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Alden Rolfe
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Thu 30 Jun 2016
at 10:26
In reply to Wilwarin (msg # 63):

Alden stares blankly into space when the two elven women talk amongst themselves in elven.
Drake 'Spike' Graveheart
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Tue 5 Jul 2016
at 07:37
Drake walks behind Wilwarin when they walk towards the elven lady. He hadn't expected to see her in a small wooden cottage, he thought she would live in a mansion as an ancient family in the city...

As Wilwarin speaks to the lady, Drake listens in as he can understand the Elvish language. Guess he was lucky when he and his parents had to do some Elvish burials in the city. Seeing Alden just looking around, Drake realizes he probably doesn't understand what they are saying. He starts to translate softly for Alden, so he knows what is being said.
 GM, 106 posts
Wed 6 Jul 2016
at 19:14
As you see the old elven lady you notice that she must have her best years far behind her. She looks up to you as you approach and hold a large horn to her ear to understand what you say.

"Ehhh? What do you want from me strangers? Do I look like I ever got married? What do I know of weddings?"

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Wed 13 Jul 2016
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In reply to Narrator (msg # 66):

"We found some weddingbands in a crypt near the city. We got the information they would be from your relatives. Do you want to take a look at them? If you don't mind we want to get some more information about the bands and their owners. Our search for information lead us to you. "

Wilwarin looks arround, she noticed that the place they are now is not very crouded, so she thinks its ok to tell her the information they have right here.

She explains to the lady: "We were asked to go see the cementery because of some strange activities, we were attacked over there, and those who attacked us were wearing those bands. We took them and we went to meet with the mageguild where we were told those bands are weddingbands owned by family Ethellan. And thats why we went to see you." Wilwarin leaves out the details at purpose.

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Mon 8 Aug 2016
at 08:43
The old lady looks at wilwarin curiously, then takes the wedding bands and takes a good look at them. Misty eyed and with a heavy sigh she responds.

"Well I do recognize these wedding bands. I has been a long time since I have seen them..... This one belongs to my dear sister... She passed away a long time ago. I was still a little girl back then. Oh, that was a sad time... And you say you were attacked by someone wearing those bands? hmm I can hardly believe that! My dear sister has been dead for many years!... Hmmm but there is one thing... Her husband disappeared several months before she died.... The poor jong man was never seen again... And he was so promising! He was a wizard to you know. He got himself a job working for a famous wizard. Oh yes, everyone who thought they had an ounce of magic in them wanted to work with Shamsuk back then. But he never made it to Shamsuks research facility. He just vanished! My mother even persuaded Shamsuk to set up a search party, but it was to no avail. After that my dear sister fell ill and wasted away in sadness and misery. The poor thing.... Things were never the same after that. Even the once proud magic school of Shamsuk lies in ruins up there in the mountains. Even my family decided to move back to the east.I stayed though. Ironfell has been good to me, even though you youngsters probably cant tell now! Hmmmm...... This second wedding band belongs to her husband. It is strange it would show up after so much time. *sigh* But no, he to must be long dead by now. I think some bandit must have found his remains up in the mountains and decided to rob our family crypt as well. Such insolence!"
Alden Rolfe
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Thu 11 Aug 2016
at 08:31
In reply to Narrator (msg # 68):

As Alden listens to the story as Drake translates it. He comes to the conclusion that the old elf lady doesn“t know it was someone but something that attacked us!

He says in common to the elf lady:

We weren't done attacked by someone ma'm but by something! It were ayy a-walkin' skeleton in ayy crypt! They desecrated thay ...uhh crypt with some vahl God ayn' that there done made thay ...uhh skeleton come back alive! We defeated thay ...uhh skeleton ayn' then we done found thay ...uhh rings!

Ay know it has been ayy awful long tahm since these events done happened ta y'all's sistuurr ayn' huurr husband. But it done might be ayy darn good idea ta trace huurr husbands steps towards the wizard school. Me still done might faand something!

Alden turns towards Drake and Wilwarin and says:
What do y'all guys think Wilwarin ayn' Drake?
Drake 'Spike' Graveheart
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Sat 20 Aug 2016
at 18:29
Drake listens as the Elven lady tells her story and is saddened by it; "Such a shame they could not live their life together... even more so when you can live so long... my deepest sympathies, lady." He continues to listen to the story and as Alden interjects to give extra information, he ponders whether to translate back to Elvish for lady Ethellen but he gathers one as longlived as her, which has lived for so long in a city, will understand common. If needed, he will gladly translate.

As Alden is finished talking about the skeleton Drake says while looking disgusted; "Such vile magic which has been used on people who have been put to rest... violated! I cannot stand for such a thing! I think I speak for us all when I say we would gladly investigate this." Drake says while looking at the others. "As Alden said we should go the Shamsuk's school to see what we can find out. Do you happen to know the exact location and how we can reach it, lady Ethellen?

Drake wonders about the fact the Elven man hadn't reached Shamsuk, but did have his mark on his ring. He is starting to doubt if this Shamsuk was a good person, maybe he did something to the Elven man with his magic and just started searching for him to keep his cover from getting blown... Drake decides not to say this out loud just yet and merely asks a question to gain some more insight on this Shamsuk: "Lady Ethellen, might you tell us a bit more about the wizard Shamsuk? Sadly I have only recently reached this island and I have heard of him only since yesterday."

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Thu 1 Sep 2016
at 12:17
"Indeed i guess we need visit at the school. Thank you, lady Ethellen, for sharing this information. Those weddingbands belong to your family. Here, keep them as memorials. If we find out something more that we think you should know, we will come back. For now I hope they will get the rest they deserve."
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Mon 5 Sep 2016
at 21:26
Lady Ethellan: "Ohhhh dear! Walking skeletons! that is horrible! Who would do such a thing?! the dead should have their rest! But the skeleton had the ring? Where would it have gotten it? Oh dear...."

"Well young man, if you want I suppose there is no harm in walking up to the old school. Many have done it before you, in search of my brother in law, but all was in vain.... I doubt you will find anything new. He has probably been taken by robbers all those years ago... The abandoned school is up in the mountains, for about a days worth of travel or so. If you follow the old mountain path due east you should find it. But be careful, the mountains are dangerous and the old paths are not being patrolled anymore. Who knows what lurks there?"

She then turns to drake and starts speaking with a spark of joy in her eyes.

Lady Ethellan: "Ah Shamsuk! He was a great man! he was the first wizard who came to Ironfell you know. He started his school here, that is why we still have the mages guild in town. Tharn is such a dear. And it really helps to have someone who can attract merchants other than just iron-smiths and metalworkers. It would just be so good for him if he would find a nice girl and start a family.... There is more to life than books and magic. But oh, try to tell a wizard such a thing... Stubborn! But what was I talking about? Oh yes, Shamsuk. He came here when the iron mines were only small pits and there was barely enough metal for the town itself. He persuaded the town counsel to work with the kobolds. It took him years before he could talk them into it, but he did it. And as soon as those little creatures came over here and started their work, the mining business really started paying off. Within ten years Ironfell had become the most important source of iron ore in the west. That did much for our town. Now iron is not gold you know so we never grew to the size of Erith or Rodos, but that is how we like it. He was a wonderful man and did a lot to help the people. Eventually Shamsuk started his school and young wizards came from afar to learn from him. His school became very well known and eventually he moved his school up into the mountains so he could work in peace and quiet. I remember being there as a child, it was a wonderful building built directly against a granite mountain side. next to the building there was a high tower with young acolytes feverishly working and studying. A beautiful garden surrounded the school and in the side of the mountain there was a large marble-white balustrade overlooking Ironfell.... But all that is gone now. Nothing left but ruins. Shamsuk eventually retired and moved north, leaving his empty school behind. That must have been well over 200 years ago now. The mages Guild was formed a bit later and wanted to set up shop closer to the people, they are very involved. So the old school remained abandoned. I believe that is the story."

She gladly accepts the wedding bands from Wilwarin.

Lady Ethellan: "Bless you child. I will ask Uriel to inter these rings into our family crypt. Let us hope they have found peace now, and will be together at last."

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Alden Rolfe
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Tue 13 Sep 2016
at 14:10
In reply to Narrator (msg # 72):

As Alden hears all the talk but not quite understanding it all he says the following when Drake, Wilwarin and Ethellan have stopped speaking and Wilwarin has given the rings back.

Alden: Whel friends, it seems like we have ayy awful new mission! Let's go ayn' check out thay ...uhh school. ay done might even learn something about a-bein' ayy wizard ayn' such!

Ay am done rested ayn' ready raheet now, what about y'all guys?

Drake 'Spike' Graveheart
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Mon 26 Sep 2016
at 10:13
In reply to Alden Rolfe (msg # 73):

"Yeah, I'm ready too I think! Do we have enough supplies for on the road? I'm really anxious to get on the way and find out what has happened, I'm sure Wilwarin would agree to go as soon as possible."

Drake turns to Lady Ethellan and says: "Thank you very much for your help in this matter, Lady Ethellan. I hope we can find out what has happened!"

After they finished their conversation with Lady Ethellan and when they have stocked up on supplies, the group adventures start to head out towards the old school. Drake wonders what they will find at such a place, even more so when they have already fought against spiders and undead... he mutters softly to himself: "As long as there are no monkeys at least... ugh... hellish creatures!"
 GM, 128 posts
Thu 29 Sep 2016
at 09:55
After your talk with lady Ethellan, you gather your stuff and buy the required supplies at the local market. Donkey seems especially keen to see Alden! As soon as Alden approaches, Donkey immediately turns his behind to him.

With the appropriate directions you head east, towards the hillsides and mountain range. As you exit town via the east gate, you see Tharn waiting for you just outside the gate. He smiles as he sees you and walks up to the group.

Tharn: "I heard you spoke to lady Ethellan and are off to the Shamsuk's school. I think it is important we find out what may have happened in the graveyard, but I believe you will not find much. Should you find anything in the school that may be of historic value, however, I'll take it off your hands. Such things are usually not very valuable, but may contain a lot of information regarding the arcane tradition on the island. The Guild is always interested in such things. Should you actually find anything useful in the school I'll give you a good deal on that as well. Don't get your hopes up though.

Be careful up in the mountains, they used to be patrolled but these days the old mountain roads are treacherous and dangerous. Good Luck out there!"

Tharn then says his goodbyes and heads back to the Guild house. As you exit town you are cheered on by a small group of townsmen and women. Its a several hour walk before you reach the foot of the mountain range. There, you find a rocky road winding up the hill. An old, sign post shows signs pointing in various directions. Most inscriptions are worn but still readable:

South: Erith & Rhodos
West: Ironfell & Brightwater
North-east: St. Cuthbert's Shrine & High End

The words St. Cuthbert's Shrine appear to be painted in silver and looks like it is well maintained. You walk in north-east direction, up the mountain road. The road itself is poorly kept. Rocks and boulders are strewn along the road and it looks like it it not traveled very often. After half a day of traveling you can see Ironfell off in the distance below. Beyond Ironfell you can barely make out the mining posts located against the northern mountain range. The view is spectacular as the landscape changes from the green grasslands in the south-east to more brown-red dust like plain located north of Ironfell. Up in the mountains it is chilly. The wind blows fiercely and it becomes colder as you slowly climb the mountain. You notice there is not much vegetation here in these rocky areas and you have not spotted any springs or fresh water sources on your way up....

After a full day's worth of travel, the sun sets spectacularly in the western sea and you decide to make camp. It would be only several hours worth of travel to the school, but it seems unwise to walk around in these mountains after dark.
Alden Rolfe
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Sat 1 Oct 2016
at 08:40
In reply to Narrator (msg # 75):

Alden says goodby to Ethallan, in the common tongue.
He generally likes all the shops and stalls he visits when buying his gear and resupplying used items and trail rations. He takes Donkey with him when buying those items, since he can't carry all that stuff!

When he meets with Donkey, he says to him:
Don't be crazy Donkey! Act like ayy nawmal donkey faw once.

When they meet with Tharn he listens to what he has to see, and wonders what they could find out there.....maybe some dragons!

Making sure the egg is comfortably warm and generally well protected from the elements he sets off with Drake, Wilwarin and Donkey. Off towards their next adventure!

Alden takes in the sites when hiking up to the camping site.

Alden: Whel would y'all look at that there. That there is probably thay ...uhh mowst beautiful site ay've evuurr saw in my life. Ay wonduurr what we'll see befawe all this here over!

Alden starts taking the equipment from Donkey's back and takes care of Donkey by feeding him and such.

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Fri 14 Oct 2016
at 21:32
Wilwarin says to Ethallan: "Diola lle, Namaarie" (thank you, farewell)
Wilwarin buys some rations and another water skin.

Wilwarin giggles when she sees Donkey's strange behaviour.

Before the night sets in we will start looking for a good place to set camp  and search the area for some good dry plants or anyting that will burn.  And make a fire to keep us warm for the night.

"Tharn told us to be carefull here in the mountains, maybe its a plan to guard the camp taking turns?"

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Drake 'Spike' Graveheart
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Sun 16 Oct 2016
at 06:20
As they said their goodbyes to Lady Ethellan and go into town for some shopping, Drake picks up a few trail rations as he is almost out of them. He doesn't like the idea of being without food, not even more so with his recent luck on scavenging...

Drake waves towards Tharn when he sees him and after hearing him talk about the potential danger he wonders what they might encounter and asks Tharn: "What should we be looking out for? Just bandits or other things too?" A shiver runs down his spine as he thinks about the skeletons and spiders... but mostly because of those damn monkeys!

"Oh before I forget, since we are going to a place where magic was used, how can we see if there is some spell trap or something we should look out for?"

Drake is astounded by the fact they are cheered on by a small crowd and he waves at them when they walk by. Seems like they are really happy we are to help them. Drake walks with a newfound pride in himself and his new friends. As they walk up the mountain and take in the view, he hears Alden comment about it and says: "You are right, Alden... this is magnificent!" Drake takes this time to get his bearings and look for the best route to the school.

As its getting darker they decide to set up camp, Drake sees Alden starting to take care of Donkey and Wilwarin is getting ready to look for a spot. "He Wilwarin, I'll help you!"

As they settle in their new camp and Wilwarin starts making a fire he responds to her question: "Yeah, thats a good idea! I'll take the first turn and I'm gonna take the chance to look around our camp to see if there any places where bandits or so may come from. I'll be back soon!"

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Alden Rolfe
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Sun 16 Oct 2016
at 11:27
In reply to Drake 'Spike' Graveheart (msg # 78):

As Drake heads off to check the camp surroundings he says to him:

Drake, be carefull out there ayn' don't go ta far frawum camp ayn' the campfaahyr. It will be awful dark soon ayn' ay can't see very whel then.

Let's devide the watch in 3 pieces. Drake takes first watch, Wilwarin 2nd, because she can see best in the awful dark ayn' how about I'll take the last watch?

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Drake 'Spike' Graveheart
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Sun 16 Oct 2016
at 12:12
"Yeah good idea... darkness might sneak up on me! I'll just do a quick perimeter check to see whats around us and I'll be back before dinner is ready. Mighty fine idea about Wilwarin taking second watch, do you agree with the plan, Wilwarin?"

Drake checks his gear and weapons before starting off. When he starts walking he softly mutters: "No monkeys... please no monkeys!"
Alden Rolfe
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Tue 18 Oct 2016
at 10:37
In reply to Drake 'Spike' Graveheart (msg # 80):

Alden: Darn good luck Drake, scream like ayy little girl when y'all get in trouble, that there way we know where ta faand y'all!

Alden then moves near the camp fire with his stuff and settles in for a nice meal and a good nights rest, he needs to get up early after all!

He carefully places his egg on a blanket next to his own bedroll so it will keep safe and warm during the night. He thinks to himself: Ay wonduurr when thay ...err egg will hatch ayn' if there is ayy dragon inside, it would be so cool if there is ayy dragon inside. Ay bettuurr start a-thinkin' av ayy name for it!

Alden sets in for a quiet night near the camp fire.
 GM, 132 posts
Mon 24 Oct 2016
at 20:11
Tharn:"Well, Drake, the mountains are no longer patrolled. So probably bandits and wild animals and such. Just be catefull out there.

When you reach the school I don't know waht you should expect. The school has been abandoned for some time. The magical defenses may still be effective sure. But they will likely be easy to spot with a detect magic or arcane sight spell. I also heard that there are some brigands who actually make a living avoiding traps! Usually to get into the room or safe that is guarded by those traps though. So I dont know How keen you are to let yourself in with the likes of those.


While you walk around and Alden leads you on, Wilwarin heads out to find a place to make camp. Within several minutes she returns and it turns out she found a nice natural cavern in the side of the mountain. For as far as caverns go, it is almost a hotel! There is a running stream 30 ft. outside the cave, you are shielded from the elements and blocked from sight for people on the road. It does not take Drake and Wilwarin long to get a fire going and before long you are roasting a piece of fresh mountain goat over the fire. Not too bad.

Drake runs a perimeter and is pretty sure noone can surprise them by coming at you unseen. And fortunately: no sign of monkeys!

By the time it is evening you take turns on the watch and the others go to sleep...

Wilwarin, when you relieve the first watch you sit at the entrance of the cave. It is quet and you only hear the soft breathing of your companions and the snore of Donkey, the donkey. Suddenly you hear something else. It sounds like metal clanking on the road. You know noone can see you from the road. The clanking slowly passes down the road.....

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Mon 24 Oct 2016
at 21:56
In reply to Narrator (msg # 82):

Wilwarin tells Kyra to guard the camp. Wilarin takes her staff in her hands and is going to find out what she is hearing. She walks slowly and as silent as possible towards the road. Just close enough to get a look on the road to find out what she hears while also trying to stay in hearsight of Kyra.
Drake 'Spike' Graveheart
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Wed 30 Nov 2016
at 18:22
Drake sits sullenly in the cave they have called home for the last few days. His moods is as the weather outside, rain and thunder. Sitting with his back to the fire for warmth and gazing outside he wonders how it could have gone so wrong so fast. Last time they where here they had taken refuge here after taking a wrong turn while heading for the school. Maybe they should have taken the hint when they where ambushed by hobgoblins? At least this had ended well even though I hadn't had the time to put on my armor! Kyra and Wilwarin had bravely held the front for a long time against the four of them. Taking a sip of his drink he grins while remembering Kyra biting a hobgoblin in his private parts, the look on its face was priceless! We had found a MASTERWORK longsword among them, they hadn't even used it in the fight, how strange is that?!

But then... he sighs and remembers going back to find the school. When they arrived Drake had a strange daydream about finding his comrades all dead at the hand of a... a.... DRAGON! and after trying to flee inside of the school another demon appeared and nearly killed me in one strike, thinking I'd die by dragon flame while running, I was actually held and bitten to death by Alden and Wilwarin which had turned into zombies... this should have been my second warning, Drake thinks to himself. But they had entered the school without second thought and at first nothing special happened. Just some squeaky doors and a long abandoned building. Remnants of magic was apparent as Wilwarin found lots of extraordinary herbs and a book on magical herbtending. He fondly remembers Alden lighting up at the prospects of a special moonshine made by these herbs!

They found a staircase hidden behind a curtain and went to discover the floor first. Wilwarin and I entered first and got entangled in a living plant! We fought hard and long and Kyra saved us by biting the plant in a weak spot. The plant went on to focus it attack on Kyra and this enabled us to finish it off. I yelled in victory but only to be crushed by the sight of Wilwarin standing next to our fallen Kyra... She died while protecting us all... Drake slams his cup down in anger while spilling his drink. "DARN IT! Why?!" He looks at Wilwarin and wonders how she experienced this as a druid. Drake is starting to doubt the loot Alden has placed in the cart of Donkey will somehow soften the loss of Kyra. Drake readjusts his flamboyant leather black tricorn hat with a big peacock feather and lets out another sigh.

"Just a bit more rest and we will have to go back to the school to find out what happened there..."
 player, 63 posts
Sat 10 Dec 2016
at 23:29
In reply to Drake 'Spike' Graveheart (msg # 84):

Wilwarin is lost in her thoughts, missing Kyra. Thinking: We lost her... how? She sacrificed herself for us... Wilwarin has a maze of thoughts inside her head, not able to express it. Angry, hurt, sad and numb with all those feelings at the same time. She doesn't know how to handle them.. She wants to scream and cry but all that comes out is silence.

Then she starts getting flashbacks of the nice times with Kyra: memories she adores, even sad memories are passing her mind. Then she starts thinking back why she did get on this adventure, and what does she wants to do now? We can stay put here and wait until something happens but it doesn't bring Kyra back...

Wilwarin mumbles:
"We need to keep going, we need to get up and start to get on our adventure again. Maybe we need to calm down and settle for a while to get some time to rest? To figure out what she and the others really want? Maybe they wanted too much.
What did the adventure bring her this far? She found herself some mates to travel with but lost Kyra. She found some very interesting plants, she wants to start making her own garden and let Alden use them for some fine liquor... Start a distillery.. and Drake? maybe he wants to go out on adventures some more, and...."
She starts feeling confused and wants to run... She says:
 I need to get out of here!"

She stands up walks to the entrance of the cave and says: "I'm gonna clear my mind! I'll be back before sunset" .

She starts walking and stays on the paths, making sure she will find her way back. She walks towards some birds she sees in the trees. Observing them for a while, it has been some while she was alone in the forest and could just enjoy nature..... Thinking: hmmm, I need to try and find a animal companion again... would a hawk be a nice companion? hmm, they fly and would be able to observe the surroundings fast and quiet, but they can't protect us...".

She walks a bit more and hears a weird sound behind the shrubbery. She walks towards the sound she hears... "it sounds like... hmmm i guess some sort a cry... a wolfs cry? would it be..." she stops walking. Angry at herself she says: Wilwarin clear your head your missing Kyra and are hearing imaginary sounds! Stop it!"

When she turns away and wants to walk back she hears the sound again, this time she is sure she hasn't made it up. "It's a dog!" She walks towards the shrubbery, pushes away the branches and sees an Alaskan malamute stuck with his leg in a rabbit hole. He looks skinny. "ahh poor doggy let me help you, Wilwarin carefully approaches the dog". She gives him someting to eat from her trail ration to distract the dog. While the dog eats she quickly but carefully lifts his back to set his leg free.

She watches him eat the rest and gives him some water. The dog doesn't seem scared of her. She noticed his leg has some scratches but no real damage, so she cleans the scratches with a bit of water and leaves it. "So doggy next time watch out where you put your legs. I need to go now!" She pets him and says goodbye. When she walks away from the dog, he starts following her...

"Go home doggy, if you're not scared of me you must have a home somewhere..." She walks her way back to the cave. The dog continues following her... Wilwarin says: "Don't you have a place to go, if you go with me its dangerous! So go home."
Doggy sets put and keeps following her. "Ok then you can come with me for a while, and maybe me and my friends can help you find your home.." the dog continous walking with her "For now i'll call you Junior then". He wags his tail when hearing the name. "Ok thats settled then Junior, come lets get to the cave to rest for the night"

They walk back to the cave, and before they enter the cave they watch the night set in. Wet but distracted from the loss of Kyra she enters the cave with Junior. "Hey guys, look who I found, he was stuck and i guess he must have been lost, he isn't scared of me. So maybe we can help him get home? And take him with us as long as necessary? what do you guys think?" 
Alden Rolfe
 player, 70 posts
Mon 12 Dec 2016
at 16:08
In reply to Wilwarin (msg # 85):

Alden sits in the cave wondering what to do next. He has fun adventuring with Wilwarin and Drake, but the team seems so down after the hard fight and the loss of Kyra.....

Alden think to himself: That there wolf were ayy part av our little gang, she shall surely be done missed! Ay mighty wonduurr if Wilwarin will be okay aftuurr such ayy loss. Ay think she done said she were ayy druid, ayy nature person, ay wonduurr how she'll react ta it all...But we can only see what tahm brings us....

Alden looks towards Drake, who is sitting by the fire. He seems to deep in thought and it seems that they aren't happy ones...

Alden says: Drake, y'all okay there!? y'all want some mowonshahn ta dull the payn av loss? or do y'all wan-ta talk about it?

At the same time Alden says this to Drake he offers him his bottle of moonshine.

At that time Wilwarin Says: "I'm gonna clear my mind! I'll be back before sunset" .

Alden watches Wilwarin go and shouts after here: Be careful out there, shout ayn' run back if y'all should come across any trouble!

Alden then turns his attention back to Drake...

Just after sunset, Wilwarin returns with a skinny looking dog, Alden listens to Wilwarins explanation and says: That there sure looks like ayy darn good dog! It is the least we can do, a-makin' sure it gets back home ta its owners. It seems thay ...uhh dog needs ta eat something though, he is very skinny! Ay am awful fine with it tagging alawng faw now, the mawe the merriuurr me da done used ta say....Ay think, ay don't know mighty, it has been lots av mowonshahn ago.....

Alden moves over to Junior and tries to pet him.

Alden then turns back towards Wilwarin and Drake, he says: It seems we are all done rested again, what do y'all guys say we try ta entuurr thay ...err school again?
 GM, 136 posts
Tue 13 Dec 2016
at 19:00
The dog lets itself be petted. It appears to like the attention!

After several days you do feel well rested. The cave is boring and it started snowing this morning. It is colder outside than it has been in the past days. Winter was already overdue, but appears to be setting in today. There is no need to worry about getting trapped in the mountains for now, you still have time to go back to the school. But the pain of loosing Kyra is still fresh. So is the pain in your buts from being kicked ass by a plant.....

What will you do?
Drake 'Spike' Graveheart
 player, 55 posts
Wed 14 Dec 2016
at 13:31
Just as Drake mumbles, Alden offers him moonshine and Wilwarin jumps up and runs out of the cave to clear her mind. Shaken back to reality by the sudden leave he looks at Alden and says: "Thanks Alden, I could use a drink by now... and a talk would be nice. Just talking to yourself does probably more damage than drinking with a buddy. I guess that's why the soldiers tend to drink a lot, haha!" He accepts the bottle of moonshine and drinks from it. "Oof! Strong stuff! But it grows on you, I'm starting to like it more than ale! Maybe that brewery of yours isn't such a bad idea after all, atleast a lot safer... Poor Kyra, I will really miss her." Letting out another sigh he says: "Guess it means we can't let it be in vain and we will have to find out what happened at the school."

Suddenly he sees Wilwarin walking back into the cave with a skinny dog, Drake is pleasantly surprised to see her with a companion once more. It just looks more natural and she looks more herself again as well. He sees Alden petting the dog and says: "Żeah, sure we can help but we need to take good care to keep it safe if we go to the school again! Do you think it will be okay, Wilwarin?"

Drake gathers all his equipment and makes ready to leave the cave to go once more to the school. He hopes the dreams of dragons and demons isn't a vision and that they will emerge from the school without any further.... injuries...