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Hi, here's some information on what to have in your request to join.

1. Intro. This is a mature game, but there won't be gratuitous adult themes- so if you're here for some hot and heavy posts you're out of luck. Be ready for mud, blood, and lots of horror elements. If you're a writer that likes plot focused games that have all kinds of character-driven development and interactions, you're gonna have fun. That said, the game is not "freeform" and relies on GM updates.

Now the good stuff. Head on over to the Character Creation thread.
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Right now, the most important thing to fill out is the basic info such as your character's name, age, personality, and all those little headers.

Note: Regarding careers, you can make up just about anything within reason taking the game's setting into account (a post-apocalyptic dirty industrial Hell, where everyone lives in tunnels). Information on factions, backstory, and all that jazz can be found in the Encyclopedia thread.
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3. Remember to do your SPECIAL according to what suits your character, and not what will make you best at the game. This game is heavily focused on plot, narrative, character development, that sort of thing, not just winning and being the best. Min-maxing should be avoided. If any one stat is above 8 or below 3, there should be an explanation as to why.

Once you have SPECIAL done, you'll see "derived attributes" and some spaces for "skills." There are steps in the character creation thread on how to do the math for your derived attributes. As for skills, you start out with 10 of your choosing. Each skill you begin with has a base of 5, but you have 10 additional points to put into them however you want. The list of skills can be found here, in the Game Rules thread.
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If you're not sure how to calculate the attributes or are otherwise unclear, the GM can do it for you after you submit your RTJ. Just leave that section blank.

Picking equipment. Every player has 30MGA (military grade ammo) to begin with, as well as one MRE, one respirator, one mask filter, and one sack that offers no bonus to carrying capacity.
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Remember to keep track of your MGA (the game's currency) and carry weight. Any sort of item you want for fun character reasons like alcohol, cigarettes, books, journals, ect. are free of charge to start out with, just message the GM or post in OOC if you want it added.

Note: Right now we're looking for players who don't mind taking initiative. The GM does largely direct the game, but it's nice to have fleshed out feeling characters who can occasionally poke and prod at the world. It gives us more to work with, and helps us understand what challenges would be fun to give you.

It's important for your characters to have motivations other than the prompts the GM is giving you, and have reasons to stay with the other PCs beyond the fact that they're just PCs. For example, coordinating a million lone wolves together in the main group is really hard to do in a way that doesn't feel forced.

This game has a heavy emphasis on the plot and character development. We're looking to work out the kinks in our homebrew system with this game, but we also want us all to tell an entertaining story.

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