> I will try to KO this prick instead, first.
[20:42] <GM_Erik> why? what did he do?
[20:42] <Mika_no_Krynn> What's with the magic saves?  Is it not him?
[20:43] <Mika_no_Krynn> Ah... I see.
[20:43] <Mika_no_Krynn> Ok...
[20:43] <Mika_no_Krynn> Ah... I see even more.
[20:43] <Mika_no_Krynn> Those are worth lots o cash!
[20:43] <Vrryl> no shit!!
[20:43] <GM_Erik> nah, they are linked to a person
[20:43] <Vrryl> we've scored big =)
[20:43] <Vrryl> !
[20:43] <Vrryl> =(
[20:43] <Mika_no_Krynn> And we got both...
[20:44] <Mika_no_Krynn> We sell'em as a package deal.
[20:44] <GM_Erik> but let me check that.
[20:44] <JessicaKnight> bio technology?
[20:45] <GM_Erik> ok.
[20:45] <Vrryl> nah, i won't be selling dudes into slavery
[20:45] <GM_Erik> yeah, it is bio-wizardry, which is foul anyway.
[20:45] <Mika_no_Krynn> How kewl... we should sell them back to the Splugs... as a joke.
[20:45] <GM_Erik> but theorhetically, you could use it.
[20:45] <JessicaKnight> hahah
[20:45] <Mika_no_Krynn> With a note attached.
[20:45] <Vrryl> From your friendly, neighborhood, Ion Storm.
[20:46] <Mika_no_Krynn> Then we'd be famous.
[20:47] <Mika_no_Krynn> Ion Storm: Heroes... with a sense of humour.
[20:47] <Mika_no_Krynn> Our commercial slogan.
[20:47] <JessicaKnight> ok.. but if anyone asks, you're the Romero
[20:48] <GM_Erik> on Vrryl?
[20:52] <Vrryl> is the dude bound?
[20:52] <Mika_no_Krynn> Did I get that spell off GM?
[20:52] <GM_Erik> Mike bound his arms and hands.
[20:54] <Mika_no_Krynn> Kewl... more lunch.
[20:54] <JessicaKnight> you'll be full for a week!
[20:54] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yum... and you don't even get bloated off PPE!
[20:55] <JessicaKnight> low calories..
[20:55] <JessicaKnight> and low in saturated fat! the perfect diet food
[20:55] <GM_Erik> this guy only had 30
[20:55] <Mika_no_Krynn> All good.  Bummer.
[20:55] <GM_Erik> roll versus HF Gabe!
[20:56] <JessicaKnight> non natural 20
[20:56] <JessicaKnight> er sorry 21
[20:56] <GM_Erik> alright, you are not frightened by the giant creatures, but you are definitely stunned by their size.
[20:58] <Vrryl> look up
[20:58] <Vrryl> look waaaay up
[20:58] <Vrryl> it's the friendly giant
[20:58] <JessicaKnight> heh
[20:58] <Mika_no_Krynn> how true.
[20:58] <JessicaKnight> where's the chicken?
[20:59] <JessicaKnight> and the giraffe
[21:02] <Vrryl> bleh, i spoke that up to the Anarok.. i figured maybe he couldn't understand our tongue
[21:02] <GM_Erik> they were speaking Dragonese before.
[21:02] <Mika_no_Krynn> OH shit, the gorilla guy.  Better go back and get him.
[21:03] <GM_Erik> roll perception Mike
[21:03] <Mika_no_Krynn> 15
[21:04] <GM_Erik> hmm, Burger King
[21:04] <GM_Erik> 99 cent bacon cheeseburger
[21:04] <Mika_no_Krynn> Shuddap!  I want BK!  But I'd have to fly across the freaking ocean to go there.
[21:04] <JessicaKnight> their sourdough burgers kick ass
[21:05] <Mika_no_Krynn> Dude... bring me one when you come over. :P
[21:05] <JessicaKnight> hahah i'll see what I can do.. maybe they'll have on at the Van airport
[21:05] <GM_Erik> actually, I'm pretty sure they do, but I could be wrong.
[21:06] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah they do... I always eat there before flying here.
[21:06] <Mika_no_Krynn> The last good burger...
[21:06] <JessicaKnight> hahaha ok i'll grabe you a sourdough and a whopper.. just gotta remember to bring a thermal pack for it...
[removed bad ascii text]
almost, for that much.
[21:23] <JessicaKnight> heheh
[21:24] <Vrryl> mind control is the suck
[21:24] <GM_Erik> Adarok
[21:24] <Vrryl> i'll spot you the money sometime
[21:25] <Vrryl> oops, ya Adarok
[21:25] <Mika_no_Krynn> Anarok... big desert in the Forgotten Realms.
[21:25] <Mika_no_Krynn> The next expansion for NWN will feature it.
[21:25] <Vrryl> neat!
[21:25] <Vrryl> reminds me, you guys want to play again?
[21:26] <JessicaKnight> i'm koo with it
[21:26] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah, and they are adding 30 new feats, including great cleave!  Anytime is good for me.
[21:26] <JessicaKnight> in the expansion pack ^_^
[21:27] <Mika_no_Krynn> And 2 prestige classes... but they don't look so kewl.
[21:28] <Mika_no_Krynn> BTW, my Fighter/Rogue can use scrolls now... her Use Magic Device is high enough... any scroll too it would seem.
[21:29] <GM_Erik> You guys could probably camp in one of their closets.
[21:29] <Vrryl> great cleave'll kick ass
[21:29] <Mika_no_Krynn> You mean these guys actually have houses?
[21:30] <GM_Erik> 100 foot wingspan
[21:30] <Mika_no_Krynn> Like Jumbo Jets taking off.
[21:31] <GM_Erik> no, they don't have houses, it'd be cool if they did, huh?
[21:31] <Mika_no_Krynn> I was gonna say... that'd be one freaking large house.
[21:31] <GM_Erik> Always thought it would be cool to play one of these guys, if you could find the right environment, or a friend with a reduce size spell
[21:31] <JessicaKnight> damn
[21:32] <Mika_no_Krynn> I have reduce self.. but it makes you 6 inches.
[21:32] <Mika_no_Krynn> Doesn't last long either.
[21:32] <GM_Erik> yeah, that's self too though
[21:33] <GM_Erik> bathroom break.
[21:33] <GM_Erik> is it a good time for other breaks? like food etc..?
[21:34] <GM_Erik> dang, there's a bunch of beer in my fridge!
[21:34] <JessicaKnight> koo
[21:34] <JessicaKnight> food is good
[21:34] <Vrryl> ya, food good
[21:35] <GM_Erik> ok
[21:36] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah... I would like to run out to get some groceries quick... how long?
[21:36] <GM_Erik> till you get back I guess>
[21:36] <Mika_no_Krynn> Ok... probably 20mins then.  See ya soon.
[21:37] <GM_Erik> ok
[21:40] <GM_Erik> Hey brett
[21:41] <Vrryl> sup?
[21:41] <GM_Erik> In one of the two latest Rifters (I think #20 from October) They had a bunch of neat Nightbane Morphus Tables.
[21:42] <GM_Erik> From the characters we made before there was a couple that made me think of you in particular,
[21:42] <GM_Erik> One was a magical power table!
[21:43] <Vrryl> huh, that's kinda cool... i haven't even stopped by Sentry Box in ages. I'm running a Mage game on and off atm, but i'm out of the loop from games for most part
[21:44] <GM_Erik> Yeah, I still think about our barely started Calgary Nightbane game from time to time, thought of all sorts of Canadian setting information and stuff
[21:44] <Vrryl> ya, i don't have too much time these days to roleplay... which sucks monkey balls. But my programs keeping me busier than i like to be
[21:45] <Vrryl> i remember us doing that game... was really trippy
[21:45] <GM_Erik> That's what happens when you start doing stuff like that.  I know it, these days for sure, game knows it too.
[21:45] <GM_Erik> Um, Gabe knows it too.
[21:45] <GM_Erik> One of the things on that table was magical power, and had the nightbane surrounded by glowing magical energies, giving the nightbane like 2d4x10 extra PPE.
[21:46] <GM_Erik> of course, it made the nigthbane a more obvious target.
[21:46] <GM_Erik> Another was a magical book that the Nightbane had, which actually allowed him to cast certain spells, that was pretty cool.
[21:46] <GM_Erik> Another table was the 'fanboy' table, which basically had all the stuff I thought up to make Mike's character.
[21:47] <GM_Erik> we thought up.
[21:48] <Vrryl> we could run it again if peeps were interested... anything to get us rp'ing again i'm all for
[21:48] <GM_Erik> cool.
[21:48] <Vrryl> my favorite is still rifts tho, i wno't deny that
[21:49] <GM_Erik> I think Canada could actually be a really cool nightbane setting, in the ways that the political atmosphere is different from the U.S.
[21:49] <GM_Erik> The nightlords probably didn't try as hard as they did with the U.S.
[21:49] <GM_Erik> sool with Rifts.
[21:49] <GM_Erik> cool
[21:50] <GM_Erik> I wonder when your characters will get so good they'll be retired.
[21:51] <JessicaKnight> never!
[21:51] <JessicaKnight> we'll die first
[21:51] <GM_Erik> hah hah
[21:51] <GM_Erik> that can be arranged...
[21:52] <GM_Erik> Ok, I wonder when you characters will get so good it'll take me a year to think up a challenging adventure.
[21:54] <Vrryl> bah, it's nt about challenge... it's about the RP
[21:54] <GM_Erik> ah, yes.
[21:56] <JessicaKnight> it's about how much mayhen and destruction we can cause when we're not even supposed to cause anything!
[21:58] <GM_Erik> I do have a Jessica adventure in the works you know...
[21:58] <JessicaKnight> god forbid...
[21:58] <GM_Erik> post-Africa most likely
[21:59] <JessicaKnight> so that means I should try to kill myself at every possible turn so I can run those plans right? heh heh heh
[22:00] <GM_Erik> but what about your rifle?
[22:00] <JessicaKnight> some other poor soul will have to pick up that project ^_^
[22:05] <GM_Erik> jsut rereading the fight with War.  Like when Rob intercepted the flying mace with his sword so it wouldn't hit Jessica and Tibor.
[22:05] <GM_Erik> But then the Mount Carnage tried to eat Sir Arik.
[22:07] <GM_Erik> and Gabe still owes Tibor the imperv to energy conversion
[22:08] <JessicaKnight> hey.. all bets were null and void when he died.. ^_^
[22:09] <GM_Erik> nope, after he was back:
[22:09] <GM_Erik> [22:38] <JessicaKnight> awww crap, now I REALLY DO have to make him that imperv to energy item!!
[22:09] <GM_Erik> everybody heard that!
[22:12] <GM_Erik> uh oh, now Gabe's going to infect my computer to destroy the electronic file I have of that...
[22:12] <JessicaKnight> heh
[22:12] <JessicaKnight>
[22:12] <JessicaKnight>
[removed bad ascii text]
rik> well you know, 30,000 between levels takes awhile.
[22:26] <Vrryl> bah! nonsense =P
[22:26] <GM_Erik> think of how long it took to get from 1 to 6!
[22:27] <Mika_no_Krynn> Only a couple of years.
[22:27] <Mika_no_Krynn> But we didn't save the world then.
[22:27] <GM_Erik> of weekly playing
[22:28] <Mika_no_Krynn> But not in summer or around Christmas.
[22:28] <GM_Erik> true, not that we've done that lately either.
[22:28] <GM_Erik> ok.
[22:28] <Mika_no_Krynn> shall we then?
[22:31] <JessicaKnight> whhheee
[22:31] <GM_Erik> you ok?
[22:32] <Mika_no_Krynn> wee folk.
[22:32] <GM_Erik> ahh
[22:32] <Mika_no_Krynn> Wheee!  Whhheee!  Wheee!
[22:34] <GM_Erik> he has 800 MDC!
[22:35] <Vrryl> pfft, weak
Session Start: Sat Feb 08 22:45:49 2003
[22:45] *** Now talking in #riftsooc
[22:46] <GM_Erik> fuck
[22:46] *** JessicaKnight sets mode: +o GM_Erik
[22:46] <Vrryl> what does that sets mode thing do?
[22:46] <JessicaKnight> well good thing there's lots of scrolls
[22:46] <Mika_no_Krynn> You should have enough spells to get you through a single quest at a time... then we go back, rest, get paid, etc.
[22:46] <GM_Erik> sorry, my computer froze, so I had to shut down and restart.  And, of course, I had to wait for the windows check which takes forever with a large hard drive.
[22:47] <JessicaKnight> lets you do administrative stuff in the chan like kick people set bans, etc
[22:47] <Mika_no_Krynn> Let's you be Master-Dink.
[22:47] <Vrryl> gotcha... so we're all master dinks
[22:47] <JessicaKnight> want a demonstration?
[22:47] <GM_Erik> that's how I kicked people before.
[22:47] <Mika_no_Krynn> Remember when Erik booted that dude last week?
[22:47] * JessicaKnight grins evily
[22:48] <GM_Erik> its good to set it for everyone, because if only one person has it, and gets off (like I did), then noone has it, and we can't boot people off..
[22:49] <GM_Erik> I got lost right around the time the Adarok said they would deal with the gorillas.
[22:50] <GM_Erik> and said you could help if you wanted.
[22:50] <Mika_no_Krynn> Vrryl is gonna help heal the gorillas and Jessica is tending to her armor.
[22:50] <GM_Erik> Vrryl?
[22:50] <Mika_no_Krynn> He's got Holistic Med.
[22:51] <Mika_no_Krynn> He's like Dr. Quinn... but magical.
[22:51] <GM_Erik> no, just commenting on WHO volunteered.
[22:52] <Mika_no_Krynn> Why?  Is that weird? He's not a dink.
[22:52] <GM_Erik> He is a little selfish.
[22:53] <Mika_no_Krynn> Would Empathic Trans help to calm down the gorillas?
[22:53] <GM_Erik> it could.
[22:53] <Mika_no_Krynn> I'll do that then... I got lots of ISP and that is cheap.
[22:54] <GM_Erik> except when you link to them, THEY SUCK OUT YOUR BRAINS!
[22:54] <Mika_no_Krynn> Brains!  BRRRRAAAINNNS!
[22:55] <GM_Erik> Hey, I got Evil Dead 2 on DVD!
[22:56] <GM_Erik> Swallow your soul!
[22:56] <Mika_no_Krynn> Wicked!  How about Army of Darkness?
[22:56] <Mika_no_Krynn> The mod I am making for NWN is a tribute to Evil Dead and AoD... gonna take me a while though.
[22:56] <GM_Erik> I'm working on it.  I think I'll just try to order it online.  Up till now I've been looking in video stores.
[22:56] <GM_Erik> did you know Sam Raini did Evil Dead 2?
[22:57] <GM_Erik> I have the original Evil Dead on tape though! that was a find.
[22:58] <GM_Erik> Its so bad its hilarious, even though it wasn't meant to be.
[22:59] <GM_Erik> done typing.
[23:02] <GM_Erik> Jessica accidentally fires her rifle!
[23:03] <Mika_no_Krynn> tension breaker... had to be done.
[23:03] <JessicaKnight> heheh
[23:03] <JessicaKnight> I accidentally put a hole in erin tarn's head... oops
[23:03] <GM_Erik> sorry.. my bad...
[23:03] <GM_Erik> hoo hoo hoo
[23:03] <Vrryl> jaja
[23:03] <Vrryl> haha
[23:03] <Mika_no_Krynn> I would like to see the screaming undead... all they do is walk around screaming... the most annoying enemy EVER.
[23:03] <Vrryl> it's okay, i'm sure there are others around Jess
[23:03] <JessicaKnight> The valley where the Oni screams
[23:04] <GM_Erik> Uh uh, there are undead that want to complain about their life's problems!
[23:04] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah! heheh.
[23:04] <GM_Erik> those are the worst, prary I don't bring one of those someday
[23:04] <GM_Erik> pray
[23:05] <Mika_no_Krynn> Talk about your serious geological problems.
[23:05] <GM_Erik> I want to see those notes when you're done!
[23:06] <Mika_no_Krynn> Probably just the measurements of the chicks in the party... and accounting data.
[23:07] <Mika_no_Krynn> Everyone has a 'little' problem...
[23:07] <Mika_no_Krynn> Just like Tokyo has a little problem when Godzilla attacks.
[23:07] <Vrryl> ya, but just think... everyone elses little problem are our little experience points =)
[23:07] <Mika_no_Krynn> True... spoken like a real leader-type.
[23:08] <Vrryl> what's mika's ma?
[23:08] <Mika_no_Krynn> Uh... 26
[23:09] <GM_Erik> high elf
[23:09] <Mika_no_Krynn> She doesn't do drugs.
[23:09] <Mika_no_Krynn> usually.
[23:09] <Vrryl> should try dragon blood sometimes...
[23:09] <GM_Erik> no, her ma was a high elf.  her da was a crazy god
[23:09] <Mika_no_Krynn> He's a crazy foo!
[23:09] <Vrryl> i don't get it
[23:10] <GM_Erik> that's why she's so screwed up, drugs from her mother, insanity from her father. (her ma and her da)
[23:12] <Mika_no_Krynn> Hey, she's just a normal girl.  A high-elven demi-goddess mercenary with innate magical knowledge, trained as a psioinic assassin, and a PPE vampire... totally normal.
[23:12] <JessicaKnight> that happens to be a crackwhore.. hehe j/k
[23:12] <Mika_no_Krynn> PPE-whore.
[23:13] <JessicaKnight> crack, PPE, same diff ^_^
[23:13] <Mika_no_Krynn> It'S ALL GOOD.
[23:13] <GM_Erik> She was on the cover of PPE-whore magazine!
[23:13] <Vrryl> you mean Crackho mag don't ya?
[23:13] <Mika_no_Krynn> This is what the other kids tease Kyth about at school.
[23:14] <GM_Erik> dude, is it Kyth's mom? Hey yeah, it is!
[23:14] <JessicaKnight> at least your mom's not a hemraphrodite
[23:14] <JessicaKnight> you aren't
[23:14] <Mika_no_Krynn> True... she's not.
[23:14] <Mika_no_Krynn> She can change herself intoselo
[removed bad ascii text]
Krynn> Yeah, once we decide when we're heading out.
[23:28] <JessicaKnight> so there's water coming from a hole in a crack?
[23:28] <GM_Erik> I guess without the computer crash and the extended break we would have started the underground stuff, but it lets me make it cooler for next time.
[23:28] <JessicaKnight> this just gets beter all the time
[23:29] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah... don't want to start the underground then stop at the very beginning.
[23:30] <GM_Erik> ok, so we'll end the night with your characters.
[23:30] <Mika_no_Krynn> ok
[23:31] <GM_Erik> cool.
[23:32] <JessicaKnight> koo
[23:32] <Mika_no_Krynn> kewl.
[23:32] <JessicaKnight> hey Brett, Mike, did you guys wanna play some NWN?
[23:32] <Mika_no_Krynn> Sure.
[23:32] <Vrryl> i'm up for it... i have to reinstall the game tho, so may take a few
[23:32] <Mika_no_Krynn> Ok...
[23:32] <GM_Erik> ok, so next week?
[23:32] <JessicaKnight> next week I think is ok for me
[23:32] <Mika_no_Krynn> Next week sounds fine with me.
[23:32] <Mika_no_Krynn> Same as usual.
[23:32] <Vrryl> same bat time, same bat channel
[23:33] <GM_Erik> yuppo.
[23:33] <Mika_no_Krynn> This time there will actually be bats maybe.
[23:33] <GM_Erik> ooh, yeah.
[23:33] <Mika_no_Krynn> You gonna run the server Tux?
[23:33] <GM_Erik> giant... nevermind i said anything.
[23:33] <GM_Erik> later then!
[23:33] <Mika_no_Krynn> l8r
[23:34] <JessicaKnight> yeah... just long on whenever i'm trying to load the mod now
[23:34] <Vrryl> we going to log onto your server again gabe?
Session Close: Sat Feb 08 23:34:47 2003
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Horsemen of the Apocalypse 2 - OOC Chat Logs
Session Start: Sat Feb 15 16:25:22 2003
[16:25] *** Now talking in #RiftsOOC
[16:25] *** sets mode: +nt
[17:26] *** Mika_no_Krynn has joined #RiftsOOC
[17:27] <Mika_no_Krynn> Hoho... I'm not the last one here this time.
[17:33] *** GM_Erik sets mode: +o Mika_no_Krynn
[17:33] <GM_Erik> That's what I was thinking.
[17:34] <Mika_no_Krynn> Actually, where is everyone else.  Brett is online, but not here it would seem.
[17:34] <GM_Erik> dunno, I ICQ'd Brett and Gabe that we were on the same server as last time.
[17:35] <GM_Erik> Brett's ICQ status even changed 20 minutes ago, so I know he's there.
[17:37] <GM_Erik> there's a funny new show on Showtime.
[17:38] <GM_Erik> It's called Penn and Teller's Bullshit
[17:39] <Mika_no_Krynn> Strange... tried to make mp3s of the Two Tower's cd I just bought, but no sound came out.
[17:39] <GM_Erik> THey basically cover various forms of Bullshit and expose them.  Last week was UFO believers and people who claimed to have evidence of alien abductions.  This week was apocolpse nuts.
[17:40] <Mika_no_Krynn> Wicked... sounds like a cool show.
[17:40] <GM_Erik> Yeah, you've seen Penn and Teller right?  Imagine Penn showing footage with people and just debunking it in the background, pretty funny, and educational!
[17:44] <GM_Erik> we are on, right?
[17:45] <GM_Erik> yup
[17:46] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yes... well this sux, my lame-ass computer will not even recognize the lame-ass CD.  It is one of those enhanced CDs... that is the problem probably.
[17:46] *** Mika_no_Krynn has left #RiftsOOC
[17:46] *** Mika_no_Krynn has joined #RiftsOOC
[17:46] <Mika_no_Krynn> Hit the wrong button
[17:46] <GM_Erik> that blows, I know that sometimes you can't recognize the music files the same way on those CD's
[17:48] <GM_Erik> I ICQ'd them again
[17:52] <GM_Erik> Well, Daredevil started here yesterday.  I gotto go see that soon.  That and Shanghai Knights (sequel to Shanghai Noon).
[17:55] <Mika_no_Krynn> I wonder how that will be... Ben Afflek after all.
[17:56] <GM_Erik> yeah, well it looks cool at least.  And the super alter ego doesn't talk much anyway.
[17:57] <GM_Erik> Maybe I should try calling those guys.
[17:57] <Mika_no_Krynn> Maybe.
[17:58] <Mika_no_Krynn> I am gonna restart my machine... brb
[17:58] *** Mika_no_Krynn has quit IRC
[17:59] *** JessicaKnight has joined #RiftsOOC
[17:59] <JessicaKnight> re
[17:59] <GM_Erik> ah, there you are.
[17:59] <GM_Erik> Mike is restarting his comnputer.
[17:59] <JessicaKnight> yeah... was runnin a little late... was down south this aft
[18:00] <GM_Erik> quit mere seconds before you showed up.  Ah.
[18:00] <JessicaKnight> yeah I saw his ICQ go offline just as my monitor clicked on
[18:00] <GM_Erik> We're still wondering about Brett, I know he was at home at 5:15, since his ICQ showed signs of life, but haven't seen him either
[18:00] <JessicaKnight> hmm I jsut dropped him an ICQ....
[18:01] <JessicaKnight> I was actually down in his area dropping a friend off.. I should have banged on his door
[18:03] <GM_Erik> you got his phone numbah?
[18:06] <JessicaKnight> nope
[18:06] <JessicaKnight> br
[18:06] <JessicaKnight> b
[18:06] *** GM_Erik sets mode: +o JessicaKnight
[18:08] *** Mika_no_Krynn has joined #RiftsOOC
[18:08] <Mika_no_Krynn> Stupid, piece of shit enhanced cd.
[18:09] <GM_Erik> still no work, eh?
[18:09] <GM_Erik> gabe made it, don't know about Brett though
[18:09] <Mika_no_Krynn> Nope.  It screws up my cd drive too... won't read anything after I put it in.
[18:09] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah, I saw.
[18:12] <GM_Erik> you got Brett's number Mike?
[18:12] <Mika_no_Krynn> Why would I have it?  I live in Japan.
[18:12] <GM_Erik> just though I'd ask.  I don't either
[18:12] <Mika_no_Krynn> Gabe does though.
[18:13] <GM_Erik> nope
[18:14] <Mika_no_Krynn> That's strange... it hasn't changed since I was there last.
[18:14] <GM_Erik> not on directory either
[18:15] <GM_Erik> I've got it somewhere, but its been so long, its probably at home with my old disintigrating address book.
[18:15] <GM_Erik> should have thought to bring it in.
[18:16] <Mika_no_Krynn> yeah, I used to have it.  But I didn't bring it with me to Japan.
[18:16] <GM_Erik> I wonder if Gabe's brb meant he was driving to knock on Brett's door. heh
[18:20] <JessicaKnight> actually I had it
[18:20] <GM_Erik> bleh...
[18:20] <GM_Erik> oh!
[18:20] <JessicaKnight> I don't know where it went
[18:20] <GM_Erik> oh.
[18:21] *** JessicaKnight sets mode: +o Mika_no_Krynn
[18:21] <GM_Erik> ah.
[18:21] <GM_Erik> well..
[18:21] <JessicaKnight> let me see if I can find it
[18:21] <Mika_no_Krynn> Man, Daredevil didn't get very good reviews so far... big thing about casting Ben Afflek as the vigilante didn't sit right with people.
[18:22] <JessicaKnight> nope
[18:22] <JessicaKnight> yeah.... it's getting shaftex
[18:22] <JessicaKnight> er shafted
[18:22] <GM_Erik> ebert and roeper don't review it until tonight
[18:24] <Mika_no_Krynn> Well Daredevil is supposed to be a dark-mood kinda guy, but Afflek is the antithesis of that... big problem.  Not sure if I like the outfit either, they should have used something other than leather.
[18:25] <JessicaKnight> hmm...
[18:25] <JessicaKnight> hey I ran into Morning musume today
[18:25] <GM_Erik> yeah, I haven't seen the movie yet, but I was hoping they would offset the leather with the lighting, I figured that was probably the idea, so it would still look red by night
[18:25] <JessicaKnight> er digi musume ratehr
[18:26] <JessicaKnight> it's funny to see Katie serving coffee all chipper and genki
[18:26] <Mika_no_Krynn> Haha... funny.
[18:27] <JessicaKnight> apparently Vicky sent schneider a valentine with a coffee crisp addressed to "Dk.S"
[18:27] <Mika_no_Krynn> Wicked! LOL.
[18:27] <JessicaKnight> in her words, "I just dropped it off and ran!"
[18:29] <GM_Erik> hmm, wonder who that person is...
[18:29] *** Antipas has joined #RiftsOOC
[18:29] *** Antipas has left #RiftsOOC
[18:29] <GM_Erik> ok...
[18:29] *** JessicaKnight sets mode: +s
[18:29] *** Retrieving #RiftsOOC info...
[18:30] <GM_Erik> ahh, is that for secret?
[18:30] <JessicaKnight> yup
[18:30] <Mika_no_Krynn> Can you believe that in this information age we can't get a hold of a single freaking guy?
[18:30] <GM_Erik> Well, it is Brett.
[18:31] <GM_Erik> What's that mage power?  The one that makes it impossible to find information about or otherwise get ahold of someone?  Ahh, Obscurity
[18:31] <JessicaKnight> well if he'd answer CIQ...
[18:31] <JessicaKnight> er ICQ..
[18:31] <Mika_no_Krynn> In that way it is even worse... they guy has 2 comps set up so he can online game and chat at the same time.
[18:31] <GM_Erik> Is that why he lags behind sometimes?  I was wondering.
[18:31] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah, I know the one you are talking about.
[18:31] <Mika_no_Krynn> Could be.
[18:32] <JessicaKnight> hehe i found some EQ freaks at my office... and some NWN freaks as well
[18:33] <JessicaKnight> maybe I should introduce them to Brett
[18:33] <JessicaKnight> *yawn*
[18:33] <GM_Erik> fucking hotmail sucks so much these days.
[18:33] <JessicaKnight> oh, and I got the other Ravenloft mod.. the house of strahd one.. it is ridculous
[18:33] <Mika_no_Krynn> It is pretty mental... the number of freaking wolves is stupid.
[18:34] <JessicaKnight> fucking 32 x 32 maps.... too big.. take a centry to load.... and isn't very playable
[18:34] <JessicaKnight> yup
[18:34] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yep... the maps are too big considering they are mostly empty too.  Doesn't take very long to load for me though.
[18:34] <Mika_no_Krynn> I have stopped playing it... there are some real bugs in it I found.
[18:34] <JessicaKnight> well each area is probably about a 40 second load for me accross the network.. bit still
[18:35] <JessicaKnight> oh? I got up to the church and I was fed up with it
[18:35] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah, after that shit started to screw up for me... so I quit.  Playing a Paladin 2nd/ Cleric 11... rocking dude.
[18:36] <JessicaKnight> sweet... nice undead slayer
[18:36] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yep... especially with a Holy Avenger.
[18:36] <Mika_no_Krynn> Holy Avenger is only a level 5 magic item.
[18:37] <JessicaKnight> nice holy avenger blunt items like hammers
[18:37] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah... I made it a Holy Avenger Warhammer.
[18:37] <JessicaKnight> x3 crit... 19-20 threat range with improved crit
[18:37] <JessicaKnight> hehehe yeah nice.. I made one too.. called it the "Holy Shit Hammer" holy, +5 against undead, keen
[18:37] <GM_Erik> heh heh
[18:38] <GM_Erik> ok, well, ordinarily I'd say we could start.
[18:38] <Mika_no_Krynn> But?
[18:39] <GM_Erik> but, as you're going into the unknown, and it could (should) prove to be quite challenging...
[18:40] <GM_Erik> it could be a little too hard with only a couple people.
[18:40] <JessicaKnight> hmmm well let's just keep on here for a bit.. maybe Brett's running really late...
[18:40] <GM_Erik> ok, I bet he's sleeping
[18:40] <Mika_no_Krynn> But he was there just a hour ago.
[18:41] <JessicaKnight> heh sleeping or just went out for food
[18:41] <Mika_no_Krynn> Maybe... this would be a somewhat odd time to sleep for him though unless he just finished some project.  Now is prime gaming time for him.
[18:41] <JessicaKnight> true
[18:42] <JessicaKnight> oh hey, I got that new vid card.... I can finally play NWN at a decent res and have it run smooth
[18:43] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah... nice
[18:44] <GM_Erik> zzzz
[18:44] <JessicaKnight> I finally finished ghost recon as well
[18:45] <JessicaKnight> that is one hard fucking game
[18:46] <Mika_no_Krynn> Really?  I didn't think it was too bad... the worst one was that mission in the Caucasus with all the fucking Spetznaz dudes in the hills.
[18:46] <JessicaKnight> really? I found the urban missions to be brutal
[18:47] <Mika_no_Krynn> try 230-2443... for Brett.
[18:48] <Mika_no_Krynn> I didn't mind those too much... except when your guys did stupid shit.  I mostly just used a sniper, snuck around, and killed guys alone.
[18:49] <JessicaKnight> yeah that's hi #.. but he's not responding
[18:49] <Mika_no_Krynn> Must be out.
[18:50] <Mika_no_Krynn> Maybe he forgot what day it is.
[18:50] <JessicaKnight> probably
[18:51] <GM_Erik> I tired it a couple more times to see if extended ringing would produce a response.  No luck though.
[18:51] <JessicaKnight> yeah he's probably out
[18:52] <GM_Erik> dangit
[18:52] <Mika_no_Krynn> What?
[18:52] <Mika_no_Krynn> Ah.
[18:52] <GM_Erik> yeah
[18:53] <Mika_no_Krynn> Pretty lame.
[18:53] <JessicaKnight> bleh
[18:53] <JessicaKnight> fucking gas is 79.9 here... can you believe it
[18:53] <JessicaKnight> it was 68.9 today down south... freaking huge lines at th e pumps
[18:53] <Mika_no_Krynn> Hey, it is about 125 in Japan.
[18:54] <JessicaKnight> yeah but that's japan.. it's always freaking high..
[18:54] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yep, and they have highway toll fees and car taxes too.
[18:54] <GM_Erik> stupid Bush, fucking up the gas prices all over the world...
[18:55] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yep, wish they would just get this shit over with... I almost don't even care anymore.  North Korea is a much bigger issue anyways.
[18:55] <GM_Erik> That's for sure.
[18:55] <JessicaKnight> yeah totally..
[18:56] <JessicaKnight> there was some big peace rally downtown today..
[18:56] <Mika_no_Krynn> Can't stand North Korea... it is like they live in their own little universe.  A six year old with nukes.
[18:56] <JessicaKnight> fucking just give north korea some oil and wheat and be done with them...  that'll shut them up for the next 10 years
[18:56] <JessicaKnight> that's all they want anyways
[18:56] <Mika_no_Krynn> There were people marching around Osaka yesterday, not too many... I was at Subway... looked kinda silly they did.
[18:56] <JessicaKnight> hehe
[18:57] <GM_Erik> That's true too.
[18:57] <JessicaKnight> yeah and after 10 years, they'll be read for re-unification so then no one will have to give them shit, they'll be self sufficient
[18:58] <Mika_no_Krynn> I like how it is a big article today that people were protesting everywhere... something like 2 million around the world or so... not that big considering the hundreds of millions who don't care anymore.
[18:58] <GM_Erik> of course, most people in the U.S. know that it won't matter, because the president stopped caring about anyone a long time ago.
[18:58] <JessicaKnight> yup... even teh CNN website had a poll... last time I checked 68% of americans still were not in favour of war...
[18:59] <Mika_no_Krynn> I don't like NK will ever be self-sufficient... it is a hole-in-the-wall country that insists on maintaining a million-man army and a missile program.
[18:59] <JessicaKnight> as bad as CNN is for news... the damn propoganda machine
[18:59] <Mika_no_Krynn> I don't think...
[18:59] <Mika_no_Krynn> Someone has to be the propaganda machine.
[18:59] <Mika_no_Krynn> No one believes what the politicians say, so they just get CNN to say it for them.
[19:00] <JessicaKnight> yeah.. but S. Korea is already pouring hundreds of millions into N. Korea for development.... and teh special economic zone in N. korea is getting a lot of attention.... depends how it goes in the next 4 years, but it is possible..
[19:00] <JessicaKnight> hehe... that's true
[19:00] <Mika_no_Krynn> So are we just gonna sit on this channel all day or what?
[19:00] <JessicaKnight> dunno
[19:01] <GM_Erik> actually, the detailed polls show that American's would support war, but only if it wa a UN endeavor.  It seems the country has finally realized that UN support is a good thing for armed conflicts.
[19:01] <GM_Erik> without support, or with only one or two allies, most american's still don't support it.
[19:01] <GM_Erik> anyway.
[19:01] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah... I read that too.
[19:01] <JessicaKnight> Even Blair took a step back from sucking Bush's cock today
[19:01] <GM_Erik> haha
[19:01] <GM_Erik> how so?
[19:01] <JessicaKnight> what was teh quote...
[19:02] <Mika_no_Krynn> Germany and France are freaking out too... they screwed themselves with taking a firm anti-war stance.  The rest of Europe would just as soon attack Iraq for national interests.
[19:02] <GM_Erik> Belgium and Russia signed on against the war too now.
[19:02] <JessicaKnight> Mr. Blair said, though, that he still believed there is a chance for the crisis to be resolved without war. UN weapons inspectors would be given more time, he said, but he added that he found Iraq's recent concessions "suspect."
[19:02] <Mika_no_Krynn> They are scared that they won't be the centre of Europe anymore.
[19:03] <Mika_no_Krynn> Belgium... who cares.  And Russia doesn't want the US to go in and occupy Iraq cuz then the US would have even more influence over the price of oil, which is Russia's big money maker.
[19:03] <JessicaKnight> even the Saudi King said that after US is doen in Iraq they must get their forces out os Saudi Arabia
[19:04] <GM_Erik> That's because everybody hates GW Bush, regardless of whether they agree with him or not.
[19:04] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah, that is good for them.  They are doing that so that they can kick out all the religious nuts in their government and start making some real advances.
[19:05] <Mika_no_Krynn> Independence from the US is a sign to the religious nuts that the new government can  be trusted.
[19:05] <JessicaKnight> heh I don't think they ahte Bush.. teh Saudi royal family and the Bush family are actually partners in quite a few oil ventures around the world.. wells, pipelines, etc
[19:05] <JessicaKnight> the Saudis are just appeasing some groups back home
[19:05] <Mika_no_Krynn> Just cuz you are business partners doesn't mean you are friends.
[19:05] <GM_Erik> GW Bush has actually lost money in mostly every oil endeavor he's been a part of.
[19:06] <Mika_no_Krynn> Hate is maybe a strong word... dislike would be better.
[19:06] <GM_Erik> I bet they might like the Dad, etc.., but they know the junior's an idiot.
[19:06] <JessicaKnight> heh true
[19:07] <GM_Erik> alright, well shall we get back to other things in our lives?
[19:07] <JessicaKnight> heh... one of the funniest things I found was the thei grandfather actually had assets seized for giving money to a German company back in the 30's and 40's that had ties with Hitler
[19:07] <GM_Erik> nice.  I'm not at all suprised.
[19:08] <Mika_no_Krynn> Not surprising... almost every company in the 30's had ties with Hitler... part of being in a Totalitarian state.
[19:08] <Mika_no_Krynn> German company that is.
[19:08] <JessicaKnight> hmmm true
[19:08] <JessicaKnight> if der Furher told you to do something.. you did it
[19:09] <Mika_no_Krynn> I like recently how that senator said he still believed that the internment of the Japanese was the right decision at the time... it was in order to 'protect' them from other Americans.
[19:09] <JessicaKnight> hahah
[19:09] <JessicaKnight> nice..
[19:10] <Mika_no_Krynn> Sounds like something someones dad would say... "In my day, if da Furher told you to do something... you did it.  No questions asked."
[19:10] <GM_Erik> was that out proud head of congress who stepped down for other racist rmarks?
[19:10] <GM_Erik> uh, our proud head of congress, and remarks.
[19:10] <JessicaKnight> or that one senator that was a draft dodger, calling another senator that has lost both of his legs and one arm in vietnam "Unpatrotic" because he was hesistant at some of the homeland defense bills
[19:11] <GM_Erik> ahh
[19:11] <Mika_no_Krynn> No... some other dude.  He was responding to some idiot's question about interning Arab-Americans.  The senator said that would be a bad idea... but then he realized that he may be saying Roosevelts's decision was bad too, so he tried to make some excuses.
[19:12] <JessicaKnight> ahh
[19:12] <Mika_no_Krynn> Cuz it would be bad to call a former prez's decisions bad, now wouldn't it.  Even though the dude has been dead for over 50 years.
[19:14] <JessicaKnight> brb.. laundry
[19:16] <GM_Erik> alright.
[19:16] <Mika_no_Krynn> Just thinking about that things dads would say.  It is funny now how we kinda lose scope of everything, the media hypes up little shit.  Like now people are thinking, 'Man, we don't want to go and fight the Iraqi's cuz someone might die.'  Their dad might say, "Hell, the Iraqi's are nothing... I had to fight the Vietnamese in the freaking jungles!"
[19:16] <GM_Erik> heh heh
[19:16] <GM_Erik> true enough
[19:16] <Mika_no_Krynn> Then that guy's dad would say, "You are both idiots, I had to fight the Japanese and the Germans!  They took over half the world in a couple of months."
[19:17] <GM_Erik> "And we actually has to use guns!
[19:17] <GM_Erik> "ANd when the bullets ran out, we had to use our knives!
[19:17] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yep, guns and infantry... and you even had to see your enemy.  There was a chance you could get shot.
[19:17] <JessicaKnight> heh
[19:18] <GM_Erik> "THey weren't hunger deprived either.
[19:18] <Mika_no_Krynn> Nope, and they had really good generals... better than our guys.  And good gear, better than ours... but did we whine?  Nope, just kept shootin!
[19:19] <JessicaKnight> bleh.. I think Brett is a write off
[19:19] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah... I don't know what the hell he is thinking today.
[19:20] <GM_Erik> agreed
[19:20] <JessicaKnight> ahh well.. next week I guess....
[19:20] <JessicaKnight> NWN mike?
[19:20] <GM_Erik> yeah, at least the adventure is ready
[19:20] <GM_Erik> I'll catch you gamers later then.
[19:20] <Mika_no_Krynn> Sure... let's do that.  I may not be able to play next Sunday though.
[19:20] <JessicaKnight> latah
[19:21] <GM_Erik> ok.
[19:21] <JessicaKnight> koo
[19:21] <Mika_no_Krynn> I will keep you posted though.
[19:21] <GM_Erik> Cool, I'll send out an email too at some point.
[19:21] <Mika_no_Krynn> Two Towers comes out here next Sat.
[19:21] <JessicaKnight> i'll see if schneider wants to play
[19:21] <JessicaKnight> nice
[19:21] <Mika_no_Krynn> Fucking dumb-ass Japan!
[19:21] <GM_Erik> heh
[19:21] <GM_Erik> Later!
[19:21] <Mika_no_Krynn> l8r
Session Close: Sat Feb 15 19:21:46 2003
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Horsemen of the Apocalypse 2 - OOC Chat Logs
Session Start: Sat Feb 22 16:35:02 2003
[16:35] *** Now talking in #RiftsOOC
[16:35] *** sets mode: +nt
[16:36] *** Retrieving #RiftsOOC info...
[16:36] *** GM_Erik sets mode: +s
[17:35] *** Vrryl has joined #RiftsOOC
[17:38] *** GM_Erik sets mode: +o Vrryl
[17:39] *** Mika_no_Krynn has joined #RiftsOOC
[17:39] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yo... Gabe is not playing today, you know?
[17:40] <Vrryl> hey guys.. have to afk here for a min. mom needs to use the computer to checkemail
[17:40] <GM_Erik> that sucks.
[17:40] <Mika_no_Krynn> ok... thought you had 2 comps.
[17:40] <Vrryl> i do.. but one chair =P
[17:40] <GM_Erik> I  mean Gabe not being here
[17:40] <Mika_no_Krynn> That sux.
[17:41] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah, he sent me an ICQ about 20 mins ago.
[17:42] <Mika_no_Krynn> Oh in regards to getting more players if you wanted to ask her, you could ask Debbie.  She has an ADSL connection now.
[17:42] <GM_Erik> ok
[17:43] <GM_Erik> I was also going to ask you guys if it was ok for me to ask a friend from home to see if he was interested.
[17:43] <Mika_no_Krynn> I am not sure about her work schedule though, she works weird hours a lot on weekends it would seem.
[17:43] <GM_Erik> Brett's met him before on the mud I used to play
[17:43] <Mika_no_Krynn> Actually she is on ICQ right now... look up  the nick Zando.
[17:43] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah, sure.
[17:43] <Mika_no_Krynn> No worries here... invite him.
[17:43] <GM_Erik> She found me the other day, I've been waiting for authorization since.
[17:44] <GM_Erik> I think my ICQ is screwy because of the firewalls here or something, it has lots of cnnection problems.
[17:44] <Mika_no_Krynn> Try now... looks like she is there.  Re-send your authorization request, sometimes it gets ignored.
[17:45] <GM_Erik> if we do anything, I'll be a slow typer tonight.  Wacked my hand earlier on a table and sprained my middle finger.
[17:45] <GM_Erik> really hard to type.
[17:45] <Mika_no_Krynn> Nice one... must have been a really good wack.
[17:46] <GM_Erik> yeah
[17:46] <Mika_no_Krynn> Well the obvious alternative to Rifts would be Heroes with just Brett and I.
[17:47] <GM_Erik> that's true
[17:47] <GM_Erik> now I have to remember what we were doing.
[17:47] <Mika_no_Krynn> We just took care of the Mime situation in the bank.
[17:47] <GM_Erik> oh yeah
[17:48] <Mika_no_Krynn> And I was still investigating my lack of funds.
[17:50] <GM_Erik> yeah, that's a funnmy one.
[17:50] *** GM_Erik sets mode: +o Mika_no_Krynn
[17:51] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah, real funny guy.
[17:51] <Mika_no_Krynn> Saw 2 Towers yesterday at last... fucking wicked.
[17:52] <GM_Erik> nice.
[17:52] <GM_Erik> I was looking forward to the ents, they looked really cool huh
[17:52] <Mika_no_Krynn> Some great lines in that movie. Yeah that was wicked at the end when they kicked the shit out of Isengard.
[17:53] <Mika_no_Krynn> One awesome line, by Treebeard, "Well that doesn't make any sense to me, but you ARE very small... so maybe you're right."
[17:53] <GM_Erik> yeah, that was cool
[17:53] <Mika_no_Krynn> Gimli and Legolas were awesome.
[17:54] <GM_Erik> can't wait for the third one when everything goes down.
[17:54] <Mika_no_Krynn> No kidding, that is going to be one massive freaking battle movie.
[17:54] <GM_Erik> yeah, they've gotta get the sword too
[17:55] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yep, there is quite a bit.  Eowyn will be doing stuff in that one too.
[17:55] <GM_Erik> yeah
[17:56] <GM_Erik> I wonder if they'll make it obvious who she is when pretending to be a soldier
[17:56] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah, not sure... fuck should be wicked though when she fights the Nazgul Lord.
[18:02] <GM_Erik> so how long are you in Japan again?
[18:03] <Mika_no_Krynn> at least another 2.5 years.
[18:03] <GM_Erik> wow
[18:03] <Mika_no_Krynn> No reason to come home... money is too good and I live 10mins from the beach.
[18:03] <GM_Erik> heh heh
[18:03] <GM_Erik> living near the beach is nice
[18:03] <Mika_no_Krynn> I also do not pay taxes here... big bonus.
[18:05] <GM_Erik> why is that?
[18:05] <Vrryl> back.. sorry about that. My mom isn't the fastest typer in the world ;)
[18:06] <Mika_no_Krynn> That's ok neither is Mr. Busted-finger.
[18:06] <GM_Erik> that's me
[18:06] <GM_Erik> so, instead of making you read the whole dialogue Mike abnd I just had...
[18:06] <GM_Erik> Since Gabe isn't here.
[18:06] <GM_Erik> maybe we should do Heroes.
[18:07] <GM_Erik> I just wish we weren't at a specific point in the story of Rifts where we need at least three people.
[18:08] <Vrryl> ya, ok.. i can grab my heros stuff
[18:08] <Mika_no_Krynn> No kidding... kinda a pain to be stuck at this one point.
[18:09] <GM_Erik> I dont really want to tone it down and make it too easy, not after leading up to it.  and while two people might be able to do it based on what you do, there's an equal chance you might not.
[18:10] <GM_Erik> gotta get HU stuff
[18:11] <Mika_no_Krynn> Then we run away.
[18:11] <GM_Erik> you really want to wus out because Jessica gets a sudden case of claustrophobia?
[18:12] <GM_Erik> what about your reps?
[18:13] <Mika_no_Krynn> If there are only 3 of us are reps are secure.
[18:16] <Vrryl> back
[18:17] <Mika_no_Krynn> Me too.
[18:18] <GM_Erik> let me think a bit here.
[18:18] <Mika_no_Krynn> Don't sprain your brain!
[18:20] <Mika_no_Krynn> Made up a pretty humours NWN char last night... Crazy Ivan Killuinaditch.  Half-Orc barbarian, 8 int, 6 cha... tough dude.  Gave him the maniac psychotic voice set too...
[18:20] <Mika_no_Krynn> Everyone goes around addressing him as Crazy Ivan... funny shit.
[18:21] <Vrryl> haha, that is pretty cool
[18:22] <Mika_no_Krynn> Was just playing through the prelude, kinda weird that they would entrust the quests to a guy called Crazy Ivan who cannot even speak properly.
[18:24] <Vrryl> ya, always was impressed the types of personalities they'd entrust the future of their kingdom to
[18:24] <Mika_no_Krynn> Made up another char recently... Karly the Narly.  Elven ranger type.
[18:25] <Mika_no_Krynn> I guess they screwed up in the book though, they say that a rapier counts as a small weapon for dual weapon fighting... but it does not.
[18:28] <GM_Erik> ok, you guys want to use HUOOC and HUIC?
[18:29] <Vrryl> doesn't really mater
[18:29] <Vrryl> we know what game we're playing
[18:29] <GM_Erik> well, so when I look stuff up later it'll have the right file name.
[18:30] <Mika_no_Krynn> OK... sure.
[18:30] <Vrryl> change the file name /shrug
[18:30] <GM_Erik> ok, well won't bother then.
[18:30] <Mika_no_Krynn> Like it is so hard for us to enter a new channel.
[18:30] *** Vrryl has left #RiftsOOC
[18:30] <GM_Erik> alright, I'm already there
[18:31] *** Mika_no_Krynn has left #RiftsOOC
Session Close: Sat Feb 22 18:31:45 2003