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Mon 26 Oct 2015
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RTJ Information
This game is passively open to new players

What this means, is that whilst we are not actively advertising at the present time, the door is open if quality characters are submitted and want to join the existing story threads.

Please provide the following information in your RTJ.

If you wish to ask questions, you are welcome to send a Request Access beforehand.

Note: Your RTJ will also be used as a writing sample. Ensure that you're putting your best foot forward!

Please see the World Information thread for details on the main species available. I may consider additional options, but this will be subject to conversation. Please PM me first to discuss if you want to play something outside what's listed.
Category: (eg. Warrior/Priest/Mage)
Whilst this is a freeform game, we will want some balance within the party around having warriors, priests, etcetera. If you have any questions, or feel unsure as to the category that your character will fit into, please Request Access first and discuss.

3 greatest strengths:
3 greatest weaknesses:
Biggest Secret:
Most important person in your character's life: (include why and a bit of history between the two)
Plot Twist:
Something that you would like to see your character achieve, experience or go through during the course of their adventure. There is no guarantee that I will be able to include this in the storyline as it unfolds, but I will do my best.

Between two and five paragraphs of your character's life story. How they were born and grew up, what led them down the path they've found themselves on, what their motivation is for answering the King's call, and any other information that might be important.

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Mon 26 Oct 2015
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Game Rules
We are all here to have fun and enjoy some shared story telling, so I won't try and be too harsh on rules or anything, but just a couple of things:

1. Be respectful of one another.
This should go without saying, but just to make sure - we're all here to enjoy this, and that means respecting one another's space and movements. Insults, either in game or OOC will not be tolerated.

2. Write well
Typos are understandable, text-speak isn't. Please make sure you're doing your best to use correct grammar, spelling and punctuation.

3. Don't spam
This is an online forum, and as such, we won't all be on at the same time. Please don't feel like you need to reply to every single post as soon as its made, give everyone a chance to post, rather than having two or three people racing off ahead while others have to try and play catch up.

4. Cause and effect
You don't need to check with me as to whether you managed to jump over a puddle, or if you're a thief, whether you successfully picked the lock of a house you're trying to rob. I'm okay with that stuff, but major turning points, combat results, and things like that, please only post your actions, not those of someone else. In combat, and other major events, you will post the action your character is taking, and then the GM will update with the result of that action.

5. GM's word is final
Ultimately, while I don't want to be too harsh, I do end up with the final say. My aim is to make this fun for you, though, so don't think I'm going to deliberately try and screw you over, either. If something doesn't seem to go your way, then accept it. You don't, after all, know what might be coming up around the next corner.

6. Ask. Ask. Ask.
If you're ever confused, unsure of where things are at, or just need advice on a good restaurant in Osraco, then please ask. Public and private questions are more than welcome.
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Tue 27 Oct 2015
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Getting Started
Once you have been approved and your character is loaded into the game, please make the following updates:

1. Choose a character icon

2. Update your character profile, by placing the following information only from your RTJ:
  • Name
  • Species
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Category
  • Biography

Please do not include your Plot Twist or Secret at this stage.

3. Say hi in the OOC Chat.

4. Await the GM's ideas in PM regarding how to bring your character into the existing scene.

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Thu 12 Nov 2015
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Kelara's Canonical History
There is currently a plan underway to turn Kelara into a fully-fledged setting that will be the foundational world in the creation of a roleplaying system. In this project, the adventures undertaken in this game will be used as a part of the Canonical History of the world, and therefore may be used as the inspiration for published works either online or in print.

As a part of playing this game, you understand that your character's actions and words may be used in the project. If you wish to maintain ownership over your character's identity, then please let the GM know. In the case of your choosing to do so, I will either re-identify your character in any published works created, or simply leave them out of the story altogether, depending on how easy it is to do so.