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Returning to Lazlo, the group collected a reward and provided extremely valuable intelligence on the Mechanoid threat.  Shayla returned to her life but stated she expected to see them again someday.  Mika was not feeling well, and visiting a mystic healer, she learned that she was pregnant with Daniel’s child from a crazy night a couple of months ago in England (after the priest of Thor removed her curses?).

Five months pass (Spring 101 PA), during which time Mika’s condition became quite visible.  Jessica saved mounted weapons (Plasma cannon and/or Tri-Laser?) from the Mechanoid Brute and spent time incorporating them into the Titan robot, which she had also converted to a TW power source (and added TW option(s)?).  Vrryl attempted to return to Avalon, but was blocked by powerful transdimensional magic; but he remembered that Merlin of that dimension indicated he might do something like that.  The clairvoyants in the group started having dreams from time to time that take place in an enormous environment – the bushes were as big as houses, and the animals were several times normal size.

One day, Mika woke up to find a raven perched above her bed.  Upon being questioned, the raven spoke, “You have been summoned.  Be ready in 24 hours time.”  The raven flew away, and the group got to contemplate the incident.  As promised, one day later Magni, the Asgardian god of Strength (son of Thor), arrived at their headquarters.  The entire group (Vrryl, Mika, Jessica, Tibor, Daniel, and Cathy), with only what they can carry, was teleported to the Rainbow Bridge in Asgard.  Traveling through Asgard, the entire landscape was giant-sized, with huge animals and plant-life.  They avoided a giant hunting a giant stag, and found a village (with humans, Asgardians, and dwarves) to stay the night.

The next day, they arrived at the palace (which is also giant-sized).  The group was sent to the court immediately where Odin himself, the all-father of Asgard, greeted them along with Epim (Odin’s wife), Freyr, Balder, Magni, and Tyr.  Odin called Mika up to him and then ‘the father’ of her child so he could see them.  Following this, there was a feast of epic proportions during which time Odin questioned Daniel heavily.  Upon drawing a statement of Daniel’s capability out of Mika, Odin then stated, “Good!  Then you won’t mind a little test!”  Everyone was suddenly teleported somewhere where they could pick out a weapon and armor (and their standard accessories) before they were once again teleported to a new, strange place.

The new area was low scrubland with scattered trees, it was daytime and it was warm out.  Odin stood with them, but Mika and Cathy were not.  He looked at Daniel and stated, “In this land, there are rumors of a great evil.  These creatures are ones that I especially hate, so I need to know if these rumors are founded in any sort of truth, and if so, to what extent they are.  Prove yourself worthy of my granddaughter, all of you, and you will see me again.”  With that Odin disappeared and they heard his disembodied voice, “It will night soon, I suggest you find a place to stay.”

Taking stock of their location, they saw a town miles to the south over a river and traveled there.  On the way, they were attacked by a group of wild vampires.  Fleeing (as not everyone in the group was armored or armed sufficiently), they crossed a large river and ended up in Ciudad Juarez.  Realizing where they are, they found a place to stay for the night and found an equipment shop to supply themselves in the morning.

[Details on the rest of the Mexico encounters are sketchy from this point on]

Asking around town, and suspecting that vampire information may be what they are after, they learned that Reid’s Rangers to the south (at Fort Reid) could provide more of the information they seek.  Fending off vampires on the way, but doing ok with the extensive equipment and vampire-fighting vehicle they purchased, they get to Fort Reid, or they possibly traveled to Monterrey instead.  They may have heard about a town under siege by vampires, and went to try and help.  They did have a very large fight with numerous vampires, during which Tibor nearly got mind-controlled and taken away from the group.

In the end they survived and managed to get back to Asgard with information for Odin, and sufficient proof that Daniel was worthy.  Mika and Daniel were wed, and Odin granted Vrryl, Jessica, and Tibor one question each on any topic.  The questions, and the answers to the questions, were private and unknown to the rest of the group.  To date, the topic of Tibor’s question is unknown.  Following the celebrations and answers to questions, the group was sent back to Lazlo.

Vrryl, whose parents had been captured by some evil force, asked Odin, “Where are my parents being held at present?”  Odin looked at Vrryl deeply for a second, and then relaxed.  He thought for a bit, and said, “Hmm..  I can’t tell you exactly where they are, my powers do have their limits, after all.  But I can give you a name.  There is this evil mage who collects your kind for research.  I’ve never had any real problem with the guy, but a man’s word is his bond.  His name is Sti-relk, and his stronghold is in the United Worlds of Warlock somewhere.  That is all.”

Jessica asked Odin about the Mechanoids.  Odin explained how the Mechanoids are a race of cyborgs with psionic powers that turned against their creators and original race to adopt a mission of xenocide against all humanoid life.  He explained that they are insane and that they cause great destruction wherever they go.  He is concerned that someday they may threaten the entire Megaverse.

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