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Vault 64 Organizations and Clubs

Administration 'Admins':
The Admins are the managers who are responsible for monitoring and directing the daily activities and resources of the Vault. Most are computer operators who monitor activity levels, populate spreadsheets, make and present reports, and attend meetings. Strong people skills, confidence, and scrupulous attention to details are must-have traits for anyone who wants to be selected for a cushy Admin job.

Most Admins spend their time working on the Command Level, at the top of the Vault. Aren't you glad that they are up there, making sure that everything goes smoothly? I know I am!

Many lower-level Admin staff have placements 'in the field', and are stationed at different departments, where they can monitor and direct workflows in-person. These staff generally work as hard as they can to advance to higher-status positions at the Command Level.

Education 'Teachers':
The Teachers are a branch of the Hospitality Department, and work in several locations on the Living Quarters (such as the Daycare Facility and Primary Educational Facility), and the Common Level (such as the Secondary Educational Academy, and the Library).

The Teachers are responsible for educating the citizens of the vault, and ensuring that they make steady progress up the Ladder of Learning, as well as administering the Generalized Occupational Aptitude Test (G.O.A.T.), which sorts Dwellers into their various occupations, once they reach the Age of Testing.

Hospitality 'Hosts/Hostesses':
The Hospitality Division, headquarterd on the Entertainment Level, is responsible, primarily, for delivering food, drinks, and entertainment to other Dwellers. The life of a Hospitality Technician is one of constant smiling and laughing. The most talented, optimistic, and good-spirited Dwellers are selected to be the Vaultís Entertainment Engineers, and they are mandated to keep up the Vaultís morale. This is, by far, the most important job in the vault (or so the Hosts tell themselves)!

Talented Hospitality Technicians might find themselves promoted to Entertainment Specialists, who spend more time performing, and less time serving food. Hosts and Hostesses of a more managerial mindset might be promoted to Hospitality Officer, or perhaps even to Maitre díHotel of one of the Vault's fine eateries!

A special branch of Hospitality is devoted to Nutritional Technicians and Engineers. These are the Dwellers who turn the basic building blocks of re-synthesized protein and vegetable matter into the tasty foods that we've all come to love and look forward to. Every one of the Cooks, from lowly Sandwich Assembly Technician to our very own Chef and Cookie, is responsible for ensuring that each Dweller gets the nutrients that they need.

During Vault 64ís twice-yearly Jamboree, Hospitality Technicians are very busy, making sure that all Dwellers are well-fed and entertained. Chefs compete to see who can create the tastiest dishes, musicians put on long, multi-instrumental sets, and entertainers of all stripes are invited to display their skills. Prizes are given out to the most talented Hosts and Hostesses, and a grand time is had by all!

Hydroelectric Power 'Hydros':
The hard-working folks from the Plant, located on the Power Level, are generally excellent specimens of physical health. Carrying heavy batteries and using large tools calls for strong backs, but Power Technicians and Engineers also need sharp minds. The Hydros might not be as smart as the folks from Education, but they know their jobs, and are very safety-conscious. The brightest and best educated Hydros become Shift Supervisors, Plant Managers and even occasionally move over to the Science Department, becoming Electrical Engineers, Computer Scientists, and Roboticists. They tend to be quite sporty, active, and technically-mined.

Chief Barbara Watson is responsible for the Plant. Power Technician Tony 'The Bod' Bodanza is one of the most popular Hydros in the Vault.

Maintenance 'Mains':
The lads and ladies that work in Maintenance are generally regarded as a lower class of Dweller, though they are still extremely valuable.

The majority of Mains are Wasters, cleaners who tidy up the vault and dispose of garbage.

Mains with better social and technical skills, such as Robot Repair Engineers, are located on the Operations Level, and interact more frequently with Dwellers from other departments. Those who work more 'specialized' functions, such as Garbage Burners and Scrubbers, rarely see higher-class Dwellers at all.

Medical 'Docs':
The Vault's medical staff, including those Medical Technicians not yet qualifying as Doctors, are collectively referred to as 'The Docs'. They work in the Infirmary, located on the Operations Level.

Doctor Bradley is a generalist, who handles most of the day-to-day cases. Doctor Aioi is a surgical specialist, and also helps Dr. Bradley with special cases. Doctor Gill is a virologist, and works most closely with the Water Purification Team, and also gives occasional public service announcements.

Operations 'Ops':
The Operations Department (usually referred to as 'Ops' or 'The 4H Club') is the largest department in Vault 64. Ops Technicians and Engineers, located on the Operations Level, are responsible for most of the actual physical work that gets done in the Vault.

Ops is made up of several smaller Divisions, including Hospitality, Hydroponics, Hydroelectric Power, and Water Purification.

Security 'The Watch':
At some point in every Dweller's life, he (or she) dreams about being assigned to the Security Department.

While on duty, most of a Security Officer's time is spent standing around, watching things. During their illustrious careers, Sec Officers will guard such things as the storage depot, med bay, hydroponics facility, and other exciting areas of the Vault. Each area has its perks and drawbacks. Guarding the Hydroponics Facility, for example, means that you get to chat with the Ďponics girls, who generally skin down to their under-clothes to work in the oppressive heat. You do, however, end up drenched in sweat, and smelling like broccoli.

Security Officers spend most of their time either standing around, thinking about how sore their feet are; or else on patrol, thinking about how sore their feet are. They are occasionally required to put their wrestling skills to the test, when Old Man Dillinger gets drunk and starts pinching the Hospitality Technicians.

Like all Vault Dwellers, Security Officers spend a great deal of time in training. Training consists of a lot of exercise, emergency drills, and close-quarters combat, though they also spend some time in the Armory and the Range, learning how to use and maintain various firearms and energy weapons, such as the ubiquitous Stunner. These weapons are kept mostly as a tradition, as there hasn't been an attack on the Vault in over 100 years <<<<THAT IS A LIE! THINK FOR YOURSELF! ESCAPE THE VAULT! - The Resistance>>>>. Occasionally, Security Officers will be called upon to clear out a radcoon infestation, but this can generally be accomplished with snares and BB guns, and is usually left to the hard-working folks from Waste Management.

Ambitious Security Officers may find themselves at cushy desk jobs on the Command Level, or teaching combat skills in the Training Facility or the Range. If you work hard, and donít get caught falling asleep on the job, you might find yourself appointed to the elite Overseerís Guards, be promoted to Watch Officer, or even Captain of the Guard!

Waste Management 'Wasters':
The folks from Waste Management (cleaners, garbage burners, and the like) are generally short on book-smarts, but often possess a certain pronounced animal cunning. Many Dwellers who are found to be high in aggression but low in conscientiousness are placed here, where they can sublimate their savage impulses by crushing and burning garbage. They tend to look up to the people from Security, and pack the seats during the Security Officers' Tournament. They generally enjoy betting, drinking, and games of skill and chance.

There are those who will tell you the job of a Waste Management Technician or Waste Manager is not as glamorous as other jobs here in Vault 64. Those people are absolutely correct. However, Waste Management is one of the most important jobs in the Vault!

Waste Managers fill an important role in Vault 64. Waste accumulates as a bi-product of life in the Vault, and it is the Waste Management Technician ís responsibility to ensure that it is disposed of properly, to ensure the safety and survival of all the Dwellers.

A Waste Manager is a jack-of-all-trades; though they fall under the Operations department, they fill the functions of Repair, Hospitality, Security, Science, Medicine, and even Education! Waste managers travel to parts of the Vault where no other Dwellers ever go, and see sights that no other Dwellers ever see. They maintain and service waste disposal technology, ensure that foodstuffs are disposed of properly during group events, do combat with and set traps for radcoons and other pests, prepare scientific reports on resource usage, and teach their fellow Dwellers how to stay safe and healthy, by adhering to proper waste-disposal procedures.

An ideal Waste Management Technician is a brave and loyal person; a hero who cares deeply about the health and safety of his fellow Dwellers.

Without the hard work of the dedicated Dwellers who make up the Waste Management Team, the Vault could not survive!

Water Purification 'Scrubbers':
One of the most important jobs is the Vault is performed by the diligent, hard-working folks from H2O. The Scrubbers are the front-line soldiers in the war against water-borne contaminants.

Water Purification Technicians and Engineers are the people who test the water that flows into The Vault from The River, which flows under us. The River turns the turbine that keeps the Vault powered, and also supplies us with the water that we need to drink, bathe, and otherwise survive.

The Scrubbers are diligent and scientific, and generally quite technically-minded. They spend most of their time in the Sub-Basement (The Violet Level), cleaning filters, running tests, and monitoring the water level in The Basin.

The Water Purification Division works closely with the Waste Management Division, ensuring that our water is clean enough to drink. I, for one, am very grateful that they are down there, looking after us. Aren't you?

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Vault 64 Organizations and Clubs

The Party Boys:
The Party Boys are a small group of athletic young men from Ops and Maintenance.

They are known for causing trouble around the Vault, but never really hurting anyone. Their leader, Tony 'The Bod' Bodanza, makes it very clear that they are not "thugs" or "hoodlums", and certainly not a "gang". They see themselves as a kind of Watch that doesn't answer to The Overseer.

The Security Guards don't approve of the Party Boys one bit, and the two groups frequently get in each others' faces, though their clashes seldom come to blows, largely due to The Bod's leadership.

The Peppers:
The Pep Squad, or 'The Peppers' is a group of young women who are quite popular, and regarded as aristocratic. They generally are employed as Hospitality Technicians and Entertainment Specialists, and generally date young men from Admin, Security, and Ops.

The peppers can be identified by their preference for pink accessories, especially the ubiquitous pink hair elastic. They have also recently taken to adding bright pink-and-yellow polka dots to their Vault suits.

Their current leader, Christie Jones, is a great follower of Vaultball, and the Peppers are a permanent fixture at practices, games, and Tournaments.

The Ponies:
The 'Poni Girls (or 'The Ponies') are a clique (some say, a gang) of women who work in the Hydroponics Facility. They have a great deal of power within the Vault, and are (allegedly) responsible for the majority of the Vault's unapproved pharmaceuticals. It is widely known that nobody gets assigned to Hydroponics without their say-so, regardless of what an individual Dweller's G.O.A.T. might indicate.

The Ponies tend to have a quite leisurely existence, and most of them are very intelligent, though generally not polite enough to work in Hospitality. They (allegedly) spend a great deal of time synthesizing chems, nail polish, food additives, and other unapproved science projects.

The Ponies tend to follow the trends of their leader, Dana Delgado, and right now, are going through a 'gothic' phase, accessorizing with black. They tend to date young men from Ops (Hosts, and Hydros with big arms), and tend to think that the boys from The Watch are too square.

The Resistance:
There is no such organization as 'The Resistance', but local legend would tell you otherwise. Occasionally, some smart-aleck will reprogram a Dispenser to spit out soap instead of candy, and leave a message that 'The Resistance' did it.

Once again, there is no such org-<<<<<LONG LIVE THE RESISTANCE! DON'T LISTEN TO MOTHER'S LIES!!!>>>>> as 'The Resistance'.

The Vaultball League:
Vaultball is a co-ed sport that has grown in popularity over the past 100 years of Vault life. Vaultball came about when its founder, 'Barefoot' Jimmy Johnson, wanted a way to adapt the sport of baseball to the realities of living within a small, closed space. The result was Vaultball, played with a foam ball that couldn't possibly hurt anybody and can't be thrown far enough to get lost. The rules of Vaultball are rather esoteric, and only a few experts know exactly how it should be played. The basics are easy to grasp, however, and take the best parts of baseball, basketball, rugby, and tennis and meld them together into a strangely coherent whole.

Several Departments within the Vault have formed Vaultball teams:

Breavers (Water Scrubbers)
Kings (Admins)
Mainers (Maintenance)
Nerds (made up of a number of scientists, medics, and technicians)
Sparkys (Hydropower)
Slamurai (Security)