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Zil'esh (Part 2)
Over the next couple months, the group settled back into their previous life.  The current date is Summer, 100 P.A.  They had dinner with the King to apologize for disappearing previously, celebrated their return to Sarum, explained to Dhugal’s girlfriend Caroline what happened to him, formalized a new relationship with Sarum, reorganized and expanded Sarum’s defenses, and Mika helped Daniel adjust to this new world.  The group was hired by someone to deal with a monster problem, which involved numerous Clamp Mouth Dragonflies, a Gorgon, and a Wooly Dragon.  They also dealt with some Brodkil and a Thornhead demon, helping to pacify the region.

After two months Dughal’s girlfriend approached someone and gave them the box on Zil’esh that Dhugal had acquired previously.  She also informed them that someone at her bar was recently discussing the name Zil’esh in regards to the Kingdom of Berwynmoore.  The group traveled there and learned that someone of his description was seen on the outskirts of town.  They discovered Zil’esh meeting with the tall red-haired mage in a shack outside of town.  Half a dozen ghost knights and two fire elementals fought them while the two mages escaped through a dimensional portal.  The characters rushed to follow them through this portal, and then through another one.  Suddenly, they found themselves inside Mrrlyn’s pyramid surrounded by dozens of Mrryln’s knights.  The group quickly ran back through the portal, except for Vrryl who foolishly tried to stay.  Vrryl barely escaped with his life by teleporting out of the pyramid, but found himself whisked away in yet another dimensional portal.  Ending up in Hades, Vrryl carefully avoided demon after demon and made his way to a ley line in order to regain his energies and transport himself home much later.

The group returned to their normal lives, unsure how to handle Mrryln’s apparent ties to Zil’esh.  Some time later, Sir Prrcyvel arrived to talk to some of the group (not Vrryl).  He explained that Mrrlyn and Zil’esh were both life essences of an evil alien intelligence and that he was up to no good.  He stresses that this information should not be told to anyone else for fear of what Mrrlyn would do to anyone else who knew.  While Sir Prrcyvel states he cannot assist them directly, he suggests that in order to defeat Zil’esh they need to disrupt his dimensional magics to prevent his escape. He tells them that the Celtic God Dagda should know of a way to accomplish this.

Avoiding the Fomorian demons this time, they make their way to Scotland.  They eventually crossed paths with the odd, somewhat senile Celtic God.  After he proves his power (by turning Mika into a cat), he eventually told them he would only help them if they brought him some of the magical healing waters from Bath.  They collected the water and returned to Scotland only to have to remind Dagda of who they were.  He told them he could make them a potion to block dimensional magic, but that they would have to collect 5 very specific ingredients.

The first ingredient was a Leaf Bud from a Millenium Tree which they collected by asking the Sarum Tree.  The second ingredient was a flower from a rare plant (Fir Flower), which only existed in the Monkne area of Ireland.  After dealing with some faerie folk on the way, they found the orc town of Monkne.  The royalty were extremely happy to see them and offered to help, but only if they stayed for dinner.  Unfortunately for the group, it was considered good fun by the orc royalty to mix faerie food throughout the dinner, and members of the group were afflicted by various magical curses.  Jessica suffered from naiveté, and Mika was 3 feet tall and orange.  The orc leaders kept their word and they found the second item.

Finding a note left by Dagda, they were told to find a “flask of magical oil that can be found in the vicinity of the Shaft that Stopped the Devil’s Southward March.”  Finding a wise man in a nearby town, they learned that this place is also known as the Devil’s Arrow, the place were the god Lugh stopped the invading Fomorians in the ancient past.  Underground near the monument is a set of ruins.  Defeating the Perytons and Boschala that set up lair in the tunnels, and getting around the wards and Toad Stools that occupied the final chamber, they managed to acquire the flask.  However, Mika managed to become covered in warts as a result of the Toad Stools, making her a 3 foot tall orange person covered in warts.  Following this, Mika found a priest of Thor nearby who was able to remove the various curses placed upon her.  She also made his dreams come true as he had never met a member of the divinity that he worshipped.

He group returned to look for Dagda, and they are surprised to instead find Sophes, returned to England.  Sophes was given a new tattoo by an Atlantean alchemist who asked for a favor.  He wanted the Dust of Daitan, which could be found on the continent of Atlantis.  An old man (apparently Dagda) approached Sophes and told him that some old comrades needed to find the same item.  He also provided a stick which would magically point the way to the dust.  The old comrades reunited and headed to Atlantis together.  After arriving via magic, they carefully made their way through the Refuge.  After some encounters, they found the dust, and after going to the Preserves to recharge managed to return to England.  Sophes and the rest of the group split the dust and Sophes went back on his way.

They arranged to meet back up again in the clearing where Dagda revealed himself.  Lucky for them, Dagda is actually there to meet them this time.  They gave him the items they have acquired thus far, though he already knew that they had acquired the dust.  The so far fickle god already knew where the last item was, and he actually told them this time.  The Cube of Jaqool was located in a village on the Shetland Islands, but to get there they would have to travel through the Fomori occupied lands, and across the northern straits to the islands themselves.  Ready this time, they managed to fend off or avoid the Fomorian Demons that they encountered.

They crossed the northern strait by sea and arrived at a village a Bearmen under attack by Horune Pirate Shark Drones.  After fending off the shark drones, they learned that the item they sought was taken in a previous attack by Horune Pirates.  Tracking down the ship, they used stealth and smarts to avoid conflict and recover the item with minimal notice.

Having all five items, they met up with Dagda and he informed them that that night was perfect for the ritual to create the potion, since it was the autumnal equinox.  The ritual would take place at the Dragon’s Grave Nexus and would take 6 hours (around 8pm to 2am).  He would need their protection to keep others from interrupting the ritual.  During the ritual, they had to fight off numerous demons, monsters, and creatures that emerged from random rifts, as well as some ogres and goblins that wanted to use the nexus energies for themselves.

They acquired the potion and gained the means to confront Zil’esh without him escaping.  Throwing the potion on the ground would prevent the use of dimensional spanning magic within a 1 mile radius for a shot period of time.  Upon returning to Sarum, they learned that over the course of the previous night, demons raided the town.  Due to their modifications, however, the town withstood the attack and the defenders repelled the raid.  Later, Mika and Vrryl had dinner where they discuss her actual heritage (which until now had been secret) and traveling to Asgard to learn more about her red-haired brother who they had seen with Zil’esh (posted separately below).

Attempting to track down Zil’esh, they got lucky and encountered someone in a bar.  This person claimed that their group was accosted by some Ghost Knights and Nexus Knights who branded them as traitors to Camelot.  He noted that a powerful magic user was among them.  Going to the location described by the bar patron, they find Zil’esh and his minions (the red-haired man was not there).  After a valiant battle, they defeated Zil’esh and released a large pulse of magical energy, nullifying the potion’s effects.  A few moments later, they heard loud clapping off to one side.  Initially, the clapper appeared to be Dagda, but it slowly morphed into a pale, dark-haired fellow with a distinctive grin who Mika realized was the trickster god Loki.  Loki congratulated them on a job well done as they rid the earth of a great evil.  Unfortunately, he pointed out, now the source of the evil wanted extreme vengeance upon them, so he recommended not hanging around in England any longer.  With that he laughed and teleported away.

Realizing that Loki was manipulating them the entire time (he secretly posed as Sir Prrcyvel, Dagda, the man in the bar, and may have had another offspring facilitating matters), and that Mrrlyn would not rest to destroy them, the group had little choice but to leave England.  The group made preparations (including Vrryl leaving ways to be contacted) and teleported to Lazlo.

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Zil'esh (Part 2)
Vrryl and Mika - dinner conversation

A thick English fog swirled about the street, like black tendrils from the abyss, under a serenely overcast sky.  The light from nearby windows struggled to penetrate the darkness of night in vain, only casting long shadows over everything.  A few huddled forms hurriedly sought the warm shelter of their homes for a hearty home meal, whilst one strode confidently and nonchalantly as if oblivious to the cold night.  Mika no Krynn moved like a shadow through the damp fog, her long, black satin dress at once absorbing the light and at the same time casting sensual reflections over her stunning frame.  While the dress was low cut to accentuate Mika’s natural charms and hugged her body only to the knees the elf women seemed not to notice the cool air around her.  Many would question the sanity of a woman walking alone at night in Rifts England but the reputation of the powerful elven warrior-sorceress insured that none need worry about her safety.  Walking with a light, deliberate step Mika was making her way to an important  dinner engagement.

‘Hmmm, I hope this will suffice,’ Mika thought to herself as she mentally ran her eyes over her outfit.  The black satin dress was a fairly recent purchase and she felt that it would best suit the tastes of the a certain Temporal Wizard who was to be her host this evening.  The cut of the dress was simple, but when worn by a perfect figure such as Mika’s it was ravishing.  A necklace of meridian pearls, with their swirling black and white spheres, accentuated the dress while offsetting the low cut thong pumps on her feet.  Mika’s hair was worn in long tumbling, golden locks, but held back by one of her favorite pieces of jewelry, a fairly simple looking butterfly clip.  While formal the outfit carried just the right amount of sensuality that would hold a male’s attention, and keep his mind distracted.  The only makeup she this evening, one of the few occasions where she went to the trouble of trying to beautify herself, served as highlights to the smooth, statuesque facial features of the elf lady.

Affirming that she looked fine Mika turned her mind to the upcoming night’s conversation, “I’m taking quite the risk by telling him my true nature.  Temporal Wizards aren’t known as the most morally upright of folk, and Vrryl’s past actions only confirmed their greedy nature.  Not that I’m any better really... but the situation demands action and it is time for me to lay my cards on the table.  I can’t really see him using the knowledge of my birth against me to any personal gain... besides I’ll just come back eventually and kill him...  Poor humans, one has to pity how short their lives are... they burn so brightly for so brief a time it is sad.  Just stick with the original plan.”

<Mika>            Lightly rapping on the door to her companion's abode, Mika could hear the resounding knock on the other side.  She awaited patiently, humming lightly to herself subconsciously, for someone to answer.  Tonight's dinner was to be more than a simple meeting between traveling companions for it could have deep effects on the future of their little band and perhaps on all England.

<Vrryl>            Inside, Vrryl was finishing off the last touches of a new recipe he had created, a pork stew with several rare spices and herbs he had picked up along the journey back from the north. Earlier that day, Mika had left a message concerning something of great import, so he decided to officilize the discussion over a warm meal. Besides, it would allow him to test his new dish. Upon hearing the light raps, he licked off some drippings on his thumb and headed for the door, swinging it open widely, greeting his guest with a warm smile.

<Mika>            Upon seeing Vrryl swing open the door with a flourish and a smile Mika returned the smile, "Hi Vrryl.  I hope I'm not imposing on you too much... there's just something I think we need to discuss."  Her tone was light and spirited, but concealed beneath one could detect an undercurrent of hesitancy.

<Vrryl>            "Of course not, and good evening", responds the young temporal wizard. His smile evaporates a touch, as he recognizes the seriousness of the issue, and he swings the door wide for you to step through. Even from outside, you can smell the aroma of herbs and spices, and the tingle of powerful magicks that dance within. "Please come in...have a seat...make yourself at home. I'm nearly finished up with supper...should only be another ten minutes."

<Mika>            "Thanks... Oh wow, it smells delicious.  Of all the wizards I've known you may be the most practical and down to earth... I'm always baffled at your cooking skills.  Never had much need to learn myself, not having to eat and all.  It's kind of odd that we've never had dinner together like this before... then again with our lives I'm not surprised," replied Mika, stepping into the warmth of aromatic house.  With a quick fluid action she removed the cloak from her shoulders to reveal a luxurious black satin dress that served only to highlight her stunning elven figure.

<Vrryl>            Vrryl's pleased grin returns your complement. With a joking roll of his eyes, he says playfully, "Practical?!? Rare is it I hear that spoken in reference to me." He closes the door behind you, taking the cloak from you politely and hangs it on a set of twisted, onyx hooks that line the wall. Vrryl himself is clothed in a grey and crimson robe, folded over numerous places to give his ware a layered, healthy, look. You now stand at the edge of a large living room, set with comfortable seating, and stylish, but quite alien, furniture and decorations. It is quite the clutter of material wealth this wizard has gathered, giving the place a chaotic, but still homely feel to it. Vrryl moves into the open kitchen which is just off to the right, and speaks to you over the counter top. "But no shit, our lives have been pretty mad for the past year. It will be nice to get a rest for a time once we've done away with this Zil'esh and his red head friend."

<Mika>            "Yes indeed.  While it's only been but a blink in the eye of time it feels as if we've been hunting this crazed wizard and his accomplices for an eternity... I guess patience is not one of my virtues.  You have quite an interesting collection of items here... very eclectic, you've must have done quite a bit of traveling in your time... dimensionally no?" the blond elven warrioress inquired, stepping into the living proper to examine a number of trinkets and furniture pieces.

<Vrryl>            Vrryl shrugs, "My mentor always believed the best way to teach someone about a particular place, was to take them there. Then abandon them!" He chuckles, "He had a nasty habit of disappearing for about a week or so, leaving you stranded in god knows where, with god knows what. Was quite effective, actually. A real confidence booster." The mage glides over to his large refrigerator, opening it up with a pop. "I picked up a lot of strange artifacts along the way, and now proudly display some of them for all who step into my house. Want a drink?"

<Mika>            "Please, that would be great.  What do you have?"

<Vrryl>            The tall wizard crouches over, peering into fridge. You can hear him shuffle several items around as he lists off some of the more appealing beverages, "Ummmm... I've got some orange juice, beer, goat milk...some cola. Wine. Water..." He straightens, glancing over in your direction questioningly.

<Mika>            With a curious look Mika silently glides her 6'3" frame like a cat over to stand behind her wizard friend.  After a moment of pause she smiles enticingly and runs the tip of her tongue over her lips, "Wine, if you don't mind."

<Vrryl>            Vrryl chuckles, "Wine it is then! And I know just the stuff..." he adds, spinning on his heels, and slides a foggy green bottle from the bottom tray. He taps the fridge closed with his foot and takes the unlabeled bottle to the counter. Out from the top drawer he produces a cork screw, and slowly, deliberately, lifts the cork from the bottle with great care. POP! The sound is dull, and ancient, and the rise of vapors from the spout reveal an aged quality. "One of my better bottles." says the mage, the anticipation evident in his voice. He produces two goblets from a cupboard, and fills each half way. With steady, smooth hands, he lifts them both and hands you the one he poured second.

<Mika>            "Thank you," Mika accepts the glass graciously, and saluting takes but a small sip.  As she closes her eyes and a slight shiver runs down her spine you can see that she does indeed agree with your choice, fully savoring each drop.  Finally Mika opens her large crystal blue eyes and gazes straight into yours, "A fine choice indeed, it has been so long since I've been able to enjoy something such as this.  Now, where shall I sit?"

<Vrryl>            "Mm.." Vrryl mummers, placing down his glass, and moves to a curtain at the end of the kitchen. "The dining room is in here." He pulls back the curtain, revealing a circular room, with a small, oval, black stone table in the middle, with four dark oak chairs. Thick, massive plants of a strikingly healthy green encompass the outskirts of the room, reaching the ceiling, and lining the wall all the way around. They seem to be the source of the dull, soft glow which seems to light the room. It is only when you step into this inspiring chamber that you recognize it as a small gazebo, with a clear dome roof that shows the cloudy night sky. "If you want to take a seat, I'll start serving."

<Mika>            For several moments Mika was silent, as she slowly moved to sit down while admiring the beauty of her surroundings.  The glow of the room and the night played shadows across the liquidy expanse of Mika's dress as it danced over her body.  "Despite all I've seen and done, in some respects I'm still an uncouth simpleton... this room is remarkable Vrryl.  I'm afraid that if I see any more I won't want to leave.  My mouth is already wet with anticipation of the dish you've prepared... I must have done something right to be spoiled like this," the Elf stated with a smile and a musical laugh, a laugh you have never before heard escape her lips, as if it had escaped from some lost recess of her soul.

<Vrryl>            Vrryl returns your laugh, with a hearty one of his own. You can hear him shuffling around in the kitchen while he speaks. "I have to admit, it's not often I have guests over for dinner, so what the hell, might as well show off some." He returns through the doorway carrying a large, deep grey dish, which he sets down in the middle. Pulling off the lid, the hobby chef announces dramatically, "Sea‑Pork Broth!" An burst of steam escapes upwards, and moments later the dish clears enough to make out was appears to be a thick, reddish stew. Various oceanic delicacies, mixed with small strips of thin, white pork, fill your eyes tastily, with several vegetables added to give extra color. Vrryl smiles satisfactorily, and slips back into the kitchen. He returns only a moment later with a platter, on which holds a couple small bowls, a ladel, some cutlery, napkins and his glass of wine. He sets it down and distributes accordingly.

<Mika>            Awaiting for her host to be seated Mika then took the first spoonful up to her full  red lips, slowly so as to experience the full aroma of the stew.  Then finally slid the taste into her awaiting mouth.  After a few seconds of savoring and swallowing she spoke, " You've truly outdone yourself this Vrryl.  The way the seafood blends with the rustic flavor of the pork against a backdrop of spices is amazing... you really needn't have gone to this much effort for my sake, I really feel imposing now... hehe."

<Vrryl>            "Heh...I'm glad you like it." voices the mage, smiling, "But don't forget it was I who invited you. Simply enjoy the meal as was intended, and never feel you are imposing when to I, and mine you, come." And with that, Vrryl dug into his own bowl, an appreciable smile coming to his own lips. He looks down, takes a moment to reflect, his smile melting into a frown. "I could have laid off the peppers a bit." He shrugs, "Otherwise, not bad." Vrryl sets into the rhythm of dining, taking sparing sips from his wine glass. "Oh," he pipes up, "I spoke with Craig today. Gave him a heads up on our situation with Zil'esh. He agreed to help us search for the dude. Hopefully it won't prove to be too problematic."

<Mika>            With the mentioning of Zil'esh Mika's ears perk up, and she raises her face from the bowl.  "Yes, I don't see any problem there.  This brings me to the reason I asked to speak with you tonight, a matter of some import I believe... it concerns our upcoming encounter with Zil'esh of sorts.  But first I would like to ask you something... what do you think I am?  I mean I know you know that I am more than a simple elven girl who can use magic and psionics, so what do you think?" Mika asked tilting her head ever so coquettishly to the side.

<Vrryl>            Vrryl slows to a halt, pausing his spoon just shy of his open mouth. His eyes grow dim, and distant for a moment, as he considers your question, before returning to the present. The mage's expression turns deadly serious suddenly, as he begins to focus on the young lady across from him. Placing his spoon down, he leans back, his attention solely on you. His eyes lock with yours, and for the first time since you've been companions with the crafty wizard, you experience the full brunt of their unexpected weight. He simply watches you, letting seconds pass into minutes, before finally dropping his gaze to his bowl. Then he speaks, "I once visited a great city during my travels. All manner of beings and beasts lived within the confines of this city, as no where else. It was here I learned much about what life forms our universe stocks." His eyes climb back up to you. "I met humans and robots; beings that float and beings that crawl; some spoke using the mouth, others the mind; monsters, D‑Bee's and intelligences filled the streets; so to, did dragons...and gods." His smile is reflective, and his eyes suddenly sparkle with a deep inquisitiveness. "I have seen many strange and wonderful things in my short time. When you are bombarded with such images, it becomes increasingly more difficult to catagorize those you meet so arbitrarily. Does this make sense?"

<Mika>            "I guess it does, and it is my fault really.  I shouldn't have asked such an open ended question out of the blue like that.  It's just that there are some things about myself that I wish to now disclose to you, things that for the most part I like to keep secret..." Mika answers apologetically.  After a deep, relaxing breath it seems as if the woman had taken down an intangible barrier around herself, and she continues, " The reality of my existence is extraordinary... at least from the view of this world.  I am indeed elven, High Elven to be exact.  I'm sure you've heard of us before, probably in the Three Galaxies on the planets of New Midgard or Alfhiem.  Beyond this I am of mixed heritage for while my mother was High Elven, my father was a much more powerful being...," here Mika pauses and looks down as if fighting an internal quarrel of some sort.  Finally she continues, "My father is a God in the pantheon of Asgard... he is Loki, God of Lies and Deception."  Once again she pauses, letting the words sink in both your ears and hers, for the confession is finally out.  "Vrryl I am a Demi‑Goddess of Asgard," Mika finally admits, her finely sculpted cheeks becoming flush red in the first display of embarrassment you've ever seen her present, even after numerous heart‑stimulating encounters with her in the nude.

<Vrryl>            Vrryl remains quiet and neutral as you explain to him a secret that is understandably very difficult for you to disclose. Surprisingly, however, the temporal mage remains calm when you finish, and responds with a bemused and open smile. He nods, seemingly more to himself than you, and speaks up, "You realize what this means, don't you?"

<Mika>            "I'm not sure I know what you know what it means... that sounds silly.  What do you think it means?" Mika responds, an obvious weight lifted from her shoulders.

<Vrryl>            "Never will you hear the end of my nosey questions." he responds jokingly, and breaks into a deep, disarming laughter.

<Mika>            Mika sat dumbfounded for a few moments before joining in the laughter, caught off‑guard by her mage companion's odd remark.  "You can ask away, and if I know the answer I may even disclose it.  I'm glad you accept me so freely, I've had some very bad experiences with people who know I'm Loki's daughter.  But I must continue for my nature is only part of the reason why I wished to speak with you this evening.  The other involves you more directly.  The picture we have of Zil'esh, the one with the red‑headed fellow as well, sparked my interest from the beginning... for I have seen the red‑headed man before.  I remember my father speaking of him once, remarking something to the effect that he was a proper and loyal offspring... in contrast to me apparently.  Needless to say my father and I did not always see eye to eye... how could we when we never looked each other in the eye... lies, on top of lies, on top of lies... oh look at me, walloping is self‑pity.  This confession must really have unbalanced me, more than I thought, sorry about this.  Anyway, my point is that if this red‑headed fellow is a sibling of mine I care not to callously wander into Zil'esh's lair and begin fighting for he could be extremely powerful.  Therefore, I would like to investigate into this mysterious companion of Zil'esh, and the best place for that would be Asgard in my opinion.  Unfortunately I am not skilled enough yet to dimensionally travel on my own power... so I was hoping that you would agree to accompany me.  I know you can do it, travel dimensionally I mean. I could lend you as much energy as I can. I'm not sure how much I can pay you monetary wise, but I'm sure we can arrange something.  So what do you say?"

<Vrryl>            Vrryl voices a shallow sigh, his smile fading. "And so, it is because you need something I can give that you pass the responsibilities of your secret on to me. Always, will that be the case?" He bites his tongue suddenly, regretting immediately his words. "Sorry, that was rude. Forgive me, please." The wizard takes a couple moments to gather his thoughts. "I will do what I can for two reasons." He raises one finger, "First, it may assist us against Zil'esh." Followed by another, "Second...because I am your friend." His hand drops back to his side. "But there are some concerns I would first like eased, before I find myself facing the wrath of an angry god."

 <Mika>          "Please speak them now, it is better to address them now before it is too late," Mika replied flatly, propping her elbows up on the table and resting her chin upon the back of her folded hands.

<Vrryl>            Vrryl nods, "Firstly, have you a way of proving your heritage, before I teleport us into the middle of Asgard only to find that they disagree with your version of this parentage?"

<Mika>            "Proving it to you or the denizens of Asgard?" Mika asked cautiously.

<Vrryl>            Vrryl leans forward, saying seriously, "The more immediate one." Shrugging, he adds, "If you can prove to me this, then I will hopefully also know whether the gods accept you or not based on what you've already said."

<Mika>            Mika rolled her eyes upwards and nodded slowly before speaking, "That is actually tougher than I thought.  I don't have any pictures and a DNA analysis is out of the question... so let's see..."  For several moments the beautiful elf sat pondering the problem, curling a lock of golden hair with her finger.  Finally a solution presented itself, "I have an idea, well actually a couple of ideas.  Firstly, I could use magic and instill some of my past memories in your mind which would confirm my story.  Secondly, we could call in a psionic to test the truth of what I speak.  Both methods have their flaws, but it is the only thing I can think of.  Furthermore, unlike some places in the mega‑verse Asgard is not stringently guarded from dimensional travelers, it has natural defenses of sorts.  Hence as long as we avoid some trouble spots we should be OK.  The real problem arises when and if we need to speak with my Father.  He is not the nicest of Gods to put it euphemistically."

<Vrryl>            Vrryl's eyes drop to his bowl, and he gives the stew a haphazard stir with his spoon. After several moments of thought, his eyes lift back to you. "Well, a psionic would be out of the question, because then your secret would become even less so. Besides, any psionic worth their salt could fake a response." Jesting, he throws you an evil‑eye. "And memories could be instilled, making your first solution rather inconsequential as well." The wizard sighs audibly, placing his elbow on the table and allowing his head to rest in the crook of his hand. "It would seem I'm going to have to take your word for it if no other solutions are possible. I warn you now, however," he says, pointing a finger in your direction, "do not fuck with me on this." His and drops flat on the table. "My second question, as you have just eluded to: do we have any leverage at all on getting one of these gods to speak to us, or even help us, other than the fact you may be one of their bastard daughters?"

<Mika>            "Thanks for your confidence... friend.  Not to rain on your conspiracy theory, but there are numerous others who know of my nature, it is just that most of them are in a different dimension.  I just like to keep it a secret as most people either run away or try to kill me when the find out I'm the daughter of Loki.  At any rate, our first problem will be getting passed Heimdall, the guardian of the Rainbow Bridge.  Asgard doesn't have many dimensional defenses... just one significant one.  Whenever anyone teleports to Asgard they end up on the Bridge and have to convince Heimdall to let them in... not an easy task.  I figure that if we can get passed him we shouldn't have too much trouble asking around for some intel on our target.  If he doesn't let us in, oh well we'll just go home I guess," Mika replied, now looking slightly annoyed with the smile gone from her face.

<Vrryl>            "MY conspiracy theory?!?" Vrryl's features turn hard, his head lifting out of his hand. "How about I let you in on a little secret of my own. One word: Atlantis. You were, for a very short time, enslaved to them. Myself, on the other hand, had been enslaved for a very long time. I have met some claiming to be demi‑gods, like yourself." His voice becomes suddenly very shaky, "They use to tear limbs off the other slaves for fun, and feed what was left of the wretched soul to pets. They use to torture humans because we tried to appear in their image! These children of gods used to warp the bodies of prisoners to improve upon their gladiatorial abilities...at the cost of their sanity! They use to herd large groups of starving, elderly and crippled into the dens of living terrors to spend their last moments of life screaming. And at least their suffering ended. This was how I spent my childhood." The mage's outburst calms a touch, but his face is still flush. "Now, here you sit, revealing yourself to be a daughter of a god, as were they. How am I supposed to react, when you admit to being one of those nightmares?" Growling in frustration, he continues, "I know you. I know you. I even came to like you as a friend. But...it confuses me how you and they can be the same?" Vrryl shakes his head. "I know, personalities are different. Your type may indeed be as varied as the human species...from one to the other. I admit, my experiences have tainted my views. Please accept this, not as an insult to you...but as a limitation on me."

<Vrryl>            "My trust will now be difficult at best."

<Mika>            "Hmph... well please accept my arrogance as a limitation on me.  In the past I had killed whole families for lesser insults... to even suggest that I am remotely related to the Splugorth and there minions churns my stomach.  Luckily now I am somewhat more scrupulous and honorable than I once was, petty actions can be resisted.  I shall try to overlook your slight as best I can, but that really hurt.   Vrryl, I am a Hunter before all else, then an Elf, then a native of Asgard, and finally, as you would put it, the "bastard‑daughter" of Loki.  I'll admit I enjoy the thrill of the hunt and the kill, it is a part of me, but only one part.  Let us try to push passed our misgivings and concentrate on the task at hand.  Again Heimdall will be our first concern, and we had better be sure of our story," Mika's eyes blazed with murderous fire for several seconds, before rationality took hold once more and she settled back into a cool posture.  The close sensual aura from minutes ago completely eroded to expose a cold and distant beauty that much more befitted a demi goddess of lies and assassination.

<Vrryl>            "Good, then I will work on my trust, while you work on your humility. What do you say?" Offers Vrryl, tentatively.

<Mika>            "Fine with me, let us proceed.  So what other questions or concerns do you have?" Mika agreed, trying to compose herself once more and straightening the satin of her dress around her ample breasts.

<Vrryl>            A satisfied smile grows on Vrryl's face, and you get the nagging feeling that somehow the dimensional wizard has gotten more out of the deal, although it is difficult to imagine how. He lifts his wine glass and takes a healthy sip before asking his next question. Already, his tone has quickly turned back to its calm, friendly manner. "Two more concerns have I that relate to our task. The first and most pressing would be this Heimdall you've mentioned. Who is he and for what reasons will he let us into Asgard proper. The second would be the reaction we can expect from the gods when we meet with them."

<Mika>            "Heimdall is a god, he guards the Rainbow Bridge... nothing escapes his notice.  It  is said he can see for 300 miles and hear the grass grow.  He will let us into Asgard if we can present a good reason for being there, unfortunately he has a serious disliking for Loki.  If we can avoid mentioning Loki and tell him we are here to gather intelligence that may help us defeat the alien intelligence Mrlynn I hope that will suffice.  We should stress the evil aspects of Mrlynn and that we believe him to be assisted by one of Loki's allies... Mr. Red Hair, I think that will work.  As for the other Gods it is hard to say what to expect.  They generally all have their own agendas, and hence it may be difficult to speak with them.  If we do I'll warn you that they tend to be rather straight forward about issues... except for my Father.  Appealing to their sense of justice and fighting the good fight may be our best course of action.  There are some Gods who we should definitely avoid, but I don't think I need to say anything about them... you'll know'em when you see them.  My Father on the other hand is a lying, conniving bastard in most respects... I would take everything he says as a half truth at best... oh and don't make him angry, he has an extreme temper.  I honor and love him as my father regardless, but there is little of him that I can speak positively on.  One last note is that most of the Gods tend to anarchistic in most respects, so watch yourself.  Anything else?"  Mika explains as if she reflecting back on her past.

<Vrryl>            The mage listens intently, filing away every word for some future use. When you finish, Vrryl nods, "Stressing Mrlynn's evil should not be difficult...even Dagda has decided to involve himself against the entity. And yes, I do have a couple more questions, please." he says. "Who will be the best god to seek out? Is there one we should ask for by name? As well, to what extent does Loki have dealings with 'Mr. Red Hair'? Is it possible that your father will assist his ally if he catches wind while we're in Asgard that we may be after him? And can we expect reprisal? It would not do to warn our enemy of our planned attack."

<Mika>            Mika sat back, stretched, and pondered for a few moments before answering, "I think our best bet for assistance would be Baldur... he is the most noble and dedicated God in my opinion towards fighting evil in the mega‑verse.  Freyr is another good choice.  The only problem there lies in the fact that they may know nothing about our target.  From what I can recall I remember my Father only mentioning the Red‑Head once, saying that he was a proper offspring.  So I'm not sure what kind of actor he is within the pantheon... I assume it is not a significant part or he wouldn't be here in England.  As to the sides Loki will play it is a moot point really, my Father is an opportunist... he'll side with whoever he feels like whenever he feels like.  I doubt he will directly aid Mrlynn or Mr. Red‑Head, even if he is an offspring... he doesn't operate like that.  I can honestly not predict how my Father will act, he is far too complex for me too understand and far too good a liar and schemer to predict. I'm sorry, but I can't say any more on him."

<Vrryl>            Vrryl merely nods, "No problem. At least it gives us something of a heads up on what to expect. Perhaps the two you mentioned, Baldur and Freyr, though they may not know of our Red Head friend, will be willing to provide aid by other means." He pauses, cocking his head slightly, a look of concern growing. "May I ask you a personal question?"

<Mika>            Her eyes narrow and a slight smirk forms as Mika replies, "Depends how personal... but yes go ahead."

<Vrryl>            Vrryl's voice becomes soft, and almost elderly, like the hug of a grandfather, or the caress of a breeze on a warm spring evening. "It's about your father..." he says calmly, pausing a moment, eyebrows creasing, "Are you ashamed of him?"

<Mika>            "Ohhh, I didn't know you were so interested in me," Mika replies with a long glance and suggestive smile.  The smile then vanishes slowly as the elven sorceress looks within herself, “Ashamed?.. How could I be ashamed of a God?  With all that my father has done and accomplished I can’t see myself as being ashamed of him... it is more like resentment mixed with fear.  I resent him because of all the power he wastes on his little games, destroying entire peoples just for his amusement.  It makes me sick to think of it sometimes... too much power to be of any use.  The other half of me is simply scared of him and being associated with him.  When your father is one of the most infamously untrustworthy beings in the mega-verse they assume that you are similarly evil... it really ruins your social life.  And on top of it all Loki has a fierce, murderous temper so disobeying or failing him is a lethal proposition.  Needless to say I have few fond memories of my Father, but I love him all the same and am proud of him as a God.  Do you wish to find out anything more about me?”

<Vrryl>   "Yes, of course.", answers the mage, the spark of curiosity still evident. "But in all honesty, that may have to wait." He downs a spoon full of rapidly cooling stew, his demeanor slipping back into the more distant, but friendly, face you are used to. "We'll leave tonight. The sooner, the better. Once we finish dinner, which we will, or I will feel deeply insulted," he smiles, mockingly placing his hand against his heart, "then we'll tidy up, get into more appropriate wares, and teleport out. I've saved up enough magical energy to get us both there and back. I was planning on using it for a new spell I've been working on, but that can wait. This sound kosher with you?"

<Mika>    The large, clear blue crystal eyes of the elf opened wide, "You really wish to go this evening?  I'm impressed; I thought you would be more cautious on this matter.  I'm game if you are.  Just a couple of questions for you though... what is 'kosher'?  Secondly, what did you have in mind for dessert?"  Finishing the question, Mika downed the remainder of her glass of wine in one long graceful pour,  while awaiting a response.

<Vrryl>   Vrryl shrugs openly, "What can I say? The opportunity to talk with Gods, and visit there realm... well, there's much to be gained. And... truth be told...what we learn now, tonight, may be imperative to give us more intel on defeating Zil'esh. It cannot wait. Besides, when have you ever known me to be cautious?" He winks mischievously, "There's no money in it!!" The wizard laughs, before continuing, "To answer your questions, 'kosher' simply means genuine, or 'cool with', or whatever. Like saying 'this sound cool/genuine/legitimate with you?' As for dessert?!? If I let all my secrets out, there'd be no excitement in your lives!" The magic wielding chef crosses his arms defensively, "You'll simply have to eat up what is before you to find out!" This said, he reaches over to the wine bottle and refills your glass with polite precision.

<Mika>    "Thank-you Sir," Mika says in acknowledgment to the filling of her glass.  "You've no worries about my finishing this meal... sometimes there is something real food can offer that magical energy cannot in terms of sustenance.  There is one matter of a passenger we have to bring with us though.  I promised a priest of Thor that I would bring him with me the next time I went to Asgard... I would like to keep my word if that is possible," she finishes, a pleading look tugging at your heartstrings.

<Vrryl>   Sighing, the mage remarks, "A priest of Thor?!? That should make things interesting. You know, I charge extra for passengers." he jokes, waggishly. "He happen to be someone I know?"

<Mika>    With a coquettish smile Mika replied, "Perhaps... just someone I spoke with earlier on our quest... when I was feeling a bit under the weather.  He's an alright guy... not the most powerful of priests, but adequate."  Pausing a moment to lean her torso further over the table, presenting a fuller view of her charms, Mika continued sensually, "How much extra per passenger do you charge?"

<Vrryl>   The wizard's head tips back, raising his arms in surrender. "Oh, shit." he chides, cracking a wide grin, "Can you ever try, just once, to NOT do that, please? It is quite distracting." Despite this, you get the feeling he does not mind quite as much as implied. "I really don't expect any payment for..." He pauses, a flicker of light fills the blackness of his eyes, "Actually, perhaps there is something. But it will be payment he has to make...at least if he so wishes to enter the home of his God this time."

<Mika>    "Do what?  Distracting you from the dinner?" Mika ask as she stands to lean further over the table, an expression of mocking scrutiny on her face.  "I'm sure I could help you focus... perhaps you unconsciously stressed yourself making your new dish and it has cluttered your mind.  A nice bath and massage will really ease the tension and clear your thoughts... your no good as a wizard if you can't concentrate..." she added while her smiling gaze seemed to paralyze your body.  "I'm sure we can do something about the Priest when the time comes, right?"

<Vrryl>   "Yes, that must be it." He responds, conclusively. "I worked so hard on this dinner, and here it sits, getting cold. I must indeed be stressing over that," adding in a mumble, "...somehow." The wizards eyes focus on his bowl, as he scoops up a spoonful and swallows it down. Pointing his spoon in your direction, he continues, "Do be so kind as to finish your meal before it gets too cold, lest I feel deeply offended." Satisfied that he's deflected any further insinuations on your part, he goes back to eating, purposely averting his dark eyes from you. "And yeah, I don't require the priests payment any time soon, just let him know that at a future point I may come to him asking for a favour."

<Mika>    With a light giggle the elven sorceress returned to her seat, and heartily resumed finishing the fine meal before her.  Savouring the last spoonful for a lingering moment, Mika finally spoke once more, "I should hope that favour is not too much... it is upon my word to take him.  If it is beyond his ability or inclination to pay please come calling on me for compensation... You humans, I guess mortals in general for the most part, are so interesting... at least in trying to understand your behavior.  Led by instinct, but governed by reason and morals.  I guess that's how you know who your friends are; when reason and morals hold you in check against instincts that would harm the friendship.  I don't mean to seem forward, but most Gods and similar beings would have jumped on my suggestions, but you held yourself in check.  Sorry to stimulate you... naughty habit of mine to get what I want.  I find men are more responsive to suggestion when your bodies are tied together, so to speak.  The offer is genuine though, if ever you need to unwind just ask... you'd be amazed what supernatural strength and some training can do for a massage, then throw in some psionics and magic and you have a one person health spa... hehehe."

<Vrryl>   Vrryl listens intently on your analysis of his species, even chuckling at several insinuations. As he's refilling his bowl, one of your observations gives him reason to pause, his eyes filling with sudden sorrow as his thoughts drift. Catching himself in the moment, he is quick to compose, and is already grinning and ready to join your sweet laughter when you suggest your one person health spa. With a humored seriousness, he comments, "Well, sign me up should you pursue that idea! This is a pre-emptive sign up. I know you'll be backed up for years with clients, so I want to get my name in very early." Grinning, he continues on a more serious note, "Don't worry, I won't ask a favour beyond his ability to fulfill. There's no business in it." Always the business man. He quickly finishes off his second, smaller portion, downs the last of his wine, and simpers knowingly, "Well then, shall we break into the dessert now?"

<Mika>            "Oh yes, indeed.  I love dessert, it is such a sweet end to a business meal," the elf smiles warmly as she slowly licks her full red lips.  "Oh, there is one thing I almost forgot..."

<Vrryl>            Vrryl's eyebrows rise, as he waits curiously for you to continue.

<Mika>            For a moment Mika looks down and her cheeks flush slightly, "Well I think it would only be proper if I took Daniel with me... as long as he wished to come along.  After all we are living together and he never seen my homeland, nor met my extended family as it were.  If he was given the chance I believe he would better understand me... at least some of my more amoral habits.  So would it be alright if he also came along?  I can pay extra should you wish."  At this request her eyes remained locked on Vrryl's in a mildly embarrassed pleading manner.

<Vrryl>            The corner of the wizards mouth twitches, as his expression turn flat and unreadable. He stares at you for a few moments, contemplating the addition of another passenger. Then he speaks, "For someone who had been quite shy, even embarrassed, about telling me her origins...and that was more out of necessity, then any real bond, though I am in appreciation of the honesty...you certainly don't sound so disinclined to reveal yourself to auslanders. I mean, the priest I can sort of understand. But Daniel? I'm not sure," Vrryl pauses to clear his throat, "um, what Daniel is to you, but are you absolutely certain you want him to know? I'm not even sure he knows what Gods are."

<Mika>            Mika looks puzzled for a moment. "Come now Vrryl.  Do you really think I would live and sleep with someone, and take them from their home dimension without mentioning my origins to said person?  Daniel has known about my origins for a while now.  It would not do to lead him on without him knowing the risks involved with my life.  Most people don't know what Gods really are besides metaphysical entities that they pray to.  After all how many people, even priests, actually get the chance to meet a god?  So if it my 'secret' you are concerned about with Daniel you need not worry... of everyone here he has known the longest of who I am," the sorceress explains bluntly.

<Vrryl>            "Just because you live and sleep with someone, it would not necessarily follow that you would tell 'said person'. Quite the opposite is true in many instances." responds the mage. "The same could be said for someone who risks his life with you everyday, guarding your back and vice versa, sharing psychic energy and loot, and trusting that each is doing their job when we go hunting. But you kept from myself and the others your past." He puts his hands up defensively, "Which is certainly ok. Everyone has a secret, and has the right to keep it." He index finger points at you, "But don't get all patronizing to me. Your asking me a favour, remember? Besides, my concern was not with your 'secret', but rather your relationship. I was trying to be helpful."

<Mika>            "I didn't mean to come off as patronizing, just giving you the situation.  Again you bring up one of the fundamental differences between myself and you mortals.  Combat is second nature to myself and most in Asgard, it is expected of people to watch your back and such if they fight on your side... risking one's life is expected.  Allowing someone to bed with you on the other hand is a much more solemn affair.  Of course I probably shouldn't speak so... considering some of my passed actions," Mika pauses and blushes noticeably before continuing.  "I appreciate your help, but I think I can handle my own relations... I don't want to come off as a bitch here, so please understand.  I sometimes have a hard time expressing myself without being excessively blunt, lying, or trying to seduce someone.  I like the fact that you trust me to back you up, for no one tends to trust a supernatural being that far... it is too easy for accidents to happen generally.  Does not the thought that I could reach across the table and rip you in two with my bare hands, not unnerve you a bit?  I does for me occasionally.  If I forget myself there is no second chance with mortals.  I guess I'm not totally ready for a full trusting friendship yet... but I'm ranting.  Back to Daniel, if you wish for a great pay that can be arranged... so what do you say?" states the slender yet voluptuous woman shifts uncomfortably in her seat, and takes a long sip of her wine.

<Vrryl>            Vrryl's expression cracks into a deep chuckle when you mention his 'unnerved' position. "I suppose it unnerves me as much as it should unnerve you that some farm girl could snipe your head off your shoulders from a thousand meters. Such would be the end of a grand being on the whim of some peasant. But you still go about your life, as do we. Know this: the world is not owned by supernatural beings yet. Ask yourself why that may be, and you may find we are not so different." Shrugging, he continues, "As for Daniel...well, whatever. Drag him along if you wish. It doesn't effect the casting any. Only know that he is your responsibility. As for payment, well, we'll discuss that afterwards. For now," he announces, rising from his seat, "let us dig in to the dessert, shall we?"

<Mika>            "I'm hurt... you really think so little of me that a 'farm girl' could destroy me?  And to think you put your life in my hands... dessert would be quite a pleasant apology of sorts though.  We can bury our differences in sweet, delectable morsels, right?  What are we having, or is it a surprise?" Mika responded in feigned grievance.

<Vrryl>            "Oh spare me." responds the mage lamely, shaking his head. He glides through the curtains leading into the kitchen, but you hear him clearly enough as he continues speaking. "The dessert is one I found in a text from old earth...before the rifts. Had to acquire it through rather...well, unconventional means. Was quite by accident I came across it at all." You can hear him shuffling around, some scraping, closing of cupboards and such. After a couple minutes, he emerges back through the curtains, and straightens in mock simulation of a waiter bringing a prized customer a sweet desirable. "There you are, madame. Chocolate Eclair Cake...our restaurants humble specialty." In front of you he places a small, enticing cake, with chocolate cookie crust, filled with a chocolate cream filling, and topped with wonderfully rich chocolate mousse. It's enhanced with miniature eclair puffs, fudge sauce and large chopped pecans. Stepping away, he returns to his own seat, and smiles mischievously with a hint of pride. "I pray this dessert does little to harm your girlish figure, yes? Hehe..."

<Mika>            Mika's clear elven eyes light up at the sight of the little piece of chocolate ecstasy before her.  "I'm sure a little bit of excitement will burn off any damage... but any damage done looks to be worth it.  I'll try to maintain some level of restraint..." she replies, waiting anxiously to enjoy the lovely dessert before her.

<Vrryl>            Vrryl sets his own before him, licking his lips anxiously. Picking up a small fork, he takes the first bite, and smiles heavenly. "This stuff rocks...mm‑hm." exclaims the mage excitedly, nodding for you to try.

<Mika>            The beautiful elf follows suit, rapidly bringing each small piece to her mouth to be savored slowly.  The smile on her luscious lips indicated that indeed the choice of dessert was perfect.  After a short silence Mika spoke up, "So then, once we finish this I think we are ready to go, no?  I'm sure you would like some time to prepare... I'll need to go collect Daniel and the Priest... as well as change into something more appropriate."

<Vrryl>            "Yeah, I will." he responds between bites. "But no worries. Meet back here around...say midnight? I'll open the portal in the backyard. We'll walk through and hopefully be back by morning with constructive information to pass on to the others." The wizard finishes off the last of his bites, wiping his mouth clean with a napkin. "You should probably transfer your memories of the place to me before leaving, so I can try to attune myself to its dimensional signature while I prepare...just to speed up things once you arrive. Out of curiosity, how long has it been since you were last there?"

<Mika>            "No problem here... Um... well remember when you guys found me with the Splugorth Slaver?..  That's pretty much the time I left Asgard, so I haven't been gone too long," Mika answers as she reminisces about her life on Rifts Earth.

<Vrryl>            "Huh...welcome to Earth." the wizard remarks sarcastically. "A bad way to end up. At any rate," he says, standing, "I'll get the dishes later. Let's head back into the living room and do the memory transfer there." Vrryl steps over to the curtain, and politely awaits for you to come through before following.

<Mika>            As she gracefully moves her athletic frame out from the table and glides over to the wizard Mika mentions, "You know the memory transfer will only last for a short duration, right?  The memories I give you will last for two and a half hours tops.  I hope I can focus the right memories for you... the last thing you or I need is for you to get a head full of my experiences, hehe."

<Vrryl>            "Speaking of which," he says, entering into the kitchen behind you, "I don't normally confront women on such issues, as it tends to result in a very negative reaction, but..." As you depart from his kitchen back into the living room, he steps in front of you, tilting his head curiously, "How old are you?" The wizard quickly elaborates, "I am aware of the immense life spans demi‑gods enjoy, and was interested in how many years you have seen?"

<Mika>            "How old do I look?" Mika replied in a pixie‑like tone.

<Vrryl>            Vrryl lifts his chin and leans in close, studying your features playfully. "Well," he says at last, straightening, "you appear to be in your mid‑twenties...at least how a human would look with twenty‑odd years." The wizard shakes his head, "But I also know what little that may mean. I once observed one also claiming himself half‑god who'd spoken of his involvement in events over a thousand years ago. He looked no older than you."

<Mika>            The elf slowly leaned in even closer, the warmth of her face and breath sent shivers down the wizards spine, and the enticingly aroma of her perfume filled the air.  Then she whispered in his ear, "You're pretty close... about two‑thirds of the way there.  I'm only thirty‑six Earth years of age... just a baby."  Her voiced trailed off.

<Vrryl>            "Hmn...JUST a baby indeed." he says with a humored wink, before spinning on his heels. The mage quickly strides over to the couch and sits down, getting himself comfortable. "Now, if you would do the honors...we can get this show on the road."

<Mika>            The tall elven girl came to kneel gently at Vrryl's feet, once again providing him with quite the voyeur vantage point, and began casting the spell.  With her eyes closed Mika focused on gathering the magic energies with her and channeling them through the massive kaleidoscope of images, sounds, scents, and experiences that make up ones memory.  One by one, Mika sorted through them at the speed of though, selecting those pockets of her life that she thought would best give her companion a sense of Asgard.  Within seconds she had them all, and gathering the magic within her core she channeled it through her extending arm.  As her slender arm reached up towards the recipient a faint glow surrounded her fingers.  Finally, the spell was complete and the memories flooded into Vrryl's head from the soothing touch of Mika's hand.  Then she waited a few moments for her friend to assimilate the information before speaking. "Well I hope that will suffice... there shouldn't be anything too risque in there... at least nothing you haven't already seen before," she said with a wink and a smile.

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Zil'esh (Part 2)
(dinner conversation - continued)

<Vrryl>            The wizard sits patiently while you cast your spell, and looks almost anxious when your hand reaches out, preparing for the images that it brings. He gasps as the flow of magic pours through him, but almost as quickly as it began, it was over. Vrryl swoons a bit, slightly dizzied, holding his head carefully as he readjusts the memories that are now his, but at the same time not. After several moments, his hands drop to his side, and he nods to you, signaling the success of your spell. "This should be enough to work with. Hm...I never knew you had a fondness for...oh," he looks up at you, his cheeks reddening a touch, "never mind." He stands, regathering his robes, and steps over to a large cabinet against the far wall. It's made of an awkward, chiten type material, almost alive looking. "I have a gift for you." says the mage, sliding a drawer open, "It's nothing special...just tinkering with a new trick I learned recently." He shuffles some objects about, before finding what he was looking for. From this angle, you make out the item to be small, with a gold tint.

<Mika>            Mika rises silently, spinning quickly at the news of a present.  Looking at the small object with great intent, "If feel so stupid... like a little girl told she was getting candy... but what is it?" she ask hastily.

<Vrryl>            Clasping the object in both hands, he turns back to you, "Hold out your hand, palm down."

<Mika>            Mika silently does what was asked of her like a child awaiting a reward, extending her hands palms down towards Vrryl.

<Vrryl>            Vrryl steps forward to stand before you, making your right wrist the focus of his attention. You quickly realize why when he places over your wrist a thin bracelet. The mage lifts your hand slightly, clasping the back of the bracelet shut, then steps back. As you look closer, you are awed with the design work: the bracelet is as intricate as it is beautiful. Each link has been worked meticulously, using nearly pure gold to give it life. Within each link is a tiny symbol, written out in thin silver thread. The central link is larger than the others, and sports what appears to be a Chinese dragon, coiled stylishly within a background of clouds. In each eye, a tiny sliver of a diamond glitters poetically. Despite its near delicate appearance, it is surprisingly very strong.

<Mika>            The blond elf examined the beautiful bracelet in awe, unable to find words to express her bewilderment.  Finally managing to pry her eyes from the wondrous piece of jewelry Mika looked straight at Vrryl, and without any notice gave him a deep, warm kiss.  After a few moments she pulled her lips away, "Thank‑you so much Vrryl... I can scarcely believe it.  I'm not sure why I love these trinkets as much as I do, but this is truly marvelous.  Please don't think I am ungrateful, but why give it to me?"

<Vrryl>            The kiss takes the wizard by complete surprise, and his mind is clouded for a time, before your question snaps him back to the present. "Huh? Oh...um, it's far more marvelous than it looks, even. Let me explain." He rubs his chin thoughtfully while speaking. "I'd recently figured out some new trick. After much research and fiddling about, I came up with a way to manipulate magic into something more solid...to somehow link it to an object. The details are a bit confusing, but needless to say magic can be anchored into an item, and forced into remaining there. So, to test out my theory, I chose this bracelet. And, surprisingly enough, it worked!" He smiles with pride. "Within it you will find a powerful spell, a spell that will answer your call but thrice, before the magic is used up. Should ever a wall stand before you and your goal, simply call upon the bracelet and reap the benefits of true mobility." The wizard pauses, "As to why I give it to you? I can't really go around wearing something like that, and...well, I could have sold it but was a bit too paranoid about who's hands it might fall into. And it is almost too nice of a piece to sell away. So, what the hell. Perhaps it will give you another chance at life one day."

<Mika>            Smiling fully Mika quickly hugged her companion. "Thank you, again.  For a wizard you really know how to treat a girl.  No doubt a talisman of this power will come to my aid in future... now I have nothing to give to you," the elven warrioress said in mock disappointment.

<Vrryl>            "And it is well known fact that wizards have little tact when it comes to treating women..." mocks the mage, with a bemused smile and a wink. Turning more serious, he continues. "You already have...given a gift, that is." says Vrryl, confidently. "I have knowledge of Asgard. That is surely worth the price of a small trinket." He smiles warmly, "Besides, a gift given is not necessarily given in order to receive. Otherwise it is not a gift." The wizard takes up your hand in his, and he guides you gently, but uncompromisingly, toward the door. He removes your cloak from the hook, and slides it carefully over your shoulders. "Now, if you will gather our companions, I'll begin the preparations, yes?"

<Mika>            "Indeed, let us finish this.  I shall meet you back here at quarter to midnight then," answered Mika, accepting the cloak in one hand while giving a departing wave with the other.  With that she vanished into the cool night, the fog surrounding her lithe form almost immediately.  Another great adventure about to unfold on the chaotic little Island of Britain.

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