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The Equipment Compendium
The following is the list of the different equipment in the game. It will give its price, its weight, and its effect. If you do not see something in this list that you would like, feel free to PM Muskox, or Just, and request for it to be added.

Please note: Lots of character building items can be taken completely free of charge. As long as the item has no practical use, feel free to add it to your Character Sheet without dropping any MGA's on it.

Basic Items:
Lighter1 MGANeg.Emits a small flame
Lanterns1 MGA1 lbEmits a moderate light
Flashlight2 MGA1 lbEmits a directed light
Gas Mask4 MGA2 lbsProtects lungs from spores and soot in the tunnels
Mask Filter2 MGA1 lbRequired for gas mask to filter out spores and soot
Batteries1 MGA1 lbPower a number of things in the world
SackFreeNegFor Roleplaying purposes so you don't feel like your character is carrying everything
Backpack6 MGANeg.Adds a further 10 lbs of carry to a character's limit
Lockpicks1 MGANeg.Allows a character to pick locks
Rope4 MGA8 lbsAdds +1 to all climbing rolls
Grappling Hook8 MGA10 lbsAdds +2 to all climbing rolls
Hard Helmet2 MGA3 lbsProtects your head from falling debris
Binocholars4 MGA1 lbAllows you to see farther ahead
Gas Detection Meter4 MGA2 lbsDetects dangerous gasses in the tunnels
Bandages10 MGA1 lb+1 to healing rolls
Meals Ready to Eat (MRE)2 MGA1 lbRations for a single day (ONLY REQUIRED IN THE TUNNELS). One portion of food, water, and vitamin supplements.

Scrap Plate50 MGA24 lbsReduces all damage done to character by 1
Flak Jacket70 MGA12 lbsReduces all damage done to character by 1
Kevlar Vest90 MGA10 lbsReduces all damage done to character by 2
Combat Helmet40 MGA4 lbsProtects your head from firearms
Night Vision Goggles100 MGA5 lbsAllows user to see in the darkness
Ham Radio40 MGA6 lbsAllow people to communicate over vast distances quickly
First Aid Kit20 MGA2 lbs+2 to healing rolls

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Sat 31 Oct 2015
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The Equipment Compendium
Tunnel-made Ranged Weapons

ItemCostWeightDamage DiceDescription
The Judge12 MGA5lb3d4Created from scrap. A one shot, single action "revolver" chambered for shotgun shells.
Revolver14 MGA5lb2d4Created from scrap. A six-shot, double action revolver.
Gnat16 MGA8lb2d3Created from scrap. A thirty round capacity mag submachine gun. Prone to overheating, jumping, and jamming.
Auto-Pistol13MGA5lb2d4Created from scrap. An eight round capacity, semi-automatic handgun.
Double Barreled Shotgun17MGA8lb3d4 for one barrel. 3d5 for both.Created from scrap. Two shell capacity, double barreled pump shotgun.
Pneumatic Air Gun40MGA12lb3d5Created from scrap. Fifteen shot spring magazine that fires steel ball bearings. Fairly silent. Requires pumping and pressure gauge.
Bolt Action Rifle20MGA12lb2d7Created from scrap. Five shot magazine, bolt action rifle.
Bullpup Shotgun25MGA8lb2d5Created from scrap. Double action, six shell cylinder.
Assault Rifle26MGA12lb2d6Created from scrap. Thirty round capacity magazine.
Light Machine Gun60MGA15lb2d6Created from scrap. Two hundred round box magazine.
Flame Thrower150MGA15lb2d8. For each subsequent turn the flame is on target after initial contact, start with a +2 damage modifier and double. (2, 4, 8, ect.)Created from scrap. Gaseous propellant based weapon. Emits a directed flame. Deadly in the narrow confines of the tunnels.
Rail Gun40MGA12lb3d5Created from scrap. Electromagnetic accelerator. Fifteen round magazine, fires metal ball bearings. Uses the Lorentz effect to fire metal projectiles at extremely high velocities. Fairly silent.

Tunnel-made Melee Weapons

ItemCostWeightDamage DiceDescription
Shovel6 MGA9lb2d3Shovel. Wooden handled, steel head. Sturdy. Used for digging... And shoveling.
Pick Axe6 MGA9lb2d4Pick axe. Wooden handled, steel head. Sturdy. Used to split objects. Not recommended to split skulls but it's not unheard of.
Crowbar12MGA10lb2d3Crowbar. Steel. Can be used for fighting or prying. Nice.
Knuckle Dusters5MGA2lb2d2Brass knuckles.
Hunting Knife7MGA2lb2d4Long, bone-handled hunting knife.
Pipe Wrench5MGA3lb2d3Bulky, heavy pipe wrench.
Iron Pipe10MGA9lb2d4A long, heavy, steel pipe.
Spear10 MGA8lb2d5A makeshift wooden spear ended in a jagged piece of sheet metal.
Switch Blade5 MGA2lb2d3A small switch blade.
Machete11MGA6lb2d5A long, broad machete.
Sledgehammer12MGA11lb2d5A heavy sledgehammer. Can be used to demolish objects.
Axe10MGA10lb2d6A wooden handled fire axe. Can be used to chop into and destroy objects.
Chainsaw55MGA14lbs7d3A weathered looking chainsaw with no safety features to be seen. Very noisy.
UnarmedDepends on who you ask.Varies.1d2They're your own two hands. Probably more effective holding an actual weapon, but this way might at least earn you a "wow" factor.

Pre-Apoc Weapons

ItemCostWeightDamage DiceDescription
M1 Bayonet Combat Knife50 MGA4lbs2d5+2A sturdy prewar knife. Reliable, and sharp.
Five-seven200 MGA4lbs2d5+3A classic pre-war pistol. The five-seven is iconic for being used by the many law enforcement agencies across the world, and by the United States Secret Service.
Colt 1911200 MGA4lbs2d4+4A staple in America before the end, the Colt 1911 served as the standard-issue sidearm for the United States Armed Forces from 1911 to 1986. It was widely used in World War I, World War II, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War as well as the Soviet War in Afghanistan.

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