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#4 Act 1: Sisak Village
The morning after Argon's three days of rest -- and after a night of rain -- the party sets out to leave Hyrpum. They are 20 miles east of Sisak, their destination, and the day's journey passes without incident. The sun shines strongly down upon the comrades, promising to turn the squelching muck left by last night's rains to choking dust before the day is through.

As you travel along the Kahgaz Road, nearer the Kahgaz Mountains, a small river winds its way alongside, sometimes twisting away into the woods for a while only to approach the edge of the road once more further on. Its quiet gurgling provides a melodious contrast to your trudging through the drying mud of the road.

Just before sunset you see a village ahead. Its whitewashed buildings are nestled between the river and an adjoining creek. A few welcoming curls of smoke rise up from chimneys. The fields are well tended and neatly lad out between stone walls. Coming from the east, you pass through hay fields and pastures.

Approaching the village, you begin to notice that there are no animals in the pastures and no villagers in the fields. In fact, aside from a few chickens pecking about in the dirt of the road, nothing seems to be moving in the village except for one man, cursing loudly as he and his team of horses struggle to pull a fully loaded wagon out of the mud of the ford.
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#4 Act 1: Sisak Village

Argon approaches the man with the wagon "Can we help you with that ?" He will put his shoulder to it if the mans answer is in the affirmative. "Are you on your own here ?"

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#4 Act 1: Sisak Village
Halldar takes note of the apparent paucity of villagers and livestock in the desolate village. Upon noticing the man struggling with his team of horses, the cleric hastens his stride to see if he can lend any assistance and perhaps learn more of the village.

Halldar awaits the man's response to Argon's query.