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Difficulty            3/ 4/ 7/10
Phaser I:   Range(m)  5/10/20/30        100 charges   .2kg
Phaser II:  Range(m)  5/20/50/80        250 charges   .5kg
Phaser III: Range(m) 10/50/150/3000    1500 charges  1.6kg

Energy Weapon Damage

Phaser Damage
Setting        Damage      CHG    Notes
1 Lt. Stun     (2+2d6)      1     Stun Human 5 minutes
2 Hvy. Stun    (4+4d6)      2     Stun Human 1hr, Klingon 15 min
3 Thermal      10+2d6       4
4 Disrupt      12+3d6       6
5 Disin A      16+4d6      10     Vape Humanoid size target
6 Disin B      24+5d6      15
7 Disin C      30+9d6      20

Laser Damage
1 Low Therm    10+2d6       1
2 Hi Thermal   12+3d6       3
3 Disrupt      14+4d6       5

Disruptor Damage     
1 Stun         (4+2d6)      1    Stun Human 15, Klingon 5 min
2 Thermal      10+2d6       3
3 Disrupt      24+5d6      10

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Projectile Based Weapons

Type                           Range       Dam./Set. Charges  Size     Mass

Difficulty                     3/ 4/ 7/10
Bow - Tishrul (Andorian)       5/20/50/100 3+2d6       1       90-150cm, 0.4-1.2kg
Heavy Bow - Khiya (Vulcan)    10/20/40/100 4+2d6       1      150cm,     0.9kg
Must have a Strength Total of 4 to use at all,-2 penalty to hit unless Strength Total = 5
Flintlock Blunderbuss (Terran) 5/8/15/30   3+4d6       1      Varies 2 rounds to reload
Flintlock Musket (Terran)      5/10/25/50  2+3d6       1      Varies 2 rounds to reload
Flintlock Pistol (Terran)      5/10/20/40  2+2d6       1      Varies 3 rounds to reload
Flintlock Pocket Pistol (Ter)  5/8/12/25   1+1d6       1      Varies 4 rounds to reload
Flintlock Rifle (Terran)      10/20/50/100 10+3d6      1      Varies 3 rounds to reload
Matchlock Musket (Terran)      5/10/20/40   2+2d6      1      Varies 3 rounds to reload
M1 Garand .30-06 (Terran)      5/40/80/200  6+6d6     10               ---
.38 Revolver (Terran)          5/10/25/50   4+2d6      6       12cm,     0.4kg ---
.45 Colt (US West)             5/12/30/50   4+4d6      6      318mm      1kg
Tommygun (Terran)              5/20/50/100  6+4d6     50      30cm,      4.9kg x2 burst
.45 Automatic (Terran)         5/10/25/50   4+4d6      7      85cm,      .5kg
Machinegun (Terran)            5/10/25/50   8+2d6     30     100cm,      4.9kg x3 burst
10mm Pulse Rifle               5/40/80/200 6+4d6     100      70cm,      5.0kg x5 burst
10mm Carbine                   5/20/50/100 6+4d6      50      35cm,      3.0kg x5 burst
Heavy Repeater (Orion)         5/20/50/100 16+5d6     30
Flechette Weapon (Orion FC-1)  5/10/15/25  4+2d6    1000
Bomb Launcher                  5/10/25/50  8+2d6       8                2m Blast Radius
Portable Missile(Orion PLX-2M) 5/40/80/250 100+12d6    5                5m Blast Radius
Federation TR-116              5/40/80/250 10+2d6     12      101cm,    2.6kg Military
Fed. Grenade Launcher          5/20/50/100 Per Grenade 8      80 cm,    4 kg  Military
Fed. Micro-Torpedo Launcher    5/40/80/500 Per Ammo    3     105 cm,    4.4 kg Military Heavy Weapon

Thrown Weapons and Grenades
Type                            Range         Damage/Settings Size, Mass Notes
Difficulty                      3/ 4/ 7/10
qa'vak (Klingon spear)          5/10/20/30     2+2d6
Julasa (Flaxian Throwing Blade) 5/10/20/30     1d3 (No STR)     7cm, 0.05kg
                                               Frequently carries a poison
Kligat (Capellan)               5/20/50/100    4+2d6           25cm, 0.5kg
                                               Must have a Fitness 3 or higher to use
Photon Grenade                  1-5PG (1 Charge)                8cm, 0.2kg
Can be set to explode on impact or at a preset time up to 9.99 hours. Set to a radius explosion between 3-10m.

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Medical Kit

Hypospray (can do 10 injects per vial)
Anabolic protoplaser (heals 1 wound level) (Shipboard cures 2 levels)
Spray applicator
2 Energy Scapels
Multi common drugs
Medical scanner

Electronic Clipboard
Large to allow use as a writing surface, a padd.

Medical, engineering, science, geological, meteorological
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Fri 16 Oct 2015
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Armor (Charges)
                              Wgt        Points stopped           Divisor        Period
                     Torso/Full   Non-Energ/Energy      Non-Energ/Energy

Leather*              1Kg/3Kg        5/1                                   Ancient
Wood*/Lacquer         4Kg/10Kg       6/1                                   Ancient
Lt Metal              5kg/15kg      10/2                                   Ancient
Chain                 8kg/na        13/2                                   Ancient
Plate/Segmented      12kg/20kg      15/2                                   Ancient
Steel Plate          14kg/na        18/2                                    WWI
Flak Jacket           2kg/na         5/1                                    WWII
Bullet Proof Vest     3kg/5Kg       10/1                                   post-WW
Kevlar*               7.4kg/na      15/1                                   1970's
Mesh@                 2kg/4kg        9/1                                   21stC
Cloth@                1kg/3kg       18/na                   na/1           21stC
Composite@            2kg/10kg      25/na                   na/2           21stC
Powered@     (50)      na/26kg                              50/5           22ndC
Klingon/Cardassian      2/na                                 2/1           22ndC
Life belt^   (20)      na/.5Kg       1/na                   na/1           23rdC
Early Shield (20)      na/.5Kg                              10/5           24thC
Late Shield  (30)      na/.5Kg                              10/8           24thC
STO Shield   (40)      na/.5Kg      60/60                                  25thC
Advanced Shield# (25)  na/.5Kg                              10/40          29thC

^ Glows, particularly in dark
* Includes hand held shields
# Borg/Undine other advanced races
@ TRAVELLER RPG should not normally be available to UESPA/UFP except
composite or mesh Torso only for the 22nd-25th century major powers.
STO Star Trek Online

CHARGES: When in use it uses 1 charge per 30 minutes. Each 10 hitpoints received
uses up 1 charge. Batteries may be changed on all except Life Belt and Advanced
Shield. Those two require charging while plugged in at a recharge point.

Life Belt, full Composite and Powered may be used as environment suits.

Armor either directly stops hits from reaching the wearer or adds the divisor
number to the wearers Resistance number.
All hits on STO Shield are cumulative per round.
All hits on Points Stopped armor is resolved as individual hits.
All hits on Early, Late and Advanced Shields reduce the divisor by one after the
first hit (similar to multi actions penalty). On any turn that 3 or less hits is
received the divisor returns to full strength.

Borgs are never shielded in 1st combat round. All are shielded in subsequent rounds.
All Borg shields are immune to damage once a drone absorbs one hit with no damage
inflicted. Changing the weapons frequency starts sequence over.

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Avoiding Hits
Targets Action                                                  Difficulty
Dodge              No Change                       Dodges may not be taken in dense packs
Prone              "     "                         of troops
Dive               "     "
Roll               "     "
Cover              "     "
Targeting System   "     "
Walking, Towards or Away from                     +1
Walking, Lateral                                  +2
Running, Towards or Away from                     +2
Running, Lateral                                  +3
Riding,  Towards or Away from 10Km-24Kmph         +2/+3
Riding,  Lateral              10Km-24Kmph         +3/+4
Riding,  Towards or Away from 25km-50kmph         +3/+4
Riding,  Lateral              25km-50kmph         +6/+8
Riding,  Towards or Away from 51km-80kmph         +8/+10
Riding,  Lateral              51km-80kmph         +9/+11
81km+                                             +12/+15
Haze/Wispy Smoke                                  +1 per range band (except PB)
Fog/Light smoke                                   +2 per range band (except PB)
Night                                             +1 PB/+2 S/+3 M/+4 L
Smoke/Gas Dense                                   +4 per range band
Strong wind (Except Energy Weapons)               +1 per range band (except PB)
Specialized cammo                                 +3

Attempting to Hit
Players Action
Walking                                           +1
Running                                           +3
Riding                                            +4 on smooth vehicle/+5 on animal
Moving 25kmph+                                    +5 on smooth vehicle/+6 on animal

Dense pack of troops i.e. Phalanx, barbarian hordes, multi line infantry cavalry with less than 2m spacing between targets. A miss by 1 hits someone next to target(T) Potential Target (P) or non-target (X). Roll 1d6 hitting P as per diagrams.
 3  X 4           XXXPXPXXX
1,2 T 5,6         XXXPTPXXX

Target Riding #/#  First number is targeting animal or vehicle/Second number is a rider.
Shooter riding #/# on platform smooth hover or grav vehicle slow ground car/ riding animal or fast ground car or on bad roads

Difficulty is added to Difficulty Number either base or revised for Dodge
Specialized cammo applies at Medium or long range, includes dressing for darkness, white in snow, Ghille suit, chameleon cammo suits(not invisibility)

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