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The Koronus Expanse, an area of the galaxy both lauded and vilified for the relative weakness of Imperial law, faces a new crisis threatening to see the sector burn.
Twelve years past, in the year 436.M41, a surge of warp storms in and around the Expanse all but eliminated contact between systems inside the Expanse, and the Expanse to other areas of the galaxy. Though the initial outburst was incredibly violent, the storms inside subsided rather quickly; the sector itself is still, however, cut off from outer Imperial space. The Tau Protector-class cruiser Io’Phi’Ko’s captain, captured outside Port Wander, was interrogated; shortly before his death, he told officials that Imperials outside now feared to enter the Expanse, and spoke of Chaos being mentioned in many intercepted reports. This was, and still is, the only known vessel to have entered the Expanse since the storms began.
These reports of increased Chaos activity would have raised more concern, but the Expanse had been dealing with increased cult and Traitor Marine activity already. The Rifts of Hecaton, long a place of dark myths and suspicion, seem to be the source of the Warp breach. This led to the eventual systemic quarantine, closing off the Cinerus Maleficum and each sector to the west thereof.
One figure rose to challenge this: Arch-Cardinal Dagmar Roft. The head of the Imperial cult within the Expanse, Roft publicly admonished the Administratum for abandoning subjects and citizens, leaving them as sacrificial lambs for Chaos to consume. Various officials in the Expanse expressed support for Roft, while others tried to brand him a traitor. In 442.M41, Port Wander was officially granted to the Arch-Cardinal; all officers aboard the void station supported the decision. Roft and the close friends (and big players) he had assembled have since then used Port Wander as their stronghold and base of operations. In 437.M41, Port Wander began a process of fortifying and expansion; this was completed in 444.M41.
For all of the Arch-Cardinal’s supporters, there exists an equal amount of opponents. Anchored and entrenched on Damaris, a rare jewel of prosperity and civilization in the Expanse. A benevolent junta under the leadership of Lord Militant Commander Zaccariah Antasa and Lord Admiral Jaxon Orpheus. Rogue Trader Bastille the Seventh has taken on the role of their face, and has taken to travelling the Expanse, garnering support for the “real” Imperial authorities in the Expanse; it remains to be seen which will prevail.
From the West, in the Sequester, the sector burns and its people bleed. The Warlord Mel’kar’rahh the Blind leads a unified Chaos band that has steamrolled through the region. The heretics have taken and fortified Rune, Illisk, and Melbethe; Seven Dooms and Marwolv are systems under siege; and reports are coming of the first Chaos-Ork clashes around the Undred-Undred Teef collective. Some within the Expanse are willing to let these areas go; they were riddled with Chaos before, and of little value to begin. Others counter that, while of little value, the footholds gained are only allowing the forces of Chaos to gain more and more strength.
Amidst these discussions, in 442.M41, Antasa and Orpheus compared the Arch-Cardinal to the High Lorde Goge Vandire, who sparked the Age of Apostasy throughout the galaxy in the 36th millennium. Denouncing Roft for appropriating Administratum authority to the Ecclesiarchy, the Damaris forces have branded him a traitor, and accuse him of being behind the original warp storms; some even claim he himself is Mel’kar’rahh.
The Expanse was renowned for its distance from the oppressive Imperium; it is now completely cut off from that law, but also its protection. In these turbulent times, legends are forged and names are made that will, one day, echo throughout the galaxy. The Koronus Expanse has never been riper for the taking- and only the most ambitious, crafty, and powerful player will be left to claim it in the end.
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