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Generalized Occupational Aptitude Test (RTJ)
Message from the Overseer:
Greetings, Dweller!

Thank you for your participation in Vault-Tec's Generalized Occupational Aptitude Test. Now that you are eighteen, it is time for you to be given a work assignment. The results of this test will determine what assignment you are chosen to fill. Please keep in mind that assignments are subject to availability...we only need so many Security Officers and Hostesses!

Please answer each question as honestly as you can. There are no wrong answers!

Space below the multiple-choice section is provided for any comments you may like to write. Feel free to tell the G.O.A.T. review board a bit about what type of Dweller you would like to be. What do you look like? What's your personality like? Who do you know? What do you like to do? What are your parents like, and what do they do? Be sure to indicate what occupation you are hoping to receive at the conclusion of the G.O.A.T. Keep in mind that the occupation you are assigned may not be exactly what you had hoped for; however, your occupation is only one small part of Vault life, and you are certain to find many opportunities for both advancement, and excitement, within the safe, friendly steel walls of Vault 64!

Question 1: You are throwing a party for your friend. Do you:
a. Send out an invitation through the Vault-Tec electronic bulletin board?
b. Ask everyone you see to come to the party?
c. Surprise your friend when they enter their quarters?
d. Pay another Dweller to make and send the invitations?

Question 2: You hear an alarm! What is the first thing that you do?
a. Hide under a sturdy Vault-Tec office desk with optional keyboard tray and cup holder?
b. Pick up a handy Vault-Tec fire extinguisher and look for the source of the problem?
c. Ignore it, because itís probably just the Power Technicians performing their monthly drill?
d. Ignore it, because you pulled the fire alarm yourself, to keep people on their toes?

Question 3: You have accidentally locked yourself inside a waste compactor, and you have only minutes before you are crushed, and recycled into one or more of the many fine products that residents of the Vault enjoy every day. How do you open the door?
a. Grab a hairpin and pick the lock?
b. Create an improvised explosive and destroy the lock?
c. Pray to whatever Vault-sanctioned deity or spirit you believe in?
d. Short-circuit the opening mechanism with an aluminum can and some insulating foam?

Question 4: One of your fellow Dwellers is suffering from Vault Depressive Syndrome, and is now trying to stab you with a sharp, lightweight Vault-Tec butcher's knife! The door is locked and you cannot flee. How do you defend yourself?
a. Grab the closest makeshift weapon?
b. Administer alcohol as a sedative?
c. Subdue him with words, and if necessary, tackle him?
d. Grab a gun, and blow him away!

Question 5: You are helping to bake a cake. Which job would you prefer to do?
a. Select the ingredients?
b. Carefully mix the ingredients together from a recipe?
c. Bake it at 350 degrees for 25-45 minutes, depending on the size of the pan and the depth and liquidity of the batter?
d. Sneak out and make someone else do it?

Question 6: You catch some rad-coons stealing your food! Do you:
a. Set snares and catch them in the act?
b. Set out poison for them?
c. Shoot the interlopers with a BB gun?
d. Shoo them away with a Vault-Tec EZ-Sweep long-handled broom?

Question 7: While walking in the water level, you see a terrifying mutant animal, of a kind that you are not familiar. Do you:
a. Study it?
b. Capture it and store its organs for later use?
c. Shoot it?
d. Outrun it?

Question 8: One of the Vault's teachers has fallen ill, and you have been asked to fill in for the day. What do you teach?
a. Biology and Nutrition?
b. English Composition?
c. Physical Education?
d. Vaultonomics?

Question 9: You have a dream in which you have taken first prize in the Vault's semi-annual Jamboree! Which competition did you win?
a. Athletics?
b. Cooking or gardening?
c. Marksmanship or wrestling?
d. Performance or visual arts?

Question 10: Which Vault is, without a doubt, the best in Vault-Tec's history?
a. Vault 64!
b. Vault 64, of course.
c. After careful consideration, I choose Vault 64.
d. Vault 6444444444 *Exception Code: EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION *Contact an authorized Technical Support Officer for assistance.*


Please write in any additional information that you would like for Mother to consider when assigning your occupation.

Message from the Overseer:
Thank you once again for your participation in Vault-Tec's Generalized Occupational Aptitude Test. We wish you a happy and productive life at your new occupation.

- The Overseer

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