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Horsemen of the Apocalypse 1 - OOC Chat logs
Session Start: Sun Dec 09 11:32:19 2001
[11:32] *** Now talking in #RIFTSOOC1
[11:32] <GM_Erik> hey
[11:32] <Mika_no_Krynn> Hey, Stan is just waking up.
[11:32] <GM_Erik> cool, I'm not the lastest ;;-)
[11:32] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah, we just called him
[11:32] <JessicaKnight> yo
[11:33] <GM_Erik> holds up the OK symbol and says with a coarse whisper "good party..."
[11:33] <Mika_no_Krynn> He's also got to find his dude, you got Gabe's char?
[11:34] <GM_Erik> I'll check
[11:34] <JessicaKnight> hehe it'll ook like shit
[11:34] <JessicaKnight> I haven't had time to redo the sheet into something legible
[11:34] <GM_Erik> you scanned it?
[11:34] <JessicaKnight> ya
[11:35] <Mika_no_Krynn> So are we using the Heroes system of attacks?
[11:35] <GM_Erik> phases, ya
[11:35] <Mika_no_Krynn> Sweet.
[11:35] <GM_Erik> checking email now...
[11:35] <JessicaKnight> hey, what's the attack system like now?
[11:36] <JessicaKnight> Mike just said I probably have more than 4
[11:36] <GM_Erik> oh, yeah, that too.  THey even officially put the number of attacks in the Hand to Hand combat skills in the GM's guide.
[11:36] <GM_Erik> what level Gabe?
[11:36] <Mika_no_Krynn> 9
[11:37] <GM_Erik> basically you have two more than before.
[11:37] <JessicaKnight> tq
[11:37] <Mika_no_Krynn> How about those new spells?  Any ones I should know about?
[11:38] <GM_Erik> basic gabe?
[11:38] <Mika_no_Krynn> Expert
[11:38] <GM_Erik> yeah, Gabe got +1 attack at level 9, so now has 6 attacks.
[11:38] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yep,  that's what he's got
[11:39] <GM_Erik> and possibly boxing for hand to hand if that's in there.
[11:39] <Mika_no_Krynn> So how does the new gun combat stuff work, I'm 8th level Sniper gun combat... I have some stuff written down for it.
[11:40] <JessicaKnight> hey did you look over the new designs for the sniper rifle, TW vamp suit, and the anti-machine sword yet Erik?
[11:41] <GM_Erik> reading email
[11:44] <GM_Erik> ok... Gabe, didn't I tell you once before how long that weapon would take to make?
[11:45] <JessicaKnight> nope
[11:45] <GM_Erik> and Mike: I don't think we'll do the change in casting time for higher level guys.  I think having really powerful dudes like gods being the ones able to do more than two in a melee is good enough.
[11:45] <Mika_no_Krynn> ok
[11:46] *** Tibor has joined #RIFTSOOC1
[11:46] <Mika_no_Krynn> How did we work it before though, didn't we change something?
[11:46] <JessicaKnight> oi Stain
[11:47] <Mika_no_Krynn> gouten morgan
[11:47] <Tibor> bloody hell
[11:47] <GM_Erik> hey
[11:47] <GM_Erik> no, we hadn't changeed anything I think Mike.
[11:47] <Mika_no_Krynn> better let Stan know about the # of attacks
[11:47] <Tibor> found my parchment...
[11:48] <GM_Erik> stan: you have boxing? what's you hand to hand?
[11:48] <Mika_no_Krynn> Can you still read the sanskrit?
[11:48] <GM_Erik> Oh, gabe, you're right, I can't read it. ::-)
[11:49] <Tibor> boxing, htoh martial arts
[11:49] <JessicaKnight> heh
[11:49] <JessicaKnight> iu'll redo it by the new year
[11:49] <GM_Erik> you have 7 attacks.
[11:49] <GM_Erik> no worries gabe.
[11:50] <GM_Erik> how many attacks does Mika have?
[11:50] <Mika_no_Krynn> 9
[11:50] <Mika_no_Krynn> HtH assassin with boxing
[11:51] <Mika_no_Krynn> Oh, and one from being a Psi-slayer
[11:51] <GM_Erik> ah, yes.\
[11:51] <GM_Erik> holy cow, those GM guide books are cool!
[11:51] <GM_Erik> Aynone have stats over 30?  tell me which ones.\
[11:52] <Mika_no_Krynn> 'bout freaking time they made them.  I have a PS of 31 and a Spd of 35
[11:52] <JessicaKnight> nein
[11:53] <GM_Erik> well, they made an axpanded chart if you have them, depending on the stat it may or may not make a difference.
[11:53] <Tibor> nope
[11:53] <GM_Erik> nothing for anybody then. ;;-)
[11:53] <GM_Erik> spd doesn't have anything, str for every 5 over 30.  Sorry Mike,
[11:53] <GM_Erik> other than PS bonus to damage of +1 per point that is..
[11:53] <Mika_no_Krynn> How about those new gun rulz?  Like what does Cold cock and Double Tap do?  I guess Mika will hafta pump some iron.
[11:54] <Tibor> getting drink, will be back...
[11:54] <Mika_no_Krynn> Oh, could you do me a favor and see at what levels I get skills as a Psi-Slayer?
[11:55] <GM_Erik> sorry, I didn't bring the Psyscape with me today...
[11:55] <Mika_no_Krynn> Oh well, just email it to me then.
[11:55] <GM_Erik> I threw a bunch in my bag, the guides have so much info I hoped they'd cover most everything.
[11:55] <Mika_no_Krynn> Kewl.
[11:56] <GM_Erik> the stat bonuses for over 30 go up to 60!
[11:56] <GM_Erik> including ME and IQ!
[11:56] <JessicaKnight> that's one really smart d00d
[11:56] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah, 60 IQ... one smart mofo.  For sniper combat I have +3 aim and +2 hit, what does that mean?
[11:57] <GM_Erik> ok, cold cock is a KO thing with a gun..
[11:57] <Mika_no_Krynn> Does it always work, or is it like boxing?
[11:57] <GM_Erik> No, you have to declare it.
[11:57] <Mika_no_Krynn> OK, but if you hit they're ko'd?
[11:58] <GM_Erik> No, need a modified 20 or something I think, and they get to save.
[11:58] <Mika_no_Krynn> OK, no worries then.
[11:58] <Tibor> yeah i don't have that new gun rule crap either, have sniper as well
[11:59] <Mika_no_Krynn> Wouldn't you have commando Stan?  Since you got hth martial arts?
[11:59] <GM_Erik> acutally stan, the sniper skill is different than the sniper gun combat package.  YOu have commando
[11:59] <Tibor> commando?
[11:59] <GM_Erik> we won't worry about that too much today, I'll send out stuff later.
[11:59] <Tibor> as a knight i suppose so
[11:59] <Tibor> ok, just do what would normally do
[12:00] <JessicaKnight> hey anything for expert hth?
[12:00] <GM_Erik> Mike, hit I think is against moving target penalties, and aim is like aim, for a relaxed, chilled out shot.
[12:00] <GM_Erik> gabe, you don't start with expert, so you'd have basic gun combat.
[12:00] <Mika_no_Krynn> OK, do they stack on top of your normal WP bonus?
[12:00] <JessicaKnight> ok koo
[12:00] <GM_Erik> hit, yes, against penalties only, and aim, yes.
[12:01] <Mika_no_Krynn> Cuz I also have Leading +2 (vs. moving targets) and Impose Dodge penalty (-6/-3).
[12:01] <GM_Erik> damn, well, we'll worry about that when we get there, maybe I'm wrong about hit.
[12:02] <Mika_no_Krynn> Maybe that's the bonus to actually hit someone with your gun in melee... like Cold Cock.
[12:02] <GM_Erik> Yeah, we'll say that for now.
[12:02] <GM_Erik> Any other level up questions from ppl?
[12:02] <Mika_no_Krynn> Don't think so, save are there any new spells that would be of immediate interest to me?
[12:03] <Mika_no_Krynn> Otherwise you can just email them to me later.
[12:04] <GM_Erik> we'll worry about it later, there are some cool ones, though.  We'll just pretend you don't know them yet. ::-)
[12:04] <Mika_no_Krynn> sure.
[12:04] <Tibor> ok
[12:04] <Mika_no_Krynn> So when are we starting relative to last time?
[12:05] <GM_Erik> there are now 30 8th level spells. (just to give you a hint)
[12:05] <Mika_no_Krynn> Holy fuck.
[12:05] <GM_Erik> ok, after I shake out some of this party residual...
[12:05] <Mika_no_Krynn> Actually I have 28 right now.
[12:06] <GM_Erik> magic rules in armor:
[12:06] <Mika_no_Krynn> Oh yes, you mentioned that.
[12:06] <Tibor> no one got a hold of our dragon dude?
[12:06] <GM_Erik> no casting from inside vehicles or robots, unless a TW spell, or you stick the upper half of your body out.
[12:07] <GM_Erik> TW spell being one built into the vehicle/robot.
[12:07] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah, he's in Aussie land and won't have internet until January when he move to Taiwan.  He'll join us once he's settled in.
[12:08] <Mika_no_Krynn> How about armor? Like man-sized armor?
[12:08] <GM_Erik> body armor does impede casting if...
[12:08] <GM_Erik> it is made of metal, alloy, metal compounds and covers at least 50% of the body.
[12:08] <GM_Erik> this includes power armor.
[12:08] <GM_Erik> the EXCEPTION
[12:08] <GM_Erik> is when it is armor made entirely through magic.
[12:09] <Mika_no_Krynn> coo
[12:09] <GM_Erik> so, Gabe's power armor is exempted (the TW power armor) and Mike's enchanted chain mail thing is too.
[12:09] <GM_Erik> if you're wearing more and cast a spell we'll worry about that when the time comes.
[12:10] <GM_Erik> everybody with magic get that?
[12:10] <Tibor> holy crap do i have a lot of equipment...
[12:10] <Mika_no_Krynn> yep.
[12:10] <JessicaKnight> heheh
[12:10] <JessicaKnight> you're our pack wolfen
[12:10] <GM_Erik> hehheh
[12:11] <Tibor> hate to break it to ya, but my ps is only 22 reg dude
[12:11] <JessicaKnight> better than my 12
[12:11] <Mika_no_Krynn> Oh Stan I've modified the drinking rulz so you can drink more.  I figure anyone 7' something can drink more than the average bum.
[12:11] <JessicaKnight> woo
[12:11] <Mika_no_Krynn> Wolfen drink x2 what normal people can... they're big.
[12:11] <GM_Erik> yeah Mike, you never sent those to me, but that's OK, we might not have call for it now..
[12:12] <JessicaKnight> any new rules on plat-o-meat consumption?
[12:12] <Tibor> 7' and 400lb
[12:12] <Mika_no_Krynn> Really, I'll send it now.
[12:12] <GM_Erik> hey, that's how big the Tick is!
[12:12] <Tibor> actually 8' and 400 lb
[12:13] <GM_Erik> ok, lets start.
[12:13] <Mika_no_Krynn> ok, I've sent you that file.  OH are we putting rolls in IC or OOC?
[12:14] <GM_Erik> rolls are in OOC
[12:14] <Mika_no_Krynn> That's the one kewl thing you can do with a Giant Head... scare even really bad dudes.
[12:15] <GM_Erik> yup.
[12:16] <JessicaKnight> it's the big giant head!! it's Willam Shatner! NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[12:16] <GM_Erik> Gabe: you figured out you could use the sword by picking it up right>
[12:16] <GM_Erik> he he
[12:16] <JessicaKnight> yeah
[12:16] <JessicaKnight> it shocked everyone else
[12:16] * JessicaKnight wings the sword around tos ee if it's magical
[12:16] <JessicaKnight> wheee!
[12:16] <JessicaKnight> now I can go and kill the blacksmith, even if he is a plantinum dragon!
[12:17] <GM_Erik> what?
[12:17] <Mika_no_Krynn> Inside joke... look for a flash video on the internet called "summoner geeks"... you'll love it.
[12:18] <GM_Erik> did you get that gabe?
[12:19] <Mika_no_Krynn> I bet they do.
[12:19] <Mika_no_Krynn> What kinds of dragons are there?
[12:19] <JessicaKnight> how high are these cages up
[12:19] <JessicaKnight> ?
[12:20] <GM_Erik> I tried to send you sword stats over the little box window thing.
[12:20] <JessicaKnight> yeah
[12:20] <JessicaKnight> I got them thanks
[12:21] <GM_Erik> cool.
[12:21] <JessicaKnight> hey Erik
[12:21] <GM_Erik> yeah?
[12:21] <JessicaKnight> type /dccallow +tux
[12:21] <JessicaKnight> er sorry
[12:21] <JessicaKnight> use +jessicalknight
[12:22] <JessicaKnight> bleh
[12:25] <Mika_no_Krynn> Now that Vrryl's a dragon I can kick him and not worry about killing him.
[12:25] <GM_Erik> he'll still whine about it.
[12:25] <JessicaKnight> hey Erik, the mpg is fricking huge it's won't fit over e-mail
[12:26] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah, that's the point.
[12:26] <JessicaKnight> ah just listen to the mp3 it's good enough
[12:26] <GM_Erik> oh, we'll get it later than Gabe, this comp[uter won't play shit
[12:26] <Mika_no_Krynn> did we have a ship waiting for us?
[12:26] <GM_Erik> yes, there was a ship.
[12:28] <Mika_no_Krynn> Can I over hear wear the dragons are d-portaling to?
[12:29] <GM_Erik> did that whisper work Gabe?
[12:29] <JessicaKnight> didn't see
[12:29] <JessicaKnight> nothing popped up yet
[12:29] <Tibor> "can i hear with amp hearing?"
[12:30] <GM_Erik> they're talking plenty loud for everyone to hear.
[12:30] <Mika_no_Krynn> Have we checked out this place?
[12:30] <GM_Erik> yes
[12:33] <GM_Erik> lets get through this quick.
[12:33] <GM_Erik> you guys want to take your ship back?
[12:34] <Mika_no_Krynn> Can I sense evil with this dude?
[12:34] <Mika_no_Krynn> Use the spell.
[12:34] <GM_Erik> no, he seems nice.
[12:34] <Mika_no_Krynn> ok.
[12:38] <GM_Erik> he's just a harmless NPC, I figured one of the young dragons would be curious.
[12:39] <Mika_no_Krynn> How long were we gone for?
[12:39] <GM_Erik> a couple months I guess, have I given an exact date recently?
[12:40] <Mika_no_Krynn> Don't think so.
[12:40] <GM_Erik> Gabe, do you have any fragile things on your character sheet?
[12:41] <GM_Erik> Ew?
[12:42] <JessicaKnight> yeah some mirrors
[12:42] <Mika_no_Krynn> How's my kid doing?
[12:42] <GM_Erik> Really, you carry around mirrors?
[12:42] <JessicaKnight> heheh yup... just one small one tho
[12:43] <GM_Erik> nothing personal Gabe ::-)
[12:43] <JessicaKnight> heheh s'ok
[12:43] <Tibor> shop rules: never run in a shop...
[12:43] <Mika_no_Krynn> true, true
[12:46] <GM_Erik> do you read it out loud?
[12:46] <Mika_no_Krynn> sure.
[12:49] <Mika_no_Krynn> what time is it now?
[12:53] <JessicaKnight> anyone hasve the spell, "Summon Cow/Meat"?
[12:54] <Mika_no_Krynn> I'm gonna wear one of those MD bikinis of mine underneath my normal clothes most of the time.
[12:54] <Mika_no_Krynn> Victory music plays in background we gain .5 xp
[13:01] * JessicaKnight puts on to-do list, clone mini-tibor
[13:01] <Mika_no_Krynn> Can we walk like Egyptian?
[13:01] <Mika_no_Krynn> And the GM suffers a heart attack while typing.
[13:01] <JessicaKnight> *thud*
[13:02] <GM_Erik> more like *groan*
[13:15] <Tibor> morning constitutional beckons, will be back....(will read msgs to catch up)
[13:15] <GM_Erik> ew
[13:16] <JessicaKnight> heh
[13:20] <Mika_no_Krynn> GM, you typing something?
[13:20] * Tibor feels much lighter
[13:20] <GM_Erik> not now.
[13:20] <GM_Erik> brb
[13:24] <GM_Erik> back
[13:24] <GM_Erik> and feeling like Stan
[13:25] <JessicaKnight> heh
[13:26] <Mika_no_Krynn> Can I do monster lore check for that?
[13:26] <GM_Erik> Yes
[13:26] <Mika_no_Krynn> Made it, just.
[13:27] <GM_Erik> Yeah, undead don't like fire much, but things vary depending on the critter.
[13:27] <GM_Erik> Stan, how much does your weapon do?
[13:27] <Mika_no_Krynn> Fire is the universal solution.
[13:27] <JessicaKnight> hmm.. maybe I should bring my fire sword as well as my rune sword
[13:28] <Tibor> 4d6+6 double to super n and magic
[13:28] <GM_Erik> ok, that sounds right.
[13:28] <Tibor> 6d6 for turn undead , in addition 80% chance all animated dead in line of sight leave for 2d4 hours
[13:29] <Mika_no_Krynn> Fuck we don't need anything but that sword.
[13:29] <JessicaKnight> heh
[13:29] <GM_Erik> what are you guys going to do?
[13:29] <Mika_no_Krynn> I wonder, can they bring our Titan bought over?
[13:29] <JessicaKnight> well let's eat and party tonight and worry about it tomorrow morning
[13:29] <Mika_no_Krynn> bot sorry.
[13:30] <Tibor> maybe there's a reason we always "party like its 1999"...
[13:30] <JessicaKnight> yup
[13:30] <JessicaKnight> cuz we're stupid enough to take on these missions
[13:30] <Mika_no_Krynn> Can they bring the bot over?
[13:31] <GM_Erik> Depends on what you do.
[13:31] <Mika_no_Krynn> Meaning?
[13:31] <Tibor> by the way, what does that rune sword do? anything?
[13:31] <JessicaKnight> well how do they intend to get us over tehre in the first place
[13:31] <JessicaKnight> wwell if we bring it there, we have to bring it back
[13:32] <GM_Erik> Gabe's got some stats for it.
[13:33] <Mika_no_Krynn> Maybe we should leave the bot at home... it is mega heavy and all.  Plus with the Holy and Rune sword we got some heavy hitting shit... not too sure about the bots weapons and necro magic anyways.
[13:37] <JessicaKnight> yeah probably won't be too smart hauling it all over the world without transport like the NGX
[13:37] <JessicaKnight> we NGR
[13:37] <JessicaKnight> er
[13:43] <GM_Erik> Why don't you guys figure out exactly what you'll bring, and who is going.
[13:43] <Mika_no_Krynn> I'm going, but I think Daniel should stay... someone has to raise Kith if I don't make it back.
[13:43] <Tibor> ok...what do we have in the armory? thinking...juicer assault rifle and or some nasty plasma weapons
[13:44] <JessicaKnight> hmm I don't know if we have anything that nice
[13:44] <JessicaKnight> jsut some plasma stuff
[13:44] <Mika_no_Krynn> I'm going to bring all my normal gear, the stuff on my sheet, minus the furniture, hovercycle, and other really big stuff.
[13:44] <GM_Erik> Gabe make a tracking roll.
[13:45] <GM_Erik> If you figure out what you'll bring, be sure to write it down so you don't forget.
[13:45] <GM_Erik> Or Gabe, make a streetwise roll.
[13:45] <GM_Erik> Is Kith still with you guys? Or is he in Ohio?
[13:46] <Tibor> some items i got are...forcefield amulet, psi bands of sight, target deflect bands, and crap thats in my armour
[13:46] <JessicaKnight> hol on
[13:46] <JessicaKnight> failed
[13:47] <Mika_no_Krynn> I figure he is still in Ohio getting trained... we go visit often though.
[13:47] <JessicaKnight> standard armor, blind warrior woman talisman, turn undead amulet
[13:47] * Tibor wants to wander the arms market to look for juicer rifle and whatever else may be newly available
[13:47] <Mika_no_Krynn> What is the technology situation is Africa, do we know?
[13:48] <JessicaKnight> rune sword, TW cross, TW glove, nigh vision gogles, bracer of deflect, flame sowrd
[13:48] <GM_Erik> What kind of Armor Gabe, Technological, TW, or magical? (power armor?)
[13:48] <JessicaKnight> TW
[13:48] <JessicaKnight> my standard TW armor
[13:48] <GM_Erik> Oh, your power armor thing?
[13:48] <JessicaKnight> yea
[13:48] <GM_Erik> OK.
[13:48] <Tibor> i have magic chain mail, with some of jess's mods
[13:49] <GM_Erik> how about a roll Gabe, if you got the skills.
[13:49] <Mika_no_Krynn> that's skillz... with a z
[13:49] <JessicaKnight> I did already and I failed
[13:49] <GM_Erik> OK.
[13:50] <GM_Erik> What kind of gun is Tibor looking for?
[13:51] <GM_Erik> What kinds of supplies are you guys bringing?
[13:51] <GM_Erik> And, you don't know about the tech level in Africa.
[13:51] <Tibor> we should have lots of jerky in storage...never leave home without it...
[13:51] <JessicaKnight> heh
[13:51] <Mika_no_Krynn> I'm bringing everything on my gear sheet except Common clothes, cermonial clothes, lang translator, IRMSS,fake ID's, energy lingerie, furniture, ATV hover cycle, bionic horse, and TW though projector.
[13:52] <Mika_no_Krynn> Well Mika doesn't need food or water, but she has the create water and create bread and milk spells. She also has purify so she can purify food if need be, but we should pack some rations just in case.
[13:52] <JessicaKnight> i'm brining everything except, storm flares, only my TW bio-blasterm and my rune sowrd
[13:53] <Mika_no_Krynn> Try to get a combo gun stan, something with two firing modes.
[13:53] <Tibor> cool, we can bring the bionic horse?
[13:53] <JessicaKnight> leaveing gas mask, stakes, watches
[13:54] <Tibor> will TW weapons from tolkeen be available? (from coalition wars books)
[13:55] <GM_Erik> nope, not yet.
[13:55] <Mika_no_Krynn> Try to find something that doesn't just shoot energy Stan, too many dudes have that immune to energy shit.
[13:55] <Tibor> yeah i know, and a pistol backup...
[13:55] <Mika_no_Krynn> ok
[13:56] <GM_Erik> I have the lists with every gun in the game in front of me, tell me what you're looking for, and I'll see if there is one, and if you can find it.
[13:56] <Mika_no_Krynn> The JA-12 is a good assault pulse rifle.
[13:57] <Tibor> ok JA-12....
[13:57] <Mika_no_Krynn> It is a laser weapon, but it is a really good one.
[13:58] <Tibor> and has grenade launcher...
[13:58] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yep, the grenades aren't too powerful, but we could make TW grenades at some point I bet.
[13:59] <GM_Erik> OK, you can find a JA-12
[13:59] <GM_Erik> need stats for it?
[13:59] <Tibor> cool, no i dont
[13:59] <GM_Erik> 50,000 credits.
[13:59] <Tibor> but any ideas on a non-energy handgun? (TW maybe?)
[14:00] <Mika_no_Krynn> TW guns are usually energy of some sort, just magical energy.
[14:00] <Mika_no_Krynn> Maybe one of those pump pistols.
[14:00] <GM_Erik> the Coalition has a pump pistol with explopsive rounds.
[14:01] <Tibor> triax? equivalent?
[14:01] <Mika_no_Krynn> That could be kewl.
[14:02] <Mika_no_Krynn> Remember to bring a fair ammount of ammo, probably won't be able to find any over there.  I can recharge eclips with my Sub-particle acceleration spell though.
[14:02] <GM_Erik> Triax has one too.
[14:02] <Tibor> yes i have that book...will take the triax pump pistol...
[14:02] <JessicaKnight> I hav SPA as well so I can help out there
[14:02] <Tibor> what are our limits on ammuntion? (bionic horse has storage compartment?)
[14:03] <GM_Erik> just record what you bring, in numbers.  Its OK to bring a lot, jsut consider space and carrying capacity (with and withotu any vehicles)
[14:04] <GM_Erik> Who's bringing a vehicle?
[14:04] <GM_Erik> Stan has a horse..
[14:04] <JessicaKnight> i'll pass, I can fly
[14:04] <Mika_no_Krynn> I can fly with my armor at 116mph for 160mins (only costs 35 PPE).
[14:05] <JessicaKnight> i'monly 50 mpph but indefinite
[14:05] <Mika_no_Krynn> I can also do 50mph for 160mins... at only 25ppe
[14:06] <Tibor> only way for me is jet pack...and thats too bulky
[14:06] <JessicaKnight> and it runs out
[14:06] <Mika_no_Krynn> Bionic horse can go 60mph... that's good.
[14:06] <JessicaKnight> might as well bring your horse
[14:06] <GM_Erik> you guys got stuff worked out?
[14:06] <Mika_no_Krynn> I weighs 2400lbs... should be able to do that.  I'm ready.
[14:07] <Tibor> lol!
[14:07] <Mika_no_Krynn> Vrryl can do 4000lbs with teleport superior I believe... so we should be good.
[14:08] <GM_Erik> Yeah what are your combined wieghts?
[14:08] <GM_Erik> count the biggest stuff and throw in a fudge factor.
[14:09] <Mika_no_Krynn> With all my stuff I weigh only about 200-220lbs
[14:09] <JessicaKnight> i'm probably only asbout 200-250 or so
[14:09] <Mika_no_Krynn> Tibor with his horse is probably about 3000lbs
[14:09] <GM_Erik> What about the armor, is it lighteight?
[14:09] <Tibor> with me i'm around 500lbs, if i bring a shitload of ammo...
[14:11] <GM_Erik> Well, actually you should be fine.
[14:11] <Mika_no_Krynn> We'll be close to 4000, probably around 3500 .
[14:11] <JessicaKnight> apparently, that TW armor is " A suit of plate like doay armor" so it isn't anything hugr or crazy
[14:11] <GM_Erik> Vrryl can teleport more like 8000lbs.
[14:11] <JessicaKnight> er boday armour
[14:11] <GM_Erik> body? heh hehe
[14:12] <JessicaKnight> heh yeah
[14:12] <GM_Erik> Don't forget about bringing food.
[14:12] <Mika_no_Krynn> more like bootey armor
[14:12] <Tibor> we're good, i can bring an ammo dump..good..and lots of jerky
[14:12] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yep, you guys are going to need some rations... fruit and meat only.  I can make water, milk and bread.
[14:12] <JessicaKnight> food good
[14:13] <JessicaKnight> or we can make zombie jerky
[14:13] <GM_Erik> OK, do you mind if I take a quick snack break?
[14:13] <Mika_no_Krynn> sure... how long?
[14:13] <GM_Erik> Need something, and talking about it makes me hungry.
[14:13] <JessicaKnight> ah
[14:13] <GM_Erik> I'm gonna go over to a place like 5 minute walk, grab some stuff, come back.
[14:13] <Tibor> ew! undead meat must be nasty
[14:13] <Mika_no_Krynn> Kewl, I get something myself.
[14:13] <GM_Erik> Undead meat is already jerky.
[14:14] <Tibor> dusty jerky
[14:14] <GM_Erik> ok, be back
[14:14] * Tibor whipsers...
[14:14] <Tibor> "how much ammo is too much?"
[14:28] <Mika_no_Krynn> 40 clips worth.
[14:29] <Mika_no_Krynn> A well equiped soldier brings between 5-10 clips of ammo an a given mission, so if you brought 20 clips that'd be cool.
[14:29] <Mika_no_Krynn> You'll only need probably 8-10 eclips though cuz we can recharge them.
[14:30] <Tibor> ok, keep in mind that i need grenade reloads too
[14:30] <GM_Erik> yeah
[14:30] <Tibor> ok, 8 main, 6 grenade, 6 pump...thats 20
[14:31] <Tibor> if they are immune to that, then i have to crack heads with sword
[14:31] <Tibor> good enough..
[14:32] <GM_Erik> mmm chips
[14:34] <GM_Erik> Everybody back or done?  Or should we wait a bit more.
[14:34] <JessicaKnight> wi'm ok
[14:34] <Mika_no_Krynn> I'm ok.
[14:34] <Tibor> ok
[14:34] <GM_Erik> cool.
[14:35] <GM_Erik> I think the company may help pay for ammo, but don't forget to buy special guns yourself.
[14:36] * JessicaKnight continues he neverending seach for the daikatana er.. Bill
[14:36] <Mika_no_Krynn> You could bring about 15 clips of pump and grenade rounds dude, 15 for each...
[14:36] <Mika_no_Krynn> We could be out there a while, and they don't weigh much.
[14:37] <Mika_no_Krynn> I meant 40 clips for one weapon.
[14:37] <Mika_no_Krynn> was too much
[14:37] <Tibor> could go into storage compartment on horse...
[14:37] <GM_Erik> more like big saddle bags on horse.
[14:37] <Tibor> ok, i guess we're need lots
[14:38] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yep.  You don't want to be stuck without ammo, that's for sure.  Hey, can I recharge my Plasma Forearm Blasters?
[14:38] <JessicaKnight> remember your bracers of deflect guys
[14:38] <Mika_no_Krynn> never leave home without them.
[14:39] <GM_Erik> Gabe can recharge your forearm blasters for 70PPE, or they can be done at a Pyramid.
[14:39] <Mika_no_Krynn> ok... kewl.
[14:39] <Tibor> ok, got two lists, one that i actually can carry, and the other has whats on the horse
[14:39] <GM_Erik> cool, good thinking.
[14:40] <GM_Erik> the book of magic actually has costs and PPE and stuff for all the TW equipment now, more than before.
[14:40] <Mika_no_Krynn> nice.
[14:40] <JessicaKnight> koo
[14:40] <Mika_no_Krynn> How much to recharge my TW Wand of the Holocaust?
[14:41] <GM_Erik> What?
[14:41] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah, it fires a mini-supernova sphere at the target for 4d6x100MD, range is 2000' with a 50'BR
[14:42] <Mika_no_Krynn> has 20 charges
[14:42] <GM_Erik> Oh right, but it has that side-effect of only working inside the owners head, right?
[14:43] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah... got it at Tim the Enchanters shop of Mega-munchkin magic weapons.
[14:44] <GM_Erik> Yeah, Brett can do 7200 miles and 24000 lbs at a nexus....
[14:44] <Mika_no_Krynn> I kill it.
[14:44] <JessicaKnight> hmm.. maybe I should make one that rift in a giant furnace factory and you can throw enemies in there....
[14:45] <GM_Erik> Wildebeast!
[14:45] <JessicaKnight> let's kill it!
[14:45] <JessicaKnight> hehe
[14:46] <GM_Erik> Moo!
[14:48] <Tibor> we'll get there just in time to watch the "heroes" get annilated...sounds like good TV to me
[14:48] <JessicaKnight> yup
[14:48] <GM_Erik> jeez, you're too used to Debbie's game..
[14:48] <Mika_no_Krynn> That's why we're here... like an anti-debbie game... where the characters can actually do something.
[14:49] <GM_Erik> what kind of equipment for direction and skills do you have?
[14:49] <Tibor> gyro compass on horse...
[14:49] <JessicaKnight> compass
[14:49] <Mika_no_Krynn> I got tracking.
[14:50] <GM_Erik> OK, compasses are good.
[14:50] <Mika_no_Krynn> and Land Nav.
[14:50] <GM_Erik> Those with Land Nav make rolls!
[14:50] <JessicaKnight> done
[14:50] <JessicaKnight> no prob
[14:50] <Mika_no_Krynn> made it by 23
[14:51] <Tibor> lol! rolled a 04 for land nav
[14:51] <Tibor> ...(anti-debbie indead!)
[14:51] <Mika_no_Krynn> See this game works for you Stan.
[14:53] <Tibor> 192km/p 120mph, horse speed...
[14:53] <JessicaKnight> i'm the slowest at 50 mph
[14:53] <Mika_no_Krynn> Wow!
[14:53] <GM_Erik> Shall I assume you all go approx 50mph?
[14:53] <Tibor> sure...
[14:54] * JessicaKnight drops loogies on Tibor from up above
[14:55] * Tibor easily dodges...and wonders how she'd react to a few well placed shots...
[14:55] <GM_Erik> what do you do?
[14:56] <Mika_no_Krynn> Well, lets move until it gets dusk then set up camp for the night.
[14:56] <GM_Erik> Everybody make perception rolls.
[14:56] <Mika_no_Krynn> 13
[14:57] <Tibor> add IQ bonus?
[14:57] <JessicaKnight> 22
[14:57] <JessicaKnight> me bounus
[14:57] <Tibor> 7
[14:57] <GM_Erik> Youd add a bonus from IQ using the ME chart, not the skill% chart.
[14:58] <Tibor> nothin...
[14:58] <GM_Erik> but she doesn't have to point it out.
[14:59] <JessicaKnight> does the goat herder look normal from here?
[14:59] <GM_Erik> as far as you can tell
[15:00] <GM_Erik> Hes got a gun
[15:00] <Tibor> wow, so do i...
[15:00] <JessicaKnight> eh, ok
[15:00] <Mika_no_Krynn> how about armor?
[15:00] <GM_Erik> So does Janie..
[15:00] <GM_Erik> YOu don't see any armor.
[15:00] <Mika_no_Krynn> oh... BAD!
[15:00] <JessicaKnight> umm ok
[15:01] <Tibor> someone want to go chat?
[15:02] <Mika_no_Krynn> Well Jessica hasn't told anyone yet.
[15:02] <JessicaKnight> hey Mika, how far ar you ahead?
[15:02] <Mika_no_Krynn> Probably same as you... I'm only flying 50mph
[15:03] <JessicaKnight> ok
[15:04] <GM_Erik> You go check 'em out?
[15:04] <Mika_no_Krynn> eyp
[15:04] <Mika_no_Krynn> yep
[15:05] <JessicaKnight> hey Erik.. my communications band has tounges
[15:05] <GM_Erik> OK, he told you that they are his goats.
[15:06] <Mika_no_Krynn> What lang is he speaking?
[15:06] <GM_Erik> You don't know.
[15:06] <GM_Erik> Swahili
[15:09] <Mika_no_Krynn> what kind of gun does this guy have?
[15:09] <Tibor> (has amp hearing...i might hear that crap, won't understand though)
[15:10] <GM_Erik> He's got a Kittani-looking Pistol
[15:10] <Mika_no_Krynn> wacky.
[15:11] <Tibor> maybe the entire army are shape changers and they actually are the goats!
[15:11] <JessicaKnight> heheh maybe
[15:12] <GM_Erik> A goat says nope! that's not it!
[15:12] <JessicaKnight> slaughter them all anyways!
[15:12] <JessicaKnight> just to be on the safe side
[15:12] <GM_Erik> Goat says OK! I give up!
[15:13] <JessicaKnight> yay! now we can have an army of slave goats to provide us with Milk and Cheese.. muhahahah@!
[15:18] <Mika_no_Krynn> Is there a copse of trees or something around here?
[15:18] <Mika_no_Krynn> How many hours did we travel?
[15:19] <Mika_no_Krynn> I'll cast sheltering force and Watchguard.  So we have a magic tent and perimeter alarm.
[15:19] <Tibor> sword turns black when sensing evil in 20' rad.
[15:19] <GM_Erik> Thanks Tibor
[15:20] <Mika_no_Krynn> Keep your weapons handy, but with those spells I don't think we need watch... dudes can't really sneak up on us.
[15:20] <Tibor> if something can fail...
[15:22] <Mika_no_Krynn> how much ppe do I get back per hour dude?
[15:22] <GM_Erik> uh..
[15:25] <GM_Erik> huh, Has someone got their main book?
[15:25] <Mika_no_Krynn> Oh, do I sense any leylines near here?
[15:25] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah we do.
[15:25] <GM_Erik> no, no ley lines at the moment.
[15:25] <GM_Erik> PPE recovery's in there, at the start of the magic section.
[15:26] <GM_Erik> THe Magic book put so many spells in, I guess they didn't put in PEP recovery and stuff.
[15:26] <GM_Erik> brb
[15:27] <Mika_no_Krynn> 10 per hour of meditation it says.
[15:30] *** Tibor has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving )
[15:30] <GM_Erik> eek
[15:30] <GM_Erik> oh man, I feel like crap..
[15:31] <GM_Erik> heh heh
[15:31] *** Tibor has joined #riftsooc1
[15:31] <Mika_no_Krynn> you sick?
[15:31] <GM_Erik> no, just a little hung.
[15:32] <Mika_no_Krynn> I see... ya boozer.
[15:32] <GM_Erik> Yeah, up to 3:30 last night, that's why I slept in.
[15:33] <GM_Erik> You guys continue?
[15:33] <Mika_no_Krynn> yep
[15:33] <Tibor> k
[15:33] <JessicaKnight> k
[15:35] <GM_Erik> Mika has big wings, right?
[15:35] <Mika_no_Krynn> Nope, she's using Fly as an Eagle... cheaper on ppe.
[15:36] <GM_Erik> OK.
[15:36] <Mika_no_Krynn> Like in a happy excitedly?
[15:36] <Mika_no_Krynn> Or like in a cry of surprise and alarm?
[15:37] <Mika_no_Krynn> What do these dudes look like?
[15:37] <GM_Erik> Like Africans.
[15:44] <Tibor> *laughs* if i had a credit for the number of times someone wanted to exam mika...
[15:44] <Mika_no_Krynn> no shit
[15:44] <JessicaKnight> heh
[15:45] <Mika_no_Krynn> How old is this old dude?
[15:45] <GM_Erik> like 50
[15:45] <Mika_no_Krynn> Not that old.
[15:45] <JessicaKnight> coudl still get it up and rape ya if he wanted
[15:46] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yep, better be one badass old dude though
[15:58] <Mika_no_Krynn> should be able to pulverize that gain pretty easily.
[15:59] <Tibor> now he tells us...
[15:59] <Mika_no_Krynn> btw this is Count Dracula...hahaha.
[16:01] <Mika_no_Krynn> what's this dude look like?
[16:01] <JessicaKnight> any desc?
[16:02] <Mika_no_Krynn> any tatoos?
[16:02] <Mika_no_Krynn> human?
[16:03] <Tibor> sword doesn't turn black does it?
[16:03] <GM_Erik> nope
[16:07] <Mika_no_Krynn> I assume my tongues is still going.
[16:07] <GM_Erik> ok
[16:10] <GM_Erik> lots of thinking in the typing today?
[16:11] <Tibor> (i can't understand that lang anyway....)
[16:11] <JessicaKnight> I didn't recharge my comm band
[16:11] <GM_Erik> maybe you guys should see what languages people speak.
[16:12] <Mika_no_Krynn> I bet he speaks english
[16:12] <JessicaKnight> probably
[16:12] <Tibor> try euro...
[16:13] <JessicaKnight> those are the only 2 I can speak myself
[16:14] <Mika_no_Krynn> yeah euro might work too... if this dude would just say where he's from.
[16:16] <GM_Erik> What about Tibor?
[16:16] <GM_Erik> Poor tibor
[16:17] <JessicaKnight> Tibor should be able to speak Euro\
[16:22] <GM_Erik> does tibor speak euro?
[16:22] <GM_Erik> does tibor speak?
[16:23] <GM_Erik> yay!
[16:24] <Mika_no_Krynn> food?  Really, would never have guessed that.
[16:24] <Mika_no_Krynn> I should go hunting here at some point.
[16:28] <Mika_no_Krynn> what time is it now?
[16:28] <GM_Erik> DUnno, around sunset.
[16:29] <Mika_no_Krynn> after dinner I'll go out for a "walk"
[16:29] <GM_Erik> Anyone else?
[16:29] <Mika_no_Krynn> I want to use tracking occassionally to see if I can track some monsters down... need PPE.
[16:29] <JessicaKnight> not really.. just want to rest
[16:30] <Tibor> i'll go as well
[16:30] <JessicaKnight> i'll hang arounmd the village
[16:31] <GM_Erik> Tibor make a saving throw versus psionics.
[16:32] <Tibor> i'm only a minor psionic...12
[16:33] <GM_Erik> Mike make a perception roll
[16:33] <Mika_no_Krynn> 23
[16:34] <GM_Erik> obviously that's what happened to Tibor
[16:34] <GM_Erik> Mika make a saving throw versus psionics.
[16:34] <Mika_no_Krynn> 13, I'm a master.
[16:35] <GM_Erik> Tibor and Mika are both aware that they were attacked psionically.
[16:35] <GM_Erik> Does Mika have mind block?
[16:35] <Mika_no_Krynn> yes
[16:35] <GM_Erik> I mean, is it up?
[16:35] <Mika_no_Krynn> Well, I'll put it up now.
[16:36] <GM_Erik> OK, but before you do, you lose 70 ISP
[16:36] <Mika_no_Krynn> holy shit!
[16:36] <GM_Erik> how much more do you have?
[16:36] <Mika_no_Krynn> Do I know where it came from?  138
[16:38] <Mika_no_Krynn> Is anyone around?
[16:38] <GM_Erik> You, Tibor, and Fran
[16:38] <Tibor> (has my sword stopped glowing yellow? black = evil)
[16:38] <GM_Erik> no, it has not.
[16:39] <GM_Erik> Tibor has one attack, can't move, and is at -10 on all actions, btw.
[16:39] <GM_Erik> What do you do?
[16:39] <Mika_no_Krynn> just like Debbie's game.
[16:39] <GM_Erik> ack!
[16:39] <GM_Erik> no!
[16:40] <GM_Erik> just a random encouner.
[16:40] <GM_Erik> are you trying to grab him?
[16:40] <GM_Erik> if so roll strike
[16:40] <Mika_no_Krynn> yes
[16:40] <Mika_no_Krynn> 27
[16:40] <GM_Erik> Mika, make a save vs psionics.
[16:41] <Mika_no_Krynn> I want to lift him off the ground too.
[16:41] <Mika_no_Krynn> 28
[16:41] <GM_Erik> holy cow!
[16:41] <GM_Erik> nothing happens
[16:42] <Mika_no_Krynn> I'm activating Sense Psionics.
[16:42] <Mika_no_Krynn> sorry, detect psionics.
[16:42] <GM_Erik> Save vs psionics@!
[16:43] <Mika_no_Krynn> 22
[16:43] <GM_Erik> OK
[16:44] <GM_Erik> note: Psi-Slayers really hate Mind Bleeders.
[16:44] <Mika_no_Krynn> anything with that sense psionics deal?
[16:44] <GM_Erik> that's what you sensed up there in IC
[16:44] <Mika_no_Krynn> OK, gotcha.
[16:44] <GM_Erik> They're lots psi
[16:44] <Mika_no_Krynn> sorry, missed it.
[16:44] <Mika_no_Krynn> I'm gonna slug the dude in the gut.
[16:45] <GM_Erik> Is Tibor doing anything?
[16:46] <Tibor> what can i do? one attack at -10...
[16:46] <GM_Erik> roll a critical like you do whenever you're messed up?
[16:46] <Mika_no_Krynn> fucking dude is TOAST... how about the damage of that fireball?
[16:46] <Tibor> could i swing my sword at the guy?
[16:46] <JessicaKnight> haha
[16:46] <GM_Erik> you're going to take it?
[16:47] <Mika_no_Krynn> Oh, thought I was already hit... I'll dive out of the way.
[16:47] <GM_Erik> you're going to drop him them
[16:47] <Mika_no_Krynn> 26 to dodge
[16:47] <Mika_no_Krynn> I know.
[16:48] <Tibor> 17 with sword strike (did not -10)
[16:48] <Mika_no_Krynn> I'm going to attack next... I'll jump right through the fire.
[16:49] <GM_Erik> You take 28MD from the fire.
[16:49] <Mika_no_Krynn> ok
[16:50] <Mika_no_Krynn> how fast is this dude moving?
[16:50] <GM_Erik> Spd of 20
[16:51] <Mika_no_Krynn> ok, no prob.  When I get withing range I'll tackle him.
[16:51] <GM_Erik> roll strike
[16:51] <Tibor> tell me when the paralysis wears off...
[16:51] <Mika_no_Krynn> 24
[16:51] <GM_Erik> Sorry Tibor, you've got 5 melees left.
[16:52] <GM_Erik> Mika, save vs psionics
[16:52] <Mika_no_Krynn> 14
[16:52] <GM_Erik> ok
[16:53] <GM_Erik> what now?
[16:53] <Mika_no_Krynn> smoke'em!
[16:53] <GM_Erik> like a cigar?
[16:53] <JessicaKnight> rip him apart
[16:53] <Mika_no_Krynn> Not quite... like a knifehand strike to the throat.
[16:53] <Mika_no_Krynn> Deathblow.
[16:53] <GM_Erik> that's really nice.
[16:53] <GM_Erik> roll
[16:54] <Mika_no_Krynn> 17
[16:55] <Mika_no_Krynn> he probably doesn't have any ppe does he?
[16:56] <GM_Erik> he has 6
[16:56] <Mika_no_Krynn> yeah.
[16:57] <GM_Erik> So what do you do now?
[16:57] <Mika_no_Krynn> Any other creatures around?
[16:58] <Mika_no_Krynn> Go back, pick up Tibor, and go back to the village.
[16:59] <JessicaKnight> there's your meat man
[17:00] <GM_Erik> Tibor, roll percentile, use MA if you've got it.
[17:00] <Tibor> 14
[17:02] <GM_Erik> do you do any more hunting?
[17:02] <Mika_no_Krynn> Might as well.
[17:03] <Tibor> more hunting?
[17:03] <Mika_no_Krynn> I want to get at least another 20 PPE before the night's up.
[17:03] <GM_Erik> you can get some PPE from wildebeest if you like, they probably won't be much threat, and one will do you.
[17:03] <Mika_no_Krynn> sure.
[17:04] <Mika_no_Krynn> I'll take the meat back for Tibor too
[17:04] <Tibor> cool
[17:05] <GM_Erik> Gabe, do you go do that?
[17:05] <JessicaKnight> do wha?
[17:05] <GM_Erik> tell them that he got attacked.
[17:05] <JessicaKnight> nope..
[17:06] <JessicaKnight> i'm jut wondering how we're going to explain it (if we even are)
[17:06] <Tibor> might as well...elder seems to be able to tell if someone is evil (but missed the bleeder)
[17:07] <GM_Erik> maybe he was just anarachist and hungry for ISP
[17:07] <Mika_no_Krynn> bleeders can bleed auras and stuff.
[17:07] <GM_Erik> and that too
[17:07] <JessicaKnight> could be
[17:07] <GM_Erik> what do you do?
[17:07] <GM_Erik> Mika gets food
[17:07] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yum!
[17:08] * Tibor wishes he brought aspirin for the headache...
[17:08] <JessicaKnight> here Tibor try This...
[17:09] * JessicaKnight smacks Tibor on the back of his head with the butt of her rifle
[17:09] <GM_Erik> ouch!
[17:09] <GM_Erik> You want to try the explaining part?
[17:09] * Tibor backhands jess....
[17:10] <JessicaKnight> hmm... yeah sure why..
[17:10] <JessicaKnight> er why not
[17:11] <GM_Erik> go for it
[17:13] * Tibor goes with jess
[17:15] <GM_Erik> Hey, No common here!
[17:17] <JessicaKnight> hehe well english then
[17:18] <GM_Erik> Do you guys show him the body?
[17:19] <Tibor> i'll go look for it yes...if the hyenas havent taken him
[17:21] <GM_Erik> How about we stop there guys.
[17:21] <Tibor> k
[17:21] <JessicaKnight> k
[17:21] <GM_Erik> Sorry, I'm not totally with it today, but I got you started on something.
[17:21] <Mika_no_Krynn> ok.
[17:21] <JessicaKnight> good enough
[17:21] <Mika_no_Krynn> we playing next sunday?
[17:22] <Tibor> don't know when i'm going home...will let people know
[17:22] <GM_Erik> Lets say yes for now, there's no party before then either.
[17:22] <GM_Erik> And we can get somewhere then hopefully. ::-)
[17:22] <JessicaKnight> k
[17:22] <Mika_no_Krynn> Kewl.  Same time and chans?
[17:22] <GM_Erik> Sure thing.
[17:22] <GM_Erik> Fun part about Africa, its another place nobody knows anythign about.
[17:23] *** JessicaKnight is now known as TuxedoMsk
[17:23] <Mika_no_Krynn> No shit...
[17:23] <TuxedoMsk> heh
[17:23] <GM_Erik> Hope that wasn't too bad?
[17:23] <GM_Erik> even though we did very little.
[17:24] <Mika_no_Krynn> Nope... at least we're started on something.  Get back in the swing of things.
[17:24] <Tibor> no prob...k i'm going to head out here
[17:24] <Mika_no_Krynn> later
[17:24] <TuxedoMsk> just a starter to get re-acquainted with the world and our chars
[17:24] <GM_Erik> later
[17:24] <TuxedoMsk> c ya
[17:24] <Tibor> keep me updated...
[17:24] *** Tibor has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving )
[17:24] <Mika_no_Krynn> Can you email me those spells and the gun stuff when you get a chance?
[17:24] <GM_Erik> yeah
[17:24] <Mika_no_Krynn> Kewl.
[17:24] <TuxedoMsk> ok i'm back to idiling in my normal chans here
[17:24] <TuxedoMsk> later Erik
[17:24] *** TuxedoMsk has left #riftsooc1
[17:25] <GM_Erik> OK, later everyone
[17:25] <Mika_no_Krynn> Alright dude, talk with you later.
[17:25] <GM_Erik> or, Mike
[17:25] *** Mika_no_Krynn has quit IRC (Quit:  )
Session Close: Sun Dec 09 17:25:25 2001
GM Erik
 GM, 14 posts
Sun 11 Oct 2015
at 17:27
Horsemen of the Apocalypse 1 - OOC Chat logs
Session Start: Sun Dec 16 13:00:26 2001
[13:00] *** Now talking in #RIFTSOOC1
[13:01] <GM_Erik> oyoy
[13:01] <Tibor-S> and home...was drinking a bit at a friend's place
[13:01] <Tibor-S> by the way Mike...Debbie had mentioned something to me about the last game...
[13:01] <GM_Erik> Is Mike here?
[13:02] <Tibor-S> shit
[13:02] <JessicaKnight> nope
[13:02] <Tibor-S> wrong nick :)
[13:02] <JessicaKnight> he just got done shooting some naughty nurses
[13:02] <GM_Erik> ok....
[13:02] *** Mika_no_Krynn has joined #RIFTSOOC1
[13:03] *** JessicaKnight sets mode: +ooo GM_Erik Mika_no_Krynn Tibor-S
[13:03] <Mika_no_Krynn> gonna get a coke.
[13:03] <Tibor-S> Mike....deb mentioned that if Adathar hadn't stunned "gombidon" he would have taken your body!
[13:04] <GM_Erik> what a pervert.
[13:04] <Tibor-S> that would have been a pain in the ass..
[13:06] <GM_Erik> literally?
[13:07] <Tibor-S> maybe...gombidon got gang raped once already...could happen again
[13:07] <GM_Erik> that's why I/m glad I got out when I did.
[13:08] <GM_Erik> I was supposed to be the first possessed one anyway, I was already dead!
[13:08] <Mika_no_Krynn> fucking figures
[13:09] <GM_Erik> OK. Stan what hand to hand do you have again?
[13:09] <Tibor-S> martial arts + boxing....
[13:09] <Tibor-S> trying to find the notepad i was using one sec...
[13:10] <GM_Erik> Did your character automatically get martial arts as an OCC?
[13:10] <GM_Erik> I'm going to go through your guys' individual windows and tell you the gun stuff.
[13:11] <Mika_no_Krynn> ok
[13:12] <Tibor-S> got it...
[13:13] <GM_Erik> Stan, what did your character class start with, Expert or martial arts?
[13:13] <Tibor-S> martial arts
[13:13] <GM_Erik> k
[13:13] <Tibor-S> you mean the class or what i took to start off?
[13:14] <GM_Erik> the class
[13:15] <Tibor-S> knight occ starts at basic, but can upgrade...but i don't know what the wolfen rcc gets and how that affected skills
[13:15] <GM_Erik> k
[13:16] <GM_Erik> I'm typing Mike's right now
[13:21] <GM_Erik> For everyone: short bursts are now 5 rounds, medium 10, long 20
[13:22] <GM_Erik> every combat has an imposed dodge penalty.
[13:22] <GM_Erik> this replaces the penalty put in books before of -6 to -10 to dodge
[13:22] <Mika_no_Krynn> for guns?
[13:22] <GM_Erik> basically, your dodge penalty depends on how good the guy shooting is.,
[13:22] <Tibor-S> regardless of weapon type? (may have something specific on burst, aka JA-12)
[13:22] <Mika_no_Krynn> Oh, that one... that was brutal.
[13:22] <GM_Erik> yeah, unless the gun says otherwise.
[13:22] <GM_Erik> gun bursts replace the others.
[13:23] <Tibor-S> ok, mine is single or 3 round burst...thats it
[13:23] <Mika_no_Krynn> Stan, the JA-12 is a pulse rifle, it can shoot both bursts and pulses, pulses are 3 rounds fired near simultaneously.
[13:23] <GM_Erik> ok, Mike got everything there?
[13:23] <Mika_no_Krynn> eyp, I'm kewl
[13:23] <GM_Erik> ok, I'll do Stan's
[13:24] <Mika_no_Krynn> The current HK G11 assault rifle uses pulse technology. It can shoot 3 rounds near simultaneous for great accuracy and damage... good shit.
[13:24] <GM_Erik> man, I'll be gald when I get a working scanner
[13:24] <Tibor-S> the pump pistol says standard...but only has 5 round man loaded
[13:25] <GM_Erik> so it can do a short burst with the whole mag.
[13:26] <Mika_no_Krynn> I bet.  Oh dude, if you're ever bored one day you can check out the rulz for my GITS game.  They're all revised... just go to this url: .  I have the files in Word and PDF format, many are pretty much finished, but it is a work in progress.
[13:26] <GM_Erik> ok, cool
[13:27] <Mika_no_Krynn> Stan - I think we did pretty damn well on Tuesday all things considered, can't believe we got Cameo back and I got 1000gp from it too!  Now all we have to do is worry about Moander and Zando.
[13:28] <Tibor-S> yeah we were figuring armageddon and nothing less
[13:28] <GM_Erik> All bursts are only one attack
[13:29] <Tibor-S> ok cool!
[13:29] <GM_Erik> only emptying the entire magazine uses more (2 for automatic weapons, full melee for really big guns)
[13:29] <GM_Erik> since now bursts have a defined # of shots, not a percentage
[13:29] <Mika_no_Krynn> Thought we were fucked a few times, like when I hit Zando with a crit and it didn't do anything.  I thought he was gonna smack my ass.
[13:30] <Mika_no_Krynn> Oh GM fellow, would these gun combat rulz apply when I was using my Forearm Plasma blasters too?
[13:30] <Tibor-S> no doubt...good thing the queen is in cahoots wit tymora...she saved our hides with that banishment spell...even though it took long enough
[13:31] <GM_Erik> those are single shot weapons.
[13:31] <GM_Erik> but otherwise, consider then WP pistol
[13:31] <Mika_no_Krynn> No kidding... fucking guy is WAY too tough man.  We were doing pretty good too, and still nothing.  Then he snapped my neck, bummer.
[13:31] <GM_Erik> sorry, E pistol
[13:31] <Mika_no_Krynn> Alright kewl.
[13:32] <Mika_no_Krynn> I can doubletap some asshole with gobs of goodie plasma.
[13:33] <Mika_no_Krynn> Oh Erik, ran into Grant on Friday at the Den, he says hi.  He's doing his masters at UofC in Neuroscience.
[13:34] <GM_Erik> oh, cool.  Glad to see he's doing something more real.
[13:35] <GM_Erik> He kept injuring himself real bad in outdoor stuff.
[13:35] <Mika_no_Krynn> That was just his hobby, didn't ask about that, he was in Kinese(the bio side) wasn't he?
[13:36] <GM_Erik> Oh yeah, he was all along.
[13:36] <GM_Erik> Got everything Stan?
[13:36] <Tibor-S> yeah...
[13:37] <Mika_no_Krynn> Oh, Stan Mika is gonna want to cast a spell on Tibor's armor called Lifeward.  Once you're hit by a MD attack the spell activates, and for 8minutes all MD will be turned to SDC instead.
[13:37] <GM_Erik> Only if his flesh is hit by MD
[13:37] <Tibor-S> lol! cool...i'm all for that...
[13:37] <GM_Erik> ok, Gabe's turn (whew)
[13:38] <Mika_no_Krynn> How much SDC do you have, Stan?
[13:39] <GM_Erik> boy, he has that much.
[13:39] <Tibor-S> well....had 40 hp and 99 sdc...but valhalla bonus those double, so 80 hp and 198 sdc
[13:39] <Mika_no_Krynn> Well you could take 2MD.
[13:42] <GM_Erik> any other questions on the ranged combat stuff?
[13:42] <Mika_no_Krynn> Not for me.
[13:42] <Tibor-S> nope
[13:42] <GM_Erik> cool
[13:43] <GM_Erik> those are cool stats
[13:43] <Mika_no_Krynn> Hey dude, do you know when Psi-slayers get more skills, at what levels?
[13:44] <GM_Erik> they get two related at 3,6,9,12
[13:44] <Mika_no_Krynn> nice, thanx.  Next level hehe.
[13:44] <GM_Erik> Mika's the best shot, but Tibor's the best in combat.
[13:45] <GM_Erik> and Gabe has the coolest guns.
[13:45] <GM_Erik> heh hehe
[13:45] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yep, I rocke with those aimed shots baby.
[13:45] <GM_Erik> yeah, and from now on aimed shots means you're standing there and aiming.
[13:46] <GM_Erik> you can dodge after aiming, but you can't aim after dodging.
[13:46] <GM_Erik> ok, shall we get on with things>
[13:46] <GM_Erik> ?
[13:47] <Tibor-S> k
[13:47] <Mika_no_Krynn> yep
[13:48] <GM_Erik> Boy, that sounded corny.
[13:49] <GM_Erik> what do you do, in a nutshell.
[13:50] <GM_Erik> OK, you are all flying, right?
[13:50] <Mika_no_Krynn> Stan's riding.
[13:51] <GM_Erik> oh yeah
[13:51] <Mika_no_Krynn> We can move at 50mph
[13:51] <GM_Erik> ok
[13:52] <GM_Erik> Who has special hearing or sense supernatural evil or any other long range senses again?
[13:53] <Tibor-S> just sixth sense
[13:53] <Mika_no_Krynn> I can fly for 160mins at a time before recasting.  I have Sense Evil.
[13:53] <JessicaKnight> nein
[13:54] <GM_Erik> ok
[13:54] <GM_Erik> everybody roll perception
[13:54] <Mika_no_Krynn> 13
[13:55] <JessicaKnight> 18
[13:55] <Tibor-S> 11
[13:55] <GM_Erik> only one sharp person today!
[13:55] <Mika_no_Krynn> The sun was in my eyes.
[13:55] <JessicaKnight> i'm on speed
[13:55] <Mika_no_Krynn> How many hrs did we travel?
[13:55] <GM_Erik> heh heh
[13:56] <GM_Erik> about 5 hours total (not with lunch)\
[13:56] <Mika_no_Krynn> ok
[13:56] <Tibor-S> cool
[13:56] <Mika_no_Krynn> Do I sense any leylines within 80miles?
[13:56] <GM_Erik> probably do
[13:56] <Mika_no_Krynn> ok
[13:57] <GM_Erik> actually, to the southeast!
[13:57] <Mika_no_Krynn> Sweet.
[13:58] <GM_Erik> Jessica can try a dodge
[13:58] <JessicaKnight> woo
[13:58] <JessicaKnight> I get a whopping 12
[13:59] <GM_Erik> no, they're omnly shooting at the flying things right now.
[13:59] <JessicaKnight> dmg?
[14:01] <GM_Erik> oh, 10 points each.
[14:01] <GM_Erik> ptbh
[14:01] <Mika_no_Krynn> that really hurt.
[14:01] <JessicaKnight> oof
[14:02] <GM_Erik> what do you do>
[14:03] <Tibor-S> can i see targets with multi-optic helmet?
[14:03] <GM_Erik> what's the range on IR and Telescopic?  and make a perception roll
[14:04] <GM_Erik> Mika and Gabe, it'll use an atatck to do those things, and you'll get hit again.
[14:04] <Tibor-S> 2000ft...i think...+ telescopic sight...
[14:04] <GM_Erik> make a roll stan
[14:04] <Mika_no_Krynn> Sure. Not worried if I have those up.
[14:04] <Tibor-S> 9 perception
[14:04] <JessicaKnight> np.. i'll dodge as I clos
[14:04] <GM_Erik> you see shapes in the trees, but can't pinpoint exactly.
[14:05] <Tibor-S> crap...
[14:05] <GM_Erik> Tibor gets a dodge though, one of the shapes shot at him directly
[14:06] <GM_Erik> roll Stan
[14:06] <Tibor-S> 17 on dice....don't know bonuses for dodge on horse....
[14:07] <GM_Erik> Mike how fast fly per round?
[14:07] <GM_Erik> Stan make a horsemamship roll
[14:08] <Mika_no_Krynn> 73 feet per second, or 1100 per melee.
[14:08] <GM_Erik> and everybody make a perception roll
[14:09] <Mika_no_Krynn> That would be 122 feet per one of my attacks.
[14:09] <GM_Erik> ok
[14:09] <Mika_no_Krynn> 22
[14:09] <JessicaKnight> 5
[14:09] <GM_Erik> Make Intelligence rolls.
[14:10] <Tibor-S> 48 on dice....60 at level one...i'm o k
[14:10] <Mika_no_Krynn> Made it by 71%
[14:10] <Tibor-S> 14 perception
[14:11] <GM_Erik> Stan: make a demon/monster roll
[14:12] <GM_Erik> Does anyone else have telescopic vision? make a demon/monster roll
[14:12] <GM_Erik> And, Everybody roll dodge.
[14:12] <Mika_no_Krynn> I have an MOH.
[14:12] <JessicaKnight> 14
[14:12] <Mika_no_Krynn> 23 to dodge.
[14:12] <GM_Erik> That counts Mike, and Gabe, what was that roll?
[14:13] <JessicaKnight> dodge
[14:13] <Mika_no_Krynn> Made my monster lore by 32%
[14:13] <GM_Erik> Stan?
[14:13] <JessicaKnight> can't see, no telescopic vision
[14:13] <GM_Erik> ok gabe
[14:14] <GM_Erik> I think Stan really needs to redo his character sheet! ;;-)
[14:14] <JessicaKnight> haha
[14:15] <JessicaKnight> ow...
[14:15] <GM_Erik> You there Stan?
[14:17] <Mika_no_Krynn> guess not
[14:17] <JessicaKnight> i just got a ping from him
[14:17] <Tibor-S> still there?
[14:17] <GM_Erik> Hey Stan, need a demon/monster and a dodge from ya.
[14:17] [JessicaKnight:#riftsooc1 PING]
[14:17] <Tibor-S> sorry, had the message button hit...thought no one was doing anything
[14:18] <JessicaKnight> everyone seems to have a log lag
[14:18] <JessicaKnight> er low
[14:18] <Tibor-S> 19 dogdge (on dice)
[14:18] <Tibor-S> failed demon lore
[14:19] <JessicaKnight> oh fuck
[14:21] <GM_Erik> Anybody have Detect Ambush skill?
[14:22] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yep
[14:22] <GM_Erik> roll it
[14:22] <JessicaKnight> yeah
[14:22] <Mika_no_Krynn> Made it by 31%
[14:22] <Tibor-S> yes i have it too
[14:22] <GM_Erik> roll up
[14:22] <JessicaKnight> nope I don't
[14:23] <JessicaKnight> sorry
[14:23] <GM_Erik> roll up Stan
[14:24] <Tibor-S> 69 skill:75
[14:25] <Mika_no_Krynn> Wow... an ambush, never would have realized that. hehe.
[14:25] <JessicaKnight> gee...
[14:26] <Tibor-S> horse: 120 mph max..full borg horse
[14:27] <GM_Erik> Everybody make two dodge rolls.
[14:27] <Mika_no_Krynn> 27 and 26
[14:27] <JessicaKnight> 25, 18
[14:27] <JessicaKnight> sorry worong win
[14:27] <Tibor-S> 16 and 20, both natural rolls
[14:27] <GM_Erik> woah.
[14:28] <Mika_no_Krynn> As soon as I see one of the shooting dudes I'm firing at him.
[14:28] <JessicaKnight> as soon as I get within 1000 m, i'm starting to raze the area
[14:28] <GM_Erik> you mean 1000 feet, right?
[14:28] <JessicaKnight> er yeah, sorry
[14:29] <Tibor-S> that close?
[14:29] <GM_Erik> Everybody make perception rolls.
[14:30] <Mika_no_Krynn> 20
[14:30] <JessicaKnight> 13
[14:30] <Tibor-S> 5
[14:30] <Tibor-S> damn horse boucing too much!
[14:30] <GM_Erik> hey, its hard to hit you going that fast.
[14:30] <GM_Erik> Oh yeah, Stan make a horsemanship roll
[14:31] <Tibor-S> 11 horsemanship is 90-something...
[14:31] <GM_Erik> cool. good riding
[14:32] <JessicaKnight> how close is everyone?
[14:32] <JessicaKnight> sta is a few hundred feet
[14:32] <JessicaKnight> er stan
[14:32] <Mika_no_Krynn> Is the magic glow in just one place?
[14:33] <JessicaKnight> Erik, am I within 3000 ft?
[14:33] <GM_Erik> No, its spread out over an area 50 feet wide.
[14:33] <GM_Erik> Yes, Gabe, you are.
[14:33] <GM_Erik> 1000 feet away about.
[14:33] <JessicaKnight> ok, i'm gonna start laying down cover fire....
[14:33] <GM_Erik> New round, what do you do?
[14:34] <Tibor-S> can only fire wild on horse...
[14:34] <Mika_no_Krynn> Once I'm within 2000' I start firing at any figure I see in the oasis.
[14:34] <JessicaKnight> going to spray my entire clip covering the area in which fire if coming from.. see if I can think it out and supress whoever is shooting
[14:34] <GM_Erik> what kind of IR do you have Mike.
[14:35] <GM_Erik> range wise
[14:35] <Mika_no_Krynn> MOH one, guess it is 2000'
[14:35] <Mika_no_Krynn> sorry 1600'
[14:35] <GM_Erik> OK, jessica roll to hit, wild shot.
[14:36] <GM_Erik> Stan, roll to hit, wild shot
[14:36] <JessicaKnight> i'm not going to hit anything with that roll
[14:36] <JessicaKnight> =P
[14:36] <GM_Erik> Mike, roll to hit
[14:36] <GM_Erik> What was it Gabe>?
[14:36] <JessicaKnight> 7
[14:36] <JessicaKnight> total
[14:36] <Mika_no_Krynn> 22
[14:36] <GM_Erik> You're right.
[14:36] <JessicaKnight> yeah, I kind of figured..
[14:37] <GM_Erik> Mika hits something.
[14:37] <GM_Erik> and Stan?
[14:37] <Tibor-S> 14 neg mods
[14:37] <Mika_no_Krynn> 40 MD if it matters.
[14:38] <GM_Erik> it hits.
[14:38] <GM_Erik> Sorry Stan, nothing
[14:38] <Tibor-S> do i see anything on the pass?
[14:38] <GM_Erik> Stan preception roll.
[14:39] <Tibor-S> natural 20
[14:39] <GM_Erik> holy shit.
[14:39] <JessicaKnight> yaya!
[14:39] <GM_Erik> yes, you do.
[14:40] <GM_Erik> everybody make dodge roll while you think about what you're doing.
[14:40] <Mika_no_Krynn> 19
[14:41] <JessicaKnight> 23
[14:41] <Tibor-S> 8 - crap
[14:41] <Mika_no_Krynn> I'm going to activate my Targeted Deflect bracers and moving in, towards the barge.
[14:42] <GM_Erik> you got your talisman up and charge, right?
[14:42] <Tibor-S> yup, cuz this is gonna hurt....
[14:43] <Tibor-S> (i have target deflect bands as well but don't remember how they work
[14:43] <GM_Erik> btw, anyone can tell me some time if they're not gonna dodge.
[14:43] <Mika_no_Krynn> spend 30 ISP or 15PPE and you get targeted deflect for 8 melees.  You can deflect energy blasts back at the attacker with a successful parry and strike roll.
[14:44] <Tibor-S> natural rolls only?
[14:44] <Mika_no_Krynn> You get +8 to deflect the attacks, plus PP I believe.
[14:44] <Mika_no_Krynn> If you get over 13 then it shoots back at the attacker.
[14:45] <Mika_no_Krynn> Once my Targeted Deflect is up I'm not dodging anymore, just deflecting.
[14:45] <JessicaKnight> i'm still dodging laying down cover fire
[14:45] <GM_Erik> ok, you'll have to reload at some point too Gabe\
[14:45] <JessicaKnight> hoping to supress whoever is shooting in the tress until I get within meelee range
[14:45] <JessicaKnight> yeah np, I can recharge this round
[14:46] <GM_Erik> What's Tibor doing?
[14:46] <GM_Erik> ok
[14:46] <GM_Erik> Is he heading in?
[14:47] <Tibor-S> yes
[14:47] <GM_Erik> OK, Mike and Stan make TWO parry rolls each (for deflect)
[14:47] <Mika_no_Krynn> 25 and 30
[14:47] <GM_Erik> You can try to targeted deflect, but it'll be harder without seeing the exact attacker.
[14:48] <Mika_no_Krynn> That's the spell I have activated.
[14:48] <Tibor-S> 18 + 8....7 + 8
[14:48] <GM_Erik> Yeah
[14:49] <GM_Erik> the roll is parry+3+PP bonus
[14:49] <GM_Erik> so five less then?
[14:50] <Tibor-S> oh ok...i didn't know if the item had bonus
[14:50] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yep, must have already added PP in when I wrote it down.  Do you get your parry bonus though?
[14:50] <Tibor-S> 18....hth +7 (no pp bonus) and 7 ...+7 (etc)
[14:50] <GM_Erik> yes.
[14:51] <Tibor-S> first numbers are natural rolls
[14:51] <Mika_no_Krynn> ok, then subtract 5 but add 11 so I got 31 and 36.
[14:51] <GM_Erik> oh, that's crazy..
[14:51] <Mika_no_Krynn> I'm very good at parry.
[14:53] <Tibor-S> (once talisman is depleted mdc...can't reactivate for a while right?)
[14:53] <Mika_no_Krynn> I want to fly towards the barge.
[14:54] <GM_Erik> You can do it right away, like a reload.
[14:54] <Mika_no_Krynn> Talisman has 3 charges per day.
[14:54] <Mika_no_Krynn> You can use them as you like.
[14:54] <GM_Erik> any changes in strategy?
[14:54] <GM_Erik> and Mike, doing that will use up one of your actions.
[14:54] <Tibor-S> i know, but how does that work when depleted mdc?
[14:54] <GM_Erik> (not like it matters)
[14:54] <GM_Erik> yes Stan it still works.
[14:54] <Tibor-S> ok
[14:54] <Mika_no_Krynn> OK.
[14:55] <GM_Erik> I though Jan ate the head last time.
[14:55] <GM_Erik> oh no, that was only one of the chicks.
[14:56] <GM_Erik> um, that sounded bad.  I'll give that up..
[14:56] <JessicaKnight> heh
[14:56] <GM_Erik> OK, roll two parries Mika.
[14:56] <GM_Erik> roll two parries Tibor
[14:56] <Mika_no_Krynn> 24 and 36
[14:57] <GM_Erik> Jessica's just flying around crazy-like.
[14:57] <Tibor-S> 18 total and 25 total
[14:57] <JessicaKnight> yeah for now... still supressing and closing
[14:58] <Tibor-S> we get to shoot back yet?
[14:58] <GM_Erik> You can shoot, but it'll be wild.
[14:58] <Mika_no_Krynn> When I get close enough I'm activating my amulet of See Invisible.
[14:59] <JessicaKnight> I have 75%% to see invis
[14:59] <Tibor-S> will do the same...(where is %?)
[14:59] <GM_Erik> Roll a shot Stan
[15:00] <Tibor-S> i can spend an action activation psi band to see invisible?
[15:00] <GM_Erik> Don't worry, nothing is invisible here.
[15:00] <GM_Erik> Mika can figure that out with the amulet.
[15:01] <Tibor-S> bloody hell...
[15:01] <JessicaKnight> sheat
[15:01] <Tibor-S> wild - 19! 23
[15:01] <JessicaKnight> is teh supress fire even thining out their attack any?
[15:01] <GM_Erik> good shot Stan, I'll be right back.
[15:05] <GM_Erik> k
[15:06] <GM_Erik> Sorry Gabe, you haven't shot too much yet, the spray was 2 attacks, and we're only just at phase two.
[15:06] <GM_Erik> Your dodging means you are still kindof doing what you rolled for before.
[15:06] <JessicaKnight> ah ok
[15:06] <GM_Erik> Tibor hits, roll damage.
[15:06] <GM_Erik> that's a critical too, remember.
[15:07] <Tibor-S> 60 dice...crit?
[15:07] <Tibor-S> yes
[15:07] <GM_Erik> 60?!
[15:07] <JessicaKnight> nice shooting
[15:07] <GM_Erik> or double that?!
[15:07] <Mika_no_Krynn> rock n roll!  Fucking A!
[15:07] <Tibor-S> burst right?
[15:07] <GM_Erik> what kind of burst?
[15:07] <Mika_no_Krynn> that would be 120!
[15:07] <Tibor-S> short...ja-12 1d610+10
[15:07] <Mika_no_Krynn> Pulse from JA-12, right?
[15:07] <Mika_no_Krynn> 3 round pulse blast.
[15:07] <GM_Erik> so 60x2 then?
[15:08] <Tibor-S> yes
[15:08] <GM_Erik> ouch.\
[15:08] <Mika_no_Krynn> Teach'em to mess with us, the bastards.
[15:08] <JessicaKnight> now that was damn sweet
[15:09] <JessicaKnight> yay, we get another talisman
[15:09] <Mika_no_Krynn> Blind warrior sweeties.
[15:10] <Mika_no_Krynn> Awesome!
[15:10] <JessicaKnight> hahhaha
[15:10] <GM_Erik> why is Tibor doing the most damage and taking the most?
[15:10] <Mika_no_Krynn> Your the GM, I just play here.
[15:11] <JessicaKnight> luck?
[15:11] <Mika_no_Krynn> It's Stan, things can't go his way... law of nature.
[15:11] <GM_Erik> Heh heh... ok, phase three. any change in tactics.
[15:11] <Mika_no_Krynn> I'm still going towards the barge... want to kill the head man
[15:12] <JessicaKnight> still cosing and lay down fire until I get withing meelee range
[15:12] <GM_Erik> Mike make two parries.
[15:12] <Mika_no_Krynn> 24 and 27
[15:12] <GM_Erik> After this phase, Mika and Jessica will be 500 feet away.
[15:12] <Tibor-S> going to see if i can hit more bitches
[15:13] <GM_Erik> make a roll Tibor.
[15:13] <GM_Erik> Gabe make a roll too, both of those are still wild.
[15:13] <Tibor-S> 15 natural...19 total
[15:14] <JessicaKnight> 13
[15:14] <GM_Erik> what is Jessica shooting with?
[15:14] <GM_Erik> Stan roll damage
[15:14] <JessicaKnight> bio-wizardy assult rifle
[15:14] <GM_Erik> k
[15:14] <GM_Erik> that's plasma
[15:15] <Tibor-S> 50 damage
[15:15] <JessicaKnight> yeah
[15:15] <JessicaKnight> heheh with Stan's luck, one of the flaming trees will probably fall on hikm
[15:16] <Mika_no_Krynn> fuck, that's gonna hurt.
[15:16] <Tibor-S> no shit
[15:17] <JessicaKnight> ow
[15:17] <GM_Erik> YOu gave everybody life-ward, right Mike?
[15:17] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yep
[15:17] <Tibor-S> whatcha down to jess?
[15:18] <JessicaKnight> 128 of 250, and I still have 2 activations of the talisman
[15:18] <Tibor-S> holy tank!
[15:20] <GM_Erik> OK, Stan make a save versus magic too.
[15:21] <Tibor-S> 17
[15:21] <GM_Erik> OK, you save!
[15:21] <JessicaKnight> go and hack sit up tibor!
[15:21] <GM_Erik> (Remember, the gun rules apply to everybody now, so its easier to get crits)
[15:21] <Mika_no_Krynn> yep
[15:23] <GM_Erik> ok, phase four, what do people do?
[15:24] <GM_Erik> same>
[15:24] <JessicaKnight> still closing into melee range
[15:24] <JessicaKnight> shooting
[15:24] <JessicaKnight> wild
[15:26] <GM_Erik> Gabe, roll to hit.
[15:26] <JessicaKnight> 21
[15:26] <GM_Erik> Stan, four blasts heading your way.
[15:26] <GM_Erik> What do you do?
[15:26] <Mika_no_Krynn> I'm going to start casting Spinning Blades as I fly towards the slaver (fed of magic pg. 142)
[15:27] <Tibor-S> crap...think i'll try dodgeing!
[15:27] <GM_Erik> OK, roll dodge
[15:27] <GM_Erik> Wow, Gabe, you hit something.
[15:28] <JessicaKnight> amazing ne?
[15:28] <Tibor-S> 17 natural...rolling decent for a change
[15:29] <GM_Erik> roll damage Gabe
[15:29] <GM_Erik> Stan, is Tibor jumping off his horse?
[15:29] <GM_Erik> Never mind Stan
[15:29] <JessicaKnight> 20
[15:30] <GM_Erik> Stan, roll horsemanship
[15:30] <Mika_no_Krynn> Nice we got them demoralized.
[15:32] <Mika_no_Krynn> anyone home?
[15:32] <Tibor-S> yep
[15:32] <GM_Erik> duh.
[15:33] <GM_Erik> ok, next phase.
[15:33] <GM_Erik> fuck, long time.
[15:33] <GM_Erik> Stan, lots of blasts at you again.
[15:33] <GM_Erik> Mike is casting.
[15:33] <GM_Erik> Jessica is shooting wild still.
[15:34] <Tibor-S> bloody hell...guess best defense is a good...
[15:34] * Tibor-S decides to try and parry this round/phase
[15:35] <GM_Erik> roll four times there Tibor.
[15:36] <GM_Erik> roll abe
[15:36] <GM_Erik> uh, Gabe
[15:36] <JessicaKnight> attack or dodge?
[15:36] <GM_Erik> attack, or dodge if you choose to full dodge.
[15:36] <Tibor-S> 18 + 7, 16 + 7, 13 +7, 12 + 7 ... not bad
[15:36] <JessicaKnight> attack..
[15:36] <JessicaKnight> natural 20
[15:37] <Mika_no_Krynn> fucking A!
[15:37] <Tibor-S> any of those hit thier shooters?
[15:37] <GM_Erik> damn.
[15:37] <JessicaKnight> 42 dmg
[15:38] <GM_Erik> last phase.
[15:39] <GM_Erik> Mike, you finish casting the spell, does it go off right away, or next round.
[15:39] <GM_Erik> Tibor, what're you doing>
[15:39] <GM_Erik> Gabe, same?
[15:39] <JessicaKnight> oi
[15:39] <Mika_no_Krynn> I think it activates once I'm finished casting.
[15:39] <GM_Erik> Gabe, make a roll.
[15:39] <JessicaKnight> only 13, don't think i'll hit
[15:39] <GM_Erik> nope.
[15:39] <Tibor-S> is there someone i could hit with sword?
[15:40] <GM_Erik> you get get close and hit, yeah.
[15:40] <Tibor-S> cool, bastard is firing at point blank...
[15:40] <GM_Erik> Mike, you can start using the blades for offense or de next round.
[15:40] <Mika_no_Krynn> Defense for now.
[15:41] <JessicaKnight> erk, I assume I should be pretty close to meelee range now?
[15:41] <GM_Erik> Gabe and Mike are now on top of the oasis.
[15:41] <GM_Erik> Roll for whatever you're going to do Tibor.
[15:42] <JessicaKnight> sweet, I dn't have to reload again..
[15:42] <GM_Erik> And roll a d20 for who you find to hit.
[15:42] <Tibor-S> 17 natural... 20 total
[15:43] <GM_Erik> roll another d20 Stan
[15:43] <Tibor-S> 14
[15:43] <GM_Erik> roll damage Stan
[15:44] <Tibor-S> one sec..
[15:44] <GM_Erik> not super evil
[15:46] <Tibor-S> 21 total horsmanship gives +4 sdc damage?
[15:46] <GM_Erik> Half applies to MD
[15:46] <GM_Erik> so 23
[15:47] <Tibor-S> do i add ps bonus at half too?
[15:47] <GM_Erik> nope
[15:48] <GM_Erik> oK, new round.
[15:48] <GM_Erik> Roll initiative
[15:48] <Mika_no_Krynn> 18
[15:49] <JessicaKnight> 17
[15:49] <Tibor-S> 13
[15:50] <GM_Erik> Mike, what flight are you using>?
[15:50] <Mika_no_Krynn> Fly as an Eagle
[15:50] <GM_Erik> Is that your spell or armor?
[15:50] <Mika_no_Krynn> Spell
[15:50] <GM_Erik> Roll a save versus magic, no bonuses
[15:51] <Mika_no_Krynn> total failure 2
[15:51] <GM_Erik> Roll with impact?
[15:51] <Mika_no_Krynn> Can I use roll with fall?
[15:52] <Mika_no_Krynn> 24
[15:52] <GM_Erik> ok
[15:52] <GM_Erik> that halved it.
[15:52] <Mika_no_Krynn> kewl
[15:52] <GM_Erik> 10->5
[15:53] <Mika_no_Krynn> Are my blades still there?
[15:53] <GM_Erik> yes, but you are on the ground right now.
[15:53] <Mika_no_Krynn> Where are they?
[15:54] <GM_Erik> In the air
[15:54] <GM_Erik> near you
[15:54] <GM_Erik> Gabe:
[15:54] <GM_Erik> you are getting shot at, do you dodge? ignore and attack? run away?
[15:54] <GM_Erik> Stan: same thing
[15:54] <Mika_no_Krynn> Don't they follow me around?  I'll prepare to reflect the attack back, then hack'em with my sword.
[15:55] <Tibor-S> try to parry
[15:55] <JessicaKnight> dodge and fly downwards
[15:55] <GM_Erik> Actually Mike, roll again for each spell
[15:55] <Mika_no_Krynn> 18
[15:55] <GM_Erik> roll parry Stan, dodge Gabe
[15:55] <GM_Erik> Yes Mike, the blades are still there.
[15:55] <JessicaKnight> unnatural 20
[15:55] <Mika_no_Krynn> How about techno wizardry spells?
[15:55] <GM_Erik> they're fine.
[15:56] <Tibor-S> 8 + 7 = 15 total
[15:57] <GM_Erik> Does TIbor attack?
[15:58] <Tibor-S> yes
[15:59] <Tibor-S> natural 19 on dice...+ 3 = 22
[15:59] <GM_Erik> that's a crit, roll damage.
[15:59] <GM_Erik> Mika has sizth sense?
[15:59] <Mika_no_Krynn> Fucking A Stan, you're kicking ass today.  Yes she does.
[16:00] <GM_Erik> Mika roll dodge with sixth sense bonus
[16:00] <Tibor-S> 48 total
[16:01] <Mika_no_Krynn> 24
[16:02] <GM_Erik> Gabe, what's up?
[16:02] <GM_Erik> oh wait.
[16:02] <JessicaKnight> oi.... i look around for some one to attack...
[16:03] <GM_Erik> Tibor has another attack still.
[16:03] <JessicaKnight> k
[16:03] <Tibor-S> cool, is there someone else to hack?
[16:03] <GM_Erik> Make a perception roll
[16:04] <Tibor-S> 16
[16:04] <GM_Erik> You see the barge.
[16:04] <Mika_no_Krynn> You know my Invincible armor halves nrg damage?
[16:04] <GM_Erik> OK, then, all the damage so far was NRG
[16:04] <Mika_no_Krynn> k
[16:04] <GM_Erik> That's why I said plasma and laser, in case someone had something up.
[16:05] <Mika_no_Krynn> I'm going to deal with these wanks... just thought I'd check, as I didn't know if you were halving the damage before telling me or not.
[16:05] <Tibor-S> how close is the barge?  will i be htoh soon?
[16:05] <Mika_no_Krynn> I want to call down my spinning blades and hack the person who fired the net.
[16:06] <GM_Erik> OK, Mike roll to hit barge, and you get shot at.
[16:07] <GM_Erik> Gabe, make an attack, you're near a Altaran.
[16:07] <GM_Erik> Gabe gets shot at too.
[16:07] <GM_Erik> Tibor gets shot at and can attack the barge, or a chick by the barge.
[16:07] <Mika_no_Krynn> 22 to hit
[16:07] <GM_Erik> oh yeah, Mika's still on the ground.
[16:08] <JessicaKnight> koo
[16:08] <Mika_no_Krynn> She'll roll up off the ground and attack.
[16:08] <JessicaKnight> 16
[16:08] <GM_Erik> going to parry the attack Mike?
[16:08] <Mika_no_Krynn> yep
[16:08] <Mika_no_Krynn> 32
[16:09] <Mika_no_Krynn> Someone is shooting at me?
[16:09] <Tibor-S> 14 total on parry
[16:09] <GM_Erik> Mike roll damage
[16:10] <GM_Erik> (18d6)\
[16:10] <Mika_no_Krynn> What am I hiting?  Is is super evil?
[16:10] <GM_Erik> doesn't matter
[16:11] <GM_Erik> Gabe, can you parry too ?
[16:11] <Mika_no_Krynn> 71
[16:11] <Mika_no_Krynn> I want to jump onto the barge when I get a chance to hack the slaver
[16:12] <GM_Erik> Gabe damage, and possible defensive.
[16:12] <Mika_no_Krynn> Gabe just left for something.
[16:12] <GM_Erik> k
[16:12] <GM_Erik> Tibor roll offensive
[16:13] <Tibor-S> 8 +4 = 12 total (firing burst)
[16:14] <JessicaKnight> yeah
[16:14] <JessicaKnight> 14
[16:14] <JessicaKnight> to parry
[16:15] <JessicaKnight> what else do you want me to roll?
[16:15] <GM_Erik> ok, how about damage
[16:15] <JessicaKnight> 13
[16:15] <GM_Erik> ow.
[16:16] <GM_Erik> Mike, roll to jump on the barge.
[16:16] <Mika_no_Krynn> how?
[16:16] <GM_Erik> Uh, roll d20 and add PP bonuses.
[16:16] <Mika_no_Krynn> 22
[16:17] <GM_Erik> Mike: save vs magic
[16:17] <Mika_no_Krynn> 14
[16:17] <GM_Erik> barely...
[16:17] <Mika_no_Krynn> yep, figured.
[16:17] <GM_Erik> and make a parry.
[16:18] <Mika_no_Krynn> She's a spunky one... 18 to parry
[16:18] <GM_Erik> Gabe, do an attack and a possible defensive (if you can defned NRG)
[16:18] <JessicaKnight> i'll attack and didge
[16:19] <JessicaKnight> er dodge
[16:19] <GM_Erik> ok, that'll use two attacks.
[16:19] <JessicaKnight> yeah no prob
[16:19] <Mika_no_Krynn> Is it a melee attack or a blaster shot?  That was for melee attack, it would be 17 for blaster.
[16:19] <JessicaKnight> 17 to hit, 25 to didge
[16:19] <GM_Erik> Stan: roll attack and possible defense
[16:19] <GM_Erik> Mike: it was blaster.
[16:19] <Mika_no_Krynn> ok
[16:19] <GM_Erik> Gabe wins both rolls.
[16:20] <GM_Erik> roll damage Gabe
[16:20] <JessicaKnight> 11
[16:20] <Tibor-S> 18 natural attack! - 5 + 7 parry defensive
[16:20] <GM_Erik> Stan-o maanges to hit and parry.
[16:20] <Tibor-S> 22 total on attack
[16:21] <GM_Erik> Mike, do you have maintain balance?
[16:21] <Tibor-S> 60 on damage x 2
[16:21] <GM_Erik> oh fuck...
[16:21] <Mika_no_Krynn> don't have it listed here... is that a new bonus?
[16:21] <GM_Erik> no, I wasn't sure if martial arts gave it auotmatically.
[16:21] <Mika_no_Krynn> Got Sense of Balance with Acrobatics at 98%
[16:22] <GM_Erik> ok, roll it.
[16:22] <JessicaKnight> .damn
[16:22] <Mika_no_Krynn> made it by 26%
[16:23] <GM_Erik> Mike: what you doing?
[16:23] <GM_Erik> Gabe and Stan too?
[16:24] <Mika_no_Krynn> Well if I can I would like to carve the Slaver a new asshole... hehe
[16:24] <JessicaKnight> going to continue to hack at this bitch i'm engaged with
[16:24] <GM_Erik> Mike, roll init.
[16:24] <Mika_no_Krynn> 27
[16:24] <GM_Erik> ok, roll to hit, you beat the dudes field-putting-up rtoll
[16:25] <Mika_no_Krynn> 29
[16:25] <GM_Erik> ooh..
[16:25] <GM_Erik> roll damage (like that's needed)
[16:25] <Mika_no_Krynn> 30MD
[16:26] <Mika_no_Krynn> I want its PPE too
[16:26] <GM_Erik> ok, that'll work.
[16:26] <GM_Erik> It's a shit-load.  More than you can eat.
[16:26] <GM_Erik> 300
[16:26] <JessicaKnight> shit
[16:27] <Mika_no_Krynn> Nice... get's stuffed....
[16:27] <Mika_no_Krynn> I may get fat... hehe
[16:27] <GM_Erik> gabe and Stan, roll attack
[16:27] <JessicaKnight> 15
[16:28] <Tibor-S> bloody hell! 18 natural - 22 total
[16:28] <GM_Erik> Are you using sword Gabe?
[16:28] <JessicaKnight> yeah
[16:29] <GM_Erik> Tibor hits for damage, though.
[16:29] <Tibor-S> 50 damage x 2
[16:30] <Mika_no_Krynn> I want to chase her down.
[16:31] <GM_Erik> greedy Gabe
[16:32] <GM_Erik> What's Mika's speed?
[16:32] <GM_Erik> And, Mike, make a perception roll
[16:32] <Mika_no_Krynn> Can I catch her?  I have a Spd of 35.  I want to tackle her if I get the chance.  fuck 6 perception
[16:33] <GM_Erik> Ok, you're a little bit faster than her, you can catch her in half a round
[16:33] <Mika_no_Krynn> OK, I'll try Bio-manip: paralysis while running to try to stop her.
[16:34] <GM_Erik> Jessica make a perception roll.
[16:34] <JessicaKnight> 19
[16:34] <GM_Erik> The Altaran saves Mike
[16:34] <GM_Erik> saves, Mike
[16:34] <Mika_no_Krynn> Worth a try anyways.
[16:35] <Mika_no_Krynn> I'll try again if I get the chance.
[16:36] <GM_Erik> ok, fails the save that time.
[16:36] <Mika_no_Krynn> OK, I'll scoop her up, activate Winged Flight and cruise East
[16:37] <Mika_no_Krynn> I move at 116mph with winged flight.  Does Supernatural strenght help with winged flight?
[16:38] <JessicaKnight> hey Erik, waht's the biggest gun in the pile of weapons?
[16:38] <Mika_no_Krynn> I'll dodge all the blasts, or attempt to.
[16:38] <GM_Erik> OK, roll a general dodge, it'll be hard.
[16:39] <Mika_no_Krynn> Winged flight give any bonuses?
[16:39] <GM_Erik> nope
[16:39] <GM_Erik> Sorry Gabe, I don't know what the biggest gun was, I do know that Tibor was carrying them all, though.
[16:39] <Mika_no_Krynn> Shit... 17, I'll try to shield the warrior woman
[16:40] <JessicaKnight> ah ok
[16:40] <JessicaKnight> n/m then
[16:40] <Tibor-S> bloody hell!
[16:41] <GM_Erik> Sorry Mike, rolled 07 and 09 for knockdown on both blasts.
[16:41] <Mika_no_Krynn> Where's the warrior woman?  I want to grab her and take off again.  I'll activate Impervious to NRG on my armor.
[16:41] <GM_Erik> They're closing in.
[16:42] <GM_Erik> Is Jessica flying east?
[16:42] <JessicaKnight> yes
[16:42] <JessicaKnight> up and east
[16:42] <GM_Erik> k
[16:43] <JessicaKnight> I will also actiate my deflect, and recharge my rifle
[16:46] <GM_Erik> Make perception rolls.
[16:46] <JessicaKnight> 21
[16:46] <Tibor-S> 8 - perception
[16:46] <Mika_no_Krynn> I'll grab her and take off, 23 on perception.
[16:47] <Mika_no_Krynn> move toward the door, with the Altaran.
[16:50] <GM_Erik> She has a P.B. of 27
[16:50] <Mika_no_Krynn> Wow, she's a hottie... like me...
[16:50] <JessicaKnight> make me want to become a lesbian..
[16:50] <Mika_no_Krynn> Thinking the same.
[16:51] <Mika_no_Krynn> She an Elf?
[16:51] <GM_Erik> She's human!
[16:51] <Mika_no_Krynn> that's interesting.
[16:53] <Mika_no_Krynn> Who is around us?
[16:53] <Mika_no_Krynn> Are they shouting at us to do something or just shooting at the slavers?
[16:54] <GM_Erik> They're shouting at you becaue they don't like you ;;-)
[16:56] <JessicaKnight> targeting main slaver
[16:56] <JessicaKnight> on teh barge
[16:56] <GM_Erik> Ok, make a roll dude, to see if you killed it.,
[16:56] <JessicaKnight> roll dmage or hit ot what?
[16:56] <GM_Erik> damage.,
[16:57] <JessicaKnight> 51
[16:57] <GM_Erik> Yeah, you killed it.
[16:57] <JessicaKnight> w00t w00t
[16:57] <Mika_no_Krynn> rockin
[16:59] <GM_Erik> Lots of old people for an adventuring party, huh?
[16:59] <Mika_no_Krynn> yeah, totally.
[16:59] <JessicaKnight> it's teh senior citizens adventuring junket... where's the tour bus?
[17:00] <GM_Erik> hehehheh
[17:00] <Tibor-S> bloody hell...
[17:01] <GM_Erik> Mike, Gabe, and Stan, roll d20 like for perception
[17:01] <JessicaKnight> Natural 20
[17:01] <Tibor-S> 14
[17:01] <Mika_no_Krynn> 9
[17:01] <GM_Erik> fuck..
[17:03] <GM_Erik> Stan, you don't even know the half of it.
[17:06] *** Tibor-S has quit IRC (Read error: Connection reset by peer )
[17:06] <GM_Erik> doh!~
[17:07] <GM_Erik> waiting for Stan...
[17:07] <GM_Erik> lah lah
[17:07] <GM_Erik> I
[17:08] <GM_Erik> Stan say anything?
[17:08] <JessicaKnight> nein
[17:09] <GM_Erik> Don't forget, Vrryl asked you to say something too.
[17:09] <JessicaKnight> I dun remember..
[17:09] <Mika_no_Krynn> I'll have to check the log
[17:10] *** Tibor-S has joined #riftsooc1
[17:10] <GM_Erik> yay!
[17:10] <JessicaKnight> wb
[17:10] <Tibor-S> bloody hell.
[17:10] <Tibor-S> comp locked up
[17:11] <Mika_no_Krynn> Can't check the log, it is still logging.
[17:11] <GM_Erik> Check yesterday's log, it should have a different file than today's
[17:11] <Mika_no_Krynn> I have it saved by channel, not date... unfortunately.
[17:12] <GM_Erik> ah.  Mine does by date, but notepad doesn't seem to work on this machine.
[17:12] <JessicaKnight> dont' looka t me, I don't log, especially with the amount of time I spend on IRC, i'd have 4 GB logs...
[17:12] <GM_Erik> heh
[17:14] <Tibor-S> so whats happenin?
[17:15] <Mika_no_Krynn> piece of shit MIRC overwrote my log from last week
[17:15] <JessicaKnight> do you remember what message we were suppoed to deliver to these guys from vryll?
[17:15] <GM_Erik> I'm checking it right now, to double-check what I said.
[17:16] <GM_Erik> He said to tell Erin that he sent you in fact.
[17:16] <GM_Erik> So, do you guys talk to anyone?
[17:17] <JessicaKnight> i'll make chit chat with various people, and ask them about this land..
[17:17] * Tibor-S will look to see if he recognizes anyone here
[17:18] <GM_Erik> Tibor, make a roll... um, percentile.
[17:18] <Mika_no_Krynn> Oh, yes I want to find out her name too.
[17:18] <Tibor-S> 84
[17:18] <GM_Erik> well, pick someone for now, it'll probably take time to get through everyone like that.
[17:18] <GM_Erik> Nope, sorry Stan, noone.
[17:19] <Mika_no_Krynn> OK, I'll speak with the Blonde.
[17:20] <GM_Erik> Anyone else?
[17:20] * Tibor-S will talk to the croc dudes
[17:21] <JessicaKnight> i'll chat with the braided dark guy and ask him about this land
[17:21] <Mika_no_Krynn> Can I use See Aura and look through the group around me?
[17:21] <GM_Erik> right on.
[17:21] <GM_Erik> Right on stan
[17:23] <Mika_no_Krynn> What's the name of the Altaran, figured I would pick that up since I'm escourting her all this time.
[17:23] <GM_Erik> She's not talking.
[17:23] <Mika_no_Krynn> Then I'll just speak and she can listen.
[17:23] <GM_Erik> ok
[17:24] <Mika_no_Krynn> Where is Katrina from?
[17:25] <GM_Erik> ok, see aura (finally getting to it)
[17:27] <GM_Erik> See aura Katrina: high level, hgh magic.
[17:27] <GM_Erik> Thorpe: High level, psionics
[17:27] <GM_Erik> Erin: no magic, high level
[17:27] <GM_Erik> crocs: supernatural
[17:27] <GM_Erik> other dudes: inconsequential
[17:27] <GM_Erik> (that's the misc guys)
[17:28] <Mika_no_Krynn> Fo Lung?
[17:28] <GM_Erik> Lo Fung: Human, but magical.
[17:28] <GM_Erik> Same as another lady, and the loud guy.
[17:28] <GM_Erik> Both have tattoos.
[17:28] <Tibor-S> to crocs:  is there a lot of undead?
[17:28] <Mika_no_Krynn> Oh... that's interesting.
[17:30] <Mika_no_Krynn> How many tatoos does Abkii have?
[17:31] <GM_Erik> You can see a few on him, but he's wearing clothing, so you're not sure.
[17:32] <Mika_no_Krynn> How tall is Abkii?
[17:32] <GM_Erik> He's six feet tall.
[17:32] <Mika_no_Krynn> Ever notice how Victor Lazlo is kinda like Buckaroo Banzai?
[17:32] <GM_Erik> hahahahaha
[17:32] <JessicaKnight> heh
[17:32] <GM_Erik> SO, is Mika trying to size Abkii up for something>
[17:33] <GM_Erik> Also, did you guys get all that? (lots o' names)
[17:33] <Mika_no_Krynn> Kinda.
[17:33] <Mika_no_Krynn> I wrote down all the names.
[17:33] <Tibor-S> oh good cuz i didn't
[17:33] <GM_Erik> Your characters probably know who Victor Lazlo was supposed to be.
[17:34] <Mika_no_Krynn> He's mega famous.
[17:34] <GM_Erik> Rumour has it he was a mage from before the Rifts who wrote many books on the supernatural.
[17:34] <Tibor-S> that dude was pre-rifts
[17:34] <GM_Erik> They named Lazlo after him.
[17:34] <JessicaKnight> heh
[17:34] <GM_Erik> Anyone going to RP?
[17:34] <GM_Erik> Mika: he's high level, and human, no magic.
[17:35] <GM_Erik> Oh yeah, Victor is piloting an Ulti-Max Power armor (forgot about that...)
[17:35] <Mika_no_Krynn> Slight oversight...
[17:36] <GM_Erik> yeah...
[17:36] <GM_Erik> Hey, There's a lot of character stats here.
[17:37] <GM_Erik> I'll have to split up a group this powerful for any minor things, otherwise it'll be pointless to fight anything.
[17:38] <GM_Erik> Although the power armor thing does make him more like Buckaroo, doesn't it?
[17:38] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yes... with the overdrive thruster.
[17:51] <GM_Erik> Anyone going to tell Erin Tarn the message?
[17:51] <Tibor-S> i don't remember the message....
[17:51] <Mika_no_Krynn> Was it that Vryll said Hi?
[17:51] <GM_Erik> Techincally, Vrryl said that he sent you, but whatever you choose to say.
[17:52] <GM_Erik> Everyone make perception rolls.
[17:53] <JessicaKnight> 8
[17:53] <Mika_no_Krynn> 13
[17:54] <GM_Erik> Stan?
[17:54] <Tibor-S> 14
[17:54] <GM_Erik> k thanks,
[17:55] <GM_Erik> Good one Gabe
[17:57] <GM_Erik> ok, anything else?
[17:57] <Tibor-S> nope
[17:59] <GM_Erik> Well, hows that for a time to stop for the night?
[17:59] <Mika_no_Krynn> OK, Mika will sleep(not sexually) with the Altaran to make sure she doesn't try to get away and stuff.
[18:00] <Mika_no_Krynn> When do you want to play next, Gabe is out of town come Tuesday so next weekend is out.
[18:00] <Tibor-S> ok...will meditate to get isp back...
[18:00] <Tibor-S> (down 30)
[18:00] <GM_Erik> Yeah, Tibor doesn't have lots of ISP
[18:00] <GM_Erik> Um , next game.
[18:01] <GM_Erik> I'm going home next weekend on Sunday, so I guess in January then.
[18:01] <JessicaKnight> I can play 30
[18:01] <GM_Erik> I don't really have internet access at home, and probably don't wanna bring lots of books.
[18:01] <Mika_no_Krynn> I'll be back on the 27th from home.
[18:02] <Mika_no_Krynn> When do you get back?
[18:02] <Tibor-S> i should be home before new years
[18:02] <GM_Erik> I'll be back in Missoula on Jan 12. (school doesn't start here until Feb)
[18:02] <JessicaKnight> damn
[18:02] <Mika_no_Krynn> Fuck that's awesome... here starts on teh 9th.
[18:02] <GM_Erik> Yeah, but I get out sometime in mid-June.
[18:03] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yep, shitty.
[18:03] <GM_Erik> SO, maybe you guys'll have time to digitize characters for me?
[18:03] <Mika_no_Krynn> Well how about that weekend then, following the 12th?
[18:03] <JessicaKnight> yeah i'll have mine done by then for sure
[18:03] <JessicaKnight> I need a new char sheet anyways.. holes are forming in mine
[18:03] <GM_Erik> I'll let you know. about the time.
[18:03] <Tibor-S> yeah ok...whats your email eric?
[18:03] <GM_Erik> my email is
[18:04] <GM_Erik> my phone (in Missoula) is 406-829-8064 (since Mike asked)
[18:04] <Tibor-S> nervermind i have it
[18:04] <GM_Erik> my phone at home is 408-258-5046
[18:04] <GM_Erik> Anyone wanna figure the odds that the three places I lived in had 408, 403, and 406 area codes?
[18:05] <Tibor-S> cool...i gotta leave here in a bit...till jan then boys
[18:05] <Mika_no_Krynn> Weired.
[18:05] <JessicaKnight> alright Stan
[18:05] <Tibor-S> happy bloody holidays
[18:05] <JessicaKnight> have fun at home
[18:05] <GM_Erik> later dude!
[18:05] <Mika_no_Krynn> Later.
[18:05] <JessicaKnight> say hi to the fam damily for me
[18:05] <GM_Erik> heh
[18:05] <Tibor-S> fam damily...? yeahok
[18:05] <JessicaKnight> hehe
[18:05] <Tibor-S> later
[18:05] *** Tibor-S has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving )
[18:06] <GM_Erik> Hey Gabe, you know how bad the internet thing been's lately?
[18:06] <GM_Erik> I mean, the market and companies?
[18:06] <JessicaKnight> yeah
[18:06] <JessicaKnight> shitty
[18:06] <GM_Erik> MFN basically laid off most of its technical staff recently, everywhere.
[18:06] <JessicaKnight> not suprised
[18:07] <JessicaKnight> i'm lucky that Telus bought our parent company out otherwise they could have folded
[18:07] <JessicaKnight> and I'd be w/o a job
[18:07] <GM_Erik> Including my friend Dan, so basically, we're betting it has to break up and sell itself within a couple years, they can't even run their hardware anymore.
[18:07] <JessicaKnight> dman
[18:07] <JessicaKnight> yeah
[18:07] <GM_Erik> They didn't fire any management though... Just everyone who actually knows how to run the stuff.
[18:07] <JessicaKnight> heh
[18:08] <JessicaKnight> that's the way it goes
[18:08] <GM_Erik> Yup, bad shit.
[18:08] <GM_Erik> So.. was that a little more involved this time?
[18:08] <JessicaKnight> yeah, koo
[18:08] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yep, got some shit done for sure... back in the swing of things, beatin' Spluggies.
[18:08] <GM_Erik> How was the combat speed, I was trying to go really fast on my end, to keep it going.
[18:09] <JessicaKnight> a little slow but not bad considering...
[18:09] <Mika_no_Krynn> Not bad, lagged sometimes, but it was on our end sometimes.
[18:09] <GM_Erik> I think I may continue just asking for everything at once, I mean, I can always go back and read it.
[18:09] <Mika_no_Krynn> Too many combatants.
[18:09] <GM_Erik> Yeah, only you 3, and 5 others.
[18:09] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah... attack, damage..
[18:10] <GM_Erik> The thing was, the chicks have 8 attacks each, and the Slaver has 12!
[18:10] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yep... slows stuff down bigtime.
[18:10] <Mika_no_Krynn> Like 100 attacks to be resolved every melee.
[18:10] <Mika_no_Krynn> Stan was kicking ass this time though, totally surprised.
[18:11] <GM_Erik> Yeah, criticals on 18-20 really make you good when you hit with 'em.
[18:11] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yep, for sure.  My crits are still at 20 for hth.
[18:12] <GM_Erik> yeah, but you get KO on 17-20 right?
[18:12] <Mika_no_Krynn> I don't think so...
[18:12] <GM_Erik> Says here you do.
[18:13] <GM_Erik> KO on unmodified 17-20
[18:13] <Mika_no_Krynn> Really?  Kewl.
[18:13] <GM_Erik> Level 7 assassin
[18:13] <Mika_no_Krynn> When does my crit chance go up?
[18:13] <GM_Erik> level 10, 19 or 20
[18:14] <Mika_no_Krynn> ah, that sucks.  oh well.
[18:14] <GM_Erik> Assassin isn't as much on lucky hits, its about precision deadly hits.
[18:14] <GM_Erik> You get death blow on level 12
[18:14] <GM_Erik> Dude, another new thing.,
[18:15] <GM_Erik> You automatically get paired weapons with Assassin
[18:15] <Mika_no_Krynn> I already have Death Blow I thought.
[18:15] <Mika_no_Krynn> You get paired weapons too?
[18:15] <Mika_no_Krynn> Is this out of heroes?
[18:15] <GM_Erik> No, the new Rifts GM guide, they added paired weapons to assassin at first level
[18:16] <Mika_no_Krynn> Cuz we were using Heroes before right?
[18:16] <GM_Erik> yeah, it was more updated, but they have a newer one for Rifts.
[18:16] <GM_Erik> I'll check onthe death blow thing.
[18:16] <Mika_no_Krynn> You'll need to tell me what I have for assassin then, compare it with Heroes and the new one.
[18:17] <GM_Erik> yeah, I was going to do that for everyone at some point.
[18:17] <Mika_no_Krynn> Just tell me what I lose, and what what bonuses I get or lose compared to just the Heroes assassin one.
[18:17] <GM_Erik> just real busy lately.
[18:18] <Mika_no_Krynn> OK, just email me it when you get a chance.
[18:18] <GM_Erik> yuppo.
[18:18] <Mika_no_Krynn> We gotta go grocerie shopping, so I'll catch you later.  Happy holidays if I don't speak with you before then.
[18:19] <GM_Erik> Later dudes, have a good holiday!
[18:19] <Mika_no_Krynn> l8r
[18:19] *** Mika_no_Krynn has left #RIFTSOOC1
Session Close: Sun Dec 16 18:19:28 2001
GM Erik
 GM, 15 posts
Sun 11 Oct 2015
at 17:27
Horsemen of the Apocalypse 1 - OOC Chat logs
Session Start: Wed Jan 23 16:06:48 2002
[16:06] *** Now talking in #RiftsOOC3
[16:14] <GM_Erik> tess
[16:24] <GM_Erik> test
[16:29] <GM_Erik> test
[16:37] *** Retrieving #RiftsOOC3 info...
[16:53] <GM_Erik> test
[17:14] <GM_Erik> test
[17:48] <GM_Erik> testy
[17:53] *** Tibor has joined #riftsooc3
[17:53] <GM_Erik> oops, yay
[17:53] <Tibor> adathar got his arm lopped off yesterday! lol! deb and her criticals...
[17:53] <GM_Erik> ooh, poor TJ.  Can he fix it?
[17:54] <Tibor> he's going to be limbless for a while, no one around to help him, he'd need a 12 level spell
[17:54] <Tibor> he can preserve his arm but thats all
[17:55] <GM_Erik> poor guy.
[17:55] <Tibor> yup, well at least it wasn't our new meat shield...that would suck
[17:56] <Tibor> of course its his weapon arm too
[17:56] <GM_Erik> damn.
[17:57] <GM_Erik> just waiting for everybody else.  I know Rob is still setting stuff up
[17:57] *** Mika_no_Krynn has joined #RiftsOOC3
[17:59] <GM_Erik> so my guy got to have his head screwed with some more in rolemaster too?
[17:59] <Tibor> so i'm -1 on init and 8 attacks??
[18:01] <Tibor> on phone...
[18:01] <GM_Erik> yup stan
[18:01] <GM_Erik> just -1 to whatever ou had before
[18:07] <GM_Erik> just getting rob set up
[18:09] *** Tibor has quit IRC ( )
[18:09] <Mika_no_Krynn> Where is he?
[18:09] <Mika_no_Krynn> Gabe is on his way home, should be here shortly.
[18:09] <GM_Erik> ok, trying to get Rob on .
[18:09] * Mika_no_Krynn goes to check on the lasagne.
[18:12] <Mika_no_Krynn> So how does paired weapons work in the new Rifts, same as always?
[18:12] <GM_Erik> yup
[18:13] <Mika_no_Krynn> kewl... hack-master Mika with the Psi-Sword and Scathatch Sword
[18:14] <GM_Erik> hey, Rob is joining the same name channel (RiftsOOC3), but not ours.  know why?
[18:14] <Mika_no_Krynn> He's on Dalnet?
[18:14] <GM_Erik> yup, random us dalnet server
[18:15] <Mika_no_Krynn> Tell him to quit his channels and try again.
[18:15] *** Tibor has joined #RiftsOOC3
[18:16] <Mika_no_Krynn> Make sure the spelling is right too, every part.
[18:16] <GM_Erik> yeah, we did that.
[18:16] <GM_Erik> how do you invite someone?
[18:16] <Mika_no_Krynn> Under Commands... Invite
[18:17] <GM_Erik> did I invite you Mike?
[18:17] <Mika_no_Krynn> Nope
[18:17] <Tibor> here i was about to switch servers...
[18:18] <Mika_no_Krynn> It probably doesn't work since I'm already here
[18:18] <GM_Erik> I'm not sure how to type in the invite window.  Rob's ID is Sir_Arik
[18:18] * Auto-join on invite ON
[18:20] <Mika_no_Krynn> ask Rob to join #RiftsOOC
[18:21] <GM_Erik> he says he's still the only one, he did
[18:22] <Mika_no_Krynn> Is he using Mirc?
[18:22] <GM_Erik> yes, version 5.91
[18:22] <Mika_no_Krynn> Ask him to disconnect and then reconnect on a Random US Dalnet server.
[18:24] <GM_Erik> he did
[18:24] <GM_Erik> just now
[18:25] <GM_Erik> we just got in one, hold on.
[18:25] *** Sir_Arik has joined #RiftsOOC3
[18:25] <GM_Erik> yay!
[18:25] <Tibor> cool..
[18:25] <Mika_no_Krynn> REconnected?
[18:25] <GM_Erik> yup.
[18:25] <Tibor> with 8 attacks, what phases do i go 2x in?
[18:25] <Mika_no_Krynn> That server he was on is probably totally split from ours
[18:25] <GM_Erik> 1 and 4 Stan
[18:26] <GM_Erik> yeah
[18:26] <Mika_no_Krynn> And with 9 I go x2 on 1,3,5? or what?
[18:26] <Tibor> good thing i brought a lot of ammo...
[18:26] <Sir_Arik> yahoo! I am online and ready to kick ass!
[18:26] <Mika_no_Krynn> Gabe just got back, so he's gonna change and then we're kewl more or less.
[18:27] <GM_Erik> too many attacks, and we thought combats used to be short before!
[18:28] <GM_Erik> Oh yeah, Rob is Sir_Arik, Mike is Mika_no_blah and Stan is Tibor.
[18:28] <Mika_no_Krynn> More attacks is good for us, bad for the baddies.
[18:28] <GM_Erik> yeay but the new way gives them more too.
[18:29] <Tibor> with the amount of mdc dudes have in rifts, need all you can get
[18:29] <Tibor> this isnt rolemaster where you die in a heartbeat
[18:29] <Sir_Arik> ahhh ppphhhht! Bad guys will pay at the end of my psi-swords
[18:29] <GM_Erik> did you get my ICQ message Rob?
[18:29] *** JessicaKnight has joined #riftsooc3
[18:29] <JessicaKnight> re
[18:29] <Sir_Arik> yep I did Erik
[18:30] <Tibor> time to hew some bad guys!
[18:30] <Mika_no_Krynn> I sent you a request too Rob
[18:30] <Mika_no_Krynn> On ICA
[18:30] <Mika_no_Krynn> ICQ
[18:30] <Sir_Arik> you did?
[18:30] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yep... it may have gotten lost.  I'll resumbit
[18:31] <Sir_Arik> ok kewl.... my # is 148333495
[18:31] <Mika_no_Krynn> I see... I sent it to your old one.
[18:32] <Mika_no_Krynn> There we go
[18:32] <Tibor> by the way mike, my icq is 96972391
[18:32] <GM_Erik> Stan, is your ICQ on?
[18:32] <Mika_no_Krynn> ok
[18:32] <Sir_Arik> ok gtg
[18:32] <Tibor> yup
[18:33] <Mika_no_Krynn> We're bloody well connected now that's for sure.
[18:33] <Tibor> cool
[18:33] <Sir_Arik> ok r u tux Tibor?
[18:34] <JessicaKnight> no i'm Tux
[18:34] <Sir_Arik> ahhh! ok kewl
[18:34] <GM_Erik> oh boy, too many names..
[18:34] <Tibor> forget what icq says...
[18:34] <Mika_no_Krynn> You've been playing with 3 of them for 3 years... shouldn't be too hard for 1 more
[18:35] <GM_Erik> not for me, for someone new!
[18:35] <Sir_Arik> Man this is going to be interesting for me tonite ;-)
[18:35] <Mika_no_Krynn> I bet.
[18:36] <Mika_no_Krynn> I'm ready when you are.
[18:36] <GM_Erik> just a sec
[18:36] <Sir_Arik> Me too, evil will be smited greatly tonite!!
[18:37] <Mika_no_Krynn> Let us hope so.
[18:37] <JessicaKnight> i'm just fucking hungry
[18:37] <JessicaKnight> =P
[18:37] <JessicaKnight> i'll smite evil after I get some food ^_^
[18:37] <Tibor> bloody hell...good thing Sir Arik doesn't play rolemaster, you learn humilty fast!
[18:37] <JessicaKnight> like a big plate o meat
[18:37] <Mika_no_Krynn> And the occasional noodle thrown in.
[18:38] <Sir_Arik> so eat! evil will not escape us if we rest a bit ;-)
[18:38] <Mika_no_Krynn> That's the best part about evil... it always comes back for an ass kicking.
[18:38] <Sir_Arik> naaahhh I have played M.E.R.P. so I know how lethal rolemaster can be..... L5R is way more lethal
[18:38] <JessicaKnight> tur
[18:38] <Tibor> L5R?
[18:38] <JessicaKnight> true
[18:39] <Sir_Arik> Legen of the 5 rings
[18:39] <Mika_no_Krynn> Problem with this game is Mika is pretty similar to my Rolemaster character, but WAYYYYY more powerful... hard to make the transition sometimes.
[18:39] <Tibor> thats worse?
[18:39] <Sir_Arik> oops Legend I mean
[18:39] <Mika_no_Krynn> Samurai game.
[18:39] <JessicaKnight> yeah one hit can kill ya
[18:39] <GM_Erik> debbie makes rolemaster more lethal than it could be though I think.
[18:39] <Sir_Arik> yep..... voted the quickest pc death
[18:39] <Mika_no_Krynn> Those who live by the sword, more often than not, die in 5 minutes by the sword.
[18:39] <Tibor> lol! nasty
[18:40] <Sir_Arik> or sorry voted the most likely to kill a player in an hour of game play
[18:40] <Mika_no_Krynn> It's only cuz all her NPC's of consequence are 6 levels higher than us... and we have no FIGHTER!
[18:40] <GM_Erik> exactly.  That and she doesn't give you much benefit to your rolls.
[18:40] <Sir_Arik> no fighter! well you don't have a group then! Just a bunch of pansies ;-)
[18:40] <Mika_no_Krynn> Just lots of penalties.
[18:41] <GM_Erik> Wuldn't it be fin in Rifts if all you got to fight were 15th level guys.  heh
[18:41] <Mika_no_Krynn> Pretty much, we have an over-worked cleric.
[18:41] <GM_Erik> Actually Rob, my guy was the fighter before, highest level and everything.  Always got taken out first.
[18:41] <Mika_no_Krynn> Got a Rogue, a Nightblade, a Cleric... and me the prostitute.
[18:41] <Sir_Arik> oh yeah.... sign me up.... 15th level enemies sound like a cake walk....... not!
[18:41] <GM_Erik> ok, so I think I'm ready.
[18:41] <GM_Erik> Did you get the text I sent you Rob?
[18:42] <Sir_Arik> heh.... prostitute
[18:42] <JessicaKnight> well at least this isn't jeff's game where even if you are the fighter, you can't do anything cuz you keep breaking your weapons all the goddamn time
[18:42] <Mika_no_Krynn> Well you either are or you're not.
[18:42] <Mika_no_Krynn> For sure.
[18:42] <Sir_Arik> text?
[18:42] <GM_Erik> hahaha, so that's what Jeff did.
[18:42] <GM_Erik> I sent you some ICq stuff.
[18:42] <Sir_Arik> nope didn't get it
[18:42] <Mika_no_Krynn> Jeff doesn't want the PC's to be real hero types... so we're more like us with swords tramping around Kananaskis.
[18:43] <GM_Erik> ok, double click on my name in this window Rob, it should be Red.
[18:43] <GM_Erik> get a window Rob?
[18:44] <Sir_Arik> yep
[18:44] <GM_Erik> perfect.
[18:45] <Tibor> phone again...
[18:46] <GM_Erik> So Rob can watch for a bit until its time for him to come in.  See what we do.
[18:46] <Sir_Arik> Ok no problem
[18:46] <GM_Erik> ok, so where were we....
[18:46] <Mika_no_Krynn> That's you're baby
[18:47] <Tibor> back...
[18:47] <JessicaKnight> baby got back
[18:48] <Mika_no_Krynn> Where are we?  Walking, camping? What?
[18:48] <GM_Erik> there you go.
[18:49] <GM_Erik> Don't worry Rob, I'll get you the list of everybody in your own window.
[18:50] <Sir_Arik> no problem
[18:52] <Sir_Arik> how did you do that puzzled thing? and grunt?
[18:52] <Tibor> type /me
[18:52] <GM_Erik> ahh.
[18:53] <Sir_Arik> who is female and male in our party?
[18:54] <JessicaKnight> <=== bitch here
[18:54] <Mika_no_Krynn> Mika and Jessica are female, rest are male.
[18:54] * Tibor big ass wolfen
[18:54] <Sir_Arik> heh....
[18:54] <GM_Erik> but all players are male.
[18:54] * Sir_Arik is big ass human ;-)
[18:55] <GM_Erik> anyone else have clairvoyance?
[18:55] <GM_Erik> (not Arik)
[18:55] <Mika_no_Krynn> Let me check.
[18:56] <JessicaKnight> no
[18:56] <Mika_no_Krynn> Nope... there isn't a spell either, right?
[18:56] <GM_Erik> nope
[18:56] <JessicaKnight> cna I fake it?
[18:56] <Tibor> nope
[18:56] <JessicaKnight> hmm.. i'm getting a vision.. it's our mangled corpses
[18:56] <Sir_Arik> nope.... don't like knowing what might happen to me next ;-)
[18:57] <JessicaKnight> oh wow... that was great!
[19:00] <GM_Erik> Anybody got any suggestions as to how to proceed?
[19:01] <Sir_Arik> carefully.... I am sure danger lurks everywhere we are heading ;-)
[19:01] <Tibor> what kind of transportation do these other "heroes" have?
[19:01] <JessicaKnight> flyl 50 mph
[19:01] <GM_Erik> Some Bionic Horses, some hovercycles.  Lazlo is the only guy in big-ass power armor.
[19:02] <GM_Erik> well, not really big ass, just kinda big.  Ulti-Max
[19:02] <Mika_no_Krynn> That's definitely big-ass enough
[19:02] <Sir_Arik> Not as scary as Glitter boy tho
[19:03] <Mika_no_Krynn> Nope... them and their "Boom" sticks
[19:03] <Tibor> ok, so everyone has something...
[19:05] <Mika_no_Krynn> What's the total gathering at in terms of numbers?
[19:06] <GM_Erik> um, around...
[19:06] <GM_Erik> 25 or so
[19:06] <GM_Erik> maybe 30
[19:06] <Mika_no_Krynn> Quite a few, but no army that's for sure.
[19:07] <GM_Erik> Well, luckily you're looking to hit one guy at a time.
[19:11] <Sir_Arik> heh.... quit being wusses, get out there and get the bad guys ;-)
[19:11] <GM_Erik> heh heh
[19:11] <Mika_no_Krynn> Hey, I'm just a little girl! :P
[19:11] <Sir_Arik> little girl with a big punch
[19:11] <Mika_no_Krynn> hehe... yeah.
[19:11] <Tibor> its only the horsemen of the i thought it was going to be difficult!
[19:12] <Sir_Arik> what? where is your sense of adventure ;-)
[19:15] <GM_Erik> rob got a few points for calling averybody else wusses.
[19:16] <Sir_Arik> heh.... watch me get killed in the first encounter ;-)
[19:16] <GM_Erik> Tibor: roll monster lore!
[19:16] <GM_Erik> OK, Splugorth might be able to listen in.
[19:17] <Tibor> 5/20!
[19:17] <GM_Erik> OK! you realize demons proably don't use radios very much.
[19:18] <Sir_Arik> what? where is their sense of fashion? man demons these days just don't know how to stick with the trends
[19:21] <GM_Erik> The poor, poor, sacks.
[19:22] <Mika_no_Krynn> I'm making a safari outfit for myself, with shorts and stuff.
[19:23] * Tibor sharpens his sdc knife...
[19:23] <JessicaKnight> note to self: install air conditioning in armor
[19:23] <GM_Erik> Any things for prearation you guys do?
[19:24] <GM_Erik> Note to Mike: you probably want to redo life ward every few days, assuming that people want to get out of their armor and clean a bit.
[19:24] <Mika_no_Krynn> Try to work on my tan before hand.  Other than that move in as normally.  Yep, I'll redo those lifeward spells.
[19:25] <Mika_no_Krynn> How hot is it?  For me?
[19:25] <GM_Erik> OK, what's party order like, etc..
[19:25] <Mika_no_Krynn> I'll go first.
[19:26] <GM_Erik> (southern hemisphere)
[19:26] * Tibor will go second...
[19:26] <GM_Erik> Tibor's riding the horse, right?
[19:26] <GM_Erik> How high flying? etc.
[19:26] * Tibor tibor is on his biohorse
[19:27] <JessicaKnight> last I guess flying low
[19:27] <Mika_no_Krynn> About 75' above the trees.
[19:27] <JessicaKnight> treetop level
[19:28] <GM_Erik> ok
[19:28] <GM_Erik> Tibor, roll perception
[19:28] <Tibor> shit 8
[19:28] <GM_Erik> ok.
[19:28] <Tibor> but i have sixth sense!
[19:28] <GM_Erik> Yes, yes you do.
[19:29] <GM_Erik> All roll initiative
[19:29] <JessicaKnight> natural 20
[19:29] <GM_Erik> Sixth sense goes off for Mike too.
[19:29] <Sir_Arik> even me?
[19:29] <GM_Erik> No, nt you.
[19:29] <Sir_Arik> ok
[19:29] <Mika_no_Krynn> 15... 21 with sixth sense if that goes off.
[19:30] <Tibor> 25 total init
[19:30] <GM_Erik> jeez.
[19:31] <GM_Erik> hold on..
[19:31] <GM_Erik> no time passing yet. pptbh
[19:31] <GM_Erik> Tibor can only defend to start.
[19:32] <GM_Erik> same for Mika
[19:32] <GM_Erik> nobody attacking Jessica.
[19:32] <GM_Erik> what do you do?
[19:33] <GM_Erik> Oh, and roll Monster lore everyone
[19:33] <JessicaKnight> made it by 10
[19:33] <GM_Erik> Jessica can actually react since she got natural 20
[19:33] <Tibor> 97! wrong bloody game....
[19:34] <JessicaKnight> ok i'm going to bring up my rifle and shoot off a round at the snake on the right
[19:34] <Mika_no_Krynn> 37 on Mon Lore, made it by 52
[19:34] <GM_Erik> You have rapid reload Gabe?
[19:34] <JessicaKnight> nope
[19:34] <GM_Erik> ok.  Make it a wild shot
[19:35] <JessicaKnight> 13
[19:35] <JessicaKnight> =p
[19:35] <GM_Erik> roll damage at the same time as attack
[19:35] <JessicaKnight> 16 dmg
[19:37] <GM_Erik> sorry rob, a little slow yet.
[19:37] <GM_Erik> Mike, check your personal window with me
[19:37] <Mika_no_Krynn> What are they shooting?
[19:37] <GM_Erik> MDC rifles.
[19:38] <GM_Erik> one ion, other exp;losive rouns
[19:38] <GM_Erik> Tibor can activate talisman, or defend.
[19:38] * Tibor chooses to defend
[19:39] <GM_Erik> roll two parrys
[19:39] <Sir_Arik> no problem
[19:40] <Tibor> 28,21
[19:40] <GM_Erik> OK, Mike and Stan have an attack
[19:40] <GM_Erik> (still phase 1)
[19:42] <Tibor> 18 to strike
[19:42] <GM_Erik> remember when you attack, say your attack and damage together.
[19:42] <GM_Erik> Is Mike still here?
[19:43] <Tibor> 20 total damage (x2 to supernatural not included)
[19:43] <GM_Erik> Gabe, what's up with Mike?
[19:46] <GM_Erik> hmm, they're both off ICQ.
[19:46] <Tibor> i'm still here
[19:47] <Sir_Arik> same here
[19:47] *** JessicaKnight has quit IRC (Ping timeout )
[19:47] <Tibor> must have locked up or somthin
[19:48] *** Mika_no_Krynn has quit IRC (Ping timeout )
[19:48] <Sir_Arik> hmmm
[19:48] <Sir_Arik> anyone call them?
[19:48] <Tibor> i will one sec...
[19:48] *** JessicaKnight has joined #riftsooc3
[19:48] <GM_Erik> Yeah, not long distance for Stan
[19:49] <JessicaKnight> re
[19:49] <GM_Erik> Gabe? what up?
[19:49] <JessicaKnight> issues with the network
[19:49] <JessicaKnight> something external to the house
[19:49] <Sir_Arik> ahhh.... you and Mike back in?
[19:49] <GM_Erik> ah..  Mike coming?
[19:49] <JessicaKnight> looked like one of the core network router kinda crapped out
[19:49] <JessicaKnight> yeah
[19:49] <JessicaKnight> he'll be here shortly
[19:50] <Tibor> shit
[19:50] <Tibor> was about to call
[19:51] <GM_Erik> normally we don't have this many problems Rob, honest!
[19:51] <Sir_Arik> heh... no problem, figured it would be like this anyway :)
[19:51] <Tibor> lol!
[19:52] <Tibor> must be a lot of cursing in that house...
[19:52] <GM_Erik> heh
[19:52] <JessicaKnight> mike can't log back in for some reason
[19:52] <JessicaKnight> there he goes
[19:52] <JessicaKnight> mirc fscked
[19:52] *** Mika_no_Krynn has joined #RiftsOOC3
[19:52] <GM_Erik> listening to Boston, eating PB&J..
[19:53] <Mika_no_Krynn> Back... finally.
[19:53] <GM_Erik> alright, Mike!  are we ready?
[19:53] <Sir_Arik> welcome back Mike
[19:53] * Tibor is listening to LOTR soundtrack...figured it was appropriate
[19:53] <Mika_no_Krynn> So where were we?
[19:53] <GM_Erik> Mike's attack.
[19:53] <GM_Erik> Tibor just hit one, still phase one..
[19:53] * Sir_Arik wonders if LOTR soundtrack would be a good purchase....
[19:53] <Mika_no_Krynn> So how about my questions?  Distance to targets?
[19:54] <GM_Erik> Um, 200 feet.
[19:54] <Mika_no_Krynn> Buy it dude, it rocks.
[19:54] <GM_Erik> Mike, did you get the personal window info?
[19:54] <Sir_Arik> sweet.... point taken :)
[19:54] <Mika_no_Krynn> Nope.
[19:54] <GM_Erik> ok, new message.
[19:55] <Tibor> on cd isn't long enought for 3 hour soundtrack...
[19:56] <GM_Erik> gotta draw a weapon first Mike
[19:56] <GM_Erik> oh wait, you did that.
[19:57] <GM_Erik> roll strike (s) and damage.
[19:57] <GM_Erik> unless its too far
[19:58] <Mika_no_Krynn> Well I'm flying at 50mph so that would be about 200' in a phase
[19:58] <Mika_no_Krynn> These guys are supernatural evil?
[19:58] <GM_Erik> yes
[19:59] <GM_Erik> ok, you just about get to them we'll say.
[19:59] <Tibor> thats what my sword says anyway...
[19:59] <GM_Erik> next phase: Jessica, Stan, Mike, what do you do?
[19:59] <Tibor> mo' hacking for defense is a good....
[19:59] <JessicaKnight> fly down a bit lower and continue shooting at the snake/man thingy
[19:59] <Mika_no_Krynn> I hit for 27, for34dmg and 24 for 35dmg
[20:00] <GM_Erik> roll it up Gabe.
[20:00] <GM_Erik> Mike, attacking one?
[20:00] <JessicaKnight> haha... shitty... 4 to hit
[20:00] <Mika_no_Krynn> Sure, I'll go for 1 first.
[20:01] <Tibor> 11 to hit...damage would be  32 if it hits
[20:01] <GM_Erik> Mike, the weapons aren't hitting them though, they're wearing armor, change damage?
[20:02] <Mika_no_Krynn> Not on that one, it was the Psi-sword.
[20:02] <GM_Erik> ok
[20:03] <GM_Erik> you can't parry though Mike, so dodge or take it.
[20:03] <Mika_no_Krynn> Can I spend an action to parry?
[20:04] <GM_Erik> um, Yes, but that will be your action next round.
[20:04] <Mika_no_Krynn> So I can simul parry and strike cuz of paired weapons?
[20:04] <GM_Erik> you gave up autoparry because of twin strike.
[20:04] <Sir_Arik> yep
[20:04] <Tibor> 27,27 parrys with sword
[20:04] <Sir_Arik> true
[20:04] <Tibor> sorry 27, 24
[20:05] <Mika_no_Krynn> yes, so I spend an action to parry and cuz of paired weapons I can act again right?
[20:05] <Mika_no_Krynn> You get 2 actions for every 1
[20:06] <GM_Erik> you already used up your action this 'phase', so you'd be using one of your phase three actions.  You already attacked with both weapons this round.
[20:06] <Mika_no_Krynn> What phase are we on?
[20:06] <GM_Erik> 2
[20:06] <Mika_no_Krynn> Oh.
[20:06] <GM_Erik> ::-0
[20:07] <Mika_no_Krynn> Fuck it I'll take it.
[20:07] <GM_Erik> ok.
[20:08] <GM_Erik> Next phase, what's everyone doing?
[20:08] <GM_Erik> (one attack each)
[20:08] <GM_Erik> except mike
[20:08] <GM_Erik> who has two
[20:08] * Tibor activating amulet
[20:08] <JessicaKnight> keep on pluggin em
[20:08] <GM_Erik> roll Gabe
[20:08] <Mika_no_Krynn> Acitvating Invicible Armor on my armor.  Then hacking this dude twice again.
[20:09] <JessicaKnight> 20 to hit 21 dmg
[20:09] <GM_Erik> what kind of weapon, Gabe?
[20:09] <JessicaKnight> TW plasma rifle
[20:09] <GM_Erik> k
[20:09] <GM_Erik> mike, attacked by sword and rifle once more before you go.
[20:10] <Mika_no_Krynn> OK.
[20:10] <GM_Erik> any defense?
[20:10] <Mika_no_Krynn> nope
[20:11] <GM_Erik> attack Mike.
[20:11] <Tibor> so much for mika's safari clothes..
[20:11] <Mika_no_Krynn> I'm wearing mystical chainmail dude.
[20:12] <Mika_no_Krynn> 22 on one for 23dmg and 26 on the other for 30dmg
[20:12] <GM_Erik> Second is psi-sword?
[20:13] <Sir_Arik> damn! that is one tough psi sword
[20:13] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yep
[20:13] <Mika_no_Krynn> I got my Invincible Armor up?
[20:13] <GM_Erik> ok, attacks once more from each of you.  And, yes Mike, so the rifle damage should be halved.
[20:14] <Mika_no_Krynn> Take it.
[20:14] <GM_Erik> ok, Mike you go before them though.
[20:15] <Mika_no_Krynn> Oh, I want to simul parry and strike the guy with the sword.
[20:15] <GM_Erik> roll it, you too Gabe and Stan
[20:15] <JessicaKnight> 7 to hit
[20:15] <GM_Erik> roll damage too
[20:15] <JessicaKnight> 23
[20:15] <JessicaKnight> dmg
[20:15] <Tibor> 11 to hit
[20:16] <Mika_no_Krynn> 33 for parry, and then natural 20 strike for 35(70 since x2)
[20:16] <GM_Erik> Jessica roll preception.
[20:17] <GM_Erik> and Stan, damage?
[20:17] <JessicaKnight> 21
[20:18] <Tibor> 44 total (x2 incl)
[20:18] <GM_Erik> why x2?
[20:19] <Tibor> supernatural target? or evil
[20:19] <GM_Erik> Not hitting them yet, still hitting armor and stuff. ::-)
[20:19] <Tibor> sorry supernatural or creatures of magic
[20:20] <GM_Erik> Tibor gets attacked by swords.
[20:20] <GM_Erik> Tibor has an attack left this round, and Mika takes it, right?
[20:21] <Mika_no_Krynn> Um, yeah.
[20:21] <GM_Erik> crappy rolls..  roll defense Stan
[20:22] <Tibor> 21 total, 24 damage
[20:22] <Tibor> 19 parry
[20:22] <GM_Erik> for both guys.
[20:23] <Tibor> 15 parry
[20:24] <GM_Erik> ok, next phase, everyone attacks.
[20:24] <Mika_no_Krynn> which phase?
[20:24] <GM_Erik> 5
[20:24] <JessicaKnight> acticating amulet
[20:24] <JessicaKnight> drawing sword on phase 6
[20:24] <Mika_no_Krynn> I'll repeat what I just did.
[20:24] <Mika_no_Krynn> simul parry and strike
[20:24] <GM_Erik> ok Gabe and Mike
[20:25] <GM_Erik> Mike, roll strike and dam
[20:25] <GM_Erik> Tibor roll strike and dam too if you continue attacking.
[20:25] <Mika_no_Krynn> worthless parry of 18 and and a whopping 20 to strike for 20dmg.
[20:26] <Tibor> 22, 24dmg
[20:27] <Tibor> where's that damn fourth guy! we could use another target!
[20:28] <Sir_Arik> what? and get my armour scratched?
[20:28] <Mika_no_Krynn> Indeed.
[20:29] <Mika_no_Krynn> dude, you can talk and fight at the same time, so just radio them.
[20:29] <Mika_no_Krynn> Is that halved?
[20:30] <GM_Erik> Yes.
[20:30] <GM_Erik> But you're out of attacks now Mike.
[20:30] <GM_Erik> Tibor has an attack left on phase 6.
[20:30] <Mika_no_Krynn> What!?  I haven't done anything.
[20:30] <JessicaKnight> actually i'm changing my tactic on phase 6...
[20:31] <GM_Erik> YOu hit for one of your attacks on phase 5, and got knocked twice, losing two attacks.
[20:31] <GM_Erik> Ok Gabe, what?
[20:31] <Mika_no_Krynn> That sux.
[20:31] <JessicaKnight> calling lightning on the guy that just smoked Mika against the tree
[20:31] <GM_Erik> OK, roll damage.
[20:31] <Tibor> 18! fucker...23 total, 26...x2 52!
[20:31] <JessicaKnight> 18
[20:33] <GM_Erik> Even polarized lens people.
[20:35] <GM_Erik> Mike roll perception.
[20:35] <Mika_no_Krynn> Forget it.
[20:35] <GM_Erik> OK, do you let the guy help you up?
[20:35] <Mika_no_Krynn> yeah.
[20:36] <GM_Erik> oh, kith is there too in baby armor. (jk)
[20:37] <GM_Erik> The newcomers get automatic initiative.
[20:37] <GM_Erik> Everyone else roll.
[20:37] <GM_Erik> What do you do Rob?
[20:37] <JessicaKnight> 18
[20:37] <Mika_no_Krynn> 26
[20:37] <Tibor> 9
[20:38] <Sir_Arik> do I happen to know what I am standing in front of? beat my monster lore by 16
[20:38] <GM_Erik> Yeah.
[20:39] <GM_Erik> check your personal window.
[20:39] <Sir_Arik> if they aren't obviously surrendering I am declaring the guy with the gun my opponent to use my auto dodge on his gun attacks, then I will strike the other one with one of my flaming swords
[20:40] <Sir_Arik> I have
[20:40] <GM_Erik> ok.
[20:40] <GM_Erik> roll strike and damage.
[20:40] <Tibor> goddamn cyberknights...
[20:40] <Sir_Arik> that is one of the advantages of having a 19" monitor ;)
[20:41] <Sir_Arik> natural 20! plus 47 md (94 with x2)
[20:41] <GM_Erik> Ahhhh.
[20:41] <GM_Erik> oh, bad guy rolled a 1.
[20:42] <Mika_no_Krynn> Killer flaming sword dude!
[20:42] <Tibor> no shit, L'il Tibor is almost jealous!
[20:43] <Sir_Arik> heh.... all in a days work ;)
[20:43] <Mika_no_Krynn> Nice intro dude.
[20:43] <JessicaKnight> just like in the movies
[20:43] <GM_Erik> OK, Mike gets a go.
[20:44] <Sir_Arik> just so everyone knows, I am weilding 2 flaming swords
[20:44] <Mika_no_Krynn> I'm going after the gun guy, I want to entangle with Scathach sword and strike with the other.
[20:44] <Sir_Arik> did I spell weilding correctly?
[20:44] <GM_Erik> wielding
[20:44] <Sir_Arik> ahhh... crap.... spending to much time around army guys.... getting dumb in my old age ;)
[20:45] <Mika_no_Krynn> yes, sorry.
[20:45] <GM_Erik> Mike, that'll take both attacks this round (entangle being special)
[20:45] <GM_Erik> but leave autoparry, roll em up
[20:46] <Sir_Arik> even me?
[20:46] <Mika_no_Krynn> Ok.  I got 23 on entangle. And then 26 to strike for 37dmg
[20:46] <Sir_Arik> oops... sorry heh ;)
[20:47] <Mika_no_Krynn> Time for free hacking on gun-boy.
[20:48] <GM_Erik> Gabe, roll you action.
[20:48] <JessicaKnight> drawing sword
[20:49] <GM_Erik> Tibor gets attacked once, and his Wolfen partner draws the other attacker.
[20:49] <GM_Erik> roll defense Stan
[20:49] <Tibor> 21, parry
[20:50] <GM_Erik> ok, attack Stan
[20:51] <GM_Erik> And Rob and Stan each get one more attack.
[20:51] <Tibor> 19!, 24 total..21 x 2 = 42!
[20:52] <Sir_Arik> am I being attacked? or is it just cuz I have 7 attacks?
[20:52] * Tibor not to be outdone by new friend...
[20:52] <Sir_Arik> heh ;)
[20:52] <Tibor> 20!!, 25 total 20 x 2 = 40
[20:52] <GM_Erik> its because you have 7
[20:53] <GM_Erik> because you knocked him helpless and hit again right away, he couldn't even defend, it becamex3 damage.
[20:53] <Sir_Arik> so can I parry an attack cuz I left one sword free from attacking with the 1st attack?
[20:53] <GM_Erik> no, its your turn to attack.
[20:53] <Sir_Arik> oh ok I will slash with both weapons on the evil foe!
[20:54] <GM_Erik> what's with the crits?
[20:54] <Tibor> they come in waves! lol!
[20:54] <Tibor> next crit won't be till next year...
[20:55] <Sir_Arik> ok 23 to hit 61 dam and 21 to hit 55 to dam
[20:56] <GM_Erik> And then.... Rob and Mike roll your next attacks even.
[20:56] <Sir_Arik> for 2nd phase?
[20:56] <Mika_no_Krynn> I'm keeping the entangled and striking.
[20:56] <GM_Erik> yeah.
[20:57] <Sir_Arik> ok only striking with one sword this time
[20:57] <GM_Erik> And Gabe might as well roll yours up since noones attacking you specifically.
[20:57] <Mika_no_Krynn> Got 25 to hit for 38dmg
[20:57] <Sir_Arik> 18 to hit 55 to damage
[20:57] <JessicaKnight> alright... diving attack at the closest foe
[20:57] <Sir_Arik> sorry 20 to hit
[20:58] <JessicaKnight> natural 20 hit, 13 x 2 =26 dmg
[21:00] <Sir_Arik> do these guys have mdc based on location?
[21:00] <GM_Erik> do you have any knockdown attack Gabe>
[21:00] <JessicaKnight> nope
[21:00] <JessicaKnight> well yeah I do but it's a ram
[21:01] <GM_Erik> Rob: As much as anyone else.  most of the blows have been body sice they are so big.
[21:01] <Sir_Arik> so head shots are allowed?
[21:01] <GM_Erik> OK, I rolled a 02, so oyu knock him down to.
[21:01] <GM_Erik> yes rob
[21:01] <Sir_Arik> nice
[21:02] <Mika_no_Krynn> Should be easy to hit their Friggin HUUUGGGEEEE Noggins.
[21:02] <Sir_Arik> heads like sputnik ;)
[21:03] <GM_Erik> their heads are like 4 feet long!
[21:03] <Mika_no_Krynn> They'll be crying themselves to sleep on their HUUUUGGGGEEEE pillows tonight.
[21:03] <JessicaKnight> haha
[21:03] <GM_Erik> Mike, roll defense against sword.
[21:03] <Mika_no_Krynn> 32
[21:03] <GM_Erik> and tail, if you use attack to parry both
[21:04] <Mika_no_Krynn> sure, 23
[21:04] <GM_Erik> Arik is attacked by sword
[21:05] <Sir_Arik> ok 26 to parry
[21:06] <GM_Erik> phase 3.
[21:06] <GM_Erik> Rob attack.
[21:06] <GM_Erik> Mike parried double, so you go at the end of this phase.
[21:06] <GM_Erik> oh wait, never mind.  Mike go.
[21:06] <Sir_Arik> ok going for a head strike with one sword
[21:06] <Sir_Arik> what is the penalty for that again?
[21:07] <Mika_no_Krynn> How many attacks do I have this phase?
[21:07] <GM_Erik> 2
[21:07] <GM_Erik> roll Rob
[21:07] <Mika_no_Krynn> I'm gonna do a double strike with one to the dude's head, then save the other for parries.
[21:07] <GM_Erik> ok Mike, roll.
[21:07] <Sir_Arik> 22 to hit 38 to damage
[21:08] <Mika_no_Krynn> 28 to hit for 38dmg and 25 to hit for 27
[21:09] <Sir_Arik> so I don't see it anymore?
[21:10] <GM_Erik> Any special senses?
[21:11] <GM_Erik> Tibor should like this guy.. ;;-)
[21:11] <Sir_Arik> not on at the moment can I put up see invisible?
[21:11] <GM_Erik> you may, hold on.
[21:12] <GM_Erik> Speed of 165.
[21:12] * Tibor activates psi-band (see invisible, see aura, detect concealment)
[21:13] <GM_Erik> TIbor has a prone opponent and an attack.
[21:14] <GM_Erik> ok, roll an attack for that Stan.
[21:15] <Tibor> 14
[21:15] <GM_Erik> ok, you manage to stand on his chest.
[21:16] <GM_Erik> with one foot.
[21:16] <Tibor> so only 200lbs on his chest...
[21:16] <GM_Erik> Gabe, you go this round?!
[21:16] <GM_Erik> GO for it!
[21:16] <JessicaKnight> I swoop down on the next oppoenet and slash at him, 16 to hit 17 dmg
[21:17] <GM_Erik> going for daniel's guy, or the other wolfen's guy?
[21:17] <Mika_no_Krynn> Daniel's guy.
[21:18] <GM_Erik> OK, Rob, Mike, Gabe, all go.
[21:18] <GM_Erik> Hell, Stan too since his guy is on the ground.
[21:19] <Sir_Arik> I start my see invisible if I am allowed, and can I attack as well?
[21:19] <Mika_no_Krynn> Actually I'm going to cast Ley Line Tendril bolt, 2 bolts on Daniel's guy and 2 on the other Wolfen Guy, I'm using the +20 PPE for extra damage.
[21:19] <Tibor> i can't strike someone else if i have to stand on this guy's chest
[21:19] <GM_Erik> Nope Rob, just the one.
[21:19] <GM_Erik> Ok Mike.
[21:19] <JessicaKnight> i'll swoop back on the guy I just hit and try to take his head off, 13 to hit, 17 dmg
[21:20] <GM_Erik> it'll go off on middle of phase five.
[21:20] <Sir_Arik> ok then I turn on my psionic ablility and look for the opponent that disappeared
[21:21] <GM_Erik> roll perception Rob.
[21:21] * Tibor is looking around (has see invisible on as well)
[21:21] <Sir_Arik> how do I do that?  it has been a while :P
[21:21] <Mika_no_Krynn> Roll D20 and add bonus for IQ as if it was ME
[21:21] <GM_Erik> Oh, just roll d20, add... +5 to it
[21:21] <GM_Erik> Tibor, roll perception too.
[21:22] <Sir_Arik> oh wow..... 9
[21:22] <Tibor> 11 per
[21:23] <GM_Erik> Oh, Mike, you're not on a ley line.
[21:23] <GM_Erik> So what do you do instead this round?
[21:23] <Mika_no_Krynn> Isn't it just more expensive if I'm not?
[21:23] <GM_Erik> nope
[21:24] <Mika_no_Krynn> Then when is it only 13 PPE instead of 26?
[21:24] <GM_Erik> doubling PPE adds +20 to damage.
[21:25] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah, but I have written down 26 PPE or 13 PPE.
[21:25] <Mika_no_Krynn> Ah, ok.
[21:25] <Mika_no_Krynn> I thought it was +20 PPE for +20 MDC.
[21:25] <Mika_no_Krynn> I'll cast Sub-particle on Daniel's guy then
[21:25] <GM_Erik> OK, good stuff Mike.
[21:26] <GM_Erik> phase 4.
[21:26] <GM_Erik> Rob, Mike, Gabe, Stan
[21:26] <GM_Erik> Uh, Rob, Gabe, Stan
[21:26] <JessicaKnight> oi
[21:26] <JessicaKnight> who's left around here?
[21:26] <Sir_Arik> ok I will charge and strike the opponent fighting daniel with both my weapons
[21:27] <GM_Erik> One guy fighting Daniel, one guy under Tibor's foot, one guy fighting other WOlfen
[21:27] <GM_Erik> Why does everybody attack Daniel's guy, hmmm.... ::-)
[21:27] <GM_Erik> Roll it Rob.
[21:27] <Sir_Arik> uhhh... sorry, I will help the wolfen that portaled in with me
[21:27] <JessicaKnight> i'll help the unnamed wolfen out and land oppisite to him
[21:27] <JessicaKnight> 13 hit 18 dmg
[21:28] <GM_Erik> No, Rob, keep at it, you said you would.  Maybe you're just protecting the littler guy.
[21:28] <GM_Erik> Maybe you're helping Mika's husband cause you think he's a wuss... :;-)
[21:28] <Sir_Arik> 23 to hit 51 dam, 22 to hit 38 to dam
[21:30] <GM_Erik> ok.  Tibor, what's he doing?
[21:31] <GM_Erik> You going to whack him or anything?
[21:32] <GM_Erik> Tibor, you may want to roll a dodge.
[21:32] <Tibor> does sixth sense go off again?
[21:32] <GM_Erik> been going off, no more bonuses from it though, to much combat.
[21:33] <Tibor> 23 dodge
[21:33] <Tibor> sixth only works in first melee...bonus wise , correct?
[21:33] <GM_Erik> yeah.
[21:33] <GM_Erik> ok.
[21:34] <GM_Erik> phase 5. Rob, Mike (still casting?), Gabe, Stan
[21:34] * Tibor strikes at his opponent again...
[21:34] <JessicaKnight> 15 hit 19 dmg
[21:34] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yep... I'll change target to the other guy though.
[21:34] <Sir_Arik> ok I am going to do a double strike to the guys head a kind of coup de grace as it were
[21:35] <GM_Erik> ok, roll it.
[21:35] <Tibor> 16, 23 damage
[21:35] <Sir_Arik> 24 to hit and 66 to damage, 14 to hit and 58 to damage
[21:36] <GM_Erik> He was the smallest of the litter.
[21:36] <GM_Erik> ]only 10 ft tall.
[21:37] <Sir_Arik> heh....
[21:37] <Tibor> is going to try and disarm his opponent...
[21:37] <GM_Erik> Mike, roll damage.
[21:37] <GM_Erik> btw.
[21:38] <Mika_no_Krynn> 58
[21:39] <GM_Erik> Rob and Stan roll perception.
[21:39] <Sir_Arik> 20
[21:39] <Tibor> 17
[21:41] * Tibor readies another sword his opponents head this time...
[21:42] * Tibor rethinks that, and goes for the snake
[21:43] <GM_Erik> ok, well they're running this round.
[21:43] <Mika_no_Krynn> I'll fire another Sub=particle if I have time
[21:44] * Tibor pulls his rifle out...
[21:44] <Sir_Arik> i will position myself so that the snakes have to go thru me to get to the rest of the group, I don't worry about the fleeing monsters except to make a mental note of the direction they are going
[21:44] <GM_Erik> No, the snakes were literally on the running guys.
[21:44] <GM_Erik> they are being carried off.
[21:45] <Sir_Arik> oh? hmmm ok I will reach for my rifle as well
[21:45] <Tibor> can i take a shot?
[21:45] <Sir_Arik> and charge after them on my bionic horse Steadfast ;)
[21:45] <GM_Erik> ok, they run.
[21:45] <GM_Erik> Tibor can shoot.
[21:45] <GM_Erik> Arik can charge.
[21:45] <GM_Erik> Mika is...?
[21:46] <Mika_no_Krynn> Can I hit them with another sub-particle spell in time?
[21:46] <Sir_Arik> just so you know I am pushing my horse to its limit
[21:46] <Tibor> 19 total, 60 damage
[21:46] <JessicaKnight> how far are they from us?
[21:46] <GM_Erik> Can you see them?
[21:46] <Mika_no_Krynn> I guess I'll activate See Invisible from my amulet first.
[21:46] <GM_Erik> Uh, not too far yet.
[21:47] <GM_Erik> You see them now then.
[21:47] <Mika_no_Krynn> I'll cast it once more at one of them.
[21:47] <JessicaKnight> i'll call lightning on the one that's carrying the snakes
[21:47] <GM_Erik> ok, they may get too far for Mike.
[21:48] <GM_Erik> Gabe: instant right?  you hit one.  (They both have snakes)
[21:48] <Mika_no_Krynn> How about Power Bolt?
[21:48] <GM_Erik> That has big range, right?
[21:48] <JessicaKnight> o... say the one that's closer to me
[21:48] <Mika_no_Krynn> It is 2400'
[21:48] <GM_Erik> ok Gabe.
[21:48] <JessicaKnight> 17
[21:49] * Tibor heads for the other one running away, pushing his horse to the limit as well...
[21:49] <Sir_Arik> do I have my weapon out yet?
[21:49] <GM_Erik> Go ahead and just do attacks everyone.
[21:49] <GM_Erik> yes, you do.
[21:49] <Tibor> close enough for a sword strike?
[21:50] <Sir_Arik> ok I shoot the one to the right
[21:50] <GM_Erik> yes stan.
[21:50] <GM_Erik> shoot rob
[21:50] <GM_Erik> Uh, yeah.
[21:50] <Sir_Arik> with a burst from my weapon
[21:50] <GM_Erik> Mike, spell.
[21:50] <Sir_Arik> 14 to hit 20 dam
[21:51] <JessicaKnight> going to lightning the same one
[21:51] <Tibor> 18 strike, 28 damage
[21:51] <Mika_no_Krynn> 40 damage.
[21:51] <JessicaKnight> 13
[21:51] <JessicaKnight> can I roll any worse
[21:51] <JessicaKnight> jesus
[21:51] * Tibor was going for a head shot
[21:51] <Mika_no_Krynn> I'll activate Winged Flight on my armor and then take off after them.
[21:52] <GM_Erik> ok.
[21:52] <Mika_no_Krynn> While Flying I cast Crushing Fist.
[21:53] <GM_Erik> OK, Rob and Gabe?
[21:54] <JessicaKnight> take my rifle and unload a full burst at the closest one
[21:54] <Sir_Arik> I will attempt to shoot it again
[21:54] <Tibor> rolling for single shot...
[21:54] <GM_Erik> actually, Arik probably didn't understand the Wolfen curse.
[21:54] <JessicaKnight> so I probalby can't shoot till next phase
[21:54] <GM_Erik> ok.
[21:55] <Sir_Arik> no.... but I would understand the contex ;)
[21:55] <Sir_Arik> and rolled 12 to hit and 40 to dam
[21:55] <Tibor> 20 total...18 damage
[21:55] <Sir_Arik> cannot seem to roll well for ranged attacks ;)
[21:56] <GM_Erik> yeah, apparantly.
[21:56] <Mika_no_Krynn> I'm going to fire my ForeArm Plasma Blasters at the snakes when I get a chance.
[21:56] <Sir_Arik> what is the native wolfen language anyway?
[21:56] <GM_Erik> Wolfen.
[21:56] <Sir_Arik> oh.... then I definitely don't know it :)
[21:56] <GM_Erik> OK, everyone can fire.
[21:57] <Sir_Arik> 18 to hit and 10 dam
[21:57] <Mika_no_Krynn> 26 to hit for 25dmg
[21:57] <JessicaKnight> 10 to hit, 17 x 2 = 34 short burst
[21:57] <Tibor> 25 total (not crit) 18 damage
[21:58] <GM_Erik> 10 Gabe? dang...
[21:58] <JessicaKnight> yeah
[21:58] <JessicaKnight> shitty
[21:58] <JessicaKnight> =P
[21:59] <GM_Erik> Arik and Mika know that these guys have hundreds of MD
[22:00] <Sir_Arik> well I will reign in knowing that continuing this is futile.
[22:00] <GM_Erik> OK, brb, pee break.
[22:03] <GM_Erik> back..
[22:03] <GM_Erik> whew, have to go to another floor...
[22:04] <Sir_Arik> why?
[22:04] <GM_Erik> no bathrooms on my floor
[22:08] <GM_Erik> Daniel is smoooooth.
[22:10] <GM_Erik> what's Gabe doing?
[22:11] <JessicaKnight> talking to my slithe
[22:11] <GM_Erik> Ah, ok.
[22:11] <GM_Erik> Slithe wants to search the fallen for goodies.
[22:11] <JessicaKnight> that what I kinda figured.. yeah i'll have a look
[22:12] <GM_Erik> You find a 2d6MD Vibro-Blade, really big badly damaged armor...
[22:13] <JessicaKnight> nothing cool?
[22:14] <GM_Erik> YOu also get a Triax Ion Pulse Rifle (2d6 single, 6d6 3-shot burst) with 2 short and one long e-clip
[22:14] <GM_Erik> 1000 credits of gold.
[22:15] <JessicaKnight> sweet...
[22:16] <Mika_no_Krynn> Hey Rob what's your dude look like?
[22:16] <Tibor> wonder the dude hits to leave 'em!
[22:17] <GM_Erik> yeah, he's got a crushing grip.  heh
[22:17] <GM_Erik> Actually Slithe was happiest when he found out about the gold.
[22:17] <Sir_Arik> heh
[22:17] <JessicaKnight> heheh yeah I bet.. money
[22:17] <Tibor> who the hell is Slithe???
[22:17] <GM_Erik> He doesn't really care about killing stuff.
[22:17] <JessicaKnight> just wants shit
[22:18] <Sir_Arik> I am just over 7 feet tall and heavily muscled.
[22:18] <JessicaKnight> hello Manute Bol
[22:18] <Mika_no_Krynn> You human looking?
[22:18] <GM_Erik> Yeah, so now Tibor is one of THREE seven-foot tall guys.
[22:18] <Sir_Arik> yes, but almost the human perfection
[22:19] * Tibor happens to be eight feet tall
[22:19] <Mika_no_Krynn> So no pointy ears like me?
[22:19] <GM_Erik> oh, sorry........
[22:19] <GM_Erik> well, still, bigger targets than before ;;-)
[22:19] <Sir_Arik> blonde hair cut short in a military fashion and piercing ice blue eyes
[22:19] <Mika_no_Krynn> Kewl I can speak to your dude in Old Norse.
[22:20] <Sir_Arik> I am wearing chain mail and have various weapons stored on myself and my steed
[22:20] <Sir_Arik> I am human looking yes.... no pointy ears or the like
[22:21] <Sir_Arik> Just a really big human warrior ;)
[22:21] <Sir_Arik> Didn't know I could speak Old Norse though
[22:21] <GM_Erik> ok.  Yeah, take that as a language Rob.
[22:22] <GM_Erik> anyone else want to give basic descriptions for their character for the new guy?
[22:23] * Tibor is 8'tall wolfen in magical chain mail armour of Valhalla, carries a holy sword by the name L'il Tibor
[22:24] <Sir_Arik> heh.... L'il Tibor... that is good.
[22:24] <JessicaKnight> little geeky british chick in some weird crystal techno wizard armor, od crystal helmet, and sporting a large TW converted plasma rifle, a seemingly empty sword holster, and what looks to be a really old but cool looking sword
[22:24] <Mika_no_Krynn> I already sent him a picture.
[22:24] <Sir_Arik> and might I add... it was kewl
[22:25] <Mika_no_Krynn> danke
[22:25] <Tibor> you have a pic of mika?? lol!
[22:25] <Tibor> never seen that one myself!
[22:25] <GM_Erik> OK, Daniel is a red-headed elf (red-hair not normal for elves).  Quite spry and good looking.
[22:25] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah, I'lls send it to ya.
[22:25] <GM_Erik> Gar is also 8 feet tall as a Wolfen, also wearing mystical chain mail and holding a large sword.
[22:26] <Sir_Arik> oh by the way my chain mail is mystical as well
[22:26] <Mika_no_Krynn> Goto ICQ Stan
[22:27] <Mika_no_Krynn> My chainmail looks a bit beatup
[22:28] <Tibor> lol@the pic...thats Mika alright
[22:28] <Sir_Arik> How much isp will I get back during meditation?
[22:28] <Mika_no_Krynn> That's what I figure.
[22:28] <Mika_no_Krynn> And me, how much PPE?
[22:28] <Sir_Arik> oh and I turn on 6th sense as well
[22:29] <GM_Erik> Rob: 6ISP per hour.
[22:29] <Sir_Arik> ok kewl
[22:29] <GM_Erik> You don't have to turn it on Rob.
[22:29] <GM_Erik> Mike should know that...
[22:29] <Sir_Arik> no? it just goes off?
[22:29] <GM_Erik> 10 PPE per hour meditation, 5 per hour rest.
[22:29] <GM_Erik> Yes rob, it does.
[22:30] <Mika_no_Krynn> Ok.
[22:30] <Sir_Arik> ahhh.... kewl
[22:30] <GM_Erik> Oh, and you get 2 ISP per hour sleep or rest (meditation is better)
[22:30] <Mika_no_Krynn> yep I get 12 per hour of Med right?  As a psi-slayer?
[22:32] <GM_Erik> um..
[22:34] <GM_Erik> I can't remember Mike, and I can't seem to find it in Psyscape.
[22:34] <Mika_no_Krynn> I think that is it, they are Master psy's so they get it back really fast.
[22:35] <Mika_no_Krynn> I haven't spent any though, so no matter.
[22:35] <GM_Erik> Dink is bad?
[22:36] <GM_Erik> I feel sorry for those guys in Spaceballs..
[22:36] <Sir_Arik> bad enuff ;), remember I am still warming up to the group
[22:37] <GM_Erik> Yeah, Daniels practically got a skill in Chivalry..
[22:37] <GM_Erik> for a rogue that is..
[22:37] <GM_Erik> ok, so you guys go back?
[22:38] <Sir_Arik> what say you guys?
[22:38] <Tibor> yes, if the others haven't reached us already
[22:38] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yep... we'll just talk about shit on the way.
[22:38] <GM_Erik> Too bad Mika didn't kill the guy... he had 360 PPE left.
[22:38] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah, I freaking figured... now I'm starving.
[22:39] <Sir_Arik> heh.... sux to be you Mike ;)
[22:39] <Mika_no_Krynn> Always.
[22:39] <GM_Erik> btw Rob, your character only needs like 4 hours of sleep b/c of supernatural PE
[22:39] <Mika_no_Krynn> Are we anywhere near a ley line?
[22:39] <Sir_Arik> can I medidtate on the way back to the main group?
[22:40] <JessicaKnight> note to self: design portable e-clip charging machine
[22:40] <GM_Erik> not really.  Need to be stationary.
[22:40] <GM_Erik> note to Gabe: don't you have Particle-Beam spell?
[22:40] <Tibor> good thing i packed a lot of ammo...haven't made a dent yet
[22:40] <Sir_Arik> I am stationary, my horse is doing all the work
[22:40] <GM_Erik> sorry, not good enough, you would need to be good enough to sleep on your horse.
[22:41] <Mika_no_Krynn> I can make you sleep...
[22:41] <Sir_Arik> skill of 95% not good enuff?
[22:41] <JessicaKnight> yeah I do but it's freaking expensive
[22:41] <GM_Erik> At the very least, Mika is a portable E-clip recharger if not anything else. ;;-)
[22:41] <Mika_no_Krynn> That's my really job :P
[22:41] <GM_Erik> no.  Meditation is a hour-long thing without any interruption.  Horseback not good enough.
[22:41] <Sir_Arik> dang.... had to try ;)
[22:42] <GM_Erik> ok, anybody going to do logistical stuff?
[22:43] <Sir_Arik> nope.... not unless someone can pump isp back into me ;)
[22:43] <Mika_no_Krynn> Nope, I just need to get back some PPE.  And do some nasty with Daniel...
[22:43] <JessicaKnight> who needs e-clips
[22:43] <JessicaKnight> I have 2 short and 1 long pillaged off the dead guy
[22:44] <JessicaKnight> are those fwd sliding e-clips?
[22:44] * Tibor hasn't even gone thru on of his clips yet...
[22:44] <JessicaKnight> Stand has our triax book
[22:44] <GM_Erik> um, no.
[22:44] <JessicaKnight> koo
[22:46] <GM_Erik> Gabe, roll, um, a techno-wizard skill, like ..
[22:46] <Tibor> shit id do have your triax book, thought this one was mine...i forgot
[22:46] <GM_Erik> weapons engineering
[22:46] <JessicaKnight> eh doesn['t matter
[22:46] <JessicaKnight> I have have your books, and you have half mine
[22:46] <Sir_Arik> would I recognize Jessica as a Techno Wizard?
[22:46] <JessicaKnight> they're pretty much ours collectively with the amount we bought and played
[22:47] <GM_Erik> Yes, the TW armor, helmet, guns, etc... are a giveaway.
[22:47] <JessicaKnight> 41 of 87
[22:47] <Sir_Arik> ok
[22:47] <GM_Erik> ok, Gabe: you recognize Arik's swords as TW flaming swords.
[22:47] <JessicaKnight> they;re pretty damn good for standard flaming swords
[22:48] <Tibor> must be his strength bonus on damage
[22:51] <GM_Erik> after a while, you arrive back with the main group.
[22:51] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah, and there was much rejoicing.
[22:52] <GM_Erik> roll perception Rob
[22:54] <GM_Erik> p
[22:55] <GM_Erik> uh oh... Rob must have lost consciousness
[22:55] <Sir_Arik> sorry.... my roommate returned home
[22:55] <GM_Erik> ah... did he lose consciousness?
[22:55] <Sir_Arik> was yakkin at me ;P
[22:55] <GM_Erik> ew...
[22:55] <GM_Erik> too late Rob.
[22:55] <Sir_Arik> rolled 18
[22:55] <GM_Erik> you know who she is now.  But you did recognize her at the last second.
[22:57] <GM_Erik> and you recognize sir winslow thorpe.
[22:57] <GM_Erik> a hug?
[22:58] <Sir_Arik> yes
[22:58] <Mika_no_Krynn> Like in LoTR and stuff.
[22:58] <Mika_no_Krynn> Funny to hear a near-immortal say that...
[22:58] <Sir_Arik> yeah... you know like warriors give each other
[22:59] <GM_Erik> He's a little uptight himself.
[22:59] <Tibor> lol!
[22:59] <JessicaKnight> heh
GM Erik
 GM, 16 posts
Sun 11 Oct 2015
at 17:28
Horsemen of the Apocalypse 1 - OOC Chat logs
[23:01] <GM_Erik> ok, so we'll skip the lengthy introductions since everyone else has already met the MANY NPC's
[23:01] <Tibor> ok
[23:01] <GM_Erik> I already gave Rob a list of all the NPC's
[23:02] <GM_Erik> or typed it to him.
[23:03] <Mika_no_Krynn> I want to go speak with Victor "Buckaroo Banzai" Lazlo that evening, ask him about the time before the Rifts and if he knows of the Asgardian pantheon since we used to strong on Earth long ago (or so I've been told).
[23:04] <Sir_Arik> I spend some time with Sir Thorpe recounting what has been going on with the fellowship and hearing of his adventures with Erin Tarn
[23:04] <GM_Erik> Mike: he doesn't actually know much about Gods.  He thought they were just really powerful guys himself until he came here.
[23:05] <Mika_no_Krynn> But even we read about myths and legends now... that type of stuff I want to know.  And just general stuff of what Earth used to be like.
[23:05] <GM_Erik> Mike: Ok, sure, he doesn't know a whole bunch, but he knows a bit.
[23:06] <Mika_no_Krynn> How long has he been on Earth?  The compare his Earth to the one Daniel came from.
[23:06] <GM_Erik> Rob: Thorpe is happy to hear things from another of the order.  You can tell him about the building conflict of Tolkeen and stuff (which is starting even now)
[23:06] <GM_Erik> (Just the military build-up)
[23:07] <Sir_Arik> ok kewl.... nice to know where abouts in the timeline we are
[23:07] <GM_Erik> Yeah, since TOlkeen is like a 8 year thing in total.
[23:07] <Sir_Arik> wow that long?
[23:07] <GM_Erik> man, PB&J sucks with a beard.
[23:07] <Sir_Arik> heh
[23:07] <GM_Erik> Yeah, the bulid-up starts for like 3 or 4 years, than the war starts and is 3 or 4.  Or something like that
[23:08] <GM_Erik> OK, how are people doing for time?
[23:08] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yep... it's a big one.  There are 5 books for it, or six.
[23:08] <Sir_Arik> ok so are we close to the beginning or end of the build up?
[23:08] <Mika_no_Krynn> I don't care, got nothing to do tomorrow.
[23:08] <GM_Erik> six books.  And then there's going to be a post-war book.
[23:08] <JessicaKnight> well depends on how much tehre is left
[23:09] <GM_Erik> We can stop now, or do some group RP for a bit.  No more combat though.
[23:09] <Tibor> holy crap...thats a lot 'o books
[23:09] <Mika_no_Krynn> Maybe we should try to do some RP stuff for a bit and decide what to do from here.  That way those who have to go can go since it is only RP stuff.
[23:09] <Tibor> sounds like a plan...
[23:10] <JessicaKnight> if you guys wanna grou pRP that's koo I have some things to take care of and I should go get some sleep for work tomorrow..
[23:10] <Mika_no_Krynn> Oh, first are we playing Sunday?
[23:10] <Sir_Arik> works for me, I have work in the morning, and would like to know when next we are meeting
[23:10] <Sir_Arik> what time?
[23:10] <GM_Erik> oh, yeah, are people free on SUNDAY? around 1pm?
[23:11] <Mika_no_Krynn> I'm good.
[23:11] <Tibor> sun again...ok
[23:11] <Tibor> yes 1pmgood
[23:11] <GM_Erik> No more power outages.
[23:11] <Sir_Arik> I have a ball hockey game at 1645 to 1745 hrs
[23:11] <GM_Erik> oh no!
[23:11] <GM_Erik> ball hockey or military time, I don't know which is worse!
[23:11] <Sir_Arik> due to my commitment to the regimental ball hockey team
[23:11] <GM_Erik> Oh, wait, ball hockey.
[23:11] <GM_Erik> it interferes with gaming.
[23:11] <Mika_no_Krynn> You normally have these games on Sunday?
[23:12] <Sir_Arik> only on the team till next Thursday
[23:12] <GM_Erik> I could do Saturday as well.
[23:12] <Mika_no_Krynn> I could do Saturday.
[23:12] <JessicaKnight> either day is ok
[23:12] <Sir_Arik> the week long competition will be finished then
[23:12] <Tibor> sat should be ok for me too
[23:12] <JessicaKnight> I think
[23:12] <Sir_Arik> Sat is good but not until at least 2pm
[23:12] <GM_Erik> Ok, how about Sat at 2pm?
[23:13] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah, good call there. How about 2:30pm?
[23:13] <Sir_Arik> once again ball hockey earlier
[23:13] <Sir_Arik> 2:30pm works for me
[23:13] <Tibor> cool, good for me too'
[23:13] <JessicaKnight> alright
[23:13] <Mika_no_Krynn> So Sat. then at 2:30pm?
[23:14] <GM_Erik> Sat 2:30 it is!
[23:14] <Sir_Arik> yep
[23:14] <Tibor> sat 2:30 ..this sat i assume??
[23:14] <Sir_Arik> yes
[23:14] <JessicaKnight> koo
[23:14] <GM_Erik> yeah, 4 days.
[23:14] <JessicaKnight> alright i'm out... later
[23:14] *** JessicaKnight has quit IRC (Quit: Quit: Erection reset by queer )
[23:15] <GM_Erik> heh heh, good quit line
[23:15] <Mika_no_Krynn> Hello?
[23:15] <Sir_Arik> yep still here
[23:15] <Tibor> lol!
[23:15] <GM_Erik> just adding xp
[23:17] <GM_Erik> It is Epim
[23:18] *** Mika_no_Krynn has quit IRC (Read error: Connection reset by peer )
[23:18] <GM_Erik> I think Mike got knocked off again.
[23:18] <GM_Erik> yup.
[23:18] <Sir_Arik> bummer
[23:18] <GM_Erik> just in time too.
[23:19] <Sir_Arik> I have to say.... I really liked doing this
[23:19] <Tibor> this was a good one..had some tech diff but all good
[23:19] *** Mika_no_Krynn has joined #RiftsOOC3
[23:20] <GM_Erik> oh, your'e back, ok. ::-)
[23:20] <Mika_no_Krynn> Fucking thing is messed.
[23:20] <GM_Erik> although, ICQ isn't getting through to you now Mike.
[23:20] <Sir_Arik> it really brings out a good sense of roleplaying
[23:20] <Mika_no_Krynn> so 2:30 on Sat?
[23:20] <Sir_Arik> yep
[23:20] <GM_Erik> Yeah, 2:30 on Sat.
[23:20] <GM_Erik> yeah, combat can get a little long easily, but that's why I try to keep track of everything.
[23:21] <Mika_no_Krynn> I think our network is messed up somehow.
[23:21] <Mika_no_Krynn> it is especially long when fighting guys with 100's of MDC
[23:21] <GM_Erik> THat sucks.  Hopefully you'll get it fixed by Saturday.
[23:21] <Sir_Arik> heh.... yeah that is true
[23:21] <GM_Erik> Yeah, hundreds... heh..
[23:21] <GM_Erik> But you still took 'em down with some good criticals!
[23:21] <Tibor> bloody hell, gabe must be pissed
[23:21] <Sir_Arik> that is why head shots are so important
[23:22] <GM_Erik> They had big armor on from the start though, so it was harder to cut heads.
[23:22] <GM_Erik> and someone with, say, 300 MDC, it takes 120 to cut the head off.
[23:22] <Mika_no_Krynn> Hey Erik can you send me the logs for his game?  I forgot to hit auto-log.
[23:22] <GM_Erik> yeah, no prob.  I'll email them after we cut out.
[23:22] <Sir_Arik> true.... it helps that I can dish out decent damage as well
[23:22] <GM_Erik> yup.
[23:22] <GM_Erik> bigger hits=more chance of knockdown.
[23:23] <Mika_no_Krynn> So did Daniel answer my question?
[23:23] <GM_Erik> Suprise helps too.
[23:23] <Sir_Arik> true
[23:23] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yep, KD is bad news... look at me.
[23:23] <GM_Erik> especially big-ass-Sir-Arik SUprise
[23:23] <Tibor> well at least we have another tank! lol! and not another squishy!
[23:23] <Sir_Arik> heh....
[23:24] <Mika_no_Krynn> You're super tough dude... just watching that damage... Wow, Wow, wow.
[23:25] <Sir_Arik> just wish my psi swords could be more useful
[23:26] <Mika_no_Krynn> Cyber-knight swords are nice cuz they're ISP free, but not as damaging as the regular.  Next level my Psi-sword does 10D6
[23:27] <Sir_Arik> yeah.... mine only do 3d6 max out at 6d6
[23:32] <GM_Erik> Is Mika being truthful or not?
[23:34] <Tibor> i should be going too...
[23:34] <GM_Erik> ok.
[23:34] <Mika_no_Krynn> Mika is the master of her domain, she just doesn't care.  She likes sex too much, and that goes for Daniel.
[23:35] <Tibor> see youlater
[23:35] <Mika_no_Krynn> Later.
[23:35] <GM_Erik> later
[23:35] *** Tibor has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving )
[23:36] <Sir_Arik> catch you later Tibor
[23:36] <GM_Erik> I wish I could emote, but GM_Erik doing things for NPC's wouldn't be appropriate.
[23:48] <GM_Erik> hold on rob, I'm typing a response on ICQ. ;;-)
[23:52] <Mika_no_Krynn> This way of RPing is kinda kewl cuz it's like Blue Booking and gaming all at once.
[23:52] <Mika_no_Krynn> You'd almost never have such real conversations if you were actually gaming over a table.
[23:53] <Sir_Arik> true, which is why this is really cool
[23:56] <GM_Erik> You mean Truth, Justice, and the Canadian way?
[23:56] <Sir_Arik> no.... more like my chars pure lifestyle and moral code
Session Close: Thu Jan 24 00:00:00 2002
GM Erik
 GM, 17 posts
Sun 11 Oct 2015
at 17:28
Horsemen of the Apocalypse 1 - OOC Chat logs
Session Start: Thu Jan 24 00:00:00 2002
Session Time: Thu Jan 24 00:00:00 2002
[00:06] <GM_Erik> hey mike, we're still here.
[00:06] <GM_Erik> ::-)
[00:06] <Mika_no_Krynn> ok.
[00:07] <Mika_no_Krynn> I figured you had a separate channel for GM to Player stuff going.
[00:07] <Mika_no_Krynn> BTW I noticed an error in my spell sheet.  I forgot Spinning Blades and misreported Sonic Blast, it is ok now.
[00:08] <GM_Erik> ok
[00:12] <GM_Erik> rob and I are talking about Psi-Swords.
[00:12] <GM_Erik> so Mike, what was up with my character in Rolemaster?
[00:12] <Mika_no_Krynn> Also, what does Magic Adrenaline Rush do?
[00:14] <Mika_no_Krynn> Hey, what ever happened to my Altaran Warrior women?
[00:15] <GM_Erik> she's still tied up.
[00:15] <GM_Erik> in the camp
[00:16] <Mika_no_Krynn> Is she still as bitchy?  Have I found out her name or anything?  Will she eat?
[00:17] <GM_Erik> she's not too happy
[00:18] <Mika_no_Krynn> But is she at least talking?
[00:19] <GM_Erik> probably a bit.
[00:20] <Mika_no_Krynn> Well I'm gonna try to be as nice to her as possible, try to make her give up the Splugorth... long term goal.
[00:20] <GM_Erik> ok.  make an MA roll.
[00:20] <Mika_no_Krynn> ok, just a sec.
[00:21] <Mika_no_Krynn> rolled 25 out of 88% Trust/Intimidate.
[00:21] <GM_Erik> that's pretty good.
[00:22] <Mika_no_Krynn> Mika can be charming when she wants.  I'll appeal to her as a fellow warrior.
[00:22] <GM_Erik> it might take some time, if it ever succeeds.
[00:22] <Mika_no_Krynn> I figured as much, but worth a shot.
[00:23] <GM_Erik> yeah, some of them are pretty loyal, just like some are pretty rebellious.
[00:24] <Mika_no_Krynn> I got 4000 years to blow, so I got the time.
[00:24] <GM_Erik> hah hah
[00:25] <GM_Erik> 4000+
[00:26] <Mika_no_Krynn> Pretty much, too bad I don't think she'll live that long.
[00:27] <GM_Erik> really? you're only 40-odd and you're really experienced.
[00:27] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yep... Mika's a danger girl.
[00:28] <Mika_no_Krynn> Oh yeah, I could probably have cast that Oracle Spell (lvl 8)... that's clairvoyance right?
[00:28] <GM_Erik> um.
[00:29] <GM_Erik> oh yeah, it is.
[00:29] <Mika_no_Krynn> I totally forgot about it until combat started and I was looking through my spells.
[00:32] <Mika_no_Krynn> Is Katrina around?
[00:32] <GM_Erik> yeah sure, it's kindof evening.
[00:33] <Mika_no_Krynn> kewl, I want to speak with her.  See what she's all about.
[00:33] <GM_Erik> She is a 15th level Ley Line Walker.  YOu did see aura before - high magic potentil
[00:34] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah, what's with the high magic potential... that's strange, she looks human right?
[00:36] <GM_Erik> well, she does look like a human
[00:36] <GM_Erik> a pretty human, but human.
[00:36] <Mika_no_Krynn> Very pretty human... on the scale of PPE, are we talking like 100's of PPE?
[00:36] <GM_Erik> she is a 15th level ley line walker, after all
[00:37] <GM_Erik> can you sense PPE?
[00:37] <Mika_no_Krynn> Guess not, but I can mask it and eat it.
[00:38] <Mika_no_Krynn> She looks pretty young too right?
[00:38] <GM_Erik> yeah, in her 20's
[00:39] <Mika_no_Krynn> She got powerful really quick.
[00:39] <GM_Erik> oh, she rides a pegasus.
[00:40] <Mika_no_Krynn> Oh, ok... now this is really strange.
[00:40] <Sir_Arik> heh.... pegasus
[00:40] <Mika_no_Krynn> Well I'll introduce Daniel to her, I'm sure he'll love it.
[00:41] <GM_Erik> yeah he will
[00:41] <Sir_Arik> You know I am no slouch in the looks department
[00:41] <GM_Erik> shes got PB 27
[00:41] <Mika_no_Krynn> You never mentioned it, so didn't know... Rob
[00:41] <Mika_no_Krynn> Same as mine.
[00:41] <GM_Erik> rob got 24
[00:42] <GM_Erik> sorry, rob got 21 PB.
[00:42] <Mika_no_Krynn> You're a pretty handsome dude man... be mackin all the ladies.
[00:42] <Mika_no_Krynn> Good enough for Mika.
[00:46] <Mika_no_Krynn> Mika's very weird... she's nigh-immortal and fights monsters all day, that'll screw up anyone's basic perspectives on life.
[00:46] <GM_Erik> yeah.  Although Look at Daniel, went from highwayman to do-it-guy for gods and super dudes.
[00:46] <Sir_Arik> heh.... she needs to spend some time in a monastary ;)
[00:47] <Mika_no_Krynn> yep... and look how he turned out.  And they have a kid on top of it all, poor kid.
[00:48] <GM_Erik> I wonder if anyone elase will have kids.
[00:48] <GM_Erik> Ok, well goodnight Rob.
[00:48] <Sir_Arik> thanks for the good time tonite guys.... will catch you both on the flip side ;)
[00:48] <GM_Erik> later
[00:48] <Mika_no_Krynn> Saturday dude.
[00:49] <Sir_Arik> plus I will try calling you to Mike ;)
[00:49] <GM_Erik> Sat-r-day
[00:49] <Sir_Arik> same channels?
[00:49] <GM_Erik> no, i'll send email
[00:49] <Sir_Arik> ok
[00:49] *** Sir_Arik has quit IRC (Quit:  )
[00:49] <Mika_no_Krynn> probably just 4 instead of 3 right?
[00:49] <GM_Erik> yeah
[00:49] <GM_Erik> that way the logs are in order automatically
[00:49] <GM_Erik> date stamp names get all screwed up
[00:49] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yep.  Totally.
[00:50] <GM_Erik> hey, can I call you tomorrow evening?
[00:50] <Mika_no_Krynn> Can you send me all the logs, I'm not sure if I have them.
[00:50] <GM_Erik> yeah, I'll do that tomorrow.
[00:50] <Mika_no_Krynn> Um, tomorrow evening is iffy, depends when?
[00:50] <Mika_no_Krynn> I have a meeting at 7:00pm.
[00:50] <GM_Erik> How about around 4 or 5?
[00:51] <GM_Erik> eh?
[00:51] <GM_Erik> crap
[00:51] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah, that may be good.  My sister is coming into town tomorrow afternoon, so I'll be around the house all day.  Try calling Gabe's number that way it doesn't rack up minutes on my cell, 288-3095 I think works.
[00:51] <GM_Erik> ok
[00:52] <GM_Erik> sure, if the phone works at the house now, I'll call itl
[00:52] <GM_Erik> OK, I should get home, I've still got a 25 minute walk left.
[00:52] <Mika_no_Krynn> One of the phones works I know, but he has another number that I don't have.  I'll ICQ it to you though.
[00:52] <Mika_no_Krynn> OK, later.
Session Close: Thu Jan 24 00:52:45 2002
GM Erik
 GM, 18 posts
Sun 11 Oct 2015
at 17:29
Horsemen of the Apocalypse 1 - OOC Chat logs
Session Start: Sat Jan 26 13:25:53 2002
[13:25] *** Now talking in #RiftsOOC4
[14:01] <GM_Erik> oi
[14:01] *** Retrieving #RiftsOOC4 info...
[14:16] *** JessicaKnight has joined #riftsooc4
[14:17] <JessicaKnight> oi
[14:18] <GM_Erik> oi
[14:23] *** Mika_no_Krynn has joined #RiftsOOC4
[14:24] <Mika_no_Krynn> Anything else you need to know about Daniel?
[14:25] <GM_Erik> nope
[14:25] <GM_Erik> I gotta go home and update the dude.  If you could type up his equipment for me later, though, that'd be cool.
[14:25] <GM_Erik> THat is, if you have a list for him.
[14:26] <GM_Erik> Hey, anyone want to call Stan to see if he remembered?
[14:28] <Mika_no_Krynn> Besides his weapons and armor I have nothing listed.
[14:28] <Mika_no_Krynn> I'll do it.
[14:29] <GM_Erik> that's fine, other than what I know offhand, I don't actually have any of his items down.
[14:30] <Mika_no_Krynn> Stan's not even at home.
[14:30] <GM_Erik> doh.
[14:31] <GM_Erik> you sure?  If he's in bed, I remember he's not much for answering the phone.
[14:32] <GM_Erik> oh, right.  I talked to Rob after I sent that last email out.  His game got changed today, so he can be here at about 4:00
[14:32] <GM_Erik> I was going to start anyway,
[14:32] <GM_Erik> assuming we get Stan?
[14:36] *** Mika_no_Krynn has quit IRC ( )
[14:37] <JessicaKnight> hey Erik, let's all connect to the same server so we don't get split ok?
[14:37] *** Mika_no_Krynn has joined #RiftsOOC4
[14:37] <GM_Erik> ok.  which server, mine?
[14:37] *** JessicaKnight changes topic to 'Everyone connect using '
[14:37] <JessicaKnight> yeah
[14:37] *** JessicaKnight has quit IRC (Quit: Quit: Erection reset by queer )
[14:37] *** Mika_no_Krynn has quit IRC (Quit:  )
[14:37] *** JessicaKnight has joined #riftsooc4
[14:38] <JessicaKnight> there this should minimize shit due to splits
[14:38] <GM_Erik> I don't want to change, right?
[14:38] <JessicaKnight> nope
[14:38] <GM_Erik> k
[14:38] <JessicaKnight> you're already on wombat
[14:38] <GM_Erik> ya
[14:38] *** Mika_no_Krynn has joined #RiftsOOC4
[14:39] [JessicaKnight:#riftsooc4 PING]
[14:39] <Mika_no_Krynn> Is Rob playing today?
[14:39] <GM_Erik> yeah, he said he can't be here until 4:00
[14:39] <GM_Erik> his game got changed today.  I was going to start anyway.
[14:40] <Mika_no_Krynn> Well, at the rate we're going he won't be missing much.
[14:40] <GM_Erik> true nuf
[14:40] <Mika_no_Krynn> Hopefully Stan is on his way back from somewhere.
[14:40] <GM_Erik> did you get through to his house?
[14:40] <Mika_no_Krynn> We got a major dump of snow here the last few days, like 20cm or so, so the roads suck ass.
[14:40] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah I called his house, he wasn't back yet.
[14:41] <GM_Erik> ok.
[14:42] <Mika_no_Krynn> I've edited all the IC logs into one large one, using word.  It is over 60 pages.
[14:42] <GM_Erik> Yeah, it's a lot...
[14:42] <Mika_no_Krynn> Could write a novel after 10 sessions.
[14:42] <GM_Erik> heh
[14:43] <GM_Erik> as long as you take out all the little quips
[14:43] <Mika_no_Krynn> Actually the IC logs are pretty straight forward, they read like a book, but without the descriptions.
[14:45] <Mika_no_Krynn> I think I'll post them on the web, so we can all keep track of what we've done.
[14:45] <GM_Erik> sure.
[14:52] <GM_Erik> ok, well about about I ask a question.
[14:52] <GM_Erik> since now hand to hand skills give 2 more attacks to start (officially)...
[14:53] <GM_Erik> does it make sense that having NO hand to hand skill only lets you have one attack at level one with a max of three at 9th level?
[14:53] <GM_Erik> (though they get twice that in non-combat actions)
[14:53] <GM_Erik> it just seems kindof limiting
[15:02] <Mika_no_Krynn> Well, doesn't everyone start with 2 attacks though?
[15:03] <GM_Erik> only if take hand to hand combat.
[15:03] <Mika_no_Krynn> So those without combat training really suck?
[15:03] <GM_Erik> yeah
[15:03] <GM_Erik> I think they suck a little too much.
[15:04] <GM_Erik> 1 at level 1, 2 at 3, 3 at 9.
[15:04] <Mika_no_Krynn> It does seem kinda limiting, since hth basic isn't that much more advanced that no training.
[15:04] <Mika_no_Krynn> I think if they had 2 at 1, 3 at 3, and 4 at 9 that would make more sense.
[15:05] <GM_Erik> I was thinking that too, I think I'll change that.
[15:05] <GM_Erik> I just can't see 4 at level 1 for most trained people, and 1 for those not trained.
[15:05] <Mika_no_Krynn> Cuz then they have a chance but are still no match for the martial artist who has 7 attacks at 9.
[15:05] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yep, it is too large a gap for 1st level.
[15:06] <Mika_no_Krynn> If this was Ninjas and Superspies, maybe... since those guys are super-martial artists, but not Rifts.
[15:06] <GM_Erik> yeah, Rifts, where even the educated are at a loss compared to 20th centruy guys.
[15:07] <Mika_no_Krynn> Exactly.  Though you would think almost everyone in Rifts would be able to street fight to some degree, since the world is so nasty.
[15:07] <GM_Erik> well, most people just hide at home or farm
[15:08] <Mika_no_Krynn> True.
[15:08] <GM_Erik> they made it the same way for After the Bomb, and if you don't have the skill in that game, it would really suck to play that character.
[15:09] <GM_Erik> that is, depending on your background.
[15:09] <GM_Erik> because in that game it is actually not as easy to get combat training.
[15:09] <Mika_no_Krynn> Guess that's why all players take hth.  Of course if they make it that important they should have all classes start with at least basic hth.
[15:09] <Mika_no_Krynn> Trained people are better, but not 4x better at 1st level.
[15:10] <GM_Erik> yeah
[15:11] <Mika_no_Krynn> That's why everyone should buy a gun.
[15:11] <GM_Erik> heh heh
[15:11] <GM_Erik> yah, but you still can only shoot once w/o the skill
[15:12] <Mika_no_Krynn> Get a big enough gun and it won't matter.
[15:12] <GM_Erik> true enough
[15:12] <Mika_no_Krynn> I should get a really big gun for Mika, like a plasma or PBC.
[15:12] <Mika_no_Krynn> She's strong enough and she's awesome with single shots.
[15:13] <GM_Erik> too bad you don't have heavy energy, huh?
[15:15] <GM_Erik> Its fun for big and strong type characters to take heavy energy, then you alwasy have the option of grapping the cannon
[15:17] <Mika_no_Krynn> Fuck, forgot about that issue.
[15:17] <GM_Erik> uh, grabbing
[15:18] <Mika_no_Krynn> Maybe next level.
[15:18] <Mika_no_Krynn> What are the stats for a TW PBC?
[15:19] <GM_Erik> um.
[15:21] <GM_Erik> oh here's something.  Its 70PPE to recharge the Forearm Plasma blasters.  They have 20 blasts and can be recharged by Technowizards (or pyramids or highlords)
[15:21] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah, I know that... got that written down.
[15:22] <Mika_no_Krynn> I was just wondering if they have stats on a Particle Beam Cannon, TW?
[15:22] <GM_Erik> oh, ok, wasn't sure if they had that in the old book.
[15:22] <GM_Erik> For Gabe: the plasma rifle takes 80PPE to recharge the 20 blasts.  for non-technowizards, high lords, or pyramids, it costs double!
[15:26] <Mika_no_Krynn> That could get expensive.
[15:26] <GM_Erik> Stormspire makes a Pulse Cannon that does 2d6x10.  Tolkeen versions require 50PPE for each shot.  Stormspire's can hold 8 PPE clips at 2-shots each.
[15:26] <GM_Erik> That's the closest thing to a PBC that I can find in the book.
[15:27] <Mika_no_Krynn> Now that's expensive!
[15:27] <GM_Erik> yeah, but lots of damage.
[15:28] <GM_Erik> ok, well you guys want to do something?  We can do some stuff without the others, just their loss.
[15:29] <GM_Erik> brb
[15:31] <Mika_no_Krynn> Doesn't matter to me, might as well start something.
[15:32] <GM_Erik> cool
[15:32] <GM_Erik> is gabe there?
[15:32] <JessicaKnight> yua
[15:32] <GM_Erik> yua?
[15:32] <JessicaKnight> yua
[15:32] <GM_Erik> ok
[15:33] <GM_Erik> right.  Mike wanted to talk with Victor Lazlo about the Nose, correct?
[15:34] <GM_Erik> uh, the NORSE
[15:34] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yep... I don't need any more info about noses.
[15:34] <GM_Erik> why not?
[15:34] <GM_Erik> Gabe: was there anything in particular you wanted to do?
[15:35] <JessicaKnight> rest and get some PPE back
[15:35] <JessicaKnight> that's about it
[15:35] <GM_Erik> ok
[15:35] <Mika_no_Krynn> Oh, I need to get PPE back and start working on repairing my mystic chainmail too.
[15:41] <Mika_no_Krynn> How big were they?
[15:41] <GM_Erik> They were pretty large, like boa sized..
[15:41] <GM_Erik> you know 8 footer.
[15:43] <JessicaKnight> ah
[15:46] <GM_Erik> you guys going to rest for the night now?
[15:47] <Mika_no_Krynn> I think I want to snag some PPE for dinner first.
[15:48] <GM_Erik> Mika said something last time at the end if I remember right, but anyway....
[15:49] <GM_Erik> since most people only need 4 hours of sleep anyway.
[15:50] <Mika_no_Krynn> I want to meditate for a few hours too.
[15:50] <GM_Erik> Gabe, what does that ring of sustain you have do again?
[15:51] <GM_Erik> you can get PPE back from sleep, or meditation, or whatever, just keep track of it if you're still down some.
[15:51] <JessicaKnight> dont' have to eat sleep or drink for up to 3 days.. can be used 4 times a month
[15:51] <Mika_no_Krynn> How many hours before we all get up?
[15:51] <GM_Erik> ok
[15:51] <GM_Erik> first, everybody make perception rolls
[15:51] <JessicaKnight> 9
[15:51] <Mika_no_Krynn> Fuck that.
[15:51] <GM_Erik> what?
[15:51] <Mika_no_Krynn> 1
[15:52] <GM_Erik> oh.
[15:52] <GM_Erik> ok
[15:52] <GM_Erik> make another
[15:52] <JessicaKnight> 19
[15:52] <Mika_no_Krynn> 7
[15:52] <GM_Erik> k
[15:54] <GM_Erik> got any jewelry?
[15:55] <Mika_no_Krynn> 2 necklaces, 4 rings, and the Butterfly Hair clip.
[15:55] <GM_Erik> how many magical?
[15:55] <Mika_no_Krynn> none.
[15:56] <GM_Erik> Is Jessica in the same tent?
[15:56] <JessicaKnight> probably not
[15:56] <GM_Erik> heh
[15:56] <JessicaKnight> I figured we're all up and walking around..
[15:56] <GM_Erik> ah
[15:56] <JessicaKnight> but if we're not
[15:56] <JessicaKnight> no prob
[15:56] <GM_Erik> I thought you went back to sleep ;;-)
[15:57] <JessicaKnight> I thought it was after
[15:57] <JessicaKnight> but oh well i'm sleeping then
[15:57] <JessicaKnight> ^_^
[15:57] <JessicaKnight> zzzZZZzzz
[15:57] <GM_Erik> Daniel rolled a nat 20 to notice.
[15:59] <GM_Erik> ok, you going to do anything specific during the day?  Otherwise we'll skip to tonight.
[15:59] <Mika_no_Krynn> Heal my armor by 2 points.
[16:00] <Mika_no_Krynn> What is everyone else doing during the day, anyone else missing shit?
[16:00] <GM_Erik> nothing was mentioned by anybody
[16:01] <JessicaKnight> if MIka asks me i'll search my shit
[16:01] <GM_Erik> you can, but you'renot missing anything.
[16:02] <JessicaKnight> ok
[16:05] <GM_Erik> robin's here
[16:05] <Mika_no_Krynn> Still no Stan...probably totally forgot.
[16:06] <GM_Erik> yeah.  He's nto with Deb is he?
[16:06] <GM_Erik> ROb's gonna shower so that he doesn't smell bad
[16:06] <GM_Erik> anyway, anyone want to contribute to the general disussion?
[16:07] <Mika_no_Krynn> Stan will be here shortly.
[16:07] <GM_Erik> cool.
[16:07] <Mika_no_Krynn> who the hell is Serial H?
[16:08] <JessicaKnight> kbi him ok
[16:08] <GM_Erik> how do I kick someone off if they come on?
[16:08] <JessicaKnight> erk just give us all ops
[16:08] <GM_Erik> eh?
[16:09] <JessicaKnight> right click on my nick and goto control --> op
[16:09] <GM_Erik> now you can do it, eh?
[16:09] *** GM_Erik sets mode: +o JessicaKnight
[16:09] *** GM_Erik sets mode: +o Mika_no_Krynn
[16:09] <JessicaKnight> ok, now repear in other chan please
[16:10] *** JessicaKnight sets mode: +ntps
[16:10] *** TuxedoMsk has joined #riftsooc4
[16:10] *** TuxedoMsk has left #riftsooc4
[16:12] <GM_Erik> Mike, roll perception
[16:13] <Mika_no_Krynn> Natural 20!
[16:13] <GM_Erik> alright?
[16:13] <GM_Erik> alright!
[16:13] <Mika_no_Krynn> I was thinking of using that anyways.
[16:14] <GM_Erik> I remember from yesterday, you just hadn't mentioned it. ::-)
[16:14] *** Tibor has joined #riftsooc4
[16:15] <GM_Erik> Stan!
[16:15] <JessicaKnight> hey stan!
[16:15] <Tibor> goddamnit
[16:15] <GM_Erik> Well, here's the update Stan-o
[16:16] <GM_Erik> They're talking around the campfire the next day about the demons and stuff.
[16:16] *** Tibor has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving )
[16:16] <GM_Erik> uh.
[16:16] <GM_Erik> is he doing the server thing?
[16:17] *** Tibor has joined #riftsooc4
[16:17] <Mika_no_Krynn> guess so.
[16:17] *** GM_Erik sets mode: +o Tibor
[16:17] <GM_Erik> are we ok?
[16:18] <Mika_no_Krynn> yep... just cast that spell 30 PPE...
[16:18] <GM_Erik> ok, first, Stan:
[16:18] <GM_Erik> They're talking around the campfire the next day about the demons and stuff.
[16:18] <GM_Erik> Mika just cast Oracle to try to get an insight.
[16:18] <Tibor> ok
[16:18] <GM_Erik> anything else you guys want to add?
[16:18] <GM_Erik> ACtually, Robin's about to join us too.
[16:19] <JessicaKnight> I just saw him pop on ICQ
[16:19] <Mika_no_Krynn> I should just use women's intuition... figure out where they are.
[16:20] <JessicaKnight> heh
[16:20] <JessicaKnight> if we do we'll all end up arguing about who's right, where we think it is, and not get anywhere
[16:20] <Mika_no_Krynn> That's true.
[16:21] <Tibor> lol!
[16:21] *** Sir_Arik has joined #RiftsOOC4
[16:21] <JessicaKnight> mind you I wouldn't want to get into a cat fight with Mike, she'd yank my head off while pulling on my hair
[16:22] <JessicaKnight> er Mika
[16:22] <Mika_no_Krynn> That would be one freaky chick fight.
[16:22] <GM_Erik> alright.
[16:22] <Sir_Arik> re
[16:22] <JessicaKnight> sup sup?
[16:22] <GM_Erik> did you win?
[16:23] <Tibor> we were going to do something rather clever weren't we?
[16:23] <Sir_Arik> How is everyone? sorry for being late
[16:23] <GM_Erik> Stan just got here to, so you haven't missed a whole lot.  ::-)
[16:23] <Sir_Arik> no lost 4-3, buddy of mine got a double minor
[16:23] <GM_Erik> baic update: They're talking around the campfire the next day about the demons and stuff.
[16:23] <Sir_Arik> and the other team scored twice on the powerplays
[16:24] <GM_Erik> and was there anything else you guys wanted to add to my summary?
[16:24] <GM_Erik> that sucks dude.
[16:24] <Sir_Arik> That I rock?
[16:24] <Mika_no_Krynn> They missing any stuff?
[16:24] <JessicaKnight> damn
[16:24] <Sir_Arik> yeah.... oh well, got 2 games tomorrow, will have to make up for it then
[16:24] <JessicaKnight> should have gotten a major
[16:24] <JessicaKnight> started some shit
[16:25] <Sir_Arik> nah.... we would have probably lost 5-3 or worse, cuz he would have been gone from the game
[16:25] <Sir_Arik> this way it isn't so bad ;)
[16:25] <GM_Erik> heh heh
[16:25] <Sir_Arik> and I was a good boy, no penalties
[16:25] <Mika_no_Krynn> This is a school of combat, there are no points for 2nd place. :P
[16:26] <GM_Erik> ok.  So Mike just cast Oracle, and needs to roll percentile dice.
[16:26] <Mika_no_Krynn> 98
[16:26] <GM_Erik> that sucks dude.
[16:26] <Tibor> wrong game dude
[16:26] <Mika_no_Krynn> Either really good or really bad.
[16:26] <Mika_no_Krynn> I'm going to die in today's game.
[16:27] <Mika_no_Krynn> 80% of the time my D20's are rolling under 10.
[16:27] <Sir_Arik> heh.... you are like almost immortal, death is only the beginning ;)
[16:27] <Mika_no_Krynn> Death is but a door, time is but a window... I'll be back.
[16:28] <Sir_Arik> yep....
[16:28] <Mika_no_Krynn> Am I unconscious?
[16:28] <Sir_Arik> hey.... can I use my power punch damage with a sword?
[16:28] <GM_Erik> No, you're awake, just stunned.  You are allowed to cast the spell twice a day.
[16:28] <Sir_Arik> plus am I actually there?
[16:28] <GM_Erik> Yes, you're there.
[16:28] <Sir_Arik> sweet!
[16:29] <GM_Erik> You just saw too many images of death and carnage and stuff.
[16:29] <GM_Erik> Even for you.
[16:29] <Tibor> thats a lot of carnage
[16:29] <JessicaKnight> down tibor!
[16:30] <Sir_Arik> well he is a wolfen ;)
[16:30] <Sir_Arik> hey Erik, did you get my tell?
[16:30] <GM_Erik> oh yeah Rob.
[16:31] <Mika_no_Krynn> Can I try again?
[16:31] <Sir_Arik> yeah to what part?
[16:31] <GM_Erik> Sure, twice a day I guess is any time.
[16:32] <Mika_no_Krynn> I'll try once more.
[16:32] <GM_Erik> roll %
[16:33] <Mika_no_Krynn> 06
[16:33] <GM_Erik> wow, that's much better.
[16:33] <Mika_no_Krynn> All extremes today.
[16:34] <GM_Erik> should I just broadcast them to everybody? Like you're talking about them?
[16:34] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yep. Sure.
[16:37] <Mika_no_Krynn> Guess we find the Nile
[16:38] <GM_Erik> it was a good roll.
[16:41] <Sir_Arik> so, can I use powerpunch damage with my sword?
[16:41] <Mika_no_Krynn> Why not dude, just uses up 2 attacks.
[16:42] <Sir_Arik> kewl.... good to use on the big bad guys ;)
[16:42] <GM_Erik> Yeah, you can./
[16:42] <GM_Erik> The sword adds to the power punch damage though.
[16:52] <GM_Erik> Note: He doesn't just rule Egypt, it really is like the northeastern quater of the continent that is the empire.
[16:53] <JessicaKnight> ok like that's any better
[16:53] <GM_Erik> it just proves Robs point thats all.
[16:53] <GM_Erik> dang, I wish I had a scan of Africa.
[16:54] <Sir_Arik> if we had like 300 of us I would agree Mike
[17:07] <Mika_no_Krynn> The UN...hahaha
[17:07] <GM_Erik> heheh
[17:07] <Sir_Arik> heh.... the UN only wishes
[17:07] <JessicaKnight> he
[17:07] <JessicaKnight> heh
[17:08] <Mika_no_Krynn> Vic would get it too.
[17:08] <GM_Erik> True enough.
[17:08] <Sir_Arik> anyone who had seen a vid of prerifts would know
[17:09] <GM_Erik> That's not many.
[17:09] <GM_Erik> And people probably don't bother with thopse videos, they're not as exciting.
[17:10] <GM_Erik> People like to watch Westerns, and Mel Gibson movies.
[17:10] <Sir_Arik> heh.... like in the novels
[17:10] <GM_Erik> yeah. ::-)
[17:12] <GM_Erik> Maybe your old character would have been good Rob. ;;-)
[17:12] <Sir_Arik> Sophes?
[17:12] <GM_Erik> yeah.
[17:12] <Sir_Arik> in what way?
[17:12] <GM_Erik> He's got the super MDC ability, now doesn't he.
[17:13] <Sir_Arik> too true....
[17:13] <Sir_Arik> that is why I wanted the invulnerbility tattoo for this guy ;)
[17:16] <GM_Erik> oh sure, ASK the NPC's.
[17:16] <Sir_Arik> anyone have a carpet of adhesion spell?
[17:16] <JessicaKnight> yeah I do
[17:16] <JessicaKnight> heheh I guess we could go back to using tha tactic
[17:16] <Sir_Arik> of course... he is the senior knight, I would defer to him
[17:16] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yep, best tactic ever!
[17:16] <JessicaKnight> but if it floating or flying or somethign we're fucked
[17:18] <Sir_Arik> yeah, but typically embodiements of war like to look ferocious
[17:19] <Sir_Arik> so riding a steed is probably more likely than flying
[17:19] <GM_Erik> Lethality Rating? heh
[17:20] <Sir_Arik> so Erik.... what is War's lethality rating anyway? ;)
[17:20] <GM_Erik> 1000000000000000000
[17:21] <Tibor> thats pretty high...
[17:21] <Sir_Arik> phhhht! is that it? peanuts guys ;)
[17:21] <Tibor> whats our counter warm fuzzy rating?
[17:22] <GM_Erik> Sorry, I exaggerated, only 10832
[17:22] <GM_Erik> Of course, normal guy is like 1
[17:22] <GM_Erik> brb
[17:23] <Sir_Arik> is there a way to wrap a carpet of adhesion around the bad guy?
[17:23] <JessicaKnight> depends how big he is
[17:23] <Sir_Arik> hmmm like 10 ft tall?
[17:23] <Tibor> yeah really infuriate the bastard
[17:23] <JessicaKnight> 30 ft or 9 m
[17:24] <Mika_no_Krynn> 1 per each of his feet.
[17:24] <JessicaKnight> we can at least minimize his movent then
[17:24] <Mika_no_Krynn> But they may be able to change form and escape.
[17:24] <Sir_Arik> kewl.... so we could effectively immobilize him for a bit
[17:24] <JessicaKnight> yeah
[17:24] <Sir_Arik> hmmm might be an idea....
[17:24] <Tibor> brb...5 mins
[17:24] <GM_Erik> back
[17:26] <GM_Erik> lets wait for stan to come back first.
[17:27] <GM_Erik> I'm going to do something.
[17:27] <Sir_Arik> kewl! action action action ;)
[17:29] <GM_Erik> hmm, everybody roll a.... d8!
[17:29] *** Mika_no_Krynn has quit IRC (Read error: Connection reset by peer )
[17:29] <GM_Erik> crap.
[17:29] * Tibor getting nourishment before the coming slaughter...
[17:29] <Sir_Arik> bummer....
[17:29] *** Mika_no_Krynn has joined #RiftsOOC4
[17:29] <Sir_Arik> 3
[17:29] <GM_Erik> ok once again, roll a d8
[17:30] <Sir_Arik> ok 8
[17:30] <GM_Erik> oh, not twice ROb, just for Mike, since he may have missed the last message.
[17:30] <Sir_Arik> oh... so lets just add them together for 11 then.... ;)
[17:30] <Mika_no_Krynn> What?
[17:31] <GM_Erik> Mike, Gabe, and Stan when you get back: roll a d8
[17:31] <JessicaKnight> 3
[17:31] <Mika_no_Krynn> 1
[17:31] <Tibor> 6
[17:31] <GM_Erik> coo
[17:32] <Sir_Arik> can I roll monster lore?
[17:33] <GM_Erik> sure, people can roll lore at -25
[17:33] <JessicaKnight> hhe I only have 25%
[17:33] <Sir_Arik> rolled 19 under then
[17:33] <Mika_no_Krynn> I rolled 59 of 89, so made it by 5 after the -25.
[17:33] <Tibor> 04 but i still fail
[17:34] <GM_Erik> Those of you that made it recognize the creature from Atlantis slave stock.  But you don't know what it is.
[17:35] <GM_Erik> Mike roll perception.
[17:35] <Mika_no_Krynn> 17
[17:41] <GM_Erik> Actually, it only weighs about 30 lbs
[17:41] <GM_Erik> about 13-14kg
[17:41] <Tibor> but its bouncing on my head!!!
[17:41] <Sir_Arik> yeah still hurts when something that heavy bounces on your head
[17:42] <GM_Erik> but propbably not so much for Super-Wolfen guy. ::-)
[17:42] <Mika_no_Krynn> Nice Stan you're a Super-Wolfen!
[17:42] <Mika_no_Krynn> You should get a cape.
[17:42] <GM_Erik> haha
[17:43] <Sir_Arik> and the tights.... cannot forget the tights ;)
[17:43] <GM_Erik> eww, wolfen tights, the hair would just poke through.
[17:43] <Tibor> oh yes...i can definately forget the tights...
[17:44] <JessicaKnight> unless we shave him and turn him into a chiuaua (sp?)
[17:44] <Sir_Arik> hmmm..... has possibilities ;)
[17:44] <Mika_no_Krynn> 8' tall one.
[17:44] * Tibor points his sword at Jessica...
[17:44] <GM_Erik> Gar points his sword at Jessica too... (even though he's an NPC)
[17:45] <JessicaKnight> heheh down boys down
[17:45] <JessicaKnight> just be lucky I didn't supoerglue that thing to your head earlier
[17:46] *** JessicaKnight sets mode: +oo Mika_no_Krynn Sir_Arik
[17:46] <Sir_Arik> eh? what is this mode?
[17:47] <Mika_no_Krynn> It's SUPER mode... let's you toast any wandering wankers that show up.
[17:47] <GM_Erik> no worries, now you can set stuff like anyone (the @ sign)
[17:47] <JessicaKnight> O is for Ops
[17:47] <JessicaKnight> ^_^
[17:47] <Sir_Arik> oh... that mode.... well I should have known ;)
[17:48] * Sir_Arik flexes his new super mode muscles
[17:49] <Mika_no_Krynn> good thinking dude.
[17:50] <Sir_Arik> what is the necklaces significance?
[17:50] <Mika_no_Krynn> Mika just likes it alot.
[17:50] <JessicaKnight> hmm maybe I should trace it a few shorts from my plasma rifle for that necklace
[17:52] <GM_Erik> Note to Rob: Tibor's got a Zweihander.
[17:52] <GM_Erik> doesn't he?
[17:52] <Sir_Arik> heh... well mine would be smaller ;)
[17:52] <Tibor> that wasn't the blade i was sharpening
[17:52] <GM_Erik> oh, ok.
[17:52] <JessicaKnight> brb
[17:53] <Sir_Arik> is it a sword or a knife Stan?
[17:54] <Tibor> its a knife...prob short sword size for human
[17:54] <GM_Erik> ok.
[17:55] <Sir_Arik> would I notice it following me?
[17:55] <GM_Erik> hmm, roll perception.
[17:55] <Sir_Arik> d20 + iq bonus?
[17:55] <GM_Erik> yeah, but IQ as ME would be.
[17:55] <GM_Erik> +5 for you.
[17:56] <Sir_Arik> ok... 15 then
[17:56] <GM_Erik> Nope, you don't
[17:56] <Sir_Arik> ok
[17:56] <Tibor> lets hope the li'il one is nimble enough not to get hit
[17:56] <GM_Erik> heh
[17:57] <Sir_Arik> one of them I spend 5 isp for Erik
[17:57] <GM_Erik> ok
[17:57] <Sir_Arik> we waiting on Gabe?
[17:57] <GM_Erik> roll perception Rob
[17:57] <JessicaKnight> wha hwa?
[17:58] <Sir_Arik> 20
[17:58] <Sir_Arik> not natural
[17:59] <Sir_Arik> sorry Gabe.... you said brb and I didn't notice a note of you being back
[18:00] <JessicaKnight> ah
[18:07] <GM_Erik> Yeah, they moved pretty fast in the trees.
[18:07] <Tibor> maybe we could lure splugies into a fight with demon dude...that could be amusing!
[18:08] * Tibor brb...
[18:10] <GM_Erik> hows everyone?
[18:10] <Mika_no_Krynn> I'm here... I'm kewl.
[18:11] <JessicaKnight> ok
[18:12] <Sir_Arik> sorry.... roommate got home... talking my ear off for a bit
[18:12] <GM_Erik> damn, that must hurt.
[18:13] <Sir_Arik> surprisingly, ears are easy to glue back on ;)
[18:16] <GM_Erik> yeah, 60 PPE just like that.
[18:16] <Sir_Arik> eh?
[18:16] <Mika_no_Krynn> Before going to bed I'm making sure all my goods are in the D-bag from Vrryl, and I'm casting Watchguard.
[18:16] <GM_Erik> Oh, BY THE WAY, Spell casters can hold their PPE limitx3 for their PE in minutes.
[18:16] <GM_Erik> Ok Mike.
[18:16] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yep, you mentioned it before.
[18:17] <GM_Erik> ok
[18:17] <Mika_no_Krynn> How many hours did we rest?
[18:17] <GM_Erik> Assume normal nights, 8 hours.  Its pretty dark around here to go anywhere at night.,
[18:19] <Tibor> back...
[18:20] <Sir_Arik> Just for my information am I talking to much in character for everyones' liking?
[18:20] <Tibor> nope
[18:20] <Mika_no_Krynn>  Nope, keep at it.
[18:20] <JessicaKnight> go for it
[18:23] <GM_Erik> Tibor wanted something more than a knife
[18:23] <Tibor> Mika's not furry enough...
[18:24] <GM_Erik> which assessment?
[18:24] <Mika_no_Krynn> Not Mika's
[18:24] <JessicaKnight> heh
[18:24] <Sir_Arik> that he is a hotshot
[18:24] <Mika_no_Krynn> I'll edit this whole little dialogue so it fits temporally with word.
[18:24] <Sir_Arik> not the Tibor thing ;)
[18:25] <Mika_no_Krynn> BTW, I'm gonna post the game logs, at least the IC ones, on the web sometime soon so we can all keep track of what is happening.
[18:26] <Sir_Arik> anyone have an idea when Brett is getting back?
[18:27] <Mika_no_Krynn> March??
[18:28] <GM_Erik> yeah, he said about 1 month in mid-Jan
[18:28] <Mika_no_Krynn> I want to cast Locate and center it on Katrina.
[18:29] <GM_Erik> Level?
[18:29] <Mika_no_Krynn> 8
[18:29] <Sir_Arik> sorry... ordering pizza
[18:29] <Mika_no_Krynn> I may need something of hers though, not sure.
[18:29] <GM_Erik> sorry... eating burritos
[18:29] <Mika_no_Krynn> That's why we were here and there... pizza dude.
[18:31] <GM_Erik> Africa is like North America +half of Europe in size, and the Niles on the opposite size, like 2000 miles (3200km)
[18:31] <Sir_Arik> ahhh.... well 35 min for mine
[18:32] <Mika_no_Krynn> How's that spell looking dude?
[18:32] <GM_Erik> are you doing it as a spell or ritual?  RItual requires hair, nails, blood.
[18:32] <Mika_no_Krynn> We got any of that?
[18:32] <JessicaKnight> probably go look in her tent
[18:32] <Tibor> sounds like a nasty ritual
[18:32] <Mika_no_Krynn> Did she leave her comb behind or something?  A tampon or something?
[18:33] <GM_Erik> ah.....
[18:33] <Tibor> ewww!
[18:33] <GM_Erik> I'm not answering that.
[18:33] <Mika_no_Krynn> Hey, it's got blood.
[18:33] <Sir_Arik> yep he has a point ;)
[18:34] <GM_Erik> Someone (whoever's looking) make a search roll (perception or appropriate skill)
[18:34] <GM_Erik> just 1 or 2 at most.
[18:34] <Mika_no_Krynn> What's the skill?  Detect Concealment?
[18:34] <Sir_Arik> 20 for perception
[18:35] <GM_Erik> Forensic science would be best ::-)
[18:35] <Sir_Arik> hmmm.... don't think Cyber-knights get it
[18:36] <Mika_no_Krynn> We'll just stick with the hair, better than nothing.
[18:36] <Tibor> but they might have object read or something like that
[18:36] <GM_Erik> roll a d6 Mike
[18:36] <Mika_no_Krynn> 3
[18:39] <GM_Erik> Note: It's nighttime, and really dark.
[18:39] <Mika_no_Krynn> To hell iwth nighttime... this may be serious.  It'll only take 90mins to get there.
[18:39] <Sir_Arik> I don't have any multioptics.... do demi-gods see in the dark?
[18:39] <GM_Erik> Its about 9pm now.
[18:40] <JessicaKnight> Rob, you have PPE or ISP?
[18:40] <Mika_no_Krynn> I do... 300'
[18:40] <GM_Erik> no, they don't
[18:40] <GM_Erik> (Mika is elf)
[18:40] <Mika_no_Krynn> Hehe
[18:40] <Sir_Arik> hmm... I do have ppe and ISP
[18:40] <Mika_no_Krynn> Pointy Ears have their advantages.
[18:40] <Sir_Arik> heh.... yeah...
[18:40] <Tibor> i have some limited night vision...
[18:40] <Mika_no_Krynn> I can give you my MOH Rob.
[18:41] <Sir_Arik> hmm.... will my swords give off light?
[18:41] <JessicaKnight> ah shit...
[18:41] <Sir_Arik> wha?
[18:41] <JessicaKnight> wrong spell
[18:41] <GM_Erik> Nightvision is halved in most regions around here, since there is very little starlight.
[18:41] <Tibor> would i be able to follow tracks to start with?
[18:41] <Sir_Arik> Erik will my swords give off light?
[18:41] <Sir_Arik> or sword?
[18:42] <GM_Erik> yeah, they would proably give off enough for a small area.
[18:42] <GM_Erik> about 100 feet
[18:42] <JessicaKnight> alright, doesn'tmatter
[18:42] <Sir_Arik> hmm.... ok enuff if I get into combat but not much else...?
[18:42] <GM_Erik> yeah, travelling on the ground right now won't be very quick due to limited vision.
[18:42] <Sir_Arik> ahhh screw it most of the baddies we will face will see us with or without light
[18:43] <JessicaKnight> hey Rob
[18:43] <GM_Erik> flying above the treeline won't limit nightvision.
[18:43] <Mika_no_Krynn> We can carry people and fly.
[18:43] <Sir_Arik> what up?
[18:43] <JessicaKnight> I have a set of TW nightvision gogles
[18:43] <GM_Erik> (since i knew Mike was going to say that)
[18:43] <JessicaKnight> eyes of wolf...
[18:43] <JessicaKnight> 60 ft nightvision
[18:43] <JessicaKnight> see invisible
[18:43] <Sir_Arik> works for me.... how much ppe?
[18:44] <Tibor> going at night might not be so bright...(undead??)
[18:44] <JessicaKnight> 30
[18:44] <Sir_Arik> 30!
[18:44] <JessicaKnight> 30
[18:44] <Sir_Arik> ouch....
[18:44] <Mika_no_Krynn> Undead...your sword???
[18:44] <Sir_Arik> how long does it last?
[18:45] <Tibor> animated dead it rules...other tougher undead...
[18:45] <JessicaKnight> sorry
[18:45] <JessicaKnight> that's the construction cost
[18:45] <Sir_Arik> whew....
[18:45] <Sir_Arik> only have 35 ppe
[18:45] <Sir_Arik> but 88 isp
[18:46] <JessicaKnight> 5 ppe or 10 isp per 15 min of operation
[18:46] <Mika_no_Krynn> We've fought Vampires before... at night, beat them up.
[18:46] <Sir_Arik> ok I can borrow them if you are up to it
[18:46] <JessicaKnight> yeah sure.. I have see invis and eyes of the wolf imbued into my armor anyways
[18:46] <GM_Erik> Mike, Fly as the Eagle can be cast on two people at once.
[18:46] <GM_Erik> Tibor prob weighs at lesat 500bs.
[18:47] <Sir_Arik> kewl... ok I will use them
[18:47] <Sir_Arik> and return them at the end
[18:48] <Sir_Arik> and I weigh close to 400 lbs.
[18:48] <JessicaKnight> jesus
[18:48] <Sir_Arik> now now... no need to blaspheme ;)
[18:49] <GM_Erik> so who's flying/carrying>
[18:49] <Sir_Arik> you know what I find funny about these goggles....
[18:49] <GM_Erik> Do they fit?
[18:49] <Sir_Arik> that they limit the Nightvision capabilities to 60 ft....
[18:50] <GM_Erik> Limit? That's what the spell provides.
[18:50] <Sir_Arik> in real life you see as far at night with them as you would in the day
[18:50] <GM_Erik> They're not those kind of goggles though.
[18:51] <JessicaKnight> I can carry 600 lbs if I involve superhuman strength
[18:51] * Tibor can naturally see 40ft...
[18:51] <Sir_Arik> yeah... but I guarantee that the techie kind don't see much further
[18:51] <GM_Erik> Mike, are you casting Fly as the Eagle?
[18:51] <Sir_Arik> what happens after 40' for Tibor? darkness?
[18:51] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yep.
[18:52] <GM_Erik> It just gets too dark to make anything out in detail.
[18:52] <JessicaKnight> er invoke
[18:52] <Sir_Arik> heh... that is so dumb
[18:52] <Mika_no_Krynn> Might as well cast it on Tibor too.
[18:52] <GM_Erik> The goggles Gabe has just do a whole bunch of other stuff too.
[18:53] * Tibor has a whole 11 ppe to spare to mika...
[18:53] <GM_Erik> And is anyone else going?
[18:53] <Sir_Arik> oh I know... I just think that it is funny that the game mechanics work that way
[18:53] <GM_Erik> Well, its a low-level spell.
[18:53] <Mika_no_Krynn> Don't worry about it Stan.  It is only 25ppe for me.
[18:54] <Mika_no_Krynn> While in Flight you get +1 parry, +2 dodge, and +2 damage dude.
[18:54] <GM_Erik> You guys aren't taking Daniel or Gar?
[18:54] <JessicaKnight> do they want to come?
[18:55] <GM_Erik> They're interested.
[18:55] <Mika_no_Krynn> Tibor can take someone, as can Jessica.
[18:55] <Tibor> by me having the spell cast, means i can fly on my own?
[18:55] <JessicaKnight> tibor, what's your PS?
[18:55] <Sir_Arik> Tibor should take Gar.... and Jessica Daniel
[18:55] <Tibor> 22 squishy strength
[18:56] <Tibor> Gar's too damn heavy!
[18:56] <JessicaKnight> heheh
[18:56] <Sir_Arik> heh... squishy ;)
[18:56] <JessicaKnight> I can list 600 lbs if I invoke superhuman strength
[18:56] <JessicaKnight> PS 30
[18:56] <Mika_no_Krynn> Tibor carry Daniela nd Jessica carry Gar
[18:56] <GM_Erik> that'll look funny.
[18:57] <Mika_no_Krynn> Keep the enemy laughing until we hit them.
[18:57] <Sir_Arik> should have cast flight on me.... I could carry any 2 of you guys without breaking a sweat
[18:57] <GM_Erik> Hey Gabe, just remember, the Strength thing doesn't last very long.
[18:58] <Mika_no_Krynn> He can invoke it at will
[18:58] <GM_Erik> ah.. ok.
[18:58] <JessicaKnight> I can call on it indefinitely
[18:58] <GM_Erik> just keep invoking it then (2 melees per level)
[18:58] <JessicaKnight> np
[19:00] <Mika_no_Krynn> Once we get within 10miles of the location I found I want to activate my Locate Mark psionic ability to get an exact locaiton.
[19:01] <GM_Erik> k
[19:02] <Tibor> by the way, does my squishy ps have any effect on damage with md/magic sword?
[19:03] <GM_Erik> no
[19:03] <Tibor> k
[19:04] <Mika_no_Krynn> I could give you supernatural PS with a spell but it costs 50PPE for others if I cast it.
[19:04] <Tibor> no worries...
[19:04] <Sir_Arik> sorry... pizza got here
[19:05] <Mika_no_Krynn> yet another TW item to make, Supernatural Strength Gauntlets
[19:05] <GM_Erik> with what spell?
[19:05] <Mika_no_Krynn> About how far?
[19:05] <JessicaKnight> might as well make boots of supernatural speed while you're at it
[19:05] <Mika_no_Krynn> Nope with Fists of Fury spell.
[19:06] <GM_Erik> you can get there whenever you want.
[19:07] <Mika_no_Krynn> Well how about now.
[19:07] <GM_Erik> Mike, Supernatural Strength gives PS30 and lasts longer.
[19:07] <Mika_no_Krynn> But it doesn't give Supernatural Strength... it is Superhuman Strength.
[19:07] * Tibor has speed built into his armour...20isp
[19:07] <GM_Erik> yeah, but gives supernatural of 30
[19:08] <GM_Erik> and pe of 24, and +30SDC
[19:08] <Mika_no_Krynn> What level is that?
[19:08] * Tibor looks to the ground...
[19:08] <GM_Erik> 5th
[19:09] <Mika_no_Krynn> It is only a normal PS of 30, not supernatural... I just looked it up.
[19:09] <GM_Erik> I'm looking right now, says supernatural.
[19:09] <GM_Erik> in the new book.
[19:09] <GM_Erik> anyway.
[19:10] *** Mika_no_Krynn has quit IRC (Read error: Connection reset by peer )
[19:10] <GM_Erik> dang, I hurt his feelings.
[19:10] <Sir_Arik> see invis on and nightvision 60 feet on
[19:10] *** Mika_no_Krynn has joined #RiftsOOC4
[19:11] <Mika_no_Krynn> fucking stupid mirc
[19:11] <Sir_Arik> I am scanning the area for anything untowards
[19:11] <GM_Erik> nightvision is halved under the trees (except in the rare clearing)
[19:11] <Tibor> server must not like you
[19:11] <Mika_no_Krynn> I'm on the same one as everyone... just hates my machine.
[19:11] <GM_Erik> OK, Stan roll Tracking.
[19:11] <GM_Erik> Rob too.
[19:12] <GM_Erik> Remember, this is just a spot Mika picked to use another ability.
[19:12] <Tibor> 17/70
[19:12] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yep, I'll activate it now.
[19:12] <Sir_Arik> 16/50
[19:12] <GM_Erik> Ok Mike, you don't get anything that time.
[19:13] <Mika_no_Krynn> The range of my ability is 11 miles, I'll try it 4 more times.
[19:13] <GM_Erik> no
[19:13] <GM_Erik> no
[19:13] <GM_Erik> you got something that time.
[19:13] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah.
[19:14] <GM_Erik> two natural 20's on saves.
[19:14] <Sir_Arik> heh.... nat 20's bane of the pc
[19:14] <GM_Erik> everybody roll perception.
[19:14] <JessicaKnight> 19
[19:14] <Tibor> 19
[19:14] <Sir_Arik> 13
[19:15] <Mika_no_Krynn> 20
[19:15] <GM_Erik> Daniel: natural 20.
[19:15] <GM_Erik> Damn, this die is good.
[19:15] <GM_Erik> sorry, maybe I shouldn't roll for NPC's any more.
[19:16] <GM_Erik> are you guys still flying?
[19:16] <GM_Erik> or on the ground?
[19:16] <JessicaKnight> flying ow\
[19:16] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yep, low, until we get within 500m or so.
[19:16] <JessicaKnight> low
[19:16] <GM_Erik> Cause you can't see anything through the trees.  Way too thick.
[19:16] <Mika_no_Krynn> Once we are really close we can move in on ground.
[19:17] <JessicaKnight> ok... fly above until 200 ft
[19:17] * Tibor follows Mika's lead
[19:17] <GM_Erik> ok.
[19:18] <GM_Erik> WHo's got over 100ft nightvision?
[19:18] <JessicaKnight> nein
[19:18] <Mika_no_Krynn> me
[19:18] <GM_Erik> how much?
[19:18] <Mika_no_Krynn> 300' normally.
[19:18] <Mika_no_Krynn> so 150' here
[19:18] <Tibor> just what the MOH has...
[19:18] <GM_Erik> 300 in air, 150 on ground under cover.
[19:18] <Mika_no_Krynn> kewl, then 300'
[19:19] <GM_Erik> what does the MOH have, do you know?
[19:19] <Mika_no_Krynn> 1600' thermo
[19:19] <Tibor> therm img 1600
[19:20] <GM_Erik> ok, so its not as good as night vision for detail.
[19:20] <GM_Erik> but can pick out heat sources.
[19:20] <Tibor> no
[19:20] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yep
[19:21] <Sir_Arik> thermal? way better than nightvision
[19:21] <Mika_no_Krynn> For heat sources.
[19:21] <Sir_Arik> actually better in all respects
[19:21] <Mika_no_Krynn> It's like Predator
[19:22] <Sir_Arik> heh.... real thermal doesn't work that way
[19:22] <GM_Erik> No, in a cold, dark jungle, you can't see a tree for the jungle.
[19:22] <Sir_Arik> if you say so
[19:22] <Mika_no_Krynn> No, but in Rifts it very well could... they have advanced tech.
[19:22] <GM_Erik> I don't know, I think its really just thermal, that's why there's a nightvision one right below it in the book.
[19:22] <Tibor> everything has a diff ambient would notice diff shades...just not as nice
[19:23] <Tibor> as daylight
[19:23] <Mika_no_Krynn> It is just easy to fool thermal...
[19:23] <GM_Erik> In places like cities, which are warmer, and material have bigger difference, perhaps, but in jungle so thick you have to cut through a lot of it, not much difference, hard to spot.
[19:23] <Sir_Arik> contours are hard to make out, but any small amount of heat would give off a very bright signature
[19:24] <GM_Erik> Example: The tree foliage is 50 feet thick top to bottom.
[19:24] <Mika_no_Krynn> Oh well... we have more important matters killing the baddies.
[19:24] <Tibor> k
[19:24] <GM_Erik> Also, the air is likely warmer than everything else here.
[19:24] <GM_Erik> sure.
[19:24] <Sir_Arik> say what you will... I use the stuff so I know what works
[19:24] <Mika_no_Krynn> It'll be simple enough to get everyone amulets of Nightvision I assume.
[19:25] <GM_Erik> or buy goggles for 1400 credits.
[19:25] <Mika_no_Krynn> A better question is why the MOH doesn't have built in Nightvision?  It has infrared and Thermal... super-redundant.
[19:26] <Sir_Arik> yeah... but they don't look as kewl ;)
[19:26] <Mika_no_Krynn> Activate See Invis if you got it.
[19:26] <Sir_Arik> already on
[19:27] <GM_Erik> What are you doing now?
[19:27] <Mika_no_Krynn> Head towards the clearning.
[19:27] *** GM_Erik sets mode: +o Mika_no_Krynn
[19:28] <Mika_no_Krynn> This is where the signature lead?
[19:28] <GM_Erik> Yes, only 150 feet away now.
[19:28] <JessicaKnight> I activate my communications band (tounges)
[19:28] <Mika_no_Krynn> what type of dudes?
[19:28] <GM_Erik> Tibor roll intelligence.
[19:29] * Tibor has no need for silly intelligence....
[19:29] <JessicaKnight> what are they shouting?
[19:29] <GM_Erik> do you have your translator on Gabe?
[19:29] <JessicaKnight> yeah I just said I activated it.....
[19:30] <GM_Erik> ok... ah.
[19:31] <GM_Erik> (Mikas already on the groun Rob, its hard to be much more below her) ;;-)
[19:31] <Sir_Arik> hmmmm
[19:31] <Mika_no_Krynn> Unless you get real kinky
[19:31] <Sir_Arik> guess I should keep up
[19:31] <Sir_Arik> ehhh... I am not that kind of cyber-knight
[19:35] <Mika_no_Krynn> Where does my spidey sense tell me Katrina is?
[19:35] <GM_Erik> about 150 feet away, in the direction of the village.
[19:38] <JessicaKnight> what do you want to do?
[19:38] <Sir_Arik> hmmm
[19:39] <Sir_Arik> I have a feeling that something terrible has happened to Katrina
[19:39] <JessicaKnight> they're cannibals!
[19:39] <Tibor> no doubt...
[19:39] <Sir_Arik> maybe, or just pawns that don't know any better
[19:39] <JessicaKnight> and she's tonight's very very yummy main course
[19:39] <Mika_no_Krynn> With a PB of 27, who wouldn't want to eat her? hehe :P
[19:40] <Tibor> lol!
[19:40] <Sir_Arik> heh
[19:41] <GM_Erik> you know within 20 feet
[19:42] <Mika_no_Krynn> 20 feet?
[19:43] <GM_Erik> yeah, the ability narrows it down to 20ft.
[19:43] <Mika_no_Krynn> Still, better than nothing.
[19:45] <Mika_no_Krynn> I can't narrow it down to a building?
[19:46] <GM_Erik> They are adjacent.
[19:46] <Mika_no_Krynn> If I can't I'll move in the one on the left.
[19:46] <Tibor> any big baddy type tracks?
[19:46] <GM_Erik> Nope.
[19:49] <Mika_no_Krynn> anything there... I have See Invisible on too.
[19:50] <Mika_no_Krynn> nothing else?  I'll search through the place.
[19:50] <GM_Erik> Note, there are three, not two buildings.
[19:51] <Sir_Arik> I turn on sense evil Erik
[19:51] <GM_Erik> ok.
[19:51] <GM_Erik> range?
[19:51] <GM_Erik> ok, Mike, again there are three, so which do you mean?
[19:52] <Sir_Arik> 140 feet
[19:52] <GM_Erik> thanks Rob.
[19:52] <Mika_no_Krynn> I mean the one they would not let me in to before.
[19:52] <GM_Erik> roll MA
[19:53] <Mika_no_Krynn> 47 of 88
[19:53] <Mika_no_Krynn> See anything?
[19:53] <Mika_no_Krynn> Recognize any of them?
[19:54] <GM_Erik> Not they guy who sat up.
[19:55] <Mika_no_Krynn> How about the other two?
[19:55] <Tibor> "Do you have see aura Arik?"
[19:55] <Mika_no_Krynn> Can I see the other two at all?
[19:55] <Sir_Arik> nope.... silly me :P
[19:56] <Mika_no_Krynn> Who is the other one then?
[19:57] <GM_Erik> you can hear her too, Rob, but you won't understand anyone but her without the spell yourself.
[19:57] <Mika_no_Krynn> Can I see the third one?
[19:58] <Sir_Arik> I know that is why I am trying to be vague.
[20:00] <Mika_no_Krynn> There is one on the left right?
[20:00] <Sir_Arik> would I see the aura stuff too?
[20:00] <GM_Erik> There is one in the middle.
[20:00] <GM_Erik> Psionic or Magic see aura?
[20:00] <Mika_no_Krynn> Magic.  Which one was I in?
[20:00] <GM_Erik> YOu went in the huts on each side of the central one.
[20:01] <GM_Erik> hold on.
[20:01] <Sir_Arik> hmmm....
[20:01] <Sir_Arik> brb need some water
[20:02] <GM_Erik> (also that they are medium level, no magic, no psionics, high PPE comparatively)
[20:02] <Mika_no_Krynn> Would Sir Arik see that too?
[20:02] <GM_Erik> No.
[20:03] <Mika_no_Krynn> Could I send him a telepathic message?
[20:03] <GM_Erik> perhpaps.
[20:03] <GM_Erik> perhaps?
[20:03] <GM_Erik> perhpaps sounds like some old-person medication.
[20:04] <Sir_Arik> ok back
[20:04] <Mika_no_Krynn> I want to tell Sir Arik that some of these dudes are not human.
[20:04] <GM_Erik> with telepathy?
[20:05] <Mika_no_Krynn> yes
[20:05] <GM_Erik> Make a perception roll.
[20:05] <Mika_no_Krynn> 140' range for 2 way comms, just concentrate on target.
[20:05] <GM_Erik> ok, that'll work.
[20:05] <GM_Erik> and I gotta go soon.
[20:05] <Sir_Arik> like summing up the session?
[20:06] <GM_Erik> yeah.
[20:06] <Mika_no_Krynn> This is the last one right?
[20:06] <GM_Erik> yes
[20:06] <GM_Erik> roll perception mike
[20:07] <Mika_no_Krynn> 16
[20:07] <GM_Erik> YOu also see that the poles and trinkets around the building sparkle with magic energy.
[20:08] <Mika_no_Krynn> I'm going to try to enter.
[20:09] <GM_Erik> ok, I may not have to go.
[20:09] <Sir_Arik> oh? this might be good?
[20:09] <GM_Erik> hold on.
[20:09] * Sir_Arik does mid air cartwheels in anticipation of upcoming events
[20:10] * Mika_no_Krynn does the Robot dance to distract the attention of the guards.
[20:10] <Sir_Arik> domo arigato mr. roboto
[20:10] <GM_Erik> ok, I'm gonna go in about 20 minutes.
[20:10] <GM_Erik> or less.
[20:10] <Mika_no_Krynn> ok...
[20:10] <Sir_Arik> oh... guess you couldn't stay ;)
[20:11] <GM_Erik> anyway, so what are you going to do Mike?
[20:11] <Mika_no_Krynn> Entering the bloody hut.
[20:11] <Sir_Arik> hmmm he said magic.... nuthing about blood
[20:14] <Mika_no_Krynn> what weapons are the two non-humans carrying?
[20:15] <GM_Erik> spears.
[20:15] <GM_Erik> oh, no wait, the guns.
[20:15] <GM_Erik> saves.
[20:16] <GM_Erik> what now?
[20:17] <Mika_no_Krynn> I'm gonna hit a non-human with Bio-manipulation: paralysis.
[20:17] <GM_Erik> sorry, he saves.
[20:18] <GM_Erik> ok, I'd like to stop here before any combat, if there is going to be combat
[20:18] <Mika_no_Krynn> yep, there will be.
[20:18] <Sir_Arik> tho I would rather not... it very well looks it.
[20:18] <GM_Erik> ok, write down what you last did, what you have activated, and what you were about to do for next time.
[20:18] <Tibor> better save some of this text hm?
[20:19] <Sir_Arik> oh and I spent 5 isp on one of the swords
[20:19] <Mika_no_Krynn> When are we playing next?
[20:19] <GM_Erik> yeah, write down everything, how much ISP/PPE you have left, etc..
[20:19] <GM_Erik> Is NExt weekend OK?
[20:20] <JessicaKnight> ok
[20:20] <Mika_no_Krynn> Sunday?
[20:20] <Sir_Arik> when next weekend?
[20:20] <GM_Erik> Preferable, yes, on SUnday.
[20:20] <Tibor> sun good
[20:20] <Sir_Arik> superbowl sunday
[20:20] <GM_Erik> around 1pm?
[20:20] <Sir_Arik> hmmm
[20:20] <Tibor> sun maybe! well we got sat tv now so good
[20:20] <Sir_Arik> I will be busy watchin the Superbowl
[20:20] <GM_Erik> can you watch and play?
[20:21] <GM_Erik> we can do Sat too if you guys want, I just prefer Sun.
[20:21] <Mika_no_Krynn> That's unlikely.
[20:21] <Sir_Arik> heh... nope. Goin to a buddies to have a party
[20:21] <GM_Erik> ok, Sat?
[20:21] <Mika_no_Krynn> Sat is fine with me.
[20:21] <Tibor> sat ok i think
[20:21] <JessicaKnight> I think it's ok
[20:21] <GM_Erik> Rob?
[20:21] <Sir_Arik> works for me
[20:21] <Sir_Arik> what time?
[20:21] <GM_Erik> ok, well lets say Sat again, around 2pm this time.
[20:21] <Mika_no_Krynn> Fine by me.
[20:21] <Sir_Arik> and I don't have a game to interfere this time
[20:22] <Tibor> lol! ok, guess i'll just drink less on fri...
[20:22] <Sir_Arik> so 1400 hrs is good
[20:22] <JessicaKnight> 2
[20:22] <JessicaKnight> 3
[20:22] <JessicaKnight> 4
[20:22] <JessicaKnight> 5
[20:22] <JessicaKnight> k
[20:22] <GM_Erik> cool.  I'll email everyone the logs right after we exit so evryone can look if they want.
[20:22] <Tibor> ok
[20:22] <GM_Erik> good?
[20:22] <Mika_no_Krynn> good, l8r
[20:22] <JessicaKnight> k
[20:22] <GM_Erik> ok, Later!
[20:22] *** JessicaKnight has quit IRC (Quit: Quit: Erection reset by queer )
[20:22] <Sir_Arik> ok, thanks for the good time guys, sorry for screwing things up
[20:22] <GM_Erik> no worries... later.
[20:22] <Mika_no_Krynn> See ya next Saturday.
[20:22] <Tibor> i was late anyway, no harm done...see ya
Session Close: Sat Jan 26 20:22:52 2002
GM Erik
 GM, 19 posts
Sun 11 Oct 2015
at 17:29
Horsemen of the Apocalypse 1 - OOC Chat logs
Session Start: Sat Feb 02 12:40:41 2002
[12:40] *** Now talking in #RiftsOOC5
[12:53] <GM_Erik> test
[13:03] <GM_Erik> test
[13:37] <GM_Erik> test
[13:43] *** Tibor has joined #riftsooc5
[13:44] <GM_Erik> Hey, you're early today!
[13:44] *** Tibor has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving )
[13:44] *** Retrieving #RiftsOOC5 info...
[13:44] *** Tibor has joined #riftsooc5
[13:45] <GM_Erik> You get the right server?
[13:46] <Tibor> y
[13:46] *** GM_Erik sets mode: +o Tibor
[13:49] <Tibor> eating...
[13:50] <GM_Erik> coo
[14:00] <GM_Erik> me too.  PB&J&Chips sandwiches
[14:00] <Tibor> pizza
[14:02] *** Mika_no_Krynn has joined #RiftsOOC5
[14:03] *** GM_Erik sets mode: +o Mika_no_Krynn
[14:03] <Mika_no_Krynn> Ok, I put a copyright blurb for Palladium up on the page too.
[14:04] <Mika_no_Krynn> Stan, have you seen the game webpage yet?
[14:04] <GM_Erik> cool, don't want to bring the copyright police down
[14:04] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yep... bad news.
[14:05] <Tibor> nope
[14:05] <GM_Erik> Palladium Books, Rifts, Megaverse, NGR, Triax, even Erin Tarn and Victor Lazlo are copyrighted!
[14:05] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yep...
[14:06] <Tibor> whats the site?
[14:07] <Mika_no_Krynn>
[14:08] <GM_Erik> good job on the page, btw, it looks very nice
[14:09] <Tibor> wtf? couldn't get in...damn can i find from
[14:09] <Mika_no_Krynn> It's ok, I wanted to make some kewl menu things but I found out you need to code in Java script to do it, and it is really a bitch, so scrapped that idea.
[14:09] <GM_Erik> its really hyped up compared to the amount of stuff on it so far. ;;-)
[14:09] <GM_Erik> yeah, I still keep javascript off most of the time anyway, do to bad coding problems and download time.
[14:10] <Tibor> can't access the page...
[14:10] <Mika_no_Krynn> Stan did you type it out exactly like that?  Capitals are important.
[14:10] <Mika_no_Krynn> Check your icq
[14:11] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah, not a lot there so far beside the 90+ pages of text.  Did put in my character though, and some data on her swords.
[14:11] <Mika_no_Krynn> Found a kewl place with a bunch of sword pictures.
[14:11] <GM_Erik> Yeah I saw, although I guess 90 pages of text is quite a bit ::-)
[14:11] <Tibor> cool shit mike...were you bored or somethin'?
[14:12] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah, it takes a while to read through even when you were one of the dudes playing.
[14:12] <Mika_no_Krynn> Well since I have no job I have lots of time to make webpages.
[14:12] <GM_Erik> hey did you ever check out that website I sent you?  Its pretty funny.
[14:12] <Mika_no_Krynn> I've been on a webpage making spree lately.  First my Ghost in the Shell game, then the Rifts game, then I re-did our Radio station webpage.
[14:12] <Mika_no_Krynn> Which one?
[14:12] <GM_Erik>, check out the movie at the top of the page, its hilarious (with sound)
[14:13] <Tibor> gotta find a sword pic worthy of being called "L'il Tibor"
[14:14] <GM_Erik> you gonna join the IC Stan?
[14:15] <Tibor> ic?
[14:15] <GM_Erik> the In-character box
[14:16] *** Sir_Arik has joined #RiftsOOC5
[14:17] <Sir_Arik> Yo!
[14:17] <GM_Erik> hey dude.
[14:17] <GM_Erik> hey, you wanna try to get on wombat like last time?
[14:18] <Mika_no_Krynn> I'm on wombat already... that was a good flick.
[14:18] <Sir_Arik> wha?
[14:18] <Mika_no_Krynn> Well what kind of sword do you want Stan?  Go to and pick one...
[14:18] <Sir_Arik> yeah... I wuz going to ask about some of that stuff
[14:18] <Mika_no_Krynn> the server we're on.  That way we won't get netsplit.
[14:19] <Tibor> lol! k one sec
[14:19] <Sir_Arik> oh... and sorry about being late... had to dash out and buy the LOTR soundtrack
[14:19] <Mika_no_Krynn> I'll also need the stats of your sword Stan so I can post it.
[14:19] <Mika_no_Krynn> Hey Rob you check out the game webpage yet?
[14:19] <Sir_Arik> yeah... only saw your char on tho
[14:20] <Sir_Arik> yeah I know I haven't given you anything but I am still working on it
[14:20] <Mika_no_Krynn> I put up some weapons for my character... with pics too.
[14:20] <Sir_Arik> yeah I noticed
[14:20] <GM_Erik> oh yeah, Mike, you're Lesser SUpernatural, sorry.
[14:20] <Mika_no_Krynn> I have edited the logs as well so they are more temporally accurate, make more sense when reading.
[14:20] <Mika_no_Krynn> Bitch!
[14:21] <Mika_no_Krynn> Things call kill me real easy then.
[14:21] <GM_Erik> oh yeah... real easy
[14:22] <Sir_Arik> so what is the deal with the wombat thing? how do I check to see if I am on wombat?
[14:22] <Mika_no_Krynn> just type in /server in your status window and it'll switch you over.  Then rejoin the channels.
[14:23] <Mika_no_Krynn> I can cast expel demons and expel myself if I don't roll over 18...
[14:23] <Sir_Arik> ok is that the first window that comes up when I connect?
[14:23] <Mika_no_Krynn> yep
[14:23] <Mika_no_Krynn> "/server"
[14:23] <Sir_Arik> ok kewl be back in a mom
[14:23] *** Sir_Arik has left #RiftsOOC5
[14:23] <GM_Erik> um, doesn't affect the caster.
[14:24] *** Sir_Arik has joined #RiftsOOC5
[14:24] <Sir_Arik> ehh... sorry what was that address thingy again?
[14:24] <Mika_no_Krynn> I figure Gabe will be back around 3:00-3:30 I think.  yeah, I know... just joking around.
[14:24] *** Mika_no_Krynn has quit IRC (Quit:  )
[14:24] * Tibor is checking out the sword site...
[14:24] <GM_Erik> its /server    Type in the original window
[14:24] <Sir_Arik> guys?
[14:24] *** Mika_no_Krynn has joined #RiftsOOC5
[14:24] <Sir_Arik> oh... thanks
[14:24] *** GM_Erik sets mode: +o Mika_no_Krynn
[14:25] *** Sir_Arik has left #RiftsOOC5
[14:25] <Mika_no_Krynn> Did it to myself.
[14:25] <GM_Erik> apparently
[14:25] *** Sir_Arik has joined #RiftsOOC5
[14:25] *** GM_Erik sets mode: +o Sir_Arik
[14:26] <Sir_Arik> ahhh back
[14:26] <Tibor> gabe playing today?
[14:26] <Sir_Arik> so where is a good place to go to look for a pic of myself?
[14:26] <GM_Erik> in your family album
[14:26] <GM_Erik> sorry, had to.
[14:26] <Mika_no_Krynn> Smartass.
[14:26] <GM_Erik> heh heh
[14:27] <Mika_no_Krynn> Remember this one?... You see a telephone in a tree... it's a branch of the telephone company!
[14:27] <GM_Erik> ugh
[14:28] <Sir_Arik> what was that sight for swords Mike?
[14:28] <Mika_no_Krynn> A Steve Locke pun... Steve Choy still remembers it cuz that was one of the first things Locke said when Steve joined our Heavy Gear game.
[14:28] <Mika_no_Krynn>
[14:28] <GM_Erik> ahh, I had forgotten that one.
[14:28] <Mika_no_Krynn> I'm not sure about finding a pick for you character though... I'm lucky in that regard.  Send me a description of your dude and I'll look around too.
[14:29] <GM_Erik> ok.  so has everyone gotten their stuff together?
[14:29] <Mika_no_Krynn> I'm ready.
[14:30] <Tibor> i just found L'il Tibor!
[14:30] <Mika_no_Krynn> send me the link on Icq Stan.
[14:31] <Sir_Arik> ok... sorry was just checking the sword site... pretty kewl
[14:32] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yep, they got some good stuff to open up a can o' whoop-ass with.
[14:32] <GM_Erik> I'll throw out some background stuff up above, let me know if anyone's got questions from last time.
[14:32] <Sir_Arik> I will send a description for you Mike plus I will keep looking.
[14:32] <Mika_no_Krynn> kewl.
[14:32] <Sir_Arik> are we waiting for Gabe?
[14:32] <Mika_no_Krynn> Nope, he'll join in once he gets here.
[14:32] <Mika_no_Krynn> He's driving back from Edmonton.
[14:32] <Sir_Arik> heh.... ok
[14:34] <Sir_Arik> I still have that spell on me that lets me see what Mika sees don't I?
[14:35] <GM_Erik> Ah, perhaps not, it only lasts two melees
[14:35] <Sir_Arik> oh... ok
[14:35] <Mika_no_Krynn> nice choice Stan.
[14:36] <Tibor> looks like it kills undead...
[14:37] <Mika_no_Krynn> Kinda sux that spell only last 2melees... what can you do in that much time?
[14:37] <Mika_no_Krynn> Doesn't even get better with levels.
[14:37] <GM_Erik> yeah
[14:37] <GM_Erik> Ok, what's up?
[14:38] <Mika_no_Krynn> If they respond negatively to my statement I'm going to attempt to disarm one of the gun totting dudes.
[14:38] <Mika_no_Krynn> Then I'm going to telepathically call for backup.
[14:38] <GM_Erik> do you still have see aura up?
[14:39] <Mika_no_Krynn> It probably went off, but I'll reactivate it.
[14:39] <Mika_no_Krynn> actually no.
[14:39] <Mika_no_Krynn> It is a spell so I won't cast again.
[14:39] <GM_Erik> ok.
[14:40] <GM_Erik> DO your telepathy there Mike.
[14:40] <GM_Erik> if you wish
[14:40] <GM_Erik> ok, roll it.
[14:41] <GM_Erik> actually, roll initiative first
[14:41] <GM_Erik> only Mike
[14:41] <GM_Erik> everyone  else is moving in.
[14:41] <Mika_no_Krynn> got 16 for init.
[14:42] <GM_Erik> ok, roll disarm
[14:42] <Mika_no_Krynn> 26
[14:42] <GM_Erik> Stan and Rob, what are your respective speeds?
[14:42] <Tibor> 20
[14:42] <Sir_Arik> 40
[14:43] <Tibor> sorry 24
[14:43] <Mika_no_Krynn> Don't forget Daniel and Gar
[14:44] *** LazyJai has joined #riftsooc5
[14:44] <LazyJai> oi
[14:44] <GM_Erik> is that Gabe?
[14:44] <LazyJai> i'm still in Edmonton...
[14:44] <LazyJai> =P
[14:44] <Mika_no_Krynn> What's with the nick?
[14:44] <Tibor> shitty
[14:44] <Sir_Arik> what up Gabe!
[14:45] <GM_Erik> Tibor runs at 45 feet per attack
[14:45] <LazyJai> it's one of my 3 nicks on this network
[14:45] <GM_Erik> Arik runs at 86 per attack
[14:45] <LazyJai> I probably won't be back until tonight or tomorrow
[14:45] <LazyJai> sorry
[14:45] <GM_Erik> dang.
[14:45] <LazyJai> have somet stuff to take care of up here
[14:45] <GM_Erik> so you're gonna be off having less fun, huh?
[14:45] <LazyJai> heeh I kinda figured I should have brought my char sheet and dice up here
[14:46] <GM_Erik> I have your sheet on word still if you want it
[14:46] <LazyJai> mike can play my char
[14:46] <LazyJai> I gotta head back out here in a little bit
[14:46] <GM_Erik> k
[14:46] <LazyJai> gotta meet some guys at the office downtown here
[14:47] <LazyJai> so i'll see you guys later
[14:47] <Sir_Arik> what are you doing up here Gabe?
[14:47] <LazyJai> ja
[14:47] <LazyJai> business
[14:47] <LazyJai> meeting with my counterparts in the condolidation with Telus
[14:48] <LazyJai> hehe I forgot you're in Edmonton Rob
[14:48] <Sir_Arik> ahhh
[14:48] <Sir_Arik> if you need to talk or want to hang out whenever you are up here my cell is 907-3861
[14:49] <LazyJai> koo.. what part of town do you live in?
[14:49] <Sir_Arik> I live near Nait
[14:49] <Sir_Arik> close to downtown
[14:49] <LazyJai> ah ok.. i'm way the fuck down in the southeast
[14:49] <LazyJai> ok i'm out.. later
[14:49] *** LazyJai has left #riftsooc5
[14:50] <Mika_no_Krynn> Oh well, let's continue.
[14:50] <GM_Erik> ok, so, based on your speeds, Tibor can go on phase 3 and Arik can go on Phase 2
[14:51] <Sir_Arik> ok, are we then going last?
[14:51] <Sir_Arik> initiative wise that is
[14:51] <GM_Erik> make a roll
[14:51] <Sir_Arik> what do you mean? init?
[14:51] <GM_Erik> yeah
[14:52] <GM_Erik> ok, Mike, you disarm the guy.
[14:52] <Sir_Arik> ok 15
[14:52] <Tibor> 10 on init
[14:53] <Mika_no_Krynn> sweet.
[14:54] <Mika_no_Krynn> I'll take the hit and fire back at the gunman.
[14:56] <GM_Erik> what are you wearing Mike?
[14:56] <Mika_no_Krynn> Well my Talisman is up along with my Invincible Armor.
[14:56] <Mika_no_Krynn> Otherwise I'm wearing my mystic chainmail.
[14:57] <Mika_no_Krynn> And my MDC bikini
[14:57] <Mika_no_Krynn> What kind of gun is it?
[14:57] <GM_Erik> Take note that Invincible Armor is actual armor that covers you up (big and intimidating)
[14:57] <Mika_no_Krynn> OK... kewl.
[14:58] <GM_Erik> Mike, roll perception
[14:59] <Mika_no_Krynn> 21
[14:59] <GM_Erik> k
[14:59] <GM_Erik> What are you going to do to the other gunman?
[14:59] <Mika_no_Krynn> I want to smack the dude, attempt a KO if possible.
[14:59] <GM_Erik> ok, roll it.
[15:00] <Mika_no_Krynn> 19
[15:00] <Mika_no_Krynn> modified
[15:00] <GM_Erik> you hit.
[15:00] <Mika_no_Krynn> 16MD
[15:01] <Mika_no_Krynn> what kind of armor?
[15:01] <Mika_no_Krynn> natural?
[15:01] <GM_Erik> metal armor.
[15:01] <GM_Erik> partial
[15:01] <Mika_no_Krynn> ok
[15:02] <Mika_no_Krynn> I'll activate my psi-sword next.
[15:03] <Mika_no_Krynn> I'll take the hit.
[15:04] <GM_Erik> uh
[15:04] <Mika_no_Krynn> yes?
[15:05] <Mika_no_Krynn> Nice.
[15:05] <GM_Erik> rolled below 5, sad.
[15:05] <GM_Erik> Mike and Rob, what you gonna do?
[15:05] <Mika_no_Krynn> Activate psi-sword and hack the dude's gun
[15:05] <GM_Erik> roll it
[15:06] <Sir_Arik> I am now there?
[15:06] <GM_Erik> yes
[15:06] <Mika_no_Krynn> 26 to hit, 35 dmg
[15:06] <Sir_Arik> What do I see when I come into the area?
[15:06] <GM_Erik> hey guys, try to make the roll at the same time you tell me what you're going to do. ::-)
[15:06] <Mika_no_Krynn> ok
[15:07] <GM_Erik> You see Mika engaging four people, with many vilagers beginning to crowd around at the time you arrive.
[15:07] <GM_Erik> There are huts around, and a larger building which you saw before.
[15:07] <Sir_Arik> I try to get the villagers to back up so that they won't be hurt.
[15:07] <Sir_Arik> I have a 23 MA
[15:08] <GM_Erik> how are you going to get them to back up, with coaxing or yelling?
[15:08] <Sir_Arik> I will try to coax them into leaving with my incredible charm ;)
[15:08] <GM_Erik> roll MA
[15:08] <GM_Erik> as you would a skill
[15:09] <Sir_Arik> 32 of 75
[15:09] <Mika_no_Krynn> Jessica will cover the party's rear.
[15:10] <GM_Erik> Phase 3, what do Mike, Rob, Stan do?
[15:10] <Tibor> door
[15:10] <Sir_Arik> once I know that the villagers are backing away to safety I will turn and try to disarm one of the gunmen on Mika
[15:10] <Mika_no_Krynn> I'll spin around and hack the other dude's gun, 20 to hit 33gm
[15:10] <Sir_Arik> if there are any with guns left
[15:11] <Sir_Arik> ok can I parry that blast to Mika?
[15:11] <GM_Erik> YOu mean the guy that left and walked away to get the gun you knocked out of his hand Mike?
[15:11] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah.
[15:11] <GM_Erik> make a perception roll
[15:11] <Mika_no_Krynn> 17
[15:12] <GM_Erik> I'm going to say he was behind you and you didn't notice.
[15:12] <GM_Erik> But Rob can attempt the parry
[15:12] <Mika_no_Krynn> OK... I'll attack the guy in front of me then, head shot.
[15:12] <Sir_Arik> ok I will what is the penalty?
[15:12] <GM_Erik> alright, he attacks first though, roll a pary
[15:13] <Mika_no_Krynn> 28
[15:13] <Sir_Arik> ok 32 to parry the attack before any penalties
[15:13] <GM_Erik> 32?!
[15:13] <Tibor> going to try and keep the villagers at bay
[15:13] <Sir_Arik> yeah... rolled a 19 plus 13 to parry
[15:14] <Mika_no_Krynn> Sword WP comes in handy.
[15:14] <GM_Erik> wow, ok.
[15:14] <Sir_Arik> oh... and I have both psi swords up
[15:14] <Sir_Arik> did it at the end of the last session
[15:14] <Sir_Arik> so I have been running with them on
[15:14] <GM_Erik> i remember
[15:15] <GM_Erik> Mike roll attack
[15:15] <GM_Erik> Stan, you're herding off villagers?
[15:15] <Tibor> yeah 13 HF ma 10
[15:15] <Mika_no_Krynn> 28 to attack 30dmg
[15:16] <GM_Erik> ok.
[15:16] <Sir_Arik> heh... good job Stan
[15:16] <Mika_no_Krynn> HF is kewl.
[15:16] <Mika_no_Krynn> And being 8' 400lbs doesn't hurt either.
[15:17] <Sir_Arik> nice
[15:17] <Mika_no_Krynn> oh shit... squishies.
[15:17] <Sir_Arik> so who is left right now Erik?
[15:17] <GM_Erik> Roll perception Mike
[15:17] <Mika_no_Krynn> 20
[15:18] <GM_Erik> you noticed he was MD, but didn't have very much.
[15:18] <Mika_no_Krynn> rolling good on PER today.
[15:18] <Mika_no_Krynn> OK.
[15:18] <GM_Erik> And his punch was very strong.
[15:18] <Mika_no_Krynn> strange.
[15:18] <GM_Erik> But you did more to his head than his entire body had.
[15:18] <Sir_Arik> did I notice which direction the gunman went?
[15:18] <GM_Erik> roll perception
[15:18] <Sir_Arik> 18
[15:18] <GM_Erik> yes, you see him in the crowd.
[15:19] <GM_Erik> Mike still has an attack this round, but noone else is actively pusuing combat.
[15:19] <Sir_Arik> I am moving after him
[15:19] <Mika_no_Krynn> I want to enter the hut.
[15:20] <Mika_no_Krynn> The building I was fighting infront of?
[15:20] <GM_Erik> yes
[15:20] <Sir_Arik> did the gunman dissappear in that direction?  towards the hut?
[15:20] <Mika_no_Krynn> How'd they get past me and the fight?
[15:21] <GM_Erik> there was room, they crowded in onto the 'porch'
[15:22] <Tibor> i have company here so i'm a little distracted...get my attention if you need something
[15:22] <Sir_Arik> can I go after the gunman?
[15:22] <GM_Erik> How are you going to go about it?
[15:22] <GM_Erik> There are people in front of you and they don't want to let you through.
[15:22] <Sir_Arik> well which direction did he goto? the hut?
[15:22] <GM_Erik> he's in the back of the crowd
[15:22] <Sir_Arik> hmmm....
[15:23] <Sir_Arik> how big is the crowd?
[15:23] <GM_Erik> about 40 people
[15:23] <Sir_Arik> ok
[15:23] <Sir_Arik> I am going to try and reason with the people about letting us into the hut and getting the gunman
[15:24] <GM_Erik> go for it
[15:26] <GM_Erik> What are you speaking Rob?
[15:26] <Sir_Arik> hmmm
[15:26] <Mika_no_Krynn> Use American, then try Euro.
[15:27] <Sir_Arik> probably american.... unless they look like goblins
[15:27] <GM_Erik> I realized that some people have language stuff still on, like Mika and Jessica, but anyone else?
[15:27] <GM_Erik> ok, American?
[15:27] <GM_Erik> ok, that's what he was shouting in too.
[15:27] <Sir_Arik> yeah american
[15:27] <Mika_no_Krynn> Don't think so.
[15:27] <Sir_Arik> nope.... no powers to speak in strange tongues
[15:27] <Mika_no_Krynn> Oh, how much PPE did I get from that dude?
[15:27] <GM_Erik> lots.
[15:27] <Mika_no_Krynn> Sweet.
[15:27] <GM_Erik> 110x2
[15:28] <Mika_no_Krynn> Wicked... I'm stuffed.
[15:32] <GM_Erik> cool my office mate knows about Rifts
[15:34] <Tibor> ok i'm kinda back...
[15:35] <Mika_no_Krynn> we're at another diplomatic standstill.
[15:35] <Tibor> ok..was trying to keep track
[15:36] <Mika_no_Krynn> Hey could I do an Ojbect Read on the hut?  I mean is that possible?
[15:36] <Sir_Arik> can he reach my stomach?
[15:36] <GM_Erik> YOu would have to touch it.
[15:37] <GM_Erik> barely, yes.
[15:37] <Mika_no_Krynn> OK.
[15:39] <Mika_no_Krynn> Am I getting any magic sensation from the building?
[15:40] <GM_Erik> Yes, just like before, the whold p[lace looks magical and many objects shine with magic energy.
[15:41] <GM_Erik> so what are you going to do?
[15:42] <Mika_no_Krynn> Let's regroup back in the forest outside the village.
[15:43] <Tibor> (sorry guys, my visitor is a friend i haven't seen in a bit, just got back from chicago
[15:44] <Sir_Arik> works for me.... is there any way for you to see if the people here have been spelled Mike?
[15:44] <Mika_no_Krynn> Not really, there is a bunch of magic on that hut, but that's it.
[15:45] <Mika_no_Krynn> I think we can get in, but we can just arrive like an army... we gotta do it covert.
[15:45] <Sir_Arik> I mean that the villagers seem to avoiding answering questions.... I thought we might be able to detect if someone is holding sway over them
[15:46] <Mika_no_Krynn> I think something has scared the crap out of them for sure.
[15:46] <Mika_no_Krynn> Oh katrina and our scouts fit in I'm not sure... maybe they were taken as sacrifices.
[15:47] <GM_Erik> so, any specific plans?
[15:47] <Tibor> ok my friend just left...
[15:48] <Mika_no_Krynn> Back off into the jungle.
[15:48] <GM_Erik> its still pretty dark out.
[15:48] <Mika_no_Krynn> I want to cast Light Source then, using 104 MDC to get 52 PPE.  Can I regen that MDC?
[15:49] <GM_Erik> Life Source you mean?
[15:49] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah, sorry.
[15:49] <Sir_Arik> yeah I am backing off into the jungle with them
[15:49] <GM_Erik> lkevel?
[15:50] <Mika_no_Krynn> 2
[15:50] <Mika_no_Krynn> nope 3
[15:50] <GM_Erik> ah
[15:50] <GM_Erik> it only heals at the normal rate.
[15:51] <Mika_no_Krynn> My normal rate is 1D6x5 per minute though.
[15:51] <GM_Erik> also, you would be at -20 to all rolls and saves, and -100% on skills (kindof weak and lump-like)
[15:51] <GM_Erik> yeah, it says it resists bio-regeneration
[15:51] <Mika_no_Krynn> never mind... kinda useless.
[15:52] <GM_Erik> I made that decision before anyway if I remember right, it got too easy with bio-regen to just get infinite PPE
[15:53] <GM_Erik> you guys never really discussed it with the guys at camp
[15:53] <GM_Erik> the official stance is you're not supposed to take threats on if you can avoid them.
[15:54] <GM_Erik> Mike roll perception
[15:55] <GM_Erik> never mind
[15:55] <GM_Erik> you remembered anyway
[16:00] <Mika_no_Krynn> Have Daniel contact the group via radio.
[16:00] <Mika_no_Krynn> What kind of animals are around here?
[16:01] <GM_Erik> you don't see any right now, would Mika know about Africa?
[16:01] <Mika_no_Krynn> I don't know... doubt I was ever here.
[16:03] <GM_Erik> ok, who's sleeping for three hours?
[16:03] <Mika_no_Krynn> me
[16:03] <GM_Erik> or meditating.
[16:04] <Tibor> i'll meditate...
[16:04] <Mika_no_Krynn> Jessica too.
[16:04] <Sir_Arik> I am standing watch
[16:04] <GM_Erik> ok, meditating will get you a full night's sleep
[16:04] <Mika_no_Krynn> Either Gar or Daniel can sleep.
[16:05] <Mika_no_Krynn> for 3 hours?
[16:05] <GM_Erik> yeah, 1 hour meditation=2hours sleep
[16:05] <Mika_no_Krynn> OK
[16:06] <Mika_no_Krynn> That's why you get PPE back twice as fast too.
[16:06] <GM_Erik> [yup
[16:06] <Mika_no_Krynn> OK, well since I can't see any animals I'm going to try Invis Superior and sneak back into the village.
[16:06] <GM_Erik> you have any skills for being unseen Rob?
[16:07] <Mika_no_Krynn> then I want to go upto the Hut and do Object Read.
[16:07] <GM_Erik> ok Mike. just a sec.
[16:07] <Mika_no_Krynn> ok
[16:08] <Sir_Arik> would prowl work?
[16:08] <GM_Erik> I just checked, roll Ambush
[16:09] <Sir_Arik> wha?
[16:09] <GM_Erik> roll your Ambush skill
[16:09] <Sir_Arik> detect ambush?
[16:09] <GM_Erik> yeah, it works to detect and set up
[16:09] <Sir_Arik> oh ok
[16:10] <Sir_Arik> woohooo! 01 of 75
[16:11] <GM_Erik> ok, roll perception, with a... +5 bonus since you were set up so well
[16:11] <Sir_Arik> ok 23
[16:13] <GM_Erik> what now?
[16:14] <Sir_Arik> I turn on the TW goggles that Jessica lent me
[16:14] <Sir_Arik> I now see invis and have 60 foot nightvision
[16:14] <GM_Erik> I figured you had 'em on.
[16:14] <Sir_Arik> ahhh right.... ok well do I have an idea of how large they are?
[16:14] <GM_Erik> your roll was so good you just make something out 100's of feet away.  can't get much more detail.
[16:14] <GM_Erik> doesn't sounds like a giant robot though.
[16:15] <Sir_Arik> ok I will get my ion pulse rifle ready to fire at them if they look like a dangerous threat.... oh are they on course with running into the camp?
[16:15] <GM_Erik> yes
[16:15] <Sir_Arik> hmmm
[16:16] <GM_Erik> they're getting closer
[16:16] <Sir_Arik> about how far away are they?
[16:16] <GM_Erik> 150 feet now.
[16:17] <Sir_Arik> ok I will turn on sense evil and sense magic so that when they come within 140 feet I will know
[16:18] <GM_Erik> they're going to be there by the time you activate those powers, they're going to be there in seconds.
[16:18] <Sir_Arik> hmm
[16:18] <Sir_Arik> ok I will shout to my companions and leap down in the path of both of them
[16:18] <GM_Erik> ok
[16:19] <GM_Erik> oops.
[16:20] <Sir_Arik> do I now see them?
[16:20] <GM_Erik> yeah, sure.
[16:21] <Sir_Arik> do I recognize them?
[16:21] <GM_Erik> roll initiative
[16:21] <Sir_Arik> monster lore?
[16:21] <GM_Erik> nope
[16:21] <Mika_no_Krynn> 31
[16:21] <Sir_Arik> rolled 24 of 80
[16:21] <Tibor> 19
[16:21] <Sir_Arik> dang....
[16:21] <Tibor> 19 init
[16:21] <Sir_Arik> sorry rolled 15 for init
[16:22] <GM_Erik> only Arik can attack for their first attack.
[16:22] <Mika_no_Krynn> Can I activate my Psi-sword?
[16:22] <Sir_Arik> I will position myself as best I can to draw their attacks
[16:22] <GM_Erik> yes Mike.
[16:22] <GM_Erik> Rob, what are you going to do?
[16:23] <Sir_Arik> plus I will put up my one psi sword and attack one of the creatures with a fist and one sword
[16:23] <GM_Erik> and Stan, how about you?
[16:23] <GM_Erik> Ok Rob, you can only cover one direction though.
[16:23] <Tibor> activate amulet...ready rifle
[16:23] <Tibor> i'll cover opposite Arik
[16:23] <GM_Erik> roll attack Rob
[16:24] <Sir_Arik> ok..... I will actually just put up my other psi sword spending 5 isp for my action.... and be ready to defend myself
[16:24] <GM_Erik> ok
[16:25] <GM_Erik> each one lunges at you, what do you do?
[16:25] <Mika_no_Krynn> Jessica will grab her plasma rifle and prepare to blast whatever.
[16:25] <GM_Erik> k
[16:26] <Mika_no_Krynn> I will parry... 23
[16:26] <Sir_Arik> I will parry an attack at me plus any others I can
[16:26] <Sir_Arik> rolled 28 to parry an attack on me
[16:26] * Tibor will shoot point blank
[16:27] <GM_Erik> simultaneous attack Stan?
[16:27] <Tibor> sure...
[16:27] <GM_Erik> roll attack then
[16:28] <Mika_no_Krynn> Daniel will dodge I assume?
[16:28] <GM_Erik> yeah, he's engaging it.
[16:28] <Tibor> 20 modified...60 damage
[16:29] <Mika_no_Krynn> And don't ya come back no more, no more, no more, no more.
[16:29] <Mika_no_Krynn> Dire Wolves!
[16:30] <GM_Erik> hold on on the sword-pulling Stan.
[16:30] <Tibor> monster lore?
[16:30] <Sir_Arik> can I make a monster lore roll Erik?
[16:30] <GM_Erik> ok, phase 2, Mike, Stan, and Rob can go.
[16:31] <GM_Erik> You can, but you haven't seen much yet.
[16:31] <GM_Erik> Make Lore rolls at -40
[16:31] <Mika_no_Krynn> I hack it's head with my psi-sword 26 to hit, 41 damage.
[16:31] <Sir_Arik> ok.... I will attack with my one sword leaving the other to parry with.... plus I will use the 5 isp blade to attack.... going for the head
[16:32] <Tibor> rolls a 04 lore and fails...
[16:32] <Mika_no_Krynn> I got 22 of 89 for Monster lore.
[16:32] <Sir_Arik> nat 18 modified 27 67 dam times 2 is 134 dam
[16:32] <Sir_Arik> plus 43 of 80 on monster lore
[16:32] <Mika_no_Krynn> HOLY CRAP!
[16:33] <Sir_Arik> heh ;)
[16:34] <GM_Erik> checking..
[16:34] <Sir_Arik> sorry about the stuff being all over the place.....
[16:35] <GM_Erik> roll versus Horror Factor.
[16:35] <Sir_Arik> all of us?
[16:35] <GM_Erik> yes
[16:35] <Mika_no_Krynn> Great... you made them mad.
[16:35] <Mika_no_Krynn> 22
[16:35] <GM_Erik> and... what's your Monster Lore skill at Stan?
[16:35] <Sir_Arik> 21
[16:35] <Tibor> 30 something...
[16:36] <GM_Erik> ok, and you HF roll Stan?
[16:36] <Tibor> 15 hf
[16:36] <GM_Erik> k
[16:36] <GM_Erik> noone fails (except Jessica)
[16:37] <GM_Erik> Arik and Mika realize that the creatures might be werewolves.
[16:37] <Sir_Arik> ahhh crap
[16:37] <Sir_Arik> time to change tactics ;-)
[16:38] <Mika_no_Krynn> Do magic swords affect werewolves?
[16:38] <GM_Erik> Mika remembers that they do
[16:39] * Tibor is waiting to pull out L'il Tibor...
[16:39] <Sir_Arik> so psi swords won't effect them huh?
[16:39] <GM_Erik> nope.
[16:39] <Sir_Arik> ok... time to go with a flaming sword
[16:39] <Mika_no_Krynn> phase?
[16:39] <GM_Erik> phase three, I know what Tibor'
[16:39] <GM_Erik> is doing
[16:40] <Mika_no_Krynn> I'm tossing my Scathach sword to Daniel.
[16:40] <Sir_Arik> ok I am pulling out one flaming sword and will let go of the weaker psi sword
[16:40] <GM_Erik> Ok, doesn't he have magic sword (s)?
[16:40] <Mika_no_Krynn> Don't think so.
[16:40] <GM_Erik> ok.
[16:41] <GM_Erik> Mike, you still have an attac kleft this round.
[16:41] <Mika_no_Krynn> I'm drawing my Silver Knives.
[16:41] <Mika_no_Krynn> Daniel has those marble's that turn to swords but that's it.
[16:41] <Sir_Arik> those are magic
[16:41] <GM_Erik> I believe they count as magic weapons.
[16:42] <GM_Erik> but yours does more damage.
[16:42] <Mika_no_Krynn> OK, well he can use my sword for now... it is better anyways.
[16:42] <GM_Erik> roll defnesives.
[16:42] <Mika_no_Krynn> How would it work for him though?  It does +4D6 vs supernatural evil, +2D6 normally.
[16:42] <Sir_Arik> woohoo 32 to parry
[16:42] <GM_Erik> so it does 4d6
[16:43] <Mika_no_Krynn> 24
[16:43] <GM_Erik> Stan?
[16:43] <Tibor> 29 parry
[16:44] <GM_Erik> ok, phase 4, what's everyone doing?
[16:45] <Tibor> going for thier heads...
[16:45] <Mika_no_Krynn> Hacking at the wolve's head with my daggers... 28 for 22dmg and natural 20 for 25x2=50dmg!
[16:45] <Sir_Arik> I am going for the head with my flaming sword 20 to hit and 48 to damage
[16:45] <Sir_Arik> nice hit Mike
[16:45] <GM_Erik> remember, weapon criticals double damage before adding strength.
[16:45] <Mika_no_Krynn> I'm using dual attack... no parry.
[16:45] <Mika_no_Krynn> Fuck... nevermind.
[16:45] <Mika_no_Krynn> 22 and 30 then.
[16:46] <Tibor> 14 strike  56 damage (x2 super incl)
[16:46] <Sir_Arik> oh... and I reserve one sword for parrying as well
[16:46] <Sir_Arik> ahhh... ok.... will remember that Erik
[16:47] <Mika_no_Krynn> These dudes aren't as tough as vampires I guess.
[16:47] <Mika_no_Krynn> Though I did hit him in the throat.
[16:47] <GM_Erik> well, they have more points typically, just don't regen as quick.
[16:47] <Mika_no_Krynn> I see.
[16:48] <GM_Erik> did you take into account that silver weapons do double base damage?
[16:48] <Mika_no_Krynn> Nope.
[16:48] <Mika_no_Krynn> didn't know that.
[16:48] <GM_Erik> ok, anyway..
[16:48] <Mika_no_Krynn> He's dead, I'll know for the next one.
[16:49] <Mika_no_Krynn> Always knew these silver daggers would come in handy one day.
[16:50] <Sir_Arik> ok 26 to parry
[16:50] <GM_Erik> being pounced at, and Tibor still has an attack left this round.
[16:50] <Mika_no_Krynn> One has to dodge a pounce?
[16:51] <GM_Erik> probably, quick.
[16:51] <Sir_Arik> really?
[16:51] <Sir_Arik> I thought being really strong would help....
[16:51] <Tibor> 14 to strike again 44 damage...
[16:51] <GM_Erik> Something over 7feet tall is jumping straight at you, what do you do?
[16:51] <Mika_no_Krynn> 20 to dodge, I'll use up one of my next attacks.
[16:51] <Sir_Arik> knock it out of the way.... I am 7 feet tall and strong enuff to lift cars
[16:52] <Mika_no_Krynn> Remember they are supernaturally strong too.
[16:52] <Sir_Arik> phhht.... ;)
[16:52] <Mika_no_Krynn> Just take the hit... see what they can do.
[16:52] <Mika_no_Krynn> Ok... I'm an example.
[16:52] <Sir_Arik> yeah... I will take the hit
[16:53] <Sir_Arik> heh.... I roxsorz!
[16:53] <Mika_no_Krynn> man that dude looked stupid I bet.
[16:54] <GM_Erik> its all on how good their attack is ;;-P
[16:54] <Mika_no_Krynn> Probably looked like someone trying to tackle the Tick.
[16:54] <GM_Erik> next phase, Tibor and Mika lose initiative, Arik can go.
[16:54] <Sir_Arik> heh.... except I am way cooler ;)
[16:54] <GM_Erik> Tibor's atacker is dead though, cut in half.
[16:55] <Tibor> pussy
[16:55] <Mika_no_Krynn> I loose an attack and initiative?
[16:55] <GM_Erik> yup
[16:55] <GM_Erik> you have one left at the end of the round
[16:55] <Mika_no_Krynn> OK, I'll do nothing this phase.
[16:55] <GM_Erik> Rob what are you doing>
[16:55] <Mika_no_Krynn> I used one to dodge though, right?
[16:55] <Sir_Arik> ok attack his head again... 19 to hit and 65 to dam with flaming sword
[16:55] <GM_Erik> right, too bad you reminded me ;;-)  ok, you do nothing.
[16:55] <Mika_no_Krynn> Oh, did I get an PPE from that decapitated dude?
[16:56] <GM_Erik> yes, can you have any more?
[16:56] <Sir_Arik> duh.... I should just be whacking the guy :P
[16:56] <GM_Erik> 80x2 PPE
[16:56] <Mika_no_Krynn> I can keep eatting, no prob... just like you hehehe.
[16:56] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yummy.
[16:56] <GM_Erik> oh really.....
[16:57] <Mika_no_Krynn> Hey you're still the Chicago Deep Dish King dude...
[16:57] <Sir_Arik> they pouncing again?
[16:57] <GM_Erik> not yet.
[16:57] <Mika_no_Krynn> Bet this is gonna hurt
[16:57] * Tibor begs to differ..
[16:58] <Sir_Arik> ok I will parry.... for 16
[16:58] <Sir_Arik> crappy.... rolls :P
[16:58] <Tibor> chicago deep dish dude asked us how our move went...we might be on thier xmass card list this year...
[16:58] <Sir_Arik> woohoo!
[16:58] <GM_Erik> lucky you, if I had that first year, I would have been eating lots of pizza.
[16:59] <GM_Erik> (one every night, heh!)
[16:59] <GM_Erik> Mike, any defense?
[16:59] <Mika_no_Krynn> Oh I can parry right?
[16:59] <GM_Erik> you can try, harder on the ground though
[16:59] <Mika_no_Krynn> 30 to parry.
[17:00] <GM_Erik> or you can succeed
[17:00] <Sir_Arik> heh... good one Mike
[17:00] <Mika_no_Krynn> Forgot about Auto Parry...
[17:00] <GM_Erik> Rob, what do you do?
[17:00] <Sir_Arik> hmmm
[17:00] <GM_Erik> only two there.
[17:01] <Sir_Arik> I will strike the baddy..... nat 20....
[17:01] <Sir_Arik> now... do I do double str and weapon? or just weapon?
[17:01] * Tibor is looking for another wolfie to hack
[17:02] <GM_Erik> we'll say just the weapon, since for SDC weapons only the weapon is doubled.
[17:02] <GM_Erik> no, wait, all of it.
[17:02] <Sir_Arik> ok... then 122 dmg
[17:02] <GM_Erik> SDC weapons are different, because its just the strength bonus.
[17:02] <GM_Erik> doesn't matter, he can't defend that anyway.
[17:04] <GM_Erik> what now?
[17:04] <Sir_Arik> ok.... now do I have auto parry?
[17:05] <Sir_Arik> and is there anymore baddies?
[17:05] <GM_Erik> yeah, you have auto parry.
[17:05] <GM_Erik> no, there's no more, he ran away.
[17:05] <Sir_Arik> kewl...
[17:06] <Sir_Arik> do werewolves revert to there natural human forms in death?
[17:07] <GM_Erik> um, no, and their natural forms are the were-creature form.
[17:07] <GM_Erik> THey stay however they were when they died.
[17:07] <Sir_Arik> ok
[17:08] <GM_Erik> roll track animals
[17:08] <Sir_Arik> can I track them back to the source?
[17:09] <Sir_Arik> ok will just plain track work?
[17:09] <Sir_Arik> rolled 11 of 50
[17:09] <GM_Erik> you can roll track, but its for humanoids, It'll be a hard roll since there's lots of vegetation.
[17:09] <GM_Erik> oh, ok, hmm.
[17:10] <GM_Erik> Stan roll too.
[17:10] <Tibor> 28/70 also have track by smell...
[17:10] <Mika_no_Krynn> Why doesn't Daniel just sniff them out?
[17:10] <GM_Erik> oh, turns out tracking now DOES work for animals too.
[17:11] <Tibor> 32/52 for track by smell...
[17:11] <Sir_Arik> heh... wicked!
[17:13] <Mika_no_Krynn> The MDC bikini is the same as those worn by the Blind Warrior chicks... it is just a bit tight on Mika cuz she is tall than them.
[17:15] <GM_Erik> ok, make some more tracking rolls, got to keep making them.
[17:16] <Mika_no_Krynn> I take it I regen the wounds?
[17:16] <Mika_no_Krynn> Daniel can help with Tracking too  79% to track by smell.
[17:16] <GM_Erik> yeah, I got it.
[17:16] <GM_Erik> yeah, you can, I don't think you took much?
[17:16] <Sir_Arik> ok 54 of 50 failed :P
[17:17] <GM_Erik> Daniel succeeds, how about Tibor?
[17:17] <Tibor> 45/70 track, 17/52 scent
[17:18] <GM_Erik> ok, everybody roll again
[17:18] <Sir_Arik> 45 of 50
[17:19] <Tibor> 80/70 track, 35/52 track by scent...
[17:19] <GM_Erik> again
[17:19] <GM_Erik> (you have to do it every 40 yards)
[17:20] <Tibor> 92/70 track, 43/52 scent
[17:20] <Sir_Arik> 77 of 50
[17:21] <Mika_no_Krynn> If you guys have trouble I can help too... I have 84% Tracking... but you guys seem to be doing fine.
[17:21] <GM_Erik> jeez..
[17:21] <Mika_no_Krynn> hehehe
[17:21] <Sir_Arik> show-off ;)
[17:21] <GM_Erik> again
[17:21] <Sir_Arik> ok 20/50
[17:21] <Tibor> 35/70, 21/50
[17:22] <Mika_no_Krynn> It's what I do... track down stuff.
[17:22] <GM_Erik> ok, you're doing so well we'll say you manage.
[17:22] <Tibor> but we aren't looking for clothing merchants...
[17:22] <Sir_Arik> heh
[17:28] <Mika_no_Krynn> I'm going to cast Invis Superior and move into the village.  Just take my sword and deflector bracers.
[17:29] <GM_Erik> k
[17:30] <GM_Erik> what do you do in the village?
[17:30] <Mika_no_Krynn> I want to sneak up to the hut and start with an Object Read.
[17:31] <GM_Erik> roll prowl
[17:31] <Mika_no_Krynn> 39 of 89.
[17:32] <Mika_no_Krynn> I still have a feeling that Katrina is there?  It is infinite duration as long as I'm within range 11miles.
[17:32] <GM_Erik> yes, you still sense she's there.
[17:32] <Mika_no_Krynn> kewl
[17:32] <GM_Erik> where do you go on the hut?
[17:32] <Mika_no_Krynn> The side wall at first.
[17:32] <GM_Erik> ok, do it.
[17:33] <GM_Erik> roll prowl Rob
[17:33] <Mika_no_Krynn> OK.. I do it.
[17:34] <GM_Erik> roll % thrice Mike
[17:34] <Mika_no_Krynn> 49, 58, and 17
[17:35] <Mika_no_Krynn> I want to see the present too.
[17:35] <Sir_Arik> sorry... 28 of 75 Erik
[17:35] <GM_Erik> that's part of it.
[17:35] <GM_Erik> thanks rob
[17:36] <GM_Erik> still typing
[17:37] <GM_Erik> more
[17:37] <Mika_no_Krynn> looking grim.
[17:38] <GM_Erik> that's it
[17:41] <Mika_no_Krynn> I'll move back out to join the group.  Then I'll put on all my crap.
[17:41] <GM_Erik> k
[17:43] <Mika_no_Krynn> I knew it!
[17:43] <Mika_no_Krynn> Damn that guy.
[17:43] <GM_Erik> Remember, he can hear you breathe.
[17:44] <Tibor> what the hell is daniel that he has such a good nose?
[17:44] <Mika_no_Krynn> Remember that Fox stuff?
[17:44] <Tibor> kinda
[17:44] <Sir_Arik> I have about 25 ppe left
[17:44] <Tibor> has all of 11...
[17:45] <Mika_no_Krynn> I can take up to 75% right?
[17:45] <GM_Erik> 70%, of their base.
[17:46] <Tibor> jessica doesn'thave an opinion cuz she's npc!
[17:47] <GM_Erik> just thought I'd throw in what Gabe might say. ;;-)
[17:48] <Mika_no_Krynn> They are those 100MDC 3/day ones Rob.
[17:48] <Sir_Arik> do I get to keep it? or just on loan?
[17:49] <Mika_no_Krynn> Keep it, we got lots.
[17:50] <GM_Erik> He's only got 12, right?
[17:50] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yep... so another 8.
[17:51] <Tibor> you get what 7 from me?
[17:51] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yep.
[17:52] <Sir_Arik> and about 20 from me
[17:53] <Mika_no_Krynn> Party time?
[17:54] <Tibor> looks up prowl skill...
[17:54] <Sir_Arik> ok ready to go
[17:55] <GM_Erik> roll some prowls
[17:55] <Mika_no_Krynn> 27 or 89
[17:55] <Sir_Arik> 11 of 75 for prowl
[17:55] <GM_Erik> lucky daniel has good prowl.
[17:55] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yep.
[17:55] <GM_Erik> roll it Tibor
[17:55] <Tibor> k
[17:56] <Tibor> 28/30
[17:56] <GM_Erik> ok, you manage to sneak around without being spotted.
[17:57] <GM_Erik> What now?
[17:58] <Mika_no_Krynn> How many people?
[17:58] <GM_Erik> pairs walking around.
[18:01] <GM_Erik> roll prowl
[18:02] <Mika_no_Krynn> 17 of 89!
[18:02] <GM_Erik> ok.
[18:02] <Mika_no_Krynn> I want to try to enter I guess.
[18:04] <Sir_Arik> I am still trying to move stealthily
[18:05] <Sir_Arik> 34 of 75 for prowl
[18:05] <GM_Erik> roll prowl
[18:05] <GM_Erik> k
[18:05] <GM_Erik> you too Stan
[18:06] <Tibor> lucky! 24/30
[18:07] <Sir_Arik> man I really need a normal magic sword ;)
[18:08] <Sir_Arik> how close are tibor and myself to the hut?
[18:08] <GM_Erik> You're going in>
[18:08] <GM_Erik> ?
[18:08] <Mika_no_Krynn> Well, I'll try.
[18:09] <Mika_no_Krynn> Like is it dark or am I blind?
[18:09] <GM_Erik> you can't see anything.
[18:10] <GM_Erik> make a balance roll
[18:10] <Mika_no_Krynn> 79 of 98.
[18:11] <Mika_no_Krynn> I want to activate Intuitive Combat.
[18:12] <GM_Erik> ok, you sit down and meditate for it.
[18:12] <Mika_no_Krynn> yep
[18:12] <GM_Erik> ok.
[18:12] <GM_Erik> when you get to a certain degree of proximity, the guards will see you.
[18:12] <GM_Erik> probably
[18:12] <Sir_Arik> I understand.... I will cross that bridge when I get there
[18:13] <GM_Erik> what now?
[18:13] <Mika_no_Krynn> Am I still meditating?
[18:13] <GM_Erik> you're within initial striking distance for a 'suprise' attack
[18:13] <Sir_Arik> damn.... wish I could cast magic ;)
[18:14] <GM_Erik> no, you're done, the psionic ability has helped a bit
[18:14] <Sir_Arik> ok I will tackle them all to the ground if I can.... or 2 and let Tibor get the other 2
[18:14] <GM_Erik> how about 1 for each person?  or are only two going forward?
[18:14] <Tibor> what kind of guards?
[18:14] <Sir_Arik> plus I am pulling my punch cuz I don't know what they are exactly
[18:15] <GM_Erik> guys with guns
[18:15] <Mika_no_Krynn> I want to get up and move to where I can feel Katrina since I can pinpoint her exact location.
[18:15] <GM_Erik> ok, one sec
[18:15] <Sir_Arik> non-squishies?
[18:15] <Mika_no_Krynn> Blast their guns with your's.
[18:16] <GM_Erik> how many people are moving up?
[18:16] <Mika_no_Krynn> Disarm them.
[18:16] <Mika_no_Krynn> Daniel for sure right?
[18:16] <Sir_Arik> all of us
[18:16] <GM_Erik> 5 then
[18:16] <GM_Erik> they look like normal people.
[18:16] <Sir_Arik> ok.... they wearing armor?
[18:17] <GM_Erik> yes
[18:17] <Sir_Arik> hmmm ok just a normal strike.... with my fist
[18:17] <Tibor> how close are they?
[18:18] <GM_Erik> close enough to strike them however you want.
[18:18] <GM_Erik> roll your attack and tell me the damage.
[18:18] <GM_Erik> and the type of attack
[18:19] <Tibor> going for disarm...
[18:19] <Tibor> with sword
[18:19] <Tibor> 19 nat, 23 total
[18:20] <Sir_Arik> disarm as well with my hand.... 19 total
[18:20] <Mika_no_Krynn> Once inside the hut I want to try to communicate telepathically with Katrina.
[18:23] <GM_Erik> what do you guys do Stan and Rob?
[18:24] <Sir_Arik> I grapple my guard and incapcitate him/her
[18:25] <Sir_Arik> 26 for initiative
[18:25] * Tibor will keep trying to disarm guards
[18:25] <GM_Erik> they aren't armed, but they are attacking you.
[18:26] <GM_Erik> roll init Stan
[18:26] <Tibor> 13
[18:27] <GM_Erik> each person gets attacked once.
[18:27] <GM_Erik> rob goes first
[18:27] <Sir_Arik> does that mean they go before me? or do I get to attack
[18:28] <GM_Erik> you go first
[18:28] <Sir_Arik> ok nat 18 to hit .... 25 for my grapple
[18:29] <GM_Erik> Tibor's getting attacked
[18:30] <Tibor> will try to parry
[18:30] <GM_Erik> roll it
[18:30] <Tibor> 18 total
[18:31] <GM_Erik> OK, tibor attacks twice, arik attacks once more
[18:31] <Tibor> these guys have armour right?
[18:31] <GM_Erik> partial armor
[18:32] <Mika_no_Krynn> If you hit their head... chances are they'll die.  They are either super SDC or really minor MDC dudes.
[18:32] <Tibor> crap
[18:33] * Tibor wants to be non-lethal
[18:33] <Sir_Arik> ok.... I hold my opponent with one hand and grab his belt to tie him up with
[18:33] <Mika_no_Krynn> Oh, they are quite strong too.
[18:33] <Sir_Arik> heh... not as strong as me
[18:33] <Mika_no_Krynn> Very few things are.
[18:33] <GM_Erik> he's not wearing a belt, sorry.
[18:34] <GM_Erik> just crude clothes and some strap on partial armor over them,
[18:34] <Sir_Arik> can I use his armor to tie him up?
[18:34] * Tibor wants to try and trip up one of them
[18:35] <Sir_Arik> or can I hit him just hard enough to knock him out?
[18:35] <GM_Erik> you'd have to break it off first.
[18:35] <GM_Erik> or you can try to knock him out
[18:35] <Mika_no_Krynn> Attempt a KO.
[18:35] <GM_Erik> you can try to trip him if you want
[18:35] * Tibor going for a knockout
[18:35] <Sir_Arik> ok I will try to knock him out
[18:35] <GM_Erik> whatever you're going to do, roll it.
[18:36] <Tibor> 18 total
[18:36] <Sir_Arik> ok 22 to hit to ko the guy.... 15 natural
[18:36] <Tibor> 16 nat
[18:36] <GM_Erik> well that's not good enough for a KO
[18:36] <GM_Erik> roll punch damage
[18:37] <GM_Erik> and if you pulled it roll for that first
[18:37] <Sir_Arik> ok.... 15 to pull punch
[18:38] <GM_Erik> ok, roll damage, and pulled punches get to pretty much decide their own damage
[18:38] <Sir_Arik> ok.... I just want to do enough to knock him out
[18:39] <GM_Erik> you won't be able to knock him out, you failed that roll.
[18:39] <Sir_Arik> hmmm
[18:39] <Sir_Arik> ok then I do 25 sdc
[18:39] <GM_Erik> ok
[18:40] <GM_Erik> Tibor, again
[18:40] <Mika_no_Krynn> They're minor MDC beings... so stop being weenies...
[18:40] <Tibor> going for a ko...8 total...
[18:41] <GM_Erik> ok, Rob your turn
[18:41] <Mika_no_Krynn> If you don't want them to die just break a leg or something... won't be fighting then.
[18:41] <Sir_Arik> ok going for KO again 17 nat..... 24 total
[18:42] <Sir_Arik> they may die of the shock
[18:42] <Tibor> will start hacking legs next...
[18:42] <Sir_Arik> and 22 to pull punch
[18:42] <Mika_no_Krynn> Remember they are MDC beings... so they probably have around 30 MDC, if you do 20 to the leg it won't matter.
[18:42] <GM_Erik> Stan roll perception
[18:43] <Sir_Arik> how do you know they are MDC creatures Mike?
[18:43] <Tibor> 13 per
[18:43] <Mika_no_Krynn> Cuz you're attack did nothing... it was SDC.
[18:43] <Sir_Arik> did I hit there armor Erik?
[18:43] <GM_Erik> You hit Rob, how much damage?
[18:43] <Mika_no_Krynn> When I attacked previously I could tell they were tough, but my attack did more dmg than they had MDC.
[18:44] <Sir_Arik> On my last attack Erik did I hit the guys armor?
[18:44] <Sir_Arik> or did I hit an unarmored part?
[18:44] <GM_Erik> you hit his head if you were trying for a KO
[18:44] <Sir_Arik> hmmm
[18:44] <Sir_Arik> ok I will do normal damage
[18:44] <GM_Erik> roll it
[18:45] <Sir_Arik> 30 MD
[18:45] <Sir_Arik> just using my fist
[18:46] <GM_Erik> Stan, roll defense
[18:46] <Tibor> 12 parry
[18:46] <Sir_Arik> ouch
[18:47] <Mika_no_Krynn> At least you didn't send his head flying like I did.
[18:48] <Sir_Arik> still it sux when something like that happens
[18:48] <GM_Erik> Stan can attack
[18:48] <Tibor> will try to blunt attack with sword...
[18:49] <Sir_Arik> can I move upto the door?
[18:49] <Tibor> nat 20! lol! what does blunt do for damage any?
[18:49] <Mika_no_Krynn> Well, he's KO'ed now.
[18:49] <GM_Erik> true enough, hitting with that sword
[18:51] <Mika_no_Krynn> Nice work... 2 down.  How is everyone else faring?
[18:51] <GM_Erik> two guys left still fighting Gar and Daniel and Jessica
[18:51] <GM_Erik> what now?
[18:51] <Tibor> will help out dan and jess...
[18:51] <Sir_Arik> ok I will go to help Mika then
[18:51] <GM_Erik> roll an attack, each of you.
[18:52] <Mika_no_Krynn> Kill the door!
[18:52] <Sir_Arik> yee ha!
[18:52] <Sir_Arik> nat 18... 27 to hit 80 damage
[18:52] <GM_Erik> roll up stan, for what you're gonna do
[18:52] <GM_Erik> are you attacking the door?
[18:53] <Tibor> yes
[18:53] <Mika_no_Krynn> I was kidding...
[18:53] <Tibor> 8, 11 total
[18:53] <Tibor> lol!
[18:53] <GM_Erik> I mean Arik, he rolled.
[18:53] <Sir_Arik> well.... you said to roll attack so I did.... otherwise I would just go thru the door way
[18:53] <GM_Erik> What's Tibor doing?
[18:53] <GM_Erik> how much damage?
[18:53] <Sir_Arik> so did I go through the doorway?
[18:54] <Mika_no_Krynn> You either did or it's toast.
[18:54] <GM_Erik> Hey Stan-o
[18:54] <Sir_Arik> heh
[18:54] <Tibor> 11 strike...24 damage
[18:54] <GM_Erik> with the sword?
[18:54] <Tibor> dropped my dice...yes
[18:55] <Mika_no_Krynn> shitty.
[18:56] <Sir_Arik> hmmm
[18:56] <Sir_Arik> can I use see invis?
[18:56] <GM_Erik> It doesn't work.
[18:56] <Sir_Arik> sense evil?
[18:57] <GM_Erik> It works, quite well
[18:57] <Sir_Arik> ok I turn it on.... what does it tell me?
[18:57] <GM_Erik> Tibor, roll attack again
[18:57] <Mika_no_Krynn> Just don't let is swallow your soul.
[18:57] <Sir_Arik> oh great.... it actually can pinpoint evil you know.... ;)
[18:57] <Sir_Arik> heh.... swallow....
[18:57] *** LazyJai has joined #riftsooc5
[18:57] <LazyJai> still playingt?
[18:58] <Mika_no_Krynn> big action now.
[18:58] <LazyJai> koo
[18:58] <Tibor> 20! nat! lol!
[18:58] <LazyJai> found a demon?
[18:58] <Tibor> whats going on...
[18:58] <Mika_no_Krynn> Worse... the hut of doom.
[18:58] <LazyJai> oh
[18:58] <LazyJai> hahah
[18:58] <LazyJai> Stan, rolling N20's like crazy again?
[18:58] <Tibor> 24 on dice...thats 2 crits right?
[18:58] <GM_Erik> It can pinpoint it, and you feel it everywhere at the moment, including the air you breathe
[18:59] *** LazyJai has left #riftsooc5
[18:59] <Sir_Arik> hmmm not good
[18:59] <Mika_no_Krynn> W're deep in the evil now.
[18:59] <GM_Erik> ok, what now?
GM Erik
 GM, 20 posts
Sun 11 Oct 2015
at 17:30
Horsemen of the Apocalypse 1 - OOC Chat logs
[19:00] <Mika_no_Krynn> Proceed into the building to look for Katrina.
[19:00] <Mika_no_Krynn> What does my sense tell me?
[19:00] <Sir_Arik> I will leave the hut realizing I can do nothing in it
[19:00] <GM_Erik> ok, roll balance
[19:00] <Sir_Arik> who me?
[19:01] <GM_Erik> yeah
[19:01] <Mika_no_Krynn> Is she behind the doorway?
[19:01] <Sir_Arik> ok.... I rolled 33 of 98
[19:01] <GM_Erik> ok
[19:02] <GM_Erik> Katrina or the woman Mike?
[19:02] <GM_Erik> Stan: roll perception
[19:02] <Mika_no_Krynn> Katrina... and the woman I guess.
[19:02] <GM_Erik> THey both seem like they're in the room
[19:02] <Tibor> 7
[19:03] <GM_Erik> ok.
[19:03] <Mika_no_Krynn> In the room beyond the door?
[19:03] <GM_Erik> Rob: Are you wearing a helmet?
[19:03] <GM_Erik> yes Mike
[19:03] <Mika_no_Krynn> I'll bash open the door.
[19:03] <GM_Erik> its open, you're in a doorway
[19:03] <Mika_no_Krynn> Oh, I walk through.
[19:03] <GM_Erik> save vs magic
[19:04] <Mika_no_Krynn> 18
[19:04] <GM_Erik> Rob?
[19:04] <Sir_Arik> sorry... had to get the door.
[19:04] <Sir_Arik> yes I am wearing a helmet
[19:06] <Mika_no_Krynn> Continue moving towards Katrina's signal.
[19:06] <Mika_no_Krynn> Sixth Sense?
[19:06] <GM_Erik> kindof like Muds when you can't see, huh?
[19:06] <GM_Erik> Yes, it goes off.
[19:06] <Mika_no_Krynn> Kewl.  I'll defend.
[19:07] <GM_Erik> remember the penalty.
[19:07] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yep.  Can I simul parry and attack?
[19:07] <GM_Erik> you can try.
[19:08] <Sir_Arik> am I still blinded?
[19:08] <GM_Erik> yes
[19:08] <Mika_no_Krynn> Ok...15 to parry and 27 to hit for 34 dmg.
[19:09] <GM_Erik> save vs poison
[19:09] <Mika_no_Krynn> This is gonna be  slug match.
[19:09] <Mika_no_Krynn> 17
[19:09] <GM_Erik> ok
[19:09] <Mika_no_Krynn> I have my Talisman up remember?
[19:09] <GM_Erik> that's fine.
[19:09] <Mika_no_Krynn> damage?
[19:10] <GM_Erik> nothing
[19:10] <Mika_no_Krynn> oh...ok.
[19:11] <Mika_no_Krynn> Where's the voice coming from?
[19:11] <GM_Erik> its hard to pinpoint, only as well as a roll you might make would allow.
[19:12] <GM_Erik> roll save again
[19:12] <GM_Erik> sorry, vs magic
[19:12] <GM_Erik> roll per Stan
[19:12] <Mika_no_Krynn> 22
[19:12] <GM_Erik> k
[19:12] <Tibor> 19
[19:13] <Mika_no_Krynn> I want to move to Katrina and get her.
[19:13] <GM_Erik> ok
[19:13] <GM_Erik> someone tries to trip you
[19:13] <Mika_no_Krynn> parry?
[19:13] <GM_Erik> or dodge
[19:14] <Mika_no_Krynn> dodge... 21
[19:14] <GM_Erik> roll again
[19:14] <Mika_no_Krynn> dodge?
[19:14] <GM_Erik> for same thing
[19:14] <Mika_no_Krynn> natural 20
[19:14] <GM_Erik> ok, wow.
[19:14] <Mika_no_Krynn> Lucky!
[19:15] <Mika_no_Krynn> It's like the 2nd time I've ever used that power.
[19:15] <Sir_Arik> heh.... it is totally kewl and helpful.
[19:15] <Sir_Arik> when you can use it
[19:15] <Mika_no_Krynn> I'll pick up Katrina.
[19:16] <GM_Erik> you're being attacked again
[19:17] <Mika_no_Krynn> Parry... 18
[19:17] <GM_Erik> you do so
[19:17] <Mika_no_Krynn> counter strike.
[19:17] <GM_Erik> ok, try it
[19:17] <Mika_no_Krynn> 21 to hit 37dmg
[19:17] <GM_Erik> sword?
[19:18] <Mika_no_Krynn> yep.
[19:19] <GM_Erik> Stan and Rob, roll perception
[19:19] <Sir_Arik> ok 21
[19:19] <Mika_no_Krynn> I want to cast 2nd Sight so I can see through Katrina's eyes.
[19:19] <Tibor> 18...too bad im not striking
[19:20] <Mika_no_Krynn> Probably a medusa.
[19:20] <Sir_Arik> we would be turned to stone by now....
[19:21] <Mika_no_Krynn> Maybe it's special.  Plus I can't see it.
[19:21] <Sir_Arik> remember I have sense evil on Erik
[19:21] <Tibor> does it turn my sword black?
[19:21] <Mika_no_Krynn> Remember I telepathically told you dudes something may be coming.
[19:21] <GM_Erik> nope
[19:22] <Sir_Arik> no evil from the dog?
[19:22] <GM_Erik> nope
[19:22] <Sir_Arik> ok....
[19:22] <GM_Erik> Sense Evil is for supernatual evil, and Stan's sword does the same
[19:23] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah!
[19:23] <GM_Erik> From her perspective
[19:23] <Mika_no_Krynn> With the spell or otherwise?
[19:23] <GM_Erik> roll perception Mike
[19:23] <Mika_no_Krynn> 13
[19:24] <Sir_Arik> hmmm
[19:28] <GM_Erik> nice try Rob. ;;-)
[19:28] <Mika_no_Krynn> nice!
[19:28] <Mika_no_Krynn> He's kewl...
[19:30] <Sir_Arik> wha? you know... like ray charles or stevie wonder does ;)
[19:30] <GM_Erik> yeah, I know. ::-)
[19:31] <Sir_Arik> heh...
[19:32] <GM_Erik> Heh, if Katrina nodded you wouldn't be able to see it.
[19:34] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yep. Once I'm out of the hut I want to splash some water on my eyes.
[19:35] <GM_Erik> ok, what water?
[19:35] <Mika_no_Krynn> The water in my canteen.
[19:35] <GM_Erik> ok
[19:38] <Sir_Arik> witch?
[19:38] <Mika_no_Krynn> Just a figure of speach.
[19:38] <Mika_no_Krynn> speech.
[19:39] <Mika_no_Krynn> She was something weird.
[19:39] <GM_Erik> What now?
[19:39] <Sir_Arik> was going to say.... witches are supernatural evil....
[19:40] <GM_Erik> some witches are..
[19:40] <Sir_Arik> any who make a pact with a greater force are
[19:40] <Mika_no_Krynn> The Rifts versoin of "Rita" MacIntyre.
[19:41] <Mika_no_Krynn> Or Rita McNeil
[19:41] <GM_Erik> like I said, some witches are...
[19:41] <Tibor> lol!
[19:41] <Mika_no_Krynn> Hope Biggs and Wedge made it out.
[19:42] <GM_Erik> nah, they died.
[19:42] <Mika_no_Krynn> Damn.
[19:43] <Sir_Arik> phhhht.... Wedge had to have made it.... he leads Rogue Squadron
[19:44] <GM_Erik> Nah, they left to the Phoenix empire because they're rogues.
[19:44] <GM_Erik> They're all dead..
[19:53] <GM_Erik> Sure, just order Daniel to do everything.
[19:53] <Mika_no_Krynn> Poor guy...
[19:53] <GM_Erik> He's listening with interest too you know. ;;-)
[19:53] <Tibor> thats what npcs are for...
[19:54] <Tibor> i'm going to have to go soon here by the way...
[19:54] <GM_Erik> how about we break it off here then?
[19:54] <Mika_no_Krynn> I'll grab one of the magical thingies from the hut and try Locate Mark 5 times.
[19:55] <Mika_no_Krynn> Ok.
[19:55] <Mika_no_Krynn> So what is the plan for next week then?
[19:55] <GM_Erik> Jacol will recommend against damaging the hut in any way.
[19:55] <Mika_no_Krynn> Fine.
[19:55] <GM_Erik> YOu know, next weekend I'll be gone.
[19:56] <Mika_no_Krynn> Oh, ok.
[19:56] <Sir_Arik> oh? where too?
[19:56] <Tibor> so when is next one?
[19:56] <GM_Erik> Staying at small cabin with tons of people off in some nowhere's ville south of Glacier.
[19:56] <Sir_Arik> kewl
[19:56] <GM_Erik> Will 2 weeks be OK?
[19:56] <Mika_no_Krynn> I guess.
[19:57] * Tibor will be gone at the beg of mar...maybe
[19:57] <Mika_no_Krynn> Sunday or Saturday?
[19:57] <Tibor> whatever works
[19:57] <GM_Erik> I would prefer Sunday afternoon
[19:57] <Mika_no_Krynn> OK with me so far.
[19:57] <Sir_Arik> I don't see a problem.... just want to let everyone know that I am gone most of April and one weekend for sure in March
[19:57] <Sir_Arik> Plus more this summer
[19:57] <Tibor> k
[19:58] <Sir_Arik> but I will be able to fill that in a little later
[19:58] <GM_Erik> wow, that's a long time to be gone.
[19:58] <Mika_no_Krynn> Well this summer will be quite different for everyone to be sure.
[19:58] <GM_Erik> Maybe we'll have to finish this story arc before you go then.
[19:58] <Sir_Arik> mostly cuz of me being in the military
[19:58] <Mika_no_Krynn> I may be going back to Japan come end of July.
[19:58] <GM_Erik> Oh yeah, I wanted to throw something else out.
[19:58] <Sir_Arik> heh... and I am gone to Bosnia again end of September
[19:58] <GM_Erik> Once we finish this story arc (and this horseman), you guys want to try another game for a bit?>
[19:59] <Tibor> what unit you with arik?
[19:59] <Mika_no_Krynn> We could.
[19:59] <GM_Erik> I wanted to take a break after it.
[19:59] <Tibor> ok
[19:59] <Mika_no_Krynn> What game?
[19:59] <Sir_Arik> heh... call me Robin, Stan and I am with LdSH(RC)
[19:59] <Sir_Arik> oh? what game
[19:59] <GM_Erik> Well, I'd prefer another Palladium game
[19:59] <Mika_no_Krynn> You think we'll be able to finish this one fast enough?
[19:59] <GM_Erik> I was wondering if you'd like to try to new After the Bomb.
[19:59] <Tibor> ok
[20:00] <Mika_no_Krynn> Works with me.
[20:00] <Sir_Arik> do you mean for us to finish the whole horseman thingy?
[20:00] <GM_Erik> Yeah, just the next horsemen, I think not too many adventures before we get to him.
[20:00] <Tibor> whatever
[20:00] <Mika_no_Krynn> You're the only one with a book though.
[20:00] <Sir_Arik> ahh
[20:00] <Sir_Arik> ok
[20:00] <GM_Erik> I know, I'll have to scan some stuff, but its only one book.
[20:00] <GM_Erik> So its not nearly as complicated.
[20:00] <Sir_Arik> well I could do the after the bomb thing if you want, sounds pretty neat.... just like playing the TMNT stuff again
[20:00] <Mika_no_Krynn> I could go and get the book but I need a job first.
[20:00] <Tibor> so two weeks?
[20:01] <Sir_Arik> heh... 2 weeks is good for me
[20:01] <Mika_no_Krynn> If weekends are going to be bad for people what about week nights?
[20:01] <GM_Erik> two weeks, tentatively around 1:30?
[20:01] * Tibor heading to washroom
[20:01] <Mika_no_Krynn> sure.
[20:01] <Sir_Arik> you with KoCR Stan?
[20:01] <Mika_no_Krynn> Oh, Stan Debbie wanted to know about seeing a movie tomorrow night?
[20:01] <Tibor> oh no, some friends used to be reserve though
[20:02] <Sir_Arik> 1330 hrs works for me
[20:02] <GM_Erik> So, how much of a menace is a Horseman?
[20:02] <Tibor> sun?
[20:02] <Sir_Arik> ahhh... I am reg force
[20:02] <Tibor> maybe
[20:02] <Sir_Arik> really HIGH
[20:02] <Mika_no_Krynn> Brett is back on the 4th.
[20:02] <Sir_Arik> like threat rating of ohhh 1000000
[20:02] <Mika_no_Krynn> Just got an email from him
[20:02] <Sir_Arik> kewl
[20:02] <GM_Erik> well, having him around will make it easier, now won't it.
[20:02] <Mika_no_Krynn> Sunday 13:30.
[20:02] <Sir_Arik> yeah.... can he remove curses?
[20:02] <Mika_no_Krynn> +2weeks.
[20:03] <Sir_Arik> 4th of Feb?
[20:03] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yep.
[20:03] <GM_Erik> Hmm, I don't know if he can. ;;-)
[20:03] <Sir_Arik> wow... didn't think he was getting back so soon
[20:04] <GM_Erik> hmm, 20,000 left for Stan, 17000 for Rob, and 23,000 for Mike to go up a level.
[20:04] <Sir_Arik> heh.... gonna be a while ;)
[20:04] <GM_Erik> that's what happens.
[20:05] <Mika_no_Krynn> This blindness ain't gonna help either.
[20:05] <GM_Erik> Although Its kindof neat to think that characters might hit tenth level w/o being part of some crazy hack group.
[20:05] <GM_Erik> yeah, I'd suggest fixing the blindness.  The guy will tell you its permanent otherwise.
[20:05] <Sir_Arik> no... blindness is going to be ruff.... unless we fight some supernatural evil.... cuz then I can use sense evil or sense magic
[20:05] <Mika_no_Krynn> That's priority one for me now.
[20:06] <Sir_Arik> yeah me too.... not much use being a warrior if you cannot see to hit things
[20:06] <GM_Erik> well, its bad news in Africa.
[20:06] <GM_Erik> Its a 300 PPE spell
[20:06] <Sir_Arik> hmmm I am going to find a cleric of Lathander to heal my blindness.... just goto the nearest temple
[20:06] <GM_Erik> The book actually calls it a Super-Curse.
[20:06] <Mika_no_Krynn> Great...
[20:07] <Sir_Arik> wow.... well I guess it makes sense.... we are getting up there in levels.
[20:07] <GM_Erik> how was it having to deal with normal dudes?
[20:07] <Mika_no_Krynn> Easy...
[20:07] <Mika_no_Krynn> Fast.
[20:07] <Mika_no_Krynn> Except for the blindness bit.
[20:08] <GM_Erik> I meant when the villagers stood in your way.  Normal guys not so easy to cut down, huh.
[20:08] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yep... you're lucky we're not more bad-ass.
[20:08] <GM_Erik> I count on it.
[20:09] <Sir_Arik> well... I just tried to take it easy.... I remember when Sophes accidently killed that guy by backhanding him with a restrained punch
[20:09] <Mika_no_Krynn> Man my characters are getting screwed over in every game recently.
[20:09] <Mika_no_Krynn> I remember that...
[20:09] <GM_Erik> sorry, is it as bad as Deb's game though?
[20:09] <Sir_Arik> If I had gone all out... I would have killed more of them faster
[20:09] <GM_Erik> Or does knowing how I GM make it better?
[20:09] <Mika_no_Krynn> Well more so in terms of game effectiveness... in Deb's game my character got anally gang raped...
[20:10] <GM_Erik> Yeah Rob, its hard when you don't know.
[20:10] <GM_Erik> se did that to your character too?
[20:10] <GM_Erik> god...
[20:10] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yep, and Cameo... and almost Adathar.
[20:10] <Sir_Arik> heh.... this will be kinda kewl.... had a Dwarven fighter in D&D that went thru 6 levels having to use a cursed weapon cuz no one could remove it :P
[20:10] <GM_Erik> heh
[20:10] <GM_Erik> I don't think we'll wait until you're level 13 though.
[20:10] <GM_Erik> or 12, or whatever.
[20:11] <Sir_Arik> wha? what is se Erik?
[20:11] <GM_Erik> she
[20:11] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah... get rid of this now... it's gonna be tough though, not being able so see.
[20:11] <Sir_Arik> ahhh
[20:11] <GM_Erik> you know how long it would take you guys to go up 6 levels?
[20:11] <Mika_no_Krynn> I don't like to think about it.
[20:11] <Sir_Arik> yep... forever....
[20:12] <Sir_Arik> but in D&D it is different, but having a cursed weapon was kinda neat.... forced me to think alot... especially since I wasn't skilled in the use of the weapon
[20:12] <Sir_Arik> so I had a really hard time hitting things ;)
[20:12] <GM_Erik> heh heh, sounds like D&D I've played anyway.
[20:13] <Tibor> ok gotta go
[20:13] <GM_Erik> later Stan
[20:13] <Sir_Arik> catch ya later Stan
[20:13] <Mika_no_Krynn> Movie tomorrow?
[20:13] <Tibor> think so in evening anway
[20:13] <Mika_no_Krynn> Kewl... talk to you then.
[20:13] <Sir_Arik> you guys have to see the Count of Monte Cristo.... it roxsorz!
[20:13] <GM_Erik> roxsorz?
[20:13] <GM_Erik> I get the rox part...
[20:14] <Sir_Arik> yeah.... roxsorz!
[20:14] <GM_Erik> ok!
[20:14] <Sir_Arik> heh... it is one of those stupid hacker words....
[20:14] <GM_Erik> ahh.
[20:15] <Sir_Arik> Erik.... I was planning on GMing an online Rifts campaign with some of my friends and my brother, and I was hoping to get some info off of you.
[20:15] <GM_Erik> ok, what type of info?
[20:15] *** Tibor has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving )
[20:15] <Sir_Arik> mostly the combat stuff.... I plan on buying the GM guide and the magic guide, but the phase things and some of the rules that you use that are different to the core rules
[20:16] <Sir_Arik> cuz your games run pretty darn smoothly and I know that using some of the rules that you do would help keep me moving along.
[20:16] <GM_Erik> ok, one sec.
[20:17] <Sir_Arik> and Mike I will try to get you my char information for the web-page
[20:17] <Mika_no_Krynn> OK, sweet.
[20:17] <Sir_Arik> I think that it is a kewl idea
[20:17] <GM_Erik> YOu ever play the old champions?
[20:17] <Sir_Arik> me? yes
[20:18] <Mika_no_Krynn> Of course he did... he played with us dude.
[20:18] <Sir_Arik> remember Shileleigh?
[20:18] <GM_Erik> Oh yeah, duh.  I modeled the phase system after that.  I made 6 phases though (to keep it simpler).
[20:18] <GM_Erik> basically, the attacks are divided up over the duration of the phase.
[20:18] <GM_Erik> I can email you the excel file
[20:18] <Mika_no_Krynn> Hey Erik can you send me the stat's on Stan's sword?
[20:18] <GM_Erik> everybody goes on the first phase.
[20:19] <GM_Erik> and the rest of the attacks are divided evenly (as possible) over the rest of the phase.
[20:19] <Sir_Arik> kewl.... works for me and I would love anything else by email like that that would help me get the game going properly
[20:19] <GM_Erik> This made it so if a guy with 8 attacked a guy with 3, the guy with 8 wouldn't have 5 remaining after the other ran out, I thought this made more sense.
[20:20] <GM_Erik> It also speeds up combat for fast guys.
[20:20] <Sir_Arik> plus after seeing how many people I can handle, I will be inviting guys who would like to play
[20:20] <Sir_Arik> like Mike and you Erik
[20:20] <GM_Erik> Mike: I'll have to find the stats Mike.
[20:20] <Mika_no_Krynn> Kewl.  OK.
[20:20] <Sir_Arik> cuz then I would have 2 people that knew the system
[20:21] <GM_Erik> I can also send you the FAQ's from the Palladium page that I decided to use.
[20:21] <GM_Erik> just notes that I made on some of them, if something doesn't make sense ignore it.
[20:21] <Sir_Arik> ok that would be great.... and if you are in the campaign you can help me out with some small messages suggesting things during game play ;)
[20:22] <Sir_Arik> or pointing out some fallacies that I might not have noticed
[20:22] <Mika_no_Krynn> And the new drinking rulz
[20:22] <Sir_Arik> drinking rulz?
[20:22] <GM_Erik> The only other thing is just getting used to dealing with intense text bombardment through the screens.
[20:22] <GM_Erik> Since you have to deal with multiple things at once.
[20:22] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yep... how much can someone drink before getting drunk and stuff.
[20:22] <Sir_Arik> heh.... yeah well that will only come with experience
[20:23] <GM_Erik> THe only rule we try to go by is rolling action and damage at the same time someone says what they want to do.
[20:23] <GM_Erik> It means the GM doesn't have to ask for a roll about a hundred times
[20:23] <GM_Erik> (which sucks online)
[20:24] <GM_Erik> oh yeah, and for the attack system, if someone goes twice in a phase, I have one set of attacks at the start of the phase, and another at the end.
[20:24] <GM_Erik> hmm, yeah.
[20:25] <GM_Erik> sound about right Mike?
[20:25] <Sir_Arik> so I have noticed
[20:25] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yep.
[20:25] <Sir_Arik> I was thinking of 2 different ideas..... starting out as Vampire hunters or starting everyone in Wormwood
[20:25] <GM_Erik> The only other thing I've done recently is just learn bonuses for guys in advance and only right out essential stats for NPC's, I just make up the rest from what I know it should be, or occasionally check with the book.
[20:25] <Mika_no_Krynn> Wormwood... I remember that place.
[20:26] <GM_Erik> Yeah, you wouldn't eat the worms.
[20:26] <Mika_no_Krynn> Nope...
[20:26] <Sir_Arik> what do you mean about the bonuses in advance?
[20:26] <GM_Erik> And they send you guys to the weird animal-ruled England.
[20:26] <GM_Erik> Oh, I just know whether they have +3 or +1 or +6 or whatever, so I can roll and not have to look it up.
[20:27] <Sir_Arik> kewl... makes sense
[20:27] <Sir_Arik> just put down stuff on a scratch pad as it were
[20:27] <GM_Erik> And with the phase system I just tell people when they get to go (based on initiative) so that I control the pace.
[20:27] <Mika_no_Krynn> That's where Mika met her hubby.
[20:27] <GM_Erik> Yeah, he was a mutant Fox.
[20:27] <GM_Erik> And, I guess, so was she.
[20:27] <Mika_no_Krynn> Still have the picture too.
[20:27] <GM_Erik> jeez.
[20:28] <Sir_Arik> yeah.... that is one thing I like about the online idea.... more control by a GM, and more true inter character role playing
[20:28] <GM_Erik> Yeah, sometimes you get a lot of time to just watch if there's lots of RP.  Then you just add flavor text.
[20:29] <GM_Erik> I don't know what came over me to get that picture Mike, maybe it was living in the Bach Pad.
[20:29] <Sir_Arik> thanks for the game though guys.... had lots of fun as usual.... even if I got blinded ;)
[20:29] <GM_Erik> Well, I won't say I didn't warn you.
[20:29] <Sir_Arik> what else could we have done Erik?
[20:29] <Sir_Arik> blow through one of the walls? and then kill the witch?
[20:30] <GM_Erik> Nah, that would have set it off too.
[20:30] <GM_Erik> There was probably other things, but they were more sneaky.
[20:30] <GM_Erik> Like getting her to capture you, or invite you in or something.
[20:30] <Sir_Arik> yeah... and I am usually not to much for the sneaky right now.... still feeling out how my char would react to those situations.
[20:31] <GM_Erik> yeah, oh well, don't worry, I always have contingencies for such things.
[20:31] <GM_Erik> besides after last time I figured it might go down the way it did.
[20:31] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah, I was thinking of getting her to invite us in... but I didn't think it would be that bad.
[20:31] <Sir_Arik> well I have to go guys.... but I know Mike and myself will be working our collective butts off to get the blindness healed ;)
[20:31] <GM_Erik> too bad too, the demigods got nailed, heh.
[20:31] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yep... for sure.
[20:32] <Mika_no_Krynn> That was dumb... should have sent Gar in.
[20:32] <GM_Erik> oh yeah, the poor NPC.
[20:32] <Mika_no_Krynn> I can always play Daniel for a while.
[20:32] <Sir_Arik> don't forget the emails please Erik
[20:32] <GM_Erik> Already sent the two I said I would.
[20:32] <Sir_Arik> heh... and I could play Gar if it came down to it
[20:32] <Sir_Arik> kewl....
[20:32] <GM_Erik> heh, I'll let you be yourselves though I think, add a little humility lesson.
[20:33] <Sir_Arik> anyway... gotta go... hope to hear from you guys before next session.
[20:33] <GM_Erik> later ROb.
[20:33] <Sir_Arik> bye
[20:33] *** Sir_Arik has left #RiftsOOC5
[20:33] <Mika_no_Krynn> Hey Erik did you ever figure out how much ISP Daniel has?
[20:33] <GM_Erik> Hey Mike, I
[20:33] <GM_Erik> Oh yeah I didi
[20:33] <GM_Erik> I left it at home though.  It was a lot, like over 100
[20:33] <Mika_no_Krynn> Jeez... that's kewl.
[20:33] <GM_Erik> yeah, well he's got 25 BIO-E worth of psi powers
[20:34] <Mika_no_Krynn> That's quite a bit.
[20:34] <GM_Erik> yeah, he was a special character.
[20:34] <GM_Erik> Like all the NPC's in the After the Bomb books, everyone's made with like 25 to 60 extra BIO-E
[20:34] <Mika_no_Krynn> Wow, he's fatigue and cold resistant too... Warrior of Valhalla.
[20:35] <GM_Erik> yeah, he's pretty effective.
[20:35] <Mika_no_Krynn> He can keep up with me now...heheh
[20:35] <GM_Erik> yup.
[20:35] <Mika_no_Krynn> Gotta get him some better swords though...
[20:35] <Mika_no_Krynn> He's so good with them, but doesn't have any kewl ones.
[20:36] <GM_Erik> Too bad he is a warrior of valhalla, otherwise he might still be in Lazlo.
[20:36] <Mika_no_Krynn> Oh well, that's what he gets for marrying Mika.
[20:36] <GM_Erik> Yup
[20:36] <GM_Erik> That's what you get for playing Demigods
[20:37] <GM_Erik> Eventually get drawn into the bigger picture.
[20:37] <Mika_no_Krynn> He could still be in England raising insects...
[20:37] <GM_Erik> and robbing rich travellers.
[20:37] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yep.
[20:37] <GM_Erik> ok, well how about I send you the logs again right after I go.
[20:37] <Mika_no_Krynn> Sure, I think I hav'em. but just in case.
[20:38] <GM_Erik> alright.  I think I may just start doing RiftsIC, etc.. w/o the numbers because I think the date stamp orders them right anyway (year before month before day)
[20:38] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah... I think it does too.
[20:38] <GM_Erik> Have you got yours set to datestamp yet?
[20:38] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yep.
[20:39] <GM_Erik> cool.
[20:39] <GM_Erik> Alright, well I think I'll go now.
[20:39] <Mika_no_Krynn> Actually I got the logs... so don't worry about it.
[20:39] <Mika_no_Krynn> Talk to you later then.
[20:39] <GM_Erik> ok, cool, save me time.
[20:39] <GM_Erik> Later
Session Close: Sat Feb 02 20:39:55 2002
GM Erik
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Horsemen of the Apocalypse 1 - OOC Chat logs
Session Start: Sun Feb 17 12:52:37 2002
[12:52] *** Now talking in #RiftsOOC
[13:17] *** Tibor has joined #riftsooc
[13:17] <Tibor> can't resolve wombat...
[13:18] <GM_Erik> no?
[13:18] <Tibor> nope
[13:19] <GM_Erik> hey, I still want a typed up character from ya.
[13:20] *** Mika_no_Krynn has joined #RiftsOOC
[13:20] <GM_Erik> Did you find Brett Mike?
[13:21] <Tibor> sheit...ok...i need to decypher my sheet anyway
[13:21] <Mika_no_Krynn> He's in the Shower now.
[13:21] <Mika_no_Krynn> Just gonna get some lunch, be back shortly.
[13:31] <GM_Erik> mm lunch
[13:40] *** Sir_Arik has joined #RiftsOOC
[13:41] <GM_Erik> oi
[13:41] <Sir_Arik> Wazzzup!!
[13:41] <GM_Erik> eating lunch ;:-)
[13:42] <GM_Erik> and waiting for Brett to get out of the shower, ah just like old time.
[13:43] <Sir_Arik> is Gabe going to be here?
[13:43] <GM_Erik> I believe so, he is at home today
[13:43] *** JessicaKnight has joined #riftsooc
[13:43] <JessicaKnight> re
[13:44] <GM_Erik> speaking of the devil
[13:44] <GM_Erik> heh
[13:44] <JessicaKnight> just finishing a quick lunch
[13:44] <Sir_Arik> yeah I will be eating and playing ;-)
[13:45] *** Vrryl has joined #riftsooc
[13:45] <Vrryl> you suck
[13:45] <Sir_Arik> who me?
[13:45] <Vrryl> you especially
[13:46] <Sir_Arik> only on Tuesdays.... otherwise I rock!
[13:46] <GM_Erik> heh heh
[13:46] <Vrryl> bah, you rock ALL the time
[13:46] *** GM_Erik sets mode: +o JessicaKnight
[13:46] *** GM_Erik sets mode: +o Mika_no_Krynn
[13:46] <Mika_no_Krynn> Wow the gang's all here.
[13:46] *** GM_Erik sets mode: +o Sir_Arik
[13:46] *** GM_Erik sets mode: +o Tibor
[13:46] *** GM_Erik sets mode: +o Vrryl
[13:47] <GM_Erik> yeah, no kidding
[13:47] <Vrryl> Erik, I couldn't find my character and Jamie's a sack of shit, and didn't have my old comp hooked up to send me a copy
[13:47] *** JessicaKnight sets mode: +ntps
[13:47] <Mika_no_Krynn> everyone on
[13:47] <GM_Erik> oh, that sucks, hmm.
[13:47] <Vrryl> So I'm going to be winging it
[13:47] <JessicaKnight>  9,1whhhhhhheeeeeeeeeeee
[13:48] <Tibor> can't get on wombat...
[13:48] <Sir_Arik> how do I get to again?
[13:48] * Vrryl steps on Jessica's head
[13:48] <JessicaKnight> type /server
[13:48] <GM_Erik> well, feel free to ask any questions about Vrryl Brett.
[13:48] <Vrryl> coo, it worked
[13:48] * JessicaKnight grabs her 22" dildo and anally rapes Vrryl
[13:48] <Vrryl> Ya, I'll be asking lots of questions...
[13:48] <Sir_Arik> ok give me a mom
[13:48] <GM_Erik> ohh.....
[13:49] <Mika_no_Krynn> You don't have a mom?
[13:49] *** Sir_Arik has quit IRC (Quit:  )
[13:49] *** Sir_Arik has joined #RiftsOOC
[13:49] * Vrryl reforms himself into a VERY large dragon, so the 22"dildo feels like a minor terd
[13:49] <JessicaKnight> hahah
[13:49] <Tibor> lol
[13:49] <JessicaKnight> smartass
[13:49] <GM_Erik> Well, I have a copy of your character when he was 4th level Brett, so at least I have some stuff.
[13:49] <Tibor> jess is one sick biatch
[13:49] <Vrryl> LOL
[13:49] <JessicaKnight> hehehehe
[13:49] <Vrryl> ah shit
[13:49] <JessicaKnight> sheat
[13:49] <Mika_no_Krynn> 4th level rocks!
[13:49] <Vrryl> fuck you all
[13:50] <Vrryl> I suck
[13:50] <Sir_Arik> hehehe
[13:50] <Mika_no_Krynn> Dude you could cast magic missile and everything!
[13:50] <Sir_Arik> now now... no need for such horrendous language
[13:50] <Vrryl> Ya, at the DARKNESS!
[13:50] *** JessicaKnight sets mode: +o Sir_Arik
[13:50] <Vrryl> always a need
[13:50] <JessicaKnight>  8,1wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
[13:50] <Tibor> brb..
[13:50] <JessicaKnight>  4,9ack
[13:51] <Mika_no_Krynn> Well at least you'll know your stats.
[13:51] <Vrryl> Wow, the WHOLE gang is here....this is truly amazing. Love modern technology
[13:51] <JessicaKnight> hah
[13:51] <GM_Erik> ok Gabe, you're gonna get whacked soon.
[13:51] <Vrryl> bah, my stats are useless
[13:51] <Mika_no_Krynn> Erik is it a digital format or an actual piece of paper?  You could email it to Brett.
[13:51] <GM_Erik> It's a photocopy.
[13:51] <Vrryl> <----figures
[13:51] <Sir_Arik> Heh.... if Sir Arik doesn't start seeing again soon Sophes might have to make a come back ;)
[13:51] <JessicaKnight> oddly enough 1/2 of the people in here are only sitting a max of 20 m apart.. and we're still using computers to communicate
[13:51] <Mika_no_Krynn> Just PP, so you could figure out your dodge/parry/strike bonuses.
[13:51] <Vrryl> Woot! Well, screw my hippy character sheet, I'll just roleplay it all out
[13:52] <GM_Erik> Well, if everybody emailed me updated character stats, we wouldn't have this problem, hmm??????? ;;-)
[13:52] <Vrryl> pfff, techinicalities
[13:52] <Mika_no_Krynn> Hey, that's the most up to date character I have.
[13:52] <Vrryl> same
[13:52] <Sir_Arik> me too me too!
[13:52] <JessicaKnight>  13,11 Shaft, he's one bad mutha.. shut yo mouth!
[13:52] <Vrryl> btw, HEY-LO ROB!!!!
[13:53] <Sir_Arik> up yers Hippy!! ;)
[13:53] <Vrryl> right, time for some tunage...this silent shit is gonna drive me nuts...or put me to sleep. Not like THAT's ever happened before
[13:53] <Sir_Arik> did you hear Brett? I am going back to Bosnia in September
[13:54] <Vrryl> shitty :(
[13:54] <Mika_no_Krynn> Oh yeah Brett, I have a list of all spells and their effects to 8th level too... I'll email you that right now.
[13:54] <Vrryl> thx
[13:54] <Vrryl> Good time to save money, I guess tho...going to bosnia
[13:54] <GM_Erik> yeah, just ask about spells Brett, cuz some of them changed a bit.
[13:55] <Mika_no_Krynn> I don't have any temporal spells of course.
[13:55] <GM_Erik> Vrryl will just have temporary amnesia.
[13:55] <Vrryl> NOOOO!!!
[13:56] <Vrryl> amnesia's a cheap man's way out
[13:56] <GM_Erik> true.
[13:56] <Vrryl> I'll play it tough
[13:56] <Sir_Arik> but you should have had your char ;)
[13:56] * Tibor found his shit
[13:56] <Mika_no_Krynn> There you go Brett.
[13:56] <Vrryl> After all, I just had  a22" dildo stuck up my ass...i can handle the lack of a character
[13:56] <GM_Erik> groan
[13:57] * Vrryl thinks tibor's a suck up
[13:57] <GM_Erik> Mike can edit some of this out before posting it right?  We don't want to put an age disclaimer on the website, do we?  heh
[13:57] <Mika_no_Krynn> 22"... that's like a short sword almost...
[13:57] <Sir_Arik> pretty darn close
[13:57] <Mika_no_Krynn> I don't post the OOC stuff... just the IC stuff.
[13:57] <GM_Erik> ah.
[13:58] <Mika_no_Krynn> OOC stuff doesn't make sense anyways.
[13:58] * Tibor thinks he wasn't paying enough atttention to be a goddamn suck up
[13:58] <Sir_Arik> no need to blaspheme
[13:58] <Vrryl> !
[13:58] <JessicaKnight> but it's funny nonetheless
[13:58] <Mika_no_Krynn> Are we ready?
[13:58] * Sir_Arik shakes his head
[13:59] <Sir_Arik> hey I am always to play a blind demi-god!
[13:59] <Vrryl> lol
[13:59] <Mika_no_Krynn> The sooner Mika isn't blind the better.
[13:59] <Vrryl> i like her this way better
[13:59] <Mika_no_Krynn> Now I can't tell if you're making funny faces at me or not.
[13:59] <Vrryl> to bad it didn't do something for her mouth tho
[13:59] <Vrryl> :(
[13:59] <Sir_Arik> heh
[13:59] <GM_Erik> heheh
[13:59] <Tibor> lol
[14:00] <Mika_no_Krynn> Just think of all the lost sexual potential though if she couldn't open her mouth... :P
[14:00] <GM_Erik> you could go find another witch, or ask her to give you another one.
[14:00] <Mika_no_Krynn> yeah, I bet witches are a dime a dozen...
[14:01] <Sir_Arik> sure.... went by at leat a good dozen on the way home
[14:01] <Sir_Arik> oh.... you said witces.... I thought you said Bitches
[14:01] <GM_Erik> sure rob
[14:01] <Mika_no_Krynn> Bitches weigh more than a duck.
[14:02] <Sir_Arik> heh... too true
[14:02] <GM_Erik> ok, before jokes along that line get full underway, is everybody ready?
[14:02] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah.
[14:02] <Sir_Arik> yep
[14:02] <Vrryl> Tibor knows ALL about bitches
[14:02] <Tibor> y
[14:02] <JessicaKnight> nope.... but what the hell
[14:02] <Vrryl> ready here, kimosabe
[14:02] <Tibor> damn right with company like this...
[14:02] <JessicaKnight> beeoytch
[14:02] <Mika_no_Krynn> He likes'em doggie style...
[14:02] <Vrryl> I hope that comment was about being ready, Tibor?
[14:03] <Vrryl> I'd hate to have to port your ass into the sun
[14:03] * Tibor is ready
[14:03] <Vrryl> Mika is ALWAYS ready, so don't have to worry about her
[14:03] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah... ready and willing.
[14:04] <Sir_Arik> just like 7-11
[14:04] <Mika_no_Krynn> I get 24 to strike, 19 with the penalty.
[14:04] <Sir_Arik> +24 to strike??????
[14:04] <Tibor> got a rule question
[14:04] <Mika_no_Krynn> Especially now that she is blind she won't be as picky.
[14:05] <Vrryl> With my shapechanging abilities, I could make it pretty dang interesting for a blind chick
[14:05] <Tibor> with martial arts...i take it any bonuses due to hand to hand do NOT transfer to a WP...only things that affect that are attributes and skill level?
[14:05] <Mika_no_Krynn> Usually people lend a hand, but we go one step further and give an eye.
[14:05] <Sir_Arik> oh... the hardships of being nigh invulnerable
[14:06] <JessicaKnight> preferably someone elses eye..
[14:06] <Mika_no_Krynn> tentacles...
[14:06] <Sir_Arik> Testicles?
[14:06] <Mika_no_Krynn> Those too.
[14:06] <JessicaKnight> BALLS!
[14:07] <Sir_Arik> damn.... this could be tough guys
[14:07] <Tibor> we just need a kinder machine gun
[14:07] <GM_Erik> Stan: Hand to Hand does apply to melee WP's not ranged.
[14:08] <Mika_no_Krynn> Gun wp only have the bonuses they give, you get no other bonuses.
[14:08] <Tibor> it does?
[14:08] <Tibor> well besides equip and sight bonus...
[14:09] <GM_Erik> Do you have any PPE Mike?
[14:09] <GM_Erik> like at all?
[14:10] <Mika_no_Krynn> I have 30
[14:10] <GM_Erik> k
[14:12] <Mika_no_Krynn> Guess she does.
[14:25] <GM_Erik> Someone called the camp?
[14:25] <Sir_Arik> during meditation do I get back the same amount of ppe as isp?
[14:25] <Mika_no_Krynn> Ok, we're resting...  Daniel did.
[14:25] <Mika_no_Krynn> You get back 5 ppe per hour of sleep.
[14:25] <Vrryl> Wow, i just found a kickass rifts spell site...
[14:26] <Sir_Arik> what about meditation though?
[14:26] <GM_Erik> cool, just make sure to check in case the guy uses older stats for spells.
[14:26] <GM_Erik> You're not a spell caster, it'll be the same.
[14:26] <Sir_Arik> kewl
[14:28] <Vrryl> tell me a spell that's changed since the old book, and i'll cross reference it with the file that mike sent me
[14:28] <Mika_no_Krynn> All my spells are up to date.
[14:28] <Mika_no_Krynn> Up to 70ppe now... yeah!
[14:28] <Vrryl> i know, but i dont want to go through a million spells trying to find one that would have changed, is why i asked
[14:28] <GM_Erik> Not sure off-hand, I just notice when I check them time to time, they added details, so sometimes its only a little differnt.
[14:29] <GM_Erik> I just check spells from the big spell book now to double check stuff.
[14:31] * GM_Erik eats a brownie.
[14:36] <Vrryl> you suck
[14:36] <Mika_no_Krynn> :P
[14:36] <GM_Erik> you blow
[14:37] <JessicaKnight> at least sucking is better than swallowing
[14:37] <Mika_no_Krynn> Depends if you're giving or receiving.
[14:40] <Vrryl> ANd whether you're at a penitentiary or the playboy mansion
[14:40] <GM_Erik> And whether or not you're 6" tall
[14:41] <Tibor> lol you dudes are sick...
[14:41] <Vrryl> That's a bigot thing to say...6" tall people need loving too
[14:41] <Tibor> typical this moves to the net and conversation only degrades further...
[14:41] <JessicaKnight> just like midgets and whales
[14:41] <GM_Erik> Didn't someone have a magical item to shrink people?
[14:41] <Vrryl> ya, me
[14:42] <GM_Erik> ah...
[14:42] <Sir_Arik> I could cut us into small pieces....
[14:42] <Mika_no_Krynn> I have a magic sword... it can make you smaller.
[14:42] * GM_Erik winces
[14:42] <Sir_Arik> heh.... thinking alike
[14:42] <Vrryl> !
[14:44] <Vrryl> No, I think you're needed Rob as an extra target
[14:44] <Sir_Arik> heh.... I have always been the human shield haven't I ;)
[14:45] <JessicaKnight> a role you play very well ^_^
[14:45] <GM_Erik> (Fly as the Eagle)
[14:45] <GM_Erik> who else? is going?
[14:45] <Mika_no_Krynn> I'll go, might as well send Daniel too.
[14:45] <JessicaKnight> i'm going but I can fly myself
[14:46] <GM_Erik> yeah, figured.
[14:48] <GM_Erik> Mike, Daniel was already flying.
[14:48] <JessicaKnight> heh
[14:48] <Mika_no_Krynn> Shit...
[14:48] <Mika_no_Krynn> I'll edit it later.
[14:49] <Vrryl> tsk tsk
[14:50] <Sir_Arik> heh... being blind can be a blast sometimes
[14:50] <GM_Erik> yeah, seems its rubbing off in real life on Mike.
[14:51] <Mika_no_Krynn> Saw the first one, didn't see the second set of casting.
[14:51] <Mika_no_Krynn> How much ISP does Daniel have?
[14:52] <GM_Erik> I'm still thinking about that.
[14:52] <Mika_no_Krynn> ok
[14:52] <GM_Erik> About instituting it I mean.
[14:52] <GM_Erik> Everybody manage to follow her?
[14:52] <Sir_Arik> nope
[14:53] <Vrryl> lol
[14:53] <Vrryl> poor poor Arik
[14:54] <Sir_Arik> sigh.... the plight of the sightless ;)
[14:56] <Vrryl> indeed
[14:56] <Vrryl> except not many sightless out there who can rip heads off
[14:56] <Mika_no_Krynn> Those are the scary ones...
[14:57] <Sir_Arik> yeah... those are definitely the guys you give money too when they ask for it
[14:58] <Vrryl> lol
[14:59] <Mika_no_Krynn> It's a spy of Sauron... kill it.
[14:59] <Vrryl> *pulls out his slingshot*
[15:00] <GM_Erik> Yeah, you could break some of his limbs if he hits a big enbough tree.
[15:01] <Sir_Arik> ahhh Sophes.... he new what trees and pain were
[15:01] <Sir_Arik> oops... knew I mean
[15:02] <GM_Erik> Yes, he did.
[15:02] <Mika_no_Krynn> Newton's test boy.
[15:02] <Mika_no_Krynn> No disintegrations!
[15:03] <Sir_Arik> he was living proof that science does infact exist!
[15:03] <Mika_no_Krynn> Gravity at least.
[15:05] <GM_Erik> Mike knows who it is.
[15:06] <GM_Erik> Mika, that is.
[15:06] <GM_Erik> Vrryl wonders where Mika's voice is coming from, however.
[15:10] * Vrryl doesn't wonder...he just knows these things.
[15:10] <Tibor> not the first time Mika's been found in daniel's pants...
[15:10] <GM_Erik> Go Stan!
[15:11] <Mika_no_Krynn> :P
[15:11] <GM_Erik> At least someone said it...
[15:17] <GM_Erik> Vrryl, ooh, good suck up.
[15:18] <Vrryl> oops, forgot Daniel...say four
[15:20] <GM_Erik> How are you going to go about it, as you near the ridge?
[15:21] <Vrryl> what does the terrain look like?
[15:21] <Vrryl> Is it devoid of signs of life?
[15:21] <Vrryl> ie...any villages with skulls lining the entrance?
[15:21] <GM_Erik> nope, nothing like that.
[15:25] <JessicaKnight> i'm swooping down into the jungle going low
[15:25] <GM_Erik> It's pretty hard to fly at any real speed in the jungle.
[15:26] <Mika_no_Krynn> Welcome to the jungle...
[15:26] <Vrryl> nice
[15:27] <GM_Erik> Carfeul Mike, you'll be inside that armor too like that (unless that's OK)
[15:27] <JessicaKnight> heheh... exactally.... fun fun.... probably going to go about 10 to 15 kph.. low
[15:27] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yep, I know... that's ok.
[15:27] <Mika_no_Krynn> Daniel can take me out of that armor though, correct?
[15:28] <GM_Erik> Inviniclbe Armor is an actual armor that covers the person up magically.  Makes them look like a big knight.
[15:29] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah, exactly... but if something falls off of you it is outside the armor.
[15:29] <GM_Erik> So what now?
[15:30] <JessicaKnight> i'm waiting for Katrina to pinpoint
[15:30] <GM_Erik> THe spell only gives a general location.
[15:30] <JessicaKnight> great!
[15:30] <JessicaKnight> lovely!
[15:30] <Mika_no_Krynn> I'll try... Locate mark
[15:30] <GM_Erik> Do you have something of the witches?
[15:30] <Mika_no_Krynn> Does Katrina?
[15:31] <GM_Erik> nope
[15:31] <Mika_no_Krynn> Nevermind... thought she had something.
[15:33] <GM_Erik> Stan, roll %
[15:34] <Tibor> 93...good for rolemaster...
[15:34] <Mika_no_Krynn> Have Daniel check too.
[15:34] <GM_Erik> check what? that was just to see how many hundreds of damage everybody takes? (jk)
[15:35] <Vrryl> bah, i could take it
[15:35] <GM_Erik> ok, well people can roll tracking ot whatever they may use.
[15:35] <Tibor> that was what i was rolling for?
[15:35] <GM_Erik> Smell.
[15:36] <Mika_no_Krynn> Daniel got 52 of 78 for Track by smell
[15:36] <GM_Erik> anyone else?
[15:36] <Mika_no_Krynn> That's it, the other 2 trackers are blind.
[15:36] <Sir_Arik> I have 6th sense as well Erik, plus I will turn on sense evil.
[15:36] <GM_Erik> ok.
[15:36] <JessicaKnight> 40, amde it by 10
[15:37] <GM_Erik> heh heh....
[15:37] <Vrryl> I would roll for tracking, but...
[15:37] <GM_Erik> no skill for it?
[15:37] <GM_Erik> Are you all staying together or what?
[15:38] <JessicaKnight> i'm going to be a ways off (60 ft) and i'm going to drag Arik with me
[15:38] <Mika_no_Krynn> Others might as well stay close to the trackers...
[15:40] <Vrryl> It tracks by scent quite well...just don't remember how well
[15:42] <Sir_Arik> sense evil can pinpoint evil
[15:42] <Vrryl> not pinpoint, just general direction
[15:43] <Vrryl> and that's only for supernatural evil
[15:43] <Vrryl> the witch might not be supernatural /shrugs
[15:43] <GM_Erik> true.  YOu can use it to narrow in, and tell something about numbers.
[15:43] <Sir_Arik> plus direction like a room or item on a person, etc
[15:43] <GM_Erik> You feel more than a few, and its over 60 feet away.
[15:44] <Vrryl> dang
[15:44] * Tibor is starting to smell like a rolemaster encounter aka ambush
[15:45] <Mika_no_Krynn> So can I get out of the armor spell or not?
[15:45] <Vrryl> Erik, I want to cast Thunderclap in center of where those vultures are..
[15:45] <GM_Erik> Mike: Sure, you can if you want to.
[15:45] <Mika_no_Krynn> ok, kewl.
[15:46] <GM_Erik> Brett: And then anything in particular?
[15:46] <GM_Erik> Brett: and go ahead and cast in IC.
[15:46] <Vrryl> No, I just don't want them staring down at me while i walk underneath...kinda creepy
[15:47] <GM_Erik> ok, well go ahead and cast it if you like.
[15:49] <Mika_no_Krynn> frag'em they're not real birds.
[15:50] <GM_Erik> OK Brett, roll attack and damage and stuff then, but they're vultures.
[15:51] <Vrryl> er...just rp it. If i hit some, i hit some. If i don't, I don't. I just want the effect to see what a bunch of nonvulture vultures would do having plasma tossed their way
[15:51] <GM_Erik> So you actually fire then?
[15:51] <Vrryl> yes
[15:51] <Vrryl> on auto
[15:53] <GM_Erik> Gabe, roll save versus magic.
[15:54] <Vrryl> and you're flying too...told ya!
[15:54] <JessicaKnight> 15
[15:54] <Sir_Arik> do I pick up any evil from the birds if they get close to us?
[15:54] <Mika_no_Krynn> Do I sense magic in use?
[15:54] <GM_Erik> Yes Mike, you do.
[15:55] <GM_Erik> ROb: The birds don't fly any closer to you, they flew up.
[15:56] <GM_Erik> What are you doing?
[15:57] <JessicaKnight> anything in the area that looks odd? maybe one of the brids looks odd?
[15:57] * Vrryl likes how Jess doesn't bother answering a very confused Sir Arik...poor guy got stuck with the wrong flight attendant
[15:58] <GM_Erik> You're not really sure about the birds, they're really ugly, but aren't vultures supposed to be that way?
[15:58] <Sir_Arik> I am mostly just tagging along with Gabe and will react when told to or my 6th sense goes off
[15:59] <Mika_no_Krynn> Spread out and find the bitch... she may be the tree or the birds or something.  Track by scent and all that... rock and roll here people.
[16:00] <Mika_no_Krynn> Check the tree itself.
[16:00] <Mika_no_Krynn> Blast it or look for an opening.
[16:00] <JessicaKnight> what radius are the vultired flying in?
[16:00] <JessicaKnight> er vultures
[16:01] <GM_Erik> a random one, about 20-40 feet
[16:01] <GM_Erik> roll % Stan
[16:01] <Sir_Arik> where was the evil eminating from Erik? I can pinpoint it the closer I get to it
[16:01] <GM_Erik> YOu feel it all around you Rob.
[16:01] <Sir_Arik> when I go thru the vultures?
[16:01] <Mika_no_Krynn> Just like the hut... watch out.
[16:01] <JessicaKnight> i'll veer off, and when we're clear start magic netting these brids in as large groups as I can
[16:02] <GM_Erik> Roughly Rob, yes.
[16:02] <Tibor> scent 13/74, track smell 74/52
[16:03] <GM_Erik> Stan, roll save versus magic.
[16:03] <Mika_no_Krynn> Daniel will go up and inspect the tree, with scent and eyes... detect concealment and all.
[16:04] <Tibor> 21 save vs magic total
[16:04] <GM_Erik> wow
[16:04] <JessicaKnight> ok... i'm using the see aura in my magic optics system to see if I can see anything
[16:04] <Tibor> i gots +2...
[16:06] <JessicaKnight> can you give me a little mor infor about the aura of those vultures?
[16:06] <GM_Erik> That shows you that they're supernatural evil and not human.  and that they're 'low' level with high PPE
[16:06] <Mika_no_Krynn> Ooh... lunch!
[16:07] <JessicaKnight> call lightning on one of the vultures
[16:07] <Mika_no_Krynn> Is Daniel checking out that tree?
[16:07] <GM_Erik> Sure, but the vultures left.
[16:08] <JessicaKnight> 19 dmg to one of the fleeing vultures
[16:10] <Mika_no_Krynn> Any concealment in 30' should be negated through that spell.
[16:10] <Mika_no_Krynn> Look for doors or stuff.
[16:10] <JessicaKnight> shooting birds...
[16:11] <GM_Erik> Gabe, save versus magic.
[16:11] <JessicaKnight> 18
[16:11] <GM_Erik> k
[16:12] <Sir_Arik> do I feel the evil leaving this place?
[16:12] <JessicaKnight> can I roll to hit?
[16:12] <GM_Erik> depends on how closely Jessica is following the birds as they flee.
[16:12] <Tibor> do i roll for anything examining the tree, and trying to sniff the witch out?
[16:12] <GM_Erik> You can, just tell me what you're going to do.
[16:13] <JessicaKnight> 100 ft behind.. but if they start to get too far from the party i'll stop pursuit
[16:13] <Tibor> try and find a dog track...coupled with the witch's scent
[16:13] <Mika_no_Krynn> Hey Brett you don't see any magic do you?  You have that ability?
[16:13] <Tibor> track by smell...05/52
[16:13] <Sir_Arik> so the evil is leaving with the vultures?
[16:14] <Vrryl> i do Mike, but apparently all ive gotten is that magic has been in use
[16:15] <Mika_no_Krynn> You can actually see the magic aura of creatures and stuff.  if they are invis or something due to magic you can see it, if it is the same as the Ley Line Walker ability.
[16:15] <Mika_no_Krynn> Magic concealment is pretty useless against LLW's cuz they can see the spells in use.
[16:15] <GM_Erik> sorry Brett, you actually can't sense magic in use.  Only through a spell or something.
[16:16] <GM_Erik> Stan roll save vsc magic.
[16:16] <Vrryl> that's what i thought
[16:16] <Tibor> 8
[16:16] <Tibor> save vs magic
[16:16] <Mika_no_Krynn> You're toast.
[16:16] <Vrryl> engage see aura
[16:17] <Sir_Arik> in what way?
[16:17] <Vrryl> Does see aura see through invisibility? or only see invisibility?
[16:17] <GM_Erik> Gabe roll initiative.
[16:17] <Vrryl> or see through concealment of any kind?
[16:17] <Mika_no_Krynn> Only See Invis I think.
[16:17] <JessicaKnight> 16
[16:18] <Vrryl> makes sense if that's so, and if it is i'll throw up see invis instead...
[16:18] <Mika_no_Krynn> Just IC it.
[16:18] <GM_Erik> Stan, you're at half everything.
[16:18] <GM_Erik> sorry, half attacks and bonuses.
[16:19] <GM_Erik> also you take 1 SDC.
[16:19] <GM_Erik> to yourself.
[16:19] <Tibor> swell...
[16:19] <Vrryl> i said it before, i'll say it suck
[16:19] <GM_Erik> Gabe, what do you do?
[16:19] <Sir_Arik> spend 5 isp on one Erik
[16:19] <GM_Erik> ok Rob.  remember you're on Jessica's back.
[16:19] <JessicaKnight> open up on the birds flying towards me
[16:19] <GM_Erik> roll it...
[16:20] <Sir_Arik> yep.... but I can sense the evil enuff as it approaches that I will be able to defend us. or should
[16:20] <JessicaKnight> 17
[16:20] <JessicaKnight> do all of them have the same aura?
[16:20] <GM_Erik> yes
[16:21] <Mika_no_Krynn> The vultures are not the witch!  Unless she's psionic and used bleed aura.
[16:21] <GM_Erik> Sense evil doesn't let you pinpoint well enough to fight with it, its just a distance thing, not direction.
[16:21] <Sir_Arik> that is not what it says in the book
[16:21] <GM_Erik> and unless she became supernatural.
[16:21] <GM_Erik> yes it is, I have it right here.
[16:21] <Mika_no_Krynn> Is Daniel doing anything?
[16:21] <Sir_Arik> well you have said these are supernatural
[16:22] <JessicaKnight> hey, are they flying towards me in a pack?
[16:22] <JessicaKnight> like a closely knit group?
[16:22] <GM_Erik> yes.
[16:22] <GM_Erik> Roll damage please Gabe.
[16:22] <JessicaKnight> 19
[16:22] <GM_Erik> Hey guys, when you say you';re going to do something roll it all right away.
[16:22] <JessicaKnight> how closely are they flying in formation/
[16:22] <JessicaKnight> and how far are they away from me now?
[16:23] <Vrryl> Do i see anything invis in direction that Tibor pointed erik?
[16:23] <GM_Erik> Jessica and Arik each take 15 damage.
[16:23] <Vrryl> ouch
[16:23] <Tibor> tracking 94/35, track by smell 33/26 (half skills?)
[16:24] <Sir_Arik> it says in the book that I can pinpoint it to a person
[16:24] <GM_Erik> no, skills are ok, but it seems like you failed anyway.
[16:24] <Tibor> smell 21/37
[16:24] <Tibor> nope track by smell good, and smell good
[16:25] <Tibor> or do you just want me to roll once for all?
[16:25] <GM_Erik> Sense Evil: indicates general number of supernatural evil beings, one, few, several, or more.  It can pinpoint the GENERAL location to a room, object, person, distance: very near (within 15 feet), near, or far.  You can only find the exact location by moving around, thus changing your distance to focus in on it.,
[16:25] <Sir_Arik> see it says person
[16:26] <Mika_no_Krynn> Hey Erik I have an idea... if I metamorph into a bat can I act normall due to their use of Sonar?  The spell says I get all the inherent abilities of the animal.
[16:26] <GM_Erik> Since you aren't controlling where you are going, you can only tell distance, as you can't narrow in on it, and since you can't see, you can't pick it out.
[16:26] <Sir_Arik> it doesn't work by sight but by feel
[16:26] <Mika_no_Krynn> But you can't see any person dude.
[16:27] <Sir_Arik> no but I would sense it
[16:27] <GM_Erik> Right, but it is dependent on your ability to move around and sense the change in distance at the same time in order to pinpoint the source.
[16:27] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah, but Sense Evil is not a targetting sense ability.
[16:27] <Sir_Arik> but they are moving so I don't have to
[16:27] <GM_Erik> Since you don't know where you are going, a change of 10 to 20 feet doesn't really mean anything for oyu.
[16:27] <Sir_Arik> I am not saying it is a targetting sense
[16:27] <Tibor> did i find anything?
[16:28] <Sir_Arik> but it will make it easier in a fight so that I am not accidently hitting you guys
[16:28] <Mika_no_Krynn> You're in melee anyways Rob, so you're only -5 to strike and -10 to P/D so just let them have it.
[16:28] <GM_Erik> You still have to be able to see the thing you think might be evil to actually hit it.
[16:28] <Sir_Arik> ok whatever you say
[16:28] <Mika_no_Krynn> If someone hits you in melee a skilled fighter can make an attempt to strike back, so go for it.
[16:29] <Mika_no_Krynn> How about that Bat thing Erik?
[16:29] <GM_Erik> uh.
[16:29] <Mika_no_Krynn> Read up.
[16:29] <Sir_Arik> if I can attack I will... if not I will take the hits
[16:29] <Mika_no_Krynn> Just start swingind dude, but make sure Jess isn't near.
[16:29] * Tibor continues to search for the witch
[16:29] <Mika_no_Krynn> You'll hit at least one for sure.
[16:30] <Sir_Arik> then I won't swing.... I am on Jessicas back
[16:30] <Mika_no_Krynn> You're flying so just hover, the birds will come to you, and let Jess move off a bit.
[16:30] <Sir_Arik> true... works for me
[16:30] <GM_Erik> OK Stan: you think you had it narrowed down pretty close to one tree before your head started to hurt.
[16:30] <JessicaKnight> koo
[16:30] <Sir_Arik> I will let go of Jessica and hover in mid air
[16:30] <Mika_no_Krynn> IC it.
[16:31] <GM_Erik> ok, hold on guys, I've got a lot of past reading to do.
[16:31] <Tibor> anyone got magic net?
[16:31] <JessicaKnight> yeah I do
[16:31] <Vrryl> ya
[16:32] <Tibor> might work in midair, no?
[16:32] <Vrryl> See Invis and See Aura have been engaged Erik. As I'm running in direction where Tibor was pointing just before he got psioniced
[16:32] <GM_Erik> OK, everybody on the ground, roll preception.
[16:33] <GM_Erik> Except Mike.
[16:33] <Tibor> 15 (i don't halve rolls do i?)
[16:33] <GM_Erik> no, I'll just account for it.
[16:33] <Vrryl> base 15
[16:33] <GM_Erik> Gabe and Rob, you can attack the birds that are attacking you.
[16:33] <Vrryl> plus int bonus...whatever someone with 24 IQ gets
[16:34] <Mika_no_Krynn> +5 I think.
[16:34] <GM_Erik> Rob: Arik must be careful how he goes about it though, and he'll have the penalties of being bilnd.
[16:34] <Vrryl> cool, so 20
[16:34] <GM_Erik> OK.
[16:34] <Sir_Arik> I know that is why I let go of Jessica and am hovering away from her
[16:34] <Mika_no_Krynn> 11 for Per for Daniel.
[16:34] <JessicaKnight> N20 to hit 62 DMG
[16:35] <Sir_Arik> what is the penalty? -5?
[16:35] <GM_Erik> yes
[16:35] <Mika_no_Krynn> So is that bat idea kosher?
[16:36] <GM_Erik> I'm sorry, I can't find it, which bat idea?
[16:36] <Mika_no_Krynn> If I metamorph into a bat can I see well due to their use of Sonar, the spell says i get all the inherent abilities of the animal when I transform?
[16:36] <Tibor> (sixth sense bonuses?)
[16:36] <Sir_Arik> 11 to hit, 12 to dam  20 to hit and 43 to dam
[16:36] <GM_Erik> which spell Mike?
[16:37] <Mika_no_Krynn> Metamorph: Animal (6th level)
[16:37] <Mika_no_Krynn> 7th
[16:37] <GM_Erik> yes, that would work.
[16:37] <Mika_no_Krynn> Sweet, that's what I'm doing....
[16:38] <Sir_Arik> nice hit Gabe
[16:38] <JessicaKnight> daNKA
[16:38] <Mika_no_Krynn> I'm going to cast Life Source First to get 25PPE then I'll cast Metamorph: Animal into a bat.  I'll get out of Daniel's pocket first.
[16:38] * Tibor rolled a 19 base half bonus without sixth sense 22, with sixth...23
[16:39] <GM_Erik> Remember, you can't bio-regen that damage.
[16:40] <GM_Erik> You can try to get out of it if you want Stan.
[16:40] <Vrryl> I'm casting Mental Shock on the target the my Yll is attacking
[16:40] <Mika_no_Krynn> Is it 2 MDC per PPE?
[16:40] <Mika_no_Krynn> It only lists SDC/HP.
[16:40] <Vrryl> nice dodge, Tibor
[16:40] * Tibor will try to "get out of it"
[16:41] <Tibor> if the wolf is on top of me
[16:41] <GM_Erik> which target is that Brett?]
[16:41] <Vrryl> The one not engaging Tibor
[16:41] <GM_Erik> Mike: SDC=MDC for that.
[16:41] <Vrryl> my yll is attacking it as well
[16:41] <GM_Erik> ok
[16:41] <Mika_no_Krynn> ouch... oh well.
[16:42] <Vrryl> My Yll rolled 19 to hit
[16:42] <Mika_no_Krynn> Just let me know when I can start casting Metamorph: Animal Erik.
[16:42] <GM_Erik> go for it.
[16:44] <Vrryl> I rolled a base of 13, I think I get more than +6 actually to hit. +9 maybe? Can you check the book pls, just so i know....
[16:44] <GM_Erik> you shooting BRett?
[16:44] <Vrryl> No, I cast Menal Shock on the dude NOT attacking Tibor
[16:45] <Mika_no_Krynn> I'll look for the target that Brett is attacking when I get a chance.
[16:45] <Vrryl> NOT the one currently engaged with my pet
[16:45] <GM_Erik> ok, no need to roll to hit for magic.
[16:45] <Vrryl> exactly :)
[16:45] <Vrryl> I'm plus 2 spell str remember :)
[16:45] <GM_Erik> the other target saves Brett.
[16:46] <Vrryl> figures
[16:46] <GM_Erik> Roll a save yourself.
[16:46] <Vrryl> more than 20
[16:46] <GM_Erik> Tibor, Jessica, Arik doing anything?
[16:46] <Mika_no_Krynn> The spell itself has a -1 to save too.
[16:46] <Sir_Arik> do I feel the evil leaving?
[16:46] <JessicaKnight> continuing to smoke birds
[16:46] <Tibor> going to attack the wolf...
[16:46] <GM_Erik> yup
[16:46] <Vrryl> What Mike said...
[16:46] <JessicaKnight> not going to hit at 4
[16:46] <GM_Erik> Rob: Yes, it is.
[16:46] <GM_Erik> Gabe: nope.
[16:47] <Mika_no_Krynn> Even if they save though they are at -2attacks, -5s/p/d and -25% skills... kewl spell.
[16:47] <GM_Erik> Stan: roll it.
[16:47] <Sir_Arik> I just take up a defensive stance and wait incase they come back to attack again
[16:47] <Tibor> 16 strike total...
[16:47] <Vrryl> Ya, what MIke said!!
[16:47] <GM_Erik> you hit Stan, yes it is black.
[16:48] <Tibor> 20 die total x2 supernatual?
[16:49] <Mika_no_Krynn> Can I see the fleesing figure?
[16:49] <GM_Erik> yes.
[16:50] <Mika_no_Krynn> I'll pursue and attempt Bio-manipulation: Paralysis when I get close enought.
[16:50] <Mika_no_Krynn> enough.
[16:50] <Vrryl> casting carpet of adhesion
[16:50] <GM_Erik> on ground or person Brett?
[16:51] <Vrryl> on the ground where the person who tripped just tripped
[16:52] <Mika_no_Krynn> Is it paralyzed?
[16:52] <GM_Erik> Seems like your attack got through
[16:52] <Mika_no_Krynn> score!
[16:52] <Tibor> rolled 61/70 tracking (can't follow by scent)
[16:52] <GM_Erik> But the Mental Shock effects, carpet of adhesion, etc...would probably leave anything mothionless.
[16:53] <Mika_no_Krynn> True, better safe than sorry though.
[16:54] <GM_Erik> Stan: you can see where the person fell.
[16:54] <Tibor> does it smell like that witch?
[16:57] <Mika_no_Krynn> You have magical manacles Brett?
[16:57] <Vrryl> yep
[16:57] <Mika_no_Krynn> Sweet.
[16:59] <Mika_no_Krynn> I'll stay as a Bat for as long as I can... the spell lasts 160mins.
[17:01] * Vrryl can stay as a bat for 24 hours a day if he wished...
[17:01] <Mika_no_Krynn> show off.
[17:02] <Mika_no_Krynn> But you don't get all the inherent abilities of the animal.
[17:02] <Tibor> nah instead he has his own...(nasty!)
[17:02] <Vrryl> I'm not the blind one, so don't really need em ;)
[17:03] <Mika_no_Krynn> Sadly true.
[17:03] <Mika_no_Krynn> Blind as a bat...
[17:04] * Vrryl rolls his eyes
[17:04] <GM_Erik> Bat's actually have good vision.
[17:04] <GM_Erik> its a myth otherwise.
[17:04] <Mika_no_Krynn> I know.
[17:04] <Tibor> anyone have restore life essence spell?
[17:05] <Vrryl> bats have shitty vision, it's flying foxes that have good vision
[17:05] <GM_Erik> that won't matter, this is different.
[17:06] <Vrryl> The witch is being WELL guarded
[17:07] <Vrryl> Protection spells, alarm spells, circle spells...the she-bitch ain't goin anywhere
[17:07] <Tibor> unlike mika...she sick??
[17:07] <GM_Erik> That shouldn't be too hard, she is mortal, and pretty much out of PPE.
[17:08] <Tibor> i killed her familiar??
[17:08] <Vrryl> No, she's just saving the male population around camp from instant orgasms...makes a rather messy scene
[17:08] <Sir_Arik> heh....
[17:08] <Mika_no_Krynn> Better?
[17:08] <JessicaKnight> heh
[17:09] <Vrryl> So much for the male population
[17:09] <Tibor> yeah...back to "normal"
[17:09] <Mika_no_Krynn> To bad for Sir Arik... he's blind.
[17:09] <Vrryl> lol
[17:09] <Sir_Arik> woo hoo
[17:09] <Sir_Arik> my purity is saved once again ;)
[17:10] <Vrryl> bah, damn purity when you can see a naked chick with 27 pb
[17:10] <Mika_no_Krynn> Kinda like China Strike Force...
[17:10] <Tibor> China strike force??
[17:10] <JessicaKnight> heh
[17:10] <Sir_Arik> seen one seen them all ;)
[17:11] <Vrryl> 800 ppe balls kicking around tend to add significantly to my pool
[17:12] <Vrryl> wow, that sounded horrible
[17:12] <GM_Erik> yes, it did.
[17:12] <Sir_Arik> heh... balls ;)
[17:12] <Mika_no_Krynn> China Strike Force... SUPER KICK ASS movie.
[17:12] <Tibor> ok...will have to see it some time
[17:13] <Mika_no_Krynn> It's a Chinese flick... Gabe is probably gonna buy it though on DVD.
[17:13] <Sir_Arik> have you guys seen Brotherhood of the Wolf yet?
[17:13] <Tibor> will tomorrow
[17:13] <Mika_no_Krynn> I want to, looks kewl.
[17:13] <Sir_Arik> it is AWESOME
[17:13] <Mika_no_Krynn> By the same guy that did Crying Freeman I think.
[17:13] <Vrryl> it out in theatre?
[17:13] <Sir_Arik> next to LOTR it is one of the best movies I have seen in a long time
[17:14] <Mika_no_Krynn> Tibor gonna knock you out... I'm gonna knock you out!
[17:14] <Mika_no_Krynn> Any theatre I think Brett.
[17:15] <Tibor> nope only two, chinook and silver city
[17:15] <Tibor> means fat ticket prices...
[17:15] <Mika_no_Krynn> Lucky SC is only 2mins away.
[17:15] <Sir_Arik> not if you see it matinee during the week
[17:16] <Mika_no_Krynn> Dude there is a sleep spell?
[17:16] <Tibor> going to hit matinee tomorrow...(holiday?)
[17:16] <Sir_Arik> yep... won't be the same
[17:17] <Sir_Arik> will probably charge the weekend matinee rate
[17:18] <Vrryl> un, that made no sense, erik..
[17:18] <Vrryl> oh, you mean ill, not will?
[17:18] <Mika_no_Krynn> ok.
[17:19] <GM_Erik> yes, sorry, ill, not will.
[17:20] <Mika_no_Krynn> Blood's good for ya, you'd die without it.
[17:22] <Vrryl> kinda like the withc
[17:22] <Vrryl> witch
[17:22] <Mika_no_Krynn> How many hours passed between when we got back to the village and now?
[17:23] <GM_Erik> about 2
[17:23] <Mika_no_Krynn> ok
[17:23] <Sir_Arik> 2 days
[17:23] <GM_Erik> yeah, 2 days
[17:24] <Vrryl> during that time, I got reaquainted with Erin Tarn and crew
[17:24] <Mika_no_Krynn> 2 days for what?
[17:24] <Vrryl> swapping stories, that kind of thing
[17:24] <GM_Erik> ah, Ok, why don't we do that during the party
[17:24] <Sir_Arik> it was how long before we got our sight back while waiting in the village
[17:24] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah... ok.
[17:25] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yep... party.
[17:25] <Vrryl> sounds good...maybe they were away on a scouting mission or something then
[17:25] <GM_Erik> brb
[17:26] <Vrryl> And there isn't cause mika dies that night
[17:26] <Mika_no_Krynn> That's why I'm drinking.
[17:28] <Mika_no_Krynn> Time to break out the drinking rulz!
[17:28] <Vrryl> woot!
[17:30] <Mika_no_Krynn> 30 of 69 on Sewing for a super saucy party dress.
[17:32] <GM_Erik> back
[17:40] <Mika_no_Krynn> Stan you still around?
[17:41] <Tibor> sorry yes
[17:41] <Tibor> was distracted by some surfing...
[17:41] <Mika_no_Krynn> Drinking contest?
[17:41] <Tibor> lol not supernatural dude!
[17:42] <Mika_no_Krynn> ok...
[17:42] <Tibor> you expected me to compete?
[17:43] <Mika_no_Krynn> Why not... then end result is all the same... get drunk.
[17:43] <Tibor> k're on
[17:43] <Mika_no_Krynn> No worries. though party's over.
[17:43] <Mika_no_Krynn> I'll add something in the edit.
[17:46] <GM_Erik> Anyone want to talk to anyone else during this travel stint?  now that you're sober?
[17:46] <Tibor> ?
[17:46] * Vrryl is wondering what Mika is about to add...
[17:46] <Mika_no_Krynn> I want to talk to Victor... find out about old school Earth shit.
[17:46] <Mika_no_Krynn> Don't worry about it... nothing important.
[17:47] <GM_Erik> Ok, well he's always in the main party (with his robot)
[17:48] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah, just a tiny robot there.
[17:48] <Vrryl> love those thigns
[17:49] <Sir_Arik> is lo fung in the group?
[17:49] <GM_Erik> Yes.
[17:49] <Sir_Arik> ok I am talking with him
[17:49] <GM_Erik> OK, anything specific?
[17:49] <Tibor> i talk to Gar...just because
[17:50] <Sir_Arik> mostly about the area and any kind of background stuff on the 4 horsemen and this pharoh ramma set guy
[17:50] <GM_Erik> Gar is talking to you about morals and ethics and things Tibor.
[17:50] <GM_Erik> sure thing Rob.
[17:51] <Tibor> I count the number of morals and ethics defile by my adventures with Mika, Vrryl and Jess...
[17:51] <GM_Erik> huh?
[17:51] <Mika_no_Krynn> Hey, I'm an upstanding girl.
[17:51] <Tibor> lol
[17:51] <JessicaKnight> heh
[17:51] <Vrryl> no kidding...for dragons, i'm pretty moral
[17:52] <JessicaKnight> morals? ethics? what are those?
[17:52] <GM_Erik> no really, Stan, what did you say? that didn't make any sense.
[17:52] <Tibor> I count the number of morals and ethics defiled by my adventures with Mika, Vrryl and Jess...
[17:53] <GM_Erik> ok, you mean that you defiled?
[17:53] <GM_Erik> or that they deflied?
[17:53] <Tibor> whatever...not important...
[17:53] <GM_Erik> Actually, it is.
[17:54] <Tibor> well just wondering if i've violated a lot of those ethics Gar is going on about
[17:54] <Vrryl> Erik, all dude is joking about is that we've crushed many ethical and morals that his wolfen self once upheld. We've brought him to the dark side and made him like it
[17:55] <GM_Erik> Don't worry Brett, Stan check the little window.
[17:56] <Vrryl> I'm not worries, just think what he said was pretty funny
[17:56] <GM_Erik> yeah, and I'm trying to get a little RP with the otherguy ::-)
[17:57] <Vrryl> bah, what is this RP thing?!? I bet it's only for loooosers
[17:58] <Mika_no_Krynn> Does he have any questions for me?
[17:58] <GM_Erik> not really.
[17:58] <Mika_no_Krynn> Thought he was a scientist.
[17:58] <GM_Erik> He's old and wise, and you already spilled your life story to him, right?
[17:59] <Mika_no_Krynn> Guess so.
[17:59] <GM_Erik> no worries, I'm just trying to get to the next part, I hadn't meant to have specific conversations.
[17:59] <Mika_no_Krynn> let's cruz then.
GM Erik
 GM, 22 posts
Sun 11 Oct 2015
at 17:31
Horsemen of the Apocalypse 1 - OOC Chat logs
[18:06] <Mika_no_Krynn> What time is it?
[18:06] <GM_Erik> early evening.
[18:11] <GM_Erik> everyone roll preception
[18:11] <JessicaKnight> 20
[18:11] <Vrryl> 20
[18:11] <Sir_Arik> 22
[18:11] <Mika_no_Krynn> 20
[18:11] <Tibor> 12
[18:12] <Vrryl> lol..nice rolls
[18:12] <JessicaKnight> sheat
[18:12] <Sir_Arik> sorry 23
[18:12] <GM_Erik> Ok then,..
[18:12] <Vrryl> What's your IQ rob?
[18:13] <Mika_no_Krynn> how far?
[18:13] <GM_Erik> roll naviagtion
[18:13] <Mika_no_Krynn> 21 of 73
[18:14] <Sir_Arik> woot!  01 of 80
[18:14] <Sir_Arik> and my IQ is 24
[18:14] <Mika_no_Krynn> You're smarter than me...
[18:14] <Vrryl> Groovy, so you and i are the only smart one's in the group
[18:14] <Mika_no_Krynn> I'm just the dumb blond... cut me some slack.
[18:16] <Vrryl> I'll cut you something, but it won't be slack. But it sure rhymes with it
[18:17] <Mika_no_Krynn> She's looking forward to it.
[18:17] <Vrryl> No dismounting horse comments pls
[18:19] <Mika_no_Krynn> Run through the jungle.
[18:19] <GM_Erik> through the jungle? or through the burnt area?
[18:19] <Sir_Arik> probably in the jungle mirroring the burned area
[18:19] <Mika_no_Krynn> Through the jungle next to the burnt area to the smoky area.
[18:20] <Mika_no_Krynn> Sir Arik likes to follow no... better view back there...
[18:21] <Vrryl> i like the profile shot myself
[18:21] <Sir_Arik> *sigh* you guys have a less than one track mind
[18:21] <Mika_no_Krynn> Take the shots where you can...
[18:22] <Vrryl> You're incorrect sir, my mind has many tracks...a whole harems worth
[18:24] <Vrryl> You don't see Vrryl moving...he's uber stealth mode.
[18:24] <GM_Erik> roll prowl Rob
[18:24] <Vrryl> half size, fog form, hugging the ground, invis name it
[18:24] <GM_Erik> ok.
[18:25] <Sir_Arik> ok
[18:25] <Sir_Arik> 09 of 75
[18:25] <Mika_no_Krynn> check those corners
[18:25] <GM_Erik> what do you do Brett?
[18:25] <Sir_Arik> prowl
[18:26] <Sir_Arik> that is :P
[18:26] <Vrryl> slip forward towards the area where we see the structure and smoke
[18:26] <Vrryl> where buildings may have been very recently
[18:27] <Sir_Arik> does that mean I move forwar cuz I didn't see Vrryl?
[18:27] <GM_Erik> Up to you.
[18:28] <Vrryl> I said over the radio i was moving forward...up to you.
[18:28] <Sir_Arik> ok I am moving forward as well towards the buildings
[18:28] <GM_Erik> (Mist doesn't allow radio use)
[18:28] <Vrryl> Better for cover if you guys moved around from several angles anyways
[18:28] <Vrryl> true, but I said it before i slipped into mist form
[18:29] <Sir_Arik> besides I don't have a radio
[18:29] <Vrryl> see aura, see invis, sense magic...that stuff
[18:29] <Vrryl> the others do, but go ahead and move up...we can kill faster that way
[18:30] <GM_Erik> Mike, they';re running to the other side.,
[18:30] <GM_Erik> They're not on the same side as you.
[18:31] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah... run to the other side and intercept them.
[18:31] <GM_Erik> ok.
[18:31] <GM_Erik> your speed?
[18:31] <Mika_no_Krynn> 35
[18:31] <Vrryl> Do i sense evil from them erik?
[18:31] <GM_Erik> no.
[18:32] <Mika_no_Krynn> I want to move around and infront of them.
[18:34] <GM_Erik> Mike, they have melee weapons, what do you do?
[18:35] <Mika_no_Krynn> I'll activate my talisman inconspicuosly and take their hits.
[18:35] <GM_Erik> Mike, you took like 60 damage.
[18:36] <Vrryl> were they cooking anything at the fire?
[18:36] <Mika_no_Krynn> Ouch.
[18:36] <GM_Erik> No.
[18:36] <Vrryl> so much for not startling them Mika :P
[18:36] <Mika_no_Krynn> Hey I was all nice and shit.
[18:36] <Vrryl> haha
[18:36] <Vrryl> it was the shit part i think that ruined it
[18:37] <Mika_no_Krynn> always.
[18:37] <GM_Erik> Mike, you can easily catch them i you want.
[18:37] <Mika_no_Krynn> They aren't stopping?
[18:38] <Mika_no_Krynn> I'll try to grab and hold one then.
[18:38] <GM_Erik> roll it
[18:38] <Mika_no_Krynn> 25 to strike
[18:39] <Mika_no_Krynn> I'll try to be super charming.
[18:40] <Mika_no_Krynn> Uh oh.
[18:40] <GM_Erik> He's going to grab your arm holding the guy.  any defense>
[18:41] <Vrryl> great, we gonna have to break you from another curse now, aren't we
[18:41] <Tibor> lol
[18:41] <Mika_no_Krynn> No, I'll let'em grab it.
[18:41] <Mika_no_Krynn> Probably a super strength potion he drank or something.
[18:41] <GM_Erik> yup
[18:42] <GM_Erik> roll a strength roll (d20 +16)
[18:42] <Mika_no_Krynn> 32
[18:43] <GM_Erik> take 2MD to your wrist.
[18:43] <Mika_no_Krynn> ok
[18:45] <GM_Erik> Roll PS again.
[18:45] <Vrryl> Go Mika...Go Mika...Go Mika...Go!
[18:46] <Sir_Arik> you can do it!
[18:46] <GM_Erik> He tries to push you to the ground.
[18:46] <Mika_no_Krynn> To hell with them if they don't want to talk.
[18:46] <Mika_no_Krynn> I'll roll with the push.
[18:46] <GM_Erik> ok, roll it (no damage)
[18:46] <Mika_no_Krynn> 24
[18:47] <GM_Erik> coo
[18:50] <Mika_no_Krynn> ok.
[18:50] <Sir_Arik> pygmies!!!
[18:50] <Tibor> hobbits?
[18:50] <Vrryl> fairies
[18:50] <Mika_no_Krynn> Bilbo Baggins!
[18:51] <Mika_no_Krynn> Fuckin' Fairies.
[18:51] <Vrryl> Is it here?!? Is it safe?!?
[18:51] <Vrryl> No one knows it's here, do they? Do they, Gandalf?
[18:52] <Mika_no_Krynn> I wonder if these got any good hobbit weed?
[18:53] <Mika_no_Krynn> Ah shit... now they're gonna stab me.
[18:53] <GM_Erik> Do you have any exposed flesh (not face?)
[18:53] <Mika_no_Krynn> I can expose some of they wish.
[18:53] <Tibor> die from splinter
[18:53] <Vrryl> they about the same size as Splinter too
[18:58] <Mika_no_Krynn> shit!
[18:58] <Vrryl> <no comment>
[18:59] <Sir_Arik> heh
[18:59] <GM_Erik> (Actually, you're 4 feet tall, a little shorter)
[19:00] <Mika_no_Krynn> How cute.
[19:00] * Vrryl is 3 feet tall atm...he has his own shrink ring.
[19:04] <Sir_Arik> are Mika and the men in a clearing?
[19:04] <GM_Erik> No, they're just in the jungle.
[19:06] <GM_Erik> Vrryl has seen this sort of thing before.
[19:08] <Mika_no_Krynn> Not overly concerned, but still sneaking a good look.
[19:08] <Mika_no_Krynn> :P
[19:09] * Vrryl is 3 ft tall atm
[19:09] <Mika_no_Krynn> an ATM?  A cash machine?
[19:09] <Mika_no_Krynn> at the moment... got it.
[19:10] <Vrryl> duh
[19:11] <Mika_no_Krynn> Is Daniel with us?
[19:12] <GM_Erik> Nah.
[19:13] <Mika_no_Krynn> ok
[19:16] <Tibor> by the way...Canada is playing again, we gonna wrap soon?
[19:17] <Vrryl> Canada sucks
[19:17] <Tibor> lol
[19:17] <GM_Erik> yeah, I belive so.
[19:17] <Sir_Arik> they really need to improve on last game
[19:17] <Mika_no_Krynn> Dude they're only playing'll be a joke game.
[19:17] <GM_Erik> Germany will kick their ass
[19:17] <Tibor> lol
[19:18] <Tibor> tie game still...
[19:18] <Mika_no_Krynn> The real game is tomorrow...
[19:18] <Mika_no_Krynn> The Czechs... that'll be tough, too tough perhaps.
[19:18] <Mika_no_Krynn> The Yanks are doing good this year though.
[19:18] <Sir_Arik> don't care... they need to play each game like it was the hardest opponent they every played
[19:19] <GM_Erik> Gabe started paying attention again..
[19:19] <GM_Erik> ::-)
[19:19] <Mika_no_Krynn> Gabe is making our dinner.
[19:19] <Vrryl> he's cooking food atm
[19:19] <GM_Erik> shut up atm
[19:19] <Vrryl> it smells frickin awesome too
[19:19] <Tibor> food...
[19:19] <Mika_no_Krynn> Curry rice.
[19:21] <Tibor> what was that lesson again?
[19:22] <Vrryl> this is where they tell us the lesson was never give the location of your maini force away, and launch an attack that consumes us all in a dimension of void that leaks our bodies of energy for all eternity to feed their hunger and corruption
[19:23] <Sir_Arik> well ok
[19:23] <Mika_no_Krynn> True...
[19:23] <JessicaKnight> umm... ok
[19:24] <GM_Erik> I thought you were orange?
[19:24] <Mika_no_Krynn> Doesn't matter.
[19:25] <Mika_no_Krynn> Bad experience anyways.
[19:25] <Vrryl> remove the amulet, Mika...nothing to explain
[19:25] <Sir_Arik> heh.... purple
[19:26] <GM_Erik> Lets end off there for manana.
[19:26] <GM_Erik> um, for next time.
[19:26] <Tibor> ok
[19:26] <Mika_no_Krynn> If I take off the amulet I'll stop learning as a pygmy though.
[19:26] <Sir_Arik> ok kewl
[19:26] <Mika_no_Krynn> When's the next game?
[19:26] <Tibor> when's the next round?
[19:26] <Sir_Arik> yeah
[19:26] <GM_Erik> How about next saturday?
[19:27] <JessicaKnight> when's your wedding Rob?
[19:27] <Sir_Arik> nope not good for me
[19:27] <Mika_no_Krynn> Sunday?
[19:27] <Sir_Arik> March 23, but I will be in Calgary 22 to 24
[19:27] <Sir_Arik> Sunday could work, what time
[19:27] <JessicaKnight> yeah, if you need to you can play from here, go dknows we have enough computers
[19:27] <Tibor> ok
[19:27] <Tibor> sun good
[19:27] <Mika_no_Krynn> GM?
[19:28] <GM_Erik> For me, Sunday would have to be around 3pm I'm guessing.
[19:28] * Vrryl has a very busy schedule, so will have to know several weeks in advance to see if his personal assistant can fit a few hours in for him
[19:28] <Mika_no_Krynn> 3pm is alright for me.
[19:28] <JessicaKnight> alright
[19:28] <Tibor> 3pm
[19:28] <Tibor> ok
[19:28] <Sir_Arik> heh... busy my arse
[19:28] <Vrryl> 3pm next sunday?
[19:28] <Sir_Arik> 3pm works for me as well
[19:28] <GM_Erik> I've got a soccer game at 1pm (they just told us recently that that is when IM's play, as opposed to weekdays)
[19:29] <Mika_no_Krynn> That sux
[19:29] * Tibor will have to set alarm clock...
[19:29] <Sir_Arik> IM's?
[19:29] <Mika_no_Krynn> intermurals.
[19:29] <Sir_Arik> ahhh
[19:29] <Sir_Arik> we could do it later like 4pm if it is better for you Erik
[19:29] <Vrryl> cool, logging off now...thanks a tonne for the game erik. Good seeing you again rob, even if only digitally
[19:29] <GM_Erik> I'm not really sure, we'll play it by ear for 3 right now.
[19:29] <Mika_no_Krynn> ok
[19:30] <GM_Erik> I plan to finish this off within a couple weeks.
[19:30] <Mika_no_Krynn> next Sunday then.
[19:30] <JessicaKnight> koo
[19:30] <Tibor> ok...i'm gone guys see on tues Mike
[19:30] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yep.
[19:30] *** JessicaKnight has quit IRC (Quit: Quit: Erection reset by queer )
[19:30] *** Tibor has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving )
[19:30] *** Vrryl has quit IRC (Quit:  )
[19:30] <GM_Erik> You're really close, and next time you will probably get there, and..
[19:30] <GM_Erik> eek!
[19:30] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah, feels like we're close.
[19:30] * GM_Erik looks around
[19:30] <GM_Erik> and then the time after will just be one big combat I'm guessing.
[19:31] <GM_Erik> (Best to save it, right?)
[19:31] <Sir_Arik> so it is cool with you and Gabe, Mike if I stay there 22 and 23 of March?
[19:31] <Mika_no_Krynn> Rock'n Roll!
[19:31] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yep, no problem.
[19:31] <Sir_Arik> kewl
[19:31] <GM_Erik> Gabe's place is party central.
[19:31] <GM_Erik> I actually wanted to ask everybody something too, but most people took off. ;;-)
[19:31] <Mika_no_Krynn> Like Gabe said we can game Rifts that weekend too... we got enough computers for everyone.
[19:31] <Mika_no_Krynn> What?
[19:31] <Sir_Arik> I will hang with you guys on the evening of 23rd cuz Chris and Tammy will want some time to them selves I imagine
[19:31] <Sir_Arik> heh.... true
[19:32] <Mika_no_Krynn> Know what you mean.
[19:32] <GM_Erik> I wanted to ask about the other game.,..
[19:32] <Sir_Arik> I could just leave after the session
[19:32] <Mika_no_Krynn> What?
[19:32] <Sir_Arik> what other game?
[19:32] <GM_Erik> I was going to do the After the Bomb between Rifts segments.
[19:32] <GM_Erik> And I wanted to talk about character creation.
[19:32] <Mika_no_Krynn> When are you gone Rob?
[19:32] <Mika_no_Krynn> What about character creation?
[19:33] <GM_Erik> I was thinking of doing it mostly randomly for character stats and animals and stuff to make it interesting.
[19:33] <Sir_Arik> well.... 3wks in April probably 2 wks in June and most of July, don't know about August and first flight to Bosnia is Sept. 25
[19:33] <GM_Erik> Maybe getting two rolls on animal table and picking one.
[19:33] <GM_Erik> (since some are more limiting)
[19:33] <Sir_Arik> ahhh.... I wanted to be a mutant tiger ;)
[19:33] <GM_Erik> And also perhaps making everyone roll stats in advance, they way it should be. ;;-)
[19:34] <GM_Erik> (Tiger's aren't that great)
[19:34] <Mika_no_Krynn> But they look neat.
[19:34] <Sir_Arik> sure they are....
[19:34] <GM_Erik> The cows and horses will kick their ass anyday.
[19:34] <Sir_Arik> and who else is orange in nature?
[19:34] <Sir_Arik> phhhht
[19:34] <Mika_no_Krynn> That makes no sense.
[19:34] <Mika_no_Krynn> Cow is the stupidest animal ever.
[19:34] <Sir_Arik> yeah.... it don't make no sense
[19:35] <Mika_no_Krynn> Tiger could rip'em to shreddies in 30seconds.
[19:35] <GM_Erik> (Mutants that is)
[19:35] <Mika_no_Krynn> Sharks are badass.
[19:35] <GM_Erik> So what do you think about the randomization?
[19:35] <Sir_Arik> I want to be a mutant spider
[19:35] <Sir_Arik> what do you mean about stats before hand?
[19:35] <Sir_Arik> just so I know
[19:35] <GM_Erik> Like rolling up IQ to Speed in order, basically having your stats before you have your animal.
[19:35] <Mika_no_Krynn> I don't personally like random stuff, never have... but I'll have to look at the new game first.  I could pick up the book on our end.
[19:36] <Sir_Arik> I don't mind.... there are enough phys skills that you can normally be pretty decent
[19:36] <Mika_no_Krynn> I mean no one wants to play a goat, and if you're stuck playing a character you don't want to play, you won't play well.
[19:36] <Sir_Arik> goat eh?
[19:36] <Sir_Arik> hmmm
[19:36] <GM_Erik> Well, I want to do the random animal, I think the way the new system works out you can make all sorts of character types around any animal.  But, that's why I'd let people have two rolls.
[19:37] <Mika_no_Krynn> What are the charts like though?
[19:37] <GM_Erik> Besides, someone might get to be half spider, half goat, they kick ass.
[19:37] <Mika_no_Krynn> Like I said I'll have to look at the game... I wouldn't mind randomized rolls as long as I didn't have to play something lame.
[19:37] <Mika_no_Krynn> I can hear Brett saying something similar.
[19:38] <GM_Erik> They are Urban (35), Rural (25), Wild (30), and Purebreds (10)
[19:38] <Mika_no_Krynn> Lame not in abilities... just in concept/appearance.
[19:38] <GM_Erik> pretty good chance all around compared to before.
[19:38] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah... what is urban animals though?
[19:38] <Mika_no_Krynn> Zoo animals and house pets?
[19:39] <GM_Erik> A number of birds, cat, dog, frog, ferret, monkey, humans, turtle, rat, squirrel, things like that.
[19:39] <Sir_Arik> heh
[19:39] <Mika_no_Krynn> Domestic Dogs only?
[19:39] <Sir_Arik> I wanna be a wolverine ;)
[19:39] <Mika_no_Krynn> Monkey's are urban animals?
[19:39] <GM_Erik> The stats are different now Rob, the attribute bonuses aren't like they were before.
[19:40] <GM_Erik> Yeah, beacuse they escaped in rural areas.
[19:40] <Mika_no_Krynn> Standard rolling convention?  3D6 ignore 1's and 2's?
[19:40] <Sir_Arik> phhht
[19:40] <Sir_Arik> that totally sux
[19:40] <GM_Erik> Yeah, but you buy stuff now with BIOE Rob, its all different.
[19:40] <Mika_no_Krynn> They were dumb before.
[19:40] <GM_Erik> Monkeys?
[19:41] <Mika_no_Krynn> Where do tigers and the exotic animals fit in?
[19:41] <Sir_Arik> yeah
[19:41] <Sir_Arik> and when are we going to be making chars?
[19:41] <Sir_Arik> plus Mike I should have the stuff ready for you tonite
[19:42] <Mika_no_Krynn> For what?
[19:42] <GM_Erik> Well, I'm going to email out stuff first.
[19:42] <Sir_Arik> the webpage
[19:42] <Mika_no_Krynn> Ok, kewl.
[19:42] <Sir_Arik> like what Erik?
[19:42] <GM_Erik> For TIgers and exotics, wild mostly, things escaped from zoos that live in the wild.
[19:42] <Mika_no_Krynn> How about dinosaurs?
[19:42] <Sir_Arik> biggest problem right now Mike is getting a decent picture
[19:43] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah, they're hard to find... I'm lucky.
[19:43] <GM_Erik> There's only one, since this is AtB, and not transdimensional.
[19:43] <Sir_Arik> ahhh
[19:43] <Mika_no_Krynn> There actually is a dinosaur?
[19:43] <Sir_Arik> I wanna have a car like in Road Hogs
[19:43] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah, is that stuff in there?
[19:44] <GM_Erik> See, the purebred catagory is communities of similar animals that interbreed, giving more uniform abilities, but more potential power, and the velociraptor is one of thse, it is an evolutionary throwback from birds
[19:44] <Mika_no_Krynn> Crazy.
[19:44] <GM_Erik> This is AtB, so its just the East Coast.
[19:44] <Sir_Arik> phhht
[19:44] <Mika_no_Krynn> The rulz are still compatible though right?
[19:44] <Sir_Arik> I want a juiced hog man
[19:44] <Mika_no_Krynn> Same system and all.
[19:45] <Mika_no_Krynn> You jsut gotta find the cash and the parts.
[19:45] <GM_Erik> Yeah, Palladium standard, except they have a HtoH skill for four-leged creatures too.   think that with two rolls, people can get an animal they can do something with (particularly after looking at them and what kind of powers they can have)
[19:45] <GM_Erik> There's way more powers, and lots more psionics too
[19:46] <Sir_Arik> yeah so I noticed when I perused it
[19:46] <Mika_no_Krynn> How did you want to work char creation then?  If I get the book then we in Calgary will have access...
[19:46] <Mika_no_Krynn> How much is the book btw?
[19:46] <Sir_Arik> hmmm.... don't know probably about 35-40 bucks
[19:47] <GM_Erik> Well, I was just going to have everybody send me a few % rolls, roll their stats, and then they can pick their animal, I'll tell them their background, I can scan the appropriate info, and they can make their characters.
[19:47] <GM_Erik> The Book is $21 US (this IS palladium)
[19:47] <Sir_Arik> hmmm
[19:47] <Mika_no_Krynn> Probably around $35 CAD then.
[19:47] <GM_Erik> Want to try right now?
[19:47] <Mika_no_Krynn> Alot of work for you... you have a scanner?
[19:47] <Sir_Arik> I would think we all would want a book around so we could scope some rules we might need
[19:47] <Mika_no_Krynn> Could try... I have time.
[19:47] <Sir_Arik> sure
[19:47] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yep, good to have books.
[19:47] <GM_Erik> I mean just the rolls.
[19:48] <Sir_Arik> sure
[19:48] <Mika_no_Krynn> Ok.
[19:48] <GM_Erik> If you really want to get the book that's fine, but we could do the animal rolls first to see if the 'random' thing isn't horrible. ;;-)
[19:48] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yep.
[19:48] <GM_Erik> OK, then I guess each of you give me... four percentile rolls.
[19:48] <Sir_Arik> 4?
[19:49] <GM_Erik> 4.
[19:49] <Mika_no_Krynn> 92, 22 75, 85
[19:49] <Sir_Arik> 86,71,34,26
[19:50] <Mika_no_Krynn> Are you gonna standardize the size table so people are normal?  Curve it so Size 9 is normal (medium build)?
[19:51] <Mika_no_Krynn> That was the standard human size in the old game right?
[19:51] <GM_Erik> OK, for Mike, that would be a Robin (the bird) or a Purebred Bantam Chicken.  This chicken is the purebred descendent of fighting cocks, and gets fighting bonuses (including an extra attack automatically)
[19:51] <Sir_Arik> kewl
[19:51] <GM_Erik> Remember, there's way more Bio-E now too, and the Robin can sell its flight ability for 15 extra (one of the disadvantages)
[19:52] <GM_Erik> Rob would get Otter or Dog (domestic)
[19:52] <Sir_Arik> heh
[19:52] <Sir_Arik> I like that chicken ;)
[19:52] <GM_Erik> Yeah, they fight with razorblades in their hands and feet.
[19:52] <Sir_Arik> razorblades?
[19:52] <GM_Erik> yup, unless they get claws.
[19:52] <Sir_Arik> what about like knives
[19:53] <Sir_Arik> any animals with 4 arms?
[19:53] <Mika_no_Krynn> Can you think of one?
[19:53] <GM_Erik> they can use knives, but they get a natural ability with razors.
[19:53] <Sir_Arik> nope... but they are mutants ;)
[19:53] <GM_Erik> Four arms?  Only the spider-goats.
[19:53] <Sir_Arik> kewl
[19:54] <GM_Erik> They can, but people are pretty afriad of them.
[19:54] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah, I remember you saying something about them.
[19:54] <GM_Erik> (humans that is, everyone else wants their stuff)
[19:54] <Mika_no_Krynn> What is 92, 90?
[19:54] <GM_Erik> (The Bantam Chicken) So I mean, how does something like that sound?
[19:54] <GM_Erik> Could you live with one of those choices?
[19:54] <GM_Erik> Part of it is what powers you can buy too.
[19:55] <Mika_no_Krynn> I'd play the robin over the chicken... just can't see myself being a chicken.
[19:55] <Sir_Arik> you can still buy a really human look though
[19:55] <GM_Erik> Even the 'devil-may-care battlers who itch for fighting oppurtunitis?
[19:55] <Mika_no_Krynn> Are there martial arts in the game?
[19:55] <GM_Erik> Yeah, and if you buy extra PB with BIO-E you look even more human.
[19:56] <Sir_Arik> kewl
[19:56] <Sir_Arik> I would live with random rolls
[19:56] <Mika_no_Krynn> How does the arm/wing thing work now?
[19:56] <GM_Erik> They didn't include the ninja thing in these areas, if that's what you're asking about.  But there is HH Martial Arts.
[19:56] <Mika_no_Krynn> I keep forgetting about human looks... never used it before really.
[19:56] <GM_Erik> Hands occur on the wing, unless you buy extra limbs, but you can also sell the wings, and just have hands and arms.
[19:57] <GM_Erik> Yeah, human looks can be good when humans are the most prejudiced things around.
[19:57] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah, that's what I'd do... sell the wings.  Go with just arms.
[19:57] <GM_Erik> Its one way to do it.
[19:57] <Mika_no_Krynn> Save the Bio-E for other stuff.
[19:57] <Sir_Arik> like 4 arms
[19:57] <Sir_Arik> heh
[19:58] <Mika_no_Krynn> Do they hage that group creation thing still?
[19:58] <Sir_Arik> yeah!
[19:58] <Mika_no_Krynn> have that...
[19:58] <Sir_Arik> I remember that
[19:58] <Sir_Arik> it rocked
[19:58] <Mika_no_Krynn> It was kinda limiting though...
[19:58] <Sir_Arik> myself and 3 others made dolphins
[19:58] <GM_Erik> They don't technically, but we could use that option if people really wanted to.
[19:59] <Sir_Arik> but I don't really care one way or the other
[19:59] <Mika_no_Krynn> It would depend... not everyone would have to go in on that.
[19:59] <GM_Erik> So, I could send you guys those two animals each, and you could look at them and see what you think.,
[19:59] <Sir_Arik> what? we have to use those animals?
[19:59] <Mika_no_Krynn> I just wouldn't mind have a non-bird choice.
[19:59] <GM_Erik> Well, we could roll again later.  I'll send out an email asking for specifics.
[19:59] <Sir_Arik> hmmm.... ok I don't care dog, and otter aren't bad
[20:00] <GM_Erik> Or you could take one now.  Lets see..
[20:00] <Mika_no_Krynn> Otters can swim really good... and they get a cuteness factor.
[20:00] <GM_Erik> RObins are pretty standard bird types...
[20:01] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah, I figured....
[20:01] <Mika_no_Krynn> I would pick the crazy chicken of those two.
[20:01] <Sir_Arik> what kind of dogs are there?
[20:01] <GM_Erik> there are different types of flight now, so you could sink lots into that and be good at it, or not have wings and go another way.
[20:01] <GM_Erik> The crazy chicken doesn't get flight options, but is a good fighter.
[20:01] <Mika_no_Krynn> Oh well... good fighter is good.
[20:02] <GM_Erik> crazy chicken, also purebreds get more 'potential' since they're less flexible.
[20:02] <Mika_no_Krynn> brb
[20:02] <Sir_Arik> what do you mean by that?
[20:02] <GM_Erik> Dogs have breeds like before, with different stat bonuses (you know, like Rifts)
[20:02] <GM_Erik> Dogs also gets lots of potential powers
[20:02] <Sir_Arik> so I could be a kill hound?
[20:02] <Sir_Arik> heh
[20:03] <GM_Erik> heh.
[20:03] <GM_Erik> mean by 'potential'?
[20:03] <Sir_Arik> but what do you mean less flexible and potential?
[20:03] <GM_Erik> Well, you know if some animals get things to start with you can pretend they're not there and give a total BIO-E at size level one that that animal wouild have?
[20:03] <GM_Erik> like a bird gets full biped?
[20:04] <GM_Erik> make =10, add up, etc..
[20:04] <GM_Erik> purebreds get more BIO-E in that sense, since they have practiced breeding programs and stuff, they just don't get as large a range of things to choose from in the end.
[20:04] <GM_Erik> make sense?
[20:05] <Sir_Arik> sorta
[20:05] <Mika_no_Krynn> Canada just scored...
[20:05] <Mika_no_Krynn> I'm back.
[20:06] <Mika_no_Krynn> Some freaking hot curry.
[20:06] <GM_Erik> For example, Those chickens? they ALL have partial speech and partial looks, you don't get to choose, but along with partial automatic hands and full biped, they still get 40 BIo-E at Size Level 8.
[20:06] <GM_Erik> So they are more mutated, but with less variation.
[20:06] <Sir_Arik> so no choice?
[20:06] <Mika_no_Krynn> So you can't upgrade stuff with them?
[20:07] <Sir_Arik> so you cannot choose to have like full hands?
[20:07] <GM_Erik> You can upgrade hands, but not speech or looks.
[20:07] <Sir_Arik> oh
[20:07] <GM_Erik> That's the way purebreds are, some have full everything, and some are giant animals with smarts.
[20:07] <Sir_Arik> ok
[20:07] <GM_Erik> They have more BIO-E technically, but have less variation.
[20:08] <Sir_Arik> ahh
[20:08] <Sir_Arik> can you get wingless flight?
[20:08] <GM_Erik> Oh, I was describing animals, and Otters get good across the boards stat bonuses, and they get sensory powers or attribute powers for cheap.
[20:08] <GM_Erik> You can get wingless flight as a human if you roll it righht.
[20:09] <GM_Erik> (costs BIO-E)
[20:09] <Sir_Arik> oh that is right.... can be a mutant human too
[20:09] <GM_Erik> yeah, can become more animal-like (or alien-like) for points, or can sell size level (starts at 11)
[20:09] <Sir_Arik> what size level do otters start at?
[20:10] <GM_Erik> 4
[20:10] <GM_Erik> get 50 BIO-E
[20:10] <Mika_no_Krynn> They're long though right?
[20:10] <GM_Erik> and 35 from possible disadvantages.
[20:10] <GM_Erik> Yeah, they're long.
[20:10] <GM_Erik> And the Size Level thing: The closer you are to full human looks, the more medium build will be
[20:10] <Sir_Arik> yeck
[20:11] <Mika_no_Krynn> So what do partial looks animals look like now?
[20:11] <Sir_Arik> what?
[20:11] <GM_Erik> YOu won't have a long build if you have full human looks.
[20:11] <GM_Erik> Partial depends on the animal, they have more detailed descriptions now.
[20:11] <Sir_Arik> what about partial?
[20:11] <GM_Erik> But its basically a were-animal (to make it easy).
[20:12] <Sir_Arik> hmm
[20:12] <Mika_no_Krynn> Then what do full animal looks look like?
[20:12] <Mika_no_Krynn> I though full animal looks were Crinos form...
[20:12] <GM_Erik> Depends on the animal again to some extent.
[20:12] <Sir_Arik> what of the dogs? good stats or upgrades?
[20:12] <GM_Erik> Oh, full animal..
[20:12] <GM_Erik> Full animal looks like a normal version of that animal in every way.
[20:12] <GM_Erik> except for hands, talking, etc..
[20:13] <GM_Erik> standing up..
[20:13] <Sir_Arik> hmm
[20:13] <GM_Erik> Higher the PB with full human looks, the more human you look.
[20:13] <GM_Erik> A few animals get to take human looks: perfect if they want to buy it.  They look totally human.
[20:13] <Sir_Arik> what is the size level of dogs? and bio-e?
[20:13] <Mika_no_Krynn> Like monkeys?
[20:14] <GM_Erik> Chimps and Pigs I remember offhand.
[20:14] <GM_Erik> (Pigs because of all the modern-day genetic experiements with human DNA)
[20:14] <Sir_Arik> neat
[20:14] <Mika_no_Krynn> I was about to ask...
[20:14] <GM_Erik> Dogs, it depends on the breed.
[20:14] <Sir_Arik> what kind of breeds are there?
[20:14] <GM_Erik> Mastiffs are SL 10, and have 50 BIO-E
[20:14] <Sir_Arik> wow
[20:15] <Sir_Arik> what kind of stuff can they buy?
[20:15] <Mika_no_Krynn> Are there tanuki?  Japanese racoon-dogs?
[20:15] <Sir_Arik> heh
[20:15] <GM_Erik> ptbh.
[20:15] <GM_Erik> What kind of dog would you think of?
[20:16] <GM_Erik> Just pick a concept, smart, strong, big, small, etc.
[20:16] <Sir_Arik> hmm
[20:16] <Mika_no_Krynn> All of the above.
[20:16] <Sir_Arik> yeah
[20:17] <GM_Erik> big and small?
[20:17] <GM_Erik> ouch.
[20:17] <Mika_no_Krynn> Medium
[20:17] <Sir_Arik> ok not that
[20:17] <Sir_Arik> are mastiffs dumb?
[20:17] <GM_Erik> no
[20:17] <Mika_no_Krynn> Big ass dog.
[20:17] <Mika_no_Krynn> Be a bull-dog bodybuilder.
[20:17] <GM_Erik> all dogs get +1IQ, +2MA, +1 PE, plue breed.
[20:17] <GM_Erik> plus breed.
[20:18] <Mika_no_Krynn> They're smart and friendly.
[20:18] <Sir_Arik> yeah.... what kind of powers are open to mastiffs or dogs?
[20:18] <GM_Erik> Mastiffs get +6PS and +6 Spd, and +14 SDC to start.  They can also buy the equivalent of supernatural strength for 20 BIo-E
[20:18] <Sir_Arik> ouch
[20:18] <GM_Erik> They also jump OK.
[20:18] <Mika_no_Krynn> Are those crazy chickens strong or just fast?
[20:19] <GM_Erik> Pit BUlls and Wolfhounds can also get Crushing Strength (SUpernatural)
[20:19] <GM_Erik> chickens....
[20:19] <Mika_no_Krynn> Wolfhounds... yeah.
[20:19] <Mika_no_Krynn> How about wolves?
[20:20] <GM_Erik> Bantams: They don't get really strong, I mean, they can be up to Size Level 11, so there's a bonus.
[20:20] <Mika_no_Krynn> just fast then.
[20:20] <Sir_Arik> hmm... what makes an otter so good
[20:20] <GM_Erik> They can take 2d6 talons for 10BIOE,automatically get razor nails, and +1 attack and +2 PP
[20:21] <Mika_no_Krynn> How much do razor nails do?
[20:21] <GM_Erik> 1d4
[20:21] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah...
[20:21] <GM_Erik> The thing is, now unless you get an armored charcter, its really hard to get excessive SDC.
[20:21] <GM_Erik> I made a SL 20 horse that was really strong, and he barely had 100.
[20:21] <Sir_Arik> hmm
[20:21] <Sir_Arik> wow
[20:21] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah, but how much does a normal punch do?  1D4... same as my "razor nails"
[20:21] <Sir_Arik> what of otters?
[20:22] <GM_Erik> Oh, sorry, they do 2d4.
[20:22] <GM_Erik> the taped on kind do 1d4 (as extra attack weapons)
[20:22] <GM_Erik> of course, they also make people bleed exactly where you want them to.
[20:22] <Mika_no_Krynn> What does PB do for you if you have full animal looks?
[20:23] <GM_Erik> Makes you look more human.
[20:23] <GM_Erik> sorry, full naimal...
[20:23] <GM_Erik> duh..
[20:23] <GM_Erik> Makes you attractive to other animals. ::-)
[20:23] <GM_Erik> SOmetimes breeding can be a good thing.
[20:23] <Sir_Arik> hmm
[20:23] <Mika_no_Krynn> Ok...
[20:23] <Sir_Arik> what of the otters though... anything kewl about them?
[20:24] <GM_Erik> htey get +3iq, +2me, +3ma, +4pp, +3spd.
[20:24] <Sir_Arik> so fast guys
[20:24] <Mika_no_Krynn> They're smart... and faster than the fighting chicken.
[20:24] <GM_Erik> they can buy lots of stat powers for 5 or 10 BIo-E each, and can buy enhanced senses for 5 or 10 each.
[20:24] <Sir_Arik> what kind of powers do they start with?
[20:24] <GM_Erik> See, powers cost different amounts for different animals.
[20:25] <GM_Erik> the otter powers are generally petty cheap.
[20:25] <Sir_Arik> can they be armored ;)
[20:25] <GM_Erik> YOu can wear armor, just like TMNT.
[20:25] <Sir_Arik> phhht... I mean naturally ;)
[20:26] <GM_Erik> A lot of what you have also depends on what background you roll up, whether it be highly skillied and rich, or totally feral.
[20:26] <GM_Erik> oh, heh ;;0
[20:26] <GM_Erik> Roll % again, each of you.
[20:26] <Mika_no_Krynn> how many times?
[20:26] <GM_Erik> once
[20:26] <Sir_Arik> 77
[20:26] <Mika_no_Krynn> 92 again.
[20:27] <GM_Erik> So Rob rolled Guerilla Warrior.  He gets +10 BIo-E more, and gets to start with more physical and military skills.
[20:27] <Sir_Arik> kewl
[20:27] <Mika_no_Krynn> And I rolled scholar...
[20:27] <Mika_no_Krynn> The scholar fighting chicken...
[20:27] <GM_Erik> But he doesn't get a formal skill program.
[20:27] <GM_Erik> Yeah, Mike, that's what you rolled.  You get way more skills than anyone else, and lots of cash.
[20:28] <Mika_no_Krynn> I knew it...
[20:28] <GM_Erik> If you really wanted to play the Bantam, we could roll again, since that one doesn't make much sense.
[20:28] <Mika_no_Krynn> Nope... doesn't.
[20:28] <Mika_no_Krynn> 81
[20:29] <GM_Erik> But you could do it, you'd be the smart fighting chicken.  ALthough the skill selection makes it easier to get Martial Arts (most people just do expert or basic)
[20:29] <GM_Erik> OK, 81 is Raised by Bandits.
[20:29] <Mika_no_Krynn> How do skills work?
[20:29] <GM_Erik> (I'm listing big ones) +5 Bio-E, +20SDC, and rogue, physical, military skills.
[20:30] <Mika_no_Krynn> Could the scholar get physical skills and martial arts?
[20:30] <GM_Erik> yeah.
[20:30] <Mika_no_Krynn> Oh, I'll stick with that then...
[20:30] <Mika_no_Krynn> I want to make a street fighter chicken.
[20:30] <Mika_no_Krynn> Like Ken.
[20:31] <GM_Erik> it works out, a bantam of the 'academic underground' would be someone adopted by the underground and taught more than his fellows.
[20:31] <Mika_no_Krynn> I want to be able to shoot out Hadoken's.
[20:31] <Sir_Arik> heh
[20:31] <GM_Erik> He just wouldn't have as big of a BIO-E bonus as the feral dudes.
[20:31] <Sir_Arik> and dragon uppercuts
[20:31] <GM_Erik> Heh, Hado--------------------------
[20:31] <GM_Erik> (Street fighter alpha_
[20:31] <GM_Erik> ---------------------------------
[20:31] <GM_Erik> ---------------
[20:31] <GM_Erik> Ken!
[20:31] <GM_Erik> (Four episodes later)
[20:31] <Mika_no_Krynn> Which would be better then?
[20:32] <GM_Erik> How about I send out the stuff and you guys can look at it
[20:32] <Mika_no_Krynn> Like do the scholars really get lots of skills?
[20:32] <Mika_no_Krynn> Sure.
[20:32] <Mika_no_Krynn> You have a scanner there?
[20:32] <Sir_Arik> sure.... I am definitely liking guerilla warfare though
[20:32] <GM_Erik> Yeah, they get a 'program' (apprenticeship), 18 primary, and 6 secondary
[20:32] <Mika_no_Krynn> Holy shit!
[20:33] <GM_Erik> Guerilla gets no program (but BIOE), 16 primary, and 5 secondary
[20:33] <Sir_Arik> ahhh.... no program :P
[20:33] <Mika_no_Krynn> 10 Bio-E can go a long way.
[20:33] <GM_Erik> but of the 18 Mike, 6 are science or scholar, 4 are techincal, and the other 8 are from a variety of programs (including physical)
[20:33] <GM_Erik> yeah, 10 Bio-E is like one or two extra powers.
[20:33] <GM_Erik> or size level, or whatever.
[20:33] <Mika_no_Krynn> Oh... that's no good.
[20:33] <Sir_Arik> does Mike get extra Bio-e?
[20:34] <GM_Erik> nope, not for academic underground
[20:34] <GM_Erik> But he is more skilled, and has better equipment.
[20:34] <Mika_no_Krynn> How about those bandit guys?  I don't care about science and tech skills... I just wanna be a skilled fighter.
[20:35] <Sir_Arik> I wanna be a skilled pimp
[20:35] <Mika_no_Krynn> Why don't you just send the stuff instead.
[20:35] <GM_Erik> Truthfully?  YOu can be a better fighter I think with the underground, since you can get way more physical skills, but they get +5Bio_E
[20:35] <Mika_no_Krynn> Pimpin!
[20:35] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah... that's what I thought... I'll stick with the bandits then.
[20:35] <GM_Erik> I'll send the stuff at some point and you can look.
[20:35] <Mika_no_Krynn> Oh... ok, I'll stick with the underground I mean.
[20:35] <Mika_no_Krynn> Misread ya there.
[20:36] <GM_Erik> You'll be the guy who fought for the good guys, lots of nice humans in the undergournd.
[20:36] <GM_Erik> OK, well maybe that's enough for now.
[20:36] <Sir_Arik> humans? we don't need no stinking humans!
[20:37] <Mika_no_Krynn> ok.  Well send out your ideas and we'll see what's going on.
[20:37] <Sir_Arik> works for me, I am probably getting the book anyway
[20:37] <GM_Erik> (Yeah, warriors hate humans mostly) I think with the range of powers that people can specialize in totally different things really easily.
[20:37] <GM_Erik> Also, the skill ranges are better too, with the apprenticeships (progams) and such
[20:37] <Mika_no_Krynn> Oh yeah?
[20:38] <GM_Erik> Well, you can be an electrician, are you're the man at that compared to anyone who's not.
[20:38] <GM_Erik> Those are the only things with scholastic bonuses
[20:38] <GM_Erik> And they made them important.
[20:38] <Mika_no_Krynn> Who cares about electronics... I just wanna beat the snot out of guys... I'm berzerker poultry!
[20:38] <GM_Erik> Like guys who are farriers, shoing animals?  Everywhere with hooved animals need them.
[20:39] <Sir_Arik> heh... bezerker
[20:39] <GM_Erik> Anyway, you guys can decide later.  Killer Chicken!
[20:39] <Mika_no_Krynn> ok.
[20:39] <GM_Erik> And weapon makers, they have to know how to make weapons for any size guy!
[20:39] <Sir_Arik> kewl
[20:40] <Sir_Arik> ok, well I will wait to see what stuff you send, and I will probably get the book in the next week or so
[20:40] <GM_Erik> Mike, do you think posting scans for download would work on the webpage?
[20:40] <GM_Erik> So We can make things like skills available once to everyone?
[20:41] <Mika_no_Krynn> It'll work... just covert them to PDF for the ease of use.
[20:41] <GM_Erik> Hey yeah, I think I can do that.
[20:41] <GM_Erik> Anyway, I'm gonna go home...
[20:41] <Mika_no_Krynn> l8r
[20:41] <GM_Erik> see ya
Session Close: Sun Feb 17 20:41:58 2002
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 GM, 23 posts
Sun 11 Oct 2015
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Horsemen of the Apocalypse 1 - OOC Chat logs
Session Start: Sun Feb 24 15:26:06 2002
[15:26] *** Now talking in #RiftsOOC
[15:26] <GM_Erik> hmm
[15:34] *** Sir_Arik has joined #RiftsOOC
[15:34] <Sir_Arik> YO!
[15:34] <Sir_Arik> are we in wombat server again?
[15:35] <GM_Erik> yeh
[15:35] <GM_Erik> Yo! (pant)
[15:35] <Sir_Arik> how do I get that again?
[15:35] *** GM_Erik sets mode: +o Sir_Arik
[15:35] *** Sir_Arik has quit IRC (Quit:  )
[15:36] *** Sir_Arik has joined #RiftsOOC
[15:36] <Sir_Arik> I'm baaaack!!
[15:36] <GM_Erik> all good?
[15:36] <Sir_Arik> yep
[15:36] <GM_Erik> coo.
[15:36] <GM_Erik> you watch the game?
[15:37] <Sir_Arik> so did you catch the game?
[15:37] *** GM_Erik sets mode: +o Sir_Arik
[15:37] <Sir_Arik> me? yep! 5 to 2 for Canada!!!!!!
[15:37] <Sir_Arik> wooooohoooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
[15:37] <GM_Erik> I didn't watch it, I had soccer, I heard the result though.
[15:37] <GM_Erik> Go Canada!
[15:37] <GM_Erik> was it a good game to watch?
[15:37] <Sir_Arik> It was awesome! Both teams played well
[15:38] <Sir_Arik> Did you win?
[15:38] <GM_Erik> Well, since only one other person from my team was there, no.
[15:38] <GM_Erik> But we just played 'exhibition'
[15:38] <Sir_Arik> ouch! must have been watching the game
[15:38] <GM_Erik> maybe, dunno, probably because of the snowstorm here
[15:39] <GM_Erik> I just played two hours with now subs of indoor soccer..
[15:39] <GM_Erik> I'm really tired.
[15:39] <Sir_Arik> heh.... I bet
[15:39] <GM_Erik> uh, no subs
[15:39] <GM_Erik> gabe and mike (and brett?) were going to be watching the game elsewhere.  They should e here at some point
[15:39] <Sir_Arik> I am feeling a little tipsy.... drank 3 pints in during the game.... don't drink as much as I used too
[15:40] <GM_Erik> mmm beer
[15:40] <Sir_Arik> see.... cannot even werite a proper sentence :P
[15:40] <Sir_Arik> ;)
[15:40] <GM_Erik> eh
[15:40] <GM_Erik> no worries
[15:41] <Sir_Arik> no biggie about Mike and the rest, gives me a chance to pick your brain about After the Bomb
[15:41] <GM_Erik> ok.
[15:41] <GM_Erik> YOu have hotmail right?
[15:41] <Sir_Arik> I bought the book by the way
[15:41] <GM_Erik> oh, so you don't need me to email you stuff
[15:41] <GM_Erik> ::-)
[15:41] <Sir_Arik> yep my email is
[15:42] <GM_Erik> I was going to send you tons of acrobat files with all the character creation stuff, but now I don't have to...
[15:42] <GM_Erik> So what's the question:
[15:43] <Sir_Arik> I wanted to know what kind of setting we are going to be playing in? So that I can come up with the type of char I will play
[15:44] <GM_Erik> Ah, I hadn't totally decided that yet.
[15:45] <Sir_Arik> because the otter can be reasonably strong but will mostly be a quick and dextrous kind of char, and the dog will probably be a powerhouse
[15:45] <GM_Erik> Mike and Gabe both rolled Academic Underground.
[15:45] <Sir_Arik> really? what of Brett?
[15:45] <GM_Erik> So I was thinking about hooking everyone up with those guys to some extent.
[15:46] <GM_Erik> Brett rolled Feral, so I can fit him in anywhere
[15:46] <Sir_Arik> he he he.... Brett as a feral creature that should be fun
[15:46] <GM_Erik> Yeah, with his rolls he could make a really interesting character actually.
[15:47] <Sir_Arik> do the other guys know what animals they are going to be?
[15:47] <GM_Erik> I think they were working on it last night.
[15:47] <GM_Erik> Mike's going to play the super chicken
[15:47] <Sir_Arik> right
[15:48] <GM_Erik> Play the type of character you feel like, the only thing that limits my setting is whether or not people get along with eachother.
[15:48] <GM_Erik> If Brett plays what I think he might play, then we might have someone with full human looks.
[15:49] <Sir_Arik> I wish I was a wolverine ;)
[15:49] <GM_Erik> which means you could take subservience and apply it to Brett! (heh heh, 20 BIO-E!)
[15:49] <Sir_Arik> what!!!
[15:49] <Sir_Arik> me?
[15:50] <GM_Erik> Well, you could, if you wanted to.
[15:50] <Sir_Arik> what animals are the other guys tho? or am I not allowed to know? ;)
[15:50] <GM_Erik> Well, Brett rolled for a rat or a Tennessee Walker (horse).  I think he's going to play the horse.
[15:50] <GM_Erik> (he could have tons of psionics if he wanted to)
[15:51] <GM_Erik> Gabe rolled Bat and Buffalo, there I have no idea.
[15:51] <GM_Erik> haven't heard from Stan.
[15:51] <Sir_Arik> heh.... no love bunnies? ;)
[15:52] <GM_Erik> heh, nope.
[15:52] <GM_Erik> but, two purebreds is pretty good on rolls.
[15:52] <GM_Erik> Its probably a good idea to tryt to fit your character concept with your skill selections too (although in your case that might not matter as much)
[15:53] <Sir_Arik> no.... I was thinking of taking a break from powerhouses though, and going with the otter
[15:53] <Sir_Arik> but I am surprised to see that no dog gets extraordinary pp
[15:54] <Sir_Arik> plus I was wondering if you would be interested in taking on another player
[15:54] <Sir_Arik> for after the bomb
[15:54] <GM_Erik> I dunno, I think five players is my limit.
[15:54] <Sir_Arik> kewl
[15:54] <GM_Erik> Last time was pretty crazy, first time I did five. ::-)
[15:54] <GM_Erik> (online that is)
[15:54] <Sir_Arik> I told him that I would ask
[15:55] <Sir_Arik> ahhh
[15:55] <Sir_Arik> ok
[15:55] <GM_Erik> We'll see what others are up to..
[15:55] <Sir_Arik> well let me know if you are up for it, cuz he used to play TMNT
[15:55] <Sir_Arik> you remember Joss?
[15:55] <GM_Erik> OK, sure...   Yeah, otters can totally go to ground on craftiness and dexterity
[15:56] <GM_Erik> Yeah, I remember Joss, that's who, eh?
[15:56] <Sir_Arik> yep
[15:56] <Sir_Arik> but yeah, I thought I would go for the sneaky guy this time cuz I am always the big strong guy
[15:57] <GM_Erik> Sounds good.  Besides, the way the game is now, even though strength can be good at times, tech is still the ultimate equalizer.
[15:57] <Sir_Arik> so I am a river otter for this aren't I?
[15:57] <Sir_Arik> tech?
[15:57] <GM_Erik> Yeah, tech, guns and stuff
[15:57] <Sir_Arik> oh yeah right
[15:57] <GM_Erik> And yes, you're a river otter
[15:57] <Sir_Arik> kewl
[15:58] <Sir_Arik> neat
[15:58] <Sir_Arik> so with my guerilla warrior training I have 60 bio-e
[15:59] <GM_Erik> true enough.
[15:59] <Sir_Arik> not to shabby
[15:59] <GM_Erik> You couldpretty much  buy all the senses and relevant stats if you wanted to
[15:59] <Sir_Arik> yeah.... but then I would be really tiny
[16:00] <Sir_Arik> I don't want to be that small
[16:00] <Sir_Arik> I might bump myself upto size lvl 6 or 7
[16:01] <GM_Erik> yeah, the game is pretty good though, huh?  Way better than before.
[16:01] <Sir_Arik> looks pretty good, I am disappointed though.... no tiger in the game
[16:01] <GM_Erik> Heh.
[16:04] <GM_Erik> where are those guys
[16:06] <Sir_Arik> have no idea
[16:06] <Sir_Arik> do you know Mike's phone number?
[16:07] <GM_Erik> oh yeah, so if you could type up this character too, that'd be great (shouldn't be much to do though with so few skills and equipment)
[16:07] <GM_Erik> Yeah, I do 403-703-0103
[16:07] <Sir_Arik> heh.... ok yeah I will what system for stats are we using?
[16:07] <Sir_Arik> and I will call Mike right now
[16:08] <GM_Erik> Potential max of 30, reroll 1's and 2's, why not
[16:08] <GM_Erik> (30 means if roll 16-18, roll a six, you get to roll once more for initial max of 30)
[16:09] <Sir_Arik> keep em where we rool em?
[16:10] <Sir_Arik> roll them I mean
[16:10] *** Mika_no_Krynn has joined #RiftsOOC
[16:10] <Sir_Arik> ok.... they are coming in!
[16:10] <Mika_no_Krynn> Oh Canada... we rock the world!
[16:10] <Sir_Arik> heya Mike!
[16:11] <Mika_no_Krynn> Best Hockey game ever!
[16:11] <Sir_Arik> I KNOW!!! CANADA KICKS ASS!!!!!
[16:11] <GM_Erik> Up to you Rob, I think some people may assign them after rolling, so feel free.  I like for people to be happy with their characters
[16:11] <Mika_no_Krynn> Kilkenny's was bloody well packed to the nuts... great feeling.
[16:11] <Mika_no_Krynn> My character is pretty much done Erik, except for equipment and hth.
[16:11] <Sir_Arik> ok kewl
[16:12] <GM_Erik> Sounds like it was really fun
[16:12] <GM_Erik> Send me what you've got Mike.
[16:12] <Mika_no_Krynn> The others are getting out of the toilet and making some sandwiches... don't know about Stan though
[16:12] <Mika_no_Krynn> Ok, I'll ICQ it to you now... go of NA or put me on autoaccept.
[16:13] *** maxius has joined #RiftsOOC
[16:13] <Mika_no_Krynn> Who is that?
[16:14] <Sir_Arik> hello?
[16:14] <maxius> just a player from anothe channel
[16:14] <maxius> #rifts
[16:14] *** GM_Erik sets mode: +o Mika_no_Krynn
[16:14] <Sir_Arik> ok
[16:14] <Sir_Arik> well that is nice
[16:15] <Mika_no_Krynn> brb
[16:15] <Sir_Arik> so why are you here?
[16:16] <maxius> just check out the other rifts channels
[16:16] <Sir_Arik> oh and Mike a change to my character as well.... I have 294 MDC not 324 MDC
[16:18] <GM_Erik> I think Mike's eatin.
[16:18] <Sir_Arik> ok.... I am going to grab a couple of sandwiches as well brb
[16:19] <Mika_no_Krynn> ok...
[16:20] *** JessicaKnight has joined #riftsooc
[16:20] <JessicaKnight> re
[16:20] *** GM_Erik sets mode: +o JessicaKnight
[16:21] *** JessicaKnight sets mode: +ntps
[16:22] *** Vrryl has joined #RiftsOOC
[16:22] <JessicaKnight> whhhhhhhhheeeeeeeee...... we kick ass
[16:22] <Vrryl> like there was ever any doubt :P
[16:23] <Mika_no_Krynn> Any word from Stan>?
[16:23] *** GM_Erik sets mode: +o Vrryl
[16:24] <GM_Erik> Sorry 'maxius', we like our privacy.
[16:24] *** JessicaKnight sets mode: +b *!*Maxiuis4@*
[16:25] <JessicaKnight> maxuis, please leave, this is a private game
[16:25] *** maxius was kicked by GM_Erik (GM_Erik )
[16:25] <GM_Erik> yay!
[16:25] <Vrryl> lol
[16:25] <JessicaKnight> ok...
[16:25] <JessicaKnight> =P
[16:25] <Vrryl> way to make friends and influence people
[16:26] * GM_Erik shrugs
[16:27] <GM_Erik> He was already questioned on his being here before anyway, and he didn't take the hint, besides, I feel powerful today.. ho ho ho...
[16:27] <Mika_no_Krynn> Green giant.
[16:27] <Mika_no_Krynn> We're calling Stan.
[16:27] <Vrryl> When santa turns evil
[16:27] <GM_Erik> good.
[16:28] <GM_Erik> I was thinking more of Jabba the Hut.  Ho ho ho, me toonka
[16:28] <Sir_Arik> ok I am back
[16:28] <Mika_no_Krynn> Didn't know you left.
[16:28] <Vrryl> oi Rob
[16:28] <Sir_Arik> yeah went to get something to eat
[16:28] <Mika_no_Krynn> Sorry I haven't updated the website since last game, but this week has been hectic.
[16:28] <Sir_Arik> did you catch the part about my char?
[16:29] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yep. 294 MDC
[16:29] <Vrryl> Ya, you gave us all your stuff
[16:29] <JessicaKnight> ugh.. i'm sleeeepppppyyyyy
[16:29] <Mika_no_Krynn> Stan's place is busy.
[16:29] <Vrryl> least you slept last night :P
[16:29] <Sir_Arik> kewl... I am still looking for a char pic, but I have a pic for my psi-sword
[16:29] <Mika_no_Krynn> nice
[16:30] <JessicaKnight> yeah.. but that beer is making me tired.. and i'm still friggin hungry
[16:30] <Sir_Arik> heh...
[16:30] <Vrryl> i hear ya
[16:30] <Mika_no_Krynn> fungry (fuckin' hungry)
[16:30] <Vrryl> that beer drained me
[16:30] <GM_Erik> Hey, I played two hours of indoor soccer with now subs.  I'm beat myself.
[16:30] <Sir_Arik> you pullin' another Brett night Brett
[16:30] <Vrryl> and now i don't have a game to keep me energized
[16:30] <Vrryl> I would never do such a thing, Sir Arik... I'm a good lad
[16:30] <Mika_no_Krynn> just cast all sleep attacks at Brett.
[16:31] <GM_Erik> Did you get your character Brett?
[16:31] <Vrryl> ...
[16:31] <Vrryl> um
[16:31] <GM_Erik> ...
[16:31] <Vrryl> ..
[16:31] <Vrryl> well
[16:31] <Vrryl> you see
[16:31] <Vrryl> IT'S JAMIES FAULT!!!
[16:31] <GM_Erik> why?  Did hid dog eat it?
[16:31] <Vrryl> no, cat
[16:33] <Vrryl> he doesn't have my old computer set up, so can't get at my chaaracter sheet. Not a whole lot i can do when my old keyboard is broken, and he lives 14 hours away frrom Gabes house
[16:33] <Mika_no_Krynn> You just want to start?
[16:33] <Vrryl> and yes, those are merely excuses....not result
[16:33] <Vrryl> results
[16:33] * Vrryl jumps up and down, and wants to start
[16:34] <Mika_no_Krynn> That longer we wait the sooner Brett is going to collapse.
[16:34] <Vrryl> bah
[16:34] <Vrryl> I's are uber
[16:35] <GM_Erik> I want to wait for Stan
[16:35] <Mika_no_Krynn> You may be waiting for quite some time.
[16:36] <GM_Erik> a couple minutes while I eat a burrito.
[16:36] <Mika_no_Krynn> ok
[16:36] <Sir_Arik> sorry... roommate got back and we had to celebrate Canada!
[16:36] <Vrryl> mmm...burrito
[16:36] <Vrryl> What I miss?!?!
[16:37] <JessicaKnight> hot lesbian se
[16:37] <Sir_Arik> hmmm....
[16:37] <JessicaKnight> sex
[16:37] <GM_Erik> all over the ice..
[16:38] <Vrryl> how rude
[16:38] <Sir_Arik> it's the next winter olympic sport
[16:38] <Sir_Arik> hot lesbian sex on ice
[16:38] <Mika_no_Krynn> Better than figure skating.
[16:38] <JessicaKnight> kinda like the icecapades... except it appeals to all ages
[16:38] <Sir_Arik> yep
[16:38] <Sir_Arik> heh...
[16:38] <Vrryl> I'm gonna apply for coaching school in that sport
[16:39] <Mika_no_Krynn> Good call.
[16:39] <Sir_Arik> and only the cute lesbians
[16:39] <Sir_Arik> none of the butch ones
[16:39] <Mika_no_Krynn> Such a sport applies to all nations of the world too...
[16:39] <Vrryl> bah, cute lesbians of course....but I'd take hot ones also
[16:39] <Sir_Arik> tsk tsk.... partial huh Brett?
[16:39] <Sir_Arik> I can see the scandal now
[16:40] <Vrryl> no, maximum flexibility in my competitors is all
[16:40] <Vrryl> hot, cute, sweet,'s all good
[16:40] <Sir_Arik> the 2 categories would be tongue length and duration
[16:40] <Vrryl> and bisexuality HIGHLY encouraged. Bonus points given, even
[16:40] <Mika_no_Krynn> Good call.
[16:40] <GM_Erik> rolled pretty good on the SDC, eh Mike?
[16:41] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yep... all physical skills.
[16:41] <Mika_no_Krynn> got like 10+11D6+1D8 for those.
[16:42] <GM_Erik> OK, Brett, you have to have your character for next time.  Can you do it?
[16:42] <Sir_Arik> hmmm.... I am thinking that hot lesbian sex on ice as a winter olympic sport might happen sooner
[16:42] <JessicaKnight> heh
[16:43] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yes, indeed.
[16:43] <Vrryl> hopefully i can
[16:44] <GM_Erik> OK.  Well lets get going for now.
[16:44] <Mika_no_Krynn> right.
[16:44] <Vrryl> can't really be HOT lesbian sex if it occurs in the WINTER. Unless of course it's an indoor activity...I could dig that. In an arena filled with pillows and dildos
[16:44] <GM_Erik> ok ok ok...
[16:45] <Mika_no_Krynn> The melting ice would provide a nice wet environment though.
[16:45] <Vrryl> But not if our female competitors are too cold to actively participate in something called movement
[16:45] <Vrryl> rather boring then
[16:45] <Mika_no_Krynn> Give them extasy before the match...
[16:46] <Mika_no_Krynn> You'd have to change the drug regulations for such a sport I think.
[16:46] <Vrryl> I'd rather have them come back year after year
[16:46] <Vrryl> In fact, make it a sport practiced on a daily basis, with me as it's coach. I'd show em
[16:47] <GM_Erik> ok ok ok...
[16:47] <Vrryl> ok
[16:47] *** JessicaKnight sets mode: -p
[16:48] <GM_Erik> Anyone want to do anything specific before morning?  Or shall we get on with it.
[16:48] <Mika_no_Krynn> Get on with it.
[16:49] <Vrryl> impale myself on the world tree
[16:49] <Sir_Arik> go on with it
[16:50] * JessicaKnight decides she wants to be a lesbian and participate in the world competitions for lesbians on ice
[16:50] <GM_Erik> Everybody got their PPE/ISP/SDC./MDC stuff worked out from the night?
[16:50] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yep.
[16:51] <JessicaKnight> yu
[16:51] * GM_Erik slams the lesbian commentrary upside the head and drowns it in a bucket of antifreeze.
[16:51] <Vrryl> dude...that's harsh
[16:51] <Vrryl> Lesbians are people too, you know
[16:52] * GM_Erik only slammed the commentary
[16:52] <JessicaKnight> heh
[16:52] <Vrryl> !
[16:52] * Mika_no_Krynn slams the lesbians in three different locations....
[16:53] <Vrryl> only 3? Damn, your imagination is small
[16:53] <Mika_no_Krynn> She's a traditional girl.
[16:53] <GM_Erik> YOu can remove that line, not needed anymoe
[16:53] <Vrryl> I'm a material girl myself
[16:53] <Mika_no_Krynn> ok
[16:54] <Vrryl> Cuase I'm a material world
[16:55] <Vrryl> Read this great quote today: Money can't buy you happiness, but poverty can't buy you shit.
[16:55] <Mika_no_Krynn> How true.
[16:56] <GM_Erik> Who needs to buy shit?  I get it for free all the time.
[16:56] <JessicaKnight> Albino.... MIDGET!
[16:56] <JessicaKnight> HAHHAHHAHQAH
[16:56] <JessicaKnight> sorrry
[16:56] <JessicaKnight> old in joke
[16:57] <Vrryl> no, even you need to pay for shit. Think about where shit comes from......
[16:57] <JessicaKnight> just popped into my head
[16:57] <Vrryl> ...mmm....midgets...
[16:58] <GM_Erik> All you guys can be at the fire.
[16:59] <GM_Erik> are you can beat the fire, up to you.
[16:59] <GM_Erik> uh, that was badly mistyped...
[16:59] <Sir_Arik> your telling me....
[17:00] <Vrryl> I think he just did
[17:00] <Sir_Arik> yeah... but I don't understand gybberish to well these days
[17:00] <Sir_Arik> to many gun sights to the head :P
[17:01] <Vrryl> aluminum pot syndrome kicking in, eh?
[17:01] <Sir_Arik> yeah.... I mean NO!!!
[17:01] <Sir_Arik> well... ok maybe a little
[17:02] <Vrryl> you did a gunners course for coyote?
[17:02] <GM_Erik> Is Jessica off having fun?
[17:02] <Sir_Arik> yep, in October and early November
[17:02] <Vrryl> gunnery courses are fun
[17:02] <Sir_Arik> right now I am taking the surveillance operators course..... Cpl. Jollimore is on it with me
[17:03] <Vrryl> but i'm done with courses...just collect my $100 a day doing easy jobs for school
[17:03] <Vrryl> oh no!!! That fag?
[17:03] <Sir_Arik> yep.... he is not my idea of someone I want to take back to Bosnia
[17:04] <Vrryl> shit, can't believe the unit sent him on a sureillance course :P
[17:04] <Vrryl> he's not someone i want to ever have known
[17:04] <Vrryl> well, that's a bit harsh, but you know what i mean
[17:04] <Sir_Arik> nor me.... he is not worth the skin God put him in
[17:05] <Vrryl> No kidding... he thinks he's all like joe cool and stuff.
[17:05] <Vrryl> The guys a certified shmuck
[17:05] <Sir_Arik> he is just a puffed up little boy
[17:06] <Sir_Arik> first day at the regiment and he got in trouble for his hair cut.... and then during a parade he was picked up for not polishing his combat boots
[17:06] <Vrryl> he totally is. We hammer on him, but his lack of a brain prevents any understanding from slipping through the stone cracks
[17:09] <GM_Erik> heh heh
[17:12] <Vrryl> Where the grass is greener, I shall trample.
[17:13] <GM_Erik> So who all is going?
[17:13] <Mika_no_Krynn> me
[17:13] <Sir_Arik> me
[17:14] <Vrryl> i think i'll stay back and work on my tan
[17:14] <GM_Erik> Gabe?
[17:14] <Mika_no_Krynn> Playing solitaire and speaking with his parents on the phone.
[17:15] <GM_Erik> Oh, solitaire..
[17:15] <Vrryl> gabe should try out for gimp olympics
[17:16] <GM_Erik> Well, is Jessica going to go?
[17:17] <JessicaKnight> yeah why not
[17:17] <GM_Erik> ok, ::-)
[17:25] <GM_Erik> Has everyone dumped their stuff?
[17:25] <Mika_no_Krynn> We can take clothing right?
[17:25] <GM_Erik> yes
[17:25] <GM_Erik> but no suitcases
[17:25] <Mika_no_Krynn> ok
[17:28] <GM_Erik> Is Vrryl carrying stuff?  (including bags)
[17:28] * GM_Erik is listening to the new THey Might be Giants CD. heh heh
[17:28] <Mika_no_Krynn> Does it have the Malcolm in the Middle tune?
[17:29] <GM_Erik> no, unfortunately.
[17:29] <GM_Erik> I think I may try to get that online (they give out all their music for free as MP3's)
[17:29] <Mika_no_Krynn> Nice.
[17:31] <GM_Erik> The've got a dance style song called 'Man its so loud in here'
[17:32] <GM_Erik> about trying to talk in a night club.
[17:32] <Mika_no_Krynn> Seriously?
[17:33] <Mika_no_Krynn> Forward or backwards?
[17:33] <GM_Erik> Yeah.. its pretty funny.  shouting something at us, waving and pointing...
[17:33] <GM_Erik> Oh, forawrds
[17:36] <Vrryl> an ya, sorry missed question earlier...i am carrying bags
[17:37] <GM_Erik> They wouldn't let you bring them
[17:37] <GM_Erik> THey waited until you left all your stuff behind.
[17:37] <Vrryl> They can't prevent me from bringing pockets
[17:38] <GM_Erik> If they can't see them, they can't prevent it.
[17:38] <GM_Erik> But right now, they're asking you to change anyway.
[17:39] <GM_Erik> Arik has no modesty...
[17:39] <GM_Erik> They've provided, in the hut, the same thing they wear: loincloths
[17:39] <Mika_no_Krynn> Nothing for upper torso?
[17:40] <GM_Erik> Check your small window Mike ;;-)
[17:40] <GM_Erik> THey do have tops in there however, unlike the rest of the women in the village.
[17:40] <GM_Erik> Arik was the one who walked in the hut!
[17:42] <GM_Erik> Mike, roll perception
[17:42] <GM_Erik> Girl took me to meet her mom, her head exploded like an atom bomb
[17:42] <Sir_Arik> am I the only one in the hut?
[17:43] <Vrryl> <---isn't going to change into no damn loincloth
[17:43] <GM_Erik> Um, no Jessica and Mika are in there.
[17:43] <Mika_no_Krynn> 19
[17:43] <Vrryl> i know it's a double negative, but you know what i mena
[17:43] <Vrryl> mean
[17:44] <GM_Erik> Brett, roll perception
[17:44] <Vrryl> shit, 8
[17:44] <Mika_no_Krynn> what about my roll?
[17:44] <GM_Erik> Gave you a private window Mike
[17:50] <Sir_Arik> I am downloading some They Might BE Giants right now on Morpheus
[17:50] <GM_Erik> Rob, roll perception
[17:50] <Sir_Arik> 23
[17:53] <GM_Erik> Bad timing to say that Rob.
[17:53] <GM_Erik> I have to give more exp points just for saying that right then... hahaha
[17:53] <Mika_no_Krynn> Or good comedic timing.
[17:53] * GM_Erik is laughing hard...
[17:54] <Mika_no_Krynn> I'm leaving that as is in the edit... perfect.
[17:56] <Sir_Arik> you bastards..... I was talking with my roommate ;)
[17:56] <Vrryl> lol
[17:56] <Mika_no_Krynn> Awesome shit!
[17:56] <Vrryl> way to stick a foot in your mouth...or something else
[17:56] <GM_Erik> Hey, maybe you should find where to place the blame.
[17:57] <GM_Erik> ::-)
[17:57] <Mika_no_Krynn> Gravity can be a real bitch sometimes.
[18:00] <Mika_no_Krynn> Stan really missed something today.
[18:00] <Vrryl> no kidding, i kinda miss that guys pessemistic comments...he always had some good ones
[18:01] <GM_Erik> roll it Mike
[18:01] <Mika_no_Krynn> what?
[18:01] <GM_Erik> back flip
[18:02] <Mika_no_Krynn> 85 or 98 then 13 of 98
[18:02] <GM_Erik> ok
[18:02] <GM_Erik> (alwasy fun to see if you found a root)
[18:02] <Mika_no_Krynn> She's on a roll.
[18:03] <Vrryl> literally
[18:03] <Mika_no_Krynn> indeed.
[18:05] <Mika_no_Krynn> Imagine what Daniel has to put up with every day Rob...
[18:05] <GM_Erik> Although Daniel gives as good as he gets.
[18:05] <Sir_Arik> heh.... well he got himself into that mess ;)
[18:06] <Mika_no_Krynn> Dove in head first... hehe
[18:07] <Vrryl> says the freaks standing around in loin clothes ;)
[18:07] <Mika_no_Krynn> Survivor Africa... Rifts style.
[18:08] <Vrryl> wheres the pre-planted vegetables? that's what i wanna know...
[18:08] <Mika_no_Krynn> That could turn interesting real quick.
[18:09] <GM_Erik> pshshshshsh
[18:14] <GM_Erik> Security Sack.
[18:15] <Vrryl> Vrryl is PB 18, and in outstanding physical shape. Being a morphing dragon has it's perks ;)
[18:15] <Sir_Arik> lol
[18:15] <GM_Erik> Then why were you so worried? heh ;;-)
[18:16] <Vrryl> i was just trying to cause problems is all ;)
[18:16] <Vrryl> can't let you get away with everything THAT easily
[18:17] <GM_Erik> They had a line in a story in one of the latest Rifters.....
[18:17] <GM_Erik> It was a criminal who flipped off a crook and said, "sit on it and spin pig!"
[18:18] <GM_Erik> I was a little suprised they printed it.
[18:18] <GM_Erik> ::-)
[18:19] <Vrryl> bah, that's not that heavy... The newspapers in australia quote swearwords.
[18:19] <GM_Erik> Yeah, but this is an RPG in the U.S.  Kids under 10 buy these books.  I don't really care, I was just suprised.
[18:21] <Vrryl> It's a Jungle're gonna DIE!!!!!!!!!
[18:22] <Sir_Arik> maybe.... I hear the jungle is chock full of viruses and stuff
[18:22] <GM_Erik> crock full even.
[18:22] <Vrryl> I heard that it was knights who spread most of em too
[18:22] <GM_Erik> feel free to roll anything you may think is appropriate.
[18:22] <Sir_Arik> 18 of 50 track
[18:23] <Mika_no_Krynn> 53 of 84 for me.
[18:23] <JessicaKnight> 74 of 50
[18:23] <Sir_Arik> nights? as is night gasses that they used to believe in?
[18:24] <Mika_no_Krynn> 53 of 84 on Dectect Ambush to see if the Buffalo are going to ambush us.
[18:24] <GM_Erik> Thanks Mike, you get... 1 million points for that.
[18:24] <GM_Erik> *not*
[18:24] <Sir_Arik> woohoo.... 02 of 75 for prowl as well
[18:24] <Vrryl> sweet, that should throw you up a few levels
[18:25] <Mika_no_Krynn> Totally man..
[18:25] <Vrryl> afk for a sec...brb
[18:25] <Sir_Arik> phhhht and why would you want that much xp anyway ;)
[18:26] <Mika_no_Krynn> Get interest off of it...
[18:26] <Mika_no_Krynn> don't have to adventure any more.
[18:26] <Sir_Arik> wow.... how did you score a deal like that
[18:26] <GM_Erik> lets get some rrrrrrrrrrrrrrolls
[18:27] <Sir_Arik> 28 of 50 for track and 54 of 75 for prowl
[18:27] <Mika_no_Krynn> 10 on 84 and 46 on 84
[18:27] <GM_Erik> oh, btw, are the skills track animals, or tracking?
[18:27] <Mika_no_Krynn> 38 or 98 on prowl.
[18:27] <Mika_no_Krynn> I have normal Tracking.
[18:27] <Sir_Arik> normal tracking
[18:28] <GM_Erik> gimmie more rolls
[18:28] <GM_Erik> for tracking
[18:28] <Sir_Arik> ahhh crap.... 100 of 50 for tracking and 70 of 75 for prowl
[18:29] <Mika_no_Krynn> 48 of 84 and 89 of 84.
[18:29] <Vrryl> back
[18:30] <GM_Erik> everyone roll prowl.
[18:31] <GM_Erik> (if you're trying that is)
[18:31] <GM_Erik> You get +5
[18:31] <Sir_Arik> nice 07 of 80
[18:31] <Mika_no_Krynn> 25 or 94
[18:31] <JessicaKnight> no skill
[18:31] <Vrryl> made prowl
[18:32] <GM_Erik> tell me by how much.
[18:32] <Vrryl> i can't, I just know i have a high prowl, and i rolled below high *shrug*
[18:32] <GM_Erik> oh... can you guess?
[18:32] <Mika_no_Krynn> He has at least 75 + IQ bonus.
[18:32] <Mika_no_Krynn> Sorry... 65 + IQ
[18:33] <GM_Erik> so like 78
[18:33] <Vrryl> yep, and i rolled 60%
[18:33] <GM_Erik> ok
[18:33] <GM_Erik> everyone roll perception
[18:33] <JessicaKnight> 10
[18:33] <Vrryl> 11 :P
[18:33] <Mika_no_Krynn> 14
[18:34] <Sir_Arik> 23
[18:34] <GM_Erik> Who has sixth sense?
[18:34] <Mika_no_Krynn> Me
[18:34] <Sir_Arik> I do
[18:34] <Vrryl> <---has it
[18:35] <GM_Erik> It goes off.
[18:35] <GM_Erik> Vrryl feels it very stongly and hears something very loud in the jungle coming towards him.
[18:36] <GM_Erik> What do you do, right now.
[18:36] <GM_Erik> Brett that is
[18:36] <GM_Erik> There's a loud noise coming right at you.
[18:38] <GM_Erik> You can roll strike Brett.
[18:38] <Vrryl> At to one at 3 ft in height, that's pretty dang big
[18:38] <GM_Erik> Yup.  I think that's probably a straight 20 if I guess right.
[18:39] <GM_Erik> No, you get +2. roll it
[18:40] <Vrryl> 12
[18:41] <Vrryl> can i roll with punch?
[18:41] <GM_Erik> Hmm..
[18:42] <GM_Erik> roll damage first - 2d6
[18:42] <Vrryl> k
[18:42] <Mika_no_Krynn> you add PS bonus to these?
[18:42] <Vrryl> 9
[18:42] <Sir_Arik> and are we considered mdc still?
[18:42] <GM_Erik> Yeah, so Brett does 12 damage.
[18:43] <GM_Erik> And no on the roll, I'm going to call it a simultaneous attack.
[18:43] <Vrryl> wow, watch out world, Vrryl is on the offensive!!
[18:43] <Vrryl> no prob
[18:43] <Mika_no_Krynn> MEGA DAMAGE
[18:43] <GM_Erik> I meant for him.
[18:44] <GM_Erik> you aren't hurt by it though Brett
[18:44] <GM_Erik> Everyone else can act right now if they wish.
[18:45] <JessicaKnight> I start casing a spell
[18:45] <Mika_no_Krynn> I'll try to spear it in the head, 18 to strike 27dmg
[18:45] <Mika_no_Krynn> Sorry 31 dmg
[18:46] <Mika_no_Krynn> Auto parry animal.s
[18:46] <Sir_Arik> I will help Mika as well 22 hit and 50 dam
[18:46] <GM_Erik> You're going to hit it that hard?
[18:46] <Sir_Arik> umm.... I am not supposed to?
[18:47] <GM_Erik> ok
[18:47] <Mika_no_Krynn> Might break the spear.
[18:47] <Sir_Arik> that is sdc
[18:47] <Mika_no_Krynn> Just use you're hands then.
[18:47] <Sir_Arik> I have my metal knife as well ;)
[18:50] <GM_Erik> Well, it only had 60SDC and 60HP
[18:53] <GM_Erik> Hey, that's right Vrryl know how to cut animal up!
[18:53] <GM_Erik> heh
[18:54] <Vrryl> dats right...monsieur Cook extraordinaire here
[19:00] <GM_Erik> Too bad Stan isn't here, we could have had mini-Tibor!
[19:03] <Vrryl> how wide is the tree?
[19:03] <GM_Erik> about 6 feet wide.
[19:04] <GM_Erik> Anyone?
[19:05] <Vrryl> it is a jungle after all :P
[19:06] <Sir_Arik> I will try, but he says they have a special way of doing it so I will wait and see.
[19:06] <Mika_no_Krynn> Can we see the fruit from here?
[19:06] <GM_Erik> no
[19:07] <Mika_no_Krynn> Are there other trees near by?
[19:07] <Vrryl> how close they are to the tree we need to climb that is
[19:08] <Vrryl> can i see the fruit that the pygmy is referring to?
[19:08] <GM_Erik> no
[19:09] <Sir_Arik> what kind of climbing is that that uses the strap around the tree to climb up?
[19:09] <GM_Erik> I can't remember, climbing?
[19:09] <Sir_Arik> like the kind the telephone repairmen have to use sometimes
[19:09] <GM_Erik> lumberjack stuff
[19:09] <Vrryl> lumberjack skill
[19:09] <Sir_Arik> dang
[19:09] <GM_Erik> you can try...
[19:09] <JessicaKnight> i'm a lumberjack and i'm ok
[19:09] <Sir_Arik> can I use a bastardized version?
[19:09] <Sir_Arik> ok I will try
[19:09] <GM_Erik> roll climb
[19:09] <Sir_Arik> 29 of 96
[19:12] <GM_Erik> who's gonna shake the tree?
[19:12] <Vrryl> did you see my question erik?
[19:12] <Mika_no_Krynn> I'll do it.
[19:13] <GM_Erik> which question Brett, I think I answered the,
[19:14] <Vrryl> what do fruits look like, and how well connected are they to the tree... ie, can they be knocked off easily
[19:14] <GM_Erik> The nearest trees (branches-wise) are 5-10 feet from the branches of this tree, and you can't see the fruit.
[19:14] <Mika_no_Krynn> He asked the pygmy
[19:14] <Vrryl> I know, that's why i asked the freakin pygmy in character
[19:14] <Sir_Arik> heh
[19:15] <GM_Erik> Oh, didn't see in it pin kthere.
[19:15] <Sir_Arik> I could throw someone up there ;)
[19:15] <Vrryl> hehe, no worries
[19:15] <GM_Erik> Mike, roll perception
[19:15] * Vrryl volunteers Jessica to be ammo
[19:15] <Mika_no_Krynn> 16
[19:15] * JessicaKnight shoot vrryl a nasty look
[19:15] <Mika_no_Krynn> Giant tiger falls on my head.
[19:16] <GM_Erik> Roar!
[19:16] <GM_Erik> Pounce!
[19:16] <GM_Erik> Growl!
[19:16] <GM_Erik> Roll perception Rob
[19:17] <GM_Erik> Mike, you may want to check you window first.
[19:17] <Sir_Arik> are there any marks in the bark like someone used knives to climb the tree?
[19:17] <GM_Erik> Roll perception Rob
[19:17] <Sir_Arik> 22
[19:18] <GM_Erik> Get that Rob?
[19:18] <GM_Erik> Roll Climb Brett
[19:19] <Vrryl> sweet! 9 :)
[19:19] <Sir_Arik> yep
[19:23] <Vrryl> it is only 5-10 feet away
[19:23] <GM_Erik> The endmost branches are, its a but longer to sturdier branches.
[19:24] <GM_Erik> But, roll strike Brett
[19:24] <Vrryl> bonuses?
[19:24] <Vrryl> I have targetting/archery
[19:24] <Vrryl> or whatever that throwing skill is
[19:25] <GM_Erik> Just roll, and Ill add
[19:25] <Vrryl> rolled a 10
[19:28] <GM_Erik> roll Rob
[19:28] <GM_Erik> never mind
[19:31] <GM_Erik> Ah hah, that
[19:31] <GM_Erik> s what Brett was doing..
[19:31] <GM_Erik> Roll CLimb ROpe Brett
[19:31] <GM_Erik> or just climb
[19:31] <Vrryl> 63 percent
[19:32] <GM_Erik> That is good enough
[19:32] <GM_Erik> Roll perception Rob
[19:32] <GM_Erik> Everyone else too
[19:32] <JessicaKnight> 22
[19:32] <Mika_no_Krynn> 21
[19:32] <Sir_Arik> 14
[19:32] <GM_Erik> wo!
[19:32] <Vrryl> 85 :(
[19:33] <GM_Erik> 85??
[19:33] <GM_Erik> for perception?
[19:33] <Mika_no_Krynn> D20 dude.
[19:33] <Mika_no_Krynn> Add a bonus for IQ as if it was ME.
[19:33] <GM_Erik> That would be the best ever!
[19:33] <Mika_no_Krynn> So 24 is +5.
[19:33] <Mika_no_Krynn> 23 is +4
[19:34] <Vrryl> lol...whoops
[19:34] <Vrryl> 19
[19:35] <Vrryl> i misread perception for percentage
[19:35] <GM_Erik> ah..
[19:36] <Vrryl> ?!?!? A human ladder?!? Dude, we're like 3 feet tall :P
[19:36] <GM_Erik> 4 feet
[19:36] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah, that would only be 16 feet.
[19:36] <GM_Erik> YOu could probably make up the remaining four.... ::-)
[19:37] <Sir_Arik> yeah but I am right beside you Brett ;)
[19:39] <Sir_Arik> how long does it take to cut fruit?
[19:39] <GM_Erik> not long, there's a bunch though.
[19:40] <Sir_Arik> how much did they want?
[19:40] <GM_Erik> um, a lot?
[19:41] <Sir_Arik> does the fruit seem like it would break open if I drop it to the ground?
[19:41] <GM_Erik> Yes
[19:42] <Sir_Arik> ok I collect as much as I can safely carry then I climb back down
[19:42] <GM_Erik> ok
[19:42] <Mika_no_Krynn> Should have given you a sack... hehe.
[19:43] <Sir_Arik> I could have just dropped to the ground but I figure this is a test
[19:45] <GM_Erik> SPLAT! on Mike]
[19:45] <Mika_no_Krynn> Huh?
[19:46] <Vrryl> hehe, I'm over 90 years old myself ;)
[19:46] <GM_Erik> Yeah, you're a slacker.
[19:46] <Mika_no_Krynn> You're super old...
[19:46] <Vrryl> you're all just a bunch of children to me ;)
[19:47] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yep... you're old enough to be Mika's dad... grandad even.
[19:47] <Vrryl> Yep
[19:47] <Vrryl> I'd make a hell of a grandad ;)
[19:47] <GM_Erik> Sorry Brett, Jessica's more of a slacker.
[19:47] <GM_Erik> ::-)
[19:48] <Mika_no_Krynn> Probably take candies from your grandchildren.
[19:48] <Vrryl> well, i did give them the bags of holding for halloween...i should get SOMETHING out of it
[19:48] <GM_Erik> Hey, no bags of holding here....
[19:48] <Mika_no_Krynn> You could fit a lot of candy in one of those.
[19:49] <Mika_no_Krynn> D-bags are bags of holding.
[19:49] <GM_Erik> No, bags of holding are D&D, this is different. ;;-)
[19:49] <Vrryl> No different...only different in your mind.
[19:49] * GM_Erik quotes "There are no aliens in this game!"
[19:49] <Mika_no_Krynn> I'm going to call them Bags of Holding from now on...
[19:49] <Mika_no_Krynn> :P
[19:49] * GM_Erik quotes "Are there aliens?"
[19:49] <GM_Erik> No!
[19:49] <Mika_no_Krynn> True about the aliens though.
[19:50] <Sir_Arik> yb?
[19:50] <Mika_no_Krynn> by
[19:50] <Sir_Arik> hehehe I know... but maybe it was a secret code ;)
[19:51] <GM_Erik> (Note to those who don't know, that was from a heavy gear test game at Calgary, where a guy kept asking if heavy gear had aliens or jump jets...)
[19:51] <GM_Erik> yb = by
[19:51] <GM_Erik> ::-)
[19:53] <Vrryl> Let's not ever speak of that dark weekend...again. EVer.
[19:53] <Sir_Arik> ?
[19:53] <Sir_Arik> please.... enlighten me
[19:53] <Mika_no_Krynn> You were there dude.
[19:53] <Sir_Arik> wha?
[19:53] <GM_Erik> Yeah, now I'm more intersted in what Jessica said.
[19:53] <Mika_no_Krynn> That role playing convention in Calgary.
[19:54] <Mika_no_Krynn> The lame ass D&D tournament...
[19:54] <Sir_Arik> oh... that weekend.... I thought it had something to do with the IC conversation
[19:54] <Mika_no_Krynn> Don't forget the Empire's 1000+ assassin droids guarding Luke Skywalker...
[19:56] <GM_Erik> Hmm, you give them shit... then they suck?
[19:58] <Vrryl> Or the Live Action Vampire Game that skipped the Live part
[19:58] <Mika_no_Krynn> It was Dead Action Vampire.
[19:58] <Vrryl> Dead as a vampire in a blade flick
[19:58] <Sir_Arik> now now guys.... you cannot still be bitter after all this time
[20:01] <Sir_Arik> I mean every event we signed up for ran didn't it?
[20:01] <Sir_Arik> ;)
[20:01] <Mika_no_Krynn> Ran like a quadrapalegic.
[20:01] <JessicaKnight> heh
[20:01] <GM_Erik> hah
[20:03] <Vrryl> lol
[20:03] <Sir_Arik> what about the live action star wars?
[20:04] <GM_Erik> I choped all the Jedi wanna-bes in half.
[20:04] <Mika_no_Krynn> I don't remember that... if only it could be as good as the tabletop Star Wars RPG.
[20:04] <Mika_no_Krynn> with 16 players.
[20:05] <Sir_Arik> I played it afterwards with Devon during that summer
[20:05] <Mika_no_Krynn> Ah...
[20:05] <Vrryl> The best was that Connor and his friend Dan were at that very table with us...that cracks me up
[20:05] <GM_Erik> They just got on my nerves... so I said, Yeah, baby, Yeah!
[20:05] <Sir_Arik> wasn't too bad... gets really whacky though when you are really drunk
[20:05] <Mika_no_Krynn> Really? Brett?
[20:05] <Mika_no_Krynn> Fuck that's weird...
[20:05] <Sir_Arik> which table?
[20:05] <Mika_no_Krynn> Star Wars.
[20:05] <Vrryl> Ya, they were at that very star wars tabletop game
[20:06] <Sir_Arik> ahhh
[20:06] <GM_Erik> Remember, you guys talked about it at Shadowrun before..
[20:06] <Mika_no_Krynn> Of course half the convention was with us then.
[20:06] <Sir_Arik> same with shadowrun... man that choked me up
[20:06] <Mika_no_Krynn> Remember that dude and his annoying little brat kid?
[20:07] <GM_Erik> What the heck, roll monster lore
[20:07] <Sir_Arik> no... cuz I was told I couldn't play in the game.... even after I signed up
[20:07] <Mika_no_Krynn> 43 of 84
[20:07] <Sir_Arik> 47 of 80
[20:08] <GM_Erik> Anyone else?
[20:08] <Mika_no_Krynn> Brett got disconnected apparently.
[20:08] <GM_Erik> Ah, have him roll and tell you the
[20:09] <GM_Erik> Gabe?
[20:09] *** Vrryl has quit IRC ( )
[20:09] <GM_Erik> the result
[20:09] <Mika_no_Krynn> Is just making dinner...
[20:10] <Mika_no_Krynn> Brett is getting back on now, he wasn't on wombat.
[20:10] *** Vrryl has joined #RiftsOOC
[20:10] <Vrryl> Back online
[20:11] <Vrryl> i miss anything?
[20:11] <GM_Erik> roll monster lore brett
[20:11] <Mika_no_Krynn> otherwise nothing.
[20:11] <Vrryl> 79
[20:11] <GM_Erik> ouch
[20:11] <Vrryl> my ml is like 95 or something
[20:11] <GM_Erik> something like that
[20:11] <Mika_no_Krynn> It is high, probably higher than mine.
[20:12] <Vrryl> ya, i don't often fail my lores
[20:12] <GM_Erik> (This was for just the sound, real hard)
[20:13] <Mika_no_Krynn> I'll just have Jessica do simple actions for now.
[20:14] <Vrryl> ooooh, he said dragon...
[20:15] <Mika_no_Krynn> and charge towards him?
[20:15] <GM_Erik> yup, you guessed it.
[20:23] <GM_Erik> You could open up your braincase!
[20:24] <Vrryl> brrraaaaiiinnnsss
[20:25] <Vrryl> *cough*
[20:26] <Mika_no_Krynn> Even Vrryl's not old... relatively.
[20:26] <Vrryl> <---can't wait till he's 500 yrs old....sigh...
[20:26] <GM_Erik> Yeah, then his mental stats go up by 8 points.
[20:26] <Mika_no_Krynn> Or 6000
[20:26] <Mika_no_Krynn> He'll be UBER-SMART!
[20:27] <Vrryl> I live for about 8 to 10 thousand years or so. Pretty cool stuff :)
[20:27] <GM_Erik> Keener Arik
[20:27] <Mika_no_Krynn> And charming enough to charm someone's loincloth off...
[20:27] <Sir_Arik> shoe-betcha
[20:27] <Vrryl> Even Mika's ;)
[20:27] <Vrryl> heck, my mental stats are already insane
[20:27] <Mika_no_Krynn> Probably her first :P
[20:28] <Mika_no_Krynn> Insane in the membrane... insane in the brain!
[20:28] <Vrryl> I'm insane...I got no brain!
[20:29] <Mika_no_Krynn> Just Cocaine!
[20:29] <Mika_no_Krynn> He wants us to be like Voltron!
[20:29] <Vrryl> When you wanna go out, and you're feeling al-right...Cocaine!
[20:29] <GM_Erik> hahahah
[20:29] <Vrryl> Contructicon!!
[20:30] <GM_Erik> Pygmanion!
[20:30] <Vrryl> Pygmacon?
[20:31] <Mika_no_Krynn> More than meets the eye.
[20:31] <Mika_no_Krynn> Pygmies in disguise.
[20:31] <Vrryl> haha
[20:31] <GM_Erik> hahah
[20:32] <GM_Erik> The pygmies pull a zipper down their chest revealing... they are all Mel Brooks!
[20:32] <JessicaKnight> ahhhh christians!!!
[20:32] <Vrryl> Pygmies battle to destroy the evil forces of...the Cape Buffalo!
[20:32] <GM_Erik> Christians?
[20:32] <Mika_no_Krynn> Or old man Smithers from the haunted amusement park.
[20:32] <JessicaKnight> the father
[20:32] <Mika_no_Krynn> The Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost...
[20:32] <GM_Erik> Ahh...
[20:36] <GM_Erik> hmm, probably not the best choice of phrase, but it'll have to do.
[20:38] <GM_Erik> hovering sombrero...
[20:38] <Sir_Arik> is it any good? cuz I was thinking of downloading it
[20:39] <GM_Erik> Rob got it! hehheh...
[20:39] <Sir_Arik> no seriously.... is it a good song
[20:39] <GM_Erik> Its ok, its standard they might be giants, not one of their 'mega hits' like the most famous ones, but its pretty mellow.
[20:40] <GM_Erik> Brett roll preception
[20:41] <Mika_no_Krynn> don't do it man... life is worth something!
[20:41] <GM_Erik> perception
[20:41] <Vrryl> 24!! :)
[20:41] <GM_Erik> Window Time
[20:42] <Sir_Arik> sorry guys.... I have to wrap up for myself.... I have things that need doing for tomorrow.
[20:43] <GM_Erik> we're just about done.
[20:43] <Sir_Arik> how much longer?
[20:43] <GM_Erik> like really soon.
[20:43] <Sir_Arik> ok better be quick
[20:43] <GM_Erik> unless Brett does something bizarre and crazy.......
[20:43] <GM_Erik> he's probably typing it now.
[20:43] <GM_Erik> see?
[20:43] <Mika_no_Krynn> You always play soccer on Sunday Erik?
[20:44] <GM_Erik> I do now, yeah, at 1, I can always play at 3 though, the game is only 1 to 2
[20:44] <GM_Erik> How about 3pm next time?
[20:44] <Mika_no_Krynn> ok.
[20:44] <Mika_no_Krynn> Sure.
[20:44] <Sir_Arik> works for me.
[20:44] <Vrryl> sounds good
[20:44] <GM_Erik> Bret: Find your character
[20:44] <GM_Erik> You really gotta go Rob?
[20:44] <Vrryl> character?!? I don't need no stinkin character!!
[20:45] <GM_Erik> We can just do the rest that isn't too long if you do, you won't miss anything.
[20:45] <GM_Erik> And yes, you do, because next time will be the super combat.
[20:45] <Sir_Arik> I have work tomorrow, and I have to go buy some food for lunches.... why? how much longer are we going to be?
[20:46] <Vrryl> bah, i wasn't doing it for a spectacle, but because it's dang fun!
[20:46] <Sir_Arik> ahhhh just like Sophes
[20:46] <GM_Erik> We're just returning to the real camp (your camp) and I'll type in a couple lines of stuff that happens to lead into next time
[20:47] <Sir_Arik> ok well I am going to jet then.... see you guys next week and try to bring stan too ;)
[20:47] *** Sir_Arik has left #RiftsOOC
[20:47] <GM_Erik> Well, we won't play unless everyone is here.
[20:47] <GM_Erik> Did you fall all that way?  Or did you fly or something?
[20:48] <Vrryl> nah, engaged flight just shy of hitting the bottom
[20:48] <GM_Erik> ok
[20:48] <Vrryl> i'm not quite THAT crazy
[20:49] <Vrryl> is there any secret passages behind the waterfall?
[20:49] <GM_Erik> I'm going to say no.
[20:49] <Vrryl> bah, that's no fun :(
[20:49] <GM_Erik> I have to go soon too, we started real late.
[20:50] *** Retrieving #RiftsOOC info...
[20:50] <Vrryl> k, just pick up where we left off. I can meet up back at the pygmy camp where everyone is going
[20:51] <Vrryl> eeeeeewwwww!!
[20:51] <Mika_no_Krynn> totally!
[20:51] <JessicaKnight> that's sick
[20:52] <JessicaKnight> what if she had yeast???
[20:52] <JessicaKnight> or something worse!
[20:52] <Vrryl> eeeeeewwwwwww!!
[20:52] <GM_Erik> haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
[20:52] <GM_Erik> I forgot, they put optional rules in the latest Rifter for yeast infections!
[20:52] <Vrryl> like if she wore it during her time of the month :(
[20:53] <Mika_no_Krynn> Bet it doesn't have wings.
[20:53] <JessicaKnight> or it isn't super asorbant
[20:53] <Mika_no_Krynn> What about the size ting?
[20:53] <Mika_no_Krynn> thing?
[20:53] <GM_Erik> roll percentile!
[20:53] <Mika_no_Krynn> 72
[20:53] <GM_Erik> Oh, sorry....
[20:53] <Vrryl> FAIL
[20:53] <Vrryl> HAHA
[20:54] <Mika_no_Krynn> So they let us keep the necklaces?
[20:55] <GM_Erik> Yup./
[20:55] <Mika_no_Krynn> kewl
[20:55] <GM_Erik> Since you're still short.
[20:56] <Vrryl> dang, i was hoping it was a permanent thing
[20:57] <GM_Erik> You never know do you?
[20:59] <GM_Erik> I'll give that to Vrryl, since I know he's a prude.
[21:00] <GM_Erik> ok, to cut to the chase..
[21:00] <Vrryl> dude...I'm a bit nervous about running around half naked cause I don't like my tattoos showing to the world.
[21:00] <Vrryl> That's why I was hesitant
[21:01] <GM_Erik> That's ok, all the pygmies had tattoos too
[21:01] <GM_Erik> Don't do anything drastic Gabe.
[21:01] <Vrryl> Doesn't mean I'm comfortable with it
[21:01] <JessicaKnight> like go hunting? this time for little 4' tall prey?
[21:02] <GM_Erik> you're still 4' tall
[21:02] <JessicaKnight> hahaha even better...
[21:02] <Vrryl> lol...that rifle is like twice your size
[21:06] <Vrryl> Mika's getting a boink tonight!
[21:06] <GM_Erik> So, I guess short is good then for people.
[21:06] <Mika_no_Krynn> Daniel's got a little girl fetish...
[21:06] <GM_Erik> I didn't mean that exactly...
[21:06] <Mika_no_Krynn> 69's are tough though.
[21:06] <Vrryl> totally would be
[21:08] <GM_Erik> Although, it will be hard to travel with your equipment when you can't wear it.
[21:08] <Vrryl> Sucks to be you
[21:08] <Mika_no_Krynn> I got my loincloth, that's all she needs.
[21:09] <Mika_no_Krynn> And a couple of swords...
[21:09] <Vrryl> and a spear
[21:09] <GM_Erik> They did take the spears and knives back though, including the broken one.
[21:09] <Vrryl> that bites...i was going to add it to my pygmy spear collection back home
[21:10] <GM_Erik> Was anyone actually going to take off the amulet?
[21:10] * Vrryl isn't wearing an amulet to take off
[21:10] <GM_Erik> shut up
[21:10] * Vrryl is cool
[21:10] * Vrryl roxxors the world with his uberness
[21:10] <Mika_no_Krynn> I think I'll just keep wearing mine for now.
[21:10] * GM_Erik makes Brett tape his own mouth through the computer screen.
[21:10] <GM_Erik> ok
[21:11] <GM_Erik> just remember, your swords are two-handed now.
[21:11] <Vrryl> You can tape my mouth shut, but my fingers live on!!!
[21:11] <Mika_no_Krynn> My psi-sword wouldn't be...
[21:11] * GM_Erik thinks about cutting off Brett's fingers, but decides not to bloody Gabe's house.
[21:12] <Mika_no_Krynn> That sux!
[21:12] <Vrryl> ya, cause then i'd have to use my toes to type...and you know how long THAT would take when it's my turn for a scene
[21:12] <Mika_no_Krynn> Why does this always happen to me????
[21:12] <GM_Erik> because you're lucky.
[21:12] <Mika_no_Krynn> If I'm pregnant again, you're dead... I'll drive down to Montana.
[21:13] <Vrryl> LOL
[21:13] <GM_Erik> its the yeast.
[21:13] <Mika_no_Krynn> Fuck off!
[21:13] <Vrryl> ROFL!!!!
[21:13] <Vrryl> Poor poor Mika...must suck being her
[21:14] <Mika_no_Krynn> Seriously...
[21:14] <Vrryl> This gets even better
[21:14] <Mika_no_Krynn> Great...
[21:16] <Vrryl> So is that everything?
[21:17] <GM_Erik> pretty much, now that you know its nearby, I was going to let you plan out your strategy for next time, but maybe that'll have to wait, since not everyone is here.
[21:17] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah, we should wait I think.  We can get together before hand to talk about it.
[21:18] <Vrryl> Until next time then?
[21:18] <Vrryl> next sunday 3pm?
[21:19] <Mika_no_Krynn> Sure...
[21:19] <GM_Erik> I want a precise and detailed plan (For people do want one)  Especially so I can think about how it will go in advance myself.  I've got lots of work to do.
[21:19] <Mika_no_Krynn> planning can take place during the week.
[21:19] <GM_Erik> good idea.
[21:19] <Vrryl> cool...thanks for the game Erik, good seeing you again, even if just online :)
[21:19] <Mika_no_Krynn> Email will be good to use.
[21:19] <GM_Erik> Brett needs his character though, cause its gotta be specific, it could take a long time.
[21:19] <Mika_no_Krynn> I'll see Stan on Tuesday.
[21:20] <GM_Erik> Good, kick his ass, better yet, shrink him to four feet and make his wear a loincloth.
[21:20] <Vrryl> lol
[21:20] <Vrryl> totally do that, awol bastard
[21:20] <Mika_no_Krynn> You have to in Debbie's place... so freaking hot.
[21:20] <GM_Erik> heh
[21:21] <Mika_no_Krynn> Finished then?
[21:21] <Vrryl> <----disconnecting now. Catch you on the flip side
[21:21] <GM_Erik> yup, later.
[21:21] *** Vrryl has quit IRC (Quit:  )
[21:21] <Mika_no_Krynn> l8r
[21:21] *** Mika_no_Krynn has quit IRC (Quit:  )
Session Close: Sun Feb 24 21:21:34 2002
GM Erik
 GM, 24 posts
Sun 11 Oct 2015
at 17:32
Horsemen of the Apocalypse 1 - OOC Chat logs
Session Start: Sun Mar 03 14:52:53 2002
[14:52] *** Now talking in #RiftsOOC
[15:03] *** Mika_no_Krynn has joined #RiftsOOC
[15:04] *** Vrryl has joined #riftsOOC
[15:05] *** JessicaKnight has joined #riftsooc
[15:06] <JessicaKnight> re
[15:06] <GM_Erik> ap
[15:07] <GM_Erik> someone call Stan?
[15:07] <Mika_no_Krynn> Not yet.
[15:07] <Mika_no_Krynn> How about Rob?
[15:07] <GM_Erik> no specific word
[15:09] <GM_Erik> how are the After the Bomb characters coming?
[15:09] <Mika_no_Krynn> Stan was sleeping.
[15:09] <GM_Erik> Did you get my email Mike?
[15:10] <GM_Erik> oh, cool.
[15:10] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yes
[15:10] <GM_Erik> Yeah, they redid the gund stats a bit I guess (and added more guns)
[15:10] <GM_Erik> There are three SMG's now, small, common, and favorite (guess which one yout ook)
[15:11] <Mika_no_Krynn> favorite.
[15:11] <GM_Erik> yup
[15:11] <Mika_no_Krynn> More damage
[15:11] <Mika_no_Krynn> The range on that thing is pathetic.
[15:12] <Mika_no_Krynn> Gotta be the world's most inaccurate weapon
[15:12] <GM_Erik> All the SMG's have short range.
[15:12] <GM_Erik> You can fire longer, just at penalty
[15:12] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah, but that is dumb... I can throw a baseball further than that.
[15:12] <Mika_no_Krynn> The smg's in the other games have ranges of 600' or so.
[15:12] <GM_Erik> THe rifles have better ranges (especially with optional teloscopics and stuff)
[15:14] <GM_Erik> Hmm.  Well, within the system its pretty consistent.  Rifles highest.
[15:14] *** GM_Erik sets mode: +o JessicaKnight
[15:14] <Mika_no_Krynn> Not really, all the other palladium games have smg's that do 600'... that's what I was talking about.
[15:15] <GM_Erik> I meant, within the AtB its consistent, I wonder if they changed them in the new weapon books theyre putting out
[15:15] *** *!* isn't in ignore list
[15:15] *** GM_Erik sets mode: +o Mika_no_Krynn
[15:15] *** GM_Erik sets mode: +o Vrryl
[15:15] <JessicaKnight> you knwo you can do that in batches th?
[15:15] <Mika_no_Krynn> Within 3.5 seconds I could close the distance of the effective range of that smg with my Chicken.
[15:15] <GM_Erik> eh?
[15:15] <JessicaKnight> allow me to demonstrate
[15:15] *** Sir_Arik has joined #RiftsOOC
[15:16] *** JessicaKnight sets mode: -oooo GM_Erik Mika_no_Krynn Vrryl Sir_Arik
[15:16] *** JessicaKnight sets mode: +oooo GM_Erik Mika_no_Krynn Sir_Arik Vrryl
[15:16] <JessicaKnight> ta da!
[15:16] *** GM_Erik sets mode: +ooo JessicaKnight Mika_no_Krynn Sir_Arik
[15:16] <GM_Erik> ahh
[15:16] <Sir_Arik> what?
[15:16] <JessicaKnight> hey rob
[15:16] <JessicaKnight> who's wedding are you going to?
[15:17] <Sir_Arik> a buddy of mine
[15:17] <JessicaKnight> he marrying a chinese chick?
[15:17] <Sir_Arik> his name is Chris, he graduated from Hinton with me
[15:17] <Sir_Arik> no
[15:17] <JessicaKnight> oh ok.. heheh
[15:17] <Sir_Arik> why you know of a wedding that weekend?
[15:17] <JessicaKnight> yeah
[15:17] <JessicaKnight> parents are coming from Edmonton to go to it
[15:17] *** Tibor has joined #riftsooc
[15:17] <Sir_Arik> best man's name is Robin?
[15:17] *** GM_Erik sets mode: +o Tibor
[15:17] <Sir_Arik> oh... ok kewl
[15:17] <JessicaKnight> so I was wondering if it was the same wedding
[15:17] <Mika_no_Krynn> I'm sure Stan's gonna be a few minutes... Rich had to wake him up and he sounded like burnt toast.
[15:18] <Sir_Arik> heh
[15:18] <JessicaKnight> dunno.. I don't know the family well.... the bride's mom went to grade school with my mom
[15:18] <JessicaKnight> speak of the devil
[15:18] <GM_Erik> he's already here!
[15:18] *** Tibor has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving )
[15:18] <Mika_no_Krynn> Guess not.
[15:18] <JessicaKnight> hey stain, go splash some water on your ass and wake up
[15:18] <GM_Erik> You insulted him... burnt toast..
[15:18] <Mika_no_Krynn> Well he did.
[15:19] <JessicaKnight> heh
[15:19] <GM_Erik> Brett, check your window.
[15:19] <Sir_Arik> I haven't gotten very far with my after the bomb char Erik.... really busy this last week, will try to get it finished this weekend
[15:19] <GM_Erik> OK Rob.
[15:19] <JessicaKnight> so yeah, if you don't mind sleeping on a foam mat Rob, you're welcome to hang around here
[15:19] <GM_Erik> Its a nice foam mat, I think I used it before.
[15:19] <Sir_Arik> thanks Gabe, I am more than willing to sleep on a foam mat.... after all I am used to worse
[15:20] <JessicaKnight> heh true, true..
[15:20] <Sir_Arik> everyone in wombat again? and I know I ask everytime but how do I get there again.... :P
[15:20] *** Tibor has joined #riftsooc
[15:20] <GM_Erik> Hey its burnt toast voice.
[15:20] *** GM_Erik sets mode: +o Tibor
[15:20] <JessicaKnight> type /server
[15:20] <Sir_Arik> ahhh... added one to many periods... brb
[15:21] <Tibor> couldn't resolve that serv jess
[15:21] *** Sir_Arik has quit IRC (Quit:  )
[15:21] *** Sir_Arik has joined #RiftsOOC
[15:21] <JessicaKnight> odd
[15:21] * Tibor feels terrible
[15:21] <JessicaKnight> probably a shaw dns thing
[15:21] <JessicaKnight> drinking last night stan?
[15:21] * Tibor before noon hadn't slept over an hour for 24...
[15:21] <Vrryl> loggin out to join wombat srever...brb
[15:21] <Tibor> just  a little
[15:22] <JessicaKnight> what the hell were you doing?
[15:22] *** Vrryl has quit IRC (Quit:  )
[15:22] <Tibor> drinking
[15:22] <GM_Erik> ....
[15:22] <JessicaKnight> hahah
[15:22] <JessicaKnight> figures
[15:22] *** Vrryl has joined #riftsOOC
[15:22] <Sir_Arik> heh
[15:23] <Sir_Arik> by the way guys, my roomate and myself were advance promoted to coporal last week
[15:23] <GM_Erik> congrats
[15:23] <JessicaKnight> congrats man
[15:23] <Sir_Arik> almost a year early
[15:23] <JessicaKnight> go with your plan coporal!
[15:23] <Mika_no_Krynn> Nice... big pay raise.
[15:23] <Sir_Arik> yep
[15:23] <Tibor> wtf?
[15:24] <Vrryl> grats Rob!
[15:24] <Sir_Arik> what was that jump?
[15:24] <Vrryl> wooho, pay raise
[15:24] *** GM_Erik sets mode: +oo Sir_Arik Vrryl
[15:24] <Sir_Arik> yep! making over $1200 a pay cheque now!
[15:24] <Vrryl> biggest pay raise
[15:24] <GM_Erik> Nice, that's more than me!
[15:25] <JessicaKnight> before or after taxes?
[15:25] * Tibor head hurts...
[15:25] <JessicaKnight> go take some drugs and come back stan
[15:26] * Tibor got no drugs
[15:26] * Tibor ain't going anywhere
[15:26] <Sir_Arik> sorry... after taxes
[15:27] <Mika_no_Krynn> Ready to rock?
[15:27] <GM_Erik> working out some stuff still
[15:27] <JessicaKnight> jesus christ
[15:27] <Mika_no_Krynn> where?
[15:27] <JessicaKnight> that's kilelr
[15:27] <JessicaKnight> killer.....
[15:28] <Tibor> cool
[15:28] <Mika_no_Krynn> biweekly, correct Rob?
[15:29] <Tibor> ?
[15:29] * Mika_no_Krynn polishes her Staff of the Apocalypse.
[15:29] * GM_Erik takes away Mike's Staff of the Apocalypse
[15:30] * Mika_no_Krynn pulls out her Ring of the Apocalypse.
[15:30] * GM_Erik takes away Mika's Inventory of the Apocalypse.
[15:30] * Sir_Arik pulls out his can of instant whupp ass
[15:31] * GM_Erik approves of that.
[15:31] * Mika_no_Krynn polishes Daniel's Shaft of the Apocalypse.
[15:31] <Sir_Arik> ewwwww!
[15:31] <Mika_no_Krynn> Gonna take that away too?
[15:31] <GM_Erik> No, because I control NPC's
[15:31] <GM_Erik> He just won't use it. ;;-)
[15:31] <Mika_no_Krynn> He's only a S-NPC though./
[15:31] <GM_Erik> eh?
[15:32] <Mika_no_Krynn> Semi-NPC.
[15:32] * Sir_Arik lends Mika his staff of the apocalypse
[15:33] <Sir_Arik> I am all about making sure my crew is ready for this fight
[15:33] <Sir_Arik> sorry Mike, and yes I get paid twice a month
[15:34] <Mika_no_Krynn> Nice... I'm gonna apocalypse this Horseman right back to the apocalypse.
[15:34] <Vrryl> cool...staff of apoc is a good wpn in diablo. Kills everything on the screen right quick
[15:35] <Sir_Arik> yep.... especially when you have 255 charges ;-)
[15:35] <Vrryl> lol...that'd be the one
[15:36] <Sir_Arik> don't worry I have my indestructible KINGS SWORD OF HASTE!!!!!
[15:36] <Mika_no_Krynn> Figure it would work well here in removing any other potential wankers.
[15:36] <Sir_Arik> HAHAHAHAHAHA
[15:37] <Sir_Arik> ok... so that might have been a little overboard
[15:37] *** Tibor has quit IRC (Read error: Connection reset by peer )
[15:39] *** Tibor has joined #riftsooc
[15:39] <Tibor> damn comp
[15:39] *** GM_Erik sets mode: +o Tibor
[15:42] <Vrryl> king sword of THERE's a weapon. Hell, even my mage used it
[15:43] <Sir_Arik> man... no monster stood a chance
[15:43] <Vrryl> nope
[15:43] <Vrryl> once you get a mage high enough, he could kill anything
[15:44] <Vrryl> my 38 mage ANubis walked through dungeons. Only hell hell offered anything of a challenge. And a fun one too
[15:48] <GM_Erik> OK
[15:48] <Tibor> so whats happening?
[15:48] <GM_Erik> Before we do anything else, I just want to remind you I won't be here next weekend.
[15:49] <Sir_Arik> where you going?
[15:49] <GM_Erik> I have to go on a field trip for a class.  Probably be trying to look at rocks in the snow;
[15:50] <Tibor> ok
[15:50] <GM_Erik> somewhere in central Montana
[15:50] <Mika_no_Krynn> Oh Rob, did you check the webpage recently?  I found a potential pic for your dude.
[15:51] <Sir_Arik> Yeah I saw it.  Looks pretty good, I will be hard pressed to find one better
[15:52] <Mika_no_Krynn> Good nuff... took me a little while to edit the dude out of the original pic.  Found one for Tibor too, but haven't put it up yet.
[15:52] <Tibor> coolo
[15:52] <Mika_no_Krynn> It's Tibor when he's pissed off hardcore actually.
[15:53] <Mika_no_Krynn> Still need Tibor's info when you get a chance Stan.
[15:54] <Tibor> ok will do
[15:54] <GM_Erik> Anything specific you going to do?
[15:54] <Mika_no_Krynn> How close do I feel it is?
[15:55] <GM_Erik> At the start of the day, still about half a mile away.
[15:55] <Mika_no_Krynn> Holy shit!
[15:55] <Vrryl> id' give the info, but we all know where i stand on character sheet/stat. Who needs em anyways!!
[15:55] <Sir_Arik> how does intuitive combat work again?
[15:55] <Mika_no_Krynn> That's close.
[15:55] <Mika_no_Krynn> Meditate for 2 melees then you get bonuses.
[15:55] <GM_Erik> That's where it was the day before.  You can sense it from 2500ft away, remember?
[15:55] <Sir_Arik> I will have sense evil on though for sure
[15:56] <Sir_Arik> oh and I read up when using both weapons to strike in paired weapons, you only roll one to strike roll
[15:56] <GM_Erik> Rob: you meditate for 1 melee round, it lasts 2 melees per level, and you can't use any other psionic power while its on
[15:57] <Sir_Arik> ok kewl
[15:57] <GM_Erik> OK, how are the 'scouts' going to go about this?
[15:57] <GM_Erik> and who is going?
[15:58] <Mika_no_Krynn> Are there any leylines I can sense nearby?
[15:58] <GM_Erik> what's your range?
[15:58] <Mika_no_Krynn> 80 miles.
[15:58] <GM_Erik> yes
[15:58] <Mika_no_Krynn> How close?
[15:58] <GM_Erik> 40 miles
[15:58] <Mika_no_Krynn> That's a bit far.
[15:59] <Tibor> we know anything about war's weakenesses?
[15:59] <Vrryl> ya it is
[15:59] <Mika_no_Krynn> None.
[15:59] <Mika_no_Krynn> Just keep hitting it.
[15:59] <Tibor> lol great...
[15:59] <Mika_no_Krynn> Once it explodes into  a million pieces, we're good.
[15:59] <Vrryl> well, i'll throw up some invis stuff, take my defender with me, and follow at a 'safe' distance. REporting back intel
[16:00] <Mika_no_Krynn> Everyone has read the email about the "Plan"?
[16:00] <GM_Erik> OK.  Last time, Tibor and Gar scouted ahead to try and determine what this guy looked like.
[16:00] <GM_Erik> hold on Brett.
[16:00] <Sir_Arik> yes... I will volunteer to go with Vrryl
[16:01] <GM_Erik> Hold on..... please?
[16:01] <Sir_Arik> ok
[16:01] <Tibor> email?
[16:01] <Mika_no_Krynn> check you mail.
[16:01] <Tibor> ok
[16:02] <Tibor> checking mail...
[16:02] <Mika_no_Krynn> That's not that tall... thought he'd be bigger.
[16:03] <Sir_Arik> still bigger than any of us
[16:03] <GM_Erik> Sorry guys, but can anyone wait for me to type the stuff that might impact what you do?
[16:03] <Mika_no_Krynn> Not 50' big.
[16:03] <Sir_Arik> sure.... sorry
[16:03] * Vrryl waits patiently
[16:04] <Mika_no_Krynn> A dude that size will be harder to hit.
[16:04] <Tibor> ok
[16:04] <Mika_no_Krynn> We should try to force him off the mount.
[16:04] <Vrryl> how big is he?\
[16:04] <Mika_no_Krynn> 12'
[16:04] <Vrryl> nm...i just read that
[16:04] <Tibor> guess i'm in the other group then
[16:04] <GM_Erik> There, that's what I wanted to type out.  Tibor and Gar found this out two days before.
[16:05] <Mika_no_Krynn> ok
[16:05] <Sir_Arik> ok... thanks
[16:05] <Vrryl> how that impact the plan? Sounds like everything is kosher to moi
[16:05] <Mika_no_Krynn> Where are we currently?
[16:06] <Tibor> can you set an ambush with detect ambush?
[16:06] <Mika_no_Krynn> In bush, in a open area...
[16:06] <GM_Erik> I was typing that because it sort of cancels out the need to scout to see what he looks like.
[16:07] <Mika_no_Krynn> So where are we again?
[16:08] <GM_Erik> You're ready to set out, the Demon is in front of you, heading away from you.  You can sense it within 1/2 a mile.
[16:08] <Vrryl> ya, we want to send back intel anyways on his movement, while the gathering sets up the ambush
[16:08] <Tibor> do we have all the npcs with us?
[16:09] <GM_Erik> I'll tell you all the NPC's
[16:09] <GM_Erik> Someone should keep track to make your 'teams'
[16:09] <GM_Erik> There is Victor Lazlo, he's got a Robot.
[16:09] <GM_Erik> Erin Tarn.
[16:10] <GM_Erik> Lo Fung (mystical Chinese guy)
[16:10] <GM_Erik> Fang Lo (mystical Chinese girl)
[16:10] <GM_Erik> Sir Thorpe
[16:11] <GM_Erik> Katrina Sun (mage)
[16:11] <Mika_no_Krynn> Have each of them in charge of a skirmish team.
[16:11] <Sir_Arik> who is keeping track of the teams?
[16:11] <GM_Erik> and...
[16:11] <Mika_no_Krynn> I'll do it.
[16:12] <GM_Erik> 8 mercenaries, and 2 crocodilians
[16:12] <GM_Erik> One of the Crocodilians is a Mind Melter.
[16:12] <Tibor> cool
[16:13] <GM_Erik> The Crocodilians are Creed (non-mind melter) and Etymedon (mind melter)
[16:13] <GM_Erik> You also have Gar and Daniel
[16:14] <Mika_no_Krynn> Ok... these'll be the teams...
[16:14] <Mika_no_Krynn> Vic + Merc 01 + Merc 02
[16:15] <Mika_no_Krynn> Erin and Etymedon
[16:15] <Mika_no_Krynn> Thorpe + Merc 03 and Creed
[16:15] <Mika_no_Krynn> Lo Fung and Merc 04 + Merc05
[16:15] <Mika_no_Krynn> Fang Lo + Merc06 and Merc07
[16:15] <Mika_no_Krynn> Katrina + Merc 08 and Daniel.
[16:16] <Mika_no_Krynn> Erin's unit will try to stay concealed as much as possible and back up any teams that need it.
[16:16] <Tibor> k which one should i be in?
[16:16] <GM_Erik> How about Arik, Tibor, Gar, Vrryl, and Mika
[16:17] <Tibor> thats imaginative...wouldn't have thought of that combo
[16:17] <GM_Erik> ::-) (you know I didn't mean that)
[16:18] <Tibor> not really, have hangover remember?
[16:18] <Mika_no_Krynn> Well Vrryl and X will be the Decoy team... so the other 3 will be the final skirmish unit.
[16:18] <GM_Erik> and Jessica too
[16:18] * GM_Erik whacks himself for Gabe.
[16:19] <Vrryl> left jess out...tsk tsk
[16:19] <Vrryl> You outta give me an extra mana ball just for that
[16:19] <GM_Erik> too bad its not mana in this game.
[16:20] <Mika_no_Krynn> Do I get any bigger?
[16:20] <GM_Erik> not right away, heh.
[16:20] <Sir_Arik> heh.... he got you there Breet
[16:20] <Sir_Arik> Brett I mean
[16:22] <Vrryl> Well, i can shape if a chick is into 3 balls...well, who am i to argue
[16:24] <GM_Erik> So, how about the other four people?
[16:24] <JessicaKnight> hehhe
[16:25] <JessicaKnight> well I can take some ppl and go hide and snipe
[16:25] <Mika_no_Krynn> Who's going with Vrryl.
[16:25] <Mika_no_Krynn> You flying Brett?
[16:25] <Vrryl> i need a good parry/deflect person
[16:25] <JessicaKnight> to do your defense?
[16:25] <GM_Erik> You've got three of the strongest fighters with Jessica.
[16:25] <Sir_Arik> I have a good parry score
[16:25] <Tibor> i prob have the lowest pp in the party
[16:26] <Sir_Arik> +13 to parry with a sword, that is before any bonuses on horse back
[16:26] <Sir_Arik> or if he is using technology
[16:26] <JessicaKnight> i'll be using those bracers of deflect generally
[16:26] <GM_Erik> Or are you going to split them up among the parties to maintain that magical protection thing for each group that you wanted to do.
[16:26] <Mika_no_Krynn> You won't be riding I think.
[16:26] <JessicaKnight> if i'm with some hard core power doods, i'll concentrate on protecting them
[16:27] <Sir_Arik> wha!! a knight without a horse! such a travesty!
[16:28] <Tibor> k, i'm a little slow, what group am i in again?
[16:28] * Tibor starting to wake up...
[16:28] <GM_Erik> I'm not sure you are at the moment.
[16:28] <Mika_no_Krynn> Well perhaps we should have Gar, Tibor and Jessica together...
[16:28] <Mika_no_Krynn> They have some magic then.
[16:29] <GM_Erik> Ok,  point: Thorpe wants more people behind with Erin.
[16:29] <GM_Erik> And what are you going to do with Lazlo?
[16:29] <Mika_no_Krynn> BTW Brett, chameleon won't help you while moving Brett.
[16:30] <Mika_no_Krynn> Vic is in his own team with Merc 01 and Merc02
[16:30] <Vrryl> cool...then whatever. Check the book, if i can use it to hide, chances are i have it. Sup invis...shadow meld...half's all useful. Cameleon when i come outta mist form
[16:30] <Vrryl> actually, screw it...invis and mist. That's all i need.
[16:30] <GM_Erik> Yeah, Do you think It might be hard to ambush with an Ulti-Max Robot?
[16:31] <Mika_no_Krynn> Don't bother wasting PPE on those little spells.
[16:31] <Vrryl> is there a hill we can have him behind?
[16:31] <Tibor> have the robot come in on his own
[16:31] <Vrryl> or a ridge
[16:31] <Mika_no_Krynn> Shadowmeld only works in shadows and it is the middle of the Day... if he can get through Invis: Superior fine... .plus we are decoys.
[16:31] <Tibor> once the crap hits
[16:32] <Mika_no_Krynn> Can we set this up in a open like area GM?
[16:32] <Mika_no_Krynn> The ambush site I mean.
[16:32] <Vrryl> ya, if a couple morons are following him, i doubt he'll be overly concerned
[16:32] <GM_Erik> Yes, you can set it up in an open area.
[16:32] <JessicaKnight> koo
[16:32] <GM_Erik> And if you leave Victor behind it means he won't enter the combat right away.
[16:32] <Vrryl> that's ok, robots are fast
[16:33] <GM_Erik> Also, if Brett is invisible, this doesn't seem to be anything like the 'Plan'?
[16:33] <Sir_Arik> so where do I fit in?
[16:33] <Vrryl> it is...we watch while other set up. once ambush in place, that's when decoy team reveals themselves
[16:34] <Mika_no_Krynn> Here, let me rethink the teams... give me a minute.
[16:34] <Sir_Arik> I can work by myself with my horse.... I will surely draw some fire
[16:35] <GM_Erik> I would suggest splitting up your stronger fighters and not having them together (including the PC's)
[16:35] <Sir_Arik> I can dish out over 100 mdc in a normal round so I think I could distract him if need be
[16:35] <GM_Erik> at point blank that is
[16:35] <Sir_Arik> true.... a chance I am willing to take
[16:36] * Vrryl nods, "He is a knight, afterall. Just wait till that dude is off his horse before you go into melee."
[16:36] <Mika_no_Krynn> Well Jess, GAr, and Tibor are a good team.
[16:37] <Vrryl> ya, can we use our detect ambush skill to set up a good ambush spot?
[16:37] <Mika_no_Krynn> Vic + Merc 01 and 02 are good... they'll be long range bombardment.
[16:37] <GM_Erik> OK, you'll put the merc's with the longest range weapons there
[16:37] <Mika_no_Krynn> How about just Katrina and Daniel... magic and melee there.
[16:37] <GM_Erik> And we'll worry about the ambush after the details are worked out.
[16:37] <Mika_no_Krynn> Then Fang Lo and Sir Arik.
[16:38] <Mika_no_Krynn> Then Lo Fung and Merc04 and 05.
[16:38] <Vrryl> dan and kat is good
[16:38] <Mika_no_Krynn> Then Erin and Thorpe + Merc 03
[16:39] <Sir_Arik> works for me.... Fang Lo a magician?
[16:39] <Mika_no_Krynn> Then Etymedon, Creed, Merc 08.
[16:39] <Mika_no_Krynn> Think so.
[16:39] <Mika_no_Krynn> Then we have 2 more mercs to divy up.
[16:40] <GM_Erik> All you really know is that he's a mystical chinese guy
[16:40] <Vrryl> mystical chinese know what that means, don't ya? "It wasn't easy!"
[16:40] <Mika_no_Krynn> How about one with Sir Arik and Fang Lo.
[16:40] <GM_Erik> You may want to put more people with the big mage.
[16:40] <Mika_no_Krynn> Merc 06,
[16:40] <Mika_no_Krynn> Merc 07 will go with Katrina and Daniel
[16:41] <Vrryl> so how many teams is that in total, Mike?
[16:41] <GM_Erik> And Rob, Sorry, Fang Lo is the girl, Lo Fung is the old guy.
[16:42] <GM_Erik> She's a sensitve mystical chinese girl
[16:42] <Mika_no_Krynn> Ooh... the sensitive kind...
[16:42] <Sir_Arik> ok say sorry for me calling her a guy
[16:42] <Sir_Arik> don't want to hurt her feelings..... you said she wuz sensitive ;)
[16:42] <Vrryl> bah, toughen her up a bit. She's probably too sheltered anyways
[16:43] <Sir_Arik> heh
[16:43] <GM_Erik> So are planning and going around the guy or coming up from behind him?
[16:43] <Mika_no_Krynn> so everyone know there teams?
[16:43] <JessicaKnight> i'm with Tibor and Gar...
[16:43] <JessicaKnight> I'm guessing
[16:43] <Tibor> yup
[16:43] <JessicaKnight> heheh what are you guys mainly using? rifles?
[16:44] <Vrryl> how many teams in total we have then?
[16:44] <Tibor> laser rifle here
[16:45] <Mika_no_Krynn> 8 teams
[16:45] <Vrryl> that including us?
[16:45] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yep.
[16:45] <Mika_no_Krynn> 7 skirmish teams... and Decoy unit.
[16:45] <GM_Erik> So, Are you planning on coming up behind it or going around it?
[16:46] <Mika_no_Krynn> Come up behind it, unless it is heading in our direction.
[16:47] <GM_Erik> OK.  Well lets refer to team positions by the clock, how's that.  You're on War's 6.  Where are the teams going to be?
[16:47] <Mika_no_Krynn> Try to get as many defensive spells up as possible while you can.
[16:47] <Mika_no_Krynn> Our teams will be behind us.
[16:47] <JessicaKnight> yeah
[16:47] <Sir_Arik> we will position them from 6 to 4:30 and 6 to 8:30
[16:48] <Vrryl> i want us in between war and our ambush...i don't want to have to go around him when we run
[16:48] <Sir_Arik> that way we won't accidently open up on each other
[16:48] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yep... that's it Rob... once it gets to the Ambush zone.
[16:48] <Tibor> ok
[16:48] <Sir_Arik> Just make sure you zip by us before giving the thumbs up ;)
[16:48] <GM_Erik> Ok, well make it specific on where they're going to be.
[16:49] <GM_Erik> need to know where the mages, robots, etc.. are going to be.
[16:50] <Mika_no_Krynn> Have the Robot on the far rear flank... like 8:00
[16:50] <Vrryl> kinda hard without a map
[16:51] <GM_Erik> you mean when the ambush goes off or before that.
[16:51] <Tibor> doesn't matter too much where we are
[16:51] <Sir_Arik> ok.... team one will be at 3:30
[16:51] <Sir_Arik> team 2 at 4
[16:52] <Vrryl> think of it as a circlish
[16:52] <Sir_Arik> team 3 at 4:30
[16:52] <Sir_Arik> team 4 at 5
[16:52] <Sir_Arik> team 6 at 7
[16:52] <Sir_Arik> whoops
[16:52] <Mika_no_Krynn> Team 01 is Vic's Robot team at 8:00
[16:52] <Sir_Arik> team 5 at 7
[16:52] <Sir_Arik> team 6 at 7:30
[16:52] <Sir_Arik> team 7 at 8
[16:53] <Tibor> what is my team number?
[16:53] <Sir_Arik> and team 8 at 8:30
[16:53] <Sir_Arik> anymore teams? I thought just 8
[16:53] <GM_Erik> Rob, there are only 7 teams besided the decoy. ::-)
[16:53] <Mika_no_Krynn> You're Team 7 guys.
[16:53] <Mika_no_Krynn> Team 2, Erin's Team will be at 7:00
[16:54] <Mika_no_Krynn> Team 03, Etymedon's team, at 6:30
[16:54] <Mika_no_Krynn> Team 4, Lo Fung's team, at 5:30
[16:54] <GM_Erik> brb
[16:54] <JessicaKnight> ok
[16:54] <Tibor> k
[16:54] <Mika_no_Krynn> Team 5, Sir Arik + Fang Lo at 5:00
[16:55] <Mika_no_Krynn> Team 6, Katrina + Daniel, at 4
[16:56] <Mika_no_Krynn> Then Team 7, Gar + Tibor + Jess, can be at 3:30 to provide a counter blow for Vic's robot.
[16:56] <JessicaKnight> koo
[16:56] <Tibor> ok
[16:59] <GM_Erik> back. sorry, students found me, they have a midterm tomorrow.  OK, the teams I am recording....
[16:59] <Mika_no_Krynn> Poor bastard.
[16:59] <JessicaKnight> ouch
[17:01] <GM_Erik> ok, so how far back to you plan on trying to lead the guy into the ambush (roughly) for range purposes, like 100 feet behind the central ones?
[17:02] <GM_Erik> Holy cow Mike.
[17:02] <Sir_Arik> so for intuitive combat it is 2 melees for every melee in meditation?
[17:02] <GM_Erik> OK, FOR EVERYONE: you'll have to keep track of what spells you have on, their durations, and whether or not they may apply under each circumstance.
[17:03] <Mika_no_Krynn> Nope 1 melee med and 2mel per level.
[17:03] <GM_Erik> (same for psi powers)
[17:03] <Mika_no_Krynn> So you would med for 1 and it would last 12 melees Rob.
[17:03] <GM_Erik> OK, Brett, you know that Mike can't see you when you're invisible.
[17:03] <Vrryl> yep, so i'll keep her in the know via comms
[17:03] <GM_Erik> ok.
[17:04] <Sir_Arik> ahh ok...
[17:04] <GM_Erik> OK, has everyone got their preps ready?
[17:05] <Tibor> hopefully will have some warning before i put spells on...or is that not a good idea?
[17:05] <Mika_no_Krynn> I'm good to go.
[17:05] <GM_Erik> Got your PPE costs Brett?
[17:05] <Tibor> (for max duration)
[17:05] <Vrryl> sup invis is what, 30ppe?
[17:05] <Vrryl> 45?
[17:05] <Mika_no_Krynn> 20
[17:05] <Vrryl> nice
[17:07] <Tibor> 30/75 for detect ambush, choosing our spot
[17:07] <GM_Erik> thank you
[17:07] <GM_Erik> I need the speeds of Mika and Vrryl
[17:08] <GM_Erik> mph is fine.
[17:08] <GM_Erik> or whatever you have.
[17:09] <GM_Erik> Brett, you can't talk while you're Mist
[17:09] <Tibor> what is the duration of imp. to energy?
[17:09] <Sir_Arik> 16 of 70 for detect ambush for me as well Erik
[17:09] <JessicaKnight> 8 meele/lvl
[17:09] <Tibor> talisman?
[17:09] <GM_Erik> Mist has no talking, and a speed of 14 MAX
[17:09] <JessicaKnight> oh, well that's the spell
[17:10] <Vrryl> i know, that's why i stop every min to turn into physical form to give update, them move on again
[17:10] <Mika_no_Krynn> I'm can fly 2542 feet in 1 melee.  116mph.
[17:10] <Tibor> k armour has that spell use isp for it...our talismans have a time limit?
[17:11] <Mika_no_Krynn> Guess I won't be going that fast though... since Vrryl is walking.
[17:11] <JessicaKnight> did I create those for you?
[17:11] <Tibor> yup
[17:11] <Mika_no_Krynn> It's coming towards us?
[17:11] <GM_Erik> no, the other way.  You're going really slow.
[17:11] <JessicaKnight> umm... ok say they've been upgraded to my current lvl.... 72 meelee rounds
[17:11] <Mika_no_Krynn> No kidding.
[17:11] <Vrryl> i just changed tactics
[17:12] <GM_Erik> Are you flying then>
[17:12] <GM_Erik> ?
[17:12] <Vrryl> yeppers
[17:12] <GM_Erik> What spell? speed?
[17:13] <Vrryl> i would have engaged flight anyways...can't do our plan without it. No, my tatto
[17:13] <Vrryl> tattoo
[17:13] <Vrryl> can't remember the speed, but it's uber fast
[17:13] <Mika_no_Krynn> +25mph per level one.
[17:13] <Vrryl> over 200kph i think
[17:13] <Vrryl> ya, and that
[17:13] <GM_Erik> OK, 20PPE and 80mph
[17:13] <GM_Erik> +1strike, +1dodge
[17:13] <Vrryl> that's added on to the base speed even
[17:14] <GM_Erik> No.. hold on.
[17:14] <GM_Erik> 130mph, +2strike and dodge
[17:15] <Mika_no_Krynn> How many melees does it take us?
[17:16] <GM_Erik> 2
[17:16] <Mika_no_Krynn> k
[17:17] <GM_Erik> Remember Brett: Mist only is good defensively, you can't cast as it.
[17:17] * Vrryl doesn't need to be almost led to his downfall some time ago
[17:19] <Mika_no_Krynn> Time to let'em have it.
[17:19] <GM_Erik> The ambush party IS in position, I don't think you would have left until they were.
[17:21] <GM_Erik> bloody nickname contracdictions..
[17:21] <GM_Erik> OK, roll initiative
[17:22] <Mika_no_Krynn> 20
[17:22] <GM_Erik> Brett?
[17:23] <Vrryl> 15 base
[17:23] <GM_Erik> Mike first.
[17:23] <Vrryl> um...wasn't part of the plan to not get noticed till i'd cast the spell?
[17:23] <Mika_no_Krynn> Stand ready to deflect anything.
[17:23] <Mika_no_Krynn> Not really...
[17:24] <Mika_no_Krynn> Doesn't matter... he notices me not you.
[17:24] <Vrryl> i don't feel like wasting a 400ppe spell on a guy who'd going to dodge it :P\
[17:24] <GM_Erik> OK.  Brett what are you doing?
[17:24] <GM_Erik> 400PPE?
[17:24] <Mika_no_Krynn> The big HITTER!
[17:24] <Vrryl> sphere of anhialation...that's why I wanted us NOT to be seen until i'd let loose something to get it's attention
[17:25] <Mika_no_Krynn> You can move off away from me and I'll draw it's attention.
[17:26] <Vrryl> grr...i don't want it in combat when i cast. It's going to dodge this thing for sure
[17:26] <GM_Erik> OK, Vrryl starts chanting quietly to himself.
[17:26] <Mika_no_Krynn> Your using the scroll right?
[17:27] <Mika_no_Krynn> When else are you ever going to use it?
[17:27] <Sir_Arik> huh?
[17:27] <Mika_no_Krynn> Why don't you change your nick of Horseman_of_WAR
[17:27] <GM_Erik> what the fuck?
[17:28] <GM_Erik> There was no notification earlier.  I was on for like an hour, and then it kicked me off last time.
[17:28] <Vrryl> Ya, but i don't want to waste it still on something that's going to dodge easily
[17:28] <Vrryl> that's why i wanted the hiding thing to be so absolute
[17:28] <Mika_no_Krynn> If you catch it by surprise it may not, plus it may just think it is pissant little magic spell.
[17:29] <GM_Erik> so much for coolness factor there... oh well.
[17:29] <GM_Erik> So Brett's casting.
[17:29] <GM_Erik> How far away are you guys?
[17:29] <Mika_no_Krynn> 100'
[17:29] <Mika_no_Krynn> or so.
[17:30] <GM_Erik> OK
[17:31] <GM_Erik> Hey, gimmie a break, Im doing a lot here.
[17:32] <GM_Erik> What do you do?
[17:32] <Mika_no_Krynn> I'll parry.
[17:32] <Mika_no_Krynn> 34.
[17:33] <GM_Erik> OK, you parry
[17:33] <GM_Erik> 34?
[17:33] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah!
[17:33] <Mika_no_Krynn> I rolled quite well.
[17:33] <Mika_no_Krynn> Plus I'm pretty darn good with a sword.
[17:33] <GM_Erik> apparantly.
[17:34] <GM_Erik> that's what he got too.
[17:34] <Mika_no_Krynn> It won't get much better than that.
[17:34] <Mika_no_Krynn> Damn!  He's good.
[17:34] <Mika_no_Krynn> Parry again... 30
[17:34] <Vrryl> give me the word when my scroll goes off...
[17:34] <GM_Erik> Wait, its a scroll?
[17:35] <GM_Erik> You said it was a spell.
[17:35] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yep
[17:36] <GM_Erik> because you don't gather PPE or cast a scroll.
[17:36] <Vrryl> the spell is on the scroll...the spell is spher of anhialation
[17:36] <Vrryl> well, i'm trying to make the damn thing know, rp'ish
[17:36] <Mika_no_Krynn> The PPE is in the scroll.
[17:37] <Mika_no_Krynn> Still takes just as long to cast though, no?
[17:37] <GM_Erik> the spell is just Annhilation, and ok, that changes things... Yeah I think it takes as long.
[17:37] <Vrryl> ya, takes as long
[17:37] <GM_Erik> Anyway, Mike you're still on the defensive.
[17:37] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yep.
[17:37] <GM_Erik> and you didi
[17:37] <Mika_no_Krynn> Rolled 30 on the last parry.
[17:38] <GM_Erik> OK, Mike.
[17:38] <GM_Erik> just being defensive still?
[17:38] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yep... waiting for it to shoot me with something.
[17:39] <GM_Erik> OK, it tries to hit you again.
[17:39] <Mika_no_Krynn> Fuck!  only 18 to parry.
[17:39] <Vrryl> you dead
[17:39] <Mika_no_Krynn> crap ass green dice.
[17:39] <Tibor> thats going to hurt...
[17:39] <Mika_no_Krynn> Hate green.
[17:40] <Mika_no_Krynn> This'll be  learning experienc.e
[17:40] <Tibor> provided you're not dead
[17:40] <Mika_no_Krynn> Even a boom gun couldn't kill me.
[17:40] <Mika_no_Krynn> Nor a proton torpedo.
[17:40] <GM_Erik> you also take 10 MDC besides, magical energy.
[17:40] <Mika_no_Krynn> Kewl.
[17:40] <Vrryl> bah, so much for my friggin protection :/
[17:41] <GM_Erik> the kind from touching an evil rune weapon, not hampered by energy resistance.  Goes to your armor.
[17:41] <GM_Erik> magical armor that is.
[17:41] <Mika_no_Krynn> Didn't know he could do that.
[17:41] <GM_Erik> nope.
[17:42] <GM_Erik> you take 20MDC physcial,
[17:42] <GM_Erik> What do you do now?
[17:42] <Mika_no_Krynn> To my body?
[17:42] <GM_Erik> to the armor.
[17:43] <Mika_no_Krynn> Is that 10mdc from the weapon stopped by magical force fields?
[17:43] <Mika_no_Krynn> Can I get out?
[17:43] <GM_Erik> First question yes, but they take the damage.
[17:43] <GM_Erik> Second: you can try.
[17:44] <GM_Erik> What do you do?
[17:44] <Mika_no_Krynn> Attempt to get out.
[17:44] <GM_Erik> how?
[17:44] <Mika_no_Krynn> The old fashion way first.
[17:45] <GM_Erik> strength?  roll it.
[17:45] <Mika_no_Krynn> 43
[17:46] <Sir_Arik> am I finished my meditation?
[17:47] <GM_Erik> Its only 1 melee, you can be finished whenever they arrive.
[17:47] <GM_Erik> (of meditation that is)
[17:47] <GM_Erik> ie dunna worry about it.
[17:49] <GM_Erik> OK Mike.
[17:50] <Mika_no_Krynn> Ouch.
[17:50] <Mika_no_Krynn> Can I parry it?
[17:50] <GM_Erik> Nope, you take 60MD
[17:50] <Mika_no_Krynn> Whoa!
[17:51] <GM_Erik> roll ME roll
[17:51] <Mika_no_Krynn> How?
[17:51] <GM_Erik> just add the base bonus to a d20
[17:51] <Vrryl> wow, you getting your ass handed to ya Mike
[17:52] <Mika_no_Krynn> 19
[17:52] <GM_Erik> good, you manage to keep talking.
[17:52] <Mika_no_Krynn> This guy's hardcore.
[17:52] <GM_Erik> yup.
[17:53] * Vrryl can't wait to give that guy a big ol bitch slep
[17:53] <Vrryl> slap
[17:53] <GM_Erik> Mika takes 20MD physical
[17:54] <Sir_Arik> these tree peoples are the same ones that stole Mika's necklace right?
[17:54] <Mika_no_Krynn> Just like I planned it.
[17:54] <Vrryl> I'll teach him for slapping my bitch up
[17:54] <GM_Erik> yeah, that Tibor gave a sword too.
[17:54] <Sir_Arik> ahhh oh
[17:54] <GM_Erik> What do you do Mike?
[17:54] <GM_Erik> You're on the ground in front of his mount.
[17:54] <Mika_no_Krynn> What can I do?
[17:55] <Tibor> gave a sword?
[17:55] <GM_Erik> remember, it was shiny?
[17:55] <GM_Erik> Sorry, maybe a big dagger, a sword to hiom.
[17:55] <Tibor> oh ok
[17:55] <GM_Erik> What up Mike?
[17:56] <Mika_no_Krynn> Am I still entangled?
[17:56] <GM_Erik> no, you're on the ground in front of the Mount.
[17:56] <GM_Erik> its drooling at you.
[17:56] <GM_Erik> What's the cross look like?
[17:57] <Mika_no_Krynn> dodge. 27
[17:57] <GM_Erik> ah, only a 13.
[17:57] <Sir_Arik> a six inch cross that is most likely just silver plated
[17:57] <Sir_Arik> but it is shiny
[17:57] <GM_Erik> Oh, its big too.
[17:58] <Sir_Arik> I assume he took my cross?
[17:58] <GM_Erik> Yeah.
[17:59] <Mika_no_Krynn> Parry.34
[17:59] <GM_Erik> its too big.
[17:59] <Mika_no_Krynn> Dodge then... 33
[17:59] <GM_Erik> oh, never mins.
[17:59] <GM_Erik> its OK, you can parry.
[17:59] <GM_Erik> And you do
[18:00] <GM_Erik> Brett: its +3 to strike.
[18:00] <GM_Erik> Targeting skill applies.
[18:01] <GM_Erik> so we'll say you get another +2 or 3
[18:01] <Mika_no_Krynn> +4 for 8th level targetting.
[18:01] <Mika_no_Krynn> 2,4,6,8...
[18:01] <GM_Erik> ok, sorry.  ::-)
[18:01] <GM_Erik> Brett, roll it dude.
[18:01] <GM_Erik> oh, wait, I bet there's a big ass description. heh
[18:02] <Mika_no_Krynn> Now would be the ultimate time for a natural 20.
[18:02] <Tibor> lol
[18:03] <JessicaKnight> heheh he needs to have Tibor's luck, and be blind, and deaf
[18:03] <Vrryl> k, rolling...
[18:03] <Mika_no_Krynn> that's coming later.
[18:03] <Vrryl> wohoo!!!18 :)
[18:04] <Vrryl> plus bonuses
[18:04] <Mika_no_Krynn> So +10 about.
[18:04] <GM_Erik> so 25
[18:04] <Mika_no_Krynn> PP bonus?
[18:04] <GM_Erik> Nope,.
[18:04] <Mika_no_Krynn> shitty.
[18:04] <Mika_no_Krynn> That's a crit with Martial Arts... hehe
[18:04] <Mika_no_Krynn> Should have hadoken'ed the dude.
[18:04] <GM_Erik> ok, roll 2d4 Brett.
[18:05] <Tibor> lol
[18:05] <GM_Erik> and then roll 4d6.
[18:05] <Vrryl> bah! 500 :(
[18:05] <GM_Erik> and roll 4d6 too
[18:06] <Vrryl> 20
[18:07] <GM_Erik> Mike, you may want to try to move away
[18:07] <GM_Erik> you can roll a dodge.
[18:07] <Mika_no_Krynn> I'm moving NOW.
[18:07] <Mika_no_Krynn> 24 only
[18:08] <GM_Erik> OK, that sounds good enough.
[18:08] <Tibor> annihilation spell good, as long as we are the ones using it
[18:08] <GM_Erik> next round, roll initiative.
[18:08] <Mika_no_Krynn> 22
[18:09] <Vrryl> relled 17
[18:11] <Mika_no_Krynn> What kind of cannons?
[18:11] <GM_Erik> They're being fired at Vrryl technically.  YOu can't tell, big mounted cannons on either side of the saddle.
[18:12] <Mika_no_Krynn> I'll try to deflect... reflect if they are nrg.
[18:12] <Vrryl>
[18:13] <GM_Erik> OK Mike, you can try, but you have to roll to get in range first.
[18:13] <GM_Erik> as an attack.
[18:13] <Mika_no_Krynn> ok
[18:13] <Mika_no_Krynn> 24
[18:13] <GM_Erik> straight PP based strike.
[18:14] <Mika_no_Krynn> ok then 14
[18:14] <GM_Erik> ouch, +10 from skills?
[18:14] <Mika_no_Krynn> yeah.
[18:14] <GM_Erik> OK, then try to parry it, they are actually two plasma blasts.
[18:14] <GM_Erik> but you don't really know that yet.
[18:15] <Mika_no_Krynn> Reflect then.  30 on the first, 22 on the other.
[18:15] <GM_Erik> If you parry both, it takes up one of your attacks.
[18:15] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yep.
[18:15] <GM_Erik> ok
[18:16] <Mika_no_Krynn> If I can reflect, I don't need to attack.
[18:16] <GM_Erik> OK, you managed to reflect.
[18:16] <Mika_no_Krynn> roll strike or what?
[18:17] <GM_Erik> yeah
[18:17] <GM_Erik> remember, no bonuses.
[18:17] <Mika_no_Krynn> 17 and 5
[18:19] <GM_Erik> Brett, what are you doing?
[18:19] <GM_Erik> You are behind Mika
[18:19] <Mika_no_Krynn> parry again... 24 and 28.
[18:19] <Mika_no_Krynn> Sorry Reflect again.
[18:20] <GM_Erik> ok, you do.
[18:20] <Mika_no_Krynn> He's on the phone remember?
[18:20] <GM_Erik> oh, still?
[18:21] <GM_Erik> Well, we'll pretend he's casting a spell behind you or running away or something.
[18:21] <GM_Erik> Roll the Relfection.
[18:22] <GM_Erik> OK, before Vrryl grabs anyone, we need to roll that last reflection.
[18:23] <GM_Erik> Unless he wants to grab her and mess her up.
[18:23] <Vrryl> no, deflect the's an rp thing
[18:23] <GM_Erik> ok Mike, roll
[18:23] <Mika_no_Krynn> 17 and 14
[18:25] <GM_Erik> OK, so what now? do you fly away?
[18:25] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yes.
[18:25] <GM_Erik> lets see, you go about 116 mph?
[18:25] <Mika_no_Krynn> check back to make sure he's following.
[18:26] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yep.
[18:26] <GM_Erik> Too bad they have good range.
[18:26] <Mika_no_Krynn> Dodge these ones.
[18:26] <GM_Erik> Ok, roll it.
[18:26] <Mika_no_Krynn> how many on me?
[18:26] <GM_Erik> Two.
[18:27] <Mika_no_Krynn> 29 and 30...hehe
[18:27] <GM_Erik> But its a narrow focus, you can do one dodge because you're fleeing.
[18:27] <GM_Erik> but they're the same anyway.
[18:27] <GM_Erik> Once again.
[18:27] <Mika_no_Krynn> 31 this time!
[18:28] <GM_Erik> oh, he got you.
[18:28] <Mika_no_Krynn> SHIT!
[18:28] <GM_Erik> Do you have impervious to energy on?
[18:28] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah.
[18:28] <Vrryl> oh my :(
[18:28] <GM_Erik> Well, you're lucky they're plasma energy huh?
[18:28] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah.
[18:28] <Mika_no_Krynn> Bet they'd really hurt.
[18:29] <GM_Erik> We'll still do the KD for the 160 damage though (critical)
[18:29] <Mika_no_Krynn> You and you're bloody crits.
[18:29] <GM_Erik> Oh, its automatic.
[18:29] <Mika_no_Krynn> no shit.
[18:29] <GM_Erik> hey, out of 20 rolls so far, its fair.
[18:30] <GM_Erik> Well, it sped you up.
[18:30] <Mika_no_Krynn> I guess.
[18:30] <GM_Erik> but you're behind on attacks.
[18:30] <GM_Erik> Next melee you'll be in position, it is now phase 3.
[18:31] <GM_Erik> Boy, I wasn't sure how you'd piss it off enough to get it to follow you really well, but I guess I know now, huh?
[18:31] <GM_Erik> Brett, what up?
[18:31] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yep... we figured we had to do something MEGA to get it's attention... this was the best idea.
[18:31] <GM_Erik> you dodging or what?
[18:32] <GM_Erik> Is he still on the phone?
[18:32] <Vrryl> shit :( rolled a 7
[18:32] <Mika_no_Krynn> shouldn't be.
[18:32] <GM_Erik> OK, did you dodge?>
[18:32] <Tibor> ouch
[18:32] <Vrryl> of course :P
[18:32] <GM_Erik> Do you have imp energy?
[18:32] <Vrryl> I don't want to get hit by that cannon
[18:33] <GM_Erik> He rolled 13 to hit you and you take 40MD.
[18:34] <GM_Erik> but you don't get knocked down.
[18:34] <Mika_no_Krynn> Far cry from 160.
[18:34] <GM_Erik> Well, it wasn't a critical this time.
[18:34] <Mika_no_Krynn> still... 1/4
[18:34] <GM_Erik> and I rolled bad.
[18:36] <Vrryl> 17 plus bonuses
[18:36] <Vrryl> to dodge
[18:36] <GM_Erik> wow
[18:37] <GM_Erik> he still hits.
[18:37] <GM_Erik> 70 MD.
[18:37] <Mika_no_Krynn> Man that adds up fast... 110MD in two hits.
[18:38] <GM_Erik> Four technically.
[18:38] <Vrryl> this was energy right?
[18:38] <GM_Erik> Yeah, Plasms.
[18:38] <GM_Erik> Plasma.
[18:38] <Vrryl> cool
[18:38] <GM_Erik> Why, you have impervious on>
[18:38] <GM_Erik> ?
[18:38] <GM_Erik> Lucky you, no knockdown on.
[18:39] <GM_Erik> Do you have Impervious to Energy up?
[18:39] <Vrryl> When don't i have impervious on?
[18:39] <GM_Erik> ok
[18:39] <Vrryl> :)
[18:39] <Vrryl> i learned my lessons the hard way
[18:40] <GM_Erik> Roll defensive, p or d?
[18:40] <Vrryl> dodge
[18:41] <GM_Erik> you get +3 to parry or dodge in addition b'c of the noise.
[18:41] <Vrryl> oh dear...3 :(
[18:41] <GM_Erik> ok, well that will hit.
[18:42] <GM_Erik> 22md physical damage.
[18:42] <GM_Erik> You don't fall, they do
[18:42] <Tibor> crossbones?
[18:42] <GM_Erik> Mike, roll roll with impact.
[18:43] <GM_Erik> Yeah, Big Crossbones.
[18:43] <Mika_no_Krynn> 23
[18:43] <Vrryl> um...i fall to the earth, or the crossbones?
[18:43] <Mika_no_Krynn> read up.
[18:43] <Vrryl> ah, nm...missed that
[18:44] <Mika_no_Krynn> dodge 23
[18:44] <GM_Erik> Mike, roll defensive, +3 to parry or dodge.
[bad ascii text removed]
with Bursts if possible.
[18:57] <Sir_Arik> that was a burst
[18:57] <Mika_no_Krynn> Ah.
[18:58] <GM_Erik> Well, since he is somewhat taken by SURPRISE, you hit!
[18:58] <Sir_Arik> HAZAAAA
[18:58] <GM_Erik> OK, next is Mike.
[18:59] <Mika_no_Krynn> I'm attacking..
[18:59] <GM_Erik> Then Gabe
[18:59] <GM_Erik> Mika is about 400 feet away from the demon.
[18:59] <Mika_no_Krynn> I'm turning around to fly at it.
[18:59] <GM_Erik> OK.  We'll take one attack to get up to it.
[19:00] <Mika_no_Krynn> ok
[19:00] <GM_Erik> Gabe now.
[19:00] <JessicaKnight> ij
[19:00] <JessicaKnight> ok
[19:00] <JessicaKnight> I open up with my rifle, full burst
GM Erik
 GM, 25 posts
Sun 11 Oct 2015
at 17:32
Horsemen of the Apocalypse 1 - OOC Chat logs
[19:00] <GM_Erik> roll it
[19:01] <JessicaKnight> 19
[19:01] <GM_Erik> you hit.
[19:01] <GM_Erik> is that a nat 19?
[19:01] <GM_Erik> I mean, it doesn't fall under your ranged crits does it?
[19:01] <Tibor-> you want us to add the +3 hit moving target to rolls?
[19:02] <GM_Erik> no, I'm accouting for it.
[19:02] <JessicaKnight> nope it doesnt... still ahve to get N20 for crit
[19:02] <GM_Erik> ok
[19:02] <GM_Erik> you hit.
[19:02] <JessicaKnight> 132 dmg... clip will be empty.. and that will take care of all my attacks for this round
[19:02] <GM_Erik> erk?
[19:02] <GM_Erik> what was that?
[19:03] <GM_Erik> (its been awhile for Erik too, and he doesn't remember all the guns ::-)
[19:03] <JessicaKnight> long burst x6 multiplier, 6d6 plasma TW rifle
[19:03] <GM_Erik> ok.
[19:03] <Vrryl> score!
[19:03] <GM_Erik> TW plasma?
[19:03] <JessicaKnight> yeah
[19:03] <GM_Erik> cool
[19:03] <Sir_Arik> Sa-Weet!
[19:04] <GM_Erik> that just means you fire for most of the round. ::-)  He keeps getting hit by it.
[19:05] <GM_Erik> Mika
[19:05] <Mika_no_Krynn> parry...27
[19:06] <Mika_no_Krynn> sorry 28
[19:06] <GM_Erik> 60 MD from the mace.
[19:06] <Mika_no_Krynn> This dude kicks ass with that freaking mace
[19:07] <GM_Erik> Vrryl and Tibor
[19:08] <Tibor-> shooting...laser
[19:08] <GM_Erik> fire!
[19:08] * Vrryl ain't slowing down till he knows War isn't out to get him
[19:08] <Tibor-> with moving bonus 18
[19:08] <Vrryl> know  what i mean
[19:08] <Mika_no_Krynn> He just smacked me for 60MD... he's probably engaging me.
[19:09] <GM_Erik> probably
[19:09] <GM_Erik> Tibor hits.
[19:09] <Tibor-> 60 dmg on dice
[19:09] <Mika_no_Krynn> Sweet!
[19:09] <Mika_no_Krynn> More like smacking Mika around...
[19:09] <GM_Erik> Rob and Mike again
[19:10] <Sir_Arik> how far is it from me?
[19:10] <GM_Erik> about 200 feet no
[19:10] <Sir_Arik> has anyone fired a carpet of adhesion on the thing?
[19:10] <Mika_no_Krynn> Take it too him... strike for 27 to hit, 40dmg
[19:10] <Vrryl> going to throw another sphere at him...only this time using up mana  ball
[19:11] <GM_Erik> Annhialation?
[19:11] <Mika_no_Krynn> What else?
[19:11] <GM_Erik> no Rob, noone has
[19:11] <Mika_no_Krynn> Not everyone has gone yet... ie. the mages.
[19:12] <Vrryl> ya, anhialation
[19:12] <Mika_no_Krynn> I'm never going to hit this freaking guy.
[19:12] <Sir_Arik> ok I will charge him then.... will I make it this action?
[19:12] <Mika_no_Krynn> Got like +20 to everything.
[19:12] <GM_Erik> No, not that much.
[19:12] <Mika_no_Krynn> sorry +19
[19:12] <GM_Erik> Rob, you?
[19:12] <Sir_Arik> ok so I charge him.....
[19:12] <Sir_Arik> and will try to leap on his creature
[19:13] <Sir_Arik> if I am allowed
[19:13] <Sir_Arik> :)
[19:13] <GM_Erik> OK, you move at 29m (100 feet) per attack, so write that down.
[19:13] <GM_Erik> And you can close half the distance right now, than try to leap next attack.
[19:14] <Sir_Arik> ok so I am 100 ft closer... good enough for now
[19:14] <Sir_Arik> ok
[19:15] <GM_Erik> He got 17 to hit Mika
[19:15] <Mika_no_Krynn> parry...33
[19:15] <GM_Erik> done.
[19:15] <GM_Erik> Stan, your go.
[19:15] <Tibor-> shooting...
[19:16] <Tibor-> n14 20 total...
[19:16] <GM_Erik> you hit.
[19:16] <Tibor-> 60 damage
[19:16] <GM_Erik> ptbth.
[19:16] <Tibor-> ?
[19:17] <GM_Erik> ::-P
[19:18] <GM_Erik> Mike and Rob again, then Stan should be ready.
[19:18] <Sir_Arik> cool! ok how does leap attack work exactly?
[19:19] <GM_Erik> roll a strike, and we'll see.
[19:19] <Mika_no_Krynn> striking once more...only 20 to hit, 24 dmg
[19:19] <Sir_Arik> ok
[19:19] <GM_Erik> oh, bad roll, you hit Mike
[19:19] <GM_Erik> with what did you hit?
[19:19] <Sir_Arik> ok is he using technology?
[19:19] <GM_Erik> no.
[19:20] <GM_Erik> Mike, what weapon?
[19:20] <Sir_Arik> damn... only 23 to hit
[19:20] <Mika_no_Krynn> psi-sword.
[19:20] <GM_Erik> ok.
[19:20] <Sir_Arik> did I hit?
[19:21] <GM_Erik> You take 10MD
[19:21] <GM_Erik> and you don't make it up.
[19:21] <Sir_Arik> what? the animal has technology on it! I get auto dodge
[19:21] <GM_Erik> you can roll 'roll' to stay on your feet.
[19:21] <GM_Erik> No, its actually magic.
[19:22] <GM_Erik> And it wasn't attacking you with technology.
[19:22] <Sir_Arik> doesn't matter.... if it is technology based magic like TW I still get it
[19:22] <Sir_Arik> doh!
[19:22] <Sir_Arik> ok I got 21 to roll
[19:22] <GM_Erik> They're not really technology as it is, they're just magical.
[19:22] <GM_Erik> ok, you stay on your feet.
[19:23] <Sir_Arik> oh but I can dodge the attack cuz of intuitive combat
[19:23] <GM_Erik> It was simultaneous.
[19:23] <GM_Erik> That's why you didn't jump up./
[19:23] <Sir_Arik> doesn't matter read the power
[19:23] <Sir_Arik> says I can dodge or parry ALL attacks levelled at me
[19:24] <GM_Erik> But the creature hit you while you were in the air jumping up, simlutaneously.  I don't thick simultaneous attacks count here, because you're attacking at the same time.
[19:25] <GM_Erik> REgardless for this one, you were an easy target in the air.
[19:25] <GM_Erik> Mike, defensive roll against the mace.
[19:25] <Sir_Arik> phhhht....
[19:25] <Mika_no_Krynn> 30 to parry...
[19:26] <GM_Erik> Tibor is to go now.
[19:26] <Mika_no_Krynn> Don't complain it's only 10MD... I've taken over 200 so far.
[19:26] <Tibor-> n10, 16 total, 30 damage
[19:26] <Sir_Arik> not complaining
[bad ascii text removed]
[19:34] <GM_Erik> It farts on you.
[19:34] <Mika_no_Krynn> Can I use escape artist to squirm out of the tentacle things?
[19:35] <GM_Erik> Its actually 100 feet of chain.
[19:35] <GM_Erik> But you can try.
[19:35] <Sir_Arik> I wasn't looking at the super powers.... more along the crushing str in after the bomb...
[19:35] <GM_Erik> Yeah, that's the super power too.  It's actually better than normal supernatural strength.
[19:35] <Mika_no_Krynn> 18 or 84 for Escape Artist.
[19:35] <GM_Erik> wow, that's pretty good.
[19:36] <Sir_Arik> ok I will summon 2 psi-swords.... spending a total of 10 isp for them
[19:36] <Mika_no_Krynn> She's got all that S&M experience...
[19:37] <Sir_Arik> does that mean a mutant animal from After the Bomb is stronger than me?
[19:37] <GM_Erik> Tibor.
[19:37] <Sir_Arik> with crushing str that is
[19:38] <Tibor-> n14 ,20 total...50 dam
[19:38] <GM_Erik> Well, I don't know about AtB, I hadn't thought about it as much yet, but superheroes with Super Strength can be.  There are guys with more lifting in Rifts even than normal supernatural.
[19:38] <GM_Erik> Tibor hits again.
[19:38] <GM_Erik> I think Tibor's doing good on constant damage today,
[19:39] <Mika_no_Krynn> For sure... good shit.
[19:39] <Tibor-> tibor likes his new toy...
[19:40] <Sir_Arik> dang... that suxzors
[19:42] <Mika_no_Krynn> Give'em one for Rob...
[19:42] <GM_Erik> What do you do Rob? its your go.
[19:42] <Mika_no_Krynn> Headbutt the dude!
[19:43] <GM_Erik> ha!
[19:43] * Sir_Arik using his thumb and forefinger starts crushing War's head..... crush your head!
[19:43] <GM_Erik> oh yeah, he could do it normally!
[19:44] <Sir_Arik> ok how many attacks do I have left?
[19:44] <GM_Erik> 3 this round, phases 4,5,6
[19:44] <GM_Erik> bascially half
[19:44] <Vrryl> yep...this guy is war incarnate
[19:44] <Sir_Arik> ok I will use a power-punch attack with both my swords on him
[19:44] <Mika_no_Krynn> Watch those parries man.
[19:45] <GM_Erik> Power Punch with swords will just do the power punch damage, no extra.
[19:45] <Sir_Arik> 25 to hit and 23 to hit.....
[19:45] <Sir_Arik> ok
[19:46] <Sir_Arik> 100 dam and 70 dam
[19:46] <GM_Erik> parried second one.
[19:46] <Sir_Arik> take that!
[19:46] <Mika_no_Krynn> Nice... ripp'em a new one.
[19:46] <Sir_Arik> heh ;)
[19:46] <Sir_Arik> shoulda went for the head ;)
[19:47] <GM_Erik> actually threw the whole chain.
[19:47] <Mika_no_Krynn> This dude is Master of the Chains!
[19:47] <GM_Erik> Remember, he's a lot taller than you too.
[19:47] <GM_Erik> Yeah!
[19:47] <Sir_Arik> heh
[19:47] <GM_Erik> do you do anything Rob?
[19:48] <Sir_Arik> ok can I simul attack with my last attack?
[19:48] <GM_Erik> Nope, that's still two phases away, a little too far off.
[19:48] <GM_Erik> Tibor be ready to go.
[19:48] <Sir_Arik> hmmm.... dodge?
[19:49] <GM_Erik> ok, that'll use up your last attack, roll it.
[19:49] <Sir_Arik> 27
[19:49] <GM_Erik> he hits.
[19:49] <Sir_Arik> dang
[19:50] <GM_Erik> you take 28 damage
[19:50] <Sir_Arik> ok
[19:50] <GM_Erik> You fall over, lose another attack, and initiative next round.
[19:50] <Sir_Arik> can I make a balance check to avoid those?
[19:51] <GM_Erik> Um, since you have intuitive combat on, you can use it to avoid the falling over and initiative, but you still lose an attack doing it.
[19:51] <Sir_Arik> ok 09 of 95
[19:51] <GM_Erik> Wow! it'll mean you get out faster and are ready more quickly, b/c you are ready.
[19:52] <Sir_Arik> cool
[19:52] <GM_Erik> Tibor
[19:52] <Mika_no_Krynn> Hey did my chromatic protection ever come into effect when he was smacking me around?
[19:53] <GM_Erik> No, it doesn't have any effect.
[19:53] <Mika_no_Krynn> ok
[19:53] <Tibor-> n9, 15 total, 70 damage
[19:53] <GM_Erik> I mentioned before, he's totally immune, in fact all greater demons, etc... are.
[19:53] <GM_Erik> So you may not have even bothered with it.
[19:53] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah, I remember that now.
[19:53] <GM_Erik> Just wait Tibor, he's coming for you next.
[19:53] <Mika_no_Krynn> Oh well... another frivilous waste of energy
[19:54] <GM_Erik> roll monster lore Mike, or magic lore.
[19:54] <Mika_no_Krynn> 51 of 89
[19:54] <GM_Erik> He is a cheap bastard too (in case you hadn't realized).
[19:55] <Sir_Arik> heh....
[19:55] <GM_Erik> OK, Mike, you never cast it, you knew it would have been pointless.
[19:55] <Mika_no_Krynn> Wasn't really worried about the PPE actually... only 10.
[19:55] <GM_Erik> You can 'try' to dodge Rob, since you're on your feet, but it'll be hard.   Or you can take it.
[19:55] <Vrryl> dodge rob!!!
[19:55] <Sir_Arik> hmmm....
[19:55] <Mika_no_Krynn> Take it and you'll feel it for a week.
[19:56] <Mika_no_Krynn> The dude hits me normally for 60MD
[19:56] <Sir_Arik> ok I will dodge....
[19:56] <Sir_Arik> ok 34 to dodge
[19:56] <GM_Erik> uh oh.
[19:56] <Mika_no_Krynn> Nat 20...
[19:56] <GM_Erik> Nope, not that, but a crit nonetheless.
[19:56] <GM_Erik> He's gonna hit you.
[19:56] <Vrryl> :(
[19:56] <Sir_Arik> he beat 34?!?
[19:57] <Mika_no_Krynn> He's got a major strike bonus...
[19:57] <Sir_Arik> ouch
[19:57] <GM_Erik> Well, you're being penalized since you're tied up./
[19:57] <Sir_Arik> oh ok
[19:57] <Mika_no_Krynn> True, true.
[19:57] <Sir_Arik> well can I roll with it?
[19:57] <Mika_no_Krynn> See ya next summer...
[19:57] <GM_Erik> hmm, since you have intuitive combat... ok
[19:57] <Sir_Arik> ouch.... 22
[19:57] <GM_Erik> Nope, not enough.
[19:58] <GM_Erik> You take 140 MD
[19:58] <Sir_Arik> wow
[19:58] <Tibor-> holy
[19:58] <Mika_no_Krynn> Told ya so...
[19:58] <Vrryl> !
[19:59] <Sir_Arik> no biggie.... still have my armour...
[19:59] <GM_Erik> yup.
[19:59] <GM_Erik> Tibor again.
[19:59] <Sir_Arik> just not as much as before ;)
[19:59] <Mika_no_Krynn> This guy is big on those Beefcake ads.
[19:59] <Sir_Arik> heh
[20:00] <Sir_Arik> I need me that flail of his ;)
[20:00] <Mika_no_Krynn> It's a major freaking evil rune weapon.
[20:00] <Tibor-> n10, total 16, 20 damage...crap
[20:00] <GM_Erik> Oh yeah, Mike you take another 7MD from the weapon as you free [bad ascii text removed]
is very close to Tibor
[20:13] <Vrryl> k
[20:14] <Vrryl> no prob
[20:14] <Vrryl> i'm on it
[20:14] <GM_Erik> Tibor and Gabe get to go
[20:14] <JessicaKnight> heheh Tibor will be a friendly fire casualty
[20:14] <Vrryl> for those VERY close...i don't recommend it ;)
[20:14] <Sir_Arik> heh... as they say in the vernacular french: he be all over that bitch
[20:14] <JessicaKnight> literally
[20:14] <JessicaKnight> ^_^
[20:14] <GM_Erik> I meant, its Tibor and Gabe's turns. ;;-)
[20:15] <Tibor-> lol
[20:15] <JessicaKnight> I start casing carpet of adhesion
[20:15] <JessicaKnight> er casting
[20:15] <GM_Erik> kj
[20:15] <GM_Erik> k
[20:16] <Tibor-> n18!, 23 total...
[20:16] <GM_Erik> with what?
[20:16] <GM_Erik> your sword?
[20:16] <Tibor-> tibor
[20:16] <Mika_no_Krynn> Of course.
[20:16] <Tibor-> sword
[20:16] <GM_Erik> ok, so that's a crit, right?
[20:16] <Tibor-> y
[20:16] <Mika_no_Krynn> Oh yeah...
[20:16] <GM_Erik> Oh, I rolled a one... you hit!
[20:16] <Tibor-> 24...= 48
[20:17] <Tibor-> double crit right?
[20:17] <Tibor-> super evil dude
[20:17] <GM_Erik> Is that including extra to baddies?
[20:17] <Tibor-> no 24 on dice alone
[20:17] <GM_Erik> Add on whatever bonuses it would do normally to super evil.
[20:17] <Mika_no_Krynn> so is that 96?
[20:17] <GM_Erik> Then how many multipliers is there total?
[20:18] <Mika_no_Krynn> 2, crit and super evil
[20:18] <Tibor-> double to supernatural, double with the crit
[20:18] <Tibor-> 24 base damage
[20:18] <GM_Erik> Ok. I got it.
[20:18] <GM_Erik> YOu actually do 96 damage.
[20:18] <Mika_no_Krynn> Kick-ass
[20:18] <Tibor-> take that biatch!
[20:19] <Mika_no_Krynn> Who's house?.. Tibor's house!
[20:19] <Sir_Arik> heh
[20:20] <Mika_no_Krynn> Once I'm finished my nails, I'll be right back in here...
[20:20] <Mika_no_Krynn> Are the other teams doing anything?
[20:21] <GM_Erik> yup, some of them are fighting the beast.  Others are still donig stuff to War, I'm working on it.
[20:21] <Mika_no_Krynn> ok...
[20:21] <Mika_no_Krynn> I think Daniel should use his super deathblow hadoken technique (4D6x100dmg)...
[20:21] <GM_Erik> Oh, he's already dead.
[20:22] <GM_Erik> (just kidding)
[20:22] <Mika_no_Krynn> So he can still do his super hadoken then?
[20:22] <GM_Erik> Two of the mercenaries on the other side have gone down, however.
[20:22] <Mika_no_Krynn> Killed by what?
[20:23] <GM_Erik> The Mount.  Tibor, defend yourself.
[20:23] <Tibor-> n11, 20 total parry
[20:23] <GM_Erik> Actually, the mount's name is Carnage, not that anyone knows or probably cares.
[20:24] <GM_Erik> You take 20MD Tibor.
[20:24] <GM_Erik> Boy, 100 foot long mace chains are neat.
[20:24] <GM_Erik> Its actually Tibor's turn.
[20:24] <Tibor-> maintain balance?
[20:24] <Mika_no_Krynn> Gotta get me one of those.
[20:25] <GM_Erik> He has you off the ground right now.
[20:25] <Mika_no_Krynn> Tie up Daniel whenever he gets out of line...
[20:25] <Tibor-> sheit
[20:25] <Mika_no_Krynn> Maintain balance would mean you look kewl though.
[20:25] <Tibor-> my action?
[20:25] <GM_Erik> yeah, if you can think of something to do.
[20:26] <Mika_no_Krynn> Call'em names.
[20:26] <Tibor-> hack at the chain...prob indestructible..but what the hell
[20:26] <Tibor-> fuck...what a waste
[20:26] <GM_Erik> OK, you can try to hack a little, but it is a Rune Weapon.
[20:26] <Tibor-> n20...
[20:26] <Sir_Arik> nice
[20:26] <GM_Erik> You actually get a swing off, but it doesn't do anything.
[20:27] <Tibor-> 27 damage on dice too...shit
[20:28] <GM_Erik> What you gonna do Gabe?
[20:28] <JessicaKnight> dodge....
[20:28] <JessicaKnight> 15
[20:28] <JessicaKnight> =p
[20:28] <GM_Erik> wow, he rolled bad.. you dodge.
[20:29] <JessicaKnight> nice....
[20:29] <Tibor-> roll with impact?
[20:29] <JessicaKnight> bleh that fucks up my spell...
[20:29] <JessicaKnight> or I guess now
[20:29] <JessicaKnight> er not
[20:29] <GM_Erik> Sorry Stan, you're still in the Mace.  He actually threw the whole thing.
[20:30] <GM_Erik> You take 16 MD Stan.
[20:30] <GM_Erik> OK, Mike's spell goes off...
[20:30] <GM_Erik> and...
[20:30] <GM_Erik> Brett's spell goes off...
[20:31] <Vrryl> WOOHOO!!!!
[20:31] <Vrryl> bah...base to hit was 12
[20:31] <GM_Erik> well, it is plus 7.
[20:31] <Mika_no_Krynn> so 19
[20:32] <GM_Erik> I'm going to say that you are so far away, and his back is to you, so you get a bonus to hit, and do so.
[20:32] <GM_Erik> So you hit.
[20:32] <GM_Erik> roll the 2d4 and the 4d6
[20:33] <Vrryl> bleh, another 500 :P
[20:33] <Vrryl> 22 for extra
[20:33] <Sir_Arik> gee.... 500 md just sux...
[20:33] <Vrryl> i know
[20:33] <GM_Erik> ok, so that's 220 to everything within 10 feet too..
[20:33] <Vrryl> i'm sorry
[20:33] <Tibor-> 1000+ DAM...
[20:33] <JessicaKnight> how close is he to me and gar?
[20:33] <Tibor-> dragon would be feeling this shit
[20:34] <GM_Erik> Well Gabe, I figure your dodge of Tibor put you out of range.
[20:34] <JessicaKnight> ah ok
[20:34] <Sir_Arik> is he dead?
[20:34] <JessicaKnight> run away gar!
[20:35] <Sir_Arik> gets to goto Valhalla if he is!
[20:35] <GM_Erik> apparantly, not.
[20:35] <Mika_no_Krynn> True... and may flights of Valkyrie sing thee to thine rest.
[20:35] <Mika_no_Krynn> He's a TERMINATOR!
[20:36] <Tibor-> or oneof those phase wolfen...
[20:36] <GM_Erik> Mike... and Rob! get to go.
[20:36] <GM_Erik> Rob is still in chains.
[20:36] <Sir_Arik> woohoo!
[20:36] <GM_Erik> Mike is far away.
[20:36] <Vrryl> wow..Gar ios my hero
[20:36] <GM_Erik> and noticed the mace disappear as soon as she escaped.
[20:36] <Sir_Arik> ok my psi-swords are still active I hope?
[20:36] <JessicaKnight> shit too bad I can't change my spell in mid cast
[20:36] <JessicaKnight> =p
[20:36] <GM_Erik> sure, I don't see why not.
[20:36] <GM_Erik> Um, Gabe, you get to start over your spell.
[20:36] <Sir_Arik> ok I will cut through chain with my swords
[20:37] <GM_Erik> In fact, you get to go now too.
[20:37] <JessicaKnight> ah ok...
[20:37] <GM_Erik> OK, roll it Rob, just roll damage for one sword.
[20:37] <JessicaKnight> well I start
[bad ascii text removed]
[20:43] <Sir_Arik> so like 8000 lbs.? or 16k lbs.?
[20:43] <GM_Erik> You can try to get out Tibor.
[20:43] <Sir_Arik> nice
[20:43] <Tibor-> what do i roll?
[20:44] <GM_Erik> depends on how you try to get out.
[20:44] <GM_Erik> You take 10 MD though from the chains.
[20:44] <GM_Erik> Brett?
[20:44] <Mika_no_Krynn> Don't try to break out with's too tough, try another way.
[20:44] <Tibor-> try and pry the chains off with sword...
[20:45] <GM_Erik> ok, roll sword strike.
[20:45] <Tibor-> n9, 18 total
[20:45] <Vrryl> when it's my go, i'm going to try to fly down and scoop Gar away from WAR's immediate vicinity
[20:47] <GM_Erik> OK, you fly over there, make it almost there.
[20:48] <GM_Erik> Rob's go, then BRett and Stan
[20:48] <GM_Erik> do it
[20:49] <Sir_Arik> ok I will finish cutting through the chains
[20:49] <Sir_Arik> 50 dam
[20:50] <Vrryl> to grab Gar out of the way of WAR, i rolled a base 3 :(
[20:50] <Sir_Arik> can I get up this action as well?
[20:51] <GM_Erik> yes Rob
[20:51] <GM_Erik> Stan?
[20:51] <Tibor-> y?
[20:51] <GM_Erik> what you doing?
[20:51] <GM_Erik> Roll it, whichever it is
[20:51] <Tibor-> same thing as last time
[20:52] <Tibor-> n13, 18 total
[20:52] <GM_Erik> nope.
[20:52] <GM_Erik> Brett, roll perception.
[20:52] <Vrryl> base 13
[20:53] <Vrryl> so 18 i guess
[20:53] <GM_Erik> Mike is back, Rob can try to do something, Stan can try to get free some more, Brett notices the guy is casting a spell.
[20:53] <Vrryl> who is, Gar?
[20:53] <Mika_no_Krynn> The horseman?
[20:54] <GM_Erik> The horseman Brett.
[20:54] <Vrryl> argh!!
[20:54] <Sir_Arik> how far is he from me?
[20:55] <GM_Erik> about 100 feet
[20:56] <Sir_Arik> ok I charge and attack him with one sword ;) saving the other parrying
[20:56] <Mika_no_Krynn> Next up Bahamut Zero!
[20:56] <GM_Erik> OK, you close the distance.
[20:56] <GM_Erik> Mike, what are you doing>
[20:56] <Sir_Arik> can I attack?
[20:56] <GM_Erik> how far do you go in one attack?
[20:56] <Sir_Arik> 100 ft
[20:56] <Vrryl> much for hitting him from range attacks
[20:56] <GM_Erik> oh, ok.  You can attack.
[20:57] <Vrryl> well, not my fault if you guys get hit from my spells...i am freed from guilt. Not that i ever felt guilt before *cough*
[20:57] <GM_Erik> Mike can attack, Tibor can try to get out.
[20:57] <Mika_no_Krynn> Puts hair on their chesk anyways.
[20:57] <Sir_Arik> heh! nat 20
[20:57] <GM_Erik> ok, roll damage.
[20:57] <Mika_no_Krynn> Sweet, I'll fly in from behind and double strike'em.
[20:58] <Sir_Arik> ok 74x2=148
[20:58] <GM_Erik> do it Mike
[20:58] <Tibor-> n16, 21total...
[20:58] <GM_Erik> Sorry Stan, not good enough.
[20:59] <Mika_no_Krynn> Natural 20 and 29 to hit.... 40x2=80 and 40 from the 2nd
[20:59] <Sir_Arik> I am much more useful close up, rather than at a distance
[20:59] <GM_Erik> you can roll again Stan, you get two attacks this round.
[20:59] <Sir_Arik> did you get my dam Erik?
[20:59] <GM_Erik> Rob, what did you hit with (and yes, I got it)
[20:59] <Sir_Arik> my psi-sword
[20:59] <GM_Erik> Mike, what were the two swords.
[20:59] <Vrryl> i know you are Rob, but you add more to the group staying alive
[20:59] <Tibor-> n16, n11
[20:59] <GM_Erik> OK.
[21:00] <GM_Erik> Mike?
[21:00] <Mika_no_Krynn> My scathach was the crit and my psi-sword was the non-crit.
[21:00] <GM_Erik> which was scathach?
[21:00] <Vrryl> i'm just being concerned is're like grandchildren to me after all
[21:00] <GM_Erik> oh, sorry, ok.
[21:00] <Sir_Arik> I am still alive ;) plus I am pretty tough... takes alot to kill a demi-god ;)
[21:00] <Mika_no_Krynn> Actually the scathach should be 45x2=90.
[21:00] <Sir_Arik> heh... grandchildren
[21:00] <Mika_no_Krynn> Bad math.
[21:00] <GM_Erik> ok.
[21:01] <Sir_Arik> ewww! stinking cloud!
[21:02] <Tibor-> apocalyptic farts?
[21:02] <GM_Erik> Everyone roll a d20, no bonsuses
[21:02] <Mika_no_Krynn> 16
[21:02] <Sir_Arik> no bonuses? ouch
[21:02] <Tibor-> 1
[21:02] <Vrryl> damn...anti magic cloud casting bastard...
[21:02] <Sir_Arik> 15
[21:02] <Vrryl> shit, nat 20...i suck
[21:02] <GM_Erik> really Brett, good for you.
[21:03] <GM_Erik> And Gabe.
[21:03] <GM_Erik> Need a roll
[21:03] <Sir_Arik> why? how does this cloud work?
[21:03] <GM_Erik> As Brett said.
[21:03] <JessicaKnight> 7
[21:03] <JessicaKnight> init
[21:03] <Sir_Arik> so the higher we roll the worse off we are?
[21:03] <GM_Erik> Nope, the better off you are.
[21:03] <Vrryl> I'll let your imagination go wild on that one Erik, since it's as close to the real thing as you'd ever get...bwuahaha ;)\
[21:03] <JessicaKnight> n/m
[21:03] <JessicaKnight> bleh that sucked
[21:04] <Mika_no_Krynn> Shitty deal...
[21:04] <Tibor-> so, no magic armour
[21:05] <Tibor-> or talisman rather...
[21:05] <GM_Erik> Mike and Rob get to go.
[21:06] <JessicaKnight> shitty
[21:06] <Mika_no_Krynn> How are we going to retreat?  People will have to run... your magic doesn't work Brett.
[21:06] <Sir_Arik> do psionics work?
[21:06] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yes.
[21:06] <Sir_Arik> sweet!
[21:06] <Mika_no_Krynn> It's not anti-psionic.
[21:06] <JessicaKnight> is Tibor still trapped?
[21:06] <GM_Erik> Brett: You'll be 1000 feet away from him to be out of the cloud, and you can still cast at 1/2
[21:06] <GM_Erik> Yup.
[21:06] <GM_Erik> Yup to Gabe
[21:06] <JessicaKnight> ok
[21:06] <Mika_no_Krynn> Sorry, Brett... forgot you saved.
[21:06] <Sir_Arik> ok
[21:07] * Vrryl is too good to fail
[21:07] <Sir_Arik> I whack him with both swords
[21:07] <JessicaKnight> sso is there chains surrounding Tibor now?
[21:07] <GM_Erik> boy, anti-psionic cloud, that would suck, huh?
[21:07] <GM_Erik> Yes Gabe, there are.
[21:07] <JessicaKnight> ACK
[21:07] <GM_Erik> Oh wait Gabe, no.
[21:07] <GM_Erik> SORRY, no, they're gone.
[21:07] <Sir_Arik> ok.... nat 18=28 and 25 to hit
[21:08] <JessicaKnight> ok, he's mobile.. that's good...
[21:08] <GM_Erik> double hit Rob?
[21:08] <Sir_Arik> yep
[21:08] <Sir_Arik> tell me which hit and I will roll
[21:08] <GM_Erik> Mike, your weapon spell is gone too.
[bad ascii text removed]
Krynn> I'm activating my psychic body field...
[21:14] <GM_Erik> It can run at about 60mph
[21:14] <Vrryl> Ya, but you are the exception Rob...most of the party still rely on magic. You can't fight this thing alone, despite you giving this thing a great run for its money
[21:14] <Sir_Arik> ouch
[21:14] <GM_Erik> k Mike.
[21:14] <GM_Erik> Stan, roll it.
[21:15] <Sir_Arik> yeah... but I would die a heros death ;)
[21:15] <Tibor-> n10, 16 total
[21:15] <Sir_Arik> and then sit around with my father Balder in Valhalla ;)
[21:15] <Vrryl> bah, and the rest of us too would die cause we lost an effective weapon
[21:15] <Mika_no_Krynn> Balder is in Asgard...not Valhalla.
[21:15] <GM_Erik> Tibor takes 10 MD again.,
[21:15] <Sir_Arik> yes but they can go back and forth
[21:15] <Mika_no_Krynn> Valhalla is for dead dudes, the Gods aren't dead.
[21:16] <GM_Erik> I swear, Stan, you're the luckiest sob on damage today.  rolled one's all the time.
[21:16] <JessicaKnight> hahaha
[21:16] <Sir_Arik> heh.
[21:16] <Tibor-> cool
[21:16] <Sir_Arik> that is good
[21:16] <Tibor-> sqishy needs lucjk
[21:16] <GM_Erik> Balder can go to Valhalla whenever he wants to.
[21:16] <Mika_no_Krynn> Wow...he's a lucky guy.
[21:16] <Mika_no_Krynn> Can the other gods?
[21:16] <GM_Erik> Yup
[21:16] <Mika_no_Krynn> Can I?
[21:17] <GM_Erik> Mike, Rob, Gabe, your go.
[21:17] <Sir_Arik> hmmm
[21:17] <JessicaKnight> I run like hell
[21:17] <GM_Erik> If you asked permission Mike
[21:17] <Sir_Arik> does he have his mace?
[21:17] <Mika_no_Krynn> Sweet...
[21:17] <GM_Erik> Ok Gabe.
[21:17] <GM_Erik> Yes, he does Rob
[21:17] <Mika_no_Krynn> What is everyone else doing?
[21:17] <Sir_Arik> or did he throw it?
[21:17] <Sir_Arik> hmm ok then a double attack on him again
[21:17] <GM_Erik> ok Rob, roll it.
[21:18] <GM_Erik> Mike and Rob are fighting, everyone else is retreating.
[21:18] <Vrryl> i'm withdrawing out of the cloud, then using my super rifle to take potshots
[21:18] <Sir_Arik> 19 and 21 to hit 22 to dam and 50 to dam
[21:18] <Sir_Arik> can you not dispel the cloud?
[21:18] <Mika_no_Krynn> Nope.
[21:18] <Mika_no_Krynn> It is an uber-bad-ass spell.
[21:18] <JessicaKnight> who has the spell anti-anti-magic cloud?
[21:18] <GM_Erik> ::-)
[21:18] <Sir_Arik> huh? how?
[21:18] <Mika_no_Krynn> Good question.
[21:19] <Vrryl> well, i suppose there is the potential to cast an anti-magic cloud over top this anti-magic cloud...
[21:19] <GM_Erik> The Peace Demon does.,
[21:19] <Sir_Arik> does he have 2 weapons?
[21:19] <Mika_no_Krynn> Can use his hands.
[21:19] <GM_Erik> Rob: Yes, and yes to what Mike said.  he's that good
[21:19] <Sir_Arik> then wouldn't he take damage like anyone else?
[21:20] <GM_Erik> And Brett, you know that any spell outside the could cannot penetrate into the cloud.
[21:20] <Sir_Arik> phhht! stupid demons
[21:20] <Mika_no_Krynn> So what are the others doing?
[21:20] <GM_Erik> Mike, you and Rob are fighting, everyone else is running away.
[21:20] * Tibor- is running away...
[21:20] <Mika_no_Krynn> ok good.
[21:20] <Vrryl> yes erik, that's why i said i'm taking potshots with my super rifle
[21:20] <GM_Erik> Except for the people fighting the beast, they are staying at it.
[21:21] <GM_Erik> So what you doing Mike?
[21:21] <Mika_no_Krynn> read up
[21:21] <GM_Erik> oh, sorry
[21:21] <Mika_no_Krynn> Rob you run past me next phase and we'll hop-scotch backwards like that.
[21:22] <GM_Erik> The demons going the other way.
[21:22] <Mika_no_Krynn> No shit.
[21:22] * Tibor- tries to parry with sword , shouldering the rifle
[21:22] <GM_Erik> Roll it, make it good.
[21:23] <Tibor-> n15, 24 total
[21:23] <GM_Erik> you take 120MD
[21:23] <Tibor-> roll with it?
[21:23] <Mika_no_Krynn> Squish!
[21:23] <GM_Erik> You can try, it'll be tough though.
[21:24] <Tibor-> 26 roll..n19
[21:24] <Sir_Arik> ok
[21:24] <GM_Erik> he's mad at Tibor...
[21:24] <Sir_Arik> sorry.... had to goto bathroom
[21:24] <Mika_no_Krynn> That's an understatement.
[21:24] <Mika_no_Krynn> Tibor got sent to far left field.
[21:24] <GM_Erik> Yeah Rob, that was more like a waterfall!
[21:24] <GM_Erik> How's Tibor doing?
[21:25] <Tibor-> no half damage?
[21:25] <GM_Erik> nope.
[21:25] <Vrryl> sigh...don't tell me i'm gonna have to start handing out potions...
[21:25] <GM_Erik> Stan, give me an updat dude.
[21:26] <Tibor-> got 54 left on armour, have to renew amulet
[21:26] <GM_Erik> Oh, you also took 44SDC from that impact Stan.
[21:26] <Mika_no_Krynn> Those talisman work here?
[21:26] <GM_Erik> Nope, they do not.
[21:26] <Sir_Arik> uhoh
[21:26] <Vrryl> d'oh!
[21:26] <Mika_no_Krynn> Thought not... just being hopeful.
[21:26] <Tibor-> not until i haul my ass out
[21:27] <Mika_no_Krynn> Hey Stan, your amulet wasn't on dude... you're armor stillok?
[21:27] <Sir_Arik> ok.... so Mike you are moving back..... where was Tibor? beside us?
[21:27] <Tibor-> oh
[21:27] <Tibor-> yeah 30 left then
[21:27] <GM_Erik> Tibor was going the other way.
[21:27] <Sir_Arik> hmm
[21:28] <Mika_no_Krynn> Thought maybe I got the cheap ass armor.
[21:28] <GM_Erik> Sort of the long way 'round if you guys were all goind the same place.
[21:28] <JessicaKnight> lucky Tibor
[21:28] <Sir_Arik> I think that he is trying to completely eliminate Stan
[21:28] <Mika_no_Krynn> I thought we were all running to the same place.
[21:28] <Sir_Arik> hmmm I think you should go out Mike .... I will draw its attention from Tibor if I can
[21:28] * Vrryl thought so too
[21:29] <JessicaKnight> I figured Gar, Tibor and me were running in another dir since we were on the other side of War
[21:29] <Mika_no_Krynn> OK...
[21:29] <JessicaKnight> dunno.... unless we were all on the same side of War
[21:29] <Sir_Arik> what do you think Mike?
[21:29] <Mika_no_Krynn> We should have all ran towards the 6:00 position.
[21:29] <Sir_Arik> Tibor isn't going to live another hit like that one
[21:29] <GM_Erik> I thought they were just circumventing to hook back up with everyone, but initially going away, to avoid the bad-ass
[21:29] <Mika_no_Krynn> If everyone
[bad ascii text removed]
[21:37] <GM_Erik> Its pouncing on you.
[21:37] <Sir_Arik> hmmm ok 27 to dodge
[21:37] <Sir_Arik> plus what phase do I get 2 attacks on?
[21:37] <Vrryl> a figure, eh? hmm...
[21:38] <Sir_Arik> Sir Thorpe
[21:38] <GM_Erik> this one Rob
[21:38] <Mika_no_Krynn> must be
[21:38] <Sir_Arik> so I can still attack?
[21:38] <Vrryl> good, nice to see there's other people invovled in this fight than just us
[21:38] <GM_Erik> you ran to catch up to War this phase already
[21:39] <Sir_Arik> what???
[21:39] <Sir_Arik> no
[21:39] <Sir_Arik> ok... I am confused
[21:40] <GM_Erik> YOu said you wanted to interpose yourself between War and Tibor, you had to get over there, and that's what you were doing.
[21:40] <Mika_no_Krynn> And you dodged out of the way of Carnage's stomp
[21:40] <Sir_Arik> ok....
[21:40] <GM_Erik> Brett, what are you doing?
[21:40] <Mika_no_Krynn> Dancing?
[21:40] <Vrryl> firing at war
[21:40] <Mika_no_Krynn> Even better.
[21:40] <Sir_Arik> so am I next to war at least?
[21:40] <Vrryl> i rolled an 18 to strike, bonuses not yet added
[21:40] <GM_Erik> Yes, you are somewhat close to War... and his Mount.
[21:40] <Sir_Arik> ahhhh crap
[21:41] <Mika_no_Krynn> Taunt the dude.
[21:41] <GM_Erik> shooting Brett, right?
[21:41] <Sir_Arik> yeah... I guess I could
[21:41] <Vrryl> yes
[21:41] <Mika_no_Krynn> Tell'em Mars could beat his lame ass with one are tied around his nuts.
[21:41] <Sir_Arik> heh...
[21:41] <GM_Erik> that's a critical for you btw BRett, roll damage
[21:42] <Vrryl> guy doesn't need incentive to hold his nuts, i'm sure
[21:42] <Mika_no_Krynn> No whammies Brett.
[21:42] <GM_Erik> Brett, its 5d6+6, critical
[21:42] <GM_Erik> Mike, what are you doing now?
[21:43] <Mika_no_Krynn> Running back out of the cloud.
[21:43] <Vrryl> nice!!! 66dmg :)
[21:43] <JessicaKnight> i'll try to dodge with Tibor
[21:43] <Sir_Arik> ok... can I try to parry the mace?
[21:43] <GM_Erik> OK, but it might be easier the other way round. ;;-) Gabe
[21:44] <Sir_Arik> or am I close enough?
[21:44] <JessicaKnight> huh?
[21:44] <GM_Erik> Oh, Rob.  You can try, better make it good though, like a big header in soccer when the ball's real high.
[21:44] <Sir_Arik> heh.... ok
[21:44] <Sir_Arik> nat 20! woot
[21:44] <GM_Erik> Gabe: I menat Tibor is stronger than you, and not horribly hurt, but it doesn't matter.
[21:44] <Mika_no_Krynn> pulled that one out of your ass...
[21:45] <Sir_Arik> for total of 33
[21:45] <JessicaKnight> ah
[21:45] <Tibor-> and saved mine
[21:45] <Sir_Arik> sorry... 34 total
[21:45] <Mika_no_Krynn> Now laugh at him Rob.
[21:46] <GM_Erik> oh, Rob....
[21:46] <Sir_Arik> how was that?
[21:47] <Sir_Arik> woot!! bring it meat
[21:48] <Mika_no_Krynn> Nice work dude... I think you pissed him off.
[21:48] <Mika_no_Krynn> Shitty.
[21:48] <Sir_Arik> ahh well
[21:48] <GM_Erik> Mike and Gabe:
[21:48] <Sir_Arik> can't all be sugar and spice ;)
[21:48] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yes?
[21:48] <JessicaKnight> yea
[21:49] <GM_Erik> (Rob went doing that super parry)
[21:49] <GM_Erik> your go guys.
[21:49] <JessicaKnight> getting up, picking up tibor and running
[21:49] <Mika_no_Krynn> You tell me when I'm out of the cloud.
[21:49] <JessicaKnight> we gotta clear the cloud and meet up with ppl
[21:49] <GM_Erik> OK.
[21:49] <Tibor-> once i'm out of range of his damn mace/chain thing, shoot that prick
[21:50] <GM_Erik> ok.
[21:50] <Tibor-> in that case maybe wait till i'm back with others
[21:51] <Mika_no_Krynn> It must be Tibor's sword.
[21:51] <JessicaKnight> we're fucked man
[21:51] <Mika_no_Krynn> It wants to destroy it.
[21:51] <GM_Erik> You take 16 MD Rob
[21:51] <JessicaKnight> I should jsut leave Tibor to the vultures and savr my own ass
[21:52] <Sir_Arik> phhht.... bring it man
[21:52] <JessicaKnight> heh
[21:52] <Tibor-> lol...i get to visit valhalla...
[21:52] <GM_Erik> Mike is out of the cloud, what do you do?
[21:52] <Tibor-> i need a vacation anyway
[21:52] <Mika_no_Krynn> Draw my laser rifle and open fire.
[21:52] <GM_Erik> Stan, Brett, and Rob can go too.
[21:52] <GM_Erik> Fire then, just roll it up for ranged stff
[21:52] <Sir_Arik> ok can I strike at the beasts head from here?
[21:53] <Mika_no_Krynn> 14 to hit, 40dmg
[21:53] <GM_Erik> Try it Rob.
[21:53] * Tibor- will keep trying to get distance
[21:53] <Sir_Arik> ok dual strike at head
[21:53] * JessicaKnight will run with Tibor
[21:53] <Sir_Arik> nat 20 and 16 to hit
[21:53] <GM_Erik> wow, OK, roll damage Rob.
[21:53] <GM_Erik> for both.
[21:54] <Vrryl> i fire, and rolled a critical miss
[21:54] <Mika_no_Krynn> I hit?
[21:54] <GM_Erik> Mike hits.
[21:54] <Sir_Arik> ouch! 69x2=138 and 75 dam
[21:54] <GM_Erik> Brett misses (but not b'c its a one, b/c it wouldn't hit at that range anyway)
[21:54] <Mika_no_Krynn> DAMN!
[21:55] <GM_Erik> Roll some defense guys.
[21:55] <JessicaKnight> 9 to dodge
[21:55] * Tibor- will try to parry...
[21:56] <Sir_Arik> come on guys! you can do it!
[21:56] <JessicaKnight> =P
[21:56] <JessicaKnight> fuck...
[21:56] <Tibor-> n15, 24 total
[21:57] <Mika_no_Krynn> Think we've used our divine intervention for the next 10 years.
[21:57] <GM_Erik> Rob and Gabe go:
[21:57] <JessicaKnight> get up and keep running
[21:57] <GM_Erik> how nice of you Gabe. ::-)
[21:57] <GM_Erik> OK.
[21:57] <Sir_Arik> hmm
[21:57] <Sir_Arik> ok is the beast still alive?
[21:57] <GM_Erik> yes
[21:57] <JessicaKnight> well he just saved my ass from becoming chunky salsa
[21:57] <Sir_Arik> how bad does it look?
[21:58] <GM_Erik> It looks hurtin'
[21:58] <GM_Erik> Lots of blood in the mouth now.
[21:58] <Sir_Arik> hmm
[21:58] <Sir_Arik>  ok I will double strike to the head again
[21:58] <GM_Erik> Carnage is covered in carnage
[21:58] <GM_Erik> OK.
[21:58] <Mika_no_Krynn> Attack the Beast Rob... maybe you can finish it... we'll try to get WAR out of the cloud.
[21:58] <Mika_no_Krynn> Dis iz Carnage... now plain Carnage!
[21:58] <Sir_Arik> 24 and 22 to hit 63 and 40 to dam
[21:59] <Mika_no_Krynn> That's how Arnie would do it.
[21:59] <Sir_Arik> ima gonna kill you bizzatch!
[bad ascii text removed]
[22:09] <GM_Erik> Rob, Mike, Gabe too.
[22:09] <Vrryl> n12 to strike War
[22:09] <JessicaKnight> ok, does Tibor have a body left?
[22:09] <GM_Erik> Yes, he does.
[22:09] <JessicaKnight> or is he jsut chunks?
[22:09] <Mika_no_Krynn> What is war doing now?
[22:10] <JessicaKnight> ok, i'll try to drag his body so he can get ressurected
[22:10] <JessicaKnight> and i'm guessing we're not out of the cloud yet...
[22:10] <Sir_Arik> the beast still alive?
[22:10] <Mika_no_Krynn> 17 to strike with my gun, 10 damage :(
[22:11] <GM_Erik> k
[22:11] <Sir_Arik> ok I will charge after War
[22:11] <Tibor-> just call me Boromir...
[22:11] <Mika_no_Krynn> Totally...
[22:12] <Vrryl> right, get outta the cloud please...please...i want to start dropping call lightning on this dude. Think of cloud, like the light...stay away
[22:12] <GM_Erik> roll up Rob, Brett, check your window.
[22:13] <Sir_Arik> what window?
[22:13] <Sir_Arik> oh sorry...
[22:13] <GM_Erik> Just Brett, yeah.
[22:13] <GM_Erik> You just roll some attacks
[22:13] <Vrryl> ok
[22:13] <Sir_Arik> 18 and 15 to hit :P
[22:13] <Mika_no_Krynn> So this other giant is WAR too?
[22:13] <GM_Erik> You hit, both times Arik
[22:14] <Sir_Arik> 46 and 60 dam then
[22:15] <GM_Erik> Not exactly Mike
[22:15] <Mika_no_Krynn> Jeez, people holding out on us...
[22:15] <Tibor-> does a wolfen good...
[22:15] <Mika_no_Krynn> Why didn't he tell us you could do that?
[22:16] <Tibor-> Gar is the wolfen...
[22:16] <GM_Erik> Everyone attack again.
[22:16] <Vrryl> n19...crit. 44 dmg
[22:17] <GM_Erik> nice Brett
[22:17] <Mika_no_Krynn> Nice, another nat 20... 50x2=100dmg.
[22:17] <Sir_Arik> 25 and 26 to hit..... 34 and 58 dam
[22:17] <GM_Erik> dang
[22:18] <GM_Erik> Hey Stan, check out your little window, we'll skip ahead to save time.
[22:18] <Tibor-> k
[22:19] <GM_Erik> Mike again, Gabe, you still doing body duty?
[22:19] <JessicaKnight> yup
[22:19] <Mika_no_Krynn> shitty 9, and 60dmg
[22:19] <JessicaKnight> not much else I can do
[22:20] <GM_Erik> Hey, that's a good thing to do though.
[22:21] <Tibor-> be nice to my corpse...i have to get buried in that!
[22:21] <GM_Erik> OK, everyone once more.
[22:22] <Mika_no_Krynn> And he'll make a really nice fur coat later!
[22:22] <Sir_Arik> do I have enough attacks left for a power attack?
[22:22] <Mika_no_Krynn> 8 and 20dmg
[22:22] <Sir_Arik> well double power attack I guess
[22:22] <Sir_Arik> Erik?
[22:22] <GM_Erik> yes, yo do Rob
[22:23] <Vrryl> erik, is war still under that cloud?
[22:23] <Sir_Arik> nice.... ok nat 18=28 and 22 to hit
[22:23] <GM_Erik> Yup
[22:23] <GM_Erik> gimmie damage
[22:23] <Sir_Arik> wow! 100x2=200 dmg and another 100 dmg!
[22:24] <Mika_no_Krynn> Jeez... you're crazy dude!
[22:24] <Vrryl> right, since War is outta the cloud, i'm going to start dropping call lightning on him
[22:24] <GM_Erik> damn....
[22:24] <Mika_no_Krynn> War is out of the cloud?
[22:25] <GM_Erik> He is still under the cloud.
[22:26] <Vrryl> whoops, misread my own question...thought i asked if he was out of it
[22:27] <Mika_no_Krynn> Dude, that was easy!
[22:27] <Mika_no_Krynn> Except for Tibor's death.
[22:27] <Sir_Arik> easy???  We have been at it against this thing for like 7 hours
[22:27] <Tibor-> speak for yourself
[22:27] <JessicaKnight> heh
[22:27] <Mika_no_Krynn> And only like 3 or 4 melee rounds.
[22:28] <Mika_no_Krynn> 1 melee per hour... slow gaming.
[22:28] <GM_Erik> actually, like 6 or 7 total
[22:28] <Mika_no_Krynn> The first two don't really count.
[22:29] <Mika_no_Krynn> Hey can I get any PPE from it?
[22:29] <Sir_Arik> uhhh.... I don't have a radio
[22:29] <GM_Erik> Nope, you weren't in hand-to-hand Mike
[22:30] <Mika_no_Krynn> Gar must be a god or something.
[22:30] <GM_Erik> But it had like 1800 or something lying around.
[22:30] <GM_Erik> Just gone..
[22:30] <Mika_no_Krynn> I was for a while.
[22:30] <Mika_no_Krynn> Now I'm starving again.
[22:31] <Mika_no_Krynn> Gar has Tibor's body now dudes.
[22:31] <Sir_Arik> so you guys know.... I don't have a radio... so using that to get ahold of me won't work
[22:32] <Mika_no_Krynn> we'll just yell then.
[22:32] <Sir_Arik> yeah... but how would I know you want us to call in?
[22:32] <Mika_no_Krynn> How about the mace?
[22:32] <Sir_Arik> I am struck with grief right now
[22:32] <GM_Erik> its gone too dude.
[22:32] <Mika_no_Krynn> bummer.
[22:33] <Tibor-> that mace was nasty
[22:33] <GM_Erik> yup, 1d6x10
[22:33] <Sir_Arik> yep.... greatest rune weapon I believe
[22:33] <GM_Erik> but he had like +13 with it, and crits on 17-20
[22:33] <Mika_no_Krynn> There's greatest rune weapons... then there's that thing.
[22:34] <Vrryl> Who the fuck is this Gar dude? ANd who do we know he came with?
[22:34] <GM_Erik> He's a 'Warrior of Valhalla' who showed up with Rob, sent by Odin
[22:34] <Vrryl> grr...
[22:35] <Mika_no_Krynn> You're getting shafted at every turn Brett... just stop doing stuff for 10mins
[22:35] <GM_Erik> he he
[22:38] <GM_Erik> I guess they wouldn't say hooray, just yippee
[22:39] <Mika_no_Krynn> Who's Wolvor?
[22:39] <Mika_no_Krynn> A Wolfen god?
[22:39] <Tibor-> some dude
[22:39] <GM_Erik> Do you have any kind of asgard lore Mike?
[22:39] <GM_Erik> or Rob?
[22:39] <Mika_no_Krynn> I am Asgard Lore...
[22:39] <Sir_Arik> I know I don't....
[22:39] <Mika_no_Krynn> I grew up there.
[22:40] <GM_Erik> hell, just roll percentile
[22:40] <GM_Erik> both of you
[22:40] <Mika_no_Krynn> 49
[22:40] <GM_Erik> Um, Rob too
[22:40] <Sir_Arik> 19
[22:42] <GM_Erik> Nice reaction Brett, sigh, the day's work is never done.
[22:42] <Vrryl> got to keep it in percpective ;)
[22:43] <GM_Erik> Actually, Millenium weapons did 10x damage to him...
[22:43] <Sir_Arik> Ack!
[22:44] <GM_Erik> Yeah, so Brett, what would your throwing stick do?
[22:44] <Mika_no_Krynn> SWEET... time to make a pitstop in Asgard, visit the World Tree.
[22:44] <Vrryl> you said 4d6 dmg right?
[22:44] <Mika_no_Krynn> 4d6x10?!!!
[22:45] <Vrryl> yep
[22:45] <Tibor-> proton spears...
[22:45] <Vrryl> Good thing i have
[bad ascii text removed]
ome get me
[22:54] <Tibor-> 3 red shirts?
[22:55] <GM_Erik> actually, 2, 3, and 8
[22:55] <Mika_no_Krynn> kewl
[22:55] <GM_Erik> OK, hows that for a place to stop?
[22:55] <Tibor-> ok
[22:56] <JessicaKnight> heheh, I wonder if it likes me and my evil rune sword ^_^
[22:56] <Sir_Arik> nice.... works for me
[22:56] <Mika_no_Krynn> See ya next summer then.
[22:56] <JessicaKnight> koo
[22:56] <Sir_Arik> I kinda wish now that I had Sophes.... he coulda jumped out of this one as well
[22:56] <Mika_no_Krynn> That'd be awesome!
[22:56] <JessicaKnight> just get dropped in
[22:56] <JessicaKnight> cameo appearance
[22:56] <Sir_Arik> heh
[22:57] <GM_Erik> Whee! *thud*
[22:57] <Sir_Arik> hehehe
[22:57] <GM_Erik> So how was that?
[22:57] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah we walk up to the three and WHAM!
[22:57] <GM_Erik> the 6.5 hour combat.
[22:57] <Mika_no_Krynn> There he is, embedded in the ground.
[22:57] <Sir_Arik> whew
[22:57] <Tibor-> lol
[22:57] <Mika_no_Krynn> Not too bad.
[22:57] <Sir_Arik> waving at everyone
[22:57] <Mika_no_Krynn> better than our 13hour marathon last summer.
[22:57] <Tibor-> i gotta crash
[22:57] <Sir_Arik> it went well
[22:57] <Mika_no_Krynn> summer before last.
[22:57] <Mika_no_Krynn> See ya Stan... Tuesday.
[22:57] <GM_Erik> G'night those of you that are leaving. ::-)
[22:57] <GM_Erik> was it challenging at least?
[22:57] <JessicaKnight> later stan
[22:57] <Sir_Arik> bye Stan
[22:57] <JessicaKnight> get some zzz's
[22:57] <Sir_Arik> oh yeah...
[22:58] <Tibor-> yup another suicide mission on tues...
[22:58] <GM_Erik> Oh, I'll email everyone soon with stuff.
[22:58] <Mika_no_Krynn> of course.
[22:58] <Sir_Arik> especially with the entangling aspect....
[22:58] <Mika_no_Krynn> I was worried at first when he was tuning on me, but after that it wasn't bad.
[22:58] *** Tibor- has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving )
[22:58] <GM_Erik> Well, he had lots of targets.  He had over 8000MD. and regnerated 1d6x100 every minute.
[22:58] <GM_Erik> The mount had 2500MD
[22:59] <Sir_Arik> ack!
[22:59] <Mika_no_Krynn> After that anti-magic cloud I thought it would get tougher, but all those little dudes showed up and Wolvor.
[22:59] <JessicaKnight> nasty
[22:59] <GM_Erik> YOu guys had him down just over half when the tree people showed up.
[22:59] <GM_Erik> You were actually doing pretty good.
[22:59] <Vrryl> hehe, kinda cool...i did over an eighth of its damage, just me :)
[22:59] <JessicaKnight> hehe
[22:59] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah... we hit pretty hard.
[22:59] <Sir_Arik> heh
[22:59] <GM_Erik> Heh
[22:59] <JessicaKnight> and then Tibor cut into him pretty good
[22:59] <Sir_Arik> oh yeah
[22:59] <Mika_no_Krynn> Rob you were crazy dude... I don't want to fight your guy.
[23:00] <Sir_Arik> hehehe...
[23:00] <GM_Erik> You did too Gabe.  HE went your way, because those blasts from Tibor, and your plasma hurt him good.
[23:00] <Mika_no_Krynn> That 300 MD attack was nutz
[23:00] <Sir_Arik> especially if you are using technology
[23:00] <Sir_Arik> well I crit with one but I rolled well
[23:00] <GM_Erik> double damage from magic weapons and magic fire attacks, that's why.
[23:00] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yep the Jess and Tibor group was really letting him have it for the first 2 or 3 melees.
[23:00] <GM_Erik> Gabe actually did x2 with that burst.
[23:00] <Sir_Arik> with a power attack I do 2d6x10MD
[23:00] <Mika_no_Krynn> Crikes!
[23:01] <JessicaKnight> jesus christ...
[23:01] <Mika_no_Krynn> That's whack.
[23:01] <Mika_no_Krynn> I thought he'd be immune to fire.
[23:01] <Sir_Arik> normally I do 1d6x10
[23:01] <GM_Erik> He actually took double from magic fire, it was too bad people didn't make use of it more.
[23:01] <Sir_Arik> plus my psi-swords of 3d6
[23:01] <GM_Erik> anyway, it did well
[23:02] <Sir_Arik> well if I had known I would have used my swords.... but I didn't have a clue
[23:02] <GM_Erik> Hey, that's the way it works, right?
[23:02] <Sir_Arik> yep
[23:02] <Mika_no_Krynn> Yeah, could have used my Forearm Plasma Launchers too... but oh well.
[23:02] <Vrryl> not like we could have used magical fire anyways...not with a cloud hanging over our heads
[23:02] <Sir_Arik> so we are wrapping up the Rifts thing for a while?
[23:02] <GM_Erik> OK, well your characters will get a good chance to rest.
[23:02] <Mika_no_Krynn> We came, we saw, we kicked ass.
[23:03] <GM_Erik> Yeah, and we'll take a break for now, so I can relax.  (whew)
[23:03] <Sir_Arik> heh
[23:03] <JessicaKnight> heh I gotta write down a bunch of shit for sutff I need to build next time I get a chance
[23:03] <GM_Erik> heh heh
[23:03] <Mika_no_Krynn> I'll have this log up probably during this week.
[23:03] <GM_Erik> Jessica certainly showed her nice to friends side today.
[23:03] <Sir_Arik> so when you get back Erik are we playing AtB?
[23:04] <Mika_no_Krynn> Someone set us up the bomb!
[23:04] <GM_Erik> could be, we'll have to talk before then
[23:04] <Sir_Arik> ok kewl
[23:04] <JessicaKnight> hehe, hey, if I don't save some people, there's no one left for me to pick on!
[23:04] <Sir_Arik> just so you know... I finished my char for it.... just needed to sort some things out with you for it.
[23:04] <GM_Erik> Oh yeah, its sprink break the week after that here.  Other than being hung over from my birthday in two weeks (lol), I won't have school on Monday
[23:04] <GM_Erik> or tues-Fri for that matter.
[23:04] <Sir_Arik> nice
[23:04] <JessicaKnight> so we're likst starting up after the bomb soon
[23:04] <JessicaKnight> ?
[23:05] <GM_Erik> Ok Rob, send off what you got, or email questions.
[23:05] <Sir_Arik> ok kewl
[23:05] <GM_Erik> Yeah Gabe.
[23:05] <Sir_Arik> anyway... send me an email of what is going on Erik
[23:05] <GM_Erik> I just want to try it asan intermediary. ::-)
[23:05] <Mika_no_Krynn> Watch out man... my fiesty fighting chicken is a crazy dude!
[23:05] <JessicaKnight> alright... you going to send out equipment and weapon lists?
[23:05] <GM_Erik> He's actually a real Cock Master.
[23:05] <Mika_no_Krynn> He drives a Harley!
[23:05] <JessicaKnight> hah
[23:05] <Sir_Arik> cuz I am getting
[bad ascii text removed]
[23:10] <Mika_no_Krynn> we need to make a TW machinegunn of Annihilation.
[23:10] <Mika_no_Krynn> Right...
[23:11] <GM_Erik> ok, i think I'ma gonna go home now.
[23:11] <Mika_no_Krynn> OK, later dude.
[23:11] <JessicaKnight> alright, later man
[23:11] *** JessicaKnight has quit IRC (Quit: Quit: Erection reset by queer )
[23:11] *** Mika_no_Krynn has quit IRC (Quit:  )
Session Close: Sun Mar 03 23:21:06 2002