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Player Character Index
In order of character introduction in gameplay

Vrryl ji Noch – Chiang-Ku Temporal Wizard – Brett

Sophes – Atlantean Undead Slayer – Rob

Michael Weber – German Juicer [deceased] – Mike

(name?) – super-powered highlander [stayed in England] – Warren

Dhugal Cochrane – Star Child [stayed in Wormwood] – Kelson

(never had name) – Knight [assassinated by Crazy] – Jason (short guy)

‘The Laughing Bandit’ – German Crazy [last seen in England] – Steve Locke (Edwin)

Mika no Krynn – Elven demigoddess Psi-Slayer – Mike

Kaine – Great Horned Dragon hatchling [stayed in Wormwood] – Jan

Glorfindel – Elf Special Forces [last seen in Avalon] – Anthony

Jessica Knight – Human Techno-Wizard – Gabe

Tibor – Wolfen Knight [last seen with Wolvor] – Stan

Byron – full-conversion ‘Borg – Jeff

Steve – human professional thief [last seen in Wormwood] – Steve Hopkins

Tristram – mutant Falcon defense officer [stayed in Avalon] – Rob

Talocarian – mutant Falcon astrologer [stayed in Avalon] – Seb

Arik – Demigod Cyber Knight [retconning out] –Rob

Lucky – super-powered scholar/scout [retconning out] – Debbie

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