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Fri 1 Jul 2016
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The Bowels
Abandon All Hope Ye Who Enter Here!

The first forays into the decks below may not be unpleasant necessarily, but are certainly off-putting. Less time and effort is available to keep these clean, and as the upper crust rarely venture down it is not deemed needed.

Travel a bit further down, and the sheen is all but gone. Bare steel and exposed conduits remove all doubt of the utilitarian nature of the lower decks; those who live and work here maintain a functioning ship, with no time or resources for decoration. Posters gather at intersections for missing persons, but none are known to have been taken down with happiness. These tunnels wind and twist throughout the ship, leading for miles, but the dangers within are low. Gangs form at more distant corners, made up of mutinous or rebellious crew, but pose little threat to the ship as a whole.

The lowest decks are scum made manifest. Mysterious slimes ooze from cracks in the sheetmetal walls, while unidentifiable liquids drip from the ceilings and pipes. Temperatures go between frigid cold from the hulls meeting the void outside, to a roasting heat by the engine rooms. Few surfaces are free of stains, and fewer still are remotely clean. The populace down here ekes out a living as best as it can, and communities have risen and persisted for generations in squalor. The lowest decks have seen villages and towns rise and disappear without a trace, and self-sustained governments do their best to maintain a semblance of order and efficiency. The lordly crew members will likely never venture down here- nor have their ancestors, nor have their descendants. A journey to these lowest decks by the command retinue is celebrated as an expedition by them, and feared by the denizens as a violent purge; the truth is somewhere between these extremes.
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Sat 2 Jul 2016
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The Bowels
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A more perfect land to host bum fights could not be found. These scavengers are as deadly as they are.. Well, you get it.

Dr. Aleks Kubrik Vos-Skagerakk III
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Sat 16 Jul 2016
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The Bowels
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+++Gather a few of the champions below. Whom every they send out to lead and defend them. That they may make fitting Skittari, and worse.+++

+++Their minds are unworthy of anything but the simplest tactics, but heartier stock cannot be bred.+++

+++Be on the watch for Subject X82-3B3 The Glowing Ooze. While it was meant to scrub the nutrition-tanks, it seems to prefer lounging atop corpses of our weaker crew members. +++