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The Amazing Avengers #3: "...What So Proudly Hated"
Through a window, this could be the perfect summer day: green glass swaying slightly in the breeze, flowers in full bloom, just enough clouds in a deep blue sky to make it picturesque. However, when venturing out into the day, the downside is clear: the heat is oppressing, enough to bear down and fry whatever is foolhardy enough to move under an unforgiving sun. It’s a dry heat, enough that the escalating temperature balances with the lack of moisture in the air, though the news report says the humidity will come in the next few days, at its worst on the holiday. This isn’t even as bad as it will get.

Westchester County is, as always, postcard-ready, and quiet. The heat keeps the kids in the neighborhoods inside but the birds make their presences known, calling in the summer air.

Meeting in the subterranean rooms of the Avengers Tower, the Black Widow, with Hawkeye, laid out the mission: To recover Wanda Maximoff, the Scarlet Witch, from a school in Westchester County. A melange of heroes gathered: the Black Cat, from an invitation by the Vision; the young Justice, a reserve member called in by Hawkeye; Iron Man, coming out of a hermit-like existence elsewhere in the building; She-Hulk, arriving with Captain Marvel; and Ms. Marvel, who, upon sharing the space with Captain Marvel, all but came to blows over their shared names and history. Once the Widow laid out the objective for the mission and Iron Man contributed a plan, they broke to load into the Quinjet and fly to Westchester County.

Iron Man and She-Hulk traveled separately by limo, driven by Stark’s aide Happy Hogan, though the Quinjet got there first. The drive to Westchester County would normally be close to an hour but traffic is light getting out of the city before noon and Happy knows shortcuts, cutting the travel time. The advanced GPS shows the way there, and around every possible pot-hole.

The mansion, a massive and ornate dwelling, dwarfing even Stark's homes, is visible at the end of a long driveway, through a thick, railed gate that stands tall and closed. A gold plate to the right of the locked entrance, on the brick wall that surrounds the place, states “XAVIER SCHOOL FOR GIFTED YOUNGSTERS.”

Getting to Westchester was in haste but now that the Quinjet has arrived, the Widow pulls it into a hover. If the ship is moving at all, it feels like it is staying still. Through the window is only white that subsides occasionally in a fog before appearing again. A read-out on the dashboard states "STEALTH MODE ACTIVATED." The Widow keeps an overhead view of the mansion, apparently directly below, on the cockpit’s monitors, similar to what she kept in the meeting room. One monitor shows a circle of static surrounded by green.

In the time spent hovering, the silence is broken intermittently by snippets of the Widow’s side of an ongoing conversation:
“I’m being a hard-ass because Wanda disappeared without a trace and it’s been weeks, Barton. This is the only lead we’ve had and I don’t want to waste it.
“No, I don’t, and you know it. She’s the worst idea we could have. But we might need the firepower. We can talk more about that situation when we get back.
“The limo is Stark showing off, as usual. If he’d come with us in the jet he’d already be here. Now we’re waiting on him, as usual. I haven’t seen anyone leaving this place but they could have other means. I just hope she’s still there. And safe.”

After long moments of only hearing the Quinjet's quietly-rumbling engines, the Widow clicks over: “What’s your play, Stark? We are literally in a holding pattern. Awaiting your word.”

* Remember that every post with a dice pool must have the current tally of Plot Points and a choice for next action if it's your turn.
* Each hero starts this scene with 1 PP.
* Also remember that I automatically buy all Opportunities rolled, at a rate of 1 PP per dice pool (to be translated into Doom Pool dice).
* I'll add the other two starting Scene Distinctions when we get further along.
* When the heroes are split into group, in the narrative, respect that unless there is an open line of communication between them or they are near each other, each group will not know what is going on with the others.
* Note that not all heroes included in the character roster are included in this adventure.

Doom Pool: 2d6

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The Amazing Avengers #3: "...What So Proudly Hated"
I'm right here, Widow," Ms. Marvel spat in a solemn tone. "If you're going to talk about me, afford me the decency to do it behind my back."

Karla sank back further in her seat, her jaw set firm. If Barton were here, she would feel much better about being in this Quinjet surrounded by Avengers. He vouched for her, and for now that was sufficient to stop Carol and the She-Hulk from attacking her.

"It wasn't that long ago, Natasha, that you were a Russian spy and considered a villain. For Christ's sake, Hardy is a career thief, and not a one of you has said a word about her being here!" Karla knew she ought not to press the point in such confined quarters and while outnumbered, but she was nevertheless defiant. "You're no better than me. Not really."

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The Amazing Avengers #3: "...What So Proudly Hated"
Jen looks at Happy with concern on her face. "What happened?" Then she turns to Stark. "Sooooo we ring the bell?" She scanned the gate for a bell or intercom switch while waiting for Happy to reply.
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The Amazing Avengers #3: "...What So Proudly Hated"
Happy looks up from the hairs standing up on his arms and to She-Hulk. He looks confused and/or expectant, until he shrugs, blinks, and turns toward Stark.

Through the limo window, embedded in the wall under the name-plate is a small monitor with a series of buttons underneath it.
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The Amazing Avengers #3: "...What So Proudly Hated"
As the group in the Quinjet awaits Stark's word, the Black Widow does not react to what is going on in the interior of the plane and seems particularly transfixed on the monitor with the image of a circle of static surrounded by green on it.