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Players do not need to be familiar with the system, there are numerous completed characters the players can customize. Those with the LUG rules may generate their own PC.

PM: PM early and often. Open communication and planning make the game fun for all. Don't stand around like a potted plant, unless you like being a potted plant. PM the GM, questions, suggestions and criticism welcomed (*and all equally ignored *_*)

*Note GM thinks he's funny

Avatars: No anime style aka BESM. Though human-true (or Alien-true if applicable) painting is quite acceptable.

Combat: Combat is rather deadly, many weapons can kill with a single shot.

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Missions will be based on STO with adaptations to 23rd century (2369) STO is set in 2409.

No Star Trek canon crew members (Kirk, LaSalle etc) can be PC's though some, as NPC's, may visit.

Players familiar with STO will recognize many of their missions though they may not be as linear to complete as STO is currently. Non-STO players will hopefully enjoy them and benefit from never having played them online.
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Players are given a difficulty level target to roll for based on 2d6: Bold indicates it is likeliest of 3 choices to be picked by GM.

Difficulty Table
0          Auto succeed
3,4,5      Routine
6,7,8      Moderate
9,10,11    Challenging
12,13,14   Difficult
15+        Nearly Impossible

Player rolls one die called DRAMA die. 6 means likely success, 1 means path to trouble.

Played then rolls standard d6's for each attribute+edge over 1.  i.e. if attribute/edge is three roll 1 drama then two standard D6.

If all are ones AUTO FAIL. Assuming no Drama roll of 6 the highest die of those rolled is added to the skill+attribute+edge.  i.e. 5,6,1: then the 6 is added to skill 3 for a 9. If 9 is equal/higher than the difficulty table you succeed, lower you fail.

If the drama die is a 6 you add the next highest die to the total.

When requested to roll 2d6, 3d6 etc cut and paste the individual result to GM i.e. 3d6: Star Fleet Command rolled 10 using 3d6 ((4,1,5))

If a skill is listed as two numbers [i.e. 1(2) or 2(3)] the 2nd is your listed specialty the first the general skill name.

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After CharGen add the following skills if not already received.

UFP Character
First Aid                 0(1)
Personal Equi (En Suit)   0(1)
    "      "  (Commu)     1(2)
    "      "  (Tricrdr)   0(1)
Prim Weapon   (Sword)     0(1)

First Aid                 0(1)
Personal Equi (En Suit)   0(1)
    "      "  (Commu)     0(1)
    "      "  (Tricrdr)   0(1)
Prim Weapon   (Sword)     1(2)

First Aid                 0(1)
Personal Equi (En Suit)   0(1)
    "      "  (Commu)     1(2)
    "      "  (Tricrdr)   0(1)
Prim Weapon   (Sword)     0(1)

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Xenophile +1    Xenophobe -1, -2

Xenophile's are fascinated by Aliens and the diversity of life.

Xenophobe's dislike or are horrified by non-humanish aliens -1 or any and all aliens -2. The latter is not allowed in Starfleet, the first does get through, Uhura tended to have it when seeing strange aliens for the first time. The Romulan War, Xindi and Suliban attacks of the previous century have left a mark on Earth's inhabitants, few ever even reference these traumas.

Both are variants of Species friend/enemy.
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Unfortunately there is no LUG sourcebook on Orions.

In ST: Online they came in pink or green.

In FASA also pink/green with a 3rd grey race no one meets.

Here is a recent book (as 1st pix will show) it was based on FASA works.

From Enterprise though we know the green girls actually rule as Memory Alpha recounts.
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Roll 2d6 once on each table than babbleize pests with a two or three word Treknobabble and amaze and awe all around you.

Roll    Result 1         Result 2           Result 3
 2      quantum          flux               inhibitor
 3      positronic       reaction           equalizer
 4      gauss            field              dampener
 5      osmotic          particle           chamber
 6      neutrino         gradient           catalyst
 7      molecular        induction          coil
 8      resonating       conversion         unit
 9      thermal          polarizing         grid
10      photon           displacement       regulator
11      ionic            feed               sustainer
12      multiphasic      imaging            translator

 1      neuro
 2      patella
 3      thoracic
 4      costal
 5      lingulus
 6      malar

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Planetary classes
Class Description                                                   Examples
Class D Planetoid or moon; little to no atmosphere. Uninhabitable.  Regula, Weytahn
Class H Generally uninhabitable.                                    Tau Cygna V
Class J Gas giant                                                   Jupiter, Saturn
Class K Adaptable with pressure domes                               Mudd, Theta VIII, Mars
Class L Marginally habitable. No animal life. Only vegetation life. Indri VIII
Class M Terrestrial                                                 Earth, Vulcan, Risa
Class N Sulfuric                                                    Venus
Class T Gas giant
Class Y "Demon"                                                     Elba II

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Skill and Specialization
* skill cannot be used untrained
# skill cannot be taken by a Starfleet officer unless otherwise specified

Administration (INT)
Bureaucratic Manipulation, Logistics, Specific Planetary Government, Starship Administration

Behavior Modification*# (INT)
Brainwashing, Hypnotism, Resistance

Command (PRES)
Combat Leadership, Military Training, Starship Command

Diplomacy (PRES)
Commercial Treaties, Federation Law, Intergalactic Affairs, Intergalactic Law, Planetary Affairs (Earth, Vulcan, and so forth)

Espionage* (INT)
Counterintelligence, Covert Communications, Cryptography, Forgery, Species‐Specific Intelligence Techniques (Romulan, Andorian, etc), Traffic Analysis

Persuasion (Pres)
Debate, Oratory, Storytelling

Planetary Tactics (INT)
Guerilla Warfare, Mechanized Ground, Shipboard, Small‐Unit

Starship Tactics* (INT)
Planetary Support Tactics, Specific Naval Tactics (Federation, Klingon, Romulan)

Strategic Operations* (INT)
Defense‐in‐Depth, Invasion Strategies, Neutral Zone Strategies, Specific Strategies (Core, Frontier, Sector)

Engineering and Security
Demolitions* (INT)
Bomb Disposal, Boobly traps, Land Mines, Nuclear Demolitions, Primitive Demolitions, Shipboard Demolitions

Energy Weapon (COORD)
Disruptor, Disruptor Rifle, Phaser, Phaser Rifle

Engineering, Material* (INT)

Aeronautical/Aerodynamic, Civil, Mechanical, Metallurgical, Personal Equipment, Structural/Spaceframe, Vehicular

Engineering, Propulsion* (INT)
Fusion, Impulse, Ion, Rocketry,

Warp Drive Engineering, Systems* (INT)
Cloaking Device, Communications Systems, Computer Systems, Life Support, Phaser Systems, Power Systems, Sensor Systems, Shields, Torpedo/Probe Systems, Transporter Systems

First Aid (INT)
Chemical‐Biological first Aid, Species‐Specific First Aid, Wound/Combat Trauma

Heavy Weapons* (INT)
Individual Weapon Type

Personal Equipment* (INT)
Communicator, Environmental Suit, Medical Tricorder, Tricorder, Universal Translator

Projectile Weapon* (COORD)
Gunpowder Pistol, Gunpowder Rifle, Submachine Gun, Needle Weapons, Gauss Weapons

Security* (INT)
Law Enforcement, Patrolling, Security Systems

Shipboard Systems* (INT)
Cloaking Device, Communications, Helm, Library Computer, Life Support, Navigation, Sensors, Shields, Transporter, Weapons Systems

Unarmed Combat* (COORD)

Vehicle Operation* (INT)

Atmospheric Craft, Close Orbital Craft, Ground Vehicles, Shuttlecraft

Computer* (INT)
Computer Simulation/Modeling, Data Alteration/Hacking, Programming, Research

Life Sciences* (INT)
Skill and Specialization List 2
Agronomy, Bioengineering, Biology, Bionics, Biotechnology, Botany, Ecology, Exobiology, Genetics, Microbiology, Paleontology, Zoology

Medical Sciences* (INT)
Exoanatomy, Forensics, General Medicine, Pathology, Psychology, Specific Species Medicine (Vulcan, Klingon, etc), Surgical Specializations, Toxicology

Physical Sciences* (INT)
Chemistry, Computer Science, Mathematics, Physics

Planetary Sciences (INT)
Climatology, Geology, Hydrology, Mineralogy, Oceanography, Planetology, Volcanology

Social Sciences* (INT)
Anthropology, Archaeology, Economics, Geography, Paleoanthropology, Political Science, Sociology

Space Sciences* (INT)
Astrogation, Astronomy, Astrophysics, Stellar Cartography, Warp Field Theory

World Knowledge (INT)
Specific Planet

Acrobatics (COORD)
Balance Walking, Gymnastics, Mid‐Air Dodge, Rope Swinging

Animal Handling (PRES)
Specific Animal

Artistic Expression* (INT)
Dance, Drawing, Painting, Poetry, Singing, Specific Musical Instrument

Athletics (FIT)
Climbing, Jumping, Lifting, Specific Sport/Game, Running

Bargain (PRES)
Artwork, Bribery, Dilithium Crystals, Marketplace Haggling, Weapons

Charm (PRES)
Influence, Seduction

Culture (INT)
Specific Culture

Disguise (PRES)

Specific Species

Dodge (COORD)

Fast Talk (INT)

Gaming (INT)

Specific Game

History (INT)

Specific Organization, Specific Planet, Specific Species

Intimidation# (PRES)
Bluster, Torture

Languages* (INT) (each language is a separate skill)

Law* (INT)
Federation Law, Specific Planetary/Government Laws, Starfleet Regulations

Merchant (INT)
Specific Business Type, Specific Market, Specific Product

Planetside Survival (INT)
Artic, Desert, Forest, Jungle, Mountain, Ocean, Specific World, Urban

Primitive Weaponry (COORD)
Chaka, Dík tagh, Lirpa, Longbow, Mekíleth, Rapier, Sword

Search (INT)

Sleight of Hand* (COORD)

Conceal Weapons, Magic Tricks, Pick Pocket

Stealth (COORD)
Hide, Stealthy Movement

Streetwise (INT)
Locate Contraband, Underworld of Specific Planet or Species
Skill and Specialization List 3

Mind Control* (PSI)
Mind Meld* (PSI)
Mind Shield (PSI)
Projective Empathy* (PSI)
Projective Telepathy* (PSI)
Receptive Empathy* (PSI)
Receptive Telepathy* (PSI)
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Advantages and Disadvantages

Alertness (+2)
Alien Upbringing (+1)
Ally (+2 to +5)
Ambidexterity (+2)
Athletic Ability (+2)
Bold (+1)
Commendation (+1 to +3)
Contact (+1 to +3)
Curious (+1)
Department Head (+1 to +4)
Double‐Jointed (+2)
Eidetic Memory (+3)
Enhanced Vision (+2)
Engineering Aptitude (+3)
Excellent Balance (+1)
Excellent Chemoreception (=1)
Excellent Hearing (+2)
Excellent Metabolism (+1)
Excellent Sight (+2)
Famous Incident (varies)
Favor Owed (+1)
High Pain threshold (+2)
Indomitable (+2)
Innovative (+1)
Language Ability (+2)
Mathematical Ability (+3)
Medical Remedy (varies)
Mixed Species Heritage (+6)
Multitasking (+2)
Night Vision (+2)
Patron (+2 to +4)
Pattern Recognition (+3)
Peripheral Vision (+1)
Promotion (+0 to +6)
Quick‐Draw (+2)
Species Friend (+2 to +5)
Radiation Resistance (+1)
Rapid Healing (+1)
Resolute (+3)
Sense of Direction (+1)
Sense Of Time (+1)
Sexy (+2)
Shrewd (+1)
Strong Will (+2)
Synergy (+3)
Tactical Genius (+3)
Telepathic Resistance (+4)
Toughness (+1)
Weapon Master (+2 to +4)
Zero‐G Training (+2)

Argumentative (‐1)
Arrogant (‐1)
Bloodlust (‐2)
Chronic Pain (‐2)
Code of Honor (‐2 to ‐5)
Compulsion (‐1 to ‐5)
Dark Secret (‐1 to ‐3)
Dependent (‐2)
Fanatic (‐2 to ‐3)
Greedy (‐1)
Hedonist (‐1)
Hides Emotions (‐2)
Hypochondria (‐1)
Impulsive (‐1)
Intolerant (‐1 to ‐3)
Low Pain Threshold (‐2)
Medical Problem (‐1 or ‐3)
Obligation (‐1 to ‐3)
Obsessive Tendencies (‐1, ‐3)
Pacifism (‐1 to ‐5)
Phobia (‐2 to ‐5)
Physically Impaired (‐1 to ‐3)
Poor Chemoreception (‐1)
Poor Hearing (‐1)
Poor Sight (‐2)
Rival (‐1 to ‐3)
Slow Healing (‐2)
Species Enemy (‐3 to ‐5)
Stubborn (‐1)
Sworn Enemy (‐1 to ‐3)
Vengeful (‐1 to ‐2)
Weak Will (‐2)
Weakness (‐2)
Zero‐G Intolerance (‐2)
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Char Gen Notes

Family Background
Academic                  Colonial                       Explorer
Collapsed Colony (Nimbus II and Tasha Yar's home)        Famous Parents
Military family (MACO or local Earth militia)            Normal
Orphan                    Political family               Religios or idealogue parents
Starfleet Brat

Character Templates

Human Security
Add Background and Post Cadet cruise choices and Traits.

Fitness        2 (5)             Resistance 3
  Strength    +1 (Best but not only choice for Cadet Cruise)
Coord          2 (5)
IQ             2 (5)
  Perception  +1
Presence       2 (5)
   Will       +1
Psi            0 (5)

Energ Wpn                3(4)
Plan Tactics (Shipbd)    1(2)
Security (Sec Sys)       2(3)
         (Patrol)        1(2)
         (LE)            1(2)
Shpbd Sys (Transporter)  1(2)
Sys Engr (Sec)           1(2)
Unarm Combt (SFMA)       1(2)
Athletics (Running)      1(2)
Comp (Research)          1(2)
Dodge                    1
History (Fed)            1(2)
Lang (Fed Standard)      1(2)
Law (Strflt Reg)         1(2)
Pers Equip (Comm)        1(2)
Planetside Surv (Plains) 1(2)
Vehic OP (Shuttlecraft)  1(2)

SFA (Security)
Cadet Cruise

[Private to GM:
Fitness 4 Vitality +2
Coordination 2
Intellect 2
Presence 2
Psi 3 Range +1

Advantages/ Diasadvantages:
Excellent Metabolism +1; Toughness +2; Rapid Healing +1; Species Enemy (Borg) -5; Intolerant (all except Undine) -2; Shapeshifting (Humanoid forms)

Members of Species 8472 are more than 2 metres tall and mass more than 100kg. Most remarkable is that the species has three arms and legs, not unlike the Federation's Edoan species, but much larger. Their arms are very long and their heads have a roughly triangular shape. They are very bony and seem to have at least a partial exoskeleton.
Special or Unique Abilities:
Undine are excellent warriors and scientists. They have very advanced technology, as evidenced by their organic ships and their ability to take on Humanoid forms.
The Undine are a species of very talented psionics, especially telepaths.They can project visions to other beings over large distances and most of the they time communicate with psionics. Additionally they are very resistant to damage. They are genetically very advanced and as a consequence posses a very potent immune system, attacking and destroying everything entering their body, including Borg nanoprobes. This is also their most dangerous weapon. When hitting a target they leave a few their cells in the victimís bloodstream. The cells immediately begin to attack the victimís cells an
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Character Background


Born and raised in a society, very likely Federation core planets where there is a better chance of a poor work ethic. There are those that exploit the system of cradle to grave benefits they know enough law to beat people in charge over the heads with the safety net and are charming and enjoyable as a group. Most will work but just enough to not be seen as pointless or will pick up an easy career earlier on doing things they like but not really commit to it. Having fun is most important that doing things undesirable. However every society has some example and they might even find a role like in a Colony of Free Thought or as a Musician or is a passing Artist anything to avoid real work.

Administration (Bureaucratic Manipulation) 1 (2)
Artistic Expression (any specialization) 1 (2)
Athletics (any specialization) 1 (2)
Charm (any specialization) 2 (3)
Craft (any specialization) 1 (2)
Computer (any government or species) 1 (2)
Fast Talk 2
Knowledge (any specialization your an "expert" on) 1 (2)
Law (any specialization) 1 (2)

Examples of make-work by some species: Human (busker or poet), Ferengi (student of the rules of acquisition), Risian (part-time insert easy to do job), Vulcan (self-styled scholar of some obscure area) in short anything like real work is avoided for looking busy doing something and doing minimal output.