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Zil'esh (Part 1)
Sophes leaves one morning without notice, and a couple adventurers were sent to Sarum with a letter asking them to be allowed to stay in Sarum for awhile.  They were Dhugal Cochrane, a Star Child from Northern Scotland, and a Knight.  Later, you learned that the Knight wasn’t all he was cracked up to be, for a Crazy calling himself ‘The Laughing Bandit’ from Germany came and extracted vengeance upon him for destroying his home town near the NGR.  The Star Child soon became a valued member of the group, though.

Searching the room of the dead knight revealed that he was working in connection with someone named Zil’esh to subvert and take over the village of Sarum.  They decided to deliver a package that was supposed to go to Zil’esh to a location east of Stonehenge.  On the way, a group of Ghost Knights commandeered the package from Michael.  Tracking the knights, the group discovered that they were actually working for Zil’esh.  Otherwise, the group was uncertain of this Zil’esh character and his goals.

During this time, Sophes went on a side adventure.  He received a message that a Chiang-Ku dragon was nearby, so he went to seek it out.  He found a rag and bauble-laden ogre in the area who offers him what he wants if he does the ogre a favor.  The favor was to rid a village of an evil necromancer turning people into his servants.  Opon completion, the ogre became a dragon, and rewarded Sophes with a new tattoo.  What Sophes did not know was that the dragon was actually Vrryl in disguise.

Soon after Sophes returned, the group went with Craig Crinfield the Brave of New Camelot to go to the Nog Henge Tree to talk to the Druids there (a groiup secretly composed of Chiang-Ku dragons) and inform them of occurrences as of late (including the encounter with Zil’esh and the Ghost Knights).  Their secondary objective is to bring back any information the village members may have.  On the way, they had a great many adventures, including the rescue of a woman claiming to be Erin Tarn from some attacking Dabugghs.  Tracking the Dabugghs to the village of Cuernon (east of Arbor Lowe), they discover a multitude of statues with small horns on their head in the town.  They learn that a Basilisk has taken up residence nearby and has been petrifying the humanoid D-Bees that reside in the town.  Defeating the Basilisk, the town celebrates their victory, though the Laughing Bandit disappeared and was not heard from again.

The villagers inform them that the Dabugghs are apparently from Balfarg and are on their way back there.  However, they also learn that the Dabugghs are planning to go somewhere east of Arbor Lowe, where they plan to sell their prisoners (including Erin Tarn’s traveling companions).  Using a locate scroll given to them by the Druid of the town, they track down the Dabugghs only to learn that the prisoners have already been sold.  While going to save her friends, they managed to save several people from Splugorth Slavers, including a dragon hatchling named Kaine and a psychic supernatural being named Mika.  Kaine was a young Great Horned Dragon who really hadn’t seen much of the world yet.  Mika was a demigoddess and a daughter of Loki and an Asgardian elf.  She had been betrayed to the Slavers by her father after she refused an assassination mission.  Of course, he drugged her first, and as she was falling unconscious, he chastised and mocked her, belittling her in comparison to an unknown tall red-haired man that he also referred to as his child.  Mika did not reveal her background to the group at this time.  Unfortunately, Michael Weber died during the battle with the Slavers, but it seemed to be what he wanted anyway.  Both decided to accompany the group on their travels for the time being.

The prisoners thanked then heartily for the rescue, but claim to have never known ‘Erin’ before; the only time they ever saw her was for some brief minutes while the Dabugghs were trying to capture her.  Initially confused and resistant, they learn that she is not actually Erin Tarn.  She turns out to be a poor traumatized woman who looked so much like Erin Tarn that she retreated into the personality to avoid her past trauma.  In that fantasy world, she is resourceful, heroic, and brave, and not some tragic, unrecognized (7th level) scholar (named Shiela Doe) who was unable to save her friends and colleagues from dimensional raiders who raped and tortured her and slew her comrades before her very eyes.  They later find her a safe place to go and continue on their journey.

While they group dealt with ‘Erin’, and the slavers, Craig and Sophes went off to get information on some terrorism in the area.  They saved a Nog Henge Druid from being tortured by some ghost nights and a Supreme Nexus Knight.

The characters, of course, would have heard of the mysterious Nog Henge Druids, the tattooed protectors of Man and Faerie.  Keeping to themselves, they appear at times of need to help people with warnings, healing, physical labor, and even combat.  Arriving at Nog Henge, they deliver the information about the plot to subvert Old Sarum to a female druid.  She recommends a Special Forces power-armor pilot named Glorfindel to accompany them to help them with their tasks.  While talking with this druid, Dhugal recognizes the pendant she is wearing as one that belonged to his mentor-father-figure that disappeared years ago.  Questioning her about it, he learns that he came into this area years ago and died shortly after his arrival due to extensive wounds.  Before he died, he bequeathed the pendant to Dhugal Cochrane and said that Dhugal would need to talk to his mother.  While the group heads north to Orkney, Craig and Sophes return to Sarum to announce that they delivered the message safely.

Defeating some Peyrtons along the way, the traveled across the strait into Scotland.  Unfortunately, Bres the Beautiful (the evil celtic god) saw them and with his fomori minions captured Dhugal and Mika.  The rest of the group found a nearby village to regroup and learned that everyone in the village were super-powered scottish highlanders like the wilderness scout they met a while back.  Enlisting some aid, they helped to free their companions.  After an encounter with dangerous faerie folk, they managed to arrive in Orkney.  Dhugal’s mother gives him a box and from the information inside they discovered that Zil’esh had destroyed towns in the past, and may be planning to do so with Old Sarum.  Vrryl also learned that an associate of Zil’esh in this matter was another Temporal Wizard that learned under his master, a tall red-haired fellow that he didn’t really know, but did dislike.  Interestingly, Mika also recognized this character as the man that was present during the falling out with her father.  Vrryl and Mika did not share what they knew about the red-haired man with others or each other at this time.

On their travels back to Sarum, Glorfindel disappeared from a village.  Learning of abductions by strange lights, they rescued him from some non-corporeal psionic entities deep inside a Maxpary den.  Returning to Sarum, new members joined their group at Srum, including a human techno-wizard named Jessica, a Wolven knight named Tibor, and a full-conversion Cyborg named Byron.  Sophes, however, had returned to his travels, leaving the group.

After their return to Sarum, a member (members?) of the group received a mental message asking for help.  This voice claims it has been trapped for many years in a pre-Rifts facility and wants help getting out.  The group heads to the Well of Wisdom to ask for information on this facility and learn that it now exists on a small island of the southwest coats in what used to be Cornwall.  The entrance to the facility was underwater and getting some help from a local dolphin (on the advice of the people in Faerievale), they get to the entrance (after defeating a supernatural 3-headed eel creature.  Most of the former base was in ruins, but they discover an elven ley-line walker named Turcan who was trapped and mentally linked into the machinery.  They freed him and Jessica salvaged some of the technology from the BIMCIP facility, some of which had schematics for mental linkages with technology.

At some point, the group briefly traveled to Germany to sell some of the Ghost Knights’ bionic horses (to avoid notice in England) as well as the technology salvaged from the BIMCP facility (since no one in England would want it).  These funds helped to grow their company.

While in Faerievale, Vrryl ate some magical faerie-enchanted pears, and unknowingly created a doppleganger of himself.  This doppleganger gathered together some look-alikes for their group (an Elven barmaid, an Ogre in TW armor, a bounty hunter in Terrain Hopper armor, and a man who could turn into metal) and caused trouble in the surrounding lands.  Several days later, some Nexus Knights and Ghost Knights arrived in Sarum and demanded the surrender of the group.  They pled their case in New Camelot and managed to get free in order to prove their innocence.  The doppleganger was insane and wanted to kill Vrryl in order to secure his permanent existence.  They defeated the group, though several of the look-alikes simply ran away.

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