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Fri 1 Jul 2016
at 22:26
The Galley
A more laid-back area for everyone. Countless courses of luxurious foods grace the table of the Captain and his retinue, while the myriad crewmembers sup on porridge and Nutri-Loaf. The atmosphere is as spartan or gaudy and opulent as the Captain eventually determines.
Dr. Aleks Kubrik Vos-Skagerakk III
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Fri 1 Jul 2016
at 22:58
The Galley
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+++And an outlet in the corner for this one....+++

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Desiraeh Dizzy Laroja
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Mon 18 Jul 2016
at 02:54
The Galley
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Here, I am spotted two to three times per day, carrying a sack into which I toss the makings of a fine meal- some Nutri-Loaf here, some cheeses there, a couple of soy sauce packets (or the equivalent thereof), perhaps a hunk broken off of a decorative dessert or a handful of various fruits. I don't eat any of this (except maybe a few small morsels), but I enjoy the strange looks as I wander. The whispers of "navigator" are a delectable treat. I've worked hard. I've suffered. I've overcome, and now I am here, laughing at the fleeing shadow of my mentor as I begin to make a name for myself among our kind. These moments of sharp clarity are those I treasure. I close my eyes and let the sounds wash over me, caressing my skin, wrapping around me and moving past, kissing the ears of my fellow travelers. I breathe them in, and taste their intentions, catching hold of the tailing strands of dozens of conversations. My chair at the captain's table remains empty but for a single walnut, a clear reminder that I am here, as much a part of our community as any other.