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Mon 4 Jan 2016
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Objectives Log
Papa is creating this area for the players to keep track of their objectives as requested by Thaco.
 Thaco, 193 posts
Sat 9 Jan 2016
at 15:14
Find a place to live
Find a place to live
 Thaco, 194 posts
Sat 9 Jan 2016
at 15:18
Check out the graveyard house.
Check out the graveyard house.
 Thaco, 196 posts
Tue 12 Jan 2016
at 01:00
Check out Tanners traps.
Check out tanners traps.
 Graz, 150 posts
Fri 29 Jan 2016
at 00:17
Check out Tanners traps.
In reply to Thaco (msg # 4):

Alice Pollygryff - Orphanage
Tomas Tanner - Trapper - Leather goods
Lorna Tanner - Leather goods
Holly Knight - Hollys Hole
Ginny - Waitress Hollys Hole
Sam Boonten- Butcher
Magnus Boonten - Butchers son/guide
Romar Swindelle - gambler at Hollys
Homer - The Home Despot - General store
Furneff Fillough - Ironfists Forge Weapons/Armor
The Witch - Potions
Gertrude and Friedreich Kroeger - Dead
Frank - Fancy Franks - Clothing accesories/Possible BDSM gear
Jonas Vespucko -True north - Maps
Ginger - Cat -True north
Xanxes - The Ink Stain - Tatoos, body piercings, body modifications
Djo Tsarniac - Peppered Cock - Spices, Herbs, Components
Moyshelle - Shiny Rock - Jeweler/Precous metals
Feenigan Browne -Auctioneer.
Captain Felcher - Captain of Gardi.
The Castle -
North east of the Agriculture district
The Chapel -

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 Rufus, 256 posts
Tue 2 Feb 2016
at 16:02
Bounty Board
1.  Reward given to those that can help rid the town of the Lost Children. They look innocent enough but they beg, rob and steal from the good people of Balycahane. Help to rid the town of this scourge.

The lost children's all about town mates. Just have to open her eyes cuz otherwise u wouldn't even notice them. I'm certain that if ye go and wait on the merchants side of town and leave some bait for them, that ye would be seeing soon enough me friends.

2. Information wanted. Speak up. Be heard. Be a hero. Any information that can be used to identify persons associated with The Insurgency should make themselves be heard. These insurgents travel about in the dark of the night and threaten the safety and security of Balycahanes citizens.

3. Bandits in the outskirts of town. Several trade routes are threatened by bands of marauding criminals. Help to capture them and a handsome bounty shall be made available to you.

The bandits are supposedly about on the merchant road out behind Ironfists forge. Tia said they prey on traveling merchants back in that road. The road less travelled.

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 Rufus, 263 posts
Fri 5 Feb 2016
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The Witch
In reply to Rufus (msg # 6):

Day 7 - early morning.

In reply to Thaco (msg # 600):

Tasks for you, I have none other.
A weeks time, you shall return for an item I am preparing for you.
Until then, the balance you must restore. Bring light back to darkness and rid the town of the Kroegers you must.

From Sam
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Day 11 late afternoon

Aye lads. Tis the sign of the kraken.  Tis said that is the emblem of House Cthylla, a strange mysterious religion that's the stuff of myths and legends.  The witch of the woods be able to tell ye more bout it I'd venture to say.

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 Rufus, 271 posts
Tue 9 Feb 2016
at 01:45
Romar - Bandits
There is a band of rogues that have been bothering the merchants as of late along the far road of the merchants quarters. Word is that they have been hiding in the forests along the far road and that they be robbing from passerbys, liberating them of coin and anything else metal that can be sold for coin. Ye may have heard that there's a bounty out for their capture by the Gardi. Well, I'm not so concerned about the reward and neither should you be. The real prize is in their hideout.

Word is that they have a home base, hidden away from plain sight. Ye know where I'm going with this? Ye can imagine that those rogues been stealing all manner of goods and coin as of late from travelers and they must be putting it some place. They hideout has gotta be flowing over with loot at this point.

You must find out where their hideout is. Gain access to it. And get out with whatever loot you can carry. It is said that their hideout be filled with all manner of traps so ye must be careful not to fall prey to them.

I look forward to meeting you after your success. Let's drink to success (drains the tankard dry).
 Rufus, 291 posts
Sun 14 Feb 2016
at 01:00
Finnegan Bail
In reply to Rufus (msg # 8):

Return to Gardi post on Day 22 with Finnegan
 Rufus, 306 posts
Sun 21 Feb 2016
at 00:59
Rent Due
In reply to Rufus (msg # 9):

Day 42 rent due
Day 28 - notice due if want to cancel
 Rufus, 307 posts
Sun 21 Feb 2016
at 01:01
Livestock Auction
In reply to Rufus (msg # 10):

Every 10 days. Next one on Day 20.

Feeingan to give back bail on Day 20.