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Sat 23 Jul 2016
at 21:56
[The Ship] Vos-Skagerakk III's Lab
Tanks full of humanoid and non-humanoid things; flasks boil and roil with chemicals of all colors, and then some; creatures ripped out of a nightmare mill about, porting weirder yet creatures in cages and boxes; from some corner, a moan is heard, but whether in pain or pleasure is up to the listener.

And that's just what's identifiable.

Look, it's pretty weird, do you really want more details? Can your mind handle them? Even the Gellar field is a little wary of this corner of the ship.

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Dr. Aleks Kubrik Vos-Skagerakk III
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Tue 26 Jul 2016
at 01:11
[The Ship] Vos-Skagerakk III's Lab
In reply to God-Emperor (msg # 1):

+++ This one has had a thought Betta B. Perhaps a fusion of these two departments. The Physical and Calculations...

Assign our warriors numerical values. A ranking system of some kind. Show the weak and useless just how inferior they are, give them all something to work for.+++

+++This one has a few ideas for endurance tests that would be quite enlightening, and provide valuable data for the limits of flesh based human endurance.+++

Beata B Clearly
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Thu 28 Jul 2016
at 18:49
[The Ship] Vos-Skagerakk III's Lab
In reply to Dr. Aleks Kubrik Vos-Skagerakk III (msg # 2)

I don't think that's going to get you the accurate results that you think it will and are hoping for, Doc. A person reacts differently in real-life, not this lab garbage. That being said, we could always use your simulation idea to train, I don't think a little training ever hurt anyone. Although I have to say, I'm a little worried that hurting our troops might be part of your plan. You're twisted enough to think of something like that.
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Thu 28 Jul 2016
at 23:30
[The Ship] Vos-Skagerakk III's Lab
In reply to Beata B Clearly (msg # 3):

A homunculus the size of an autogun cartridge descends between the two from the ceiling, rappelling from a crack in a pipe. The tiny soldier's heritage is undeniably the Doctor's, and his fatigues are the rust red of the Mechanicum, with black trim. His eye lenses flash incandescent orange with each syllable as he speaks in a comically high pitch.

"77814 reporting, sir! Results for the Hematophagia are in, and it- oh Void Dragon!"

77814 yanks twice on the minuscule rope and is quickly pulled back up to the crack; if one cared to look up, they would see a half-dozen sets of orange lens eyes staring back at them. A voice of similar pitch but different timbre voxes into the Doctor's head directly.

"09402 here... are we not implementing the numbering program? Is it safe to come out with her? She accidentally stepped on 55011 and... well, the funeral was quite sombre. Rust in peace, Double Doubles."

"Rust in peace, Double Doubles," comes the vox choir from the rest of the assembly.
Dr. Aleks Kubrik Vos-Skagerakk III
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Fri 29 Jul 2016
at 00:14
[The Ship] Vos-Skagerakk III's Lab
In reply to God-Emperor (msg # 4):

+++ Last week it was called Liam, you cretins. Though, Double-double is rather fitting.+++

In a rare bit of obvious introspection, the likes of which Aleks would only afford the most senior of the ship he glances around the room. Fully taking in all that he's been able to achieve here. Becasue of, and perhaps despite the lack of intrusion. This ship represents freedom from every law. He's made the entire ship an accomplice to some dangerous things.

+++The Numerical Systemic Order of Precise Physical Prowess will be instituted. This one Betta will draw up a map of some kind. Whatever her worst nightmare for the troops would be. Everything in this room will push this project to #2 priority!+++ The doctor turning fully to address his creatures in the rafters, seems nearly ecstatic at the thought of so much data. His hands, servo-arms, and mechandrites all fully stretched upwards.

+++I have no desire to intentionally injure any of the captains troopers, Beata. Merely to test, on in this case prove- +++
+++The Flesh is Weak+++

What passes for a laugh, or a throaty cough crackles out of too many vox speakers to be reasonable. As soon as the conversation started, it concluded. Aleks walks deeper into the lap, stopping just past a bright red line, cast by a light sorce from far above, clearly stating Be wary ye who cross here
+++One of the cargo bay's Beata? Or a location of This One's choosing? It will matter little, data will be collected effectively regardless. If conducted here, There will be more ways to motivate the troopers.+++

As if on cue, a cage, three meters high, and many more wide and long drags itself across the lab. Three arms of various sizes stick out from its bars, each seems to claw desperately in desperate directions, but the largest one pulls the cage behind a water tank.

Aleks has vanished, and only the clicking of homunculi, chirpy binary back and forth can be heard.

Beata B Clearly
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Fri 29 Jul 2016
at 01:06
[The Ship] Vos-Skagerakk III's Lab
In reply to Dr. Aleks Kubrik Vos-Skagerakk III (msg # 5):

Let's keep this training to a less occupied area of the ship, Doc. If I know you, I know that it won't be a quiet affair. Or a particularly clean one. I'll write up a few plans, we can go through specifics as we head to our next paycheck! It will be like a reward for my crew, they get to take out the natural aggression one feels aboard a vessel for such long periods of time!

As for sending one of your little gadgets to its grave, it wasn't my intention but I can't say I'm disappointed. They're creepy, Doc. And generally unnecessary. I know creepy and unnecessary are kinda your things, but stomping things is kinda mine. Guess you're going to have to accept me just like I accept you.
Dr. Aleks Kubrik Vos-Skagerakk III
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Fri 29 Jul 2016
at 01:44
[The Ship] Vos-Skagerakk III's Lab
In reply to Beata B Clearly (msg # 6):

A vox speaker near the door clicks on. There's even a neat little plascrete bench - mostly clear of grime next to it.

+++Bring the Plans as soon as you are able, dear Millitant. Resources aplenty for a project such as this. Perhaps your men can clear one of the reactor overflow rooms outside the engine rooms, past the bleak and barrows.+++

+++This one knows for a fact, something massive, and glowing. Probably radioactive- so beware. If it could be killed, the containment squads. Subjugation Squads, and this ones own Collectors could resume patrolling below.+++

As an afterthought, punctuated by the vox clicking back on.
+++Maintenance on the Engine Rooms too, of course.+++
A sickly metal roar screeches out of a dying speaker

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Josh, how do you want this to go? Do you want everyone to contribute a named NPC? Some rolls? We can sketch a rough obstacle course, for you and I to plot out some awful tricks. I'm up for whatever.