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Vault 64 Physical Layout
Vault 64 is built like a silo, with each level encircling a central axis that rises vertically from the aquifer far below ground level, all the way to the Command level at the top. This central riser houses concrete stairs, service elevators, and conduits for water and power.

To aid in navigation, each Level is color-coded.

Command Level (Command Red)
The upper level is where the Overseer and the Admin Staff manage the Vault. It consists of the Command Center, where Administrators monitor and manage the complex workings of the Vault. Several Board Rooms are available for high-level meetings. The Guard Barracks and the Armory are here as well, as is the Security Officers' Training Facility and The Range. In addition, the Overseer's Private Apartment is located on the Command Level, so that he is never far away when called upon to act in the best interests of the Vault. Finally, there's La Maison Rouge, Vault 64's swankiest eatery, which caters to Admin staff, and Dwellers who want to impress their sweethearts with how many credits they have saved up.

Operations Level (No-Nonsense Orange)
The Operations Level is where the magic happens! Kinda! Most of the brain-work that takes place in the Vault happens right here, in one of several Workshops and Laboratories. The Infirmary is located on this level, adjacent to the Operating Room. Don't goof off on this level, because there are some seriously dangerous tools and machines housed here, especially in the Robotics Bay, and the Primary Storage Bay. Orange you glad it's color-coded for your convenience?

Common Area (Cheery Yellow)
The Common Area is a place of learning, shopping, and also houses residents who like it a bit on the quieter side. Here is where you'll find the Vault's Single-Occupancy Apartments, The Commissary and three large Storage Bays, as well as the Secondary Educational Academy, which all Dwellers attend from the ages of 14 to 18. The Library is here, and a number of Study Rooms. The Diner is also here, catering especially to students who need a break from all that studying!

Living Quarters (Relaxing Green)
The Living Quarters is always full of interesting people! On this level, you'll find Family Housing, Group Hygienic Facilities, the Daycare Facility, the Nursing Home, the Primary Educational Facility, and the Cafeteria. Cool! It gets a bit noisy on this level, except at night. It's mostly quiet at night, mostly.

Entertainment  Level (Refreshing Blue)
Ever have one of those days when you just can't take it? When you wonder if life is really worth living, and maybe you should just end it all? Of course you haven't! Not with the many exciting and stimulating games and distractions available on the Entertainment Level! Besides the huge Auditorium, with its circular Running Track, there's the Game Rooms, which have such interesting diversions as table-tennis, billiards, and Mrs. Dot-Eater. Or, have a walk in The Hydroponics Garden, for when you're feeling just a bit hemmed-in by steel walls. This level also houses both The Lounge (closed to Dwellers who are under the G.O.A.T. age), and The Restaurant (open to everyone!). There's also The Gymnasium, where you can flex your muscles, or practice your tumbling! Assuming, of course, you like that kind of thing.

There's also the Vault Entrance. Stay away from that.

Power Level (Denim Indigo)
Hear that? That's the sound of Power! Hydro-electric power!  A long, long, extra long Shaft descends deep into the ground, where The Turbine is housed, in the middle of the underground River that flows beneath Vault 64. That turbine cranks The Generator, which charges The Batteries in The Powerhouse. From there, the Power Technicians route power all over Vault 64. The Lunch Room is also here, for those on the lower levels who want a quick bite, so that they can get back to their jobs. What a bunch of hard workers! All right!

Water Level (Hygienic Violet)
The Water Level is where the Vault gets its water! Yum! Water is the most vital resource in the Vault, as it is used not only by Vault Dwellers, but by the generator that powers the Vault. Water from The River pools in The Basin, where it is stored and then re-routed to different areas of the Vault. At the Water Purification Facility, nuclear fallout and other contaminants are separated from the water through a series of filters, which must be cleaned by properly-attired Waste Management Technicians. Water Purification Engineers test the filtered water for impurities, and then route it to the rest of the Vault. Sewage and other physical wastes are collected here as well, and fed into The Recycler, where they are broken down into their component molecules and loaded into the Vault's Dispensers, so that they can be re-constituted as food, tools, clothing, toys, and all other manner of useful Stuff. In addition to normal Simu-Sun lights, this level is lit by powerful Ultraviolet Lights, making every surface virtually germ-free! Neat! This area also houses the Waste Removal Facility, where wastes that cannot be recycled are incinerated, and flushed downstream. Good riddance!

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