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Tue 7 Jun 2016
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Status Tracker
Doom Pool: 2d8,2d10,d12

Scene Distinctions:
The Remains Of The Interior Of Avengers Tower
Plumes Of Thick, Hot Smoke
Severed Cables With Live Electricity

Scene Complications:
Storm Dangling Precariously d8
Crumbling Battlefield d8

Initiative order:
Human Torch
Machine Man <<Mental Stress d6; Steampunk Machine Man Complication d6>*
Yellowjacket <<Mental Stress d10; Emotional Stress d4>>
Iron Fist <<Mental Stress d10; Taskmaster Escaping Unnecessary Fight Complication d10; Enhanced Strength shut down>>
Venom <<Mental stress d6; </i> Emotional Stress d8>>
Red Skull
Bishop <<Mental stress d6; Distracted Complication d6; Energy Battery Asset d8>>
Power Princess
Ms. Marvel <<Intangibility Asset d8>>
Doctor Spectrum
Black Panther <<Mental stress d4>>
Iron Armor Mob 3d6
Spider-Man <<Mental stress d8>>
(the Wasp)
(Taskmaster <<Emotional Stress d4>>)
(Iron Man)

* = Owes a reaction roll.

Reactions Needed: Machine Man, Shang-Chi, Iron Fist, Venom
Next Action: --

Updated: 8/11

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