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Thu 10 Sep 2015
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House Rules
This thread is for general house rules and will be updated as necessary.
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Thu 10 Sep 2015
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House Rules
The first house rule regards the use of tools. While in the game as written a tool gives a flat +2 bonus dice, I would rather have a sliding scale of bonuses that is reflected on how suited the tool is to the task.

Take, for example, beating a dozen eggs. A fork is not as equal to the task as an electric egg beater. Thus, you would see a spectrum of bonuses ranging as follows: Fork: +1
Small whisk: +2
Low-quality large whisk: +3
Fancy whisk: +4
Electric Egg Beater: +5

This is especially important when it comes to combat, which I have also adjusted according to engagement range.

To clarify what I mean when defining these ranges, here are the measurements:
Point-Blank: Within 2 meters
Close: 2-25 meters
Medium: 26-75 meters
Long: 76-125 meters
Very Long: >125 meters

The table below lists the weapons most commonly encountered and their corresponding tool bonuses. A dash means the weapons are effectively unusable at that range, and no roll involving attacking with them can even be made.

Weapon        PB   Close  Medium  Long  Very Long
Pistol        +4     +1      0      0       -
SMG           +2     +2     +2     +1       0
Shotgun       +2     +4     +1      -       -
Carbine       +1     +3     +2     +2       0
Rifle         +1     +1     +3     +2      +1
Scoped Rifle  +0     +0     +3     +3      +2

There are of course other weapons that the players might encounter or use (artillery pieces, blessed swords, grenades, machine guns) but their tool bonus will be assessed situation-to-situation.

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Thu 10 Sep 2015
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House Rules
Last (for now) I find the results of successes a little bit too simple, and worry they might result in somewhat dull, over-simple combat, especially as the PCs advance in skill. Thus, corresponding to my last note, 3 successes only allows the victor to lower their opponent's Attribute by 3 points. 4 successes, meanwhile, allows the change of an attribute by 6 points. If we reach a situation where there are 5 or more successes the players are essentially free to narrate as they see fit.
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Fri 11 Sep 2015
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House Rules
attributes can only be permanently increased or decreased by 1 point, however, with the right number of successes attributes can TEMPORARILY be increased or decreased by more than 1 point. These changes vanish at the end of the scene, unless an attribute is reduced to 0 which results in a crisis point (for PCs) or death (for NPCs)

NOTE: upon rereading the rules it turns out my "house rule" for reducing something to 0 action points to kill them was actually in the original rules so there you go.

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Thu 8 Oct 2015
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House Rules
Some negative traits are strong enough that they have a negative impact on the character's ability to do things. Though I am largely going to handle this on a case-by-case basis, there are certain things that I have seen in the book that would make me want to reduce a character's over all chance of success when they employ that trait. For example, if a character with a limp is chasing a fleeing spy, there is a fair chance they will not catch them, even if that limp can give them an air of authority when talking to young whippersnappers about the cost of War.