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Background of the world
The known world itself is called Sanctuary. It is within this plane of existence that this game shall transpire.

Sanctuary was created as a plane of existence for the Nephalem, a race of omni-powerful beings birthed from renegade angels and demons who were tired of the war. The powerful demoness Lilith and the Archangel Inarius were the prime powers behind this, and their offspring were called Nephalem. The Nephalem could basically bend reality to their whims, significantly more powerful than demons or angels themselves. When the High Heavens and the Angiris Council found out about Sanctuary, they felt it was an abomination and designated Tyrael to take the Heavenly Host and destroy the entire world.

The selfless sacrifice of Uldyssian to save Sanctuary changed Tyrael's mind, and in the end his was the weighing vote to leave Sanctuary unharmed. He was the last to vote and while both Auriel & Itherael voted for its existence and only Imperius had voted for destruction, had Tyrael voted with Imperius, it's most likely the world would have been destroyed on Imperius' insistence. The council wiped the memories of all humans, and none now know that Tyrael could have been the one responsible for the undoing of all of humanity.

After the existence of Sanctuary was secured, Tyrael was ordered by his fellow angels on many occasions not to interfere with the mortal world. He has often disobeyed, fearing that Sanctuary would otherwise fall into the hands of the Burning Hells. When the Prime Evils were banished from hell during the Dark Exile, Tyrael helped humanity to create the Horadrim and the Soulstones they used to imprison Diablo, Mephisto and Baal.

Over the centuries, these stones have been lost to the ages. But the omens tell that a time rapidly approaches when the stones shall be found again.