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Star Fleet Command
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Tue 2 Feb 2016
at 19:30
Assignment Tasks
Crew will be assigned here to complete tasks.  Roll appropriate dice to complete each task.  No particular timelimit. success breeds a reward. They need not interfere with a current/adventure thread to be completed.

Mechanical tasks, i.e, fixing, guarding a location should be done in a particular thread.
Those with no particular location may be done in Briefing Room or lounges or crew quarters as appropriate.

You may, and sometimes will have to, just roll dice. However making it elaborate and involving others is allowed. You can even get others to do the task for you as most certainly lazy Harry will send out his minions to do his bidding.

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Tigan Kirk
Tue 2 Feb 2016
at 20:00
Assignment Tasks

Communications Lt. Tigan Kirk went over the tasks needed.

Cmndr Harry Callahan: Confiscate contraband
Lt. S. Cable: Parse sub-space telescope data
Lt: T'Shok: Research AI
Lt. Traag: turbolift maintenance.
Lt. Nis'hana Javari: Prescribe treatment for minor fever
Lt. JG S. Barrows: Decrypt intercepted files
Lt. JG Ke'Val Ch'dran: Attend briefing on security in Argelius sector
Lt JG Greg Reardon: Treat minor burns
Lt JG Nivanra: Riot Control Exercise
Ens. Etera Kereru: Interrogation resistance program (R)
Ens. Nava Ren: EVA Suit training
Ens. Cesar Soares: Interrogation resistance program (K)