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Sun 9 Apr 2017
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Game Concept (Read First!)
This game is intended to start as a Slice of Life/School Drama, with significant game focus given to character growth from humble beginnings and time management.  As such, we will be starting from the ground up using the Levels of Learning from Arcana Exxet.  Please note that there is to be significant mischief and some violence, but we will be keeping things PG-13.  Be free to be silly, but don't be gross/graphic.

In addition to this, characters will need to keep up in their studies to advance and  learn new spells.   By mastering magic (an other fields), characters will earn access to other resources that will make further advancement easier.  That being said, competition is fierce in the Academy; the Professors themselves are still seeking even greater heights of power, and often times will assign work to their classes that requires resources the students do not rightly have access to.  Players will have to take time to find upperclassmen in need of assistance to obtain the requisite resources.  Eventually there will be madcap adventures and mayhem as players try to juggle building relationships with classmates and teachers, completing their schoolwork, learning/using magic and still getting to class on time for exams.

The adventures will take place within the confines of the Academy until such time as the players all become Journeymen (estimated at around level 4-5), at which time they will head out into the wild world with new mission and excitement.

If you have read this, please add the flavor quote from the beginning of Chapter 15 in the Core book somewhere in your RTJ and you will get a grimoire at character creation.
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Tue 11 Apr 2017
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Game Concept (Read First!)
Kiera Adair:
So, for ease of reference I put this together

Magical Learning Times
Spell Level1st(ML 2-28)2nd(ML 30-48)3rd(ML 50-68)4th(ML 70-148)5th(ML 150-298)6th(ML 300-500)
2-10One DayOne HourOne MinuteAutomaticAutomaticAutomatic
12-20One WeekOne DayOne HourOne MinuteAutomaticAutomatic
22-30One MonthOne WeekOne DayOne HourOne MinuteAutomatic
32-40Three MonthsOne MonthOne WeekOne DayOne HourOne Minute
42-50Six MonthsThree MonthsOne MonthOne WeekOne DayOne Hour
52-60One YearSix MonthsThree MonthsOne MonthOne WeekOne Day
62-70One DecadeOne YearSix MonthsThree MonthsOne MonthOne Week
72-80N/AOne DecadeOne YearSix MonthsThree MonthsOne Month
82-90N/AN/AOne DecadeOne YearSix MonthsThree Months
92-100N/AN/AN/AOne DecadeOne YearSix Months

NOTES: The above levels assume your devoting most of your time to studying and increasing you magical knowledge, if that is not the case it falls by one level. Example: 50 Magical Learning (ML) falls from 3rd to 2nd if they can't devote significant time to study.
Additionally, learning spells opposite your path or learning them individually adds 10 spell level for the above for learning time.
Finally, for metamagic, the level required to learn x 10 counts as the level of the spell for the above.

Ways to Increase your Magical Learning speed
  • Occult Mastery: A rating of 200 in the Occult secondary ability will increase level by one
  • Instructor: Anyone teaching you who knows what you want to learn increases level by one (I imagine this one will be easy to manage at the school, shoot, eventually we'll be able to provide this to each other)
  • Master: Instead of a regular instructor if someone who is at least 3 levels higher then you (on the above table) who knows what you want to learn increases your learning level by 2.
  • Mystical Text: Having a relevant text increases level by one, but this does not stack with instructor or master