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You stand in formation in the small courtyard of the headquarters building in the Saalburg fort.  Several senior centurions are standing by and waiting for the arrival of the commanding officer.  Soon the doors to the headquarters building open and Praefectus Publius Albucius Eugenius and Beneficiarius Lucius Virius Armiger step out.  They are the commander and vice commander of the cohort to which you have been assigned.

Praefectus Eugenius stands before the new recruits.  He looks down his long patrician nose at the men gathered before him.  His elven ears poke up above the bronze wreath
that sits upon his brow.  His white toga gleams in the springtime sun.  He takes a slow, deliberate breath and begins a speech that he has apparently given before.

"Welcome to Cohors II Raetorum Civium Romanorum Equitata.  You men have been assigned to the important task of patrolling Rome's northern frontier.  In recent months, we have seen evidence of a change in the German tribes north of the limes wall.  It is our task to not only defend the villas and towns here but to determine what threats face Rome.  You men are needed to fill out the ranks of this prestigious Cohort.  Our battle honors are numerous.  Much will be expected of you."

the Prefect points to a rather angry looking centurion, "This is Centurio Princeps Cassius Barbatius.  He will assign you to your centuria.  Dismissed."

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