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Sat 12 Sep 2015
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After arriving in Lazlo (Fall 100 PA), the group worked on finding new places to live and a new source of income.  Pooling their resources, and finding a new secret investor (actually Vrryl), they worked to set up a new mercenary company operating out of Lazlo.  They made a cooperative agreement with the Lazlo defense forces to work with them in return for the ability to operate within Lazlo.

After awhile, they became aware of the planetary edict flyers that Lazlo has been spreading around – warning the people of North America of the world-threatening dangers foreseen by psychics near and far.  In fact, the psychic sensitives in the group were recently having feelings of dread, as if some danger was building.  The most recent one also had a call to heroes, mercenaries, and all who wished to make a difference.  It asked for people to go out and investigate an area on the east coast, where it was determined one of these threats may lie.  It offered compensation to anyone who brought back convincing evidence of what this threat may be and what its goals might be – the more evidence the better.  The offer was temporary and the payment was good, but it was also dependent upon what was brought back.

The group decided to investigate, and the compensation would not hurt their attempts to start a new business.  Venturing out in the eastern North American wilderness, they dealt with Splugorth Slavers and technologically-based bandits.  Utilizing creative magic, they even managed to capture a functional Titan-series robot undamaged.  Eventually, they ran into a Mechanoid Recon team, and received some unexpected help from a Psi-Warrior named Shayla.  Upon defeating some of the Mechanoids, and using psychic abilities, they were able to determine where they came from, that they are cybernetic (and robotic) creatures bent on destroying humanoid life, and that they are incredibly powerful and dangerous.

Shayla inquired as to their goal, and asked to accompany them to help.  Tracking where the team came from, they found more powerful Mechanoids amid a (former) Coalition Research Outpost.  It appeared that the Mechanoids took over this biological research station and were working towards creating/building more of themselves.  Using astral projection, magic, and psionic abilities, they carefully scouted out the base.  After that, the group used magic to teleport inside and set a nuclear device (fusion blocks? robot power source?) to explode on the outpost’s power plant.  After successfully turning most of the outpost into a crater, and defeating the remaining Mechanoids, they returned to Lazlo with their spoils – salvaged Mechanoid parts and bodies as well as a new Titan robot for the group.

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