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World Information
Welcome to Kelara.

A world of fantasy and wonder; a world of magic and warriors; a world of monsters and danger.

Kelara consists of three main continents: Eugios, Vaugish and Onaican. Scattered across the globe are a number of islands and archipelagos as well, but most of the life on this world exists on these three primary landmasses.

Eugios is the most highly populated of the continents, and is home to The Nine Kingdoms.
Vaugish, the largest of the continents, is also the most sparsely populated, in large part thanks to the enormous desert that covers most of its mass. The empire of Pygatera exists in the south, and the nation of Khathia covers the north. A few nomadic tribes survive in the desert, but mostly this land is uninhabitable.
Onaican is the smallest continent, about half the size of Eugios. A land that, three hundred years ago, was conquered by one family, the Dynasty of the Lopinians have ruled over the entire population for seven generations.

There are two archipelagos, and two islands also worth noting.

Ifenor: Is the elven homeland. Made up of seven main islands, the largest of which is Alynora, where the heart of elvendom exists on Kelara.
Muzuban Islands: A ring of islands that circle an underwater volcano, steam is constantly rising from the heart of these islands. These islands are exclusively populated by humans.
Keir: An island shrouded in shadow and mystery, many ships have been wrecked in the storms that constantly batter its coast, it is rumoured that an immortal necromancer lives on the island. Three people in living memory have been known to have been wrecked on the island, and survived to be picked up and rescued. None were sane enough to give any factual information.
Isle of the Gods: The meeting place between the gods and the living, this island is home to the Heart of Temples, seven temples each representing one of the gods, and the home of each god's religion. Beyond the Heart is the Great Forest, believed to be the origin of all life, and filled with mystical power.
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This game may take you to lands beyond The Nine Kingdoms, but you will start here.

Eugios is home to a diverse range of species. Humans, dwarves, elves, orcs, and more live in relative harmony with one another, making up the populations of The Nine Kingdoms. The land has a long and twisted history, and throughout the millennia, the various species on the continent have merged their societies together, creating multicultural societies throughout the continent.

The Nine Kingdoms are:

Ruler: King Rufus
Capital: Kishire

The northernmost kingdom, and populated heavily by humans, but with a significant population of most other races. Estrana will be where the adventure begins. Estrana is bordered on three sides by the Northern Sea, which is covered by ice for half of the year. It lies north of the Gules Mountains, which have only two passes through to the south, and are easily defendable. Estranger's isolation has allowed it to remain protected throughout many of the wars that have plagued Eugios throughout the ages, and it has often been considered a haven of protection. Its value as a destination for refugees is a large reason for its population diversity.

Ruler: King Irius
Capital: Vlares

Ruled by the mage-king, Irius, Shazia is directly to the south of Estrana, and is primarily populated by humans. It shares the Gules Mountains as its northern border with Estrana, the Eastern pass through the mountains being the primary trade route, not only between Shazia and Estrana, but from Estrana to the rest of Eugios. It borders the Great Sea to its east, and is a highly agricultural nation, given the fertile lands that are fed from the snow capped mountains of the Gules. Around two thirds of the population live on farmlands, with the rest mostly living in the two major port cities in the east, the capital, Vlares and its twin city, Vrego. To the west, the nation borders with Gules, where military outposts line the border.

Ruler: King Xig
Capital: Klurg

Perhaps the most volatile border on Eugios is that between Shazia and Gules. Rules by the Orc king, Xig, the nation is populated heavily with orcs, and is a renowned place of hiding for criminals and other unsavoury types. Life in Gules is one where the strongest must be strong to survive. Xig rules with an iron fist, while allowing most of his citizens to mete out there own justice.Gules is bordered on the south by Sothela and to its west by Cainadel.

Ruler: The Triad
Capital: Zawrose

Once a Democracy whose three leaders were elected from among the people, Cainadel has been turned into a dynastic shared rule between three families, the Slatelights, the Snowswifts and the Bluerunners. With a population that is almost exclusively human, Cainadel is renowned for a level of xenophobia, perhaps, in part, due to their proximity to the viciousness that exists in the Orc-ruled kingdom of Gules. Cainadel is a very insular nation, but they do trade, particularly with Sothela who are their other neighbour to the east, and Awrarene, their southern neighbour.

Ruler: Empress Octavia
Capital: Stalross

The Grand Empire of Sothela is one of the most diverse cultures on the continent. The large human population is matched by the large number of dwarves also residing in the mountains in the south of the country, which also line the Inner Sea to their south. Alongside these two species are a scattered number of various others. South of the Dwarven Highlands in the east, lie the Camore Plains, well known across the continent as breeding the best horses and the best riders known to man. Camore used to be its own kingdom, but merged with Sothela four hundred years ago by the marriage of their respective rulers. Since that day, Sothela has remained the most powerful nation on the continent, and as such maintains something of a peacekeeper role between other nations to maintain order.

Ruler: Princess Ayita
Capital: Osraco

Taking up most of the Southwest of the continent of Eugios, Awrarene is a land of warm climate and many sunny days. It is well known as the cultural heart of Eugios, with Ovustin University being the oldest and largest educational institute on Kelara, teaching scholars the arts of lore, science and magic. People come from around the continent and around the world to study under the masters at the University. A centre of free thinking, Awrarene has an almost dichotomous culture, where half of the population is there to study and learn, while the other half is dedicated to fighting and the art of war. Awrarene's army is well respected for their disciplined training and order.

Ruler: King Benneit
Capital: Yasea

The nation of Yavia is nestled between Awrarene to its west and the Qethage Empire to its east. Its northern border is the Inner Sea and to the south is the Enchanted Ocean, holding both the Isle of the Gods and Keir. A seafaring nation, Yavia's navy is renowned throughout the lands, and the nation is well benefited from the trade it does with the nations on the continents. Yavia has a high human population, with elves being its next most populated group.

Ruler: Kizmeth Stormwind
Capital: Kheth

In the centre of Eugios lies the Inner Sea, a great expanse of water with a single mountain island protruding from its centre. Generations ago, in an effort to plunder the riches of the mountain, a land bridge was made to the island from the south. In spite of the failure of the campaign, the land bridge stayed, making trade between the dwarves of Kheth and the rest of the continent's population easier. Kheth is now home to a number of people beyond only dwarves, but is still ruled by the Stormwind family, the dwarven kings who have reigned for as long as legend tells.

Ruler: Emperor Vosjan

The Qethage Empire is also one that enjoys the warmer climates enjoyed by the southern half of Eugios. A land where political upheaval is a part of normal life, the empire barely has time to think about their borders, given that their own rulers are busy watching their own backs so often. Vosjan, the current Emperor, is a half-elf who came to the throne after he assassinated the previous ruler three years ago. The nation does, though, have a strong cavalry force and navy. They share their northern border with the Camore Plains, providing them with horses, and their borders on the Inner Sea and the Enchanted Ocean have seen them develop a significant navy also.

The Unbound Lands
Ruler: None
Capital: None

On the border of Yavia and Qethage, lies the Black Cave Peninsula, a rocky, semi-barren landscape jutting out into the Enchanted Ocean. On either side of this peninsula stand two cities, Anabridge and Anoumond. These are known as the Unbound Lands, and are home to pirates, thieves and others in the south of the continent. Whilst both Qethage and Yavia have, at times, attempted to claim these cities for themselves, the difficulty in maintaining order has meant that neither nation has managed to maintain their hold on the cities. Neither city has a ruler, but they do have a shared council that maintains order and provides some kind of governance over how things are run in the cities.

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Religion and Culture
Religion plays a large part in the culture of Estrana as a nation.

All seven gods have a strong following among the population of the nation, in particular, Emos and Aemis. Aemis' temple in Kishire is the largest temple of any god outside of The Heart, and his followers are well respected throughout Kishire for the work that they do in the community to heal and care for people.

The gods do not toil in the workings of good and evil, and so will have followers and even priests who use the power of their faith for both benevolent and nefarious purposes. A devotee's power comes from their faith in their god, and so will find it somewhat easier to see supernatural occurrences that are aligned with their god's specific aspect.

Emos: God of the Sky
Sigil: Lightning Bolt
Weapon: Spear
Colours: Azure and White

Rauna: Goddess of the Sun
Sigil: Rays of sunlight
Weapon: Sword
Colours: White and Gold

Saarus: God of the Moon
Sigil: Crescent Moon
Weapon: Scimitar
Colours: Silver and White

Jidall: God of the Stars
Sigil: Five stars in a vertical cross formation (+)
Weapon: Shuriken
Colours: Silver and Black

Aemis: God of Health
Sigil: Two staffs crossed diagonally (x)
Weapon: Quarterstaff
Colours: Red and White

Utana: Goddess of Death
Sigil: A scythe
Weapon: Scythe
Colours: Red and Black

Mala: Goddess of Magic
Sigil: A circle
Weapon: Whip
Colours: Blue and Gold

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The Town of Alverton
Alverton is a large town – on the edge of being classified as a city. From humble beginnings as a fishing town on the edge of the Inner Sea, the town really began to thrive in the wake of the Dwarf War, after the land bridge was built to Kheth. Being the closest town, Alverton became the primary trading spot for the gems and precious stones coming from the dwarven kingdom.

It has since become a town of contrasting cultures. Wealthy families have begun to migrate here for the mild climate and seaside atmosphere. Traders and merchants frequent the location for its high-spending clientele, especially those who deal in rare and unique items from distant lands, as the high class society of the town love the opportunity to own those items that others can’t get their hands on.

There is also a dark side to this wealthy group, with an underground slave market active in the town. Slavery is illegal in Yazia, and most of the nine kingdoms, but that doesn’t stop the market in this particular town. Given that most of the constabulary are on the take from at least one wealthy benefactor, there is a very blind eye turned to it – provided it stays out of sight – they will make (and have made) arrests if public displays of slavery or people trafficking are witnessed.

Alverton is broken up into five sectors, most of which have reasonably defined lines between them, although none are perfectly clear, there is some grey area between each. The sections are:

  • Market Place
  • Old Alverton
  • The Docks
  • The Sands
  • The Hill

Market Place functions as somewhat of a dividing line between the rich and poor of Alverton. Running straight through the centre of the town, if you go beyond the stores, hotels and other merchants on one side, you will find yourself in Old Alverton – the poor section of town. On the other side, it leads you to The Hill, a misnomer since most of the town is quite flat, but was named such in generations past to signify the ‘upper echelons’ of society who dwell there.

Market Place is a single, wide road leading into the city from the south, that opens into a large square only a few blocks from the water

Moving toward the water, The Hill blends into The Sands, and Old Alverton blends into The Docks.

The Docks are the oldest part of Alverton, the old fishing village and is still operated as such. This is the rough area of town, and connects on to Old Alverton, where many of the poorer people live in the town.

The area is not lawless, but peace is maintained less so by the constabulary and more by Shadowwalker, an unknown figure who rules the underworld of Alverton – and is considered by some to rule most of the underworld of Yavia. Very few people know or have seen Shadowwalker, and their existence is considered somewhat of a legend to many, especially given the title has been held for at least one hundred years. Some consider Shadowwalker to be a magic user or necromancer who has granted themselves immortality, others consider it to be a follower of Utana, and still others suggest that it is a title passed from one person to the next as generations go by. Either way, one thing is sure is that the Black Guards are Shadowwalker’s muscle on the streets, and will ensure that a tax is taken from all shady and underhanded deals held – or punishment is dealt swiftly.

The Sands, on the other hand, are prestigious and occupied by the rich. Restaurants line the waterfront, letting the rich dine by the sea each evening. Other stores such as massage parlours, health spas, and two very high-end brothels, among other places.

Whilst each of the seven deities has a decent-sized religious presence in Alverton, the main ones are Aemis, Emos and Rauna. Aemis also manages a hospice on the edge of Old Alverton, as well as a cloister for trainee priests and those wishing to serve. Rauna’s temple is large, on the northern edge of Market Place, a beneficiary of many donations and offerings from the rich to keep the sun shining and the weather fine – as is similar with Emos’ temple, a little further down Market Place, still on the wealthy side. Worship of Mala is quite low in this town, with magic in general being out of favour within most of the community.

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