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No comments put those in PM or OOC.

For Notes, equipment and odds and ends that need recording.

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Date: 1/8/2269  As of arrival at K-8

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Born and raised in a society, very likely Federation core planets where there is a better chance of a poor work ethic. There are those that exploit the system of cradle to grave benefits they know enough law to beat people in charge over the heads with the safety net and are charming and enjoyable as a group. Most will work but just enough to not be seen as pointless or will pick up an easy career earlier on doing things they like but not really commit to it. Having fun is most important that doing things undesirable. However every society has some example and they might even find a role like in a Colony of Free Thought or as a Musician or is a passing Artist anything to avoid real work.

Administration (Bureaucratic Manipulation) 1 (2)
Artistic Expression (any specialization) 1 (2)
Athletics (any specialization) 1 (2)
Charm (any specialization) 2 (3)
Craft (any specialization) 1 (2)
Computer (any government or species) 1 (2)
Fast Talk 2
Knowledge (any specialization your an "expert" on) 1 (2)
Law (any specialization) 1 (2)

Examples of make-work by some species: Human (busker or poet), Ferengi (student of the rules of acquisition), Risian (part-time insert easy to do job), Vulcan (self-styled scholar of some obscure area) in short anything like real work is avoided for looking busy doing something and doing minimal output.
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From Starfleet Command

You are hereby ordered to report to the USS Whorfin no later than 10AM on 1/2/69 for transport to Deep Space Station K-7. You are then ordered and enjoined to muster in the ships company of the USS Minerva as replacements for crew transferred or lost to service.

Stephanie Barrows     Lt JG      Intelligence
Steven Cable          LT         Science Officer

Annja Creed           Ensign     Yeoman
Nis'hana Javari       LT         Doctor

Nava Ren              Ens        Engineering

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USS Minerva Cabin Assignments

Single Cabins

Harold Francis Callahan  CO

1st Officer Lt. Commander Phoebe LeFurre (Alpha Cent)

Chief Engineer Lt T'Laina (Vulc)

Helm Lt JG Pat Munroe

Wpns LT JG Kishka Wagner

Steve Cable Science Officer
Science Officer, assistant to 1st Ofc.

Chief Sec Lt Talla Shran (Andr)

Communications Lt. Tigan Kirk

CMO Nis'hana Javari
Chief Medical Officer Lt. Nis'hana Javari
Starfleet Medical

Double Cabins

Crewman             Nava Ren

Andree Naurel       Stephanie Barrows

Annja Creed         Yeoman Hernandez

Kimberly Schrouder  Tara Reid

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Known to Federation.
Symbiotes are not common knowledge by a long shot and most Trills like her don't have one and they don't talk about it and if they do they would insist on the discretion of the doctor to not record it outside their personal records. In short Trill won't mention their pouch thing and won't answer questions about it. Trill do have good relations with Klingons.


LUG has an Andorian sourcebook Among the Clans if needed that will be our reference.

A Federation member. It has warred against the Federation before joining and gave rise to brilliant Garth of Izar's career. The missteps that caused war resulted in the Prime Directive.

Bolia, Bajor, Betazed, Ferengi, Dominion, Borg,
None known to Federation yet.

Known to exist nothing known about them.

Energy Beings/Ultra Advanced Beings
Metrons, Talosians, Preservers, Thasians, Organians, Q, Redjack/Energy Ball.
Their existance is known except Q by name, Trelane is likely a Q. All are on the scale where their tech is indistinguishable from magic.

Enemies, will fight if they can get away with it, co-operate if they have to. Klingons suffer from Augment virus making them more human like.


Now Allied with Klingons so they have access to Klingon ships and weapons. Will attack any found in Neutral Zone. Tal Shiar may run cross border ops.

Breen and Nausicans
Both are known and troublesome. Nausicans are mercs looking for a fight. The Breen once wiped out an entire Klingon Fleet. Never turn your back on a Breen. Never play Dom'jot with a Nausican.

Section 31
Nobody realizes it's there. But it is. Their job is spot and find EXTERNAL threats to the Federation and deal with them. They in reality lack the resources to deal with much and farm the job out to unwitting Starfleet, Intel/Security or the off-hand Fed traveller in the right place at the right time. The Admirals are aware of Section 31 and do their bidding, secretly. Kirk has likely unknowingly done Sec 31's business many times.

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Crew Complement Destroyer(DD) USS Minerva-
Crew: 200

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Player Rewards

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2 Specialists

12 Nurses
4 Techs