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The Wild
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Sun 18 Oct 2015
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The Ragged Coast
Steamy mangrove swamps and ancient, vine-choked jungles compose every lush and verdant inch of the Ragged Coast. Canoes navigate the brackish coast here, most of them loaded with fishing crews or the fierce hunters of the Dreaming Peoples. Some make their homes in great, fortified tree-houses with complex systems of rope-bridges and causeways to help them navigate the canopies, while others house themselves in secluded villages hidden in forgotten jungle clearings. The Dreaming Peoples are adept at using the native foliage to conceal their actions, whether it's stalking prey or conducting fell rites to raise their comrades from the dead.

At the center of the jungle stands The Creche. Though by no means the capital (the highly fractious Dreaming Peoples acknowledge no one leader), The Creche is where the Dreaming Peoples invariably keep their young by ancient compact. It is an important symbol of the unity of the Dreaming Peoples, and a massive community of care-takers, guardians and merchants have sprung up around the massive web-work of tree houses and rope bridges that defines The Creche. The Dreaming Peoples know that The Creche is literally their future, and they put aside their differences to defend it vigorously.

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Andurial the Magnificent
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Mon 16 Nov 2015
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The Ragged Coast
Anduriel took her time moving slowly and surely along the coast at the edge of the swamps, stopping and hiding whenever she heard yet another hunting party go past.

She was looking for something... For someone.  And she wasn't sure what, but she knew that this land did not hold the key.  She would keep looking, but first...

She took up a spot hidden in a swamp, her watery scales dark in this dreary place, melding with and seeming to become one in the murky depths.  Taking a moment to ensure her camouflage was in place, she focused on that bright watery link that stretched away, so far away.  All the way to Ina Isadel.  There she found the elemental tormenting the countryside, and she bade it follow.

The lands looked different from this perspective.  Anduriel could see the silvery chain of her link stretching all the way back to where she had hidden in the Ragged Coast, and the watery links keeping the Elemental close and under her sway.  She could see this link deteriorating, but she wouldn't have to hold it long... Just long enough to finish one more task.

Refocusing her attention, she sought out the bright green light of the Great Tree.   She knew this was a risk, but what was life without risks, after all?  She focused on her magical self, and dampened the illustrious glow that pervaded her very being.  She didn't want to get caught, after all.

She followed the tree up and tried to look and see what was going on inside.
The Wild
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Tue 17 Nov 2015
at 05:55
The Ragged Coast

The faint squawk of strange birds and the dim hiss of hot rain faded from Andurial's ear-holes as she focused her mind north. Soon, parting the void between everything, Andurial could see the glowing green aura of the Great Asalune, tucked in the southeastern edge of the valley of Ina Isadel. She could also make out a faint, whitish-blue aura among the thrumming green suffusing her astral sight. It was only a glimpse, but she was certain; one of her siblings was there, among the bows of the Great Asalune.

As Andurial's mind slipped back into the physical world, she became aware of rustling and footsteps in the underbrush around her. Her keen dragon senses instantly realized that, in her trance, she'd allow herself to become surrounded by stealthy humans crouching in the foliage. The adept hunters had somehow detected her despite her camouflage. None moved forward to attack or speak to her, however. She could smell their fear, and escaping if she desired would be as simple as taking off into the air.
Andurial the Magnificent
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Tue 17 Nov 2015
at 06:29
The Ragged Coast
As she faded back to reality, she tugged once more at the thin blue links attaching the elemental to her, and then watched as the line snapped in 2, severing her control over the creature.  Satisfied that her order to attack the dragon would be followed, she allowed her sense to return to her physical body.

And swore.  She saw the hunters surrounding her, and decided that perhaps this could be turned to her advantage.  Focusing on her inner mysteries, she concentrated on the water, and gradually the brackish muck began to clear, and fade away.  When she was finished, the dragon stood in a pool of the purest crystal clear water, her sclares shimmering in the light as she look towards those who had dared approach her.

"I applaud your Courage.  Is there someone I can speak with in charge"

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