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Sat 23 Jul 2016
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[The Ship] Dizzy's Psychic Chamber
Close to the bridge, an unassuming door appears normal to the passerby, but its door is thicker than others to an auspex scan. Beyond this lies a realm not entirely human, mortal, or physical in nature.

This is the Navigator's chambers, and Desiraeh "Dizzy" Laroja has crafted it into her own refuge.

Ambient light originates from nowhere in particular, highlighting the room in hues of purple. The walls are the same steel and ceramite as the rest of the ship, but are far thicker for this chamber than any other, and on the inside are covered with intricate runes, carved by those highly gifted in the psyker's ways. The room expands for far longer than the ship's dimensions should allow, as rolling hills turn into a lake of green in the distance, a single white moon visible miles away. Verdant plants sprout from the ground, which is either bare metal or covered in soil and grass; there is no pattern to it, nor do the plants seem to mind.

In the arguable center of the room- some ten yards from the door- sits a bleak white dome, in contrast to the exploded rainbow the rest of the chamber. A half-sphere ten foot in radius, the dome has no door, instead warping around its owner's form at her will. Within this dome sits a tub of ice water, surrounded by coiled tubes and chains. Three microphones hang from the dome's ceiling, ready to transmit the Navigator's speech when needed, and speakers are laid into the floor to give her the responses. A Navigators and the ship's crew work tightly together to successfully move the ship between realspace and the Warp, and without this communication apparatus, it would be nearly impossible.

When the Navigator takes her seat in the water, the cables cover all three of her eyes, and plug into random parts of her body to receive further body commands. Those over her eyes are neither cameras nor filters, but instead direct conduits into the Warp, something that would not only blind any other wearer, but drive them mad in a moment. The Third Eye is, in this instance, a blessing.

The thick walls not only prevent the corporeal insanity of the chamber from seeping into the rest of the ship, but also protect the Navigator; roving bands of Chaos and Dark Eldar pirates are always on the hunt for a new ship, and their success is heavily predicated on either having or enslaving a Navigator. It is not unheard of (and indeed, for some battlefleets, is protocol) for a Navigator's final order to be plunging the ship into the Warp, without the Gellar field's protection; if it should come to this, it becomes a race against time for the boarders to penetrate the Chamber before the Navigator can carry out his or her final order for the Captain.

Let us hope such drastic measures need never be taken.