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Wormwood and Avalon

While Vrryl, Mika, Jessica, Glorfindel, and Byron were dealing with the doppleganger, the dragon hatchling and Dhugal got sucked into a dimensional rift and were transported to the living planet known as Wormwood.  They tumble out of a Rift just as a local human (Steve the thief) was running from a Demon Recon Squad.  After vanquishing the demons, the travel to a community under siege by demon bandits.  They also meet Zak the monk and stay to help the town (not really having anywhere else to go).

Back in Rifts England, the group was pardoned by the King and invited to stay the night in New Camelot to celebrate.  While wandering the city that night, Vrryl, Mika, Jessica, Tibor, and Glorfindel heard a cry for help from an alleyway and found a Boschala attacking a woman (secretly a Nexus Knight transformed by magic).  Unfortunately, it was a trap and the group fell into a dimensional doorway that opened under their feet.  Vrryl managed to not get caught, but chose to go through after the rest of the group did.  Arriving in a strange world, they defeated the Boschala and find the nearby village the dragon hatchling and Dhugal were in.

The group sets to reinforce and defend the town.  Learning of an ancient “vehicle” nearby, they investigate and discover an Orb which Zak could pilot and use to defend the area.  After defending the town from demon bandits, creating more defenses, getting supplies and reinforcements from the Resin Mountains, and activating the Orb, they manage to set up a new beacon of Light on Wormwood.  The dragon hatchling decided to stay to help defend this area, while Vrryl, Mika, Jessica, Tibor, Dhugal, and Glorfindel traveled to the Worldgate in order to try and get home.  After a grumpy exchange with a staff member, they enter into the Rift to head back to England.

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Wormwood and Avalon

Instead of arriving in a familiar location, the group found themselves in a strange dimension made entirely of crystal which appeared to stretch to infinity, but through which they could travel.  Figuring out how to break the crystal, they destroyed the realm they were in and freed themselves.  Suddenly, they found themselves back in England adjacent to Stonehenge, and they also learn that they freed an old man from that crystal dimension.  They also quickly learn that this is not the Stonehenge they no, nor are they the same.

They have been transported to England in a different dimension, that of After the Bomb, which is an SDC world with lower magic potential primarily populated by mutant animals.  The old man also explained to Vrryl that because of instabilities associated with their presence in this dimension, he also altered their forms through magic to be appropriate.  Glorfindel was a humanoid hare, Dhugal a humanoid falcon, Mika a humanoid vixen, Vrryl a humanoid lizard, Jessica a small humanoid swallow, and Tibor was unchanged.  The man suggested that if they head to Glasenbry and assist the kingdom of the West Country, that he may assist them in returning home.  Vrryl realizes soon after that their dimension appears to be ‘locked’ – a situation he has never heard of before.

As they arrived in Glasenbry, word spread about the strange travelers with odd accents and strange equipment.  Luckily they had precious metals to trade for room and board, though they were also able to use magic in order to earn more money and support themselves.  After a couple days, Lord Harcout, one of the largest military advisors to the court sends a messenger asking for them to appear before him on a matter of importance.  They learn that the country is currently without a king, and due to that troops from hostile neighbors have been amassing at the border looking for signs of weakness.  At his request, they headed to the border to investigate the situation.  They had numerous encounters on the way, including ones with SAECSN humans trying to kill all the mutant animals and one with a charming red fox highwayman.  They rescued the previous scouts that had been captured by the enemy and learned that Brock, a guide sent to help them, was an informant for the enemy.  Returning to the capital, they were rewarded by Lord Harcourt.

Back in town, the group set up a bar for additional income.  Using magic and their various performance skills, they made a decent living waiting for their opportunity to get home.  One of the waitresses (a mutant cat named Cathy) took a strong interest in Tibor.  Also during this time, Mika had a strange adventure with mutant falcons from outer space (see below).

Weeks later, they were asked for help again by the courts.  The West Country was in negotiations with the North Country and in order to unify them diplomatically Prince Guy of the North Country will marry Princess Genaever of the West Country.  Anticipating that their enemies would attempt to kill Guy on his trip south, the group was asked to escort Guy, and his squire Arthur, to the West Country.  They were all disguised as traveling bards and there was a larger decoy group.  The group was warned to be cautious as their route was almost entirely through enemy territory.  While traveling, they learned that the decoy group was destroyed.  Following this, encounters with numerous mercenaries attempting to kill Guy increased dramatically.  They left the roads in order to decrease the number of attacks, and despite more encounters with SAECSN humans, dangerous mercenaries, and other things, they arrived back in the West Country.

Following this, they were allowed to be present at a ceremony to see if Guy would be the true King of the West Country.  The true King would be able to open a pre-Crash door with his hand print (biometric scans).  It didn’t open for anyone until Guy’s squire, Arthur, attempted it last.  The room opened to a pre-Crash military complex with weaponry and vehicles.  In the crowd, the group saw the man from the crystal dimension who turned them all into animals.  Arthur is subsequently married to Genaever, crowned King, and they learned the old man was Merlin.

A month passed, and the group learned that Arthur was the true King by lineage as well, having been taken from the West Country as a babe.  Arthur summoned the group and confessed his worries about an invasion force of SAECSN humans to the east.  The group is sent to Wales to ask its leader, his half-sister Morgana, for aid.  Morgana asked them numerous questions about Arthur before ambushing them with her minions.  The surprise attack combined with their extensive magic and psionics subdued the characters and they were imprisoned in the dungeon.  They escaped the dungeon and also freed numerous prisoners, including several druids and a certain red fox who they had encountered previously.  He introduced himself as Daniel and was an asset to their escape.  They returned to the West Country where Arthur was disappointed in Morgana, but was more concerned with the SAECSN army to the east.

Days passed.  Daniel hung around a lot and expressed clear interest in Mika, where the interest was apparently mutual.  Arthur summoned the group again and, needing to recruit allies for the upcoming conflict, asked the group to accompany him personally to the Midlands to convince King Bran to commit to the fight.  Daniel accompanied them as well.  When they arrived, they learn the country was about the start their annual Tournament to decide their King.  Bran was expected to win again, but in the meantime was not King.  During the tournament, Bran repeatedly rebuffed and insulted Arthur.  With the help of a druid (Olwen) they rescued, the group convinced Arthur to challenge Bran to a duel over the insults after Bran wins the tournament.  Olwen also provided a flask which the group got Bran to drink before the duel.  Arthur defeated Bran (unknowingly because of the contents in the flask) and Bran signed a treaty to help in the upcoming conflict.

After everything wrapped up, Merlin called for them and finally offered to return them to their home.  He also offered to transport Daniel and Cathy with them.  Leaving from Stonehenge, the group soon found themselves returned to their Stonehenge and everyone was back to normal (except Tibor who never changed).  However, as a favor from that reality’s Merlin, Daniel was now a red-haired elf and Cathy was now a Wolfen.  They soon learned that a year had passed since they left Rifts England.
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Wormwood and Avalon
Avalon side adventure

Tristram (a defense officer) and Talocarian (an astrologer) were mutant falcons from Yuro station in orbit around After the Bomb earth.  They were returning from Freedom station on a Freebooter shuttle which agreed to transport them along with other passengers.  As they were resting in the crew pod, the ship lost control, and a mutant rat from Laika station entered the crew pod and set it for an emergency escape launch.  He was surprised to see them, and failing to talk them down he attacked them.  They subdued him, but were unable to prevent the launch.  The rat had moved the ship into a lower orbit and the crew pod ended up descending into the atmosphere.  They buckled in and passed out during the descent to earth.

Meanwhile, in Avalon England, Mike’s character was out for a long jaunt around the Wastelands countryside looking for nourishment, when she was confronted by a giant wolf spider.  After vanquishing this monster, she saw a flash of light in the sky and an object of some sort crash down in the distance.  She found a large capsule on fire, and floating in the water off southern coast.  Inside she discovered one unconscious rat, one dead rat, and two unconscious falcons.  The unconscious rat was naked, but looked exactly like the dead one.  While removing the bodies, the rat gets up and runs away, and the capsule begins to sink and continues to burn.  Flybys of SAECSN planes convinced her to retreat from the immediate area and hide with the falcons.

The falcons are both badly injured, but Mika healed them.  She also noticed they did not look anything like mutant animals she had encountered so far as one had four arms and the other had multiple long tails. They woke up confused a few hours later.  They wanted to go after the rat for what he had done and after hearing the story, Mika offered to help.

Returning the pod, it was pulled out of the water by SAECSN humans.  They get to the pod and, using the dead rat corpse, Mika used her psionic tracking ability.  Tracking north, they headed through the ruins of a pre-Crash city and had a dangerous encounter with giant wasps.  They tracked the rat to a shanty town of evil mutants north of the ruins.  The rat took over the bandit group with his special powers so Mika and the falcons had to defeat everyone.  After subduing the rat, the falcons returned to the pod and called for help to return home.

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