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Civitas Taunensium

Saalburg Fort is the square located between Lochmule and Heidenberg fortlets along the lime fortification.

Saalburg Fort

1-2: Barracks
3: Stores
4: Workshop & Yard
5: Grannary
6: Commanders House
7: Headquarters
8: Grannary/Horreum
9: Stable
10 – 11: Stores
12-15: Barracks
A: Bathhouse
B: Exercise Yard
C: Guard Chamber
D: Yard
E: Workshop
F: Brothel

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Lochmule Fortlet
The fortlet of Lochmule was very similar to a mile fort on Hadrian's Wall.  These would host 8-32 men as a detachment from their main base.  So our fort would support a section of the Limes supporting 2 watchtowers and one limes fort/border crossing.

The small castle is located in a wooded area of the theme park hole mill. It pointed in a rectangular shape (18 m long and 22 m wide) on an area of approximately 400 m². In the North West Wall in the middle there was the only goal of the system. About 30 m away from the castle was the limit. It is conceivable that the fortlet a wooden watchtower went ahead.
Probably the small fort was occupied at the time of use with about 30 men. Their task was to monitor the difficult access Köpperner Valley. In addition, the surrounding watchtowers were supplied from here.

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