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Star Fleet Command
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Thu 17 Sep 2015
at 00:52
Looking for junior Officers.

RPOL ST history is bad, vanishing GM's and players is standard. So I advise avoiding Bridge Officers as they do little. What we'll need are:

1 Science Officer
1 Doctor (or Nurse/paramedic)
several Security RED SHIRTS!
1 Exploration Specialist
1 Klingon Tactics Specialist

Need the above only at this time

Posting style:
Few, many, avalanche
days, nights, weekends
Time Zone

Your Character name:

Characters Description:

Background/History of your character

Got this far, you may send an RTJ, if we can use your character you will be allowed to join.


Human (Earth or a colonist)
Alpha Centauran (1st race discovered to be identical to humans on their outside)
Trill (If joined it is a Dark Secret) Template at Memory Icon Species Data Bank

No unicorns or fantasy creatures! I am not inclined to other races though will give a fair hearing to any species known in 22nd/23rd century.

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Star Fleet Command
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Fri 16 Oct 2015
at 15:52
TOS Character Generation

Not for the feint of heart.

Here is the 3 steps to CharGen, click on small hyper link to get PDF's.

I don't recommend new players trying it on your own, but a player requested it, someone posted it today on the forums. The Skills, Advantages and Disadvantages will allow new players to see what is available and request them.